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PLAIN TRUTH REVOLUTION This is the 1st d of our revolutionary G7 Summaries. All of them can be found at Thanks for finding and reading all.


Note that the essence of all this 5-year research, and all its attending details, is to convince each of us, citizens and international friends, that the current running of our country, as it has been so from 1822 to date, is just not sustainable, apart from being very dangerous, and thus, must be relatively halted now. Let’s instead go to a national round table to review these details; adopt lessons learnt from them as raw materials and new inputs for a new civic design that will see us start life all over, as a people. If not, continuous failure, fragility, and ultimate disaster will remain our portion – sad to state this unbeatable truth!! PLAIN TRUTH REVOLUTION


Welcome to our Revolution of DETAILS, a civic endeavor that seeks to dig out root causes, and to get to the bottom of our country’s deep-rooted social problems, using God’s eternal principles of Love, Patience, Truth, Hard Work, and Justice.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Beginning Notes………………………………………………………………………………...1 Introductory argument…………………………………………………………………………..2 22 of the key things that can help show whether a country, like for example, “Liberia”, is Legitimate, or whether its founding and sustaining arguments and theories, in addition to how it goes about doing things, are legally and morally acceptable ……...............................2 The idea, and importance of a National Social Contract……………………………………….5 The legal requirements of a Contract, including a Social Contract…………………………….5 The big 4 LIES that laid Liberia’s foundation cornerstones…………………………………....7 A few historical and current event-accounts that prove Liberia’s already blurred Social Contract to be very ILLEGITIMATE…………………………………………………………..7 The fakeness of Liberia’s so-called 1847 Constitutional Convention…………………............7 The very big lies in Liberia’s Declaration of Independence, Motto etc…..……………………7 How the criminal Black American founders of Liberia, the so-called “Congo” People argued, and keep arguing up to this 2017, that all the Natives of this Land (our Grain Coast) are “Animals”, and not human beings………………………………………8 How every story about the foundation of “Liberia” and its sustenance sadly resemble a fable, or a story of animals, and NEVER human beings, so sadly………………....................8 How Liberia started life very wrongly and keeps swimming in this ocean of wrongs, wrongs, and wrongs…………………………………………………………………...………..9 Some current opinion leaders’ views about Liberia’s enduring illegitimacy…………………9 Mr. John S. Morlu comments………………………………………………………...9 Keith Morris, Nathaniel Barnes, Sen. Henry Yallah, all comment………………….9 Jonathan Paye-Lay-Leh, Atty. Koffi Woods, Dean Johnson, Wilfred Bangourah, Dr. Amos Saywer, all make their part of comments too …………………………...10 How Liberia lacks the ability to ever dispense justice holistically to its own population: ………………………………………………………………………….10 Chief Justice Korkpor confirms this crippling defect……………………………...11 Justice Kabineh J’aneh, Judges Korboi Nuta and Blamo Dickson, Cllr. Benedict Sannoh, all confirm this deadly reality in their own, different ways……………...11 A senior Court Official in Grand Cape Mount County makes his contribution…..12 The US State Department confirms all this too……………………………………12 What did young, Dr Martin Luther King once say about this kind of lack of Justice within a society………………………………………………………………………..12

What’s about Greek Aristotle’s own contributions to this debate…………….……………....13 How Liberia’s constitution and all of its symbols and emblems do confirm this illegitimacy too……………………………………………………………………………13 How Capt. Robert Field Stockton’s criminal acquisition of Cape Mesurado to start building their “Liberia” even adds insult to injury in this debate…………………………….14 What’s about the question of “Whether the American Colonization Society, that racist American NGO, that later went bankrupt, can ever be a legitimate authority to grant any serious people independence, as is still being sorrowfully claimed by poor, dull, Liberia…………………………………………………………………………..14 What’s about Liberia’s FOOLISH and Criminal founding argument from the ACS: that Criminal Blacks, when systematically rounded up, and weeded out of the American society, can be dumped somewhere on the African continent for them to Christianize and Civilize Africa…….........................................................................................15 How Liberia’s current Agenda for Transformation document confirms its illegitimacy…......15 Check out how TRC too confirmed Liberia’s illegitimacy…………………………………....15 American Political Scientist Robert A. Dahl’s take on Legitimacy …………………………..15 Why is it too dangerous for us to insist on doing things our own, negative, dull, and foolish way, while we remain so badly behind in life as others massively progress…………16 A word of encouragement for you to please buy into our demand now for some All-Citizens-Conference rather than Elections, for us to put our house in order now by the grace of God……………………………………………………………………………17 Closing Notes………………………………………………………………………………….18


First Note: This 18 page narrative, trying to systematically outline some of the countless justifications of our strong claim of Liberia’s unquestionable illegitimacy is an excerpt of one of our revolutionary pamphlets, “If This Is The Best Of Americo-Liberian Leaderships, In Harvard-Trained Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Then What Else Are We, The Natives, Still Waiting For To Constructively Snatch Our Arm Robbed Country From Out Of The Hands Of America And Her Americo-Liberians?”, which can be found either in its .doc format, or in their Adobe .pdf format at This excerpt as such intends to give you some summarized picture of how dangerous our country’s situation is, for which total change has now become a MUST by the grace of God. The secret of course, is that, this much-needed change can, and will NEVER come about from any already existing source or process, such as political elections, as is being run or administered here by existing Americo-Liberian structures and institutions. Revolution, preferably a peaceful revolution, of course, has this God-approved solution through His grace and guidance. This excerpt is mainly intended to give you a quicker insight into the much bigger problems at hand, and to drive you into reading our more detailed pamphlets. These excerpts further come to strengthen our arguments drawn against Liberia from within other works, based on observations and slightly paraphrased quotations from 3 revered American academicians and professionals including Messrs. Hugh Mason Brown and Patrick J. O’Rouke and Dr. James Ciment, two of which address Liberia directly, while the balance one references Liberia indirectly. The three remarks or paraphrased quotations and observations include: (a) Mr. Hugh Mason Brown, who studied, observed, and declared that: “a Liberian only sadly memorizes concepts and theories from other people, and refuses to use or practically apply these concepts and theories to change his situation and overall life”; (b) Dr. James Ciment, after carefully studying and observing Liberia for years through research also, finally discovers that Liberia is unfortunately an illegitimate statehood arrangement whose people have a very twisted approach to things, and a thwarted modus operandi. Then, (c) Mr. Patrick Jake O’Rouke declares that, once a people overlook their own History, (by refusing to use it as a guide for finding solutions to their problems etc., they also will NEVER be able to do well in their Economics, English, or Math etc. As usual, some of our presentation styles may seem unconventional, but permissible, as they are revolutionary, and can’t just be tied to norms. But please read on, and make sense out of them. Thanks.


