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Wednesday April 13, 2011

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THIS MAN, 2011

... and another amazing tale of discovery!

Annie came home

How DNA tracked a fallen Digger after nearly 100 years n SEE PAGE 3

Finding uncle Les

THIS MAN, 1916

Background – DNA model

Lost for 11 days, she’s back home in Balaklava AFTER surviving 11 days on the run, lost dog Annie was safely reunited with Balaklava owners Laurie and Betty Johns last week. The Tenterfield terrier was found just outside of Halbury on Sunday, April 3, on the property of local couple Jeremy Tiller and Michelle

Les Pearson reports:

Wegener. Annie made a brave and daring escape from the Balaklava vet, slipping her handler and bolting free on March 24. n Continued Page 4

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NEWS v District n investigation INTO REGION’S SUPPLY:

Check on water The State government has started a process to account for water demands and supplies in the Northern and Yorke region. The aim is to ensure the long-term security of water for the region, with a focus on climate change and population growth. The Regional Demand and Supply State-

ment will set a baseline of regional water resources and the demands upon it. It will take stock of all water resources for drinking and nondrinking purposes, the current and projected future demands on these resources, and the likely timing of any possible future demand-supply imbalance.

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Department for Water executive director, Policy and Urban Water, Julia Grant, said upon completion, the Northern and Yorke Regional Demand and Supply Statement will be used to inform a long-term approach to the region’s water supply. “The Statement will provide us with a thorough understanding of the state of the local resources, the demand for them, and any likely future pressures,” she said. “The department has

WRC CEO Phil Barry with Kristyn Swaffer, Saideh Kent and Neil Twigg with a water reuse point in Balaklava’s Triangle.

What’s in council pipeline? STATE government water authorities met with senior Wakefield Regional Council (WRC) staff last week to assess the region’s current and future water needs. WRC chief executive officer, Phil Barry, and environmental services manager, Neil Twigg, presented Water Department policy officer, Kristyn Swaffer, and Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North’s economic development officer, Saideh Kent, with council’s current water reuse schemes and plans for similar systems in the pipeline. “They were assessing foreseeable demands for mains water and taking into account what reuse systems are in place,”



started talks with key regional stakeholders to incorporate their input during the development of the Northern and Yorke Demand and Supply Statement. The Statement will also be reviewed annually and comprehensively updated on a five-yearly basis. Information about Regional Demand and Supply Statements and Water Planning in South Australia is available online at



Mr Barry said. “They were pretty impressed, with us being such a small rural council, the number of projects that were instigated by the community or in partnership with council. “They’re testimonials of the work that has been done that often doesn’t get such a high profile. “To me it is a positive reflection of council’s overall strategic investment in wastewater schemes and water reuse opportunities.” Mr Barry said he was unsure of how the water department will use the data they collected and he will simply have to wait






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and see when the Water For Good plan is released. He said the water reuse systems in place reduced council’s reliance on SA Water and its mains service. “It sends out a message that as long as the wastewater reuse option is sustainable, there doesn’t need to be as much investment into mains water in the future,” Mr Barry said. “In saying that, as we experienced in North Street, Port Wakefield and the clear ongoing problem along the Blyth-Balaklava road with mains bursting, it still means SA Water and the government have a responsibility to maintain their infrastructure.”


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Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

NEWS v District

Peter’s DNA puts Les to rest

Peter Reid Les Pearson reports:


FTER nearly 100 years, closure at last for the Reid family, with the body of missing soldier Maurice Leslie Reid, or Uncle Les as he was affectionately known, identified last week following extensive DNA testing. The results were confirmed last week, DNA from a fourth generation descendent, Peter Reid, matching that of a soldier found in a mass grave in France in 2008. The Plains Producer first reported this in August that year. Mr Reid said other family members provided samples but results were inconclusive. “So they came to me as the oldest remaining male on that side of the family,” he said. He contacted authorities, who sent him a DNA pack, which he swabbed and sent across to London. Peter was contacted last Wednesday with the news. “I felt pretty honoured and proud that I was able to help identify a missing member of the family, it was very gratifying,” he said. “I’m pleased it will bring closure to the family and give a soldier who served his country the honour of having a proper burial with a marked headstone.” Peter is the son of Balaklava resident, Jean Reid, who married into the family. Uncle Les left the family farm at Woods, near Owen, with brother Oliver in August, 1915, to join the army. Until last Wednesday, no one was certain of the fate of Les Reid

n ABOVE: Jean Reid with the family headstone at Balaklava cemetery and LEFT: Les Reid (left) with his brothers before the war (from left) Will, Roy, Charlie and Oliver.

WHAT IS DNA? A human being is made

up of millions of cells. Inside each of these cells is a small chemical called DNA, which is like a thumbprint. Nobody has the same DNA as you (unless you have an identical twin). DNA stands for deoxy-ribonucliec acid. It is made up of four small chemicals called Adenosine (A), Thymine ( T ), Guanine (G) and Cytosine (C). These units are called ‘bases’. These four chemicals combine to form long strings in the cell which, if we stretched out and measured would be about 9 million kilometers in length! following a World War I battle at Fromelles, France, on July 19, 1916. The attack on a German stronghold was a failure, many Allied Forces soldiers were killed or wounded. The Reid brothers were running from the gunfire, when they suddenly headed in opposite directions to avoid an incoming shell. Oliver searched the battlefield for his brother for two days before

being mistakenly captured by Allied troops, who believed he was a German spy. Once he was recognised as an Australian soldier, Oliver was freed and eventually returned home but neither he, nor the family, ever heard of Les’ fate. Mrs Reid said she was astonished by the process of identifying the body of a man missing for almost a century. “It’s unbelievable what they

can do with DNA, just absolutely incredible,” she said. Les will now be buried in a properly marked grave with a full military funeral. A few years ago, Mrs Reid was sceptical of the whole identification process, preferring to see the buried soldiers remain undisturbed. “That was until I saw a military funeral, that changed my mind,” she said. “I thought ‘yes, these guys deserve that recognition’. “I’m proud my son was able to provide the DNA to help identify him. “It will also be nice having complete closure knowing it is really him (Uncle Les).” Niece Gwen Hammer (nee Reid) was also thrilled with the news. Uncle Les was the first South Australian identified of the soldiers found. “I was quite excited when I found out,” she said. “After all that time, to get the

match with the DNA is amazing.” Mrs Hammer said the family will be able to put together a few words to go on a headstone, with the funeral ceremony to be held in June or July this year. It puts to rest an event that agonised family members for years following the war. “It would have been terribly hard for his mother to never really know,” Mrs Hammer said. Mrs Hammer said it was also something her late father, Oliver, often mentioned but now, he can also rest in peace. “I said to my daughter I wished my dad was still here to know and my daughter is not religious at all but she just said ‘maybe he does, mum’.” She extended her appreciation to those who worked so hard to identify her uncle and other soldiers. “I want to thank the men that delved into it and did a lot of research to find him,” Mrs Hammer said.
















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A survey has been distributed to the entire Mallala district to gauge views on future growth for Two Wells. District Council of Mallala sent a survey with a detailed pamphlet detailing three models for developments, in the March edition of ‘District Communicator’. The short survey should be returned to council before Thursday, April 21. Each model is described in the pamphlet through symbols and pros and cons are listed for each one. Model A shows expansion of current town centre and integration with new retail facilities. A medium-sized secondary retail hub may occur in privately developed land to the north (Hickinbotham development). The pros included bringing people to the heart of town and building on the current sense of community, supporting current local businesses and facilitating private developer investments in town centre. It also provided shopping in the town centre and convenience shopping in northern area. The cons listed were additional traffic flow and the sale of some crown land in town centre. Model B shows a large retail centre occurring north of town on privately developed land to be the main shopping precinct of Two Wells. The pros include convenience for residents in growth areas, no loss of crown land, opportunities to turn town centre focus to offices, consulting rooms

or commercial use. The model also avoids increased traffic flow. Separate trips to access retail, possible negative impact on current traders in the main street and traffic congestion in northern suburb summed up the cons. Model C indicates intent for medium sized retail hubs to occur both in the current town centre and in the northern development. According to the pros, this would bring people into the heart of the town, traffic is split between three hubs, possibility of alternative uses for each hub and smaller centres would be less crowded. The cons stated the town won’t be as integrated, may lead to duplication of services and it required the sale of some crown land at trotting track and dog obedience area. Outcomes from this survey will help council to decide to either restart work on the endorsed plan (Model A) or begin a new investigation to explore Model B or Model C.

• From Page 1 The timid nine-year-old pooch had been placed at the vet needing surgery to remove a lump on her teat. Michelle, who runs a fodder business from her home, said an employee from the veterinary clinic had mentioned a few days before Annie was found a terrier had gone missing. The couple were still unsure if the dog they found was the same animal which escaped the vet, until Jeremy saw an advertisement in the Plains Producer and contacted the owners. A local family spotted Annie only days after she escaped near Watchman but she ran away, frightened when children tried to catch her. Laurie said he was not overly surprised she fled the vet, given it’s not Annie’s favourite place in the world. While hopeful early in the search to find her, Laurie admitted the longer she was missing, the more that hope faded. “I was very worried because I know how much she relies on us for food,” he said. “A mouse or something small would be about the limit for her to catch anything.” Annie had also been fasting ahead of the surgery.

“They only have a thin coat too, so I thought the cold might also get her, she feels it pretty badly,” Laurie said. “We went out there every day, it’s a very desolate area and we only saw three other vehicles the whole time we were going out there,” he said. Laurie said as the days passed, he began to feel desperate. “It got to the stage where I just kept expecting her to just come back through the front gate,” he said. “We were desperate, we would have given anything to get her back.” While significantly skinnier, the furry friend is recovering well after her ordeal, resuming her spot on the end of the couples’ bed. “She’s good as gold, but she’s a cheeky little bugger,” Laurie said. “It’s like having a third person in the house. “It just goes to show you should never give up.” Michelle said Laurie insisted they take the reward money for finding Annie. After reluctantly doing so, she decided to donate it back to the vet to help pay for Annie’s surgery. “I would expect anyone else to do the same and catch it if it was my dog,” she said.

Annie came home

Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

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Fashion fundraiser – Balaklava Bowling Club ladies presented a fashion parade at the club last Wednesday. In a relaxing style, mother and daughter team Jo and Kellie, from Victoria’s Boutique, of Ridgehaven, entertained 134 ladies with an array of garments. These were ably modelled by (from left) Lois Harkness, Heather Medanue, Fiona Chapman, Joy Lewis, Laurel Barr, Joy Milton, Joan Robinson and Joan Wood. The ladies were able to raise about $1300 on the day.

Ben’s back with a book – in 30 days! Balaklava Former Balaklava resident, Ben Angel, has released his second book titled ‘Bigger, better, harder, faster! Sleeping your way to the top.” The book follows his first book, ‘Sleeping your way to the top in business,’ which was released in 2009. The book is compiled with step-bystep strategies for improving every area of our lives by finding secret short-cuts to success based on more than 50 scientific studies on human behaviour and deep and gut wrenching personal stories shared by the author. Ben caused a bit of a stir in 2009, when he presented a confronting speech about his life at Balaklava High School’s presentation evening. His book was written within 30 days to be launched on his 30th birthday–Wednesday, March 30. Ben said he set himself the task to write his second book in 30 days, after turning his life around “seemingly overnight” following the death of his father, Steele. “Just as I was about to settle for second best in life and reside to a dull life void of excitement, it finally clicked what I had to do,” he said. “After seeing others struggle in life with depression, self-doubt, a lack of confidence and stalled


careers, I set myself the mission of writing my second book to prove the point we are capable of more than we think we are when we set our minds to it and the conditions are right,” Ben said. For more information, visit www. Blyth Senator Annette Hurley will be officially opening the new library at Blyth Primary school on Friday, May 6. •Blyth Primary School’s governing council hosted a family fun day last Sunday, April 10. The afternoon aimed to provide a social occasion for all school families and the community. There was also a tour of the new library. Saddleworth

Women in Ag forum

A Lower North regional conference for women in agriculture and business will be held in Saddleworth


4 Whoe do you tip to win this year’s APFL premiership?

4 Do you think there should be a whole of town dry zone Eagles, Virginia 25 % for Balaklava? VOTES: 4

Yes- 42% VOTES: 12

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No- 58%

Print Post Approved PP531442/00003

Plains Producer, Wednesday April13, 2011

Send your story to us at The Plains Producer PO Box 63 Balaklava 5461 Email to Bronte@

on Tuesday, April 19. The conference begins with morning tea at 9.30am. Guest speakers are Nuffield Scholarship winner Helen Thomas and Jill Oehme. Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council CEO, Roy Blight, will make a welcoming address for those visiting the region. Renowned harpist Sialia Schmaal will be performing at 1pm. Admission is $2, with a lucky door prize, raffle and pooled lunch. More information is available from Saddleworth branch secretary Laurice Vater on 8847 4264. Snowtown Fundraising has reached $16,298 for the Snowtown skatepark project. Another $4,000 was received in March, with pledges received from Blyth/Snowtown Football Club and Snowtown Cricket Club. Dublin Dublin students who attend Mallala Primary School were greeted with a brand new school bus on

Adelaide Plains Male Voice Choir will perform their annual concert at Balaklava Town Hall this Sunday from 2pm. Guest artists supporting the choir will be Jessica Mills, the 2010 Adelaide Plains Male Voice Choir scholarship winner, and local identities Heidi Zerk (flautist) and Sandy Wandel (vocalist). The choir will be led by the newly appointed musical director Darrel Schutz. Darrel has been with the choir for eight years and the assistant musical director for the last six years. Admission prices are adults $10, and children $6. Families can buy a $25 ticket. Afternoon tea is provided at the end of the concert. DISTRICT • National Tree Day 2011 is fast approaching and Planet Ark is calling on volunteers to register and run activity sites for Schools Tree Day or National Tree Day happening on Friday, July 29 and Sunday, July 31. Go to

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Choir’s concert


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Thursday, March 24. The new bus is licensed to carry 57 passengers and has air conditioning, a stereo system and seat belts. This bus is driven by Mrs Symes and used for the Dublin run, which is accessed by more children. Children should be reminded to wear their seat belts when travelling. Balaklava

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NEWS v District

‘Look at the social, economic impacts’

Griffiths maintains marine park demand Les Pearson reports:

Marine Parks drop-in info day Edithburgh The Department of Environment and Natural Resources invites you to drop in to an information day. Ask your questions about marine parks: the science, the zoning, and how they affect you. • What are marine parks for? • What are we protecting? • Where can I fish? • Who will decide? Drop in, pick up some reading material and chat to a marine parks officer. Sunday 24 April 2011 1pm to 5pm Institute Town Hall Blanche Street, Edithburgh For more information: call 1800 006 120, email


MEMBER for Goyder, Steven Griffiths, has continued his demanded for Environment Minister, Paul Caica, to compile an economic and social impact statement for the no-take sanctuary zones planned for the state’s waters. Mr Griffiths insisted Mr Caica then use the statement as a guide when sanctioning no-take zones within the 19 marine parks planned. “From my personal position, I’m pushing very strongly for him to look at the economic and social impacts,” Mr Griffiths said. About 1400 people applauded his speech based on that stance at a heated meeting at the Burnside Hall last Tuesday. The Goyder electorate encompasses the Yorke Peninsula and Upper Gulf of St Vincent, where a number of sanctuary zones have caused the recreational and professional fishing community great angst. “The rage that has been evident is not rage I’ve whipped up for political opportunity, it’s rage

Steven Griffiths the community has demonstrated themselves,” Mr Griffiths said. Mr Caica was subject to more criticism from fishermen at marine park information days held in the city over the weekend. “I’m really concerned he has taken the wrong line on this,” Mr Griffiths said. “The science is important and preserving the marine environment is important too but my real concern is this will happen to the detriment of coastal communities and surrounding regions.” Mr Griffiths said he has asked for an economic and

social impact statement since lodging the request in writing on December 1. He again asked Mr Caica to produce the document at Parliament last Tuesday. “If you’re going to target a certain percentage of marine waters being devoted to sanctuary zones, you’ve got to consider what economic and social impacts are and that helps you to determine what your policy is for the future,” Mr Griffiths said. SA Recreational Fishers Advisory Council executive officer, Trevor Watts, suggested fishers boycott government-run information sessions but Mr Griffiths disagreed with that advice. “I’m all for communities being informed and I would never tell anybody not to go,” he said. “I would encourage people to attend and ask questions and either be comfortable with the answers they get or ask more questions from the answers they get.” Mr Griffiths pointed out the marine parks concept is a good idea but the suggested sanctuary zones are too big and will cripple tourism and local economies. “I’ve always supported the

principle of marine parks,” he said. “I don’t think people are completely against them but they want them to be of much less area.” With 10 per cent of the state’s marine waters set to become sanctuary zones, which equates to about 25 per cent of every marine park, Mr Griffiths said the zones need to be revised. “That’s far too much of our water to be locked away and unavailable for recreational and pro fisherman or charter operators,” he said. Mr Griffiths will be attending information sessions held at Edithburgh and Balgowan on Easter Sunday, a date he thought was more than suitable. “The peninsula, in many ways, is built on recreational fishing opportunities,” Mr Griffiths said. “You’re going to get a stack of people from each side of the peninsula and it’s a good chance to get them all together.” While Mr Griffiths was unsure if Mr Caica will be present at the meetings, he said Department of Environment and Natural Resources project co-ordinator, David Pearce, will be attending.”

Many caught in drug raids


PUBLIC HEARINGS You are invited to attend public hearings of the Select Committee on the Grain Handling Industry. The Committee will be visiting Wallaroo, Crystal Brook and Clare to hear from interested people and organisations that wish to address the Committee on issues pertinent to its Terms of Reference (see below). The Meetings are being held at: Wallaroo Football Club Oval, Cornish Tce, Wallaroo Monday 18 April 7.00 – 9.00pm Crystal Brook Institute Building 21 Bowman St, Crystal Brook Tuesday 19 April 9.00 – 11.00am and Clare Country Club White Hut Road, Clare Tuesday 19 April 2.00 – 4.00pm Formal presentations are welcomed by the Committee. If time permits the Committee will call for statements of opinion and views from the public gallery. For further information please contact Mr David Pegram (Secretary), ph: (08) 8237 9384, fax: (08) 8237 9213, email: TERMS OF REFERENCE The House of Assembly of the Parliament of South Australia has established a Select Committee to investigate the Grain Handling Industry, and in particular – (a) the capacity of the market to ensure a vigorous and competitive marketplace for grain growers; (b) grain classification and standards, and whether internationally approved grain testing options should be available to growers on request; (c) service delivery, including human resources, operating hours and storage capacity of grain handling points; (d) export and shipping arrangements, including port access and associated costs; (e) grain quality management, including receiving and out-turn; (f) open and transparent information on all grains, including stock disclosures; (g) adequacy of road and transport infrastructure for the Grain Industry; and (h) any other related matter. PARLIA011117


Police located a large quantity of pharmaceutical products on Matters road, Reeves Plains last Tuesday, April 5, possibly in connection to break ins of several chemists in Mallala, Balaklava and Snowtown. Police also located a registration plate, which had been stolen from Port Wakefield the same night. The items are being examined in a hope to gain evidence to locate the offender/s. • A male pensioner, 62, from Lewiston, was reported after police searched his Geoffrey street home and located four kilograms of dried and prepared cannabis and four cannabis plants. The prepared cannabis is alleged had an alleged street value of well over $25,000. Police also located scales and resealable bags during the search on April 5. Police alleged the man was selling the cannabis for his own benefit. He was summonsed to appear at the Tanunda Court at a later date charged with possession and cultivation of cannabis for sale. • IN a separate raid, a 46-year-old Lewiston man was reported for possession of prescribed equipment. Though no cannabis plants were located at the


Put the finger on crime, call

CRIME STOPPERS 1800 333 000

Fletcher road address, the possession of equipment allegedly used to cultivate cannabis is an offence and punishable in court. He will also be summonsed to appear in court.

Public help

POLICE from Two Wells and Mallala, with the assistance of Barossa Criminal Investigations, have searched several homes and properties in the two districts since early January. Using local intelligence and acting on information received from Crime Stoppers, police have seized several thousand dollars worth of hydroponic equipment including a diesel powered generator, lights, transformers, charcoal filters and anything else used in connection with cultivation of cannabis. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prepared cannabis and plants also were located. More than 10 properties were searched at Middle Beach, Lower Light, Two Wells and Lewiston.

