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Thursday October 7 2010

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100 years of Balaklava scouts – Page 8

Bank Bank SA SA Best Country Best Country Newspaper Newspaper 2007 2007

It was in the dying moments of a football final when Cats trainer John Keech collapsed from a heart attack. Fortunately, his guardian angels were there to save his life and now declare ...

Time On!

LEFT: John Keech at Snowtown with most of his lifesaving team (from left) Mardi Pratt, Chris Ashby, Michelle Dohnt, Jackie Norton and Venita Rowan. ABOVE: John with daughter Bernie Keech, grandaughter and grandson Kartia and Cooper Altmann.

‘Lucky jocks’ and a miracle one in 1,000 survival story

“A miracle” were the words medical staff used to describe the scene at Burra oval, when Blyth/Snowtown trainer John Keech collapsed from cardiac arrest with 30 seconds to play in the recent North Eastern Football League preliminary final. Oblivious to the game day atmosphere, including hundreds of football spectators, a

Bronte Hewett reports:

heroic team of medical staff miraculously salvaged the very lucky man’s life through 25 minutes of resuscitation. North Eastern Football League president Ken Noack called off the final 30 seconds of the game on

Saturday, September 11, with BBH coach, Peter Whittlesea, agreeing to accept defeat by 17 points. Amazingly, John – or “Keechy” – of Snowtown, was released from hospital in time to watch his beloved Cats win the grand final against Min-Man the following week. The 58-year-old claimed some of the Cats’

success was due to his lucky jocks. “I’ve got this lucky pair of red jocks,” Mr Keech said. “They got me through three football grand finals and kept me alive.” While he admits they’re not in the best condition, he’s now got even more faith in the thread-bare underpants. n Continued Page 4

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NEWS v Port Wakefield

Our new councillors Out of the west come Darryl

and John with a new agenda

DARRYL Pain and John Kipling in familiar territory – at Port Wakefield wharf. But they say they will take an interest in all areas of Wakefield Regional Council. PICTURE: Lauren Hermon.

They have sat in the public gallery at many council meetings over the past few months questioning some of council’s decisions. Now Port Wakefield residents, Darryl Pain and John Kipling sit at the other side of the chamber as Wakefield Regional Council’s (WRC) new Western ward councillors. Mr Pain and Mr Kipling will advance uncontested to council once elections are completed in November. They are replacing former council representatives Barry Nottle and Scott Kelly, who have retired. They said one of the main reasons for nominating for council was to restore trust between councillors and the ratepayers. “There are not many wise council decisions made. There’s no trust between councillors and ratepayers anymore. They (council) keep holding back information” Mr Pain said. “I want to see more transparency and openness in council,” Mr Kipling said. “Council needs to be tipped upside down, emptied and start all over again,” he said. “I want to see accountability with the decisions council makes.” “I’d rather be on council than in the gallery and actually doing something and having my voice heard,” Mr Pain said. However, Mr Pain said, “While everyone makes bad decisions sometimes, you still have to own up to it”. Mr Pain and Mr Kipling said council’s “irresponsibility” in the Evans land-use debacle and the lack of consultation in

Lauren Hermon reports: Port Wakefield’s CWMS are other main concerns they have with council. “They’re (contractors of the town’s CWMS, Diverse Civil and Commercial Projects) still digging up the streets,” Mr Kipling said. Mr Pain said council’s land division in planning regulations in the WRC area was also a concern. Mr Kipling, who has had 40 years experience owning a business, said if a bad decision was made in one of his businesses, he would need to take full responsibility and no one else. “When there’s a bad decision made it affects me and my back pocket and no-one else’s,” Mr Kipling said. “When council makes a bad decision, the ratepayers pay for it,” he said. Although he has no experience as a councillor, Mr Pain said he knew the importance of budgeting, which he believes is an important skill in councillors. “You can only spend as much as you have - you can’t spend any more,” he said. “You just need the basic necessities.” Both Mr Pain and Mr Kipling agree they will take an interest in all wards and not just their own Western ward. “I don’t think there should even be any wards,” Mr Kipling said. “There should be councillors for the whole area as one,” he said. “Councillors should look at the whole and represent the whole of the council area,” Mr Pain said.

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Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010

NEWS v District

Public debate likely for mayor candidates

JAMES Maitland

A public debate may take place between Wakefield Regional Council (WRC) mayoral candidates, Richard Pain and incumbent mayor, James Maitland. Mayor Maitland said he was willing to have a public debate with Mr Pain, after Mr Pain set the challenge in a statement to the Plains Producer on Tuesday. However, Mayor Maitland said he would first need to clarify council’s caretaker policy as to what a sitting member can and

candidates side by side answering questions.” “This may help the voters decide who they wish to have as mayor,” Mr Pain said. “This debate could be with set questions or an open question forum involving the residents asking questions,” he said. Mr Pain suggested if Mayor Maitland agreed to the debate it could be held at a community facility as a fund-raiser of some kind or at the council chambers with consent of council.

Lauren Hermon reports:

cannot say during the caretaker period. He also said “the finer details” would need to be considered, including the debate’s location and who the moderators would be. Mr Pain,who returned home to Port Wakefield after being overseas, said he believed “a debate between both candiates would give the ratepayers and voters an opportunity to see both

Mayor Maitland said he was slightly concerned about the “validity” of the proposed debate. “I don’t have a problem if Mr Pain wants to have a public debate, but it is a question of where the debate will take place,” Mayor Maitland said. “It may be difficult for some residents in the district to attend if it is held in Balaklava,” he said. Postal ballots will be issued from October 25 in a staggered mail out. Voting closes November 12.


Balaklava waste water scheme set to go Parks, ovals benefit Balaklava’s Community Wastewater Management Scheme (CWMS) is near completion. Project contractor, Alano Water has confirmed a significant porportion of the town’s wastewater flow is currently being processed and the plant will soon begin commissioning full-flow. Mark Catalano of Alano Water said the system would be beneficial to Balaklava residents. “The town would have a guaranteed supply of water for irrigation that is not reliant on bore water, stormwater and most importantly the river Murray,” Mr Catalano said. “No doubt the benefits of this is that it adds to the value and quality of living in Balaklava by ensuring green gardens and recreational areas.”

The project has involved: • Upgrading the existing pumping station at Hudson road • A new rising main has been built from the pumping station to the new wastewater treatment plant • A new wastewater treatment plant has been constructed. This includes biological aerobic treatment and disinfection • A new 20 mega litre winter storage dam has been constructed within Balaklava race course. • From this, a pump station (which includes final filtration and secondary disinfection) and reclaimed water pipe line network has been constructed which will deliver treated water to the race course and various irrigation sites around the town, including Ralli Park, schools and the Triangle area.

THE new Balaklava CWMS system, with (from left) Wakefield Regional Council environmental health officer, Lynda Painter, environmental services manager, Elca McCarthy and Mark Catalano, from Alano Water.

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Eyes only for eggs – YOUNG Jack Tiller and Matilda Woidt were at Balaklava Community Children’s Centre to mark World Egg Day, which occurs tomorrow. The Australian Egg Corporation has found five of the best egg recipes from around the globe for you to enjoy, including Mexican breakfast burrito, Thai curried eggs, and French Toast with prosciutto. For these and more recipes, visit PICTURE: Lisa Redpath.




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NEWS v District

Fun day for youth group WakefieldRegional Council’s Youth Advisory Committee took a small bus load of teenagers to Adelaide last Wednesday. West Lakes was the first stop for shopping and leisure time, followed by two hours of go-karting and laser skirmish at Kart Mania, Richmond.

WRC Community Development officer, David Woodroofe, and bus driver Barry Taylor, of Taylor and Simon Balaklava, agreed the group was extremely well behaved and the committee looks forward to its next youth event – hopefully to happen in the next school holidays.

Ashley Krieg carves up the track at Kart Mania.

The group pictured after lunch at West Lakes. Rear (from left): Tenayah Renshaw, Sarah Tiller, Ashley Krieg, Mitchell McIntyre, Steward Connor, Josh Kelly, Sam van Kleef, Lachie Connor, Marcus Sayner, Jordan Taylor, front: Tegan Nottle, Bianca Sellar, Tate Michael, Dylan Pfeiffer, Chelsea Harris and Syjourn Renshaw.