Before we start to list and explain in small details each of our key points of argument or accounts which convincingly render Liberia as an illegitimate statehood arrangement, only criminally struggling with some limited scope of sovereignty that was granted to it by America, who too did this with some huge ‘capitalistic, criminal’ motives, let us first list all the key indicators, or measurement tools, or yardsticks, that modern law and social science use to qualify a state or nationhood arrangement as legitimate, or valid or legal. Remember that just as a business entity (whether a proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation) for example, can be declared illegal either by refusing to register with the government, or, for being discovered to have registered with the wrong person, or, for having false information in any of its founding papers, especially its Articles of Incorporation and its By Laws & Constitution etc., and, such business entity can be closed down or barred from doing business etc. and etc., a country too can be brought to book for being illegal or illegitimate for several key reasons, as you will discover in this short piece of literature, and when such becomes clear of a so-called nation or country, the only option left is to redo all of that country’s founding theories, along with all other necessary readjustments. That’s the very undodgeable situation that ‘Liberia’ now finds itself in. So then here we go with a list of 22 things or indicators derived from both academic sources, including Law, Political Science, and other Social Sciences, and then from Common Sense, that can determine whether a country, like for instance, the United States, France, Ivory Coast, or like ‘Liberia’ is claiming to be, is legitimate: 1. Honesty, Love and Justice MUST characterize all of the motives and intentions leading up to the setup or establishment of a state 2. The founding arguments of a country must be true, honest, transparent, sustainable, but still very flexible to change when situations genuinely dictate so, based on changing times 3. The founding arguments of a country must be able to engender and ensure strong social and psychological cohesion between all members of the society every step of the way. 4. Honesty MUST be demonstrated on the part of the governors towards the governed, and vice versa. Or, put another way, honesty and sincerity MUST characterize government-tocitizens relationship. With more emphasis on this point, mutual trust MUST be existing between the government and its citizens, while generalized trust MUST exist within society as a whole, among all citizens 5. The state authorities MUST be able to dispense justice and implement laws holistically, or across the board, and not partially or selectively. 6. The state authorities MUST be able to educate all of their citizens sustainably, since education opens the door to ALL the other success stories anticipated by the state and its people. The national authorities must also be able to provide all of its citizens with all the remaining basic social services and amenities; or, they must demonstrate a strong and honest will to do so in the short, or even medium to long-term 7. A country MUST be able to generate massive revenues by itself, and for itself 8. The state authorities MUST be able to make decisions independently, outside of any glaringly impulsive external interference or influence


9. The rights and interest of all citizens of a legitimate state must be secured and prioritized at all times 10. The state MUST be able to independently set up, populate, equip, and fund its security forces – i.e. the army, the police etc. – adequately and sustainably, in line with ALL contemporary or modern standards 11. National laws, beginning with the constitution, MUST be objective, all-encompassing, unbiased, and void of intentional flaws and intentional criminal provisions. 12. The interest and identity of every segment of society MUST be reflected in all of the national symbols and emblems, and every citizen MUST have a common understanding of these items, in addition to being able to cultivate a clear sense of belongingness to their country through the simplicity of these national symbols and emblems. This is what we call shared national identity. 13. State authorities MUST demonstrate consistent moral rightness in all their dealings – whether with the outside world or with their citizens, but the interest of the citizens MUST be above all else, and state authorities MUST act in their country’s own best interest regardless of outside pressure 14. The state MUST demonstrate a consistent capacity to ably detect, fight, and defeat pervasive, destructive, social ills and crimes 15. A state MUST show honest proof of making steady year-to-year progress in all of its human development indicators in line with contemporary or modern standards. 16. State authorities MUST be able to derive and design national policies (political, economic, and otherwise) indigenously 17. The state MUST be able to demonstrate excellence in regularly and seamlessly making adjustments to its founding civic theories, including its social contract items, such as its symbols, emblems, awards, constitution etc., and then its systems, infrastructure, and modus operandi, so ably to match modern and changing times *Note: the first 17 legitimacy criteria above are more practical in nature, based on common sense, let’s close on this listing with the below 5 that are more academic and theoretical, as propounded by modern-day professors and social science theorists or authorities: 18. According to German Professor Fritz Scharpf, basic political legitimacy comes in two forms: (a) Output Legitimacy – this measures the effectiveness of government’s policy outcomes on the overall lives of the citizenry, or every citizen, for short. Then (b), Input Legitimacy – the measure of an authority’s responsiveness to the needs and concerns of its citizens, which can be expressed in different forms of democratic participation. 19. Vivien Schimidt, Professor of International Relations at the Boston University introduces what could be referred to as a 3 rd basic measure of legitimacy, in addition to Sharpf’s 2 above, that he calls (c) Throughput Legitimacy – the measure of the effectiveness of governmental processes in effecting both Output and Input Legitimacies. 20. University of Tel-Aviv Assistant Professor of Politics and Senior Research Fellow at Princeton University, Mr. Uriel Abulof argues political legitimacy from two points: (a)


Negative Political Legitimacy – this is the measurement of the appropriateness or correctness of each governmental action; and (b) Positive Political Legitimacy – a measure of how a government takes seriously the importance of having the right and qualified persons in the right governmental positions. For example, if you are not a proven criminal, or highly possible criminal etc., can you ever survive to be a president or lawmaker in Liberia? 21. Democratic Legitimacy depends on the effectiveness of the procedures used or employed by government institutions and the quality of the decisions that these institutions do make from time to time 22. Some social scholars do trumpet the concepts of Instrumental Legitimacy and Substantive Legitimacy. They say: (a) Instrumental Legitimacy gauges legitimacy by how effectively government delivers social services to all of its citizens; and (b) Substantive Legitimacy assesses political legitimacy by how much citizens are willing to sacrifice for the common good of society based upon the trust that they have in their own government and society in general etc. and etc. After having laid this premise, let’s now limit our legitimacy debate to the issue of a National Social contract. Let it be known here that in order for a piece of land and its people, to gain or reach the status of being called a legitimate country, a legitimate state, a legitimate nation, or a legitimate nation state – whichever way one prefers to call it, there MUST be some key agreement called a Social contract that binds these people on the land, to one another, and to that piece of land itself. This social contract is more theoretical and multidimensional than some single hard copy, legal document, but it is simply reflected in such things as the Declaration of Independence, the form of government, the Constitution, the seal, the motto etc. and other emblems and common public documents. Even societal norms also be regarded as a function or product of social contract. All this put together, according to the Social Scientists, form the very foundation of a society. However, the contractual sense of this whole civic and national concept reflects more within the relationship between the governing authority of a place and the governed, or those who are being governed, including the ordinary, common people. In this sense of a governing authority and the governed, a Social Contract is synonymous with the marital vow between a husband and a wife, in which each party has some major obligations and responsibilities in line with the vow, and that any substantial proof of violating such pledge, especially repeatedly and consistently, warrants the cancellation of this contract through a divorce and stuffs like that. So let’s do a little bit of definitions before hitting the hammer on the nail’s head with respect to Liberia and her current governing authority and social contract: 1) Contract – (a) An agreement between two or more competent parties based on mutual promises to do something, which is both legal and possible; or, to refrain from doing something, which can normally be illegal. (b) An agreement that the law can force someone to keep. (c) A writing made to show the terms and conditions of such agreement.