CANNABIS plants discovered by police in one of the raids Other areas included Mallala and Wild Horse Plains. Of the 10 properties searched in the Two Wells district, police located cannabis and equipment at nine while at the remaining property police found evidence suggesting cannabis had been growing. The offences detected

range from simple possession which is cleared by an expiation notice, to more serious matter where offenders face more serious charges of cultivation and possession of cannabis for sale. Only a Lewiston man was expiated while the remaining offenders will face more serious charges in court at a later date.

A lot of the information acted upon by police was received by the public and the police ask the public to report any incidents where they suspect cannabis may be growing. Two Wells Officer-incharge, Grant Devlin said local police were always at hand for concerned residents.

Driving lights stolen from trucks Balaklava

SIX driving lights were stolen from bull bars of trucks at Osctrot Carriers, Balaklava, between Saturday night and Monday morning. Police claim they have no suspects as yet but if anyone has any information relating to the theft/s, they are asked to report it. Police believe the lights were valued at “a few thousand dollars”. Clarification: • LOCAL police wish to clarify an

incident reported in last week’s Plains Producer, which included a small report about a two-vehicle accident in Balaklava. The driver who failed to give way in the incident was issued with an expiation notice following the incident and while both drivers involved in the accident were breath tested, the driver of the vehicle not at fault for the accident returned a positive reading and in turn lost his licence for six months.

Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

NEWS v District

Do you want dry zones? A

YES says our poll


Balaklava residents appear to be in favour of at least some dry zones being implemented in the town, according to a recent Plains Producer online poll. The Plains Producer asked for comments on its website, and facebook page over the past fortnight. Of the 35 respondents, 42.8 per cent believed dry zones should be introduced only in some areas of the town, while 28.6 per cent were in favour of a town-wide dry zone in all public places.

The remaining 28.6 per cent were against dry zones for Balaklava. The poll was conducted following a renewed push by local police to create dry zones in Balaklava. Yorke & Mid North Police Superintendent, Howard Davies, reintroduced the dry zone suggestion at last month’s Wakefield Regional Council meeting. Any introduction of Dry Zones needs support from the Balaklava community and Wakefield Regional Council.

Balaklava Area Committee again will discuss dry zones at its bi-monthly meeting tonight. It gave in-principle support to the concept when the idea was first put forward in 2009. BAC chairman, Terry Williams, urged residents to use the Plains Producer web poll. “It certainly will help us gauge community feeling,” said Terry. “Or you can simply tick the boxes below and post or drop it into the Plains Producer office, 9 Howe street, Balaklava.

VOTE o YES a complete town dry zone o YES dry zones in parts of the town o NO! Forget it.

Post or drop it into the Plains Producer office, 9 Howe street, Balaklava.


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Some ‘independent advice’ If you happened to be wandering around Balaklava’s main street last Thursday, you would have seen some vans set up in the Triangle. The Independent Living Centre, Country North Community Services and Alzheimer’s Australia staff were ready and waiting, armed with plenty of information, for people with questions about family

members and other people they care for. The Independent Living Centre provides information and advice about equipment and techniques to assist with everyday tasks such as building fixtures, communication aids, mobility/walking aids and wheelchairs etc. • CHAP volunteers Belinda MayWoidt, Louise Bach and Chris Guerin

Become a Census collector The Australian Bureau of Statistics has launched a recruitment drive for about 120 collectors in the Mid North, to reach every town and property during the 2011 Census. The collectors will be part of the team of 29,000 required across Australia to work on the 2011 Census of Population and Housing. The part-time positions involve distributing and collecting Census forms to households in nearby areas. ABS Census information is broadly

used by governments, businesses and individuals across Australia for planning and analysis. Census collectors will be employed from July 1 until September 8 and will earn between $1,300 and $2,800. Applications are open now open until May 5. Apply online at www.abs. Clare Valley needs 24 collectors, Balaklava 6, Two Wells 7, Snowtown 5, Dublin 4, Mallala 5, Roseworthy 3, Hamley Bridge 4 and Port Wakefield 6.


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stopped in to have a chat with Independent Living Centre’s occupational therapist, Megan Fechner (all pictured). Megan said it was a busy morning, with lots of people gathering information. “We try to go to most rural areas every one to two years. “We provide a way for people within rural communities to obtain information.”

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NEWS v District

Mosquito link to horse illness

A horse shows symptoms of the disease – from the video on the Adelaide Plains Equine Clinic website

Front of body affected Horse owners in the district are warned to take precautions to prevent the spread of mosquito-borne disease after a horse at Angle Vale was euthanised on Friday. About 10 cases of horses with unusual neurological signs have been reported in the area in the past couple of months, with about 100 cases statewide. Vet Dr Elizabeth Woolsey from Adelaide Plains Equine Clinic, Gawler, said unusual symptoms have been observed in ill horses, including hypersensitivity, fever, wobbles and a lot of action with the horses’ mouths, such as chewing. “It seems to affect the front of the horse’s body,” she said.

Ms Woolsey said she had to euthanise the horse because it fell to the ground and could not get back up. The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is advising horse owners to take precautions against presumable mosquito borne disease. “These cases are still under investigation, however they may result from a mosquito borne virus,” said AVA president, Dr Barry Smyth. If a horse is exhibiting these clinical signs the owner should consult a veterinarian immediately. The vet should submit blood samples for testing and may need to submit follow- up blood samples at three days and again at seven weeks after the onset of clinical signs.

There are a range of products available including fly veils and registered chemical treatments to help protect horses from insect bites. It is also advisable to take measures to reduce a horse’s exposure to mosquitoes. Dr Smyth said the disease could be linked to the weather. “Diseases associated with mosquitoes are very uncommon in normal years, but this past summer has been extremely unusual – due to floods and cyclones across much of the Eastern seaboard associated with the La Nina weather pattern.” He said these weather patterns had created ideal conditions for the spread of mosquito borne disease. “We have seen these clinical con-

ditions in association with mosquito borne diseases in the past.” Biosecurity SA says it is investigating the cases of unexplained neurological disease. Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Rob Rahaley, said there was no known risk to humans from direct contact with horses infected with arboviruses (insect borne infection). “There is a possibility the symptoms are linked to high mosquito numbers which are currently being experienced due to unseasonal heavy rain combined with the warmer weather. “We are investigating whether infection with an arbovirus, that is a virus transmitted by mosquitoes

‘Walkabouts’ set a healthy pace

FREE Home Living Expo tickets for YOU The Home Living Expo at the Adelaide Showground, Wayville, this weekend (Friday to Sunday) is dedicated to helping homeowners across the State to make the best lifestyle choices. It will span two pavilions showcasing an extensive range of products and services, advice, seminars and demonstrations all geared to the home. The Plains Producer has a limited supply of FREE tickets to the Expo on a “first in–first served” basis. Sorry, no phone bookings unless you can prove you are living outside Balaklava. Just some of the attractions are: •The popular Food, Wine & Cooking Show with celebrity chef “Fast Ed” Halmagyi headlining the demonstration stages in the Jubilee Pavilion; •Autumn Gardening displays and advice from members of the Nursery and Garden Industry Association of SA with inspirational new concepts in landscaping and plant selection; and •The Eco Solutions Expo with environmentally sustainable living and energy saving concepts, products and technologies. The combined shows will be open from 10am to 5pm each day. Admission is $10 for adults, $8 concession and children under 15 will be admitted free if accompanied by a paying adult. Cost covers entry to all events.

such as Ross River Virus or Murray Valley Encephalitis, may be the cause.” “However, humans can contract arboviruses in the same way as horses, by being bitten by infected mosquitoes,” he said. Vets are asked to report unexplained neurological cases to Biosecurity SA by contacting their local Biosecurity SA Veterinary Officer or phoning the Emergency Animal Disease Hotline on 1800 675 888. Adelaide Plains Equine Clinic has posted videos on its website of horses showing symptoms of the disease. For further information, view

Walkabouters (from left) Krystyna Kossakowska, Valmai Quinlan and Val Maple.

Walking is a free, fun way to stay active and to improve your fitness and residents are encouraged to join or start up a local Heart Foundation walking group. Two Wells Walkabouts have now been operating for more than 10 months and are reaping the benefits of good health. Register as a heart foundation walker in April or May and go in the running to win $150 worth of prizes. Director of the Yorke and Lower North Health Services, Gary Stewart, said walking was a free way to improve your fitness and health. “Now is a great time to get together with some friends and start a walking group or maybe you would prefer to join an existing walking group, such as the Two Wells Walkabouts,” Gary said. “During the months of April and May, all people who register as a Heart Foundation walker

Bronte Hewett reports:

in a current group or form their own group in the Lower North area will go into a draw to win one of four Heart Foundation prize packs containing over $150 worth of incentive gifts and Heart Foundation merchandise,” he said. Two Wells Walkabouts have been actively walking three times a week in the Two Wells area, meeting outside the Historical Wells Park at 7.45am, and walking for about one hour. Val Quinlan, who has been co-ordinating the group, said she was thoroughly enjoying being a Heart Foundation walker. To join the group, either show up on Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 7.45am or ring Val on 8520 2722. To begin your own group contact walk co-ordinator, Emma Young, on 8842 6500. Further information at: www.


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NEWS v District

Councils united on ‘hot potato’ issues

LOCAL councils are looking at presenting a united front to help become more vocal about regional issues and attract more attention from both State and Federal governments. Councils involved affiliated with the Central Local Government Region (CLGR) met in Clare last week for the inaugural Regional Planning and Priority Forum. CLGR chairperson, Wakefield

Regional Council mayor, James Maitland, said major issues to come out of the full day event were local flood damage and State government departments’ poor maintenance record, particularly of water distribution networks and roads in the region. “One strong theme that came through was infrastructure – or lack of condition of it to be more accurate – which was aimed at

State government infrastructure, basically,” Mr Maitland said. “The damage bill from the floods is adding up, getting close to $40 million damage in the region to council infrastructure.” Presentations regarding the 10 year country health plan and Country Arts SA also indicated their budgets have been reduced by the State government. “Therefore, their presence in the

region will also be reduced,” Mr Maitland said. Department of Planning and Local Government CEO, Ian Nightingale, also said the Community Engagement Board was set to release a report on consultation soon, which will be collated and used for the State Strategic Plan. Councils also discussed their respective strategic plans. “I think those who were there

were pretty positive about it, to find out what the others were doing,” Mr Maitland said. “The three organisations are going in same direction, maybe at different speeds – but all in the same direction.” Mr Maitland was satisfied the meeting fulfilled expectations. “It was really an explorative exercise,” he said. “The intention is to run it again in the future.”

Nominate now for VET student of year awards N ominations for the 2011 Vocational Education and Training (VET) Student of the Year Awards are now open. The annual awards are sponsored by the Wakefield Regional Council, Balco and Barossa Lower North Futures and recognise excellence and achievements in Vocational Education and Training. This award is open to students currently studying a VET course or an Australian School Based Apprenticeship/ Traineeship in 2011. “Students undertaking any VET subjects or courses from Balaklava High School, Snowtown Area School or Horizon Christian School and which involve work placements, and who

live in the Wakefield or Mallala council areas are invited to submit a nomination form,” said Barossa Lower North Futures project officer, Adele Agars. Nomination forms can be obtained from school VET coordinators or from the Wakefield Regional Council website. “Wakefield Regional Council believes these awards place a greater awareness of the level of importance schoolbased training offers, and provide a level of recognition to students and businesses who undertake vocational education training within the region,” said WRC community development officer, David Woodroofe. Last year’s Student of the Year award was won

by Samuel Tiller, from Balaklava High School. Samuel was studying Certificate II in Agriculture whilst completing Year 12. Samuel has continued his study and has now commenced Cer-

tificate III in Agriculture as a traineeship on his family property. Samuel has been able to use his prize money

to pay for further studies in 2011. Nominees, parents and their workplace supervisors will be

To contact your local Centre call Freecall™ 1800 052 222*

are here to help.

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• Arrange help for carers to take a break from their caring role (respite)

• PICTURED above, Ryan Bormann receives the Clewers 24 Hour Challenge winner’s cheque from festival director, Chris Bishop. Awards went to: Best Australian Short Film: Happenstance, Directed by John Marsh (NSW), Australian Special Mention: The Road Not Taken, Damian Fasolo (WA), Best International Short Film: Dead On Time, Directed by Andreas Lampropoulos & Kostas Skiftas (Greece), International Special Mention: Sign Language, Directed by Oscar Sharp (UK), International Special Mention: Manos de Dios, Directed by Adolf El Assal (Luxembourg), Audience Choice Award: Threads, Directed by Matt Taabu (UK), Clewers 24H Film Challenge Winner: Silent Hero, Darkside Productions (SA), Clewers 24H Film Challenge Runner up: Time to be a Hero, Subconscious Studios (SA).

Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

will receive a cash prize to go towards future training costs, and a certificate presented by the mayor.

Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres

• Provide you with information on local aged & community care services available to suit your needs

The second Clare Valley Film Festival at Blyth cinema finished on Saturday, March 26 with an award ceremony and gala, a red-carpet affair hosted by Ricci Stanley and Grant McAvaney . Building on the success of 2010, this year’s festival spanned three days. This kicked off with the Oscarwinning animation The Lost Thing, then last year’s Best Australian Film winner Matt Hawkins gave the audience a sneak preview of his first feature, Double Happiness Uranium. Festival directors, Chris Bishop and Seeta Indrani, were happy to again have local community support. Originally from the Clare Valley, Chris last year had the vision to create a festival at Blyth cinema. “It is a good way to put back into the community where I grew up,” Chris said.

invited to attend the Awards Presentation on Wednesday, November 9. The overall winner

Do you need help to live independently at home?

A Centre can:

Film festival credits

VET 2010 awards presentation (from left) Andrew Lane, Balco, Adele Agars, Barossa Lower North Futures, Samuel Tiller, equal runnerup, Natasha Raynor and mayor James Maitland. Asent, equal runner-up, Samantha Stevenson.

For emergency respite outside business hours call Freecall™ 1800 059 059*

Carer Advisory and Counselling Service For family carer support and counselling you can contact your state or territory Carers Association on 1800 242 636*

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NEWS v District n dramatic increase:

Harvest inquiry meeting set for Freeling The State parliamentary committee established to inquire into the grain handling industry, and the recent harvest will hold a meeting next Tuesday in the Freeling football clubrooms. MP for Light, Tony Piccolo, is urging farmers and other people involved in the grain industry who have concerns about the transport, storage and marketing of grains to attend the public hearing and have their say. The parliamentary committee, chaired by the independent member for Frome, Geoff Brock, is visiting Freeling as part of its inquiry into the grain industry.


‘Alarm bells’ ring on bridal creeper weed

Parliamentary committee members (from left) Adrian Pederick Geoff Brock, Tony Piccolo, Leon Bignell and Tim Whetstone. Other members of ings are an opportunity in Freeling many of the and poor site operating the committee include for farmers and others 170 local farmers present times,” Mr Piccolo said. Mr Piccolo, Member for in the industry to speak took the opportunity to “Similar concerns have Mawson, Leon Bignell, direct with committee air their grievances re- been raised in the public garding the management hearings held to date. Member for Hammond, members. “An emerging theme Adrian Pederick and “While some clear of this year’s harvest from the hearings has Member for Chaffey, Mr themes appear to be locally by Viterra. “Farmers expressed been the perceived lack Tim Whetstone. developing from the Mr Piccolo said the evidence provided at concerns about the incon- of competition in the committee had already the public hearings to sistencies in the assess- industry.” The public hearing held public hearings date, each region has its ment and grading of grain will be held from 7-9 pm delivered to local silos, in Ceduna, Pt Lincoln, own particular issues that Minlaton, Tailem Bend, need to be addressed,” long delays and queues and any enquiries can be in the unloading of grain, directed to Mr Piccolo’s Pinnaroo and Loxton. Mr Piccolo said. Mr Piccolo said the Mr Piccolo said at a inconsistent messages electorate office on 85 regional public hear- meeting held recently regarding site allocation, 22 2878.

Local Weather day forecast – Balaklava

Adelaide Plains, Clare & Gilbert Valleys:



Few showers






20 Rain












1000 992



1010 1024

0325 1605 0405 1621 0435 1636 0456 1649 0513 1705





H 1029





Wednesday, Apr 13 0931 0.5m 2049 1.2m

0.8m 1.0m

0957 2205

0.6m 0.7m

0259 1707

0.5m 0.4m

0404 1649

0.5m 0.3m

0449 1655

0.6m 0.3m

0524 1710

0.6m 0.3m

0019 1040

Thursday, Apr 14 0.5m 1814 1.0m Friday, Apr 15 1.2m 1016 1.2m 2237 Saturday, Apr 16 1.2m 1030 1.3m 2310 Sunday, Apr 17 1.1m 1039 1.5m 2343 Monday, Apr 18 1.0m 1044 1.6m Tuesday, Apr 19 0.4m 0549 0.7m 1731

1.1m 0.6m 0.8m 0.6m 0.6m 0.7m 0.5m 0.7m 0.9m 1.8m

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0202 1559


L 1005






Wednesday, Apr 13 1.1m 1743 1.5m Thursday, Apr 14 1.6m 0914 1.8m 2131 Friday, Apr 15 1.9m 0943 2.1m 2203 Saturday, Apr 16 2.1m 1007 2.3m 2233 Sunday, Apr 17 2.1m 1025 2.4m 2259 Monday, Apr 18 2.0m 1037 2.5m 2323 Tuesday, Apr 19 1.9m 1046 2.6m 2347







On Thursday a cold pool of air in the upper atmosphere will move over Eyre Peninsula from the south to be near Woomera in the evening. An associated increase in instability will result in isolated showers developing over the West Coast District, Flinders and the Pastorals with possible thunderstorms over Eyre Peninsula and the west coast. Isolated showers will continue in the southeast with a cool onshore airstream. It will be warm in the north and east with light to moderate northerly winds, turning milder moderate southwest to southeast in the south. The upper cold pool will move northeast on Friday morning to be north of Broken Hill by the afternoon. Isolated showers and thunderstorms are expected over the Flinders and North East Pastoral, clearing during the afternoon. In the south, isolated showers will extend over the southern agricultural area as moderate to fresh southeast winds extend throughout the State. It





WARNINGS Information at or 1300 659 215 (Local call cost) STATE A weakening high pressure system well south of Mt Gambier is directing a cool, southerly airstream across southern parts of the State with isolated showers over the Lower South East. An upper level trough approaching from the west is expected to produce areas of cloud and patchy light rain extending across the West Coast, Eyre Peninsula and the Northwest Pastoral, and to southwest of Marree to Broken Hill. The cloud band and associated showers will decay by Wednesday evening. Isolated thunderstorms in the far west and over the Northwest Pastoral north of Coober Pedy. Cool in the south grading to warm in the north with generally light to moderate northerly winds turning southwesterly in the west.



Australia’s leading hay exporter



will be cool to mild in the south grading to warm in the northeast. On Saturday isolated showers will contract to southern coasts. Moderate southeasterly winds will continue across the State with cool to mild conditions in the south, grading to warm in the north. Isolated fog patches are possible across the south of the State every morning as winds ease and cloud cover decreases in the overnight period. Cumulative rainfall totals until midnight Friday are expected to be 5-10 mm over the southeast of the State, and less than 5 mm elsewhere. CENTRAL DISTRICT FORECAST Wednesday: Isolated early morning fog patches south of about Maitland to Adelaide. Patchy light rain throughout. Cool to mild with light winds. Thursday: Fine and partly cloudy. Mild with moderate east to southeast winds. Friday: Isolated showers about Kangaroo Island and Fleurieu Peninsula, otherwise fine and partly cloudy. Mild with moderate southeast winds. GULF WATERS FORECAST Wednesday: Winds: East to northeasterly 5 to 10 knots becoming southwest to southeasterly 10 to 15 knots during the afternoon and evening. Seas: 0.5 to 1 metre. Swell: Southwesterly about 1 metre on southern Spencer Gulf. Thursday: Winds: East to southeasterly 10 to 20 knots.