‘Lucky jocks’ bring time on

Youth Connections Are you aged 13 – 19 and living in the Barossa, Gawler, Light or Mallala District Council Regions? Are you not in school, haven’t finished year 12, out of work or need some help to finish your education and get on the right track for a great job? We can provide: Access to counselling and other support services / Support with bullying and other problems at school / Assistance to complete your studies / Help with Training and Work Experience / Help with mental and physical health issues / Access to accommodation support / Help and support with issues at home If you would like confidential help or support, please contact us on:

Free Call: 1800 093 349 Or Call in to:

16 Staehr Street, Nuriootpa / Lot 5 Little Paxton Street, Willaston Youth Connections is funded by the Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Department of Educations, Employment and workplace Relations 4

n From Page 1 But for those who witnessed the frightening scene at Burra, it was clear the lucky jocks were well supported by a marvellous, hard working team of medical staff. Local nurses Mardi Pratt, Michelle Dohnt and Venita Rowan, trainers Chris Ashby and Jackie Norton and BBH nurses Mandy Dolphin and Peta Dredge were those working with ambulance staff throughout the resuscitation process. “All I remember was it being silent. I heard no noise at all,” Venita said. Following mouth to mouth, five defibrillation shocks and 25 minutes of compressions, Mr Keech, an icon in the Blyth/Snowtown community, began breathing on his own. Doctors told him one in 1000 survive these kind of situations. While it was extraordinary circumstances, the group “just did what they had to do.” “As a team, we did a fantastic job. We’d never worked together before,” Venita recalls. “The adrenaline just kicked in while we were working.” “It’s only afterwards we were a bit shaken up when you stop and think about what could have happened,” Venita said. While ambulance staff once indicated the fight could be over, Venita said those who knew Mr Keech never thought once about giving up. “He was just so lucky to be where he was when it happened,” she said. “There was help at hand.” But it’s been an emotional few weeks for Mr Keech and his family, as his wife and daughters were watching and waiting for all 25 of those grim minutes. “I got a few head spins and chest pains, and all I remember is waking up in the ambulance.” “It would have been horrible for the girls.” Admitting he’s a ‘bit of a larrikin and story teller’, Mr Keech said the response from friends and family from all over the country had been overwhelming. “A lot of people have been saying to me ‘Keechy, it’s so good to hear your voice’. “I say to them ‘you said the opposite to me last time I saw you’,” he joked. “The response has been unbelievable.” After recovering well and receiving two stents on the Thursday before the grand final, Doctors gave him the all clear to watch the big game. But spending the week in an Adelaide hospital, Mr Keech said he didn’t have a chance to do any laundry. “I got my daughter to take the jocks home and wash them,” “She brought them back so I could put them on to go to the grand final on Saturday.” It started in 2006 when Blyth/Snowtown played in the grand final. “I wore an old pair of jocks,” he said.“The next year, I found these old jocks in the cupboard again, and thought ‘well this worked last year’,” he said. The Cats won another premiership. And it turns out the luck extends to basketball and tennis, with Mr Keech’s tennis team coming from fifth to win the final and his basketball team also winning the final at Redhill. All the while, the threads continued to unstitch. “They’re pretty thread bare, I wouldn’t want to wear them to the in-laws for dinner or anything,” he said. “But I’ll just put them away now and they’ll be alright for next year’s finals.” Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010


A Saddleworthy day for all

Star of the North

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RIverton A family morning for all to enjoy will be held at Saddleworth primary school oval this Sunday, October 10. There will be a walk-a-thon and bike-a-thon from 10.30am, with a 3km or 6km walk or 10km bike ride. There will also be a trading table, cold drinks and sausage sizzle. Sponsorship forms can be collected from the Riverton Hospital or contact Jill Behn at Saddleworth. For more information contact Jill Behn on 8847 4086 or Kim Scott on 8847 2640. Clare Valley There will be a free health expo at the Valleys Lifestyle Centre on Sunday, October 10 from 9am–4pm. Enquiries to 8842 3999. Brinkworth Brinkworth Town Garage Sale Day is on Sunday, October 17. There will also be an Arts, Crafts and Produce Market in the town hall on the same day. All enquiries to Anne Green 8846 2260 ( Clare Acclaimed author Monica McInerney will be speaking at Clare Town Hall on Thursday, October 28 from 6.30pm. Entry is a gold coin donation and includes supper. Monica’s books inlude ‘At home with the Templetons’, ‘Those Faraday Girls’ and ‘Spin the Bottle’. Books will be available to buy on the night. Bookings are essential on 8842 3817. District


Take five

Send your story to us at The Plains Producer PO Box 63 Balaklava 5461 Email to Bronte@

Thanks, say show organisers Balaklava Balaklava Show was a big hit and Show secretary, Nollene Grigg, has extended her thanks to everyone who made it possible. Nollene thanked Peter Goers for opening the Show and Horizon Christian School Choir for singing the National Anthem. “To the convenors, stewards, judges, exhibitors and competitors, thankyou for your commitment to the show,” she said. Shirley Welke received a special thank you for her enthusiasm towards promoting the show with the window display and Shayn Faehrmann for his work and dedi-

cation during his term as president. And like a true show-goer, Nollene is already looking forward to next year’s Show! Two wells

Great library offers

Two Wells public community library is offering kids the chance to win free tickets to the movie ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’. Visit the library and show your library card to enter. There’s also bargains aplenty at the libray’s spring book sale. Get along to the reading room at the library to see whats on offer. The sale began on Tuesday, September 28.


Game on!

Owen Red Cross is holding a bowls, cards and board games day at Owen Bowls Club on Monday, October 25. There will be a mixed fours bowls competition, while fam-


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Royal social club donation Balaklava’s Royal Hotel social club donated $100 to the local Adopt-A-Town fund-raiser for Callignee which was devastated in last year’s Victorian bushfires. Wakefield Regional Council community development officer, David Woodroofe, (left) accepted a cheque on behalf of Adopt-A-Town from the Royal’s Peter Friedrichs last Thursday. The Royal’s social club contributes to many fundraising activities. According to Mr Woodroofe the Adopt-a-Town committee is waiting for a few more donations until the fund-raiser ends in about a month.

ily and friends can be entertained in the club rooms with board games and card games. The day will begin at 9.30am with morning tea, followed by the star of the bowls at 10am. A luncheon of cold meats, salads and fruit salad will be

served at about 12.30pm followed by afternoon tea at 3pm. Cost for the day will be $10 per person and caterers ask for entries/numbers by October 18. Phone Margaret Marshman on 8528 6041 or Lynn Smith on 8528 6495.


Have your say on local issues. Vote online via The Plains Producer readers’ poll. Go to


This week’s poll - vote online now.

4 Do you think councillors are lazy?

4 Do you think the dog pound and transfer station should be moved?

Yes 66.7 %

Yes 66.7%

No 33.3 %

Print Post Approved PP531442/00003

Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010

Former Balaklava resident, Tahlia Ries has been stealing the limelight in a fairytale musical ‘Into the woods’ at the Main Theatre, Adelaide College of the Arts. Tahlia earned the leading role as Little Miss Riding Hood through her success as a student at the Elder Conservatorium of music. She is also well known and respected locally for her singing as a member of Balcanto, a guest artist for the Adelaide Plains Male Voice Choir and for her continuous success at Balaklava Eisteddfods. Adelaide’s Richard Trevaskis is directing the Stephen Sondheim production, while former Opera Australia artistic administrator, Stuart Maunder flew in from Western Australia last weekend to give the students some pointers. The production opened yesterday (Wednesday) and continues until Sunday, October 10, with tickets $25 or $20 concession. For enquiries, phone 8303 5925.

Durdin Funerals

Aussie awards

Nominations are invited for the Australia Day Awards to be presented during Australia Day celebrations next year. The aim of the awards, sponsored by the Australia Day Council, is to recognise outstanding contributions to the community over the past year or years. The Young Citizen Award is for persons aged up to 25 years as at 26 January, 2011 and the Citizen Award is for persons over 25 years at that date. Visit your local council’s Australia Day page for further information and to download the official nomination form. Download your nomination forms from the website or collect them from the council offices.

Tahlia riding high

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No 33.3 %


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NEWS v District

Brock urges school bus inquiry A motion to investigate and report on the cost and effectiveness of the Department of Education and Children’s Services (DECS) school bus service was made in the House of Assembly last Wednesday. Independent Frome MP, Geoff Brock, moved the motion and said he wanted to explore the current transporting arrangements of regional and remote students. The motion received support

from opposition members and also Independent members, Bob Such and Don Pegler. Mr Brock said he was now calling on the government to consider its position to also support the motion. The State government will spend $114 million over the next four years to improve school bus services across the state. Work includes equipping the departmental bus fleet with seatbelts and

air-conditioning and $90.7 million for private operators to provide new buses and further improve safety standards. According to Mr Brock, the department has started its procurement process for this work. “This request is made purely on the grounds of me wanting taxpayers and the government to get the best value for money, and parents and care givers getting peace of mind in that children are transported safely to and

from their schools,” Mr Brock said. “I believe the tendering process could be included in the work of the select committee to analyse and ensure the most equitable system is undertaken,” he said. “I have asked the House of Assembly to explore the best practice of other states and use the knowledge we have in our own state and department to ensure our system is cost-effective, Frome MP, Geoff Brock sustainable and safe.”

