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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Three board members decide not to run LaCombe, Manafort enjoy Town Council, colleagues time spent on school board honor Bergenty as ‘icon’ By Ken DiMauro The Plainville Citizen

By Ken DiMauro The Plainville Citizen Keith LaCombe and Tabitha Wazorko Manafort waxed nostalgic Oct. 13 about their accomplishments on the Board of Education, saying they enjoyed the time they spent helping to make Plainville Community Schools better and will miss working with other board members and school administrators. The meeting was the final one for LaCombe, a Republican, and Manafort, a DemocCitizen photo by Ken DiMauro rat, before the Nov. 3 elections Keith LaCombe, left, and Tabitha Waand a new board is seated Nov. 9. LaCombe, who has been on zorko Manafort, departing school the school board for four board members, are honored for their years, and Manafort, who was public service. tapped in 2008 to fill the term of her father, Thomas L. Wazorko, decided not to run in the election. The elder Wazorko, 61, who was a member of the school board for more than 24 years, died March 25, 2008, as a result of pancreatic cancer. Manafort, 37, said she was happy to be able to be an active member of the

After spending 14 years on the Town Council and much of her adult life serving Plainville-area organizations and civic groups, Helen Bergenty said Monday she didn’t expect the sendoff she was given at end of the council meeting. Local officials, members of the council, and residents lined up to thank Bergenty for her public service and congratulate her on her retirement of sorts. Earlier this year, she decided not to seek Citizen photo by Ken DiMauro re-election to the town’s top administrative board. “I’m Councilwoman Helen Bergenty, honturning a page in my life,” ored at Monday’s meeting, is leaving Bergenty said, adding she is the Town Council after 14 years. moving on to other things. At Monday’s meeting, Bergenty received an engraved plaque and a wooden rocking chair from the town. “It’s beautiful,” she said, but she refused to sit in it for a photograph. Assistant Town Manager Shirley Osle, Council Chairman Christopher

See Duo, page 4

See Bergenty, page 3

Meeting drives home school bus safety By Ken DiMauro The Plainville Citizen Representatives of Dattco, the New Britain-based firm that provides school bus transportation services to Plainville students, appeared Oct. 5 before the Board of Education to answer questions about the recent number of local accidents and what is being done to address them. School board member Jesse Gnazzo, a Re-

publican, asked Richard E. Carmelich III, director of finance and operations for the district, the administrator who oversees school bus transportation, to ask Dattco officials to attend the meeting. Cliff Gibson, Dattco’s chief operating officer, told the board the company has been addressing the situation and is taking steps to eliminate the problems.

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See Safety, page 4

Voters Guide to Election 2009: Council and school board candidates speak on the issues — pages 6 to 11


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009

Controversial book boycott debated as libraries order copies By Robin Lee Michel The Plainville Citizen Peter Chase, director of the Plainville Public Library, will let patrons decide on their own whether they want to read a recently released book that some people are asking to be boycotted. The book, “In the Middle of the Night: The Shocking True Story of a Family Killed in Cold Blood,” was written by Brian McDonald, who interviewed one of the suspects in the July 23, 2007, home invasion during which three people died. Jennifer Hawke-Petit, Michaela Petit and Hayley Petit were the wife and two daughters of Dr. William A. Petit Jr., a Plainville native whose medical practice was located in town. Petit survived the attack. Suspects Joshua Komisarjevsky and Stephen Hayes were arrested as they fled the Cheshire home they allegedly set on fire. They have been held since their arrests. McDonald interviewed Komis-

arjevsky four times in jail before prison officials banned him. Chase said several copies of the book have been ordered but have not arrived at the library, located at 56 E. Main St. As for calls to boycott the book versus freedom of expression rights, he said he hadn’t given much thought pertaining to this issue. E-mails have been circulating for several weeks urging people to contact the publishing house, McMillan Press, and booksellers Borders, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble to protest the publication and sale of the book. “Since 2007, there has been a gag order on the trial which [has] now clearly and blatantly been disregarded ... The order was issued in order to ensure a fair trial ... The material in the book ... was illegally communicated by Komisarjevsky to the author ... and yet both are profiting from their actions,” reads in part an e-mail re-

ceived at The Plainville Citizen from Petit. A hearing was to be held Oct. 21 in New Haven Superior Court to determine if Komisarjevsky violated a court-imposed gag order by talking to the author. Susan Smayda, director of the Southington Public Library, and directors of the Cheshire, Meriden and Wallingford libraries all said the book was being added to the shelves. “We have people waiting for it,” Smayda said. One person came into the library and protested the fact that many area libraries were making it available, Smayda said, adding she will not read the book. “Half the books here I’d never read,” she said. In an e-mail reply to Petit’s e-mail that was forwarded to and the other mentioned sites, Becky Aviv, of’s Executive Customer Relations, answered The Plainville Citizen, “We have carefully reviewed your concerns and

we understand that you feel strongly about this issue. We extend our deepest sympathy to everyone affected by this tragedy. However, it is our longstanding policy not to censor our book catalog by removing titles because we, or others, disagree with their message or find their content objectionable. “As a bookseller, our goal

has always been to provide customers with the broadest selection possible so they can find, discover and buy any item they might be seeking [including] items which many people may find objectionable.” The communication concluded with “We won’t be able to comment further on this topic.”

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Fire inspection fees go up in smoke

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Kisluk was happy the proposal apparently has been rejected. However, another opponent of the ordinance isn’t convinced the idea is dead and buried, adding the proponents could dust it off again once the new council is sworn in. The list of code inspection categories had been cut in half from 54 to 24, officials said. Kisluk said Wazorko and other officials will have to look elsewhere for revenue resources. Bergenty, Hurley and Szach agreed this is not the time to institute charges for fire inspections and safety codes. The Republican Town Committee also voted not to back the ordinance. Lee Toffey, chairwoman of the Republican Town Committee, agreed the new fees would end up hurting local businesses.


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The proposed and controversial ordinance that would charge for fire and safety code inspections done by Fire Marshal Larry Sutherland went figuratively up in smoke Monday as the Town Council failed to get a majority to pass it. At the meeting, Republicans Helen Bergenty, Dan Hurley and Democrat Lynn Szach voted to scuttle the idea, with Democrats Christopher Wazorko, Robert Ciotto Sr. and Jason Rupaka voting for it. Democrat Kirby Deegan did not attend the meeting. Richard Williams, vice president of the local Chamber of Commerce, said he appreciated officials holding off making a decision until the business group received a presentation Oct. 13 on the subject and had an opportunity to weigh in. Williams said most of the

local businesses thought the proposal would be detrimental, although they appreciated the town officials wanting to find new revenue sources. Plainville resident John Kisluk, who is running as a petitioning candidate for Town Council, a unabashed critic of the new fee ordinance, called for the council to reject it. In the past, Kisluk called the proposal a disguised tax hike on businesses. Council Chairman Christopher Wazorko said the group has been talking about the issue for the past six months. He bristled at Kisluk’s notion he hadn’t thought about the proposed charges for fire and safety code inspections, adding many businesses received a decrease in taxes after recent revaluation. Wazorko said he didn’t want to see residential taxpayers bearing the weight when local businesses could afford an estimated cost between $50 and $100.


By Ken DiMauro The Plainville Citizen


Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen

Bergenty Continued from page 1

ness community, Bergenty said she wouldn’t mind being appointed to the Plainville

Economic Development Agency. She said businesses are the life’s blood of


See Bergenty, page 33

SINGLES FRIDAY DANCE OCT. 23rd 8 p.m.-1 a.m. In the Ballroom of the Rocky Hill


Wazorko and Councilman Robert Ciotto Sr. expressed their appreciation to Bergenty. Wazorko said the things he likes about her are her positive attitude and cheerful approach to life. “I enjoy life and like meeting people,” Bergenty said. She said that after she first got involved in politics, Attorney Milton Koskoff, her friend and mentor, gave her a valuable piece of advice to let criticism roll off her like water on a duck’s back. Otherwise, she’d be miserable. Lee Toffey, chairwoman of the Plainville Republican Town Committee, who is running for a seat on the council, said Bergenty is a political icon and the main reason the younger woman got involved politically. Toffey, who said she never heard Bergenty say anything bad about anyone, will remain as a member of the town committee and although she isn’t running, Bergenty is co-chairing the

GOP’s campaign. “She has a lot of ideas and a lot to give,” Toffey said. Bergenty spent many years in the real estate and insurance business, operating the Starline Agency for 35 years before retiring. She is active on many groups and organizations, including the Woman’s Club of Plainville, the Plainville Community Fund and Our Lady of Mercy Church. Bergenty doubts she will ever completely retire, once joking in an article that she would be on the council until she was in a coffin. “I’m not the retiring type,” she said. Interested in the local busi-

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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009

Safety Continued from page 1

He said Dattco considers Plainville a valuable customer. Also at the meeting were Don DeVivo, president of Dattco, and several other managers and supervisors for the firm. Only DeVivo and Gibson spoke publicly to the school board. Both DeVivo and Gibson said the company is very proud of its overall safety record and is driving hard to reduce or eliminate accidents. “Even one accident is one too many,” Gibson said, adding officials have met with Carmelich and have instituted several solutions after studying the situation. Measures include sending supervisors to the South Canal Street lot where the school buses embark in the mornings, and holding safety

meetings for the drivers. Gibson said the 40 drivers that operate school buses locally attend 10 safety meetings, about one a month during the school year. The safety meetings are more than the six meetings the state recommends. He also said “a mirror clinic” was held, where drivers were made aware of the proper alignment of exterior and interior bus mirrors to eliminate possible blind spots. Supervisors and drivers also looked at problematic parts of routes where an accident could happen and rerouted the buses where necessary. Gnazzo asked about policy of letting Dattco drivers take their youngsters, usually toddlers, on the bus. He said he thought that could be a potentially distracting situation. Gibson said the company policy is a privilege, not a right, and if an incident is reported, the privilege is taken

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away and the employees have to find care alternatives for their kids. School board member Tabitha Wazorko Manafort asked about drivers and cell phones. She said she was once driving in a nearby town and saw a school bus driver, not Dattco, using a cell phone while driving. Gibson said that bus drivers sometimes have two-way radios or cell phones, but they are strongly urged to pull over and stop the vehicle before placing a call. He told the board the company is in the process of obtaining a mechanical recording device called an accident event recorder, which not only takes photos or film, but keeps track of speed and other factors. Currently, Dattco has 13 units it is testing. After the 45-minute meeting, Carmelich and Gnazzo both said they were satisfied with what Gibson and other officials had said and are sure both the board and Dattco are on the same page. Gnazzo said that he received calls of support from parents, but some residents were worried he was “on a witch hunt.” Nothing could be further from the truth, he said, adding he wants to make sure students are kept safe. He said there is nothing wrong with asking for a face-



to-face with Dattco and doing some fact-finding, especially since the board and town will be negotiating a one-year contract extension when the current contract with Dattco expires next June. The town has budgeted $1.5 million for bus transportation. After Gnazzo originally had expressed concerns about an apparent spike in school bus accidents during the last year or so, The Plainville Citizen contacted the Plainville Police Department. Sgt. Charles Smedick, of the Traffic Division, said there were several accidents, and two of them resulted in minor injury, including one April 16 on Granger Lane where a school bus struck a utility pole in a parking lot and another Sept. 4 when a Dattco bus struck a bicyclist on Johnson Avenue. In both of these incidents, the bus drivers were cited, he said. Three accidents were

school buses striking stop signs or no-parking signs, Smedick said and did not involve injury. The last one was a rear-end collision on Northwest Drive at Camp Street, where the bus struck the rear of a vehicle. “The Dattco driver was at fault,” he said. Smedick said, “Minor bus accidents involving school buses are normal, especially in parking lots or school lots. I don’t see any reason to be concerned. Especially when you consider the police investigated over 600 motor vehicle accidents during the same period.” Dattco operates several types of buses in Plainville, the largest having a capacity of 83 riders. The majority of other buses operated by the company have either 77 or 71 passengers. The smaller school buses can hold between 16 and 25 students, Gibson said. Dattco has been in business for about 80 years.


well. LaCombe, 46, said he was impressed with the amount of work school board members do and the number of meetings they attend. He emphasized that he is happy to be able to spend more time with his wife, Sue, and children, Morgan, 13, and Wyatt, 7. He also may devote more time to his church. Manafort said she was well aware of what the Wazorkos and the Manaforts have done politically and in civic organizations for Plainville and the

Continued from page 1 board and not just a seat holder. She said she tried to be aware of what her father thought was important when he was on the board, but also tried to be her own person as

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Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen

70th Anniversary

Engagement, wedding and birth announcements are published free of charge in The Plainville Citizen. Pick up an announcement form at our office, 333 East St., Plainville, or download one from our Web site Your photos and information can also be sent to:

Arthur and Lorraine Woerz

an Church organist for 45 years, retiring only a few years ago. The Woerzes have three children, daughter, Susan Stockman and her husband, Ron, of Oxford, daughter, Gail Ferreira and her husband, Gary, of Plainville, and

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son, James, and his wife, Susie, also of Plainville. They have five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren, with another child expected in April. Family members said they are wishing the couple many more happy years together.

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Arthur and Lorraine Woerz


working for Farmington Savings Bank, where he has been ever since. Next March will mark his 25th year with the bank. As far as other activities, he has held numerous positions on the Plainville Little League board, including president for several years during the 1960s. In addition, he was also the general contractor for Grace Lutheran Church and served as the president of the church council, as well as the financial secretary for several years. Following her high school years, Lorraine Woerz went to work at Stanley Works in New Britain. After that she became a homemaker while raising their three children. Once the opportunity presented itself, she began working for the Grove Hill Clinic Lab in New Britain for several years. She also spent time working as a piano instructor, which coincided with her serving as the Grace Luther-


Lorraine Litke and Arthur Woerz met for the first time at Diamond Lake in Glastonbury in 1932, where both of their uncles owned cottages. Arthur was 20 at the time, while Lorraine was 17. On Oct. 21, 2009, Arthur and Lorraine celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. They were married in 1939, at St. Matthew’s Church in New Britain before honeymooning in New York City where they attended the World’s Fair. Following their honeymoon, the couple resided in both New Britain and West Hartford, before settling down in Plainville, on East Street, in 1948. Prior to the move to Plainville, Arthur Woerz served in the Navy from 1941 to 1944, in California. After the Navy, he then worked at Pratt & Whitney, before leasing a gas station on Hart’s Corner. In 1955, while working as a general contractor, he built the house in which they still reside. He then became partners in the Plainville Construction Company, which led to him spending several years working for D’Amico Construction Company. Unwilling to retire and call it a career at 71, he began

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CitizenVoters’ Guide

The Plainville Citizen Thursday, October 22, 2009


Plainville polling places

About the Voter’s Guide This voters’ guide, from pages 6 to 11, is designed to help Plainville voters become familiar with the candidates for Town Council and Board of Education. Each candidate was asked to provide biographical and contact information, and The Plainville Citizen posed two questions to each candidate. Written responses were required. The biographical information was edited to fit a standard format. The candidates’ answers to the questions were edited for punctuation, capitalization and spelling. The order of the candidates is alphabetical. The Plainville Citizen does not endorse any candidate or political party.

Registrars correcting voter enrollment

A preliminary list of voters who are eligible to vote in the upcoming municipal election has been posted on the bulletin board in the main lobby of the Plainville Municipal Center, 1 Central Square. Also posted are a list of inactive voters and a list

of voters removed as a result of the voter canvass. If a person’s name is on the removed list in error, he or she should contact the registrar’s office as soon as possible for reinstatement to the active regSee Enroll, page 11

Absentee ballot procedure Absentee ballot applications can be obtained by calling the Plainville town clerk’s office at (860) 793-0221, ext. 247 or by stopping by the office, located in the Plainville Municipal Center, during regular business hours, Monday through Wednesday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.,

Thursday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Friday 8 a.m. to noon. A printable absentee ballot application is available from /LIB/sots/ElectionServices/ElectForms. Applicants must be a registered

See Ballot, page 11

District 1 Linden Street School, 69 Linden St. District 2 Our Lady of Mercy Parish Center, 19 S. Canal St.


District 3 Toffolon School, 145 Northwest Drive District 4 Wheeler School, 15 Cleveland Memorial Drive Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Quinn E. Christopher Republicans: Gail Pugliese

Democrats: Anthony Tarascio

Ezio Capozzi Jr.

Richard Ireland Jr.

Joanne Edman Joel Boutwell

John Pater

Library Board Democrats: Patricia Fongemie Republicans: Julia Underwood

Candidates Q & A Town Council Robert Anderson Name: Robert Zimmer Anderson Office sought: Town Council Party: Republican Address: 5 E. Broad St. Date of Birth: Place: New Britain Came to Plainville in: 1950s From where: New Britain Occupation: Retired 2009 Education: Central Connecticut State University, marketing, Moody School of Accounting

Family: Elective experience: Zoning Board of Appeals eight years, constable four years, ran for Town Council 2007 Community activities: Church, sports, attending many activities in town How voters can contact you: ————— 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? So I can help vote to stabilize taxes, improve charter revision, to improve town voting, listen to voters to whom you owe an open ear to, control spending where possible, consolidation of services between town and Board of Education.

2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? 1. Keep taxes down, account for all town ex- Anderson penses before passage, of course, working with fellow council people for the betterment of our town. 2. Explore new revenue services. 3. Explore effects to preserve open space and recommend a comprehensive study to analyze long-term open See Election, next page


Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen

Election Continued from page 6 space preservation.

Town Council Robert Ciotto Sr. Name: Robert B. Ciotto Sr. Office Sought: Town Council Party: Democrat Address: 35 Julie Road Date of birth: Feb. 17, 1962 Place: Hartford Came to Plainville in: 1995 From where: Bristol Occupation: Account manager, United Healthcare Insurance Company, Hartford Family: Three children, Robert Jr., Kevin and Justin Elective experience: Town Council, 2005 to present Community activities: Served on Board of Education Principal Hiring Committee, curriculum director Hiring Committee, Policy and Procedures Committee, Inland Wetlands & Water Courses Commission, member of the Facilities Study Committee, member of several youth organizations: Plainville Little League, past president of the Plainville Soccer Club, past president of Political Action Committee for the Linden Street School Referendum, member of the School Steering Committee, chairman of the Communications Task Force, Sub-Committee Plainville Town Council for the past four years How voters can contact you: e-mail robertciotto or (860) 9780476 ————— 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? I feel that I have listened to the citizens concerns during the time that I served on t h e P l a i nv i l l e Town Coun- Ciotto cil. As a council member for the past four years, I have proven my capabilities and demonstrated my leadership to the tax-

payers on issues related to responsible town budgets and improving public education. I will continue to use my strong leadership skills to benefit the people I represent and continue to look for cost saving measures and work with our local commissions and agencies on finding ways to attract business to Plainville. I promise to continue to listen to the citizens and work with each and everyone regardless of political affiliation and will continue to move Plainville forward and unite our community. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? There are many issues very important to our town and our citizens, which need to be addressed, such as open space. Because of its historical beauty and recreational benefits, it is essential that our open space be preserved. I will continue to work with our commissions and local organizations to help preserve our open space. This is important to the success of our town. Respect and honesty: I will also focus on continuing to work on keeping the honesty, dignity and respect back to this town that each of us deserve and desire. I will continue my promise to listen to all view points regardless of political affiliation and will incorporate that into my decision making as one of the leaders of our town. I will listen to all citizens of Plainville and I’m committed to working together to continue to move Plainville forward and unite our community. Business retention: I will work hard to retain the businesses we currently have in our town and to find creative ways to attract new business. Over the past two years we have been able to attract and retain numerous new businesses within the town of Plainville. I will continue to look for creative ways to retain and attract new business to the town of Plainville by working with our Economic Development Agency and town staff, as I serve on the Plainville Town Council. Retaining and attracting new business is critical to the suc-

cess of our town and to help reduce the tax burden on our citizens.

Town Council Philip Cox Jr. Name: Philip Cox Jr. Office sought: Town Council Party: Republican Address: 18 Mohawk Road Date of Birth: Sept. 1, 1973 Place: New Britain Came to Plainville in: 1978 From where: New Britain Occupation: Director of product management Education: Master’s degree Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Family: My wife, Karen, of 14 years; sons, Ty, 14, and Christopher, 7 Elective experience: N/A Community activities: The Plainville Chamber of Commerce selected me as the 2008 Citizen/Volunteer of the year. I have been involved with the Plainville Colts youth football organization for the last four years and have served as the president the last 2 years. I have been involved with the Plainville Little League for the last 10 years and I have served on their board of directors for the last eight years. How voters can contact you: Phone (860) 250-6484 or ————— 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? T h e P l a i nv i l l e v o t e r s should be confident in voting for me because of the commitment and effort that I Cox will put in if elected to the Town Council. I will bring a new set of eyes with a business sense to find better ways to strengthen our community. I will take a leadership role within our community to better understand what our citizens truly expect from the town government. We need to quit talking about the past and the same old issues and instead make decisions to resolve the issues and move on. The focus of the Town Council needs to

be on what is best for Plainville and that is what I will do if I am elected. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? Priority one should be making a commitment to the taxpayers that we are spending the tax income in the most efficient way possible. Negotiations with the town’s vendors and suppliers to reduce their costs are one example of how to do this. With the economy continuing to trend down, there are companies that would like to have the steady business that a municipality provides them and in turn “Plainville” would get a lower cost for these services. Your representatives on the Town Council should be competent in understanding the budget, understand what savings were realized during the process, and how the spend effects the everyday citizen. We need to focus on innovative ways to attract new business to our community. We are in a competition for new business with the towns around us, and we need to win. The next issue I have is with the hidden taxes that have been passed by the last council. For example we now ask the Plainville Little League and soccer teams to pay for the watering of their fields. What you really have done is imposed extra expenses on these nonprofit leagues who then pass that expense onto the parents, who just happen to be taxpayers in our town.

