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Council weighs in on administrator pact By KAITLYN NAPLES STAFF WRITER

The new town council weighed in on the proposal of administrators contracts, which the Board of Education has sent for approval. The new contract, which is affecting 12 administrators, establishes a salary increase, language changes, and the continuance of paying out unused sick time to retirees. The salary increase is 5.2 percent over three years, starting out with a 2.5 percent increase the first year, 2 percent increase the next year and no increase the final year; totaling up to about a $76,000 expense over three years. Superintendent Jeffrey Kitching said he felt that having a state mediator help with the negotiations make it “a fair contract.” He said he looked at other districts, similar to Plainville in varying aspects, for direction in the unused sick time pay area. Kitching said under the new contract, new hires are not eligible for a payout for unused sick time, only the administrators currently employed. Also, only retirees are eligible for the payout, not individuals who leave the district for another job. He added that in other districts, salary increases were between 6 and 8 per-

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cent. The contract was criticized by the council last Monday, who went into executive session at the end of the night, but came out with no action. “These are 12 of the top paid people in our town,” Council member Dan Hurley said last Monday. “This extra money is more than people can handle right now.” Kitching said some of the administrators who fall under this payout are nearing retirement in the next few years, and under the new contract, new hires for these administrative positives will not be receiving a payout. “We will eventually get Plainville to having this eliminated,” Kitching said, adding that he felt this was the best compromise. Vice chairman of the council, Scott Saunders, said the contract, even though he doesn’t agree with the payout, was an improvement. The council can approve the contracts, or reject them and send it to arbitration for possible changes, which gets legal authorities involved. However, arbitration sometimes can make changes

See CONTRACT, page 4

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Volume 2, No. 48

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•Police blotter, Page 2

•Plainville falls to Farmington, Page 8

I spy with my little eye... a squid eye


During a special program at Plainville High School last week, AP biology students Paula Frejlich, left, and Simon Yawin look at the Humboldt squid eye held by science teacher Ken Fusco. The squid was obtained from ‘Squids4Kids’ of Monterey, Calif. Squids4Kids supplies frozen specimens of Humboldt squid for use in educational activities.

PHS students receive unique science lesson By ROB GLIDDEN STAFF WRITER

Students at Plainville High School had the chance last week to participate in the dissection of a four-foot Humboldt squid. “It’s not something you see every day,” said science teacher Ken Fusco. “Squids are an advanced invertebrate and I wanted

Upcoming Special Sections.......

the students to have a chance to see that. I also wanted them to do something cool, and this is really cool.” The Humboldt squid can be found in deep waters all along the western coasts of North and South America, as far south as Chile and as far north as Alaska. Fusco became

aware of the opportunity through his participation with the National Marine Educators Association. The arrangements were made and the squid was actually delivered during the aftermath of Winter Storm Alfred. The school had no power, but the creature was preserved with a freezer that was powered


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by a generator. “Mr. Fusco put a lot of work into obtaining the squid,” said PHS Principal Steven LePage. “It’s a great first-hand experience for the kids.” Three groups of students crowded into the classroom during the dis-

See SQUID, page 4

Focus on Health To Be Published 3rd week of every month


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Friday, December 2, 2011

Police blotter Plainville police reported the following arrests: •Philip D. Dimatteo, 39, of 30 Roosevelt St., Unit A7, Plainville, was charged on Nov. 20 with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and failure to drive right. He was held on a $2,500 bond for a Dec. 5 court date. •Roman Platosz, 51, of 54, Windy Knoll Dr., Kensington, was charged on Nov. 19 with first degree criminal trespass and second degree breach of

peace. He was held on a $10,000 bond for a Nov. 21 court date. •Christie M. Curtis, 29, of 41 Hemmingway St., Plainville, was charged on Nov. 19 with two counts of third degree identity theft. She was held on a $10,000 bond for a Nov. 28 court date. •Brady Maynard, 33, of 93 Broad St., Plainville, was charged on Nov. 19 with second degree breach of peace and illegal possession of cocaine. He was held on a $5,000 for a Nov.

28 court date. •Liza M. Algarin, 19, of 141 Harris Circle, Waterbury, was charged on Nov. 18 with conspiracy to commit illegal sale of narcotics and conspiracy to commit possession of narcotics. She was held on a $100,000 bond for a Nov. 28 court date. •Markise T. Jackson, 26, of 797 Farmington Avenue, Bristol, was charged on Nov. 18 with conspiracy to commit illegal sale of narcotics, illegal sale by non-drug depend-

ent, possession with intent to sell within 1,500 feet of a school, illegal possession of narcotics (crack), tampering with or fabricating evidence and interfering with an officer. He was held on a $100,000 bond for a Nov. 28 court date. •Adrienne M. Montoni, 48, of 32 Fleetwood Dr., Plainville, was charged on Nov. 21 with second degree failure to appear and violation of

Pink Pumpkin Prize pack Talia Fileccia, a third grader in Diana Benza’s class at Linden Street School was recognized for getting a perfect score on November’s math and writing prompt assessments. Talia received a ‘Pink Pumpkin Prize’ - a great connection to the book ‘Pinkalicious’ and the pink pumpkin.


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Nov. 22 with second degree harassment and second degree threatening. He was held on a $2,500 bond for a Dec. 5 court date. •Joshua J. Hill, 17, of 125 Johnson St., Middletown, was charged on Nov. 22 with first degree criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. He was held on a $1,000 bond for a Dec. 5 court date.

Jitters to collect food The Sunflower Bungalow Wellness Center, 1273 Queen St., (on the Plainville town line) Southington, will collect non-perishables and unwrapped toys for


probation. She was held on bonds totaling $30,000 for a Dec. 5 court date. •Kathleen M. Labela, 43, of 19 Tunxis St., New Britain, was charged on Nov. 22 with third degree larceny, third degree identity theft and nine counts of first degree forgery. She was held on a $5,000 bond for a Dec. 5 court date. •Joshua A. Korn, 23, of 19 MacArthur Rd., Plainville, was charged on

Plainville Food Pantry and the homeless shelter from now until Dec. 16. The Plainville Food Pantry needs include canned food, toiletries, toys for children of all ages

and winter coats. Stop in anytime for donations and receive free gift from Jitters Café or Pass It On Sports. No purchase required.

Friday, December 2, 2011

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News Our Town

Burning bright for PHS

Last Wednesday, the night before the big Thanksgiving football game between Plainville High School and Farmington High School, parents held a bonfire for STACEY MCCARTHY students at Norton Park. Above, Jake Stefanski, 15, Morgan Tetrault, 17, Shaun Carroll, 16, and In advance of the Thanksgiving Day holiday, the Plainville Library invited chilRyan Patterson, 17 were dren in to make Thanksgiving Day crafts. Last Wednesday, Darren Paznokas and in attendance for the his mother Kathy made hand turkeys. event. At left, the fire burns.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Squid From page 1


Ken Fusco holds the eye he just removed from the Humboldt squid.


Marine Biology student Juan Santo removes the teeth in the sucker disks on one of the tentacles of the Humboldt squid dissected in AP classes at Plainville High School last Tuesday.


Plainville High School science teacher Ken Fusco hands an internal shell from a Humboldt squid-called a gladius to PHS Principal Stephen LePage during last Tuesday’s program. The squid was obtained from the program Squids4Kids.

Contract: Administrators From page 1 that still wouldn’t be desirable to the town council. If the council doesn’t STACEY MCCARTHY take any action, the contract will go into affect immediStudents gather around science teacher Ken Fusco as he dissects a Humboltd ately on that date. Any squid for AP classes at Plainville High School last Tuesday. administrator hired, principal, vice principal or faculty

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supervisor, after July 1, 2012, will be under the new contract. The Board of Education approved the contract proposal at a recent board meeting.



section. One was Fusco’s own Marine Biology class, another was an AP Biology course, and the third was a UConn Introduction of Oceanography Class. “It’s awesome,” said student Lilly Bosco. “You don’t see a squid every day. This is the first time I’ve heard of students doing this.” The reveal of the Humboldt squid was the finale to a series of several lessons that involved mollusks and cephalopods. Students had previously dissected a smaller and more common squid and had also made fried calamari. Sheri Ayoub and Juan Santo were two of several students who were given individual tentacles to further investigate. “It’s a lot of fun,” Santo said. “This is a lot bigger than the other sea creatures that we’ve seen.” Ayoub commented that “I feel like I’m special for getting a chance to do this.” Over the course of the hour-long class, the squid was thoroughly deconstructed. At one point, Fusco extracted the creature’s eye and carried it around for the students to look at. Later, students wrote their initials with ink straight from the squid. Melissa Brown, a student teacher working in Fusco’s classroom, said the whole experience was immensely exciting. She named the specimen “Squidward,” after a character in “Spongebob Squarepants.” “I’ve repeatedly told his Marine Biology class that this is an opportunity other students dream of,” Brown said.





s r




Friday, December 2, 2011

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Eye on business

The Hair Spa puts its customers’ comfort first She said it is so creative, “you can do anything.” Being her own boss is another aspect she enjoys. “Being in business for yourself gives you freedom to be able to do what you think will be successful,” and added that she likes to think that her clients feel comfortable at the business. Making her clients feel comfortable is important, she said, especially those trying on wigs. “No woman wants to lose their hair; so I try to reassure them that it’s not the worst part of what they are experiencing,” Longo


Every other week, the Plainville Observer will be heading out into the community to put a spotlight on local businesses to find out what makes them tick. The Hair Spa, KIDS CUTS and Wig Loft Owners: Lee Longo and Debra Dawson History Lee Longo’s sister Debra was a hairstylist and ran a salon in the 1980s. While Longo was a legal secretary, she would help out at the salon, keeping the books, until she decided to go to school to learn how to do hair. In 1980, The Hair Spa opened and now sits on Farmington Avenue in Plainville. After about seven years of being in business, The Hair Spa expanded and added the Wig Loft, offering up a variety of wigs, scarves, hats and turbans for women who are experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy. In 1996, a property next to The Hair Spa became available, and ultimately it turned into KIDS CUTS, a place just for children to get their hair done, which was the first hair salon in town just for kids at that time. Why The Hair Spa, KIDS CUTS and Wig Loft? Longo said most of the clients that frequent the business after hearing about it by word of mouth. For the Wig Loft, she said

Contact Address: 356-358 Farmington Ave., Route 10, Plainville Phone: (860) 747-4544

If you’re interested in being featured in Eye on Business, contact Kaitlyn Naples at knaples@ BristolObserver. com.


Lee Longo, seen here, and her sister Debra Dawson own The Hair Spa, KIDS CUTS and Wig Loft in Plainville, which offers up a variety of services for everybody. clients will hear about it from their doctors. She said for The Hair Spa and KIDS CUTS, many clients are repeats and come back for the experienced stylists and great service. The Wig Loft offers up a selection of wigs, as well as other hair pieces like hats, scarves and turbans, for women who are experiencing hair loss. Longo said women come in, once their hair is completely gone, and try on different wigs. “It is great that they can leave here looking like they had their hair done and aren’t wearing a wig,” Longo said. Longo said she takes

her time fitting every person who comes in for a wig, to make sure “they are as comfortable as possible.” She also, makes The Hair Spa and Wig Loft as comfortable as possible for her clients, and added that she has built relationships with many of them. She said the Wig Loft addresses needs with head pieces that have padded fronts, soft inner linings and sun guard protection. The turbans come in a variety of colors and styles and the scarves and wraps are “easy to wear.” The Wig Loft is on the second level of the building, and has a private area

for individuals to try wigs on. There is a $50 consultation fee, which is then deducted from the final purchase. What she loves about her job After having done hair for 30 years, Longo said it was something she never thought she would be interested in, but after helping her sister out she decided otherwise. “I like the change of things, and this business changes all the time,” Longo said. Also, the creativity that comes with styling someone’s hair, keeps things interesting.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Family Math Night at Wheeler Elementary School


On Nov. 16, ‘Math in OZ’ Family Math Night was held at Frank T. Wheeler Elementary School. The program, presented by Wheeler faculty members Marianne Hogan and Reggie McConachie, was based on an activity published in Teaching Children Mathematics. Wheeler students and families enjoyed Wizard

of Oz-themed activities immersed in mathematical experiences such as creating Emerald City outfits or where integers determine if a path led to the Witch’s Castle or Emerald City. The evening helped participants communicate about mathematical ideas, reasoning, and representations in problem solving.

Plainville students receive superintendent award Twelve Plainville students received the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents’ (CAPSS) Superintendent / Student Recognition Award and Certificate of Excellence at the 24th annual Superintendent’s Award Presentation held on Thursday, Nov. 10 during a luncheon at J. Timothy’s Restaurant. The students are: Mackenzie Dashukewich and Madeline Rund, Linden Street School; Kayla DiTolla

and Andrew Kane, Louis Toffolon School; Marcos Gutierrez and Rachel Parsons, Frank T. Wheeler School; Adrian Kulak and Dominika Woch, the Middle School of Plainville; and Tyler Clemens, Rebecka Mousch, Alexis Rodriguez and Devon Tyrrell, Plainville High School. This award is given during American Education Week to students who have been nominated by their teachers and chosen by their principal. Criteria for recognition of excellence

include community service and service to others, academic prowess relative to ability, leadership service to the school community, and other unique qualities. “We are proud to honor the exceptional accomplishments of these Plainville students. We join their families in celebrating their outstanding achievements,” said Superintendent of Schools, Jeffrey Kitching in a press release from Plainville schools.

Superintendent Jeffrey Kitching and Plainville students recognized at the 24th annual Superintendent's Award Presentation.

Politicians receive environmental scores By KAITLYN NAPLES STAFF WRITER

Recently, state legislators were scored based on how they vote, on environmental issues the state faces. The scores range from zero to 10 percent, and this year the scores were based on 12 issues that came up in the 2011 session. According to the Environmental Scorecard, which was issued by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, “Connecticut’s 2011 legislative session was one of the most unpredictable for environmental concerns in recent memory.” State Senator Jason Welch (R-31 Bristol, Plymouth, Plainville and Harwinton), scored 100 percent on the Environmental Scorecard. State Representative Betty

Boukus (D-22 Bristol, Plainville, New Britain) scored 64 percent. According to a release from the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, “While the number of lawmakers with perfect scores (38) remained in the same range as in recent years, 34 state lawmakers received failing grades this year-more than in 2008, 2009 and 2010 combined.” During the 2011 session, under the bonding category, $93 million went to fund the Clean Water Fund, $5 million annually is to go to new open space funding, $5 million was allocated for transit-ori-

ented development and $10 million was allocated for farmland preservation. Some of the “good bills” that passed dealt with reforming energy policy, creating a revolving fund for forestry and timber, creating a paint stewardship program and more. There are 12 bills listed, with the score on how each legislator voted on that particular issue. Of the 12, Boukus voted on seven and Welch voted on six. The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters was created in 1998 and “works with

Connecticut’s environmental advocates on laws that affect Connecticut’s air, water, wildlife, open space, transportation, energy choices, and health. CTLCV educates state legislators about these bills through Scorecard Alerts and urges them to cast a pro-environment vote.”