To 9am April 12, 2011

Local people are being urged to report new sightings of the weed, Bridal Creeper, to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Clare. Bushcarers have noticed a dramatic increase of Bridal Creeper at some sites in the Mid North during the past two years. Bridal Creeper (Asparagus asparagoides) is considered one of the worst bushland weeds in southern Australia, due to its ability to invade undisturbed vegetation and suppress native understorey plants. It is listed as a Weed of National Significance and is a declared weed requiring control in South Australia. According to DENR ecologist, Jean Turner, the sudden expansion of existing Bridal Creeper infestations and the appearance of seedlings at new sites are genuine causes for concern. “Bridal Creeper plants have long stems which scramble across the ground and twine through shrubs and trees, shading and smothering the plants beneath”, Jean said. “Their tuberous root systems form dense, impenetrable mats which restrict other plants’ access to moisture and nutrients and prevent regeneration of native seedlings”. Bridal Creeper is native to South Africa. It was introduced to Australia as an ornamental garden plant in the 1850s and was commonly used in wedding bouquets. The long trailing stems have shiny, pointed, oval leaves and produce masses of small white flowers in spring, followed by green berries which ripen to deep red. The ripe berries are very attractive to birds and foxes which eat the fruit and disperse the seed in their droppings. In a good season, a well established patch of Bridal Creeper can produce more than 1000 berries per square metre. Left uncontrolled, Bridal Creeper has potential to spread long distances and establish quickly across large areas. Although not yet widespread in the Mid North, Bridal Creeper does occur in local bushland, including the Halbury parklands and parts of the Clare and Gilbert Valleys. These areas contain nationally threatened orchids and other significant understorey species at risk from Bridal Creeper. “It’s not clear what may have triggered an increase of Bridal Creeper in the Mid North,” Jean said. “Growing conditions may have become more favourable, seed production may have gradually built up, or people simply may not have noticed small infestations. “But now the alarm bell has rung, we need to step up monitoring and control, to ensure we get on top of Bridal Creeper before it gets on top of us”. Anyone in the Mid North who has noticed new outbreaks of Bridal Creeper on their property, roadsides or local reserves is encouraged to contact the Lower North NRM Office on 8847 2544 or the Clare DENR Office on 8841 3451 to report the location. Contact Jean Turner on 8841 3451; Email jean. Family owned business offering quality Mobil Fuels and Lubricants


Week Month Monthly This year Last year to date average to date to date

Auburn 7 6.6 Balaclava 8 8.5 Blyth 6 6.2 Clare 6 6.6 Hamley Bridge 7 6.8 Hoyleton 6 5.8 Mallala 6 6.0 Marrabel 6 6.4 Owen 7 7.0 Port Wakefield 13 12.8 Riverton 11 11.0 Roseworthy 8 8.0 Saddleworth 6 6.2 Snowtown 3 3.6 Two Wells

43.1 32.4 31.8 35.1 34.1 35.8 33.5 38.8 34.6 28.2 40.1 30.1 38.4 25.3 33.8

167.8 127.5 136.4 171.6 144.2 78.8 135.4 144.0 132.0 143.4 139.0 137.7 119.8 179.2


83.6 na 67.7 57.8 60.0 74.0 na 80.6 71.3 84.4 60.4 56.0 72.0 77.0 59.8

Clare UV ALERT 9:50am - 2:40pm Max UV Index 5 (moderate)

State: Country:

1900 655 365* 1900 926 189*

*77 cents per minute. Higher from public and mobile phones.

© Commonwealth of Australia 2011

w w w. b o m . g o v. a u

Issued 12 pm April 12, 2011

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NEWS v District

Farmers urged to watch world trends Five factors in grain crop ‘hedging ’says analyst The outlook for the grains market over the next 12 months is optimistic, but farmers are urged to keep a close eye on some major world trends before committing hedging plans for the 2011/2012 crop. That was the word from Rabobank senior analyst, economics and commodities, Wayne Gordon who was the keynote speaker at the Hart Field-Site Group’s Getting the Crop In seminar in Clare recently. Mr Gordon said there were five key factors for grain growers to watch over the next 12 months including the La Nina weather forecast, prospective grain plantings in the United

States, drought conditions in the US mid-west, the Russian export ban and oil prices. He said these five factors could act as a checklist for farmers wanting to make informed decisions on hedging of their grain crops for the forthcoming seasons. “Some of these markers will be reached in the next three months and that will give growers a general view as to how they should think about their hedging strategy over the next 12 months,” Mr Gordon said. “Using these five key indicators gives them an ability to check things off, they are key indicators of how

prices will go in the next year and farmers need to be aware of those turning points if they’re hedging their crop. It’s a good checklist to follow to make sense of the trends. “The sixth thing they should really factor in is that input costs are rising again so they have to keep their attention focussed not just on the grain prices, but also the cost of production because those prices are rising.” Mr Gordon said he expected grain prices to remain positive in the coming year. “My view of the grain market is another 12 months of circumstances not that dissimilar to the last 12

months,” he said. “Stocks are tight and we’ll be looking to rebuild stocks to more comfortable levels. These conditions have high volatility but are somewhat elevated. We’ll need one more crop globally to see where prices will end up. “If all goes well, wheat prices will track around $7-$7.50 a bushel toward the end of the year. “Good returns will be made at these prices and that’s really optimistic. “We’ve had a good, wet start to the year, we just need a favourable spring and people should have another year of good, positive income gains.”

Wayne Gordon

‘Make the most of wet summer’

David Shannon

The 2011 winter cropping season is presenting growers throughout the southern cropping grain zone with enormous potential tempered by challenge, following one of the wettest summers on record. To support growers in taking advantage of the opportunities available and in combating and overcoming associated agronomic obstacles, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has developed a unique crop planning guide for 2011, which will be arriving in growers’ mailboxes within the next week. Making the Most of a Wet Summer in the Southern Region – a publication initiated by the GRDC Southern Regional Panel – has been designed to assist growers in capitalising on the rare seasonal circumstances.

GRDC Southern Regional Panel chair, David Shannon, says current conditions offer enormous scope for grain growers in southern New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, provided the right approaches are taken to critical agronomic issues. “The biggest management challenges facing growers include stubble management, weed management, nutritional issues and pest and disease management,” Mr Shannon said. “All these issues need to be resolved within the financial realities of each farm business and this publication is designed to help growers take full advantage of the soil moisture in their individual cropping systems as a result of the recent La Nina conditions.” Mr Shannon said the publica-

tion brought together available knowledge on key issues facing growers over the coming season and provided a reference framework for decision-making in the current production environment. “The information provided is aimed at helping growers identify strategies that will suit their conditions and assist them in obtaining the greatest long-term benefits from the available moisture. “It has been created to act as a catalyst in focusing growers on the issues that will matter most this year and to help steer them in the right direction. Of course, the GRDC recommends growers seek expert local advice before taking any action.” Mr Shannon said the GRDC’s Southern Regional Panel had consulted closely with grains industry personnel in identifying the issues

and information requirements most pertinent for this coming season. “The input of the researchers, agronomic and financial advisers and growers who contributed to the development of the guide has ensured that the material being provided is relevant and timely. “I urge all growers and advisers to make sure they receive a copy and to put it to good use over the coming months,” Mr Shannon said. HOW TO GET THE GUIDE: • Making the Most of a Wet Summer in the Southern Region is being posted to growers and advisers. It is also available for download via GRDC-MakingTheMostOfAWetSummer or to order a copy, free phone 1800 11 00 44 or email ground-cover-direct@canprint.

New approach to ‘tree change’ Planning may halt urban sprawl Deputy Premier, John Rau, has made a strong commitment to peri urban regions to stop the urban sprawl into agricultural lands. In his opening address to the recent Regional DevelopmentAustralia (RDA) Barossa Forum in Nuriootpa, Mr Rau committed to a new approach, with a focus on infill rather than greenfields development and new forms of housing which better meet the needs of tomorrow’s communities. District Council of Mallala and Light Regional Council are in the RDA Barossa region and both councils have issues of housing encroaching into farming land. Mr Rau said the housing development industry needed to transition to a new model “in a two-way street.” “If the government acts to stop the sprawl from its end through legislation, then local communities and local governments will have to pull their weight too and make the change on the inside as well,” he said. More compact developments with more shared places, such as piazzas and parks will be called for. Mr Rau’s open and direct speech was enthusiastically received by a crowd of 120 made up of community leaders, industry, local business people, local and State government and elected members and representatives from neighbouring

regions including Northern Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Onkaparinga. Mr Rau also spoke of his portfolio mix and noted food marketing, which included wine, is critical to the tourism offer of the inner regions and that prosperity in one would benefit the other. Keynote presenters Tim Horton, SA Commissioner for Design and professor Randy Stringer of the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at Adelaide University set the pace for a panel discussion from the perspectives of youth (Sarah Noack), cultural identity (Lyn Leader Elliott), wine industry (Sam Holmes) the development and construction industry (Michael Hickinbotham) and agricultural businesses (David Heinjus). Professor Stringer proposed UNESCO listing for working agrarian lands as one model for a community driven and customised protective regime for agricultural enterprise. He emphasised we could have economic growth without massive population growth but instead focus on improved productivity and value chain enhancement – making more money with what we have. Questions addressed the perceived needs for population growth and the issues for profitability for farmers – viability of agribusiness remains at the core of regional prosperity.

Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

Opportunity knocks. Join the Census Team in a job that lights the way forward for your community.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is looking for more than 29,000 community-minded people to fill Census Collector positions. August 9 is Census night. This is your chance to join a dedicated team working to improve communities and light the way forward for Australia. Census Collectors deliver and collect Census forms to and from all households in their area. Let us shed a little more light on these jobs… • Collector jobs are part-time, home-based, flexible and will involve evening and weekend work. • Collectors are required for work between 1 July and 8 September 2011. • Collectors must have their own telephone, a secure vehicle and storage area in their home. • Collectors will earn around $18 per hour plus allowances. lowances. • Collectors must be Australian citizens or have permanent manent residency. For all other specific Collector duties visit the website bsite below. 11. Applications open 9 April 2011 and close 5 May 2011. You can apply online at or by calling 1800 420 182 HIZNV]H\JLUZ\Z 2011 Census Australia



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YEARS AGO April 2006

• Balaklava residents, Robert Whiting and Chad Taylor helped rescue survivors of a horrific boating accident at Port Broughton.


YEARS AGO April 2001

• Former Balaklava High School student Emma Noll was the lucky winner of a $10,000 SA Rural Education scholarship to help her speech pathology studies at Flinders University.


YEARS AGO April 1991

Fire up the billy this Easter! Easter is fast approaching and many people will be making preparations for a camping trip, especially considering this year we have a five-day break. We can buy an endless array of camping equipment including tents, caravans, self-inflating mattresses, gas lights and cookers etc. etc. You name it, it’s available. “Handy Farm and Home Devices…and How to Make Them”, published in 1945, was an invaluable book full of all sorts of ideas to help not just the farmer, but anybody, really. Remember, the war had just ended, ration tickets continued until at least 1948, and most items we take for granted were either not available or in very short supply.


Diary& • Apr 17: Adelaide Plains Male Voice Choir, Balaklava Town Hall. • Apr 24: Bling It On exhibition continues at Balaklava Courthouse Gallery. • May 3: Balaklava Ladies Golf luncheon. • May 6: Blyth paper drive. • May 7: Balaklava, Owen, Mallala, Port Wakefield paper drive. • May 11: Long Plains Red Cross morning tea. • May 20: Lions Biggest Morning Tea. • May 21: Balaklava Golf Club 100 Club. • May 22: Balaklava Museum new pavillion opening. • May 28: Points of View - Country Arts SA event. • Oct 9: Lions Auction. Send us your diary dates!

by Norma Schopp

One section of the book was “Points for Picnickers and Campers”: Boiling the Billy – a good knowledge…is well worth while, as many do not know how to make a good job of it. (1) Two good sized logs are placed parallel to each other and the fire is built between them. The pots can then be hung either with wire or with some strong green sticks shaped as shown in the sketch. When the

Puzzle 13 (Easy, difficulty rating 0.32)
















6 1 9 5 4 8 2 7 3 6 1 4 5 7 2 3 8 9 Supported by Balaklava Veterinary Service. Phone: 8862 2088 2 5 1 9 7 6 8 3 4 2 4 6 8 9 5 7 1 3




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2 6 8

7 4 9

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o FILL the grid so every row and every 3 x 3 square contains the digits 1 to 9.

3 7 8

5 9

3 1 4





2 6

7 2

5 5 1

6 4 3 8










































2 3

7 5
















Puzzle 19 (Easy, difficulty rating 0.41)





Puzzle 16 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.53)

1 1








9 1

2 8

5 7 3 6

6 4 1 9

9 8 5 2

7 1 9 4















8 6 5 9 2

4 1


1 2 8 6

67 3 4

5 9

Last week’s solution

Puzzle 22 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.55)

Generated by on Mon Oct 18 01:17:56 2010 GMT. Enjoy!



















7 2

4 8





9 5 4

2 1 3

8 9 7








7 8

9 6 1 3

1 4 8 2

5 3 4 6

3 7 2 8















6 5 9 1 4

3 2





3 5


7 2


6 9


1 3











7 4 out, 3 5 a 1 week2 6 A day 1 9 away, 2 3 5the 4 7trip 6 of 8 end 3 6 4 8 2 7 9 1 5 a5 lifetime – it seems 7 8 6 1 9 3 4 2 that Australians are inPuzzle 17 (Easy, difficulty rating 0.42) creasingly taking their 9 5 7 6 8 4 2 1 3 four legged friends 1 8 4 3 5 2 6 7 9 with 6 3 them 2 1 9 wherever 7 4 8 5 5 4 go. 9 2 1 6 8 3 7 they 8 2The 3 latest 7 4 5 research 9 6 1 7 6 1 9 3 8 5 2 4 from the Petcare 3 1 8 4 6 9 7 5 2 Information and Ad2 9 5 8 7 1 3 4 6 visory 4 7 6 Service 5 2 3 shows 1 9 8 that in 2010, 47% of Puzzle 20 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.56) dog 7 3 owners 1 9 6 2living 8 4 on 5 their 2 6 own 9 4 5took 8 1their 7 3 5 4 with 8 1 them 7 3 2 when 9 6 dog 6 5 went 2 3 1 out 9 7for8 the 4 they 8 1 4 6 2 7 3 5 9 day, and 37% took 9 7 3 5 8 4 6 2 1 their dogs on holi3 8 5 2 4 6 9 1 7 days. 4 9 7This 8 3compares 1 5 6 2 1 2 just 6 7 14% 9 5 of 4 dog 3 8 with owners who always Puzzle 23 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.52) 8 7 their 2 4 1pets 5 3away 6 9 took 6 9holidays 4 3 7 in 8 2000. 5 2 1 on 1 5 3 6 9 2 4 7 8 The Petcare Infor2 3 9 1 4 6 8 5 7 mation and Advisory 5 8 1 7 2 9 6 3 4 Service 7 4 6 8suggest 5 3 1 the 9 2 following 4 1 5 9 tips 6 7 for 2 8holi3 9 2 8 with 5 3 4pets. 7 1 6 daying 9











9 5

3 1

8 7

9 5

2 3

7 8






Puzzle 15 (Hard, difficulty rating 0.62)




Puzzle 14 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.51)



Puzzle 23 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.52)

RIGHT: ideas for easy campfire cooking.

6 2

• Arts and media personality Russell Starke opened Dublin textile artist and designer, Philippa van der Sman Olsen, and photographer, Stephine Schrapel’s exhibition, entitled ‘Crescendo’.

wood has burned down to hot embers, some green sticks can be placed across them for the frying pan. All you need for this setup are 2 strong uprights and a crosspiece, so boiling and frying can be done together. (2) Another idea is that of a sapling resting against a log so that it will hold the billy over the fire – quick and easy. (3) Another useful method is the tripod – 3 strong uprights tied together at the top, with a chain or wire and hook to hang the billy.

Heritage Highlights


1 3

3 1

6 2

6 8

4 7

5 4

8 9

7 6

2 4

1 2

5 6

Travels with your best friend 4 8 7

6 2 3



2 7

8 5

3 9

1 6











9 3

7 4





· Use the Internet 18 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.49) toPuzzle find pet-friendly 1 2 7 4 8 9 3 5 6 accommodation. A 3 6 8 5 2 7 1 9 4 lot9 of4 major 5 6 3 online 1 2 7 8 8 9 3 2services 1 5 4 cat6 7 booking 2 7 4 properties 8 6 3 5 1 in9 egorise 5 1 6 7 9 4 8 3 2 this way, so it is easy 3 2 1 7 6 9 8 5 to47 review a number 5 9 3 4 8 6 2 1 of6 different 8 1 9 5 properties 2 7 4 3 inPuzzle the area you wish 21 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.48) to1 visit. 2 4 Always 7 5 3 check 6 8 9 that 3 7accommoda8 9 6 4 2 5 1 5 9is 6suited 8 1 to 2 3the 4 7 tion 6 3 9 5 2 7of8 your 1 4 requirements 8 1 2 3 4 9 7 6 5 pet, eg. it’s securely 7 4 5 6 8 1 9 2 3 fenced. 4 8 3 1 7 6 5 9 2 2 · Find 6 7 4a vet 9 5 in1 3 8 9 area 5 1 2you 3 will 8 4 be 7 6 the visiting before your Puzzle 24 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.49) 3 6 8 so 1 there 9 2 4 is 7no 5 holiday 2 minute 7 1 3 5panic 4 8 if 6 9 last 9 4 5 8 6 7 3 1 2 your pet does need 5 8 2 9 7 6 1 3 4 veterinary assistance 4 3 6 2 1 8 9 5 7 while 1 9 you 7 4 are 3 5away. 6 2 8 Also, 6 2 check 9 5 8out 1 7areas 4 3 7 5are 3 off-leash 6 4 9 2 or 8 1 that 8


pet. · Check that your pet’s identifying tags are secure and that they carry a phone number where you cafes that welcome can be easily reached pets. You don’t want while you are on to waste holiday time holidays. Remember trying to find out that you may be out information once you of mobile range while are there. you are away. · Make sure your · If you are flying pet’s vaccinations are with your pet, always up to date and that book your pet in you have treatments before the flight and for any conditions that ensure he or she is in may be a risk in the a secure crate. Arrive area you are going to. at the airport at least During summer, ticks one hour before the are common in many flight. parts of Australia and • More next week are a real risk to your

Did you know

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Good News Ken Packer

Local calls to God are free.


D A blue whale weighs as much as 40 rhinos. D The scales of a crocodile are made of ceratin, the same substance that hooves and fingernails are made of. From:

n The Church notices are supplied by local churches and will continue to be repeated weekly as a service directory. Churches should advise us of any changes immediately, by emailing

MONTHLY CHURCH TIMES April 13 LUTHERAN Balaklava.................... 7.30pm April 17 – Palm Sunday A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am anglican Balaklava.................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge..........11.00am CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava......... Liturgy 9.00am Pt Wakefield.... Liturgy 9.00am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am Community church Pinery........................ 9.00am

Is your car due for a service?

Lange Auto 12

•Mechanical repairs • Spare parts •Service and tune-ups After Hours Towing: 0427 807 914

Phone: 8520 2200

LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am LUTHERAN Auburn...................... 9.00am Balaklava................... 11.00am UNITING Mallala....................... 9.00am Two Wells.................10.30am Owen Comm............ 11.00am Hamley Bridge......... 10.30am Windsor ..................... 9.00am Balaklava......................9.30am Pt Wakefield..............10.30am Nantawarra..................9.00am

April 20 - Wednesday UNITING Windsor ...................... 7.30pm April 21 - Maundy Thursday Catholic church Hamley Bridge........... 7.00pm Community church Pinery........................ 7.00pm LUTHERAN Balaklava.....................7.30pm UNITING Two Wells.................10.30am Owen Comm..............7.30pm Hamley Bridge........... 9.15am Tarlee....... 7.30pm at Kapunda or Auburn Anglican April 22 - Good Friday catholic church Balaklava....................3.00pm LUTHERAN Auburn...................... 9.00am Balaklava................... 11.00am UNITING Mallala....................... 9.00am Two Wells...............No service Owen Comm............10.00am Hamley Bridge........... 8.15am Windsor ....... Comb. HB/Owen Balaklava.... Comb. COC at UCA Pt Wakefield................9.30am Nantawarra, Lochiel....11.00am at Barunga Gap Tarlee....... 8.30am at Kapunda or Saddleworth UCA

April 23 - Easter Saturday catholic church Hamley Bridge........... 7.00pm April 24 - Easter Sunday A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am anglican Balaklava.................... 9.00am Goyder.....................11.00am CATHOLIC CHURCH Mallala....................... 8.30am Pt Wakefield............... 9.00am Balaklava.................. 10.30am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am Community church Pinery........................ 6.40am LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am LUTHERAN Balaklava.....................7.00am Auburn...................... 9.00am UNITING Mallala....................... 9.00am Two Wells.................10.30am Owen Comm............. 9.30am Hamley Bridge......... 11.00am Windsor ..................... 9.00am Balaklava......................9.30am 6.30am dawn service, Balak oval Pt Wakefield.... 7.30am at pool

Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

NEWS v Lochiel IT MIGHT STAND ALONE, BUT with the help of our pioneering families, thIS 100-year-old hall has always been ...

