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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Compassion and services improve life for residents

PHS Homecoming 2010

By Robin Lee Michel The Plainville Citizen

Photo by Matt Leidemer

Plainville High School students celebrate the 2010 Homecoming Oct. 23 with a parade, selection of the royal court and a football game against the E.O. Smith Panthers, of Storrs. From left to right is the homecoming court including Blaire Bouchard and Conor Phaneuf, Queen and King Alyssa Anello and Aaron Forino, Nicole Angelillo and Dylan Chasse, Abby Szach and Sam Hausman, and Jamie Derevier and Chase Tarca.

Plainville Election Guide 2010 for voters

The voters’ guide is designed to help Plainville voters become familiar with the candidates for the General Assembly 22nd District and State Senate 31st District. In lieu of publishing a copy of the ballot, we are printing the list of candidates for each office as follows: Governor and Lieutenant Governor: Republican — Tom Foley and Mark D. Boughton Democratic — Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman Independent — Thomas E. March and Cicero B. Booker Jr. Working Families — Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman U.S. Senate: Republican — Linda E. McMahon Democratic — Richard Blumenthal

Connecticut for Lieberman — Dr. John Mertens Independent — Warren B. Mosler Working Families — Richard Blumenthal U.S. Congress, 5th District: Republican — Sam S.F. Caligiuri Democratic — Chris Murphy Independent — Sam S.F. Caligiuri Working Families — Chris Murphy State Senate, 31st District: Republican — Jason Welch Democratic — Tom Colapietro Working Families — Tom

See Voters, page 15

Energy assistance, affordable housing, and food and toys for the holidays were forefront on the minds of officials representing at least 15 non-profit organizations and town departments. More than 20 representatives discussed these issues and others Tuesday morning during a quarterly meeting of the Human Services Committee. The idea for the regular information sessions was pitched last year by Assistant

See Compassion, page 5

Halloween on display across Plainville By Francis R. Cooley Special to The Citizen As the days grow shorter, the trees brightly turn color before shedding their leaves, and the morning dew begins to become frost, a ritual of autumn has returned to delight trick-or-treaters of all ages: the Halloween lawn display. Throughout Plainville, many residents are erecting mock gravestones, hanging ghouls and ghosts from fences, blowing up inflatable pumpkins, draping cobwebs from eaves, and even letting a “rotting corpse or two” take up residence in the front yard to the delight of children of all ages. These fun displays of All Hallow’s Eve are also works of art touching upon and representing several styles

Photo by Francis Rexford Cooley

Robert Gelinas and his daughter, Taylor, prepare to greet visitors to their home. of contemporary art. Though many of the ghouls, ghosts and grave markers found in these lawn displays are manufactured and store bought, the installation of these readymade or pre-manufactured pieces becomes art

through the choices made by the designing artist on how and where the pieces will be placed in relation to each other. These choices are what creates the “art installation.” See Halloween, page 29


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 28, 2010

Police seek witnesses to serious MV accident

Plainville police are seeking witnesses to a serious motor vehicle accident that has left a woman critically injured. On Oct. 20, at 8:17 a.m., the police received a report of a serious motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Maxine Road and Kari Drive. Preliminary investigation by the Plainville Police Traffic Division indicates that a 2001 Jeep Wrangler owned and op-

erated by Jill Archibald, age 42, of 3 Kari Road, Plainville, was traveling south on Kari Drive, just about 100 yards from her home, when her vehicle collided with a 2008 Dodge Avenger operated by Ronald Picard, age 62, of 174 Burlington Ave., Bristol, traveling westbound on Maxine Road. Archibald was transported by AMR ambulance to Hartford Hospital Trauma

witnessed the accident is asked to contact the Traffic Division of the Plainville Police Department at (860) 7471616, ext. 267.

Have you seen our photo galleries?

help2 retire Griffen Group, Merrill Lynch 29 South Main St., Suite 221 South West Hartford, CT 06107 (860) 561-7706


Center with life threatening injuries and was listed in critical condition. On Monday, Oct. 25, police said she remained in critical condition. Picard was also transported to Hartford Hospital Trauma Center for treatment of a possible chest injury. The accident remains under investigation by the Plainville Police Traffic Division. No charges have been filed in the investigation thus far. Investigators are looking into the speed of both vehicles and traffic control violations. Anyone that might have


Photo courtesy of Plainville Police Department

No witnesses to this serious two-car accident have come forward, police said. Police are asking witnesses to call (860) 747-1616, ext. 267.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen Political Advertisement




The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 28, 2010

New bakery caters to customers’ tastes and needs By Julie Sopchak The Plainville Citizen

Calisto’s Sweet Treats Bakery is the new bakery on the Plainville/Southington line that makes custom treats, catering to each customer’s tastes and needs. For one, co-owner Michael Cirrito, 47, said his bakery specializes in special dietary


more than 27 years, Cirrito said he was tired of working an average of 100 to 110 hours a week, so he went back to school to get his certificate to be a pastry chef. “Now this is like my playground. I do things the way I want to do them, the way customers want them,” he said. “I’d rather do the 110 hours here in the bakery – that’s more fun.” On a quiet Friday afternoon, Cirrito was working in his shop, which has an open kitchen so customers can see See Bakery, page 27

Cooler Weather is Coming Time For


Celebrating Our 18th Anniversary


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Wheeler Regional Family YMCA 149 Farmington Ave. Plainville

We Clean UGS!!

Sherwood Cleaners 144 New Britain Ave., Plainville • 747-3916

100 Farmington Avenue, Bristol • 314-1199


New Britain, CT 06051

• All-Day Preschool Program • Kindergarten Fun Club

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• Infant/Toddler Program • Nursery School Program


(HOD #518)

Michael Cirrito concentrates as he decorates one of the desserts offered at Calisto’s Sweet Treats Bakery, located at 1217 Queen St., on the Plainville/Southington town line. 860-793-9631


Free Estimates

Citizen photo by Julie Sopchak


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needs. “Some customers are allergic to gluten, to wheat,” he said. “We had a customer come in, she’s allergic to milk whey, so we do different stuff. Not so much just for those special needs, but we’re conscious of it. The chocolate mudslide cookies have no dairy in them.” Cirrito said the store, located at 1217 Queen St., has been in business for about four months, and he came to Southington because at the time, there weren’t any bakeries in town. After being a chef for


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Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen


munity at large. Numerous children in schools need mental health services and interventions, said Gail Figliola, a psychologist who works in the school system. Also during the Oct. 26 meeting, officials from the YMCA, school system, Recreation Department and senior center spoke how they work with each other in volunteering and sharing information.

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as well as the Plainville Senior Center. “More children Continued from page 1 miss school because of oral issues than asthma,” Francis Town Manager Shirley Osle said. With education as the as a way to improve commukey factor to creating nication and enlighten othstronger communities, deners as to resources available tal hygiene is of the utmost to Plainville residents to importance. “We don’t want make life a little better. children to miss school,” she Plainville is a very caring said. Returning home with a community and is sensitive toothbrush, toothpaste, dento meeting others’ needs, sevtal floss and information also eral of the officials said. Poreinforces good hygiene with lice Chief Matthew Catania, other family members as who was appointed this sumwell. mer as the head of the The Community Health Plainville Police DepartCenter offers many programs ment, said speaker Yvette to the uninsured and underHighsmith Francis, director insured with a strong focus of the Community Health on mental health, making it Center, based in Bristol, emmore available and de-stigbodied the passion and enmatizing it among the comthusiasm that residents and organizations exhibit for each other. Need a Plumber? Francis said last year the Call Matt’s Pro Plumbing Community Health Center • Family run business for 10 years provided services to more Senior • No job too big or than 700 Plainville residents too small Discount • Fast dependable including 73 children who 10% service were able to receive dental • I will quote your job over the phone check-ups with, if necessary, • Full plumbing and cleanings, sealants and xcarpentry service rays. The Community Health Install • Remodel & Repair (860) 922-9976 Center offers a mobile denLic. & Insured tistry unit which visits the elLic. #282931 • Lic. #610298 ementary and middle schools

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Costumes Starting at $10.00

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See Compassion, next page

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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 28, 2010

Continued from page 5

For example, students from the Kids in the Middle program at the Middle School of Plainville often volunteer to babysit for special events at the YMCA. Nancy Micloskey, social services manager for the Bristol Community Organization, spoke about how to enroll in energy assistance program as well as home com-

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The Citizens and Property Owners Association will be holding a food collection for the benefit of the Plainville Community Food Pantry on Election Day, Nov. 2 at Our Lady of Mercy, 19 S. Canal St. and Linden Street School, 69 Linden St. voting locations along with a collection basket at the Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St. The group needs volunteers to man Toffolon and Wheeler schools. At the same time the group will have a petition for the formation of a blight ordinance. Most importantly the group will have preprinted cards to be signed by the voters addressed to the council asking for the formation of a charter revision commission to look at the budget voting process.

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turkeys, according to George Lombardo of Foodshare. For more information about various organizations available to Plainville residents, dial 2-1-1, the toll-free resource telephone line.

Food collection


Taylor Rental Center (860) 747-6073

Several officials including Gagnon also promoted the annual holiday drives for toys and food. Last Christmas, the United Way collected 5,000 toys for families and Foodshare, the area food program, distributed 16,000



Lic. #282931

forms will be a “real problem” for some residents, Chase said. Another new service at the library is Job Now, which provides online one-to-one personal guidance on resume writing. Mary Lou Gagnon, resource development director of the United Way of West Central Connecticut, which serves Plainville, said last year revenue decreased by 18 percent, however, she is heartened that General Electric has gained two dozen new employees and several new companies are participating in the annual campaign, which she expects will have a positive impact on the bottom line.

346 East St., Rt. 10, Plainville 1177649


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panion services available. She urged the others to spread this information for people in their programs who may be in need. Some of the information offered was news to many such as the announcement by Peter Chase, Plainville Public Library executive director, that paper tax forms will not be mailed to residents this year because many taxpayers file taxes online. However, the standard forms will be available at the library with a smaller amount of forms at the post office. Not automatically receiving



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Vote November 2nd! Tom Colapietro for State Senate Paid for by Colapietro for Senate, Pat Pergugino Sr., Treasurer. Approved by Tom Colapietro.


Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen

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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 28, 2010

Voted Best Consignment Store Best Deals in the state on Brand Name Fashions & Accessories for the Entire Family 15%



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Rocky Hill

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Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen

We need homes

Visit us on the Web:

Photos by Jane Dickman Buden

Gabby Paciotti, Plainville animal control officer, has two dogs available for adoption that are living at the Plainville Dog Pound. One is a red-nose female pit bull that is about 2 years old. She weighs about 45 pounds and is a “good dog,” Paciotti said. The second dog is a male brindle terrier-beagle mix about 1 year old. He also has not been neutered. The $50 adoption fee includes a voucher from the state to have the adopted animal spayed or neutered and two vaccinations. For more information, call Paciotti at (860) 747-1616, ext. 291.

Norton Trust Grants available

The Elizabeth H. Norton Trust Fund will again this year accept applications for grants to help non-profit organizations and groups that promote the wellbeing of the citizens of Plainville and vicinity. Application forms may be obtained at the Plainville Chamber of Commerce, 58 W. Main St., Plainville Municipal Center, 1 Central Square, and the Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St. Deadline for the completed application is Wednesday, Nov. 3 and is to be returned to Carla D. Simmons, 246 Woodford Ave., Plainville, CT 06062. Approved grants will be distributed in December 2010. For more information call (860) 989-7039.

APPLES FOR HALLOWEEN Nature’s Toothbrush!

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Equal Housing Lender



Pumpkin carving

Autumn on Hamlin Pond

The Congregational Church of Plainville, 130 W. Main St., will offer a pumpkin carving event Friday, Oct. 29, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. People should bring their own pumpkins and tools. Refreshments and desserts will be provided.

Contemporary worship Oct. 30

Grace Lutheran Church, 222 Farmington Ave., is offering a weekly Saturday 5 p.m. worship service. The next contemporary worship will be held on Saturday, Oct. 30. The worship service, which has been named “Rejoice and Renew,” will be contemporary in style, with guitars leading most of the congregational singing. In addition, this worship service will be shaped and conducted in a way that will make it meaningful and accessible

The Plainville Citizen Thursday, October 28, 2010 Church in America. For more information, go to or call Pastor Steve at (860) 747-5191.

Mission conference

Photo courtesy of Francis Rexford Cooley

October in New England is renowned for the spectacular foliage. An early morning sun brightens up the turning leaves of red, yellow, and orange reflected in the calm mist covered waters of Hamlin Pond showing off Plainville’s own fabulous fall display. for those who have a lot of familiarity with Christianity, as well as those who have little to none. Each gathering will be a joyful and uplifting encounter with God through the words of the bible, through songs and prayers, and through the presence of

Jesus in communion – the meal of the church, according to the pastor, the Rev. Steve Brisson. In other words, each gathering will be a time of centering and renewal for hectic lives. Grace is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran

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The public is invited to a Missions Conference at First Bible Baptist Church, 12 Granger Lane, on Sunday, Nov. 7, at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., and Monday to Wednesday, Nov. 8 to 10, at 7 p.m. Special guests include Pastor Jim McGauhey, Evangelist Joe Kaiser, missionary to Zambia, John Sarra, and missionary to Mexico, Roy Sietmann. For more information, call the church at (860) 793-1155 or visit

Our Saviour holiday fair The annual holiday fair will be held at Church of Our Saviour, 115 W. Main St., Saturday, Nov. 13, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. This year’s fair will include Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, handmade crafts, jewelry, white elephant items, cutlery, baked goods, homemade candy and preserves and more. Pastries and coffee are available from 9 a.m. Lunch

will be from 10:30 a.m. and will feature clam chowder, chili, assorted sandwiches and homemade pies. Admission is free and there is ample parking in the rear of the church. Proceeds benefit the church and its outreach programs. For more information call the church at (860) 747-3109.

Food for Friends served weekly

The Food for Friends program, under the sponsorship of the Plainville Conference of Churches, has been serving approximately 60 people each week. The free meal is held at the Congregational Church of Plainville, 130 W. Main St., on Wednesdays from 5 to 7 p.m. The next dinner will be served Nov. 3.

Fill the truck

Plainville United Methodist Church, 56 Red Stone Hill, will sponsor Fill the Truck at Gnazzo’s Food Center, 73 East St., on Friday to Sunday, Nov. 19, 20 and 21, from Friday, 7 a.m., to Sunday, 7 p.m. All food collected will be donated to the Plainville Community Food Pantry.

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60 Chamberlain Highway Kensington, CT 06037 T,W, F - 9-5:30;Thurs. 9-8; Sat. 9-5 Closed Sun & Mon.


Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen

Obituaries Roderick McIlwain

Kimmy Turner Kimmy S. Turner, 42, of U n i o nv i l l e, died unexpectedly Oct. 12, 2010. She was born on Sept. 1, 1968, in New Britain, to Betty (Kenan) Turner, of Plainville, and Jimmy L. Turner, of East Hartford, and was the granddaughter of the late Raymond and Polly Turner, and James and Elizabeth Kenan. She was a graduate of Plainville High School and worked for Farmington Public Schools for the past 14 years as a security monitor at Irving A. Robbins Middle School and also for the Adult Education Program at Farmington High School. Her smile and gracious laughter will be missed by all. She was a beloved mother, sister, daughter and fiance to Jimmy D. Jones Jr. Besides her fiance, she is survived by her two sons, Jimmy D. Jones III and Kalen Jones, both of Unionville; a brother, Jym J. Turner; sis-

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ter-in-law, Sarah Turner; a nephew, Tyler Turner, of New Britain; a sister, Denille Turner Phillips; nephew, Malik Fraizer; and niece, Adrionna Flemming, of Waterbury. Besides her immediate family she also leaves behind a large extended family, friends and associates. The remembrance service was held Oct. 17, 2010, at Farmington High School, Farmington, for the student

community. The funeral was held Oct. 19, 2010, at Ahern Funeral Home, Unionville. Burial was at Riverside Cemetery, Farmington. Memorial donations may be made to The Kimmy S. Turner Memorial Fund, c/o Farmington Savings Bank, 1845 Farmington Ave., Unionville, CT 06085.

