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Cayo Coco is an island that is dotted by many hotels and resorts. It is true that you can be picky in selecting the best of these. Internet research is not going to help because most of these hotels and resorts do not have an official web page. That does not necessary mean that the service that will be rendered to you when you are in the premises will be shabby. In this short article, I shall try to list some of the finer points that have been attributed to the Melia resort, Cayo Coco. This is going to sound strange, but if you are visiting Cayo Coco with family, then you will have to avoid the Melia resort. Access and stay to the resort are provided only to those who are 18+. This might be a strange turnoff for many customers who might be visiting the Cayo Coco. You are also going to spend lots of time traveling to this peculiar resort because it is approximately 20kms away from the international airport. Most of the luxury hotels and resorts are known to fall within a 10 to 20 minute drive, but it will take some time to reach the premises of the Melia resort. In fact, this is not a one-man business. You will be able to find approximately five of the Melia resorts in different parts of the Cayo Coco island. If you are staying in anyone one of these, you will be able to avail the same services on the rest of the four branches also. Services are akin to the competitors - one will be able to find many restaurants in the Melia resort premise. Buffet and French cuisines are provided ample importance, and you will be able to taste some of the very best dishes in them. This resort gives ample importance to both indoor and outdoor activities. One will be able to indulge in billiards or a game of table tennis. If you are traveling alone, then you will be able to find some good companions who will keep you occupied for the rest of the trip. As a complimentary to all the guests, a one-hour free horse ride service is provided. Do not misuse this service because you are not going to like an angry Cuban. Bicycles will be provided so that you will be able to tour the island at no extra costs. If you are someone who gets excited at the thought of water sports, then you are in for a treat. Some of the water sports include surfing, scuba diving. All the necessary equipments will be provided at a nominal fee and hence this gives the ones seeking adventure to flex their inherent skills. Gymnasium facility with dedicated trainers is also provided in the Melia resort. The hotel guides will help you in learning about the history of the island along with an insight into Cuban history. Make sure that you drink to this joyous occasion on the bars presented in the Melia resort.

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==== ==== hello welcome, latest hotels & resorts ==== ====

many hotels and resorts.