THE year was 1911 and (from left) S Nottle, JR Nicholls, E Zilm and M Hehir pose at the opening.

Heart of Lochiel M

ONTHS of hard work ensured the Lochiel Hall centenary celebrations were held without a hitch on Sunday, March 27. Guests ventured from all over the state and country back to the familiar local landmark to mark the milestone. The day kicked off with a church service, led by Errol Meaney, at the Lochiel Community Church in which quite a few past residents attended, filling the pews. After lunch, the event’s formalities took over, which featured a welcoming address and brief history from Hall Centenary Committee spokesman, John Nicholls, followed by speeches

by Independent MP, Geoff Brock, and Wakefield Regional Council Mayor, James Maitland. Graham Moulds and Jim Nicholls reminisced of times of drama and humour held at the hall. Mr Moulds, a well-known Lochiel local, described an incident when the hall’s ceiling collapsed on top of the band at a dance, leaving debris to fall into the piano and pigeon dust to linger in the air, thus calling the evening to an end. Nell Hamdorf and Beryl Nicholls then cut the hall centenary cake and unveiled the centenary memorial stone. Those present also were part of a new

time capsule, to be opened in 50 years. Mr Nicholls said the gathering was extremely festive. “The celebration of the Lochiel Hall’s Centenary was a wonderful happy gathering of people celebrating a milestone in the Lochiel district’s history, and allowed people to reminisce and reunite with others not seen for many years,” he said. “Thank you to everyone, including invited guests, people who attended on the day, those who shared photos and information, and the 44 volunteers contributing over 1000 combined hours, who made this memorable occasion happen.”

RIGHT: John and Kathy Nicholls dressed in period costume for the centenary.

ABOVE: The Lochiel church is packed for a service to start proceedings and LEFT, Nell Hamdorf and Beryl and Jim Nicholls unveil the commemorative plaque. n ADVERTISING FEATURE

Make it a ‘wow’ moment

Minnes Photography is a small business with big results, and photographer Caroline Hannessen likes nothing more than hearing her customers say ‘wow’. Photography has always been a passion for Caroline and at just 22 years old, she is half way to achieving her ultimate dream. “I love it when I show my customers a photo and they say ‘wow’,” Caroline said. “That’s my favourite part of the job.” She caters for all important events in life. We d d i n g s , p r e g nancy, family, pets and babies are some of her specialities. But according to Caroline, who was born in England and grew up in Mallala, her skills behind the lense are hereditary.

CAROLINE will photograph your special event. “My mum taught me everything I know. She was a really good photographer.” For the past four years, Caroline has been focusing on polishing her photography skills, in order to start Minnes Photography and ulti-

Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

mately, have a shop front with a studio one day. She also designs and sells greeting cards and would like to expand her merchandise. While she admits it has been challenging, Caroline, who holds a Diploma in small busi-

ness management, said she was enjoying running a business. “It’s been really good so far. I get really excited every time I sell something,” she said. On top of her work load, Caroline is also working towards two photography qualifications and gaining plenty of experience. “I get the camera itch,” she explains. “If I haven’t taken any photos for a while I just need to go out and take some!” With a home studio and all the right equipment, Caroline is excited to have the opportunity to take photos for forever. For more information, to view samples or to book an appointment, contact Caroline on 0430 213 895 or visit minnes.

“Photos For Forever”

n i f l e s r u o P ut Y the Frame l photos at u Professiona y an r fo prices suitable budget all your needs, u We cater to u yo t ha w just let us know want t outside portrai u Weddings, g tin ee gr photography, with your cards,giftware e h mor photos & muc e on all bl la ai av u Editing ditional ad photos at an ones you cost, including urself have taken yo

y h p a r g o t o h P s Minne 0 213 895 Phone: 043


fo dproductsfromaroundAustrali Guide •Star oftheChes andWinetrail The Good Food

Enjoy a tasty meal Out

Port Parham Sports & Social Club • Full menu Friday & Saturday nights • Bain marie • $7 meals Wednesday & Sunday nights • Meals served from 6pm - 8pm • Everyone welcome

Phone: 8529 2211

Multi-Award Winning

Open 7 Days

• Fabulous gourmet lunches • Start of the Cheese & Wine trail • Great selection of cheese and gourmet goodies • Breakfast Saturday and Sunday 9am-12.30pm • Licensed with local Clare Valley wine and beer • Stockists for all local produce, and the best gourmet food products from around Australia • Gift baskets for any special occasion • Catering for your lunch or function - small or large 288 Main North Rd, Clare - 8842 4255 / 0407 803 279

Royal Hotel BALAKLAVA - 8862 1607

Catering for functions… •Weddings and outside catering available Thursday Night Schnitzel Night $9.90


Sunday Roast $8.50

Meals 7 days Lunch & Dinner Tuesday Night $10 Schnitzel Night Cold Beer Pokies, TAB & ATM facilities Join Our Monthly Wine Club!! 1 Adelaide Road, Mallala 8527 2249

Friday is…

Scotch Fillet NIGHT

14 90



3 Free Soup, Salad & Bainmarie 3 $2 schooners 6.30pm 7.30pm 3 $1 meat tray raffle

Dublin Phone: 8529 2116


Ta k e away

➤ Pizzas all day any day ➤ Fresh Salads ➤ Hot Chickens ➤ New products


8527 2179 Orders

Open Times ➤ Sunday to Thursday 7am - 8pm, ➤ Friday to Saturday 7am - 8.30pm



n HOST George Fergusson welcomes you



ood value country style meals are available seven days a week at Gungellan Hotel in Freeling. The pub serves lunch and dinner and visitors can tour the set of ‘McLeod’s Daughters’ while enjoying good old fashioned country hospitality and great Aussie tucker. The menu boasts a good selection of traditional pub meals and hearty daily specials. Publican George Fergusson, who owns the pub with his partner Ann-Marie Lord, said memorabilia from the hit TV series McLeod’s Daughters was still available. McLeod’s memorabilia available includes hats, singlets, polo shirts, coffee mugs, scotch glasses, wine glasses, beer mugs, wine buckets, bar mats, rulers, key rings, placemats, fridge magnets and post cards - there is something to suit all tastes. Tuesday nights are schnitzel nights, with a variety of toppings available starting from $10. The kids get spoilt on Thursday nights, with a kid’s meal, sundae and drink for just $7. The pub’s regular menu also features a selection of specials available every day. Priced at $10 and under they include the Gungellan burger, egg and bacon

sandwiches, steak sandwiches, roast of the day and pasta of the day. Butterfish, calamari and prawns are available, cooked to your preference, or combine all three and order the Fishermans’ Fare. Delicious garlic prawns pan fried in a creamy garlic sauce and served on a bed of rice, are popular.

By George, it’s good! The mixed grill, rump steak, t-bone or grilled chicken breast provide a substantial meal. A good range of gravies and sauces (dianne, pepper, mushroom, parmigana, mexican, hawaiian, kilpatrick and seafood sauce topped with prawns) are on offer to compliment your steak or schnitzel. All meals are served with a choice of vegetables or chips and salad and a children’s menu is also available. The pub will be closed Good Friday, but open every other day of the Easter weekend. Meals are served from noon to 2pm and from 6pm and 8pm every day. n Gungellan Hotel is located at 2 Gray street, Freeling, 8525 2009.

EasterSunday Sunday April 24 4 Sunday Roast 4 Easter Eggs for the Kids 4 And The Coads playing live from 2pm onwards What more could you want?

Lower Light Hotel Phone: 8520 2003

The Home of ‘Real Gravy & Yorkshire Puddings’!

To promote your gastronomic delights on this page Call Lisa Curnow on 8862 1977

Owned by well known lawn bowler - George Fergusson

Gungellan Hotel •Families welcome •Open fire •Friendly Atmosphere •Beer Garden •Pool Table •ATM •Drink & Meal Specials •Jukebox •EFTPOS •Pokies - gamble responsibly •Take away meals available Bargains Liquor Specials - McLeod’s Daughters Souvenirs

Gray Street, Freeling - Phone: 8525 2009 Fax: 8525 2745 Email:



OWENARMSHOTEL Phone: 08 85286008

Owned by well known lawn bowler George Fergusson

Leitch’s Roseworthy Hotel

V TAB, Pokies, Keno (gamble responsibly) V EFTPOS, ATM V Pool table V Jukebox

$ Kids Night TUESDAY




Schnitzel Night



Main North Road, Roseworthy Phone: 8524 8014 Fax: 8524 8055


Thursday Special



Special Occasion Cakes 3 Made to order 3 Whole cakes 3 Cheesecakes

*48 hours notice please

3 Freshly prepared delicious meals

Wendy’s Cafe N Cakes Ph: 8862 2123 - 14 Edith Tce, Balaklava UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT

Rising Sun Hotel Port Wakefield

Come in and enjoy a relaxing evening in our family friendly beer garden 30 Edwards Street, Port Wakefield

Phone: 8867 1023

Special Occasion Cakes to Order Open:

Monday - Friday 6.30am - 4pm & Saturday 7am - 12pm

32 George St, Balaklava Ph 8862 1355 Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13 , 2011

special feature v Home & Garden

Important to know credit rating Anyone applying for a home loan is urged to check their credit file prior to making a finance application in the wake of hundreds being rejected for loans due to defaults on their credit rating. Credit rating repair agency My CRA’s director, Graham Doessel, claims many of his clients are unaware they have a default on their credit rating until they apply for a home loan – and are flatly refused. “It would surprise you how many people there are out there with needless defaults on their credit rating due to unpaid accounts of more

than 60 days,” Mr Doessel said. “Currently one in five credit files have defaults on them. Many people have no knowledge of those defaults. “At the moment any blemish can be enough for an automatic decline with most of the major banks. “Many lenders are even rejecting loans for excess credit enquiries such as two enquiries in 30 days or six within the year” Mr Doessel said. Statistics from credit reporting agency Dun and Bradstreet reveal one in three Australians intend to

pay bills late in the 2010-11 financial year. The study also reveals many Australians are unaware of the consequences of paying their bills late, with six in 10 saying they’d be more likely to pay their accounts on time if they knew late payments could worsen their credit rating. “Not paying a credit obligation on time can negatively impact an individual’s ability to access credit for up to five years so it’s critical every credit commitment is taken seriously” said Dun and Bradstreet CEO, Christine Christian. Potential buyers are advised to


educate themselves on their credit file, and understand there is more to preparing for a mortgage than simply saving the deposit. “Your credit rating is as important as your savings record in calculating loan eligibility and borrowing capacity,” Mr Doessel said. A credit report can be obtained for a fee from the major credit reporting agencies, Dun & Bradstreet or Veda Advantage and is sent to people within 10 working days of application. For more information go to

Fred and Spike have emerged as the frontrunners for the trendiest plant names, according to the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia (NGIA), which is collating the monikers office workers are bestowing on their greenery as part of NGIA’s Improve Your Plant/Life Balance initiative. Also branching into the top 10 are George (Bush), Anita Watering, Bambi, Colin, Lily, Frank, Fernie and Robert (Plant). Others are Audrey Hepfern, Planthony Mundine, Harry Potter-Plant, Forest, Leif, Petal and Joe Dirt. Go to plantlifebalance.


Advice to bring that room to life Regular vacuuming: Once carpet is laid it should be lightly and frequently vacuumed for the first week. This will remove lint, dust and fluff. Vacuuming should continue at least weekly after that to remove soil and dirt. Quickly removing soil will reduce abrasive forces on the pile fibre. For heavy traffic areas, slow repeated vacuum strokes over the same area of carpet may be necessary. Always vacuum against the natural direction of the pile to help remove dirt. When finishing, vacuum in the direction of the pile to achieve a uniform finish. Vacuum cleaners : There are two major types of vacuum cleaners: barrel cleaners and upright cleaners. Upright

cleaners are particularly good as they incorporate a pile agitator such as a beater bar or revolving bristle strip that lifts the pile and facilitates the removal of dirt and grit. However, be careful with the agitator as over-use can damage the pile surface. Barrel cleaners rely on suction removal only and most perform the task quite well. Some barrel cleaners now have power head attachments to agitate the pile in the same manner as upright cleaners. Ensure the vacuum cleaner is kept in a sound mechanical condition, and that brushes are cleaned and replaced when worn out. Empty the dust collection bag frequently as the suction efficiency of the vacuum cleaner is reduced

considerably even when the bag is half full. Most cleaners now come with micro filter systems to ensure the fine particles (e.g. allergens) are removed and stay in the collection bag. To minimise dust sensitivity, make sure cleaners have a multi filter and micro filter system. Spot cleaning: It is important to remove any spillage as soon as possible before it penetrates the carpet fibre and pile. In the case of spills, remove the excess spillage immediately by first scraping any solids and blotting liquids with an absorbent material. Use a spoon or blunt knife to remove the bulk of semi-solids or

greasy substances and follow this by blotting. Always begin at the outer edge and work towards the centre of the stained area using a blotting or dabbing motion. After most of the spill has been absorbed, place a fresh pile of paper towels over the area and place a flat weight on them. Never rub a stain. professional care: It is advisable to have carpet professionally cleaned about every 18 months. Professional cleaning will revitalise the carpet and remove soil and other matter that has settled beyond the reach of routine cleaning methods. Use cleaning professionals recommended by the carpet manufacturer or a carpet cleaner

who is a member of a professional association such as the National Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Association. For assistance, contact the National Upholstery and Carpet Cleaners & Restorers Association on 1800 621 872 or visit www. •SOURCE:

is carpet that brings any room to life. It’s available in a great range of colours and styles all backed with a 15 year guarantee* *Terms and conditions apply. For full information in respect to this guarantee ask your nearest Carpet Court store. Peace of Mind pricing available from Clewers Main Nth Road, Clare until May 8th.

Clewers Carpet Court 216 Main North Road, Clare Ph: (08) 8842 3477 or (08) 8842 2777

CLEWERS Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011


special feature v Home & Garden

Quality products and advice n ADVERTSING FEATURE Burns Ceilings and Building Supplies at 20 Bernard Court, Gawler Belt, is an award-winning, South Australian business with more than 40 years of expertise in the building industry. You will find a large selection of internal and external cladding materials, insulation and steel stud framing building systems. If you are building a new home, extending or renovating, visit warehouse manager, Don Gladigau, who will advise the do-it-yourself handy person about correct tools and materials at a competitive price. However, if you are looking for skilled tradesmen to install the products for you, speak to contracts manager, John Schulz, for an obligation-free quote. No job is too big or too small. Burns Ceilings and Building Supplies has a display of ornate roses and currently is offering great discounts. n CALL in, check the huge range and speak to either Don or John. Phone 8523 0848. More details in the advertisement below.

n GREENFINGERS GARDEN GUIDE There’s no need to fear the mysterious underground world of roots that confronts you when the time comes to re-pot. That might be when a plant gets too big for its pot, it dries out too quickly or you’ve just bought a better pot. Start by preparing your plant with a good drink at least an hour before the operation. Have ready a pot with drainage holes and enough fresh, premium potting mix which – unlike garden soil – will optimise nutrients, minimise soil-borne pests and disease, and balance moisture retention with good drainage. Specialised mixes are available for particular plants like citrus or for large containers. Slip the plant out of its old pot without pulling on the stem or damaging the canopy. Scuff the outside of the root ball to encourage roots to grow outwards. Untangle any roots circling the outside of the ball. Avoid damage but cleanly cut any that won’t fit back into the pot. Treat roots right and they’ll reward you with a healthy plant. Place the plant in the centre of its new pot. The top of the root ball should sit 2-3cm from the rim and where the stem won’t be buried. Fill under and around the root ball; gently pressing to remove large air pockets but without compacting the mix or damaging roots. Flood the top of the pot to near the rim without disturbing the soil. Let the water infiltrate, then repeat. Keep the plant well-watered in the first week or two while it will have more difficulty drinking. If it’s intended for a sunny spot, let it recover in shade for that time. n SOURCE:


WAREHOUSE manager Don Gladigau (right) despatches an order with Josh Stokes. LEFT: Look for the big Burns sign at 20 Bernard Court, Gawler Belt.

BLD Lic. R 53653

ONE STOP SHOP FOR HOME BUILDERS / RENOVATORS Contractors & Supplier of… • Boral Plasterboard • CSR Fibre Cement Sheeting • CSR Bradford Insulation • Rondo steel framing systems

EXPERT TRADESMEN DIY or we can suppy & install the products for you

BURNS CEILINGS & BUILDING SUPPLIES 20 Bernard Crt, Gawler Industrial Park, Gawler Fax: 8523 0850

Phone 8523 0848


Good Riddance Mickey!



Currently stocking…

v Peg style & glue traps v Talon baits & blocks v Wax blocks & bait stations v Ratsak 2.5kg & 350gm packs v Plastic & wooden traps v Big cheese sonic repellers & traps v 4 way chokers plus catchem live traps v Napthalene Flakes & Steel wool


19 Edith Tce, Balaklava - Ph: 8862 1063

“as individual as you are”


Gawler Park Homemaker Centre 485 Main north rd, Evanston sA 5116 Phone: 8523 1966 Fax: 8522 1130 Web: Email:

* custom made * Free measure & quote*

• Quality kitchens • Built-ins • Vanities • Modulars

Kym & Julie McPharlin, Proprietors

MACK’S CABINETS Phone: 8862 1166 Mobile: 0429 642 120 Email:

Lic. BLD 222211

QUALITY SERVICE QUALITY WORKMANSHIP • General builder • Gyprock • Concrete • Carpentry • Free quotes & advice • Commercial & domestic • Additions / Alterations and pergolas


Adelaide Plains & Mid North Area

DURDIN BUILDING SERVICES P/L Call Nick on (m) 0417 804 119 (a/hrs) 8862 1140 Fax: 8862 2097


DON’T BUY PAVERS until you have called us…

We are agents for: • Boral • PGH • Austral • Outback Sleepers • Adbri • Custom Stone • Tudor • Axxton

Supply or supply & lay


WARATAH EARTHWORX ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Bobcat Tipper ✓ Excavator Excavations Trenching ✓ Small civil jobs Landscaping Garden maintenance Rubbish removal Mowing: large / small areas

Grant Fisher 0407 807 123 or 8862 1988

Crn Dunns Rd & Sandgate St, Balaklava - Ph: 0408 831 971

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Increase your strike rate TAKING CUTTINGS:

Autumn is the time to make new plants from cuttings. Taking cuttings is a great way for home gardeners to increase the number of plants they have, or to add new plants to the garden from cuttings provided by gardening friends and relations There are many factors involved in getting cuttings to root. It is a highly complex chemical process on which even the experts do not agree and in many instances the processes are still not fully understood. However there are some generally agreed principles and some basic procedures that gardeners can follow that should increase the strike rate of their cuttings in most instances. Cuttings are able to form roots because every plant cell contains all the genetic information needed to reconstruct all plant parts This characteristic is called totipotency. Because of this, plants that are propagated by cuttings are generally perfect genetic replicas of the plants from which the cuttings were taken. This is why you can be sure of flower

YOUR CHECKLIST 4 Take cuttings at the right time. 4 Water plants before taking cuttings. 4 Cut stems just below a leaf node 4 Use rooting powder/solution/gel 4 Use clean pots and secateurs 4 Use light textured propagating mix 4 Place in a warm area in light shade 4 Don’t let cuttings dry out

colour, leaf shape, etc. with a plant grown from a cutting, whereas a plant grown from collected seed is a product of genetic input from male and female plant parts and is a whole new roll of the genetic dice. Depending on the type of plant, hardwood, semi-hardwood or softwood cuttings may strike more easily, and some kinds of cuttings are best taken at specific times of the year. A typical cutting is about pencil thickness with three or four leaves or leaf buds (nodes). Cut just below

a leaf node and remove any leaves that would be below the soil surface when planted. Some plants can be propagated by taking leaf, leaf-bud or root cuttings. This is where a good general gardening textbook is invaluable to tell you the most suitable procedure for the particular plant you want to propagate. However there are some general procedures that will increase the strike rate for cuttings in many instances. Preventing the cuttings from

drying out is important. After the first couple of days the cuttings will cease to take up any water through their stems. We need to keep the relative humidity around the cutting about the same as inside the cutting so that it does not lose any water, but maintains enough for the chemical processes going on inside. This is why we enclose a pot containing cuttings inside a plastic bag; put it under a plastic cover e.g. the end of a softdrink bottle; put it in a greenhouse or propagator; or if we

are really sophisticated, in a fog house. Light shade is best for most cuttings. The closer a branch is to the base of a plant and the closer it is to the trunk, the more “juvenile” the plant material is said to be. As a general rule, the more juvenile the plant material, the easier cuttings taken from it will form roots. Many cuttings root more easily if the propagating medium is kept warm. Try sitting the cutting on the top of a fridge (a heater is too hot & dry). Lic No. R27142

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SPORT v Football

M in i s t a rs

ABOVE: David Gooden tries to beat his Two Wells opponent to the ball. BELOW: Jack Tiller, Balaklava looks to dodge his Rooster opponent.