More obituaries on page 25

Mothers of Multiples The Greater Bristol Mothers of Multiples’ next monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 851 Stafford Ave., Bristol. The speaker will be Dawn Gambacini, and she will talk about Healthy Eating, and prepare a quick dish or two for tasting. She will talk about ways to make meals healthier (without the kids noticing), and how to prepare them more quickly. The mothers of multiples are a support group for moms with twins, triplets or higher order multiples. Those who are expecting multiples, or already blessed with them, are welcome. For more information, contact Membership Coordinator, Tracey Gabree at (860) 628-9199. The website is


Visit us on the Web:

Thomas Aloysius Shallow, 89, of West Hartford, beloved husband of the recently deceased Mary Cunningham Shallow, died peacefully Oct. 14, 2010, at Middlesex Hospital, surrounded by his loving family. He was born in Philadelphia, son of the late James Patrick and Sarah Jane Mellon Shallow. He was a 1942 graduate of Villanova University. He joined the U.S. Navy as an officer involved in submarine shipbuilding as a weapons specialist in addition to support of the strategic air command and two of the Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. After an honorable discharge as a 2nd lieutenant, he began a career with General Electric as a customer service manager where he met and fell in love with his wife, Mary. Later he was hired by United Technologies and moved to Connecticut with his family. His career with UTC spanned a 26-year period, including positions at Norden Systems, Turbo Power and Marine, and finally with Pratt & Whitney Aircraft. Like his beloved wife, he was a lover of education having received a masters of business administration from New York University in addition to specialized training at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Dartmouth in New Hampshire. He will be fondly remembered by his daughter, Irene Haines and her husband, Steven, of East Haddam; his son, Christopher Shallow and his wife, Helen, of Plainville; his son, Brian Shallow and his wife, Christina, of Portland and his son, Paul Shallow, of West Hartford; his five grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews. The funeral was held Oct. 18, 2010, at the Taylor & Modeen Funeral Home, West Hartford. A Mass was held Oct. 19, 2010, on what would

have been his 90th birthday, at the Church of Saint Peter Claver, West Hartford. Burial with military honors followed at Fairview Cemetery, West Hartford. Memorial donations may be made to the Middlesex Weiss Unit ,may be sent to Middlesex Hospital, Office of Philanthropy, 28 Crescent St., Middletown, CT 06457.

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Roderick (Rod) McIlwain, 88, of P l a i nv i l l e , died Oct. 13, 2010. He was the beloved husband for 67 years to Betty Lou (Gilbert) McIlwain. He was born on Dec. 29, 1921, in Washington, D.C., to the late Joseph and Lillian (Waburton) McIlwain. He was raised in Ralston and Jersey Shore, Pa., attended what is now Lycoming College, and worked at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Md. In December 1941 he enlisted in the U.S. Army Field Artillery and attained the rank of sergeant. In 1943 he married his love, Betty, in Corvallis, Ore., where he was attending an Army Specialized Training Program at Oregon State College. He fought in Europe under Generals Eisenhower and Patton. After the war, he settled in Connecticut and was employed for General Electric for 37-1/2 years before retiring in 1984. He enjoyed cross country traveling with Betty, wood crafting, model railroading and could always be found with his puzzle book. He was a man of great integrity, who will be sorely missed. Along with his loving wife, he is survived by his son, Gary McIlwain and his wife, Carol, of California; his daughter, Sandra Wilson and her husband, William, of Pennsylvania; two grandchildren, Joanna Brabec and Steven McIlwain; and two great-grandchildren, Rachel Ann and Timothy James Brabec. He was predeceased by his sister, Elaine McIlwain. A graveside celebration of his life will be held on Oct. 30, 2010, at 11 a.m., at West Cemetery. Following the burial, the family will have an open house from 12 to 2 p.m. Bailey Funeral Home, Plainville, is assisting the family.

Thomas Shallow

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The Plainville Citizen Thursday, October 28, 2010

Letters to the Editor

Support United Way

To the editor: As the 2010 Plainville Community Campaign Chairman for the United Way of West Central Connecticut, I am writing to ask each member of the community to join the Live United movement by supporting the annual campaign. United Way provides support to many multidimensional organizations and community programs that help to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities. In 2009, the United Way of West Central Connecticut helped almost 118,000 people. Unlike some organizations, our local United Way consists of local talent, men and women who live and work in Plainville and surrounding towns, who have a genuine compassion to make things better. We

strive to ensure that monies raised through our United Way stay local and are used to benefit local causes and initiatives. United Way brings resources together to achieve more than any one organization could do on its own. We work with countless community partners to ensure that every dollar has the greatest impact. Please think of “we” before “me.” With an investment in United Way, you can reach out a hand to one and influence the condition of all. I am asking everyone to give during the 2010 Community Campaign. It’s easy – you can either give through your workplace, by mail, or online at United Way’s website at Last year was a tough year but if everyone gives whatever they can, we can continue to advance the common good and improve

lives. Byron J. Treado III Plainville

Reunion search successful To the editor: On behalf of the 1960 New Britain High School Class Reunion Committee, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the multiple publications of the reunion and our list of missing classmates. Thank you for your assistance in our concerted effort to locate our missing classmates. Out of 753 classmates only couldn’t find 81. Marge (Janowski) Rinkavage Southington Marge (Janowski) Rinkavage is writing on behalf of the Class of New Britain High School 1960 Reunion Committee.

Government Meetings

Monday, Nov. 1 Town Council, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Veterans Council, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 2 Citizens and Properties Owners Association of Plainville, library, 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 3 Inland Wetlands Commission, Municipal Center, 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 4 Insurance Commission, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Senior Citizens Committee, senior center, noon.

The Plainville

Monday, Nov. 8 Board of Education, Plainville High School café, 7 p.m. Veterans Council, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 9 Downtown Beautification, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Library Board of Directors, Library, 7 p.m. Planning and Zoning, Municipal Center, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 10 Conservation Commission, Municipal Center, 7:30 p.m. CONTACT US

Cit itiz ize en

Editorial:.................................(860) 620-5960

Advertising: .................(860) 620 5960 x3406

The Plainville Citizen P.O. Box 57 Plainville, CT 06062 Fax:...........................................(860) 621-3660 Published every Thursday. Delivered by mail to all of the homes and

Asst. managing editor – Robin Lee Michel

businesses in Plainville – 06062.

Sports editor – Nick Carroll

The Plainville Citizen is published by the

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Board-council relationship To the editor: I would like to share with you, my fellow taxpayers, a few responses given to Town Council Chairman Dan Hurley by Board of Education Chairwoman Becky Tyrrell regarding his “request for information and monthly meetings with staff of the Plainville Board of Education.” Chairwoman Tyrrell stated that the school board is unaware of any legal authority that permits the Town Council to compel Board of Education employees to attend council meetings throughout the fiscal year and to make presentations and/or answer questions about how the board is spending its appropriation. Taxpayers are being told that Plainville tax revenues are down, student enrollment is down, the Board of Education is getting 62 percent of town budget, but the Board of Education is legally not “compelled” to answer questions by the taxpayers, through the Town Council, that fund them. However, Chairwoman Tyrrell did mention that once the budget has been developed and presented to the

council, the board will of course answer questions that arise during the budget process. I can only hope our Town Council will be prepared to question next year’s Board of Education budget. Chairwoman Tyrrell also states that under the law, once the town has determined the board’s appropriation during the annual budget process, the Board of Education has complete discretion over the use of any and all funds in the board’s operating budget. Remember this if nothing else, the appropriations received by the Board of Education are granted by vote of your Town Council. If the Town Council voted no increase to the Board of Education budget it would simply revert to the prior year’s Board of Education budget appropriation. You can bet that if that happened, the Board of Education would be asking for Town Council meetings. As I have stated before and will again in the future, all the Board of Education can do is ask for funding or implementation of policies, like the recent administrator no lay-off policy, but it can only happen by vote of your Town Council. Louis Frangos Plainville

Plainville teen plays lead in ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ Drama students from Westover School in Middlebury will present the Broadway hit “Thoroughly Clayton Modern Millie” on Friday, Nov. 5 and Saturday, Nov. 6, 7:30 p.m., in the Westover Performing Arts Center. Christine Clayton, of Plainville and a senior at the school, plays the lead as Millie Dillmount. The show is based on the

book by Richard Morris and Dick Scanlan, with music by Jeanine Tesori and lyrics by Dick Scanlan. “Thoroughly Modern Millie” is a musical comedy about young Millie Dillmount from Kansas who comes to the New York City to find a wealthy prospect for marriage during the Roaring ’20s. Through her encounters with unique individuals, spontaneous tapping and searching for the perfect husband, Millie discovers the truth about love. See Clayton,next page


Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen



Consider safety tips before Halloween night

Wheeler YMCA: Make Halloween fun and safe

By Sgt. Charles Smedick Special to The Citizen The Plainville Police Department would like to offer the following safety tips to ensure our children have fun and safe trick or treating on Halloween. Costume safety checklist: Wear light or bright colored clothing or reflective tape so you can be seen easily. Make sure that your child can see and breathe through their mask. Always take off your mask when crossing the street. Face make-up is recommended instead of a mask. Make sure your costume fits. If it’s too long you may trip over it. Make sure you ears aren’t covered so that you can hear traffic. Is your costume weather appropriate? Is it warm or cool enough? Make sure your hands and feet are free to catch you from falling or moving away from danger. Carry a flashlight. Rules for kids: Always use the “buddy system.” Never walk alone. Trick or treat with friends. It’s more fun! Agree with your parent as to what time you are to return home. Only go to houses of people you know and your parents trust. Visit homes with porch lights on to welcome you. Don’t trade or eat your “treat” along the way. Have your parents

Clayton Continued from page 12

The show is being directed by Marla Truini, of Roxbury, and musical director is Robert Havery, of Woodbury. Other students in the production come from as Connecticut and New England as well as Texas, Florida, The Netherlands, Moscow and China. Parking and entrance to the Performing Arts Center are on South Street in Middlebury. Reservations may be made by calling (203) 5774535. There is no charge for admission, but donations will be accepted.

check your candy. Always walk on the sidewalk and driveways when possible. Don’t cut through yards. Rules for parents: Clear the front walkway to your house. Remove all obstacles so that it is safe for children to get to your front door. Inspect all candy and treats collected by your children. Remind your children to only visit and collect treats from people that they know. Drive cautiously! Children will be running from house to house. To ensure safety on the roads, drive at a lower rate of speed than posted. Halloween behavior: Do not interfere with vehicular traffic. Do not scream or yell. Even on Halloween night, some people go to bed early. The pranks associated with Halloween often cross the line of criminal activity. The throwing of eggs, the use of soap and the theft of candy from others all cross the line. Reminder: By Connecticut State Law, a parent is responsible for up to $6,000 in damage incurred by their child (under age 16) in a case of criminal mischief (damage to property). Sgt. Charles Smedick is the administrative sergeant of the Plainville Police Department.

Letters policy The Plainville Citizen intends to present a forum for the lively exchange of ideas and issues. To facilitate the publication of your contributions, several guidelines should be followed. Letters to the editor must be signed, with a telephone number included. The writer will be called to confirm authorship. No anonymous letters will be printed. Letters must be no longer than 600 words. Deadline is 9 a.m., Monday. Letters may be e-mailed to; sent to The Plainville Citizen, P.O. Box 57, Plainville, CT 06062; or faxed to (860) 621-3660. For more information, call The Plainville Citizen at (860) 620-5960.

It’s that time of year, the time for some spooky, silly, Halloween fun. For a safe, exciting Halloween, the Wheeler Regional Family YMCA is again offering an imaginative Halloween experience — an evening for all little ghosts and goblins and their families to enjoy. The holiday fun takes place from 6 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 30 at the Wheeler YMCA, 149 Farmington Ave., Plainville. So bring the whole family to the YMCA’s annual Halloween event where there will be fun for kids of all ages. “It’s a safe, creative and social experience for everyone,” said Shawn Fongemie, Wheeler YMCA’s Marketing and Membership Director. “Families want to know that their children are being looked after during Halloween festivities, while engaging in enjoyable, worthwhile family activities. Our YMCA is not just a safe place, it’s a happy and exciting destination for children, teens and adults,” Fongemie said. The Wheeler YMCA has hosted a variety of organized Halloween activities for many years. This year’s plans include a haunted house, children’s Halloween fun zone, costume parade and costume contest, Halloween crafts and activities, refreshments, and of course, Halloween tricks and treats. The community is invited to join the fun. Admission is free but all participants are asked to bring a healthy non-perishable food donation to benefit the Plainville Food Pantry. Halloween still means bags of treats: Make them healthy ones! And put on your thinking caps, using your creativity to make and wear your own wild and wacky costumes. But no matter what your Halloween plans, the Wheeler YMCA suggests

considering these precautions before heading to the Y or trick-ortreating in the neighborhood:

12 YMCA Tips for a Safer Halloween

Wear light-colored costumes, labels indicating ‘flame retardant’ Wear shorter costumes to prevent tripping Add reflective tape or striping to costumes for greater visibility Use face make-up — no hoods or masks that obscure the face and vision Take younger children door-todoor in daylight hours Carry a working flashlight Trick-or-treat within your neighborhood, only to homes you know Remind children: never enter homes and accept no rides from strangers Be alert to auto traffic, crossing safely, according to rules Have parents or other adults inspect treats Check your lawn and steps for tripping hazards This year, strengthen family; celebrate Halloween together as enjoyable, quality time. “Again this year, Halloween will deliver enough treats and spooky fun to delight children of every age, in the safe and caring, family atmosphere that characterizes our Y,” Fongemie said. “So come to Halloween at the Wheeler YMCA — where there’s not a ghost of a chance that you’ll be disappointed!” For more information about Halloween at the YMCA festivities, contact member services at (860) 7939631. — Wheeler Regional Family YMCA

Limited voter registration

The deadline to vote in the Nov. 2 state election was Tuesday, Oct. 26. A limited registration session will be held on Monday, Nov. 1, from 9 a.m. to noon, for those whose qualifications as to age, citizenship or residence was attained after the Oct. 26 deadline. The Registrars of Voters is located in the Plainville Municipal Center, 1 Central Square.

Polling places

Voting on Nov. 2 will be held at all four polling places in Plainville: District 1, Linden St. School, 69 Linden St.; District 2, Our Lady of Mercy Parish Center, 19 S. Canal St.; District 3, Toffolon School, 145 Northwest Drive and Wheeler School, 15 Cleveland St. For more information, call the registrar of voters office at (860) 793-0221, ext. 255 or 256.



The Plainville Citizen Thursday, October 28, 2010

School Happenings

Send us your school news:

Schools closed Plainville Community Schools will be closed on Election Day, Nov. 2.


Elmira scholar


SAT., OCT. 30th 9 AM-Noon New Location 16 Chamberlain Hwy. Kensington, CT (860) 829-KICK (5425) Offering Classes for Children, Teens & Adults

82 Camp Street, Meriden • (203) 238-0427 991 South Main Street, Plantsville • (860) 621-1474 16 Chamberlain Hwy, Kensington • (860) 829-5425

Jessica Foertsch, of P l a i nv i l l e, was recognized at Elmira College, Elmira, N.Y., during the college’s Foertsch fall academic convocation for receiving the presidential scholarship which is valued at $72,000 over four years. She is majoring in biology and is the daughter of William and Eliana Foertsch.

Project Grad fundraiser Project Graduation will be having an Outback Steak-

house luncheon, 817 Queen St., Southington, on Saturday, Oct. 30, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The menu includes steak, chicken, salad, potatoes, soft drinks, coffee, tea and cheesecake. Proceeds

will benefit PHS Class of 2011 Project Graduation. There is a cost to attend. For information or tickets, call Lorrie Belanger at (860) 793-4921.

