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Volume 16, Number 23

New exhibit at historic center By Devin Leith-Yessian The Citizen

A new exhibit at the Plainville Historic Center traces the town’s evolution from a farming community.

The display includes artifacts such as a glass rolling pin that could be filled with ice to keep dough from sticking. A few of the more obscure items are in their own case, without any description, to allow visitors to take a guess.

Lemonade stand hits milestone By Devin Leith-Yessian The Citizen

So many years of lemonade stands have gone by that Nico Fasold, 14, doesn’t remember a time when he wasn’t serving up cups to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“I think people will be surprised by how much this town has in its history,” said Nancy Eberhardt, president of the local historical society. The exhibit is open for tours Wednesdays between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. and Saturdays between 1 and 3 p.m. and runs until Aug. 25. The center is located at 29 Pierce St.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Canal Room at Plainville Historic Center on Pierce Street gives a long history of the Farmington Canal in Plainville. File photo

person of the 150th Anniversary Celebration Committee, said the committee is working with downtown businesses to coordinate involvement in the tour. Preparations for the picnic the next day are also progressing well, he said.

The historic center will also be open for the town’s 150th anniversary celebration on Saturday, July 20. It will be one of the 16 stops on bus and walking tours of historical sites around town. The tours will be leaving from the Town Hall between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

At Plainville Stadium, Don Moon will have some of the Plainville Historic Center. cars he used to race around the quarter mile track, which that grew up in town – and closed in 1980. don’t live in town – will The date for the picnic – July come back for the Petit road 21 – is the same as the annu- race and stick around for the al Petit Family 5K Road picnic,” Gediman said. Race.

Benjamin Gediman, chair-

“Our hope is a lot of people


This summer marks the 10th year that the Plainville resident will hold his well-known lemonade stand fundraiser in front of his Northwest Drive home. “I can’t really process 10 years, because that’s such a long time,” said Fasold, who will be setting up his stand, once again, on Saturday, July 13. “That’s my whole life. It’s crazy for me, because I’ve been doing this forever.” Fasold, who will be a sophomore at Plainville High School in the fall, explained what has kept his lemonade stand effort going for so long. “Just the feeling that I get when these ‘wish’ kids come back to

Nico Fasold will host his annual lemonade stand fundraiser this weekend. All proceeds go to the Make-AWish Foundation.

the lemonade stand (summer after summer) … it’s amazing,” he said. To keep ahead of the crowds that are anticipated, Fasold and his father, Kyle, have bought enough supplies to make around 40 gallons of lemonade. The younger Fasold estimates they went through around 32 gallons last year. To mark the lemonade stand’s decade anniversary, See Nico, A8



The Plainville Citizen |

Thursday, July 11, 2019

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The Plainville Citizen |

Thursday, July 11, 2019 ADVERTISEMENT


On self-care, was I wrong? Nope By John M. Jaramillo

Previously in this column, I wrote about mental health, breaking down how each of us could be dealing with its challenges, maybe unknowingly, in the form of everyday stress. Then, yes, I stressed the importance of your own needs – what you want and require to feel truly fulfilled and healthy. And that, yes, it's a matter of self-care.

Special Needs Trusts The best and most comprehensive option to protect a loved one is to set up a special needs trust (also called a supplemental needs trust). These trusts allow beneficiaries to receive inheritances, gifts, lawsuit settlements, or other funds and yet not lose their eligibility for certain government programs, such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The trusts are drafted so that the funds will not be considered to belong to the beneficiaries in determining their eligibility for public benefits.

You’ve seen this play out in your life already, though. You’ve probably tweaked past advice you’ve received to fit your own experiences and circumstances. Advice, whether it’s the timing, steps See Jaramillo, A5

There are three main types of special needs trusts: • A first-party trust is designed to hold a beneficiary’s own assets. While the beneficiary is living, the funds in the trust are used for the beneficiary’s benefit, and when the beneficiary dies, any assets remaining in the trust are used to reimburse the government for the cost of medical care. These trusts are especially useful for beneficiaries who are receiving Medicaid, SSI or other needs-based benefits and come into large amounts of money, because the trust allows the beneficiaries to retain their benefits while still being able to use their own funds when necessary.


• The third-party special needs trust is most often used by parents and other family members to assist a person with special needs. These trusts can hold any kind of asset imaginable belonging to the family member or other individual, including a house, stocks and bonds, and other types of investments. The third-party trust functions like a first-party special needs trust in that the assets held in the trust do not affect a beneficiary’s access to benefits and the funds can be used to pay for the beneficiary’s supplemental needs beyond those covered by government benefits. But a third-party special needs trust does not contain the “payback” provision found in first-party trusts. This means that when the beneficiary with special needs dies, any funds remaining in the trust can pass to other family members, or to charity, without having to be used to reimburse the government. • A pooled trust is an alternative to the first-party special needs trust. Essentially, a charity sets up these trusts that allow beneficiaries to pool their resources with those of other trust beneficiaries for investment purposes, while still maintaining separate accounts for each beneficiary’s needs. When the beneficiary dies, the funds remaining in the account reimburse the government for care, but a portion also goes towards the non-profit organization responsible for managing the trust.

