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Plain Truth Revolution Gardnersville Monrovia, Liberia April 9, 2018 RE: SECOND GENERAL COVER LETTR

Even though most of the key events against or about which majority of the articles within this package talk, have come and gone, the essence of our relentless effort to ensure that these packages still reach you, their originally intended destination since been put together in 2017, can be explained as follows: 1. Yes, most of the physical events highlighted by our work have come and gone, but the burning issues within them still remain active like fresh, deadly wounds on a people’s bodies. For these issues have badly affected us for the past 195 years now, and they still stand ready to increasingly embarrass us full force, for the rest of our national sojourn, unless we ask God for courage to do something more drastic and remedial about them right now. 2. The physical events discussed within a good number of the articles enclosed here may have come and gone; yes, but again, we want the issues flagged within these articles to form the very foundation of our Revolution’s engagements with you henceforth. We want history to judge us for championing the CAUSE of getting all these arguments to you as organic as they are, for our collective action upon them, so as to save ourselves, our country, and our one world. 3. According to some recent US State Department report, the subject of this work, “Liberia”, is so impoverished and unsophisticated to the point that access to the Internet is still a huge problem, with SADLY more than 95% of this country’s population still LACKING access to the Internet in this day and age. Ever since the completion of these huge revolutionary communication packages intended for ALL fellow citizens first, we have been finding ways to dispatch them through electronic means, most economically and otherwise preferably, including use of the email, but more than two months on, we have only been able to succeed at dispatching less than 30% of them, with sadly another 99% uncertainty as to whether these 30% will even be read. We still feel badly indebted and obligated to those without email addresses that we haven’t served yet, and those whose email addresses we didn’t get from the onset, and that’s why this latest effort to reach many more, both domestically and outside.

4. Writing huge communications that explain our country’s perennial problems in clear details, and dispatching them to recipients, our beloved citizens first, then to all of our well-wishers and other stakeholders both within and outside of this country next, in such a revolutionary fashion, is in line with our Collective Action Approach, no matter the age of the issues under discussion; and this Approach is a stronghold of our Plain Truth Revolution. 5. Our determination to attach continuous, unbending importance to issues embedded within the recent past national events, like for example, the past Americo-Liberian 2017 so-called political elections and inauguration etc., not taking them to be belated, as people normally take things in this country, but rather still considering them as issues that deserve our unqualified attention if we truly need change in this place, God willing etc., demonstrates our strong resolve to use mighty History as that final, more powerful tool, next to Love, to be employed in bringing ultimate change and relief to ourselves and our country once and for all. 6. We highly likely, would love to forward this particular batch of communications to you as reminders at regular intervals, depending on how the issues championed within them are being considered or addressed by this society – sometimes probably adding slight updates here and there to match the changing times. For we remain very resolved that the key issues argued herein MUST form the foundation bricks and cornerstones for the new country that we desperately seek to establish as a possible replacement of dirty, old, failed, and bloody “Liberia” by the grace of God. So please don’t get inconvenienced or embarrassed by seeing this package, especially in huge brown envelopes from us regularly. For it is well-intentioned for our common good in the end, God willing etc. and etc. With just these 6 justifications, as we have them countless, we are sure that: instead of unfairly considering this work, or the issues enclosed herein to be stale, belated, or outdated, you will rather attach more patriotic and ‘humanity-first’ importance to every article provided here in an effort to put you in the right frame of mind for the next and final ALTERNATIVE that is now sweeping across our land (“Liberia”), an ALTERNATIVE which is now poised to take all of us (in this place) to our final, befitting destination, as a people, by the grace of God. We hope, as such, that you will appreciate this courageous effort of ours. Finally, because our Revolution, just like all other revolutions across this world must capitalize upon, or leverage the fever of small civic actions to propagate its huge messages etc., in continuation of our many public actions since we were initially [launched] on Monday, April 22, 2013, the Plain Truth Revolution is again, by the grace

of God, on the edge of taking another huge peaceful civic action this April or early May 2018, still in radical pursuit of redress to its very contentious foundation case, meaning the case involving its vision bearing family and the Liberia Petroleum [Refining] Company, if the current path that we are treading with LPRC for redress to the UNJUST treatment of our vanguard African Kartees’ family, and thus the Plain Truth Revolution by extension, is not respected or adhered to. And as you will discover all through this intellectual engagement, we have decided to accord a game changer status to this badly UNFAIR or UNJUST treatment of the Kartees’ family mentioned above because of how this treatment in question completely epitomizes the everyday plight of almost all Native Africans in this country since 1822. We therefore encourage every interested person across our globe to please grant keen attention to these new emancipation efforts and developments in West Africa. Thank you very much, fellow good citizens, for reading everything herein, and politely relating to us on them. Very truly yours, RSK

Roland S. Kartee Head/Plain Truth Revolution Cell#: 0886761008 Email:

Plain Truth Revolution Gardnersville Monrovia, Liberia December 11, 2017 RE: FIRST GENERAL COVER LETTER (Updated) Please take note of the following 14 points first, before you begin your active reading of this cover letter and the rest of the elements within this package. The 14-count special introductory notes are as follows: 1. To begin with, this entire package, including this cover letter, is not ordinary. It is not the kind of work that we are used to seeing and reading normally. It has been designed to help us see some compelling reasons for beginning now, to actively look back at our past, our background, what happened to our forefathers, our ancestors, our country, and so forth, 200 years back, and coming forward etc., so that such knowledge can push us into making some substantial adjustments to our current civic and social design, since our today and our future ABSOLUTELY hang upon our past. This narrative is intended to convince us that such adjustment (i.e. an adjustment based upon findings from some thorough historical background check like what we are championing and facilitating here) can help us, to first, clean up our past, then improve our lives today; and, with all this done in an effort to finally make our future generations’ part of lives even better, by the grace of God. Note that we would never have mustered the courage to still push this work to you, our fellow compatriots and well-wishers, if we were respecters of the current formalities in this society, and if we were respecters of the status quo. If we were adherents of this dirty and counter-productive Americo-Liberian mentality that when we do, say, or write something today, no matter how significant, or rather how heinous, or even how far-reaching the impacts or consequences of such thing are, on our future etc., once day breaks upon what we said, then the point we tried to make, or what we talked about, has turned to history, which then becomes very useless in the eyes of Liberia, because for this place, history is very useless. In theoretical Liberia, when we write something for, or against a particular event or exercise, even though that event or exercise is far-reaching in its impacts on our lives, once that event has past, then automatically, that writing or piece of literature becomes very, very worthless etc. We, the writers of this work are in complete disagreement with this kind of mentality, in addition to our strong desire and resolve to use mighty HISTORY as that ultimate tool, through research, to change our country once and for all now, and that’s what God is helping us to demonstrate through this particular effort by His grace – that is, writing so massively and taking it physically, through brown envelopes

to our people on foot, and through emails, to those that we are currently unable to get to by foot. In continuation of point #1 above, we like to inform you that this is a big and strange work, so please put yourself into a different, positive, and a country-first frame of mind, before you begin your reading experience. For example, we want you to take some deep thought down memory lane, to recall how our land, our home, this only country that God has given us, was first plotted against by the Americans in the month of December, its theoretical fate mischievously manipulated by them in advance in this same month; and then the physical land subsequently arm robbed from us, again, by them, the Americans, in the month of December. Coincidentally, this very huge and radical step from the Plain Truth Revolution (a step which promises to demonstrate the biggest showdown from us thus far in our God-approved quest to finally reclaim Mother Country from the imperialist hands of America, and the ethnocentric maneuvers of the Americo-Liberians, since our revolution set out on this journey in January 2013) is about to take place again, this December 2017, God willing. Remember in December 1816, the American Colonization Society was established to round up hardcore, rampaging Black criminals from the United States to dump them on a spot in Africa – that could be gotten through any means whatsoever, even by hook or crook, as was eventually done here – so that these ostracized criminals, in the words of the US Government and the ACS, can “Christianize” and “Civilize” dark Africa. And this spot, this land for dumping their ‘human waste’, turned out to be our productive soil, our Grain Coast, which they, the same Americans, turned around again, and renamed as “Liberia”, only to match their, and their returned Black criminals’ exclusive interests perpetually. Please recall further that in December 1821, the two Ducor Conferences requested by American paid agents, or, necessitated by the presence of American paid agents, with our helpless tribal forefathers for this land, the original Grain Coast, were held. And based upon our tribal African forefathers’ refusal to turn over this precious land for the settlement of these returning Black American criminals during the first Ducor Conference of mid December 1821, American paid Agents had to revert to chicanery and arm robbery to seize our land – when for instance, USS Alligator’s Surgeon, Dr. Eli Ayres, had to first design some huge lies to keep our tribal people still active in those talks, while Navy Lieutenant, later turned New Jersey Senator Robert Field Stockton used gun at our tribal Bassa, Gola, and Dei forefathers’ heads, further reinforcing this criminal action with military intimidation tactics from his USS Alligator Warship, to finally get our land, Cape Mesurado, in December 1821, to begin building their returning, unwanted, and mischievous Black Americans’ “Republic of Liberia.”

