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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Council hears charter study committee’s report

Celebrate the holidays Citizen photos by Robin Lee Michel

Santa Claus listens carefully as Jackson Pugliese, 6, tells him he wants a “train track.” Before Santa arrived on a fire truck at the firehouse, the holiday tree was lighted, music groups from Plainville High School performed holiday songs and town officials beckoned in the holidays at the Dec. 1 annual Tree Lighting celebration.

By Robin Lee Michel The Plainville Citizen Residents interested in serving on the town’s Charter Study Commission are encouraged to contact the town manager’s office to make an application before Dec. 31. The first meeting will be held in January. On Monday, the Plainville Town Council unanimously

voted to go ahead with forming the commission after a report was given by Tom Warnat, vice chairman of the Charter Study Committee. Since Aug. 4, seven residents have met six times as a committee to examine the budget process and other provisions of the charter. In making its review, commit-

See Council, page 4

YMCA Livestrong program provides support and motivation

Jane McGinley, left, member of Friends of the Plainville Public Library, reads a holiday story to two young visitors at the open house held at the library. Members of the Plainville Wind Ensemble also performed for the public.

By Julie Sopchak The Plainville Citizen Ask any cancer survivor what it’s like to go through what they have gone through. Through the diagnosis, and then the treatments, which often times can be worse than the disease itself.

Even tales of triumph can be laced with pitfalls of doubt, and physical and emotional wellness can be compromised easily, however, a few of those stories have found themselves to be on the upswing again after par-

See Livestrong, page 26

Three months later, residents still feel Irene’s wrath By Julie Sopchak The Plainville Citizen

For most people, Tropical Storm Irene has become nothing more than a memory of a little more than three months ago. For some residents of Plainville, however, the storm’s damage is still very much a reality, leaving residents of Robert Street Extension displaced after flooding made some homes uninhabitable. Town officials worked to set up temporary housing for displaced residents in hotel

rooms, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency was brought in for inspection. An open forum at Wheeler Elementary School was held for residents to voice their concerns and to explore recovery options. Arthur Screen, whose home is located on the affected street, has been living in a hotel room since his home

has been deemed unlivable after his basement was entirely flooded with six inches of water coming into his living quarters, and his oil tank spilled, leaving the stench of oil more than three months later. “When the flood first happened, I wanted to be in by See Wrath, page 6 Citizen photo by Julie Sopchak

Arthur Screen stands in the kitchen of his home, located on Robert Street Ext. More than three months after Tropical Storm Irene hit, his home is still not in liveable condition.


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, December 8, 2011

Scaling ‘Ol’ Brushtop’ gives perspective on huge cleanup By Ruth Sharp Hummel Special to The Citizen

Wow! It’s another world up there. Plenty of townspeople were cleaning their yards Nov. 27, when I decided to take a look at “Ol Brushtop,” our town landfill at the end of Granger Lane. A steady stream of cars pulling trailers and trucks of all sizes loaded with brush branches and, of course, the ubiquitous leaves were really impressive. Friendly Bobby Fabrizio, in the gatehouse, waved me by with a few greetings and warnings about the mud. Several hard-packed roads and signs get you to the top of the surprisingly high disposal area.

Huge piles of brush, leaves and (I believe) chopped up wood were regimented neatly along the roads. I was there in the early afternoon and Mr. Fabrizio estimated that 150 loads of natural refuse had already come in. He said that there were even more loads on Saturday. The people who were unloading the vehicles all seemed to be enjoying the beautiful day talking and laughing. I was surprised when a number of folks recognized me and called out friendly greetings. Gosh!

That was nice. This was a best “small town” scenario. “Tidy” describes the whole area. I stopped several times in my cruising around to enjoy the great view of the Pequabuck Marsh and the Farmington hills beyond. There is no mess, no odor, nothing but the signs of the October storm and the changing season. Many years ago — that’s many, many years ago when I first starting canoeing — the Pequabuck River and marsh were favorite watery highways for my “Muskwash” and I.

One trip, I was lead canoe of three or four and I had a bad scare! Up ahead I saw what I thought was a dead baby,

dangling face down in the water — I slowed way down, reached out with a paddle See Cleanup, page 23

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Residents back up their vehicles to unload piles of leaves at the transfer station. The Roadways Department estimates 13,000 cubic yards have been discarded thus far this autumn.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011 — The Plainville Citizen

Economic Development Agency announces development incentives

Plainville’s Economic Development Agency wants you to be aware of local business incentives. The EDA is authorized to approve small business loans as a secondary lender where conventional bank products fall short of a firm’s business needs. Interest rates are highly competitive and terms of up to five years can be considered. Chairman Val Dumais proudly remarked, “The EDA has approved a total of $207,000 in small business loans with no defaults to date.” While resources are limited, the agency carefully reviews applications to ensure that the funds will be utilized for their intended purpose: to help grow the local economy. Loan funds have been used for a variety of purposes including equipment purchase, planned expansions and new hires where supported by a sound business plan. Loans must be securitized and are subject to town council ratification. Another local benefit that has met with great success is Plainville’s Tax Incentive

Program. Applicants may apply for a reduced tax rate over a specified period of time for real property improvements. This program is meant to encourage businesses to expand in place, rather than seek to relocate to another locality. The program also permits tax abatement for new construction on raw land. Abatements are considered in accordance with governing State Statutes and may be awarded based on demonstrated and positive economic impacts including additions to the grand list, increased employment, and demonstrable ancillary economic benefits. In the past year alone, more than 37,000 square feet of manufacturing space was constructed where consideration was being given to full relocation. The program convinced existing manufactur-

ers to stay and expand in place. The result: less empty buildings and no loss of jobs within our community. The EDA welcomes all inquiries. In addition to Plainville’s efforts to revitalize the economy, the State of Connecticut has created new business incentives worth mention. On Oct. 26, the State Legislature passed Public Act 11-1, known as the Jobs Bill. The bill was designed to support small business and spur innovation. It also seeks to improve workforce development programs, reduce regulatory headaches, and enhance the state’s existing economic development tools.


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ment, etc.; STEP UP — $10 million/year: subsidized training, early employment and small manufacturer training grant program for new hires; Job Expansion Tax Credits Program ($20 million/year) — consolidates and increases existing credits: Employers receive $500 per month for each new job when they hire — up from $200; incremental credit for hiring the unemployed, disabled, and veterans — $900 per month;


356 Farmington Ave. Rte 10, Plainville, CT 1225363

P O S T M A S T E R: Send address changes to Plainville Citizen, P.O. Box 57, Plainville, CT 06062.

Key elements of the Jobs Bill include: Small Business Express Package — $50 million/year for retention and growth — uses a combination of loans and grants; — revolving loan fund, up to $100,000.00 at 4 percent over five years for equipment and capital; — job creation incentive program, must be in existence for one year, similar terms for training and capital; — job creation matching grant program, up to $100,000 that companies must match 1:1 for training, capital, machinery, equip-


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, December 8, 2011

Council Continued from page 1

tee members took into consideration comments made at the Aug. 29 public hearing and independently in writing. In the final report read by Warnat, the recommendation was made to move ahead with forming the commission. The budget process was at the forefront of all discussions, according to the report. “People who provided

input regarding the budget generally had a similar theme — that is — ‘something needs to be done about the third vote.’” Under the present process, the third budget vote “is meaningless because no changes can be made if the budget is defeated,” according to the report. Recommendations included: eliminating the all-day vote and reverting back to the town meeting format, which allows for voters to participate in the budget discussion; eliminate the all-day vote and

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allow the town council to set the budget, a process that is followed by Southington, Bristol and New Britain; eliminate the third vote and allow the town council to change the budget after the vote if the budget is defeated. Other points followed the models of two towns, Farmington and Glastonbury. In the Farmington model, there are only two referendum votes, before the council can set the budget with the stipulation that it be less than the rejected budget, requiring 15 percent participation, and that the recommended budget can be amended at a town meeting as long as 300 people are present and two-thirds approve any changes.

In the Glastonbury model, the council adopts a budget and sets the mill rate. “If people are unhappy with that decision, a budget referendum petition signed by 8 percent of the voters must be filed within 21 days. There is a maximum of one budget referendum per year,” with other stipulations as well. Three additional items were raised that pertained to a revised budget process, including whether to hold a separate vote for the town and board of education budgets. In the past six years, Farmington has averaged 28.8 percent voter participation with two budget votes. “This has been a long time

coming, hope it gets under way quickly, get some things changed,” said Scott Saunders, councilman and Charter Study Committee member. Other residents who served on the committee were Rick Drezek, chairman and a newly-elected councilman, Christopher Wazorko, councilman, Robert Berube, Bob Cornish and Steve Martino. In other business, Roadways Department Superintendent Dominick Moschini reported on the storm debris collection. Overall, residents have been diligent about bringing their leaves to the


to $100,000; cut the Business Entity Tax; payments will be good for two years rather than one. DECD has streamlined the application process and can refer you to an appropriate lending partner. There are tangible benefits and opportunities within the Bill that businesses should consider when planning for capital im-

provements, expansions and new hires. Program descriptions and application forms are available on the Department of Community and Economic Development website: — look under Business and Industry Development. If you are planning an expansion or relocation, or have any questions regarding economic development programs, contact Mark DeVoe, at (860) 793-0221, ext. 210 for more information. — Town of Plainville

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Thursday, December 8, 2011 — The Plainville Citizen



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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, December 8, 2011 water flooded up to the ceiling in his basement, causing the hardwood in his living quarters to buckle. “It’s not easy, I feel like we were still left behind,” Corriveau said. “The town feels that everything’s peachy keen because nobody’s screaming anymore.” Screen said he received a limited amount of money to pay for the hotel room he is staying in, and that FEMA said they would pay for him to live in an apartment, but he cannot find tenancy for a month-to-month basis that is also pet-friendly. “I couldn’t sign a one-year lease not knowing how long it

Wrath Continued from page 1

Oct. 10, which was my birthday. That date obviously came and went,” Screen said. “Then I was shooting for Thanksgiving and that date came and went, now I’m shooting for Christmas, which is three weeks away, and I’m really questioning whether or not it’s going to be after the first of the year at this point.” John Corriveau, who lives across the street from Screen, has been going through similar difficulties, having to stay with relatives for the time being and going back and forth to the house every day after

See Wrath, page 23

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Continued from page 4 transfer station; 13,000 yards have been delivered thus far, with 17,800 yards on average collected annually by the town. This year, because of the Storm Alfred debris collection, the town is relying on residents to handle their leaves. Neighbors have been helping each other, Moschini said. “Most of the town is in good shape.” However, the transfer station will only be open until Dec. 16 to accept leaves. Roadways personnel said leaves left in the street will interfere with snow removal.


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Ordinances in effect

Administrative Police Sgt. Charles Smedick announced this week that several ordinances pertaining to the winter months are now in effect. The sergeant said warnings are now being placed on vehicles parked in the streets. It shall be unlawful from Dec. 1 to April 1 for the owner or operator of a motor vehicle to allow such vehicle to stand on any street in Plainville for more than one hour between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. on any given day. Any violator of this parking ordinance shall be fined not less than $10 for each offense, and shall pay for towing, moving, parking and storage charges for any car removed from any street. The Town of Plainville has an ordinance regarding putting snow on public roadways. No one should “plow, throw, put, or cause to be thrown, or put any snow or ice from any private property” into any public roadway, according to the ordinance , Violation is punishable by a $25 fine. The Town of Plainville has an ordinance regarding keeping sidewalks clear in the winter. Owners and/or tenants are responsible for removing snow from sidewalks and making them safe for use within 24 hours of snowfall. Violation is punishable by a $25 fine and an additional $25 can be levied for every day sidewalks are not cleared. For more information, call the Plainville Police Department, at (860) 747-1616.


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Thursday, December 8, 2011 — The Plainville Citizen


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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Happenings

Good Search shopping

There’s a simple way to help a great cause: To make every gift purchased go even

farther this Christmas and Hanukkah, more than 1,600 top stores will donate a percentage of virtually every sale to the Petit Family Foundation.

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To participate, visit the website . When the website opens, shoppers should designate the Petit Family Foundation Fund as the cause to support. Then click over to the desired online store. There is no charge for this; shoppers can even save money as GoodShop lists thousands of money-saving coupons and free shipping offers. There’s no easier way to support the Petit Family Foundation this Christmas and Hanukkah season. Simply do an online search using the goodsearch site. Thank you for being a part of this effort that supports the Petit Family Foundation and please keep the Petit family in your prayers. — Jim Norris

Brownie food drive

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Brownie Troop 66073 will be having a food drive to ben-

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efit the Plainville Community Food Pantry for the upcoming holiday season. There are two ways to contribute: e-mail Troop66073@ with your address and on Dec. 11, leave your donation by your front door and it will be picked up. Or, donations may be dropped into the collection box at Gnazzo’s Food Center, 73 East St., on Sunday, Dec. 11, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Winter Holiday youth concert The Main Street Singers, a community children’s chorus based in downtown New Britain, will give its Winter Holiday Concert on Saturday, Dec. 10, 4 p.m., at South Church, 90 Main St., New Britain. Directors are Kenneth Quesnel-Craig, former Toffolon School music teacher, and Katherine Smallidge; accompanists are Bruce Henley and Kelly Sharp. Freewill donations to support the Scholarship Fund will be received.


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Jo Peera-Moreno

346 East St., Rt. 10, Plainville


146 Mill St., Berlin, CT 860-828-3428

(Across from Pagliacci’s Restaurant) 1226860

Call for Extended Holiday Hours

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The program, titled “Celebrations! ~ Celebraciones,” includes a range a festive music from J. S. Bach to spirituals, a calypso song, a Hanukkah song, and one from the Torres Straight Islands which are located near Australia. The singers in grades one through eight come from New Britain and also from Plainville, Farmington, and Southington. The Main Street Singers will also perform Sunday, Dec. 11, 2 and 3 p.m., at the New Britain Museum of American Art, 56 Lexington St. The Main Street Singers will welcome new members at its rehearsal on Tuesday, Jan. 17, at 5 p.m. For more information, call Nancy Eaton, administrative director, (860) 223-3691, ext. 123.

(860) 747-5731 Mon.-Sat. 7:30-5:00, Closed Sunday



Thursday, December 8, 2011 — The Plainville Citizen

Holiday Happenings

‘Give a Hand’ fundraiser

The Hair Spa, Kids Cuts and Wig Loft, 356 -358 Farmington Ave., is having a holiday “Give a Hand” donation to benefit the Plainville Community Food Pantry. Shoppers can purchase a pair of gloves for a monetary donation and they will pass it on to the Food Pantry for a Christmas gift. Call (860) 7474544 for information.