Town Council Carolyn Cronkhite Name: Carolyn W. Cronkhite Office sought: Town Council Party: Democrat Address: 24 Maxine Road Date of Birth: Dec. 10, 1967 Place: Bristol Came to Plainville in: 1998 From where: Bristol Occupation: Attorney Education: College of the Holy Cross 1989 bachelor of history degree; University of Connecticut Law School, J.D. 1994 Family: Husband, Christo-

pher E. Cronkhite; William R. Cronkhite, age 9, Margaret L. Cronkhite, age 7-1/2 Elective experience: None Community activities: President, Citizens for Education Equality — Toffolon Referendum; vice president of Central Connecticut Women’s Forum; K-1 youth league soccer coach, secondand third-grade assistant coach; second- and thirdgrade youth basketball coach; Democratic Town Committee member How voters can contact you: home: (860) 747-1794 or cell (860) 209-0580 ————— 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? I am a small business owner as well as a mother of two elementary age children at Tof- Cronkhite folon School. This gives me an important and personal perspective on two of the most important issues facing Plainville: the continued development of business in Plainville and the maintenance of our excellent school system. Plainville has many small businesses. It must continue to maintain and support existing businesses while promoting itself to attract new businesses. As a small business owner, I understand the importance of maintaining costs and evaluating operations while also continuing to find ways to promote and develop excellence. Our school system has also been faced with many challenges in this difficult economy. Our leaders have done a good job of balancing the needs of the schools versus the cost to the taxpayers. I would like to further develop the relationship between the schools and the community to find creative ways to maintain existing programs and add others. I chose to raise my children and operate my business in Plainville because it is a unique and special community. I hope to have the opportunity in No-

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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009

Election Continued from page 7 vember to serve as one of its elected officials. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? The first priority must be to maintain town services with no or very little increase in taxes to townspeople. The decline in the economy has forced hard choices to balance the budgets with minimal impact. As the economy continues to be slow in its recovery, additional review of all of the budgets with an eye toward cost-cutting and streamlining services may be necessary for the future. My second priority will be to determine how much of the town’s obligations are being dictated by the state and federal government in unfunded mandates. These place an unnecessary and unsustainable burden on local governments and detract from the town being able to fund those programs that will most directly benefit Plainville. Coordination with state and federal officials to review and potentially remove these mandates is essential to the goal of maximizing revenues for Plainville.

Town Council Dan Hurley

Name: Dan Hurley Office sought: Town Council Party: Republican Address: 11 Exeter Ave. Date of Birth: March 22, 1946 Place: Hartford Came to Plainville in: 1974 From where: Manchester Occupation: Retired Teamster tractor trailer driver Education: Some college Family: Spouse, Christine Haddock (deceased); four children: Robert, Michelle, Michael, Meghan Elective experience: One term on the Plainville Town Council 2007 to 2009 Community activities: Past commander of American Le-

gion Post 199, Frederick Lodge Masons, retired Teamsters No. 559, chairman for Memorial Day committee and Relay For Life How voters can contact you: Home phone: (860) 7930642 or business (860) 7939800 or most evenings at Dance Hall, 161 Woodford Ave., or ———— 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? I have proven to the voters that I would apply c o m m o n sense and not just money to the needs and issues of this Hurley town. I have worked hard to make only necessary spending be the rule. To improve the maintenance of our equipment, buildings, and roads working with others on the council to keep costs down. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? 1. New ways to bring businesses and good jobs to Plainville. 2. Maintaining a very tight spending policy. 3. Trying to find new ways to grow the grand list. Watching over how much and where we spend our monies as to not cause taxpayer increases.

Town Council John Kisluk Name: John Kisluk Office sought: Town Council Party: Petitioning candidate, no party Address: 65 Forestville Ave. Date of Birth: Jan. 28, 1948 Place: New Britain Came to Plainville in: 1956 From where: New Britain, Milford Occupation: Retired plumber pipe fitter Education: High school/trade school, E.C. Goodwin Tech Family: Divorced; daughters Patricia and Rebecca Elective Experience: None Community Activities: Member of the Plainville Se-

nior Citizens Center, president of the Citizens and Property Owners Association of Plainville, member of Plainville Capital Projects Building Committee How can voters contact you: (860) 747-3542 or ————— 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? I believe that the citizens of P l a i nv i l l e have lost their voice in the government of our town. As president of Kisluk the Citizens and Property Owners Association of Plainville, I have been working with other members of our group to have our voices heard by the Town Council. As a member of the council, I will continue to be a voice for the people, I will bring forth, to council meetings all questions and issues that are posed to me by citizens. I am tired of having dozens of taxpayers oppose a plan of the town manager, with no one in favor of the plan and then have the council rubber stamp the issue. In my opinion, this is blatant incompetence and arrogance toward the citizens and I would never act in such a derelict manner. I will continue to be, as of lately, the voice of the belittled citizen. Issues of public concern that have been hidden from the pubic and or have not been properly explained will be brought out by me at council meetings. The only way that the taxpayers can get our town back from the doorstep of demise and bring our town back to the people, will be to vote in a new council. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? One of my top priorities will be to bring back televised oral petitions to the council meeting so that the citizens can learn about issues of importance to others. Next the council has to stop unnecessary and wasteful spending while taking away essential services from the taxpayers. I will be a strong voice to oppose this negli-

gence! I will fight to have voter input concerning issues such as automated trash pick up by having an advisory question or the vote itself on a ballot during a regular town voting day. I do not believe in taking away the voting rights of the taxpayers as the Democratic-controlled council has been doing. It is my sincere hope that the voters of Plainville have had their fill of the present zany council and will elect myself and a council that truly works for Plainville. As a member of the council, I will address these and all other issues in public at Town Council meetings.

Town Council Jason Rupaka Name: Jason Rupaka Office Sought: Town Council Party: Democrat Address: 11 Strong Court Date of birth: May 9, 1973 Place: New Britain Came to Plainville in: 1998 From where: Bristol Occupation: Insurance agent Education: Bristol Eastern High School, Center for Culinary Arts Family: Daughter, Josie Elective experience: Constable 2005 to 2007, Town Council Member- 2007 to 2009. Community activities: Conservation Commission, Clean Energy Task Force, Watershed Partnership, Plainville Democratic Town Committee, Community Resource Inventory Committee How voters can contact you: (860) 517-6267 or ————— 1. Why should Plainville voters for you? Serving on s e v e r a l boards and commissions and being an elected official for the past four years, I believe our vot- Rupaka ers and the community as a whole understand I am working to keep Plainville moving in the right direction. I have proven over

the years that I possess the leadership needed in voicing and making the right calls and not necessarily the popular ones. I have done my best to work hard and effectively, and I have been respectful and considerate of all opinions and options when deciding on what’s best for our community. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? My top priorities will consist of working to pass a fair and responsible budget. In these economic times we will need to look at and consider implementing projects that will benefit or maintain the services the town provides while trying to reduce costs. One avenue to accomplish this is regionalization with other communities. Economic development and increasing our revenues is another priority I have in moving our town forward.

Town Council Scott Saunders Name: Scott Saunders Office sought: Town Council Party: Republican Address: 55 Fawn Drive Date of Birth: 1963 Place: Brooklyn, N.Y. Came to Plainville in: 1988 From where: Beaver Creek, Ohio Occupation: Computer consultant Education: Family: Wife, Andrea; son, Joshua Elective Experience: Plainville Republican Town Committee Community Activities: Serve on Inland Wetland Commission, current vice president of the Citizens and Property Owners Association of Plainville, Justice of the Peace How can voters contact you: ————— 1. Why should Plainville voters for you? Plainville voters should support me because I have the experience, common sense and cooperative atti-

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Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen

Election Continued from page 8 tude to help move our town forward. I currently serve as vice president of the Citizens and Property Owners As- S. Saunders sociation of Plainville, a group that looks out for the fiscal interests and well being of residents and property owners. I also serve on the Inland Wetland & Watercourse Commission and as a Justice of the Peace. My wife and I have been small business owners in Plainville for more than 15 years. Many residents are convinced that their vote doesn’t count, so they don’t vote. I want to work to change that. I would very much like to see the various politicians in Plainville start to work together in the best interests of town residents. We could accomplish so much more if there was civility and bipartisan cooperation in addressing the important issues we are facing. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? From automated trash collection, to recycling, sewer rates, and maintenance of our town schools and roads, there are many important issues affecting Plainville. And, we need calm, rational people, working together, to provide cost-effective resolutions and relief for town residents. I will support Charter Revision to correct the current budget process. It’s an important subject for many town residents. The idea that you vote three times, and in the end, your vote may not count sends the wrong message. We need to restore the recording of citizen comments at Town Council meetings. With respect from all sides, Plainville residents should have an opportunity to be heard, and have those questions and comments available on Nutmeg TV for all residents to view. The Town Council should always be open to information and concerns from the public. We

also need to minimize tax increases by encouraging business growth and expansion, controlling spending, and consolidating services where possible.

Town Council Lynn Szach Name: Lynn Szach Office Sought: Town Council Party: Democratic Address: 35 Ledge Road Date of birth: May 12 Place: Hartford Came to Plainville in: 1989 From where: New Britain Occupation: Administrator Education: Central Connecticut State University Family: Greg, spouse; Ben, son, Abby, daughter Elective experience: four years on the council, two years as vice chairwoman Community activities: Plainville Soccer Board; Relay For Life finance chairwoman How voters can contact you: 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? As I’ve said in the past, I feel I represent the average voter, balancing family, home and work. Understanding that we Szach are all affected by the economy and trying to make reasonable decisions for the citizens of our town. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? There are a few that we, the council, have been working on for a few years. Of course trying to keep taxes and spending down while preserving town services is at the top. We have been extremely fortunate in keeping our leaf pick-up, garbage collection and bulk pick-up. Unfortunately with the state of the economy, I believe this will become much more difficult in future years. Open space and downtown revitalization are other priorities that I would like to continue to work on. We have had several new merchants come to downtown recently that have

brought more people into the center and it would be wonderful to see all the storefronts filled by next year. We were also successful in obtaining a 79 acre parcel of open space with a grant from the state and town funds. I hope that we will continue to fund the open space account so that when another piece of open space property becomes available that we will be able to purchase it.

Town Council Lee Toffey Name: Lee Toffey Office Sought: Town Council Party: Republican Address: 112 Diamond Ave. Date of Birth: 1957 Place: Waterbury Came to live in Plainville: March 2003 From Where: Watertown Occupation: Administrative assistant, Commissioner’s Office, Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security Education: Graduated in 1978 from Mattatuck Community College (Waterbury, CT) with an associate’s degree in General Knowledge II (science background); ongoing continuing studies through the Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, Md., New Mexico Tech and FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness in various Radiological and Emergency Preparedness and Planning training; Paralegal Certification through University of Connecticut Center for Continuing Studies in 2008 Family: Divorced; three children: Rob, age 29, Sabrina, age 27, and Kim, age 25 Elective Experience: Currently serving as chairwoman for the Republican Town Committee; senior vice president of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 7330; union steward for AFSCME Local 538. Community Activities: Past volunteer for Habitat for Humanities; Relay for Life participant; past participant PARC walkathon; NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Walk; United Way/AmeriCares supporter; state agency coordinator for the Governor’s Care & Share

food program How voters can contact you: Lee.Toffey@Plainville ————— 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? Plainville should vote for me because I am dedicated to doing a good job for all the citizens of Plainville. I make fair de- Toffey cisions after I have heard all the facts, will listen to their concerns, and make decisions for the good of the town as a whole, not select groups of people. I understand the need to be frugal in these depressed economic times and what it means to live on what comes in my paycheck month to month. The voters deserve someone who will make a sincere effort to get the most mileage out of our dwindling state dollars and hard earned taxes, and I vow to be that person. I am also dedicated to working with whoever else gets elected, regardless of their party affiliation, to make Plainville the best town it can be. The time for arguing is over. It’s time to find workable solutions to the economic and educational problems facing our town. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? Plainville needs to be an attractive place to do business and an effort to bring retail, industry and manufacturing into town needs to be a priority. This is the only way to increase tax revenue without placing further burdens on the citizens. We also need to support the businesses currently in town. One idea to accomplish both of these can be expansions at the airport in terms of a restaurant, car rental kiosk, shuttle service, etc. This could increase interest for flying into the airport and allow easy travel into Plainville proper. We must also support our children and schools. We need a better partnership between the Town Council and the Board of Education to

supply the needs of the students while addressing the fiscal boundaries that the town can afford. School buildings and academic/athletic choices and performance must be maintained for the good of our children. This can only be accomplished if we all work together and come up with viable alternatives instead of stalemates.

Town Council Christopher Wazorko

Name: Christopher J. Wazorko Office Sought: Town Council Party: Democrat Address: 19 Usher Ave. Date of birth: Sept. 14, 1970 Place: New Britain General Hospital Came to Plainville in: 1970 From where: Occupation: Stay-at-home dad Education: Plainville High School, Central Connecticut State University Family: Spouse, Raegan; daughters Olivia, Lillian, third child due in early December Elective experience: constable 1995 to 1997, Town Council member 1997 to present, Town Council vice-chairman 2000, Town Council chairman 2001 to 2003, 2005 to present Community activities: team captain for American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life Fundraiser 2007, Relay For Life participant 2005-07, board of director on the United Way of West Central Connecticut-2005 to present, United Way of West Central Connecticut Plainville fundraising campaign chairperson 2006 to present, Plainville Lions Club 2004 to present, Plainville Lions Club treasurer 2005 to present How voters can contact you: e-mailcjwazorko @sbcgloba or (860) 747-0360


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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009

Election Continued from page 9

————— 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? Being part of the Town Council the past two years has been a rewarding and satisfying experience for me. This current council has been able to make progress in many areas. We have been successful in lowering costs as well as finding new sources of revenue. As the next few weeks unfold, our team will do our best to share with you our accomplishments and what we plan to do for the next two years when elected. While we have accomplished a lot there is still more that we can do. I will continue to look for ways to lower the mill rate and make sure that we only spend what we need and that all taxpayers’ dollars are spent wisely. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? Some of my top priorities over the next two years will be to keep taxes low, look for local or regional sharing of resources, and continue to look for new avenues of revenue. Some specific items I would like to address would include completion of the senior citizens center expansion, completion of the purchase of Robertson Airport, continue to work to secure open space, and investigate additional environmentally friendly programs. We also need to continue to be diligent in collecting back taxes, working with our state legislatures for increased funding, and securing grants to lower the tax burden on the taxpayers.

School Board Myles Buckley Name: Myles Buckley Office sought: Board of Education Party: Republican Address: Date of Birth: Place: Came to Plainville in: From where:

Occupation: Education: Family: Elective experience: Community activities: How voters can contact you: ————— 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? The people of Plainville should vote for me because I am a son, husband, father, brother and uncle who has gone Buckley through the public school system. Being an avid follower of local, state and federal politics I feel that I would and can voice the opinion of the town. Education was never important to me until I had children of my own. How we all want something different for our children, not knowing where to start, but knowing we need to change ourselves to be better for our children; that time has come for me. When my wife became pregnant moving back to Plainville was the only option; one to be close to family, but most of all the school system. Several years later as a parent of three children in the school system I find myself needing to be more involved in the schools. We all want better for our children, but where to start? Let me get you started: I will be honest, fair and to the point for the children as the community. I will fight hard for our rights as parents and for the privileges of our children. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? My top priority is to try and figure out the budget ask the questions nobody wants to ask and when I receive an answer find out a better solution to the problem and get the opinions of all who want to talk to me. We all know the budget is the biggest quest for all involved. Let me be your voice and help the children of this town get what they need to better the schools for future generations to come.

School Board School Board School Board Kirby Deegan

Andrea Saunders

Joseph Passaretti

Name: Kirby Deegan Office sought: Board of Education Party: Democrat Address: 51 Linden St. Date of birth: Dec. 21, 1962 Place: Bristol Came to Plainville in: Birth From where: The hospital Occupation: Solutions Consultant with Oce’ North America; funeral assistant, Bailey Funeral Home Education: Graduated Plainville High Family (spouse, children): Married 20 years, Linda; two sons, Taylor, 17, and Spencer, 15 Elective experience: Served two terms on the Plainville Town Council Community activities: Currently Plainville Rotary Club. Have served on United Way Allocation Committee and Community Campaign, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, coached recreation soccer and was a Cub Scout Leader and Cub Master for Pack 49 How voters can contact you: or (860) 793-6981 ————— 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? I am proud that on the two terms I served on the council we took the politics out of politic and did what we thought was Deegan in the best interest of Plainville. I have listened to our residents. I am committed to serve our community. I am as committed to serve on the Board of Education. I take a very active and visible approach. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? To do what is best for our children and continue to open communications with families. I’d also like see more communication between the Board of Education and the Town Council.

Name: Andrea Saunders Office sought: Board of Education Party: Republican Address: 55 Fawn Drive Date of Birth: Oct. 7, 1963 Place: Millington, Tenn. Came to Plainville in: 1987 From where: Middletown Occupation: Computer consultant Education: Bachelor of science degree in accounting Family: Husband, Scott; son, Joshua Elective Experience: None Community Activities: Member of the Republican Town Committee How can voters contact you: (860) 747-8837 ————— 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? P l a i nv i l l e v o t e r s should vote for me because I will bring a fresh perspective to the board. I’ve always believed that A. Saunders a good education is vital to our children so that they may reach their full potential. As one of three kids raised by a single mom, education was always my way to a better life. And the children in Plainville deserve the best education possible so they may become productive individuals ready to function in an ever changing society. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? Work to continuously improve the educational experience for all Plainville students. Strive to be more fiscally efficient within the confines of the allotted budget while never forgetting that the students come first. Lastly, I think we should make every effort to improve communication with the public so that they may participate in the process.

Name: Joseph Passaretti Office sought: Board of Education Party: Republican Address: 366 Camp St. Date of Birth: Sept. 16, 1966 Place: Hartford, CT Moved to Plainville in: 1997 From where: New Britain Occupation: Stay-at-home father Education: Bachelor of science degree in education from Central Connecticut State University Family: Jessica, wife of 14 years; Louis, son, age 7, Alida, daughter, age 3 Elective experience: This is my first time running Community activities: Plainville Republican Town Committee, member of the Republican Town Committee Executive Council, Plainville Little League coach for the last three years, Plainville youth flag football coach for the last two years How voters can contact you: Home phone: (860) 7932009 ————— 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? The voters of Plainville should vote for me because of the unique qualifications that I bring to the position. First Passaretti and foremost, I am an educator. I graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a bachelor of science degree in education and have been a certified social studies teacher since 1992. I have experience teaching both grade school and middle school children as well as training adults in my career with Hartford Life. In my tenure at Hartford Life, I also obtained my FINRA Series 6 license which has given me a greater understanding of investments, financials and other money matters, which are paramount given the importance of budget negotia-

See Election, next page


Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen

Election Continued from page 10 tions. In addition, not only am I a taxpayer in Plainville, but I am also a parent of two children who attend our town’s schools. As a result, I have a vested interest not only in my children’s future but in Plainville’s future as well. I strongly believe that the Board of Education can provide fiscal responsibility to our citizens coupled with the best possible education for our children. With your support on Nov. 3 and my qualifications, we can achieve these goals and be confident in everyone’s future. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? My top priorities may sound easy to achieve, but I assure you they are not. First, as a member of the Board of Education, my main responsibility is providing the best possible education for our children. Today, perhaps more than ever before, it is of the utmost importance that our children are well prepared to succeed no matter what path they follow after high school. Providing our children with a quality education is my top priority. However, I also strongly believe in fiscal responsibility to the people who are paying for that education — you, the taxpayers of Plainville. Some say you can’t have both, but I don’t necessarily believe that. Through sensible spending, streamlining of services and digging a little deeper to find the best deals, we can have it both ways. Most certainly this will mean having to make hard, yet smart, decisions with our money while demonstrating patience when it comes to the latest fads in education. As I said before, this won’t be easy; current economic conditions necessitate difficult decision making. But I remain steadfast in my priorities and convictions and look forward to the challenges ahead as a member of the Plainville Board of Education.

School Board Cheryl Provost Name: Cheryl Provost Office Sought: Board of Education Party: Democrat Address: 6 Overlook Drive Date of birth: Jan. 17, 1958 Place: Alexandria, Va. Came to Plainville in: 1970 From where: West Hartford Occupation: Sales Engineer/CeramOptec Industries Education: Plainville High School, 1976; Central Connecticut State College, 1980, bachelor of science degree in marketing Family: Two children, Sarah and Austin, seniors at Plainville High School Elective experience: Board of Education since March 2009 (filling an open term) Community activities: Active parent for 12 years within the school system; volunteer PCS Youth Theatre; Downtown Beautification Commission; Project Graduation Volunteer How voters can contact you: e-mail: csmith1173 or (860) 7476149 ————— 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? Being a member of the Board of Education would allow me to contribute to the process that prepares our children to Provost be successful members of the global society in which we now live. I grew up in Plainville and received an education here that formed the basis for my future learning and career. I chose to raise my children here and have been an active participant in the school system and in the community. My father, Robert Provost, was on the Town Council for many years and taught me the importance of actively participating. For me, being an advocate of education is the most important way to become involved. I had the opportunity to complete an open term on the Board of Education. This has given

me some insight into the process and if elected would allow me to begin with a base of experience already established. I have experience in the worlds of both high technology and the arts, coupled with a business background. I understand the difficulty in balancing a broad-based vision for our children’s future success, with the daily circumstance of economic survival in a tough economy. My work shows me daily where technology is headed and what skill sets our children will need to excel. Good schools keep the property values high and are the lifeblood of a community. Plainville has a solid system with teachers and administrators dedicated to improving the educational opportunities for our children every day. I want to be a part of that process and of the future of Plainville schools. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you achieve them? I have two top priorities as a member of the Board of Education. The first is to work to provide our children with the tools they will need to be successful throughout their years in Plainville, as they pursue advanced education and in the world at large. The second is to help Plainville maintain their standing among schools in the state which contributes to high property values, and our children’s ability to enroll in top colleges. Both of these goals are achieved through supporting outstanding curriculum, keeping class sizes small and staying current with the programs and technologies that will keep our children on track to compete in the global economy. These include

Enroll Continued from page 6 istry list. The same applies for voters who have moved within town or have changed their name since the 2008 election. The last voter registration session is set for Tuesday,

high level arts and science programs, which encourage critical thinking and team work. I will work for an educational system, which will support a broad-based vision of the future, coupled with the realities of today’s economy.