2. While the main communication here enclosed, delves entirely into our country’s big issues, and the kinds of solution options that we must apply to them now, by God’s grace, the first few paragraphs in this cover letter lay emphasis on some personal experiences of the vision-bearing family of the little civic group that is now trying to champion this revolutionary cause, by the grace of God; and, such emphasis, we like to clarify here, is not in any way intended for personal aggrandizement, but to enable you to do the following things, first off, before continuing your revolutionary reading experience, which include: a. To help you discover and appreciate how all these ideas came about in the first place, or, for you to discover and appreciate the origin of our Plain Truth Revolution so that we all can remind ourselves that everything big, ever imagined in this life, does start off with just single individuals, or as a single individual’s dream. For we believe that this kind of narration too will encourage each of us individual citizens in this place never to overlook ourselves, that real change can start with any one of us, at any time, God willing. b. To help you discover for yourself how excessive injustice can truly lead to ultimate independence, as in the words of the French writer Francois Marie Arouet, A.K.A. Voltaire c. To help you bear witness with the Greek Philosopher Plato, when he says, “Excess [in anything for that matter] generally causes reaction, and produces change in the opposite direction, whether it be in the seasons, or in individuals, or in governments.” d. For you to know that the radical pursuit of this seemingly personal case, i.e. Kartee v. the LPRC, which is still ongoing, as we speak, is also an ‘inexclusive’ part of our revolution, as we turned this case immediately over to our country ever since January 2013, when the raw deal within it was meted out to our family, while looking up to this case to be that right springboard for final change, or that suitable launch pad for the struggle that leads to ultimate independence for our country, God willing. But its pursuit has have to be suspended a few months for us to more forcefully push the Anti-Americo-Liberian 2017 so-called Election piece of our revolution, a much bigger national goal, which has been at the heart of our revolutionary debates all along. 3. While we honestly planned initially that these communications got out before the 10 th of October 2017, the many handicaps of our society, and most importantly, for God’s own best reasons however, they did not. The actual story notwithstanding is that the whole idea of doing this kind of massive communication to numerous, if not all of the stakeholders (national and international) in this country’s affairs at once, including the process of starting to scribble down what the key arguments in such revolutionary communications would be, as such, was hatched in August this year, and the first draft

took its actual form the next month, on September 11, 2017, a date which we vowed to maintain on these letters earlier, with a firm determination that all of them would get dispatched before October 10, 2017; although again, this projected date for dispatch was just not possible. But fortunately, and on the one hand, our country still stands, while, rather on a sad note, and on the other hand, the bad conditions before October 10, 2017 are still the same, and will even worsen by the day if we fail to make the necessary civic and national adjustments, as demanded by this revolution, and we keep ‘STUPIDLY’ casting ballots in the name of change. In fact, as we speak, the current stalemate within the Americo-Liberian ensuing criminal electoral process, as it has always been criminal, also adds impetus to this binding civic and spiritual obligation of ours to spread these great, strange revolutionary messages, as the writings on the wall keep proving that God is about to actively intervene into this country’s seemingly unsolvable problems. That’s why our Plain Truth Revolution has mustered the courage to just edit these communications a bit more, and then finally send them out, as we are now doing, by God’s power. 4. Our Plain Truth Revolution is a REVOLUTION OF DETAILS. We believe that every group of people, or every country for that matter, MUST first live through their ‘Age of Details’ before ever progressing to their Age of Summary, an age which our revolution normally breaks down into what we call the ‘Elevator Pitch Age’, that must precede the current global age, which we also call, the ‘Twit Pitch Age’, as in Twitter. This funny home of ours (“Liberia”) hasn’t even yet lived its ‘Age of Details’, ‘much less’ to talk about its Age of Summary. For example, the 18th to 19th century academician and clergy, Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus, in giving title to the 4th edition of his Population Economics book in 1824 called it, “An Essay On The Principle Of Population, Or, A View Of Its Past And Present Effects On Human Happiness; With An Inquiry Into Our Prospects Respecting The Future Removal Or Migration Of The Evils Which It Occasions”. This book has a huge impact on today’s economic realities. No one during Rev. Malthus’ days did consider this title as stupid, as the essence of its length, as in many writings during those days, and even now, was to clarify concepts as much as possible. This is a stage (i.e. a stage of details, or an age of details) that MUST be lived through, if we are to ever make any progress in this life. In addition, because we love our country so much, including all of its human beings, every detail about our country and its human beings (from the one day old fetus, to the over 100 year old Grand Ma) matters so dearly to us. Further, because we are in this battle for God to use us to fight the Devil and all of its deceitful theories that are currently wrecking our lives, and ravishing our future, the details matter to us very dearly because, as the common saying goes, “the Devil hides itself right within the details.” Therefore, every article of our revolution, ranging from the wordings on protest placards, or posters, to our flyers, brochures, and pamphlets etc.,

including this very cover letter, and the main communication enclosed here, require your quality time, and is not intended for mere skimming through, or glancing at. 5. One essence of this massive writing, voice recording, and the huge blame casting in our work, is to trigger some massive, constructive crisis of theoretical and intellectual debates and disagreements – both at the national and international levels, that will force an ultimate and urgent national round table in this country, God willing. 6. Most similar to the immediate point above, because of the deepness, complexity, and danger of our country’s problems, we establish that we need to more aggressively apply the concepts of education or book, in handling all these troubles that no one else can handle for us, besides our very selves – that is, us, Grain Coasters, or “Liberians”, as many have been deceived into knowing this country or its demonym to be. The extra-mile strain or burden placed upon our shoulders, as a result of this reality however, makes us to very well appreciate President John F. Kennedy when he says, “Conformity is a jailer of progress, and the enemy of growth.” Based upon this harsh reality, we have come to the crucial understanding that without some constructive deviation from what is considered by many as the norm, or as formality, or as convention etc., we will never experience anything called change in this place. As such, you will discover that our topics, titles, captions etc., are much longer than normal, so as to ensure that all of these strong, timely, and strange messages of ours, are made clearer, even from their very beginning by God’s power. For something keeps telling us that: (a) by always thinking that our sentences should be limited to one or two lines; (b) our cover letters must be restricted to single pages; (c) our main letters must never exceed 3 pages; (d) our pamphlets must stop at 15-20 pages, and the likes, is another form of laziness or probably some clever deceit from the devil that is making nothing to change in our country; because, when others have burning issues elsewhere on this same globe, they do muster the courage to span far, far above traditional formalities, especially when they are not speaking ordinary business, but are expressing or penning down revolutionary and lifesaving matters, as this very cover letter and its enclosed communication do demonstrate. So please brace yourself for some interesting, nationalistic reading. 7. At the close of the day, we are so eager to make sure that we send out these messages, as strangely as they are, or as strangely as our approach may seem, or as lately as they may appear to be going out etc. because we are feeling afraid that, not only are we responsible, or, are we held accountable, for the things that we do, as human beings, as citizens, as patriots etc., but that, we will also be held responsible or accountable for what we could have done, but did not do, either owing to fear, selfishness, or other emotions. The punishment for such inaction is so big, as: while God is holding us responsible and punishing us on the one hand, the harsh pages of history will be holding us responsible for damages to our own present and future generations on the

other hand. We honestly do not want to be caught up into this kind of bloody trap, and we equally don’t want fellow compatriots to be, that’s why all this great effort to make these truly lifesaving messages spread like wildfire by God’s power. 8. We believe that God will soon strike this place hard through any of His several formulas again, owing both to our lack of genuine faith in Him and our collective stupidities, all of which have become so glaring and indisputable, and which continue to disgrace us day by day, as a people, while sleepwalking us to ultimate disaster. 9. We need real, solid change in this country, and every 1 million miles must begin with some simple, one step. For us, since no one knows exactly by whom, where, how, and when will that particular, one, true step be taken, we have asked God for this current effort of ours to be that particular, one, true step, to our country’s 1 million miles to actual independence, and all of its many dividends, including the much talked about peace and reconciliation, stability, and economic prosperity etc. 10. Since this communication mainly goes to groups and institutions, it is our polite urge that you try your best to share every article in this package with each of your members, especially those items that we have labeled as revolutionary flyers, which range from 1 to 5, or any number of them enclosed here, including one strong, 25page Anti-Election Special. It will also be a civic plus, and a spiritual blessing, on anyone’s part, to photocopy some of these articles and share them with fellow citizens and institutions whose addresses we did not manage to include here, owing to resource and other handicaps. 11. The great German-Swiss-American Albert Einstein did say that if we really want change, then our tolerance must go beyond provisions within some law on our books, especially depending on what is at stake. If what he has said is true, which we are confident is true, then there’s a big challenge out there now to Liberia and her government vis a vis our Plain Truth Revolution whose arguments now defend a 99.9% of our population’s interests. Everybody in this country, including those holding the biggest political positions and wielding the biggest of power and influence in this society knows, that the Government of Liberia has been killing us, either one clever way, or the other raw way; then insulting us, and continues to insult us in the face, unchallenged; and so, if we have reached a point that all the down-trodden masses here, through the Plain Truth Revolution, have decided to constructively fight back, by; instead of keep sugarcoating and mincing words, as it is known to be the tradition here, rather deciding to use the harsh and healing truths, and then you consider this to be insulting, then of course, you are still under obligation to observe what Mr. Einstein has said above, if we all truly want some lasting positive change to happen here once for all, in everyone’s best interest, by God’s grace.