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Friday, December 2, 2011

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Stocking up pantry Before Thanksgiving, volunteers were busy restocking the shelves of the Plainville Community Food Pantry. At left, volunteer Jonathan Fernandez stocks the shelves with donations last Tuesday. At right, Rose Plourde sorts clothes donated to the pantry. Plourde hasbeen volunteering at the pantry for over 10 years. STACY MCCARTHY

Obituaries Mary Bartkiewicz, retired from Superior Electric

Robert Provost, former Town Council chair MELBOURE, Fla.— Robert Provost, 80, of Melbourne, Florida died on Tuesday, Nov. 15. He was raised in Plainville. He attended the University of Hartford and was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard. He worked at General Electric for 44 years. He served as chairman of Town Council and chairman of the Charter Revision Commission, as well as serving on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, and Inland Wetlands Commission. Upon moving

to Florida, he served as director and chairman of Devons Glen. He was a golfer who served as Provost H o u s e Chairman and was on the Board of Directors at Chippanee Golf Club in Bristol, Conn. He also served on the original Board of Directors at Baytree Golf Club in Florida. He is survived by his wife of 41 years, Josephine; his children, Robert, Cheryl,

Stephen, Robin, and Heather; his grandchildren, Julian, Austin, Sarah, Amy, Christian, Devon, and Leigh; his family members, Marie, Mel, Jennifer, Larry, Ted, Jackson, Sofie, Deborah, Jason, Kelly, and Zachary. He was predeceased by his parents, Nelson and Eva. A celebration of his life was held Bailey Funeral Home 48 Broad St., Plainville, on Tuesday, Nov. 22.

Mary (Ferro) Bartkiewicz, 91, widow of Walter A. Bartkiewicz, died Wednesday, Nov. 23 at the McLean Home in Simsbury. She was born May 10, 1920 in Bristol and was a daughter of the late Dominic and Mary (Nestico) Ferro. She was a Bristol resident all of her life, a member of St. Joseph Church, Bristol, and she retired from Superior Electric in 1985. She is survived by a son,

Patricia Chapdelaine, born in Bristol Patricia (Coneita) Chapdelaine, 49, died at Bristol Hospital, Oct. 20. She was born in Bristol, March 7, 1962, to David and the late Doris (Doty) Coneita. She was known as Giggles and had a love for animals and her cats.

She is survived by her husband of 20 years, Gary; a daughter, T o n i CunningChapdelaine ham of


Brooklyn, N.Y.; a son, Jamie Coneita of Bristol; a sister, Lisa Coneita and her daughter, Nichole Seeley of Waterbury; her parents, David and Gail Coneita of Bristol; her grandmother, Doris Ritocco of Bristol; and several aunts, an uncle; and


cousins. Since her passing, two lives have been saved because her organs were donated for transplant.

Walter A. Bartkiewicz, Jr. of Westbrook; two daughters, Nancy Klemonski of Farmington and Joan Sobota of Plainville; a sister Pauline Dubay of Chester, VA; five grandchildren; four great grandchildren; several nieces and nephews In addition to her husband and parents, she was predeceased by five brothers: James, Frank, Dominic, Tony and Joseph Ferro; and three sisters: Anna Massoti, Grace Coneita, and

Catherine Colapinto. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated on Monday, Nov. 28 at St. Joseph Church, Bristol. Burial followed at St. Joseph Cemetery, Bristol. Memorial donations may be made to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, 282 Washington Street, Hartford, CT 06106. w w w. F u n k F u n e r a l

Obituaries run free in The Plainville Observer. Email them to: Please indicate that you want to include the information into the Plainville Observer.

prayer on Wednesdays 7:00 pm PLAINVILLE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 860-747-2328 56 RED STONE HILL PLAINVILLE, CT 06062 CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOR 860-747-3109 115 WEST MAIN STREET PLAINVILLE, CT 06062 Sunday, 10:30 a.m., Holy Eucharist, Sunday School. Fellowship follows. Wednesday, noon, Holy Eucharist CHURCH OF THE BIBLE 860-747-1691 160 WEST MAIN STREET PLAINVILLE, CT 06062 CHURCH OF THE BIBLE DIAL A DEVOTION 860-747-8562 160 WEST MAIN STREET PLAINVILLE, CT 06062 NEW LIFE FELLOWSHIP 860-747-1166 ONE NORTHWEST DRIVE PLAINVILLE, CT 06062 Services on Sundays 10:30 a.m. Bible study &

SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH 860-747-5867 97 BROAD STREET PLAINVILLE, CT 06062. (860) 747-5867, CONGREGATION KOL-AMI 1484 HIGHLAND AVE., CHESHIRE • (203) 2721006. Services Friday at 7:30 p.m., Saturday at 10 a.m. GISHREI SHALOM 37 MAIN ST., SOUTHINGTON - 276-9113 GRACE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH 110 SOUTH RD., FARMINGTON. (860) 677-9338. Sunday, 10 a.m. Minister: Rev. Dr. Karen Roy. WORLD MIRACLE CENTER CHURCH Igleasia Centro de Milagro Mundial. Rev. Miguel Angel Nieves, 7 Race Ave., Plainville. (860) 777-8328. Services Sundays at 9 a.m. Servicio en Espanol-Domingos at 12 p.m


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Friday, December 2, 2011

Sports Our Athletes

Blue Devils lose ‘Olde Canal Cup’ to Indians By MICHAEL LETENDRE STAFF WRITER

PLAINVILLE – The Thanksgiving Day game between the Plainville and Farmington football teams has a special award that goes to the winner.

Football And in the first-ever “Olde Canal Cup” the award went to the Indians. Behind three rushing touchdowns by Farmington’s Ivan Guadalupe, the Indians won the first annual “Olde Canal Cup” off a hard fought 31-6 victory over the Blue Devils from Alumni Field in Plainville.

But, with all things considered, it was a bittersweet day for Farmington as the club ended the 2011 campaign with an outstanding 9-1 ledger – its best record in quite some time. However, the Indians fell 40 points shy in qualifying for the Class L tournament bracket despite having a better record than No. 8 ranked West Haven. West Haven lost twice this season but had 40 more points than Farmington did and earned the right to play Windsor. Ironically, Windsor is the only team Farmington lost to all season by a 35-14 score. On the other side, Plainville was looking to

FARMINGTON 31, PLAINVILLE 6 from Alumni Field, Plainville Farmington 7 10 14 0 — 31 Plainville 0 6 0 0— SCORING SUMMARY First Quarter F—Ivan Guadalupe 1 run (Steve Davids kick), 6:12 Second Quarter P—Danny Bates 8 pass from Tony Lopizzo (run failed), 5:11 F—Davids 30 field goal, 2:39 F—Mike English 15 pass from Brian Logan (Davids Kick), 1:03 Third Quarter F—Guadalupe 33 run (Davids kick), 7:15 F—Guadalupe 12 run (Davids kick), 2:46 Fourth Quarter No Scoring

score back-to-back winning campaigns but just missed out and finished the year with a still impressive 4-6 record in a tough CCC Division III field. Gaffes and mistakes killed Plainville on the day while Guadalupe rang up nearly 160 yards in offense

on the ground to go along with those three touchdown scores. Credit the Plainville defense with stopping Farmington quarterback Brian Logan who was held under his passing average and made only eight connections for just over 70

yards on the day. Even though the Blue Devils trailed 17-6 at the half, Plainville was still in the game but two additional scores by the elusive Guadalupe proved to be the ultimate dagger. Midway through the first period, Guadalupe ran in a one yard touchdown as the Indians led 7-0. Fast forward to the middle of the second frame and Plainville QB Tony Lopizzo found Danny Bates for an eight yard reception in the end zone as the Blue Devils cut the deficit to 7-6 with just a little over 5:00 remaining in the half. Farmington added two additional scores as kicker Steve Davids smashed in a

30-yard field goal and Logan found Mike English for a 15 yard touchdown catch as the visitors grabbed a 17-6 push at intermission. Plainville just couldn’t get its offense moving in the second half and behind a 33 and 12 yard rushing touchdown for Guadalupe, Farmington zipped up a 316 cushion with 2:46 left in the third period. Neither team would score again as the Indians took a 31-6 victory as the final horned sounded the end of the season for both squads. Comments? Email mletendre@BristolObser ver. com.

Blue Devils’ romp through states thwarted by Suffield By MICHAEL LETENDRE STAFF WRITER

MIDDLETOWN – The Plainville boys soccer team’s run into the Class M tournament finally came to a halt on Friday, Nov. 18.

Boys soccer The No. 7 ranked team gave No. 3 Suffield all it could handle for 40 minutes but in the end, the Wildcats pulled out the victory. The Blue Devils ended its 2011 campaign with a tough 2-0 loss to Suffield in a semifinal round showdown from Middletown high school. With the win, the Wildcats went to the state title game (18-1) while Plainville (14-3-3) ended one of its best soccer seasons in recent memory. Plainville’s speed has been an asset that ran past most teams all season long

and Daquan King and Allen Mehmedovic were a big part of that advantage. But Suffield’s overall team speed matched the Blue Devils tit-for-tat and turned the tables on Plainville to get on the scoreboard twice. It was a physical game and the Wildcats patiently went after Plainville, stuffed all offenders when they came in the Suffield box while its defensive unit of Shane Keney, Stephen Silva, Dalton Peck and Matt Guminiak gave the Blue Devils plenty of trouble on the evening. Within the first fifteen minutes of the game, Suffield scored its first goal of the game. Suffield attacked the Plainville goal box and had a numbers advantage as the goal area was loaded and had the Plainville defenders on its heels. Dalton Peck made a

SUFFIELD 2, PLAINVILLE 0 from Middletown High School Suffield 20–2 Plainville 00–0 Scoring: 1. Sean Sullivan (Dalton Peck), Suffield, 14.25; 2. Colton Grob, Suffield, 28:06. Halftime: Suffield was leading 2-0. Shots: Suffield 24, Plainville 6. Saves: Plainville, Alex Bawol, 8; Suffield, Eric Johnson, 2. Corner Kicks: Plainville 4; Suffield 4. Records: Plainville 14-3-3; Suffield 18-1.

quick pass to Shawn Sullivan and smashed the ball past Plainville goalie Alex Bawol as Suffield went up 1-0 with 25:35 left to go in the first half. Suffield’s defense did a solid job crowding King and Mehmedovic but with about 18:30 left in the half, there was action in the Suffield box. Plainville’s Shane Pugliese was going after the ball in the box on the right side and was apparently pushed from behind but no call was made as the ball went out of bounds and Suffield received a goal kick. That’s how most of the night went for the Blue

Devils as all the breaks totally went to the other squad. With about 12:30 left in the first, Pugliese was called for a foul and issued a controversial yellow card, forcing the sophomore out of the game and giving the Wildcats a direct kick near midfield which eventually put the second goal of the night into motion. The Plainville goal box was loaded once again and off a miss by the Wildcats, Suffield had another crack at it. Off a miss from the left side, Colton Grob was hanging around the Plainville goal, sucked in the miss and nailed the rebound right

though the net as the Wildcats snatched up a 2-0 push with 11:54 left in the stanza. At the intermission buzzer, a Suffield shot almost sailed in from near midfield but a blazing save by Bawol kept things at 2-0. In the second half, the Blue Devils showed much better and the defensive unit of Andrew Rottier, Quentin Lux and Admir Kandic kept Suffield out of its end and from getting a clean look at the goal but Plainville found that one momentum goal that could have put a little pressure on the Wildcats elusive. King had a 1-on-3 breakaway early in the second frame but could not find pay dirt as the Suffield defense suffocated the senior forward and the game remained a 2-0 affair. The teams went back and forth but with 22:31 left in the game, King took

another stab at it. Mehmedovic put a good cross over to King but Johnson came out of the goal to snuff out the possible shot. Three minutes later, King found Pugliese open but the sophomore missed to the left but Plainville’s offense was showing much better in the second half. Both teams went back and forth for the rest of the game but Plainville could not get on the board and eventually fell 2-0 in a hard fought loss. NOTES…Bawol made eight saves for the Blue Devils while Eric Johnson had two saves off six Plainville shots…Suffield rang up 24 shots at the Blue Devils’ goal…The match was the final for Plainville seniors Admir Kandic, Nate Chandler, Marek Narewski, Patrick Yung, King and Mehmedovic.

Many factors went into success of Blue Devils By MICHAEL LETENDRE STAFF WRITER

MIDDLETOWN – When looking back at the 2011 campaign for the Plainville boys soccer team, you can see so many different elements made the year a successful one. And that senior crew of Admir Kandic, Patrick Yung, Nate Chandler, Marek Narewski, Allen

Mehmedovic and all-time Plainville leading goal scorer Daquan King has left a lengthy legacy of success that school has rarely ever seen or been a part of on the boys soccer front. Put together the last two seasons and it was a time of prosperity for the Blue Devils indeed. The records, in this case, truly speaks for them-

Boys soccer selves. Over the last two campaigns, Plainville had overall records of 14-3-1 in 2010 while compiling a 14-3-3 ledger this past season. Add it up and it gives Plainville an outstanding 28-6-4 ledger over the past two seasons.

That’s the best record of any team from the CCC South and it rates up there with the best the entire CCC has had to offer during that same frame. In its move to the CCC South in 2009, the Blue Devils carry an overall record of 36-13-5 since leaving the defunct Northwest Conference in three seasons of league play.

Breaking down the CCC South numbers, Plainville is an outstanding 31-6-5 since its move from the NWC and that’s the second best standard in the South only to Bristol Eastern who is 34-35 during that same stretch. But over the past two years, there hasn’t been a better ledger in the CCC South than the Blue Devils have put together.

Plainville has only lost one of its 28 games over the past two campaigns in CCC South action while carrying an unbelievable record of 23-1-4. During that same stretch, the Lancers are only 21-3-4, two games behind the Plainville standard. It’s a credit to that sen-

See SEASON, page 9

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Step Saver/ The Observer

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Just as the New England Patriots are making its run to another division championship, a former Plainville graduate is making a little noise on the field. Niko Koutouvides has been making all the big plays for the New England Patriots in the defense end of things and the more he plays, the more he has the attention of the New England coaching staff. And it kind of helps that the Patriots have certainly found a winning formula as of late and that includes an ever improving defensive

approach. Here’s how Niko and the Pats fared against and up and down Kansas City Chiefs aggression from Monday Night Football on November 21: Regular Season – Game 10, New England vs. Kansas City Chiefs Location: Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts Final Score: New England Patriots 34, Kansas City Chiefs 3; With the victory, the Pats moved to 7-3 overall and are a sparkling 4-1 at Foxboro this season while the Chiefs fell to 4-6 overall and 2-3 on the road.