School Board Becky Tyrrell Name: Becky Tyrrell Office sought: Board of Education Party: Democrat Address: 174 W. Main St. Date of Birth: July 15, 1959 Place: Bristol Came to Plainville in: 1980 Occupation: Dietetic Technician, Middlesex Healthcare Center Education: Associate in science degree in applied science from Briarwood College Family: Husband, Dave; and three daughters, ages 20, 18 and 15 Elective Experience: Plainville Board of Education 2001 to present, board chairwoman 2006 to present Community Activities: Past president Toffolon Parent Teacher Organization, past vice president Middle School of Plainville, Plainville Community Schools Volunteer of the Year 1999 to 2000, past cochairwoman of the Relay For Life of Plainville, Relay

Ballot Continued from page 6 voter in the Town of Plainville in order to be eligible to vote via absentee ballot. An application must be completed, signed and submitted to the Town Clerk’s Oct. 27, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Forms are available at the registrar’s office, room 203, at the municipal center or at the Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St., or residents may call the registrars office and have a form sent to them. Registrars Jean Lombardo and Beth Gasparini can be reached at (860) 793-0221, ext. 255 or 256.

For Life Planning Committee 2005 to present, 15+-gallon blood donor How can voters contact you: home (860) 793-0615 1. Why should Plainville voters vote for you? As a member of the P l a i nv i l l e Board of Education for the past eight years, I am proud of what we have accom- Tyrrell plished. We still have work to do to continue preparing students for the work force of the future. The years ahead will continue to be very difficult due to projected state budget shortfalls. I believe that my experience on the board will be an asset given the challenges that lie ahead. 2. What are your top priorities and how will you address them? Budget constraints will continue to pose the biggest challenge to the school district. However we can’t afford to delay progress, this will require that we continue to be proactive and creative to meet the needs of students with programs such as Project Opening Doors. It will also be important to communicate the needs of the district to the voters as well as the state and federal agencies that govern and fund us.

Office before a ballot may be issued. All completed applications should be sent as soon as possible to Plainville Town Clerk, 1 Central Square, Plainville, CT 06062. Absentee ballots can also be picked up at the town clerk’s office. The completed absentee ballot will be accepted at the town clerk’s office up to Nov. 4.

Election results will be available election night, Nov. 3, on The Plainville Citizen Web site www.plainvillecitizen. com.


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009

Faith Briefs Lady of Mercy Church breakfast

An all-you-can-eat monthly breakfast is held on the second Sunday of every month,

from 8 to 11 a.m., at Our Lady of Mercy Church Parish Center, 19 S. Canal St. The choice of menu is juice, eggs, Western eggs, sausage, ham, hash browns, Texas french toast,

bagels, doughnuts and coffee. There is a charge to attend. Children under 6 are free. The next breakfast will be Sunday, Nov. 8. The public is welcome.

Annual holiday fair on Nov. 14 The Church of Our Saviour, 115 W. Main St. will be having the Annual Holiday Fair on Saturday, Nov. 14 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the church hall. There will be handcrafts, used jewelry, knick knacks, bric-a-brac for the timeless treasures table, and many raffles. For more information, call the church at (860) 747-3109.

Crafters wanted The Plainville United Methodist Church, 56 Red Stone Hill, is having a craft/vendor fair Saturday, Dec. 5 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Applications for the Sleigh Bells Craft/Vendor Fair are

available by calling the church office at (860) 747-2328 or Donna Burns at (860) 7471262 for more information.

Christmas box project begins Trinity Covenant Church, 59 Trumbull Ave., will be collecting for Operation Christmas Child. Each year, Operation Christmas Child delivers millions of gift-filled shoeboxes around the world for boys and girls who are suffering because of war, natural disaster, poverty, illness or neglect. Trinity’s Congregational Care Commission is inviting the public to fill a standard-sized shoebox — or boxes — with toys, school and art supplies, personal hygiene products, can-

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Central Connecticut Getting Better Together.


Your treatment needn’t be. That’s why The Hospital of Central Connecticut is leading the way by offering a new approach for patients with small kidney cancer tumors. Instead of surgically removing the tumors, doctors freeze the cancerous cells and destroy them, by inserting a special probe that is extremely cold. The outpatient procedure is known as cryoablation. Benefits to patients include quicker recovery, less pain and decreased risk of complications. It’s just another way The Hospital of Central Connecticut is bringing you advanced world-class care, right here in your community. To learn more about cryoablation for small kidney tumors, please visit our web site, For a referral to a doctor who performs this procedure, please call 1-800-321-6244.


Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen the church at (860) 747-3109.

For information, contact fundraiser to benefit the famTodd Helming, minister of ilies of caseworker, Adam, at music at (860) 582-0629 or e- Covenant to Care, will be FAME-20346_CD_ROP.qxd 6/2/08 4:33 PM Page 5 mail toddhelming@gde- held Friday, Oct. 30, from 6:30 Continued from page 12 to 10:30 p.m., at St. Gabriel’s Our Lady of Mercy ChristEpiscopal Church, 68 Main dy, gum, lollipops, sunglass- mas Boutique and Craft Fair, St., East Berlin. es, socks, caps, T-shirts, jew- 19 S. Canal St., will be held Entertainment will be proelry, small picture-books, etc. Friday, Nov. 13 from 11 a.m. to vided by disc jockey Darryl The shoeboxes can be filled 5 p.m. and Saturday, Nov. 14 FAME-20346_CD_ROP.qxd A Halloween 6/2/08 4:33party PM Page Dowty 5 . and brought through mid-No- from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. There is FAME-20346_CD_ROP.qxd 6/2/08 4:33 PM Page 5 vember to the church. an admission fee. The church For information, contact is also looking for crafters FAME-20346_CD_ROP.qxd 6/2/08 4:33 PM Page 5 Over 17,432 Ruby Harper at (860) 747-3391, who would like to rent space. Overchoices 17,432 flooring For more information or to flooring choices including: rent space, call (860) 747-6825. Over 17,432 FAME-20346_CD_ROP.qxd 6/2/08 4:33 PM Page 5


Crafters wanted for holiday event

Halloween fundraiser

Newcomers welcomed

The Church of Our Saviour, 115 W. Main St. is offering a newcomers celebration and Episcopal question and answers session during the coffee hour Sunday, Nov. 8. There will be recognition of the newcomers as well as information about the Episcopal church. For more information, call



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Concert at Gloria Dei


Supper will be available and participants are allowed to bring their own bottles. St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church is the partner parish of Church of Our Saviour, 115 W. Main St., Plainville. For more information or to purchase tickets, call the church at (860) 828-3735.

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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009

Inclement weather cancels trail hike

For the latest Plainville news read We update our site daily!

By Ken DiMauro The Plainville Citizen

Your Window of Opportunity is here...

The Conservation Commission-sponsored fall hike, scheduled for Oct. 18 along the Blue Trail near Ledge Road, was canceled because of rain that organizers said would make the path surfaces slick and possibly dangerous. Joanne Foohey, commis-

A Home Equity Line of Credit! rate


2.77 fixed

See Hike, page 19 1134030

lly low tiona p e c x E

sion member who helped organize the hike up Bradley Mountain to see Boy Rock, Crescent Lake, former Sunset Rock State Park and views of the Plainville “Great Plain” flatlands, said she began monitoring the situation several days before the event was to be held. Two large storms that

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Tues. & Wed. Nights

12-15 lb. Avg. Wt.

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Higher price prevails. Not valid on holidays. Dine-in only. Not valid with any other offer. Must purchase 2 beverages. One coupon per table. Expires 11/14/09.


166 Queen Street, Southington, CT 06489 (860) 426-1170 Fax: (860) 426-1896


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Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen


LIC. #582770

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Professional Driveway Sealing 400° HOT POUR CRACK REPAIR

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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009


Fall Fall Home Home Improvement Improvement Questions about building permits? Call the Plainville Municipal Center at (860) 793-0221, ext. 212 for the building department.





• • •

FALL TO DO LIST: Yard Cleanup We have what you need! • • • • • •

Leaf Blowers Rototillers Lawn Aerators Chippers Log Splitters Thatcher

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Weil-McLain - 500 Blaine St. • Michigan City, IN 46360-2388

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Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen 1132141

Fall Fall Home Home Improvement Improvement

Town officials would like to remind residents are required to affix assigned street numbers to all dwellings and buildings. Displaying assigned numbers properly on buildings is not just a convenience for visitors and deliveries, but more importantly it is essential to the quick response of emer-

gency services such as fire, police and emergency medical care. A street number checklist from the town manager’s office provides guidelines. Street numbers should be a minimum of three inches high, the bigger the better. The numbers should be a contrasting color when mounted on the business, house, mailbox or post. If the home or business is located far from

When you need your space, we have room for you.

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Paul’s Handyman Service

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the street where the number isn’t visible, a set of numbers should be placed near the street on a post, fence or sign. Specific questions should be directed to the Building Department, (860) 793-0221, ext. 216.


Plainville requires street numbers

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Heating System Replacement

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l Fall Specia r o r Full Boile on ace Inspecti rn u F g in n a le C and

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5 17+4ta.9 x nty And we warra the tune-up for 30 Days


Schedule your annual tune-up by Oct. 30, 2009 and we will send you a $25 coupon valid on a future oil delivery. *Min. delivery required.

Order on-li

www.plainvil ne at 24 H ours A Day 7 A Week or ca Days ll

860.793.1239 New cus tomers always Volume discounts welcome. available!



*Price subject to cha notice. Minimum deli nge without very required.

2.44 9* 80 Townline Road, Plainville


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009

Students of the Month Principal’s Awards

The following students were named students of the month and received Principal’s Awards at Louis Toffolon School for September: First grade: teacher, Allison Pascucci — Dante Chambrello, Rachel Gomme;

teacher, Claire Fournier — Jayden Cumbo, Lyndsey Di Tolla; teacher, Amy Mahtaney — Alexa Cooke, Julia Farnia; teacher, Mahtaney — Matthew Cavaliere, Isabelle Berube. Second grade: teacher, Valerie Provost — Tyler Mandeville, Zachary Matthews; teacher, Iris McCoy — Paige

Corcoran, Cassidy Norman; teacher, Sandra Hamm — Dalton Barker, Margaret Cronkhite. Third grade: teacher, Edward Ciesielski — Daniela Rivera, Rashell Mezquia; teacher, Pamela Thomas — Caroline Sechrist, Brendon Sauvron; teacher, Edward Pitcher-Draghi — Kayla Di-

Tolla, Benjamin Gnazzo. Fourth grade: teacher, Diane Lebel — Matthew Bialko, Brigett Fithian-Giantonio; teacher, Jill Limberger — Elona Tanski, Nathan Michalek; teacher, Allyson Parker — Cameron Bubbico, Jessica Skawinski. Fifth grade: teacher, Brie Wollman — Grant Sarra,

Lauren Tanner, Tommy Vongsamany; teacher, Susan Fabrizio — Alexis Diorio, Marc Liquindoli; teacher, Alicia DeSorbo — Johnnie Silwka, Katie Schmidt, Caleb Wells.



Fall Fall Home Home Improvement Improvement CT License # 308981

‘Call before you dig’

Still Throwing

Yankee Gas reminds excavators to “call before you dig” to protect public safety and prevent rupturing or damaging utility lines. For more information, call toll-free (800) 922-4455 weekdays, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., or visit

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Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen



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brought snow showers and a cold rain Oct. 15 and most of Sunday made it difficult to hold the hike, much of which is on stone and rock-outcropping surfaces that could become slick and difficult to walk on, she said. The commission does its best to present the periodically-held fall


Angelina Antonucci and Brian Donald Furniss

The engagement of Angelina Antonucci, of Plainville, to Brian Donald Furniss, of Terryville, is announced by her parents, Michael and Maria Antonucci, of Wallingford. Her fiance is the son of Donald and Jean Furniss, of Terryville. The bride-to-be is a graduate of Mark T. Sheehan High School, Wallingford, and Gateway Community College, New Haven, with an associate’s degree in business office technology: administrative assistant. She is employed at Optometric Associates in Bristol. Her fiance is a graduate of Terryville High School, Terryville, and Mitchell College, New London, with an associate’s degree in sports management. He is employed at CAP Pharmacy in East Berlin. Brian proposed to Angelina during a hot air balloon ride. The couple plans to be married in June 2010 at St. Gregory Church, Bristol.

hike during good weather. Last year’s hike went up Pinnacle Mountain to see historic Hospital Rock and the former Nike Missile site. Organizers try to pick a different route each year. Foohey said the Conservation Commission is disappointed it had to cancel the Oct. 18 event. It will try again next year. The group also is looking to sponsor a hike on the proposed biking and hiking trail near the center of town.




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CitizenOpinion Bob Dornfried

The Plainville Citizen Thursday, October 22, 2009

Letters to the Editor Election Day is approaching The Plainville Citizen 333 East St., Unit 1 — P.O. Box 57 Plainville, CT 06062 Managing Editor – Robert Mayer Asst. managing editor – Robin Lee Michel Associate editor – Ken DiMauro Sports editor – Nick Carroll Advertising manager – Christine Nadeau Advertising sales – Doug Riccio

CONTACT US Editorial:.................................(860) 410-1855 Advertising:............................(860) 410-1855 Fax:...........................................(860) 410-1859 Published every Thursday. Delivered by mail to all of the homes and businesses in Plainville – 06062. The Plainville Citizen is published by the Record-Journal Publishing Co. General manager – Michael F. Killian

Government Meetings Monday, Oct. 26 Capital Projects Building Committee, library, 6:30 p.m. Veterans Council, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 27 Planning and Zoning, Municipal Center, 7:30 p.m. Plainville Greenway Alliance, Library, 7:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 2 Town Council, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Veterans Council, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 3 Citizens and Properties Owners Associa-

tion of Plainville, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 4 Inland Wetlands Commission, Municipal Center, 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 5 Insurance Commission, Municipal Center, 7 p.m. Senior Citizens Committee, senior center, noon. Monday, Nov. 9 Board of Education, Plainville High School Room 400, 7 p.m. Veterans Council, Municipal Center, 7 p.m.

To the editor: Election Day —Nov. 3 — is fast approaching. I expect, and hope, that all Plainville voters are taking note. I expect, and hope, that all voters remember the past years when we, the voters, were ignored by the current Town Council. It would be refreshing and welcome to be heard for a change. The entire slate of Republican candidates for the Town Council and the Board of Education are eminently qualified to represent the entire town. Do not forget the Independent, John Kisluk, is also a lifelong resident, thoughtful and concerned about the future or our town. Vote outside either party. Consider the people who care to spend many hours for little reward to make our town the wonderful place it is to live and raise our children. Roberta Lalama Plainville

Issues are many during campaign To the editor: Well, folks, it is time to break out the snow shovels. It appears that in this election year the political stuff is getting very deep. A recent newspaper article that stated the Democrats’ accomplishments in Plainville left me baffled, confused and wondering if I read an article about another town named Plainville. For starters the Democrats claim that they kept taxes low this year, duh, do they think that the taxpayers are stupid in this election year? I would like to share my take on what the Democrats have done for Plainville. Let us start with General Electric. The Democrats gave G.E. a $50,000 break in sewer use charges then raised the user fees on the homeowners two times. They approved spending tens of thousands

of dollars to build and maintain a parking lot on private property and then took away our October heavy trash pick up. They destroyed our center of town with dangerous bump outs, 25-foot sidewalks, lost parking spots on the street and a dangerous driveway intersection in the name of bringing business into town and then support excessive fire code inspection fees on all businesses that already pay their fair share. Here is one for the soccer moms: They install irrigation systems on the playing fields and then want the children’s leagues to pay for the watering of public property. They have been spending money like a drunken sailor and then playing refinancing games to make it look like they are saving money, when all along the financial burden will end up on our grandchildren. They took away the first televised oral petitions at the council meetings because they didn’t want their follies exposed to the public. I can go on and on because this is only the tip of the destructive iceberg that is controlled by the Democrats but I think this gives an idea of what is happening under this regime. I have to mention one more very important issue that you can take to the bank if the Democrats are put in office again. I would bet the farm that the town manager will order the Democratic Town Council to approve the tie in of the private parking lot behind the Neri building into the library parking lot, at the peril of our citizens. These are some of the reasons I am seeking a seat on the Town Council. I urge every voter to know your candidate, ask where they stand on the issues of importance to you, it is time to end lip service, it is time for change in Plainville. John Kisluk Plainville The writer is running as a petitioning candidate for Town Council.


Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen

Letters to the Editor Anderson stands out locally To the editor: Robert “Zimmer” Anderson has actively supported the Plainville community for many years; it is now time to return that support. Zimmer is running for Town Council and needs our support and I believe, he has earned that support. Zimmer has long supported youth sports, both as a coach and referee and remains active in his local church. A longtime member of the Republican Town Committee, he has previously served Plainville as a constable and as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals. But what makes Zimmer stand out in a race with many qualified candidates is one simple fact, Zimmer is present at almost every Plainville event, regardless of the cause or sponsors — he is simply there to support the Plainville community. He is a candidate that will be available to the people, welcoming their concerns or their suggestions. He is a candidate that will listen to the people and support the wishes of the people, not just when all is going well, but Zimmer will be there to stand up for the people when the tough decisions are needed. Please support Robert Anderson for Town Council; he is the candidate for all of Plainville. William Lacaillade Plainville

Deegan listens to residents To the editor: As a Town Council member, Kirby Deegan has always responded when I have contacted him with issues or questions. We have not always agreed, but he has always been knowledgeable and had persuasive reasons for his positions. We all look for elected officials that immerse themselves in the issues of our community, research the facts, and make thoughtful decisions. Kirby is such a man. I have every confidence

that he will do the same as a member of the Board of Education. Kirby Deegan has my full endorsement for the Plainville Board of Education. Charlotte Politis Plainville

Cox will work for community To the editor: We are pleased to support Philip Cox Jr., currently running for election to the Plainville Town Council. Phil is a lifelong resident of Plainville, attended local schools, and has supported numerous clubs and organizations in town for many years. He currently serves as the president of the Plainville Colts Football Association, and has volunteered as a football and little league coach for a variety of youth teams. Phil’s dedication and extensive service to the Plainville Community was recognized earlier this year when he was named the “Plainville Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year” – a true testament to his commitment to our community. Phil’s education and professional experience provide a solid foundation for his Town Council candidacy. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Central Connecticut State University and a master’s degree from Rensselaer, and currently serves as a director for The Stanley Works. His extensive expertise, spanning fiscal management, marketing, international relations, and business operations in both the local and global market places, would be a valuable asset in his role as a Town Council member. Together with these credentials, Phil’s enthusiasm, energy, fairness, and integrity, make him an ideal candidate to hold this important position in our local town government. Phil brings a fresh perspective and a willingness to work together to enhance the quality of life for all Plainville residents. Andrew and Lynn Davis Plainville

Cronkhite for Town Council To the editor: I have known Carolyn Cronkhite for almost 10 years. I’ve thought of her as an intelligent, outspoken woman – it had occurred to me several times that she’d be a wonderful candidate for the Town Council. I was elated when she mentioned that she was considering running for a position, and I’m anxious for Election Day when I can go cast my vote for her. Carolyn is not only a bright, ambitious businesswoman and a wonderful, involved mother of two schoolaged children (although those descriptions certainly describe her), but a very dedicated and passionate member of our Plainville community. Carolyn is a person who

believes it truly does ‘take a village to raise a child’ in that she feels very vested in Plainville and has worked diligently to influence and improve our town. I’ve watched as she has volunteered countless hours to the Toffolon referendum, supported both the Plainville Recreation Department and her own family by coaching her childrens’ sports teams, and actively sought out ways to use her free time to assist her friends and colleagues with their own passions. As a parent myself, I feel one of the most vital responsibilities we have to our children is to advocate for them. I have witnessed Carolyn do that very thing – her intelligence and enthusiasm shine through whether she’s teaching her children a valuable lesson in self-confidence or

simply helping them decide what to wear for picture day at school. I’m certain that as a town councilor, this ability to advocate will serve the town of Plainville well. Carolyn is concerned about the issues that affect us all – schooling (parents or no, this impacts everyone), budgeting, and taxes, to name a few. In light of her being a local business owner as well as a homeowner, taxes are particularly important to Carolyn. She is an extremely hard worker and feels strongly about how her tax dollars are spent. Carolyn Cronkhite is as down-toearth as the citizens of Plainville, and I will personally feel very at ease knowing she will be representing all of us. Erica Donovan Plainville

We’d love to hear from you! Letters focused on the election for the Oct. 29 issue of The Plainville Citizen will be restricted to non-controversial subject matter such as a ride to the polls or a position statement of the candidate without mentioning their opponent. Election letters are limited to 400 words and will be published on a first-verified basis. Letters can be sent to: The Plainville Citizen, 333 East St., Plainville CT 06062; fax (860) 410-1859; or e-mail A name, address and daytime telephone number (for verification only) are required. Letters, limited to 600 words, must be received by noon Monday to be considered for publication on Thursday. Only two letters from the same writer will be published each calendar month. The Plainville Citizen reserves the right to edit letters. For more information, call The Plainville Citizen at (860) 410-1857.

Two Continued from page 4 area. Her mother, MaryEllen, is a longtime employee, writer and editor for The Hartford Courant. Her brother, Christopher, is chairman of the Town Council and head of the local Democratic Party, and her sister, Quinn, is running for constable, and has been active in the community. Manafort said her husband, Justin, has been supportive and patient, and she, too, will look forward to spending more time with their children, Samantha, 7, and Justin Jr., 4. Her husband’s family owns and operates Manafort Brothers Inc.,

a well-known construction and demolition firm in Plainville. She said she will remain active with several area organizations, including the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain and the Plainville Community Food Pantry. The Board of Education gave service plaques Oct. 5 to LaCombe and Manafort. The honors were given by Superintendent of Schools Kathleen Binkowski and board Chairwoman Becky Tyrrell. LaCombe is employed as a service technician for HiKon Office Solutions, while Manafort owns and operates two firms, F-1 Ventures and TWM Development. She purchases, renovates and “flips” homes for resale. Manafort is a former middle school teacher.

LaCombe said he tried to do research and speak out on school budget issues. During the 2008-09 budget process, he was the only board member who refused to reluctantly endorse an eventual-adjusted 1.9 percent increase sought by the Town Council because it didn’t address laying off 10 paraprofessionals while there were some certified staff that could have been targeted. He said he is happy the professional and overall climates at the middle school have improved during the last few years and the situation has been less problematic than it was when he first got on the board. Both LaCombe and Manafort said they will miss working with their dedicated colleagues.