Notes:  There are 6 elements that must be available or possible to make an agreement a complete contract, just like a Social Contract, and they include: (1) an offer (2) an acceptance (3) a


mutual consent (4) capacity to live the contract (5) some consideration or sacrifice from both parties, and (6) Legality/Legitimacy  Contractual characteristics fall into four main categories, which include: (1) either Valid or Voidable (2) either Unilateral or Bilateral (3) either Express (ed) or Implied, and (4) either Informal or Formal  The following 7 acts or conditions – and actions resembling them, or related to them – can jeopardize the validity, legitimacy, correctness, or authority of a contract, and each of them, when proven, is capable, alone and enough, to terminate or cancel a contract, including a Social Contract. They include: (1) Chicanery (lying/cheating) (2) Fraud (3) Duress (4) Undue Influence (5) Misinterpretation (6) Mental Infirmity (7) Age Inability 2) Social – (a) Of, or relating to human beings living together in groups or communities (b) Living or growing together in groups or as a community. 3) Social Contract – (this big agreement could also be referred to as Civic Contract, Political Contract, Citizenship Contract or National Contract) – According to Wikipedia, Social Contract is a body of arguments, like we said earlier, such as a constitution, a declaration of independence etc., claiming that individuals have agreed either in writing or in some willful cooperation, to surrender some of their freedoms to an authority or a ruler or a majority, in exchange for the protection of their remaining rights. It is also referred to as a political contract that defines the origin of a society and validates the legitimacy of a state over individuals within a specific territorial confines. Note:  One other key characteristic of any contract, including a Social Contract is that all parties to it must stand in probity (truthfulness, righteousness, sincerity, honesty etc.) to each other with respect to the execution or performance of their duties and responsibilities under the contract. This requirement makes it incumbent that each party must have a generally recognized interest in the subject of the contract if they are to be bound to it. Still in connection to this point, we listed earlier 6 elements that must be present to make a contract, including a Social Contract, valid or legitimate, but let’s just throw a little light on only one of them here, which is consideration, an element that lays the foundation for the duties and responsibilities under a contract, for which probity becomes a serious matter. Consideration, in the world of contract, and when placed in the very layman sense, is the sum total of the series of sacrifices needed to be made by one party, on the one hand, in order to produce a series of benefits to be received by the other party, on the other hand, and this takes place vice versa, or as a two-way street. Each party is compelled to do some specific sacrifice for the benefit of the other, and to receive some specific benefit as a result of the sacrifice made by the other. This is where probity plays a major role to produce legitimacy. Placing all this into the context of a Social Contract, with the government as a party (let’s say Party A), and citizens as a party (Party B), for example, or whichever way we may put it, we say: some of the citizens’ sacrifices that produce benefits to the government include: (1) Remaining, or keeping informed – of relatively all of the key issues of society; (2) Working to improve the community; (3) Respecting constituted authority; (4) Respecting public property; (5) Ensuring that government performs all of its duties well; (6) Voting; (7) Serving in government etc.


On the other hand, some of the government/governing authority’s binding sacrifices that produce benefits to the citizens – which in turn comes back logically and practically to producing benefits for the government itself too – include: (1) Providing quality education to ALL – as a beginning point for everything else to work well; (2) Ensuring that sound, and allencompassing laws are in place to govern all of society’s affairs; (3) Ensuring that justice is accorded to all, equally and equitably, under the rule of law; (4) Putting up maximum security for ALL, alike, including proven criminals; (5) According freedom to, and protecting freedom for ALL; (6) Providing a range of other basic social services that facilitate healthy, long, and productive life for ALL, including health services, food, transportation, electricity, water supply etc., employing different legal or legitimate mechanisms that will ensure that ALL these basic services are supplied to EVERYBODY in a substantial way etc. and etc. But a striking point of interest here is that because government is a small unit of people selected or taken from among the citizens to work on behalf of the citizens, and is given all of the required resources and authority to do such work adequately on behalf of the rest of the citizens, and to keep society growing and progressing success after success, it is government who is ultimately responsible to ensure, one legitimate way or the other, that each of the two parties to the Social Contract – i.e. government itself and the citizenry – is adequately empowered to responsibly live its side of the bargain in the contract; again, with probity to the other. After all these theoretical narratives that give us a full idea of what truly constitutes legitimacy, let’s now provide some historical and empirical proofs of Liberia’s lack of legitimacy, so as to sharpen our resolve to now fight for true legitimacy for our country by the grace of our Almighty God. Here we go. But first off, it’s important to let you know that 4 great LIES were used as pillars at the 4 cornerstones putting up Liberia’s foundation, and these great LIES continue to reign supreme today in different respects. The four, which come from credible sources including: Wikipedia, Joseph Saye Guannu’s Liberian History Up To 1847; Catherine Reef’s “This is our Dark Country: The American Settlers of Liberia; Hezekiah Niles’ Weekly Register etc. are as follows: A. LIE #1: Criminal, threatening, and rampaging Black freed slaves, when systematically weeded out of the American Society, and dumped forcibly – if that’s what it takes – on some spot on the African continent, can form a state by themselves, and then begin to ‘Christianize’ and ‘Civilize’ the whole continent of Africa from this spot B. LIE #2: American Colonization Society (ACS) Agent Eli Ayres and US Naval Lieutenant Robert Field Stockton had lied to our tribal forefathers that they were settling their hardcore criminal Black slaves, the occupants of their Elizabeth the Mayflower, the Nautilus etc. on our Cape Mesurado for a while, to trace their rightful locations on the African continent before taking them to their final destinations, since it will be so absurd and stupid enough to rationalize that all those troublesome Black slaves systematically rounded up from America did come from this particular Western spot on the African continent, which is this Grain Coast. C. LIE #3: Again, ACS Agent, Surgeon Dr. Eli Ayres and US Naval Lieutenant Robert Field Stockton of New Jersey, after pointing pistol at our tribal forefather’s head to surrender our land, Cape Mesurado, went further, as part of some professedly formal deal for this land,