12. Please forgive us if your institution’s name is wrongly spelt, or if the lead person we placed in your institution’s address is the wrong person, or has the wrong title etc. It hasn’t been easy to collect all these data, and we will be glad if you could place more emphasis on the key message herein, rather than on these peripheral items, though you still have the right to ensure that these ‘peripheral items’ are in place. 13. Because of the extreme difficulty involved with getting everybody’s address, while at the same time everybody is so important in the eyes of our revolution, especially as a citizen, and as an institution, we have included a “To All - ” address placeholder to accommodate all of the institutions, including churches, mosques, schools, intellectual centers etc. whose addresses we were unable to get before time closed in on us. Please forgive us, as we really wished to have addressed you directly and completely, but got constrained by time in the process, but we equally love, respect, and recognize you as a very important cog in the wheel, like all the others whose addresses we were able to get. 14. Lastly, but not least, especially for institutions which we have addressed in huge groups here, we say, because of the many addresses within the main letter, your address has been highlighted on page/sheet ___ for easy recognition. Thanks for going through this long prelude that gives you a broader insight into some of the basic principles, views, and modus operandi of our Plain Truth Revolution, and finally we say, welcome on board the reading of your actual cover letter. We kick start therefore by saying: After having laid this long premise, we see it possible that you might recall sometime late March and a better part of April this year, one family took its protest up to the American Embassy here in Monrovia, vowing to remain there until they got some redress to their plight, which has to do with their bread winner’s ‘5G’- speed dismissal by his employer, the so-called Liberia Petroleum [Refining] Company (LPRC), based upon allegations hastily put together in less than 24 hours, and a dismissal communication, terribly messy, from start to end, with errors. It was the Kartees’ family, acting on behalf of a bigger civic forum, the Plain Truth Revolution, that took this action, with God’s special protection and grace. Two local dailies, the Capitol Times (reportedly) and the News Newspaper did cover portions of our action, including 4 radio stations – Kool FM (which began the process with us earlier, uninvited, and went the extra mile, up to its relative conclusion, thanks to their remarkable professional and patriotic efforts), Truth FM (reportedly), Prime FM, OK FM, and with the 5th however being FARBRIC FM, which in fact, was the very first media house at which this exercise was initially announced on the morning of March 29, 2017. For all these media houses did so well to cover parts of our engagements, and so we like to appreciate them here in a very warm way. And in addition, while we warmly appreciate these 7 institutions for being the first media houses that have covered issues

about us thus far, as a revolution, we judge it best to also remember, in a special way, the In Profile Daily Newspaper, which served us initially, during the very first year of our inception in 2013, when this revolution’s specific national agenda was not clearly yet defined. Conclusively though, our many thanks and appreciation do go to the entire 4 th estate in Monrovia, and the general mass media across our country, for all of their continuous jobs well done. Meanwhile, before resorting to going to the US Embassy, and then and in addition to the engagements that we had there, this family had persistently confronted the Liberian Government and its institutions, including the very LPRC itself, about this awfully gross injustice meted out to us by them, an injustice whose effects our family still continues to feel so sharply up to this date, thus leaving us to only be surviving currently by God’s direct grace. But despite the fact that LPRC now owes us more than 59 months of salary and incentive arrears, which, when carefully calculated for a bona-fide Manager, as we are, sum pretty close to Four Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$400,000.00) by now, legitimate arrears, excluding legal damages that this company can NEVER defend itself against, in any sound court of competent jurisdiction, our engagements with different GOL actors on this matter however, have placed more emphasis rather on a demand from us, for their one-page, bogus dismissal letter – the foundation of LPRC’s action, and the foundation of all of these experiences of ours thus far – to be corrected or changed completely, before the both parties ever rest, or in fact, before this entire country EVER rests, God willing. Accounts of the mentioned engagements that we have had with different GOL actors; or, put another way, accounts of the level of efforts that we have been making in our search for some redress to this unspeakable injustice at the hand of LPRC, yea, the GOL, can thus be outlined here as follows, among others: 1. Four written communications of continuous, polite protest to LPRC Authorities – dated respectively, January 30, 2013, June 3, 2013, June 3, 2015, and June 15, 2015, in addition to other formal and informal engagements 2. Two direct letters to President Sirleaf and three additional requests to her, using different media, or approaches, other than letter, with the two letters dated September 2, and September 23, all in 2013 respectively. The 3 different requests calling for her office’s direct intervention included a Tuesday, August 27, 2013 call on her, through the In Profile Daily Newspaper, one call to her through a complimentary copy of a well-documented 27-page LPRC Corruption case, compiled by us, and sent to the socalled Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) on March 10, 2014, and an early April 2014 ‘follow up’ kind of communication to her office on this same LPRC Case to the LACC, that also highlights our personal ordeal in question, in addition to many other issues pertaining to the kind of criminal joke that is being played by the thing

we call government here, against the economic and other interests of our country and people. 3. Our case, our ordeal, our plight etc. has been brought to the attention – one way or the other – of both the Speaker of the House of Representatives (in this case, two of the most recent ones, including Hon. J. Alex Tyler and Hon. J. Emmanuel Nuquaye) and the President Protemp of the Senate (in Senator Armah Z. Jallah), along with selected members of the Legislature. We say one way or the other here because the communications that we sent to these officials were not limited to our case alone, but were broader-scoped, linking our ordeal with happenings within the greater society, and our family’s stance and actions thus far, in handling this gruesome injustice, as a national issue, since we have always considered this experience of ours with AmericoLiberia’s INJUSTICE as an epitome of all of the very grave vices that have been holding our collective future hostage, and sending us down the dumps, as a people, since these mischievous Black Americans that we locally call ‘Congoes’ or the Americo-Liberians, set their foot on our soil here, on January 7, 1822. Then finally, 4. Being conscious that we will always encounter the police whenever we decide to conduct any peaceful civic action or assembly in the reinforcement of our search for redress to these issues, we wrote the police authorities on January 24, 2014, formally highlighting our plight and the motivation that we have drawn from this ordeal, from its very inception, to change our country, God willing, while calling on the police to intervene in putting that particular aspect between us and the LPRC regarding their NASTY, faulty dismissal letter, under control. Please also note here that our peaceful search for redress to this matter has not been restricted to these kinds of engagements with GOL actors and institutions alone, but instead, we had also staged two prior direct civic actions or peaceful protests before the LPRC PST Compound on the Bushrod Island in Monrovia – the first dated April 22, 2013, and the second, December 10, 2013, before this one under review, at the US Embassy, that was started March 29, 2017 and relatively concluded on April 19, 2017 etc, an action coming only after we had drawn the Embassy’s attention thrice through different forms of written communications and documents, with the first, being some courtesy copy intended to draw their attention, and this document was received and signed for, by Precious Zeagar on March 10, 2014. The second was a follow up communication to the March 10, 2014 document, received and signed for too, by the same Precious Zeagar, on April 3, 2014, and the 3rd and final one, before our March 2017 action, was a direct communication seeking their explicit intervention, which was addressed to Amb. Mark Boulward, who was by then the Acting Ambassador after the departure of Madam Deborah Malac, and this 4-page letter was dated

March 10, 2016, but received and signed for by Gayflor M. Newman on March 14, 2016. It was after exactly one year of awaiting the Embassy’s response in vain, that we decided to go physically in persons, on our peaceful protest action on March 29, 2017. Let’s be fast here to let you know, with great appreciation for the Americans however, that in response to our first contact with the Embassy on March 10, 2014 through that courtesy copy of our LPRC case to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), a document in which our personal plight was highlighted as well, and a document that also called on the Embassy to intervene in ensuring that the LACC investigates whatever we had written against LPRC, the Embassy respectfully replied through a call made by one Jenkins on behalf of Ambassador Malac, appreciating us for the effort, expressing shock at the nature of the issues that we had reported against LPRC in this case entitled, “LPRC Case To LACC_Authored By Roland Kartee”, found in its two separate formats at both and Jenkins also inquired whether the LACC had ever made any contact with us on these issues, while requesting updates from us on any move made by the LACC in these directions, and finally expressing the Embassy’s interest in seeing how the LACC would ever address these issues. Jenkins did communicate with us on cell number (0777084337) around the 21st or 22nd of March 2014. This communication from the mighty United States, we must admit, became a very huge impetus, and a force of motivation in our quest to keep moving ahead with our ideas and dreams for Mama Country, since in fact the world’s biggest single nation power had acknowledged that we were not writing and talking nonsense as mischievous Liberian Authorities had been cruelly ignoring all of our writings; again, with the exception of the Liberia National Police, a party to which we also remain very grateful. Although subsequent communications of ours to the US Embassy made them understand that the LACC had, and continued to show no concerns for what we had written, and that in fact, they had unethically, never even acknowledged receipt of any of our two different communications since March 2014, let alone had they one day ever called us for some face to face interaction, the U.S. Embassy was able to acknowledge this document and respond to it very promptly and appropriately. Meanwhile this is the America that all these Liberian big shots, including those at the very LACC do shamefully boast about coming from, all day, when back home, they continue to prove that they have no regards for justice and human beings. That’s how NASTY the Liberian situation is. All these efforts, during all these years now, have yielded no fruits in terms of the GOL and her funny LPRC ever mustering the courage to change this piece of dirt forced upon us by them, called a dismissal letter, that is currently in our hands, or, ever mustering the courage to one day take us to some of their kangaroo courts in pursuit of their confused