Oct. 22


Bingo — Veterans of Foreign Wars Madeley-Roberts Post 574 men hold open bingo every Thursday, at 6:30 p.m., at post headquarters, 7 Northwest Drive at the corner of Route 10. The public is invited. For more information, call Earl Carey at (860) 747-5400. Elementary school conferences — All the elementary schools will have a shortened day Thursday, Oct. 22 due to parent conferences. Lunches will be served. Hours are: grades 1 to 5, 8:50 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.; kindergarten a.m., 8:50 to 11 a.m.; and kindergarten p.m., 11:20 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Foster parenting session — Wheeler Clinic will

hold an informational session on foster parenting during an open house at 88 East St. Thursday, Oct. 22 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. This noobligation open house provides information about the clinic’s therapeutic foster care program. People may stop in to learn about foster care without making a commitment of any kind. Individuals are also needed to join “Families Finding Families,” Wheeler Clinic’s corps of volunteer recruiters who help spread the word about the need for caring and skilled foster parents. For more information call (888) 793-3500.



Fife and Drum Corps — The Connecticut Patriots Senior Ancient Fife and Drum Corps meets Fridays at 7 p.m. at the Middle

School of Plainville, 150 Northwest Drive. For information, contact Phyllis Thompson, P.O. Box 243, Plainville, CT 06062 or call (860) 621-6090.



Historic center — Tours of the Plainville Historic Center, 29 Pierce St., are available Wednesdays and Saturdays, noon to 2:30 p.m. The office is open Mondays, from 9 a.m. to noon. The shop, offering many unique gifts, is also open. For more information, call the historic center, (860) 747-6577. Fire company pasta supper — The Plainville Fire Company is having its fall pasta supper Saturday, Oct. 24, 4 to 8 p.m., at fire headquarters, 77 W. Main St. There is a charge to attend; children under 7 are free. Credit cards will be ac-

Pet Pals towel drive

Photo courtesy of Girl Scout Troop 66544

The Junior Girl Scouts Troop 66544 is collecting towels for a local animal shelter. Towels should be gently used and clean. The towel drive will continue until Friday, Oct. 30. Towels can be dropped off in the towel drive box at the Plainville Public Library lobby entrance, 56 E. Main St. From left to right are, Brigett Giantonio, Hannah Charest, Kellie Sileo, Caroline Sechrist, Isabel Lozefski, Samantha Lozefski, Caitlin Bradley, Kayla DiTolla, Giavanna Brunelle, Sarah Tomczyk, Isabella Niziolek and Isabella Bantz. Not pictured is Malena Van Beveren and troop leaders Karen Tomczyk, Laurie Niziolek, Marisol Lozefski and Vicki DiTolla.

The Plainville Citizen Thursday, October 22, 2009

cepted and tickets can be purchased at the door. Halloween party at YMCA — The annual Halloween party for families will be held Saturday, Oct. 24, 5 to 7 p.m., at the Wheeler Regional Family YMCA, 149 Farmington Ave. This year’s plans include a haunted trail walk, children’s maze, costume parade and contest, Halloween crafts and activities, refreshments and Halloween treats. The event is free, however participants are asked to bring a nonperishable food item for the Plainville Community Food Pantry. For more information, call YMCA member services, (860) 793-9631. Tails of Joy — Tails of Joy will be in the children’s department of the Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St., Saturday, Oct. 24, from 1:30 to 3 p.m., with its Story Tails program. Dogs and their handlers who are registered Delta Society Pet Partner Teams will be at the library and children will be able to sit next to a dog and read a favorite story. Parents of preschoolers and early readers may also join their children to read to a dog. For more information or to sign-up for a 15 minute segment, call the library at (860) 793-1450. Teen center open — Faith Bible Church, 168 Unionville Ave. at Northwest Drive, has a youth center where Plainville teenagers can come Saturday nights, from 7 to 9 p.m., to have fun free of charge. Activities include billiards, ping pong, foosball and other games. For more information, call the church at (860) 747-5209. Town transfer station open — The Town Transfer Station on Granger Lane is open Saturdays, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and is for Plainville residents only. Identification is required. For more information, call the Physical Services Department, (860) 793-0221, ext. 208.



Pancake breakfast — The Plainville Lions Club is having its Fall Pancake Breakfast Sunday, Oct. 25, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Our Lady of Mercy Parish Center, 19 S. Canal St. The breakfast offers pancakes, french toast, sausages, strawberries and cream, and beverages. There is a charge to attend; admission is free for children 6 and younger. Tickets can be purchased in advance from a Lions Club member or at the door. The membership will be accepting used eyeglasses during the breakfast.



American Girls program — An American Girls program will be held Monday, Oct. 26, 6:30 p.m., at the Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St., featuring a Halloween project. Girls are welcome to come in costume and dress their doll in costume also. For more information or to sign-up, call the library at (860) 793-1450. Plainville Choral Society — The Plainville Choral Society rehearses Mondays, 7 to 9:30 p.m., at the Gloria Dei Church, 355 Camp St., Bristol. For more information, call Mal Cummings at (860) 747-5695 or Maureen Deming at (860) 559-9781. Rotary Club — Plainville Rotary Club meets at 12:15 p.m. Mondays at J. Timothy’s Taverne, 143 New Britain Ave. For information, call Guy Doyon at (860) 793-4113.



Ancient Free & Accepted Masons — FrederickFranklin Lodge No. 14, A.F. & A. M., meets at 7:30 p.m.

See Cal, next page


Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen

Cal Continued from page 22

on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, except July and August, at the Masonic Temple, 70 E. Main St., Plainville. For information, call (860) 410-9112 or visit the lodge Web site at Bingo — Veterans of Foreign Wars Madeley-Roberts Post 574 women’s auxiliary hold open bingo every Tuesday, at 6:30 p.m., at post headquarters, 7 Northwest Drive at the corner of Route 10. The public is invited. For more information, call Earl Carey at (860) 747-5400. Frederica Chapter 110 — Frederica Chapter 110 will hold a stated meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 7:30 p.m. at the Plainville Masonic Temple, 70 E. Main St. The meeting will be a Grand Representatives Night in honor of Kathy Hickey, Grand Representative of Illinois. Refreshments will follow the meeting. Grand Representatives and members from nearby chapters are welcome to attend. For more information call (860) 673-9342. Friends’ book discussion — On Tuesday, Oct. 27, at 7 p.m., the Friends Book Discussion Group will discuss “Written in Blood: A Chief Inspector Barnaby Mystery” by Caroline Graham at the Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St. Barnaby investigates a murder in a small English village with a cast of odd characters and a sagacious inspector with his loyal sergeant. Copies of the book are available in the adult department. For more information call the library at (860) 793-1446. Plainville Wind Ensemble — The Plainville Wind Ensemble meets at 7 p.m. Tuesdays in the Plainville High School Band room. For more information, call the Recreation Department at (860) 747-6022. Nutmeg TV schedule is online at


Teen thespians present one-act plays Wednesday

Members of Students of Theater Unlimited, the Plainville High School drama club rehearse for the two performances held last weekend at PHS. The students produced and acted in the seven one-act plays.

Frederica Chapter — Frederica Chapter No. 110, O.E.S., meets at 7:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at the Masonic Temple, 70 E. Main St. Historic center — Tours of the Plainville Historic Center, 29 Pierce St., are available Wednesdays and Saturdays, noon to 2:30 p.m. For more information, call the historic center, (860) 7476577.



Bingo — Veterans of Foreign Wars MadeleyRoberts Post 574 men hold open bingo every Thursday, at 6:30 p.m., at post headquarters, 7 Northwest Drive at the corner of Route 10. The public is invited. For more information, call Earl Carey at (860) 747-5400.



Halloween fest — The Plainville Republican Town Committee will host a Halloween Fest Friday, Oct. 30, from 6 to 9 p.m., at headquarters, 4 Whiting St. The public is welcome to come meet the Republican candidates. For more information, call Helen Bergenty, 860) 747-3905 or Kathy Pugliese, (860) 747-2583. Halloween party and parade — A Halloween party will be held on Friday, Oct. 30, from 4 to 5 p.m., at the Recreation Department parking lot, 50 Whiting St. and next door in Veterans Park. There will be refreshments, balloons and entertainment by Bryan Flint, magician. Costume judging starts at 4:15 p.m. and the parade follows. Judging will be the scariest costume and best costume in various age categories and prizes will be awarded. The event is sponsored by the Plainville Recreation Department, the Plainville Public Library in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Plainville.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Riccardo

The Plainville High School drama club, Students of Theater Unlimited, presented seven one-act plays on Oct. 16 and 17 in the Mel Perry Auditorium. The seven mini-plays were performed, produced and directed by students. The plays ran the gamut from side-splitting comedy to profound drama. PHS faculty member Thomas Riccardo is the club advisor. “My passion has always been the theater, from high school to my first college degree. In coming to Plainville High School, I wanted to do what I could to enrich the existing theater program. The question was, what to add? Some suggested another play, others a musical. “I decided on neither for two specific reasons. Another play just allows the same elite students, while talented, to act in another produc-

tion. A musical lets only a small group of stars shine while all others are pushed into the background chorus. Instead, I decided on the oneact play project, which is a project of multiple 10minute one-act plays. This would significantly enrich the program in two ways. One, it allows students to learn another facet of theater by directing under the guiding hand of a trained director. Second, another play or musical would not allow every student an equal share of stage-time; the 10-minute plays allow everyone a chance to be a star,” he said. “It has been my pleasure to produce this performance and work with these students,” Riccardo said. Cast members included: “Eating Out” — directed by Amber Poinatale, cast members — Kylea Perrott, Stephanie Laprise and

Spany Reddi; “Try Outs” — directed by Bethany White and Alex Janczyk, cast members — Bethany White, Brittany White, Amy Freeman and Kaelob Sperry; “Bring a Kid to Work” — directed by Corrine Landry; cast members — Rebecka Mousch, Sarah Provost, Brooke Dawson, Stephanie Lozier and Wilson Tollinchi; “Watermelon Boats” — directed by Erik Rosati; cast members — Brooke Dawson and Alyssa Nelson; “4 A.M.” — directed by Merc Evangelista; cast members — Vinny Rosso, Stephanie Lozier, Edwin Lee and Kaelob Sperry; and “The Umbrella” — directed by Thomas Riccardo; cast members— Becka Marsh, Wilson Tollinchi, Ashley Somers, Kourtnie Morales and Sandra Reyes. Students of Theater Unlimited is a club dedicated t promoting the arts at PHS.

Guest photographer The Art League of Plainville will be meeting Monday, Nov. 9, 6:30 p.m., at the Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St. The program will be the awards presentation for the Fall Art Show and photographer Jessica Somers will give a demonstration. Somers specializes in historic photographic techniques and selfportraiture. Her interest in photography began at a young age by her grandfather’s side as he took thousands of photographs and with the invitation into her parents’ late-night printing sessions that were held in the bathroom, which was transformed into a darkroom after sunSomers set. She grew up in Wallingford. She received a bachelor of fine arts in studio art and a minor in English from Albertus Magnus College, Hamden, in 1998 and a master of fine arts degree in photography from The Hartford Art School in 2002. Her work has been exhibited nationally and is published in the second edition of “The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes” by Christopher James. Somers teaches photography at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, and Central Connecticut State University in New Britain. For more information, contact Nancy Giudice at (860) 747-3703.


The Plainville Citizen â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Thursday, October 22, 2009

Obituaries Zdzislaw Kubanek

Zdzislaw Kubanek, 48, husband of Elzbieta â&#x20AC;&#x153;Elaâ&#x20AC;? (Paruzel) Kubanek, died Oct. 9, 2009, at Bristol Hospital. He was born Sept. 20, 1961, in Poland, and was the son of Wladyslaw and Genowefa Kubanek. He resided in Bristol for the past 12 years, previously living in Plainville and New Britain. He was employed for 13 years at Wilsonart. He was a member of St. Stanislaus Church, Bristol, was an avid Miami Dolphins fan, enjoyed going to the beach and working out. He was very family-oriented. Besides his wife and his parents, he is survived by a son and a daughter-in-law, Sylwester and Jessica Kubanek, of Bristol; a stepson, Greg Grochowski, of Bristol; two stepdaughters, Ewelina Milczarek and her

husband, Waldemar, of Bristol, and Ewa Grochowska, of Middletown; a grandson, Cameron Kubanek; a sister and brother-in-law, Krystyna Turriziani and her husband, Paul, of New Jersey; and a niece, Sylwia Chroscicka. The funeral was held Oct. 12, 2009, at Funk Funeral Home, Bristol, to St. Stanislaus Church for a Mass. Burial was at the convenience of the family.

She is survived by her dear friend, Thomas P. Kirkwood and his wife, Marion, with whom she enjoyed many trips to Las Vegas. The funeral services and burial were held privately and at the convenience of the family. Bailey Funeral Home, Plainville, assisted the family with arrangements.

Helen McKernan

Jacqueline â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jackieâ&#x20AC;? Jean (Rapacky) Giannotti, 56, of Plainville, died peacefully Oct. 11, 2009, after a very coura g eous battle with cancer. She was born April 25, 1953, in Bristol, she was the daughter of the late Saverio â&#x20AC;&#x153;Salvieâ&#x20AC;? and Phyllis (Plocharsky) Giannotti. She was a long time resident in Plainville and enjoyed being a part of the community. She graduated from Bristol East-

Helen Newall McKernan, 99, of Farmington, formerly of Plainville, died peacefully Oct. 10, 2009. She was born Sept. 21, 1910, in Plainville, the daughter of the late Joseph Newall and Helen Marguerite (Hills) McKernan. She enjoyed a career teaching in the Farmington School System.



Jacqueline Giannotti



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brother, Richard Giannotti, of Maine; her sister, Loretta (Giannotti) Petriccione, of North Haven; her nephews, Jeffrey and Chris Petriccione and Ryan Hunt; a niece, Tara (Giannotti) Ciarmella; her former spouse, Edward Rapacky Jr.; along with several aunts, uncles, and cousins in the Bristol area. She was predeceased by her son, Eric Rapacky; and her granddaughter, Grace Rapacky. The funeral was held Oct. 15, 2009, at Bailey Funeral Home, Plainville, followed by a Mass at Our Lady of Mercy Church, Plainville. Burial followed at St. Joseph Cemetery, Plainville. The Rapacky family would like to thank all of the staff at Connecticut Hospice for all of the care and love given to Jackie, making her final days peaceful ones. Memorial donations can be made to Connecticut Hospice Inc., Homeport Cove, 100 Double Beach Road, Branford, CT 06405.

Obituaries this week on pages 24-25 and 34




ern High School in 1971. She was currently enrolled with Kaplan University earning her bachelors degree. Outside of the home, she had been employed with Travelers for 25 years until her health began to decline. Her faith kept her strong and she was an active member of the Guild of Our Lady through Our Lady of Mercy Church, Plainville. More importantly, she loved her family and being at home to raise her children. Her grandchildren were the light of her life and she treasured every moment she was with them especially her cherished moments caring for Eddie. She will be truly missed by her family, friends, and all those who had the joy of knowing her. She is survived by her children, Edward Rapacky III and his wife, Tricia, of Plainville, Kimberly Tremley and her husband, Matthew, of Plainville; her grandchildren, Eric Rapacky Jr., of East Haven, Edward James Rapacky IV, of Plainville; her


Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen

Obituaries Jack Glendening

Raymond A. Petrofsky, 87, of Berlin, husband of Louise (Abbott) Petrofsky, died peacefully Oct. 12, 2009, at the Hospital of Central Connecticut, New Britain campus. He was born in Middletown Sept. 8, 1922, the son of the late Henry and Josephine (Wilson) Petrofsky. He was a Berlin resident for more than 50 years and a veteran of World War II, where he served as an officer in the U.S. Army Air Corps and flew 40 missions in a B24 Libera-

61 years, he is survived by his children, Susan Krupa and her husband, Dr. Joseph Krupa, of Augusta, Ga., Thomas Petrofsky and Priscilla Petrofsky, of Prince Edward Island, Canada, Henry Petrofsky and his wife, Dr. Ruth Rollin, of Kensington, Gerard Petrofsky, of Southington, Shirley Bors and her husband, James, of Annapolis, Md., Christine Wells and her husband, John, of Plainville; a sister, Ann Huffstetler, of Haddam; a brother, Alfred Petrofsky and his wife, Peg Petrofsky, of San

Rafael, Calif.; his grandchildren, Katherine, Nathan, Alicia, Seth, Christa, Joel, Gabriel, Miriam, Michael, Jeffrey, Zeke, Caleb and Macayle; and a great-grandson, Luke. The funeral was held on Oct. 15, 2009, at EricksonHansen Funeral Home. A Mass was held Oct. 16, 2009, at Wellspring Church, Kensington. Burial, with military honors, followed in Maple Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to Wellspring Church, 222 Lincoln St., Kensington, CT 06037.

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Michele J. Wegner • Andrea S. Wasley Melissa R. Matthews • Nicole I. Granados

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Raymond Petrofsky

tor bomber in the Pacific arena. During this service he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary heroism during aerial combat. He earned an accounting degree from Becker College and was employed as an accountant at Viacom (WVIT Channel 30) for 37 years, before retiring at age 70 as vice president of finance. During this time he was a long-time member of the Broadcasters Financial Management Group and served several terms as president. He was also a member of the Full Gospel Business Men’s International Association. He enjoyed spending winters in Florida and traveling with his wife. He also enjoyed spending time with children and grandchildren, reading and ballroom dancing. He was a Roman Catholic most of his life before recently joining Wellspring Church. In addition to his wife, to whom he was married to for


Jack Owen Glendening, 81, of Forestville, widower of Constance (Vandrilla) Glendening and Kathleen (Dutkiewicz) Glendening, died on Oct. 12, 2009. He was born on April 12, 1928, in Marysville, Ohio, son of the late Fred and Helen (Barker) Glendening. He was a U.S. Navy veteran during the Korean War and had served on the USS Torsk submarine from 1947 to 1954. A longtime resident of Forestville, he had been employed as an engineer for Rowland Products in Berlin. He was known as Grampa Jack to many and always had a warm smile, a joke and a story to tell. He enjoyed his Subvet meetings, his trips to Vermont, all animals, woodworking, reading, playing pool, and visiting with his brother, friends and family. He is survived by his daughter and son-in-law, Kathleen and Rick Govotski, of Bellows Falls, Vt.; his

much loved grandchildren, Kelsey, Justin, Jana, and Martin; his brother, Leonard Glendening, of Bristol; his buddy, Nancy Roman, of Plainville; and several nieces and nephews. The funeral was held on Oct. 17, 2009, at the O’Brien Funeral Home, Forestville. Burial, with military honors, followed in St. Joseph Cemetery, Bristol.


CitizenSeniors Senior Happenings

Bowling league posts results

The Plainville Senior Citizens Center Bowling League announced Senior Citizens Center Bowling League results for the week of Sept. 21: High bowler, women — Jane De Blois, 183. High bowler, men — George Boucher, 221. Ham bone club — Paul Biscoe, Richard Bushey, Conrad Chasse.

Turkey club — Paul Biscoe, Richard Bushey-2, Conrad Chasse, Mary Jane Dumais, Raymond Giroux, Marie Cyr, George Boucher. Split club — Sara Cameron, Paul Bisco, Judy Tracey-2, Helen Marinelli-2, Conrad Chasse, Al Cassello, Jim Ray, Mary Ann Frederickson, Deanna Tino, John Delin, Marie Cassidy, Ron Jablowski. 200 club — George Boucher, 221; Richard Bushey, 215.

The Plainville Citizen Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bowlers of the month

The Plainville Senior Citizens Center Bowling League announced Senior Citizens Center Bowling League results for the week of Sept. 28: High bowler, women — Helen Marinelli, 181. High bowler, men — Paul Biscoe, 220. Ham bone club — Richard Bushey. Turkey club — Frank Robinson, Richard Bushey,

See Results, next page

Photo courtesy of Plainville Senior Citizens Center

The Plainville Senior Center Bowling League announced that Rose Plourde, left, and Frank Robinson Sr. won the title of Bowlers of the Month for September . The league meets at Laurel Lanes, 136 New Britain Ave. on Mondays at 1 p.m. and includes three games of bowling, open bowling discount card, automatic scoring and free weekly beverage. There is a fee to participate. Bowlers of all abilities are welcome. For information, call Robinson at (860) 747-2918.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen

Results Continued from page 26

Hurley-2, Frank Robinson Sr., Helen Marinelli, Bert Collins, Lou Wanat, Al Cassella, John Delin, Len Wishart, Rose Plourde, Deanna Tino-2, Ron Jablonski, Marion Ray, Jim Ray, Raymond Giroux. 200 club — George Boucher, 210; Frank Robinson Sr., 211.

Health fair Nov. 2 Plainville Senior Citizens Center, 200 East St., will be having a Health Fair Monday, Nov. 2 from 2 to 5 p.m. This is a free event and light refreshments will be served. There will be over 20 vendors and free screenings such as blood glucose, bone density, hearing, blood pressure, memory and more. For blood glucose and bone density screenings,

1996 - 2009


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Assisted Living Services, Inc. CT. Lic. 0000124

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Serving Central Connecticut

Employees are bonded and insured and have had national criminal background checks.


Free in-home consultation available by RN.

make an appointment by calling the senior center.

Wellness event A monthly program, Wellness for the Weekend, will be held Friday, Oct. 30, from 10 to 11 a.m., at the Plainville Se-

nior Citizens Center, 200 East St. The focus is keeping a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit. To register, call the senior center. See more senior happenings at

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Jerry Tracey, Conrad Chasse, Tom Loiselle, Paul Biscoe. Split club — Marie Cassidy, Paul Biscoe, Rita Biscoe, Ray Neuman, Helen Marinelli, Nellie Talbot, John Delin, Tina Wishart, Rose Plourde, Paul Bell, Jane DeBlois, Bernice Baylock, Deanna Tino-2, Judy Tracey. 200 club — Paul Biscoe, 220; Frank Robinson, 215; Paul Bell, 205; Conrad Chasse, 200. The Plainville Senior Citizens Center Bowling League announced Senior Citizens Center Bowling League results for the week of Oct. 5: High bowler, women — Tina Wishart, 190. High bowler, men — Paul Biscoe, 203. Turkey club — Paul Biscoe, Dan Hurley, Mary Ann Frederickson, Elsie Senaldi, Len Wishart.