drawn out of coercion, to promise our people some unspecified sum of money, to be brought later for this land, after insultingly giving our people some smoke fish, salt, old shoes etc. from their ships, as so-called part payment for this land. The promised cash payment, to be brought later to our ALWAYS badly cheated, defenseless, and choiceless tribal forefathers, became a great LIE in the end D. LIE #4: The criminal Black Americans had claimed to the whole world, and a claim that they and their master, the US Government, still fiercely defend in many respects to this date, as demonstrated in the name, symbols, emblems, and holidays of this place, that, when they arrived here on January 7, 1822, they NEVER met any human beings, but rather, all that they met was a vast wilderness, inhabited to some extent by wild beasts or savages, that they began to transform bit by bit into human beings etc. Since LIE is the greatest destroyer, and is among the very few sins and iniquities that God hates the most, according to the Bible (Proverbs 6:16-19 for instance), let’s take a little more time off to throw light on some of these fundamental and sustained LIES of Liberia, as listed above, in the immediate section below: 1. From what we now know, Liberia’s Social Contract was designed formally between June 25 and July 25, 1847, according to sources such as the “Liberian History Up To 1847” by Dr. Joseph S. Guannue, when 12 persons, representing only one, and the most questionable one for that matter (i.e. the Americo-Liberians), of ‘Liberia’s somewhat formally known 17 social or ethnic groups, converged at a so-called Constitutional Convention in Monrovia. This 1-month ‘National Convention’ produced a set of Social Contract elements, including the Declaration of Independence, the First Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, a national motto, a seal, a flag etc. with key supporting general arguments like the ones below, among others, again, ALL OF WHICH ARE GREAT LIES, one way or the other, as they are being sustained to date: (a) According to the Declaration of Independence and the First Constitution, all the citizens of this country (‘Liberia’) are originally from the United States of North America. (b) The motto, which is also part of the seal, says that it is the love of liberty that brought everybody here, originally from North America; and in fact, this is the reason for which this place is called Liberia. (c) When the Black Americans came here, they never met any human beings on ground, but instead, they met a complete wilderness, with only wild animals – savages and beasts, not human beings. In logical terms, our tribal forefathers, in the Bassas, Deis, and Golas for example, from whom these Black American miscreants took Cape Mesurado to begin building their failed, barren, and criminal Liberia, were wild animals and beasts, not human beings. Small Proof of our claim a) Jo M. Sullivan of the Cambridge Public Schools in Massachusetts, the USA, expressed his frustration once at the sad characterizations of the indigenous people of this country by the so-called Black American ‘pioneers’, as presented in a 2002 book written by Catherine Reef entitled, “This is our Dark Country: The American Settlers of Liberia”. Mr. Sullivan criticizes for example, the Americo-Liberians’ use of such phrases as: “building a nation in


the wilderness”, “surviving in the wilderness” etc. He said, in Reef’s description of the region [as very lately as 2002 in her book], she still gave preference to animals before making some little mention of a local people. b) In the book, “Liberia, the West African Republic”, Richard and Doris Henries narrate that upon the arrival of the Black Americans from bondage, they met on the Grain Coast, only savages, whom they (the ‘Congo People’) began to transform into human beings. c) In Liberia’s official Civics textbook, as late as the Tubman’s Era, “Civics for Liberian Schools, 1966”, A. Doris Banks Henries, the author of this book, with full approval of the Government of Liberia, referred to us, the indigenous people, the Nagbes, the Boakais, the Samukais, the Weahs, the original Sirleafs and so on, as savages. Note that, no popular and well-premised official policy has EVER changed these characterizations and descriptions of us, the aboriginals, and original owners of this land yet. Conclusion While we know that there exists no bilateral, express/expressed, valid, and formal Social Contract underlying this entire Liberian society, even if someone, especially the Congo people who established their Liberia along with their American masters, will insist that there exists something, then we will agree with them for argument sake, but will still prove strongly that what they are referring to therefore, is instead an implied, informal, unilateral, and unconscionable June-July 1847 Social Contract, that is one-sided and very oppressive, giving unfair advantage to the Americo-Liberians over the Aboriginal people of our country. This situation or reality, we assert, has now become very, very untenable and UNACCEPTABLE. It has thus become perfectly justifiable for us to resist such informal Social Contract at all costs now, as we have begun, by the grace of God, in order to change these things around. 2. Every story, every narration, and so forth, surrounding Liberia’s establishment, onward existence and movement is so queer, negatively strange, and criminal, most often like a fable (or a story of animals), and not like a narration about human beings. Note that this is without prejudice to our good, suffering, and innocent people. We believe that activities characterizing the founding or establishment of a sound and legitimate country should be both inspirational and virtue-packed so that these beautiful realities can flourish throughout the existence of such a country. But what we know about this Liberia is quite the opposite, with narrations about the founding and onward survival of this Black American Criminal outpost called country, up to this point, just so uninteresting, heart-sickening and terrible, as they are almost all characterized by very queer human behavior toward fellow human beings, and numerous ghastly tales of criminalities, corruption, dishonesty, poverty, brutality and the likes, all the way, from the very beginning of this Liberia in 1822 to this date in 2017. This NASTY profile of a whole group of God’s children MUST change now by His grace, and it will NEVER change if we keep obeying the current criminal status quo. It’s time for virtuous men and women to rise up to the arduous and dangerous challenge of laying a new civic and social foundation that will first fear God, and then respect all men, by according all men what they truly deserve out of life. 3. Every knowledgeable and well-meaning person in this country knows perfectly well by now that Liberia started everything the wrong way, and it continues to conduct itself the