Niko Koutouvides Game statistics: Koutouvides made two big tackles in the contest and

seemed to be everywhere on the gridiron. Season numbers: Overall, Niko has three tackles in 2011 since being resigned by New England. Two of those three tackles are of the solo variety and has one assist on the campaign. Additional News and Notes: When Julian Edelman made his punt return for a touchdown, guess who was there to slam in a block? Yup, it was that Niko guy from Plainville. And it was Koutouvides, making multiple tackles, getting into

plays and – hopefully – who has found a home here with New England. In two games, playing on special teams, now has three tackles and has proven that he belongs on the big stage. With that kind of inspired play, people around the organization are forgetting about that bad signing of Albert Haynesworth (Albert who???). And, with all the injuries the New England defense has been sustaining, you never know when the experienced Niko will be called upon for a little

added defensive punch. It’s an absolute pleasure to get to see one of Plainville high school’s best get a chance to play locally for, perhaps, a possible Super Bowl contender. But for now, it’s one week at a time for the tough Koutouvides. This Weekend: On Sunday, Dec. 4, the Patriots are back in action from Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts as the hapless Indianapolis Colts come to town. The game starts at 1 p.m. and will be carried by CBS.

Season: High octane offense leads way From page 8 ior core – the heart of it being the amazing combo of King and Mehmedovic – that has brought the Blue Devils into uncharted waters and a berth in the 2011 Class M semifinal against a very tough and strong Suffield squad. And that high octane offense this season – which included King, Mehmedovic and sophomore Shane Pugliese – has seen Plainville score four or more goals in eight contests.

In 2010, the Blue Devils netted four or more goals in only four games – three coming during a consecutive stretch from Sept. 27 to Oct. 7. But this season, King, Mehmedovic and Pugliese were capable of scoring a hat-trick in any game they played in and scoring multiple goals wasn’t anything new for the crafty trio. This year’s squad score four or more goals in eight of its 20 games. And during both the

2010 and 2011 state tournament runs, Plainville hosed down some pretty mighty competition. On Nov. 9, 2010, the Blue Devils dispatched Naugatuck Valley League foe Ansonia 2-0 before falling two short days later to Ellington 2-1 to end its campaign. One year later, Plainville made an even deeper push into the playoffs. In round one on Nov. 11, Plainville smashed

Griswold 4-0 and one game later, the Devils got the best of Watertown from the NVL by a 2-1 final. No. 2 ranked Windham Tech was a big challenge but in the end, Plainville won in overtime 4-3 and in the semis, the Blue Devils’ season ended in a 2-0 defeat to No. 3 ranked Suffield in a very competitive game. Opponents had trouble with Plainville’s speed as King and Mehmedovic knew how to score goals quickly and did a great job

of knowing where and how to anticipate the ball while finding the back of the net on several occasions. But to be as successful as Plainville has been over the years, you need a world class coaching staff. That’s where head coach Tim Brown and assistant Mike Bowling comes into play. The duo has brought the Plainville “football” team to new heights of success and, frankly, has turned the soccer program around

in five short seasons. And just like the Plainville football team has done over the last couple years or so, the Blue Devils soccer squad is a team that has to be contended with on a nightly basis. In 2012, that should stay the same even as a special senior class from this past campaign has moved on. It won’t be easy but Plainville has the tools to make it happen.

Mr. Baldwin, NHL hockey is never coming back to Hartford, Connecticut By MICHAEL LETENDRE STAFF WRITER

Here we go again, ladies and gentlemen. Friends, I hate talking about it but why are we mentioning “National Hockey League” and “Hartford” in the same sentence again? Check that, why did Howard Baldwin – Mr. Hartford Whalers himself – unveil a plan about bringing a team back to Connecticut’s falling star just a couple weeks ago? The Hartford Courant was the first report about the NHL returning to Hartford sometime around 2017. Here’s my first question: What are you thinking, Mr. Baldwin? This guy is out of his mind!

Commentary This guy thinks we’re going to “hand over” $100 million in tax dollars to get this thing off the ground. Folks, where are we going to get $105 million dollars to renovate the Hartford Civic Center (or whatever it’s called) that’s needed for renovations? Forget it. And, Billy Baldwin, did you seriously expect 17,000 to 18,000 fans to show up for EVERY Hartford hockey game when towards the end of the Whalers “great run” (oh, please), the Civic Center wasn’t even close to capacity? But I have a serious question: Billy Baldwin, how much are you going to shell





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out for this team? Better turn in your can and bottle money over right now to start another franchise in Hartford, Billy. And in case no one notices by now, no one goes to the “Whale” games as it is. Maybe if 9,000-10,000 shows up for minor hockey in Hartford like other teams like the franchises in, say, Manchester, New Hampshire have, you have a great jumping off point. But boy, this whole project is just so far-fetched and everything has to go right for this project to get a

green light. A new arena would be nice for our state but just to house a hockey team? Trust me, UConn will still house half of its games in Hartford but they aren’t leaving Gampel. And Hartford isn’t exactly the “fun” capital of the world. In this economy, come on Billy Baldwin, it’s not going to happen. People point out Winnipeg and say “They got back NHL hockey and look at what they’ve done…” We aren’t Winnipeg

and hockey doesn’t rule like it does up there in those parts where they can sell out every night. In Canada, hockey is king…In Hartford, hockey is the past. Now, would I personally like an updated Hartford Civic Center, XL Center or whatever? Sure, an improved facility would attract all sorts of events such as arena football, dog shows, Sesame Street on Ice…you know, all the “fun” stuff. Billy Baldwin needs to forget the Hartford Whalers…

Billy Baldwin needs to understand Hartford will NEVER be anything but a small market venue. Now is not the time, now it’s not the place. And if you upgrade the Civic Center, what else must be upgraded? Hartford is a small market city, like it or not. Billy Baldwin, the Whalers time is up…and so is yours and your dream of the NHL in Hartford is over. We aren’t Boston…we aren’t New York. Enough is enough!


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Friday, December 2, 2011

Good Times Our Night on the Town

‘The Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan takes the stage of The Bushnell in Hartford on Sunday.

Taking his ‘dog whisper’ to the stage By MIKE CHAIKEN EDITIONS EDITOR

Animal behavior specialist Cesar Millan is typically found at home on the National Geographic Channel on his show “The Dog Whisperer” or the New York Times’ best sellers’ list for his books, such as “Cesar’s Way,” “Be the Pack Leader,” and “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan: The Ultimate Episode Guide.” But Connecticut will get a unique experience this week when Millan takes the stage at The Bushnell in Hartford on Sunday, Dec. 4. The Observer caught up with Millan via email while he was traveling Australia before he arrives in Connecticut. Observer: First of all, what can fans expect at this event at The Bushnell? What kinds of things will you do on stage? Cesar: The live shows are a chance for everyone to see in action all the philosophies I talk about

on the show. It is one thing to see on TV but another to watch it in person. I focus on instincts and how we have lost touch with our instinct. To do this, we look at energy and how your energy impacts your dog’s energy. I teach how to read your dogs’ energy and recognize your own, identifying what you are projecting emotionally and through body language. You can also expect to hear about some everyday behavioral problems, why they happen and how you can resolve them O: What do you like about the opportunity to meet fans face to face in different cities across the country? C: The energy is felt instantly. I feel so lucky and grateful to be able to visit places in the world where people are passionate about their dogs and living fulfilling lives. They want to know about dog psychology and dog training. But more than anything, they want to have balanced dogs and lives,

even if it’s a subconscious desire that they can’t quite put into words. The people are so kind everywhere we go and I am always humbled by the outpouring of support. O: What are the most common topics people ask about when you meet them? C: I hear everything from barking and chewing to red-zone aggressive behavior. But almost every dog behavior problem comes down to one thing: the human. Before I deal with the dog in any case, I have to analyze the human first and find out how they are feeling, what their energy is like, and how they are responding (or not responding) to the problem. O: What are probably the biggest misconceptions about dogs that owners have? C: People tend to humanize dogs and don’t understand their psychology as pack animals. Dogs have found themselves in an odd predicament by living with humans. In the

wild, dogs don’t need humans to achieve balance. They have a pack leader, work for food, and travel with the pack. When we bring them into our world, we need to help them achieve balance by fulfilling their needs as nature intended them to be. This takes exercise and discipline before affection, and always maintaining your calm, assertive pack leadership. O: For you, personally, what do you like about dogs that for you make them great pets? What’s your favorite breed and why? C: I have learned so much from dogs. The most incredible thing about dogs is that they teach you to live in the present. Dogs don’t harbor resentment or hold on to past trauma. They live in the moment and move on. This is such an important lesson. Dogs have also taught me about forgiveness, about being “one” with the universe, and about being humble. Dogs don’t know fame or status or wealth – they just know who is their leader,

who they follow, and what needs they have instinctually. And they love unconditionally. That is the true beauty. Although I have had several pit bulls it is not the breed, but the energy of the individual dog that is important. O: Most people don’t set out to be a “Dog Whisperer.” What experiences helped bring you to this particular path? C: I grew up on a farm in Culiacan, Mexico where there were many dogs. I got to observe their behavior with my grandfather and with each other, both on the farm and in the city. Interest and observation over time is how I developed most of my philosophies. But I first recognized that natural “way” with dogs while working in a canine grooming salon in San Diego. I was the only one there who was able to work with even the most unruly dogs, and I was able to win their trust, loyalty, and respect. That’s when I started to see that quality in myself. I have

read many books on the subject since then, because I believe it is important to be as educated about your passion as you can be. I listen to every perspective and point of view; every system of belief about dog behavior can have something important to contribute. My grandfather was my true mentor. He taught me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned, and still rely on to this day: Never work against Mother Nature; always work WITH her. Cesar Millan is coming to Mortensen Hall in The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts, 166 Capitol Ave., Hartford on Sunday, Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $35.75 or $45.75 and are available at or by calling (860)987-5900, or at The Bushnell Box Office. A limited number of VIP tickets ($75) will be available which includes a postshow meet and greet with Cesar. For more information, please visit

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Step Saver/ The Observer


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Elementary, my dear Watson: Sherlock Holmes takes over Twain museum

Kellie Lambert McGuire Observing The Arts Connecticut’s William Gillette was known primarily for one role: Sherlock Holmes. The Hartford actor traveled around the world performing in the role, before returning home to the state and creating one of the state’s major tourist attractions, Gillette Castle. The Mark Twain House & Museum will tell the tale of this native talent in the one-act play “Sherlock Holmes: From Page to Stage,” at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 8 and Dec. 9. The play, presented by the East Haddam

Stage Company, is presented by the museum and the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center. The play follows Gillette from his beginnings in Hartford, to San Francisco, New York and London as he plays and writes Victorian comedies. A fateful meeting with author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle allows Gillette to bring the fictional supersleuth Sherlock Holmes to the stage. The play is written and directed by Artistic Director Kandie Carle and features Jay Selavka of Meriden , Michael Vernon Davis of Niantic, George Lombardo of Wethersfield and Rayah Martin of Hartford . All tickets are $20. To purchase tickets, call (860) 280-3130. TWEEN STARS: Big Time Rush, the band which stars in the Nickelodeon television show of the same name, will be at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Ledyard on March 1. Tickets are $30, $40 and $50 and are on sale now. The band will use the hiatus from its television show to bring its “Better


The musical ‘Rock of Ages’ comes to the Shubert in New Haven Dec. 9 to 11. With U” tour to fans. The tour is in support of the group’s new album, “Elevate.” The album is the follow-up to the band’s 2010 debut, the gold-certified “BTR.” Big Time Rush, which includes musicians Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson, has sold more than three million digital tracks worldwide. “Big Time Rush,” the television show, follows four best friends from Minnesota who trade in their hockey sticks for music superstardom in Los Angeles. The hit series aver-

ages 4.1 million viewers per episodes, and is now in its second season. Opening act for the tour will be One Direction, a British group, best known for its debut single “What Makes You Beautiful.” For tickets, call (800) 745-3000 or visit For more information on the tour, including opportunities for meet-and-greets and more, visit ROCK MUSICAL: Broadway musical “Rock of Ages” will bring a host of hit songs to the stage at the Shubert Theatre in New Haven from Dec. 9 to Dec.

The musical’s story is set in 1987 on the Sunset Strip, when a small-town girl meets a big-city dreaming and they fall in love in a legendary L.A. Rock club. There are 28 classic rock tunes in the production, including “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “We Built This City,” “The Final Countdown,” “Wanted Dead or Alive,” “Here I Go Again,” “Harden My Heart,” “Can’t Fight this Feeling,” “Renegade” and “I Want To Know What Love Is.” Performances will be from Dec. 9 to 11, with five shows: 8 p.m. Friday, 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday and 2 and 7 p.m. Sunday. Tickets range from $15 to $75 and are available at, by phone at (800) 228-6622 or at the Shubert box office at 247 College St. in New Haven. MORE SHUBERT SHOWS: The Shubert has a bunch of shows perfect for the holiday season. The holiday classic “A Christmas Carol” will be at the Shubert this weekend, with performances at 7:30

p.m. today, 2 and 7 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. This musical adaptation features Christmas carols the whole family will enjoy. New Haven Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” will be Dec. 16 to 18, featuring students from the New Haven Ballet and principal dancers from the Boston Ballet. Showtimes are 7 p.m. Friday, 1 and 5:30 p.m. Saturday and 1 p.m. Sunday. Just in time for the New Year holiday, “The Wizard of Oz” will bring the yellow brick road to the venue from Dec. 29 to Jan. 1. Performances at 7:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday, 2 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. For tickets or more information to any of the above shows, visit the Shubert Theater and Box Office at 247 College St., New Haven, call (800) 2286622 or visit Send arts and entertainment news and listings, including information on local musicians, artists, theater, film, books and more, to

Music listings FRIDAY, DEC. 2 OTHER CHILDSPLAY. 18 musical virtuousos playing sound that mixes folk, Irish, traditional and bluegrass fiddle with classical and jazz violin. 8 p.m., Garde Arts Center, 325 State St., New London.

rock and roll. Bleachers, 300 Middle St., Bristol. (860)55-TICKETS.


THE ROBERT CRAY BAND. 8 p.m. The Garde Arts Center, 325 State St., New London. $32., 1-860444-7373, ext. 1.

AMANDA KALETSKY, Lion of Ido, Sam Allesandrine, Karolina Kaczmarczyk. 7 p.m. The Outer Space, 295 Treadwell St., Hamden. $10.

JAMES BLUNT. MGM Grand at Foxwoods, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket., (866) 6460609.

SLEEPING GIANT. 10 p.m., The Outer Space, 295 Treadwell St., Hamden. $5.

COVER STORY. Illusions Dance Club, 1639 Wolcott Rd., Wolcott.

BROTHER JOSCEPHUS AND THE LOVE REVIVAL ORCHESTRA. 8 p.m. Bridge Street Live, 41 Bridge St., Collinsville.

BURN LEXINGTON, In Amber Skies, Set Sail for Disaster, Believing in Giants. 6 p.m. Webster Underground, Hartford.

DJ WALT DANCE PARTY. Illusions Dance Club, 1639 Wolcott Rd., Wolcott.