128 km/h in Balaklava! Car impounded after Railway terrace offence BALAKLAVA

A 22-year-old Balaklava man was arrested and had his car impounded after he was detected allegedly driving at 128 km/h in a 50 km/h zone along Railway terrace in Balaklava last Friday. The man was arrested after he failed to comply with police. He faces numerous other alleged driving offences, including multiple defects to his car. His vehicle was impounded for seven days and police say he is currently assisting them regarding recent reports of burnouts made in the town. He was released on bail to attend court at a later date. • A 21-year-old Balaklava man was reported for allegedly carrying an offensive weapon in Humphrey street, Balaklava on Thursday, September 30. Police were alerted to the man after he was riding a bicycle without a helmet. He is due to appear in court at a later date.


• Port Wakefield police reported a 60-yearold Beaufort man for driving disqualified on Friday, October 1.


Put the finger on crime, call

CRIME STOPPERS 1800 333 000 He will be summonsed to attend court at a later date.


• Riverton Police reported a 66-year-old Finnis Point man for drink driving related offences on Friday, October 1. It was alleged the breath anaylsis reading was 0.087. He was issued with a six month instant loss of licence and will be summonsed to appear in court at a later date.


• Police were impressed with the good behaviour shown at Marrabel Rodeo over the weekend. Two people were reported for the misuse of a motor vehicle and one driver was reported for PCA for a reading of 0.185. • Mid North Ag Services was broken into overnight in between Monday, October 4 and 5. A swag, an electric fence powered unit, pruning tools and two portable generators were

among some of the items stolen. It is estimated about $2,500 worth of items were stolen. Anyone with information is asked to call Clare Police on 8842 2711. • Twenty-six sheep were killed after a vehicle struck a flock of sheep on Old Jamestown road on Thursday, September 30. Police are continuing their investigations. • Police attended a vehicle roll-over at the intersection of Main North road and Mintaro road after a failed righthand turn on Saturday, October 2. A young Kensington woman attempted to make a right hand turn but the vehicle rolled. She was conveyed by helicopter to hospital with suspected spinal injuries. The man, who was the passenger in the vehicle, was uninjured. In a separate incident the following day, a 44-year-old Georgetown woman was reported for indecent behaviour at the same intersection.

‘Animal adopt a-pet reunion’ Sponsored by...

Adelaide Plains Vet Surgery n MY name is Charlie – I am a 7 month old Australian terrier cross with a tan coat. I have been at the AWL for about a month now, and am looking for a loving new home. I will need a family that is prepared to train, exercise and socialise me but I am not suitable to a family with children under 10. If you can give me a loving home for the rest of my life, please come and meet me. I am desexed,

94 Old Pt Wakefield Rd, Two Wells SA 5501 Ph: 8520 3600

microchipped, vaccinated and health checked. I am only $300. Come and see me at ANIMAL WELFARE LEAGUE 1-19 Cormack Rd, Wingfield. New adoption

opening times: Tuesday to Sunday 10am-3pm. PHONE 8348 1300. www.


The Animal Welfare League (AWL) is holding the first “animal reunion” in Adelaide, to bring together AWL dog and cat lovers in an effort to break the Guinness world record for the largest reunion of adopted shelter animals. The record attempt is only for animals adopted from the AWL – but it’s a free community event for all pet owners, to be held on Sunday, October 10, from 9am at Bonython Park. More details from AWL on 8348 1300.

LOCAL police officers (from left) Phillip Walsh (Balaklava) Charmaine Barlow (Port Wakefield and Eddie Dilena (Hamley Bridge) fit a wheel lock to the car at Balaklava police station.

Man subdued with spray

A 29-year-old Balaklava man was arrested and capsicum sprayed to subdue him after he threatened a police officer with a screwdriver on Friday, October 1. Police initially received a phone call from a woman who complained of the man (who is known to the woman) refusing to leave her house, after he jumped the back fence and tried breaking into the residence.

Balaklava police say they then tried talking with the allegedly drunk man who was sitting in a back shed. The man then tallegedly threatened the officer with a screwdriver. Police from Kadina, Port Wakefield and CIB were called after the man again jumped the fence and ran off. A Kadina police officer gave chase and the offender was

captured near the old Balaklava railway and silos, where the man was handcuffed and sprayed. The man was bailed and will be summonsed to appear in court at a later date. As a result of the home incident on the outskirts of Balaklava, cannabis and paraphernalia was found by police. A 19-year-old man was issued with an expiation notice in relation to the drug offences.

Sold on Sunday – Balaklava Lions club members will go to any

lengths to snare items for their “monster” auction to be held from 10am at Balaklava showgrounds this Sunday! President Warren Durdin (left) and member Kevin Bubner came to the Plains Producer office to tell us of the auction and promptly nabbed our prized antique typewriter (for young readers, used before computers). We managed to regain ownership with the promise of publicity for the big day. So here it is! Proceeds benefit various Balaklava community groups.

Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010

NEWS v District

Is it a playground or a danger zone?

CFS ‘bushfire ready’ meetings Resident’S are urged to begin preparing for the coming bushfire season. A series of ‘Bushfire Ready’ public meetings will be held across the district. CFS community education officer, Rod Cunningham, said it could be challenging for communities to become bushfire ready, but with good planning and advice, it was a task that could be easily achieved. “That is why we are holding public meetings to help individuals and organisations work together to reduce the threat of bushfires in their communities during the coming fire danger season,” he said. The meetings, which are open to all members

of the public, aim to improve the general knowledge of individuals and families in bushfire prevention and safety. “It will be an opportunity for the community to come together in a social setting.” The first meeting will be held next week at Saddleworth Bowling Club on Tuesday, October 11 and at Barbara J Long Function room in Clare on Wednesday, October 12. Both meetings will be held from 6.30–9.30pm with a free sausage sizzle included. Two Wells CFS will hold a ‘Bushfire Awareness’ day on Sunday, October 31 at the Two Wells CFS shed from 11am–3pm, including a free sausage sizzle.

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m 0417 089 199

Balaklava Clare Riverton

DUBLIN mother Rebecca Walker (left rear) holding son Jai with councillors Steve Jones and Terry Keen (second and third right, rear) with mothers and children at Dublin playground, with Seventh street and South terrace behind them.

Playgrounds across the Mallala council district will be reviewed following safety concerns regarding Dublin’s play facilities. Dublin mother Rebecca Walker spoke at District Council of Mallala’s open forum last Monday night, suggesting the safety of Dublin’s playground should be reviewed. “There is no fence and no shade and it is a growing concern for mothers in the town,” she said. “It’s only a matter of time before something happens.” The playground is located near the Dublin oval, at the intersection of South terrace and Seventh street. Mrs Walker said playground legislation stated playgrounds within a 200m radius of a road required a 1.2m high fence and concrete barrier. Councillors agreed for a report to come

Councils work on road priorities

The Central Local Government Region’s (CLGR) transport committee has finalised arrangements for the upcoming round of the Special Local Roads program, which starts with a briefing session on Wednesday, October 27. CLGR is made up of neighbouring northern and peninsula councils. Projects will be assessed on merit against a standard set of criteria that considers project need and benefit; and the function of roads. Technical specifications, costings, project planning and support are also considered. Only one application per council per funding round is allowed and traffic data of no less than 12 months old must be included. Applications close February 7.

Bronte Hewett reports: back to council in relation to safety issues for all playgrounds within the district, with priority given to the Dublin playground. Mrs Walker said the playground was very well used by local children, especially in summer during cricket season, as well as by many families passing through the town. Lease agreements showed the playground was not included in Dublin Cricket Club’s lease, and was therefore the responsibility of council. “I don’t think ratepayers should have to pay when it is council’s responsibility.” Dublin ward councillors Steve Jones and Terry Keen have shown full support for Mrs Walker. “It should be a priority because it’s a

safety concern for children,” Cr Keen said. “Now council knows about it, if something happens it’s a liability,” she said. Cr Jones said the next step would be to obtain some solid quotes for shading and fencing. “There is no appropriate boundary between the road and playground, so it is a real safety concern,” Cr Jones said. Council’s infrastructure and engineering services manager, John Tillack, said he would bring a report back to council in November. “There have been no reports of safety concerns prior to the council meeting,” Mr Tillack said. “A report will be brought to council following a full assessment on safety issues on all playgrounds in the district.” Mr Tillack said classifiers would be placed on the road to assess traffic movement in the area.