Split club — Tom Maher, Al Cassella, Frank Robinson, Nellie Talbot, Conrad Chasse, George Boucher, Mary Ann Fredrickson, Marie Cyr, Dan Hurley, Deanna Tino, John Stepeck, Jan DeBlois, Sue Holcomb, Bernice St. Jean. 200 club — Paul Biscoe, 203. The Plainville Senior Citizens Center Bowling League announced Senior Citizens Center Bowling League results for the week of Oct. 12: High bowler, women — Tina Wishart, 206. High bowler, men — Frank Robinson Sr., 211; George Boucher, 210. Ham bone club — Frank Robinson Sr., Tina Wishart. Turkey club — Tina Wishart, Frank Robinson Sr., Helen Marinelli-2, Nellie Talbot, Raymond Giroux, Bernice St. Jean, Lou Wanat, Conrad Chasse, George Boucher, Elsie Senaldi. Split club — Sara Cameron, Helen Tessier, Dan

JOHN LUDDY • 827-1297 A name you know ... a local guy you can trust.


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not quite open for business

Showcasing artisans

The facade of the former Whiting House banquet facility was open to the outside elements earlier this month during the remodeling project. The building, located at 65 Whiting St., will be occupied by the International Institute of Cosmetology.

Citizen photo by Robin Lee Michel

Citizen photo by Robin Lee Michel

Martha Couture, who owns Artisan’s Marketplace, 120 East St., with her daughters Diane Couture and Cynthia Logan, arranges a store display. The business recently recieved the Best Crafts Gallery designation from Connecticut Magazine.

Send your business news and photos to news@plainville


1049 Queen Street, Southington

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Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen

Two Plainville entrepreneurs receive top awards

Photos by J. Fiereck Photography 1129595

253 East St. (Rt. 10) Plainville, CT 06062

(860) 793-1600

Daryl was born and raised in Long Island, NY. She worked for Pan Am Airlines at JFK for 10 years. She then partnered with her husband in eating establishments since 1972, beginning in Queens, NY, then moving to Bristol to open the Golden Key in 1987. Their latest creation opened in December 2004 as Aqua Terra Oyster Bar. They feature casual but elegant dining at a reasonable price. They offer a full-service bar area and great food! “See the difference, taste the difference!” is their motto. Their menu offers something for everyone, including Lunch and Dinner Specials, Early Bird Dinners and Ladies Nights Tuesdays and Wednesdays, $12 Dinners from appetizer to dessert. Thursdays & Sundays they offer a Super Special menu for $12.95 including appetizer to dessert and also Steak for 2 and bottle of wine for $29.95. On Special Occasions you can receive a free cake for 5 or more (advance reservations requested).

Email: With close to 30 years in the real estate business, Kathie Camp Lickwar has always provided personal service by dealing with her clients directly. She earns yearly awards from RE/MAX as a member of the 100% Club. Kathie holds several professional designations including Accredited Buyer Representative, Certified Residential Specialist (in the top 3% nationwide) and Graduate Realtor Institute. She has been on the Boards of Directors for both the Connecticut Association of Realtors and the Greater Hartford Association of Realtors, and currently teaches the ethics portion or the orientation classes for the GHAR. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Kathie is active in the Plainville community and is Chairman of the Trustees for Plainville Public Library. A lifelong Plainville resident, Kathie and her husband Paul have 2 daughters, Audrey and her husband Dan Alt, living in Philadelphia, and Cara and her husband Pat Cavanaugh in Pittsburgh, PA. Call Kathie for your real estate needs.

Re/Max West of The River 146 New Britain Ave. Plainville


RE/MAX Advantage, LLC

(860) 409-7400

Aqua Terra Oyster Bar & Restaurant


ABR, CRS, GRI Broker/Owner

139 Simsbury Road Avon, CT

Tina & Daryl Alatsatianos

Doreen Corriveau

Kathie Lickwar 1129731

B u s i n e s s

Training Center, LLC, 30G Hayden Ave., Plainville, CT 860-793-1287 Christina Gilberts life has revolved around cheerleading since she was a sophomore in high school at Plainville High School. She participated in NCA nationals in 1983 and 1984. Christina then went on to earn a degree in dental assisting at Briarwood College. In 1989 she was approached by Plainville High School to coach their cheer team. Christina worked full time in a dental office and part time as cheer coach. Christina married in 1994 and had 2 children, Gavin 15, and Jake 12. Christina decided to leave coaching at PHS in 1994 to give attention to her family. From 1996 to 2002 Christina returned to PHS Cheerleading, as the varsity coach. Many of the achievements that can be viewed at the showcase in the hallways of PHS are the result of her 12 years of coaching. Her teams traveled to many competitions, placing in the top 5 at every event. In 2002, Christina left PHS to start her own cheerleading program, known as Central Valley Cheerleading Training Center. The program was initially located at Farmington Sports Arena and in October 2007 moved to their new larger facility located on 30 Hayden Ave Plainville. Christina’s achievements include local, state, national and world champions. This past year 2009, their teams placed 3rd, 6th, and 9th in the Nation in the US Finals in Virginia. Mini Team placed 3rd in the nation with Xtreme Spirit out of Chicago, IL. Christina was nominated as Coach of the Year in 2002, she is a member of the CIAC cheer committee 1994-2002, USASF credentialed, a certified judge in local and state competitions, and has many outstanding accomplishments for the CVCTC program. CVCTC is open to anyone from any town ages 5-18. Registrations are still being accepted. Visit their web site at or call us for more information.

Sept. 30. Abate owns a graphics design business and Chowdhury is co-owner of 4-Biz Group. Both businesses are located in Plainville.



Christina Gilbert, Director Central Valley Cheerleading


W o m e n

Lesley Abate, left photo center, and Amit Chowdhury, right photo center, receive the Hartford Business Journal “40 Under Forty” Award at a ceremony held

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The Plainville Citizen Thursday, October 22, 2009

Martino-led Lady Devils hitting their stride By Mark Pukalo Special to The Citizen

The Plainville girls soccer team could not extend its win streak last week, but the Blue Devils showed that strong progress is being made. Bristol Central had to score late to tie Plainville 2-2 last Tuesday and unbeaten Berlin was forced to work hard to turn back the Devils 3-2 Friday. Central beat Plainville 2-1 and Berlin defeated the Devils 5-1 earlier this season during an 0-3 start. “We played very tough teams early on,” Plainville coach Leszek Wrona said. “I told the girls you learn from your mistakes, and they did. They’ve played every game better. “We’ve gone over and over what we need to do and it was time to step up and play. I told them to have fun and prove you can do it, and that’s what they did. This is how we will

At press time, Alyssa Martino, pictured in action against Berlin last week, had netted a hefty 23 goals for the 6-4-1 Plainville High School girls soccer team. Photo by Matt Leidemer

have to play in the tournament.” It’s no surprise senior Alyssa Martino was in the middle of things for Plainville, which headed

into this week with a mark of 6-4-1. She has been at the front of the class all season. Martino, who has committed to Providence College on a scholarship, scored in each

game last week to push her season total to 23 goals. Martino moved from center midfield to forward this year and the Blue Devils’ offense has flourished, scoring

Ties no longer a cause for celebration By Nick Carroll The Plainville Citizen Although a tie inches it closer to its goal of earning a spot in the state tournament, for the Plainville High School boys soccer team, a stalemate is no cause for celebration, as it had been just a few short years ago. The Blue Devils settled for a 1-1 tie with visiting Berlin Friday night to move to 5-5-1 on the season. Heading into this week, the locals were a healthy 5-2-1 in the Central Connecticut ConferenceSouth Division. “A tie right now, if anything, is a disappointment,” Plainville coach Tim Brown said. “We’re out to win every single game we can.” The fact that the Blue Devils out-played Berlin (4-6-1)

made the tie even harder to swallow. “That draw was not a justified result,” Brown said. “It was a game that should have been awarded to us.” Berlin coach Dave Francalangia saw things a bit differently. “We were pressing and pressing. Their keeper came up with a couple of great saves. They hit the post twice. So I guess it was a justified result,” Francalangia said. Two Plainville players were hit with yellow cards in the tie. Brown was not upset, however; he thought his guys were playing good, physical soccer. “In our style of play, the game I promote, there is no such thing as a 50-50 ball. See Soccer, page 32

Photo by Matt Leidemer

Plainville High School’s Danny Mizura heads the ball in a game against rival Berlin last week.

36 goals in the last eight games — a stretch in which Plainville went 6-1-1. “She’s a special player,” Wrona said. “She’s a great athlete, she understands her role and listens well. She does everything possible to help her team win and her teammates are helping her.” Tiana Saraceno switched with Martino, taking over the center midfield spot to play alongside talented Jill Newton. That has allowed Martino to get in closer to goal for her chances, something Wrona said was missing at times last season. “[Saraceno] has done a tremendous job,” Wrona said. “She came to me and said she wanted to try it. It gives [Martino] much more freedom up top.” Martino, also a top student, is tall at 5 foot 9 and an outstanding athlete. The Blue Devils are always looking for her and Martino has delivered, finding space with strong runs like the one she made to score and cut the lead to 3-2 against Berlin last week. Wrona said he sees a difference this season in Martino, an All-Northwest Conference pick who tallied 15 goals and 13 assists in 2008 when the Devils finished 9-9-1. “She’s more mature as a player, she controls the ball and she can execute her skills better,” Wrona said. “She has learned when to deliver a shot, when to pass, when to drop.”

See Martino, page 32


Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen

Matches look a bit different this year Coach expects a strong finish from Sabel, girls swim team By Nick Carroll The Plainville Citizen

By Nick Carroll The Plainville Citizen

Plainville High School’s Jenna Florance. stances where a ball was kept alive using feet, knees, or a head. “I don’t know any coach who’s teaching that,” he said with a laugh.

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Photo by Matt Leidemer

Your Full Service Jewelers 1110674

Last year, Plainville High School swim coach Randy Doucette referred to Vikki Sabel as his team’s go-to girl, as the versatile junior would compete in any event she was asked to. “I had her doing everything,” Doucette said. But this season, the veteran coach decided to have Sabel focus on the 200- and 500-freestyle, and the senior captain has responded, earning steady points for Plainville in those races. Currently, she is closing in on state qualifying times in her freestyle events. Doucette has been pleased with Sabel’s progress since her freshman year. “Her mechanics have gotten a lot smoother,” he said. “She’s been able to adapt to distance events really well.” A nagging arm injury has not altered Sabel’s work ethic, Doucette added, pointing out that when she feels pain, she simply ices her arm, then hops back in the pool. Not surprisingly, Sabel has the respect of her team-

mates. She was named a team captain this season. “The kids like her. She’s always trying to help somebody,” Doucette said. Sabel “She has already indicated that she wants to help with the middle school kids.” Since her skill trajectory is still rising, Doucette would love to see Sabel test herself at the college level. “She has the kind of stroke that would really respond well to college training,” he said. Last week, Sabel and the young Lady Blue Devils dropped to 2-5 on the season with a loss to Maloney. Diver Millie Mills notched Plainville’s only first place finish that afternoon. Despite coming up short against Maloney, Doucette said his troops are heading in the right direction and should be firing on all cylinders just in time for the championship meets. “Friday was a good indicator that we’re on the right track,” he said.

High School volleyball fans may have noticed that coaches are a bit more mobile this season. That’s because a new rule enacted this year allows coaches to follow the action by moving along a portion of the sideline in front of their team’s bench, just as basketball coaches can do. Veteran Berlin High School volleyball coach Bob Tarigo, for one, approves of the rule change. “It puts coaches in more contact with the players,” he said. “I like it because I’m more involved.” Tarigo said his players appreciate the up-close coaching, as well. Like Tarigo, Plainville volleyball coach Steve Compson has enjoyed the freedom of moving along the sideline.

“It’s great,” he said. “Under the old system, between points, you could get up and say a few things and then run back to your seat. It seemed a little silly to me, as I made the switch from hoops to volleyball. Now I can pace and work a trench into the court just like I did in basketball. A good rule change. With all the noise after a point, you need to get a little closer to make a point or to congratulate.” Another rule put into place this year allows volleyball players to touch the ball with any part of their body, rather than just their hands or arms. The rationale being, allowing legal contact of the ball with any part of the body will assist in keeping the ball in play, and provide longer, more exciting rallies. Coach Tarigo, however, hasn’t seen too many in-


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009

Youth Sports Soccer U9 Plainville 10, Portland 3: Tyler Miller and Logan Miller netted three goals apiece, and Jordan Bishop, Ben Root, Yanni Kochi and Tyler St. Onge each tallied one score as Plainville improved to 6-0-1. Jamie Raucci and Mason Sarra played well up front for the victors, while Jean Michel, John Kennedy and Logan Manger turned in a solid defensive game. Second-third grade Crocodiles 5, Little Giants 0: Great team passing led to three scores by Krystyna Miller, as well as goals by Hans Strasser, Riley Millette and Aiden Broderick. Heather Arduini and Jordan Thompkins provided stellar defensive supCT Reg. 617705


A Family Business Since 1970

(860) 747-1648

Colts football Tiny Mite Northeast Produce 24, New Milford 12: The undefeated Plainville squad was led by captains Torayl Dale, Adam Buckley and Chris Cox. Jeffrey Davis and Mason Sarra scored two touchdowns apiece for the victors, who received great blocking from the offensive line. The Colts’ defense was led by Christian Collin, Brody Hite and Jacob Deschaine. Midget Manafort Brothers 38, Watertown 6: Gabriel Santana scored four touchdowns and Jeffrey Ziegenhagen and Latroy Dale added one apiece as Plainville improved to 5-2. The Colts forced five turnovers. Jayden Lococo had an interception for the victors.

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port for the victors, as did keepers Sarah Tomczyk and Jamison Smith. Strikers 2, Blue Devils 0: Ty Pales and Adrien Paradis scored. Also contributing to the victory were Cameron Mazza, Madeline Rund, Malena VanBeveren, Megan Goulet and Michael Czerepuszko.

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The news isn’t all bleak in regards to the Plainville High School football program. The PHS freshmen team is 2-2 on the season. Pictured: The freshmen squad battles Bloomfield recently. The Blue Devils won that game, 42-6. Plainville will face Fermi Friday, Oct. 30, at Linden Street School. Game time is 3:45 p.m.

Soccer Continued from page 30 That’s a ball you have to win. Period,” said Brown. “The boys play tough, hard-nosed futbol.” Plainville held a commanding lead in shots on goal against Berlin, but managed to put just one in the back of the net. Brown knows the Blue Devils need to do a better job finishing their scoring chances. “There are too

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many opportunities we do not capitalize on. We’re working on that,” he said. “This time of year games get tighter. We need to start finishing our chances.” Daquan King scored against Berlin, which got on the board first. King was set up by Allen Mehmedovic and Danny Mizura. Brown praised Mizura’s play. “Mizura completely dominated the midfield. He won everything on the ground, everything in the air,” he said. “When he’s on form there’s just none better.” At press time, Plainville

had five games remaining on its slate and was just one win or two ties away from earning a spot in the state tournament. A team must win the equivalent of 40 percent of its 16 regular season games in order to qualify for the postseason. The Blue Devils want to do more than just sneak into the tournament, however. “We’re committed to winning every match going forward. Nothing less than that would be acceptable,” Brown said. “We will get in the tournament; I guarantee that.”


goalie Carroll and defender Lauren Mankowski, both AllNWC picks in 2008. Wrona said Lexxi Carroll, who he characterizes as a central defender/midfielder/forward, has also been a major factor all over the field. “She’s a great athlete,” Wrona said. “She has good speed and skills.” The support has helped Martino, and the senior has run with it. Now Martino and her teammates are intent on finishing strong. The Devils bested all five teams they face down the homestretch.

Continued from page 30

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Wrona said Martino and fellow senior tri-captains Chelseah Carroll and Saraceno have been good leaders, setting a strong example for the younger players with their work ethic. “The players are all good friends off the field,” Wrona said. “That’s important.” The Blue Devils allowed just five goals in their sixgame winning streak, led by


Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen


Plainville Briefs Tails of Joy reading time Tails of Joy will be in the children’s department of the Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St. on Saturday, Oct. 24, from 1:30 to 3 p.m,. with the Story Tails program. Dogs and their handlers who are registered Delta Society Pet Partner Teams will be at the library and children will be able to sit next to a dog and read a favorite story. Parents of preschoolers and early readers may also join their children to read to a dog. For information or to signup for a 15-minute segment, call the library, (860) 793-1450.

p.m. Participants are welcome to come in costume and bring their doll in costume to make a Halloween project. To sign-up, call the library, (860) 793-1450.

Friends’ book discussion On Tuesday, Oct. 27, at 7 p.m., the Friends Book Discussion Group will discuss “Written in Blood: A Chief Inspector Barnaby Mystery” by Caroline Graham. Barnaby investigates a murder in a small English village with a cast of odd characters and a sagacious inspector with his

loyal sergeant. The discussion will be held at the Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St. Copies of the book are available in the adult department. For information, call (860) 793-1446.

Pasta supper at fire headquarters The Plainville Fire Company is having its fall pasta supper Saturday, Oct. 24, 4 to 8 p.m., at fire headquarters, 77 W. Main St. There is a charge to attend; children under 7 are free. Credit cards will be accepted and tickets can be purchased at the door.

Continued from page 3 Longtime friend Walter Majsak, a former member of the school board, has known Bergenty since their high school days. “She was quite the athlete,” Majsak said, adding he will miss seeing her on the council. Looking back at her political career, Bergenty does have some regrets. Early on, she unsuccessfully ran for sheriff of Hartford County against Democrat Patrick Hogan and around that time ran for state representative in the 22nd District against Eugene Millerick, a Democrat whom she called a friend.

“It wasn’t in the cards,” she said, adding that after she was first elected to the council, she became that board’s chairwoman. She said the better accomplishments of her career include successfully opening Connecticut Commons on New Britain Avenue, working with former state Rep. Angelo Fusco, who was from Southington, to piggyback the Plainville portion of the enterprise zone on the originally designated Southington part and finally, the successful referendum that led to Plainville buying the historic Robertson Airport. Bergenty, a lifelong resident, also plans to spend more time with husband, William, and their family.

American Girls’ Halloween event An American Girls program will meet Monday, Oct. 26 at the Plainville Public Library, 56 E. Main St., at 6:30

Bulletin Board Travel hoop

To see more Plainville briefs, visit www.plainvillecitizen. com

Donna Theriault - Owner

STUDIO 466 466 East Street #A Plainville, CT (860) 747-9466


Girls travel basketball tryouts for players in grades five and six will be held Monday, Oct 26, 6 to 7:30 p.m., at the Middle School of Plainville, and Wednesday, Oct. 28, 6 to 7:30 p.m., at Wheeler School. Girls travel basketball tryouts for seventh grade players will be held Tuesday, Oct. 27, 6:30 to 7:45 p.m., at Linden Street School, and Thursday, Oct. 29, 6 to 7:30 p.m., at the Middle School of Plainville. Girls travel basketball tryouts for eighth grade players will be held Tuesday, Oct. 27, 7:45 to 9 p.m., at Linden Street School, and Thursday, Oct. 29, 7:30 to 9 p.m., at the Middle School of Plainville. Tryouts are open to Plainville residents. Appropriate attire should be worn. For more information, contact Lisa Mandeville at (860) 793-1683.

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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009

Obituaries Mildred Gasparini

Mildred Longo Gasparini, 96, of Plainville, died on Oct. 14, 2009, at The Summit of Plantsville. She was the wife of the late John Gasparini. She was born Aug. 19, 1913, in Stamford, a daughter of the late Joseph and Concetta Longo. She was a seamstress for Kensington Fashion of New Britain for more than 45 years until her retirement. She loved family gatherings, gardening and cooking. She is survived by a son and daughter-in-law, John and Beth Gasparini, of Plainville; a sister, Ida Bombaci, of Rocky Hill; three grandchildren, Shannon and her husband, Ron, Dea and Colleen; and a great-grandson, Cole. She was predeceased by two brothers, James and Tony Longo; and two sisters, Theresa Tata and Mary Battisto. The funeral was held on Oct. 16, 2009, at DellaVecchia

Funeral Home. Burial followed in St. Joseph Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Foundation, 282 Washington St., Hartford, CT 06106.

Fally Scarrozzo Fally (Rossitto) Scarrozzo, 94, of New Britain, died peacefully on Oct. 12, 2009, at Jefferson Healthcare in Newington. She was the widow of James Scarrozzo. She was born in Portland, and had lived in New Britain for most of her life. She was a lifetime member of St. Ann’s Church and a member of St. Ann’s Ladies Guild and the Marconi Society Ladies Auxiliary. She was a devoted mother, grandmother and great-grand-

mother, whose greatest joy was her family. She is survived by her devoted family: her daughter, Diane Baiardi, of Plainville; a son, William Scarrozzo and his wife, Susan, of Newington; her beloved grandchildren who where her pride and joy, Kristi and Jay Scarrozzo, James Baiardi and his wife, Lori, Susan Baiardi, Emily and David Birdsall; her three precious greatgrandchildren, Tyler, Cameron and Brenden; her sister, Jennie Palys; and several nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by a son, James L. Scarrozzo; by two brothers and a sister, Joseph and Sofio Rossitto and Mary Scarrozzo. The funeral was held on Oct. 15, 2009, at New Britain Memorial & Sagarino Funeral Home followed by a Mass at St. Ann Church. Burial followed at St. Mary’s Cemetery. Scarrozzo’s family would like to express their thanks to the

Mark Zysek

Mark Joseph Zysek, 44, of New Britain, died Oct. 13, 2009, at home. He was born in Hartford, the son of Joseph and Barbara (Hiltbrand) Zysek, of Plainville. In addition to his parents he is survived by his two daughters, Sarah and Alexis Zysek, and his brother, Brian Zysek, all of Plainville. The funeral was private with burial in Sacred Heart Cemetery, New Britain.


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Peter W. Reed, 78, of Jaffrey, N.H., formerly of Plainville and Avon, died on Oct. 14, 2009, in Day Kimball Hospital, Putnam. He was the loving husband of Tinka (Risk) Reed. He was born 1931, in Boston, the son of the late William P. Reed and Charlotte (Whiting) Reed. He attended Middlebury College and graduated from Cornell University. He was a member of Sigma Phi Fraternity. He served in the U.S. Army and went on to work as an engineer for Fafnir Ball Bearing Company in New Britain. He enjoyed building and flying model airplanes and was involved in the National Miniature Pylon Racing Association. Besides his wife, he is survived by his sons, Michael W. Reed of Seattle, and Barry W.