LAMONT HIEBERT, Ula Ruth. 8 p.m. The Outer Space, 295 Treadwell St., Hamden. $10. SUN BEARS, Modern Merchant. 11 p.m. The Space, 295 Treadwell St., Hamden. $10. A WILL AWAY. Logan’s Run, Thank Me Later, Nothing2Simple, Henry Sidel. 7 p.m., The Outer Space, 295

THE AMPLES. Celtic Rock Band. Christys on Orange, 261 Orange St., New Haven.

Mentalist Marc Salem performs at a benefit for Chabad Lubavitch at Coco Key Resort and Convention Center in Waterbury on Sunday. Treadwell St., Hamden. $10.


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SUNDAY, DEC. 4 OTHER GREG BROWN. Bridge Street Live, 41 Bridge St., Collinsville. COLLIN WADE QUARTET. 6 p.m. The Outer Space, 295 Treadwell St., Hamden. KATHRYN CALDER,

HONKY TONK TUESDAYS. Featuring Wry Bred. 7:30 p.m. The Outer Space, 295 Treadwell St., Hamden. Free.

WEDNESDAY, DEC. 7 OTHER OPEN MIC NIGHT. Featuring Laura Ganci. The Outer Space, 295 Treadwell St., Hamden. $3. ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, The Icarus Account, Mechancial Kids, Safe Bet Secret, Letters from Home, Evan Russell Saffer. 7 p.m., The Space, 295 Treadwell St., Hamden. $10.






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Tasty Bites

Spice Bar and Grill

Photos and text by Stacey McCarthy

Hot sausage and broccoli rabe burger at Spice Bar and Grill.

Fried gator bites at Spice Bar and Grill. Each week, The Observer hits up the local restaurant scene, offering you an inside look at the culinary delights in central Connecticut.

The Basics Spice Bar and Grill Open Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. The kitchen is open on Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. and on Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Dine-in and take-out. 16 Eden Ave., Southington Phone: (860)628-0874 Fax: 860-628-0875

The Buzz Spice Bar and Grill recently opened their doors with a focus on a friendly, knowledgeable staff that will help customers pair a specialty drink or beer with their meal. On Dec. 2, Spice Bar and Grill will host their first band. Primo, a local band that plays: classic rocks, blues, and funk will play in the bar area from 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

The Scene Spice Bar and Grill has two separate eating

Friday, December 2, 2011

areas. The large dining room is softly lit with green, brown, and black throughout. The earth toned color palette continues into the bar area where there is plenty of additional seating at the pub style tables or the bar itself.

In Your Glass Spice Bar and Grill has a handpicked selection of beer and spirits. The draft beers include imports such as Kilkenny (Irish cream ale made by Guinness), Stella Artois (Belgium), and Peroni (Italy.) They also have a selection from local brew-

eries in Hartford (City Steam), East Harford (Ten Penny Ale), and Bloomfield (Thomas Hooker.) The bar is stocked with specialty spirits such as Maker 46 Bourbon, Black Lab Vodka, and Hanger One Vodka.

On Your Plate Spice Bar and Grill has good selection of items on their menu. They carry traditional dishes like oven roasted chicken, burgers, steak, seafood, and pasta as well as more exotic items such as fried gator bites and Buffalo burgers.

Your Wallet Appetizers start at $1.50 for a slice of hand cut, thick sliced bacon served with a house made steak sauce and go up to $12 for fried gator bites (lightly battered and fried alligator bites served with two house-made sauces.) The burgers range from $7.95 for an Apple Maple Turkey Burger to $12 for a Buffalo burger. All burgers are served with a choice of fries or chips and can be customized with any of the following choices at no additional charge: lettuce, tomato, sautéed or raw onions, roasted peppers, mush-

rooms, bacon, provolone, cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, guacamole, or salsa. Entrees start at $9.95 for Jenn’s Homemade Tomato Sauce (rich tomato sauce with rigatoni, meatballs, grated parmesan cheese, and garlic bread) and go up to $24.95 for a black angus filet mignon served with rice pilaf and steamed vegetables. All entrees include a tossed salad and bread.

If you’re interested in being featured in a future “Tasty Bites,” email mchaiken@BristolObserver .com.


Live Bands N OO M B LU E 1169 Meriden-Wtby Tpk RTE 322 • Exit 28 off I84 PLANTSVILLE



2 Domesticc Drafts



860-863-5963 Pub Menu



6:30--10 PM




EASY AS 1, 2, 3

MON. TUES & WED 8pm-Close $3 entry fee gets you $1 games and $2 shoe rental.

SPARE TIME FAMILY FUN CENTER 177 Farmington Ave Bristol • 860-583-1669

Go To:

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Step Saver/ The Observer


To advertise, call (860) 628-9645

Miscellaneous listings FRIDAY, DEC. 2 OTHER JUAN WILLIAMS. 7:30 p.m. Mark Twain Museum Center, 351 Farmington Ave., Hartford. $30. (860) 247-0998. SINGLES HAPPY HOUR. 5 p.m. Sponsored by Social Connections. Butterfly Restaurant in West Hartford. Members free. Guests $5. (860) 582-8229.

BRISTOL LITTLE MISS AND JUNIOR MISS FORESTVILLE PAGEANT. Chippens Hill Middle School, Peacedale Street, Bristol.

SATURDAY, DEC. 3 BRISTOL FUND RAISING PARTY FOR KEVIN MENDEZ. 5 to 9 p.m.Teen with epidermolysis bullosa, which makes his skin blister and open with painful lesions all over his body. Needs a hydraulic tub, which costs nearly $6,000. “Take Two” DJs. Pasta dinner. Prizes from area merchants. $15 at the door. Children 10 and under free. FrancoAmerican Hall, 40 Barlow St., Bristol.

CHARLEMAGNE CARD PARTY-DINNER-DANCE 2011. 1 p.m. Cards, followed by dinner followed by The Norm Flash and Starfires. French Model Council Club, 1375 New Britain. (860) 223-9306.

WEDNESDAY, DEC. 7 PLAINVILLE HOLIDAY COOKIE SWAP AND GOURMET BAKING DEMONSTRATION. Offered by Plainville Adult Education. Pre-register and fees. (860) 793-3209.

THURSDAY, DEC. 8 BRISTOL BRISTOL ELKS FAMILY NIGHT DINNER. 5 to 6:30 p.m. (second and fourth Thursday of each month). Baked ham or fish of the day. (Call (860) 583-3350 for the fish.) Also includes soup or salad, potato, veggie, bread and butter coffee or tea and dessert. $10.

FRIDAY, DEC. 9 BRISTOL THE BENEFIT SENSATIONAL: A Benefit in Honor of Jeffrey Dziob. 6 to 9 p.m. Ingraham House, Summer Street., Bristol. $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Raffles. (860) 770-0864,

OTHER LIQUID LOUNGE MERRY MAKING. 6 to 10 p.m. Live music, live science, liquid delights. Connecticut Science Center, downtown Hartford. $15.

ST. STANISLAUS TRAVELERS TRIPS. Blithewold Mansion at Christmas and LaSalette Festival of Lights in North Attleboro, Mass. $73 per person. Reservations. (860) 589-5597.



BRISTOL EASTERN PROJECT GRAD 2012 FUND RAISER. 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Bowling, raffles. Spare Time Bowling, Farmington Avenue, Bristol. $15 includes shoes and two hours of boling. Tickets at the door. (860) 582-5001.

BUS TRIP TO NEW YORK. Sponsored by Plainville Recreation Department. Limited tickets. Leaves Municipal Center at 8 a.m. and leaves New York at 7 p.m. Bus will stop at Rockefeller Center, Macy’s, South Street Sea Port, where participants can pursue their own interests. (860) 747-6022. Pay at Recreation Office, 50


Whiting St., Plainville.

TUESDAY, DEC. 13 PLAINVILLE BUSINESS WRITING: PERFECTING LETTER WRITING SKILLS USING COMPUTERS. Offered by Plainville Adult Education. Pre-register and fees. (860) 793-3209.

THURSDAY, DEC. 15 PLAINVILLE TATTOO ARTISTRY. Offered by Plainville Adult Education. Preregister and fees. (860) 7933209.

JAN 17-MARCH 22 BRISTOL ADULT VOLLEYBALL. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9 p.m. Two or three nets. Teams formed each night. $25 per session. Chippens Hill Middle School, Bristol. Register at Parks and Recreation Department, Bristol City Hall. Registration proof must be presented prior to participation.

JUNE 22-30, 2012 BRISTOL TRIP TO MONTREAL, QUEBEC and New England Cruise. Held by St. Stanislaus Travelers. Nine days/ eight nights. One

night in Montreal includes dinner, and guided tour. Seven night cruise. (860) 589-5597.


PLAINVILLE AMERICAN LEGION POST 53. SAL Recruitment Drive. Restrictions apply. Call Jason (860) 5185130.


OTHER BINGO. Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. Bingo starts at 6:50 p.m. Franco American War Veterans’ Place at 209 Smally Street, New Britain. (860) 223-9610, (860) 620-2735.

Performance listings DEC. 2 to 4 OTHER ‘A CHRISTMAS CAROL.’ Friday at 7:30 p.m., Saturday 2 and 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Shubert, 247 College St., New Haven. $15 to $42., 1-800-228-6622.

DEC. 2 thru DEC. 18 OTHER ‘COMPANY.’ Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Stephen Sondheim musical, Playhouse on Park, 244 Park Rd., West Hartford. $22.50 to $32.50.

SATURDAY, DEC. 3 BRISTOL 8TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY SHOWCASE OF STARS. “Lights, Camera… Christmas!” 7 p.m. Benefit for St. Anthony School. Area’s best musical talents. St.

Paul High School auditorium, 1001 Stafford Ave., Bristol. Adults $12, children under 12, $5. Deb at (860) 585-6039, Joanne at (860) 585-6748, Joan at (860) 589-5692.

OTHER DRUMLINE LIVE. 8 p.m. Percussion, brass, and choreography. The Bushnell, 166 Capitol Ave., Hartford. Tickets start at $15., (860) 9875900. FARMINGTON VALLEY CHORUS OF SWEET ADELINES INTERNATIONAL. 7 p.m. “Kiss My Grits!” Featuring Trinity Pipes, The Lewis Mills School Concert Choir, and Da Capo. Lewis Mills High School, 26 Lyon Rd., Burlington. $15 for adults, $10 for seniors/ students, and $7 for senior groups of 10 or more. (860) 675-7715, (860) 621-6151.

SUNDAY, DEC. 4 OTHER PERFORMANCE, DINNER AND SILENT AUCTION. 4 p.m. For Chabad Lubavitch. Featuring Marc Salem, a world-famous mentalist. Coco Key Resort and Convention Center, 3580 East Main St., Waterbury., 1-800-297-6864,

SUNDAY, DEC. 4 OTHER CESAR MILLAN. “The Dog Whisperer.” 7 p.m. The Bushnell, 166 Capitol Ave., Hartford. $35.75, $45.75., 1860-987-5900.

DEC. 8, 9 OTHER YANNIS PAPPAS. Thursday and Friday at 8 p.m. Comix at Foxwoods, Foxwoods.

Selected home offerings from: Southington, Bristol, Plainville

Hot Properties 278 Pilgrim Road Southington, CT

Price: $327,900 Agency: Putnam Agency, Southington Contact: Sherry Davenport at 860-628-5691 Ext. 3012 Features: Impeccable three bedroom, Putnam built Ranch located


on the East End, home completely remodeled & updated, kitchen with granite, appliances and flooring, living room with gas fireplace, formal dining room, master bedroom with full bath, walk in closet, crown molding, newer Pella windows, bright lower level with playroom.



Senior & Veteran Discounts •RESIDENTIAL •COMMERCIAL •INDUSTRIAL •Spray •Brush •Roll

860•582•3936 25 Years Experience


Keeping Families Warm since 1931

7 Hearthstone Lane, Farmington HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE 347 Riverside Avenue Bristol, CT 06010

Power Equipment, LLC 275 Terryville Road Bristol, CT 06010


(860) 583-9222

• Small Engine Repair & Maintenance • Servicing Most Makes & Models • Lawn Tractors and Mowers • Tillers and Trimmers • Leaf Blowers Fully Insured Pick-up and Delivery Available

188 Simpkins Drive Bristol, CT

When: DECEMBER 4th from 2:00-4:00pm Price: $289,900 Where: 7 Hearthstone Lane, Farmington Agency: Country Manor Realty Chimney Hill Estates of Farmington Contact: Karen at 860-589-2100 Ext 103 RSVP: Nancy at (860) 747-9583 or Features: DRASTICALLY REDUCED, BUILDER SAYS SELL!!! This beautiful new quality constructed Colonial boasting nice open flr plan w/eat-in kitchen, granite counters & maple cabinets Get Tips on Decorating the Holiday Table with opening to great room w/gas FP & vaulted ceiling, FDR, front Hamilton Home Interiors! Enjoy Special porch, 2nd flr laundry rm, 3 BRS, 2.5 baths, balcony overlooking great room, walk-out bsemnt for future expansion, 2 car garage Desserts & Beverages! Let’s Toast to the Holiday all on private lot on cul de sac. A must see home at Season with Friends and Family. a great price. Will also consider Rent or Rent to Brought to you by: Directions: Off Rte6, Just West of Own for $1,800 a month.Offered exclusively by Birdseye Rd. Bring an Unwrapped Toy for the Toys for Tots Campaign. Thank You.

Country Manor Realty.

213 Spring St., Southington, CT

To feature a home in Hot Properties, call our Advertising Dept., 860-628-9645 • •



The Step Saver/ The Observer

To advertise, call (860) 628-9645

Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday listings FRIDAY DEC. 2 SOUTHINGTON HOLIDAY AUCTION. 7 p.m. at First Congregational Church, 37 Main St., Southington. Doors at 6 p.m. Various holiday items and gift certificates to be auctioned off.

BRISTOL THE LIGHTING OF THE GAZEBO AND CAROL SING. Sponsored by the Bristol Federal Hill Association. 5 p.m. After, carolers will proceed to The Pines nursing home to sing carols for residents. Federal Hill Green, Bristol.

DEC. 2-3 BRISTOL HOLIDAY BOOK SALE. Sponsored by the Bristol Public Library. Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. New and gift-quality used fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and media. Proceeds of the sale support the library’s programs and collections. Bristol Public Library, lower level gallery, High Street, Bristol.


to 3 p.m. Crafters including painted glassware, knitted items, ornaments, holiday novelty items, chocolates and gourmet food. Continental breakfast. Proceeds benefit Southington Fuel Bank. St. Paul’s Church, 145 Main St., Southington. (860) 628-8486. CHRISTMAS BAZAAR. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Grace United Methodist Church, 121 Pleasant St., Southington.

BRISTOL HOLIDAY BAZAAR. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Christmas decorations, ponsettias, jewelry, baked goods, and raffle baskets. Mrs. Claus’s Kitchen serving lunch for eat in or take out. St. John’s Episcopal Church, 851 Ave., Bristol. SIXTH ANNUAL HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Crafters, painted glassware, knitted items, ornaments, holiday novelty items, chocolates and gourmet food. Continental breakfast and a lunch of soup, grilled cheese and gingerbread. Proceeds benefit the Southington Fuel Bank. St. Paul’s Church, 145 Main St., Southington. (860) 628-8486. BUS TRIP TO RADIO CITY

Meeting listings WEDNESDAY, DEC. 7 PLAINVILLE PLAINVILLE HIGH SCHOOL PROJECT GRADUATION. 7 p.m. Wheeler Regional YMCA, Plainville. (860) 747-1965.