Funding bids will target Thompson’s levee banks District Council of Mallala (DCM) is leading the state in a proactive approach to rising sea level, while also pushing to improve levee banks at Thompson Beach. Councillors voted for members of council staff to re-apply to the Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP) for $50,000 funding to undertake high priority remedial works to the Thompson Beach levee banks. An additional contribution of $50,000 is being sought from the Coast Pro-

Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010

tection Board, and a further $50,000 from DCM. DCM’s District Planner, Henri Mueller, said the levee banks in Thompson Beach had almost been washed away in some areas. He said council applied previously but were unsuccessful because the Coast Protection Board had not yet had their budget approved. “It was sort of rejected, but not entirely as they requested it be resubmitted,” Mr Mueller said. The application has been

resubmitted to the NDRP and staff are preparing other grant applications. Staff will also apply to the NDRP for funding to undertake a study of sea level rise coastal adaptation options for coastal townships. This is based on an equal contribution of $15,000 each from the NDRP, the Coast Protection Board and DCM. Mr Mueller said Mallala council was the first council in South Australia to seek funding to undergo study in sea level rising.

k k k k

• Medicare Bulk Billing on all Enhanced Primary Care Treatments • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Claims For All Appointments

General Foot Care Foot Pain Foot Othoses Biomechanical Assessment

Jack Miller Louise Spratling

8250 3732

Are you interested in your Coastal environment? LIGHT BEACH AND PARHAM MANAGEMENT PLANS OUT NOW The Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management (AMLRNRM) Board would like to invite you to attend a short workshop that will brief you on the contents of the recently completed local Action Management Plans for the coastal areas of Light Beach and Parham. When: Tuesday 19 October, 6.00-7.30pm Where: Parham The plans are currently available on the AMLRNRM Board website at: CoastalandMarineEnvironments/ CoastalManagementPlans.aspx CD copies of the plans will be available at the workshop. Registrations are essential - please phone 8273 9100 to register and receive venue details.


Mum’s appeal brings safety review

Clare Valley


special feature v Balaklava Scouts

100 years of scouting

This year marks a significant milestone for Balaklava Scout Group which celebrates 100 years since the first group was formed. Balaklava Scout Group invites anyone who was a Leader or Queen Scout to attend the reunion to mark Balaklava Scouts centenary. Past and exisiting scouts will celebrate 100 years next Saturday, October 16, with a dinner in the evening and on Sunday, October 17, a church service will be held, then lunch and scouting activities at Scotland Yard. Some Scouts (pictured) gathered for a celebratory photograph in Balaklava on Tuesday morning. Balaklava Scout Group has a long history but it was scouting veteran Stewart McDonald, who passed away in 2004, who accepted the challenge to re-kindle the first Balaklava Scout Group in 1961. The group had been in recession since pre-World War II. His leadership and continuing influence affected 37 Queen Scouts from Balaklava plus hundreds of young people, and opened ‘Scotland Yard’. Balaklava Scouts life member, Fay Rowland, said being involved in scouts was very rewarding. “People don’t understand how much you can get out of scouts,” she said. “It

BALAKLAVA Scout Group, front from left: Jarrad Kibbler, Ethan Allen, Daniel Mumford, Tayla Roberts, Matthew Gates (lying down), Tim Goldney, Corey, Tanner and Bailey Roberts and Kaitlyn Mumford with life members, back from left: Fay Rowland, Bill Hewett, Don Veitch and Scout Leader Craig Goldney.

Balaklava group’s celebration can bring families closer together.” Fay said scouting had changed compared to the early years. “I’d encourage more involvement from parents,” she said. “More parents were involved when scouts first began.” Fay has had many

roles during her 30-years involvement in Scouts. Some roles include group leader and district club leader. She has also written for the State Cub magazine. Fay joins Bill Hewett and Don Veitch as Balaklava Scout Group life members.

WHO is pictured below? We know leaders Don Veitch (left), Graham Barker (centre right) and Dean Berry (right). Name the others from this 1980s photograph.

CUNNINGHAMS BALAKLAVA Congratulate our local scout troop on its 100th anniversary

LEFT: Balaklava Queen scout Ray McCracken (left) with other Queen scouts Shane Cunningham, Craig Goldney and Robert Hoepner at a ceremony in 1990. At right is fellow Queen scout, Peter Burford and (seated) Queen scouts Dr Brenton Clark, (left) and Des O’Halloran with Queen guide leader Bev O’Halloran.

Phone: 8862 2158

Proud supplier of badges to Balaklava Scouts. Enjoy your centenary celebrations 12 Edith Terrace, Balaklava

Phone: 8862 1793

McCracken Ford Ray, Bev and staff congratulate the scouts on their centenary and wish the troop every future success

Phone: 8862 1477

Phone 0407 608 445

Craig & Debbie congratulate Balaklava Scout troop on it’s 100th anniversary

Reel Project Services Pty Ltd

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Congratulations on 100 years of scouting in Balaklava

Congratulations to the Balaklava Scout troop on it’s centenary

Filip & Antonella congratulate all involved in the Balaklava Scout movement

14 George Street, Balaklava

Supporting the local community

Phone: 8862 2030

Phone: 8862 1513


and order you takeaway

Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010

NEWS v Two Wells

Animal advisory panel must wait

Plans to extend Two Wells football and netball sporting club’s facilities have almost come to fruition following a push from committee members. Tireless fund-raising from committed club people, including the successful 200 club this year, has helped the project finally get off the ground. Floor plans have been accepted by District Council of Mallala and the club is now in the process of seeking further funds. Club secretary, Alison Goss, said plans were close to being finalised and works

Bronte Hewett reports: would hopefully be underway by the start of next year. “We’re currently in the process of lodging a grant application and gathering letters of support,” she said. The proposed plans include a new kitchen and cool room extended on the southern end of the building, refurbished change rooms on the northern end and a back entrance to make the club more user friendly to the netball

courts. Without the extensions, Two Wells is unable to host finals games in the Adelaide Plains Football League. This significantly impacts on the club’s ability to generate much needed income ensuring the future of the club and the community services and support it provides the wider community. The football and netball clubs merged in 2009, and the amalgamated club has outgrown the rooms. The extensions will be a welcome addition for members, players and officials as well as visiting clubs during the season.


Service centre by December District Council of Mallala staff are scheduled to re-open the Two Wells Visitor Information Centre (TWVIC) as council’s Two Wells Service Centre at 9am on Monday, December 6. TWVIC will close its doors under its current capacity tomorrow (Friday). The State’s 30 year Greater Adelaide Plan and associated growth in the Two Wells area have influenced the decision of council to relocate some of its resources to the current Two Wells Visitor Information Centre (TWVIC). Council CEO, Charles Mansueto, said it was a chance for council to move forward to accommodate predicted growth in the area. “Regional councils are constantly faced with locating core services and resources where they can maximise community benefit. We believe the re-location of some of our resources to Two Wells will go a long way to achieving this,” Mr Mansueto said. “We anticipate the introduction of further

council resources to the area will give greater access to a range of council services to the wider community.” Office hours will be 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday, providing the community with planning and customer service functions. Other council functions will continue to operate from the main office at Mallala. Council has been working closely with members of the Two Wells Regional Action Team (TWRAT) to ensure the changeover from Visitor Information Centre to a council office runs smoothly and meets community needs. TWVIC manager, Davina Smythe, said extended trading hours would be an advantage. “There will be enormous benefits to the community and visitors with council providing services five days a week” Mrs Smythe said. Mr Mansueto praised the work of the local community for many voluntary hours. “Staff and volunteers involved in the centre

Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010

over the past eight years should be proud of their achievements. TWRAT has provided a valuable resource and significant services to the Two Wells district.” “The dedication and commitment of its members and volunteers has

provided council with a great base to move forward.” Services provided by TWVIC, other than council services, will remain within the township and will be available at a variety of locations, with the added benefit of

AMPAC, said it was disappointing the committee could not continue to make progress until November. “Even without two members, the committee could still operate,” Cr Keen said. But supporting councillors said members needed to be involved with the committee from the start, not from half way through. C o u n c i l ’s C E O , Charles Mansueto, said theAMPAcommittee was introduced to enhance management of animals by ensuring compliance with relevant Acts but also to look at what other opportunities existed to enhance animal management. “The impact will be minimal as it will only delay any further work for about two months.”