School Reunions Plainville High School Class of 1990 is looking for some classmates: Brian Ducas, Chris Gardner, Michelle King, Alisen Kringel, Michael Taylor, and Mark Yacone. The reunion is scheduled for November, Thanksgiving weekend 2010. People can send info to Kim Walker at or Cheryl Rio Trovato at or Jody Autunno at Plainville High School Class of 2000 is planning its 10 year reunion on Nov. 27, 7 p.m. at Murphy & Scarletti’s

Restaurant, 270 Farmington Ave., Farmington. Information on purchasing tickets to follow. For more information or questions contact Erin Pugliese at Southington High School Class of 1970 is planning its 40th Class Reunion on Saturday, Nov. 6 at Hawk’s Landing Country Club, 201 Pattonwood Drive, Southington. For more information, contact Bob Berkmoes at (860) 621-3847 or e-mail to DBerkmoes@


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Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen

Voters Continued from page 1

Colapietro State Representative, 22nd District Republican — Helen B. Bergenty: Democratic — Elizabeth “Betty” Boukus Secretary of State: Republican — Jerry Farrell Jr. Democratic — Denise Merrill Green — S. Michael DeRosa Libertarian — Ken Mosher Independent — Michael J. Telesca Working Families — Denise Merrill Treasurer: Republican — Jeff Wright Democratic — Denise L. Nappier Green — S. David Bue Independent — Andrew Grant White Working Families — Denise L. Nappier Comptroller: Republican — Jack Orculli

Democratic — Kevin Lembo Green — Colin D. Bennett Libertarian — Joshua Katz Independent — Hugh Dolan Working Families — Kevin Lembo Attorney General: Republican — Martha Dean Democratic — George Jepsen Green — Stephen E. E. Fournier Independent — Stephen E. E. Fournier Working Families —

George Jepsen Judge of Probate: Democratic — Andre D. Dorval Polling places: Voting on Nov. 2 will be held at all four polling places in Plainville: District 1, Linden St. School, 69 Linden St.; District 2, Our Lady of Mercy Parish Center, 19 S. Canal St.; District 3, Toffolon School, 145 Northwest Drive and Wheeler School, 15 Cleveland St. For more information, call the registrar of voters office at (860) 793-0221, ext. 255 or 256.




General Assembly 22nd District Helen Bergenty Name: Helen Bergenty Office sought: State Representative, 22nd District Party: Republican Address: 8 Stremlau Ave., Plainville Lifelong resident of

Plainville Occupation: Retired real estate and insurance agent; President of Plainville Community News (an all volunteer newspaper) Education: Plainville

SOLID OAK See Voters, page 28


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The Plainville Citizen Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zumba supports breast cancer

Where do you shop?

A Zumba class to support breast cancer will be held Saturday, Oct. 30, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., at Core Studio, 32 Whiting St., Plainville. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Core Studio is helping to raise awareness within the community. This is an all-level, fun and easy to do fusion of world dance styles. Pink costumes are optional. A donation is suggested. Core Studio, 32 Whiting St. For more information, e-mail .

Photo courtesy of Wheeler Regional YMCA

Marissa Bakaysa, left, compares her Halloween dress to that worn by Becky Rustico. Both girls are in the 3-year-old Small Smiles class taught by Nancy Streeter and Lynn Synott at the Wheeler Regional Family YMCA, 149 Farmington Ave., Plainville.

Flu clinic scheduled Visiting Nurse Association of Central Connecticut recommends anyone six months of age or older receive the flu vaccine. The next clinic will be held at VNACC, located at 56 W. Main St., Plainville, on Thursday, Oct. 28, from 4:30 to 7 p.m. For more information, visit or call Donna Brouillette, wellness manager, (860) 826-4517.


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Walk with a Doc The Hospital of Central Connecticut is the first hospital in New England to join Just Walk, a Walk with a Doc program that hosts free community walks at area parks

that are led by a doctor and stress the benefits of exercise while providing health tips. The next walks will be: Saturday, Nov. 6: Farmington River Trail, Unionville (Collinsville Road on Route 4 West, on right side past bridge over river). Dr. Latha Dulipsingh, endocrinologist, will discuss risk factors for diabetes. Saturday, Dec. 11: Walnut Hill Park (behind pavilion), New Britain. Dr. Robert Borkowski, cardiologist, will talk about ways to prevent heart disease. The walks begin with 8:30 a.m. registration followed by the walk and health tips at 9 a.m. Walks, to be held through December and resume in April, will be held rain or shine. Walk participants will receive a free Tshirt, hat, pedometer and water bottle. Event sponsors are Anthem and Pepsi Beverages Company. To register, or for more information, including possible event cancellation on walk day in case of inclement weather, visit or call (877) 914-WALK. On walk day, registrants need to present a completed waiver form, available online with registration or on walk day. For the waiver, a parent or legal guardian’s signature is required if the participant is under 18 years of age.

More health next page



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Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen

Plainville Briefs

Bike rack ceremony

available from any PCS member or may be obtained at the door.

A dedication ceremony will be held Thursday, Oct. 28, at 10:30 a.m., to recognize the generous donation of the bike rack by Ken DiMauro and the donation of the bench in-kind services by the town, memorial plaque and landscaping which are complete at the Municipal Center, 1 Central Square. The event will be held alongside the bike rack and bench in front of the center (alongside the veterinary clinic building, where the entry drive from East Main Street to the center parking area was once located). The ceremony will be held rain or shine.

Wheeler YMCA Halloween party

The Plainville Choral Society will be stirring the cauldron at the Halloween Party to be held at the Celebrations Dance Hall, 161 Woodford Ave., Plainville, on Saturday, Oct. 30 from 7 to 11 p.m. At this fund raising, hair raising spooky event costumes are encouraged but not required, BYOB, snacks will be provided and there’ll be music for monster bashing and raffles for fun. Tickets are

It’s that time of year, the time for some spooky, silly, Halloween fun. For a safe, exciting Halloween, the Wheeler Regional Family YMCA is again offering an imaginative Halloween experience — an evening for all little ghosts and goblins and their families to enjoy. The holiday fun takes place from 6 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 30 at the Wheeler YMCA, 149 Farmington Ave., Plainville. This year’s plans include a haunted house, children’s Halloween fun zone, costume parade and costume contest, Halloween crafts and activities, refreshments, and of course, Halloween tricks and treats. The community is invited to join the fun. Admission is free but all participants are asked to bring a healthy non-perishable food donation to benefit the Plainville Food Pantry.

Halloween Howl race Rapid Raceways, 161 Woodford Ave., Unit 55, Plainville, is presenting Halloween

Health Brief

participate. For more information, call Dawn or Rick at Rapid Raceways, (860) 793-1888 or visit the website .

Dr. Katarzyna Wadolowski is a graduate of the Medical Academy of Bialystok, Poland. She completed her residency in internal medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. Dr. Wadolowski is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Wadolowski joined Grove Hill Medical Center after several years of private practice in Kensington. Dr. Wadolowski’s office is located in the Grove Hill Medical Center suite at 209 Main Street, Southington. Dr. Wadolowski is fluent in Polish and is accepting new patients at this time.

Katarzyna J. Wadolowski, MD Primary Care Internal Medicine

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Wadolowski, please call 860-329-0401. 209 Main Street, Southington CT


Free screenings

The Connecticut Center for Healthy Aging provides free monthly blood pressure screenings at the Southington Community YMCA, 29 High St. They will be held Nov. 2, 9:30 a.m., and Dec. 8, 5 p.m. For more information, call the YMCA at (860) 6285597, dial 0. Free blood pressure screenings will be held every third Monday of the month, Oct. 18, Nov. 15 and Dec. 20, 10 to 11 a.m., at Price Chopper, 410 Queen St.

FIVE STAR RATING The Federal Government via the Center for Medicare Services has rated

Walnut Hill Care Center as the


Send us your health news

Howl.” Awards will be presented. It is encouraged that car bodies be decorated for Halloween and drivers are also welcome to wear costumes. There is a charge to


Halloween Party

Howl, Saturday, Oct. 30, 6 p.m. Halloween Howl is rapid Raceways longest running event and attracts racers from across New England. There will also be a “Junior

55 Grand Street, New Britain, CT 06052 (Located directly across from the Hospital of Central Conn.)

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Oct. 28


Bike rack ceremony — A small dedication ceremony will be held Thursday, Oct. 28, at 10:30 a.m., to recognize the generous donation of the bike rack by Ken DiMauro and the donation of the bench in-kind services by the town, memorial plaque and landscaping which are complete at the Municipal Center, 1 Central

Square. The event will be held alongside the bike rack and bench in front of the center (alongside the veterinary clinic building, where the entry drive from East Main Street to the center parking area was once located). The ceremony will be held rain or shine. Bingo — Veterans of Foreign Wars Madeley-Roberts Post 574 men hold open bingo every Thursday, at 6:30 p.m., at post headquarters, 7 Northwest Drive at the corner of Route 10. The public is invited. Information: call Earl Carey at (860) 747-5400.

Calling all veterans — The Plainville Senior Center, 200 East St., has been hosting monthly get-togethers for retirees of local companies. On Thursday, Oct. 28 the senior center welcomes veterans at 10 a.m. People who have served in the armed forces are welcome to reminisce with fellow veterans and share stories over a cup of coffee. Friends program — The Friends of the Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St., will present a free lecture by the Honorable Henry S. Cohn, who will discuss “Connecticut and Prohibition.” The program will be held Thursday, Oct. 28, at 7 p.m. at the library. Refreshments will be served. Information call the library at (860) 793-1446.

The Plainville Citizen Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guided nature walks — Guided nature walks on Thursdays starting at 9 a.m. will be held at Tomasso Nature Park, Granger Lane, off Route 177, Unionville Avenue, by Ruth Hummel and Sue Holcomb. Information: call (860) 747-0081. Story time — The Children’s Department of the Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St., is offering the following programs: Drop in story times started and the schedule is: Mondays 11 a.m., Wild Ones for one-yearolds and their caregivers, babies are welcome; Tuesdays 1:30 p.m., Just for Me Story time for four and five-yearolds, kindergartners welcome; Tuesdays 6:30 p.m. Pajama Story time for ages 3 to 6, children may wear pajamas and bring a stuffed



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Fife and Drum Corps — The Connecticut Patriots Senior Ancient Fife and Drum Corps meets Fridays at 7 p.m. at the Middle School of Plainville, 150 Northwest Drive. Information: Phyllis Thompson, P.O. Box 243, Plainville, CT 06062 or call (860) 621-6090. Kids Koncoctions — The last session of Kids Koncoctions at the Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St., will be Friday, Oct. 29 at 10:30 a.m. This is a program of hands on mixtures for children ages 3 to 5 but not in kindergarten may be en-


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Halloween Party

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friend; Thursdays 10:30 a.m. Twos and Threes for children and their caregivers. Information: call the library at (860) 793-1450.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen

Calendar Continued from page 18 rolled. Have children wear old clothes. Registration: call the library at (860) 793-1450. Pumpkin carving — The Congregational Church of Plainville, 130 W. Main St., will offer a pumpkin carving event Friday, Oct. 29, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. People should bring their own pumpkins and tools. Refreshments and desserts will be provided. Town Halloween Party — A Halloween Party for children preschool to grade five, will be held in the Recreation Parking lot, 50 Whiting St., on Friday, Oct. 29, from 4 to 5 p.m. There will be refreshments, balloons and entertainment by Bryan Flint, magician. Costume judging begins at 4:15 p.m. with the parade following. This event is sponsored by the Plainville Recreation Department and the Plainville Public Library. Information: call the recreation department at (860) 747-6022.




&OR You, your family and friends $ATES Nov. 6, Dec. 11



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Project Grad fundraiser — Project graduation will be having an Outback Steakhouse luncheon, 817 Queen St., on Saturday, Oct. 30, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The menu includes steak, chicken, salad, potatoes, soft drinks, coffee, tea and cheesecake. The proceeds will benefit PHS Class of 2011 Project Graduation. There is a cost to attend. For information or tickets, call Lorrie Belanger at (860) 7934921. Halloween Party — The Plainville Choral Society will be stirring the cauldron at the Halloween Party to be held at the Celebrations Dance Hall, 161 Woodford Ave., Plainville on Saturday, Oct. 30 from 7 to 11 p.m. At this fund raising, hair raising spooky event costumes are encouraged but not required, BYOB, snacks will be provided and there’ll be music for monster bashing and raffles for fun. Tickets are available from any PCS member or may be obtained at the door.

with a Doc ‌





The Plainville Citizen Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quilt raffle

Senior Happenings

Photo courtesy of the Plainville Senior Center

Calling all veterans

Grand opening of center

The Plainville Senior Center, 200 East St., has been hosting monthly get-togethers for retirees of local companies. On Thursday, Oct. 28, the senior center welcomes veterans at 10 a.m. People who have served in the armed forces are welcome to reminisce with fellow veterans and share stories over a cup of coffee.

The dedication and 35th anniversary Open House of the Plainville Senior Center, 200 East St., will be held Thursday, Nov. 18, 2 p.m. RSVPs must be received by calling (860) 747-5728.

Raffle tickets for the Plainville Senior Center’s annual quilt raffle are now available. The tickets are sold at the senior center, 200 East St., at various locations in town and at the Annual Craft Fair that will be held at the senior center on Saturday, Nov. 6, when the drawing will take place. The quilt is crafted by volunteers, under the direction of Karen Kebinger, and takes approximately one year to make. To purchase tickets or more information, call the senior center at (860) 747-5728.

Send us your senior news:

Senior Bowling

Linda Vasile, Au.D., CCC/A, FAAA

Board Certified, Doctor of Audiology

• Hearing Evaluations • Hearing Aid Fittings • Hearing Aid Repairs • Hearing Aid Batteries 710 Main Street, Building 3, Plantsville at Clock Tower Square

“Serving the Hearing Needs of Central Connecticut”

Paul Bell, Mary Jane Dumais, Mary Oakes, Marie Cassidy, Simone Guimond-2, Richard Bushey Split club — Bernice St. Jean, Judy Tracey, Barbara Schultz, Richard Bushey, Elsie Senaldi, Lou Wanat, Jim Struart, Mary Oakes, Cookie Nemec, Tony Rosen-


(860) 426-9181

Senior Citizens Center Bowling League results for the week of Oct. 18: High bowler, women — Tina Wishart, 203 High bowler, men — Paul Bell, 198 Ham bone club — Bob Duval Turkey club — Bob Duval,

thal, Dan Hurley, Al Cassella, Dot Stephenson, Marie Cyr, Frank Robinson, Jim Ray, Raymond Giroux 200 club — Tina Wishart, 203 For information, contact Frank Robinson, bowling league president, at (860) 7472918.


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The Plainville Citizen Thursday, October 28, 2010

CCC Cross Country Championships

Close-knit harriers second in South By Nick Carroll The Plainville Citizen

Members of the Plainville High School boys cross country team are not only competitive when it comes to their opponents; they gun for their own teammates as well. Senior Mike Rottier believes that killer instinct has served the Blue Devils well. “We all push each other … when you’re close together, you don’t want to lose to your teammates. So we kind of all push each other in meets and in practice,” said Rottier, a team captain. But as competitive as they are with one another, the Plainville harriers are a tight-knit bunch. And that closeness has led to success. The driven, focused Blue Devils rolled up a record of 61 this fall, and last week finished second in the South Division at the 30-plus team Central Connecticut Conference championship meet held at Wickham Park in Manchester. “The kids ran extremely well,” said PHS coach Shaun Berard, pointing out his team had five athletes finish in the Top 20 in the CCC South, a division comprised of 55 runners. “Each guy on the varsity had the responsibility of running their best race of the season. Most of them did,” Berard added. Rottier was first across the finish line for Plainville at Wickham Park. He clocked a time of 18:19.54 (3.1 miles) and was 10th in the CCC South. “Our team ran very, very well. We had three guys under 18:30, which we haven’t had in a long time,” said Rottier. “I ran okay. There was a couple of guys in the conference that were right in front of me that I wish I could have beaten, but that’s alright. It was my best time (at Wickham).” The Blue Devils were very familiar with the Wickham

27-year-old school record falls By Nick Carroll The Plainville Citizen

Citizen photo by Nick Carroll

Plainville High School’s Mike Rottier, left, makes his way up a hill during the Central Connecticut Conference championship meet. Rottier was Plainville’s top finisher at the event, held last week at Wickham Park in Manchester. Park course, and that likely helped them at the CCC meet. “You do kind of come in with a plan,” Rottier said.

“You know where you want to run because we run here a lot. So you know how hard See Boys, next page

Memorable day for girls team

Plainville High School diver Millie Mills has accomplished a lot during her career. But one honor that had evaded her was the school diving record, set by Sharon Dean in 1983. Well, recently, Mills was able to cross that off her list. In a meet against host Farmington last week, Mills bested Dean’s 27-year-old record by several points, setting off a celebration at the Miss Porter’s School pool. “She was so happy,” PHS coach Randy Doucette said of Mills, a senior. “Everyone stood up and was clapping. When it was official, all the girls on the team ran up to her, surrounded her. People stood up, clapping.” “She just put in such a beautiful performance,” Doucette added.

