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What really is this Plain Truth Revolution for the Grain Coast (“Liberia”?) To begin with, let’s give you an idea of the different meanings currently assigned to the word “Revolution”, taking into the account the fact that almost ALL English words, just like in other languages, do have more than one meaning, and that people assign the right or befitting meaning to a word among its different meanings, based upon the context in which that word is being used at the time. Having said that, several meanings do exist for the word “Revolution”, including the below 7: I.

From the Oxford Dictionary of Current English, revolution has 4 meanings, which are: (1) the overthrow of a government, or a social order, by force, in favor of a new system; (2) a great and far-reaching change; (3) motion in orbit, or in a circular course around a central point; and (4) a single movement around a central point.


From Wikipedia online, (5), a “Revolution”, from its original Latin word, “Revolutio”, is a significant turnaround that results into major changes within the culture, economy, and the social and political institutions of a country or region; and finally for now,


One reliable source defines Revolution as: (6) any idea that comes to take a whole people, or a whole country etc. by storm (like for example the Industrial Revolution, the Information Technology Revolution etc.); or similarly, (7), any exercise that comes to claim everybody’s attention almost at once, and/or, to demand everybody’s input and action one way or the other, at a particular time, etc. and etc.

From these 7, largely interrelated definitions of the word “Revolution” above, our Plain Truth Revolution herewith only distances or disassociates itself from the “By Force” phrase within the (#1) component of Definition I, but each of the other points stressed within the rest of the 7 definitions either directly or indirectly falls in line with our current dreams and aspirations for this country, and thus matches our understanding and use of the world “Revolution”. For example, we now demand a complete change of the current form of government, and by extension, the current social order in this country – and we want this change in social order to be far-reaching, and not just for 10 years, or for 100 years, or for one political regime etc., but perpetually henceforth; we now demand that we, as a people, go back to the drawing board to redo the foundation of this country, redesign our common goals and purposes, including how we run our affairs in this place; we demand substantial, far-reaching changes now within our culture, our economy, and our social and political institutions – all of which we refer to as a positive vector of our Revolution; and, in all this, we want every citizen’s active input or participation, and not just government officials, ‘book’ people, or the current political actors or regime etc., but ALL, ALL, and ALL CITIZENS.


This brings us to how the Plain Truth Revolution actually came about in the first place, and the right answer to this query of course is that our Revolution springs out of TWO related sources, all of which are rooted within the massive EXCESSES of the largely criminal Black elements that were returned to this place by the United States beginning January 1822. The two versions of Americo-Liberia’s EXCESSES which were, and continue to remain responsible for the birth and subsequent naming of the Plain Truth Revolution therefore are: 1) Very true to the undeniable claim made by the Greek Philosopher Plato, hundreds, if not thousands of years back, that: “Excess generally causes reaction, and produces a change in the opposite direction, whether it be in the seasons, or in individuals, or in governments” etc.,, the Plain Truth Revolution came about, according to the first of its two related springboards, in reaction to, or as a result of Americo-Liberia’s ubiquitous INJUSTICE against elements of the vast Native African populations of this country, the Grain Coast, a West African territory which the Americans again, stole the show to rename as “Liberia”, just for their selfish, capitalist, and imperialist gains. The cornerstone of this Revolution therefore was laid on January 25, 2013 when the then Americo-Liberian top management team at the fake Liberia Petroleum [Refining] Company, after some disagreement with Native African Roland S. Kartee, Manager of the Management Information Systems (MIS) Department, use the space of less than 24 hours to hastily concoct a corruption allegation against him (Kartee), and went ahead to fire him in the same time space, but doing all this with a dismissal letter so riddled with errors from start to end, including a condescendingly misrepresented dismissing authority. And LPRC didn’t stop here, but further went ahead to the press in less than one week of this action and denied newspaper reports of the alleged dismissal of Roland Kartee, including the criminal and colonialist motivations behind this cruel action, as: False, Misleading, Reckless, Condescending, and with No iota of truth etc. In short, LPRC went to the press at this same time to deny ever firing Roland Kartee. Please go to such sites as,,, or etc. for more details about this game-changing event and case. 2) As motivation #2 for the establishment and subsequent setting into motion of our Plain Truth Revolution, according to 17th Century British Physicist and Social Scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, as cited in his Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion, “To every action, there is [or MUST be] an equal and opposite reaction.” Now, fellow citizens, after having established from every historical and empirical research that the whole idea that went into the founding of Liberia was marred and characterized by GREAT LIES, and that every available national document surrounding the existence and onward evolvement of Liberia continues to be characterized by MASSIVE LIES – huge lies which have now multiplied, replicated and reduplicated themselves to unspeakable extents, thereby swallowing up an entire society, to the SAD and DAMAGING point that LIES are even stripped into the brains of unborn babies etc. and etc., we got motivated and empowered by God to counter this hugely entrenched culture of LIES


