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When booking your hotel it is paramount that you know your money is going to be well spent, and that you have made your hotel booking through a reputable agent. The first thing you should look for is usually located at the foot of the page. It should say that your agent is a registered travel agent with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and a TAT license No11/**** Or that it is a member of the TUI Travel PLC group of companies. Don't worry if it's not there some times it is hidden in the "about us" section or FAQ'S Although there will never be an out right winner, or booking agent that has every hotel listed, at the price you would like to pay, I suggest that you take a look at My Top Six Pattaya Hotel Booking Agents bellow. Popular hotels will be listed with all the travel agents, however there are some real gems to be found. Smaller hotels should never be over looked and neither should you discount the very large ones. Always check the "Top Deals" or "promotions" page. Buy one week get one free! Discounts for early bookings, long stays and further reductions depending on the overall value of your stay. Pattaya, 98 listed, 136 listed Hotels2Thailand, 144 listed, 147 listed, 151 listed,157 listed HotelThailand, 158 listed Whichever hotel booking agent you use, Which ever hotel you choose, have a great time in Pattaya.

Pattaya, Thailand. One of the most exciting holiday destinations in the world. Beautiful beeches and islands. World famous nightlife. Once visited never forgot. For more information and some great pictures take a look at my site

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==== ==== hello welcome, latest hotels & resorts ==== ====

Which ever hotel you choose, have a great time.