Thrift shop Christmas

A Christmas shop will be open at the Plainville Thrift Shop through Saturday, Dec. 17. A wide variety of holiday items at bargain prices is for sale. The thrift shop is locat-

ed at the Congregational Church of Plainville, 130 W. Main St. Hours are Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturdays, 9:30 a.m. to noon.

Pajama Party with Santa A Pajama Party with Santa will be held Friday, Dec. 9, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., at the Wheeler Regional Family YMCA, 149 Farmington Ave., in Plainville. The whole family is invited for an evening of holiday treats, holiday crafts, a movie, refreshments and a visit from special guest, Santa. Admission is a healthy non-perishable food item to benefit the Plainville Community Food Pantry. Dress is casual —

people can attend in their pajamas and attendees should bring their cameras to take a photo with Santa. For more information, call the Wheeler YMCA, at (860) 793-9631.

Toy drive Institute of Cosmetology The International Institute of Cosmetology, 65 Whiting St., is hosting a toy drive from Monday, Dec. 12 to Saturday, Dec. 17. People can bring in a new, unopened, unwrapped, safe toy for all age groups and receive a complimentary haircut, pedicure or manicure. Monetary donations are also welcome. Toys will be delivered to Children’s Hospital Boston to the patients in the 9East Play Room. For more

information, call (860) 5710330.

‘That Holiday Feeling’ The Plainville Choral Society will be performing their annual holiday concert on Friday, Dec. 9 and Saturday, Dec. 10, at 7:30 p.m., at the Middle School of Plainville, 150 Northwest Drive. This year’s theme is “That Holiday Feeling” and the program offers both traditional and popular songs that capture the warmth and spirit of the season. Tickets are available at the Plainville Senior Center, Dancingly Yours, Family Barber Shop, J.P. Jewelers in Plainville, Saints in Southington, Irene’s Culinary in Forestville and Feet

First in Bristol or from any PCS member or at the door for a slightly higher price. “Let’s Go Arts!” members’ 2for-1 tickets are available at the door only. For more information, call (860) 747-5695 or visit

Toy and food collection

The Sunflower Bungalow Wellness Center, 1273 Queen St. (on the Plainville/ Southington town line), will collect non-perishables and unwrapped toys for Plainville Community Food Pantry and the homeless shelter from until Dec. 16. The pantry needs include canned food, toiletries, gift cards for teenagers and winter coats.


L to R: Anna Rohon/Owner, Jerry Dionne, Marcus Graff, John Warseck, Chris Benincasa, Jim Wartonick, Justin, Brett Benincasa, Jack Martin, Richard Santana

1049 Queen Street, Southington, CT

(860) 747-0166 1226861


Anna Rohon is the owner and manager of Perron’s-Flooring America which has been here since 1971. She purchased the flooring store from the previous owner in February of 2008. She had been manager at that location for 4 1/2 years but all total has 31 years of experience in the flooring industry so she is well versed on handling your flooring needs whether is be in carpeting, hardwood, laminate, vinyl or ceramic. As a part of Flooring America they are 1 of 500 stores strong across the US and Canada. The stores are individually owned but are members of this large buying group which allows them to offer very competitive pricing to their customers. Anna and her staff are constantly providing education in the newest products and applications in flooring by Flooring America. Perron’s was recently voted First Place Carpet & Flooring Store in the Citizen 2010 and 2011 Awards Contest. They have received 5 star certification for superior service to their customers which Anna believes is the foremost of importance. Stop in and see them today or visit their website at You can contact Anna by e-mail at




The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, December 8, 2011

Food drive Submitted photo




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Celebrate Kwanzaa









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Brownie Troop 66073 gather around the box the Scouts will be using during the food drive to benefit the Plainville Community Food Pantry. There are two ways to contribute: e-mail Troop66073@ with your address and on Sunday, Dec. 11, leave your donation by your front door and it will be picked up. Or, donations may be dropped into the collection box at Gnazzo’s Food Center, 73 East St., on Sunday, Dec. 11, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Gift Certificates Available Closed Tues. & Wed. Open Mon., Sat. & Sun. 1-5, Thurs. 1-7, Fri. 1-8,

Samantha Evans - Owner

Book Your Holiday Parties, Business Meetings, Showers, etc. in Our Newly Remodeled Private Party Room (Separate entrance, bar access)


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The public is welcome to the Queen Ann Nzinga Center’s Watoto (children) program as participants celebrate Kwanzaa with music, song and food on Friday, Dec. 30, 6 p.m., at Trinity-on-Main, 69 Main St., New Britain, for the 22nd annual Kwanzaa Celebration. The program is a cultural celebration which represents and reinforces the seven principles and symbols of Kwanzaa in an interactive way. People of all races, ages, and religions are invited to experience the celebration through art, skits, and song. Tickets are available at the Trinity-on-Main box office or at the door For tickets or more information, call (860) 229-2072 or visit the website at Queen Ann Nzinga Center is a non-profit organization helping children reach their fullest potential through the arts. These programs are made possible in part through grants from the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain, American Savings Foundation, and Greater Hartford Arts Council.

★ 1/2 lb. Burgers

FireHouse Grille 54 West Main Street, Plainville, CT 06062 TEL: 860-747-2277 Check out our upcoming entertainment



HOLIDAY HOURS: M-F (9:30-9) SAT (9:30-6) SUN (11-5)


874 Berlin Turnpike, Berlin, CT

Friends help friends

Friends Helping Friends will be held Friday, Dec. 16, at 11:30 a.m., at Confetti’s Restaurant, 393 Farmington Ave. Call the senior center to register, (860) 747-5728.


Thursday, December 8, 2011 — The Plainville Citizen

Senior Happenings

Billiard winners at the Plainville Senior Center were Oct. 20: first, Joe Giannattasio, Jim Norman; second, Mitch Ziolkowski, Doug Blankenship; Oct. 27: first, Joe St. Pierre and Carmel St. Pierre; second, Mitch Ziolkowski Wilson Belanger; Nov. 3: first, Mitch Ziolkowski and Joe Giannattasio; Nov. 10: first, Mitch Ziolkowski, Joe Beaudin; second, Joe St. Pierre, Ed Zareck.

Setback winners

The Plainville Senior Center and Youth Services will

Let Us Do the Baking for You This Holiday Season! Pastries • Cakes • Pies & Tarts Sweet Breads • Bread & Rolls

33 Whiting Street Plainville, CT 06062 860.410.4292

Open Christmas Eve 6:30am-6:30pm BEST





1st Place

1st Place

2 0 1 0

Store Hours: Mon. Closed, Tues.-Sat. 6:30 - 5:30 pm, Sun. 6:30 - 2 pm


2 0 1 1

Serving Breakfast & Lunch + To Go

gram, call the Plainville Senior Center, (860) 747-5728, or Plainville Youth Services, (860) 793-0221, ext. 261. Funding for this program is made possible by the Older Americans Act through the North Central Area Agency on Aging.

Send us your senior news:


Lingerie Shop


Happy, healthy gluten-free life

Grandparents raising children

Camera club The Snappy Seniors Camera Club meets at the Plainville Senior Center on the third Thursday of the month at 10 a.m. The next meeting is Dec. 15. The group meets to discuss and plan photography trips and activities of interest to amateur photographers. Recent trips and activities have included Gouveia Winery, Hillstead Museum’s Sunken Garden, and Elizabeth Park Rose Gar-

co-host a program about the unique challenges of raising a grandchild or relative on Thursday, Dec. 15, at 10:30 a.m., at the senior center. The grandparents’ program provides caregivers an opportunity to share information and support on issues related to childrearing. Childcare is available. To register for this free pro-

den. Any member of the senior center interested in improving photographic skills is invited to join the group for the next meeting. To register, call the senior center.


Setback tournament winners at the Plainville Senior Center were Oct. 24: first, Mary Needham, Sandy Tyminski; second, Karen Carpenter, Richard Vantrisco; third, Richard Martin, Peter Demkow; Nov. 7: first: Barbara Cichon, Pat Cancelli; second, Marie and Jack Cassidy; third: Paul Martel, Joe Beaudin; Nov. 14: first: Mary Ann, Bill Cunningham; second, Paul Martel, Joe Beaudin; third: Dottie Peterson, Ida Pedrolini.

Sunset Community Room on Mondays, from 1 to 1:30 p.m. Groceries are distributed every other Monday. The next distribution will be Monday, Dec. 12. This program is available to Plainville residents who are at least 62 years old or permanently disabled under the Social Security Act. People who are participating in the program for the first time must bring proof of age and residency. For more information, call the housing authority at (860) 747-5909.

Billiards winners

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A meeting of the support group for those who are interested in wheat-free living or who have a loved one who has been diagnosed with celiac or gluten sensitivity is held on the second Wednesday of each month at the senior cen41 East Street (RT 10), Plainville • 860-747-3374 ter. The next meeting will be Wednesday, Dec. 14, at 1 p.m. Mon-Wed, Fri 10-5:30, Thurs 10-7, Sat 10-3, Closed Sundays & Holidays The group will meet for a iday lunch and there will be a grab bag swap. Those who Qualified uyers Qualified Buyers would like to participate in eeSee store storefor fordetails details the grab bag swap should Special Orders & Custom Made Pieces •Pieces Repairs • We•buy Gold &&Diamonds Special Orders & Custom Made • Repairs We buy Gold Diamonds bring a $5 gift. Register by calling the senior center.

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41 East Street, Plainville (860) 747-3374 Limit 1 per customer. Coupon must be presented at time of arrival. Not valid with other offers or prior purchases. Expires 1/31/12.

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DBK FAMILY JEWELERS 41 East Street, (860) 747-3374 41 East Plainville Street, Plainville (860) 747-3374 Coupon must be presented at time of arrival. Not valid with other offers or prior purchases. Expires 1/31/12.

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Foodshare delivers free food to low income individuals at the Plainville Housing Authority, 20 Stillwell Drive,


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The Plainville Citizen welcomes news of upcoming holiday fairs, events, lectures and worship services. Announcements can be sent to, faxed to (860) 621-3660 or mailed to The Plainville Citizen, P.O. Box 57, Plainville, CT 06062. For more information, call the office at (860) 620-5960.

Gold fundraiser at Our Lady

The Our Lady of Mercy Church fundraiser, “Your Gold for Good,� will be held at the parish center, 19 S. Canal St., room 106, from Saturday to Tuesday, Dec. 10 to 13, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. People can get paid for gold, silver and platinum. Seniors, veterans or members of the Knights of Columbus, receive a 10 percent bonus. This fundraiser will make 20 percent for the church. The public is invited to sell broken jewelry, tea sets, coins, flatware and anything gold.

Music concert features Hartt

Church of Our Saviour

Hartt School of Music concert will be held at the Plainville United Methodist Church, 56 Red Stone Hill, on Sunday, Dec. 11, at 7 p.m. There is a charge to attend which will equally benefit the Hartt chapter of MENC and the Plainville Community Food Pantry. For more information, call the church at (860) 747-2328.

Church of Our Saviour, 115 W. Main St., will be offering evening prayer at the church. Deacon Doreen Bottone will be conducting evening prayer for two Wednesdays, Dec. 14 and 17 at 6:30 p.m. Christmas Eve worship, Dec. 24, 5 p.m., will be a family worship with Holy Eucharist. Christmas Day worship, Dec. 25, will be at 10:30 a.m. worship with Holy Eucharist.

Breakfast with Santa at church Breakfast with Santa will be held Sunday, Dec. 11 at Our Lady of Mercy Church Parish Center, 19 S. Canal St., from 8 to 11 a.m. The choice of menu is juice, eggs, western eggs, sausage, ham, hash browns, Texas French toast, bagels, doughnuts and coffee. Children younger than 6 are free. The public is welcome. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

Upcoming events Upcoming events at the Plainville United Methodist Church, 56 Red Stone Hill, are Thursday, Dec. 15: American Red Cross blood drive, 1:30 to 6:30 p.m., call 1-800-7332767 for appointment Sunday, Dec. 18: Sunday School Christmas Pageant, 10 a.m.

The Plainville Citizen Thursday, December 8, 2011

Clothing donation

Photo courtesy of the Plainville Community Food Pantry

Rose Plourde, volunteer, left, and Diane Nordgren, Plainville Community Food Pantry staff member, sort clothing among the 600 pairs of pants and jeans and 200 shirts donated to the pantry. The clothing was given by Bill Procanik and his managing partner of Source Clothing Company, Cheshire. Send us your faith news:

Inclement weather

In case of inclement weather know that emergency information about the Plainville United Methodist Church, 56 Red Stone Hill, closures, cancellations, and/or rescheduling of events is on: WTIC a.m. radio, 1080 on the dial; WFSB TV, channel 3; and NBC CT news, channel 4.

Church hosts food program


The ongoing Food for Friends program, overseen by the Congregational Church of Plainville, continues at Church of Our Saviour on Wednesdays, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Approximately 50 dinners are prepared and served by various volunteers of the Plainville Council of Churches. Much of the food is provided by Foodshare and anyone is welcome to attend. If able, diners pay whatever sum they can to defray the costs. Church of Our Saviour is located at 115 W. Main St., Plainville.


Thursday, December 8, 2011 — The Plainville Citizen


Dorothy Samojla

Vincent DeGumbia Vincent A. DeGumbia, 98, of Southington, beloved husband of the late Estelle DeGumbia, died Nov. 25, 2011. He was born in Southington, on Oct. 16, 1913, and was the eldest son of the late Joseph and Josephine DeGumbia. He was a U.S. Army veteran who proudly served his country in Europe during World War II. He

lived and worked for many years in Plainville, where he was a supervisor at MarlinRockwell Corporation. He is survived by his daughter Nancy Bullock, her husband, Stephen, and grandsons Michael and Christopher, of Alexandria, Va.; as well as his brother, John, of Plantsville and several nieces and nephews. The funeral was held Nov. 30, 2011, at DellaVecchia Funeral Home, Southington. A Mass was held Dec. 1, 2011, at St Thomas Church. Burial with military honors followed at Mount Saint Benedict Cemetery, Bloomfield.

