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How to Unlock the Power of Broadcast Television Content to Enhance Teaching and Learning Uncover how broadcast television and radio programmes can be a powerful tool in assisting modern teaching and learning methods

The use of video within education has sometimes in the past been seen as an anti-educational tool that is merely a lesson ďŹ ller. This notion is prehistoric nowadays and, largely thanks to huge technological developments, we have access to an extremely rich and vast amount of video content of the highest quality. After all, broadcasters and content providers alike are in stiff competition to deliver great new content. Using broadcast TV resources within the classroom is also not a new practice. It wasn’t that long ago that physical televisions were wheeled into classes to show content from purchased DVD or VHS cassettes. This is a now thing of the past; for quite some time video has been delivered on demand and online from either individual content providers, social video platforms or, via in-house media libraries. Video is such a fantastic medium for modern learners and, with the right content, it can be a powerful teaching tool to compliment traditional teaching methods, whilst strengthening understanding and increasing engagement. Television and videos are among the ďŹ rst cultural experiences for most children - developing empathy and emotions from watching favoured programmes.

Accessing TV content within education continues today, but without TV trolleys and dusty VHS players. There are three common ways that broadcast content is generally accessed within a learning environment‌

On Demand Services Examples These include services like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4; the use of these is covered by the organisation’s Education Recording Agency (ERA) Licence. Positives No additional cost as the use of these platforms for educational use is covered by the ERA licence. Negatives Content is generally only available for a set amount of time. There are also no tools to aid the use of content within an education environment e.g. chapters, editing and statistics.

Social Video Platforms Examples Examples YouTube YouTube and and Vimeo Vimeo are are the the most most common common but but there there are are plenty plenty of of other other platforms platforms available. available. Positives Positives Usage Usage is is free free and and there there is is aa plethora plethora of of content content available available on on tap. tap. Negatives Negatives Not Not designed designed for for use use within education and are open to abuse by a small number of users. Reports of inappropriate content, content, adverts adverts and and links links makes makes itit aa very very tricky tricky teaching teaching tool tool to to use. use. Also, Also, aa lot lot of of the the TV TV content content added added to to YouTube YouTube will will be be breaching breaching copyright copyright and and are are usually usually removed removed promptly. promptly.

Dedicated Video Platforms Examples Custom made in-house platforms or licenced platforms such as Planet eStream. Positives Designed for use within education. Often provide access to tools that assist educators in turning recorded programmes into genuine learning resources. Negatives External providers will charge a licence fee. In-house developed platforms are often very time consuming to create, keep up to date and are generally only able to be managed by a select few.

The Benefits of Using TV Recordings as Learning Resources

High Quality Resources

Designed to Teach

Nowadays the production value of even relatively low budget videos is

Some programmes have been created specifically to teach. If we look

extremely high. Television programmes are an incredibly rich resource

at TV productions for early years we have programmes designed to

- they have been crafted by skilled production teams whose aim is to

directly support aspects of the curriculum, for example

deliver engaging and informative programming. This makes them

‘Numberblocks’ for maths and ‘Alphablocks’ for phonics. TV and radio

fantastic visual teaching aids.

provides something for all ages of learners, with programmes like ‘Horrible Histories’, ‘Planet Earth’, ‘The Royal Institute of Christmas Lectures’ , ‘Horizon’ and much more…

Unique Broadcasts

Flipped Learning Resources

Unique series or one-off programmes can assist any subject area and

Educators can send students clips from TV programmes for them to

are often the most valuable; they can support and emphasise small

watch in their own time and discuss them in class.

niche areas of the curriculum.

Cultural Access

Foreign Language Development

Video is the next best thing to actually experiencing cultural

The use of foreign TV and radio programmes is fantastic for

differences from around the world in person. There is a never-ending

supporting the teaching of modern foreign languages (MFL). Your ERA

stream of TV and radio broadcasts that uncover and explain variances

licence enables you to access any foreign language broadcast which is

within different cultures. It is fantastic to be able to visually share

receivable in the UK, enabling MFL departments to record

these with learners and listen to people from those cultures speak

programmes and use them as teaching materials.

about their lives, providing a much deeper learning experience.

Supporting Literature through Film

Saves Educators’ Time

Films have always been a great medium to see real life interpretations

Direct access to TV and radio recordings can assist educators in

of books, enabling students to visually analyse someone’s

strengthening learners’ understanding quickly.

interpretation of the subject text.

Access to Experts in their Field

Assist Librarians

TV and radio programmes provide valuable access to icons past and

Modern libraries consist of both educational texts and media content.

present. Interviews and documentaries focussing on people that have

Library Management Systems therefore return search results for both

impacted the world give learners a great opportunity to hear them speak,

books and media, giving students and educators an even greater

what others have to say about them, and the impact they have made.

choice of learning materials.

Access to Broadcast TV and Radio Content Made Simple with Planet eStream

Planet eStream provides educators with unrivalled access to broadcast television and radio content. There are two distinct elements; one is intuitive scheduling tool design - making the recording of current and recent broadcast simple; the second is access to a huge archive of recordings to browse and download to the media library. Simple TV and Radio Recording A simple user interface, similar to systems found at home, the Planet eStream TV scheduler enables educators to browse current and cached broadcasts. Once a programme has been selected it will be downloaded to the media library. Once downloaded, tools for creating edits, chapters and quizzes are available to enhance the video and create a succinct learning resource. Programme Cache The TV scheduler will keep all programmes available for up to 21 days, providing a generous buffer period for educators to record programmes they may have missed. All programmes recorded through the buffer are available immediately, as they have already been broadcast. Series Link Planet eStream enables educators to tag a whole series of programmes using the built-in series link function. This means that they only need to record the first programme and select series link to record an entire series. Foreign Channels Access to record from a selection of channels including those from France, Germany, Holland, Poland and Spain. The Planet eStream Connect Archive Over 2 million recordings available to browse and add to your Planet eStream media library immediately. This huge library of content includes direct access to The BBC Digital and Shakespeare Archive plus the archive of all TV and radio recordings made by Planet eStream users. You can also utilise keywords to search the entire archives subtitles, an incredibly powerful tool, enabling educators to quickly discover new content to support their teaching Retain Content All content recorded from the Planet eStream scheduler or downloaded via the Planet eStream Connect archive will remain as part of your Planet eStream media library indefinitely, making sure your learning resources remain intact. Integrate Recordings with Your VLE and Library Management System Embed recordings as part of your course page with ease using our bespoke VLE plugins; you can even schedule future recordings to automatically populate your VLE pages. Selected Library Management Systems can also be integrated to search your Planet eStream library, returning results for available books and media resources simultaneously. Educators Toolset Add chapters, edit videos and create quizzes to turn recordings into bespoke learning resources for students to access, either inside the classroom or in their own time. Integrate with Library Management Systems Link Planet eStream with your Library Management Systems; when searching for resources users will see available books and media items. Reduced Reliance on IT Support Teams The simple workflow provided by Planet eStream means that educators can be self sufficient in recording or downloading their programmes to the media library.

Planet eStream is the only video platform that unifies all of your digital media requirements. It has been chosen by over 2,000 educational establishments from all over the globe to support their core digital strategy and drive digital transformation, delivering significant benefits to educators, e-learning professionals, communications and marketing departments, librarians, learning resources teams, IT staff and, most importantly, students.

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Unlocking the Power of TV and Radio Programmes  

Uncover how broadcast television and radio programmes can be a powerful tool in assisting modern teaching and learning methods

Unlocking the Power of TV and Radio Programmes  

Uncover how broadcast television and radio programmes can be a powerful tool in assisting modern teaching and learning methods