completely wrong way in almost every aspect of positive life, including how we even eat and how we worship our Creator, not to mention the great mess that we keep making out of the noble calling and responsibilities of governance and leadership. Now, when reasonable people establish that a system has got everything wrong, and they keep obeying that system, then they are saying that they are very proud of that wrong system, and that they want to keep growing and strengthening it to become more and more dangerous and deadlier. That way, we all become badly guilty of nurturing the problem, rather than becoming part of the solution. Here is just a little sample of big opinion leaders of today who completely agree with our Plain Truth Revolution that this particular social order in our country (the Grain Coast, cheatingly called Liberia), that was initiated here by the Americo-Liberians in 1822, is very miserable, and must be completely torn down now, and redesigned: (a) Mr. John S. Morlu, former Auditor General of Liberia – Mr. Morlu once said, in Liberia, we have a kleptocracy (or one would say, a ‘rogue-cracy’ or ‘criminocracy’), masquerading as a democracy. He then called on the Press Union of Liberia to help break this rogue structure called Liberian democracy down, and not to help it grow to born more babies of poverty, uncontrollable foreign exchange rates, astronomical prices of goods/services, and sky-rocketing rate of unemployment (, November 28, 2015) (b) Mr. Keith Morris, Journalist in Local Print Media – according to Journalist Morris, there is no coordination in the administrative structure of the country….He says, there’s a very serious climate of deceit in the thing called government in this place, so much so that politicians or government officials come to the public and talk different things, but behind the scenes, they mean quite different things (Farbric FM New Dawn, August 26, 2015) (c) Mr. Nathaniel Barnes, Politician and former Liberian Ambassador to the United Nations – Mr. Barnes argues that we “dangerously don’t have any institutions in this place, but instead, we just have personalities.” He says we are terribly not even a reconciled people, and that we don’t have any common purpose, and any common goal as a people. He continues that there’s an incredible lack of trust by Liberians in their leaders and government generally, and that this lack of citizens’ trust is JUSTIFIED!!!!!!!!(Farbric FM New Dawn, December 2, 2015) (d) Senator Henry Yallah, Bong Country – according to Senator Yallah, in Liberia, and in the Senate in which he serves, when the President for example nominates a person this evening, before day breaks the next morning, that nominee has already been confirmed. He then goes on to say, “We [make a] lot of mistakes in this place, and this place needs to be redeemed….” (Sky FM News, October 31, 2014) (e) Mr. Jonathan Paye – Lay-Leh – BBC Correspondent/Liberia – Mr. Paye Layleh says that the behavior of Liberian leaders in dealing with the country’s resources, especially its natural resources (iron ore, gold, diamond, oil etc.) makes him to wonder whether leaders here have something at the back of their minds telling them that the country is now coming to an end (Farbric FM New Dawn, October 20, 2015) (f) Ms/Mrs. Makita Redd/Wreh, Commerce Inspector, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Liberia – at one time, Madam Redd/Wreh publicly expressed fears for her son Justin’s life


in the hands of the country’s national police, saying that her son’s safety was not guaranteed in the hands of the police once the President, Madam Sirleaf, was out of the country at the time. (Local Radio News, December 13, 2013) (g) Mr. Isaac Redd, Director of Press & Public Affairs, House of Representatives, Liberia – fed up with the status quo, Mr. Redd complains, with utmost disgust, that in Liberia, the construction or rehabilitation of little stretches of substandard one-lane roads is only determined by where the president goes. In his direct words, “Our country just can’t go this way…we need to jumpstart everything all over again….and we need real patriotic people to do this…..” (Farbric FM New Dawn, November 12, 2015) (h) Mr. Koffi Woods, former Public Works Minister, Liberia – He says, Liberia’s very chronic problems can be attributed to the tragic return of the so-called freed slaves from America – development which he said eventually gave birth to all of the deadly vices that now overwhelm our society, including ethnic marginalization and the very unspeakable abuse of power and authority, but not because of any April 14 or April 12, 1980 incidents, as others may always want to claim (Sky FM News, April 28, 2014) (i) Dean Johnson, African Methodist Episcopal University, Monrovia – this honorable Dean says, Liberia’s declaration of independence was imprudently thought out, and was untimely…He continues, “we need a complete renaissance… we need a complete rebirth… (Farbric FM New Dawn, March 16, 2015) (j) Mr. Wilfred Bangourah, Senate Protemp’s Office, Liberia – According to Mr. Bangourah, Liberia was founded on a false premise. He says, “We should now check our founding papers and make some more adjustments…” He further states, “We now need to reclaim and repossess our country…” (Farbric FM New Dawn, March 16, 2015) (k) Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, head, Liberia’s Good Governance Commission – here is how Dr. Sawyer summarizes the whole dangerously funny and sad Liberian story: According to him, “The idea of Liberia is flawed in conception, design, and implementation” (as quoted by Mr. Jo Sullivan of the Cambridge Public Schools in Massachusetts, the USA) 4. Liberia completely lacks the ability to EVER dispense equitable and fair justice to all of the people of this land. In fact, it will be a complete mockery out of ourselves, to ever feel in this life, that an Americo-Liberian designed arrangement, including its GOL, will EVER mean well for the Natives, the 16 African tribal population of this country – let alone will it dispense fair justice in this place, when the harsh fact remains that criminals can NEVER dispense justice or fight crime. As a result of this painful and damaging reality, just as President Obama once said that in some countries, there are separate sets of laws for different groups of people, Liberia has 3 sets of laws – one set for the Americo-Liberians in general, one set for the so-called well-connected in the Americo-Liberian society, and the last and most ruthless set, for the huge mass of ordinary ‘Yarkpawolos.’ It may interest you to discover that even if a Williams, a Bryant, or a McClain were seen broad day rampaging and killing a swarm of indigenous people’s kids and babies in cold blood in this country, or stealing millions of dollars of the country’s wealth in broad day light, the Liberian socalled legal system will do all it can to acquit that Williams, Bryant, or McClain permanently, if, out of some external pressure the Black American element ever appears in their courts, in the first place.


Even the very government and court authorities here, one day after another, do validate in different forms and actions that, criminally rooted Government of Liberia from 1822, has got no capacity to EVER dispense fair and reasonable justice to the good people of this country. Here are just few proofs of how the Government of Liberia and its judicial officials do agree with us that nothing good is happening here in terms of sound justice for God’s children, and that there’s NO sign that it will EVER improve: a. Judge/Justice Francis S. Korkpor, Sr., Chief Justice, Liberia – the two crippling human rights abuses of: (a) indiscriminately, unprofessionally, and many times, just maliciously throwing people behind bars on the one hand, and then on the other hand, (b) keeping people illegally for long time under pretrial detention had gotten to the Chief Justice’s nerves, as some of the deadliest problems of the Americo-Liberian Justice System, so much so that he had to blow alarm about them in October 2015. He emphasized to the public that prolonged detention of an accused person before trying them – which is terribly plaguing his own justice system – amounted to travesty of justice, or making mockery out of justice. He then warned his judges and magistrates to take full advantage of provisions under the law for options or courses other than incarcerating accused people while also warning them to speedily and promptly attend to court cases instead of what is currently happening. Note: The sad news is that all of the Chief Justice’s warnings and admonishments here, deriving from his frustrations about the broad day travesty of justice in this Black American country will all fall on barren ground and hard rock because this Liberia was NEVER designed to seek any form of excellence and fair dealings with human beings, PERIOD!!! (; Detained Alleged Criminals Have Rights, October 13, 2015) b. Associate Justice Kabineh J’aneh, Supreme Court of Liberia – After Liberia has been around for the past 194 years now dispensing justice to its citizens, here are just 3 of the many fundamental and very damaging deficiencies still plaguing her justice system, according to Cllr. J’aneh, an authority himself: (1) persistent over-crowdedness of court dockets; (2) very huge numbers of pretrial detentions; and (3) insufficient laws on the books to adequately handle ongoing concerns and challenges. (ELBC, November 23, 2015). Judge Korboi Nuta of Criminal Court ‘A’ had also earlier expressed similar grave concerns about the Liberian Judicial System, adding that it lacks, as yet, any coherent and uniform approach to handling the country’s huge justice problems and needs. He said this was a very serious impediment in dispensing justice in the country. (ELBC, November 2013) c. Cllr. Benedict Sannoh, Justice Minister, Liberia – in an ELBC January 2, 2015 news cast, Cllr. Sannoh was heard publicly announcing that in Liberia, certain people are allowed to go with impunity when they do wrong – just for the sake of peace and reconciliation, and that such persons were now taking advantage of this situation. He is quoted verbatim, while serving as Acting Justice Minister at the time, as saying, “…Government has been letting certain things go unpunished for the sake of peace and reconciliation, and people are taking advantage of this, and thinking that they are above the law, but 2015 will be a different year…” During another time, Cllr. Sannoh, while now serving as Justice Minister proper, claimed that his own justice system comprises imperial magistrates [or by extension court officials] who make themselves so powerful [criminally], and do such unwholesome things