ABOVE: Two Wells youngsters Tyson McLeod, Luke Barnett and Aiden Fishlock-Billington and Peckers Billy West and Matthew Freebairn give chase as umpire Andy Michael follows play. RIGHT: Tyson Lamond kicks away for Balaklava. BELOW: Tussling for the ball (from second left) are Pecker Clark Crawford, Roosters Aiden Fishlock-Billington and Luke Barnett, Pecker Sabian Bennett, Rooster Tyson McLeod and Pecker Matthew Freebairn. Watching on are Roosters Bradley Flaherty and Thomas Ware.

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SPORT v Football

Round 2 AP F L f o o t y a c t io n

n ABOVE: Eagle Dylan Cicolella stops a handball by Ram Con Mylonopoulos during Saturday’s A grade match at Virginia. n RIGHT: New Eagles recruit Todd Twelftree kicks away. PHOTOS: LISA REDPATH


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APFL Footy Face

Name: Ethan Pepe Nickname: Pep DOB: 16/12/2000 Height: 142cm Team: United Guernsey No: 9 Position: All-rounder Favourite AFL team: Gold Coast Suns Who is the most damaging player in your club? Jesse Who is your club’s hardest worker? Daniel C - runs a lot Highlight of footy career: Kicking goals! If you could trade places with any

other person for a week, with whom would it be? Gary Ablett What’s the last book you read? Yogi Bear If you won $20 million in the lotto, what would you do? Play for the Gold Coast Suns If you were on the front page of the newspaper, what would the headline say? “Pep is the best” If you could take anyone on your next footy trip, who would it be? Ablett

Prodly Sponsored by… n BOMBER Aaron Christmann tries to duck out of a Tiger tackle by Dylan Gillies and Heath Pym during the A grade match at Long Plains. 566 Waterloo Corner Road, Burton - Phone: 8280 6475 Fax: 8280 6772 Mobile: 0408 829 541 Web: Email:


n No Football reports were submitted this week. Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

SPORT v Football

What’s the prescription for the United Tigers? EVERY team has now had a run at the completion of round two and judging by the amount of emails I’ve received, it looks like I’m going to have to don the white jacket and hand out some advice as Doctor Rick. “Dear Dr Rick, who is this guy in my team? I’ve never seen him before. Yours sincerely, Perplexed United Footballer.” To be honest Perplexed, I have no idea either but after some research, here’s some background on your most recent team mate. His name is Anthony Vallejo, a former captain and current life member of the St Mary’s Football Club in the Northern Territory Football League. Vallejo has a rather decorated playing history, best known as a tough defender in his earlier years but appears to have snuck into the forward line in his most recent seasons and going by Saturday’s efforts. Nicknamed ‘Chopper’, he has over 200 senior games to his name. To fix the ignominy of not knowing who the hell each other are, I prescribe a conversation to gradually fill in the blanks before and after each game. To my next complaint; “Dear Dr Rick, what happened to the Rams on the weekend? We are supposed to be a top two team

THE BANDWAGON With Rick Shaw but the Eagles absolutely killed us. Yours sincerely, Matt.” Matt, it came as a real surprise to me too, after I suggested the Eagles were going to get a solid caning. After watching this one, all I can really advise is the Eagles simply wanted it more from the start. Once again, as with last week, they were underestimated and their opposition has paid the price. I prescribe a week of fasting, as Hummocks-Watchman Eagles were clearly hungrier for the win than the Rams, and duly feasted on the sumptuous tenderloins of victory. By the way, column favourite Zackery Zilm nailed a goal on the weekend and the young Eagles really battled well against the Rams colts. The kid can talk the talk and walk the walk. Finally, to my last query; “Dear Dr Rick, I’m 10 and I like to go for the Roosters but they lost on the weekend. It was close until

the end and then it wasn’t close. By Tommy from Two Wells.” Tommy, while you didn’t ask a question, I understand what you are trying to say. Glenn ‘Pigeon’ Dawson nailed nine goals to sink the Roosters but I wouldn’t really know how to stop him, I haven’t seen him play since juniors. However, I know someone with some expertise in this area, which follows; “Tommy, I have been trying to stop the Pigeon for decades now and while I have failed hundreds of times, I’m currently working on a new flying machine, which should enable me to get up there and catch him in mid-air. I’ll let you know how I go. Yours sincerely, Dick Dastardly (and Mutley).” I hope that helps. This week, Balaklava should hand a hiding to Hamley, Two Wells should get over United, while I’m jumping on the HWE bandwagon in a tight one over Mallala.

RAM Billy Nikou about to handball away in the A grade match at Virginia on Saturday, with Eagle Travis Sharpe closing in.

APFL & NEFL Association Football Scores

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Gawler Rd, Virginia, Phone: 8380 9560 - Open 7 days 8am- 5pm APFL results from Saturday- Round 2

A Grade

Senior Colts

HW Eagles Virginia

4.3 6.3 11.5 11.7 (73) 1.2 3.4 5.4 7.9 (51)

Virginia HW Eagles

Balaklava Two Wells

1.2 3.4 6.5 12.8 (80) 2.2 2.6 5.8 7.9 (51)

Balaklava Two Wells

2.5 3.8 7.10 9.13 (67) 1.1 4.2 7.2 8.4 (52)

United Hamley Bridge

6.4 8.8 10.11 12.14 (86) 0.2 1.5 2.9 4.10 (34)

Hamley Bridge United

4.4 8.5 11.7 12.9 (81) 0.2 0.4 2.4 5.6 (36)

Goals: HW Eagles - D.Cicolella 4, S.Mcguiness 2, R.Mackereth 2, S.Braham 1, J.Manners 1, J.Schutz Virginia - C.James 3, B.Niklaus 2, A.Johnston 1, R.Desmond 1 Best: HW Eagles - T.Twelftree, L.Belperio, J.Schutz, J.Cowan, S.Baker, S.Schutz Virginia - D.Oliver, A.Johnston, C.James, J.Denengelse, B.Russel Goals: Balaklava - G.Dawson 9, H.Walker 2, J.Brice 1 Two Wells - L.Allmond 3, T.Leighton 1, A.Cavallaro 1, B.Spiteri 1, D.Coats 1 Best: Balaklava - S.Rowland, G.Dawson, B.Lamond, K.Ruiz, L.Michael, S.Farrell Two Wells - L.Allmond, B.Fitzgerald, T.Leighton, B.Slattery, P.Seccafien, S.Bown Goals: United - P.Burgoyne 2, A.Vallejo 2, A.Fleming 2, B.Shimmin 1, A.Mills 1, S.Harding 1, H.Pym 1, J.Rundle 1, B.Sharman 1 Hamley Bridge - B.Burgess 2, J.Moody 1, S.Gregory 1  Best: United - A.Mills, B.Sharman, B.Shimmin, R.Sharer, A.Fleming Hamley Bridge - J.Moody, J.Schahinger, S.Rademacher, J.Eastwood, A.Christmann, S.Catterall

Virginia HW Eagles


5.4 8.11 16.19 17.26 (128) 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 (6)

Goals: Virginia - T.Karutz 3, T.Lioulios 3, J.Platt 2, A.Bascombe 2, R.Russo 2, R.Perre 2, J.Simmonds 1, C.Felstead 1, S.Papanotis 1 HW Eagles - Z.Zilm 1  Best: Virginia - S.Papanotis, J.Simmonds, R.Perre, T.Karutz, R.Russo, C.Felstead HW Eagles - E.May, J.Kelly, M.Hoepner, J.Wilson, J.Mahoney

Balaklava Two Wells

3.5 3.8 6.8 11.8 (74) 0.0 0.3 5.3 6.4 (40)

Goals: Balaklava - G.Hudd 2, K.Michaelanny 2, L.Guy 2, N.Yates 2, G.Willmer 1, C.Marshall 1, O.Hearnden 1 Two Wells - E.Fetherstonhaugh 2, M.Abdilla 1, A.Sincock 1, J.Becker 1, D.Hardiman 1 Best: Balaklava - S.Henderson, L.Simon, O.Hearnden, D.Butterfield, V.Taylor, G.Willmer Two Wells E.Fetherstonhaugh, D.Hardiman, J.Williams, B.Struck, M.Abdilla, D.Jones

United Hamley Bridge

4.0 5.1 8.6 8.6 (54) 2.2 4.2 5.2 8.4 (52)

Goals: United - A.Pratt 4, M.Dickie 1, J.Mason 1, D.Kaminski 1, J.Hurrel 1 Hamley Bridge - T.Miller 4, S.Wedding 1, L.Smith 1, A.Slok 1, D.Millar 1  Best: United - A.Sharman, K.Jarman, J.Hurrel, D.Kaminski, A.Pratt, B.Starr Hamley Bridge - A.Slok, L.Smith, D.Uthmann, T.Miller, S.Brooks, M.Gregory

Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

1.4 6.13 7.16 14.22 (106) 4.0 4.0 6.2 6.2 (38)

Goals: Virginia - A.Pogas 6, M.Lazenka 5, L.Bannear 1, J.Jones 1, H.Farrow 1 HW Eagles - T.Williams 5, J.Zilm 4, C.Temby 3, J.Parker 2, D.Williams 2, Z.Zilm 1, B.Krieg 1  Best: Virginia - M.Lazenka, A.Pogas, C.Stronach, E.Trace, J.Zografidis HW Eagles - C.Temby, B.Taylor, E.May Goals: Balaklava - M.Clifford 2, J.Wilson 1, J.Speissegger 1, H.Veitch 1, T.Shepherd 1, B.Harkness 1, C.Michael 1, J.Taylor 1 Two Wells - D.Bromely 3, A.Pounendis 1, L.Godfrey 1, T.Markou 1, B.Calvett 1, A.Mallett 1  Best: Balaklava - M.Clifford, T.Michael, R.Mcdonald, C.Michael, C.Ruiz, L.Williams Two Wells - D.Bromely, D.Heron, L.Godfrey, J.Morrison, M.Daly, N.Seccafien Goals: Hamley Bridge - (not available). United - (not available).  Best: Hamley Bridge - (not available) United - (not available)

HW Eagles Virginia

Junior Colts

4.5 7.10 7.10 7.10 (52) 0.0 0.0 0.0 4.4 (28)

Goals: HW Eagles - B.Taylor 4, A.Deer 1, S.Kotsano 1, W.Angel Virginia - B.Farrow 3, J.Moritz 1  Best: HW Eagles - B.Taylor, W.Angel, T.Nottle, J.Studham, T.Moulds, S.Kotsano Virginia - J.Moritz, J.Bow, J.Roberts, T.Jones, A.Hansen, M.Geracitano

Two Wells Balaklava

0.0 2.1 3.4 5.4 (34) 1.1 1.3 2.3 2.4 (16)

Goals: Two Wells - K.Giniotis 2, T.Mills 2, J.Borlace 1 Balaklava - Z.Scholz 1, J.Wehr 1 Best: Two Wells - T.Mills, J.Pellizzari, S.Stringer, D.Kotsano, J.Borlace, H.Gameau Balaklava L.Speissegger, J.Michael, J.Wehr, J.Harkness, J.Kibbler

Hamley Bridge United

6.1 9.5 9.5 9.5 (59) 0.0 0.11 0.11 0.11 (11)

Goals: Hamley Bridge - S.Rosenzweig 3, D.Collings 2, J.Wedding 2, C.Buckby 1. United - (no goals scored)  Best: Hamley Bridge - D.Collings, J.Wedding, S.Rosenzweig, C.Buckby, S.Mccabe, T.Williams-Aston United - N.McArdle, B.Robinson, D.Coombe, W.Tauchnitz, E.Pepe, J.Pratt

TIGER Simon Schulz and Bomber Alex Rademacher in a marking contest during Saturday’s A grade match at Long Plains.


SPORT v Football

Eagles set to soar Mallala v h W eagles

Coming off a bye, last year’s premiers Mallala take on an in-form Hummocks-Watchman Eagles on the Magpies’ home turf this week. In their win at Virginia, the NathanYoung coached side showed plenty of heart and team unity. The Eagles have a lot of options and versatility through the middle. Captain Matthew Higgs is cool under pressure, while Josh Schulz, Lee Belperio, Todd Twelftree and import Ricky Mackereth, are all gradually gaining an understanding of theAdelaide Plains style of football. Dylan Cicolella showed his versatility with four goals, while young talent Dallas Hill was a good marking target at centre half forward. Having the maturity of Joel Wilson also helps the stability of the group.

PETER ARGENT’S round 2 APFL preview The Magpies are also known for the talent and skill level through the middle. A strong part of Mallala’s game plan is their movement from the stoppages. They are noted for being clinical with skills and ball movement in this area, which makes this a salivating encounter. Joel Montgomerie, Christian Rimmer, Josh Seal and Jason Earl will be pivotal for the Magpies and both sides “coaching boards” will be working overtime to get the match ups right early in the contest. After a five-goal haul in week one of the season, Brian Montgomerie will

Peter’s predictions: H W Eagles by 8 Balaklava by 56 Two Wells by 21

be important in attack for the home team this week.

Hamley Bridge v Balaklava

The Bombers host Stuart Lamond’s Peckers, after Balaklava returned to the winner’s circle last week Interestingly, after this article last week suggested the change of Glenn Dawson into attack, Lamond moved his athletic allround sporting talent into attack and he had a telling impact on the contest. The issue for Rian Nelson is who he will get to stand Dawson, as he’s hard to match up on. He’s good on the lead, and outstanding when jumping

from behind. The big man department will also stretch the Bombers, with Hayden and Justin Walker, the Lamond brothers Stuart and Brenton as well. Les Pearson will also give the Peckers plenty of run and leadership of defence. There will be a big responsibility on Hamley Bridge ruckman Justin Schahinger. Around the ball, Sam Rowland, the enigmatic Ben Catford and Todd McPharlin will face off against Josh Moody, who was really impressive last week, Aaron Christmann and Dylan Lockwood. The Bombers did miss the usual leadership from captain Tom Smith, who out with a knee complaint. Solidly built key position player Shane Catterall, after coming off the bench, gave a presence in the second half. It is critical for any

chance the Bombers have, for the playing group not to drop their heads, regardless of the score line at any stage during the contest.

Two Wells v United

After a defeat last Saturday Two Wells will face off against United, who collected an expected win over the Bombers. Noted as one of the elite footballers in the APFL, Lee Allmond continued his fine form, despite the Roosters loss last week. Brad Fitzgerald, Tallan Leighton and Ben Slattery each play important roles, while Ned Seccafien is a key as well. Two Wells will be looking for more grunt at the contests from Ben Spiteri, along with his tackling expertise. There is a lot to like about the structure of the Tigers attack with Sam McArdle and recruit An-

EAGLE Lee Belperio runs with the ball ahead of his Rams opponent in Saturday’s A grade clash. thony “Chopper” Vallejo. a tackle, he left the ground. Despite being beaten Coach Opitz did conlast Saturday, Peter Bur- firm Kellett will be availgoyne still slotted through able, but believes rucka couple of majors and man Will Banton is at does give the black and best a 50/50 chance, and gold’s some X-factor in more likely to start after attack. Easter. Adrian Mills is a noted Virginia has the bye, high possession winner, which gives them a two with Dylan Gillies and week break before their Heath Pym also expected next fixture on April 30. to have a big influence With a number of Superbly skilled David soft tissue injuries, this Kellett was good early for is actually a bonus for the Tigers last week, but Greg Phillips and the after he was taken down in Rams.

Who can catch the cats?

JAMIE McArdle, United gets away from Bomber Jed Eastwood during the A grade game at Long Plains.

APFL Premiership Table Balaklava Hardware & Fodder

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after round 2 games A GRADE Team P W L D B FF F A % Pts HW Eagles 2 2 0 0 0 0 155 131 54.20 4 United 1 1 0 0 1 0 86 34 71.67 2 Balaklava 2 1 1 0 0 0 160 133 54.61 2 Virginia 2 1 1 0 0 0 138 140 49.64 2 Mallala 1 0 1 0 1 0 67 87 43.51 0 Two Wells 1 0 1 0 1 0 51 80 38.93 0 Hamley 1 0 1 0 1 0 34 86 28.33 0 RESERVES Team P W L D B FF F A % Pts Balaklava 2 2 0 0 0 0 178 42 80.91 4 Virginia 2 2 0 0 0 0 209 52 80.08 4 United 1 1 0 0 1 0 54 52 50.94 2 Hamley 1 0 1 0 1 0 52 54 49.06 0 Mallala 1 0 1 0 1 0 46 81 36.22 0 Two Wells 1 0 1 0 1 0 40 74 35.09 0 HW Eagles 2 0 2 0 0 0 8 232 3.33 0 SENIOR COLTS Team P W L D B FF F A % Pts Balaklava 2 2 0 0 0 0 258 71 78.42 4 Virginia 2 2 0 0 0 0 170 97 63.67 4 Hamley 1 1 0 0 1 0 81 36 69.23 2 Mallala 1 0 1 0 1 0 59 64 47.97 0 Two Wells 1 0 1 0 1 0 52 67 43.70 0 United 1 0 1 0 1 0 36 81 30.77 0 HW Eagles 2 0 2 0 0 0 57 297 16.10 0 JUNIOR COLTS Team P W L D B FF F A % Pts Hamley 1 1 0 0 1 0 59 11 84.29 2 Mallala 1 1 0 0 1 0 67 19 77.91 2 Two Wells 1 1 0 0 1 0 34 16 68.00 2 HW Eagles 2 1 1 0 0 0 60 37 61.86 2 Balaklava 2 1 1 0 0 0 49 42 53.85 2 Virginia 2 0 2 0 0 0 23 119 16.20 0 United 1 0 1 0 1 0 11 59 15.71 0


Seen as the competition yardstick this season, the Blyth-Snowtown Cats are looking for back-to-back flags for the second time since 2006. While the club lost the services of defender Nick Humphrys and Brad Bell (will be sidelined to June with a broken wrist) the nucleus of the side is still intact. The potency is in the middle, with the McCormack brothers, Nick and Simon, captain Ryan Darling, Glen Hayes and Scott Atkinson is a key. Brett Ireland and the recruitment staff have added Craig Robinson the further booster this area, while the returning Kyle Griffin is a readymade replacement for Humphrys.

PREVIEW: Peter Argent looks at NEFL’s 2011 season In his second year as RSMU’s coach Mick Duncan wants to see more accountability and hardness around the ball at the Hawks. They have strengthened their defence with Graham Farrer, and Andrew Hunt coming across from Hummocks, will improve the structure in attack. After a disappointing departure in last year’s first semi final, the Hawks are hell bent on being around at the business end of the finals in 2011. Around the NEFL high profile

footballers Daniel Schell and Jason Mackenzie have arrived this year. Mackenzie has returned to his home club BSR to give them a boost, while Schell will be the playing coach of the 2009 premiers, the BBH Rams. His father Geoff coached this club two decades ago. This week the Cats take on BSR in the traditional Broughton Cup match, while North faced off against South in the clash of the two Clare teams. The match of the round is between RSMU and Mintaro-Manoora at Riverton Oval, while BBH travel down to Eudunda to take on Corey Ah Chee’s Saints.