And, hey, some of those ideas may actually work for some while not for others. (#freethemangoes)

Here’s the difference between me and the mango-meet-face people: How you do self-care is up to you! That’s why in the previous column I never suggested exactly what self-care looks like. Different actions yield different results for different people. And that’s why coaching is generalist work … to start. No coach can arrive with a bag full of tricks, guaranteeing a 100 percent success rate. (So, I possess no mangoes, movie tickets, or restaurant gift certificates.) To reinforce everyone’s uniqueness, in my presentations and writings, I always convey that what I’m sharing is general advice and possible options to get you thinking.

Not everyone has a large chunk of money that can be left to a special needs trust, so life insurance can be an essential tool. If you’ve established a special needs trust, a life insurance policy can pay directly into it, and it does not have to go through probate or be subject to estate tax. Be sure to review the beneficiary designation to make sure it names the trust, not the child. You should make sure you have enough insurance to pay for your child’s care long after you are gone. Without proper funding, the burden of care may fall on siblings or other family members. Using a life insurance policy will also guarantee future funding for the trust while keeping the parents’ estate intact for other family members. When looking for life insurance, consider a second-to-die policy. This type of policy only pays out after the second parent dies, and it has the benefit of lower premiums than regular life insurance policies.

Weigh Your Options: understanding medical

weight loss

ABLE Account An Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) account allows people with disabilities who became disabled before they turned 26 to set aside up to $15,000 a year in tax-free savings accounts without affecting their eligibility for government benefits. This money can come from the individual with the disability or anyone else who may wish to give him money.

This FREE informational seminar will focus on: • • •

Non-surgical weight loss programs Physician supervised low calorie diet option How the program has helped hundreds of people lose weight and change their lives

Created by Congress in 2014 and modeled on 529 savings plans for higher education, these accounts can be used to pay for qualifying expenses of the account beneficiary, such as the costs of treating the disability or for education, housing and health care, among other things. ABLE account programs have been rolling out on a state-by-state basis, but even if your state does not yet have its own program, many state programs allow out-of-state beneficiaries to open accounts.

Thursday, July 25 | 6–7:30 pm

Although it may be easy to set up an ABLE account, there are many hidden pitfalls associated with spending the funds in the accounts, both for the beneficiary and for her family members. In addition, ABLE accounts cannot hold more than $100,000 without jeopardizing government benefits like Medicaid and SSI. If there are funds remaining in an ABLE account upon the death of the account beneficiary, they must be first used to reimburse the government for Medicaid benefits received by the beneficiary, and then the remaining funds will have to pass through probate in order to be transferred to the beneficiary’s heirs.

Hartford HealthCare HealthCenter 406 Farmington Avenue, 2nd Floor, Farmington Presenter: Thomas Lane, MD, FACP

Get Help With Your Plan

is board certified in internal medicine and specializes in medical weight loss.

However you decide to provide for a child with special needs, proper planning is essential. We are hear to assist you with planning a comprehensive estate plan. Robert Scalise is a partner of Ericson Scalise & Mangan PC. Practicing Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Asset Protection Planning. Call 860-515-3399 for a consultation.

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It’s like when people say the Golden Rule – do unto others … – is wrong, and that

Life Insurance


I agreed completely. That being said, I still think self-care is a priority.

Tips on Creating an Estate Plan that Benefits a Child with Special Needs Parents want their children to be taken care of after they die. But children with disabilities have increased financial and care needs, so ensuring their long-term welfare can be tricky. Proper planning by parents is necessary to benefit the child with a disability, including an adult child, as well as assist any siblings who may be left with the caretaking responsibility.

the Platinum Rule ( … as they would have you do unto them) should be used instead. But how can you know what someone needs from the get-go, without first getting to know them?

Well, one reader responded by sharing links to some selfcare articles, voicing their frustration with how ridiculous self-care advice can be. The advice ranged from ditching your kids with a babysitter to go to a movie or restaurant, to rubbing mango on your face. (#notjudging)

The person assured me their gripe wasn't with me, but with how self-care advice is oftentimes impractical.



The Plainville Citizen |

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Local student puts on kids’ engineering camp Ah, those summer days that conjure up lazy images of lounging on the beach, swinging in a hammock and binge-watching Netflix. But for one Kingswood Oxford student, the summer also included running a one-week engineering camp in her hometown of Plainville for 20 fourth, fifth and sixth graders. Incoming senior Ella Schwartz conceived, executed and funded the tuitionfree camp, which ran June 24-28, through Kingswood