allegations against us, even when we demanded them to do so through some civic action. The government and her LPRC have just point blank refused to right this simple wrong of theirs, that they themselves do acknowledge to this point, and they keep turning us deaf ears only because we are not talking and acting the normal “Americo-Liberian” way – that way of extreme love and greed for food, materials, or so-called survival, at the very sad expense or neglect of ever standing up for any genuine principles. Another intriguing thing is that all of these governmental institutions, including the very President’s Office, the Legislature etc. (again with the exception of the Police, which made some honest efforts to step into the situation but could not go beyond what they call ‘their bounds’, to do what the higher-ups in government were not willing to do), continue to blatantly ignore the genuine concerns of someone they consider a citizen, and his cruelly trampled upon family, for all these long years now. Yet and still, Americo-Liberia claims to be running a democracy, when by all modern performance standards and requirements, a true democracy MUST show serious responsiveness to the calls and concerns of each of its citizens at all times. For this is the only way a true society can ever grow, and that’s why Liberia DOES not qualify yet as a democracy unfortunately. Still meanwhile, on a more personal note, apart from this current Americo-Liberian President (i.e. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s) forefathers’ collective Nasty governmental policies that have rendered my parents’ lifetime dreams unachievable and almost useless forever, just as it has done, and continues to do, to the lifetime dreams and aspirations of millions of our fellow indigenous people across this country (in both past and present generations), her (again, meaning Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s) co-initiated, founded, financed, and sustained 14 year “Uncivil War” of revenge and itch for useless power grab, that ended in 2003, was directly responsible for my dear mom’s early death before age 40, on July 26, 1990. In further damage to our Kartees’ family, by Ellen’s actions, I personally suffered from direct, massive rocket particle wounds that nearly ended my life instantly, after these rocket shells had killed 8 persons on the spot, in the very group whose members I was actively interacting with, on the scene, on July 25, 2003, at the Newport Junior High School IDP Camp in Monrovia. This was part of a very cruel campaign that saw the indiscriminate shelling of poor civilians by another one of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s many initiated, supported, and sustained war projects, with this one called the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), according to a 2014 Wikileaks’ revelation. It’s also important to include here how in another sad addition to all of these nightmare still, my dual ethnic groups – i.e. the Dans and Mahns, and our county, Nimba – suffered the worst and most gruesome of deaths, beheadings, and massacres, first, beginning November 1985, as a direct result of this Americo-Liberian Queen, Ellen’s bloody political maneuver using Gen. Thomas G. Quiwonkpa against Samuel K. Doe, in a devilish contrivance that effectively pitted the Dans and Mahns on the one hand, and the Krahns, on the other hand, against one another so gruesomely; then

next, in 1989, again, when defenseless Dans and Mahns, initially, owing to the existing bad blood from 1985, suffered the worst of intimidations, deaths and massacres once more, at the direct consequence of Queen Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s first major, full-scale war project for Americo-Liberian presidency, through the infamous National Patriotic Front of Liberia Rebel Group, a group that inflicted some of the most heinous onslaughts on defenseless citizens in mankind’s history (99.9% of which were the indigenous people of this country), only again, for Americo-Liberians to come back to so-called governmental positions, the only vocation that they claim to know, all through their lives on this Planet. It is this same Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Government once more, through its so-called Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) that rudely and criminally disrupted my very high personal and family ambitions, yet again, with some awfully fake and useless dismissal letter, not to mention the level of foolishness that went into the reasoning and processes that effected this bogus dismissal action. We, of course, have not, and will not be deterred by anyone of these kinds of terrible personal experiences in this long string of nightmare, in a way that will send us off track, from ever doing the right thing – thanks to God’s guidance, as this kind of resilience has been a product of our strong, privileged, spiritual foundation. This foundation has proudly thought us that everything works together for the better, in order for God’s will and purpose in both our individual and collective lives to be realized. And so, we are proud to be consistently caught up in the firing line of Americo-Liberian bullets of cruelty and naivety against our vast indigenous majority of this country, to such a scale like what we all here now see and know in this Black American Colony. That’s why, even though this long episode started as a single, personal case between us and the Management of LPRC, we have managed, based on our proud orientation and little African education, to escalate it to the national, and even international level, by employing the following 3 strategic formulas – one spiritual, one philosophical or scientific, and the last, managerial, which include:  Spiritually: We believe in the Bible when it says in Romans 8:28 that “all things work together for good for those that love God, and those that are chosen for His purpose.”  Philosophically and scientifically or otherwise: The Greek Scientist named Archimedes once said, “Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I will move the whole world.” In our case, it is about saying, “give me a good corruption or human rights abuse case long enough, and with the prevailing circumstances in my country now so ripe enough, I can change my country, and impact the whole world positively by the grace of God, using this single case.”

 Managerially: One American Management Scientist, Mr. Paul Hawken has said, “Good management is the process of making a problem so interesting and its solution so constructive, that everyone wants to get to work, to deal with that problem.” As we now embark on escalating this civic agenda from the family and small group level to the broader public level by the grace of God, since it is truly intended to seek our country’s interest first, rather than our personal interests, or the interest of just a few, we like to use this medium to now fully introduce to you the Plain Truth Revolution, our family-derived, and proudly God-engineered-and-approved, peaceful revolutionary endeavor, now poised – through His power, to liberate our country once and for all from the terrible shackles of lack of independence, and all the nightmare attached to this sad lack. In this package, apart from this cover letter and our main 18-page communication addressed directly to you, there are five separate sets of documents, simply labeled Sets 1 to 5, for your convenience, which include: a) Our Revolution’s Anti-2017 Americo-Liberian Elections Materials (5 big flyers + 1 extensive, 22-page revolutionary warning message against standing on line to vote in 2017). *Note that we are providing you Flyers 1 and 4, plus the 22 general warning, and leaving you with the polite challenge of downloading the others from their web locations. This will be labeled Set 1. b) Just two of the summary pamphlets of our over 20 Plain Truth Revolutionary handouts/pamphlets, for your quick perusal. These two concern Liberia’s illegitimacy and the wickedness that characterize its overall civic theory, leaving you with an appeal to get the other interesting rest. This is labeled Set 2. c) Some (between 7 and 11) short communications/documents from among the countless documents relating to the now 5-year running administrative and revolutionary search for redress by Employee Roland Kartee against Employer, Liberia Petroleum [Refining] Company, for his criminally bogus January 2013 dismissal that has cruelly wretched the Native African Kartees’ lives for all these 5 years now, with full knowledge and implicit backing of the United States Government. This case, we repeat, is a proud springboard or launch pad of our Plain Truth Revolution. These few instruments that start with the very fake employment termination letter, have been marked in some chronological order for your convenience, and are labeled as Set 3. d) A 38-page warning from our Revolution to the 3 biggest sustainers of the wicked civic theory of Liberia through fake elections and bloody foreign aid. We labeled this as Set 4. Note: Attach to this article are two small communications – one serves as partial evidence of some of the practical efforts that we made against the holding of the past October – December 2017 fake Americo-Liberian General Elections, and the other

serves as some evidence of the little gains we have been making thus far at moral legitimacy by virtue of being recognized by the world’s biggest authority and greatest arbiter of mankind’s affairs (Earth-wise), which is the United Nations. a) A 20-page article we call our guide, i.e. Plain Truth Revolution Guide 2, which provides some kind of narrative or walkthrough for all of the various civic actions that we have been taking thus far under the auspices of the Plain Truth Revolution in pursuit of some genuine redress to this raw deal, this proud springboard of our Revolution, ranging from actions taken at the family-level, to those taken at the national level, or with bigger national agendas. Of course, this last one is labeled Set 5. **Please note that each set is attached in two versions – both in a .doc and a .pdf format. Thank you very much for going through this package to know about the Plain Truth Revolution and to buy into our arguments and debates for the final liberation of our country from the forces of untold LIES, DECEIT, CORRUPTION and MISCHIEF, to its befitting destiny of true independence and prosperity using God’s eternal principles of JUSTICE, JUSTICE, JUSTICE, and equally the rest of the other Godly principles. Yours gratefully, RSK

Roland S. Kartee Head/Plain Truth Revolution

Plain Truth Revolution Gardnersville Monrovia, Liberia

December 11, 2017 TO ALL THE ADDRESSES BELOW :

The Vision Newspaper Carey Street Monrovia, Liberia


The New Republic Newspaper Benson Street Monrovia, Liberia


The Capitol Times Newspaper 9th Street, Sinkor Monrovia, Liberia


The Insight Newspaper Bardnersville, Gardnersville Monrovia, Liberia


The FrontPage Africa Newspaper Airfield Shortcut,Sinkor Monrovia, Liberia


The Focus Newspaper Bardnersville, Gardnersville Monrovia, Liberia


The New Democrat Newspaper Clay Street Monrovia, Liberia


The Catalyst Newspaper Broad Street Monrovia, Liberia


The Inquirer Newspaper Gurley Street Monrovia, Liberia


The Heritage Newspaper Broad Street Monrovia, Liberia


The Hot Pepper Newspaper Front Street Monrovia, Liberia


The Independent Newspaper Buchanan Street Monrovia, Liberia


The News Newspaper Broad Street Monrovia, Liberia


The InProfile Daily Newspaper Capitol By Pass Monrovia, Liberia

The Parrot Newspaper Buchanan Street Monrovia, Liberia

The Concord Times Newspaper Ashmun Street Monrovia, Liberia


The Women’s Voices Newspaper Mechlin Street Monrovia, Liberia


The Daily Guard Newspaper Old Nimba Parking, Water Side Monrovia, Liberia


The New Dawn Newspaper


The Nation Times Newspaper

Crown Hill, Broad Street Monrovia, Liberia

Gurley Street Monrovia, Liberia :

The Press Union of Liberia Clay Street Monrovia, Liberia


Dear Fellow Compatriots:

Greetings come to you from the Plain Truth Revolution, a peaceful civic endeavor proudly springing out of our 2013 experience with the Liberian Petroleum [Refining] Company, as the cover page narrated, and now poised, through God’s power, to lead in the process of re-borning and relaying the foundation of our country based on honest principles, with our first big test being to challenge the legitimacy of the ongoing Americo-Liberian Electoral process in our country. Acknowledging your key role as the ones that set the agenda for society and the chief organizers and moderators of debates in the public space, we write to first introduce to you our small, peaceful, civic revolutionary group, and to express our desire to closely work with you guys in the 4th estate to elevate our Plain Truth Revolutionary debates for the final liberation of our dear home from what every conscious person in this place now sees and knows, is America’s very deadly imperialism, implemented through the inherent criminality and cruelty of the Americo-Liberians, and with all these being channeled through the policies of the criminal gang that these both parties set up here in 1822 called government. The issues at stake in our country are so grave and chaotic, and as such, require very bold steps, bold debates, strong words, and bold actions in order for them to ever be handled. So, our depiction and description of these issues may seem sarcastic and abusive to some people; but in reality, we are neither insulting nor abusing. We are just hitting the plain truth. Some people may think that we are personal, but we are not personal. It is just that we cannot discuss or debate these deadly, burning issues without involving the individuals or groups of individuals or entities that are driving them. We have also chosen to work closely with you guys because we believe, each time journalist risk their lives and dig up stories to bring to our attention, whether through print or electronic media, or whatever means possible, it is intended for us to exploit facts and ideas from these reports and stories, add them to our own existing knowledge, and apply them in changing our lives, our environment, and our world at large. We believe that no bit of useful information from you, especially, and anywhere else for that matter, is ever intended to be wasted. So in our case in this country, for example, each time we get and read a copy of, say, the New Dawn, the Hot Pepper, the Concord Times etc. we get something that tells us that things are just not right within our society, and such piece of information logically asks us to use it to build a case for change, or to gather more of related information to help us construct solution options for tackling our many societal problems. But frankly, it only takes people who are willing and ready to think and act for themselves; people who are ready to act on their own, and in their own best interest etc., to understand and utilize your work, i.e. the media’s work, this way – and this is a tendency, or culture, which has sadly never existed in our society for all these long years

of our existence now, which the Plain Truth Revolution endeavors to inculcate here at all costs – for which we are taking the lead in this direction, God willing. To be honest, the great work that you are doing here on a daily basis is what God has been helping us to tap into, to construct all of the arguments that we are now proffering today, and to lay the basis for this very peaceful revolution that promises to finally get us out of this “Spiritual Egypt” by the grace of God. We are so proud that this endeavor can safely be declared as a joint venture between us, this small group of God-fearing compatriots of yours, and the entire media community of this country and the world over. So we say to you in the mass media – whether print, electronic or otherwise, that this is a product of your marvelous job; this is your proud fruit, and so, please take ownership of the Plain Truth Revolutionary Agenda and let’s work together to build a new, decent country, God willing. Yes, we can. Someone once told us, “the pen is so mightier than the gun, and what the pen can take a few years to establish or accomplish on its own, and sustain for good, the gun will take 200 years to elusively establish or accomplish it, and then sadly, be unable to ever sustain it independently for up to 1 year.” We therefore encourage you in the media that it’s now time for you, the pen pushers, to change our country, with the help of God. We are just your foot soldiers, fellow compatriots. Having said that, we now politely request through this communication that instead of keep boring yourselves, and our heavily deceived population with these same stories that we are all so used to hearing here all day, stories mainly surrounding personalities and not the real issues, stories that won't take us anywhere even in a billion years’ time; superficial issues that will only prolong the sufferings and agony of our people; halfbaked solutions that only keep us as a mass of dependent people, kept as slaves to other races, and an enduring liability in the comity of nations and territories forever; and stories, the outcome of which are ultimate war, war and war every time etc., you now please muster the courage to infuse new dynamism into your programming, and fresh ideas into your papers, by going through our work and creating the platform for introducing and diffusing our revolution’s lifesaving debates pertaining to the final redemption, survival and progress of our people and country by God’s grace. For example, let your publications now please feature such Plain Truth Revolutionary debates and arguments, as the 8 listed below, among others, including: 1. The Plain Truth Revolution now demands that we restart our country afresh on a newer and cleaner slate, based on justice, by invoking some holistic transitional justice process, taking into account issues pertaining to the very DECEPTIVE conception of this country in December 1816. To strengthen this debate, you can refer people to our revolutionary articles or pamphlets such as (a) “Why Must ‘Liberia’ Demand Reparations From the United States Now” and (b) “Ethnic Suppression – Liberia’s Original Sin: Who Makes Amends for it Now?” etc., all of which can be accessed from or

2. We now unconditionally call for an interim leadership right after the expiration of Ellen and her UP Government’s tenure, and that this interim government will employ our currently demanded Parliamentary Democracy try out. And not to waste any time, our revolution has gone ahead and tipped 10 reputable Grain Coasters (“Liberians”) as our own interim ceremonial presidential candidates to be voted under certain revolutionary arrangement. More light on this debate can be found in such Plain Truth Revolutionary articles as: (a) The Plain Truth Revolution, Its Roadmap, Plus Governance Plan, For The New Country, And The New Democracy That We Now Demand To Replace Evil, Failed Liberia, (b) Based on its origins, and today’s realities, the structure called Government of Liberia is a big criminal gang that must be peacefully dismantled now, for a better one, based on better principles, and (c) Based on her ancestry, and her current performance profile thus far, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, like any other Americo-Liberian president, except Tolbert, has got no moral authority over any native person for that matter in this country etc. Please excuse us for the long names of our articles; for they are revolutionary, anyway. For (a) above, you may please check at, while for (b) and (c), you may check the same sites above, in #1, which are or 3. As a base argument for point #2 above, we now vow to implement a Parliamentary form of Democracy rather than keep struggling with this fake Presidential Democracy imposed upon us by America. 4. We now vow to formally implement a Socialist form of Economics, rather than keep killing ourselves with some very unproductive and criminally designed Laissez-Faire Capitalism, as also imposed upon us here by this same Uncle Sam 5. We demand an immediate set up, as part of our envisaged new civic structure, a new Ministry, the Ministry of Civic Education, to begin molding the minds of our terribly deceived and misled citizens about what it means to be independent, to run a government, to run a state, and to be responsible citizens in that state etc. 6. Instead of keep having our judges being appointed by single persons to work, defacto, at the will and pleasure of such single persons, we demand that all of our key judges be elected either through some popular votes or some Parliamentary procedure 7. We now demand that all private schools be merged systematically and be turned into government schools, and high quality free education be inaugurated in its truest sense in this country from nursery to Grade 12 right now, with huge increments quickly applied to qualified teachers’ salaries and incentives, including housing, while we aggressively train new teachers both here and abroad; and to pause for now,

8. We are pushing to make it a matter of compulsion that our new system of government starts with a mandatory unemployment benefit scheme for ALL working age unemployed citizens, and disability compensation for ALL disabled and physically challenged citizens etc. and etc. For we definitely have established that this land has all the resources and even surplus to do all these things for our precious people and even more, but we MUST take these radical steps now, beginning this 2017, to demand our independence from very imperialistic America right away, so as to make these wonderful things possible for ourselves and our future generations, by the grace of God; again, yes we can. And as a workable roadmap, we are forcefully, and not forcibly, recommending that all these, and many more demanding proposals for ultimate change in our country, now be debated and legitimized at a well-organized Sovereign Citizens Convention or a National Rebirth & Constitutional Convention, as our revolution loves to call it, between now and the close of this 2017 or as early as possible in 2018 by the grace of God, instead of dangerously fooling ourselves through another mockery out of democracy in some foolish Americo-Liberian exercise called General and Presidential Elections, whose prime winners shall have already been predetermined by our deceitful, pretentious colonial master, America, in an effort to plunge us into another long round of civil crisis, during which time they will complete the pillaging of the last of our remaining precious natural resources, our Oil, while they leave us in an unending bloodbath, since we are sadly afraid of man, and respect man, America in this case, so much than God – abomination!!! One major apprehension that we have, for which we are demanding the holding of this Sovereign Citizens Convention – to be well organized and conducted under the leadership of our Plain Truth Revolution in collaboration with the current Government of Liberia of course, and our international partners, but NEVER under the commanding leadership and influence of this GOL however, is that Liberia and its institutions are so criminal and cruel enough that the gang called government in this place has NEVER, and will sadly NEVER be any independently objective in handling issues pertaining to the greater good of our society and our future generations. This strong fact is biological, empirical, statistical and most importantly, very spiritual, thus making it a waste of precious time to ever want to dispute it. And so the kinds of radical debates and rudimentary changes to our founding civic theories and arguments, as now demanded by the Plain Truth Revolution, must be done while the United Nations is still officially present in this place – no matter their number on ground – because if UNMIL formally leaves completely, as it is expected to be so by March next year, and we be left between the EVER-deadly maneuvers of Wall Streetcontrolled America and her very mischievous Americo-Liberians again, those