Lorraine Soucy Lorraine M. (Jacques) Soucy, 89, of Bristol, died peacefully on Nov. 24, 2011. She was the wife of the late Roy Soucy and together they had shared 67 years of marriage. Born in Caribou, Maine, on Sept. 13, 1922, she was the daughter of the late Thomas and Laura (La Pierre) Jacques. She enjoyed being out and about and was an active member of Our Lady of Mer-

predeceased by her son, Walter Thomas Soucy; and sonsin-law Robert Migacz and Patrick Desjardin. A memorial celebration of her life will be held Dec. 2, 2011, at 10 a.m., at Our Lady of Mercy Church, Plainville. Burial services will follow at St. Joseph Cemetery, Plainville. Family and friends are invited to gather directly at the church for the service. There are no calling hours. Bailey Funeral Home, Plainville, is assisting the family with the arrangements.

cy Church with their Ladies Guild as well as being a eucharistic minister. Spending time with her family was what she enjoyed above all else, especially being with her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, who were the lights of her life. Knitting afghans and cooking were just a few of the activities that she loved to do for them. She was a caring and compassionate person and will be dearly missed by all those who knew her. She leaves her daughters Carol Migacz, of Wolcott; and Faye Desjardin, of Bristol; her six grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; a sister-in-law Vella Panella, of Plantsville; brothers-in-law, Albert Soucy, of Rhode Island; and Eddie Lavoie, of Terryville; as well as several nieces and nephews. She was

More obituaries on page 24

Children’s department

The fall session of story time will finish the week of Dec. 12.


Dorothy Samojla, 78, of Kensington, daughter of the late William and Genevieve ( K a n i a ) Madrak, died Nov. 15, 2011, at the University of Connecticut Medical Center. She was a lifelong Kensington resident, and a parishioner of St. Paul’s Church, Kensington. She graduated with honors from Teachers College in New Britain and went on to teach in the New Britain school system for many years. She and her husband, Edward, co-founded the Jeskad Tool Company in 1966, where she passionately worked until her retirement. She enjoyed vacationing at “the lake” in Vermont with friends and family over the years. She was an avid lover of music and a talented pianist. She loved animals and found great comfort in her poodles Lyndsy, Charlie and Tina during her lifetime. She is survived by two sons, Steven Samojla, of Kensington, and Joseph Samojla and his wife, LeeEllen, of New Britain; two daughters, Ann Frigeri and

her husband, John, of Kensington, and Kathy Samojla, of Plainville; six grandchildren, John Louis Frigeri, of Rocky Hill, Emily Frigeri, of Kensington, Megan, Matthew, Dylan and Daniel Samojla, of New Britain; her brother, William Madrak and his wife, Sheila, of Southington; and many nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her husband, Edward, in 2001; and her sister, Florence Welna. The funeral was held Nov. 18, 2011, at Berlin Memorial Funeral Home, Kensington, followed by a Mass at St. Paul Church, Kensington. Burial was private. Memorial donations may be made to the American Cancer Society, 1075 Chase Parkway #1075, Waterbury, CT 06708.

Traditional, Cremation and Alternative Funeral Services available Memorial event planning Medicaid/Title 19 Pre-Need Insurance Counselor

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Michele J. Wegner Andrea S. Wasley Melissa R. Matthews

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The Plainville Citizen Thursday, December 8, 2011

Letters to the Editor

Drivers ignore woman in street

To the editor: On Nov. 29, at 1:30 p.m., an elderly woman stumbled across the street and fell while attempting to get on the sidewalk. She was going across the street from Anthony’s Service Station to Walgreen’s. Not one person stopped to help this woman. I guess you had somewhere important to go, something important to do. One woman yelled from her car, to ask if she was alright, while that woman yelled, the man behind her beeped his horn. (I assume he had something really important to do). Most people just slowed down and looked at her. To ease your minds, know she was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

I also was on my way somewhere, something important to do, but nothing that could not wait to help someone in need. My wish for you all is this does not ever happen to yourself, an aunt, mother, child or anyone that you love.; that someone takes the time to stop, to offer you a hand to hold, a soft word to be given, that someone comforts your loved ones or yourself. I was very disappointed in the people of Plainville, and hopefully people will stop and take a few minutes to help someone in need. Nancy Medeska Plainville

Deeds make town great To the editor: The other day while driving on East Main Street near the corner of Crown Street, I saw a man cleaning and cut-

Photo courtesy of Herb Dirrigl

This structure on East Main Street in the vicinity of Valero’s gas station looks like an entrance to the woods. However, it played a different role in Plainville’s past. ting shrub around the two stone structures along the sidewalk. I stopped and asked if this was his property. He

Government Meetings

Thursday, Dec. 8 Clean Energy Task Force, Municipal Center, 7:30 p.m. Recreation and Parks Board, 50 Whiting St., 7 p.m. Recycling and Solid Waste, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 12 Aviation Commission, special meeting, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Board of Education, Plainville High School café, 7 p.m. Veterans Council, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Zoning Board of Appeals, Municipal Center, 7:30 p.m.

The Plainville

Tuesday, Dec. 13 Downtown Beautification, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Library Board of Directors, Library, 7 p.m. Planning and Zoning, Municipal Center, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 14 Conservation Commission, Municipal Center, 7:30 p.m. Republican Town Committee, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 15 Charter Study Committee, Municipal Center, 6:30 p.m. CONTACT US

Cit itiz ize en

Editorial:.................................(860) 620-5960

Advertising: .................(860) 620-5960 x3406

The Plainville Citizen P.O. Box 57 Plainville, CT 06062

Asst. managing editor – Robin Lee Michel Sports editor – Nick Carroll Reporter – Julie Sopchak Advertising manager – Christine Nadeau

Fax:...........................................(860) 621-3660 Published every Thursday. Delivered by mail to all of the homes and businesses in Plainville – 06062. The Plainville Citizen is published by the Record-Journal Publishing Co. General manager – Michael F. Killian

said, “no” but it’s such an eyesore and it looks like these structures should be a memorial. Then he said, “I’m a veteran and just wanted to clean it up.” I said, “You should be proud of yourself.” I didn’t get his name but maybe it’s just as well as it’s private property. I’ll bet Ruth Hummel, our

town historian, would know something about these structures. It’s little civic deeds like this that makes our little town of Plainville so great to live in. Herb Dirrigl Plainville Editor’s note: Ruth Sharp Hummel, town historian, said the structure was a trolley stop on East Main Street.

Letters policy The Plainville Citizen intends to present a forum for the lively exchange of ideas and issues. To facilitate the publication of your contributions, several guidelines should be followed. Letters to the editor must be signed, with a telephone number included. The writer will be called to confirm authorship. No anonymous letters will be printed. Letters must be no longer than 600 words. Every effort will be made to print all letters received. However, the selection and date of publication will be at the discretion of the editor. The opinions expressed by our letter writers are not necessarily those of this newspaper. We receive the right to edit all letters. Only two letters from the same writer will be considered for publication monthly. The deadline is Monday 9 a.m. to be considered for Thursday publication. Letters may be e-mailed to; sent to The Plainville Citizen, P.O. Box 57, Plainville, CT 06062; or faxed to (860) 621-3660. For more information, call The Plainville Citizen at (860) 620-5960.

The Plainville Citizen Thursday, December 8, 2011



Plainville High School Quarter 1 Honor Roll

Plainville High School announced the students who made the quarter one honor roll: Grade 9 Gold Emily Duda, Gabriel Yawin Silver Jenna Arens, Nicole Basile, Austin Blake, Shyanne Bradley, Olivia Burns, Colin Cassidy, Michael Celentano, Amy Couch, Alexi Cruz, Dominic Cwalinski, Megan Dalena, Andre DeGregorio, Isabella Donahue, Khalid Effendi, Emilia Filipkowska, Neahmiah Freitas, Anne Goldsnider, Sarah Grosse, Luke Guarda, Adam Hushin, Jennifer Juarez, Nicole Lembo, Patrycja Majewski, Therian May, Marc Milo, Phoenix Moquete, Christopher Newton, Nicholas Petrucci, Natalia Ramirez, Mckenna Rita, Nicholas Rodriguez, Jacob San Juan, Haley Scherber, Rocheye Simmons, Alessandra Siracusa, Brett Snowden, Christopher Theriault, William Tuxbury Bronze Omar Abdelsame, Sarah Abdelsame, Bailey Anderson, Emma Andy, Celine Bangloy, Stefany Barbagallo, Kyle Beloin, Rachel Bonas, Shannon Bonas,

Michael Boodley, Carly Brunelle, Joshua Brunelle, Joshua Buchalter, Austin Butler, Kayla Charbonneau, Dante Correa, Quinn Coughlin, Rebecca Crawford, Nicholas D’Amico, Jacob Dallas, Danielle Day, Michael dePascale, Kaitlynn Dodd, Suomia Dode, Steven Dow, Jake Dutkiewicz, Jaeden Ferrara, Courtney Goodall, LiAnn Hall, Aaron James, Sebastian Jurzyk, Christopher Kalliniotis, Kyle Knapp, Rachel Lancaster, Samuel Lindgren, Timothy Lister, Quentin Lux, Kasey Mahan, Samuel Mankowski, Jose Marquez, Dyllan Martin, Christopher Maschio, Jacob Masco, Michael Miller, Corie Mills, Dustin Mroczek, Michael Munson, Robert Pezzulo, Justin Plourde, Marissa Pugliese, Trevor Roy, Keriana Santana, Connor Savage, Molly Schade, Melynda Serrano, Gabriella Siracusa, Madison St. John, Matthew Talley, Julie Tattersall, Bryan Was, Sebastian Werpachowski, Brendan West, Bryan Wojcik, Nicholas Zaleski Grade 10 Gold Tyler Acey, Brittany Brown, Kelsey Clemens,

Jessica Hillburn, Marisa Rizzo, Chandler Rogozinski, Taylor Varrato, Andrew Zajaczkowski Silver Danielle Angelillo, Christopher Arduini, Alexander Bawol, Raymond Carroll, Claudia Cwalina, Ashleigh Dawson, Abner Dilawar, Danielle Dixon, Nikky-Ann Duncan, Sarah Durkin, Joseph Esposito, Stephen Gallo, Sage Gentry, Alicia Gorski, Tyler Hall, April Lemanski, Meghan Liquindoli, Tyler Macri, Natasha Marte, Maggie Myszka, Ashley Nalewajek, Beau Niedzwiecki, Peter Romano, Andrew Rottier, Delaney Russell, Tydell Samuel, Matthew Sauvron, Jose Soto, Michele Thibodeau Bronze Shayla Beausoleil-Lindsay, Nicholas Bendas-Giano, Kaitlyn Bernier, Kevin Bielawski, Michael Bouchard, Nadia Boucher, Randy Button, Jonathan Charette, Nicholas Christy, Kristen Couture, Jeremy Cukrowski, Angela Daigle, Kenneth Daniels, Julia Davidson, Shea Echols, Megan Farmer, Robert Filipkowski, Justin Freitas, Michael Giuliani, Joshua Hausman, Melissa Hernan-

Sweet treats Photo courtesy Karen Levine

The Louis Toffolon Elementary School Student Council and friends weighed and counted candy that students from grades kindergarten through fifth donated after Halloween to the servicemen and women overseas. The students collected 73 pounds of candy, which was approximately 2,080 pieces. From left are Alisa, Andrea, Kayla, Andrew, Alyssa, Ann Bucchi, student support facilitator, Andrea, Ben, Jared and Morgan. The council offered a special thank you to Marjorie Hacket-Wallace who helped with the shipping of the candy to the soldiers.

dez, Jacob Jones, Justyce King, Morgen Lacombe, Link Lagace, Hunter Lennon, Amber Lynn, Mary-Kate Martin, Kristiana Moliko, Leslie Mroczek, Lauren Muller, Lisa Muraca, Ta’kye Nap-

per, Peter Portante, Paige Pratt, Shane Pugliese, Heilen Rivas, Ekmily Romankiw, Heather Saunders, Sarah Simard, Lukasz Skawinski, Peter Skiba,

See Honor, page 26

School Briefs Short days at middle school The Middle School of Plainville will have shortened days on Dec. 8 and 9 due to parent conferences. Dismissal will be at 12:45 p.m. Lunches will be served.

Adult and continuing ed Plainville Adult and Continuing Education is offering the following “single session” enrichment classes which are available. Pre-registration is required and there are fees associated with classes. Classes are: perfecting letter writing skills using computers: Tuesday, Dec. 13; tattoo artistry: Thursday, Dec. 15. For more information or registration call the Plainville Adult and Continuing Education Center at (860) 793-3209.

Education update A series of Education Update presentations has been scheduled during the 2011-12 school year. Prior to each board of education meeting, a 30-minute presentation on a school district topic will be made by district personnel. The next presentation, about district finances and the budget process, is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 12, at 6 p.m., and will be given by Director of Finance and Operations Richard Carmelich III.

Fundraiser honors Spagna Making dreams possible is what Joe Spagna will be remembered for as his motto

“Whatever It Takes” expresses. A group of teachers from the Middle School of Plainville will be having a fundraising event at Hawk’s Landing Country Club in Southington, on Thursday, Dec. 15, at 6 p.m. This event will include a pasta dinner, silent auction, 50/50 raffle, door prizes and the sale of “Whatever It Takes” bracelets. There will be a cash bar. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Connecticut and will benefit a child with a lifethreatening medical condition. Spagna was not just a dedicated teacher at the Middle School of Plainville for the past 34 years but was also a supervisor for American Medical Response, a ski patrol member at Mount Southington, and a volunteer firefighter in Southington. He was also an active member of UNICO and Mary Our Queen Church in Southington. Spagna, a devoted father and husband, enjoyed life to the fullest as an avid scuba diver, skier, and traveler. He touched many lives as a mentor to students and teachers alike, which earned him the recognition as Teacher of the Year in 1993. Spagna died Aug. 28. One of his former students put it best, “He always encouraged freedom of creativity and gave us the opportunity to have confidence in ourselves.” If anyone is interested in attending this event or donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Connecticut in Spagna’s memory, contact Denise Grodzicki at



Clubs and organizations: Send your announcements about regular meetings and special events to or The Plainville Citizen, P.O. Box 57, Plainville, CT 06062. Questions? Call us at (860) 620-5960.

Dec. 8


Bingo — Veterans of For-

eign Wars Madeley-Roberts Post 574 men hold open bingo every Thursday, at 6:30 p.m., at post headquarters, 7 Northwest Drive at the corner of Route 10. The public is invited. Information: call Earl Carey at (860) 747-5400. Movie matinee — The Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St., is showing “Call Me Mrs. Miracle� on Thursday, Dec. 8, at 2:30 p.m. In this movie, Doris Roberts reprises her role as Mrs. Merkle (Mrs. Miracle) and brings hope for the holidays. Free. Popcorn included.


