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Brilliance often strikes in times of desperation. Such was one brisk summer morning deep in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Western Montana when our original designer, an avid outdoorsman and coffee connoisseur dropped and shattered his traditional glass French Press. Painfully struggling through his morning make-shift brew he vowed to invent the most indestructible, functional French Press on the planet. Soon thereafter, the Big Sky Bistro was born. This lightweight camping unit was the coffee maker and the coffee mug all-in-one ~ simplicity brilliantly coupled with functionality; the original French Press Mug. Thus were the humble beginnings of what is today Planetary Design; an innovative company dedicated to providing, preserving and perfecting the small things that make life more enjoyable. Planetary Design’s strength and success centers around cutting-edge innovation, commitment to quality material, ethical and sustainable practices and exceptional customer service. Our company offices are still nestled near the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Missoula, Montana where our award-winning design team continues to improve the French Press, French Press Mugs, Drinkware, the AirScape and other fine beverage and food related accessories.

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he Original French Press Travel Mug. This classic mug boasts a timeless design. The unique plunger offers excellent coffee and/ or tea anytime and anywhere. Especially compatible with outdoor activities such as camping, back-packing, boating and sporting events. Great for the road, the trail, the boat, the office ... anywhere you want a fantastic cup of pure French pressed coffee or tea! • Durable, BPA-free, hard plastic construction • Compact and lightweight at only 7.1 ounces! • Insulated to keep coffee and tea hot longer • Quickest way to brew coffee • Drink directly from the bistro or pour into another cup • Makes 16 ounces of perfectly brewed coffee or tea • New Design Custom graphics available, minimum 504 units Planetary Design ph. 1.888.327.9908


ur award winning line of French Press Mugs have evolved into coffee-on-the-go perfection for home, office or anywhere a great brew is desired. Simply brew, press, sip and enjoy, all in the convenience of one mug. • Constructed of double-walled, 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel • Patented plunger press and ultra-fine, stainless steel mesh screen • High gloss, scratch-resistant, baked-enamel finish

Desk Press: 20 oz.

• High-grade, BPA-free components

3-3/8” top & base D. 6-3/4” H.

• Excellent heat retention and durability

*New reinforced handle and butterfly lid


vailable in 3 styles: Boot-Cut: 20 oz. wide base

3-3/8” top D. 4” base D. 6-3/4” H. Provides additional stability, great for the bump-and-tip susceptible

Double Shot: 14 oz.

3-3/8” top D. 2-5/8” base D. 6-3/4” H.

Boot-Cut Color Options:

Designed to fit car drink holders, also has hidden compartment in the base to store more coffee or tea. *New reinforced, caribiner-friendy handle and butterfly lid




Green Tea

Desk Press Color Options: Red

Mocha Paprika Green Tea Black


Double Shot Color Options: Mocha Lavender Paprika Green Tea Black Chrome *Colors subject to availability, please check with your sales representative.

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esigned for traditional service, the Table Top French presses function as classic French presses yet ,unlike glass presses, provide extreme durability and heat retention. • Constructed of double-walled, 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel • Patented plunger press and ultra-fine, stainless steel mesh screen • High gloss, scratch-resistant, baked-enamel finish • Double Filtration System, ensures grounds do not pass through • High-grade, BPA-free components

Available in 3 sizes:

20 oz. Table Top

3-3/8” top D. 4-1/4” base D. 8” H.

32 oz. Table Top

Color Options:

4-1/4” top & base D. 8-1/2” H.

48 oz. Table Top




Green Tea

4-1/2” top & base D. 11” H.

Planetary Design ph. 1.888.327.9908


ur French Press Mugs were so well received that consumers everywhere demanded the same quality in traditional drinkware. Now you can have the same durability and heat retention capabilities sans the press.


• Constructed of double-walled, vacuum-insulated, 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel • High gloss, scratch-resistant, baked-enamel finish • High-grade, BPA-free components • New and improved butterfly lid


750ml: (*single walled): 2 3/4” base D.,10 3/4”H.

12 oz. Tumbler

2-1/2” base D. 6-3/4” H.

16 oz. Tumbler

Ecoteen Style Options:

2-1/2 base D. 7” H.

Water Constellation Tread Drops Gently

20 oz. Tumbler

2-1/2 base D. 8-1/4” H.

Birch Moose

Stainless Chrome

• Constructed of single-walled, 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel • Stainless steel lid - no plastic to liquid contact • Leak-Proof and Leach-Proof - BPA-FREE!

Tumbler Color Options:



• Hand Wash Recommended

Mocha Lavender Paprika Green Tea Black


Planetary Design ph. 1.888.327.9908


ir is the enemy of food. With its patented design, the AirScape removes freshness and flavor destroying oxygen from the storage canister, resulting in longer shelf life and better quality products...Great for nearly any food item and perfect for coffee and tea storage!

• • • •

Constructed of 18/8, restaurant-grade stainless steel High gloss, scratch-resistant, baked-enamel finish Patented lid locks air out then locks the lid in place While the top lid is clear to easily see your content amount, the AirScape lid will not allow harmful ultra-violet light to reach the contents • High grade stainless steel prevents food from staining interior walls or retaining flavors • High-grade, BPA-free components 1: insert plunger and gently push down to content level, forcing air out


Small: - 4 3/4” base D., 4”H. (32 fl. oz.) Large: - 4 3/4” base D., 7”H. (64 fl. oz.) *The large AirScape holds roughly 1lb. of whole coffee beans.