GREATER BRISTOL MOTHERS of MULTPLES. 7 p.m. 851 Stafford Ave., Bristol., (860) 4896302.

MUSIC HALL. 9 a.m. show. Benefits Greene-Hills School. $100 a person or $30 for just the bus. (860) 817-4789. 6TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY CRAFT FAIR. Held by the Bristol Historical Society. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Jewelry, Christmas ornaments, cookbooks, acrylic and wood pens, herbal tea samples, silk floral arrangements, gift jars and basket liners, handcrafted pottery, bird houses, Silpada jewelry, recycled bottle platters and dishes and items “Just for Kids,” including knits miscellaneous jewelry. Also for sale, gently used items. Arcadia photo book titles on Bristol, including the most recently published 2010 “Bristol Industry,” copies of the DVD “Bristol Remembered,” produced for the 225th anniversary celebration, baked goods sale.

PLAINVILLE SLEIGH BELLS CRAFT FAIR. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Plainville United Methodist Church, 56 Redstone Hill Rd., Plainville. Refreshments and lunch available.

OTHER HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS FROM THE NATIONAL WORLD. 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center, 110 Pequot Trail, Mashantucket. Free to museum members. Free with museum admission. (800)411-9671. ALL-STAR SPECTACULAR. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Featuring collectible handcrafted stars, holiday music, open studios and

Eachh officee is independentlyy owned andd operated BRISTOL: Don’t miss out on this lovely 3 BR full dormered Cape featuring 2 full baths, formal DR & LR, FR w/bar in LL, attached oversize 1-car gar. New roof, newer gutters, siding & full casement windows, newly remodeled kitchen, new hot water heater & newer hatchway. Storage shed & patio in fenced-in backyard. ASKING $187,000

BRISTOL ~ Victorian Colonial on .35 acres. Hardwood floors, remodeled kitchen, 3-4 bedrooms with 2 full baths. Beautiful stained glass. New gas boiler, 200 amp electrical. Move in condition.

galleries and chances to make one-of-a-kind gifts. Farmington Valley Arts Center, 25 Arts Center Lane, Avon Park North, Avon., (860) 6781867.

Benefit for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Connecticut. 5 to 8 p.m. Variety of vendors, 15 percent shopping pass, raffle. Dress Barn, 275 New Britain Ave., Plainville.

BREAKFAST WITH SANTA. 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Miss Connecticut Teen USA Logan West of Southington will be a guest storyteller. The Bushnell, 166 Capitol Ave., Hartford. Reservations required. $20 for children, $22 for adults. Appropriate fees not included in ticket price. (860) 987-5900.


SUNDAY, DEC. 4 BRISTOL 21ST ANNUAL CHILDREN’S HOLIDAY FESTIVAL. 1 p.m. A parade in reverse. Bristol Federal Hill Green down to Bellevue, High and Main streets, Bristol. Singers, dancers, baton twirlers, bands, jugglers, more. OLDE ENGLISH HOLIDAY CRAFT FAIRE. Noon to 3 p.m. 3 to 4 p.m., lessons and carols concert in the Olde English tradition from Holiday shopping and Christmas choral music, craft vendors will be offering baked goods, jewelry, silk scarves, bath, body and home products, quilts, handbag, children’s books and more. First Congregational Church, Federal Hill Green, 31 Maple St., Bristol.


BRISTOL HOSPITAL ANNUAL HEARTWORKS CARDIAC AND PULMONARY HOLIDAY PARTY. 3 to 7 p.m. For current and former graduates and their families. Giamatti Little League Center, 335 Mix St., Bristol. $5. RSVP. (860) 585-3580.

Ave., Bristol.

NOW thru DEC. 4 BRISTOL HOLIDAY SALE. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 20 percent of clocks, mechanical toys, new and used books. Members receive 30 percent off retail. American Clock and Watch Museum, 100 Maple St., Bristol. (860) 583-6070,


TUESDAY, DEC. 13 SOUTHINGTON AQUA TURF CHRISTMAS PARTY. Annual holiday celebration. Contact Helen Marinelli, tour director, (860) 747-3723.

FRIDAY, DEC. 31 OTHER NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY. 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Ring in the New Year with Norm Flash and Starfires. Dinner (filet mignon and chicken), and party favors. The French Model Club, 1375 East St., New Britain. (860) 2239309.

ANNUAL CHRISTMAS TREE AND WREATH SALE. Thursday and Friday 4 to 9 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. All trees are fresh-cut within one week prior to the sale. Trees are 6 to 8 p.m. premium and grade no. 1 and range from $42 to $45 including balsam and Fraser fir and blue spruce. Live decorated and undecorated wreaths range in price from $12.50 and $34. Held by the St. Paul Catholic High School National Honor Society. St. Paul Catholic High School Senior Courtyard, 1001 Stafford Ave., Bristol.


NOW BRISTOL HOLIDAY PLANTS FOR SALE. Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and on Saturdays through Dec. 3. Cyclamen and Christmas cactus. Candy Kitchen has turkey and pilgrim pops. Quarter-pound boxes filled with four candies and jams and relishes. The Growing Center at the Bristol Adult Resource Center, 621 Jerome

HARTFORD SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. Holiday Masterworks. A concert with Hartford Chorale and Connecticut Children’s Chorus. Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. Belding Theater, The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts, 166 Capitol Ave., Hartford. $35.50 to $70.50.

BAY-MAR REALTY 860-582-7404

OPEN EVENINGS & WEEKENDS BRISTOL: JUST LISTED! New Construction at an unbeatable price! Still time to pick & choose! 6 room Colonial, 3 BRs, 2.5 baths, hardwood floors, front porch, fully applianced! ONLY $199,900

BRISTOL: JUST LISTED! Two Family Home in good condition. Each apartment has 4 rooms, 2 BRs, 1 bath, newer roof, windows & siding. Walk-up attic for extra room. Plenty of parking. ASKING $169,900

BRISTOL ~ Great Starter Home! 6 room Cape with 4 bedrooms, eat-in kitchen, hardwood floors, level lot, located near park. BEST OF ALL IT’S ONLY $127,900

BRISTOL ~ Absolutely perfect Country Cape. Take a look at this 7 RM, 4 BR, home that features a country kitchen w/FP, LR w/FP, rec room w/FP, deck off dining area overlooking the inground pool and private rear yard. A MUST SEE $274,900

OFFERED AT $205,000

SOUTHINGTON: Spectacular Victorian Colonial. Completely renovated. 8 RMs, 3 BRs, 2 BAs, large kitchen, dining area, FR, LR w/stone FP, whirlpool tub, C/Air, 3 car garage, workshop and plenty more to look at! REDUCED $279,900

BRISTOL: Lovely 6 RM Ranch, 3 BR, 2 bath Ranch set on a large level lot. LR w/ fireplace, updated kit, roof, siding, three season porch overlooking large rear yard. $235,900

BURLINGTON: Custom built 7 RM Colonial with 3 BRs 3 BAs, great room w/FP, FDR, EIK, w/island/ breakfast bar, granite C/Tops, 3 car garage, expansion for 4th BR/ bonus room over garage ad best of all it sits on 7 acres. $425,900

BURLINGTON ~ Loads of potential in this 8 room, Colonial with 3 bedrooms, 1 1⁄2 baths, LR with FP, 2 car garage, almost 2 acres of wooded land. ASKING $159,900

BRISTOL: Well maintained 6 room Colonial with 3 BRs, new kitchen, new windows, enclosed yard, vinyl sided, hardwood floors, 2 car garage. REDUCED $149,900

BRISTOL ~ Super clean 6 room Cape with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, large MBR, nice level yard, 1 car garage, views of Birges Pond, great private setting. ASKING $155,000

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Step Saver/ The Observer

Come In and See Why We’re #1 2010

1st Place Best Carpet/Flooring Company For 2 Consecutive Years

Alex’ss Landscaping LLC


• Fall Cleanup • Designer Landscaping • Weekly Mowing • Any Cement Repair (Stairs, walls, etc.) • Snow Removal • Interior/Exterior Painting • Small Tree Removal

With You Every Step of the Way Serving the Area Since 1971

Anna Rohon Store Owner

(860) 747-0166 carpet • hardwood • laminate • vinyl • ceramic • rugs


James Rybczyk - President

No Problem Too Small We Handle Them All From Drippy Facet To A Whole New Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning System

Instant Response Plumbing & Heating 24 HOURS A DAY WE ARE READY TO SERVE YOU For Quality Plumbing & Heating Repairs At Reasonable Prices One Call Does It All 24 HOURS EMERGENCY SERVICE


CT Master Plumbers Lic # P1-00203021 CT Heating/Cooling Lic #S1-00302972 CT Home Improvement Lic #00560881 Sheet Metal Contractor SM1 Lic #5600

Fully Insured

• Leaks • Flooded Basements • Sump Pumps Installed • Water Heaters, Pumps Tanks & Boiler Repairs • Sewer & Drain Cleaning • Mobil Homes • Faucets Disposal

Serving Bristol, Southington & Surrounding areas

Cell phone: (860) 940-8057 • Reg # Hic.0630301



SERVICE CALL Exp. 12/09/11





4000 OFF

Maintenance-free home exterior solutions include Hardi Plank, Vinyl Siding, Asphalt Roofing, Seamless Gutters, Windows & Doors

Call for Your







Siding, Gutters Windows & Roofing


Fully Insured

1049 Queen St., Southington

We Specialize In Residential & Commercial Repair Work


To advertise, call (860) 628-9645

Since 1988


860-676-8005 FULLY INSURED Farmington

Fully Insured. CT License HIC.0631048



Member of CT Manufactured Home Assoc.

CT Dealer For Rainbow Aluminum Roofovers

BEST CATALOG STORE AT BEST PRICE We specialize in Mobile and Manufactured Homes, Office Trailers, Accessories, Parts, Supplies, and Service • Hard to Find Parts • Window Gear Boxes • Air Conditioners • Anchors • Awnings • Mobile Home Water Heaters • Doors • Stove Vents • Exhaust Fans • Faucets • Steps • Energy Saving Windows • Miller Furnaces Gas, Oil, Electric Parts - Hardware • Tubs and Walls • Sinks • Skirting • Doors • Toilets • Floor Registers • Frostex Heat Tape • Vapor Paper Barrier Under Home From Top to Bottom - Inside and Out - We Have Supplies and Service You Need


CT License #537913



SALES • SERVICE • PARTS 69 West Main St., Plantsville, CT (Across from Dean’s Stove)

Call Mark 203-704-0821


• Servicing your Area Daily • All Makes and Models! • Professional parts Counterperson • Parts for All Brands In Stock!



Self Propelled Machine Available



Will return ALL calls! FULLY INSURED




just a call or click away!

0 0 0 , 0 9 ders



3 Lines

Sell Your Stuff


FAST! Deadline: Friday 5pm



3 Lines

16 $42

All Towns (plus internet)

Phone: 860-628-96 45 Fax: 860-621-1841 Website: $2 for each additional line 2 tag sales per year at personal rate Mail: Step Saver/Observer, 213 Spring St., Southington, CT 06489 Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM •• Only Only one auto per week at personal rate

ONLY All Towns

(plus internet)

$3 for each additional line


The Step Saver/ The Observer

To advertise, call (860) 628-9645

Transportation Auto for sale 2002 HONDA ACCORD 4 cyl., silver, new tires, water pump, timing belt. $5,300. 860-589-8353. '99 CHEVY CAVALIER Hood smashed, motor blown, great car to repair & drive. Must sell. 860-628-1569. BMW '03 330xi,black,AWD, Ext. warranty, Mint condition, 113K mi. $12,000/best. 203-525-0343 CADILLAC 93 Seville. 4 dr, red, 4.9 V8, AT, All pwr, leather, runs & looks great. $1800 203-217-2676 CHEVROLET 01 Cavalier - looks and runs good, dark blue with rear spoiler, 110k mi, leaks a little antifreeze, $2000/best call 860-424-6559

Sport utility HONDA 04 CRV LX 4WD AT Remote start. New brakes Exc cond. 89.5K $9,800 203-757-2694

Airplanes & services Boats & accessories Campers & trailers Snowmobiles

DODGE 04 RAM 1500 Quad Cab, 8" body lift susp., 68k mi., $15,500 Call 860-921-7862/496-0628 FORD 66 F350 Dump Truck. $2500. Call 203-758-6093

Snowmobiles Need to sell your snowmobile? Place your classified ad online NOW!

Careers Healthcare

DODGE 05 Magnum Hemi. Orig. Owner, Must See! Fact. GPS, Immac. $11,900/best. 860-417-9696 ICE CREAM TRUCK 84 6cyl AT Gas, $6000 nego. 203-755-7919/203-233-3965

Parts & Repair

EMPLOYMENT SPECIALISTS 2 FT Positions. These positions req. working with adults with psychiatric disabilities. Resp. incl. job development, supervision and training consumers at job sites. Position req. to be able to intergrate and work collaboratively with other service providers in the local system. AS/BA degree and exp. req'd. Wknd, eves. and holiday hrs. are req'd. A.S.L & Spanish speaking will be a plus. Must have a valid drivers lic. & vehicle. EOE. Mail, email or fax resume to: MHAC, 969 W.Main St., Ste 3A, Waterbury, CT. 06708 att: Amanda Truppi-Eckert, Asst. Director, Email: fax 203-7579337 by Dec. 9th. healthcare

PLOW 8' Western Ultra Mount. Many new parts, great cond. Call for details $2,800 203-808-0368


SUBARU WHEELS: 4 Goodyear allseason tires. 205/60/R15, two steel rims. $100. 860-621-7145. FORD 08 Focus S, 28,500 mi, white 4DR, A/T, A/C exc cond. $8900 call 323-697-1027 FORD 64 Thunderbird- good condition, needs power brake booster and carburator $5000/ best. Call 203-233-9216 FORD 96 Taurus LX Moonroof, loaded, runs excellent, clean. $950 Call 203-756-2011

HONDA 01 CIvic LX 168K mi., good condition. $2500. Call 203-758-9102 HONDA 97 Civic Coupe A/T, 135K mi, rebuilt tranny, great cond in & out. Asking $2900 call Paul 860-655-8465 HONDA Civic LX Sedan 2001, 103k, $5,200/best. AC, Good cond., Good tires. 203-263-2532 lv. msg. LINCOLN 95 Town Car. 123K, Mint Cond. Fla. Car, never seen snow! $3900/best call 203-808-2016 MAZDA 00 626 GS 4DR, Grey 4 cyl 5sp all power 150K runs new Mint cond. $2800 203-217-2676 MAZDA 03 Miata MX-5, Red beauty, Convertible., A/T, 56K mi., Mint, $8200/best 860-618-0748 TOYOTA 02 Camry LE only 45,000 miles, senior driven $10,500 203-262-4531 or 203-558-0697 TOYOTA 03 RAV4 AWD black/grey, nice exterior, very clean inside, AT, AC, CD/tape, power windows, $9600. 203-598-7883 Mike VOLKSWAGON 00 Passat Wagon, 5sp man,135k mi., orig. owner, all service records, very clean, reliable,30 mpg.