United get over improved Bombers • From back page Apotent first half ensured United’s first victory of the season, in its season opening clash against a Hamley Bridge side, which showed more fight after the main break. The Tigers slammed through six unanswered goals in the first term, and were 45 points up at the main break, conceding just one goal to half time. The lead eked out 50 points at lemons, before both sides kicked two goals each in the final quarter. Adrian Mills was industrious all game, vying for the three umpires votes with 34-possessions. “The conditions were windy and blustery coming from the north-east early and the turning around to the south,” coach Travis Opitz said. “The game became very congested after half time. “Hamley Bridge certainly looked a better side than last year. “They have a number of strong bodies around the ball and they broke a lot of our tackles early. Opitz was impressed with first year senior player Ross Sharer across half back, while Alistair Fleming was opportunistic on his wing. Bradley Shimmin on the ball and leader Brett Sharman in ruck also had an influence on the result. The trio of Fleming, Power premiership player Peter Burgoyne and Northern Territory recruit from the St Mary’s “Green Machine”

Anthony Vallejo each slotted through a pair of majors for the victors. Along with Moody’s stellar effort, ruckman Justin Schahinger competed manfully in his role. Scott Rademacher closed down Peter Burgoyne and winning plenty of the ball, wingman Jed Eastwood, was a solid

contributor. Former state underage footballer off half back and on the ball, Aaron Christmann, won his share of possessions, while after 16 months out of the game, Shane Catterall displayed signs he could be an important acquisition for the developing Hamley Bridge side.

Eagles walk away with a win Both winners in the abridged first round, Hummocks travelled down to Virginia and walked away with the two premiership points in their second round contest against the Rams. Just under three goals up at half time, the Eagles victory margin was 22-points in the end. Virginia looked like they were mounting a charge in the last term with the aid of a strong breeze towards the Angle Vale Road end of the oval, after early goals and big marks by Chris James, but this was quickly snuffed out. “I thought we controlled the game for most of the first three quarters,” Eagles coach

Nathan Young said. “They did have a crack early in the last. “One of our strengths this year is going to be our versatility, with a lot of blokes to rotate through the middle. “Against last year’s grand finalists, to grab a good away win was good for the group.” Around the ball Todd Twelftree, veteran Lee Belperio and Josh Schutz gave the visitors drive, while Jeff Cowan, Sam Baker in his role of Brendon Nicklaus at full back and Simon Schutz all had an impact. Back from Queensland this year utility Dylan Cicolella collected a fourgoal haul, while Shane

McGuiness and former YPFL Mail Medallist, the helmeted Ricky Mackereth, kicked two each. Dashing out of defence, Devon Oliver was the home side’s best, followed by creative indigenous on-baller Anthony Johnston Big man James, who kicked three as well as competing well in ruck, with recruits Joss Den Engelse and Ben Russel both deserving a mention. The Rams were not helped by a corked thigh to key player Troy Wilkey early in the second term. He re-entered the game, with a heavily strapped thigh, but came off again in the third.

Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

SPORT v Football

Bendigo makes banking easier in Two Wells • From back page And banking with Bendigo Bank has now been made easier for Two Wells residents. The Virginia based community bank recently installed a new ATM in Two Wells’ main street in an attempt to increase their presence in the area. “By local people doing their banking locally, they will be supporting local groups and projects,

unlike other large banks where fees are spent on big projects interstate,” Mr Sobczak said In the 11 years Bendigo Bank has been in Virginia, it has put $700,000 back into the community. “It’s only happened because local people choose to bank locally,” he said. Bendigo Bank Virginia is a big sponsor of groups in Two Wells including the football and




Adelaide Football Club

Join up today! WITH the new ATM, from left: Bendigo Bank senior manager Alf Sobczak, board member Jim Dimasi and board chairman, Frank Tassone. netball sporting club and bowling club. The bank has a nonfor-profit board made up

of local people who are not involved with the banking side of things, and have worked on a project with

District Council of Mallala to attempt to mark all the unmarked graves in the district.

The club is aiming for 50,000 members this year and a big crowd for the round four clash with Port Adelaide at AAMI this weekend. Ring Ticketmaster or go online to book your seats now! Become a member by calling the club on 8440 6666.

Showdown tickets

Tickets are on sale to the round four Balfours Showdown. Supporters can now elect to sit together in Crows Support Bays for the April 16 clash. Pick up your ticket now online at or by calling 136 100.

Get your gear here

Gillies tops the bids at United’s guernsey auction James (left) and Chris (right) Gowans, pictured with former teammate Yves Sibenaler, will be guest speakers at the inaugural Adelaide Plains Umpires Association sponsors night.

Star twins to appear at umpires night SANFL star twins Chris and James Gowans will be appearing as guest speakers at the inaugural Adelaide Plains Umpires Association Sponsors Night, to be held at the Mallala Football Club on Wednesday, June 22. The night is also highlighted by a giant auction, with part proceeds going to three charities, Camp Quality, Motor Neurone Disease Association of SA and the Breast Cancer Foundation. The auction is also the umpires association’s sole major fundraiser for the year. Umpire’s coach Jim Goode said funds raised will assist with junior umpiring development in the league. Similar events have been held in neighbouring leagues in the past, with the Ba-

rossa, Light and Gawler Football League’s event proving extremely popular. Mr Goode said snaring the Gowans boys as guest speakers was extremely exciting, the two larrikins likely to have some special stories to tell. The auction list is also fairly stimulating, with a number of quality wines, accommodation and commemorative ports up for grabs. With only 60 tickets left for the evening, Mr Goode said those interested in attending should get in fast. Tickets are $25, which includes a meal and table wine. “It is a new thing but I think people will be pleasantly surprised by it,” Mr Goode said.

United Football Club held its annual guernsey auction last Thursday night, April 7. The night was again well attended, raising in excess of $15,000 for the Long Plains-based club. United’s 1982 premiership coach, Mick Lamont, did the auctioneering and a sensational spread of food was once again put on by Dianne Walker and her tireless group of helpers. Twenty eight players plus A grade coach, Travis Opitz, were auctioned with new United player Dylan Gillies fetching the most money at $920 – bought by Rob and Paula Saint at Balowery. KR & MA McArdle again were great supporters on the night. Jack Chapman won the Don Lindner memorial ‘most improved’ trophy for his work the season prior and his 2010 player sponsor (and new joint 2011 club major sponsor) Dublin Hotel received their name on the plank… Still one of the most unique player guernsey auctions of its kind, with just A grade squad members auctioned and sponsors making a straight donation to the club, it was great to see the local United community getting behind their club once again in 2011.

Second place for our sof tball te am The SAPSASAMidNorth District softball team recently came runner-up in their division, winning a silver medal at the SAPSASA State Softball Carnival in Adelaide. The girls from Balaklava, Riverton and Clare played other city and country teams, winning seven out of 10 games to finish in second place! The girls had never played softball before, and showed real skill and enthusiasm, winning many games by quite large margins.

Stand out players were Jesse Dent (Vineyard School) and Kelsey Wedding (Balaklava Primary), Chloe Gogoll and Megan Lewcock (Vineyard), and Paige Allan (Riverton Primary). Chloe Gogoll was selected to represent the team in an exhibition game on the final day. After the game, the girls followed the AFL habit and enjoyed a “cool down” at the nearby beach. – Marty Brice, team coach and manager

Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

Clockwise from left: Chloe Gogoll (68), Kelsey Wedding, Marty Brice (coach) Emily Jaeschke, Megan Lewcock (71), Sarah Jaeschke, Jesse Dent, Maddy Marks (70), Tayla Pink, Kirrily White (34), Sarah Salter (16) and Paige Allan.

CROWmania has stocked up on 20th anniversary merchandise which you can buy from any of the CROWmania outlets on game day, during the week, or online at The range includes a 20th anniversary ladies scarf, cap, t-shirtor men’s tie.

Tour the Westpac Centre Join us for a tour of the Westpac Centre and watch the team train. Stay on for a cup of coffee or light lunch in the Selection Table Cafe. Daily specials on offer, and all those who join a tour will go into a draw to win tickets to a 2011 home game!

Leading Goal Kickers Get your energy from… 1 Fisher St, Balaklava Ph: 8862 1513

after round 2 games A GRADE Pos Name Week Year 1 Glenn DAWSON - Balaklava 9 10 2 Shane McGUINESS - HW Eagles 2 6 3 Brendon Niklaus - Virginia 2 5 4 Brian MONTGOMERY - Mallala 0 5 5 Chris James - Virginia 3 4 6 Dylan CICOLELLA - HW Eagles 4 4 7 Stuart Lamond - Balaklava 0 4 8 Troy WILKEY - Virginia 0 4 9 Lee ALLMOND - Two Wells 3 3 10 Peter BURGOYNE - United 2 2 RESERVES Pos Name Week Year 1 Terry LIOULIOS - Virginia 3 9 2 Kerry MICHALANNY - Balaklava 2 7 3 Tyler MILLER - Hamley 4 4 4 Adam PRATT - United 4 4 5 Justin Platt - Virginia 2 3 6 Trent KARUTZ - Virginia 3 3 7 Grady Hudd - Balaklava 2 3 8 Christopher MARSHALL - Balaklava 1 3 9 Anthony BASCOMBE - Virginia 2 3 10 Derek TILLER - Mallala 0 3 SENIOR COLTS Pos Name Week Year 1 Marco LAZENKA - Virginia 5 7 2 Anton POGAS - Virginia 6 7 3 Michael CLIFFORD - Balaklava 2 6 4 Tyler WILLIAMS - HW Eagles 5 5 5 Timothy SHEPHERD - Balaklava 1 5 6 Corey TEMBY - HW Eagles 3 4 7 Luke WILLIAMS - Balaklava 0 4 8 Harrison VEITCH - Balaklava 1 4 9 Jesse ZILM - HW Eagles 4 4 10 Matthew NUGENT - Virginia 0 3 JUNIOR COLTS Pos Name Week Year 1 Brandon TAYLOR - HW Eagles 4 4 2 Sam ROSENZWEIG - Hamley 3 3 3 Brad WILSON - Mallala 0 3 4 Charlie ARBON - Balaklava 0 2 5 Tyler MILLS - Two Wells 2 2 6 Dylan COLLINGS - Hamley 2 2 7 Jayden WEDDING - Hamley 2 2 8 Kyle GINIOTIS - Two Wells 2 2 9 Kyle HUMMELL - Mallala 0 2 10 Jacob Wehr - Balaklava 1 1


SPORT v District

Men’s Pairs Champions, Trevor Clifford and Steve Hawke.

Men’s Singles champion, Neil Rogers.

W omen ’ s P a i r s C h a m p i o n s , Sherene Kimpton and Jodi Kotz.

Women’s Triples Champions, Owen – Gwen Duncan, Beth Harkness and Gloria Wandel.

Golf Balaklava Mid week

A group of 12 players took to the fairways with Doug Taylor winning the day on 44 points CB, Bill Berry 44, John Curnow 41, Dean Trickett 39, Dene Newton 36 CB, Merv Hameister 36, Greg Sonntag 34, Don Anderson 33 CB, Brian Stewart 33 CB, Rick Campbell 33, Jerry Toms 25, Austin Henstridge DNF. Birdies for the day were Doug Taylor hole 13 and 17, Bill Berry hole 3, Merv Hameister hole 3 and 16.

Balaklava ladies

Results from April 7. Fifteen players battled the heat on Thursday for the Ladies stroke round. Rose Jenkins with a nett 82 defeated Patricia Anderson – nett 84 in the A grade. B Grade winner was Tania Matz – nett 67 with runner up Louise Michael – nett 72 followed by Moya Hayes nett 73, Joy Veitch nett 78. C Grade winner was Jill Taylor – nett 65 runner up Denby Wandel - nett 72 followed by Julia Hoskin nett 80, Josie Thompson nett 81. Thursday 14th will be Club Foursomes. 9am start. Starters C Redpath and J Wood. Last Saturday’s Par competition drew a small, single grade field of just 15. Gerry Toms delivered a flying patella to the bubo of the field’s collective aspirations, with an unbeatable score of +4. The quietly spoken Dean Robinson calmly claimed second place with +2, while mighty Merv Hameister hammered home with +1 to come third. Those who flailed in vain were D Taylor (square), Geoff Leo (-1), W Parkin (-1), T Matz (-2), B Thompson (-3), D Trickett (-3), D Goudie (-4), A Manuel (-5), P Thompson (-7), S Michael (-8) and G Ackland (-9). W Berry recorded a masterful DNF. Tania Matz smote the day’s sole Birdie, at the eighth, then went on to claim Nearest The Pins at both the third. and eighth, leaving the 10th available to Dean Robinson and the 15th to Doug Taylor. This weekend we’ll gather for a Stroke round, under the four gimlet eyes of Andrew Manuel and Bill Parkin as starters. Bill’s also down to offer calming words and other such unctions from behind the bar, while Nick Mellow has sole rotational rights relevant to the chook wheel. This year’s Green Jacket event, held at Waikerie, was won by Rob Veitch, while Austin Henstridge claimed a few bucks for coming second. As for the famous four who went on to tackle the Renmark Open,


MEN’S Fours champions, Blyth – Ron DeLuca, Paul Farley, John Hogan and Robert Kennett.

Region 8 championships conluded at Balaklava

men’s Triples Champions, Owen – David Brown, Tim Harkness and Neil Harkness, with the Plains Producer’s Andrew Manuel.

Balaklava Men

Women’s Singles champion, Bev Roney.

REGION 8 bowlers completed their championship singles at Balaklava Bowling Club on Saturday. Rain had an impact on the finals of the Region 8 men’s championships – on the day that the Fours and Pairs sectional play were scheduled, it rained heavily at both Redhill and Koolunga. The events were cancelled. On the date of the combined championships with the women, the Fours entries played under a tournament style at the Redhill Bowling Club and the Pairs entries played on B green at Balaklava, also under a tournament style. Although the day of Singles was also a bit damp, this sectional play did produce the final four for Balaklava. The men’s Fours champions were a team from Blyth. This is the third year in a row that three members of this team have won. Paul Farley

we can confirm that the ever-willing Wayne Nagle smashed the longest B grade drive on the Saturday. As for the other three, you can all be proud of their efforts as well, both on and off the course… The mighty seven-gang fairway mower is still in the sick bay and we don’t know quite what is ailing the beast. We’ll do what we can to cut the greensward this week, but please be patient and understanding, as you are always dear members, until we get things sorted, soonest.

Hamley BridgE

Twenty-nine players competed in last Thursday’s Stableford round in yet again “golf perfect” conditions, thanks to the weather along with Roen Cameron who mowed the fairways to perfection, and Andrew Phillips who has been constantly mowing and cleaning in and around the trees. Max Grasby has again showed that age is no barrier, winning the day with 45 points from Ed manning 43 and Vince Zito 40. Other scores: Warren Isgar 39, John Bell 38, Doug Cooper, Dave Russell, Keith Kluske and Bob Ahola 37, Bob Mcgregor 36, Cliff Applebee, John Riley, Ron Collins and Roger Hahn 35, Ross Hienze and Brian Cooper 34, Barry Causby and Wally Jackson 33, Adam Mitchell, Roen Cameron and Bob Spriggs 32, Ian Darwin, Rex mortimer and George Dahlitz 31, Dennis Hawke 30, and a few players under 30. Birdies: Vince Zito ninth, Dave Russell and Roger Hahn fourth, Adam mitchell ninth and 16th. No NTP’s, but Bob Charman managed a “fish shot” on the 13th. The ladies started their winter season with an Ambrose competition, won by H Bell, J Zito and S Jackson with a nett 63 from H Spriggs, S Noble and C Angus 63 5/6, P Wedding, N Bubner and P Smith 64 5/8. NTP was won by C Angas. The Ladies celebrated the opening of the winter season with a luncheon, which was hovered over by the men waiting for the “left overs”! Due to suspect weather, Saturday’s stroke round only attracted 24 players. However, there was one highlight…club president Anton Noack’s return to form, winning the competition with an incredible nett 61 from Steve howe 66 (cb). Leading grade scores: A grade – Dave Russell (cb) Bradley Zerna 69 Neville Durdin 73 John Mitchell 74. B grade – Anton Noack 61 Steve Howe (cb) Wim Van Pelt 66 Kieth Kluske 67 George Dahlitz 68. C grade – Roen Cameron 66, Bob Charman and Wally Jackson 68, Barry Zerna 69. NTP: Barry Zerna (ninth). Birdies: Bradley Zerna first (Argoweld), Bert Pearce second, Roen Cameron third, Neville Durdin fifth, Anton Noack 18th. Chucky McGregor had yet another DNF due to either blowing a circuit in his golf buggy, or in the controller!

(sk), Rob Kennett, John Hogan, Ron De Luca were first, runners-up were Balaklava with David Lamond (sk), Alan Chivell, John Roberts, Owen Chapman and Riverton were third, with Barry Mullins (sk), Dean Willmott, Jason McMillan, Joel Tucker. The men’s Pairs champions were Trevor Clifford (sk) and Steve Hawke of Balaklava; Mike Wildash (sk) and Roger Schmerl from Auburn, with Damien Philp (sk) and Bruce Farley from Blyth in third place. The men’s prestigious event for Singles Champion was closely contested in the semi-final matches. Neil Rogers from Riverton was the winner, with John Sommerville of Spalding second and Neville Weckert of Koolunga the plate winner. The women champions are the champions of their associations before playing in

Two Wells

Women’s Fours Champions, Carol King, Yvonne Howard, Shirley Sanders and Fay Dunstan of Mallala. the Region 8 event. The prestigious Singles event was won by Bev Roney of Mallala representing Wooroora Women’s Bowling Association, with runner-up Ann Harrip of Riverton representing Northern Light. The Pairs were won again by Sherene Kimpton (sk) and Jodi Kotz (sisters-in-law) from Robertstown representing Northern Light. The runners-up were Helen Gregory (sk) and Nancy Bubner of Hamley Bridge representing Wooroora Women. Triples winners were Owen, with Gloria Wandel (sk), Beth Harkness and

Results from Saturday, April 9. Competition: Stableford – Opening Day. Sponsor: Bendigo Bank. Players: 38 men, three Ladies. The Opening Day of the Two Wells Golf Club 2011 season saw 40 members attend the opening address by president Chris Girling, who acknowledged the hard work and sacrifices made by the members who were involved with the ongoing course improvements during the summer. Chris thanked Vince Zito and his son-law Dave for their support, machinery and labour in preparing the new ninth scrape, paths and the mound covering the old scrape. Tim Clifton was also thanked for providing the base placed on the paths, along with Steve Watson of Bailey’s Steel for the generous donation of the steel used in the new tee blocks, and members who attended working bees. A special thank you went to course manager Bobby Hogg and his able bodied side kick John Ball and Denis Hart, for their tireless efforts through the summer to prepare the course. A grade was a close affair, with visitor and ex local Peter Lamont shooting 73 off the stick with 41 points, to narrowly beat Yogi on 40 with Chris Girling holding third place on 38. B grade was dominated by Russell Grigg with 43, with Rabbit’s 41 points enough to hold second place from veteran Ian Smith on 39. C grade’s winner was Andrew Baker who eagled the 17th to finish with a fine 39, from our local music man Darrell Thompson – who has been out of the winning circle for a while – with 35, and third Jamie Gibson with 34. Elaine Grigg proved too strong to hold off both Julie Holland on 33 and Judi Frost on 30. Sadly, I was informed during the week that a past member Bob O’Brien had passed away recently. Bob was well respected at the club and was always helping others to improve their golf. Our thoughts are with his family at this time of sadness. On Thursday, the course was visited by the Golf Australia rating team through Golf SA, and commenced the new Slope rating of both the men’s and ladies courses at Two Wells. The team was impressed with the course preparation and during the review, made several comments on how some of the holes were challenging for the novice. On Friday night I received an email confirming that the ladies course rating had been completed, and the men’s review was expected to be confirmed this week with the formal notification from Golf SA would be sent to the Club. Results A grade: P Lamont 41, Y Frencken 40, C Girling 38, R Thompson 37, S Grigg 36, V Zito 36, L Grafton 34, V Hatch 33, J Ball 30, C Doudle 29 and M Davies 36.