By Nick Carroll The Plainville Citizen

Photo by Joe Giuliani

Isabella D’Onofrio, pictured, paced the Plainville High School girls at the CCC championship meet.

For the first time in Shaun Berard’s five-year tenure, the Plainville High School girls cross country team has logged a score at the conference championship meet. Hurt by low numbers in recent years, the Lady Blue Devils have been unable to earn a team score — which requires five finishers. Last year, just one Plainville runner competed at the conference meet. But this fall, things began to turn around for the PHS girls cross country program. Berard has had a five-person roster to work with this season, and all five of those runners crossed the finish line at the Central Connecticut Conference championship meet, held last week at Wickham Park in ManSee Girls, next page


Doucette coached Dean as well, and pointed out that her and Mills approach diving in distinct ways. “Where Millie is quiet when she gets around the diving board, Sharon had a totally different type of personality. You could just tell she was aggressive,” Doucette said. “When it’s time to dive, she gets focused,” the veteran coach said of Mills. “She just has a way of getting herself ready to dive. She gets very determined. It’s something natural that she does.” An All-Central Connecticut Conference and All-State performer on the board, Mills has been under the tutelage of diving coach Jan Zagorski since last season. Mills also puts in a lot of work on her own. “She trains constantly,” Doucette said. “She goes to the gym and trains. She goes all over. She just works constantly on her diving.” Mills’ name will soon go

See Record, page 23

Home sweet Homecoming: PHS improves to 5-1 By Nick Carroll The Plainville Citizen Plainville High School football players can be excused for walking with a swagger these days. But Coach Chris Farrell makes sure his guys’ feet remain on the ground. “I tell them, ‘don’t let your heads get so big your helmet doesn’t fit on it,’” the first-year coach said. The resurgent Blue Devils bested E.O. Smith, 35-6, Saturday afternoon at Alumni Field to improve to 5-1. Making victory No. 5

even sweeter, it came on Homecoming day and guaranteed Plainville at least a .500 season. A 5-5 season would be nice, but if the Blue Devils manage to notch two or three more victories down the homestretch, they’d likely guarantee themselves a spot in the state playoffs, a place the program has not been since 1997. “We talk about it a lot,” Farrell said, referring to the prospects of a playoff See Football, page 23


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 28, 2010


Blue Devil Notes

The Plainville High School volleyball team won’t be competing in the state tournament this year. A loss to Bristol Eastern Monday night means the Lady Blue Devils can’t generate the eight wins neccesary to earn a spot in the postseason. Between injury and illness, the PHS spikers (4-12) seemed to play under a black cloud this fall. But even so, the locals have hung tough. Four of Plainville’s losses were not decided until the fifth frame. One of those five-game defeats came last week, to Maloney. But the Lady Blue Devils went on to blank Middletown two days later to earn their fourth victory. Donations were collected for breast cancer research at the Middletown match, and both teams wore pink, the color associated with the disease. So far this season, the PHS spikers have drummed up more than $1,000 for the cause. PHS coach Steve Compson highlighted the work turned in by senior captains Cristina Mullin and Justine Walicki this season. A selfless team member, Mullin has done whatever she has been called upon to

Continued from page 21

Photo by Matt Leidemer Photo by Matt Leidemer The Plainville High School girls soccer team’s Lexxi Justine Walicki, pictured hitting the floor during a reCarroll controls the ball cent match, has been a bright spot for the Plainville High School volleyball team this season. during a recent game.

do this year. “When you ask the senior to take herself out so a freshman can serve in a game, and she agrees, you have a special kid there,” said Compson, referring to Mullin. Walicki suffered a concussion this season, and recently has dealt with knee problems. But through it all, she has remained positive. “She gives it her all without a complaint,” said Compson. “This is a kid that de-

served to have a great senior year, but injuries took some of it away. “Justine has just brought so much to the team and to our style of play. I could not really think of the program without her being a part of it.” Two games. Two more victories. The Plainville High School boys soccer team downed Maloney, 3-1, and Middletown, 2-1, last week to improve to 10-2-1. Against Middletown,

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Daquan King and Shane Pugliese each netted a goal and an assist. As did its male counterpart, the Plainville High School girls soccer team knocked off both opponents it faced last week. The Lady Blue Devils topped Maloney, 3-0, and Middletown, 2-1, to improve to 7-5-1. Lexxi Carroll and Megan Dixon accounted for Plainville’s goals against Middletown. — Nick Carroll

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chester. The Lady Blue Devils placed fifth in the six-team CCC South Division that afternoon. “Almost all the girls ran their best race of the season,” said Berard. Competing for the locals at the 3.1-mile CCC meet were Isabella D’Onofrio (22nd place, CCC South 24:18.27), Kristen Couture (26th, 25:17.27), Bethany White (28th, 25:27.38), Katie Willard (32nd, 26:58.13) and Sarah Durkin (38th, 34:45.89). Now, the Plainville girls are focused on finishing as a team at the CIAC Class M state championship meet. That event will be held Saturday, Oct. 30 at Wickham Park.


Continued from page 21

you should start, where you should be, what your first mile split should be. But of course, with 200 runners, you have to make stuff up as you go sometimes.” Rottier’s performance that afternoon earned him AllCCC accolades for the second straight year. Plainville teammates Nick Giuliani (11th, 18:20.48) and Bryan Salazar (13th place, 18:27.44), both juniors, were all-conference performers as well. Also competing for the Blue Devils at the CCC meet were Nick Evangelista (16th, 19:00.86), Andrew Daniels (20th, 19:14.34), Jeff Fargo (22nd, 19:20.85) and Joe Allario (34th, 20:24.99). “The team worked hard all season and they are paid off with three all-conference selections and a conference runner-up team award,” Berard said. Plainville (70 points) finished second to Bristol Central (15) in the CCC South. Rounding out the Top 5 in the division were Berlin (96), Middletown (110) and Bristol Eastern (117). Next up, Plainville will compete in the CIAC Class M state meet Saturday, Oct. 30 at Wickham Park. The Blue Devils are looking to finish in

See Boys,next page


Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen

Record Continued from page 21 up on the wall at the PHS pool, but not until the end of the season —just in case the senior breaks her own record. “We’ll wait until the next three meets are done,” Doucette said with a laugh. Mills’ record-setting performance against Farmington lit a fire under her teammates that afternoon. But

the home team still prevailed. The short-handed Lady Blue Devils fell to 4-6 on the season. “After diving was finished, it lifted the spirits of the whole team up,” Doucette said. “They swam better than I expected. Everyone just got so upbeat. It was incredible.” Jen Heslin (500 freestyle) and Emily Zuckerman (100 breaststroke) collected firstplace finishes for Plainville.


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Photo by Matt Leidemer

Football Continued from page 21 berth. “But we’re taking it week by week. We don’t look ahead and we don’t look back.” Kevin Waite had two touchdowns against E.O. Smith (2-4). “He’s a very talented running back,” said Farrell, who pointed out the junior is just one of his team’s offensive weapons. “We have six running backs that have been unbelievable … The backs are unselfish and play so hard.” Tony Lopizzo, Dan Bates and Chris Kuzia had one TD apiece for the Blue Devils on Homecoming. Adam Foster rushed for 95 yards on just three carries against E.O. Smith, which

Boys Continued from page 22

Ross Zettergren and Kevin Spence also played well defensively last weekend. The Blue Devils wore pink socks for the E.O. Smith game, the color associated with breast cancer awareness. Plainville hits the road Saturday to take on FermiEnfield (2-4). Game time is 1 p.m.

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the Top 5 at the event. “We might not get there, but if we shoot that high, I think we could do pretty well,” Mike Rottier said. “And if we run as well as we did today (at the CCC meet), and maybe one or two guys has a little bit better race, I think we can be there.”

trailed 28-0 before getting on the board. Plainville’s Marc Demartinis made 12 solo tackles in the victory, one short of a school record. Farrell said Demartinis, a sophomore, can do it all on the field. Along with his defensive work, Demartinis blocks and catches passes. “He’s been great all year.”



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The Plainville High School football team improved to 5-1 with a 35-6 victory over E.O. Smith Oct. 23, Homecoming day at Alumni Field. Pictured, with ball: Plainville’s Marc Demartinis.




The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tips From The Pro

Don’t let the ran cut your season short By Marc Bayram Special to The Citizen

October has been a month plagued by rain. But with the golf season closing quickly, it is critical for the avid golfer to get in a few final rounds before hanging

up the sticks for the winter. For those die-hards, playing in the rain is not an issue. However, playing in the rain requires a different strategy be taken for your round. First off, don’t be deterred from playing a round of golf just because it’s raining.


Golf is a game, and is fun, and the rain needs to be seen as a good challenge. Here are a few tips to make life easier while playing in the rain: It is important to stay loose and stay Bayram warm. You have to make sure you dress appropriately. It is very beneficial to invest in a good water-proof rain jacket and rain pants. You should also wear a hat. This will not only keep you warm, but will keep the rain off your face. Having the right accessories will prepare you for the most inclement of weather. You should carry

extra gloves and towels in your golf bag. You will need the extra towels to dry off your grips before a shot. Extra gloves are a necessity, just in case you happen to get the one you use wet. You should take off your glove after each shot and put it in your golf bag to keep it dry longer. I suggest investing in “rain gloves”, designed to soak in water and still be usable. Always carry an umbrella when rain is in the forecast. Most of the time, if you bring the umbrella, it won’t rain! However, if it does happen to rain you will be prepared. I suggest a wind-proof umbrella that will be big enough to cover you and your golf bag. A nice tip you can take from the tour professionals is to attach an extra towel and glove to the un-


Letter to the Sports Editor

Opening Nov. 8th @ 9 AM

Job well done

Pagliacci’s Restaurant Homemade Italian Specialties & American Cuisine

To the editor: The Plainville Colts’ Tiny Mite football team finished the season better than any-

one could expect. I thank the kids, parents and the coaching staff for their participation and hard work. I would like to recognize all the players on the team for putting in

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der-carriage of your umbrella. They will always be dry as long as they are covered. For most players, golf is a recreational sport. You play the game because you love it and have a passion for it. Sure it rains once in a while, but you can’t let that ruin your day. As long as the course is playable, you can still tee it up. The key to playing golf in the rain is preparedness. If you are prepared with all the rainy day necessities, you will be just fine. So dress warm, and even if it rains a little, enjoy the rest of the 2010 golf season! Marc Bayram is a PGA Golf Professional at Shuttle Meadow Country Club in Kensington, and a Plainville resident. Have a golf question for Bayram? E-mail him at:

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the sweat and hard work, and for showing up to practice and games every week. Team members are Tyler Czeremcha, Ethan Gagnon, Brandon Swiatek, Gabriel Hernandez, James Mazurek, Jordan Thomas, Nathaniel Artis, Jesse Pires, Jeff (Alan) Quiron La Oz, Dante Chambrello, Dominick Chambrello, Nathan Czeremcha, Jonathan Crockett, Devin Renaldini, Alexander Santini, Damani Ferrell, Elijah Rodriguez, David Corbin, Zachary Rutovich and Joseph Kennedy. The coaches are Ralph Chambrello, Paul Mallia, Jeff Renaldini, Joe Kennedy, “Q” Rodriguez, and myself. Also, special thanks to Equipment Manager Mike Camerato, and League President Phil Cox. I would also like to recognize Richard Swaitek. Though he passed away before the first game, his love for the sport, and coaching, will be remembered throughout the Plainville Colts community. Mark Czeremcha, Tiny Mite coach


Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen

Obituaries Richard Lockery Richard L. Lockery, 83, of New Britain, widower of Jane (Gatti) Lockery, died Oct. 16, 2010, at the Hospital of Central Connecticut, New Britain campus. A New Britain native and longtime resident, he was also a former Plainville resident. A World War II U.S. Army veteran, he was employed at Fenn Manufacturing in Newington for more than 40 years until his retirement in 1995. Golf was his passion, he was an avid golfer at Stanley Golf Course.

Holiday crafts The Holiday Craft Fair will be held Saturday, Nov. 6, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at St. Jerome Church, 1010 Slater Road, New Britain. A kitchen menu and raffle will also be available. Free admission.

He is survived by two sons, Richard R. Lockery and his wife, Nancy, of Sedona, Ariz.; and Alan Lockery, of Waterbury; two daughters, Karen Giacobini-Lockery, of New Britain; and Nancy Lockery, of Windsor, N.Y.; two sisters, Judy Klopp and Vivian O’Dell, both of New Britain; 10 grandchildren; 13 great grandchildren; three greatgreat grandchildren; a special sister-in-law, Ann Lockery, of Newington; and several nieces and nephews. Besides his wife, Jane, he was predeceased by five brothers, Howard, Robert, Norman, Donald and Kenneth Lockery. The funeral was held Oct. 19, 2010, at Carlson Funeral Home, New Britain. Burial was at the convenience of the family. Memorial donations may be made to the American Diabetes Association, 306 Industrial Park Road, Suite 105, Middletown, CT 06457.

Leo J. Maffei Leo J. Maffei, 91, of New Britain and Plainville, devot-

ed husband of Margaret (Peggy) Madden for 64 years, died peacefully in his sleep on Oct. 17, 2010, at The Hospital of Central Connecticut, New Britain campus. He was born Jan. 3, 1919, in Bridgeport, to Victor and Anna (Francesconi) Maffei. He was a graduate of New Britain High School and the Vesper George School of Art in Boston, graduating with distinction. He served in the Army in World War II and was honorably discharged in 1945, having risen to the rank of staff sergeant. He was a gifted artist, putting his talents to use as an industrial designer for Emhart Corporation. He conceived sleek new designs with several of his designs later adopted for use at the White House during the Kennedy administration. He is survived by his loving wife, Peggy; their marriage was a quintessential love story that brought inspiration to those who cared for them at the Apple Rehab Center where they shared a room called “home”; his

daughter, Carol Smith, of New Britain; his son and daughter-in-law, Don and Jeanne Massey, of Simsbury; their two daughters, Caitlin, of New Orleans, and Erin, of Simsbury; his sister, Lena, of Hilton Head, S.C.; his brother-in-law, Edward Madden and his wife Nancy, of Plantsville; and 12 nieces and nephews around the country.


The Physicians and Staff of Grove Hill Medical Center are pleased to introduce and welcome as their colleagues


GROVE HILL MEDICAL CENTER IS Sabeen Syed M. Jeffrey W. GROWING Anwar, MD Anees, MD Langsam, DO Rheumatology Pulmonary Hematology TO Medicine Oncology BETTER 860.612.0485 Sleep Medicine 860.224.6254 860.224.6266 SERVE YOU

Funeral services were private, with entombment in St. Mary Cemetery Garden Mausoleum. Memorial donations may be made to the American Heart Association, 5 Brookside Drive, Wallingford, CT 06492 or to a charity of the donor’s choice.

More obituaries next page


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 28, 2010


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Theresa Lussier

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Theresa M. (Cavallo) Lussier, 74, of Preston, died peacefully on a sunny Oct. 16, 2010, while listening to Frank Sinatra, overlooking Batterson Lake and surrounded by her loving family and friends in her family home in New Britain. She was born Feb. 22, 1936, in New Britain, to Teresa Dorio and Americo J. Cavallo who predeceased her. She was the eldest of five children. A New Britain High School Class of 1953 graduate, she was a studious, ambitious and spirited student. Following her high school graduation, she left New Britain and pursued an education in nursing by enrolling in Connecticut College and Lawrence and Memorial Nursing School Program. She graduated with honors in 1956 and passed her state examination becoming a registered nurse. After a romantic courtship during college, she married Leo J. Lussier on Sept. 2, 1957, at St. Mary’s Church in New Britain. Leo predeceased her on Sept. 27, 2007, after 50 years of marriage, with Theresa by his side. Making their home in Preston, she and Leo had always wished for a large family with many children. Sadly, Natalie, whom was born in November 1960, died in June 1961 from a congenital kidney disease and Joseph was stillborn in 1966. Her daughter, Paula Lussier Mekkelsen, survives her and while she had wished for many children, she accepted her fate and made a wonderful life for her only surviving child. She specialized in psychiatric nursing and was employed by the state of Connecticut Department of Mental Health and dedicated her

services to Norwich Hospital from were she retired as a nursing supervisor. She was very sensitive to the needs of others and genuinely dedicated herself in taking care of those suffering from mental health and/or addiction conditions. A true Florence Nightingale-like persona, always with bags packed and supplies in tow, she responded to any and all in need: family, friend, neighbor, patient or stranger. She was the biggest cheerleader and number one fan of her grandchildren, Stephen Leo and Autumn Laurell Mekkelsen, who were her pride and joy. She is survived by her daughter, Paula Mekkelsen and her friend, David; grandchildren Stephen Leo and Autumn Laurell and their father, Stephen; brothers, Americo ‘Rick’ Cavallo, of New Britain, and Anthony Cavallo and his wife, Teresa, of Plainville; brother-in-law, John Ludko and his friend, Pat; and, sister-in-law, Jan Robidoux and her husband, Henry; niece and nephews, Tammy Connelly, Michelle Cavallo, Rick Cavallo, Michael and Maria Cavallo, John Ludko and his wife, Debbie, Craig Ludko and his wife, Julie, Anthony Cavallo and his wife, Monique, Gina Cavallo, Amy Kowynia and her husband, Victor, Melissa O’Brien and her husband, Sean, Dawn Harrington and her husband, Paul and Kathy Rochon and her friend, Larry; and many loving relatives and friends. She was predeceased by her sister, Paula Cavallo Ludko, in 1988 and brother, Sebastian Cavallo in 1950. The funeral was held Oct. 22, 2010, at the Paul A. Shaker/Farmingdale Funeral Home, New Britain, followed by a Mass at St. Francis of Assisi Church, New Britain. Committal service and final resting place was in St. Mary Cemetery, New Britain.

