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Cirrus SR22 Fractional Lease

Fractional Lease Program Details1 Annual Flight Hours

Up to 150

Initial Down Payment


Monthly Payment2


1 - Pilot services (if applicable), fuel, and sales tax are not included. FAR Part 91. Terms and conditions subject to change. 2 - Covers program administration, hull and liability insurance, aircraft storage, subscription services, cleaning, and regular maintenance.

SR22 Turbo Specifications Performance Takeoff (50 ft obstacle) Climb Rate Stall Speed with Flaps Max Cruise Speed Cruise Range with Reserve Maximum Range (55% power) Landing (50 ft obstacle) Engine Manufacturer Model Turbo-Normalizing System Horsepower Design Weights & Loading Maximum Gross Weight Standard Empty Weight Useful Load Fuel Capacity Dimensions Length Height Wingspan Cabin Height Cabin Width

1,594 ft 1,400 ft/min 60 kcas 219 ktas 925 nm 1,000 nm 2,344 ft Continental IO-550-N Tornado Alley 310 3,400 lbs 2,320 lbs 1,080 lbs 92 gal 26 ft 8 ft 11 in 38 ft 4 in 50 in 49 in

PlaneSmart! Fractional Lease  
PlaneSmart! Fractional Lease  

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