Reed of La Canada, Calif.; his daughter, Wendy R. Johnson, of Nashua, N.H.; his brother, Christopher D. Reed, of Cambridge, Mass.; and six grandchildren. The funeral was private. Gilman Funeral Home assisted the family with arrangements. Memorial donations may be made to the Society for Protection of New Hampshire Forests, 54 Portsmouth St., Concord, NH 03301.



Peter Reed




nurses at Skill 1 and all the staff at Jefferson House.


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w w w . I W a n t A H o m e C T. c o m

The Plainville Citizen Thursday, October 22, 2009

CitizenReal Estate

Household hazardous waste collection On Saturday, Oct. 24, residents of Plainville, Berlin, Bristol, Burlington, Meriden, New Britain, Plymouth, Prospect, Southington and Wolcott will have the opportunity to bring household hazardous waste to the Tunxis Recycling Operating Committee Household Hazardous Waste Collection. The HHW collection will be held 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Chesley Park, on Route 174 at the intersections of John Downey Drive and Wildwood Street. Residents may bring their household hazardous

waste to the collection site free of charge. Identification will be required as proof of residency. No waste from businesses will be accepted. Items to be accepted include: pesticides and poisons, herbicides and weed killers, fertilizers, oil-based paint, paint thinners, varnish, household batteries, auto batteries, hobby and photographic chemicals, pool chemicals, household cleaners and disinfectants, antifreeze, waste oil and mercury. Items that cannot be ac-

cepted include: latex paint, tires, propane tanks, computers and electronic equipment, appliances, furniture, bulky waste, ammunition or explosives, empty aerosol cans, smoke detectors, medical waste, medicine, fire extinguishers, commercial or industrial waste, any material from any businesses or institutions. Residents with questions regarding the household hazardous waste collections should call the TROC office at (860) 585-0419 or


Property Transfers Sept. 30 J.N.S. Development LLC to Richard W. and Heather J. Gleason, 2 Bushel Road Unit 24, $328,434. Oct. 1 Angelo Prisco to Marcia M. Boi, 20 Julie Road No. B9, $165,000. Karen M. Milardo to Tracy S. Mulick, 69 Northwest Drive Unit 44, $200,000. Genevieve Maksim to Tatum P. Wrobel, 9 Heming-

way St., $161,500. Oct. 2 Stella M. Synnott to Jason S. Vandermark, 13 Rosemont Drive, $122,500. Oct. 7 Diamond Development Corporation to Mitika and Grazhdani Vjollca, 251 Farmington Ave., $65,000. Oct. 14 US Bank NA to Holyst Real Estate Services, 127 E. Main St., $94,900.


Plainville Briefs Pancake breakfast

The Visiting Nurse Association of Central Connecticut will sponsor flu shot clinics in the Plainville office, 56 W. Main St., Monday, Oct. 26, from 4 to 7 p.m.; and Tuesday, Oct. 27, from 10 a.m. to noon. For information, call the Plainville office, (860) 7939825.

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, 1-3 pm 41 Metacomet Rd. Plainville

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The next Plainville townwide bulk pick-up will take place in spring 2010. To accommodate residents, the town will expand the hours of the Transfer Station, on Granger Lane, for two weeks in October.

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Brick 3 bedroom Ranch on level corner lot. Home has new deck off kitchen overlooking level fenced-in yard. $185,000. Call Lisa Rinaldini @ 860810-8444.

This 3 BR, 1 1/2 bath Colonial is completely updated from head to toe. Plumbing, wiring, windows, kitchen cabinets & flooring. Newer gas furnace & hot water tank. Remodeled 3 season front porch, fenced yard w/many planting & shed. $164,900. Call Robin Morrell @ 860-302-7563.



Cute 3 BR Ranch w/remodeled kitchen. Enclosed porch, FR w/hardwood floors, LR w/fireplace & built-in bookcases. DR has 2 builtin hutches. 1 car attach garage & sits on 0.79 acre. $249,900. Call Robin Morrell @ 860-302-7563. DIR:West to Jude. Left on Mt.Vernon.

Pride of ownership shows in this well maintained 3 BR, 1 1/2 bath Split Level. Brand new furnace, c/a, hot water heater & new septic tank. Home has a Pellet Stove installed. $309,000. Call Dan Bielert @ 860-302-3227.

142 Queen Street, Southington


Kathy Veneziano Call Direct 860-620-2129

Flu clinics

3 BR, 1 1/2 bath Ranch. 1 car attached garage on .33 acres off Middletown Rd. $ 272,900 860-818-3251

Residents can find a list of accepted bulk items by going to the town’s Web site at and selecting “Public Works” under “Town Departments.” For more information, call the Physical Services Depart-


The Plainville Lions Club is having its Fall Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, Oct. 25, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Our Lady of Mercy Parish Center, 19 S. Canal St. The breakfast offers pancakes, french toast, sausages, strawberries and cream, and beverages. There is a charge to attend. Admission is free for children 6 and younger. Tickets can be purchased in advance from a Lions Club member or at the door. The membership will be accepting used eyeglasses during the breakfast. A clown and face painting will be at the event.

Residents will be charged half the regular fee to bring accepted bulk items to the transfer station. Dates are Thursday, Oct. 22, 3 to 6 p.m.; and Saturday, Oct. 24, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Identification to verify residency must be shown.

38 Renee Dr., Berlin


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009

release dates: October 17-23

42-1 (09)

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Mysterious Disappearances

Vanishing Animals Varroa mite

photo by Scott Bauer, courtesy USDA

A perfect storm Experts believe there may be many causes joining together to kill off certain animals. Some experts are calling this mixture of dangers a “perfect storm.” The dangers all come together to make the situation even worse. For example, climate change may put so much stress on an animal that it gets sick easier. Pollution and pesticides may be weakening animals’ immune systems. The immune system helps the body fight off sickness.

A Varroa mite, or tiny spider-like creature, rests on the back of a honeybee. Experts believe this mite may be one of the causes of bee disappearances. Many other dangers, such as pesticides, global warming, many viruses hitting at once, and modern beekeeping practices may be adding to the problem.

The case of the vanishing honeybees Other bees would avoid the deserted In America in 2006, honeybees hives, not even trying to get the honey began abandoning their sitting there unguarded. hives and disappearing. Scientists call this strange event No bodies of the missing Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD. bees have been found. No one knows where they went or what happened to them. Each year since then, there have been more of these strange disappearances. Experts say more than one-third of all honeybees have disappeared in the United States. One day bees would be swarming around their hives, apparently healthy. Then, all of a sudden, all the Although Colony Collapse Disorder is worker bees would vanish, deserting honeybee health has been getting their hive, the queen, honey stores and new, worse for about 30 years. Diseases and young bees. environmental problems are some causes.

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photo by Rob Flynn, courtesy USDA

There is a big mystery in the world. Animals are disappearing, and no one knows exactly why. Bees, bats, frogs and other amphibians are vanishing. There are a lot of ideas about this. Experts believe the disappearances and deaths are happening for a mixture of reasons. If so many animals are in trouble, it may mean the Earth is in trouble too. The Mini Page talked to scientists to discover more about these mysteries.



Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen


e place 877.238.1953

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JOBS ■ TAG SALES ■ CARS ■ HOMES ■ PETS ■ RENTALS ■ ITEMS FOR SALE ■ SERVICE DIRECTORY LEGAL NOTICE TOWN OF PLAINVILLE ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS The Plainville Zoning Board of Appeals conducted Public Hearings on Monday October 13, 2009 and rendered the following action: Application #09-10-01, Lily Jiang of 304 Cooke Street Granted a variance to permit the reduction of the required front yard setback from thirty-four (34) feet to twenty-nine (29) feet for the purposes of constructing an overhang along the front face of an existing structure at 304 Cooke Street. Dated at Plainville, Connecticut this 15th day of October 2009 Gail Pugliese, Secretary Plainville Zoning Board of Appeals PUBLIC/ LEGAL NOTICES

TAG SALES TAG SALES TAG Sale signs are free, when you place and pay for your Tag Sale ad at The Plainville Citizen office, 333 East St, Plainville

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LEGAL NOTICE PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION PLAINVILLE, CT At its October 13, 2009, regular meeting, the Plainville Planning and Zoning Commission rendered the following decision: APPROVED WITH MODIFICATIONS a site plan modification for Christopher Pio, First San Diego Financial Company, LLC to construct a 94’ x 36’ two story structure and demolish the existing structure on the premises for property located at 16 Forestville Avenue. Respectively submitted, David Thompson, Secretary Planning and Zoning Commission Dated at Plainville, CT This 14th day of October 2009.

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LEGAL NOTICE TOWN OF PLAINVILLE WARNING OF ELECTION LOCATION OF POLLING PLACES THE ELECTORS OF THE TOWN OF PLAINVILLE are hereby warned to meet at their respective polling places in said town on Tuesday, November 3, 2009 for the following purpose, to wit: To cast their votes for the following offices: Town Council - 2-year term vote for 7 Board of Education - 4-year term - vote for 4 Constables - 2-year term vote for 4 Library Director - 6-year term - vote for 2 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the location of the polling places in the four districts is as follows: District I - Linden Street School, 69 Linden Street District II - Our Lady of Mercy Parish Center, 19 South Canal Street District III - Toffolon School, 145 Northwest Drive District IV - Wheeler School, 15 Cleveland Memorial Drive Voting Machines will be used at said polls. The polls will be opened at six (6:00) o’clock a.m. and will remain open until eight (8:00) o’clock p.m. Dated at Plainville, Connecticut this twenty-second day of October, 2009. Carol A. Skultety Plainville Town Clerk

LOST & FOUND FOUND: CAT on Friday October 8th, Steuben St, Meriden. All white with black markings, purple collar, very friendly. 203-654-6739 FOUND: Male, orange/tan striped cat with a distinctive “swirl” pattern on side; not neutered. Carr Street, Wallingford. Has been around for about 2-3 weeks. Please call 203-668-1328. LOST CAT Grey & black tiger striped male. About 16 pounds, named Joseph. Last seen vicinity of Knollwood Dr., Wallingford. If seen, please call (203) 376-6346 LOST Gilda the Cat, on 10/6. Black & white with white paws & belly. Vicinity of 380 Stagecoach Rd., Durham. Reward. If seen, please call (860) 349-0053

LOST & FOUND LOST-Cat (short-haired). Vicinity of Kenwood St, Kensington. Organge/brown grey tiger. Missing since Oct 14th. Call 860-930-9891 LOST-Male all grey with black stripe tail, green eyes, 2yrs old. Vicinity of Prospect & Grove St, Meriden. Last seen Oct 5th. Very timid. REWARD! Call 203686-1386 anytime LOST: October 10th, Calico adult cat. Answers to “Cali” no collar. Near Summerhill condos and Cook Hill School, Wallingford. Call 203-269-9085


LOST metallic Samsung Alias 2 cell phone on 10/9/09 on east side of Wallingford. If found call 203-915-9762 LOST Or Found. The Plainville Citizen will run your lost or found ad FREE in our Classified Section! Call 860-829-1450 for details. LOST- Chunky, spayed female cat. Grey tabby w/tan tummy. Declawed in front. Answers to “Reba”. Lost 10/8 in Yalesville area. Call (203) 284-3623 anytime.


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LOST- Green Amazon Parrot w/ yellow head on Wednesday, March 25 from 156 Sherman Avenue, Meriden. Responds to Kelby, speaks English & Spanish. REWARD if returned. Call (203) 630-2426/(203)427-3946 LOST-2yr old female, gold, orange & white tiger strips, gold eyes. Last seen on Oct 1st. Vicinity of Prospect & Grove St, Meriden. Very timid. REWARD! Call 203-686-1386 LOST-All Black Male Cat,yellow eyes,very tall,friendly,bald spot on back of hind leg- Name Midnight-last seen Fri.10/16 Sage Hill Rd, Meriden. If found please call 203-238-3946. Loved & missed very much

CHEVY Cavalier 1998 AT, 4DR, AC, AM/FM, CD stereo, new brakes, new muffler. Good cond, new 57K mls engine, $1900/OBO. Call after 4pm 203-235-6644

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The Plainville FORD Bronco 1989 350 Eddie Bauer 4x4. Runs well. Needs little body work. $1700. Call (203) 697-1123

Cit itiz izeen


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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009 AUTOMOBILES


Ford Mustang GT Deluxe 2004

Scion TC Sport Coupe 2005

2 Door, 8 cylinder. 37,092 mi. #11489. $13,888. (203) 238-1100

Automatic. 2.4L. 43,000 mi #061635 $12,555 (203) 630-2926


Toyota Rav 4 Sport 2006 Automatic. 4 cylinder. 26,858 mi #009024 $19,055 (203) 630-2926


Chrysler 300 2006 Automatic. V6. 55,286 mi #105856 $11,555 (203) 630-2926

SUBARU Forester 2001 GMC ENVOY 2007

2.5L H4 Automatic. 70968 mi. #N10076A. $8,995. (203) 238-1100

CHEVROLET Silverado 2009 1500, 4.3L V6. 4 spd automatic. 5 Yr/100,000. Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty. $21,645 860-346-9655

COOPER MINI 2006 5 Speed Manual, 1.6L #7090B 15,654 miles $16,995 (860) 346-9655

Toyota Camry LE 2007

HONDA ACCORD 2008 Automatic, 4 Cylinder, 2.4L #7372A 15,915 miles $19,775 (860) 346-9655

Automatic. V6. 28,569 mi #530899 $17,855 (203) 630-2926


4 WD, Auto, V6, 4.2L, Silver, all power. $18,495 860-346-9655

CHEVY S-10 1997 Extra cab. Red. 5 speed. Good condition. Must sell. $1700. (203) 907-7296

FORD CONTOUR SE 1998. LOADED, EXCELLENT. $1950 ford windstar 2003 Double doors, new tranny. Excellent. $3,500 (203) 213-1142

DODGE CARAVAN 2005 Automatic. V6. 72,710 mi #200105 $8,445 (203) 630-2926



Toyota Corolla CE 2006


HONDA Civic EX 2000. Black. Power Windows. Leather interior. Well-maintained.138,000 miles. $4200. Contact Meghan at 860-874-8674

Automatic. 4 cylinder. 31,399 mi #656949 $12,555 (203) 630-2926 CASH And/Or Tax deduction for your vehicle. Call

4 Door Sedan. 36935 mi. #P11512. $13,495 (203) 238-1100

The Jewish Childrens Fund


NISSAN Sentra GXE2003 4dr. Auto. CD player. Black. A/C. Dual airbags. Pwr. win/drs. New tires. 95k miles. Minor scratches. Kelley BB $5k asking $4500 Meriden 858-2480375

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HONDA Civic LX 1999 Silver. Automatic. 169k. One owner. Good condition. $3500. Call (860) 621-4905 ROBERTS CHRYSLER DODGE Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles. 120 So. Broad St, Meriden, CT 203-235-1111


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Automatic. V6. 55,286 mi #105856 $11,555 (203) 630-2926 VOLKSWAGEN Jetta 1998 sedan. 4-cyl. Auto. Blue AM/FM/cassette. 167000 miles $3000. Call 203-949-9351 or 203-376-5466

FORD F250 XLT 2007


4 Door Extended Cab Long Bed 5 spd automatic #P11536. 60,827 mi. $29,995 (203) 238-1100

4 Door Extended Cab Long Bed 4.0L V6 #A11533. 6,692 mi. $21,995 (203) 238-1100

MOTORCYCLES ATV’S, ETC. WINTER MOTORCYCLE STORAGE Heated, secure, clean garage in Meriden. Call (203) 715-0866

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Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen




INFANT Graco Swing Bermuda Pattern with many nice features LN, $50 (860)628-3144

GE Heavy Duty Washer & Hotpoint Heavy Duty Dryer, $100. Executive office chair, $50. call (203) 265-7763



This was the paper that sold the house that Jack built. To speak with a Marketplace Advisor call today at (877) 238-1953.

The Plainville

Cit itiz ize en AUTO PARTS ‘86 C20 truck for parts or whole. ‘99 Kia whole car for parts, no engine. ‘89 Cadillac complete, $650 or best offer. ‘89 Sierra 305 engine & 400 turbo transmission. ‘81 Camaro V6 engine w/transmission, 3 speed. Call (203) 935-7688 TIRES (4)205/50R17V Bridgestone Blizzards. Used less than 1 season. $200. 203-294-1595

SNOWMOBILES ARCTIC CAT 2004 FS Tiger Limited Edition. 700 twin, 4300 miles. Dealer maintained every year. Mint cond. Many extras. $3400. (203) 238-9830 or 203537-1609

CAMPER & TRAILERS 1995 Dutchman Pop Up Sleeps 6. Best Offer. Clean condition. Serious only. Call Chris (203) 605-5245

PETS & LIVESTOCK BALL Python, 1-1/2 yr old with 20 gal tank setup. $100 203-671-9297 BULLDOGS, Chihuahuas, Boxers, Yorkies, Beagle, Labs, Pit Bulls, Pom-Poos, Basset Hounds, Maltese. $150+ Call 860-930-4001

PETS & LIVESTOCK HORSE BOARD Wallingford. Few stalls available. Geldings only. Individual daily turn out. Self/full care. For info call (203) 294-9313 HORSE LOVERS EXCEPTIONAL riding opportunity in exchange for 6-8 hours per week. AM and PM time needed. Call: 203272-6593 or 203-213-8833 RAGDOLL KITTENS- Blue eyed beauties, rabbit-like fur, TICA registered. SBT. Vet checked. 1st shots. Ready to go! $450. Please call 860-329-9893

KITCHEN SET farmhouse-style, 36”W X 48”L & 12” leaf, $100, 203-269-3390

MOVING! Dining Room set, hutch, table, (2) leafs, (6) chairs, $975. Portable floor model 9000btu A/C, like new, $250. Electric stove, $50. Window A/C, $50. 203-715-3923 OAK KITCHEN SET $250, Oak dining set $2000. Curio Cabinet $200. Cherry TV Armoire $500. Great condition, negotiable prices 203-639-9600 RECLINER, Mauve, great condition bedroom size $50.00 call 203-269-8505

FURNITURE & APPLIANCES BAKER’S Rack oak & dk green metal, 78”H X 31”W X 19”D. $25. 203-686-0666 COFFEE table oak w/matching end table, $60. Call 203-686-0023 CORNER cabinet, pine, 6ftx3ft w/2dr glass-top, 1 shelf, 2 btm drawer. $75. 203-634-3210

SOFA, Excellent condition. Recliner & Desk, good condition. Best offer. Call 203-6710426 SOLID medium oak hutch 2 piece, table, 6 chairs. Good condition. Have no room, must sell! Sacrifice $450. Call 203639-9545

CRIB/Daybed Oak. 2 drawers. $100.00 (203) 634-1756

FREE 8 week old and 4 month old bcak + grey kittens. Need homes now! (860) 747-3941 GOLDEN RETRIEVER Free, 1 1/2 old. Elderly couple can’t keep. 203-440-2771

FUTON for sale: Excellent condition, black metal frame. $75 or best offer. 860-628-7161.

MALSHI puppies, Born 8-16-09. 8 weeks old, 4 Females, 1 Male. No shots. $300. 203-427-7724

FUTON Mattress- Full. New, unopened. Paid $250, sell for $100. 860-628-6999.

PISTOL PERMIT CERTIFICATION. 1 Session only, $100. Group discount available! Call for next class 203-415-1144

MIDDLEFIELD, CT Burial Plots 3 available, all adjacent. $500.00/each firm. Please call (860)347-9841


NAIL Table with attached lamp and client arm rest. $80. (203) 269-2667

SWORDS BAYONETS Helmets, Daggers, Fighting Knives, Flags, Medals, etc.

CLEAN Will Deliver (203) 284-8986




$100.00 Solid Interior door, prehung 32”x80” Call 203-715-0553 4 Boyds Bears Different Sizes All $20. Call 203-265-5920 BEDSPREADS, QUEEN SIZE, RASPBERRY. $20. CALL 203-265-1863 BICYCLES All boys models. 25”- 65”. $30 each. Call (203) 440-1024 CRAFTSMEN 16”Scroll saw and stand. Used once. $90. Call 203-630-0841 DOOR awning aluminum white, like new cond, 42”W X 40”L X 15”D, $95. 203-265-3738 ELECTRIC Heater still in box Asking $20. Meriden 203-686-1047

VARIOUS TYPES of printing, storage, binding and inserting equipment for sale. Perfect for a start up printing operation or for parts. A detailed online document listing all pieces can be sent to you if interested. Please email: for more details

FILL, TOPSOIL & TRUCKING 860-346-3226 FISHER Price kitchen $10 Call 203-269-9922

GIRLS SIZE 1 ICE SKATES. GREAT CONDITION. $15. 203235-2784. IMITATION Fireplace Includes accessories. Brand new. $80. (860) 628-8843 or (860) 628-8843 ROBOSAPIEN With remote, like new. $25. (203) 235-2784

HOT TUB 6 person, 35 jets, 3 pumps w/all options, full warr, NEW in wrapper. Cost $7000 Sell $3800. Call 203-988-9915

COMPUTERS & OFFICE EQUIPMENT RETIRED office computers $50 each. Good condition. 203-237-9977

ELECTRONICS WOOD, FUEL & HEATING EQUIPMENT FANCY Firewood. $240/cord delivered. Extra clean, split small, discount over 3 cords. (203) 631-2211, Mike.


FREE- Boston Ferns. Medium to large. Iindoor plants. Call (203) 265-0342

Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators & Stoves

ANNALEE dolls- Made in USA. Mint condition. Halloween, Christmas & others. (203) 5990011

OLD tree pump sprayer. $30/Best ofer. Excellent cond. 860-632-8666

AVAILABLE TWO Living Room chairs. Dark green. Excellent condition. $30 for both. End Table $10. Call for more info. (203) 634-7709


GLIDER two seat metal Good condition $50. or BO. 203-630-16666

LAMINATING Service. Let us help you preserve your most precious moments. From $2.50 to $4.50 per piece. Call 203238-1953 for info.