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Pajama Party with Santa — A Pajama Party with Santa will be held Friday, Dec. 9, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., at the Wheeler Regional Family YMCA, 149 Farmington Ave., in Plainville. The whole family is invited for an evening of holiday treats, holiday crafts, a movie, refreshments and a visit from special guest, Santa. Admission is a healthy non-perishable food item to benefit the Plainville Community Food Pantry. Information: call the Wheeler YMCA, at (860) 793-9631. Shopping night fundraiser — There will be a holiday shopping

The Plainville Citizen Thursday, December 8, 2011

fundraiser at Dress Barn, Plainville, Thursday, Dec. 8, 5 to 8 p.m., for the Team in Training program of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Several other vendors will be present. Becky Plaskett, wellness consultant, is raising funds to participate in a Grand Canyon hike next year to honor those with blood cancers.



be held Saturday, Dec. 10, 7 p.m., at the Zen Bar, 317 Farmington Ave., Plainville. Primary ciliary dyskinesia or PCD is a rare lung disease affecting only about 1 in 16,000 people. A 1-year-old Plainville toddler has been diagnosed with the condition. The Kenny Mehler Band will perform. Raffle prizes from local businesses will be available and Tshirts and wristbands will be sold. There is a charge to attend and tickets can be purchased at the door.

Fundraiser for research — The first local fundraiser for the PCD Foundation will

See Calendar, page 25



at Marian Heights



(203) 269-8723 • 1-877-567-5914


Adult Day Center At Mulberry Gardens at


FACTORY RETAIL STORE 80 South Vine St., Meriden, CT 06451

Marian Heights, you’ll find:

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Directions: South Vine Street is located between Hunter’s Ambulance and McDonald’s off of West Main Street 1226083


Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri. 9-5 Thurs. 9-6 Open Sat. 12-10 9-3 12-17 9-5 12-24 9-2


A not for profit member of Central Connecticut Senior Health Services.


Thursday, December 8, 2011 — The Plainville Citizen

We welcome these physicians to the hospital Glenn Freeman, M.D. Orthopedic Surgery Practice: The Hospital of Central Connecticut Education/Experience: University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, Mass.; general surgery internship/orthopedic surgery residency, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Ga. Previously, he was a traveling orthopedic surgeon, having worked for CompHealth, Weatherby Healthcare and Before that he was in private practice in Richlands, Va.

Meir Friedman, M.D. Electrophysiology/Cardiovascular Disease Practice: Hartford Hospital Interventional Electrophysiology, 80 Seymour St., Hartford, 860-545-1506 Education/Experience: Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, Bronx, N.Y.; internal medicine internship and residency, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, N.Y.; cardiology fellowship, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York City; electrophysiology fellowship, New York-Presbyterian Hospital at Columbia University Medical Center, New York City. Previously, he was in private practice at North Shore Cardiology and Internal Medicine Associates, Great Neck, N.Y.

Tracy Gulling, D.O. Internal Medicine Practice: Doctors of Central Connecticut, Central Connecticut Primary Care, 40 Hart St., Bldg. D, New Britain, Conn., 860-229-0100 Education/Experience: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Erie, Pa.; osteopathic medicine internship and allopathic medicine residency, University of Connecticut Health Center. Previously, she worked as an assistant director of medicine at Hartford Hospital. Dr. Gulling has an interest in bariatric (weight management) medicine.

Beth A. Joseph, M.D. Emergency Medicine Practice: The Hospital of Central Connecticut Emergency Department, 860-224-5675 Education/Experience: Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City; emergency medicine residency, University of Connecticut and Hartford Hospital. Previously, she worked in emergency medicine at Waterbury Hospital and Eastern Connecticut Health Network Manchester Memorial Hospital; was an emergency medicine faculty member, University of Connecticut and Hartford Hospital; and worked in emergency medicine, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York City.


100 Grand St., New Britain

81 Meriden Ave., Southington

Need a Physician? Call us at 1-800-321-6244


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, December 8, 2011

Health Briefs

The Plainville

Cit itiz ize en

Doctor joins local practice

Special Advance Screening Tuesday, December 13 at 7 pm

The Hospital of Central Connecticut recently announced the appointment of Dr. Lynn Todd to the Doctors of Central Connecticut, at Todd P l a i nv i l l e Primary Care, 36 Whiting St. Todd earned her medical degree at Ross University School of Medicine, Dominica, West Indies. She completed an internal medicine internship/residency at Sound Shore Medical Center of Westchester, New Rochelle, N.Y. Previously, she was a faculty member in the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Overlook Medical Center, Summit, N.J., and before that worked as a hospitalist at Nyack Hospital, Nyack, N.Y.


Walk with a Doc in New Britain

The Hospital of Central Connecticut’s next Walk with a Doc will be held 9 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 10, at Walnut Hill Park, New Britain, where Dr. Robert Waskowitz, orthopedic surgeon, will discuss shoulder pain causes and treatment. To register, or for more information, including possible event cancellation on walk day in case of inclement weather, visit www.thocc. org/walk-with-a-doc or call (877) 914-WALK. On walk day, registrants need to present a completed waiver form, available online with registration or on walk day.


Complimentary Passes to the advance screening of WAR HORSE

Main Street, P.O. Box 246 Cit itiz ize en 40 North Southington, CT 06489

Women’s Breakfast


1. Visit our Plainville/Southington Office during regular business hours Friday (9:00 am to 1:00 pm) to claim your passes. No phone calls. This film is rated PG-13. No one under the age of 13 will be given passes or admitted into the screening without a parent or legal guardian. 2. Tickets are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Signature and identification required. 3. Limit 1 (admit-two) pass or 2 (admit-one) passes per family, per month. 4. Our office is located at 40 North Main St., Southington, CT 06489. 5. Employees of The Plainville Citizen and The Southington Citizen and their immediate family are not eligible. 6. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. The Plainville Now located at:

Women’s Breakfast will be held Wednesday, Dec. 14, 8 a.m. at Oasis Restaurant, Forestville. Call the senior center for more information or to register, (860) 747-5728.

Visit us on the Web:


The Plainville Citizen Thursday, December 8, 2011

Senior Happenings

Mega Sign-up Day for classes

Mega Sign-up Day will be on Thursday, Dec.15. Seniors can sign up for all paid trips and activities from 9:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. on this day. Class sign-ups will also begin on Dec. 15, from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m.. Sign-ups on all other days are from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m.

Senior fair winners

Senior Bowling Senior Citizens Center Bowling League results for the week of Nov. 28: High bowler, women — Shirley Hotchkiss, 192 High bowler, men — Tom Maher, 215, Conrad Chasses,

199 Ham bone club - Tom Maher Turkey club — Conrad Chasse-2, Carter Casida-2, Tom Maher-2, Rocky Roberts, Mary Oakes-2, Lou

Wanat, Tom Loiselle, Shirley Hotchkiss, Paul Bell-2, Rose Plourde Split club — Paul Bell, Helen Tessier, Shirley Hotchkiss, Jerry Tracey Sr., Judy Tracey, Paul Bisco, Rocky Roberts, Joan Brown-

Linda Vasile, Au.D., CCC/A, FAAA

Board Certified, Doctor of Audiology

• Hearing Evaluations • Hearing Aid Fittings • Hearing Aid Repairs • Hearing Aid Batteries 710 Main Street, Building 3, Plantsville at Clock Tower Square

(860) 426-9181 “Serving the Hearing Needs of Central Connecticut”


The following people won the following at the Plainville Senior Center Fair: quilt raffle winner — Betsy Finn; Santa raffle winner — Carol Perry; 50/50 raffle — Nazaire Caron; afghan raffle winner — Annette Wilson; Santa print — Pina Fortuna; and Madame Alexander dolls — Richard Martin.


stein, Richard Bushey-2, Elsie Senaldi, Marie Cyr 200 club — Tom Maher, 205, 215 For information, contact Frank Robinson, bowling league president, at (860) 7472918.

1223715 1185120



The Plainville Citizen Thursday, December 8, 2011

Battle-tested Lady Devils expect a ‘great season’ By Nick Carroll The Plainville Citizen

The Plainville High School girls basketball team was slated to open its season Wednesday night against Bloomfield. The following takes a look at the 2011-12 Lady Blue Devils: Coach: Jen Micowski (4th year). Assistants: Lou Mandeville, Tim DeJohn. Last year: The Lady Blue Devils managed just four wins in their 20 games. Key loss: Becky Slivinsky. This year: Going into battle with a young lineup, the

Coming up ... The winter high school sports season kicks into full gear next week. Check out the Dec. 15 edition of The Citizen for PHS boys basketball, wrestling and boys swimming team previews, along with varsity schedules. Lady Blue Devils took their lumps last year. But the varsity experience the locals gained should prove invaluable this time around. Returning to the court this winter are seniors Mikayla Wells (guard), Nikki Dow (forward) and Alle Caponigro (forward), juniors Carly Martino (guard), Kelley Slabinski (guard) and

Katy Dressel (forward) and sophomore Kelsey Clemens (guard). Freshman guard Rachel Lancaster is pegged as a key newcomer. Dow, an All-Central Connecticut Conference South Division performer, and Wells are team captains. Outlook: Plainville has a lot of experience to turn to,

and the returning players are beaming with confidence. So it’s no surprise the Lady Blue Devils have set the bar fairly high this season. The locals are looking to return to the state tournament after a one-year absence, and to be a contender in the Central Connecticut Conference South Division. “I am excited and looking forward to a great season,” Coach Micowski said. “We have started out with very strong practices. We have a great group of girls who are committed to getting this program back into the state tournament and being competitive in every game on

our schedule.” However, Micowski knows that life in the CCC poses many challenges, and that her senior contingent will need to pull a lot of weight if the Lady Blue Devils are to thrive. “Our seniors are a great group of girls who have seen the success in the tournament and also experienced the disappointment of not making it. They are determined to end their careers on a high note,” said Micowski. “We have a talented group of athletes that work hard, and are looking to be rewarded this year.”

Sugar and spice? Photos by Matt Leidemer

The fourth annual Plainville High School junior/senior Powderpuff football game, sponsored by the Student-Athlete Leadership Team, was played Nov. 27 at Alumni Field. The Class of 2012 prevailed, 140. The senior’s offense was led by Kelsey Chacho and Lexxi Carroll. The juniors were paced by Carly Martino and Kelley Slabinski.

Photo by Matt Leidemer

The Plainville High School girls basketball team has high hopes for this season. The Lady Blue Devils returned a solid core of players, including, from left: Alle Caponigro, Kelsey Clemens and Nikki Dow.


Thursday, December 8, 2011 — The Plainville Citizen

Plenty of plot lines in CIAC football playoffs By Jim Bransfield Special to The Citizen

While Plainville won’t be among the teams playing this Saturday, this year’s CIAC football championship games may well be the most attractive set of games in years. There are fascinating subplots to most of the games, too. In Class LL, the team

widely acknowledged to be the state’s best going in, the Xavier Falcons of Middletown, will undoubtedly be facing the best team they have seen this season in Staples of Westport. But more than that, the last time Xavier lost a game was to Staples in the 2009 playoffs. Since then Xavier has won 25 games in a row. In 2010, the Falcons had some

scares, including a threepoint win over Hillhouse, a one-touchdown win over Shelton, and tough games in the postseason against Glastonbury and Trumbull. But not this season. Xavier has blasted its way through its 12 games, winning every one easily. Indeed, Xavier has trailed just once, and only for a little over a minute. That came in

Special guest

the semifinal win over Norwalk when the Bears held a brief 7-6 first-quarter lead. But the final score of that one was 55-14. So much for suspense. Besides the reality that the last team to beat the Falcons was Staples, the other subplot is this is yet another round in the ongoing debate over which league is the best in the state, the Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference (FCIAC) or the Southern Connecticut Conference (SCC). Staples is the FCIAC’s best and Xavier is the SCC’s best. Looks like high drama – and a lot of fun. The Xavier vs. Staples game will be the finale of the weekend with kickoff at 5:30 on Saturday at Rentschler Field in East Hartford. The FCIAC vs. SCC drama will see Act I in the game that precedes the LL clash when the SCC’s No. 2 team, Hand of Madison, takes on the FCIAC’s No. 2 club, New Canaan, for the L crown. In the semis, Hand knocked off Masuk, just about everybody’s No. 2 team, and did it in style, 35-14. New Canaan came from 24-7 down to beat the Central Connecticut Conference’s best team, pre-

viously unbeaten Windsor. Masuk, which breezed through its regular season, struggled against another SCC team in its playoff opener before pulling away from a 14-14 halftime tie to win 28-14 over North Haven. The SCC thinks it plays the best football. Maybe that will be validated Saturday. The hope around here was that Berlin could somehow make it to the M final, but undefeated Ansonia took care of that possibility by hammering the Redcoats, 4814. Berlin had a 9-1 regular season, but the truth is the Redcoats weren’t tested very much. The CCC, which has a habit of playing annual musical chairs with its football schedule, dealt Berlin a good hand this fall. That’s not Berlin’s fault: you play the teams the league tells you to play. But clearly there was no one on Berlin’s schedule the likes of Ansonia. But to be fair, there aren’t many teams as good as Ansonia on most team’s schedules. By the way, the CCC had seven of its 32 teams qualify for the postseason, but turned in a not so hot 3-7 record.

See Football, next page

Former University of Connecticut basketball star Kemba Walker paid a visit to Ivan Wood Gymnasium last week to wish the Plainville High School boys hoop team well as it sets out on a new campaign. Walker, pictured center, plays for the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats. PHS boys basketball coach Marc Wesoly got to know Walker while working at Walker’s camps this past summer.


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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, December 8, 2011


Life on Hamlin Pond

Continued from page 21

Photos by Francis Rexford Cooley

A heavy wet snow came down on Plainville bringing havoc to the town while shrouding Hamlin Pond during the weekend nor’easter on Oct. 29. A day later Hamlin Pond makes Plainville look deceptively peaceful under a blanket of new snow while 100 percent of the population was without power.

In Class M, Ledyard of the Eastern Connecticut Conference, a team with a tournament pedigree, will take on Ansonia at 10:30 a.m. Saturday. Ansonia has been to more playoffs than any team in the state. The Chargers are the high school football equivalent of the New York Yankees and they have a legitimate superstar in running back Arkeel Newsome, who is a mere sophomore. Ledyard likes to play ball control and features a very good ground game. They had better be successful at it because if the Colonels don’t keep the ball away from the Chargers, they’ll be in trouble. Plainville wasn’t in the playoffs. At 5-5 the Blue Devils slipped back a bit from their tournament-qualifying season of 2010. The Blue Devils hoped to have a second consecutive winning season, but lost Thanksgiving to Farmington, a team that really has to be asking what it has to do to qualify. The Indians were 9-1, losers to only Windsor, and had a number of big wins including an 18-12 decision over Middletown late in the season. But Class L was loaded, and Farmington was left on the outside.


Fundraiser for PCD research

... just one yoga class can make all the difference ...