Aerial Line Inspections ElectraNet, the owner and manager of South Australia’s electricity transmission network, will undertake the annual inspections of its overhead transmission lines by helicopter over the coming months to identify any potential issues. This will help reduce the possibility of supply interruptions and ensure the safety of the public and the network. Flights are scheduled from 7.00am to 5.00pm September to November along all major transmission lines across the State, including Balaklava, Templers, Dorrien, Roseworthy and surrounding areas in the Adelaide Plains. If you have any queries regarding the inspections, please contact Colleen Luck on 1800 243 853.


Two Wells club expansion plan

District Council of Mallala’s Animal Management Plan Advisory Committee (AMPAC) will be suspended until November as council is unable to fill present vacancies due to ‘Caretaker’ mode. The committee will be reconstituted, with its full membership, by the incoming council after next month’s elections. The establishment of the committee required a number of community members with relevant skills to be appointed on to the committee. Council was unable to fill two of the required positions and re-advertised them. All councillors voted to have the committee suspended except Terry Keen, Tony Flaherty and Rudi Fabrici. Cr Fabrici, who is also the chairman of the

additional hours. Photocopying services will be available at the Two Wells Craft Shop six days a week. Computer classes will transfer to a new location in November with volunteer trainer Anita Taylor.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING All members of the community are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Health Advisory Council, Thursday 25 November 2010 at Gawler Hospital Conference Room, 21 Hutchinson Road, Gawler East at 7.30 pm. Call for Nominations for Membership to fill three resident member vacancies

Meet Kelvin and Emma. They’re good people to know. At WFI, our people find it easier to understand your business issues because they’re locals. That’s just one reason why WFI is a leading Australian rural and business insurance company. So, for personal service that comes to you, contact Kelvin Bell or Emma Menadue. Kelvin Bell - WFI Gawler | Phoenix Plaza, Cnr Calton Road & High Street Phone 8523 7600 | Mobile 0438 012 193

You are invited to apply if you are a community minded person with an interest in the health of your community. Skills which would be valuable in the role are community participation, the needs of People of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, health services, management or finance. As a member, you would play an important role in advocating for your community. You would be working in partnership with the local health services to plan for the future. The Health Advisory Council also has an important role as trustee of health service assets. For information about submitting a nomination, phone Rosalie Pirch, Country Health SA, 8561 2113.

Emma Menadue - WFI Balaklava | 15 Edith Terrace Phone 8862 1380 | Mobile 0427 170 821

Closing date for nominations is Wednesday, 29 October 2010 at 5.00 pm.

Tanya Wadwell Presiding Member Gawler District Health Advisory Council Inc.

WFI is a trading name of Wesfarmers General Insurance Limited (WGIL) ABN 24 000 036 279 AFSL 241461. Kelvin Bell is an authorised representative of WGIL (AR 255133).



LOCAL v Living

The Way

We were 5

YEARS AGO October 2005

• Snowtown mum Cindy Growden hit the halfway mark of her journey from the Gold Coast to Melbourne, peddling on a $5 pushbike she picked up at the Everard dump shop.


YEARS AGO October 2000

Ode to an Aussie country ‘institution’

YEARS AGO October 1990

• Alison Frost, daughter of Malcolm and Judi of Two Wells, graduated from Course 31 as a probationary police constable, at a ceremony held at Fort Largs where she began her training in 1989.


• Oct 9: Cancer Council “Shear for Life”, Blyth Football clubrooms; Caeliac Support Group, Gawler Health Service. • Oct 10: Lions Auction, Ralli Park. • Oct 13: Long Plains Red Cross fashion parade. • Oct 15: Adelaide Plains Basketball Association season begins. • Oct 16-17: Celebrating 100 years of scouting in Balaklava. • Oct 19: Horizon Christian School “Mini Morning”, from 9am – meet staff and visit classes. • Nov 5: Blyth paper drive. • Nov 6: Balaklava paper drive; BHS cabaret, band “Little Black Dress”, Balaklava Town Hall. • Nov 20: Balaklava Tennis Club Bingo night.

by Norma Schopp

A hearty meal and then, of course, a beer to wash away the dust. Oft times the first town building, long before the church or school, The pub could double as the

hall or store and, as well, see justice rule; With drinkers in from copper mines, or station shearing sheds, That ice-cold ale quenched many a thirst, and then left many sore heads. The country pub’s a legend, in the centre of each town, The water hole where locals come to throw a couple down, A meeting place, a counter meal, the bar with elbows propped,

Forget the corner store, my friend, the pub became the local gossip shop. Old country pubs had names that ran like Terminus or Royal, Old Spot, Commercial, Rising Sun - each had its drinkers loyal, There was the humble little tavern, and the mighty workers’ club, But none could surpass, for character, the good old country pub! – Norma Schopp (copyright 2007)


• Balaklava physiotherapist Gayle Barry was one of 450 volunteers at the Olympic Games, working in the Athletes Village medical centre and Sydney International Aquatic Centre.


Heritage Highlights

A few years ago, a poetry competition was held as part of the Adelaide Plains Cup Festival, with the theme being country pubs. So I put pen to paper, as I’ve been known to do before, and here’s my tribute to the colonial country pubs. The Aussie country pub dates to days of long ago, When bullock teams were commonplace, reliable but slow; There had to be a resting place - for bullockies a must,

Supported by Balaklava Veterinary Service. Phone: 8862 2088


















































































Difficulty level: 9

o FILL the grid so every row and every 3 x 3 square contains the digits 1 to 9. Good News Ken Packer

The most precious possession we have on this earth? The assurances of God’s Word.

When the New Zealand city of Christchurch was rocked by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake this month, it seems some four-legged forecasters knew what was shaking before humankind did. A search of the blogosphere reveals several tales of how dogs and cats were behaving strangely and even tried to warn their owners in the moments leading up to the pre-dawn quake on September 4. Robbie1299 wrote on “I know from experience now that dogs totally sense earthquakes. Twenty-four hours before the quake we just had here in Christchurch NZ our dog “Bob” acted so abnormal, he dam well knew something was up!” Kapiti posted on “....was first woken by my cats going nuts around the house and my dogs howling. They say animals sense something, now I believe it as the house began shaking after that.” Dr Mark Perissinotto from VetShopAustralia., is not surprised

Balaklava Stitch Joint CROSSWORD

Do dogs know what’s shaking before quakes hit? to hear these reports from pet owners, saying dogs could be highly intuitive creatures with a range of perceptual abilities beyond those considered normal for humans. “The belief that animals can predict earthquakes has been around for centuries and there are countless anecdotal accounts of dogs howling, fleeing, hiding and acting nervously prior to various natural disasters striking,’’ Dr Mark Perissinotto said. “It’s not a case of dogs being psychic or possessing a magical sixth sense. Rather, what we are witnessing in cases such as this is probably an extension of the animal’s normal senses,’’ he said. “Unless you were a dog you wouldn’t know for sure, but perhaps their highly honed senses can make them intuitive to things humans

can’t feel such as certain smells, sounds vibrations, chemical changes and tiny alterations to electromagnetic fields,’’ Dr Perissinotto said. VetShopAustralia. has compiled this list of incredible animal behaviour. Numerous cases of dogs, cats and farm animals acting nervously, running or hiding before earthquakes strike. Homing pigeons can return home from distant, unfamiliar release points. In 1860 a news service used them to deliver stock prices between Brussels and Aachen. In 2002, India’s police force retires its pigeon messenger service only due to the onset

of email. A University of Montana study has shown that with minimal training, honey bees can be used to detect landmines. Cows lying down, cats cleaning behind their ears, birds going quiet, turtles seeking higher ground and ants building bigger walls – all have been said to be signs of pending storms. And no story about animal intuition would be complete without mentioning Paul the psychic octopus who became internationally famous for correctly “predicting” the winner of Germany’s seven matches at the 2010 World Cup, as well as the final. All squidding aside!

Did you know

n The Church notices published below are supplied by local churches and will continue to be repeated weekly as a service directory. Churches should advise us of any changes immediately – or in the last week of the preceding month. Please advise changes by emailing


D 13% of people are left-handed, up from 11% a few decades ago. D There are 1040 islands around Britain, one of which is the smallest island in the world: Bishop’s Rock. D The first city in the world to have a population of more than one million was Rome.