Oxford’s Jaime Garfield ’00 Grant, which supports student endeavors related to community service. Last summer while driving home from visiting colleges, Schwartz began thinking of her journey to Kingswood Oxford. While she was a middle school student in Plainville, she was active in the school's robotics program and wanted to give back to her community. Schwartz developed the idea of the camp and presented it to the Plainville superinten-

dent of schools, who greenlighted the project. She then applied for the grant through K.O., which paid for building materials and t-shirts sporting the line: “I build robots. What’s your superpower?” Schwartz ran the seven-hour program with her mother, a faculty advisor for the town’s robotics team, three junior counselors from the middle school team and K.O. classmate Michael Doyle. Admittedly, there was some degree of chaos, but Schwartz remarked that the

camp was designed for students to work through challenges. “The point is not necessarily for the design to be successful. We gave minimal instruction so that the students needed to struggle and learn how to be a positive community member,” Schwartz said. One engineering challenge included building the highest tower in 18 minutes using only 15 pieces of spaghetti and one meter of tape to allow one standard marshmallow to sit aloft. In

another exercise, the students constructed a chair using newspapers and tape on which they could sit. The campers also built robots using the Vex IQ program. “We didn’t want the students to be frustrated and at their wits' end. We wanted them to work with known and unknown facts and see if they could solve some of the unknowns,” Schwartz said. See Camp, A6

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The Plainville Citizen |

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Girl Scout earns Gold Award Girl Scout Rosa Arini earned the Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouting. She was recognized at the organization’s Gold Award Celebration on June 2, at Cascades in Hamden. The Gold Award requires Girl Scouts in grades 9-12 to spend at least 80 hours researching issues, assessing community needs and resources, building a team and making a sustainable impact in the community. A Gold Award Girl Scout’s accomplishments reflect leadership and citizenship skills that set her apart as a community leader. Nationally, only 6 percent of older Girl Scouts earn the Gold Award. Arini noticed the problem of homelessness in her community and decided to min-

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From A3

ister to the needs of the local homeless by collecting baskets filled with basic supplies.

taken, or emotion or confidence used, etc., is not one-size-fits-all. That’s where accountability comes in. You need to want to get better. No one can do that for you. It can start with a partnership, yes, but we all must demonstrate how important our own lives and work are to us. We have to show we mean business, and that we want the best for ourselves.

Arini encourages her neighborhood to actively combat homelessness, designing a “Baskets of Love” drive which she hopes will become an annual fixture. A graduate of the Sports and Medical Sciences Academy, Arini now studies at Central Connecticut State University. For more information about the Gold Award or how to become a Gold Award volunteer or mentor, visit

The same work applies



Medicare 101:

Understanding Your Options

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Medicare Supplement Plans

Prescription Drug Coverage

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Teenage Turtles Night Presented by ConnectiCon Whalers Alumni Weekend Presented by UConn Health Los Chivos Bobblehead Presented by Watch For Me CT

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July 12 -14


John M. Jaramillo is leadership coach and development consultant based and living in Plainville. You can reach him at johnmjaramillo@


860-632-PAVE (860) 632-9062


I’ve been meaning to write a column about advice, and how you need to determine what’s best for you. I guess I just did.


FULLY INSURED Licensed Contractor FULLY INSURED Licensed Contractor Commercial & Residential Commercial & Residential FREE ESTIMATES • 7 Days• 7a Week FREE ESTIMATES days a week

July 11th

to self-care. When it comes to the work needed, I can’t customize my writing to each reader. I keep it general, so it falls on you to review what I write, assess your own circumstances, reach out with any questions, decide what works best for you, and get to work.





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6/25/19 11:17 AM


The Plainville Citizen |

Thursday, July 11, 2019


talk them through it so they could have more constructive conversations. Towards From A4 the end of the week, you would overhear their discus“I enjoyed seeing the growth sions with one another: ‘I of the students. The first like that idea, but here’s anchallenge was really difficult, other way we can solve it.’ and one table stopped We had a lot of fun, and I building because they were saw a lot of change in them so overwhelmed. I tried to in just one week.” Schwartz doesn't plan on taking it easy any time soon. She will attend a one-week engineering camp at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign to study material science engineering, a combination of chemistry and physics, that delves into understanding the atomic level of materials.

Michael Doyle and Ella Schwartz.

“This camp will help me confirm if this is something that I want to pursue,” she said. -- Press Release

Engineering camp participants.

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The Plainville Citizen |

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Mary Poppins landing in town

Republican candidates sought

Anniversary celebration

No Boundaries Youth Theater will bring a “supercalifragilistic” musical to life as it produces Disney’s Mary Poppins Jr. this month in Plainville.

The Plainville Republican Town Committee is seeking candidates for the upcoming November municipal election. Positions to be endorsed include Board of Education, Town Council and Constables. Plainville residency is required for candidates.

The Plainville community will commemorate the town’s 150th anniversary with two days of familyfriendly events planned for Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21. The events will take place rain or shine.

Based on one of the most popular Disney films of all time and the Broadway musical that played for over 2,500 performances, Disney's Mary Poppins Jr. is a perfect musical experience for young actors and audiences of all ages. Nearly fifty children and teens from throughout Connecticut will participate on stage and behind the scenes.

The PRTC will meet on Wednesday, July 17, 7 p.m., at the Plainville Municipal Center, Room 302.

Anniversary events begin July 20 with a guided, narrated bus tour of 20 historic Plainville sites in existence in 1869, the year the town was incorporated.

Contact Helen Bergenty at 860-302-3783 with questions regarding the endorsement meeting.