26-28 West Main Street Downtown Plantsville 860-426-1601

The S pairing Friday at 6:30 p.m. also has an interesting subplot. Holy Cross plays in the Naugatuck Valley League – as does Ansonia – and clearly is the NVL’s second best team. The Crusaders blasted HaddamKillingworth 42-14 in the opening round, but had to fight for their lives against Valley Regional. Holy Cross won the game, kicking a field goal in the final minute to break a 14-14 tie, then put the game away by returning an interception for a pick six a few seconds later. The question will be: Which of the two games is the real Holy Cross? In Cromwell, the Crusaders will be facing a highpowered offense. Cromwell quarterback Anthony Morales, the school’s topranked student, can play quarterback for just about anybody. He averages over 300 yards passing per game. Holy Cross is favored, based on the strength of its Class M, L and LL schedule. But Cromwell can light up the scoreboard. This game might be a track meet. If you’re going to The Rent, remember to bring your wallet. Parking isn’t free and the ticket prices for the game are hefty: $10 for adults and $5 for students. Heck, you can buy a bleacher seat at Yankee Stadium for those prices. You can also buy a suite that seats 20 for a mere $500 The Rent and can pay more to have a catering service feed you and your guests. High school games ain’t what they used to be, Virginia.

The first local fundraiser for the PCD Foundation will be held Saturday, Dec. 10, 7 p.m., at the Zen Bar, 317 Farmington Ave., Plainville. Primary ciliary dyskinesia or PCD is a rare disease affecting only about 1 in 16,000 people. A 1-year-old toddler has been diagnosed with the condition. The Kenny Mehler Band will perform. Raffle prizes from local businesses will be available and T-shirts and wristbands will be sold. There is a charge to attend and tickets can be purchased at the door.


Thursday, December 8, 2011 — The Plainville Citizen

Wrath Continued from page 6

was going to be for me to get back in my house,” he said. Corriveau’s timetable for return is a bit more optimistic, with realistic hopes of necessary repairs being done, or mostly done, by Christmas. “I look at it this way,” said Mich Corriveau, John’s wife. “Look at all the people that lost just everything, we’re lucky in a way, but still, since August it’s been like this.” Though the repairs to damage are a hassle, the bulk of Screen’s and Corriveau’s difficulties stem from haggling with insurance companies and FEMA. “It’s a tough road because I have flood insurance, but FEMA wouldn’t do [anything] until they got a letter, proof of loss from me,” John Corriveau said. “And I just got that letter.”

Continued from page 2

many citizens who hauled their leaves and brush to the landfill. Town Manager Robert E. Lee also praised the town workers for the many hours of hard work that they have put into brush chipping and hauling. “It’s a tremendous job, and there are still piles and piles of brush to be handled,” he said.

There are so many interesting things to investigate and thereby learn about the workings (and the great people) of our town. I really enjoyed my trip on “Old Brushtop.” Ruth Sharp Hummel is the town naturalist and town historian who writes regularly for The Plainville Citizen.

Two Great Downtown Southington Restaurants

needed to augment my flood insurance to actually hire contractors to do the work,” Screen said. For the time being, Screen’s home looks like a construction zone, with walls taken apart and various instruments and supplies spread out. On Monday evening, Screen was on the phone again with FEMA, trying to explain why he still needs money from them. “I’m banging my head against my non-existent wall trying to make them understand,” he said. At Monday night’s town council meeting, Town Manager Robert E. Lee reported

on developments on the situation since a Nov. 22 meeting to discuss the Hazardous Mitigation Grant Program. One option is a FEMA-funded buyout, which would be 75 percent of the appraised value before the flood. The homeowner would be responsible for the remaining 25 percent of the value and the property would be owned by the town. The town would pay 25 percent of demolition costs. Eleven homeowners are seeking buyouts. Town Council Chairwoman Kathy Pugliese said it would be helpful if further funding is researched.

Task force openings

The Town of Plainville has openings on the Clean Energy Task Force. If anyone is a registered voter in the Town of Plainville and wish to be considered for this or any other board or commission, call the town manager’s office at (860) 793-0221, ext. 201 and request an application. Applications should be received by Friday, Dec. 16.


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and turned over — a large rubber baby doll. Every trip after that for years, until the so called “dump” was better managed, I thought of that day. Through the years the river side of the “dump” became more respectable. The fact that it sits on an important aquifer, has been on many people’s minds and there are hopes of better days to come. But back to the leaves and brush. There is a townwide problem (as I write) with citizens who persist in raking their leaves to the roadside for pick up despite numerous announcements in local newspapers that the town cannot pick them up this year. Because of the huge brush problem caused by the October storm, many streets are just lined with leaf piles. Roadways Department Superintendent Dominick Moschini has stated that leaves that are still there when the first snow plows come through will be plowed back onto owners’ lawns. He also expressed his appreciation for the many,

didn’t always flood. He said he has explored the buyout option. Screen, who has lived in his home for just about as long as Corriveau has been in his, said he wants to rebuild, but knows it’s a risk. “I know I’m gambling by putting the house back together,” Screen said. Screen said the walls had to be opened up and sanitized, which he did himself. The walls are plaster, so he said he has to hire a plaster contractor to seal the walls up for him. He said there was no way he’d be able to sanitize the entire basement himself, so he had to hire a contractor. He said insulation still needs to be put back in, and wood that has been touched by the waters has to be sealed. “The work that I’ve done because I’m one person and having the disabilities and so forth, it’s just taking five times longer than if I had the money from FEMA that I



Screen, who is on disability from work because of a kidney transplant he received, said he has been doing work he’s not supposed to be doing as far as repairs go, but he had no choice since FEMA did not provide him with proper funds to hire contractors to do the work for him. He said he received about $26,000 from his insurance, but is still about $21,000 short. “FEMA was somewhat less than helpful and they didn’t provide any money toward repairing the house, at least at one point,” Screen said. “They and I have a dispute over exactly how much damage was done to my home. “They claim that their inspectors saw less damage to my home than what the actual estimates to repair it came back were.” Corriveau said he has lived in his house for more than 45 years, and the area


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, December 8, 2011


Robert Provost

Robert Provost, 80, of Melbour ne, Fla., died peacefully at his home surrounded by his loving family, Nov. 15, 2011. He was raised in Plainville, attended the University of Hartford and was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard. He worked at General Electric for 44 years. He served as chairman of the town council and was chairman of the Charter Revision Commission, as well as serving on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, and Inland Wetlands Commission. Upon moving to Florida, he served as director and chairman of Devons Glen. He was an avid golfer who served as house chairman and was on the Board

Stephen Clines III Stephen W. Clines, III, 51, of Newington, died Nov. 26, 2011, at Hartford Hospital. He was born in New Britain and was the son of Stephen W. Clines Jr. of Spartanburg, S.C., and the late Joanne (Millard) Clines. He worked as a truck driver for Valley Oil, Portland, for several years. He is survived by his beloved wife and daughter, Susan Clines and Allison Clines, of Newington; his four brothers, John Clines, Kenneth Clines and his wife, Sherry, all of Rocky Hill, Keith Clines and his wife, Debbie, Kevin Clines and his wife, Donna, all of South Carolina; his sister, Karen Trotman and her husband, Jon, of Spartanburg, S.C.; his sister-in-law, Debra Chr-

He was predeceased by his father-in-law, Edward Chrusciel. The funeral was held Dec. 1, 2011, at the Paul A. Shaker/Farmingdale Funeral Home, New Britain. Burial was private.

Sewer bills due now Sewer user bills were mailed on Oct. 31 and are payable in two installments, the first on Nov. 1 and the second on May 1. The taxpayer has the option of paying this sewer bill in full, or in two installments. In either case, a payment is due by Dec. 1. If a taxpayer chooses to pay this bill in two installments, this will be the only bill they will receive. No bills are mailed for the second installment. Regular office hours are Monday through Wednesday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday 8 a.m. to noon. Payments on current bills made at the office window will be accepted without interest through the close of business on Dec. 1. Any new homeowner who has not received a sewer bill should call the office, (860) 793-0221, ext. 237, ext. 239 or ext. 240. Non receipt of the bill will not invalidate the interest per state statutes.

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usciel and her companion, Norman Guimond, of New Britain; his brother-in-law, Steven Chrusciel and his wife, Sharon, of Southington; his mother-in-law, Mary Poloski, of Plainville; and several nieces and nephews.






of Directors at Chippanee Golf Club in Bristol. He also served on the original Board of Directors at Baytree Golf Club in Florida. He was so loved by his family, his friends, and his dog. Go ’Noles. He was a cherished husband, father, grandfather and dear friend to so many. He is survived by his adoring wife of 41 years, Josephine; his treasured children, Robert, Cheryl, Stephen, Robin and Heather; their loving spouses; his prized grandchildren, Julian, Austin, Sarah, Amy, Christian, Devon, Leigh; and his devoted doggie, Putter; and his family members, Marie, Mel, Jennifer, Larry, Ted, Jackson, Sofie, Deborah, Jason, Kelly, Zachary. He was predeceased by his parents, Nelson and Eva. The funeral was held at Bailey Funeral Home, Plainville, on Nov. 22, 2011.


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Thursday, December 8, 2011 — The Plainville Citizen

invited to attend a Holiday Celebration/Victory LunContinued from page 16 cheon for the Plainville Republicans Sunday, Dec. 11, at 1 p.m., at Aqua Terra, 253 East St. There is a cost to attend. Ticket price includes Sunday full meal of chicken marsala, stuffed tilapia, or Breakfast with Santa — pork loin with salad, dessert Breakfast with Santa will be and coffee. A cash bar will held Sunday, Dec. 11 at Our be available. Call any comLady of Mercy Church mittee member for reservaParish Center, 19 S. Canal tion and meal choice: Beth St., from 8 to 11 a.m. The Gasparini (860) 416-8343, Jo choice of menu is juice, Rosinski (860) 747-8900, Deb eggs, western eggs, sausage, Tompkins (860) 793-0558, or ham, hash browns, Texas Barb Davison (860) 747-5811. French toast, bagels, doughnuts and coffee. Children younger than 6 are free. The public is welcome. Tickets Monday can be purchased at the door. Food drive — Brownie Plainville Choral SociTroop 66073 will be having a ety — The Plainville Choral food drive to benefit the Society rehearses Mondays, Plainville Community Food 7 to 9:30 p.m., at the Gloria Pantry for the upcoming hol- Dei Church, 355 Camp St., iday season. There are two Bristol. Information: call ways to contribute: e-mail Mal Cummings, at (860) with 5695, or Maureen Deming, at your address and on Dec. 11, (860) 559-9781. leave your donation by your Rotary Club — Plainville front door and it will be Rotary Club meets at 12:15 picked up. Or, donations may p.m. Mondays at J. Timobe dropped into the collecthy’s Taverne, 143 New tion box at Gnazzo’s Food Center, 73 East St., on Dec. 11, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. SUDOKU Music concert — Hartt ANSWER School of Music concert will be held at the Plainville United Methodist Church, 56 Red Stone Hill, on Sunday, Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. There is a fee to attend which will equally benefit the Hartt chapter of MENC and the Plainville Community Food Pantry. Information: call the church at (860) 747-2328. Plainville Republicans celebration — The public is

Britain Ave. Information: call Guy Doyon at (860) 7934113. Story time — The fall session of story time at the Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St., will finish the week of Dec. 12. Toy drive — The International Institute of Cosmetology, 65 Whiting St., is hosting a toy drive from Monday, Dec. 12 to Saturday, Dec. 17. People can bring in a new, unopened, unwrapped, safe toy for all age groups and receive a complimentary haircut, pedicure or manicure. Monetary donations are also welcome. Toys will be delivered to Children’s Hospital Boston to the patients in the 9East Play Room. Information: call (860) 571-0330.






American Legion — American Legion Post 33 meets the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. The Sons of the American Legion meets the second Wednesday of every month

at 7 p.m. The Ladies Auxiliary meets the first Monday of every month at 7 p.m. Ancient Free & Accepted Masons — FrederickFranklin Lodge No. 14, A.F. & A. M., meets at 7:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, except July and August, at the Masonic Temple, 70 E. Main St., Plainville. Information: call (860) 410-9112 or visit the lodge Web site at Bingo — Veterans of Foreign Wars Madeley-Roberts Post 574 Women’s Auxiliary holds open bingo every Tuesday, at 6:30 p.m., at post headquarters, 7 Northwest Drive at the corner of Route 10. The public is invited. Information: call Earl Carey at (860) 747-5400. Jewelry making program — The Plainville Recreation Department, 50 Whiting St., is offering a Jewelry Making Program for adults. Classes will be

held on Tuesday, Dec. 6 and 13 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Recreation Building. This program will cover the basic fundamental of jewelry making. There is a fee. Items will be displayed in the Recreation Office. Information and registration: (860) 747-6022. Plainville Wind Ensemble — The Plainville Wind Ensemble meets at 7 p.m. Tuesdays in the Plainville High School band room. Information: call the Recreation Department at (860) 747-6022. Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 574 — Ladies Auxiliary meets the second Monday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at the post home. The group sponsors bingo on Tuesdays. Doors open at 4:30 p.m.; bingo begins at 6:30 p.m.

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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, December 8, 2011

Honor Continued from page 15

Jacob Stefanski, Sara Stetson, Gabrielle Taylor, Sarah Thompson, David Vess Jr., Sarah Voisine, Dawid Werpachowski, Jeffrey Ziegenhagen Grade 11 Gold Domenick D’Onofrio, Meghan Daniels, Dean DeMartinis, Tyler Favreau, Kelley Slabinski, Ezekiel Wells Silver Edmir Alagic, Samantha Bradley, Emma Carpenter, Paige Casey, Joseph Catanzaro, Christavia Chapman, Michael Costantini, Isabella D’Onofrio, Cassandra Dagata, Nico DeGregorio, Marc DeMartinis, Johanna Duran, Allison Fangiullo, Jennifer Fargo, Kelsea FithianGiantonio, Steven Foertsch, Morgan Guimond, Jennifer Heslin, Nicholas Hill, Jeremy Klepacki, Melinda Kokiel, Charlene Kush, Sierra Laferriere, Stephanie Laprise, Alexander Lawson,

Livestrong Continued from page 1

ticipating in the Livestrong program at the Wheeler Regional YMCA program. After receiving a grant from the Livestrong Association, several YMCAs have been given the chance to pilot a program that gets cancer survivors back on their feet after a long and courageous battle with the disease. Wellness coordinator April Chevalier is one of the three instructors for the program at the Y, which has nine participants in its current pilot run. She said the program covers a wide spectrum and exercise and wellness points, from cardiovascular, weight training, yoga, Zumba, and even nutrition. “Just watching the friendships bond between them has been one of the greatest things,” Chevalier said. “But also watching their confidence levels come up and giving them something to go to that’s fun for them, so they’re able to get out of the house and do something positive.”