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A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am

anglican Balaklava.................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge......... 10.00am

anglican Balaklava ................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge..........11.00am

anglican Balaklava..............9am & 7pm Goyder.....................11.00am

CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava.......... Mass 10.30am Pt Wakefield.......Mass 9.00am

CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava......... Liturgy 9.00am Pt Wakefield.... Liturgy 9.00am

CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava.......... Mass 10.30am Pt Wakefield.......Mass 9.00am

CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am

CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am

CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am

Community church Pinery........................ 7.00pm

Community church Pinery........................ 9.00am

Community church Pinery........................ 9.00am

LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am

LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am

LUTHERAN Balaklava.................... 9.00am

LUTHERAN Auburn...................... 9.00am Balaklava................... 11.00am

LUTHERAN Balaklava.................... 9.00am Balaklava Cafe............ 6.00pm

UNITING Mallala....................... 9.00am Two Wells.................10.30am Owen Comm............. 9.30am Hamley Bridge........... 9.15am Windsor ..................... 9.00am Balaklava.................... 9.30am Nantawarra..................9.00am Lochiel......................10.00am Pt Wakefield............. 10.30am

UNITING Mallala....................... 9.00am Two Wells.................10.30am Owen Comm............ 11.00am Hamley Bridge.......... 9.15am Windsor ..................... 9.00am Balaklava.................... 9.30am Nantawarra................10.30am Lochiel....................... 9.00am Pt Wakefield............. 10.00am

UNITING Mallala....................... 9.00am Two Wells.................10.30am Owen Comm............. 9.30am Hamley Bridge......... 11.00am Windsor ..................... 9.00am Balaklava.................... 9.30am Nantawarra..................9.00am Lochiel......................10.00am Pt Wakefield............. 10.30am

LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am

Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010

PEOPLE OF THE PLAINS v District n ‘B’ for birthday – Benjamin Rowe celebrated his 21st birthday party on Saturday, September 11 at his Nantawarra home with a bonfire – and a theme where guests came dressed as something beginning with “B”. Seen here (from left) is Benjamin as Beetlejuice, Michael Rowe, beast, Thomas Rowe, a box and Jacob Rowe, as a “bogan”. About 100 family and friends gathered for the occasion.

Garden wedding

G eri B r o o k e s a n d M a r k Myrianthopoulos, of Owen, were married in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens on Saturday. The couple were accompanied by groomsmen Rob Brandsma and Anthony Majetic, and bridesmaids Julia Brookes and Amanda Neill. The ceremony was followed by a reception at Ayers House. n PICTURED (from left) are Rob Brandsma, Anthony Majetic, Mark and Geri Myrianthopoulos, Julia Brookes and Amanda Neill.


‘Myrtle rust’ threatens native trees Biosecurity SA is undertaking surveillance of South Australian nurseries to protect against a new fungal disease which threatens native trees. The South Australian Government invoked emergency pest plant response measures in May to combat myrtle rust, which was first detected in New South Wales in April. In severe cases, it can kill plants and trees.With conditions favourable for the disease in October.Forests Minister, Michael O’Brien, said nurseries were now being inspected to ensure no contaminated plants or plant material had entered the state from NSW. “Myrtle rust has been detected at 32 sites in the central coast of NSW, and with an increasing number of detections, eradication of the disease is becoming less likely,” Mr O’Brien said. “The introduction of myrtle rust into South Australia could significantly impact on the natural environment, parks and gardens, nurseries and eucalypt plantations. “In natural environments the disease would be almost impossible to manage and therefore could have very significant effects on the ecosystem. “In managed environments the impact of the rust could be reduced through techniques such as the application of fungicides, and in the longer term, through development of resistant varieties.” Myrtle rust belongs to a fungal group collectively known as the guava rust complex. Since its initialdetection, the rust has been found to infect at least eight species of cultivated plants. Mr O’Brien said regulated conditions had been established for the entry of plants and plant material from New South Wales. “These conditions require plants and plant material of the Myrtaceae family to have been inspected and found free of myrtle rust, and to have been treated with a fungicide prior to dispatch,” he said. “Four South Australian nurseries thought to have received plants from NSW nurseries where myrtlerust has been detected have been inspected without detection of the disease. Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010


When will the analog TV signals be switched off in my area? The analog TV signals will be switched off between 2010 and 2013, and replaced by digital TV signals. The switch off will be rolled out progressively around the country, region by region. ap and the table show you when and The map where the switch off will happen.

Mildura Areas of Regional SA & Broken Hill Areas of Regional VIC Areas of Regional QLD Areas of Southern NSW & ACT Areas of Northern NSW Perth, Brisbane & areas of Tasmania Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin & Sydney Remote Central and Eastern Australia, Regional and Remote WA and all other areas

Switched off 15 Dec 2010 5 May 2011 2nd Half 2011 1st Half 2012 2nd Half 2012 1st Half 2013 2nd Half 2013 2nd Half 2013

Where do I find out more? • Call 1800 20 10 13 • Visit Authorised by the Commonwealth of Australia, Capital Hill, Canberra


NEWS v District

Hamley’s water-saving honour

Hamley Bridge Community and Sports Centre has made the top 40 in the National Save Water Awards. The centre was nominated for its use of recycled water from Wakefield Regional Council’s Community Wastewater Management Scheme treatment plant project

for the town oval. There were more than 1200 entries Australia wide. The award is given to an organisation or community group which has achieved outstanding water saving and demonstrated a commitment to efficent water use. The winner will be announced at a gala

Take a e h behind ts scene tour!

dinner in Sydney on Friday, November 12. n PICTURED at Hamley Bridge oval are (from left) Sue Lines, WRC community development officer, David Woodroofe, Alex Rademacher, Justin Schahinger, Alano Water general manager, Nigel Stevens, Barry Smith and Newton Lines.


UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE, ROSEWORTHY CAMPUS. Enjoy a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the new Veterinary Health Centre, including the onsite Companion Animal Health Centre where you’ll access the best in veterinary care for your pets – opening November 1st 2010. * Interactive animal displays * Barbecue * Face painting Ph: 08 8313 1999 CRICOS PROVIDER 000123M

Viva La Difference

Phone Nicole or David on 8862 1977 today for our special Spring colour advert prices 12


Plains Producer Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010

special feature v Home & Garden

Don’t dig – just enjoy The concept of no-dig gardens has been around for many years now. No-dig gardens are great for people who may have trouble with the physical challenges of gardening in a normal inground bed. To make a no-dig garden, begin first of all with a very thick layer of newspaper or cardboard – a thickness of at least 20 sheets interleaved to prevent weeds from making their way up through the garden. You can begin straight on top of grass, weeds or even concrete. It is necessary to create borders of some kind around the garden to keep the layered material in place. This may be boards, blocks or bricks. One solution is to use inexpensive foam troughs to make a square with the troughs as the borders. The square within the troughs becomes the no-dig garden. The troughs are

A raised no-dig garden bed, using cardboard as a base and timber sides. Image: filled with potting mix and planted too. Another three troughs can be added on to make another square garden and so on. The recommended material is spoiled lucerne hay, though grass hay, stable straw and pea straw are also OK. In addition to the straw you will need some good

organic fertiliser – pelletised cow manure, blood and bone, Dynamic Lifter etc. You will also need some compost. Hopefully you will already have a compost bin making use of kitchen waste, leaves and lawn clippings (in moderation). Soak the thick layers of paper that form the base and

put a thick layer of straw on top. Sprinkle the straw with the fertiliser and water well. Add more layers of straw and fertiliser in this way until the desired thickness is achieved. Cover the entire bed with compost so the straw is hidden. For best results, germinate seeds in small pots and transplant them into wells of compost in the layered material. When transplanting seedlings, keep as much of the seed-raising mixture around the roots as possible. Another important thing to remember is to locate your no-dig garden in a spot sheltered from wind. The roots of plants grown by this technique do not anchor the plants as effectively as they do in a normal garden, so they are more easily blown over. • Information from www.