Buses will leave the Municipal Center parking lot starting at 10 a.m. and will run every half-hour until the last

Mary Poppins Jr. will be performed at Plainville High School, 47 Robert Holcomb Way. The show will play Friday, July 26, 7 p.m.; Saturday, July 27, 7 p.m.; and Sunday, July 28, 2 p.m. Ticket prices are $13 for adults and $11 for children, students and seniors.

departure at 3 p.m. For those who prefer to take the tour independently, a tour map and brochure will be available. The fun continues July 21 with the Chip’s Family Restaurant 5K Road Race to benefit the Petit Family Foundation. Registration runs from 7 to 8:30 a.m., with a Kids’ Fun Run kicking off at 8:30 and the 5K Race/ Fitness Walk starting at 9.


An old-fashioned family picnic at Norton Park will follow from 12 to 4 p.m. Picnicgoers will enjoy a variety of food trucks selling burgers and hot dogs, sausage & pepper grinders, fried dough and old-fashioned ice cream. Also, attendees can enjoy live music at the bandshell, games, activities and swimming.


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exercise to relieve symptoms

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6/21/19 11:44 AM


The Plainville Citizen |

Thursday, July 11, 2019


Plainville Police Blotter St., violation of a protective order, second-degree assault, first-degree reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct, 11:36 p.m.

Arrests reported by the Plainville Police: May 13 Marcin Mack, 34, 236 East St., possession with intent to sell, possession of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, no time given.

Eduardo Dejesus-Quinones, 42, LKA 15 Mather St., Hartford, sixth-degree larceny, fifth-degree larceny, 8 p.m.

May 15 Jonathan W. Whistnant, 32, 63 Wooding St., Bristol, sec- Jazmin Reyes, 24, 525 Tolond-degree failure to appear, land St., East, possession with intent to sell, posses4:30 p.m. sion of controlled substance, Jordan S. Critchley, 38, 2189 possession of drug paraScott Road, Cheshire, failure phernalia, operating under to have insurance, operating suspension, failure to have unregistered motor vehicle, insurance, operating unreg9 a.m. istered motor vehicle, misuse of plates, 10:30 a.m. May 14 Joshua Jackson, 29, 146 Milford St., Ext., second-degree breach of peace, third-degree assault, strangulation/ suff. third-degree, seconddegree unlawful restraint, 11:44 p.m.

Richard A. Marks, 56, 130 Griswold St., New Britain, operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, 9:50 p.m. Daniel J. Rubino, 58, 5 Kent

Dale J. Quereux, 47, 97 New Britain Ave., second-degree larceny, 11:23 p.m. Milo Mazurick, 62, 337 Flanders Road, disorderly conduct, 7:14 p.m. May 16 Edwin T. DeJesus, 28, 155 Shawn Drive, Bristol, fifth-degree larceny, conspiracy to commit fifth-degree larceny, 7:40 p.m. Jordon M. St. PaulJones, 19, 7 Helen St., third-degree assault, breach of peace, 6 p.m. Sebastian A. Anton-Victor, 18, 40 Lena Ave., third-degree assault, second-degree breach of peace, third-degree criminal mischief, 10:39 a.m. May 17 Gregory R. Coley, 45, 760 Hillside Ave., Hartford, possession of controlled substance, 7:15 p.m.


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The key to the event’s success, she believes, is Fasold’s ability to garner the support From A1 of his neighbors, friends and an expanded slate of treats is the community at-large. planned for this year. The The stand runs from 10 a.m. revised menu into 2 p.m., but Fasold said no cludes snickerdoodle cookone will be turned away. ies, fritters, funnel cakes, The lemonade stand popcorn and snow cones. fundraiser will also feature Customers pay what they air-brush tattoos, balloon can, and all proceeds go to animals and a touch-a-truck the Make-A-Wish Foundacomposed of fire trucks, potion. lice cruisers and two monThe foundation aims to ster trucks from Carilli help children with critical Brothers Motorsports, a illnesses be granted a wish. team that takes its vehicles out on tour to raise aware“Even if you can’t contribute, come down and en- ness of cancer. Local racer Mike Christopher Jr., son of joy yourself,” said Kyle Falate NASCAR driver Ted sold. Christopher, also will be The lemonade stand has paying a visit. raised more than $80,000 Dozens of volunteers join over the past nine years the Fasold family to help – the equivalent of keep everything running about eight wishes, according to Carin Buckman, com- smoothly each year, including a contingent from the munications manager for Enfield Kohl’s, which has the Connecticut branch of sent a group of volunteers the Make-A-Wish Foundathe past few years. tion. “We’ve had so many people Fasold has set a goal of reach out to us to volunteer. reaching $100,000, in total, We never turn away a volunbefore he graduates from teer, there’s so much to do,” high school. Kyle Fasold said. “It’s really “I believe this is the single the community that does it. largest fundraiser run by an People want to be part of individual, and especially by something special, and they a youth, in the state of Con- know that this is special.” necticut,” Buckman said. dleithyessian@


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The Plainville Citizen |

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Winemakers will compete at Italian-American Festival

Letters to the Editor Heartfelt thanks Editor :

By Jesse Buchanan Record-Journal staff

The YMCA PHS Project Graduation Committee 2019 would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all of the local businesses and volunteers for their yearround support to make this year’s celebration a success.