Decade Dinner

The Plainville Historical Society is having a Fabulous Forties Decade Dinner for families on Saturday, Nov. 6, from 4 to 7 p.m., at Grace Lutheran Church, 222 Farmington Ave. Tickets must be pre-purchased by calling the historic center at (860) 747-6577.


Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen

Bakery Continued from page 4

sented to local charities at the opening.

After-hours networking

Credit union gives grants

Farmington Bank, in conjunction with Plainville Chamber of Commerce, will present a business afterhours networking event Wednesday, Nov. 3, from 5 to 7 p.m., at the new Plainville branch, located at 129 New Britain Ave. Route 372. There will be a door raffle of three gift cards from three area eateries.

The American Eagle Federal Credit Union Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving has awarded $7,000 to 10 non-profit organizations in Hartford, Middlesex, and Tolland counties. These grants will support education/youth, basic human needs and community development programs. In Plainville, American Eagle is located at 378 New Britain Ave.

Liberty Bank grand opening Liberty Bank, located at 48 East St., Plainville, will celebrate the grand opening Monday, Nov. 1, 8:30 a.m. Officials said $7,500 will be pre-

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Oct. 7 Patrick J. and Helen K. Brennan to Patricia Segroves, 24 Oakland St., $65,000.

Open House Sun. Oct. 31 • 1-3 Join us for Halloween Treats 29 Lena Ave., Plainville



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exactly everything that the bakers are doing. Cirrito was working with an extern, Matthew Stromberg, who also wants to be a baker after being a line chef for four years didn’t cut it for him. The two are constructing carved cakes – Cirrito’s is a NASCAR racecar, and Stromberg’s is a pig. “I was a line chef for four years,” Stromberg said. “Eventually I just got tired of it. I liked baking, so here I am.” Stromberg, who’s at the end of his second week with Calisto’s, said he liked his experience so far and has been working with candy as well as making breads. “He shows me different ideas [like using] the sea salt,” he said. “I like it all. Been here at midnight, coming in with the bread guy, working all night making all the breads.” Cirrito’s range of treats and goods varies from traditional things like biscotti, apple fritters, doughnuts, rolls and cupcakes. He also makes his own unique creations, taking a basic recipe and making a “left-hand turn,” playing around with it to make something new. “Spicy almond chew, made with chipotle chili pepper,” he said, pointing to a tray with the treats piled on it. “It’s a basic nut chew, but by adding the chipotle it takes it to another level.” Cirrito also makes candied orange rinds, something most people might not think was edible. “You take the orange peel, boil it down, sugar glazed, let it dry up at night, tastes just like a jelly candy,” he said. “That’s what’s the nice thing of being unique, being a custom shop like this, we can take stuff like that and present it to people they normally wouldn’t be exposed to in a regular bakery.” Cirrito’s Calisto bars are

fundraiser for Fidelco where the proceeds from sales of the day went to the dog training facility for the sight-impaired. He said for Thanksgiving, customers can bring in a box with Thanksgiving dinners for cats and dogs and the boxes will be divided up and given to animals in shelters. “We have a bin out front for spare change, so instead of having a tip jar, throw it in there, it goes to different animal homeless shelters,” he said. “We do a lot with the community, it’s part of giving back to them.” Hours are Monday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Tuesdays through Thursdays, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; and Sunday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. For information, visit the website .

regular brown sugar blondies with everything that’s normally inside the treat now sitting on top of it. Cirrito’s Elvis cupcakes started out as a breakfast muffin recipe. “A [friend] of mine in school gave us a recipe for breakfast muffins,” he said. “I’m gonna take that, make it into a chocolate cupcake and see what happens. The oddity and uniqueness of them is there.” Cirrito’s shop also serves cakes by the slice, featuring a cheesecake and a German chocolate cake in the display case. There’s also seating if people would like to eat their treat at the shop. Cirrito said the business also tries to stay involved with the community, giving back to animal shelters. He said just recently they held a


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 28, 2010

Voters Continued from page 15

High School, University of Hartford (School of Insurance and Real Estate Appraisal and school of hard knocks. Family: Married, son and daughter-in law, two grandsons, and one granddaughter-in-law Civic in- Bergenty volvement: Board of Directors of the ARC of Plainville; member of the Plainville Economic Development Commission; board of director of the Plainville Community Fund, Our Lady of Mercy Church, Parish Council and Justice of the Peace.

dren in their district.) Issue two: Mandates on businesses also have to reviewed. This is another department that has to be studied. We are chasing businesses out of our state. Issue three: Death penalty should not be abolished, especially if it is a heinous crime.

Past political office: Served seven terms (14 years) on the Plainville Town Council; two terms as the chairman; served on the Ton of Plainville Cemetery Association; 10 term Justice of the Peace. How voters can contact you: Home: (860) 747-3905 or cell: (860) 302-3783. 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? Issue one: Unfunded mandates imposed on the 169 town Boards of Education by the state Board of Education. I intend to check them all out and study their need; if not necessary I will fight them. (Perhaps check to see if a state board is really needed. Local boards know what is needed for the chil-


Elizabeth “Betty” Boukus Name: Elizabeth “Betty” Boukus Office sought: State Representative, 22nd District Party: Democrat Address: 43 Hollyberry Lane, Plainville Date of birth: April 16, 1943 Place: New Britain Occupation: Legislator Education: High school diploma (Plainville High

School), Central Connecticut State University, bachelor of science; University of Hartford, master of science. Family: Spouse — Gary; two grown children, four grandchildren Boukus Elective experience: State Representative 1995 to present; Deputy Majority Whip; Plainville Town Council 1989 to 1994 chairwoman. Community activities: Lions Club, Plainville Woman’s Club, Guild member of our Lady of Mercy Church, St. Anthony’s Society, Tunxis Community College Foundation, Corporator Bristol Hospital and Hospital of Special Care, The Hospital of Central Connecticut

How voters can contact you: For election: (860) 7473366; for legislative issues: (860) 240-8500. 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? My source for much of what I have accomplished has been Plainville voters. They challenged me early on, to do something about increasing state funding for library construction grants. I worked to bring a bill forward to change the grant from $250,000 to $500,000. It passed. Plainville applied for the grant and received the funding. When a Plainville High School athletic fields committee member came to me and told me about the additional dollars needed to finish the athletic fields I worked for the $250,000 grant

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Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen

Halloween Continued from page 1 By combining the installation with the existing landscaping and architecture of the home, the Halloween display maker creates a new form of “environmental art,” sometimes referred to as “land art.” Ready-made art is often combined with arts and crafts pieces made at home, like hand-painted wooden grave markers, along with tradition folk art, like jack o’ lanterns, to design installations with great care in order to bring a smile or just a bit of fright to trick-or-treaters of all sizes. Robert Gelinas, of Plainville, started designing his first Halloween lawn display nine years ago with the birth of his daughter, Taylor. Each year Gelinas refines the

Photos by Francis Rexford Cooley

John Green, of Plainville, prepares his front yard for Halloween. David Ryan and his boys, Robert, left, and Avante, dent ghouls to reside in the gather on the lawn of their Plainville home. yard through Halloween. His display making sometimes small or not-so-small alterations to the design of the display. For this year’s display, Gelinas took old cast-off materials to create fencing

around, and an entrance into, his mock graveyard. To complete the graveyard, Gelinas added a mixture of homemade and store bought grave markers, and the resi-

design has transformed his yard into a eerie graveyard to the delight of Taylor. It is the enjoyment and delight of the kids that drives the creation of these displays. John Green has been

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erecting Halloween displays in his yard for the past 10 years. Green does it “for the kids,” he said. He carefully arranges his displays based on the landscaping of the yard changing the look of



Susan Cassile

Gail Campochiaro

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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Continued from page 29

each year’s display based on what choices he has made regarding the landscaping of his front yard. Halloween adornments hang from the front fence and gate then line the front walk to give the entrance to the yard a seasonally spooky feel. David Ryan’s front yard is filled with a variety of Halloween decorations. Ryan has been setting up Halloween displays for 10 years though he admits his displays have only become “more complex in the last four or five years.”

Ryan changes his display every year based on what new Halloween pieces he wishes to add to the display. A major concern of his is to make the display look “proportional” from front to back. With help from his sons, Robert and Avante, and a large dose of “serenity” provided by his wife, Ryan set up this year’s display of inflatable ghosts, ghouls, hearses and grim reapers, a display he hopes will make people want to stop, take a look, and enjoy his All Hallow’s Eve installation. So while pint-sized mummies, werewolves, witches and other assorted monsters

Lic. #303265

Voters Continued from page 28 so the plans did not have to change. Recently when seniors asked for a signal light at Stillwell Drive and Route 10 the Department of Transportation said no, I continued to negotiate the need for the light and the DOT reversed their decision. Constituents have called and written to me on many issues and I work hard to get them their answers or connect them to services or agencies for additional information. Recently a company in town was planning on moving down South.

860-793-2686 REALTOR Cell: 860-543-0788 Home: 860-828-1828 Email: 1201 Farmington Ave., Berlin, CT 06037 Office: (860) 426-1578 Fax: (860) 426-1676 Office: Office: (860) (860) 426-1578 426-1578 Fax: Fax: (860) (860) 426-1676 426-1676 (860) 426-1578 Fax: (860) 426-1676 Office: 426-1578 Fax: (860) 426-1676 Email: Email: Email: Email: Email:

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A constituent came to my home to ask for assistance in trying to keep the company here. I worked quickly to get the state involved which resulted in their staying here in Plainville. Voters can count on me to work in a timely and professional manner on their behalf. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? My number one priority is to work with others including legislators, chamber of commerce and business professionals to maintain jobs and to continue to work to





roam Plainville escorted by their adult crypt-keepers of the night in search of trick or treats, take a moment to enjoy the ghost and goblins of the Halloween lawn displays that have risen for the season because they will soon be gone like the fading colors of the fall foliage to be replaced by the cold and snow and a jolly old fellow and his reindeer. Francis Rexford Cooley is a Plainville resident and dean of the college at Paier College of Art in Hamden.


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Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen

Voters Continued from page 30 provide the opportunity for future job growth. I will support the need to provide training and retraining necessary to provide the job skills needed for future development. To meet the challenging and changing needs of our small and large businesses and to avoid costly delays, I will support efforts to

streamline state government agencies. Education on all levels must be supported. We have made major enhancements to our technical training schools, community and state colleges. These efforts must be continued. Early childhood education and after school programs have been very successful and need to continue to grow. Partnerships need to be encouraged among businesses

and our schools to assist in the financial as well as the sharing of experiences in the workplace. Technical schools need to be given the recognition they have earned and the financial support to continue providing up-to-date instruction to our future workforce. We need continue work with smart growth initiatives and regional approaches to bring the cost down on government spending.

State Senate, 31st District Tom Colapietro Name: Tom Colapietro Office sought: State Senate, 31st District Party: Democrat Address: 40 Matthews St. Unit 54, Bristol Date of birth: Oct. 30, 1940 Place: Bristol Occupation: State Senator Education: General Education Diploma Family: Three children and six grandchildren E l e c t ive experience: State Senate CommuColapietro nity activities: Member of AARP; American Legion, Bristol; fish and game; former little league coach and manager for 11 years; active in many community affairs when president of the UAW; Community Action Program How voters can contact you: Democratic headquarters in Bristol 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? I have been working and will continue to do so with the businesses and consumers to maintain a fair balance.

Jason Welch Name: Jason Welch Office sought: State Senate, 31st District Party: Republican Address: 163 Maureen Drive, Bristol Date of birth: 1972 Place: Boston, Mass.

Came to Bristol in: 2009 From where: Middletown Occupation: Insurance Education: A.B. Hamilton College; JD Quinnipiac University Family: Wife — Elizabeth; Children: Sarah, Seth, Grace, Wesley, Luke, Hope and Benjamin Welch How voters can contact you: 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? People should vote for me because I am an ordinary citizen with a vision for a smaller and more responsible state government that takes from its citizens no more than it needs to provide for essential functions and an appropriate safety net. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? Our top priority is to stimulate this economy and create jobs through a five point plan. First, we must reduce the mandates on employers that make it $2,000 to $3,000 more expensive to employ someone in Connecticut versus other states such as Tennessee. My opponent voted to put many of these mandates in place. Second, we must reduce our energy costs, which are the second highest in the country. We can do this by rolling back the mandates on producers, suppliers and rate payers that are all picked-up by rate payers and by producing more energy here. My opponent voted for rate increasing mandates and voted for ca and trade.

Third, we need to cuts spending. Every business I have visited told me that they are reluctant to expand and add additional square feet and create jobs in Connecticut if all that means is that they will be picking up more of the tab for the ever expanding state debt and liabilities. Simply put, there are businesses in Connecticut not expanding because the state does not have its fiscal house in order. Fourth, we need streamline how one interacts with the state; permitting in Connecticut takes months longer than it does in other states. In a global economy that moves at the speed of light, even one month is an eternity and therefore a deterrent to business expansion in our state. We need to make it easier to get things done here when the state is involved. Fifth, after all of this, we need to reduce taxes. The tried and tested way to get a stalled economy moving again is to cut taxes. It worked for Presidents Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton and Bush. Lower taxes and businesses will expand; lower taxes and consumers will spend; lower taxes and investors will invest.

Cheerleaders take first place Plainville Colts (Pop Warner) Cheerleaders won first place in the local Western Region Competition on Sunday, Oct. 10. On Oct. 16, they also took first place at the state level in New Haven and will be competing in regionals on Nov. 6 in Springfield, Mass.

market place 203.238.1953

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LEGAL NOTICE TOWN OF PLAINVILLE ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS The Plainville Zoning Board of Appeals conducted Public Hearings on Monday October 12, 2010 and rendered the following actions: Application #10-08-01, The Steering Wheel LLC, of Southington - Approved a Used Car Dealership as required by Section 14-54 of the Connecticut General Statutes for property located at 8 Hayden Avenue. Application #10-10-01, William Finkenstein of 258 West Main Street Approved variances to Article 4, Section 7, Accessory Structures in Rear Yards to permit the construction of an accessory structure with a height in excess of twelve feet and in area in excess of seven hundred square feet for a property located at 258 West Main Street. Application #10-10-02, Darice Roy representing Loews Theaters of 220 New Britain Avenue - Approved variances to Article 11 Section 1105, Sub-section 1, Paragraphs 1 and 2 to permit the installation of multiple attached signs with a total sign area of 547.5 square feet for a property located at 220 New Britain Avenue. Application #10-10-03, Michelle and Phil Brennan of 21 Camp Street Approved a variance to Article 4, Section 410, Sub-section 6, Paragraph 6, Fences to erect a four (4) foot high chainlink fence with eight (8) feet of the Street Line for a property located at 21 Camp Street. Dated at Plainville, Connecticut this 20th day of October 2010 Gail Pugliese, Secretary Plainville Zoning Board of Appeals

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ACURA TL 4 Door Sedan #2329 Filed bankruptcy or even a repo, we at Loehmann-Blasius Chevrolet Cadillac can help. Guaranteed Loan Approval Apply Now Jack Coz 1-866-879-1616

DODGE NEON 2000 $2,888 30 Day 1,500 MILE WARRANTY BUY HERE - PAY HERE! Down payments as low as $588 Plus tax & reg. (203) 269-1106

FORD FOCUS SE 2002 $3,888, 4 Speed Automatic 30 Day 1,500 MILE WARRANTY BUY HERE - PAY HERE! Down payments as low as $588 Plus tax & reg. (203) 269-1106

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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 28, 2010



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Plainville Town Council will hold a public hearing at 7:30 p.m. on Monday November 1, 2010 in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Center, One Central Square in Plainville to hear public comment on:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Plainville Aviation Commission will hold a Public Information Session at 7:00pm on Monday, November 22, 2010, in the Council Chambers in the Municipal Center, One Central Square to hear presentation and public comments on the Robertson Airport - Airport Layout Plan Study conducted by Clough, Harbour & Associates.