with an opposite force of similar or even bigger proportions of TRUTH telling, and thus our Plain Truth Revolution. For we strongly believe that by accepting the bare truths about our situation, no matter how harsh and painful these plain truths may appear, we will be able to gain freedom and independence, and for the first time, we will be able to live to the fullest of our huge Godgiven potentials in this country. But if we continue to reject the truth – most probably because of our overwhelming fear for America - which is the author of all of these great LIES in this country, then our portion of life on Planet Earth will continue to remain a vicious cycle of bloodbath, poverty, and a living disgrace to nationhood and to God’s creation etc. The Plain Truth Revolution, in summary however, is a civic enterprise that seeks to ‘reborn’ our country (the Grain Coast) through a series of well-organized civic processes and actions intended to culminate into a genuine transitional justice process that will redress our incredibly horrifying past, as a people, and then lay for us a new foundation based upon God’s principles of Mutual Love, Justice, Honesty, and Hard Work, while overturning the current foundation which is based on Lies, Injustice, Ethnocentrism and Corruption. The major principles and creeds of our revolution can be summarized as follows: Vision: “To create a new, productive society that will be lighted and sustained by the simple, plain truths” Mission: “To use God’s eternal principle of Justice to wipe the slate clean for a new national or civic foundation” Motto: It’s time to take the two bulls in our lives (America’s imperialism and Americo-Liberia’s ethnocentrism) by their horns, using the plain truths.” Or for short: It’s time to take the two bulls in our lives by their horns, using the plain truths.” Objectives:  To employ simple, home truths, in a revolutionary fashion to upset Liberia’s entrenched culture of LIES and Mischief Making  To employ simple concepts and theories from general education or ‘book’ to make our country a livable, progressive and civilized place Key Methodology: Massive creation of awareness, rooted from intensive researching and information sharing


Major Tools: History, Civics, Statistics, Pens, Papers, Computers, Microphones, Cell Phones etc., but NOT guns!!!! Key Partners: 1. The Student Population 2. The Media 3. Judicial Workers

4. Our Traditional Leaders and People 5. Members of the Intelligentsia 6. Our huge down-trodden masses

Means of Propagating Our Revolution and Its Messages: 1. Social Media 3. Traditional Media 2. Civic and Judicial Actions and processes 4. Other Legitimate Ways Our Revolution speaks for, and represents the wishes and aspirations of seven (7) huge constituencies of God’s children (including past, current and future generations of our country, and all of our well-wishers elsewhere on the globe) to whom we are very proud to always dedicate every work or article that we write, and every action that we take. Our distinguished constituencies therefore include: (a) Millions in their graves today who have died at the direct cause of Americo-Liberian state-sponsored and state-promoted mischief, mayhem, atrocities and other criminal activities; (b) Millions in their graves today who have died completely unaccomplished, even though they had vast potentials, but these potentials could never be explored and exploited due to America’s imperialist activities here, and the Americo-Liberians’ explicit vendetta campaign against us; (c) Millions alive in our country who have missed out, or given up on the realization of their dreams and fullest potentials in life, all because their country works out every policy behind the scenes to stifle such possibility under the guise of running government; (d) The millions who have suffered untold kangaroo justice at the hands of the ever rotten Americo-Liberian Justice System in this country, and continue to suffer this same fate over and over today; (e) Our entire future generations for whom this cruel national arrangement has laid no foundation, but yet expects all of the magic of nation-building and society-stabilization etc. to be performed by them (i.e. these hopeless, “deprived, and destroyed in advance” future generations); (f) Our citizens in the diaspora who worry a lot about what’s happening to their country, but are just unable or incapacitated, one way or the other, to impact the situation; and,