lifesaving, stabilizing, and unconditional changes that we direly need now – like those listed above, including changes to such things as our flag, our motto, the constitution, our name etc. – before peace can ever take firm root in this place, will NEVER be realized without blood, or without unnecessarily long time delays, once the United Nations leaves. That’s why, as UNMIL is still around, our small, peaceful revolutionary group is now calling on you, the press, to elevate this debate for the holding of our Sovereign Citizens Convention this 2017 so that we can constructively deliberate these issues and effect changes to our social contract right before the eyes of our loving and caring UN friends. Let’s not allow this opportunity slip through our fingers again. In addition, the current US Administration, we believe, if adequately approached and informed, or well educated about our plight through some extra-mile efforts, which do not have to be rosy, could be of great help to this process because this party, the GOP, was set up for, and has good records for, among other things: strongly defending Blacks’ interests specifically; vehemently advocating morality in the public space; and standing up tall in protecting the rights of minorities etc. thus making them a good American partner for us at this time, despite these toxic differences. And talking about a Sovereign Citizens Meeting or a National Rebirth and Constitutional Convention, or just some kind of serious soul-searching and solutionseeking dialogue, as the Plain Truth Revolution is currently demanding, this kind of call should never be strange to anyone of us in this country by now, as many influential voices out there, including those in the top echelons of the current Americo-Liberian Government, have been strongly proposing for some time now. We are only just reinforcing or making it a demand now, that’s all, with some attachments or conditions added. For example, Atty. Koffi Woods has been calling for a National Reconciliation Consultative Dialogue (Sky FM, June 20, 2014); Vandarlark Patricks has been calling for a National Reconciliation Convention (July 8, 2014, Local Radio News etc.); Lofa County Senator Steve Zargo has been stressing the need for some National Security Dialogue (Local Radio News and local Dailies, 2016); the Catholic Justice & Peace Commission (JPC) has called for a National Civil Society Dialogue to discuss the current security situation in the country (Inquirer Newspaper, February 2016); the head of the EU Delegation in the country has expressed her union’s desire to see some political dialogue take place among and between political parties on the one hand, and political parties and the government on the other hand (FrontPage Africa, March 20, 2016); the head of Liberia’s Good Governance Commission, Dr. Amos Sawyer is on record for strongly recommending that the country holds some political summit before heading to any elections; and lastly, the President herself, Madam Sirleaf, during her last State of the Nation’s Address this January 2017, announced that she was instructing Dr. Sawyer to organize some National Political dialogue before anything called elections are held here etc. and etc. Maybe the only

revolutionary point of divergence here is that these dialogues will NEVER be held under the commanding leadership of the Government of Liberia, or be attended by socalled political parties alone. Now, these arguments and issues may sound interesting and provocative to place them on your air ways, or within your newspapers, but we are sure your biggest concern will then be “what guarantees and protection will you have for defense. To this very genuine concern of yours we say, although we don’t believe in your Liberian Constitution because its main source of authority, i.e. theoretical Liberia, is illegitimate, and apart, this constitution lies so much and promotes broad day criminalities, and perversion of the laws, if you still believe in it, which is your right, then you still have guarantees of protection under it for engaging into these debates, as being led by the Plain Truth Revolution right now. For example: a) Article 1 of Liberia’s lying constitution gives citizens the right to ALTER and REFORM their government if it so meets their happiness etc. Fellow compatriots, this categorically does not mean, or is not restricted to holding elections, as America and her criminal Americo-Liberians have sadly brainwashed us to get stuck to, in this place. The US 1776 Declaration of Independence for instance, clearly instructs or suggests what it means to ALTER or RE-FORM a government. Check this excerpt out as a proof, ladies and gentlemen; and it reads, “…We hold these truths to be selfevident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. [And] that whenever any form of government [sadly like Liberia’s NASTY notion and mentality of government since 1822, up to this 2017, with President Tolbert’s regime exempt to some extent ], becomes [so] destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to ALTER or ABOLISH it, and to install a new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such forms as to them seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness….” b) Then Article 15 of the Liberian Constitution grants you unhindered freedom of expression, with rights to hold opinion without interference, plus academic right to receive and impart knowledge and information through whatever lawful means without any interference etc. But even more generally under international laws, which govern all of our activities – whether as Americans, Russians, Americo-Liberians and its unproductive form of government, or Natives of this place etc., the set of laws to which our Plain Truth Revolution currently subscribes completely, there are several provisions that grant us rights, as a people, to get involved with all of the debates that our Revolution is now

leading this defacto Black American Colony into, by the grace of God, and some of these internationally approved legal provisions include: a) Logically taking into account the Grain Coast’s (Liberia’s) current terrible plight, Article 1 of each of the below two big international legal instruments – which are the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) provides among other things, the rights of all peoples to self-determination including the right to freely determine their political status; pursue their economic, social and cultural goals, and to manage and dispose of their own resources independently and unperturbed. b) Then Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights gives every human being the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion etc., while our last provision of concern for now, which is, Article 19 of this same instrument gives everyone – whether Black or White – the right to hold opinions without interference, while going on to say, that everyone has the right to freedom of expression, and that this right should include freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing, or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice. Ladies and gentlemen of the 4th estate, these are the biggest legal instruments on our Planet Earth that anyone can ever imagine, and all of them give you the right to freely, though responsibly, engage in the kinds of lifesaving debates, that our revolution is now urging you to set the agenda for, so as to enable us to achieve our final independence, God willing. For these two international legal instruments mentioned above, along with their mother document, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other smaller protocols constitute the United Nations’ approved International or Universal Bill of Rights, which is binding on all UN member countries and territories, including convincingly proven, illegitimate Liberia. In fact, these documents comprise the fundamental constitutive documents of the United Nations, as recognized also by great world authorities. For example, Lebanese Diplomat Charles Malik called the UDHR an international document of the first order of importance; Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt suggested it as the international magna carta of all men everywhere, while Pope John Paul, II, some time ago called it “one of the highest expressions [though we will say the highest expression] of the human conscience of our times”. While we could have just made this big claim about Liberia’s convincing illegitimacy and its BIG LIES in every activity of life and every step it takes, and then leave you probably groping for proofs on your own, let’s quickly drill you through some relevant pieces of evidence to motivate your own investigation into these damaging realities about the place we are calling a sovereign or independent country, with some people even blindly calling it a Republic, to be proud of.

Liberia for example claims it is a democracy, when it has no legally and morally viable underlying social contract; it claims it is a democracy and a republic when sovereignty does not lie with the people, but instead, in some criminal gang called government, that uses some ill-gotten power to wreak havoc on the vast majority of the citizenry; it claims it is a democracy, but it has no track record of ever systematically developing its own human capital and protecting its own people’s basic human rights in these 195 years of mockingly being around as some so-called political entity; it claims it is a legitimate state, but some of the very first lines within its Declaration of Independence are Absolute Lies, making such declaration void or voidable etc. In line with our Plain Truth Revolutionary demand for a total breakdown of this current civic structure, its modus operandi and status quo etc., for the building of a new order of things in our society, we like for the Grain Coastal (“Liberian”) press to please take some time off to reflect on these following sad realities: 1. The National Convention of June to July 1847 that professedly formalized Liberia’s sovereignty and independence was unrepresentative, unfair, and criminal, thus making its offshoot, the so-called Republic of Liberia, illegitimate. This National Convention was attended only by the Johnsons, Grippons, McClains, and Tubmans etc., who represent 1 ethnic group, the 17th questionable one for that matter, to the brutal exclusion of the Samukais, Zeangans, Kromahs, and Cherrues, who represent the 16 original African ethnic groups, and the recognized owners of the land. It is all the products from this funny, ethnocentric talk shop, called National Convention, that still remain intact today. 2. A statement within Liberia’s current Declaration of Independence, which also features in the preamble of the First Constitution, a constitution whose basic provisions still reign supreme up to this point in many respects, reads that all the citizens of this country (‘Liberia’) are originally from the United States of North America. 3. Liberia’s current Constitution is full of lies and all sorts of criminal provisions. Few of its lies and criminal provisions can be found in such passages as Articles 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 20, most of 21, 26, 27(b), 97, and many more. In fact, this constitution does not respect our people; it is a recipe for chaos, as alluded to even by the United Nations; it promotes impunity; it promotes perversion of the law; it promotes selfishness; it was used to kill and ‘rekill’ almost 1 million of our poor citizens through some senseless war, and through the ever-corrupt Supreme Court of Liberia; it was used as a tool to send more than 1 million of our citizens into exile, making them suffer and face humiliating conditions and harsh fate including disgraceful deaths without befitting burials outside of their home; it is being used to shield productive President Tolbert and his officials’ killers forever; it was used to deny our people reparations after criminals took advantage of its loopholes to set our people’s

lives far back for scores and decades; it has been used to perpetuate the sufferings of our people by maintaining and sustaining a criminal gang in place called government, and to keep bringing criminals (conscious or unconscious) to power to inflict more harm on our good people forever etc. 4. A national symbol represents an idea or a reality that means so much to a group of people. In a state, the flag, the seal, the motto, the national anthem, the national holidays, the folk heroes and heroines etc. constitute the national symbols. These symbols inspire citizens to be more patriotic. They represent the hopes and aspirations of all citizens. National emblems and symbols steer every citizen in the same direction in fulfilment of common national objectives. Symbols and emblems serve to hold the mirror to the value of the country etc. But sadly, Liberia’s part of National symbols and emblems kill and insult all of the indigenous people of this country, which constitute 99% of the population. 5. The Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s July 2009 report categorically asserts that Liberia faces a big LEGITIMACY CRISIS!!!!! 6. Illegitimacy even gets worse off when it is proven – historically, empirically, statistically and through other official means – that a place, calling itself a nation, systematically discriminates against a huge segment of its own people on grounds that this segment constitutes mere animals (savages and beasts), but not human beings. From the very beginning of Liberia, this is the SAD fate that the Black American criminals of this place did ascribe to the almost 99% vast indigenous population here, and nothing fundamental has been done yet, in 195 years, to change this terrible fate that we continue to suffer in different, sometimes subtle forms. Let’s just bring you a gist of proofs to this claim as follows: a) Jo M. Sullivan of the Cambridge Public Schools in Massachusetts, the USA, expressed his frustration once at the sad characterizations of the indigenous people of this country by the so-called Black American ‘pioneers’, as presented in a 2002 book written by Catherine Reef entitled, “This is our Dark Country: The American Settlers of Liberia”. Mr. Sullivan criticizes for example, the Americo-Liberians’ use of such phrases as: “building a nation in the wilderness”, “surviving in the wilderness” etc. He said, in Reef’s description of the region [as very lately as 2002 in her book], she still gave preference to animals before making some little mention of a local people. b) In the book, “Liberia, the West African Republic”, Richard and Doris Henries narrate that upon the arrival of the Black Americans from bondage, they met on the Grain Coast, only savages, whom they (the ‘Congo People’) began to transform. c) In Liberia’s official Civics textbook, as late as the Tubman’s Era, “Civics for Liberian Schools, 1966”, A. Doris Banks Henries, the author of this book, with full approval of

