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Video on Demand

Provide access to your media 24/7

The absolute beauty of Planet eStream is that it is an incredibly sophisticated product, which is also very easy to use.

Cat Scutt

Head of Learning Technology and Innovation The Girls’ Day School Trust London

Create, brand and control your own secure “YouTube” style media archive with Planet eStream... Add content to your archive by...

Manage your content via fully customisable metadata fields, categories and sub-categories.

Digitising your existing DVD library.

Control your content via a comprehensive

Uploading videos from mobile devices.

administration console and seamless

Uploading video files from PCs and Macs.

Active Directory integration.

Recording TV and radio programmes. Capturing live footage from events and teaching spaces.

Brand and customise the look and feel of your media archive by adding logos, and creating colour schemes and themes.

Capturing your desktop screen content.

Deliver your content on demand via

Adding still images and photos.

smart TVs and digital signage displays.

Adding other media such as PowerPoint Presentations.

Share and embed your content via VLEs,

websites, PCs and Macs, mobile devices,

websites and social media.

Live Streaming

Broadcast your events to a wider audience

We live streamed our All-Steinway school celebrations and the arrival of the 23 pianos, which was a spectacular sight. Capturing this one-off event was so important to us and Planet eStream has helped us create a visual account that will go down in the school’s

Stream your live events to audiences anywhere using Planet eStream’s innovative live broadcasting tools. Select from a wide range of video sources, including...

history. We love the Planet eStream system, and our students have really engaged with it. It has enabled us to maximise learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Caroline Winship

E-Learning Coordinator Loughborough Endowed Schools


Planet eStream’s live streaming capabilities were put to good use during a summer open

Video cameras.

day at the college. We filmed different

Presenter’s desktop. Capture cards. USB devices. IP Cameras. Planet eStream takes the complexity out of live streaming, leaving you to concentrate on your event. Multiple sources? Concurrently capture from multiple live sources such as camera feeds and the presenter’s desktop, for simple and effective lecture and lesson capture. Offsite location? Broadcast to the internet from anywhere using WiFi / 3G / 4G connections.

activities and streamed them live to our digital signage displays. This enabled us to showcase events in all areas of the grounds to visitors to encourage them to take a look at all of the college facilities.

Lucy Tippetts

Learning Technologist Kingston Maurward College

Planet eStream’s live streaming capabilities meant that we could share the wonderful work the girls were doing at the GDST Young Leaders’ Conference far more widely than we otherwise would have been able to. Making events like this accessible to pupils in other Trust schools magnifies learning opportunities, and also means that parents and the wider school community who are unable to travel to events can be part of them.

Cat Scutt

Head of Learning Technology and Innovation The Girls’ Day School Trust London

Digital Signage

Breathe new life into your digital signage with Planet eSign

Engage your audience with Planet eStream’s fully featured Digital Signage System, Planet eSign. Design your screen layouts using the Planet eSign screen designer. Add content from a wide range of sources including your media archive, live video streams, live TV, RSS feeds, Twitter and many more. Schedule your content to be displayed on any screen at your chosen times and dates. Manage and delegate control of individual elements of a screen or an entire screen to your users. Display your content across single screens or zoned groups of screens via nettop boxes or Planet eSign Digital Signage Players with our free client software.

We wanted a cost effective, versatile and multi-user driven Digital Signage System for our brand new David Hockney Campus Building and the Planet eStream Signage System perfectly fits the bill . Planet eSign supports the greatest number of content types for all of our users, including teachers and admin staff. It allows for assigned access to message content panels, screens and zonal areas particular to their teaching or library areas around the building. On November the 14th 2014 we hosted the BBC Regional Live Broadcast for Children In Need and the Planet eSign system was predominantly used to provide the graphics loops for the studio design background, including a video wall, and live BBC1 feeds to all other screens around campus. The BBC producer and production crew were really impressed.

Zaid Bashir

Technical Development Team Leader Bradford College

TV and Radio Recording plus IPTV Record and stream live TV and radio

Add programmes from Freeview TV and radio channels to your Planet eStream archive. Use your desktop PC or mobile device to schedule recordings via an intuitive web based EPG (electronic programme guide). Never miss a programme again by taking advantage of Planet eStream’s retrospective recording function - record programmes that have already aired. Stream TV channels live across your network using IPTV multicast technology. Create a series link with one simple click.