Help wanted AIRLINES ARE HIRING. Train for hands on Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-202-0386.


Trucks & vans

CHEVROLET 01 Malibu LS, V6, pwr steering, brakes, A/C, 4DR, 62K mi., $4150 203-879-4354 8-8pm

DODGE 96 Intrepid, 4dr, red, V6, auto, all pwr, runs & looks excellent. $1500 Call 203-217-2676

Recreational Vehicles

TIRES (4) P20575R15 mounted on Stock Colorado 6 lug rims. $125 or best offer. Must sell. 860-585-8408. WINTER TIRES (4) with wheels & wheels locks. Hankook Mangels mounted 225/55 %17. Price $250. 860-747-0415 Tues - Friday.

Automotive wanted AAAA DONATION, Donate your car, boat, or Real Estate. IRS tax deductible. Free pick-up/Tow. Any model/condition. Help under privileged Children Outreach Center: 1800-883-6399. CASH FOR CARS: Any Make, Model or Year. We pay more! Running or not, sell your car or truck today. Free towing. Instant Offer: 1-800-8710654. DONATE YOUR VEHICLE, Love in the name of Christ. Free towing & nonrunners accepted. 800-549-2791. Help Us Transform Lives in the name of Christ. DONATE YOUR VEHICLE! Receive Free Vacation Voucher. United Breast Cancer Foundation. Free mammograms. Breast Cancer info Free towing, fast non-runners accepted. 24/7. 1-888444-8216.

Abbott Terrace Health Center, a 205 bed skilled nursing facility is seeking experienced FT & PT Charge Nurse. We offer a competitive salary, full benefit package including a 401K plan. Abbott Terrace Health Center is an Athena Health Care System facility. An Equal Opportunity Employer. To apply, email Maryellen Royka at or call (203)755-4870

 MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Primary care office in the metro Wtby area. PT (20 hr/wk) Min. 3 yrs exp. Fax resume 860-683-1555

Help wanted ADVERTISING SALES Top comm-issions, exp. preferred, for phone interview Mr. Haggerty. 877-665-6618

Visit our website @

Must have exp in burglar and fire systems. C6 or L6 lic. FT. Exc. ben.. call 203-754-0014 Email: bob@ ATTENTION PROFESSIONAL Truck Drivers. It's now time to get back to work! More freight and Top earnings. Call Prime Inc. Today. 1-800277-0212

AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE ADVISOR Wilson Nissan has a position available for a service advisor. Must have previous experience. Excellent people & sales skills. Ability to communicate & dispatch to service technicians. Call David John @ 860482-5555 or e-mail resume to: BOOKKEEPER/OFFICE MANAGER immediate full time position in Security Company. Quickbook's exp mandatory. Collections exp. req'd. Take-charge, multi-task abilities. call 203-754-0014.

CHILDCARE- Daycare center looking to hire caring people. Experience preferred, but not required. Full time position with benefits. Please call 203-272-1637 COORDINATOR Bridge to Success 2028 hrs/wk. Asst Dir., Council and others to implement community youth plan; prepare, attend, follow up mtgs; research data, represent Wtby at events; maintain databases; grant writing; admin function. Bachelor's Degree & 6 mos. comm.exp req'd. Complete posting and requirements at Send resume and cover letter to: UW of Greater Waterbury, 60 N Main St 3rd Fl, Waterbury, CT 06702, Attn: Recruitment by 12/23/11. EOE

DELIVERY PERSON needed for pizza restaurant. Full/ Part Time. Call 860-5670800

Friday, December 2, 2011

Help wanted

Nearly110,000 readers Over 225,000 readers in Southington, in Southington, Bristol, and Bristol, Plainville, Plainville Farmington, will see your

New Britain and

FREE* Cheshire will see your FREE* Ad! Classified Classified Ad!

*Items less than *Items less than $150, $150. Non-Commercial Only Only Non-Commercial

Call 860-628-9645

DENTAL RECEPTIONIST Approx 3032hrs/wk. Dental/ medical exp nec. Call 860-621-2700

DRIVER OIL CO. CDL Class B w/Hazmat Tanker endorse. FT/PT/seasonal. Apply Matteo, 971 Main St., Wtwn/ fax 860-274-3004 email DRIVERS-PYLE TRANSPORT needs OWNER OPERATORS & COMPANY DRIVERS! Regional Truckload Operations. HOME EVERY WEEKEND! 0/0 Average $1.84/Mile. Steady, YearRound Work. Requires CDL-A, 2 Yrs Exp. Call Charity: 888-301-5855. DRIVERS-PYLE TRANSPORT needs OWNER OPERATORS & COMPANY DRIVERS! Regional Truckload Operations. HOME EVERY WEEKEND! 0/0 Average $1.84/Mile. Steady, YearRound Work. Requires CDL-A, 2 Yrs Exp. Call Charity: 888-301-5855.

Help wanted


Drivers: Start up to $.41/mi. Home Weekly or Bi-Weekly CDL-A 6 mos. OTR exp. Req. Equipment you’ll be proud to drive! (888) 247-4037

DRY CLEANER Counter & Spotter, Exp'd Only, $10-$15/hr., Ted's Cleaners, Hamden, 203-996-1498



 Experience in building cleaning, maintenance and skill at various carpentry, plumbing and other repairs. Responsible for cleaning rooms, hallways, cafeteria, restrooms, offices, stairways and windows, sweep, mop & polish. Prepare rooms for use by school/private organizations, consisting of: set up and tear down tables and chairs, equipment. Provides interaction between Maintenance Dept. and outside vendors. Provides assistance to students, teachers, principals, visitors and other employees as necessary. Qualifications: Ability to complete wide range of daily tasks, flexible to meet changes in priorities and to work independently with minimal supervision; apply common sense understanding to carry out detailed oral and/or written instructions; solid interpersonal skills required to relate to students, staff and the public in a courteous manner; and to work in poor weather conditions, including heat, cold, rain or snow. Move equipment, materials and supplies as needed (ability to lift and carry objects of 25-50 pounds). Must be able to work overtime, as necessary for building related emergencies, scheduled morning and/or evening school events, etc. CLOSING DATE: DEC. 16, 2011 – 4p


Help wanted

For application please contact:

(NO PHONE CALLS) Cheshire Public Schools Human Resource Dept. 29 Main Street Cheshire CT 06410 OR mail a letter of intent and current resume to the above address.

Manufacturing PRESIDENT – EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority is conducting a search for the position of President-Executive Director. This position has the general charge, supervision, and control of the business and affairs of the Authority and responsibility for its operation and management. Further information, including a full position description, may be found at . CHFA is an Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity Employer. Candidates from diverse racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

HOMEMAKER/CAREGIVERS caring people needed. Must have own vehicle and clean background checks. Apply in person Where The Heart Is , 246 Rubber Ave., Naug. btwn 8:30a-11:30a., and 1:00p-3:30p

Homemakers/ Companions/ PCAs Wanted Greater Bristol Area Flexible Hours To apply, call:

FAV Home Care LLC 860-314-1653 HCA # 0000125

Place Your Ad Here. CALL 628-9645 Human Services

Residential Instructors Greater Waterbury Area

EDUCATION Cook/Cafe Mngr: PT/Academic. Cooking and supervisory responsibility for elementary school cafeteria. School schedule, 5.5 hrs/day. High school diploma or equivalent, knowledge of health regulations and prior food service experience necessary. Administrative Assst- Food Services: F/T 12 month position. Handles invoices, state/federal claims, A/P & A/R, inventories, spreadsheets, and facilitates communication with staff, parents & vendors. HS diploma or equivalent, valid drivers license and computer literacy required. Prior food service exp pref.. Human Services Direct Care: FT/PT, all shifts wkends/wkdays Group Homes/Torr/Dan. area. Must be caring, have valid CT Driver's Lic. Exp. Working w/persons with disabilities pref. Call 860-567-0863 ext. 158, for appl, or send resume to EDUCATION CONNECTION P.O. Box 909 Litchfield, CT 06759 AA/EOE.

IPP has full time opportunities providing for direct care needs in a group home setting. 2nd & 3rd shifts are available (3rd runs until 9am), pay is $11.50/hr. A HS diploma/GED, car, valid driver’s license, good driving record, criminal background check and drug screens are req. Call 203389-6956 x110 for an application. EOE

Setup Technician, 3rd shift – Perform mechanical setup of various tonnage presses. Min 1 yr exp. & HS dipl. or GED required Maintenance Mech. 2nd shift – Repair & maintain all plant equipment, systems & facility. Min 1 yr exp. & HS dipl. or GED required Email resume to: or mail: 84 Spring Ln Farmington, CT 06032 PLOW OPERATORS & SHOVELERS REFERENCES & EXPERIENCE A MUST 1-877-441-PLOW (7569) LV. MSG. Restaurant BARTENDERS & SERVERS exp. req Apply in person J & M Restaurant, 1512 Wolcott Rd., Wolc RESTAURANT BLUE COLONY DINER EXP'd WAITSTAFF (Newtown) 203-426-0745 George or Timmy RESTAURANT Dishwashers, counter help wanted. Apply in person: Aziagos, 166 Queen St., Southington. RESTAURANT FRONT COUNTER Exp. & personality req. Clam Digger- Corner Wolcott St. & Lakewood Rd Wtby

RESTAURANT LINE COOK F/T Apply in person: Matteo Rest, 971 Main St, Wtn 860-274-9800

RESTAURANT SERVER/BARTENDER Exp. nec. for upscale restaurant in Warren CT (Litchfield County) email: or call 860-868-3100

SALES ~ Outside Do you love Sales? Do you like the Political Arena? Do you view Mom and Pop Business Owners as Heroes? Are you interested in the Connecticut General Assembly? Do you care how the United States Congress conducts it's Business? Can you "Close" the Deal? For that right person: Six (6) figure income (commission) Excellent Benefits! Local Territory…no overnights! Bachelor's Degree and or two years Intangible sales experience preferred. Email resume to or fax resume to 615-932-5071. EOE

SCHOOL NURSE If you want... Hours that complement your lifestyle A change from a harried pace ...then being a school nurse for the City of Waterbury suits you!

HVAC SERVICE TECHNICIAN Commercial and residential service. Full-time, company vehicle, benefits. Experienced individuals only. Salary based on experience. (203)264-6571 phone (203)-264-0854fax

HVAC Technician Full Time. S2 or B2 lic. Full benefits pkg. Email: or mail St. Pierre Oil Co., Inc., 515 Main St. South Woodbury, CT. 06798

The City of Waterbury is seeking registered nurses to work in our school system. Qualified candidates should enjoy working with children, working 10 months with summers off, no holidays or weekend rotation and a competitive salary. Apply to Human Resources at 236 Grand St. 2nd Floor or visit Opportunity Employer E.O.E. M/F/H/V

SHINGLERS Roofers to install shingles, immed. employment call 860-919-5837

Friday, December 2, 2011 Help wanted



High tech manufacturing company seeks Systems Support/ Programmer to join project team implementing Infor’s Syteline ERP System. 3-5 years experience administering Microsoft SQL 2005 or later in a manufacturing environment is required. SQL, MS.Net and Crystal Reports programming skills are required. PC/ network support and troubleshooting experience is also required. Benefits inc. medical, dental, life, disability, 401K and paid vacation. Qualified candidates should apply to:


American Electro Products 1358 Thomaston Avenue Waterbury, CT 06704 Or email resume to: EOE M/F/D/V

THE CLEAN IMAGE OF SIMSBURY is currently taking applications for a part time evening position. Must be able to work Saturdays, in the New Britain/Berlin area. Must have own car and pass extensive background check. Please call Michelle at The Clean Image 860-651-3716.

TREE WORKER bucket operator, climber, groundperson. Exp. with chainsaws & chippers a must. Valid drivers lic. CDL a plus. 860-283-0237

TRUCK DRIVER CDL Class A Fedex Ground contract, PT, $600/wk F/T $1000/wk home daily, 1 yr. exp. dbl Hazmat, clean, lic. 203-410-2752

Schools & instruction

The Step Saver/ The Observer


Educational Services Instruction classes

Articles for sale

DAYBEDS (2) European, Med. Green w/print exc cond. $300/ea or $500/both 860-583-3285



Free Pick Up & Removal

DINING ROOM SET Hutches, antiques, collectibles. Call Wilfred's Antiques 203-706-2317 DISHWASHER Kenmore DW exc.cond. $175 Tassimo Coffee Maker $175 exc.cond .203.206.2077

ENTERTAINMENT CENTER solid oak. Stained glass drs 80x44x19 Beautiful! $300.203-757-0866 GE MICROWAVE/CONVECTION BAKE 30" over stove Bisque color $85.00 call 860 747-8625

Articles for sale ART- elderly art collector wants to sell all or parts of a lrg collection of American & European oil paintings, water colors & misc. mediums. Also, some interesting Japanese art. 860- 567-2167 BAR STOOLS (2), 24" oak, w/back $25 each or both for $40. 860-583-6339. BASKETS Retire Longaberger, AnnaLees, 1880s Vict. Sette & 2 mtchg chrs, misc 203-528-3527. BATHROOM WALL CABINET Walnut color. Solid wood. Exc. cond. 30"x48"L. Exc. cond. $40 or BO. 860314-0765. CAMERAS Minolta assort. lenses, filters, flash & case. $350. 860-6213087.

CELL PHONE Samsung evergreen, brand new. at&t can be used as a go phone. $75.00 call 860-841-7879 CHANGING TABLE: Excellent cond. $50. Blue Saucer walker $10. Call Sherri @ 860-621-6104.

GO-KART Briggs & Stratton Motor, aluminum seat, hydraulic brakes, frame in great condition/never bent, extra set of rims and wing. Second owner, son outgrew it's size, and would like to sell ASAP. $2300.00 firm, #860-329-2884. HOT TUB: 2011 Model, 6 person, 46 jets, Ozonator, Aromatherapy. All options w/cover. Brand new in package, never hooked up. Full Warranty. Original Cost $9,000 Sacrifice $3,500.00. Can Deliver (203) 232-8778.

PAPER END ROLLS Starting at $4.00 up. Various sizes and weights. Great for packing, wrapping, children's art projects etc. Available at Step Saver, 213 Spring Street, Southington. Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-5:00pm. PIANO Young Chang E-101 console model w/bench and "mute" pedal Ivory Polish. Piano is overall in great condition. Asking 1,400.00 serious inquiries pls 860-583-8366.

CHANGING TABLE: Excellent cond. $50. Blue Saucer walker $10. Musical swing $40. Call Sherri @ 860-6216104.

REFRIGERATOR Kitchenaid bisque color $150.00. Side by side doors with ice/water in door. 860 747-8625.