as imposing excessive bail bonds on accused citizens….(Local Daily, Winston W. Parley, October 14, 2015) d. Judge Blamo Dickson/Dixon, Judge, Temple of Justice, Monrovia – at the opening ceremonies of the November 2015 term of court, at Criminal Courts A, B, C, and D at the Temple of Justice, Judge Dickson/Dixon disclosed that some magistrates were in the bad business of [maliciously] denying citizens their due rights to obtaining bonds under the law. Note: If Judge Dickson/Dixon could observe and alarm at this kind of painfully unwholesome human rights abuse from his court chambers at Capitol Hill in Monrovia, then one has the right to worry about what’s happening in the remote towns and villages across this country, beginning with the interior part of the very Montserrado County that hosts the so-called capital city. e. In August 2015, a senior court official in Grand Cape Mount County was heard bitterly complaining about how court authorities in the county [which is symptomatic of the entire country] imprudently, unprofessionally and maliciously incarcerate too many persons beyond the capacity of detention facilities. He said they were doing this by just mischievously and intentionally issuing out writs of arrest in very simple cases that only required writs of summon (ELBC, August 2014) etc. and etc. Note: Meanwhile, the very credible US State Department is on record for consistently indicating that the Liberian Judiciary or legal system does not, as yet, know the very basics of the law, and that there is a no justice as yet in the country since 1822 etc. and etc. Here is a caveat from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. pertaining to such a dangerous and nasty situation like that of Liberia, which can now be proven beyond all doubts: According to Dr. King, “.... Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice, but when they fail in this purpose, they become the dangerous structured dams that block the flow of all social progress.” To keep obeying such a system is just a painful act of ignoring our consciences while insulting ourselves and prolonging our own agony, including the pain and anguish of our huge suffering majority in this country. For God will hold us responsible for being equally guilty of all these big crimes, including the broad day white-collar terrorism and genocide associated with this very nasty Liberian tale of burning our consciences with hot iron for the sake of food and money. 5. Last, but not the least, apart from the numerous proofs of Liberia’s illegitimacy that we have expounded above, Liberia is just a downright illegitimate state arrangement from countless other respects, again, a few of which are as follows: a. The revered Greek Philosopher, Aristotle once said, “At his best, man is the noblest of all animals, [but] separated from the law and justice, man becomes the worst of all animals.” This is Americo-Liberia’s sad fate – with all due respect to all of our good and innocent citizens. From the perspective of running a country and a government, using the skill of politics and its most powerful tool called Civics, only one instrument or document can generally handle the issue of law and justice, and this book, this instrument, this document, is called the Constitution. This is also called the Organic Law, or the Supreme Law of a country. Liberia’s part of Supreme and ‘sacred’ law, its Constitution, is so messy, dirty, unfair and bloody; and as such, does not need to be obeyed any longer until we redo it. Here are some of our justifying arguments against this strong claim: This book, written


mainly by self-interest seeking, criminal politicians, and written under very unfavorable conditions and atmosphere when blood was being wasted in every corner, and secret beheadings taking place all across the country in the early 1980s, is full of lies and all sorts of criminal dualities. Few of its lies and criminal provisions can be found in such passages as Articles 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 20, most of 21, 26, 27(b), 97, and many more. In fact, this constitution does not respect our people; it is a recipe for chaos, as alluded even by the United Nations; it promotes impunity; it promotes perversion of the law; it promotes selfishness; it was used to kill and ‘rekill’ almost 1 million of our poor citizens through some senseless war, and through the ever-corrupt Supreme Court of Liberia; it was used as a tool to send more than 1 million of our citizens into exile, making them suffer and face humiliating conditions and harsh fate including disgraceful deaths without befitting burials outside of their home; it is being used to shield productive President Tolbert and his officials’ killers forever; it was used to deny our people reparations after criminals took advantage of its loopholes to set our people’s lives far back for scores and decades; it has been used to perpetuate the sufferings of our people by maintaining and sustaining a criminal gang in place called government, and to keep bringing criminals to power to inflict more harm on our good people forever etc. In addition to these very damaging and dangerous characteristics, the Liberian constitution carries in it a lot of provisions which the authorities themselves know that they are unable and unprepared to implement, but keep them on the books for formality. This too is very dangerous, as by this, the constitution regards certain articles as more important than others, while other articles are mere suggestions that can be trampled upon anyhow. We just can’t keep obeying such a dangerous joke called constitution. The consequences can very deadly and far-reaching in the end, both in this life, and before our Creator. b. As we mentioned somewhere in this text, our Social Contract can best be reflected also in our national symbols and emblems, thus giving legitimacy to our civic arrangement or state arrangement. And let’s not forget what we said earlier that the legal and moral legitimacy of a state sit right within its underlying Social Contract, according to the Civic and Social architects and experts. A national symbol represents an idea or a reality that means so much to a group of people. In a state, the flag, the seal, the motto, the national anthem, the national holidays, the folk heroes and heroines etc. constitute the national symbols. These symbols inspire citizens to be more patriotic. They represent the hopes and aspirations of all citizens. National emblems and symbols steer every citizen in the same direction in fulfilment of common national objectives. Symbols and emblems serve to hold the mirror to the value of the country. They help to instill confidence in, and also to gain the commitment of all citizens to work for the common good of the country. They help place focus on the core values of society, and they are an embodiment of the principles and ideas of society, while motivating all citizens to perform well etc. But sadly, Liberia’s part of National symbols and emblems first off, kill and insult all of the indigenous people of this country, which constitute 99% of the population. These symbols consider our people as mere dogs and other wild or domesticated animals who deserve nothing good out of life; and as we fully elaborated upon from the beginning of this text, they were designed to validate and defend the 4 BIG LIES that laid Liberia’s foundation pillars, and the subsequent bloody LIES that continue to sustain Americo-Liberia.