Edwin Lee, Caitlin Lister, Michelle Martin,Daniel Michaud, Lilia Miller, Tyler Moore, Abigail Negro, Connor Oakes, Kyleigh Panetta, Amanda Perreault, Wojciech Plachta, Abigail Richardson, Nicole Rogan, Juliana Roszkowski, Ariana Ruscito, Marissa Schilling, Danielle St. Amand, Victoria Stawidlo, Matthew Thomas, Laurel Underwood, Amber Watts, Sarah Wiszniak, Simon Yawin Bronze Ryan Acey, George Anastasas, Kathleen Ashelman, Elizabeth Benoit, Kelly Burns, Austin Cameron, Sarah Caron, Amber Chadbourne, Kelsey Cyr, Kyle Daddabbo, Cheyenne Dalke, Spencer Davis, Jessica DiNatale, Brian Dostaler, Sarah Durkee, Briana Emmendorfer, Laura Ettore, Nicholas Evangelista, Nicole Ferry, Brianna Franceschini, Gabrielle Grosse, Tiana Hall, Richard Hanson, Chandler Heath, Austin Johnson, Damian Kempi, Jennifer Kristofik, Jessica Lamson, Rebecca

Lauzier, James Lux, Carly Martino, Ariel Methoxha, Nicole Milo, Brittany Misluck, Kourtnie Morales, Dawn Novack, Allison Palazzolo, Anthony Parracino, Kamal Patel, Kayla Plourde, Amanda Reola, Jacob Rocco, Belinda Sadiku, Edwin Santos, Jonathon Saraceno, Thomas Schrey, Nicholas Spinelli, Emma Stefanski, Todd Sweezey, Patrick Taylor, Amanda Tedeski, Chad Welz, Claudia Wislocki, Amanda Zeitel, Forrest Zirpolo Grade 12 Gold Christopher Kuzia, Melinda Le, Rebecka Mousch, Jillian Newton, Alexis Rodriguez Silver Cheyenne Aguilar, Charlotte Anderson, Stephen Boland, Edward Bruce, Michael Bruno, Heather Butterfield, Leah Carpenter, Kevin Casey, Kelsey Chacho, Nathanial Chandler, Christina DeJesus, Thomas Dinda, Matthew Ettorre, Kelly Farina, Jennifer Florance, Adam Fos-

ter, Michael Gervais, Nicholas Giuliani, Nicole Hogan, Eliza Jurzyk, Sarah Kane, Elizabeth LaBella, Gavin Landry, James Laposky, Jenna Levy, Brian Lister, Antonio LoPizzo, Jay Marquis, Katherine McLellan, Deanna Mizura, Sotir Moliko, Megan Moran, Ashley Newell, Dylan Norton, Sebastian Olechowski, Daniel Pater, Erik Perrotti, Kayla Quealy, Melissa Sirois, Emilee Tabora, Janelle Therriault, Devon Tyrrell, Mikayla Wells, Katherine Willard, Michelle Winiarski, Patrick Yung, Samantha Zaza, Briana Zink, Ashley Zmijewski, Emily Zuckerman, Alexis Zysek Bronze Lindsey Allario, Doreen Barbagallo, Cameron Bard, Caitlin Bartley, Sarah Basile, Deanna Beaudoin, Zual Bilachie, Eryn Bland, Allesandra Caponigro, Alexandra Carroll, Jesse Casale, Andrew Castrogiovanni, Carmine Celentano, Andrew Chapman, Tyler Clemens, Kristjan Cokali,

Elizabeth Cruz, Tyler Dashukewich, Megan Dixon, Nicole Dow, Ryan Dow, Mitchell Durkin, Gavin Dutkiewicz, Holly Freeman, Paula Frejlich, Mariah Godin, Tyler Goodall, Elizabeth Grosse, Sarah Heap-Crosby, Nicole Heilman, Marcquille Johnson, Admir Kandic, Daquan King, Christopher Knapp, Justin Lagassey, Chanel Macklin, Dylan Madore, Zachery Marcoux, Alyssa Marquez, Jessica Martel, Alycia Martin, Brittney Maxwell, Allen Mehmedovic, Nicholas Moshier, Sheilah Newcity, Ryan Patterson, Michael PerryPerez, Kenan Piknjac, Kristi Pratt, Katelyn Pugliese, Rachael Rafala, Abigail Robinson, Erik Rosati, Almedina Sadiku, Bryan Salazar, Tauri Spencer, Tricia SunderlandDrezek, Jessica Tattersall, Samantha Taylor, Michael Valeri, Matthew Waddell, Kevin Waite, Matthew Walls.

Judy Jennings is a survivor of lung cancer after being diagnosed two years ago and is currently in remission, though still receiving treatment. She said someone at the Y had contacted her to let her know the program would be starting. “I was always very active before I got cancer, and since recovering, I just lost all energy and really the motivation to get started again,” Jennings said. “So this was the perfect opportunity because it was very specific.” Wellness coordinator Eileen Cyr said the bonding between participants was immediate, and everyone looks out for everyone. “In all the 30 years I’ve been working with the Y, this is the most rewarding program I’ve ever worked with,” Cyr said. Jennings said the bond between her and the other participants has been a “great opportunity.” “When we started out we cried together, but we also laughed together,” Jennings said. “And we just encourage one another — everyone’s a

great motivator.” Mike Tripputi is recovering from spine and bone cancer, which he said left his spine “deteriorated to the point of no return.” He said he joined the program to get his health and body back. “What was my biggest fear? Dying,” he said. “What was my biggest accomplishment? Overcoming it.” Tripputi, now in remission, said the disease curved his spine to shave off about 6 inches of his height. He said it left him believing he would never work again, but the program has helped him get back on his feet a little bit. “Because of this program I’m able to do a little bit of work,” he said. Shirley Osle, Plainville’s assistant town manager, is currently in recovery from breast cancer and receiving maintenance treatments. She said she was excited to hear about the program and to join. “One of the biggest things that I found going through my treatment, was that I had no energy,” Osle said. “I felt like I was just a couch potato,

I wasn’t doing anything.” Osle said the structure of the program helped her to make a positive commitment to come in and get herself moving again, which has helped her reach her goal of getting back to doing yoga — something she loved to do. “It has helped me tremendously,” Osle said. “I’m more energetic, I just saw my oncologist yesterday and she was so thrilled because she saw I was a lot more energetic now and more focused on becoming healthier.” Instructor Karen Nicosia said she expected the program to be rewarding and challenging but found it to be even better than that. “It’s beyond rewarding,” Nicosia said. “And it is more challenging than I thought it

would be in a constructive way.” Currently, the program meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The next session will begin in January and will have a daytime and evening session to accommodate more schedules. Chevalier also said they will try new and different things. “I think each session it’s just going to grow and have more to offer,” Chevalier said. “But with each group we have new people so their needs and wants are going to be maybe a lot different.” Anyone interested in participating in the Livestrong program at the YMCA can contact Chevalier by e-mail,

Surviving holiday eating and stress

Miles Everett and Katherine Kreh, from the Bristol Diabetes Center, will present the Holiday Eating and Stress Program Thursday, Dec. 15, at 10 a.m., at the senior center, 200 East St. They will talk about enjoying the holidays without receiving the seven to 12 pound “present” that most Americans get during the holidays. To register, call the senior center by Monday, Dec. 12, (860) 747-5728.


Thursday, December 8, 2011 — The Plainville Citizen


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LEGAL NOTICE ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS PLAINVILLE, CONNECTICUT The Zoning Board of Appeals of Plainville, Connecticut will hold Public Hearings on Monday December 12, 2011, at 7:30 pm in the Plainville Municipal Center, One Central Square, Plainville Connecticut, Room 304 to hear and consider the following applications: NEW BRITAIN AVENUE Application #11-12-01, Wayne Appleyard of Grass Lake, MI seeks a variance to Article 1 Residential Zones, Section 1.03 Dimensional Standards, Sub-section B - Minimum Yard Requirements, Paragraph 3 Detached Structures to permit the placement of a shed within the required side yard. The applicant seeks a variance to reduce the side yard from five (5) feet to four and one half (4.5) feet for a property known as 172 Redstone Hill. ARCADIA AVENUE Application #11012-02, Paul and Deborah Nelson of 94 Arcadia Avenue seek a variance to Article 1, Residential Zones, Section 1.03 Dimensional Standards, Sub-section B - Minimum Front Yard Setback to permit the reduction of the required front yard setback from twenty-four (24) feet to nineteen (19) feet for the purposes of constructing a front porch on a structure known as 94 Arcadia Avenue. Dated at Plainville, Connecticut this 22nd day of November. Gail Pugliese, Secretary Plainville Zoning Board of Appeals

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LEGAL NOTICE PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION PLAINVILLE, CONNECTICUT The Town of Plainville’s Planning and Zoning Commission will conduct a Public Hearing on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 commencing at 7:30 p.m. at the Plainville Municipal Center, One Central Square, Plainville CT on the following items: Special Exception for Wheeler Clinic to construct a multi-purpose activity building addition to Northwest Village School for property located at 91 Northwest Drive. Special Exception for Plainville Congregational Church to add onto rear of fellowship hall to provide an enclosed entrance and elevator shaft for property located at 130 West Main Street. The files are available for public inspection at the Department of Technical Services and the Town Clerk’s Office in the Plainville Municipal Center. At this hearing, interested persons may appear and be heard and written communications may be received. Any person requiring special assistance in order to attend and/or participate in this public hearing may call the Department of Technical Services at (860) 793-0221 before noon on Friday, December 9, 2011. Respectfully submitted,


PLAINVILLE LEGAL NOTICE LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application This is to give notice that I, MARK J. SIGWIN 108 W DISTRICT ROAD UNIONVILLE, CT 06085-1446 Have filed an application placarded 11/30/2011 with the Department of Consumer Protection for a MANUFACTURER BEER PERMIT for the sale of alcoholic liquor on the premises at 123 WHITING STREET STE 95B PLAINVILLE, CT 06062-2889 The business will be owned by: RELIC BREWING CO LLC Objections must be filed by: 01/10/2012 MARK J. SIGMAN

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Thursday, December 8, 2011 — The Plainville Citizen


ATTIC & BASEMENTS CLEANED GARY Wodatch Demolition Services. Sheds, pools, decks, garages, concrete walks, patios, Quick, courteous srv. All calls returned. Ins. #566326. Office 203-235-7723/Cell 860-558-5430 GARY Wodatch Debris removal of any kind. Homeowner’s, contractor’s, small dumpsters avail. Quick, courteous srv. All calls returned. Ins. #566326. Office 203-235-7723/Cell 860-558-5430 I Want Your Junk Pete In The Pickup 203-886-5110

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MR. HANDY Home Improvement & Repairs. No Job Too Small. CT Reg #624078 Call Larry (860) 877-5678

HEATING & COOLING DON’T Freeze this WINTER! Call Duane Plumbing, heating & cooling. Annual furnace & boiler tune-ups & cleanings. Quality work. Major credit cards. Low rates. 203-3798944 #400335-S1

A-1 HOME IMPROVEMENT We Do It All! Great quality work. Affordable prices. Available 24/7. Free estimates. Call us! (203) 706-2347 CT Reg #612706 ALBERTS HOME REPAIRS Remodeling, Windows, Doors, Siding, Decks, Floors Lic & ins #623837 203-592-1148 J. BOOBER CONSTRUCTION Additions, garages, remodeling, kitchens, bathrms, basements, decks, sunrooms. Lic’d & Ins’d. 203-265-0730 CT. Reg. #572880 DE CA Home Improvement ● Kitchen & Bath ● Flooring, Painting ● Roofing & Siding We provide reliable service. (203) 630-1294 (203) 886-6566 Ins., Free Estimates. CT #624716

LANDSCAPING DE CA LANDSCAPING Patios & Walks Leaf Removal Snow Plowing We provide reliable service. (203) 630-1294 (203) 886-6566 Ins., Free Estimates. CT #624716 GARY Wodatch Landscape Svs. Hedge/tree trim., trimming over grown properties. Est 1985. All calls returned. #0620397. Office 203-235-7723 cell 860-558-5430

Siding, Roofing, Windows, Decks, Sunrms, Additions

203-237-0350 CT Reg. #516790

LANDSCAPING A-1 LANDSCAPING Clean ups, hedge trimming, tree service, masonry, mulching, gardening. Immediate service avail. 203-706-2347 CT Reg #612706


PAUL’S MASONRY. New & Repairs. Stone walls, arches, chimneys, sidewalks, fireplace. Free est. #614863. 203-706-9281

PAINTING/ WALLPAPERING PAINTING SPECIALS Apartments starting $325 ROOMS Starting $125 Ceiling repairs/ Popcorn. Basement waterproofing. Eddie 203-824-0446 Lic 569864 HALLMARK PAINTING & Wallpapering & Pressure Washing. Since 1985. Now booking for interior/exterior painting & pressure washing. Free estimates. Fully insured. CT REG #0560720. 203-269-3369

CHRISTMAS PUPPIES AKC Chocolate & Black Labs. Male and Female. $700-$900. Raised with children. Ready December 12. (203) 631-9386

FREE ROOF SHOVELING FOR THE 2012 SEASON With every roof contract signed in December. Reg #558927 203-284-0137 WINTER Specials- Roofing, Siding, Windows. We do it all. ALEX Home Improvement. Free est. 203-631-8810 CT#583177

SHEET ROCK GALVEZ DRYWALL LLC Sheetrock, Taping, Painting, Power Washing. Comm/Res. Int/Ext. #0629166 203-631-9086

SIDING CPI HOME IMPROVEMENT HIGHEST Quality-LOWEST Price Siding ● Roofing Windows ● Remodeling ● Decks ● Gutters Addtions ●Credit Cards Accepted 203-634-6550 CT Reg #577455

V. NANFITO PLUMBING FALL CLEAN UP Curbside Leaf Pickup, Branch & Limb Removal, Hedge Trimming & Gutter Cleaning. Insured. CT Lic #0619909 203-715-2301

Siding, Roofing, Windows, Decks Remodeling Gutters CT Reg#570192 (203) 639-1634

DON’T Flush money down the drain, call Duane Plumbing, heating. Quality work, low rates Major credit cards accptd. 203379-8944 lic. #283401 P1

T.E.C. Electrical Svc LLC JUNK REMOVAL & MORE! FALL Clean-up & LEAF Removal Estates, Homes, Attics, Bsmt, Gar, Yard, Appliances. Free Est 203-535-9817 or 860-575-8218

Now accepting new snow service accounts. Full season or per storm. Sidewalks, walkways, stairs, driveways, salt/sand. QUALITY, FRIENDLY SERVICE Commercial & Residential Service Call 203-715-2301 CT#619909 SALT - $130 per Yard. Sand/salt 7:2 DOT mix, $65 per yard, picked up. 100% Calcium chloride icemelt - Safest for concrete! $16.50 per 50lb. bag. Pallet prices available. 24/7. Call 203-238-9846


SPECIALIZING IN Hazardous Jobs Specialty Tree Service Storm cleanup, Tree Removal, Bobcat and Crane Service.