CHIPPER/SHREDDER Craftsman, 3 way feed, 10 to 1 ratio. Briggs & Stratton. 11hp engine. $400/best. Call 860-496-1533

SEARS KENMORE Quiet Comfort 14 humidifier, 2 water tanks. (new) no box. Retails $169. Sale. $100. 860-7478385.

COOKTOP STOVE $250 Refrigerator $200. Sony 36" TV $150, All in exc. cond. Call 203-757-1911

SECTIONAL small brown sectional. 1 yr old. Mint cond. Asking $600/best offer. Call 860-618-0092

COUNTER TABLE Athol w/bar stools golden stain, leg lgth 35" $200/neg. Exc cond 203-271-3216

SNOW THROWER Simplicity 8HP, 2 stage, 24"w, Electric start ,4 cycle. Good cond $350, 860-274-6884

2. What cigarette brand cooed in ads: “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby”?

Day & Evening Classes Lowest tuition in area Felxible payment plan Job Placement Assistance

3. What was once said to be the “war to end all wars”?

Burnside Commons 205 Burnside Ave Suite 202 East Hartford, CT. 860-761-0249

4. What Biblical phenomenon did scientists conclude in 1982 was a super nova? 5. What war caused the most oil spills from tankers? 6. What’s the common name for the theory of how the universe popped into being? 7. What sauce is made by the McIIhenny Company of Avery Island, Louisiana? 8. Who co-starred with Humphrey Bogart in four 1940’s movies? 9. What was the first fruit eaten on the moon? 10. What test was introduced at the 1972 Olympics in Munich?

Become a Dental Assistant in 15 Saturdays! LABCO School of Dental Assisting Plus, LLC. Dental X-ray Cert. Prep/Clinical Hands-on, Theory, Low Tuition, Externship...."plus" much more....Approved by the Dept. of Higher Education in CT. Laura 203253-3520 Derby, CT.

Machinery & tools EARN COLLEGE DEGREE ONLINE Medical, Business, Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 888-216-1791. FLOOR NAILER/STAPLER Model FSN50. Nails included. Used once. $175. call 860-283-0556

Machinery & tools GENERATOR (PORTABLE) Endress BT7000 w/Kohler 12 HP engine, electric start, wheel kit & 7 gallon fuel tank. Runs 13 hrs per tank full. Less than 200 hrs run time, 6600 watts 60 amps. First $890. Bought bigger generator. Call Barry 860-302-0292. LEAF BLOWER Toro electric good condition $20.00 860-583-8007

Computers/ accessories COMPUTER MONITOR Compaq 7500, 16", with a 3/4" parrallel connector (blue). $30.00. Call 860-582-5377


VACUUM DYSON DC17 Animal. Like new, several attachments, $150. Call 203-228-2945

DRYER White Westinghouse-new parts good condition $100.00 860583-8007 FIREPLACE SCREEN brass finish w/glass doors $30.00 860-583-8007 HOT TUB Hot Spot SX model, w/ cover 3-4 person. Never used, $4000/best 860-628-w2399 after 5pm REFRIGERATOR 19.8 cu', Almond 66H 33W No frost, Kitchen Aid $100 call 860-793-2073 STOVE electric, Magic Chef, selfcleaning oven Almond color $100 860-793-2073

WEBCOR, Minuet stereofonic high fidelity, floor model, plays 45rpm & 33 1/3 rpm records. Paperwork included. Exc. cond. Asking $75. or BO. 860276-1939. WHITFIELD PELLET INSERT $500 or best offer. Call 860-582-5838. WOOD BURNING STOVE INSERT for a masonry fireplace. Used. Avalon 945. $1200 203-263-5145

WASHER Maytag good condition $100.00 860-583-8007 WASHING MACHINE Fridgadire front end 4 years old-$150; dryer 1 year old $150: 400 lbs of Weights, olympic bars, bench, preacher bench, dumbells $400. Assorted sports cardsboxes, sets, unopened boxes etc. best offer. 203-530-7081

REFRIGERATOR Kenmore side x side w/ice maker White, clean, works OK $250 860-463-2225


American Red Cross 703 Whitney Ave New Haven, CT 203-787-6722 ext 227


WANTED TO PURCHASE Antiques & Fine Art, 1 item or entire Estate or Collection, Gold, Silver, Coins, Jewelry, Toys, Oriental, Glass, China, Lamps, Books. Textiles, Paintings, Prints, almost anything old. Evergreen Auctions 973-818-1100. Email

PRINTER Lexmark X6170 multi function $75. 860-677-6809.

1. Whose longest-titled Number One book was Kaleidoscope?

American Red Cross 1057 Broad St, 3rd flr. Bridgeport, CT 203-338-0951

Turn unwanted Items into

Place a Merchandise for Sale ad online

Got Smarts?

Grand Professional Bldg 228 Meadow Street, 4th Floor Waterbury, CT 203-575-9079

TOTAL GYM SYSTEM Industrial model. Row and lift in your own home. 4 yrs. young. Exc. cond. $375 or best offer. 860-430-5890.



Household Goods

eedd’’ss T T e e l l UUnncc


TABLE dining table/8 chairs solid wood, over 11 ft. long $2500 or best 203-707-6589

GLIDER with ottoman $75. Call 203-757-1911


CAST IRON WOOD STOVE Glass door. $400. Call 860-582-8611. AVIATION MAINTENANCE/AVIONICS, Graduate in 15 months. FAA Approved; financial aid if qualified. Job placement assistance. Call National Aviation Academy Today! 1-800-2923228 or

Articles for sale

To advertise, call (860) 628-9645

Look inside The Classifieds every week for Uncle Ted’s Trivia Find answers in these Classifieds. 12/02

CLUES ACROSS 1. Leavened rum cakes 6. Stepped on 10. Arab outer garments 14. Positive pole 15. Sharpening stone 17. Atomic #38 19. Omnivorous mammal of C and S Am. 20. Records electrical brain currents 21. Without (French) 22. Mother's sisters 23. An open skin infection 24. Long mucilaginous green pods 25. Past tense of 23 across 26. Cereal grain product 29. Lack of normal muscle tone 31. Lean, scrawny 32. Work holiday (informal) 34. Abnormal breathing 35. Peels 37. Capital of the Apulia region 38. They __ 39. Linear unit (Span.) 40. More lucid 41. 6th largest Russian city 43. Fights a short bout 45. Ancient Olympic Site 46. Companion animals 47. Indian frocks 49. SE Indonesian island 50. The winged goddess of the dawn 53. Exchange of goods 54. Bird in a pear tree

56. A contest in which the winner is undecided 58. Tidal bore 59. Petite 60. Freshwater duck genus 61. A nasty smile CLUES DOWN 1. The supporting part 2. Poker stake 3. Tennis player Bjorn 4. Rapid bustling movement 5. Centripetal 6. Wound around something


7. Sumac genus 8. Original Equipment Manufacturer 9. Alcohol withdrawal symptom 10. Unkeyed 11. Small water travel vessel 12. Family Formicidae 13. 3rd largest whale 16. Scamper 18. Container counterweight 22. (Largest) Peoples of Ghana 23. Unit of loudness 24. Double-reed instrument 25. Sole genus 27. "Dynasty" actress Linda 28. Said of a maneuverable vessel 29. Macaws 30. Seamen 31. A women's

undergarment 33. Cost Information Report 35. Trims 36. River rising in NE Turkey 37. Soap blocks 39. Overnight case 40. Derisive literary works 42. Simply 43. 5th wheels 44. A furry animal skin 47. Burning of the Hindu widow 48. Actor Ladd 49. Bay Area Transit Authority 50. The boundary of a surface 51. A brutish giant 52. One who divines the future 53. Very fast airplane 54. Frying vessel 55. 007's creator 57. 1/1000 of an ampere


To advertise, call (860) 628-9645

Machinery & tools SAWMILLS from only $3997-Make money & save money with your own bandmill-Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free Info & DVD: www.NorwoodSawmills.com300N 1-800-578-1363 ext. 300-N

Musical merchandise VIOLIN, FLUTE, CLARINET, TRUMPET Trombone, amplifier, fender guitar $69 each. Cello, upright bass, Saxophone, French horn, drums $185 each. Tuba, Baritone horn. Hammond organ, others 4 sale. 1-516377-7907. WHITNEY GRAND PIANO w/bench, circa 1925. All new keys & tuned up. Call Dave 860-426-1755. YAMAHA ELECTONE ORGAN excellent condition. $250. Call 860-3020970.

Pets & Animals Household pets

BullDogs, Schnoodles, Maltie Poo, Yorkies, Boxer, Rots, Yorkie Poo, Chihuahuas 150+ Call 860.930.4001

FREE 2 Young adult neutered cats. Together or separate. Shots current. short hair, trained. 860-621-1724.

JACK RUSSELL TERRIER pups . CKC reg. Parents on site. 5 weeks, ready for Christmas. $500. 203-264-7991

TOY/MINI POODLES AKC 4 male, 2 female, Ch. sire. Dam on premises. Tails & dewclaws docked, 1st shots, dewormer incl. Ready to go Dec. 18th $1250. 203881-0072.

Real Estate For Rent Apartments for rent

HUGE SALE: Antiques, furniture, glassware, decoys, wooden boxes and tools. Exercise equip., new Princess House crystal, small appliances, Christmas decor, baskets, much more. Dealers welcome. Sat. & Sun. Dec. 3rd & 4th, 9am-3pm. 190 Mandel Drive, Southington. SOUTHINGTON Indoors-sewing mach, in-desk cabinet, cooking tools, furniture, some free items 12/3 9-1 561 So Farms Ct 860-8836459.

Wanted to buy


$600.00 to $700.00/MO. (860) 584-2800 Ext. 210

BRISTOL APARTMENTS 1&2 BEDROOM ALSO STUDIO APARTMENTS STARTING AT $650.00 Heat & hot water included in all apartments. Electricity included in studio apartment Off-street parking on Busline Call Pete (860) 478-3261 NAUGATUCK 1 & 2 BR apart, nice, quiet, priv. $700 & $1000/mo + util. Cr. ck./sec. Call 203-729-7856


1 STUDIO APARTMENT $500 + UTIL CALL 860-518-9183

Apartments for rent

Apartments for rent

Apartments for rent

TERRYVILLE 1-2BR apt. Centrally loc. to schools and shops. H/HW, appls. incl. Call 860-582-3651

WATERBURY 19 Ridgewood, 2/3 BR apartments, 2nd/3rd flr. Won't last! Starting at $600. Call 203-675-4829

WATERBURY- 3 BR, newly renovated, 1st flr, basement storage, E. End. $975. Avail. immed. Call 917-647-5724

TERRYVILLE: 2 bd. $725, no util. 860-583-8490. Credit check & security. No pets.

WATERBURY 2 & 3BRs available. Sec 8 ok clean & ready to move in! 1st+Sec Req. Robert 914-469-8993

WATERBURY 3BR apt. 2nd flr, good cond., N. Main & Tudor St. no pets. $850/ mo. 917-930-2326

WATERBURY 2 apts 1190 Baldwin 2BR 1.5 ba sec bldg $795+sec no pets 203-7292266, 203-805-1680

WATERBURY 435 Washington Av. remod. 1 & 2 BR, 1st. flr, near sch., $600-650 +1st, last, 1 mo sec. No pets call 203913-4657/203-522-8100

W A T E R B U R Y - 2 B R a p t . $ 8 2 5 / m o . heat incl, Off-st. park. & appl. Very clean. Cal l 203-596-1320

WATERBURY 4BR, 2nd & 3rd Fl., 136 Locust $825 & $850; fresh painted Sec 8 OK call 203-725-7289

WATERBURY 235 Plank (1.5BR) $750, 161 Frost Rd (2.5BR) $950 newly renov. 203729-2266, 203-805-1680

WATERBURY 96 Elmwood Ave, 2nd & 3rd flr- 5 & 6 rms, Section 8 OK Call 203-947-9879, 347-361-8548

TERRYVILLE 2 BR, 1st flr. Hk ups, storage, gar., garbage pick up. $850 + sec. Jan. 1. 860-583-3285

THOMASTON Cute 2BR 1 ba, no smoke/pets, Off st prkg. WD hkup., Avail. Dec 1. $750+dep. 203-510-6738 W A T E R B U R Y 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Be d A p t s ALL Renovated ~ Pet OK. Sec. dept. waived if qualifiy 203-992-5200 WATERBURY 1 & 2BR apts 1st flr avail.. Newly renov Ht & HW Incl. Avail now 203-510-6177 Sect. 8 OK.

WATERBURY 25 W. Farms 2BR, starting at $625/mo. Utils. sep. Sec. & refs. Call Mike 203-537-6137



PLAINVILLE two 2 BR apts-1st ($975) & 2nd ($875) fl-Renovated Victorian. Laundry hookups. No util incl, no pets/smokers. Financial docs required. Broad St 860-404-2157 lv msg

WATERBURY 1111 Baldwin St., secured bldg off st prkg. 1.5BR, $700+sec. 203729-2266. 203-805-1680

WATERBURY 2BR 2nd flr. $675.. 3BR 2nd flr. $800. OAKVILLE 3BR $1100 WD hkup no dogs 203-518-2958

1BR $575 2BR $600 3BR $700 4BR $850 "Brinks, a name you can trust" Se habla Espanol

PLYMOUTH 1BR 1st fl, Spacious, new kit & bath, C/A No Pets off RT8 $575/mo call 860-583-3766

WATERBURY 152 Proctor St. Spacious 2BR ~ $700. Newly remodl. Sec. 8 ok. No pets. 203-808-0368

WATERBURY 2BR apt townhouse style 1.5 ba., all appls. included w/WD, off st prkg. $850, no utils. 203-596-1320

WATERBURY/Cheshire line - 2 BR, offstreet parking, no smoke/dogs $700 + sec. call 203-757-1517

SEYMOUR - spacious 1 BR apt quiet, wooded. Rents from $595-795 +utilities. Pet friendly 201-887-6266

WATERBURY 1710 Baldwin 1st flr., 2.5BR, off st prkg. $850/mo no pets. 203-7292266 or 203-805-1680

WATERBURY 2BR w/sunroom. New kit., big yard, beaut. close to 84. $925. Kim Swircenski Broker 203-558-6824

WATERBURY cozy studio apt. Utilities and cable included. Call 203-754-0261

Do you Offer a Service? Tell 110,000 Readers about it!

CALL 860-384-2817 Apartment to Rent? House to Sell?

Place Your Service Directory Ad Online... NOW! Only $42 for 3 lines / 1 week!


NAUGATUCK 1 BR $695-$725/mo, Clean, quiet building, parking, HW incl. Pet OK 203-952-4849 NAUGATUCK 1BR 3rd flr., $625 2BR 1st flr no pets. $750. VIEIRA AGENCY 203-729-4561 NAUGATUCK 2nd flr 3BR , w/appls $875 priv prkg, sec req. NO pets 203-729-1447 or 203-841-7874 NAUGATUCK 3BR , a p p l i a n c e s , p a r k i n g , deck, quiet dead end $895. 203-560-4679 NAUGATUCK $650 Large first flr 1 bed 1 ba in nice historic area. Appls, HW flr, gas heat, no pets. 203-723-1386



BUYING COINS Gold, Silver & All coins, stamps, Paper Money, Entire collections worth $5,000 or more. Travel to your home. Cash paid. Call Marc 1-800-488-4175.