1. Pursuant to 7-163e of the CGS regarding property within Robertson Airport known as the "Brown House" 2. Town-wide automated trash collection and automated single stream recycling Dated at Plainville, Connecticut this 28th day of October 2010. Plainville Town Council By,

LEGAL NOTICE ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS PLAINVILLE, CONNECTICUT The Zoning Board of Appeals of Plainville, Connecticut will hold Public Hearings on Monday, November 8, 2010 at 7:30 pm in the Plainville Municipal Center, One Center Square, Plainville Connecticut, Room 304 to hear and consider the following applications: LEDGE ROAD Application #10-09-01, Brian Stolarun of 138 Ledge Road seeks approval for variances to Article 5, Section 505, Sub-sections #1 and #4 to permit the subdivision of 138 Ledge Road into two interior building lots, (The reduction of the unobstructed right of access to a street or highway from a minimum of twenty (20) feet to zero (0) feet and the reduction of the required minimum lot area from 60,000 square feet to 40,000 square feet). CIANCI AVENUE Application #10-11-01, Donald and Nancy Soucy of 23 Cianci Avenue seeks approval of a variance to Article 4, Section 400 Schedule of Height, Area and Yard Requirements - Minimum Front Yard Setback to reduce the required minimum front yard setback from twenty four (24) feet to seventeen (17) feet for the purposes of enclosing the front stoop for property located at 23 Cianci Avenue. DUVAL LANE Application #10-11-02, Abel Rodriguez of 3 Duval lane seeks approval of a variance to Article 4, Section 400 Schedule of Height, Area and Yard Requirements - Minimum Side Yard Setback to reduce the required minimum side yard setback from ten (10) feet to eight (8) feet for the purposes of constructing a garage at a property known as 3 Duval Lane. Dated at Plainville, Connecticut this 21st day of November 2010. Gail Pugliese, Secretary Plainville Zoning Board of Appeals AUTOMOBILES


By, Plainville Aviation Commission LEGAL NOTICE PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION PLAINVILLE, CONNECTICUT The Town of Plainville's Planning and Zoning Commission will conduct a Public Hearing on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 commencing at 7:30 p.m. at the Plainville Municipal Center, One Central Square, Plainville CT on the following items: Special Exception for Big Country Realty, LLC to create an interior lot for property located at 13 Perron Road. Special Exception for Loews Theater to allow multiple attached signs for property located at 220 New Britain Avenue. The files are available for public inspection at the Department of Technical Services and the Town Clerk's Office in the Plainville Municipal Center. At this hearing, interested persons may appear and be heard and written communications may be received. Any person requiring special assistance in order to attend and/or participate in this public hearing may call the Department of Technical Services at (860) 793-0221 before noon on Friday, November 5, 2010. Respectfully submitted, David Thompson, Secretary Planning and Zoning Commission Dated at Plainville, CT This 18th day of October 2010 AUTOMOBILES CHEVROLET Corvette 1989 coupe. Red w/red interior. AM/FM/CD player. Alloy wheels. New battery. New brakes. New tires. Rims. Excellent condition. $8500.00 (203)747-9866

CASH And/Or Tax deduction for your vehicle. Call TOYOTA Camry 2003 LE 4DR, 4cyl 87K mls, sunroof. Mint Cond! All serviced! Must See! $7,825 or best offer. Call 203530-1055


Free Towing!

203-631-0800 or 203-630-2510 "PLEASE allow my 25+ years of Auto Sales at the Largest Chevrolet Cadillac Store in the northeast Assist you in your needs" Call Patton 203-598-5366

VW JETTA Trek 1997 4DR dr, 4 cylinder, stand. Black in & out. 6-CD changer. Sunroof. 126k. Runs well. Some rust. $1500. 203-639-8491


AUTO PARTS 42” Wide x 40” high x 18” deep, 13 drawer rollaway tool chest. Fully stocked with automotive tools. Asking $1500 or best offer. Call (203) 238-2844

BOATS & MOTORS WINTERIZING - All makes, I/O & Outboards, Boat Storage. Shrink Wrapping, Bottom Cleaning, Winterizing Supplies. Suburban Marine 203238-3232


PONTIAC Grand Prix 1999 GT silver 117,800 miles power windows and locks.Automatic good condition always taken care of runs great,just installed new water pump,radiator and battery.$2800/OBO (860)5385176

$3,288 30 Day 1,500 MILE WARRANTY BUY HERE - PAY HERE! Down payments as low as $588 Plus tax & reg. (203) 269-1106

PETS & LIVESTOCK BULLDOGS, Boxes, Puggles, Huskies, German Shepherd, Dachsunds, Shih-tzu, Pekingese, Poodles, Chihuahuas, Schnoodles, Boston, Poms, Maltese, Malti-tzu’s & Peki-Tzu, Peki-shu, Yorkies $250+.



FINANCE Buy Here Pay Here Financing! Down pymts as low as $588 plus tax & reg, low weekly pymts, no finance charge, or credit check cars under $3000. Call 203-5305905, Cheap Auto Rental LLC.

PONTIAC Grand Prix SE1 2002 Stock# DR1115 $3,988 30 Day 1,500 MILE WARRANTY BUY HERE - PAY HERE! Down payments as low as $588 Plus tax & reg. (203) 269-1106

FORD Explorer 2007 #559B 100% Guaranteed Loan Approval Apply Now 203-910-2360 Danielle

FALL & BACK 2 SCHOOL SPECIALS Horseback Riding Lessons 203-238-1600



HONDA Civic Coupe 2002 #917 In these tough economic times we understand how difficult it is to finance a new or used vehicle. Guaranteed Loan Approval Apply Now Jack Cos 1-866-879-1616

FORD P/U 1997 F-150 XLT Lariat 4x4 reg. cab. Lthr, gar. kept. Mint Cond! Must See! 1 of a kind! Org., 97K mls. $6,950 or best offer. Call 203-530-1055

OLDSMOBILE ALERO GL 2001 4 Speed Automatic, 4 Cylinder. 146,373 mi. #DR1047 $3,488 BUY HERE - PAY HERE! (203) 269-1106

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The Jewish Childrens Fund

Junk cars, trucks, motorcycles. Free Pickup. Free Removal. Running or not.

GMC Sierra 1500 1996

CHEVROLET Aveol LS 2008 Sedan 4DR. Like new! 5000K. Always garaged. $8,500. Call 860-798-4483 ask for Greg


ROBERTS CHRYSLER DODGE Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles. 120 So. Broad St, Meriden, CT 203-235-1111

FORD Taurus 2001 AT, AC 87k miles. Well maintained. Asking $3800 or best offer. Call (860) 621-9808

ACURA Integra 1992 - 178,000 miles, runs good. Needs some cosmetics. Reliable for around town use. Auto, PW & locks, moonroof. $899 Cash only! Serious inquiries only! 203-265-2525

BUICK LeSabre 1995 104k miles. Runs well. Pwr windows, AC, CD Player. New battery. $1695. Contact Mike (203) 627-3563

MERCURY Grand Marquis 1999 Good shape! 83K miles, no rust Silver, 8cyl. Asking $4,000. Call 203-269-1334 NISSAN Sentra 2005, 1.8s, 100,000 miles, $4500. Call 203213-1409


Copies of the Airport Layout Plan will be available at the Public Library, Office of the Town Clerk, Office of the Town Manager and Robertson Airport during regular business hours. Dated at Plainville, Connecticut this 23rd day of October, 2010

Carol A. Skultety, Town Clerk & Clerk of the Town Council



1/2 ton pickup. Good condition. $2800. Call (203) 237-5940


GERMAN SHEPHERD pups 100% German Shots & Dewormed. Parents here. $650 (203) 235-4329 HORSE LOVERS EXCEPTIONAL riding opportunity in exchange for 6-8 hours per week. AM and PM time needed. Call: 203272-6593 or 203-213-8833 MORKIE SILKIES - 4 males, 3 females. Vet checked, 1st shots. Ready to go. $450 & $500. Call (203) 500-1762

CHEVY Trailblazer 2002. Excellent condition, tinted power windows A/C Newer brakes. 117,000 mi $7,500 or B/O. 860351-5913 leave message.

POMERANIAN puppy 2months, female, mostly black w/a little white, 1st shots. $500 or best offer. Call 203-427-5037


Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen PETS & LIVESTOCK

POODLE PUPPIES, AKC Minis. 1 black female. 1 red male. 1 cream female. Ready November 4. Bred for quality and temperament. 203-272-5108 for information PUPPIES German Shepherd/Husky mix. Wormed, 1st shots. 12 weeks old. $500 each. 203-915-7950 RAGDOLL kittens, Blue-eyed beauties, rabbit-like fur, TicaSbt reg, blues and seals, first shots, $550. 860-329-9893

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE WALNUT Grove Cemetery, Meriden. 4 Deeded Burial Plots. Section 27. For more info, call 860-573-5336

WOOD, FUEL & HEATING EQUIPMENT FANCY SEASONED Firewood. $220/cord delivered. Extra clean, split small, discount over 2 cords. (203) 631-2211, Mike.

FURNITURE & APPLIANCES (3)PC Thomsville entertainment center, girl’s (4)pc twin BR set & sm oak entertainment center w/TV. Couch & love seat. 860-829-1241

FITNESS Equipment For sale, new and used. Treadmills, Ellitical, Bikes, Free Weights, Multistations. 203-288-0407



203-238-3308 WANTED TO BUY


Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators & Stoves Will Deliver (203) 284-8986 DR SET oak table, 6 high back chairs & lighted hutch w/glass shelving, $500. Slate-top pool table w/ Q’s, racks, balls incld, $500. Call 860-349-9533 MUST Sell Moving- Black Lacquer Dining Room Set- Table, six chairs and double hutch for $800 or BO. Living Room Set 8 PiecesSofa, Loveseat, Chair, 2 end tables, Coffee table and 2 Lamps for $600 or BO. Console Set 2 piece- Mirror and Table. $45 or BO. Maytag Washer/Dryer $300 for both or $150 each or BO. Contact# 860-538-5176

REPAIRS Of all appliances. Washers, Dryers, Electric Stoves & Refrigerators.


$$$ CA$H $$$ Estate sale service provided. Seeking: Antiques, Meridenmade items, lamps, paintings. Call Todd Shamock 203-237-3025

1-2 ITEMS Silverware, China, Glass. Furniture. 50’s Items. Whole Estates.

CAKE Decorating Equipment & Supplies for sale - Best offer takes all! Call (203) 484-9528

ALWAYS Buying, Old, used and antique hand tools. Carpentry, machinist and workbench tools. If you have old or used tools that you are no longer using, call with confidence. Fair & friendly offers made in your home. Please call Cory 860613-1108

DEE’S ANTIQUES Buying Collectibles, Jewelry & Silver. China, Glass, Military, Musical. Anything old & unusual. Single item to an estate.

HOME SWEET HOMES Offers Meriden - 1BR apt, 236 W. Main. $650 + sec. Heat & HW incl. Avail. immed! 203-938-3789

Beginner to Intermediate De Fiore Vocal & Piano Studio Roberta (203) 630-9295

MERIDEN - 2 Bedroom Townhouse, nothing included. $995. Call 203-376-2160 or 203-2136175 MERIDEN Avallable modern 2 BR ranch unit. Stove, refrigerator, W/W carpet, garage, laundry. Off st. parking. $950/mo + utils. Sec & lease. Call 203-217-9229 MERIDEN Comfortable 1 BR Appliances, laundry, storage, AC and pool. Heat & HW included. $795/mo. 203-264-2555

HOME SWEET HOMES Offers Meriden - 3 BR apt, 2 flrs, incl. garage. $925 + sec. & utils. 41 Warren St. 203-938-3789 MER LG 1BR, 2nd flr, W. Side, washer, dryer, stove & fridge incl. 2 rms private storage space included. $824/mo+sec. 12pm-8pm call 203-630-3823 MER LG 1BR, 2nd flr, W. Side, washer, dryer, stove & fridge incl. 2 rms private storage space included. $824/mo+sec. 12pm-8pm call 203-630-3823 MER. FURNISHED apts: Incl Heat, Elec, HW. East Side, 3rd flr Studio, $150/wk+ sec. 1BR, 3rd fl, $195/wk+sec. 12pm-8pm 203630-3823 or

MERIDEN East Side Condo 2BR. Fully applianced. No pets. No smoking. $875 (203) 235-4853

MERIDEN - Spacious 3BR, 3rd flr. Newly renovated. Off st. parking. Big yard. $1000 + sec. 203-294-1229

MERIDEN- Townhouse, 1.5 ba, LR/DR, kit, 2 BR, laundry rm. garage. No smoking/pets. $975 + security. Call 203-235-9214

MERIDEN 1 & 2BR. 3rd Floor. Good location. Remodeled. Off-street parking. Appliances. No pets. Section 8 approved. $650 & $750. 203-237-5802

MERIDEN-2BR Townhouse, quiet immac. 1.5BA, hkups, appls, W/W carpet, deck. No pet/smok. Good cred. Sec. 925+utils. 203-269-9755 eves SOUTHINGTON-Large 3BR townhouse, CAIR, full bsmt with W/D hkup, 1 full & 2 half baths. Utils not incld. Easy access to I-84 & 691. Refs & sec dep req’d. Call 860-621-2693 WALLINGFORD 1 BR unit in small complex. Recently remodeled. Lg Bdrm. Closets, storage, thermo windows. Washer dryer. $850. 1 mo sec. Good credit. Jim 203-631-2102

MERIDEN 1023 Old Colony Rd.

2 BR Starting at $750. Heat & HW incl. Ask about 1 month free rent. 203-639-8751 MERIDEN 1BR newly renovated. Off-st-park., yd, storage. Pet bird ok. W/D hkup. Lndlrd next dr. $725/mo+sec. Credit ck. 203-235-5987

MERIDEN 1BR Stove, heat & hot water incl. Lease, sec & refs. No pets. 203- 239-7657 or 203-314-7300

MERIDEN 1BR YALESVILLE On the Green 2BR, 2 bath. All appliances included. W/D. Gas heat. Exercise Facility, Patio & BBQ Area. No pets. $1200. Call 203-464-8066


1 BR, 2 BR & Studio Starting at $595 per month. Heat & HW incl. Off street parking 203-886-7016

Stove, heat & hot water incl. Lease, sec & refs. No pets. 203- 239-7657 or 203-314-7300 MERIDEN 2 BR - 2nd Floor So Colony St. Updated. Attic storage. WD hookups. Yard. No pets. Separate utilities. $800/ month + security. 203-809-4627 MERIDEN 2 BR, 1st Floor New bath. Stove & fridge. Clean & quiet. Nice yard. References & Security. $925/month 860-227-6363 MERIDEN 2bed, 1bath. 28 Orient Str, 2nd lvl, Avl 1st. 203379-7343 $785, sec. No pets/smoking. MERIDEN 2BR or 1BR w/office. Updated appl. heat and hw included, Off-street parking. Many updates. No pets. $865/mo + sec 203-626-2320

E BERLIN 2 BR. 1 bath. All Utilities incl (elect, heat, water, cable, inet) Washer /dryer. Call Sarah 860-8692166. Avail Dec 7th. $1600

MERIDEN 2BR Recently remodeled! 30 Windsor Ave. $650/mo+utils. $1000 security deposit. Call 860-208-9567

Professional Violin Lessons &

Flanders West Apts

String Instruments

Studio & 1 Bedroom Apts

MERIDEN 2BR, 1st Floor Parking place available. Heat & HW included. 347-235-5139 or 203-238-3311

203-235-8431 CAR Battery Brand new Interstate. $65 CRAFTSMAN Scroll Saw Little use. 16”. $65 Call (203) 237-7434 CHAIR LIFT for 9 stairs (Including Landing). Works great! Approx 5 yrs old. Pd over $4000, sell for $750. Days 203-2377247. After 9pm 330-414-6089 CRAFTSMAN 10” radial arm saw, 10” table saw & misc. (860) 223-6077; 860-478-7013 DORA Power Wheels 4 Wheeler with charger for a 1 year-old. $25. (203) 235-0513

Piano Lessons


Call (860) 214-4908 7am-6pm MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE

Voice Lessons All Ages and Levels Welcome


FIREWOOD $225 per cord delivered. Cheshire and surrounding areas. All hardwood, cut & split. (203) 439-1253 SEASONED Firewood $200 per cord Delivery available 203-376-2805 SEASONED firewood, pickup or local delivery. Cut & split. Approx 16-18in. $200/cord; $125/half cord. 203-294-1775.