(g) Foreign friends who love our country, and love us personally as friends, but keep worrying, what the causes are, that this country will not wake up to the true meaning of nationhood, especially for the benefit of all of its citizens etc. With respect to membership strength thus far, while we know that numerical strength seriously matters in this kind of national struggle, and that this is a struggle for country, which as such requires everyone’s input, we are also quite conscious that it does not take big numbers to start, or even execute great ideas or great campaigns, but rather just one, to a few committed persons. We are for example inspired by Margaret Mead’s admonishment that no one should ever doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, adding, indeed, this is the only thing that has ever happened. So our revolution is still yet in its formative stages, with a humble size, including a few formal members, and some informal members and sympathizers. We currently have expressed and implied memberships through 4 key modes of association or participation, including: (a) in-person members, (b) virtual members based on one’s recognition in both past and present civic struggle, (c) membership acquired through social media, and (d) membership extended to all those victimized by Americo-Liberia’s numerous state crimes; and we do now have a total following, considering all the categories above, of over 500. With respect to official structure and physical location, just as the G8/G7 Nations are very key, and are a formal, global economic and political institution that wields enormous influence on the world scene, and has been so since the 1970s, but to date, has no official administrative structure and physical office as yet, our peaceful civic endeavor to emancipate this only country of ours, has got no recognized administrative structure or any physical seat as yet. But it is a defecto formal Revolutionary institution under the banner of the Plain Truth Revolution, with a very strong-spiritual backing, that is dug in her heels or determined to overturn the current nasty social order in this country, and to inaugurate a better, more dynamic, and more productive social order based on God’s eternal principles of Mutual Love, Justice, Honesty, and Hard Work, etc., as mentioned earlier. But unlike the G8/G7 organization however, we hope to transcend from a virtual realm to a physical and more palpable status very soon, God willing. For those who worry or pick bones with us about legal registration or some operational document from government, we say, please rethink or ‘re-rationalize’ what it will mean when we seek legitimacy through registration papers or operational document from an entity, a current form of government and its modus operandi, and a current social design etc., which we have firmly established to be very illegitimate and whose actions and policies we have SADLY discovered to be rather inimical to the survival, well-being and dignity of our people and country. For detractors who worry why we should operate unmolested and freely in whatever constructive way possible in this country, with rather such a fierce opposition in theory and ideas to the current governing design and powers that be , even though not with any physical force or in any physical way etc., we like you to please challenge yourselves with trying to understand the following puzzles, then thereafter, leaving us alone to operate peacefully, civilly, and intellectually without any fear in