Apartments for rent

Friday, December 2, 2011

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Apartments for rent


Santa suggests

CHURCHILL GARDENS Choose & cut: wreaths, roping. Call 203-263-3516. Sat & Sun, sunup-sunset. Mon thru Friday 12-sunset. 124 Churchill Road, Woodbury

The Step Saver/ The Observer

NAUGATUCK Spacious 1BR & 3BR apt. No pets. Sect 8 ok. 212-3554900/ 917-974-6258

OAKVILLE 193 & 175 DiNunzio Rd 4RMs each. no smoke/pet. sec/cr ck. $50 rebate if pd by the 1st. 860-756-0183

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PLAINVILLE, Clean, quiet efficiency apt. Laundry avail. Minutes from pharmacy, restaurants shopping. $540/mo. No Utils. Qual. Applicants Only. Call 860-680-2363.


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WATERBURY E. End. 2BR, off st prkg., remod. kit, new appls. & carp. Near 84. $850. Call 203-528-3595

WATERBURY East End Spacious 2BR, 1BR & Effic. Fully appl on bus line.Call 203-927-3480 WATERBURY heart of Town Plot, 1st fl, 2BR, off-st pkg, Wtr & appls incl. $900/mo+sec. 203-560-6367 WATERBURY LARGE new modern, 2BR, prkg $875. Call 914-489-7115. 22 KNOLL STREET. WATERBURY Town Plot 5 rooms, 2 bdrms, 2nd flr., 1 car garage, no appls., no pets. 203-753-2434 aft 4pm WATERTOWN 4BR apt. near Rte 8. Off st prkg. WD hkup, $975/mo. sec. dept, 1st mo. 860-567-8594

WATERTOWN Avail Immediately, 2 apts, each features 5rms, 2brs, Stove & Refrig, W/D HU, Off St Prkg, Water + Garbage Incl, $750 mo + Utils, Sec & Ref Req.

Houses for rent NORTHFIELD- 3BR., 2 BA, log home with views. Appl, large yard, private. $1250 Call 203-509-2828 PROSPECT 6 rm. apartment NAUGATUCK 9 rm house for rent Call 203-400-0668, 203-723-2448 SOUTHBURY- 3 BR Ranch, attached 1 car garage, $1200/mo. + utilities. Call 203482-3062 SOUTHBURY- Lake Zoar dock! $975 SOUTHBURY- Country Setting! $1400 PROSPECT- Country, walk to everything! $1125 SOUTHBURY- Walk to River Park! $1650 WATERBURY- Conv. area! $900 WOODBRIDGE- Tranquil, private $1250

BRISTOL: 2 br. newly renovated, Large living & dining rm., patio. appl., hdwd fls, storage, private, near Rt.84 & 72. $1100. 860-919-0356. PLANTVILLE 3 bd. 1 ½ ba. Finished basement. Completely remodeled. Granite tops. $1500mo. 814-280-2907.

WATERBURY 1BR units 860-256-7115 $675 Bucks Hill Rd gar. avail, busline $550 Colonial Av 2d Fl busline no pets WATERBURY 2 BR, T/H 1.5 BA, Fin basement. All electric. Angel Drive, $900/mo call 917-346-3594 WATERBURY Countrywood, 2BR recently renovated., WD , $1100/mo. Call 203-509-5193 Avail. December

WATERBURY 3BR w/lg kit, quiet area off Lakewood Rd., Sec. 8 ok $1025/mo 203755-8486/203-910-4551 WATERBURY 4BR 2 BA, charming house, appl. incl. 3 stories, ref. No pets Sec. 8 OK 860-982-3311

WATERBURY Houses for rent 3 & 4BR avail. $900-$1200/mo. Call 203-419-6470 WOLCOTT 3RM cottage. Hitchcock Lake area. Gas heat, 1 mi. to I84. $750. sec. & cr. ck. 203-879-1830 WOLCOTT- Hitchcock Lake Brand new 2 BR house. $995/mo + dep. Call 203-270-9536

Roommates NAUGATUCK 20x12 room, priv. bath, WiFi, HDTV, W/D, util incl, $500/mo+ sec. Call Joey 203-233-3472 High St. WATERBURY $370/MO + 1mo sec. 1/3 util call 203-437-2777 for more info WATERBURY quiet 2BR 1.5 ba condo to share w/mature, responsible adult. $135/wk+sec 203-257-3161

WATERBURY East End 2BR, appls., prkg, w/w carp, quiet area. no pets. $725 plus sec. dep. 860-274-5048 WATERBURY East End super nice 2BR. 1.5 ba., w/huge deck, new flrs., DW. & WD hkup. Quiet loc. on dead end. $800/mo. 203-879-1937

WATERBURY HIGHLAND HILLS (Brand New) 1300SF, 2BR, 2.5 ba., frplc., hdwd flrs. granite kit., brand new appls. Gas hot air heat, CA, utils. not incl'd. 1 yr. lease. 2 mo. sec. plus cr. ck. No pets. $1300. 203-753-3352

WATERBURY spacious 1BR, WD hkup, & deck. No pets. $725. 2 car tandem gar avail. $50/mo sec. 203-206-5471 WATERBURY / WOLCOTT LINE Nice spac apt 2BR, 1½BA. EIK. storage, H/ HW incl., $850 203-755-2197

Garages for rent

AFFORDABLE Clean & Organize GREAT GIFT IDEA Call Laura ~ 203-565-2492

Rooms PROSPECT 1BR clean, large kit., LR, AC, washer, handicap access, smoking welcome. $600. incl. all utils. Sec. needed. 203-217-7210 WATERBURY room for rent in family home, furnished, For details call 203-510-3654 WATERBURY- rooms for rent in 4 BR apt. Heat, cable & hot water incl. start: $125/ week Call 203-223-2397 WOLCOTT room for rent Utils, private prkg., private bathrm. $145/wk. 203206-4527

Vacation rentals

ONE WEEK at the largest timeshare in the world. Orange Lake is right next to Disney and has many amenities including golf, tennis and a water park. Weeks available are in March and April, 2012. $850 inclusive. Call Carol at 978-371-2442 or email:

HUD FORESCLOSURES Beacon Falls 3br condogar $129.9k Derby 3br cape 1.5 ba Naug 3br condo 45k 4 more avail. Torr 3 condos from 65k 3 fam. 100k Wtby 16 avail 1,2,3 fam from 27.5k VIEIRA AGENCY ~ 203-729-4561

POLISH-ENGLISH SPEAKING WOMAN Can clean your house/office with care. 2nd cleaning 50% off. Satisfaction guaranteed. Insured, bonded, references. 860-538-4885.

WATERTOWN Pondview to Loop to Overlook Contact Pat, Owner/Broker Road Complete 860-274-5771 ~ 561-339-9858

Out-of-state properties NYS & ADIRONDACKS Rustic Cozy Cabin w/5 acres $19,995. Over 150 new properties & camps. Minutes to state game lands. New survey, clear title, fully guaranteed. For cozy cabin details call 800-229-7843. Or visit

Commercial For Sale, Rent or Lease Commercial Property HARWINTON 2 offices approx. 300sf. ea w/shops space of 1400sf. 12x12OH door. Ideal service co. Loc. high traffic hwy 860-485-1914

OFFICE FOR RENT: Approx. 800 sq. ft. Prime location directly across from Bristol Plaza. $700 mo. Call Frank 860-584-8300. WATERBURY Store for rent 2600SF reasonable rent. Main road. Must have business certificate. Call 860-845-2294 WATERBURY Store for rent 2600SF reasonable rent. Main road. Must have business certificate. Call 860-845-2294

Service Directory

WATERBURY 40x18, 12x12 doors $600 Avail now, all fenced. 203-574-4050

Houses for rent BETHLEHEM 2BR, 2 BA. quiet cul-de-sac, Priv. lake community, handi-cap access F/P, full bsmt, oil ht, w/d hkup Pet neg. $1350. 203-266-5619

NAUGATUCK 3BR house for rent. West side. $1400/mo. Call Vieira Agency, 203-729-4561

Asphalt paving

ALL SEASONS TREE REMOVAL Bucket & chipper serv. 24 hr storm damage. Est, Ins'd. 860-945-0001 ACCURATE ELECTRIC for all your electrical needs. Fully insured. Lic. E1. #189172. Free est. 203-509-7027

Hauling services


ED THE TREE MAN LLC Large Takedown Specialist, 75' Bucket truck, Stump grinding, Chipper & 24 Hr Emergency Serv CT Lic. Arborist #S-4565 Free Est./Ins. (203) 758-0261

Home improvement ARE YOU PAYING High prices for Home Improvement? Don't! Z-The Handyman specializes: Interior, exterior, remodeling, repair, painting, floors, decks, power washing etc. No job too big or small. Call (860) 690-2855. Ask for John. Reg.#581478.

PAINTING Sheetrock, Repairs, Texture Ceil. Water Damage. #629556 Ken 860483-1183

Landscaping & lawns A Second Pair of Hands 203-263-5024 Fall Cleanups & mowing. Assemble projects 203-558-3562 ABILITY FALL CLEANUP leaf pickup, gutters cleaned, trim hedges, hemlocks 203-753-2870 FALL CLEANUP leaves, brush, gutters, dump runs & fall plantings. 203-841-7110 203-558-5753

SUNVIEW LANDSCAPING LLC -Fall Clean-ups -Gutter Clean-outs -Curbside Leaf Pick-up Call 203-754-9092 Fully Insured

THE FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH UCC in Bristol welcomes all people to join in Christian community, praising God, sharing our gifts, and nurturing our faith lives. No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, You Are Welcome Here! Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24th 4:30pm All-Ages Service with Pageant & 10:30pm Candlelight Communion Service Christmas Day, Sunday, December 25th, 10am Worship 31 Maple Street, Bristol, CT

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Real Estate Section


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Legal public notice SOUTHINGTON ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS LEGAL NOTICE At their Regular Meeting of November 22, 2011 the Southington Zoning Board of Appeals voted to take the following actions: A. APPROVED APPEAL #5890A, Application of Gino Marcantonio for a 4.8’ side yard setback variance to 10.2’ where 15’ is required under Sections 7A-00 & 15-04 of the Zoning Regulations, 14 Fairway Road, property of Gino Marcantonio in an R-20/25 zone. B. APPROVED WITH STIPULATIONS APPEAL #5891A, Application of VIIIHIII 778 West Street LLC for special exception approval for a hotel liquor license under Sections 4-01.32A & 1505 of the Zoning Regulations, 778 West Street, property of Southington Suites LLC in a B zone. C. APPROVED WITH STIPULATIONS APPEAL #5892A, Application of Artan Korumi for special exception approval to allow applicant to apply to the State of Connecticut for a restaurant liquor license under Sections 401.32A & 15-05 of the Zoning Regulations, 692 West Street, property of 692 West Street LLC in a B zone. D. APPROVED APPEAL #5886A, Application of Michael L. Wilson for a 12’ front yard setback variance to 28’ where 40’ is required; also, a 10’ rear yard setback variance to 10’ where 20’ is required under Sections 7A-00 & 15-04 of the Zoning Regulations, 27 Grove Street, property of Michael L. Wilson in an R-12 zone. Dated this 23rd Day of November, 2011 ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS Robert Salka, Chairman

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Absolutely free FREE GUITAR LESSONS First 3 to sign all levels accepted. Will beat local store prices for 4th and up. Call Andrew 860-878-2227 FREE WOOD PALLETS for burning. Call 860-621-6332 or pick up on street at the end of Mastrianni Place, Plantsville.

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eedd’’ss T T e e l l UUnncc

Got Smarts?

PING PONG TABLE Tailgate Gear . Comes with carry case, net and paddles. 860-583-5941


ALAN LANOUETTE Carpentry LLC New, remodel, siding, kitchen & baths Ins. Lic# 579598. 203-592-8631


JOE ROCCO RUBBISH REMOVAL ABSOLUTE LOWEST PRICE! Bsmt, attic, garage. Estate cleanout, all unwanted items. 8-30 yd rolloffs. Fully ins. Joe Rocco 203-509-3297


One call for all your pavement needs! Visit us online to learn the 7 secrets for choosing a paving contractor CT# 612743. Call 860-945-0873

Special notices




HIGH CEILING 14ft O/H door $500/mo. Office Space available on upper level. Outdoor parking available $50 space/mo. Ideal for winter storage RV's, Boats, Landscaping or construction equip. Surveillance & fenced property. Close to I-84 near Oxford Airpot. Price negot. (203) 267-6780 for details

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Tree care

Carpentry WARM WEATHER is year around in Aruba. The water is safe and the dining is fantastic. Walk out to the beach. 3-bedroom weeks available in May 2012 and more. Sleeps 8. $3500. Email: for more information.

Snowplowing, Home Heating, Holiday Housecleaning

HOME CLEANING: By Service Master. Every surface from A to Z. Duct systems cleaned, plus smoke, soot, water, fire, sewage and oil spills. Call (860) 583-5017 or 860-747-5030.

To ensure a quality job at a fair price. Call 203-879-7551 CT#608488

1,000sf Garage bay for rent



Lots for sale

Y East End updated 3BR, gar WATERBURY $1200-$1250 203-729-2266, 203-805-1680

Condos for rent

Cleaning services

WATERBURY 3BR single family. East End. Virginia Ave. Small charming, prkg, yard. $1150. Call 203-565-3549

860-274-8698 WOLCOTT 2BR, 1200 sq. ft., yard use, priv. deck, all util incl cable, Avail now call 203-879-6976 lv. msg.

Real Estate For Sale


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Apartments for rent

The Step Saver/ The Observer


Friday, December 2, 2011

Snowplowing CREST PLOWING & SANDING Prkg lots/ driveway. Walkways shoveled. Payloader service. 7 trucks. Reasonable CT#613421. 203-509-6395

DRIVEWAYS PLOWED $30 & UP CALL 203-228-8512

WOODEN PALLETS Assorted sizes. You pick up anytime at Step Saver/Observer, 213 Spring Street, Southington.

Lost & found

1. Danielle Steel’s 2. Virginia Slims

LOST DOG Mini Pinsher, black and tan on red stone St. Southington Name is Boss.Reward call 8609852721

Special notices DISH NETWORK, Delivers more for less! Packages starting at $24.99/mo. Local channels included. Free HD for life! Free Blockbuster movies for 3 months. now! 1-800727-0305.

3. World War One 4. The Star of Bethlehem 5. The Persian Gulf War 6. The Big Bang Theory 7. Tabasco 8. Lauren Bacall 9. Peaches 10. The Sex Test Look inside The Classifieds every week for Uncle Ted’s Trivia Find answers in these Classifieds. 12/02


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The Step Saver/ The Observer

Friday, December 2, 2011

Plainville Observer Dec. 2, 2011  
Plainville Observer Dec. 2, 2011  

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