Planet eStream has completely transformed the way we create, record and share video resources across all departments. Teachers often arrive in college saying, ‘I saw a great programme last night which I’d like to share with the class – can you find it?’ With Planet eStream, we can accommodate this kind of request instantly. We now record double the number of TV programmes and we have seen Freeview viewings increase by 313% and video recording viewings by 229%, over two years. Being able to embed TV programmes, photosets and videos into Moodle has definitely widened our teaching scope. The fact that playlists are quick and easy to build using Planet eStream and then embed into Moodle is proving invaluable, too. As the head of the team responsible for running the library and study rooms, and supporting students in finding and using a range of print, digital and online resources, I was looking for a streaming system that would transform our existing labour intensive methods of recording, retrieving and sharing information digitally. In Planet eStream I’ve found that – and we are so pleased with it.

Naomi Elliott

Head of Library and Learning Resources Bath College

Lecture and Classroom Capture User created content to empower teaching and learning

Capture lectures and lessons effectively with Planet eStream’s powerful Live Capture Toolkit. Select your video source, enter your metadata and hit start for a simple capture experience. Stream your lectures and lessons live plus record and archive them for on demand access 24/7.

Applications... Record practical skills sessions for on demand reference via Planet eStream and your learning platform. Create high quality video training material from a variety of sources including screen capture. Flip your classroom with ease by creating engaging tutorials for your students.

The college uses Planet eStream to record and share a wide range of practical demonstrations, which are used as part of flipped learning at BCA. We have filmed animal dissections and made them available to students to review before class, for example, which means they can get straight on with the practical when they get to the classroom.

Neil Prior

Head of E-Learning Berkshire College of Agriculture

Our staff routinely use Planet eStream to capture elements of lessons to enhance learning. In modern languages, for example, our reception teacher has filmed students speaking a foreign language in the classroom on her iPad. She embedded the footage during the lesson, via the Planet eStream app, into our Firefly VLE and then played the footage in class. This wowed our young students, as they love seeing themselves on the screen and it also really captured their imaginations.

Caroline Winship

E-Learning Coordinator Loughborough Endowed Schools

Lesson Observation Discreet classroom monitoring

Observe classroom activity and behaviour for security, control and performance assessment. Monitor teaching performance and delivery of lessons for mentoring and coaching. Comment on performance live in Planet eStream, including automatic time stamping functionality, enabling teachers to reference feedback to the exact point in the video where the comment was made. Share best practice amongst teaching staff for CPD.

Because of the hands-on, practical nature of the majority of our courses, we wanted a system that would allow us to upload video footage of physical learning in action and embed it into our Moodle VLE as a learning aid. Planet eStream has already been absolutely key to us in helping our students develop specific practical skills and is now a proven resource for showcasing best practice, at the click of a button. Planet eStream is also useful for assessing student progress. As part of our teacher training course, for example, we film students in a teaching environment when they are leading a lesson and we can use the footage to support assessments. Similarly, in Equine Studies, students are filmed during their riding assignments and are then able to review their performance via a secure platform. For those competing, it's an invaluable system that gives them the opportunity to improve their technique and posture.

Lucy Tippetts

Learning Technologist Kingston Maurward College

Video Assessment Submit, grade and feed back

Transform your assessment process with Planet eStream. Enable secure and private upload of video and audio material via PCs and mobile devices. Share material privately with tutors, peers or external assessors who can add their time stamped comments and feedback. View graded work and jump straight to comments and feedback via your own secure area.

Provide a secure platform for your students to showcase their coursework. Empower your students to demonstrate their skills by using Planet eStream’s mobile device support to create and upload their videos. Benefit from Planet eStream’s VLE plugins enabling upload and embedding directly within your VLE . Share good practice and monitor progression.

We use the VLE for assignment submission and marking, too, and the Planet eStream Moodle Assignment Submission plugin enables students to upload assignments quickly and easily. It also allows staff to mark work, giving comments and feedback within the system, which makes marking more enjoyable and saves significant time. Submitting assignments in this way is also great for enhancing students’ digital skills, which are part and parcel of today’s working world and something employers expect graduates to be able to offer.

Neil Prior

Head of E-Learning Berkshire Collge of Agriculture


We play nicely with others

The college is currently piloting Planet eStream’s new Canvas VLE plugin to embed audio and visual course material and resources directly into its VLE to enhance digital learning provision. Following a successful pilot, the rollout will offer a professional e-learning environment supporting flipped learning principles accessible both on site and remotely, on any device. Teaching staff will be able to upload material for viewing ahead of rehearsals or lectures so that students can view the content as preparation and apply what they have learned during their classroom activity.