Gwen Duncan representing Wooroora Women. The Fours of Wooroora Women were Carol King (sk), Yvonne Howard, Shirley Sanders and Fay Dunstan of Mallala. Runners-up were Lyn Elliott (sk), Helen Stringer, Wendy Aitchison, Lynn Paine, Mundoora, representing Hutt & Hill River. A big thank you is extended to the Balaklava Bowling Club for catering and preparing a good green. Overall, there were some excellent bowls put down. – Jill Ackland, Region 8 secretary

B grade: R Grigg 43, A Christou 41, I Smith 39, C Barker 38, J Weir 35, J Spackman 34, P Shields 32, A Bail 30, D Hall 28, B Weaver 28, H Linford 24 and S Watson 22. C: grade: A Baker 39, D Thompson 35, J Gibson 34, S Kelly 33, B Barns 32, I Telfer 30, J Boon 30, L Zbierski 25, J Harrison 23, C Weller 21, and M Frost 20. Ladies: E Grigg 36, J Holland 35, J Frost 30. Long Drives: A – C Girling. B – C Barker. C – M Frost. Ladies: J Frost. NTP’s : 1 – R Thompson, 2 – B Weaver, 6 – R Hogg, 11 – P Lamont, 12 –, 15 – A Christou. Birdies: 1 – J Ball, C Barker, RThompson. Birdies Nest: –. Eagles: A Baker, C Doudle. Pro’s Approach: C Girling. NAGA: Malcolm Frost. Meat trays: A Christou, J Weir, I Telpher. Next week: Stroke – Eclectic. See you on the course – bring a friend! – Paul Shields, captain TWGC

Shooting Lower Light

Results for Saturday April 9. Range 700m. Cyclists and Torrens Valley. A Grade: P Bradshaw 199.10. B Grade: J Pinyon 194.5. Sighters: P Bradshaw 39. Handicap: P Bradshaw 99.5/100.5 (3) 200, J Pinyon 97.2/97.3 (10) 200, P Gale 99.4/99.5 (2) 200, G Apthomas 94.2/95 (13) 200, F Pinyon 96.1/96.2 (6) 198. Phoenix. A Grade: C George 199.4. B Grade: G Henderson 190.3. Sighters: C George 38.2. Handicap: C George 100.3/99.1 (7) 206, M Challen 98.1/96.3 (8) 202, D Clarke 97.2/97.4 (8) 202, C Williams 96.2/98.3 (8) 202, G Henderson 95.2/95.1 (10) 200, D Logos 98.3/97.5 (4) 199, M Bialkowski 98.2/91.1 (9) 198. Cyclists and Torrens Valley F Class. F Open: B Moulds 197.2. F Standard: L White 196.4. Sighters: B Moulds 36. Handicap: L White 100.1/96.3 (9) 200, G Hutchins 98.3/97.1 (9) 200, B Moulds 100.7/97.5 (3) 200, H Bradshaw 92/97.4 (12) 200, M Wilment 96.2/88.3 (15) 198. Phoenix F Class. F Standard: E Kanik 196.7. Sighters: E Kanik 35.Handicap: E Kanik 98.6/98.1 (10) 206. Light River. A Grade: B Wrightson 196.6. F Class: G Mincham 196.7. Sighters: B Wrightson 37.1. Handicap: G Mincham 98.2/98.5 (10) 213, B Wrightson 96.2/100.4 (7) 210, G Lewis 93.2/92.2 (18) 208, B Semmler 95.3/98.4 (17) 207. Postal & Railways. A Grade: R Cunningham 188.3. B Grade: S Giles 186.2. C Grade: W Phillips 170.1. Handicap: R Cunningham 99.3/89 (3) 191, S Giles 94.1/92.1 (7) 193, M Bethune 82.1/89.2 (8) 179, W Phillips 67/94.1 (9) 170, B Clark 100.2/98.3 198, P Collins 99.3/98.3 (v) 197.

Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

Week commencing April 14









Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011


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Cheek - Natalie on April 18. Congratulations, love and best wishes to our wife, mother and nana from Greg, Alison and Craig, Sam, Isabel, Andrew and Samantha.

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Birth Barr (nee Weckert). Justin and Lisa are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of their son Jack William. Baby brother for Lucy and Thomas. April 2, 9lb 4oz. Young (nee Baker). Jenny and Lachlan are proud to announce the safe arrival of William’s little sister Brianna Ivy, born April 6, 2011 at Ashford Hospital.

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Barbara Kennedy Prosthesis Services Supported by Friends in Pink Breast Cancer Support Group Adelaide based fully qualified Amoena fitting specialist with many years of experience will be visiting Balaklava on…

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The Barker family would like to thank the Balaklava and Hoyleton CFS units that attended the fire at Halbury, April 5. Also the private units that attended thank you again. Our property has been sold.

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public notices


DEVELOPMENT ACT 1993 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993. Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for a development assessment by the Panel. Details of the application are as follows:DEVELOPMENT NO: 373/054/11 APPLICANT: A Watts APPLICANT’S ADDRESS: PO Box 1429 Berri SA 5343 Nature Of The Development: Milk Depot SUBJECT LAND: Lot 30, 5 Minnie Street, Port Wakefield Certificate of Title: Volume: 5334 Folio: 623 The application may be examined at the Office of the Council located at Scotland Place, Balaklava during normal business hours (an appointment is recommended) and a ny p e r s o n o r b o d y affected may make relevant representations in writing concerning this application to reach the Environmental Services Manager at Box 167, Balaklava SA 5461, not later than close of business April 29, 2011. E a ch p e r s o n m a k i n g a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Panel in suppor t of that submission. Please note that, pursuant to Section 38(8) of the Development Act, a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response. Neil Twigg Environmental Services Manager email: ntwigg@ Date: April 13, 2011 THIS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE

DEVELOPMENT ACT 1993 DISTRICT COUNCIL OF MALLALA NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993 Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for development assessment. Details of the application are as follows:DEVELOPMENT NO: 312 / 87 / 2011 APPLICANT’S NAME: L.Parsons N at u r e O f T h e D evelopment : Community open air markets

SUBJECT LAND: Lots 622 and 623, 1 Wasleys Road, Mallala, Hundred of Grace, CT: 5813/149 and 5813/635. ZONE: Centre (Mallala) Zone The application may be examined at the Offices of the Council located at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala, or 69 Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells, during normal business hours and any person or body a f f e c te d m ay m a ke relevant representations in writing concerning this application to reach the Manager, Environment and Development Services at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala not later than May 2, 2011. Each person making a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Council Development Assessment Panel in support of that submission. Please note that, pursuant to Section 38 (8) of the Development Act, a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response. Signed: Brendon Schulz Development Coordinator Date: April 13, 2011 THIS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE.

DEVELOPMENT ACT 1993 DISTRICT COUNCIL OF MALLALA NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993 Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for development assessment. Details of the application are as follows:DEVELOPMENT NO: 312 / 60 / 2011 APPLICANT’S NAME: Aurecon Australia Pty Ltd N at u r e O f T h e D evelopment : 50 meter high telecommunications tower incorporating 3 panel antennas and associated se curity fencing and equipment shelter.

SUBJECT LAND: Section 313 , Pe d e r i c k R o a d , Lewiston, Hundred of Port Gawler CT: 5673/44 ZONE: General Farming The application may be examined at the Offices of the Council located at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala, during normal business hours and any person or body affected may make relevant representations in writing concerning this application to reach the Manager, Environmental Development Services at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala not later than May 2, 2011. Each person making a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Council Development Assessment Panel in support of that submission. Please note that, pursuant to Section 38 (8) of the Development Act, a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response. Signed: Ralph Semrau Authorised Officer

MatchBox HOUSE

bed & breakfast

This local landmark, heritage listed building has recently been renovated into 2 self contained suites


For bookings details

0406 270 019

Test and evaluation activities involving static firings and/or firings of naval and artillery weapons are conducted at the Proof and Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield throughout the year. The Proof and Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield is a vital Defence test and evaluation capability that has supported Defence since 1929. These firings may require specific tidal or weather conditions, and are critical for the safety of current and new Defence capabilities. Members of the public may notice noise, vibration, flashes and/or smoke during the testing. There is no risk to the public outside of the gazetted Defence Practice Areas. For reasons of public safety, there is a permanent exclusion zone covering land, sea and air around the Port Wakefield Establishment. Specific details on the Port Wakefield Prohibited Area can be obtained from Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No GN 26, 4 July 1990, and is shown on the diagram below. Trespassing in this Area is strictly prohibited and very dangerous due to the presence of unexploded bombs. Any person found within the Prohibited Area or on Defence land will be subject to prosecution. Specific test and evaluation activities may also require restricting public access to the Port Wakefield Defence Practice Areas over specific periods with these areas articulated in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No. GN 40, 7 October 2007, and also identified on the diagram below. This may affect access to the Gulf of St Vincent at Port Wakefield and Port Parham. If any member of the public has inquiries in relation to these activities please contact Proof & Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield – Range Control, on (08) 8867 0270 between 8.00am and 4.30pm weekdays or the Proof & Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield – Security Office, on (08) 8867 0299 outside these hours.


Easter Holiday Times Waste Collection/Recyclable Collection There will be no collection taking place on Easter Monday (April 25) or Anzac Day Holiday (April 26), the recyclable collection will consequently take place on Wednesday (April 27), Thursday (April 28) and Friday (April 29). For further information contact 0428 400 111 Refuse Depots Will be operating under normal hours. Library Services Mallala Library Branch will be closed on Friday April 22, 2011, whilst the Two Wells Public Library will be closed for the duration of the holiday period. Both sites will resume normal hours as of Wednesday April 27, 2011. Office sites and Depot Will be closed for the duration of the holiday period and will resume regular business hours as of April 27, 2011. For after hours emergency please contact 8527 0200.


Aerial Line Inspections

To all our readers & advertisers

ElectraNet, the owner and manager of South Australia’s electricity transmission network, will be undertaking inspections of its overhead transmission lines by helicopter over the next three weeks to identify any potential issues. This will help reduce the possibility of supply interruptions and ensure the safety of the public and the network.

Our first post-easter edition will be published on Thursday April 28.

Low flying helicopter patrols are scheduled from 7.00am to 5.00pm from the 11th to the 29th of April* along major transmission lines across the State, including Balaklava, Templers, Dorrien, Roseworthy and surrounding areas in the Adelaide Plains.

Advertising deadlines: • Classifieds - 5pm Tuesday April 26 • Display ads - 5pm Thursday April 21 Our office will be open on Tuesday April 26, and closed from Friday April 22 to Monday April 25.

If you have any queries regarding the inspections, please contact Colleen Luck on 1800 413 331. * Weather permitting

Wakefield Development Assessment Panel

Date: April 13, 2011

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Trades & Service Directory

Septic Suckers

D.R. COOK Monumental Works

7 Days Service!


Sale enquiries: Kellie-Lee Cook & David Cook Ph: 8862 2047 Fax: 8862 1014 Lot 94 Dunns Road, Balaklava

Consulting Fridays 9am to 1pm at Balaklava Ambulance Station


Craftsman built memorials


For appointments phone

Lic No. PGE203573

PEST & WEED CONTROL Specialising in the eradication of ...

NOW providing Mini Excavation & Trenching • As well as all general plumbing and gas fitting

Keanan 0438 641 032

Tight Calf? 3Balaklava 3Mallala 3Two Wells

✓ Flies, Fleas, Misc. Pests ✓ Rats & Mice ✓ White Ants ✓ Cockroaches ✓ Spiders ✓ Weed Spraying

Health Comm. Lic. No. 12



Primo Quality Meats is a large meat processing facility located 6km north of Port Wakefield. A vacancy exists for a gardener with horticulture, chemical handling and irrigation systems experience. Some on the job training will be provided. Above award wages, great working conditions on a modern site. Career opportunities exist for the successful applicant. For further information please phone Ray Slade on 08 8867 1088 or email Applications close Thursday April 21, 2011

Main North Road, Clare Phone: 8842 2001 A/h: 8844 5041 Toll Free: 1300 856 263 Mobile 0418 859 195

then call

need a PLUMBER ?

P.B Thompson

Plumbing Contractor

Service & installation: • Hot Water Systems (inc Solar) • Blocked drains • Drainage • Water filters • Septic tanks • Rainwater tanks / pumps

8862 2200 or 0419 842 228

Phone Marcus 0418 855 241

Factory / Sales

Dr Daryl R Brown

8853 2088

Truck and trailer or semi tipper. Local work. Based at Reeves Plains. Prefer loader and white card experience, but not essential. Full time casual to start

• Quality Marble & Granite Monuments • Additional Inscriptions • Renovations Equal to New • Kitchen & Vanity Benchtops • Factory Direct Prices • Country & Metropolitan


Phone Roger: 0428 419 133

Truck Driver

Free Quotes

No Call Out Fee Pensioner Discounts

“Real Plumbing at Realstic Prices”



Lower Light

Situations Vacant

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Fully Equipped Mobile Workshop

Taylors Wines offer a friendly & progressive environment within which your career can flourish. The vineyards & winery is situated in the picturesque Clare Valley, South Australia & has been in operation since 1969. We have a wonderful opportunity for a casual Tour Guide and Cellar Door Sales person to join our Cellar Door Sales team. You will partner with the Cellar Door Supervisor to provide knowledge and a memorable experience to our customers. The person we are seeking will have excellent communication skills and a strong retail background. You will be available to work flexible hours including weekends. With a positive attitude and a passion for service excellence you will become a valued member of the Taylors winery team. If you believe you have the essential qualities listed above, please post or email your application in the strictest confidence to:

Taylors Wines Att: Human Resources Manager, PO Box 90, Auburn SA 5451 Or via email to: Applications received up to 4pm, April 15, 2011

With recent & strong sales within Balaklava, I am looking for more properties to market. Can you help?? Call Damien Gill 0427 792 128

BALAKLAVA $199,000

BLYTH $255,000

Servicing All… • Chainsaws • Brushcutters • Ride-ons • Lawnmowers • Motorcycles • Water Pumps • Generators and much more…

Call Jason on 0408 599 923

Pt Wakefield - NEW $189,900


• Neat home on corner allotments • Open plan living with 2 bedrooms • Established garden beds • Carport & storage shed

BALAKLAVA $229,500 • • • •

Ideally located near the town centre 3 bedrooms, 2 with BIR Return verandah & full length enclosed carport Rear access to yard, single garage

BALAKLAVA NEW PRICE $299,500 • As new brick veneer home with some great feature on ¼acre block. • Master with ensuite & WIR, BIR to other 2 bdrms, 3 way bthrm. • Galley kitchen & sep meals & Alfresco living area. • Secure dble gge with r/door, well fenced, landscaped with large pergola, rainwater & shedding.

‘The Heart Foundation saved my Pop’s life. Please help them save others.’ Chloe, 13

BALAKLAVA $229,000 • This home has had a stunning interior makeover • Low maintenance yard, fruit trees, new rear verandah • 3 bdrms, main with BIR, lounge & open plan stunning modern kitchen/dine. • Rear sun room or 2nd living area

Give to the Heart Foundation Doorknock Appeal in September Call 1800 55 22 55 or visit 0005

Taylors Wines, a family owned and operated wine company is home to some of Australia’s most consistently awarded wine brands. With their head office located in Sydney and sales offices located around the country.

• Character stone 3 bedroom with sleepout villa • Separate kitchen, dine and lounge room • Original features, dome high ceilings • Large block for sub-division or family home

Harvest Ready Small Engine Repairs


Casual Position


Feature House

ABN 89660399532


190 Main North Road, Clare

• This outstanding stone building is beautifully restored. • Major feature is that half of the premises is rented out for $200/pw • The property has a lot of space and potential including 2 kitchens, 2 street frontage offices & much more • Side vehicle access, shed and rear pergola.





• Recently renovated cottage • 2 double bdrms, one with open fire place, open plan lounge/dine, floating timber floors, 2nd small living area. • Updated kitchen with tiled floor and working wood stove. • Set on a large country allotment, with front & rear verandah, single garage, storage shed, front cottage garden & native shrubs in the rear yard......this one will really surprise you. • Stop driving through Port Wakefield and take time to explore the township behind the service stations. • Build your dream or holiday home on this approximate 900m2 allotment. • Set in a quiet location with uninterrupted views towards the northern hills. • Less than an hour from Adelaide


Free Market Appraisals. April 14 to April 21, 2011. Between 9am - 5pm Call 8842 1154

Phone: 8842 1154 Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011



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Situations Vacant

Real estate



For Sale


Full time position available (5 ½ days a week job) Applicant should be experienced with Truck, tractor, passenger tyres. Previous experience in tyre/automotive industry ideal. Drivers license required. Phone 88621 538 Please forward resume to Applications close April 29, 2011

Bald Hill

Via Port Wakefield

Ramsey Bros is a highly successful family owned business with 6 branches across South Australia, supplying new and used machinery, parts and service to farmers for 60 years. Ramsey Bros leads the industry with a reputation for providing excellent service and building long-term relationships with farmers and local communities. The Saddleworth branch has these positions available.

Work & Relax 60.38 Ha 149 Ac of undulating coastal grazing land with planted Old Man Saltbush grasses and sandphire flats. The land adjoins the beach reserve and the gulf. Excellent winter grazing block, indirect mains water, check the sheep and catch a fish. Inspection is recommended at the asking price of $97,500 ID 413955

Service Technician - Agricultural Machinery Reporting to the Service Manager, you will enjoy being an integral part of the Service Department in a supportive, close-knit environment. Your role will involve assisting with organising and managing Service orders, developing strong relationships with customers, and ensuring the highest level of customer service.

Public Notice Section 7

Elders Roseworthy 8521 0302 Graeme Hann 0417 814 659 Andrew Bastian 0428 868 811

The successful candidate will be either qualified part-way through an apprenticeship. You will need to be experienced in servicing and repair of agricultural machinery and equipment, and have a good understanding of farmers and their needs. Also essential are effective time management and organisational skills, and the ability to work unsupervised at times.

The vendor's statement relating to matters affecting the advertised properties in this publication may be inspected at the agent's office three business days prior to auction or at the place of auction 30 minutes before sale.



Parts Manager - Agricultural Machinery

Middle Beach

Reporting to the Branch Manager, you will enjoy being an integral part of the Parts Department in a supportive, close-knit environment. Your role will involve organising and managing Parts orders, developing strong relationships with customers, and ensuring the highest level of customer service. A good understanding of farmers and their needs will be highly regarded. On-the-job training will be provided, along with some external industry training from time to time.

Friday April 29

10.30am at Two Wells Football Club

Life Style Cropping / Grazing 37.26Ha mainly flat land with improved pastures, indirect mains water, power nearby, Suitable for farm build up or enjoy the rural life style and climate, some 3 kms from the gulf, enjoy the summer sea breeze, catch a crab or fish just down the road. ID 442146 Inspection recommended by appointment.