SOUTHINGTON — Local amateur vintners will compete in a wine-making contest at the Italian-American Festival later this month. While he’s not entering his wine, contest organizer Luigi Barbato is among those who buy or grow grapes and make wine at home.

Thank you to Mr. Johnson and the PHS staff, Chris Roy and her amazing staff at Wheeler YMCA, Plainville Rotary Club, First Congregational Church Thrift Shop, Elizabeth Norton Luigi Barbato, a Southington resident and organizer of the Italian-American Festival’s winemaking contest, pours grapes into a crusher at his home. Courtesy of Antonietta Barbato

His wife Antonietta Barbato is president of Sorelle d’Italia and a festival co-director. She said the contest is still gathering applicants.

David Zoni, a festival organizer, said this year the event will feature some new food vendors, such as a food truck from Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale. Entertainment includes New York-based Italian singer Biagio, a Frankie Valli tribute band – Jersey Four – and New England’s Head Over Heels, a show band. “We’re looking forward to a good festival,” Zoni said. 203-317-2230 Twitter: @JBuchananRJ

Letters Policy Email letters to; mail to 500 South Broad St., Meriden, CT 06450 or fax to 203639-0210. The Citizen will print only one letter per person each month. Letters should be approximately 300 words. We reserve the right to edit letters. Letters should be on topics of general interest to the community. Names of businesses are not allowed. Letters must be signed and names will appear in print. Include a phone number so The Citizen can contact you for verification. Letters must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Friday to be considered for publication the following Thursday.

Siding and Roofing • Replacement Windows ROOFING & SIDING Gutters and Decks • Additions

Replacement • Gutters (860) Windows 667-2160 Decks • Additions

Free Estimates Licensed & Insured Lic. #00556269


Christine Millette and Stevie Centurelli 2019 Project Graduation Committee


The festival is scheduled for July 26, 27 and 28 on Center Street. Homemade wine will be judged and prizes awardA group of dancers from ed on July 27, a Saturday, at Sorelle d’Italia, including 2 p.m. Antonietta Barbato, will The contest, in its 12th year, again be doing a traditional gets between 40 and 50 en- Italian dance. Last year the group did the Tarantella. tries from locals. Most age their wine about a year, ac“It was exciting for us,” she cording to Barbato. Grapes said. “Last year they said it bought in the fall are was the highlight of the festimashed and the juice ferval.” mented in a glass jug or steel container. The festival will also have a children’s carnival, booths, How long to age the wine food vendors and live enterdepends on the grapes, Bartainment. On Sunday, there bato said. Some wines are will be a Mass in Italian and better if aged longer, which then a procession with a Barbato found out by asking statue of the Madonna Della professional vintners in Italy Strada. and the United States. The festival will run 5 to 11 “I’ve been to a lot of vinep.m. on Friday, 1 to 11 p.m. yards,” he said. “The more on Saturday and noon to 6 you ask, the more you p.m. on Sunday. learn.”

The Sons of Italy, UNICO and Sorelle d’Italia sponsor the festival, which is in its 15th year.

Trust, Mr. PHS Committee, Flamingo Flocking Committee, PHS Art Club, PHS Athletic Backers, Mikayla Wells, Christopher St. Lawrence, Zumbathon instructors, and last but certainly not least all of our amazing volunteers throughout the year (who we can’t possibly list by name, but would love to). So many of you gave countless hours to make this year’s event a huge success. Thank you again!




Free Estimates Licensed & Insured Lic. #00556269



Plainville’s oldest funeral home with over 130 years of serving the community. Blaire L. Bouchard – Paul G. Belval, Funeral Directors 48 Broad Street Plainville, CT 06062 • 860-747-2295 •


Northeast Produce in Plainville sponsors the contest and has presses that can mash grapes for those without equipment at home. Barbato said he uses the company’s California grapes.



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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Legal Notices & Classifieds

Reach over 310,000 readers. Call us today 203-238-1953

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PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION PLAINVILLE, CONNECTICUT On Tuesday June 25, 2019, the Plainville Planning and Zoning Commission took the following actions:   APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS a Special Exception for a Moderate Home Occupation for Pamela Kristoff at 9 Cornell Street in a R-11 Zone.   APPROVED a Special Exception for two signs for Jeffrey Perzan at 112 New Britain Avenue in a GC Zone.   APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS a Site Plan Modification for Jeffrey Perzan at 110 New Britain Avenue in a GC Zone.   Respectfully submitted, Matthew Weimer, Secretary, Plainville Planning and Zoning Commission.  Dated at Plainville, CT this 25th day of June 2019. R218555