the Government of Liberia, referred to us, the indigenous people, the Nagbes, the Boakais, the Samukais, the original Sirleafs and so on, as savages. d) New York-based History Professor, Dr. James Ciment describes the AmericoLiberian treatment of the Natives in this country as Liberia’s “Original Sin.” ( He said that the Americo-Liberians have tried to recreate a social order like the antebellum America’s South, setting themselves up as the master class and the vast indigenous population as the slave class. e) Sir John Simon of the British Foreign Service wrote on May 29, 1934 that it would be a NEGLECT of the [West’s or mankind’s] duty to civilization if the misgovernment of the Native tribes of Liberia [by the Americo-Liberians] was allowed to continue ( f) The League of Nations, in its 1931 report on Liberia concluded that: “The Government of Liberia is systematically fostering a policy of gross intimidation and suppression of the Native in order to prevent him from asserting himself in any way whatsoever, for the benefit of the dominant and colonizing race, although originally the same stock as themselves” g) Prof. Dr. Ibrahim K. Sundiatta of the Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, once warned in his analysis of Liberia’s fate, that it is only the idea of a reform-minded, Western-educated Native Liberian leadership and Republic that will provide the much-needed solution to this country’s problems. But he claimed the international community unfortunately [keeps] opposing this idea [in favor of the socalled Americo-Liberians]. ….” ( etc. 7. Even current opinion leaders and government officials of this present funny order of things do recognize the illegitimacy of Liberia. For example: a) Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, head, Liberia’s Good Governance Commission is on record for sadly summarizing the whole Liberian story by saying: “The idea of Liberia is flawed in conception, design, and implementation” (as quoted by Mr. Jo Sullivan of the Cambridge Public Schools in Massachusetts, the USA) b) Mr. John S. Morlu, former Auditor General of Liberia once said, in Liberia, we have a kleptocracy (or one would say, a ‘rogue-cracy’ or ‘criminocracy’), masquerading as a democracy. He then called on the Press Union of Liberia to help break this rogue structure called Liberian democracy down, and not to help it grow to born more babies of poverty, uncontrollable foreign exchange rates, astronomical prices of goods/services, and sky-rocketing rate of unemployment (, November 28, 2015) c) Mr. Nathaniel Barnes, Politician and former Liberian Ambassador to the United Nations once argued that, we “dangerously do not have any institutions in this

place, but instead, we just have personalities.” He says we are terribly not even a reconciled people, and that we don’t have any common purpose, and any common goal as a people. He continues that there’s an incredible lack of trust by Liberians in their own leaders and government generally, and that this lack of citizens’ trust in government here is JUSTIFIED!!!!!!!!(Farbric FM New Dawn, December 2, 2015) d) Mr. Jonathan Paye – Lay-Leh – BBC Correspondent/Liberia – Mr. Paye Layleh says that the behavior of Liberian leaders in dealing with the country’s resources, especially its natural resources (iron ore, gold, diamond, oil etc.) makes him to wonder whether leaders here have something at the back of their minds telling them that the country is now coming to an end (Farbric FM New Dawn, October 20, 2015) e) Mr. Isaac ‘Redd’, Director of Press & Public Affairs, House of Representatives, Liberia – fed up with the status quo, Mr. Redd complains, with utmost disgust, that in Liberia, the construction or rehabilitation of little stretches of substandard one-lane roads is only determined by where the president goes. In his direct words, “Our country just can’t go this way…we need to jumpstart everything all over again….and we need real patriotic people to do this…..” (Farbric FM New Dawn, November 12, 2015) f) Dean Johnson of the African Methodist Episcopal University in Monrovia claims that Liberia’s declaration of independence was imprudently thought out, and was untimely…He continues, “we need a complete renaissance… we need a complete rebirth…(Farbric FM New Dawn, March 16, 2015) etc. and etc. Now, fellow compatriots, let’s remember that our Declaration of Independence serves as the legal and institutional foundation of our country; our constitution plays the role of both the legal and moral foundation of our country; while our national symbols and emblems serve as the psychological and emotional foundation of our country – and all these sum up to, or do constitute our social contract, the foundation of society. Now, when all these are wrong, or when all of them are found to have major faults, then we only have the physical land area, but unfortunately, we don’t have a theoretical country as yet, and this is Liberia’s sad fate. And all of these must be worked on now without passing the buck onto our already ‘handicapped in advance’ future generations. So we can safely say here now that you all do have some good insight into what our Plain Truth Revolution refers to as breaking down the current civic foundation to build a new one based on God’s eternal principles. The point of either staying away from, or disapproving the outcome of the ensuing, always fake Americo-Liberian electoral process, as we mentioned in our long subject or

reference line above, is in line with Biblical and Qur’anic principles that: we are under obligation to discontinue complying with, or to stop obeying well-established immoral and illegitimate authorities and designs for our lives and our relationship with God. We can’t keep obeying a design that is bent on working against us, and our future generations, especially due to its bad foundation. Fellow countrymen and women, we want you to please take seriously the sad reality that we unfortunately have a very dirty society that can NEVER remain this dirty, for anything good to ever flourish within it. While perfection is impossible for us as human beings, and as human societies, excellence achieved in relative cleanliness, MUST be the objective and goal after which all serious people MUST seek. In our case, because of the age of our problem, its complexity, and very deep-rooted nature, plus the kinds of parties involved, this indispensable societal cleanup process has become very huge and dangerous, but the harsh fact is that we must face it as our part of collective challenge in our common existence, as every group of people have got their part of challenge in life that they must overcome in order to flourish. As we, of the Plain Truth Revolution have already embarked upon this very herculean task, God willing, we remain quite conscious that in such a dangerous and difficult assignment, we need God’s protection and favor so massively, for which we must fight in all of our weak ways possible, to apply His eternal principles of boldness, truthfulness, justice, and love etc., every step of the way. As such, it’s best to keep reminding you that we are not politicians coming to canvass for votes, or to encourage you to support a political party, but instead, we are practical realists and revolutionaries bent upon being used by God just to clean up society for the benefit of everyone now, and all of our future generations by the grace of God. To demonstrate true conviction that the very burning issues currently at stake in this country are not just about a particular Liberian government/administration or a particular set of individuals within its fake governance design, but that these great issues are instead about a whole wrong structure that was put into place here since 1822 in the name of some national government, along with its entire modus operandi, that needs to be radically overhauled before true independence and all of its dividends of: peace, security, stability, economic prosperity etc. can ever be realized, we are not limiting our call here only to abstaining from these 2017 elections alone. Instead, wherein their elections are still held – which is very highly possible regardless of how much calls come against it, since holding fake elections, in fact, is the only primary means through which the United States Government and their surrogates, the Americo-Liberians do sustain their Liberia and all of its NASTY theories, fake national theories wrought with blood, corruption, imperialism, and ethnocentrism etc., we still herewith call on all well-meaning citizens and well-wishers from all walks of life to join us in disapproving this process and all of

its outcomes, including, by peacefully protesting and resisting their so-called inauguration. Again, this action is, or will be necessary not because we hate the professed winner (s) from these illegitimate so-called democratic polls, but because we too are under obligation to exert some reasonable force or pressure in averting a bad future, a bad collective fate etc., since this country does belong to all of us equally, and as such, we just can’t always sit by and continue to allow only a less than 1% of the population, calling themselves some politicians, or some elite, to keep manipulating us in the fake name of politics, governance or democracy. And so, our beautiful beginning point is to do everything constructively and civilly possible to obstruct anything called the inauguration of another Americo-Liberian president, another Americo-Liberian political administration, another batch of both conscious and unconscious agents of American imperialism and neo-colonialism; another batch of both conscious and unconscious criminals etc. to continue these Black Americans’ entrenched culture of corruption, corruption, and corruption, and the unhindered, unchallenged marginalization and suppression of our huge Native African or tribal populations of this beautiful land, one way or the other. No, no, we will civilly resist all this to the letter, by the grace of God. Instead, we do demand, and will ensure, with all of our blood, sweat, and tears, that all road in this country lead to a Sovereign Citizens Convention between now and the end of February, or latest, mid-March 2018, before UNMIL finally draws down. For us, it is not about who wins or who becomes president of this place that is still under the Americo-Liberians’ twisted, criminal civic theory, no. It is about what foundation is that person coming to build upon; what culture and leadership traditions are they coming to build upon, and stuffs like that. For we just don’t believe in this foundation of Joseph Jenkins Roberts; we don’t believe in Tubman’s foundation; we don’t believe in Doe’s or Taylor’s foundation etc., neither do we believe in a foundation laid by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. We therefore demand an opportunity now, before UNMIL leaves, by God’s grace, to lay for ourselves a new national foundation; to create for ourselves a new set of civic theories and traditions that will go in line with the true norms of modern civilization and match 21st century realities – but never to continue with those that were designed here by the Americo-Liberians, which are surely what Boaka or Weah will be coming to office again to sustain. For anything that is of the Liberian foundation, theory, and status quo we vehemently detest, not even oppose; and so, allowing ourselves to inaugurate Weah or Boakai will just interpret to agreeing to join with evil forces (both conscious and unconscious) to intentionally prolong the already sorrowful plight and agonies of our

