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contents Theory of Infirmity by Ersan Üldes [novel] Hurufism by Ömer Tecimer [religion and philosophy] Illegal by Bikem Ekberzade [human rights, photography] Turkish Book Review Plan B

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zafiyet kuramı by ersan üldes

Zafiyet Kurami is hillarious, bold and creative. Ersan Üldes walks on the very special road of Turkish novel, which was opened by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, Oğuz Atay and Yusuf Atılgan, and he does not avoid trying new paths as well.

Genre: Novel 233 pages 12.5 x 19 cm. Year of Publication: 2007 ISBN: 978-975-8723-17-1

theory of infirmity

“the best turkish novel of 2007” h.t.akarsu

“the criticism [in this book] is very attractive with its humorous style.” ömer türkeş Translator Meriç, the protagonist of the novel, makes changes on the novels that he translates from German because of his strange rage against the authors. After a very weird day, he decides to be an author. Thanks to his new apprehension to the art of novel, we are a witness of his life and the process of writing the novel simultaneously. Talking about the weaknesses of an individual in Theory of Infirmity, Üldes follows the most outstanding humoristic trend of Turkish novel and also does not avoid trying new paths. Having Üldes’ unique sound and style, Theory of Infirmity is a fascinating satire on the generation clash, the literary society and the publishing market. 4

ersan üldes Ersan Üldes was born in 1973. His first novel Native Film received The İnkılap Bookstore Novel Award in 1999. Ersan Üldes’ second novel Organization of Aborted Children was published in 2004. He wrote novel critics for several book reviews and literary magazines. Üldes, who follows both the Turkish and world novel closely and makes analysis on the novel theory, is writing with a brave and austere humour apprehension and enforcing the limits of novel. His last novel is Theory of Infirmity, published by Plan B in 2007.

“his intent is not just presenting an interesting subject, but presenting a literary work of art.” metin celal 5



by รถmer tecimer

A journey through the mystic world of letters A detailed study on Hurufism, the Islamic philosophy, which inspired many authors including Orhan Pamuk and Elif Shafak.

Genre: Religion, Philosophy 226 pages 12.5 x 19 cm. Year of Publication: 2008 ISBN: 978-975-8723-19-5

“a brave study on Hurufism with no prejudgement” Hurufism is a detailed study on Hurufi philosophy which has deeply influenced many heterodox religious movements, Sufism and especially Bektashi order. The book is an attempt to cover the history and philosophy of Hurufism which tries to search the secrets of the universe in letters, analyzes the relation between letters and numbers, and tries to find the mystic information hidden in the Qur’an and the human face. This Islamic philosophy travelling in the depths of the mystic world of letters is compared to the Cabbalistic philosophy. Throughout the history, people usually had approached Hurufism with prejudices, and with incomplete or incorrect information. This book is a brave study on Hurufism with no prejudgement.


ömer tecimer Ömer Tecimer was born in 1952, in Istanbul. He has researched on esoterism and religions for years. His first book, published by Plan B in 2004, was Rose+Croix: Underground Resources of Western Civilisation. The book was a great success that its second edition was printed within one month. In his second book, Cinema: Modern Mythology, which has been suggested as a reference book in several universities, he focused on the phenomenon of initiation and The Hero’s Journey pattern on the movie screen. His last book is Hurufism. The works by Tecimer, who studies delicate subjects with an objective and scientific method, attracts much attention from the experts of the field.

Rose+Croix, 558 pages, ISBN: 978-975-8723-09-6 Cinema: Modern Mythology, 432 pages, 978-975-8723-11-9


yasadışı by bikem ekberzade

for those who lost their lives while searching a livable life... “illegal people ... On paper, these people just do not exist: they have not been recorded entering the country, their places of residence go undocumented, most do not have countries anymore, their children are stateless, they cannot work, receive healthcare or education.”