2: flip handle down, locking air out 3: place clear lid atop canister

Color Options:

Mocha Lavender Paprika Green Tea



Planetary Design ph. 1.888.327.9908

Custom Laser Etched Products •

• • • •

Planetary Design can laser etch our colored stainless-steel products with a minimum order of 48 units. Laser etching on our painted products yields a chrome ‘colored’ logo. (Laser etching is NOT available on chrome products.) SIZE: Imprint size is 2 inches max width, with no height limit (actual imprinting height limits are determined by the size of the product). Logos and slogans can be placed vertically or horizontally. PRICE: $25 per-order set up fee. $1.25/unit up to 144, $1.00/unit from 145-249, $0.75/unit for >249 FORMAT: Artwork must be submitted in either a jpeg or bitmap format of middle to high resolution, and must be black and white (not black and gray or color) Upon receiving your artwork, a detailed proof with accurate positioning and size will be sent for final approval. Lead time is approx. 15 business days. Regular shipping charges apply.

Custom Screen Printed Products •

Planetary Design can screenprint your logo on all stainless steel products with a minimum order of 48 units. Screenprint pricing is as follows and will be billed prior to delivery. Less than 12 cases 12 Cases or More 1 Time-Screen Build fee: $30.00 1 Time Screen-Build fee: $30.00 Art Set-up fee: $25.00/order Art Set-up fee: $25.00/order Imprint fee: $0.75/impression Imprint fee: $1.25/impression

For orders requiring a change of product style and/or ink color: Item change fee*: $15.00/change Ink change fee: $10.00/change

* An item change fee is required on orders with multiple types of products being imprinted with the same logo.

Planetary Design ph. 1.888.327.9908

* laser etched

*1 color screen printed

• • •

COLOR: Artwork must be submitted as 1-color max, and include a Pantone color code, if applicable. SIZE: Imprint size is 2.5 inches max width x 2.5 inches max height FORMAT: Artwork must be submitted in one of the following four formats with a minimum of 300 dpi: ~.psd (photoshop) ~.eps ~.tif (illustrator) Vector art is highly preferred.

• Upon receiving your artwork, a detailed proof with accurate positioning and size will be sent for final approval. Lead time is approx. 15 business days. Regular shipping charges apply.

Product Manufacturing

All Planetary Design products are made to last for years. We use Grade 5 plastics or Polypropylene (PP) and 304 Grade (18/8) of stainless steel to ensure strength and durability in our products.


PP or Polypropylene is one of the most versatile polymers available, used both as a plastic and as a fiber in virtually all of the plastics end-use markets. PP is semi-rigid, translucent, durable, and has good heat resistance properties. PP is also fatigue and chemical resistant. All plastics used in Planetary Design products are BPA-free.


Tensile Strength 0.95 - 1.30 Notched Impact Strength 3.0 - 30.0 Thermal Coefficient of expansion 100 - 150 Max Cont Use Temp 80 Density 0.905


N/mm² Kj/m² x 10-6 oC g/cm3

Type 304 stainless steel is a T 300 Series Stainless Steel austenitic. It has a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, combined with a maximum of 0.08% carbon. It is defined as a Chromium-Nickel austenitic alloy. 304 stainless steel is the standard “18/8” stainless that you often see in high-end pans and cookery tools. It has incredible heat retention and corrosion resistant properties.


Density Tensile Strength, Ultimate Tensile Strength, Yield Elongation at Break Modulus of Elasticity Modulus of Elasticity Electrical Resistivity Electrical Resistivity Magenetic permeability

8.03 g/cc CTE, linear 20°C 621 Mpa (=90100psi) CTE, linear 20°C 290 Mpa (=42100psi) Heat Capacity 55% in 2 inches Thermal Conductivity 193 Gpa tension Thermal Conductivity 78 Gpa torsion Melt temperature 0.000116 ohm-cm 659 ºC 7.2e-005 ohm-cm Max 1.02 H = 200 Oersteds, Annealed

16.9 µm/m-°C 18.7 µm/m-°C 0.5 J/g-°C 16.2 W/m-K 21.4 W/m-K 1371- 1399 °C

0 to 100°C to 649°C 0°C to 1 100°C 500°C

Customer Service & Reseller Agreement Planetary Design is a company dedicated to providing superior products that stay true to our mission of bringing a true balance of form and function, style and purpose, into everyday living. We work hard to maintain lasting relationships with our retailers while protecting the integrity of our product and brand name. Therefore, we ask that retailers become familiar with our company and products such that consumer questions may be answered and any issues dealt with in a timely and consistent manner. Customer service is of utmost importance and we strive to provide our retail partners with adequate tools to pass this customer service on to the end consumer. Further, we require all online resellers to read and sign our internet reseller agreement. This agreement stipulates that our products may not be resold for under 10% below keystone margin. This will protect the integrity and value of Planetary Design products while also protecting retailer margins, both in bricks and mortar stores and online. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Why French Press? Brewing coffee is a marvelous blend of art and science. There are numerous brewing methods but only a few have gained the notoriety of the plunger technique. This method was so popular in France that it soon became widely known as “French Press�. French Pressing allows the user to control the flavor profile of particular coffees and roasting levels by managing quantity, brew time, water temperature and grind. This allows for more subtle layers of flavor to surface and creates a perfect cup of coffee every time. No flavor robbing paper fileters to run out of, no finicky espresso machines, no percolator that uses the wrong water temperature.... just a fresh cup of coffee, simple, convenient and consistently superb.

How Simple? Step 1: Add ground coffee (French press grind-slightly more coarse than drip grind) Approximately 1 TBSP per 4 Oz. of water.

Step 2: Pour hot (just under boiling) water over the coffee grounds.

Step 3: Allow to steep for 3-5 minutes depending on desired strength. Depress the plunger and enjoy!!

Planetary Design ph. 1.888.327.9908

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Planetary Design 2011 Product Catalog  

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