MAPLE Hutch 54WX72H excellent $250 Butcher Block 30WX35HX24T 50 yrs $200 call 203-269-5120 or 203-859-1259

LAWN & GARDEN 2007 LEAF VAC - Excellent condition. Just professionally tuned up. Half price! $249. Call (203) 265-7258

WOODEN IMPORTS FURNITURE Specializing in dinette sets. All Hardwood. Wholesale prices starting at $229! Call (860) 231-1777

LARGE wood Entertainment Center Apprx 6’. $75 203-710-5419

MATCHING Couch & Love Seat $50/ea. Please call 203-284-8383



1 yr old, Paid $900, asking $300 or best offer. (203) 440-1024

1 yr old, Paid $900, asking $300 or best offer. (203) 440-1024


$215 per cord. (203) 440-0402 or (860) -595-4159

Buying Silverplate, Glass, Furn, music instruments, china, art, collectibles. 1 item to estate.

203-235-8431 OLD BICYCLES Don’t throw away that old bike. Hobbyman needs your help. Free pickup! Bikes will be recycled. Help save a bike! 203-494-9641 WANTED: USED FURNITURE refrigerator, gas stove, mattresses, couches, beds, household items, clothing, children’s toys, etc. 860-869-2947

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT & INSTRUCTIONS PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS Drums & Percussion, Trombone, Euphonium, Baritone Horn, Trumpet, Piano, Improvisation. Consultation/First Lesson Free! Exp’d & certified teacher in convenient Kensington loc. Call Bob 860-357-2638

Professional Violin Lessons & String Instruments Repaired! For Children & Adults $25 per 1/2 hour. First lesson FREE! 30 yrs exp. We repair: Violins ● Violas ● Cellos ● Bass Bow Rehairing 203-294-0888

(2) DELL Speakers for PC Both $10 call.203 687 5381 USB headset wired PS2/ps3! 1 owner. $20. GREAT COND! Call 203 284 9255 WII game-$25 Call of Duty 5-World at War. 203-639-0835

Voice Lessons All Ages and Levels Welcome

Piano Lessons Beginner to Intermediate De Fiore Vocal & Piano Studio Roberta (203) 630-9295


SEASONED FIREWOOD$225/cord, including delivery. Discount over 2 cords. Call for more information 203-715-3140.

CLOTHING UCONN Jacket, new, never worn, size large. Asking $60. Call 203-237-7174

SPORTING GOODS & HEALTH ELLIPTICAL Machine Compact, wheels, $100 firm. 860-828-3251. EXERCISE Bike: Good condition. Can deliver locally. $100 860-828-3251.

1-2 ITEMS Silverware, china, glass, furniture, 50’s items, whole estates.

203-238-3499 $ ALWAYS BUYING! $ 1 item to entire estate! Call or stop by Frank’s, 18 South Orchard St. Wallingford. Mon-Sat. 9:30-4:30.

203-284-3786 ANTIQUES WANTED - 1 Item or an Estate. Estate sale service provided. Seeking: Meridenmade items, lamps, paintings. Call Todd Shamock 203-237-3025

Is your merchandise "blending in?" Placing a Marketplace ad is an easy and affordable way to whip up some interest among potential buyers. What are you waiting for? Contact us today and start turning the stuff you don’t want into something you do want:


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The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009


PUBLISHER’S NOTICE EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY All real estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, revised March 12, 1989, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, or familial status or intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination; and is also subject to the State of Connecticut General Statutes Sections 46a64c which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, lawful source of income, familial status, or physical or mental disability, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate or for the sale or rental of residential property which is in violation of these laws.

HOUSES FOR RENT DURHAM 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths. 2 car garage, oil heat. Available now. 8-9 months. $1,300. 860-301-8584


BRISTOL - Spacious 2BR condo, $800/mo. includes heat & hot water. No pets. Call (860) 7471606 leave a message if no answer. MERIDEN Crown Village 1 BR, 3rd flr. Heat & HW incl. $750/mo. Sec & refs. No pets. Call Andrea, Maier Property Management (203) 235-1000 MERIDEN- 1BR, sec bldg. No pets. Sec dep-credit check. $775 per month. 203-376-1259 MERIDEN-1BR 495 Crown St. Free unlimited heat & hot water. Storage, assigned parking, pool, laundromat on site. $750/month Call after 1pm 860-664-9608 MERIDEN-Crown Village, 1BR, 1st flr, heat & HW incld. Pool & laundry rm. $735/mo Sec & refs. No pets. 203-631-1534 MERIDEN. Broadbriar Townhouse, 2 BR, 1 1/2 baths. Quiet complex. W/D hookup. New carpeting, no pets. $850/mo. Owner/agent 203-284-3757


SOUTHINGTON Clean 2 BR, 1 Bath, Gas Heat. Close to shopping & highway. No pets. Available November 1. $800/mo plus utils & sec. 860-877-4735 WALLINGFORD 2 BR, 1.50 baths, full basement. $1260 per month. Call (203) 294-0685 or 203-213-9912 YALESVILLE On The Green. Special -Was $1400, Now $1300 per month! 2 BR, 2 Baths. All appliances incl w/d. A/C & gas heat. Exercise facility & BBQ area on site. Gracie 203-464-8066


HOME SWEET HOMES Offers Meriden - Studio & 1BR apts From $650. Heat & HW incl. + sec. Avail. immed! 203-938-3789

HOME SWEET HOMES Offers Meriden- 3BR, Recently renovated, Available immediately. $1175/mo. HEAT & HW incl!!! 203-938-3789 MER-3BR, 1st flr, James St. Washer & dryer hookup. Off-stparking. No pet. No smoking. Sec & credit check. Refs. $900/mo. Call 203-639-8285 MERIDEN - 2BR, 3rd flr, lease & security deposit required. $775/mo. Call 860-404-1871 MERIDEN - 3 room 1 bedroom, $700 month plus 1 month security. separate utilities. Tarita 203-233-5327 MERIDEN - 5 room, 2 Bedroom, 3rd floor, newly remodeled, off street parking, no pets, $800 plus utilities, references. 203671-9644 MERIDEN - CLEAN 1 ROOM EFFICIENCY $450. Utilities included. 2 mos security. Credit check req. No pets. Call 203-284-0597 MERIDEN - Wallingford line, Large, Luxury 1 & 2BR condo. Laundry. Rent - $650 & $850 + utils, no pets. 203-245-9493 x 2. MERIDEN 1 BR APARTMENT Off street parking. Heat/electric included. $550/month. First, last & security. (203) 238-1010 (Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30) MERIDEN 1 BR. 119 Wilbur Ave. 2nd flr. Very quiet. No pets, Security, Credit Check, Refs. $665 + utilities. (203) 269-6835 MERIDEN 1BR Clean & comfortable. Heat, HW and cooking gas included for $700. Small pet ok. 38 Lincoln St. 203-440-4789 MERIDEN 2 bdrm., 1 bath. Large first floor apt. in 2 family home with Off-street parking. Crown Street. Available now. $700/month. Call Mark (203) 530-7084.




MERIDEN 2 BR - $800 ($1000 sec. dep.) 4 BR - $1250 ($1600 sec. dep.) Nice location. Off st. parking. No pets. 860-828-3669

MERIDEN STUDIOS - $650 1BRs - $750 2BRs - $850. Free Heat & HW incl. ACs. 24 hr maintenance. Sec. guard. Laundry Rm. Off st parking. 203-630-2841

MERIDEN-Large clean 5Rm, 2BR, 2nd flr. W/D hookup, stove, refrig front porch, lge fenced backyard. Off-st parking Must See! $825/mo + sec. 860-690-5555

MERIDEN 2 BR, 1 Bath. 3rd floor. Quiet location. $800 Plus Security Deposit. Call 203-631-9614

MERIDEN, Lg 2BR, $875, off st parking, back yard, walk in closets, 1 + 1 mo sec. 24 Webster St. Sec 8, Call 203-9622585 after 5:30pm

MERIDEN-Studio apt downtonw on bus-line, $500/mo + utils. No pets. Sec & refs. Call 203-982-3042

MERIDEN 2 BR, 2nd floor. Newton St. Freshly painted. Close to shopping & parks. No WD hookup. $700/month. Owner/ agent. Call (203) 284-3757 MERIDEN 2 BR, 5 RMs. 2nd Floor. 45 South Second St. Completely remodeled. Heat & appls incl. Washer hkup. No pets /smoking. $850 & 1 mo sec. 203-841-7591 MERIDEN 2 BR, 5 Rooms. 2nd floor. Off street parking. No pets. $700 per month. 1 month security. Call (203) 271-3119 or (203) 440-3503

MERIDEN- 1BR Fall Special $695/month. Heat, Hot Water, Electric incl. Private balcony. Offer expires October 31. For info 203-639-4868 MERIDEN- 1st flr. 2BR, Avail. Nov. 1st. Stove & fridge. Off st. parking. No pets. $775 + sec. Call (203) 238-4463 MERIDEN- 2BR, 5 rooms, Remodeled, 2nd flr, $850 + utilities. 1 off st. parking. No pets. Twiss St. Call 203-213-3951 MERIDEN- 3BR, 1st flr, hdwd flrs, off st. parking. $975/mo. Call (203) 639-1634

MERIDEN 2BR, 1st lr, updated. Basement storage space. So. Colony St. Yard. No pets, separate utils, sec. $800. Call 203809-4627

MERIDEN- 3BR, new paint, carpet, appliances, off st. parking. Lease, security. $900/mo. Prescott St. Jack (203) 9967379 Jack Regan Realty

MERIDEN 3 bdrm. 1st & 2nd fl. Wood Street. New Carpet & paint Washer/Dryer hookup. $900 to $950 + Sec call 203671-2672

MERIDEN- 3rd flr 2BR, ($785). Stove and refrig. Storage area. Yard. Off st parking, quiet. Sec req. 860-841-6455.

MERIDEN 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath. Washer/Dryer hookup. Jackson Street. $900 per month. Call Joe 203-988-8731

MERIDEN 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths. HUGE. New apartment. $1,200 /mo. Section 8 Approved. Call Joe 203-988-8731

MERIDEN- 5 rooms, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, first floor. $950. Call (203) 213-7714 MERIDEN- Hubbard Park- 2BR, central air/heat. 775 West Main St. $925/mo. Tony 203213-8468/ 203-296-4975 MERIDEN- Nice 1BR, 72 North First St., Apt 4. Parking, appliances, $595. Credit, references. No pets. 203-238-1890

Meriden 3 BR Apt 1st floor, newly renovated, appliances, off st. parking. No pets. $900/mo. 203-815-8335 MERIDEN 3 BR, 1st floor. Newly remodeled. 2 level. $850 plus security. 186 Grove Street. Call (203) 887-4032

MERIDEN 32 Cook Ave.

Studio & 1 BR Apts. $600/Studio & $650+/1 BR New owners. Remodeled. Heat & Hot water incl. 203-886-7016 MERIDEN East Side. 1st Fl. 1 BR. Wall to wall carpet. Stove, refrigerator. WD hookup. 1 car off-st parking. No smoking. $675/mo. No utils. 2 mos sec. No pets. (203) 269-1571 after 6.

MERIDEN EFFICIENCY Fully Furnished. BR/LR combination w/full kitchen & private bath. $575/mo. Sec. & lease req. Call 203-238-9772 MERIDEN Lg Studio. Freshly renovated. Stove, refrig, Heat/HW incl. Front porch. $600. Nancy 203-715-3647 or 917- 921-7469

MERIDEN- Renovated Apartments

2 BR - $750, $850 & $950 Heat & Hot Water Included Secure building. Off st. parking. Call 203-886-7016 MERIDEN-1BR apts starting at $705/mo. Heat & HW incld. Sec. Dep. & credit ck req. Call Galleria RE for details 203-671-2223. MERIDEN-1BR, Large Rooms, Large Windows, Off-St-Parking. WD Hookup. Very nice. $625 /mo. 2 mos sec & credit check required. No pets. 203-284-0597 MERIDEN-1BRS-Starting @ $665 All appls & hot water incl. 1 & 1 mo. sec.. No pets. Coin op laundry. 1095 Old Colony Rd. Showings Sat’s 9-11am. 203-581-3620 MERIDEN-2BR large apt. Reduced! $750/mo. including. fridge, stove & w/d hkup. No utils, pets or smoking. 1 yr lease. Credit check & refs. req’d. Security & 1st month rent. 203-608-8348 MERIDEN-3BR, 3rd flr. Off st parking. Newly remodeled. Quiet, dead end street. $900/mo. Call (203) 641-8483 WALLINGFORD-2BR, Recently renovated. $900 + utils. Call 203-284-0212

Looking for the perfect new home for your Mother, Father, Aunt, Friend or Yourself?…….

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MERIDEN. 1 BR 1st flr & 3 BR 3rd floor apts, no washer/ dryer, no pets. Call Ricky at 347-598-1170. MERIDEN: Spacious 1 & 2BR apt. $650-$800, off st park. Section 8 approved. 110 Colony St. Leave Message 860-4260658 SOUTHINGTON - 1 1/2 RM Efficiency, near I-84 $135/wk. Incld heat & HW, A/C, appl’s. Sec dep & refs req 860-620-0025 SOUTHINGTON/MERIDEN Extra lg 1BR apt. Avail 11/1. Southington-Meriden townline. Sliders to deck, private parking, appliances. Exc. area. $750 /mo. Refs & sec req’d. Call 203-499-7894 for more details WALLINGFORD - 2 BR, 104 Meadow St., off-street pkg, 3rd floor, no dogs, $925 incl all utils, 203-530-1840 WALLINGFORD - Near transportation, 5 rooms, 2 BR, 2nd floor, 2 family, off St. parking, no pets, $800 plus utilities, 203-284-1853 WALLINGFORD 1 Bedroom. $735 +util. Washer/dryer. New carpet & painted. Sec deposit and ref req. Call 203-741-0738 or email WALLINGFORD 2BR Townhouse, 1200SF 1.50 baths. Basement. WD hookup. Off st. parking. Electric heat. $890/mo + sec. No pets. (203) 631-6057 WALLINGFORD 2BR Townhouse. Very clean, nice yard, appliances, W/D hookup, off-stparking. No smoking, no pets. $900 + sec. Call 203-631-5219 WALLINGFORD 3BR, 2nd flr, lge rms, clean, off st parking, trash pickup, w/d hookup. Sec, credit ck. No pets. Section 8 approved. $1100. 86 Meadow St. (203) 265-5980, Lisa. WALLINGFORD 6 Room, 2 bdrm., 1 bath. Great Location. 1500+SQFT. Walk to Town Center. Hardwood floors. Washer/Dryer in unit. $1,100/Month. (203) 530-7084 Mark WALLINGFORD Beautiful Location, N. Main St. Remodeled 5 Rms w/attic space. 2nd flr. A must see! No smoking. $1100 /mo. Sec & refs. (203) 269-7671 WALLINGFORD-2BR, washer & dryer hookup, large yard, offst-parking. $875/mo+sec. Call 203-265-1192 Available Oct. 1. WALLINGFORD-Choate area. Spacious 2 BR, 5 rm, 2nd flr, appliances, hdwd floors, w/d hookup, garage. $1050 +util. 203-265-9871 or 203-269-9755 WLFD 1BR, 2nd flr, off No. Main St, near library, Choate area. Off st. parking. $775 + sec. No smoking, no pets. 203-265-3092

Nestled off the road in a quiet, wooded setting!

Brand New Beautiful 1 Bedroom Apartments in Berlin For Active Adults 55 and better

Only $950 Heat, Hot and Cold Water Included Central air! Intercom system! Fully applianced kitchens On-site laundry! with frost free refrigerator, Library with computer range with self cleaning oven, workstation! dishwasher, garbage disposal! Ample on-site parking! Community room with fireplace Picnic area with grill! and full service kitchen! 24-hr. maintenance! Secure three-story building with elevators!

Call Now!

(860) 828-3958 also accepting applications for Affordable Units Income Restriction Apply Merit Properties, Inc. Financed by CHFA APARTMENTS FOR RENT WALLINGFORD-Quiet country setting 1BR, 2nd flr, stove, refrig, patio. Credit, refs, sec. No pets/smoking. $700/mo +utils. 203-269-9755

ROOMS FOR RENT MERIDEN-Room for rent. $140 per week. Includes utilities, wash/dryer. Beautiful Victorian home, nice yard. Call 203537-1772 Lisa

NORTH HAVEN Meadowstone Motel- Off I-91. Sat. TV, furn’d. Daily/Wkly On Bus Line. 203-239-5333

WLFD- NORTHRIDGE Commons, spacious 1 & 2BR units. $725 - $875 & up 203-269-5770 WLFD-1BR, newly remodeled apt. furnished or not, washer & dryer, A/C, 3rd flr, off-st-park. Nice, convenient. Choate area. No pets. $675. 860-704-0851 WLFD-48 Allen Ave, 1st flr, 4Rm, 2BR, off st parking, $850/ mo, 1-1/2 mo sec. Easy access I91/Merrit Pkwy. 203 430 6896 // WLFD. 1BR w/stove & refrig including heat & hw. Starting at $695. No pets. Lease, sec. JJ Bennett Realty 203-265-7101 WLFD. 2BR OVERSIZED Townhouse, appl’d kit., 3000SF, lots of storage & closet space, laundry room. NO PETS. $1195. Call J.J. Bennett, 203-265-7101.

VACATION & SEASONAL RENTALS SELL/RENT YOUR TIMESHARE NOW!!! Maintenance fees too high? Need Cash? Sell your unused timeshare today. No commissions or Broker Fees. Free Consultation. 1-866-708-3690

GARAGE & STORAGE SPACE FOR RENT INDOOR Trailered Boat/Car Storage/Jet Skis. $19 per foot. Wlfd/Durham. Call for prices 203-751-1977 WANTED in Southington single car garage for the winter storage of a sports car. Garage must have electricity for trickle charger. Please call 860-621-2685.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen GARAGE & STORAGE SPACE FOR RENT



WOW! CALL FOR THIS MONTH’S AMAZING MANAGER’S SPECIALS! Storage Space Clean, well lit, fenced facility. 5’x10’-$45.99 - 5’x15’-$59.99 10’x10’-$78.00 - 10’x15’-$109.99 10’x20’-$124.99 - 10’x30’-$194.99 All prices subject to 6% tax. CALL (203) 250-1515 for details.

STORES & OFFICES FOR RENT MERIDEN: 1450 Sq. Ft. office, in modern professional building at 1501 East Main St. This well appointed building offers business tenants a great location at an affordable price, which includes all utilities, ample off street parking and convenient to 1-91 and Rt. 15. 203 281-1010

MERIDEN All the work is done! Warm & inviting updated freshly painted Cape, including siding, roof, C/A, 200amp elec, kit., ba & furnace! New OS 2 car garage & level back yard. Priced well at $219,000. Call Kathy or P. Lane (203) 235-5500

MERIDEN Pleasing to the eye; attractive 2BR, 1 1/2 bath end unit Townhouse w/CAIR. Small & well cared for complex. Low maintenance fees, fresh paint & ready to move in $149,900. Call Sue (203) 265-5618

YALESVILLE- Prime office space. 1200 sq. ft. 1st flr. Major intersection. Contact Jeff 203269-5703

COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL RENTALS MERIDEN- Research Parkway. 2100sf. Loading dock & drive-in door. Very clean. 203-235-3371 MERIDEN-Store front for lease. Great location! Downtown traffic on busline. $800/mo + utils Call 203-982-3042

DURHAM Country living. Beautiful Colonial. Manicured lawn, 3BRS, 2 1/2 baths, 18 x32 bonus rm, 3car garage, FP, heated pool, utility shed with generator. $505,000. Call Pat Burke (203) 265-5618

MERIDEN Spectacular Townhouse condo in a quiet private location. Features nice kitchen, living room, dining area, 2BRs, 2.1 baths, 1 car garage. Mint! Call Sil Sala for details. Priced right, $189,900. (203) 235-3300


LOTS & ACREAGE MERIDEN $69,900-Clear open lot. .92acre a plot. Seller says, “make an offer”. Live next door to horses. Dawn 203-235-3300 OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 82-84 Park St Meriden This 2 family has been gutted and renovated. All utilities sep. $239,900 Innovative Properties


FLORIDA - 40 acre parcels Only 10 remaining. 100% useable. MUST SELL. $119,900 ea. Owner Financing from 3 1/2% Call 1-800-FLA-LAND (3525263) Florida Woodland Group, Inc. Lic. RE Broker. NORTH CAROLINA Mountains. NEW! E-Z Finish Log Cabin Shell With Loft & Full Basement. Includes acreage. $99,900 Financing Available 828-247-9966 code 45

HELP WANTED ADMIN Part-time, Multi Openings Email resume ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Rewarding PT position in small office with diverse responsibilities. Must be well organized, a quick learner, pleasant, have good written/verbal skills and ability to multi-task. Requires some database mgmt and familiarity with online survey tools. (203) 238-1207

MERIDEN-Location! Location! Location! This quiet E. Side neighborhood home features 2BRs, 1 1/2 bath, refinished hdwd flrs, EIK, lg. LR w/FP, 1st flr washer & dryer, lg enclosed porch, oversized 2 car gar., on a prvt 1/2 acre lot. All appl’s incld. $8,000 tax credit for 1st time buyers. Call 203-927-1465

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CNC OPERATOR- 3rd shift, 11pm-7am. $15/hr to start. Send resumes to: Beyond Machine, 20-2 Powers Drive, Meriden, CT 06451. DO NOT APPLY IN PERSON! COOK - Short Order for Breakfast & lunch. Must be reliable w/some exp. In Wallingford. Call 203-752-0485 CUSTOMER SERVICE. Leading Cheshire e-commerce co seeks enthusiastic, caring person w/good computer skills for part-time positions. Competitive wages and benefits. Do not call. Email resume to: CUSTOMER Service/Dispatcher FT. Home delivery company. Great pay. Call (203) 741-1121 Ask for Tom.


WLFD $675,000 “Magnificient view & privacy”. Cust Cape on 2AC, 4+BR, 3.1BTH. 9’ ceils, Crown molding, French drs galore! Granite, marble. Many more amenities! Must see! Mins to I91/I95, town, country club. Dee (203) 265-5618

WLFD Gorgeous Colonial on a large level lot. Great loc. Home features 8rms, kit, LR, DR, 4 or 5BRs, 3 full baths, large deck, upper level balcony, large rooms. Much more $270,000. Sue or Sil for details 203-265-5618





Full-Time Briarwood College Southington, CT Establish and sustain relationships with clinical sites; support and observe students in clinical practice.