Repaired! For Children & Adults $25 per 1/2 hour. First lesson FREE! 30 yrs exp. We repair: Violins ● Violas ● Cellos ● Bass Bow Rehairing 203-294-0888

APARTMENTS FOR RENT MERIDEN 3 BR, 2nd Fl. Clean. $850. 31 Twiss St. (203) 235-0274-leave message.


SPORTING GOODS & HEALTH SHIH TZU puppies, registered, parents on premise, 11wks old, 1 male, 5 females. Gorgeous coloring, Must See! $850. Call 203-379-7618


Southington Affordable apts for qualified applicants 50 yrs of age or older Small pets accepted Please call 860-621-3954 TTY 711

MERIDEN Applications being accepted for spacious, newly renovated apartment. 1 BR, LR, Kitchen & Bath. Refrigerator, stove, heat, hot water, electricity & AC incl. $700. 1st, last & security. No pets. Off st parking. One year lease & credit ck. 203-237-8000 or 860-989-4209

MERIDEN Clean 1 br 2nd FL $850 Utilities included. Off st Parking. Sec 8 OK. Call Will 203-213-2639 MERIDEN Clean 2 BR House Jacuzzi/Bar area. WD hookup. Full basement. Garage. Storage. Many updates. Private. $895 Call Jonah 203-430-0340 MERIDEN Large, nice 3 BR. Quiet area. $1000 per month. 203-886-9902 MERIDEN LG. 1ST FLR 2BR, 1300 SF. Lg kit. & DR, w/d hkup, off st park, back yard. 221 Camp St. $925/mo. Sect 8 appr’d. No pets. 860-982-6585 MERIDEN MOVE IN SPECIAL Studios, 1 BR & 2 BR Free Heat & HW incl. ACs. 24 hr maintenance. Sec. guard. Laundry Rm. Off st parking. 203-630-2841 MERIDEN STUDIO APARTMENT 3rd Floor. Newly remodeled BR. New carpet. Heat & electricity included. No pets. $750 per month. Call 203- 535-8370 MERIDEN STUDIO Appliances, Galley Kitchen. Tile and Carpet. Heat & hot water incl. $675/mo. No pets. Secure building. (203) 537-2672 MERIDEN- 1BR plus spacious loft. Large remodeled kitchen, great neighborhood, Off st. parking, comfy & quiet. No pets. $850/ mo. incl. utils. Call 203-630-3441 MERIDEN- 2BR newly remodeled. Hardwood floors. freshly painted. East side. $725/mo. No pets. Available now. Call 203-500-9080 or 203-235-5364 MERIDEN- 5 rooms, 2 Bdrm, 1st floor, Eat-in Kit., near town center. Avail 11/15 $600/mo + 1 mo sec. Call 203-537-3572. MERIDEN- Fully Furnished 3 Rooms, 1 BR, LR, kitchen. Private bath. $675 per month. Lease & security deposit required. Call 203-238-9772 MERIDEN- Large 1BR w/balcony & swimming pool at Crown Village, 581 Crown Street. $750/mo. including heat & HW 203-856-6472 MERIDEN-1BRS. All appliances & hot water incl 2 mo. sec.. No pets. Coin op laundry. 1095 Old Colony Rd. Showings 9-11 am. 203-581-3620 MERIDEN-2BR, 3rd flr, clean, appl $625/mo+ sec. 172 Mt. Pleasant St. Off-st-parking. Call 860-384-9811 MERIDEN-2BR, Miller St. Separate elec. Heat incld. 1yr lease. Refs req’d. $900/mo. Section 8 approved. Call 203-257-8403 or 203-377-2704 MERIDEN-3BR, spacious 1st flr, stove/refrig, fireplace, ample parking. Washer & dryer avail. No pets. $1100. 203-376-1259

Looking for the perfect new home for your Mother, Father, Aunt, Friend or Yourself?…….

You Found It! S a g e Po n d P l a c e

Nestled off the road in a quiet, wooded setting!

Brand New Beautiful 1 Bedroom Apartments in Berlin For Active Adults 55 and better

Only $950 Heat, Hot and Cold Water Included Central air! Intercom system! Fully applianced kitchens On-site laundry! with frost free refrigerator, Library with computer range with self cleaning oven, workstation! dishwasher, garbage disposal! Ample on-site parking! Community room with fireplace Picnic area with grill! and full service kitchen! 24-hr. maintenance! Secure three-story building with elevators!

Call Now!

(860) 828-3958 also accepting applications for Affordable Units Income Restriction Apply Merit Properties, Inc. Financed by CHFA APARTMENTS FOR RENT PLANTSVILLE Mansion - (2) 1BR apts, New appls. Pergo flrs. Porch. Inexpensive utils. Big yard, $700-$800/mo. Nice location. Sm. pet Ok. 203-910-4349 SOUTHINGTON - 3BR Raised Ranch in quiet neighborhood. Nice lg. yard. Central AC. $2100/mo. Avail. Dec 10th. Call (860) 517-8357

SOUTHINGTON 1BR, 1st flr $600/mo. 2mo sec. Call 860-538-5575

SOUTHINGTON 3 BR $900/month. 2 months security.

Call (860) 538-5575 SOUTHINGTON 5 RMs, 1250 sq ft 1 BR apt. C/A. Appls, lg jacuzzi, W/D hookup in bsmt. Utils not included. Near Hospital of Central CT. 860-621-2693


Appls, parking, no pets. Good loc. Credit & refs. 25 Griswold St. 1st flr. $850. 203-238-1890

Recently Remodeled 1BR - $725, 2 BR - $850-$875, 3BR - $1050 Incl. heat, HW, off st parking Income Guidelines Apply Applications can be obtained at 35CC Darling St. Southington 860-621-1700 EHO Financed by CHFA Creative Management & Realty Co., Inc.

MOVE IN SPECIAL MERIDEN- 1BR - $750/month. Heat, Hot Water, Electric incl. Private balcony. Call for info 203-639-4868 PLAINVILLE - X-Large studio apt. Fully applianced. Inc. A/C, onsite prkg, balcony. Starting @ $625/ mo. Call CPI 860-225-1570 (x1) SOUTHINGTON - 2nd flr, 2BR, sun porch. Kitchen appliances incl. W/D hookups. New tile floors in kitchen & bath. Gas heat & hw (not incl). Off st. parking. $800/mo. + sec. 860-378-3935

TORRANT HOUSE APARTMENTS Housing for families, elderly and disabled Applications now being accepted for this HUD/CHFA financed housing development. If you are interested in filling out an application, call or stop by the Rental Office between 7:30 am and 3:30pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 118 Broad Street, Plainville, CT 06062. (860) 747-4405. TDD 1-800-545-1833 Ext 141 Must be income eligible.

MERIDEN-Spacious 2BR

APARTMENTS FOR RENT SOUTHINGTON REMODELED 2 bdrm., 1 bath. MBR w/ wlk-in clst, new kitchn stnlss applcs, hardwd thruout, wlking trails, easy access 84/691 $1075/mo Call 860-919-8876 WALLINGFORD - 1 BR apartments. Nothing included. Center St. $675. Call 203-376-2160 or 203-213-6175 WALLINGFORD - Quiet 2BR, near I-91. Ample closets. Off st. parking. Washer/Dryer in unit. No pets. $925/mo. + utils. Call 203-269-6297 WALLINGFORD 130 Clifton Street 1st FL. 5 Rms. Hardwood/Tile Fl. Garage. Eat-in kitchen. $950. (203) 430-6896 WALLINGFORD 2 bdrm., 1 bath, 4RM. 52 Meadow St. HDW Floors, Eat-in Kit. Crmic Tile, New Appl+DW. W/D hookup. 2 off-st. Recently Remdl! 1st FL $1050+util., 2nd FL $950+util. (203) 213-6829. WALLINGFORD 2 BR. Great location near Choate. Off st parking. Washer & dryer incl Nice, bright apt. 3rd fl. $900/ mo + utils & sec. 203-379-6282 WALLINGFORD- 2BR, 2nd floor, $900 + Sec. Good credit. W/D hookup. No utilities. No pets. 203-553-5555 WALLINGFORD-1st flr, 2BR, appl’s, W/D hkup. Move-in cond! $775/mo. 203-269-0509 WALLINGFORD-4Rm, 2BR duplex, off-st-parking. No pets. $800/mo+utils. Credit check. 203-284-1853 WALLINGFORD-Clean 1BR, 2nd flr. New kit., & appls. No smoking/No pets. Avail now. $650+ sec. Easy access to town & highways. 203-915-5980


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 28, 2010


EXCAVATING K & A ENTERPRISES Water & sewer lines, inground tank removal, drainage, grading, additions, pavers. Insured. Reg# 571435 203-379-0193


HOUSE CLEAN Outs, Garages Basements, Attics, Yards Big or Small..... We Take It All Free Estimates. Call Ed. GARY Wodatch Demolition Services. Sheds, pools, decks, garages, concrete walks, patios, Quick, courteous srv. All calls returned. Ins. #566326. Office 203-235-7723/Cell 860-558-5430 GARY Wodatch Debris removal of any kind. Homeowner’s, contractor’s, small dumpsters avail. Quick, courteous srv. All calls returned. Ins. #566326. Office 203-235-7723/Cell 860-558-5430 A & A Lawn Care- Free Estimiates. Dumpster rentals. Fall cleanups, mulch. Snowplowing. Tree, shrub, debris removal. #584101 Jim 203-237-6638


Cornerstone Fence & Ornamental Gates. All types of fence. Res/Comm. AFA Cert. Ins’d. Call John Uvino 203237-GATE. CT Reg #601060

GUTTERS PROF Guttering cleaning along w/the down spouts. Free est. CT Reg #0619909. 203-715-2301

For gutter cleaning, call Kevin at (203) 440-3279 Fully insured. CT Reg. #569127.


T.E.C. Electrical Svc LLC All Phases of Electrical Work 24 hr. Emergency Service



CLEANING SERVICE We’ll clean your house or office with a sparkle. Ask about Free Cleaning for New Clients. Polish /English speaking. Bonded, ins. Free est. Anna (860) 505-7720


Pete In The Pickup For All Your Junk Removal Needs 203-886-5110

JT’S LANDSCAPING, LLC Fall Cleanups - Snow Removal Top Quality Work. Fully Lic’d & ins’d.

203-213-6528 CT Reg #616311

HEDGE TRIMMING RICK’S AFFORDABLE Clean-ups, brush, tree & pricker removal. Hedge trimming. Much, much more. 15 yrs exp. 203-530-4447.

HEDGE TRIMMING No Hedge/shrub too big, small or tall. Fully Ins. Free estimates. Quality Landscaping, LLC. WWW.QLSLLC.COM Jim 203-537-2588 or 860-349-2118 GARY Wodatch Lawn & Landscaping Complete Fall clean-ups. Quick Courteous Srv. Est ‘85. All calls returned. Lic ins. #566326. 203-235-7723/Cell 860-558-5430 GARY Wodatch Landscape Svs. Hedge/tree trim., trimming over grown properties. Est 1985. All calls returned. #0620397. Office 203-235-7723 cell 860-558-5430

MASONRY W. BOOBER MASONRY 25 yrs exp in all types of masonry. CT Reg # 0626708 Call 203-235-4139 JIMMY’S MASONRY Stonewalls, steps, patios, chimneys, all types. Lic. & Ins’d. 26 yrs exp. Call for free est. 860-2744893 CT. Reg. #604498 JACK Biafore, LLC Masonry Chimneys, brick, block, stone walls, patios. Family Owned for 90+yrs #623849 (203) 537-3572 DAVEY MASONRY 20 Yrs Exp. Stone & brick walls. All Repair work. Fully insured. Free estimates. CT Reg. #567143 203-757-8366 or 203-768-3300 CASCIO MASON Chimney Repair, Sidewalks, Pavers, Walls, Brick Work, etc. Will Beat Anybody’s Price #611774. 203-935-6213

CT Reg #606277. DON’T MOVE - IMPROVE! Free estimates. 203-631-1325


NADEAU CONSTRUCTION Custom kitchens & baths. 25 years experience. Free estimates. CT Reg # 0531413. Call (860) 919-6592

NEW ENGLAND TREE SERVICE Firewood, Tree Removal, pruning, stump grinding, bucket truck. Fully insured. Free estimates. Office: 203-671-8950

To ensure a quality job at a fair price. Call 203-630-6459 CT Reg #608488


LANDSCAPING AND MORE 20% OFF ANY FALL CLEANUP Junk removal. Snow Plowing. Also house cleaning. 860-982-5334 or 203-314-8511

FALL Clean up service we do it all for you curb pick up, hedges, pruning, weeding, gutters Ins Lic 0619909 203-715-2301 EXTREME LANDSCAPING Fall Cleanups, Vac Truck, Hedge Trim & more. Snowplowing. Com/Res. Great rates. Free estimates. Call Walter 203-619-2877 DE CA LANDSCAPING ● Patios & Decks ● Walkways ● Leaf & Snow Removal We provide reliable service. (203) 630-1294 (203) 886-6566 Ins., Free Estimates. CT #624716 A & A Lawn Care-Call now for fall cleanups & snowplowing. Hedge trimming, tree, shrub, debris removal. #584101 Free estimates. Jim 203-237-6638

LAWN & GARDEN FALL CLEAN-UPS No job too big or small. Vacuum service available Please call 203-630-2152

203-639-0231 Lic. & ins. Free est. Work performed by owner. CT Reg #602521


CURBSIDE PICKUP IF YOU MENTION THIS AD Leaves & yard clean-ups, Clean Estates, home, attic, bsmt, garage. Free estimate. 203-535-9817/860-575-8218

RICK’S AFFORDABLE Fall Clean-ups, brush/tree removal, curbside vac truck, tree & pricker removal. 11 yrs exp. 203-530-4447.

Over 25 yrs exp. Paving, seal coating, concrete work. CT Reg#0577005. 203-237-6058


FAHEY PLUMBING & HEATING (203) 235-1383 Owner on every job. All calls answered & appts kept. Make sure your heat is ready for winter. Days, nights, wknds same reas. price. DON’T Flush money down the drain, call Duane Plumbing, heating. Quality work, low rates Major credit cards accptd. 203379-8944 lic. #283401 P1 ABSOLUTE BEST Prices! John Mansolf Plumbing & Heating. 25 Years Experience. Licensed & Insured. 10% Senior Citizen Discount Call 203-815-6276

Roofing, siding, windows, decks, gutters & remodeling.




203-639-0231 Lic. & ins. Free est. Work performed by owner. CT Reg #602521

Siding, roofing, windows, decks, sunrooms, additions.