c. Claims of the illegitimacy of Liberia are not coming from us, the Plain Truth Revolution alone. Official proofs are being provided and corroborated, first by history explicitly, then by prominent institutions and opinion leaders, before finally, by the very officials of government through their own pronouncements and actions on a very regular basis. Here we go with a small sample: 1. The piece of land, Cape Mesurado, on which the building and nurturing of the state called Liberia began, was sadly arm robbed by US Naval Captain Robert Field Stockton of the USS Alligator Battleship in late December 1821, according to very credible American sources. Note: If the American Colonization Society and the United States Government will disprove this claim, then we will demand them, that is, the United States Government, to produce Cape Mesurado’s land deal so that we all find out how much they paid for our land in 1821 from our dear forefathers, and through what means. It should not be difficult to produce this land deal because Wikipedia tells us that all of ACS’s documents were turned over to the Library of Congress in Washington DC at the bankruptcy of this NGO, just lately in 1964. 2. Liberia is an illegitimate statehood arrangement because history narrates that the club or NGO that established the country in 1822, and professedly granted it independence in 1847, called the American Colonization Society was a racist ‘business’ NGO that could not even sustain itself, let alone sustain the so-called colony that it established. And so after they completed their very deadly business mission of ridding the United States of mischievous Black American criminals and dumping them on our productive soil in about 20 years, ACS ultimately went bankrupt, and existed only on paper for a couple of years, until it was officially pronounced closed down in 1964. Such an entity can NEVER be a legitimate grantor of independence status to any proud and God-fearing people on the face of this Planet, and even no serious, productive, and proud people will ever allow such funny story to characterize their foundation. 3. As we clarified at the beginning of this work, the National Convention of June to July 1847 that professedly formalized Liberia’s sovereignty and independence was unrepresentative, unfair, and criminal, thus making its offshoot, Republic of Liberia, illegitimate. This National Convention was attended only by the Johnsons, Grippons, McClains, and Tubmans, who represent 1 ethnic group, the 17 th questionable one for that matter, to the bloody exclusion of the Samukais, Zeagans, Kromahs, Weahs, and Cherrues, who represent the 16 original African ethnic groups, and the recognized owners of the land. By the way, it takes no rocket science to declare with the greatest of emphasis and precision that NOTHING designed by America and her AmericoLiberians will EVER mean well for the 16 tribal African groups of this country, let alone a Social Contract designed by them – not because America is bad, but because this relationship we have with them, rooted in December 1816 is just demned well NASTY and CURSED. d. Although part of the first 4 LIES that laid Liberia’s treacherous foundation, it’s better to lay more emphasis here on Lie #1, since it is the main theory upon which Liberia was built. In the world of business, this statement qualifies as the Vision Statement or the Unique Selling Proposition of the entity, Liberia. Thus we say here, Liberia is an illegitimate civic arrangement because it was constructed on a completely false argument or premise.


According to several historical accounts, including the ones we provided earlier, the main argument propounded by the American Colonization Society, as approved by the United States Government, was that “Black American criminals should be shipped, or should be brought here to ‘Christianize’ and ‘Civilize’ Africa after settling somewhere on this Western Coast of Africa, which happened to be this place, our precious home, the Grain Coast. This is a demned Lie, and God’s children don’t subscribe to such a lie from the Devil’s belly, that’s why we MUST begin now to disobey Liberia in order to change this funny story in our lives by the grace of God. e. Liberia is an illegitimate civic arrangement because as old as 194 years of age, it has proven completely unable to cater for the welfare and wellbeing of all of its citizens in a structured and systematic manner. Apart from its gross failure to dispense justice, as we mentioned earlier, this Black American country is terribly unable to provide any other basic social services such as health, electricity, transportation, water, and so forth. The current government attests to this painful claim in its present Agenda for Transformation (AfT) document when it shamefully asserts that by 2030 it will then be able to provide adequate social services to all of its citizens, and thus be able to attain its legitimacy. f. The Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s July 2009 report categorically asserts that Liberia faces a big LEGITIMACY CRISIS!!!!! etc. and etc. Let’s pause here for now. In the end, American Political Scientist Robert A. Dahl posits Legitimacy as a reservoir, assuming that, so long that that water is at a given level, stability is maintained within the society, but if that water falls below its required level, social and political stabilities are threatened, or stability will absolutely never be achieved. Now, ladies and gentlemen, fellow citizens, these criteria or list of requirements for legitimacy are like the list of individual subjects or courses that we do in school, any school for that matter. At the end of the school year or semester, to determine whether you performed well or passed to the next class, these individual subject’s grades are tallied and an average is derived. So, while you may not pass in all the courses, or score high marks in all, you MUST be able to obtain a passing average in order to survive. In the case of a country, as we are discussing Liberia now for example, you must be able to get a passing average in the combined scores of these individual indicators before ever considering yourself a legitimate country or legitimate government. Any country falling short of these basic requirements is completely illegitimate, like dull Americo-Liberia, and MUST go back on the drawing board to readjust its overall design. Fellow friends, from all of our 4 years of both theoretical and practical research work on this criminal, funny civic theory called Liberia; it has since 1822, miserably failed in all these beautiful criteria, and thus, can NEVER even claim sovereignty or independence, let alone LEGITIMCY in the first place. As such, no God-fearing child or well-meaning citizen should ever continue to obey this kind of false civic theory and its authority any longer, although with objectivity, tolerance, and respect, so as to maintain relative peace, understanding and stability in the process, since this kind of strange, harsh, but lifesaving move is actually intended for everyone’s good in the end by God’s grace. Instead, let everyone of us now get on fire to see to it that all of Liberia’s original designs from 1822 (meaning its key reason for being established; its Declaration of