(860) 759-3644 Storm Clean-Up RICK’S affordable Tree limb, brush piles, tree, & under-brush removal. No job too big or small. 17 yrs exp. 203-530-4447.


IF YOU MENTION THIS AD YARD Clean-up, Brush, Branches & LEAF REMOVAL. Bsmnt, Gar, Appl’s, Furniture & junk removal. 203-535-9817 or 860-575-8218 FALL Cleanup, powerwashing, gutter cleaning, leaf raking, grass cutting. Reasonable rates Call Doug 860-621-7602 and 860-919-1519 EXTREME LANDSCAPING Fall Cleanups, Vac Truck, Hedge Trim & more. Snowplowing. Com /Res. Great rates. Free estimates. Call Walter 203-619-2877

CPI HOME IMPROVEMENT HIGHEST Quality-LOWEST Price Siding ● Roofing Windows ● Remodeling ● Decks ● Gutters Addtions ●Credit Cards Accepted 203-634-6550 CT Reg #577455 EXTREME ROOFING Including All Types of Home Improvements. CT#628714 Habla Espanol. Call Joe 860-573-0642

REPLACEMENT Free Driveway Snowplowing FOR THE 2012 SEASON With every siding contract signed in December. Reg #558927 203-284-0137

C&M CONSTRUCTION To ensure a quality job at a fair price. Call 203-630-6459 CT Reg #608488

V. NANFITO Roofing, Siding, Windows, Decks Remodeling Gutters CT Reg#570192 (203) 639-1634 100% HONESTY Any and all projects. Roof Repair Specialists. #572776 CALL BEN (203) 921-9627

Siding, Roofing, Windows, Decks, Sunrms, Additions

203-237-0350 CT Reg. #516790


FALL CLEAN-UP LEAF & YARD CLEAN-UP Curb side pick-up, Tree & Brush Removal. No job too big or small. 203-530-4447

203-294-9889 Siding, Roofing, Windows, Decks, Sunrms, Additions

203-237-0350 CT Reg. #516790 Expert De-Icers Commerical Specialists. Nicholas J Murano LLC, Member: Snow and Ice Management Assn

DON’T know what to give? How about a gift certificate for Christmas With Horses at Rap A Pony Farm. Mon-Thurs, Dec 26Dec 29, 9am-12pm. $150 for 4 days. Call Rita 203-265-3596


GARY WODATCH LLC Tree Removal, All calls returned Reg #0620397. Quick courteous service. Office 203-235-7723 or Cell 860-558-5430

JT’S LANDSCAPING, LLC Fall Cleanups - Gutter Cleaning Top Quality Work. CT Reg #616311 203-213-6528



● ● ●



ENGINEERING MAJOR Pro Concrete Craftsman Pavers, Ret. Walls Visit (203) 294-9889 CT#612218


O L D T U B NE W T U B . C OM Tub & Tile Resurfacing, Kitchen Cabinet Spraypainting. #553512 1-800-NEWTUB2 BBB A+ Rated






POLISH/ENGLISH speaking woman to clean house w/care. 2nd cleaning 50% off. Ins & bonded. Refs. 860-538-4885 ROBERTA’S Houscleaning. Please call for a quote. (203) 238-0566 (US citizen, mature woman).

All Phases of Electrical Work 24 hr. Emergency Service


BOUNCING PONY Farm, Wolcott A great place to learn & have fun Give your special child memories to last a lifetime! Certificates are ready to give from $25 & up. Call Ahead & it will be packaged & ready for you or we can mail it to you. Call 203-927-6189 We're on facebook & the web

WORK Low/House burned down. Happy to provide 100% honest & moral integrity on all projects. #572776 CALL BEN (203) 921-9627

IT’S SO CONVENIENT! Pay for your RecordJournal Marketplace ad with your credit card. For your convenience we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discove r & American Express. Just call (203) 238-1953 to place your Marketplace ad and have your credit card # ready for the advisor.

FALL HORSEBACK RIDING GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAIL Rosehaven Stables, LLC Meriden 203-238-1600 FREE Heavy Duty Dog House Call 203-599-8915 HORSE CARE NEEDED Part Time AM AM Will train the right person. 203-272-6593 or 203-213-8833

LAB PUPPIES Black and white. We can be your Christmas gift! We are very loveable and playful. Come see our mom and dad and meet us. We can go to our new Christmas home on December 21. Call our loving masters at 860-306-2366 (Mark) or 860-276-7474 (Maryann) LAB Puppies Black and Yellow. Ready to go. Reg. Also Boxer/ English Bulldog Pups. Ready for Xmas. Taking deposits. Adorable! (860) 329-4210


AFFORDABLE Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators and Stoves.

Appliance Repairs

Will Deliver



The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, December 8, 2011 Advertisement

The Career Tribune

- Si n c e 2 0 0 3

Your Source for Excellent Career Opportunities

Extra! Extra! Great job opportunities available at Meriden Company Who: You!

Time: 3p-7p

This job fair will allow you to talk, face-to-face, about this excellent job opportunity which includes, great benefits, competitive pay and a progressive, environmentally conscious workplace.

When: 12/9, 12/16, 12/21, 1 2 / 29

Applications can be filled out onsite.

What: Job Fair for those interested in working in a fast paced, cutting edge manufacturing environment with a consistent upward trajectory.

Where: WeRecycle! 500 South Broad St. Meriden, CT 06450 What to bring: Your resume and a good attitude!

Seeking qualified applicants with experience in Warehousing, Material Handler, Shipping & Receiving, Machine Operation, Safety, Process Coordination etc…


Directions: see contact : Connecticut/Directions



FOR SALE: Office equipment including desks, file cabinets, etc call 860-349-1715, 360-E Main Street, Durham, CT

LEATHER coat, Schott, black Size 38. $50 203-265-3726

LG Stainless Steel Smooth Top Stove Less than 2 years old. $265 Call for details (203) 676-9048

MEN’S Leather Coat - Brown. Size Medium. $50 203-265-3726

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE BLOWER New 18 volt 120 mph Extra battery. $40. 860 620-3151 BOY’S Moto Bicycle-Helmet inc. Excellent condition. $30. Call 203-237-0412 FREE Horse Manure Call 203-599-8915

Buying, selling Marketplace is the answer.

MURRAY LAWN TRACTOR 12HP, with deck and Rear bagger. $350. Needs brake repair. TORO LAWN TRACTOR 10HP, Deck, cuts fine. No hood. $200. (203) 269-3837 OLYMPUS ZOOM XB 70 3870mm film camera $20 203909-0445

Steel Buildings Reduced Factory Inventory

30x36 – Reg $15,850 Now $12,600 36x58 – Reg $21,900 Now $18,800

WOOD, FUEL & HEATING EQUIPMENT ALL Hardwood, 2 Cord Minimum $425 and $225 For a Single cord. 203-376-2805.

NESTOR MARTIN CAST IRON COAL OR WOOD STOVE - Very attractive, glass front door, 3 feed doors, removable self feeding coal chute and 2 heat exchangers included. $1100. 860-628-2469 or 860-919-7171 SEASONED hardwood, pickup or local delivery. Cut & split. Approx 16-18in (mostly 18). $225/cord; $145/half cord. 203-294-1775.


VCR - working condition FREE Call 203-237-7174

STEREO Component Cabinet. Black w/glass front. 51"H, 23"W, 22"D. Like New. $50. ZENITH VCR - Exc. Condition. $20 203-213-4400

TV - HITACHI 50" Ultravision Rear Projection TV. Mint Condition. $100. Call 203-213-4400



WANTED TO BUY 2ND GENERATION Buys Estates, Old Jewelry, Lamp Parts, Old Frames, Trains, Figurines, Pottery, Napier. Any old items. 203-639-1002

Estate sale service. Costume Jewelry, Antiques, paintings, Meriden-made items, toys, lamps. Call Todd Shamock 203-237-3025

Silverware, China, Glass. Furniture. 50’s Items. Whole Estates.


WANTED TO BUY ALWAYS BUYING CASH PAID Vintage Electronics, Amps, Musical Instruments, Guitars, Radios, Ham Equipment, CB, HiFi, Audio Equipment. 860-707-9350


Voice Lessons All Ages and Levels Welcome

Piano Lessons Always Buying, Old, used and antique handtools. Carpentry, Machinist, Engraving and Workbench tools. If you have old or used tools that are no longer being used, call with confidence. Fair & friendly offers made in your home. Please call Cory 860-613-1108

$$$ CA$H $$$


866-609-4321 Source: 1N0


WW II Military Items




Professional Violin Lessons & String Instruments



Buying Collectibles, Jewelry & Silver. China, Glass, Military, Musical. Anything old & unusual. Single item to an estate.

For Children & Adults $25 per 1/2 hour. First lesson FREE! 30 yrs exp. We repair: Violins ● Violas ● Cellos ● Bass Bow Rehairing 203-294-0888


Beginner to Intermediate De Fiore Vocal & Piano Studio Roberta (203) 630-9295

L & E PROPERTY Mgmt Offers Meriden- Big beautiful 4BR house w/large yard. 2 baths. Recently renovated. 89 Amity St. $1575 + utils. Avail. 9/1. (203) 240-4688

SOUTH Meriden 3 BR, 2 bath. $1390/mo negotiable Clean! 1400 sq ft. New floors, fresh paint. 860-335-8411


Thursday, December 8, 2011 — The Plainville Citizen CONDOMINIUMS FOR RENT

MERIDEN East Side Condo 2BR. Fully applianced. No pets. No smoking. $875 (203) 235-4853 MERIDEN. Remodeled, quiet end unit, 2 BR Townhouse, 1 1/2 baths, deck, hookups, spacious closets. No pets/smoking. Good credit, lease, sec. $990 + utils. (203) 269-9755


Flanders West Apts Southington

Studio & 1 Bedroom Apts Affordable apts for qualified applicants 50 yrs of age or older Small pets accepted Please call 860-621-3954 TTY 711

APARTMENTS FOR RENT MERIDEN 2 BRs, 3rd floor. 433 Center Street. Off street parking. No pets. $700 plus 1 month security & refs. 203-213-9896 MERIDEN 4 BR Large Apt. Laundry area. 1st Floor. $1200/mo plus security. 860-966-7977 MERIDEN BR Off-street parking. Wall to Wall carpets, appls, $765 Per Month. Heat & HW included. No pets. Sec & refs required. Call 203-238-7133 MERIDEN GORGEOUS 3BR /2nd Fl. Completely remodeled. New appliances. Off st parking. Separate utils. Pets considered. $900. Owner/Agent 203-996-1719 MERIDEN One 4 BR Apartment. Stove & Refrigerator. One 7 Rm Apt. 1 1/2 baths. Attached Garage Stove & Refrigerator. 203-238-3908


HOME SWEET HOMES Offers Meriden 3 BR & 4BR apts Newly Renovated! Avail. Immed. Starting @$850 Call 203-240-4688 MER. FURNISHED apts: Incl Heat, Elec, HW. East Side, 1st floor 1bdrm $845/mo+sec. 2BR, 2rd fl, $950/mo+sec. 12pm-8pm 203630-3823 or MERIDEN - 1 1/2 room apartment for rent. H/H included. Off street parking. Security. Storage. $625. monthly. Call Scott at (203)302-8760. MERIDEN -1-BR Hubbard Park Central Air/Heat. 775 West Main Street. From $845/mo. + utils. No pets. Call Chino 203-4403483 or Steve 203-537-4072 MERIDEN -WALLINGFORD LINE Large, 1 & 2 BR Luxury Condo. Laundry. No pets. $650 & $875 + utilities Call 203-245-9493

MERIDEN 1 BR, 2 BR & Studio Starting at $595 per month. Heat & HW incl. Off street parking 203-886-7016

MERIDEN 1023 Old Colony Rd.

2 BR Starting at $800 Heat & HW incl. Off St. Parking. 203-639-8751

MERIDEN 1023 Old Colony Rd.

2 BR

MERIDEN- 5 Bdrm, 2 bath apt., 2nd floor. Off street parking ( 2 spots) center of town location. $1400/mo. Also 2 bdrm apt. $800/mo Call 860-214-8023 MERIDEN- West side, 2 bdrm, 2nd floor includes heat, HW & elec. Oak flooring, VERY CLEAN $950/mo+sec 12pm-8pm 203630-3823 or MERIDEN-1BR, 2nd flr w/kit/LR combo, wall to wall carpet/ linoleum. Off st. parking. Exc cond/loc. $600 + utils. 1st, last & 1 mo. sec. No Pets. 860-663-1229 MERIDEN-2BR apt. Nice area w/parking. Freshly painted. Reduced to $795/mo. incl. fridge, stove & w/d hkup, coin op. w/d. Storage area. No utils, pets or smoking. 1 yr lease. Cr. check & refs. req’d. Sec & 1st mo. rent. 203-608-8348 MERIDEN-4BR 2 floor unit. Nice, big apartment. Available Immediately. $1,250 per month. Call 203-440-1003

WALLINGFORD 2 BR apts, 1st & 2nd Floor. Appliances included. W/D hookups. Off st. parking. No pets. Must have good credit. $875 each. Call (860) 620-9658 WALLINGFORD-1BR apt starting at $750 including heat & HW. No pets. JJ Bennett 203265-7101 WALLINGFORD. 1 BR, 1st flr, heat & hot water included. New carpeting. Walk in closet, stove, refrig, no pets. $800 + sec. 203-430-4373 WALLINGFORD. 24 Meadow St. 1st FL, 2 BR, 1 bath, ceramic tile, new carpet, $875/mo + sec. 203-265-5980. WINTER SPECIAL MERIDEN- 1BR - $695/month. Heat, Hot Water, Electric included. Private balcony. 1 month free rent. Ask for details. Call for info 203-639-4868 WLFD. 2BR OVERSIZED Townhouse, appl’d kit., 3000SF, lots of storage & closet space, laundry room. NO PETS. $1195. Call J.J. Bennett, 203-265-7101.

ROOMS FOR RENT MERIDEN CLEAN SAFE ROOMS Heat, elec, HW incld. E.Side, kit privileges, off-st park. $125/wk. + sec. Call 12-8pm 203-630-3823 or MERIDEN Clean, Safe Room. 203-634-8084 Utilities & fridge included. Share kitchen/bath. $120 per week plus security.

