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Never Underestimate the Perfect Brow TIP Makeup:

Ahh, the, or slimmed the brows definitely make a beauty statement. Often we spend hours primping and prepping ourselves trying to stay up with the latest and greatest and unwittingly neglect our brows. Maybe we just can’t figure out what to do with them, so we ignore them all together. Or

maybe we don’t think we can achieve the look we secretly desire for them. Either way, I’m here to tell you there is hope! Since the art of eyebrows can be so tricky, we now have experts in the field. Women, and men, who have devoted themselves to learning this important trade and are passionate to share it with others. No need to fret any longer about your eyebrows, learn how to handle them with the attention and care they deserve!

Every era that passes leaves behind a style of clothes, hair, makeup, and of course brows. Eyebrow shapes change as often as the weather. When looking back at pictures you can often tell what era it was, just by the shape of the brow. Think Greta Garbo or Betty Davis and the thin, rounded brow that they pulled off so glamoursly. Jump into the 50s with Audrey Hepburn and her classic full, somewhat straight brows made a modern statement. In more recent years and the era that most of us hold near and dear, the brows were full and slightly untamed. I am of course referring to the 80’s. The classic Brook Shields brow brings us back to a more colorful time. Flash forward to the

2010s and we are seeing a change once again in the brow world. We have adopted a more groomed look that is neither too thin nor too full. The lusted after brows are balanced, arched and nicely groomed. So how do we get this new eyebrow look? Answer: from the professionals, of course. I know you think you can tweeze your way to eyebrow heaven, but take it from me, its best left to the pros. Many people tend to over tweeze, when attempting to try it at home. This leaves the brows sparse, thin, and worst of all the wrong shape. So no matter how much makeup you put on or how fantastic your hair or outfit is something is always askew. When your eyebrows are just the right shape and color, your entire look comes together in a way that makes sense and is cohesive. Here are some tips and tricks to remember when dealing with your brows. Things to avoid when dealing with eyebrows: •

Avoid the square! A lot of times I see eyebrows that are in the shape of a square at the thickest part and then trim down into a soft line. This creates a very harsh, blocky look that is not flattering. Be sure to round the edges and create a softer look. This will flow better and compliment your eye shape.

Don’t over tweeze! Too thin of brows are just as bad as too thick. Be sure to leave enough hair to create a nice shape. For some of you, this means an awkward stage of growing out your eyebrows for a few weeks, but once you do get them shaped properly by a pro. You will be so happy with the result and that you’ll never want to go back to shaping them yourself.

Don’t go too far in! When tweezing, spacing is very important. You want to make sure your brows are spaced just right for your face shape and eye distance. Typically speaking, the inside of your brows should be one eye length apart. If you have wide set eyes, they can fall a little closer to give the allusion that your eyes are the perfect distance. If you have close set eyes they can be slightly farther apart. Make sense? See what the right eyebrows can do for you?

Don’t go too bushy! If you like a fuller, more natural look, that is fine. In fact a fuller brow is creeping its way back onto the fashion scene. Just make sure your full brow is still groomed and shaped properly. Be sure to tweeze any of those unwanted stray hairs

that tend to hang out a little too far away. Remember full, not bushy. No woman wants to look like Groucho Marx!

Things to do when dealing with eyebrows: •

First thing’s first: Get them professionally groomed first. I can’t stress enough how important it is to leave the shaping of your brows to a professional. This is someone who doesn’t know you and can see your face objectively. But make sure you do your research! Go to someone who knows what they are doing and has credible references. Watch how they do brows and see if you like the results on others.

Choose. Do you want them to be waxed, threaded, or just tweezed? An esthetician can tweeze or wax your brows. If you want to try the age old art of threading, find someone who has been doing it for a while. All three choices can deliver excellent outcomes. If you choose to do it at home, be sure to school yourself in how to properly use wax. You don’t want the wax to be too hot and burn the delicate eye area. Also, double check the skincare products you are using and make sure they do not contain any exfoliants. This will make your eye area more sensitive and can lead to lifting of the skin. Same with any medications you might be taking.

Remember your borders! If you choose to do your brows at home or want to touch them up between appointments, remember the three point system. This system is displayed on the picture at the right. This will give you the right angles and borders for where your brows should align in combination with your facial features.

First, take a pencil and align it to the outside of your nose, straight up to the inner corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrow should begin. Second take the pencil, still keeping it on the outside of your nose and angle it upward and tilted to align with the outside of your iris. This is where your brow should angle. Lastly, slightly adjust the pencil from the outer of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrow should end. This three point system gives you exact guidelines for a great brow shape. •

Make the right color choice! When choosing a shade for your brows, be sure you don’t go too dark or too light. Your brow color should never be darker than your roots. If you have lightened your hair and you naturally have dark eyebrows, think about lightening them up a bit. The same is true if you have darkened your hair; think about getting your eyebrows tinted. If you have red hair, choose an eyebrow color that is close to your hair color. Eyebrows don’t have to be brown. If your hair on your brows is sparse, fill them in with some color. You can use a pencil or a powder. Smashbox makes an excellent powder in many different colors that are sure to match you just right. Too Faced has some beautiful eyebrow pencils that have a helpful grooming brush on one end. When coloring in your brows use short strokes in the same direction as the hair growth. This will mimic the look of your own hair and make your brows look fuller and more natural.

Tame them. Keep your eyebrows looking the way you want all day long by applying a clear gel. Often times these gels come in what looks like a mascara tube. After you are done applying your color, lightly run the clear gel through the brows to keep them in place and keep your color lasting longer. Try Anastasia’s Clear Brow Gel. Sometimes these gels are tinted to match your brow color. They can be used alone or on top of a brow powder or pencil.

To make it even easier, you can pick up a brow stencil that has different shapes of brows cut out for you. Hold the stencils up to your brows to see which ones you like. Color your brows in using the stencil and then tweeze away any extra hairs. Although this method is not always recommended it can be useful when done properly.

Remember, these are guidelines and everyone’s facial features are different. This is why seeing a professional can help you on your quest for the perfect brow. They will notice the simple distinctions that only you posses and be able to work with them. Stay up with the times and see what look you would like best for your brows. Never underestimate a good brow. It can change your look and your attitude. At least now you know that there is hope for your brows and that you’re not alone!! Follow these simple tricks and tips and you will have the brows you always dreamed of. So move over Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox, there will be a new brow beauty in town!



Never Underestimate the Perfect Brow  

Ahh, the brow! Whether it be bushy, groomed, trimmed, or slimmed the brows definitely make a beauty statement.