Mark Soole

Head of ICT Services Royal College of Music

We use the VLE to support our ‘flipped classroom’ approach to learning: giving students access to online content before lessons, which they then work on, together with teachers, in the classroom. With teachers and students making more use of mobile devices to create their own video content, video has become an integral feature of learning within our schools. We were looking for a solution that would enable us to store, organise and share staff and student content – within individual schools, across the network and at our central office – that also allowed users to control exactly who has access to that content. I’m hoping that this investment will give our schools more opportunities to get pupils creating and sharing content; help them make more use of flipped learning; remove some of the complexities of content sharing; and allow our schools to make the most of the equipment we’ve invested in. Ultimately, my goal is that Planet eStream will help transform the way we look at learning.

Cat Scutt

Head of Learning Technology and Innovation The Girls’ Day School Trust London

r Storms Horizon : Solat the future A look at to



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Provide a secure and moderated Customise the overall look and feel environment for your staff and of your Planet eStream media students to share their digital assets. archive to reflect your unique Control access to media at a user level Horizon : The Dark W Richard Hammonds : Miracles of Dvorak and the Cello BBC News at Ten Horizon : Solar Storms branding. Nature Horizon Reports on solar storms and what they mean for the earth

The latest national and internation news with reports from BBC journalists

Personalise your media archive by Views : 230

Length : 41:42

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Length : 29:32

adding your logos and branding. Apply your own colour schemes and unleash the powerful customisation potential of Planet eStream. Design page layouts for individual user areas and categories.

via Planet eStream’s powerful schema

Richard discovers how animal senses have insipired unlikely human inventions

Views : 189


Length : 11:41

Leading the Orchestra is Dvorak

Views : 73

Length : 30:49

This special from Horizon is telling the inside truth

Views : 907

Enable and disable functionality on a global and individual user level. Empower your educators with our advanced secure sharing and embedding functionality.

Create custom widgets based on category, user or key word and embed these into your VLE or website. The new interface has come at just the right time for us, too. At a time when we are embracing a new identity as an organisation, the fresh new look and the ability to ‘brand’ the interface is ideal.

Naomi Elliott

Head of Library and Learning Resources Bath College


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Most Popular

Mobile Device Support Record and upload your videos

Add content to your Planet eStream media archive from tablets and smartphones.


Browse your existing camera roll or record new material and upload your videos with the Planet eStream mobile applications or via the standard web interface.

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Upload photographs from your mobile device into Planet eStream Photosets. Mobile applications are available to

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The King’s School Planet eStream

download free of charge from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

BBC News The latest national and international stories as they break

Horizon: Why cant we Predict Earthquakes? When earthquakes strike, it’s a surprise...

Mars: A Horizon Guide Drawing on 45 years of Horizon Archive, Dr Kevin Fong presents a docu...

Horizon : Solar Storms - The Threat to Earth

View Planet eStream content natively from the web browser on your mobile device.


Planet eStream’s brand NEW responsive user interface is perfectly scalable for desktop and mobile devices. This enables mobile device users to benefit from exactly the same functionality as desktop users. Schedule Freeview TV and radio recordings using the mobile EPG. Watch live broadcasts streamed from your Planet eStream system. Watch and search media on demand. Control your digital signage content using the mobile interface.

Planet eStream makes sharing video content so much easier. It’s easy for staff to pick up a mobile device, create content, upload it to Planet eStream and embed it into the VLE and SOLA packs. The system is very easy to use, it’s certainly helping us retain our position at the forefront of blended learning and our reputation as a forward looking, innovative institution.

Neil Spaxman

Information Learning Technology Web Manager Kirklees College

Interactive Videos and Quizzes With powerful analytics

Increase student engagement by turning passive viewing into active learning and making your videos interactive with the addition of questions, annotations and links. Teachers can easily create interactive videos around their chosen curriculum relevant content, to both engage and test student knowledge. They can then analyse the results and track students’ viewing patterns and progress.