GARAGE & STORAGE SPACE FOR RENT Meriden 460 Sq Ft barn for storage only. So Broad St. No vehicles & heat. Asking $250. per month. Call Peter 617-696-9390


MERIDEN-Efficiency Heat, Hot Water & Electricity included. $650 per month. Lease & Security Required. 203-235-6988 MERIDEN. 4 BR, kit, LR, 2 full baths, 1st floor, w/w carpet. Need references. Section 8 approved. 203-537-9093 PLAINVILLE- XL studio apt. Fully applianced kitchen. A/C, onsite prkg, balcony. $645/mo. Call CPI 860-225-1570 x1 SOUTHINGTON 17 Bristol St. 5 Rooms & Bath. New Stove, Refrigerator, Washer & Dryer. 1 car gar. No pets. Credit ck. $800. Shows Fri & Sun Open house 12-1. (203) 699-9143

WALLINGFORD-$249,900 4BR 2.5 bath home. Freshly painted interior. Lower level w/spacious FR, bedroom and bathperfect inlaw or tenant set up. Fenced yard. Easy access to major highways. Linda Diana 203-265-5618

SOUTHINGTON Large 1 Bedroom with extra room. Great location WD hookup, Off St parking, $775/mo $1550 sec dep. 860-681-5233

Starting at $800 Heat & HW incl. Off St. Parking. 203-639-8751

SOUTHINGTON Small 4 room apt. 2nd fl, safe secure parking. $725. Month plus utilities & security. Call 860-628-2227.

MERIDEN 1BR & 2 BR Stove, heat & hot water incl. Lease, sec & refs. No pets. 203- 239-7657 or 203-314-7300

WALLINGFORD 1 & 2 BR Apts. Recently redecorated. Choate & YMCA area. Starting at $700 plus utilities 203-269-2575

MERIDEN 2 Br, 1 1/2 Bath Townhouse. Completely remodeled, new stainless appl, W/D hk, off st parking. $1000. plus sec. 203-996-3279 or 203-314-6647.

WALLINGFORD 1 BR Condo at Judd Square. Newly Renovated. 655 Sq Ft. $785/mo. No pets. No smoking. (203) 715-0333

MERIDEN 3BR 1st fl off street parking. W/D hookup, porch, lrg yard. Newly renovated $1100 per mo plus sec. Call Natalie 203-671-2672

WALLINGFORD 1st fl, 2BR. 2 glass porches, appls, hkups. Off st. parking. Dead end st. No pets. Very clean! $925. Garage extra. Owner/Agent 203-269-7348


WLFD-Seller will pay closing fees up to 3% of price. Intown 3BR, 1.5 bath. Renovated 2 story home. Walk-up attic/full bsmt, detached gar, All hdwd flrs, updated Mechanicals. Move in Cond-Must See to appreciate. Price Reduced. $184,900. Call 203-265-1070

Thee VNA Th VN NA of of Sout South S outh h C Central ent ntrall Connecticut Connecti Conne cticut ut ha has h as be bee b been eeen en a stable stabl sta ble so source sourc urcee o off caring for patients in their homes for over 100 years, and we’re seeking healthcare professionals to service our growing central Connecticut clientele. If you want to join an organization recognized as the region’s leader in home health care, and be part of our rewarding work environment, please call now to start a new job after the holidays!

Registered Nurses

LOTS & ACREAGE MERIDEN- 3 city approved 1/4 acre building lots. Accessment value in access of $80,000. Will sell for $25,000. For details call Louie 203-634-1776.

HELP WANTED ACCOUNTING firm looking for experienced Tax Preparer. PT. Should be computer proficient and detail oriented. Email resume to: AUTO MECHANIC Taking applications for all positions, full time. Apply in person only, do not email resumes. Portland Transmission: 25 Silver St, Portland. 860-342-4273 AUTO Mechanic. Min 10 yrs exp. Must have tools and be able to diagnose problems. Starting pay and benefits based on experience. Apply in person Campbell Auto Center, 20 Orange Ave, New Haven or call Bill 203-562-7466 BOOKKEEPER - full charge for Construction Co in Bristol. Will be responsible for accounting duties including ap and ar as well as admin. & other accounting duties as needed. For the right candidate this position can offer flexibility with approx. a 30-40 hr wk. The ideal candidate will have previous accounting exp, preferably in property mgmt, & will be proficient in Quickbooks and excel. Send resumes to aparent@ CDL-A Drivers:

MAKE $1000 OR MORE PER WEEK! ●$500 sign-on bonus ●Great miles & pay ●Excellent equipment ●Regular hometime ●Fast-Enroll Benefits ●Variety of runs ●CDL Graduates Needed


Is your merchandise "blending in?" MERIDEN. $255,000 Awesome eastside location. 9rm ranch on culdesac, updated kit, 4bd, 2.5 ba, FP, huge fam rm w/ new lm fls, 2car gar, cair, poss inlaw, nice yard. Call Pat Burke 203265-5618

Fall into a new opportunity!

Placing a Marketplace ad is an easy and affordable way to whip up some interest among potential buyers. What are you waiting for? Contact us today and start turning the stuff you don’t want into something you do want:


We have full & part time benefitted positions for RNs with Home Health Care experience. 1226885

MERIDEN- 3BR. 2nd flr, stove & refrig. $875/mo + sec.


Per Diem Weekend Supervisor

Work from home one or two weekends a month – excellent pay. Positions require a CT RN license, the ability to work flexible hours, a car, insurance and a current CT driver’s license. Fax your resume to 203-787-5198 or email EOE

The Visiting Nurse Association of South Central Connecticut One Long Wharf Drive • New Haven, CT 06511 HELP WANTED

DRIVER Experienced Reefer Drivers & Independent Contractors needed for Regional Positions. Top of the line equipment and plenty of freight. Call Today! 877-491-1112 or EDM Operator/Machinist 45 Person Job Shop has 2nd & 3rd Shift openings for an EDM Operator/Machinist. Experience a plus but would be willing to train. Benefit pkg includes life, disability & health insurance, paid holidays and 401K plan. Apply at AcuCut Inc., 200 Town Line Road, Southington, CT between 8 AM and 5 PM.


DRIVERS WANTED PCF, Inc. is seeking Delivery Service Providers for newspaper home delivery. No experience necessary. 7 days a week. 2-3 hours daily, starting around 3am. $400-$500/bi-weekly. Routes in Cheshire and surrounding towns. No money collections. Must be 18+. Valid driver's license and reliable car w/insurance required. Drivers are independently contracted.

Call 1-800-515-8000 HELP WANTED

DENTAL ASSISTANT - Must be experienced. Busy practice in Meriden. Fax resumes to: Mike 203-634-3643.

TOWN OF SOUTHINGTON Duties include but not limited to answering E911 & non-emergency phone calls, dispatching police & fire & interacting with the public. Applicants must be age 18 or older with a HS diploma/GED and valid CT drivers license. Applications may be picked up at the Police Department @ 69 Lazy Lane Southington, CT or downloaded from the Town of Southington website (Job Opportunities) at Application deadline: Before midnight on Friday, 12/23/2011. Practical Test: January 4-6, 2012 Oral Board: January 9-11, 2012 There is a $35.00 nonrefundable application fee payable by certified bank check or money order to the "Town of Southington". The oral interview will be invitation only & will depend upon the ranking within the practical test. EOE

MANUFACTURER Wire and cable manufacturer is looking for a Production Supervisor. The ideal candidate will supervise, manage and lead all production activities to include on-time delivery and quality standards. Manufacturing and supervisory skills preferred. Good communications skills are a must. Wire & Cable experience preferred. We offer competitive benefits and wages. Production Supervisor Wire & Cable experience preferred. Full benefits package. Grow with us! Full time. Q-S Technologies, Inc. Good people skills. Wire & Cable Manufacturer Competitive pay. mneclerio@ RECEPTIONIST/CLERICAL Asst for large psychiatry group in Farmington. F/T M-F (9-5). Medical office exp a must. Heavy patient contact. Must be able to multi-task & work in fast paced office. Word/Excel use req’d. Med billing software exp preferred. Send resume to: or fax 860-677-9570 (please include salary req.)

MEDICAL CAREERS REHAB THERAPIST PTA / RPT / OTR P/T Per diem time opportunity to join an exc. rehab team. Competitive compensation. Mail/fax/email resume to: Meridian Manor 1132 Meriden Rd Waterbury, Ct 06705 Fax: 203-757-0634


SEAMLESS Gutter Installers. Excellent benefits & pay. Must have experience and valid CT driver’s license. Apply in person: New England Building Products, 45 Golden Street, Meriden. 203-235-7981 SECRETARY/RECEPTIONIST General practice law firm in Plainville. Experience preferred. Quick books knowledge a plus. Fax resume to 860-747-5888


NY Style Pizza

SMALL 12” MEDIUM 14” LARGE 16” X-LARGE 18” PARTY SIZE 25”x17” Cheese 6.50 9.95 10.45 11.95 18.95 Add’l. Items 1.00 1.50 1.75 2.00 3.00 Toppings: Extra Cheese, Sausage, Pepperoni, Bacon, Meatball, Olives, Ham, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions, Roasted Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Spinach, Anchovies, Pineapple, Artichoke Hearts, Hamburger Appetizers, Salads, Italian Dinners


CALZONES OR STROMBOLI Mozzarella Additional Items



6.95 1.25

9.95 1.75

HOT PARMIGIANA GRINDERS Served with Cheese & Tomato Sauce Sausage Meatball Eggplant Veal Chicken



5.25 5.25 5.75 5.75 5.25

6.95 6.95 7.50 7.50 6.95

HOT OR COLD GRINDERS Served with Cheese, Lettuce and Tomato HALF

Grilled Chicken 6.75 Genoa Salami 5.25 Roast Beef 5.75 Ham 5.25 Tuna 5.75 Pastrami 5.25 Turkey 5.25 Italian Combo 5.75 Steak & Cheese 5.95 Chicken Cutlet 5.25 B.L.T. 5.25 Cheeseburger 5.95 Pepperoni 5.25 Veggie 5.25 Extra Cheese .50 Extra Meat 1.00 BURGERS SANDWICH


7.95 6.95 7.95 6.95 7.50 6.95 6.95 7.95 7.95 6.95 6.95 7.95 6.95 6.95 .75 1.00 DELUXE

Hamburger 3.50 4.95 Cheeseburger 3.95 6.95 Bacon Cheeseburger 5.95 7.45 Gyro 5.50 7.45 Double Cheeseburger 5.50 7.45 Above Served with Lettuce & Tomatoes. Deluxe Served with Lettuce & Tomatoes, French Fries & Cole Slaw


Clams Casino (White) Margarita (White) Florentine (White) Shrimp Scampi (White) Meat Lover’s White Pizza Veggie Lovers Primo Hawaiian Village Special Pizza Taco Pizza California Dreaming Philly Steak Greek Pizza NEW Mediterranean SMOG BBQ Chicken Buffalo Chicken Cheese Lovers

9.75 9.75 9.75 9.75 10.25 7.75 10.25 10.25 9.25 10.95 9.75 10.95 9.75 9.95 9.95 9.75 9.95 9.95 8.75

13.25 12.50 12.25 12.95 14.95 10.95 14.95 14.95 13.50 14.95 13.75 14.95 14.95 14.95 14.95 14.25 13.50 13.50 10.75

15.45 15.45 15.45 15.45 16.50 12.95 16.50 16.50 14.50 17.95 14.95 17.50 17.95 16.95 16.95 15.45 15.95 15.95 13.75

17.75 17.75 17.75 17.75 17.95 14.25 17.25 17.95 17.50 18.95 16.25 18.50 17.95 17.95 18.25 17.75 16.95 16.95 16.25

Village Pizza

Authentic Hand Made

Village Pizza

Delivery Available to Plainville and parts of Bristol, Farmington & Southington.

Village Pizza

FAST Delivery $8.00 Minimum

Village Pizza

Open 7 Days: Monday 4 pm-10 pm; Tuesday-Thursday 11 am-10 pm; Friday & Saturday 11 am-11 pm; Sunday 12 pm-10 pm



Village Pizza

Minimum $10.00


Village Pizza


We Accept


Village Pizza

793-0802 • 793-1111


Village Pizza

860 793-0800



Village Pizza


142 East St. (Rt. 10) Plainville


Village Pizza

Village Pizza



Village Pizza

The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, December 8, 2011


BUFFALO WINGS 10 Pieces - 6.95 • 12 Pieces - 7.45 24 Pieces - 13.95 • 36 Pieces • 18.95 • 50 Pieces - 23.50 Hot, Mild or BBQ • Served with Celery and Bleu Cheese Dressing SANDWICHES SANDWICH


Tuna 3.50 5.95 Ham 3.50 5.95 Genoa Salami 3.50 5.95 Roast Beef 3.50 6.50 Turkey 3.50 5.95 Grilled Cheese 2.95 4.95 w/Ham or Tomato 3.25 4.95 B.L.T. 3.50 5.95 Chicken Breast 4.75 6.95 Above Served with Lettuce & Tomatoes. Deluxe Served with Lettuce, Tomatoes and Pickle, French Fries & Cole Slaw


PICK-UP ONLY Ziti or Spaghetti w/Sauce

$4.99 Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer.

Appetizers • Salads Seafood Platters Dinners • Kids Meal

1 Large Salad $ & 2 Liter Soda


+ tax


Save $7.00

Party Size 1 Topping, 24 pc. Wings $ & One 2-Liter Soda Only + tax 793-1111 or 793-0800


Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer. Exp 12/31/2011


Save $5.00

Only 2 Large 1 Topping, Large Chef Salad, Garlic Bread, 2-Liter Soda $29.95 + tax 793-1111 or 793-0800 Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer. Exp 12/31/2011


Large Cheese $

7.50 + tax

PICK-UP ONLY 793-1111 or 793-0800

Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer. Exp 12/31/2011

Large Cheese Pizza, 10 Buffalo Wings, 2-Liter Soda $


+ tax 793-1111 or 793-0800 Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer. Exp 12/31/2011

Two Extra Large Cheese Pizzas $


+ tax 793-1111 or 793-0800 Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer. Exp 12/31/2011

PICK-UP ONLY 11 AM-3 PM Medium Cheese Pizza

$5.99 793-1111 or 793-0800 Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer. Exp 12/31/2011

PICK-UP ONLY 12” Grinders Steak, Roast $5.99 Excludes Beef & Grilled Chicken

793-1111 or 793-0800 Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer. Exp 12/31/2011

Large Pizza, 1 Topping, 16 Wings $


+ tax 793-1111 or 793-0800 Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer. Exp 12/31/2011

2 X-Large Pizzas, 1 Topping Each $


+ tax 793-1111 or 793-0800 Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer. Exp 12/31/2011


18.99 + tax

2 Large Cheese Pizzas 793-1111 or 793-0800 Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer. Exp 12/31/2011


19.99 + tax

2 Large 1 Topping Pizzas 793-1111 or 793-0800 Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer. Exp 12/31/2011

12-8-2011 Plainville Citizen  

Plainville Citizen published 12-8-2011

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