our home, by the grace of God: Note: In providing you these few puzzles or food for thought, if you will, we are tapping into the experience of the great United States of America here, since we all know how ‘intricably’' related we are to the United States, and how we learn most of what we know and do in this country from them. Here therefore, are the few puzzles that you should reflect upon whenever you get tempted to antagonize the Plain Truth Revolution in any form whatsoever, although we trust that you will not be tempted to do so: A. The Ku Klux Klan (or K3) is an explicitly violent movement established during the 1860s in the United States against the Blacks, and it is known, up to today’s date, for doing all sorts of unwholesome things such as maiming Blacks, raping and shaming Blacks etc. within streets across America, especially in the South, and especially during both the Reconstruction and Civil Rights Eras. As a well-known conservative, ultranationalist, far-right, and White supremacist political and protestant group in the US, the KKK has lived through 4 different versions of its existence now, according to Wikipedia, including: 1st Klan (1865 – the 1870s); 2nd Klan (1915 – 1944); 3rd Klan (1946 – 2000), and the 4th and current Klan (2006 – present), with membership peaking in the 2nd Klan at between 3 – 6 million White Americans. Now, let’s please attempt to answer these rhetorical questions, including: (a) did the US Government ever grant permit or legal document to the Ku Klux Klan to operate? (b) If the answer to (a) is no, then did the K3 ever relent for living or acting their so-called “nationalistic or country-first” dreams, although through violence, without government permit? and (c) should a poor and calm Plain Truth Revolution, operating here in the Grain Coast (“Liberia”), peacefully and constructively against the modus operandi of the criminal structure set up here by the very immoral Black Americans or “Congo” people, against the well-being of the Native Africans, called the Government of Liberia, ever be harassed or intimidated in any way for not having government paper? B. And if you have doubts about what we said above concerning the K 3, then let’s dash you with further proofs of additional White supremacist groups that were popularly recognized and allowed to operate in the United States either during one time or the other, very usually unmolested by the government, a few of which again include: i.

The Red Shirt – an armed gang of White men acting as some terrorist and intimidation wing of the mighty Democratic Party against the idea of Blacks holding public office in America. The Red Shirts operated in such States as South Carolina, around the 1870s, and had a base also in Mississippi in 1875, in addition to being very active especially in this same Southern Region during the state elections of 1898 and 1900.


The White League – this was/is an affiliate of the same Democratic Party, and a paramilitary organization established in Grant Parish, Louisiana, to primarily intimidate freed Blacks from organizing and voting, and then to discourage Black supporters, the Republicans, from running for office. We don’t want to even go further to start talking about other groups such as


the Knights of the White Chameleons etc, but please, like in (A) above, let’s attempt answering additional rhetorical questions together again, concerning these kinds of developments. Let’s find out for example whether: (a) all these well-known groups, like the KKK too, ever got their permits from the US Government to operate? (b) whether a peaceful, Native African emancipation group like the Plain Truth Revolution of the Grain Coast, which honestly represents the interests of 7 huge constituencies of God’s children, as mentioned above, including key marginalized ones, and unborn generations etc., by the grace of God, should ever be molested in this country for not having so-called government permit from the Congo People’s 1822 criminal establishment called the Government of Liberia to operate etc. and etc.? We think that it is better to let sleeping dog lie, as the famous adage goes, as we all claim to endeavor to seek good for our people, only that we are driven by different ideas or thoughts in this process. The 195 year fruit of the Government of Liberia, which has been in the driver’s seat since 1822, however speaks volume about the need for a viable alternative, by the grace of God, as we are now discussing here. A hint to the wise!!!! What Key Things Do We Believe In 1) As our motto and vision statement above clearly state, we now demand a new society based on truth telling, unlike the current Liberian society which is built on great LIES, and we demand a new civic or national foundation built on the Godly virtues of Truth, Justice, Love, and Hard Work etc. to replace the current Americo-Liberian civic foundation whose 4 pillars are Deceit, Lies, Ethnocentrism, and Corruption. 2) Similar to (a), we strongly believe that the new nation which we now demand can never be built on the kind of NASTY foundation that was laid for Liberia here by the criminal, returned Black Americans and their master, America, in 1822. The current foundation MUST therefore be broken down right now, by the power of God. We believe, just as Mr. Robert Mugabe once said, that: “A new progressive society can NEVER be constructed upon the foundations of the past, and that we MUST therefore destroy most of what has been built in the past in order to construct a new order of things…..” 3) We further believe that if we really want sustained positive change in this country right now, then, we MUST begin to constructively, respectfully, and non-violently disobey the status quo because come to think about it, it doesn’t make any sense to continue to obey a design or a structure that proves time and again NEVER to work in everyone’s collective favor or interest. It should never take drums to be beaten into ears before knowing that this current form of government and societal order just doesn’t serve the interest of the vast majority of the citizens of this country, and contrarily, a true country is set up to honestly seek the interest of every citizen alike etc. For keep obeying such a flawed or ill-intentioned design is both cowardly and unGodly. Take for examples such passages like James 4:7 etc. in the Bible, or