Genre: Politics/Photography 84 pages 21.5 x 21.5 cm. Year of Publication: 2006 ISBN: 978-975-8723-14-0


Illegal is a part of Ekberzade’s “Refugee Project” which is an internationally well known project attempting to highlight the global refugee crisis. Starting at Albania-Kosova-Macedonia triangle, the project continued in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Chad and Sudan. The last piece of the project was her book, Illegal. She wrote and photographed two young African women who were illegal refugees and single mothers trying to survive in Istanbul –Suad from Somali who has a six-month-old baby and Zimbabwe coming from Ethiopia with her four-month-old baby. The book was originally written in English and translated into Turkish by the author herself. 10

bikem ekberzade She was born in 1971, in İstanbul. She had her master’s degree on broadcast journalism from Boston University. She is the first woman war photographer of Turkey. Aside from photographing wars and humanitarian crisis she also reported on them. She has worked for Associated Press, CNN and Newsweek; and her works have also appeared in many international press organisations including New York Times, Times Picayune, The Boston Phoenix and Christian Science Monitor. She was selected as the Photographer of the Month by EPN World Reporter, the journal of the European Press Network, in May 2002. Her “Refugee Project” which was awarded several times by the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees was the cover story of DoubleTake, exhibited at the Sundance Film Festival in 2002 (Utah, USA), at the Virginia Commonwealth University Gallery (Katar, Doha), and at the Oxford Museum in 2003. Illegal written and photographed by Ekberzade is published by Plan B. Her new book about Darfur will be published in 2009. 11

turkish book review the turkish literature magazine reviews of more than 50 titles, interviews and articles no. 3, contributing writers: Walter G. Andrews, Ataol Behramoğlu, John Smolens, Tuna Kiremitçi, Sevin Okyay, Aron Aji, Yusuf Eradam, George Messo, Emma Foulger, Altay Öktem, Ersan Üldes, Ömer Tecimer, Orhan Kahyaoğlu, Bikem Ekberzade, Arzu Taşçıoğlu, Selva Suman, Murat Akser, Deniz Sert, Cudi Genç, Betül Özçelebi, Emin Nedret İşli, Birgül Koçak, Duygu Tekgül, Yasemin Reis, Burç İdem Dinçel, Senem Tüfekcioğlu, Emre Kutlar, G. Sesil Sar, Cem Sipahi, Şebnem Günaydın 168 pages Period: Twice a year 19 x 27 cm. ISSN: 1307-6752 €15


Turkish Book Review is the first book review magazine on Turkish literature in English. We are seeking to draw a profile that includes the masters and landmark figures of Turkish writing along with the young authors, mainstream authors as well as more marginal ones. Turkish literature has attracted global interest but it is not easy to see beneath the surface when viewed from abroad. While some names shine on the surface – as with any literature in the world - some underlying tides can be overlooked. We hope this magazine will help enrich the world’s understanding of Turkish literature in all its depth and liveliness. 11.000 electronic copies of the magazine are sent to the publishers, agents, authors and translators from around to world. 2.500 copies are printed to be distributed at the book fairs and sold at the bookstores.

plan b Founded in 2002 as an alternative to the traditional stricture of Turkish publishing. It forces the limits of publishing and integrates the books it published with events like international exhibitions, parties and happenings. The company has been publishing Turkish Book Review, the first English book review magazine of Turkish Literature. It also publishes books (literary fiction, politics, ecology, popular culture, economics, religions and beliefs) and art magazines.


asklepios A magazine on the relation betwen art and medicine. It received the Bronze Prize in 2006 Sappi European Printers of the Year awards. ISSN: 1304-0146 Print Run: 15.500 Published from 2002 to 2007

fiction Works by celebrated authors including Jonathan Lethem, DBC Pierre, Toby Litt, John Smolens, Stephen Amidon.

non-fiction Globalization and its Discontents by J. Stiglitz, The Age of Consent by G. Monbiot, A Romantic Journey by Atilla Birkiye 15

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