Rules ease in December

SOUTH Australia’s water restrictions will change from December 1.Current level three enhanced water restrictions will end at the start of summer when updated permanent conservation measures take precedence. This will provide mains water users with greater flexibility. Water Minister, Paul Caica, declared current winter watering hours for the majority of South Australians would not change with daylight saving, as normally was the case. Winter watering times that ensured gardeners did not have to water in the dark previously were adjusted to coincide with the beginning of daylight saving. “Given the short timeframe between daylight saving beginning and our commitment to end level three enhanced restrictions from December 1, it is best to avoid any risk of confusion by leaving the current winter watering times in place,” Mr Caica said. “Until then, (December 1) the community can still water their gardens up to seven hours a week between 7-10am or 4-7pm on any day when using dripper systems and hand-held hoses fitted with a trigger nozzle. “Watering cans and buckets can be used on any day and at any time. Sprinklers and other watering systems continue to be banned.” Watering times for people with a permit who are unable to adhere to restrictions due to age or disability remain unchanged. The new regulations will be announced soon.

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special feature v Home & Garden

Making small spaces larger There are a number of design strategies that can be used to create the illusion of more space. The first trick is to cover the boundaries with foliage. Depending on the space available this may be achieved with bushy shrubs or, in a small area, a tall fence covered in creepers. When shrubs and small trees are planted in front of the foliage-covered fence, the eye is deceived into believing the garden extends further than it does. Creepers will need to have some shade tolerance. Choose dark green foliaged plants such as Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine) or Pandorea jasminoides (Bower of Beauty). On concrete walls, Ficus pumila (Creeping Fig) works well but beware – it will soon break up a timber fence. Dividing the space is another design ruse often employed to make a small area appear larger. The division may be in the form of a latticework screen, or a line of trees, shrubs or tall potted plants. Through the dividing screen, the rest of the garden can be glimpsed, giving the illusion of more area. Using small-leafed plants (but not necessarily small plants) in a small area gives a greater feeling of spaciousness than using plants with large leaves. Acer palmatum (Japanese Maple),

Pittosporum ‘James Stirling’ are good examples. Use harmonious colours. Avoid a confusion of bright colours which look crowded and busy. Soft blues and lavenders suggest distance while hot colours like reds, yellows and oranges bring things closer. Trick the eye – designers may use contrived tricks such as trompe l’oeil murals to suggest larger spaces. Trompe

l’oeil literally means “trick the eye” and these murals often make use of artist’s perspective to create a backdrop that seems to stretch into the distance. There are also some very cleverly constructed latticework pieces that use the concept of perspective. For example, an arbour stretching into the background. These tools can also be enhanced by clever planting. For instance, graduating a line of the same species from the tallest to the shortest can create a sense of distance. Mirrors can also be employed in the garden to create the idea of more space. However, there may be a problem with people walking into them and birds being injured by flying into the glass. Where space is at a premium, gardeners should consider combining plants with differing phenology e.g. combining spring flowering and autumn flowering bulbs so that one lot is dormant while the other lot is flowering and allowing winterflowering creepers to climb through the branches of deciduous shrubs to provide winter colour. Too much variety creates a feeling of clutter. A simple planting scheme of a few species often works best in a confined area. • Information supplied by www.

DIGITAL TV Q & A THIS region will switch over to digital television from December 15. Here’s a snapshot outlining reasons for making the change: Question: Why is the government turning off analog signals? Answer: Currently, analog and digital broadcasts are transmitted side by side. This process is costly and inefficient and uses most of what is known as the ‘broadcast spectrum’ – or the space that’s available for terrestrial television broadcasts. Turning off analog signals will free up a considerable amount of the spectrum so that it can be used for additional services. Digital technology is being adopted all over the world, and it’s important Australia keeps pace with global technological advances. Before long, analog TV equipment will no longer be available in Australia. Question: What is digital free-to-air television? Answer: Digital free-to-air TV consists of the same TV channels you currently receive through analog television, as well as some additional channels (such as ABC2, ABC3 or SBS TWO). Free-to-air broadcasters (Seven, Nine, Ten, the ABC and SBS) are expected to be progressively adding new digital channels and content over the next few years. Question: What are the benefits of digital television? Answer: Digital television provides vastly improved picture and sound quality, including widescreen pictures and digital audio, including radio broadcasts. Digital television also offers the benefits of more channels and content. For example, the ABC has already introduced ABC2 and ABC3 which are only broadcast in digital. SBS has SBS TWO in digital. The Seven, Nine and Ten networks have introduced high definition digital channels. DETAILS provided by:

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SPORT v District

Me n’s Op e n Day at Ba l a k l av a G o l f C l ub Balaklava Golf Club held its Mens Open Day on Sunday, with 68 players – including nine juniors – competing in A, B and C grade and Junior Championships, with 16 clubs being represented. A grade champion was Nigel Turner of Blackwood, with an excellent score of gross 114 after 27 holes, and runner-up was Phil Smith of Tea Tree Gully. A grade 27 hole handicap winner was Chris Baliga, runner-up D Carson. A grade 18 hole handicap winner was M Bevan, runner-up R Bak. B grade champion was Merv Hameister, runner-up Scott Michael (both of Balaklava). B grade 27 hole handicap winner was John Michael of Balaklava, playing in his 45th consecutive Open, runner-up was Bruce Dolman of Murray Bridge. B grade 18 hole handicap winner was Andrew Bastian runner-up Corey Temby, both of Balaklava. C grade Champion was Ben Michael of Balaklava, runner-up Ed Harrison of Blyth. C grade 27 hole handicap winner was Leyton Hunter of the Barossa, runner-up Kyle Hayter of Kapunda – both golfers showed excellent etiquette on the course. C grade 18 hole handicap winner was Brett Freebairn of Balaklava, runner-up Rob Tonkin. Winner of the Junior Championship was local lad Callum Michael, second on a countback was Ben Michael, third Corey Temby, fourth Leyton Hunter fifth Brett Freebairn, followed by Kyle Hayter. Other juniors to compete were Jordan Wilson, Jordan Taylor and Dillon Michael.

B grade 27 hole handicap runner-up Bruce Dolman with winner John Michael.

B grade 18 hole handicap runner-up Corey Temby with winner Andrew Bastian.

It’s life...

membership for three Balaklava bowlers

A successful opening day for Balaklava Bowling Club’s season was held on Sunday, with an added milestone of the induction of three life members. Keith Cottle, Don Anderson and Harold Philp were honoured with life membership, which was presented by Region eight Bowls SA councillor, David Lamond. Keith joined night owls in 1975 and played his first pennant game in 1984. He has won five premierships in division two and was nominated to the committee in 1994, serving 10 years. Don joined the club in 1980 and joined the social and tournament committee in his first two years. He has since served as president, vice-presi-

dent and secretary on the bowling club committee. He has been on the bar committee since 2003 and his work in this role has been outstanding. Harold has served on the club’s committee for more than 20 years, having first become a member in 1970. He’s served two terms as president and is the second longest serving member behind Dick May. Harold has been involved in two premierships and has been a selector for mid week and past selector for mens pennants. The work around the club has been outstanding for all three of these new life members. • Pictured above is Brian Saint after rolling the first kitty, and inset, life member Reg Shetlift oficially opening the season.

Some things are better with contacts. ABOVE: Balaklava vice captain Merv Hameister presents C grade champion runnerup Ed Harrison and winner Ben Michael with their prizes. RIGHT: C grade 27 hole handicap winner Leyton Hunter with runnerup Kyle Hayter. LEFT: C grade 18 hole handicap runner-up Rob Tonkin with winner Brett Freebairn. BELOW: Winners of the Junior Championship, back from left: Ben Michael, Corey Temby, winner Callum Michael, Brett Freebairn, front: Kyle Hayter and Leyton Hunter.