TOWN COUNCIL PUBLIC HEARING JULY 15, 2019 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Plainville Town Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, July 15, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the Municipal Center, 1 Central Square in Plainville, Connecticut, to consider the following matter:   Proposed ordinance entitled “Ordinance Appropriating $5,000,000 For the Phase II Road and Related Improvements Program, And Authorizing The Issue Of Bonds And Notes In The Same Amount To Finance The Appropriation”.    A copy of the proposed ordinance is on file and available for public inspection during normal business hours in the office of the Town Clerk and at the Plainville Public Library.   Dated at Plainville, Connecticut, this 11th day of July, 2019.   PLAINVILLE TOWN COUNCIL   By_________________________ Carol A. Skultety Town Clerk & Clerk of the Town Council R218101 Autos Wanted

Help Wanted


Early morning warehouse position; necessary training provided. Driver positions also available. Must have valid/current drivers license. Apply at Gulf Shrimp, 240 Atwater Street, Plantsville. CASH PAID For any Toyota any condition, running or not, crashed okay. Will take other makes and models. (203) 600-4431.

AFTERNOON TEACHER - Cromwell, 2:30-5:30, Monday through Friday, July or September start. Call Suzanne, 860 635-3485 or email

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


Wanted To Buy


ADMINISTRATIVE/ SERTA LIFT COMFORT RECLINER CHAIR PROGRAM ASSISTANT 1-2 ITEMS: China, Brand new, never used, F/T M-F, exc. benefits, Silverware, Glass. Meter Technician A – Growing law firm located $300. 860.621.2959. at CEDF in Meriden, a Furn., 50’s. Whole EsThe Wallingford Electric in central CT seeks an Small Business Mission tates. 203.238.3499 Division is seeking a experienced Litigation Lender. Admin, dataAppliances Paralegal to handle a va- highly qualified individual base, reception, lending to perform skilled work riety of interesting insurprogram & customer GE - 10,000 BTU air con- AARON’S BUYING on alternating current ance defense claims. Exditioner, $85 obo. Call Old Machinist Tools, service support. Maintain and direct current circellent writing, spelling, 475-775-6669. Lathes, BenchTools, office, supplies and files; proofreading & grammat- cuits, metering devices Hand Tools & more. process loan inquiries, and meter equipment.  ical skills required.  Ideal (203) 525-0608. Lawn and Garden candidates will possess Requires graduation from maintain data in CRM, & administrative support. a high school /trade/ or a four-year degree as HS/additional training, technical school with well as demonstrate ALWAYS BUYING 2-5yrs exp., outstandcourse of study in the strong organizational/ CASH PAID ing computer/customer electrical field and 4 time management skills, Vintage Electronics, service skills a necessity, Musical Instruyears experience as a a thorough understandbilingual (Spanish) a plus, ments, Amps, Ham Meter Technician in an ing of Practice Book, Equipment, HiFi, ability to lift/bend/file. electric utility or related experience gathering, Radios, CB, GuiCL/Res & for full desc. analyzing & summarizing experience.  Experience tars, Audio and training may be discovery/investigament, Antiques. 860-707-9350 substituted on a year for NEWSPAPER DELIVERY tion/medical records, MATERIALS drafting & responding to year basis up to 2 years. ROUTES AVAILABLE DISTRIBUTION $400-$600 - Every 2 motions/pleadings/IRPs, Must have a valid State Screened Topsoil $25 weeks + Tips (Dependof CT Driver’s License.  maintaining deadlines/ ANTIQUES  - Always ing upon area.) per yd; Sand-$15 per $34.08 to $36.24 per calendar. State & Fedbuying old; Toys, Routes available in the yd; Millings-$10 per yd; hour (Wages currentmilitary, jewelry, art, eral Court experience a following towns: MeScreened Millings $14 watches, musical ly under negotiation) plus. Email resume to riden, Wallingford, per yd; Clean Fill $8 instruments, signs, resumes@nuzzo-roberts. plus an excellent fringe Southington, Cheshire, arcade games, Middletown, Middle- per yd: $100 minimum benefit package.  Apply com, No phone calls cameras, pre 1970 field, Durham and Ber- delivery. No pickup truck to:  Human Resources please. sports memorabilservice. Minimum 16 yd lin. Department, Town of ia, plus more. One Make extra cash before pickup at our yard. Call item or entire estate Wallingford, 45 South you go to work making Jim  @ 860-982-4819 for contents.  Call 860Main Street, Wallingford, early morning newsHelp Wanted delivery 718-5132. paper deliveries using CT 06492.  Fax #: (203) your own vehicle. NO 294-2084. Closing date VERY NICE  BELFOR - Property experience necessary. will be July 31, 2019.  SCREENED  Restoration is seeking Must be able to delivEOE.   general laborers to join er early mornings, 7 TOPSOIL our growing team. We days a week starting at Whether it is a $25/yard delivered,  are general contrac2:00 A.M. MUST be delost ring, wallet or tors that specialize in a Parrot named Oliver, pendable, able to read 3 yd, $100 min. delivery  fire and water damage a map and a route list Call Jim 860-982-4819 a Classified ad repairs. Experience is with specific delivery can help track it down. a plus but is not a reinstructions. We will quirement. Call (203) demonstrate the route Miscellaneous For Sale 949-8660 Ext. 700. to you. Routes average 1.5 to 3 hours daily. No CONSEW - #206RB-1 (Japan) High speed sincollections required. gle needle; Compound Not Temp Work, Long Help Wanted walking foot/Needle Term Contracts. feed with stand and Call Vinny at (860) 846motor. $750 or B/O. 6399 before 11 a.m. SINGER #20U33 (Jaand start tomorrow. pan) High speed industrial zig zag machine; Apartments For Rent Single needle with stand and motor. $500 MER  - 3rd fl, 1 BR, renor B/O. 203-238-1993. BUYING MACHINIST ov’d, $575, sep. util., no TOOLBOXES - Tools pets, cred chk,  income Wood Fuel Heating & tooling, contents of verified, owner-broEquipment machine shops, home FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHER/WEB CONTENT ker, 860.621.7503. workshops and small PRODUCER NEEDED. - Cleanest firewood in lathes. Call anytime Stores and Offices For   CT! PRESEASON SALE 860-985-5760 Responsibilities include generating digital content Rent $180/cord delivered. for RJ Media Group Websites, covering local/ high Discount over 4 or picked up. Mike (203) school sports and local news, writing for the web, 631-2211. taking photos, writing cutlines, shooting and editing video, driving digital traffic and promoting user TREE LENGTH engagement through social media. Degree in jour FIREWOOD nalism and 1-3 years of experience required. Valid driver license and vehicle required; or if no license, CALL FOR DETAILS reliable and at-the-ready transportation. 203-238-2149   Interested and qualified candidates submit a reWanted To Buy sume, cover letter, and photography examples to   Beautiful property. 216 Richie Rathsackm Assitant Managing Editor, DigiDEE’S ANTIQUES Center St., Wallingford. 1,2,3 Items or an Estate tal Content and Analytics, Buying Collectibles. Expertly maintained. $$$CA$H$$$ Jewelry & Silver. 1000 sq ft with full   Todd Shamock China. Glass. Military. basement. $1,200 mo RJ Media Group is an EOE committed to a diverse Musical. Anything Old Currently retail clothing/ 203.494.1695Estate Sale workforce and we do not discriminate on the basis Service Costume Jewel& Unusual. Single print production. shop of any protected class or characteristic m/f/d/v. ry, Antiques, paintings, item to an estate. Contact Ellen at   203.235.8431. 203-623-7192 Meriden-made.