This Ramsey Bros branch is currently located in Saddleworth, and will be moving to nearby Riverton sometime in 2011. Note that relocation expenses may be provided if required, for the right candidate to move to the area. Conditions apply. To make confidential enquires call Erica Thomas on 0411 606 449. To apply, email your resume to

Elders Roseworthy 8521 0302


Graeme Hann 0417 814 659

New properties are required WE can help you sell yours Balaklava


24 Charles Street

Presentation Plus • Stone villa • 3 large bedrooms • 2 toilets • Freshly painted • New carpets


• Large lockable double garage • Reverse Cycle a/c • S/combustion heater

30 Roberts Ave


Ideal family home with 4 bedrooms & 2 living areas • Spacious lounge • Gallery style kitchen • Semi enclosed pergola

• 2 Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners • Large shed & carport


19 Roberts Ave


Beautifully presented, modern 4 bedroom home with great new shed • Modern home • Near new kitchen • Ducted evaporative air conditioning

• Pergola entertaining area • Low maintenance garden

Balaklava $189,000 Unit 6 - 1 Charles Street

Unit with heaps of extra’s and prime location • 2 bedroom home • Great little workshop with power

Balaklava’s Number 1 name in Real Estate Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

• Large lounge adjoining the eating area



22 Humphrey Street

Ideally located & affordable stone cottage • Affordable Cottage • Large Carport • Close To Main Street • Good Tenant In • 3/4 Bedrooms Or Residence Office


20 Kelly Street


Ideal investment or 1st home • Three bedroom house • 717m2 {approx.} block • Main bedroom has full length built in robe

Vacant Land

Wattle Ridge Estate Stage 2 • 9 lots remaining • Wide frontages • Sizes: 527m2 to 1,057m2 • Price range $68,950 to $92,950

Balaklava $190,000

Unit 5 4 War Memorial Dv

• Secure 6 unit complex • 2 bedrooms • Easy care yard • Large open plan lounge and eating • Kitchen ample cupboards • Tiled bathroom sep bath and shower • Garage w/- direct access to unit

Snowtown Red $209,000

23 First Street

It’s a new subdivision & 4 x 3 bedroom homes are available

• New 3 br home • R/C air conditioner • tiled floors

• easy care garden • dishwasher • affordable price


Red $125,000

Lot 53 Cameron Street

All offers considered

• 2 bedroom home with • Large garage or both rooms a good size. workshop. • Open plan design semi- • S e t o n a v e r y modern kitchen large • Ducted air conditioning block

Owen reduced $78,000

Lot 1 Second Street

Ideal building block- a massive 1898m2 {approx.} • Huge block • Power connected • 37.75m wide frontage • Take advantage of • Water connected Owens central location

Tania & Peter Butterfield Mobile: 0417 884 877 Office: 08 8862 2172 Fax: 08 8862 1280


SPORT v Netball

Hummocks thump Virginia Hummocks 64 d Virginia 23 Hummocks-Watchman dominated throughout the game, increasing their lead at each break to win by a significant 41-goal margin. Playing indoors at the Virginia stadium helped the visiting Eagles utilise the ball well. “We had control from the start,” Sam Nicholls, HummocksWatchman playing coach said. “It was a full four quarter effort, and an improvement from the previous week, where we slackened off in the last quarter. “It was a total team effort with all our combinations gelling a lot better together in this contest.” Goal defence Bonnie Nicholls was outstanding, closing down her immediate opponents in a best on court display. Erin Brundell was solid all game at goal attack, while centre Beth Germein played with her usual consistency, and playing with injury wing defence, Lisa Powell, was an option for many centre passes. Playing on a State League player in Sam Nicholls, the talented Nicole Aguis was the outstanding performer for Virginia.

PETER ARGENT’S APNA review Long Plains 34 d Hamley Bridge 31 In somewhat of an upset, Long Plains beat reigning premiers Hamley Bridge by three goals in an entertaining fixture on the Tigers home courts. “It was goal-for-goal for most of the contest,” Long Plains coach Josie McArdle said. “Our lead eked out to four or five at half time, but after some rotations, they got into the contest in the third. “We steadied and ensured the was job done in the last term. McArdle did concede Long Plains were helped by the Bombers being without the services of ace goal shooter Amber Rogers and circle defender Emma Reilly. Long Plains shooter Jane McBride was best on court, while keeper Emma Laintoll was also pivotal. “I was really happy with Shelley Tynan’s endeavour in the mid court, playing on a highly regarded player like 2010 medal-

LEXIE Tiller receives the ball for Balaklava in C1.

APNA RESULTS Embroidery & Screen Printing Specialists

ist Ashleigh Koch,” McArdle continued. “At wing defence Mary-Jane (McArdle) was hard working and made her presence felt all contest.” Balaklava 61 d Two Wells 38 Starting the game with four unanswered goals, Balaklava went on to collect a handsome win over Two Wells. By half time, the lead had shot out to 11 and the final margin was a big 23-goal victory. Michelle Williams and Chelsea Koch worked hard in defence for Balaklava, with Talia Kruger shooting accurately, while best on court, Gaynor Tink was strong through the mid court. Nadine Wehr started well after half time to give Balaklava more momentum, shooting six goals without a miss in the first five minutes. Two Wells goal attack, Nicole Darling shot well. The rain came in midway through this term, making it difficult for both teams to move the ball cleanly down the court. While many balls slipped through players hands from this point, both teams’ goalies were accurate and worked well.

Balak girls slip away with a win A1: Balaklava worked well from the start of the game, netting four goals before Two Wells scored. Michelle Williams and Chelsea Koch worked hard in defence for Balaklava, really putting the pressure on Two Wells. Talia Kruger, Balaklava GA, shot accurately Balak 15, Two Wells 10 The start of the second quarter was scrappy from both teams, but it didn’t take long to settle and the game became quite competitive. Two Wells GA, Nicole Darling shot well as did Balaklava’s Talia Kruger. Balaklava’s Carly Gregor was strong through the mid court, turning over many balls. Balak 31, Two Wells 20 Two Wells’ mid court were tight, really putting pressure on Balaklava.

Nadine Wehr started strong, shooting six goals without a miss in the first five minutes. The rain came in midway through the quarter, making it difficult for both teams to have clean play down the court. Balak 44, Two Wells 31 Two Wells came out to try and close the margin, keeping even with Balaklava for the first five minutes. Balaklava defenders picked off a lot of balls, especially in the ring. Balak 61, Two Wells 38 The rain made it hard for a good game, many balls slipped through hands, but both teams’ goalies were accurate and worked well. Final score: Balak 61, Two Wells 38 A2: A great start to the game, all goalies shooting well. Both teams benefiting

Results of Adelaide Plains Netball Association matches played on Saturday A1: Long Plains 34 (Jane McBride) d Hamley Bridge 31 (Ashleigh Koch). Hummocks 64 (Bonnie Nicholls) d Virginia 23 (Nicole Agius). Balaklava 61 (Gaynor Tink) d Two Wells 38 (not supplied). A2: Long Plains 30 (Brodie Hall) d Hamley Bridge 24 (Tahnee Edwards). Hummocks 60 (Claire Catford) d Virginia 31 (Julia Starr). Two Wells 52 (Bec O’Brien) d Balaklava 41 (Alexandra Wilson). A3: Hamley Bridge 35 (Tash Manno) d Long Plains 28 (Hannah McArdle). Hummocks 70 (Abbie Phillips) d Virginia 49 (Kelly Galley). Balaklava 45 (Alana Pollard) d Two Wells 21 (Jess Walker-Smith). A4: Long Plains 34 (Genea McLeary) d Hamley Bridge 18 (Cassandra Bell). Virginia 28 (Josie Savage) d Hummocks 26 (Ruth Martin). Two Wells 44 (Lisa Cocks) d Balaklava 40 (Clare Haynes). A5: Mallala Away 35 (Robyn Cocks) d Long Plains 24 (Helzah Sommerville). Hummocks 31 (Julie Krieg) d Virginia 28 (Krystal Doudle). Two Wells 28 (Rhiannon Morrison) d Balaklava 24 (Kelly Hamdorf). A6: Long Plains 27 (Mel Smith) d Hamley Bridge 12 (Elizabeth Flores). Balaklava 27 (Sharalyn Pike) d Two Wells 18 (Pauline Hatch) B: Hamley Bridge 22 (Sophie Martin) d Long Plains 20 (Steph McArdle). Balaklava Away 39 (Ciara Guy) d Hummocks 28 (Caitlyn Moulds). Balaklava 24 (Shauni Tiller) d Two Wells 12 (Maddy Seccafien). C1: Hamley Bridge 61 (Amy Humphreys) d Long Plains 2 (Natalie Reed). Hummocks 46 (Tayla Williams) d Virginia 0 (Sophie Doudle). Balaklava 17 (Sarah Heaslip) d Two Wells 15 (not supplied). C2: Hamley Bridge 29 (Krystal Hewett) d Long Plains 1 (Chelsea King). Hummocks (Won on forfeit) d Virginia (Team forfeit). Balaklava 14 (Zoe Bell) d Two Wells 12 (Brooke Humphries).


HUMMOCKS playing coach Sam Nicholls passes to Hummocks goalie, Erin Brundell, with Virginia’s Nicole Agius ready to intercept, during the A1 match played on Virginia’s indoor court. RIGHT: Lisa Powell, Hummocks just misses an intercept on Virginia’s Cheyenne Krejzlik.

from turnovers. Balak 13, Two Wells 12 Two Wells had good defence in ring, picking up a number of interceptions. Balaklava settled through centre court. Balak 20, Two Wells 22 Overall great play from both teams. Two Wells again benefiting from interceptions. Balak 30, Two Wells 37 Two Wells GS Jess Newman was very accurate, not missing any goals in last quarter. Balaklava mid court putting some great pressure on down court. Karen Penhall played exceptionally well for Two Wells throughout the game. Final score: Balak 41, Two Wells 52. A3: Balaklava started the game strong, dominating the first quarter. They were strong inside and around the goal circle. Two Wells had their share of the ball, but were unable to convert. Both teams fumbled due to slippery ball. Great intercepting by

Balaklava C, Sam Gregor. Balak 14, Two Wells 6 Play in the second quarter was scrappy with only one goal scored in the first five minutes. Balaklava GS, Tania Robertson held good position in the goal ring and ball was fed into her well. Two Wells didn’t adapt as well to the weather conditions as Balaklava did, which allowed them to increase their lead. Strong rebounding and defensive pressure down the court by Two Wells GD, Jess Walker-Smith. Balak 24, Two Wells 9 Two Wells changed all positions in the third, and the sun came out. Their game improved, with much better centre court play and conversion. Balaklava increased their lead again, going up another five goals. Two Wells C, Stephanie Agnello and Balaklava GD, Merridy Manuel stood out for their teams. Balak 35, Two Wells 15 The court had dried off, allowing for a more open

and free flowing game. There were passages of great play from Two Wells, but they were unable to combine enough to deter Balaklava. Defensive pressure was increased by Balaklava. The last was Two Wells’ best quarter, but not good enough to make a difference to the final score Balaklava were just too strong and experienced for the young Two Wells team on the day. Balak 45, Two Wells 21 A4: Both teams started strong, with great shooting from Two Wells GA, Cristie Castle and Balaklava’s GS, Jasmine Smith. Strong defences in both goal rings. Balaklava GD Sheralyn Bond performed well for her team. Balak 11, Two Wells 14 Balaklava’s strong defence prevented Two Wells from scoring, allowing Balaklava to catch up in the second quarter. Great team work from both sides.

APNA netty star Name: Sarah Koch DOB: 11/1/93 Height: 174cm Team: Hamley Bridge A1 Position: GA Who is the most damaging player (on or off court) in your club? Alison Schahinger Who is your club’s hardest worker (on or off court)? Ashleigh Koch - kills us at fitness training & kills on the court! Highlight of netball career: A1 premiership 2010

BELINDA Blackwell, Hamley Bridge releases the ball, while Longies netballer Tara Gillies looks to intercept in A3.

If you could trade place with any other person for a week, with who would it be? Harry Potter What is the last book you read? Power of One - Bryce Courtney

If you won $20 million in the lotto, what would you do with the money? Go to Vegas & steal Mike Tyson’s tiger If you were a car, what kind would you be? A car that reverse parallel parks itself! If you could take anyone on your next netball trip, who would it be? Alan from The Hangover What is the weirdest/ grossest item in your fridge? Georgia’s vego food

Supporting local sport throughout the Adelaide Plains Phone: 8862 1266 Fax: 8862 2080 Web:

Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

SPORT v Netball

MELISSA Moulds, Hummocks A1 intercepts a pass intended for Virginia’s Wendy Salter.

Eleanor Cunningham catches the ball in Balaklava’s circle, ahead of her Two Wells opponent during the C1 match at Balaklava. BELOW: Two Wells’ Jacinta Deplee and Balaklava’s Alex Wehr tussle for the ball in C1.

Balaklava GD, Clare Haynes moved well, and Two Wells GD Amanda Farr stood out. Balak 21, Two Wells 23 Balaklava had some great turnovers from Balaklava’s Clare Haynes. Great shooting continued down both ends. Strong work in the centre third from both teams. Two Wells GK, Kirralee Roseworne and Balaklava C, Maddi Veitch performed well for their respective sides. Balak 28 Two Wells 33 Both teams fought hard until the end. Two Wells had a strong defence in the mid court, but Balaklava had strong defence in the ring, allowing them a lot of opportunities. Balaklava WD Tenayah Renshaw defended well and Two Wells C Lisa Cocks was everywhere. Balak 40, Two Wells 44 A5: Balaklava came out with a strong lead, Two Wells making a great comeback. Scores were even at quarter time. Balak 6, Two Wells 6 The game became unsettled, tight and physical. Both teams worked hard, and Balaklava was down by 1 at half time. Balak 11, Two Wells 12 Balaklava made strong leads. Both teams looked frustrated and fought hard for the ball. Balak 16, Two Wells 20 Balaklava tried hard, defending well in the ring and getting lots of rebounds. The Balaklava girls made a good comeback at the end. Balak 24, Two Wells 28 A6: Balaklava’s Vanessa Barry lead well in goals, combining well with the experience of Joy Ryan. Two Wells goalie Sharna Rendell (new to the club) showed promise in GA. Balak 7, Two Wells 5 The height of Balaklava’s Heidi Zerk in GK made scoring hard for Two Wells. Balaklava’s playing coach Sharalyn Pike also provided valuable turnovers. Balak 12, Two Wells 7 A great tussle between Michelle Davey and Lauren Bywaters on the wing, both playing in their netball debut. Rain forced Balaklava

defences to shed their spectacles. Two Wells C Pauline Hatch performed well. Two Wells put pressure on Balaklava early, slowing Balaklava’s scoring down. Rain continued to fall. A low scoring quarter. Balak 27, Two Wells 18 B grade: Balaklava Gold (away). Tight defence at both ends, the girls having to endure slippery conditions. Some wayward passing and interceptions resulted in many turnovers. Balaklava proved stronger at the first break, with the score 12-3, Balak’s way. Hummocks came out fast and hard in the second, scoring the first two quick goals. They continued with tight defence which made Balaklava work harder, with Hummocks successfully out-scoring Balaklava for the quarter. Balak 19, 14. Balaklava made some positional changes, but were unable to stop Hummocks’ strong defence and accurate attack. This resulted in Hummocks being in the lead at three quarter time, 25-24. Balaklava made further position changes and began the final quarter strong. Hummocks’ defence continued to be tight and their shooting accurate. As the rain got serious, the moves Balaklava made enabled them to outscore their opponents. Final score: Balak 35, Hummocks 28 B grade: Balaklava Green (home). Both teams came out firing, with some strong leads and great shooting. Scores were tied at the end of the first quarter. Two Wells hit the court with some physical play and some great intercepting in the second, but Balaklava’s defence stepped up the pace throughout the court, with some great intercepts and creating some havoc for the Two Wells goalies. Positional changes from both teams saw every player on the court playing with a new determination in the third. Balaklava provided wonderful turnovers in the mid court, resulting in goals.

Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

Tash Manno, Hamley Bridge shoots in the A3 match at Long Plains. They’d just started to pull away, but Two Wells came back with some fine defending. Balaklava came out ready to work and turned up the heat, with fantastic passages throughout the court from defence to attack. Their goalies seem to settle into the game and worked extremely well together. Final score: Balak 24, Two Wells 12 C1: A great start by both teams in the wet. Tight defence in the goal ring by Balaklava’s Eleanor Cunningham and Alex Wehr, with Two Wells shooters Rachel Forbes and Jacinta Deplee showing off some very accurate shooting. Balak 3, Two Wells 5 Speed increased throughout the mid court with excellent defending by both teams. Balaklava WD Tayla McBride had some

great intercepts, resulting in turnovers and goals for Balaklava. Two Wells GD, Chelsea Daly suffered an ankle injury with four seconds to go, having a strong quarter before coming off. Balak 12, Two Wells 5 Position changes for both teams brought fresh legs and renewed enthusiasm. Balaklava GA, Sarah Heaslip had great movement in the goal circle. Balak 13, Two Wells 9 Two wells GK, Grace Slattery defended well, getting in front of her opponent. Great shooting from all goalies. A great spectacle, with everyone on court put in 100 per cent. Balaklava just stayed in front for a two goal win. Final score: Balak17, Two Wells 15 C2: Two Wells started well, with the first two goals but Balaklava came

back with the next couple, making the second quarter interesting. Quarter time scores: Balak 4, Two Wells 3 The second quarter was much the same, with all players on the court performing well. Balak 5, Two Wells 6. Balaklava changed their defence and shooters around, which made the difference, with a two goal difference going into the fourth, Balak’s way. The final quarter saw Balaklava come out hard, managing to hang on to that two goal lead. Two Wells defended well but just couldn’t stop the Balaklava girls. A great game. Final score: Balak 14, Two wells 12 Congratulations to Zoe Bell for being named best player for Balaklava, and Brook Humphries best for Two Wells.

D1: Great passing and shooting from all players up and down the court. Balaklava’s defence was second to none. With a free flowing game and fantastic passing around the ring, Balaklava’s goalies were hitting their target well. Even in the wet conditions, they all played well with plenty of team talk. Great team work girls, well done on another fantastic win. Final score: Balak 58, to Two wells 0 D2: Balaklava Green v Balaklava Gold. Both teams started well but were unable to score in the first quarter. Good defending and interceptions by all girls. Half time score: Balak Gold 1, Balak Green 0. After changing all positions, the second half was more evenly contested, with more goals scored.

For the first match of the season, the girls played really well in the slippery conditions. Coach’s encouragement award went to Sarah Ingram and Kate Heaslip. Well done girls. Final score: Balak Gold 7, Balak Green 2.

Tight Calf? 3Balaklava 3Mallala 3Two Wells

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New APFL sponsor

ADELAIDE Plains Football League vice president, Rocco Musolino, welcomes new sponsor Bendigo Bank’s senior manager, Alf Sobczak, who joins sponsorship with BTR Excavations, represented by Barry Flitter.

Bendigo Bank announced major sponsorship of the Adelaide Plains Football League last week, joining the other major sponsor BTR excavations. The sponsorship recognises a pledge from the Virginia based community bank, which aims to put back into the Adelaide Plains community. The $4,000 sponsorship gives Bendigo Bank naming rights for the Informer, plus logos printed on uniforms of finals umpires and some footballs in minor rounds. Senior Manager, Alf Sobczak said the bank was looking to expand their influence, which would in turn help the community. “A percentage of our profits go back to the community through sponsors and grants,” Mr Sobczak said.

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Dawson domination! Former Power rookie’s nine-goal blitz rocks Roosters In a dominant individual effort, former Power rookie Glenn Dawson was the key player in the Peckers’ 29 point victory over Two Wells. His nine-goal haul up forward actually was more than the entire Two Wells score by three points. Starting off a half forward flank, he was moved to full forward and kicked seven goals in the second half, including four in the final term. “It was a pretty scrappy game, especially early, with it raining for the first quarter and a half,” victorious playing

PETER ARGENT’S APFL report E: M: 0411 178 444

coach Stuart Lamond said. “It was tight for the first three quarters, although we did get to a three goal lead at one stage during the third. “I always felt we had the upper hand and our mid-field group lifted in the last term. While Dawson was pivotal in


Who is on his ‘hit list’ this week?

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attack Sam Rowland was Balaklava’s best, being the Peckers chief ball winner in the contest. Centre half back Brenton Lamond controlled his position all day. Balaklava half forward Kane Ruiz found a bit of the ball, wingman Lachie Michael was productive, with full back Scott Farrell being solid, not giving his direct opponents a sniff all day. Ben Catford was creative with his ball use as well, especially in the second half. Last year’s APFL medallist Hayden Walker was the Peckers only other multiple goal kicker,

while Jonathon Brice kicked his side’s other major. Two Wells champion Lee Allmond was the Roosters’ best in an effort that included three of his teams seven goals. Brad Fitzgerald stood Peckers coach Stuart Lamond and did a reasonable job quelling his influence. The Leighton boys, Tallan and Khan were both noteworthy, while Ben Slattery was solid in ruck. Both Pete and Ned Seccafien, along with Scott Bowen had their moments for Two Wells.

GLENN Dawson in action for the Peckers.

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Hummocks-Watchman Eagles clearly were hungrier for the win than the Rams, and duly feasted on the sumptuous tenderloins of victory.

’ Plains Producer, Wednesday April 13, 2011

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