Surats 8:39 and 2:293 etc. in the Qur’an. For they all ask us, true children of God, to resist [names, structures, peoples etc.] who are convincingly bent on working against our relationship with God, including working against our interests here on Earth, or just pointblank seeking our downfall. Even from our Social Studies, revered characters such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Bishop Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela etc. – all advocated some kind of resistance or disobedience to the status quo if we really want true change for ourselves and our future generations. Note that the American songwriter Garry Clarke ascribes 4 key characteristics to the Patriots, or the founding fathers of the great Untied States of America, which include: (a) These guys or men, i.e. the likes of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin etc., wrote and spoke so profusely, and published their beliefs and opinions, clearly stating the truth, that their power that be, or their government of the day was tyrannical and guilty of crimes against the liberty and [dignity] of the common people. And a key dash from another source probably not tracked by Garry here says that, while we are privileged today to use pens, modern papers, courier services and the Internet etc. to disseminate information, the American Patriots had to use quills (ancient pens made out of feathers etc.) to manually write 40 – 50-page pamphlets in their hundreds and thousands, then place these pamphlets on horses or horse backs and travel from village to village or city to city to distribute them to fellow citizens in conscientizing them for the indispensable need for CHANGE and independence; (b) They openly denounced their government and its policies, including its agents, not only in print, but also in public speeches and gatherings, and that they did all this despite great personal risks and threats to their lives; (c) The American founding fathers conspired both in secret, and later openly, against their own government of the day, with the aim of throwing this government out, and establishing a new, and different system of government. Mr. Clarke continues, in doing this, they (i.e. these American founding fathers) were branded as traitors and seditionists by their government, but they went ahead anyway, despite the risks and dangers attached; and (d) The Patriots eventually took up arms against their own government, although after that government had been the first to fire the first shot at them, etc. and etc. Mr. Clarke then ends with this note that an American Patriot was not someone who supported his government of the day; arguing that if this were so, then these great heroes, like the few we listed earlier, would never have qualified today to be called the true American Patriots or founding fathers of the great United States of America. 4) We moreover believe that people who say it is too late for us to start all over, or afresh, are NOT Godly people. For they don’t have the true fear of God because our God instructs a humble life, and a part of humility in life is for us to accept the responsibility of going back on the drawing board to start a process or an assignment all over when it is proven that we have gotten things ALL so wrong from the beginning, or have missed the mark big time from the


very beginning. It is only an arrogantly proud people who will feel so big to humbly accept their fault, undo something that they have wrongly done, and be able to take the appropriate action by redoing it, etc. and etc. In this “Liberia” breakdown and rebuilding process however, here are the current demands that we are now making for laying a firm, Godly foundation for the new country that we envisage by the grace of God: We say, although we are of the strong conviction that this country has got everything wrong from the very beginning, and it sadly continues to get everything wrong up to this date, for which a complete revolution is the ONLY way out of our situation, our revolution aims to first tackle these 7 key issues. As such, we do demand the legitimization and subsequent commissioning of these 7 revolutionary provisions at a proposed, but also demanded National Rebirth and Constitutional Convention to be held as quickly as possible, at which full and bolder national debates into these issues will be conducted, with results adopted; and that all other new adjustments, provisions, and amendments to our new national framework will be considered for action. Provisions within our SEPTOR (the acronym for these 7 big provisions), which place more emphases on what today’s scholars call “juristocracy” or the judicialization of politics therefore, are as follows: 1. A national/citizens’ mandate or resolution declaring (or if one may say, re-declaring) our independence. What we have here is NEVER independence. For their economic, imperialist, and other interest, the US Government just clandestinely instructed their racist NGO, the American Colonization Society, to grant some limited sovereignty to their (American) ostracized and complaining Black criminals here, while this immorally granted limited sovereignty creates leverage for these deported Black American criminals, the so-called Americo-Liberians, over our vast indigenous African populations, thus effectively enabling these ostracized American criminals to badly suppress and oppress us, the Africans, as it has sadly and dangerously been the case since 195 years now. We must gain our true independence from America and her Americo-Liberians right now, God willing. 2. A national/citizens’ mandate for the rewriting or writing of a completely new constitution. 3. A resolution/national mandate for the complete change of name for our country, and a redesign of all of its emblems and symbols 4. A strong resolution for the compulsory and immediate setting up of a Claims Court under the new national arrangement 5. A national/citizens’ resolution mandating the commissioning of some legal proceedings against the United States Government in pursuit of reparations, which must comprise two components: (1) a written apology from the U.S Government for all of the wrongs they have committed, and continue to commit against our country and its people, as shall be authenticated at the proceedings; and, (2) the construction of a new world class capital city, with modern zoning standards, connected to all 15 counties’ capitals with paved 4-lane roads.