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Wanted To Buy

GRASSY HILL AUCTIONS, - an Estate Sale, Liquidation, Attic & Basement Cleanout Company is Always Buying and providing services all over Connecticut. These are just a FEW of the things we are looking for: Antiques, Collectibles, Old/ Vintage Toys, MuWANTED Individual sical Instruments (Saxfirearms, collections & ophones, Trumpets, Violins, Flutes, Clarinets, estates including military Trombone & SO MUCH & related items.Federally MORE) Advertising licensed firearms dealer. Items, Wristwatches Gunsmith, appraisals, (Broken or Not), Pocket Richard Pleines, (860) Watches, Tools (Ma663-2214. chinist, Woodworking, & MORE) Doorstops, Musical Instruments Clocks, Oil Paintings, Instruction Old Signs, Old Photographs, Old Postcards, Brewery Items, Hunting & Fishing, PEZ Dispensers, Costume Jewelry, Broken Jewelry, Gold & Silver Jewelry, Gold & Silver Coins, Military Items, Swords & Bayonets, Helmets & Patches, Medals & Uniforms, Pocket Knives, Lighters & Pipes, FounMusic By Roberta  tain Pens, Mechanical Pencils, Fraternal Order Perform. Instruct voiceall ages+levels. Piano Items, Religious Items, Industrial Items, Winbegin.-interm. chester Items, Sikorsky 860-406-4676. Items, Pratt & Whitney Items, Colt Items, Na- UPRIGHT KNABE PIANO tive American Items, - Excellent. condition, Vintage Electronics, $500. 412-915-2801. Slot Cars, Toy Trucks, Matchbox & Hotwheels, Barbie’s, Folk Pets For Sale Art, Statues, Bronzes, Trains, Cameras, Mid Century Modern Furniture, Straight Razors, Shaving Items, Political Items, Comic Books, Sports Cards & Autographs…& THE LIST GOES ON! So please give us a call at your earliest convenience. Grassy Hill Auctions 203-868-1816 - Grassy MALTESE PUPS (2), male & female, ready to go. $1,000 ea. (860) 329-5623.

GROW YOUR BUSINESS ***NEED EXTRA CASH?*** Always buying coins, gold, silver, antiques, collectibles, estate & broken or unwanted jewelry. Live auction & estate services. Rick’s Antiques & Coins, 428 N. Colony Rd., Rt. 5, Wlfd. 203.269.9888.  ricksantiques

Advertise with us. 203-317-2312

Businesses & Services Attics and Basements Cleaned GARY WODATCH Demolition Svs Sheds, pools, decks, garages, debris removal. Quick, courteous svc. All calls returned. Ins. #566326. Cell, 860-558-5430

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Service LLC All Phases of Electrical Work. 24 hr. Emergency Service. Small Jobs Welcome. 203.237.2122



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Waterlines, sewer, septic, drainage, sidewalks, additions, tank removal, pavers. Lic# 571435, Ins. & refs. Call   (203) 379-0193.