203-237-0350 CT Reg. #516790 CPI HOME IMPROVEMENT Siding Roofing Windows Remodeling Decks Gutters Addtions Credit Cards Accepted 203-634-6550 CT Reg #577455


Roofing, Siding & Gutters

SNOW PLOWING #1 AFFORDABLE COMMERCIAL ONLY RICK 203-630-2642 GARY WODATCH Snowplowing Services Commercial and Residential. 24 hour service. 30 years experience. CT Reg #0620397. Call 860-558-5430


Commercial Plowing

Fully license/insured. CT Reg# 577319

Parking lots, condos, industrial. Loader/Salt. Quality Landscaping, LLC. Jim 203-537-2588 or 860-349-2118


Gonzalez Construction

Fully licensed/insured. CT Reg.# 577319



V. NANFITO Siding, Roofing, Windows, Decks Remodeling Gutters CT Reg#570192 (203) 639-1634


Roofing, siding, windows, decks, gutters & remodeling. SHEAR PERFECTION Painting & Powerwashing, LLC Commercial, Residential. CT#628598 (203) 631-7729


Roofing, Siding, Windows, Decks Remodeling Gutters CT Reg#570192 (203) 639-1634

Gonzalez Construction


ABSOLUTE BEST Prices! John Mansolf Plumbing & Heating. 25 Years Experience. Licensed & Insured. 10% Senior Citizen Discount Call 203-815-6276

DE CA Home Improvement Kitchen & Bath Flooring, Painiting Roofing & Siding We provide reliable service. (203) 630-1294 (203) 886-6566 Ins., Free Estimates. CT #624716




● ● ●

The Powerwashing Kings OTHERS Wash - WE CLEAN! Gutter black lines & streaks, Green Mold, Black Mildew, Dirt, Grease & Grime... GONE! 203-631-3777 860-839-1000

Residential/Commerical. CT Reg #621315 (203) 675-8084

JUNK REMOVAL & MORE! We clean Estates, homes, attics, bsmts, gar, yard. Fall Clean-Ups ***Free estimates*** 203-535-9817/860-575-8218 20% OFF JOBS OVER $100

DON’T Freeze this WINTER! Call Duane Plumbing, heating & cooling. Annual furnace & boiler tune-ups & cleanings. Quality work. Major credit cards. Low rates. 203-3798944 #400335-S1



BEGO’S Masonry Retaining Walls, Brick and Block works Fireplace, Chimneys, Stairs, Stoops, Sidewalks, Masonry Repair and much more. Free est. 20yrs exp. CT# 601857 203-754-5034 or 203-565-7129



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COMPLETE Cleaning service. Family business. Perfectly clean your home, apartments, condos, offices, schools. or phone Ron 203-558-8319 or 203-238-3303


Free Consultation

WINTERIZATION - WINDOW & Door Replacement Repairs of all types. Additions, Decks, Garages, Finish bsmt, Complete Home Improvement. Free est. 203-238-1449 # 578107

POLISH woman can clean your house, office with care. 2nd cleaning 15% off. Ins & bonded. Refs. Kasia 860-538-4885

HIGHLANDCONTRACTOR.COM Seamless Gutters/Downspouts Gutter cleaning/repairs Call today for free estimate. CT Reg #621315 (203) 675-8084

Bankruptcy Keep home, auto, 401k, etc. STOP FORECLOSURES IRS & “Repos” Atty F.W. Lewis 439 Main St, Yalesville 203-265-2829 “Debt Relief Agency” We help people file for relief under the bankruptcy code


Siding, roofing, windows, decks, sunrms, additions. 203-237-0350. CT Reg. #516790 CPI HOME IMPROVEMENT Siding Roofing Windows Remodeling Decks Gutters Addtions Credit Cards Accepted 203-634-6550 CT Reg #577455

C&M CONSTRUCTION To ensure a quality job at a fair price. Call 203-630-6459 CT Reg #608488

SERVICES OFFERED MACHINE SHOP Machining ▲ Welding, Steel, Aluminum, Stainless ▲Cylinder Rod Straightening, Rechrome, Repacking ▲Brake Drum and Rotor Turning ▲Construction & Farm Repairs ▲Jet Equipment Sales & Service K&D Machine Services. Meriden (203) 238-4714 ▲General

Cornerstone Fence & Ornamental Gates. All types of fence. Res/Comm. AFA Cert. Ins’d. Call John Uvino 203237-GATE. CT Reg #601060


NEW ENGLAND TREE SERVICE Firewood, Tree Removal, pruning, stump grinding, bucket truck. Fully insured. Free estimates. Office: 203-671-8950

LAVIGNE’S TREE SERVICE IN BUSINESS 29 YRS. Tree removal. Stump grinding. Crane Service. Free Estimates. Fully insured. 203-294-1775 GARY WODATCH LLC Tree Removal, All calls returned Reg #0620397. Quick courteous service. Office 203-235-7723 or Cell 860-558-5430


JANATORIO WINDOW WASHING 1500SF home for $99. Serving all of CT. Free estimates! Lic’d & Ins’d. 203-440-1328


Thursday, October 28, 2010 — The Plainville Citizen APARTMENTS FOR RENT


WLFD- NORTHRIDGE Commons, spacious 1 & 2BR units. $725 - $875 & up 203-269-5770 WLFD. Avail now. Scenic 2nd flr efficiency. Appliances, off street parking, yard, patio. Good credit. No pets/smoking. $675. Sec dep. 203-269-9755

ROOMS FOR RENT MERIDEN 1 large BR for Rent Utilities included. Apartment to share. $500. (917) 406-3478 MERIDEN CLEAN SAFE ROOMS Heat, elec, HW incld. E.Side, kit privileges, off-st park. $125/wk. + sec. Call 12-8pm 203-630-3823 or

WLFD $309,900 Exceptional opportunity! 3 family home in excellent condition! Updated interior, new and separate utilities. 2 car garage and central air. Linda 203-265-5618

Meadowstone Motel- Off I-91. Sat. TV, furn’d. Daily/Wkly On Bus Line. 203-239-5333 WLFD- LOVELY Furnished Lge. BR. Wired for computer. Laundry done. Use of bath, kit, rec rm. Quality area. 203-269-8166


STORES & OFFICES FOR RENT WALLINGFORD - Downtown. 280-380SF offices. Close to banks & post office. Heat included. $350-$400/mo. 203265-4525 or 203-269-1723

MERIDEN $315,000 3BR, 2.5 bath Colonial on cul-de-sac in So. Meriden. Very spacious open fl plan is perfect for entertaining. Has walk-out bsmt, great size bdrms, & nice yard. Call Toni 203235-3300

COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL RENTALS MERIDEN-Well insulated block construction buliding with 14 x 14 overhead door and walk door. 16 ft ceiling block with 3 phase power , office, bathroom, gas heat and fenced yard. Zoned for construction/ construction repair 2 identical bays available. Please call with questions or for a showing John at 203-509-6055. Located on Hanover Street. $900 per month each bay.


MERIDEN $119,900 Large home with lots of possibilities. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths & 2 car garage. All on big lot. Call to see!

Judy (203) 235-3300

SOUTHINGTON. 2BR, 2 bath, LR, kit, finished basement, garage, working fireplace, shed. Great yard. Walk to park and school. Completely renovated interior & exterior. Very energy efficient. $199,999. Call (860) 681-5710

CONDOMINIUMS FOR SALE SOUTHINGTON-$127,500 Condo 2BR, 1 1/2 bath townhouse. Kitchen appliances. E.I. Kitchen. IMMEDIATE CLOSING Call Owner 860-523-7984

REAL ESTATE WANTED CA$H FOR YOUR HOUSE We Buy Houses - “AS-IS” - Fast 860-589-4663


MERIDEN $119,900 Large home with lots of possibilities. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths & 2 car garage. All on big lot. Call to see! Judy 203-235-3300

BARTENDER/Cook/Waitress (M/F)-Part time. Apply in person: Friends Cafe, 15 North Liberty St., Southington. CREDIT & COLLECTIONS Full time. Experienced, high energy person able to handle retail/commercial collections with “soft” yet effective technique. You will perform retail/ commercial credit checks, initiate collection calls and correspondence, analyze & resolve issues in billing/payments, and respond to customer inquiries regarding status of accounts. Competitive salary and benefits. Send resume with salary requirements to Record-Journal Box 95 11 Crown St, Meriden, CT 06450

Internet Sales Representative


MERIDEN- Garage for rent. Approx 10’x22’. $85/mo. North Broad St area. 860-841-6455


ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Kensington Congregational Church is seeking candidates for the Administrative Assistant position. Approximately 20 hours per week, Monday through Friday, a.m. Summer hours, 3 days per week (12 hrs). Historic church built in 1712 with an active and growing congregation in the Kensington section of Berlin. Looking for individual with strong interpersonal, organizational and computer skills. Resumes should be sent via US mail to: Kensington Congregational Church c/o Hiring Committee 312 Percival Ave Kensington, Ct 06037

The Record-Journal is looking for an energetic, creative, forward thinking individual to work full time to help oversee the sales efforts for its digital publications. While programming knowledge is not required, the right individual must have sales experience and a comprehensive understanding of online advertising. You will provide: *Demonstrated sales experience with a history of attaining goals *Ability to work closely with sales staff making joint sales calls *Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously while being mindful of making revenue goals for each *Ability to converse with advertisers about both digital and print-based advertising campaigns *An enthusiasm for finding new opportunities to package our local content to help local and national advertisers market their organizations. We will provide: *Team Atmosphere with members working towards common goals *Opportunity for growth *Competitive compensation package & benefits. If the opportunity to be a leader in our successful, community-minded organization excites you, forward your resume to: Attn: Heather Cianciullo New Media Sales Position 11 Crown Street Meriden CT 06450 or email: hcianciullo@

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COMPANY Expansion-Various FT positions available. Appliance Outlet 203-759-0621

CT GYMNASTICS ACADEMYLooking for PT Class Instructors & Team Coaches. Competitive pay. Call for info. Wallingford 203-269-7464 CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRE SENTATIVE Needed for a Large Property and Casualty Insurance Agency. License preferred, however will train qualified candidate. Must have excellent interpersonal and computer skills. Please send resume to: P.O. Box 927, Wallingford, CT 06492 General Help

GENERATOR-X Must enjoy loud music and be able to work with opp. sex Looking for fun/exciting guys & gals to work in factory outlet. Full time & perm work available. No experience necessary. We train. ● Customer Service Reps ● Appointment Setters ● Manager Trainees INTERVIEWING 1ST 100 CALLERS Call Today Start Tomorrow 860-329-0316 HOUSEKEEPER For Cheshire Laundry, some cleaning and babysitting. Call (203) 699-9046 IF you are looking for a great place to work, an opportunity to earn money and learn a little about insurance, call: Tatia Winecoff, Agent, State Farm Insurance Wallingford 203-269-9330 Fax 203-269-9331 Fluency in English and Spanish are a Plus! Equal Opportunity Employer INSURANCE CSR, F/T. Small C/L & Group clients. Benefits. Exp req. Applied Sys a plus. Email resume & salary req:

OKAY Industries is a well-established, successful, growing and highly regarded manufacturer of precision stamped components and assemblies is currently hiring for the following positions: TOOL AND DIE MAKERS: Candidates must have the proven ability to troubleshoot complex progressive dies and be an authority in making tooling components efficiently. Must also be capable of assembling the most complex progressive dies and have leadership skills to lead a group through new complex tool builds. 10+ years exp. a must. QUALITY ENGINEER: Candidates must be hands on and will interact with all functional areas of the company to develop new programs and improve ongoing operations. Must have exp. with Gage Design/layout inspections/ control plan creation, APQP, DOE, PPAP, FMEA, supplier management and calibration exp. 7+ years exp a must. Send resumes to: Human Resources Okay Industries, Inc. PO Box 2470 New Britain, CT 06050 or e-mail Fax: 860-225-7047


MEDICAL CAREERS The Record-Journal Publishing Company is looking for a full-time new media specialist to implement news, sales and marketing initiatives on the company’s digital products. The right person will be a creative, innovative team player who can work collaboratively within the New Media team and across the company’s news, sales and marketing departments. Experience writing and/or designing for the web and utilizing social media required. Proficiency with Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, basic HTML and CSS. Send resume and cover letter to

HELP WANTED NATIONAL FILTER MEDIA is hiring for the following positions: Receptionist/Office Assistance Various office duties. Full time. M-F. 8:30-5:00 $10/hour Factory Help Full Time. M-F 6:30am-3:00 Offers Full Benefits; 401K Apply in person 9 Fairfield Blvd, Wlfd OIL BURNER TECHNICIAN Around the Clock Heating & Cooling, Inc. is seeking a Ct B2 licensed residential oil burner technician. Competitive salary, 401K, medical benefits, paid vacation & holidays. Please call 203-239-2226 to set up a confidential interview. OPTICAL SALES Eyeglass Dept. For private clinic. Experience required. Knowledge of selection, ordering, verifying, adjusting, dispensing and minor repairs. Familiarity with vision plans and computer helpful. Resume/ references to


REPORTER The Record-Journal is seeking a reporter to cover local news in Southington. Involves writing stories and some multimedia work. Position is full time and includes some night and weekends. All levels of experience will be considered. Please send cover letter, resume and a minimum of 3 clippings to New Editor Michael Misarski at: mmisarski@ or Record-Journal Attn: Michael Misarski 11 Crown Street Meriden, CT 06450 or call (203) 317-2241 The Record-Journal is an equal opportunity employer.

DENTAL ASSISTANT. FT Position in Wallingford available for experienced dental assistant. Hours are Mon & Tues 7:15-6:30; Thurs 7:15-4: 30 Fri 7:15-12:30. Please fax resume to 203-269-0828 or email

HELP WANTED LINE Cook Needed FT/PT Italian Restaurant. Experience Necessary. Call 203- 996-1959 Production Management Report directly to GM. Responsible for mgmt of material planning, inventory control, lean mfg initiatives & utilization of ERP/MPR. Provide leadership to mfg operations & monitor production. 15+ years exp in mfg w/supervisory background. Lean mfg. Vantage for Erp Epicor. Aerospace assembly required. Composite experience a plus. For details call AR Mazzotta 203 949-4242. ROOFER Commercial w/5 years experience in EPDM, Hot or Commercial Shingling. Must pass drug test. Top Pay/Benefits. New England Masonry, 146 Sheridan Dr., Naugatuck. (203) 729-2266 AA/EOE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGERPositive work environment. Financial incentives. Opportunity for advancement. Manage purchasing, ship/ rec, logistics, inventory. Strong supervisory skills. Exp in aerospace or other mfg. ERP Systems. AS 9100, NADCAP experience preferred, APICS certification a plus. 10 yrs exp in purchasing, inv control. For details call AR Mazzotta 203 949-4242 TOWN FAIR TIRE Has full & part time Tire Tech/Tire Changer positions available. Must have valid driver’s license. Apply in person at 994 North Colony Rd Wallingford.


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 28, 2010 Political Advertisement


What Plainville is Saying About Our State Representative Creating a Stronger Economy

Supporting Local Initiatives

“As chair of the Economic Development Agency, I know how extremely valuable Betty Boukus has been to our local economic development.” -Val Dumais

“Betty is a tireless legislator who has been instrumental in obtaining funding which has helped local taxpayers. “ -Christopher Wazorko

• • • •

Instrumental in establishing the Enterprise Zone Intervention to keep Carling Technologies in town Supported new comprehensive jobs bill Supported increased credit lines for small business and streamlining of environmental permits

• Worked to obtain state funding for water treatment facility and public library. • Key role in obtaining support for sports fields at Norton Park and PHS • Facilitated initiative to improve senior center • Facilitated efforts to fund recent improvements to the senior center

Real Leadership, Real Results

Helping Citizens of All Ages “As a parent, I truly appreciate all that Betty has done for children and families.” -Carolyn Cronkhite • Led efforts to fund after school programs • Worked for school building projects and saving a regional voc-tech school • Supported bus safety and removal of hazardous materials from children’s products • Helped to preserve Dial-A-Ride for seniors • Advocated state law enacting a patients bill of rights for nursing home residents “Betty listens to the concerns of seniors and then does what is needed.” -Helen Marinelli

Commitment and Respect “When her constituents need help related to state government, I can tell you that Betty Boukus is there.” -Sharon Wynkoop • • • •

Outstanding constituent service Effective liaison with municipal agencies Deputy Majority Whip in state legislature Supported by groups representing educators, realtors and police

“As a college student who cares about Connecticut’s future, I want legislators like Betty Boukus setting the direction.” -Stephen Underwood

Re-elect Betty Boukus on Nov. 2nd Democrat for State Representative 22nd District

For Rides to the Polls Call 860-747-3472 Approved by Betty Boukus; Paid for by Friends of Betty Boukus, Gary M. Boukus, Treasurer.

10-28-2010 Plainville Citizen  

The October 28th, 2010, edition of the Plainville Citizen.