good people. This is with all due respect to the subjects involved here, who are largely acting either out of ignorance or fear to do the difficult, right thing for our country. As a strong piece of information or a sturdy word of warning for fellow citizens, especially those of pure Native African backgrounds, who now feel some sigh of relief and are now believing that the Natives are beginning to take over their land, especially taking into account the current look of things, we say with the saddest of heart that instead of taking over their land, the Natives are rather SADLY enhancing the AmericoLiberian design, and proving the ACS arguments of yesteryears to be true, all of such sad misconceptions and missteps which will continue to prolong the sufferings of our already strangulated people. The Americo-Liberian election of a George Weah or a Joseph Boakai will never be that desperately desired and needed equivalent of Natives rightfully taking over their country from the foul-smelling hands of these mischievous Black Americans, and the deadly imperialist claws of the great United States, neither will it even be a small liberation of the huge suffering masses of this land from the shackles and yoke of abuse, poverty, devastation etc., but instead, to repeat with emphasis, such election will only sorrowfully be a prolongation of all these very NASTY, existing realities. With a George Weah or a Joseph Boakai presidency over a fake statehood called “Liberia”, still bearing this same counterfeit name given by an American Congressman in the early 1820s for selfish, colonial, and bloodily ‘seggregative’ reasons; a fake statehood still flying this same red, white, and blue flag with divisive 11 stripes; a fake nationhood arrangement still running with this same bloody motto that reads, “The love of liberty brought us here”; a funny Black American Colony still honoring a conflict-ridden seal that depicts the coming into this place of only the criminal and most mischievous breed of Mixed Blacks Americans from the United States; and a lying West African civic arrangement still obeying some very bloody constitution of lies and all sorts of dualities, etc. and etc., we highly foresee the rise to power of another Samuel K. Doe, this time around in clean clothes. We sadly see a newer, 21st century Samuel Doe, who, after being savagely and criminally manipulated again by the Americo-Liberians in the name of politics, will be ultimately destroyed by them and their always hand-in-gloves US allies and elements, all for personal, selfish or capitalist gains, with devilish “Liberia” and all of its messy theories still intact. We foresee this kind of unsavory development culminating again into funny Liberia’s rupturing into conflict, or plunging itself and the sub region, including the world over, into another huge crisis of blood etc. Before we close, on the issue of this ‘Congo-Native’ nightmare, which reverberates and resonates one way or the other in many of our Plain Truth Revolutionary debates, we like to categorically state to you here that based upon findings from our long years now of historical, statistical, empirical and other research on this place, backed by our strong fear

for God, this deeply-entrenched and polluted American hegemony – inclusive of the aforementioned ‘Congo v. Country’ divide, is where all of the major domestic problems of this country do sit, and if we are to ever make any progress in life as a proud people and children of God, made in His own image and likeness too, then this debate, this bogeyman, this elephant in the room etc. must right now be bravely, honestly, and adequately confronted. For it is in this painful, dangerous, and embarrassing debate that true children of God, true patriots, and true nationalists will now be sorted out from the mere sycophants, blind loyalists, and destructive, deceitful pretenders. And in order to engage this battle or debate and win by the grace of God, our Plain Truth Revolution has set up a common front, called the Plain Truth Front, a common football team called the Plain Truth United, and a common coalition called the Truth Coalition, to bring together Yarkpawalos and Bernards from the two great divides, to peacefully and constructively fight this Nasty, divisive, and unproductive American and Americo-Liberian hegemony and influence over our lives, potentials, talents and common destinies, just as back in the day, it took the strange and objective collaborative efforts of Whites such as Joe Slovo, Harry Schwartz, Trevor Hurdleson, Julius and Ruth First etc. and Blacks, of the African National Congress, to dismantle and dissipate White supremacism in South Africa. This same kind of strangely objective collaboration also happened between White individuals and groups such as the likes of the Kennedys, the Roosevelts, the Rockefellers, the Johnsons, the Congress of Racial Equality, the Republican Party etc. and the AfricanAmericans, or simply Blacks, in their Civil Rights Movements, to fight off White supremacism in the Great United States, efforts all of which have appreciatively yielded their desired fruits today. We are sure that our country can copy these good examples, and we now urge all well-meaning people of this country to do so right now, but NEVER under the name “Liberia” or the demonym “Liberians”, as any theory bearing the name “Liberia” is now proven to be badly cursed unfortunately. By doing all these narrations, ladies and gentlemen, we do believe that we have now drawn for all of us a clear battle line in this country. There should now be a set of citizens who love and believe in the present societal order, and thus are prepared to fight for it, and another distinct group of citizens, who absolutely disagree with the current status quo, and are ready to take immediate actions for genuine change. We believe there should be nothing in our national or social dictionary now called standing on the fence, or standing in the middle, or remaining neutral. This is because God Himself is now ready to intervene in our country’s very terrible situation, but He needs every citizen’s input, one way or the other, as the country is for every citizen, and not for single individuals. President John Kennedy, one of our biggest inspirations, and America’s 35th President, gave this warning some time ago to people who love neutrality in difficult times, when he said, “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis,

maintain their neutrality.” We don’t want any of us to ever be caught up in this situation. We all must contribute something meaningful to this debate now, by the grace of God. As we close, we once more highly encourage you to please consider lending credence and dedicating columns of your papers to these thought-provoking and lifesaving messages from the Plain Truth Revolution because in them, we are quite confident, the salvation of our country lies, by the grace and power of God. Please feel free to invite us at any time for any positive engagements including addressing inquiries, making clarities, and so forth. We can be reached at any time on cell numbers that you will definitely come across in many of our publications, including the cover letter attached to this work, and we will be glad were you to call us any time at your convenience for any clarities or inquiries. Finally, while this current effort has led us to addressing more than 400 national and international stakeholders, with all of these communications systematically organized into some categories and posted generally at, which you are encouraged to review and find out for yourselves what we are telling the other stakeholders about this same subject, if you will have the time, with some of these communications however having the same content almost etc., in order to narrow the scope of your perusal or review however, we have decided to set apart 6 stakeholders’ communications, or stakeholder groups’ communications from among the more than 400, which we believe, will be of great help or interest to you than the rest, and have thus placed them at a separate Internet location or site. These 6 communications as such, include those we sent to: (1) the big stakeholders in Liberian affairs; (2) President Trump; (3) the UN Office on Indigenous Issues; (4) the Security Community in Liberia; (5) the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, Illinois, the USA, and (6) the American Congress, and these 6 are being posted at To get any further information about us, or about all of our documents and articles, kindly proceed as follows:  To find out every major step we have been taking in search of redress for the personal ordeal of ours that we mentioned from the onset, the proud springboard of our revolution, we encourage you to please go to what we call our Plain Truth Revolution’s Guide 2 at or, which, in addition to giving you some detail on each civic action that we have been taking thus far, also gives you a detail listing of every article we have ever written since this case surfaced in January 2013, to guide, inform, and execute our revolution for Mama Country  To get a summary of all of the basic debates we (i.e. the Plain Truth Revolution) now have on the table for the redemption of our country, the summaries that we refer to as our 7 Great Revolutionary Summaries, please go to

 To get some of the many artilcles that we have done to articulate the current state of affairs in our country, please go to: Our 5 key Anti-Americo-Liberian 2017 Elections Flyers at  You can also go to our Facebook fan page at for more information and links about this very nascent peaceful African Revolutionary Movement.  Googling out “Plan Truth Revolution for (Liberia) could also be of help leading to our Guides. Guides 2 and 3 in this series will be too helpful for you, but better still, they can be obtained from the link: or We entreat you to kindly follow these arguments and developments now in “Liberia” with the keenness of your attention and interest. We can be reached at any time on cell numbers 0886556498 (Pastor Kringar); 0777611656 (Z. Kartee); or 0886120985 (P. Kartee), and we will be glad were you to call us any time at your convenience for any clarities or inquiries. You can also get to us through email at any of these addresses:;; and Our twitter handle is @plaintruthrev.

Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen of our country’s print media for joining us now in the demand for a National Convention forthwith instead of anything called ELECTIONS 2017. Thank you saving your country from the danger lying right ahead if people ever turn fools here again to prolong their own agonies by standing on line to perpetuate and prolong the evils of Liberia. Yours with Godly Love, The Plain Truth Revolution Signed: _____________________ _____________________

Approved: RSK Roland S. Kartee, Initiator and Vision Bearer of the Plain Truth Revolution

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This is our Plain Truth Revolution's letter to fellow citizens of professional background, the press, seeking their active recognition and c...

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This is our Plain Truth Revolution's letter to fellow citizens of professional background, the press, seeking their active recognition and c...