Independence; its seal; its motto; its flag; its holidays; its constitution; its name etc.) be completely redesigned if we ever want peace and prosperity to take firm root once and for all in our society by God’s unmatched power. Anything short of this hard action means that we will remain collectively doomed, just as we have evidently been, since 1822. And someone may say yes, we are completely doomed in the eyes of the Plain Truth Revolution, but at least, some less than 1% of our population (mainly the Americo-Liberian group, and a few of their Native collaborators in the thing called Government here) are enjoying the spoils, traveling to America back and forth, and eating the best of food etc., while such things as ambitions and desires for the balance 99+% suffering masses to ever live their potentials are almost non-existent, and majority of this huge group are strangely enjoying the little crumbs being dropped down by this cruel and criminal less than 1% etc.; and so, we are satisfied with the status quo, and will move on with our lives without any action that will make us threaten our current comfort zone. Thus, the Plain Truth Revolution should go to hell with their forceful demand for unconditional social change. To anyone with this notion, here is a hint for you. Here is the danger attached to your notion: The world is a single entity, with some common quality standards and growth requirements that every group of human beings calling themselves a country, a state, a nation or a territory, MUST keep making honest efforts to meet. A decision by any group of people to ignore these basic, but strong obligations to quality and standards, and to live just anyhow, caring less about the standards of the world, but, out of fear and laziness, wanting to do things their own, traditional and negative ways, refusing to catch pace, in terms of positive growth, with their peers on this planet, they pose serious threat to their own existence, and to the peace of our world. This serious threat emanating from laziness and fear to take strong, sweeping actions at change and development, could blow up into everyone’s face from different angles, including Spiritual, Security, and Dependency etc. points of view. For example, (a), which is the Spiritual Angle, God has said that, it is He, who provided for the set up of every country, and that He wants every country or group of people to know Him and worship Him directly, while thinking and acting for themselves independently, based on their faith in Him (God), but not to live, or at least always live, at the beck and call of another man. He went on to say that if a country refuses to uphold this obligation, He will keep them in a vicious cycle of War, Earthquake, Disease (Epidemic), and Hunger (Famine), to the point that all their peers and friends will look down upon them. (b) When you don’t move honestly and swiftly with your development, and in meeting up with the quality standards and sophistications of our one world, you expose your country and people to different kinds of vulnerabilities, including criminal maneuvers and manipulations from both within and outside; your country remains easily penetrable, and your people remain badly exposed to all sorts of shocks etc. Note that criminals can be economic, military or belligerent, religious, moral, or the likes, all of which, based upon the serious loopholes found within your ways of doing things, will flock in by the day. This constitutes the security threats we mentioned earlier. Then (c) Acute Dependency on your part can also be a huge security risk or threat posed by you to others, as you badly depend on other people’s part of universally scarce resources to make every move in your country, including hosting your own elections to select leaders. When you do this, the people you depend on usually request and sometimes demand you to do all sorts shameful, or even evil things – even to your own people – just to satisfy their selfish interests – whether these interests are criminal or not etc. and etc.


Ladies and gentlemen, from our years of researching this Americo-Liberia, these are sadly the kinds of conditions that this funny Black American Colony has decided to cruelly subject itself for the rest of its existence on this planet, all because this NASTY collective fate hugely benefits the triplet of: Wall Street business interests, Americo-Liberians’ always devilish greed, and the selfish taste of an always few, who find themselves in the higher echelons of the white-colar terrorist organization here called Government of Liberia. But our Plain Truth Revolution says God forbid! All this must radically change right now through the grace and power of our God Almighty. That’s why instead of encouraging you to go stand on line on October 10, 2017 or November 7, 2017, or any date for that matter, to tell the world that we are satisfied with all that’s going on here, and that we want it continue – God forbid – our Revolution says, let Ellen and her people remain there yet, and before UNMIL goes finally in March 2018, let us plan and conduct the same kind of National Convention (from June to July 1847) that gave Liberia its Mickey Mouse independence, but this time around, rather than having only the Tubmans, Johnsons, Bernards, and McClains in attendance, let this one bring on board all the best brains from each of our ethnic groups (tribes), our political parties community, our civil society community, our religious groupings, our Diaspora community etc. for us to boldly and thoroughly debate and lay down new rules for society together through God’s guidance. Thanks. After reading this article, or any of the other articles and pamphlets, please share your thoughts with us at,, or We are also entertaining any historical documentaries or any other worthwhile articles intended to further encourage us, or strengthen our case for this revolution, and any other concerns, using the address above. We moreover have other social media sites. Our Facebook page is We also have three discussion groups: a Facebook Group and a Google+ Community, both under the name Grain Coast (Liberia) Independence Movement (GIM), at and respectively, plus a Google+ Page named plaintruthliberia, which is at We additionally have a Twitter and a YouTube presence, with our Twitter handle being @plaintruthrev, and on YouTube, we are at You are encouraged to Google out any of our key documents or pamphlets by titles as a last option. Thanks again for your unflinching support to our quest to build a new, better nation, by first, your willingness to begin constructively disobeying Liberia to make this change possible by the grace of God. As we are repeating in every work we do, the beginning point is to now demand a grand National Citizens Convention this 2017, rather than some election that will take us nowhere. Don’t worry, the Plain Truth Revolution will lead this dialogue process, and not government by the grace of God. Note finally that these great revolutionary summaries are 7 in number; and one you are just concluding, again, is entitled, “Why do we say that Liberia is an illegitimate statehood arrangement that must be legitimized now, before we take any more steps forward as a people, again by God’s grace”; and the balance 6 include: (1) Why do we say that another danger is already at our door steps, unless we do something radically different together now, to avoid this by God’s grace; (2) Liberia”, A Black American Theory Of Massive Human Suppression And Oppression – Reasons For Which It Will Remain A Failure Forever Unless We Change Everything About It Now – From Name, To Flag, To All Its Theories


(3)More convincing reasons why we say Revolution is the only way out for us now, God willing, rather than elections and reforms;(4) The overriding reasons for which people are elected in Liberia; How Liberia understands the science and art of setting up and nurturing an economy – all being reasons for this dull Black American Colony’s untold poverty”; (5) The United States and Liberia – two geopolitical entities with very similar founding history, but one (the US) is an excellent example worth emulating, while the other (Liberia), is a very horrible example that deserves serious avoidance immediate demolition before it fatally explodes and harms the world and (6) The Plain Truth Revolution, Its Roadmap, Plus Governance Plan, For The New Country, And The New Democracy That We Now Demand To Replace Evil, Failed Liberia, and they all can be found at For our 5 key revolutionary flyers preaching against the continuous holding of fake elections in ‘Liberia’ like the current or ongoing one, please visit, and some powerful Anti-Elections 2017 25-page pamphlet that we have also developed, please visit Thanks once more.

Why do we say that liberia is an illegitimate arrangment that must now be legitimized before we take  

Liberia is a convincingly proven illegitimate statehood arrangement designed by America, and continues to be sustained by her and her Americ...

Why do we say that liberia is an illegitimate arrangment that must now be legitimized before we take  

Liberia is a convincingly proven illegitimate statehood arrangement designed by America, and continues to be sustained by her and her Americ...