6. A national resolution mandating the commissioning of legal proceedings against the AmericoLiberian ethnic group of this country, in pursuit of a 100 year ban from politics and governance for all their cruel activities against the indigenous population and their complete failure to ever put up any form of sound and responsible leadership and self-governance in this country since 1822, with a little exception of the Tolbert’s regime, for which our country can boast of no substantial achievement for its very old age as a professed political entity. These claims plus more will be established and authenticated at the proposed proceedings. 7. A national resolution on the compulsory and immediate setup of a Ministry of Civic Education, to begin operations concomitantly with the coming into being of the new nation. This will be the most staffed and the busiest of all ministries in our new country from the word go, until later, or forever. The last unnumbered agenda item of course, will be Miscellaneous, which will include several distinct points. Please follow our Revolutionary articles for more details. To close finally, but reemphasizing the immediate argument above, here is how we intend to accomplish all this big dream for Mama Country by the grace of God. First off, we deem it too important to let you know from careful research that there are ONLY two key ways of solving deeply entrenched societal problems or mess, like the kind of mess that this country finds itself in, since 1822 to date, and these two big ways are either through (a) the barrel of the guns – may be by fighting a full scale civil war, or by effecting an informed coup d’état, or (b) through a massive, indigenously well-planned, well-informed and educated citizens’ forum. However, while it is true that the levels and stockpiles of abuse, insult, foolery, “kicking in the ass”, mockery, and total mess in this country since 1822 are each enough for full scale civil wars like others would prefer, our peaceful social revolutionary group in this very public manner does choose Option (b) above by now demanding an All-Citizens’ Conference, or if you like, a Sovereign Citizens’ Convention to better discuss ourselves, relay our social foundations, and put ourselves on the right trajectory for sustained, true progress by the grace of God, instead of keep fooling ourselves in the name of running government, let alone running a democracy, as we are currently doing here out of fear for man, America, and lack of faith in God. Please read flyers 2 and 3 for example, of our many publications and articles for more details on this demanded Citizens’ Get Together, and these both articles can be found at However to get an idea of all of the works that we have done so far by the grace of God to hasten, facilitate, and compel this currently demanded National Get Together, please access our Plain Truth Revolution Guide 3 at or An abbreviated listing of our many articles and publications along with their individual web links can also be accessed at Better still, you can access our Facebook fan page at Thanks a million times for following and supporting the Plain Truth Revolution in its drive to finally, honestly liberate our people and country from the double Hells of acute lack of domestic leadership and a SAD lack of independence yet from America, all by the grace of God.

What really is this plain truth revolution for liberia  

This file briefly explains almost everything else you need to know about the Plain Truth Revolution for "Liberia’s final freedom and indepen...

What really is this plain truth revolution for liberia  

This file briefly explains almost everything else you need to know about the Plain Truth Revolution for "Liberia’s final freedom and indepen...