PART TIME True World Foods, a wholesale food distributor needs a driver who is available on Tue, Fri and Sat. from 8:30 AM and can drive med/light duty truck and has clean driving record. Please apply in person. The facility is located on Meriden Rd (Cheshire /Wolcott border) and 600 feet east of the corner of Meriden Rd and Musso View Ave, Cheshire.

Req: Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH), earned master’s degree in dental hygiene or related area, Ph.D. preferred; 3 years teaching experience; three years dental hygiene practice. Send cover letter, resume, references via email by November 6, 2009 to INFANT/TODDLER Teacher Assistant Aide Must have CDA+ 12 early childhood credits or a degree in ECE. F/T & P/T avail for accredited ECE program. Fax resume to: 203-741-0896 EOE




EXPERIENCED MOTOR MECHANICS For both AC & DC Motors. Job entails disassembly and assembly of lg AC & DC motors and pumps, testing of electrical characteristics as well as measurement of mechanical surfaces. Experience a huge plus. Must supply own hand tools. Exc pay with oppportunity for advancement. Health benefits. 401k. Generous vacation package. Please send resume to: Record-Journal Box 77 11 Crown St., Meriden, CT 06450 MACHINE OPERATORS Min 3 yr exp (wire drawing, stranding, bobbins a +) for busy Meriden manufacturer; 2nd & 3rd shift only; fast learner w/own transportation; Starting $12$18/hr +benefits. Fax resumes 203-237-2701 or email cpetersen@

HELP WANTED seeks motivated, team players for full and part-time positions. Competitive wages & benefits. ● Customer Service ● Production Supervisor ● Graphics/ Embroidery ●Shipping/Receiving Email resume to: jobs@ PART-TIME on horse farm. Feeding & cleaning stalls. Exp’d needed. Movado Farm, Durham (860) 349-8728


The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009 EDUCATION 1133857

CHESHIRE PUBLIC SCHOOLS 1 - GENERAL KITCHEN WORKER FLOATER 3/12 HOURS PER DAY Come work with a terrific team preparing food in the kitchen and serving lunch to Cheshire's future citizens. Follow the school schedule with summer, weekends and holidays off. 3 ½ hours within this time frame: 10:00 a.m. - 2:45 p.m. Mon.-Fri. (MUST BE AVAILABLE TO COME IN EARLIER ON SHORT NOTICE)

Mechanic – Full Time (2nd & 3rd Shifts)

Be a part of our growing team at DATTCO in our retail/fleet repair facilities. We are seeking experienced truck and bus repair technicians who are ASE certified. Use your ASE certifications and years of experience to diagnose and provide quality vehicle repair in a timely and cost effective manner. Applicants must have a good, positive attitude, organizational skills and their own tools. Pay scale depends on ASE certifications and level of experience. Employment available in New Britain. Please send resume to or fill out an application at DATTCO 559 South St., New Britain, CT 06051. AA/EOE


QUALIFICATIONS: H.S. Ed or equivalent. SALARY: $11.45 per hour CLOSING DATE: Nov 2, 2009- 2:00 p.m. Send Letter of Intent & Employment Application to: Cheshire Public Schools Food & Nutrition Services 29 Main Street Cheshire CT 06410 Applications are available at the above address HELP WANTED


HELP WANTED DRIVER Fatten your wallet If you’ve got the drive, we’ve got the opportunity TEMPORARY DRIVER You will be employed and paid by a staffing agency while on temporary assignment to FedEx Ground. It’s extra cash and a chance to work with an industry leader. You will be supplied with a truck and everything you need to pick up and deliver our customer’s packages. Qualifications: 21 years old or older ● Clean driving record ● Drug screen, background checks and physical required ● Customer Service Skills ● One year commercial driving experience strongly preferred. ● No equipment necessary ●

Bring work history documentation for immediate consideration to our Information Session Monday, 10/19, 1pm sharp 29 Toelles Road Wallingford, CT 06492 If you are unable to attend, visit 10am-2pm, Tuesday-Friday or email

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ELECTRIC Distribution Engineer The Town of Wallingford Electric Division is seeking a highly technical individual to work in the design and development of overhead and underground power distribution lines. The utility serves 23,000 customers in a 50+ square mile distribution area with a peak demand of 130 MW. The Position requires a B.S. degree in electrical engineering plus 2 years of responsible experience in electric utility engineering, or an equivalent combination of education and experience substituting on a year-for year basis. Salary: $65,774$84,153 annually plus an excellent fringe benefit package. Apply to: Personnel Department Town of Wallingford 45 South Main Street Wallingford, CT 06492 Fax#: (203) 294-2084 Closing date will be November 20, 2009 or the date the 50th application is received, whichever occurs first. EOE MACHINE TECH To troubleshoot & fix complex elec control systems (eg 480V 3 Phase) for busy Meriden manufacturer; knowledge PLCs, drives & electromechanicial system (eg pneumatic & hydraulics); read schematic diagram; machining exp (eg lathe, milling) a +; Starting $20-$25/hr +benefits. Fax resumes 203-237-2701 or email cpetersen@


Occupational TherapistPediatric $2,000 Sign On Bonus! Birth to Three Program & Outpatient Clinic. Seeking dynamic full or part time therapists. Flexible Schedule. Kelly 860-945-3012 x 113; kellygardino@

PORTER Full-time (40 Hours) Opportunity for well-motivated, energetic candidate to join Miller's housekeeping team. The successful candidate will be skilled in floor care (cleaning and buffing) and have the ability to perform various tasks necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the facility. Must be able to work any shift, including week-ends. Please contact Helen Parisi, Personnel Manager at or contact Miller Memorial Community, Inc. 360 Broad Street, Meriden, CT 06450 (203) 237-8815. EOE

Production: Embroidery/ Screenprinting/ Graphics Leading Cheshire e-commerce co seeks enthusiastic and reliable production supervisor and production staff. Full and part-time positions, experience a plus. Email resume to: or fill out application at 500 Cornwall Ave, Cheshire


PROGRAM TECHNICIAN Full time, temporary position, not to exceed 1 year. This position has the potential to become permanent. 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. M-F, $13.19-$16.57 /hour depending on experience. Must be a US citizen and a high school graduate. Resumes may be sent to the New Haven/Middlesex County Farm Service Agency, 900 Northrop Rd., Suite A, Wallingford, Ct 06492. Application deadline 10/30/09. USDA is and EOE. PT 20-30 hrs/week ACCOUNTING CLERK & Sales Support (eg invoicing, order entry) for fast paced Meriden manufacturer; strong computer skills & attention to detail; $12-15/hr. Fax resume 203-237-2701 or email cpetersen@

Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator 40 Scheduled Hours (including some evenings and week-ends) Opportunity for qualified candidate to plan and implement recreational programs for residents of our long-term and short-term rehabilitation facility. The successful candidate must have at minimum, Therapeutic Recreation certification, plus 2 years or more of long-term care experience.

SERVICE TECH Must have license, experience in oil & installations. AC a + On-call night rotation, company van, full benefit pkg. Drug Screen req. Apply: Tuxis Ohrs, 80 Britannia St., Meriden, CT Attn: Helen.

It's all here! Marketplace Ads (203) 238-1953

ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from home. Medical, Business, Paralegal, Computers, Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial aid if qualified. Call 800-4880386

MANUFACTURING OPENINGS Ulbrich's manufacturing division in Wallingford has immediate openings for skilled individuals for our slitting, annealing and rolling mill operations. In these positions you will assist in the set-up and operation of heavy, sophisticated equipment in the slitting or rolling mill departments, or have responsibility for operating annealing equipment. These machines are used for the precision processing and heat treatment of stainless steel and high temperature alloys in a high-volume manufacturing environment with strict quality standards. To qualify, applicants must have the following:

●Strong mechanical aptitude ●Available to work on any of

IT’S SO CONVENIENT! Pay for your RecordJournal Marketplace ad with your credit card. For your convenience we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discove r & American Express. Just call (203) 238-1953 to place your Marketplace ad and have your credit card # ready for the advisor.

our 3 shifts

●At least 5 years of related experience

●Able to quickly gain expertise in operating equipment

Please contact Helen Parisi, Personnel Manager at or contact Miller Memorial Community, Inc. 360 Broad Street, Meriden, CT 06450 (203) 237-8815. EOE

SALES Part time position for kitchen design associate/showroom help. Must be experienced in 20/20 Design software. Please send resume to:


WEBMASTER & TECHNOLOGY COORDINATOR Bethany Covenant Church of Berlin, CT seeks a 30-hr per wk webmaster and technology coordinator to develop and support the church’s computer based resources, including website, email newsletter, selected software applications and graphic design. The candidate will provide overall support to the church staff, including training and support of the staff in the use of technology. The candidate must be proficient in the use of computers to accomplish administrative work using Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and related tools, as well as being proficient in using web design software such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver and Flash. Send resume to Bethany Covenant Church 785 Mill Street Berlin, CT 06037 Attn: Sharon Orlich Administrative Team Leader

●Able to show a good work history with references

●Able to move and lift items up to 50 lbs.

●Able to read, write and speak English ●Able to pass pre-employment drug test and criminal background check Ulbrich offers ●Competitive wages ●Excellent Benefits ●Terrific and safety focused work environment To apply: ●Forward your resume to or ●Stop by our Employment Office at 1 Dudley Avenue in Wallingford. We are open to accept applications M-F from 7-11 a.m. and 1-4 p.m. Learn more about us by visiting our website at: Ulbrich is an Equal Opportunity Employer

CAREER TRAINING & SCHOOLS HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA!! Fast, Affordable, Accredited. FREE Brochure. Call NOW! 1-888-532-6546 ext 96

MEDICAL CAREERS A Multi discipline private psychiatric practice is seeking a Licensed Psychotherapist (PhD, LCSW, LMFT) with experience working with children. We offer flexible hours and competitive pay. Send resumes to For more information, visit our website SECRETARY/FILE ROOM Full time position in medical facility. Medical terminology req’d. Exc benefits. Mon, Thurs, Fri., 8am-4:30pm. Tues, Wed, 10:30am-7pm. Please call Patti 203-694-8260

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Thursday, October 22, 2009 — The Plainville Citizen




Roll-Off Dumpsters 15 yard roll-off - $350 20 yard roll-off - $450 Empire Construction, LLC 203-537-0360


HOUSE CLEAN Outs, Garages Basements, Attics, Yards Big or Small..... We Take It All Free Estimates. Call Ed.

T.E.C. Electrical Svc LLC All Phases of Electrical Work 24 hr. Emergency Service



ALBERT’S HOME REPAIR All types of repairs and installs roofs decks windows doors siding floors sheetrock gutters power washing snow plowing. Ins & lic. # HIC-0623837 203-879-4731 or 203-592-1148

Home Doctor Tiny repairs-Major renovations Custom Carpentry, plumbing, elec, gutters cleaned. 42 yrs exp. 203-639-8389 CT 573358

LANDSCAPING GARY Wodatch Lawn & Landscaping Complete Fall C/U. Quick Courteous Srv. Est ‘85. All calls returned. Lic ins. #566326. 203-235-7723/Cell 860-558-5430

CHEAPER THAN A DUMPSTER! Garages, Attics, Basements, Brush, Pools, Decks, etc. Senior discounts. 203-238-0106 DEBRIS removal of any kind. Demolition sheds, pools, etc. Quick, courteous srv. All calls returned. Ins. #566326. Office 203-235-7723/Cell 860-558-5430


EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS, Discrimination, Health Care Denials & General Law. There are Laws to Protect You When Your Rights are Violated. Free 30 Minute Consultation. David Seaver, Attorney and Counselor At Law. Your Advocate for Your Rights. Greater Meriden/ Berlin Area. 860-357-5517

FOLKS OVER 65! With over a decade of experience helping Medicare recipients choose the right plan, call today. Call 860-426-1466 MF 8:00am – 5:00pm, Sat 7:30am – 12:00pm (Nov 15th – Dec 31, OPEN ENROLLMENT). Call 860-426-1466


K & A ENTERPRISES Water & sewer lines, inground tank removal, drainage, grading, additions, pavers. Insured. Reg# 571435 203-379-0193

A2Z GARAGE DOOR SERVICE Installation & Repairs CT #600415 203-235-9865


HOMETECH 203-235-8180 CT Reg #564042 CENTRAL CT HOME IMPROVEMENTS Spec. in multi-family/rental property rehabs & all types of home improvements. 25 yrs exp. Lic & ins. #0673083. Call 203-213-0033

LAWN & GARDEN FALL clean-ups. No job to big or small. Please call 203-630-2152

Junk removal. Fall clean ups. 203-886-5110


To ensure a quality job at a fair price. Call 203-630-6459 CT Reg #608488



Over 25 years experience. Call today for free estimates. Call 203-440-3535 Ct. Reg. #578887

HANDYPERSONS Neighborhood Handyman, LLC. Specializing in smaller jobs. Indoor/outdoor. CT Reg #611858 Matt 860-877-2549

Shamock Roofing All types of remod. 30+ yrs exp. No $$ Down. CT Reg 523804. Ins

203-237-4124 an LLC co. A-1 HANDYMAN PLUS CT Reg #606277. GIVE us a call, we do it ALL. Free est. 203-631-1325

QUALITY LANDSCAPING LLC FALL CLEANUPS Curbside pickup. Vac Truck. Visit our photo gallery at and see why we’re the best! Call Jim 203-537-2588 or 860-349-2118 MINGRINO’S LANDSCAPING Complete Fall clean-up & curbside pickup. Gutters cleaned. CT# 611980 (203) 537-7202 JT’S LANDSCAPING, LLC Fall Cleanups, Gutter Cleaning & Snow Removal. Comm/ Resid. Lic & fully ins. Free estimates. Top quality work. 203-213-6528 CT Reg #616311 L & E PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Fall Clean-UP & Gutters Too! Professional Quality & Affordable Rates. CT Reg. #623250 Call Trevor (203) 938-3789

MASONRY S & H MASONRY LLC Stonewalls, steps, chimneys, concrete, retaining walls, FPs, pavers, walkways, patios, tiling Free est. Lic/Ins. #607639. Cell-203-376-0355

UPDATE your home today with a fresh new paint job! Call Paul today for a prompt free est 203-238-4320. Reg#582770


FALL SPECIAL Power Wash any single story ranch for $199. Call Off The Wall (203) 265-4242

L & E PAINTING Spruce Up Your Home or Business! Professional Quality & Affordable Rates. CT Reg #623250 Call Trevor (203) 938-3789


1ST CALL THE PLOW GUY Plowing - Shoveling Sand or Salt. Free Estimates. Meriden Only. 203-235-5247 leave message.

Call Ahead Pick up or Drop off


8-5 Mon-Sat 1372 Peck Lane, Cheshire


SCREENED TOP SOIL Dark, organic material. $22/yard. Also, backhoe/bulldozer work. Ct Reg. #563704 (203) 699-8883 HAZELWOOD EXCAVATING Dry farm screened topsoil and colored mulch.


FIDERIO & SONS C&M CONSTRUCTION To ensure a quality job at a fair price. Call 203-630-6459 CT Reg #608488

TREE SERVICES Siding, roofing, windows, decks, sunrooms, additions.

203-237-0350 CT Reg. #516790

FIDERIO & SONS Siding, roofing, windows, decks, sunrms, additions. 203-237-0350. CT Reg. #516790

Shamock Roofing All types of remod. 30+ yrs exp. No $$ Down. CT Reg 523804. Ins

203-237-4124 an LLC co ORTIZ Roofing & Siding - Fully insured & licensed. Sr. discount. CT Reg #611774. 203-265-7826 or cell 860-398-1223

Gonzalez Construction ★★★★★★★★


JT’S LANDSCAPING, LLC Fall cleanups, gutter cleaning & snow removal! Comm/ Resid. Lic & fully ins. Free Estimates. Top quality work. 203-213-6528 CT Reg #616311

Chainsaw Leaf Blower Snow Blower Mowers


JACK Biafore, LLC Masonry Chimneys, brick, block, stone walls, patios. In business over 50 yrs. CT# 623849 (203) 537-3572

MIRKEL PAINTING Int./Ext. Popcorn ceilings. Interiors from $125 Exteriors from $899 CT Reg #569864. Ed 203-824-0446

● ● ● ●


Roofing, siding, windows, decks, gutters & remodeling.

FALL C/U, Spec. Vac, Hedge Trimming & more. New clients always welcome. Com/Res. Free est. Walter 203-619-2877

Commercial Plowing Parking lots, condos, industrial. Loader/Salt. Quality Landscaping, LLC. Jim 203-537-2588 or 860-349-2118 A & A Lawn Care-Comm/Res plowing. Fall clean-ups & Attics /Basements. Dumpster rentals. CT#584101 Jim 203-237-6638

CASCIO Mason. Chimney repair, sidewalks, walls, brick work, etc. CT Reg #611774. 203-265-7826 or cell 860-398-1223



Gonzalez Construction Roofing, siding, windows, decks, gutters & remodeling.

203-639-0032 Fully licensed/insured. CT Reg.# 577319


203-294-9889 Expert De-Icers Commerical Specialists. Nicholas J Murano LLC, Member: Snow and Ice Management Assn

PRICKER REMOVAL RICK’S AFFORDABLE Spring clean-ups, hedge trim, brush, tree, pricker & underbrush removal. No job too big or small. 11 yrs exp. 203-5304447. YARDLEY TREE Fair, reasonable. Free estimates. Reg. Insured. FIREWOOD 203-440-0402 or 860-595-4159

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★★★★★★★★ Fully license/insured. CT Reg# 577319

Roofs R Us Family run 42yrs. EPDM, Siding, cleaning gutters, roof repairs. We Beat Any Quote! 203-639-8389 CT #573358

Empire Construction, LLC Your Professional Roofer New Roofs, Reroofs, Tearoffs We fix leaks too! 203-269-3559 CT Reg#565514


REPAIRS done by carpenters. Free estimate to windows, doors, roofing, siding, hatchways, and cellar leaks. Complete home improvements, additions, finish Bsmnt, dormers, porches & decks 203-238-1449 #578107


RICK’S AFFORDABLE Fall Clean-ups, brush/tree removal, curbside vac truck, tree & pricker removal. 11 yrs exp. 203-530-4447.


Carpentry, repairs. No job too small or large. Member BBB.




HOME IMPROVEMENTS CENTRAL CT HOME IMPROVEMENTS Spec. in multi-family/rental property rehabs & all types of home improvements. 25 yrs exp. Lic & ins. #0673083. Call 203-213-0033


A & A Lawn Care-Fall clean-ups, snowplowing, hedge trimming, tree, shrub, debris removal, CT Reg #584101 Jim 203-237-6638




The Plainville Citizen — Thursday, October 22, 2009

It’s Halloween at the Wheeler Regional Family YMCA

It’s that time of year, the time for some spooky, silly Halloween fun. For a safe Halloween, the Wheeler Regional Family YMCA, 149 Farmington Ave., is again offering an imaginative Halloween experience – an evening for all little ghosts and goblins and their families. The holiday fun takes place from 5 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 24 at the Wheeler YMCA. The YMCA’s annual Halloween event is designed to be a family, fun event. “It’s a safe, creative and social experience for everyone,” said Shawn Fongemie, Wheeler YMCA’s marketing and membership director. “Families want to know that their children are being looked after during Halloween festivities, while engaging in enjoyable, worthwhile family activities.

Our YMCA is not just a safe place, it’s a happy and exciting destination for children, teens and adults,” Fongemie said. The Wheeler YMCA has hosted a variety of organized Halloween activities for many years. This year’s plans include a haunted trail walk, children’s maze, costume parade and costume contest, Halloween crafts and activities, refreshments and Halloween treats. Admission is free, however, all participants are asked to bring a nonperishable food donation to benefit the Plainville Community Food Pantry. “Again this year, Halloween will deliver enough treats and spooky fun to delight children of every age, in the safe and caring, family atmosphere that characterizes

our Y,” Fongemie said. “So come to Halloween at the Wheeler YMCA — where

there’s not a ghost of a chance that you’ll be disappointed.”

For more information, contact member services at (860) 793-9631.

Halloween Events Halloween party A Halloween party will be held on Friday, Oct. 30, from 4 to 5 p.m., at the Recreation Department parking lot, 50 Whiting St. and next door in Veterans Park. There will be refreshments, balloons and entertainment by Bryan Flint, magician. Costume judging starts at 4:15 p.m. and the parade follows. Judging will be for the scariest costume and best costume in various age categories. Prizes will be awarded. The event is sponsored by the Plainville Recreation Department, the Plainville Pub-

lic Library in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Plainville. For more information, contact the recreation department at (860) 747-6022.

Harvest hospitality Trinity Covenant Church, 59 Trumbull Ave., will be having a Halloween and harvest hospitality gathering on Oct. 31, 5 to 8 p.m. The Trumbull Avenue neighborhood teems with children on Halloween, and the group wants to make Trinity Covenant a welcome site. The group will hand out candy to the kids, hot cider to the thirsty, and wish them all a fun and safe evening. This

is open to the public.

Pumpkin carving

The Congregational Church of Plainville, 130 W. Main St., will be having pumpkin carving and decorating, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., on Friday, Oct. 30. Participants should bring their own pumpkins. All ages are welcome. Pumpkins will be judged in different categories and prizes will be given out. Refreshments will be served and there is no charge to attend. For information, call the church at (860) 747-1901 or visit

No Joining Fee! No Money Down!

r e v E

Callnow or log on to 1132695

Best Fall Offer!

Downtown YMCA 241 Trumbull Street Hartford, CT 06103 860-522-4183 Farmington Valley YMCA 97 Salmon Brook Street Granby, CT 06035 860-653-5524

Financial assistance is available to those who qualify.

Mission The YMCA of Greater Hartford is an association, open to all and committed to helping people develop their God-given potential in spirit, mind and body. Our commitment is based on the belief that the purpose of this three-fold development is to live out the values of our Judeo-Christian heritage, including caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. 29-776

offer ends

OCT 31 2009

Wheeler Regional Family YMCA 149 Farmington Avenue Plainville, CT 06062 860-793-9631 Wilson-Gray YMCA Youth & Family Center 444 Albany Avenue Hartford, CT 06120 860-241-9622

10-22-2009 Plainville Citizen  
10-22-2009 Plainville Citizen  

See Duo, page 4 See Bergenty, page 3 Readers’ Poll: Keith LaCombe, left, and Tabitha Wa- zorko Manafort, departing school board members, are...