Fence & Ornamental Gates. All types of fence. Res/Comm. AFA Cert. Ins’d. Call John Uvino 203-237-4283. CT Reg #601060.


Specializing in roofing, siding, kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, basement remodeling. Senior citizen discount Insured. Free est. 203-265-5200 HIC#0631937

GUTTERS PLUS 25+yrs. Exp. Call today for Free estimate. 203-440-3535 Ct. Reg. #578887

CLEAN & REMOVE Furniture, appliances, entire contents of: homes, sheds, estates, attics, basements,  garages & more.  *SPRING YARD  Clean-ups*  FREE ESTIMATES.  LIC & INS.  203-535-9817 or  860-575-8218.


POWER WASHING Is Spring Cleaning on THE OUTSIDE FREE Estimates   #569127 Call Kevin  203-440-3279

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JT’S LANDSCAPING LLC, - We specialize in weeding beds, mulching, top soil, hedge & bush trimming . We do all your landscape needs. Top quality work at reasonable prices. #616311, Fully lic. & ins. 203-213-6528

Masonry ALEX MASONRY - 30 yrs. exp. Patios, Ret. Walls, Steps, Brick, Stone, Chimneys. #580443. 203-232-0257 or 203596-0652

AAA - Handyman Service. If it’s broken, If it’s cracked, If it’s rotted, WE CAN FIX IT. One call does it all, 30 yrs exp. Patrick (860) 3789813, HIC.0655666.

AHEARN BUILDERS Additions, Decks, Siding, Doors, Windows, Remodeling. 860.346.0409

GEORGE J MACK & IF YOU Mention SONS - Servicing the This Ad Meriden area since SPRING Yard 1922. Toilet, faucet, Clean-Ups sink & drain repairs. Brush, branches, leaves, Water heater replacestorm damage ments. 15% Sr citizen **JUNK REMOVAL** disc. Member of BBB. 203-238-2820 Appl’s, Furniture, Junk, Debris, etc WE CAN REMOVE ANYTHING Power Washing Entire house to 1 item removed! A-1 Quality FREE ESTIMATES Powerwashing Sr. Citizen Discount Low Rates LIC & INS. Call Dennis 203-535-9817 or 203.630.0008 860-575-8218

JM Lawn Care Lawn Mowing, Junk Removal, Powerwashing, Hedge Trimming, Mulch, any color. Comm. & Residential. 860.796.8168

If they’re dirty! For gutter cleaning, Call Kevin (203) 440-3279 Fully ins. CT# 569127

FREE Market Analysis Senior citizen disc. Mark Gracia - Realtor 203.272.0000 License 0750463 mark.gracia


Gary Wodatch Landscaping. Hedge&tree trimming. Trim overgrown properties. Calls returned. #620397. 860-558-5430


ROOFING, SIDING, WINDOWS, DECKS & REMODELING. 203-639-0032   email: info@   gonzalezconstruction   Fully Licensed & Insured   Reg #577319  

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Yalesville Construction Specializing in all phases of residential & commercial roofing. Senior citizen discount Insured Free est. 203-265-5200 HIC#0631937

Siding VINYL SIDING SPECIAL Ranchs, Capes $7,800. Free est.Repairs. Lic & Ins. w/ ref. Hann’s On 860-563-2001.

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HAVE DUMP TRUCK. Reg. Ins. Free on-site est. Attics, basements, garages, appliances & more. Any questions?



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W. BOOBER MASONRY 25 Years Experience All Types of Masonry CT License #626708 (203) 235-4139

Fence & Ornamental Gates. All types of fence. Res/Comm. AFA Cert. Ins’d. Call John Uvino 203-237-4283. CT Reg #601060.


Home Improvements Yorkies, Yorkipoos, Bullies, Shih Tzu’s, $750+ 860.930.4001

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HOME DOCTOR - 48 years exp. in all trades, we do small odd jobs to remodeling, former US Navy SEAL, 15 years, current member at Masonic Lodge and a Shiner, Senior disc. Ins. #640689, 203.427.7828

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

JIMMY’S MASONRY Over 28 years of exp. Stonewalls, patios, sidewalks, chimneys, pool areas, fireplaces, fire pit steps, all types of masonry work. Free est. (860) 274-4893.

A Better Cut Specializing in tree removal, trimming, chipping & grinding. Call for free estimate.   203-945-1808.

Roofing.Siding.Gutters. Skylights. Chimney Repair. Flashing. #0649808 203.510.3830. 

Gary Wodatch LLC   Tree Removal All calls returned. CT#620397 Quick courteous service. Office 203-235-7723 Cell 860-558-543


Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Plainville Citizen |

Profile for Dan Champagne

Plainville Citizen July 11, 2019  

Plainville Citizen July 11, 2019