Support Flipped and Blended Learning Techniques and Engage with Viewers by Using Interactive Timelines Create your own questions and choose from a number of responses; multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blank and free text answer questions. Highlight specific areas on video content by using simple drawing tools. Add text annotations and links to other resources to help guide students and viewers. Access to powerful analytics so educators can track student progress

Planet eStream Connect

A fantastic content repository for browsing and sharing educational media

Add valuable resources to your Planet eStream media library with the Connect service… Share content with the Planet eStream community of over 2000 schools, colleges and universities. Make specific requests for content via the innovative ‘Connect Beacon’ tool. Access the BBC Digital Archive of well over a million TV and radio programmes. Access the Freeview TV archives of other Planet eStream Connect users. Access the BBC’s Shakespeare Archive with hundreds of resources including plays, sonnets and documentaries.

Planet eStream Connect is both a service and a community. As a service it enables users to share all their free-to-air recordings with over 2000 schools, colleges and universities. A repository of television and radio recordings of this scale, coupled with access to the BBC Digital Archive, makes Planet eStream Connect a fantastic resource for educationally rich broadcast content. As a community it enables users from all organisations to create on online identity and interact. Users can request, share and recommend content via the Planet eStream Connect Beacon and can even choose to share their own user generated content.

Wendy Robinson

Managing Director Planet Enterprises Ltd.

Integration with the Research and Education Space Link great learning resources from the BBC and cultural heritage organisations to your Planet eStream media

Through Planet eStream, users will be able to find and access resources from RES, including 47,000 images from the BBC photo archives, alongside other collections from the BBC and many cultural heritage organisations.

Background to the RES Project Since 2013, the Research and Education Space (RES) project has been working with teachers, students and academics, along with curators of world class digital collections and product developers to improve the resources and tools available in all levels of UK education. RES is a partnership between Jisc, Learning on Screen and the BBC. The BBC has built an open platform which indexes and organises the digital collections of libraries, museums, broadcasters and galleries to make their content more discoverable, accessible and usable to those in UK education and research. Images, TV and radio programmes, documents and text from cultural and heritage organisations such as The British Museum, British Library, The National Archives, Europeana, Wellcome Trust and the BBC are all being indexed by RES. RES then enables developers to create digital educational products that will inspire learners, teachers and researchers by using applications powered by the RES platform.

Planet eStream Integration with RES “Following the successful launch of our Planet eStream Connect service in 2016, which opened up the BBC Digital and Shakespeare Archives to our customers, the next step for us was to expand on our commitment to exposing great quality educational resources to our users. We have for some time been tracking the progress of the RES project and are now delighted to announce that we have integrated slideshows powered by RES to our user interface, to compliment the broadcast material available within our user Archives and open up the 47,000 great quality BBC archive images available in RES. We are also looking forward to building on this over time with the ability to add links to RES resources from other BBC collections and the other RES partner collections, within interactive timelines and related media items in Planet eStream. We are very excited about the ongoing opportunities that our integration with RES offers our users.�

Andrew Milburn

Product Development Director Planet Enterprises Ltd.

Planet eStream Accessories

Planet eCam Series Developed with observational applications and simple integration with Planet eStream in mind, the small form factor and versatile design makes the Planet eCam series an ideal camera solution for‌ Lesson Observation

Lecture Capture

Conference Capture

Event Recording

Group Observation

The Planet eTrack

Planet Mobile Lesson Observation System A simple and compact out of the box solution designed to capture high quality audio and video from educational spaces with ease. The live IP video output works in conjunction with the Planet eStream Live Encoder application, enabling users to schedule recordings and live streams from another location.

An advanced HD camera with built in facial recognition and

Capture Devices

motion tracking technology -

Connect and capture your Planet eStream content easily using our range of tried, tested and supported hardware devices. We stock both USB and PCIe products that enable capture from single or multiple sources and accept a variety of video signals, including HDMI and DVI.

ideal for lesson/lecture capture scenarios.

The Planet eCam PTZ 500N A highly flexible pan tilt zoom camera with a large range of outputs and high quality optics.

Planet eSign Digital Signage Players Designed to work in conjunction with the Planet eStream solution enabling any screen to be converted into a digital signage display. The players ship with cables for easy connectivity.

Multi-Camera Production Switch between multiple camera sources when live broadcasting with Planet eStream using a simple and cost effective vision mixing solution. We offer live production software that can run on your current PC hardware, enabling you to switch between video sources on the fly with the addition of graphics and effects. If you prefer a turnkey solution, then we offer both mobile and studio systems in a number of configurations.

Planet eStream 2016 Brochure  
Planet eStream 2016 Brochure