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SPORT v Football/Netball

Double celebration for Cats

Emotions were running hot with the Cats A1 Netball and A grade footballers claiming the ultimate prize at the end of the season. The A1 netballers defeated South Clare 61-33, and the A grade footballers 17-11 defeated Mintaro/Manoora 16-11 in a thrilling last quarter, where Min/Man tried to make a spirited come back but the Cats, although exhausted, held on for a six point win. Celebrations continued back at the Blyth Oval on Saturday night, where 200 supporters and players partying on with many players getting little sleep as the sun came up! The wind-up was held at the Snowtown Oval, with again 200 plus supporters joining and congratulating players and officials of all grades for a great season of development and success. The junior trophies were awarded earlier in the day, and the seniors after a delicious roast and salad lunch. Trophy winners: Cats footballers trophies were awarded to: Under 14 Best & Fairest Jace Andriske, runner up Ashley Giles, third James Hunter. Best Team Man Tom Norton, Most Improved Travis Strawbridge, Coach’s Trophy Craig Walkley. Under 17 B&F Rueben Ottens, runner-up Andrew Elix, third BF Cameron Andriske, Best Team Man Rueben Ottens, Most Improved Drew Salter, Coach’s Trophy Luke Mugge, and Ray Eckermann Family Trophy Junior Sportsmanship Trophy was awarded to Maddoc Greet.  B grade B&F Rhys Baxter, runner-up B&F Sam Clifford, third B&F Derryn Stringer, Best Team Man Matthew Wilkinson, Coach’s Trophy James Steven, Most Improved A or B grade Tom Michael.  A grade B&F and Cockburn/Pridham Medal Ryan Darling, runner-up B&F Brad Bell, third B&F James Taylor, Best team Man Nick McCormack, Coach’s Trophy Gareth Ottens.  Darren Pratt Memorial Trophy Best Club Person 2010 went to Ros Zweck for her tireless work in organising catering at social functions, the

canteens , committee person and being B Grade coach’s wife! Netball: The BS Netball Club trophies were awarded to: J2 Best & Fairest Renee Underdown, runnerup Tayla Clarke; J1 B&F Lucy Pratt runner-up Jessica Lloyd, 15U B&F Sophie Angel, runner-up Alanna Barrand; C2 B&F Mel Johnson, runners-up Sally Jack and Monique Keech; C1 B&F Stacey Wallent, runner-up Charmain Angel; B2 B&F Sarah Weepers runner-up Jennie Lee Kennett; B1 B&F Lisa Stirling, runner-up Carley Darling; A2 B&F Kerrie Clarke, runner-up Lauren Collins, A1 Bet Julge Memorial Trophy B&F Hayley Zweck, runnerup Maggie Nicholson. Blyth-Snowtown Netball Club Volunteer Award went to the clubs’ “Supersonic Secretary” Simone Bigg, for her volunteer efforts during the past years and especially for her work as the club secretary, Fun Net co-ordinator and A1 team manager. Congratulations also went to Hayley Zweck on winning the NENA A1 B&F Northern Argus Medal, to Jennie-Lee Kennett on B2 runner-up B&F and to Tracey Andriske on being awarded the NENA 2010 Volunteer of the Year Award. Well done to the Blyth-Snowtown Netball Club for hosting the NENA Dinner on Tuesday prior to the grand final in the Blyth Community Hall, with 167 people attending. Guest speaker was Australian female cricketer Shelly Nitschke, being interviewed around the barrel by Slip Darling.

CATS A grade coach Brett Ireland presents the A grade Best & Fairest and Cockburn/Pridham Medal to Ryan Darling.

A1 Bet Julge Memorial Trophy Best & Fairest winner Hayley Zweck with Julie Julge.

ABOVE: The BlythSnowtown Netball Club volunteer award went to Simone Bigg (left), presented by Heather Griffin. A Grade winners, back from left: Glenn Hayes, James Taylor, Gareth Ottens, Nick McCormack. Front: Maggie Nicholson, Hayley Zweck, Ryan Darling and Brad Bell.

Two Wells Tennis Club back into the swing of things B and C grade winners, back from left: Mel Johnson, Charmain Angel, Lisa Stirling, Carley Darling, Jennie Lee Kennett, Lauren Collins, Kerri Clarke. Front: Tom Michael, Jamie Stevens, Matthew Wilkinson, Reece Baxter and Derryn Stringer.

Ros Zweck, winner of the Darren Pratt Memorial Trophy Best Club Person with Kevin Pratt.

Junior winners, back from left: Travis Strawbridge, Cameron Andriske, Jace Andriske, Reuben Ottens, Luke Mugge, Drew Salter, Andrew Elix, Maddoc Greet, Craig Walkley. Seated: Tom Norton, Renee Underdown, Sophie Angel, Allana Barrand, Jess Lloyd, Lucy Pratt, and Ashley Giles.


Members of the Two Wells community got behind their troubled tennis club, with a committee formed and plan of action established. About 15 people attended the crisis meeting on Tuesday, September 14, with five apologies also noted. The general consensus of the group was to form a committee and an AGM was then conducted with a full committee elected. Newly elected president Lynette Seccafien said it was a step forward for the club. “It was a successful meeting with a positive group of people rallying together to ensure tennis continues in the district,” Mrs Seccafien said. ‘Crisis donation tins’ will be set up in local businesses around the town until the end of October to help pay off the debt to District Council of Mallala for court resurfacing. “Loose change can be

donated to the club to kick start the season off for the junior team.” Junior tennis will continue and committee members are already planning social tennis on weeknights to help the club financially. The club will nominate junior teams into Lower North Tennis Association and encourage new players to join with the season starting in October. The committee includes secretary Christine Musolino, treasurer Paul Humphrys, junior coordinator Carolyn Weir, senior coordinator (if senior teams were to be formed) Gary Farr, public officer Diane Meaney and fundraising support subcommittee Tony Lange and Stacey Gameau. Committee members include Marie Tapscott, Trevor Seccafien, Alan Briscoe and Kate Lange.

Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010

SPORT FEATURE v Basketball

Bowls Sides for Saturday

Teams for October 9. First Division: Owen vs Mallala at Owen. I Freebairn, G Bubner, B Parker, G Simpson (sk). D Brown, D Greer, B Trail, N Harkness (sk). P Freebairn, R Uppill, T Harkness, G Harkness (sk). Second Division: Owen vs Port Wakefield Blue at Port Wakefield. D Hartwell, A Wandel, R Hill, P Sullivan (sk). A Tiller, K Gould, L Beaty, B Diehl (sk). J Robinson, C Hocking, L Hean, K Warnes (sk). Cars: P Sullivan, A Tiller, K Warnes depart at 12:30. Reserve: D Lauricella. Division 1:Balaklava vs Wasleys at Balaklava. G Palmer, R McPharlin, D Lamond, P Thompson (sk). K Cottle, B Olsen, O Chapman, T Clifford (sk). K McPharlin, A Northcott, S Hawke, B Taylor (sk). Division 2: Balaklava White vs Mallala White at Balaklava. H Hebisch, N Olsen, S Guy, M Olsen (sk). L Day, E Cunningham, Z Guy, J Olsen (sk). L Braddock, B Moffat, J Milton, C Milton (sk). Balaklava Blue vs Tarlee White at Balaklava. P Ramm, D Anderson, K Catford, P McPharlin (sk). R May, L Barr, D Beare, R Barr (sk). R Fitzpatrick, R Greenshields, L Harkness, K Harkness (sk). Balaklava Red vs Mallala Black at Mallala. T Whittaker, M Roberts, J McPharlin, C Cowan (sk). R Hillman, H Philp, B Philp, T Jones (sk). R McDonald, A Barr, D Whittaker, G Heffernan (sk). Cars: Skippers.


A stableford competition was held last Thursday, on a well presented course. It obviously suited Cherie Taylor, who trounced the field of eight players, coming in with a massive 47 points. Our handicapper can’t wait to get her hands on that card. Not far behind her was Sue Friedrichs with 41, followed by Cathy Redpath 39, Moya Hayes 39, Louise Michael 38, Joan Anderson 37, Norma Taylor 30 and Genni Edwards 25. Results of presentation day, held September 16: A grade champion: Cathy Redpath, runner-up Norma Taylor. B grade champion: Tania Matz, runner-up Moya Hayes. C grade champion: Louise Michael, runner-up Jill Taylor. International Bowl - Silver Division: Rose Jenkin. Bronze Division: Tania Matz. Club Medal: Tania Matz. Club Fours: Cathy Redpath and Rose Jenkin. Shylie Rymill Fours: Cathy Redpath and Moya Hayes. Sportswomen’s Fours: Cathy Redpath and Moya Hayes. Super Gran: Sue Friedrichs. Veteran: Joan Anderson. Laurel Wreath: Cherie Taylor. Captain’s Trophy: Tania Matz. Par Comp: Louise Michael. Stableford Comp: Gill Ackland and Louise Michael. Stroke Comp: Louise Michael. Dixon Cup: Tania Matz. Plains Producer Lady Golfer of the Year: Tania Matz. A grade Eclectic: Cathy Redpath. B grade Eclectic: Tania Matz. C grade Eclectic: Cherie Taylor. Office Bearers for season 2011 Chairman Tania Allen 88622213. Vice captain Tania Matz. Handicap manager Patricia Anderson 88492001. Assistant Handicap manager Jill Taylor886821312. Secretary Louise Michael 85286275. Zone Delegates Moya Hayes and Tania Matz. General C’ttee Tania Allen and Genni Edwards. Assistant secretary Chris Hahesy 88621761. Supplies Genni Edwards. Treasurer Moya Hayes - 88621768. Captain - Moya Hayes. Intending golfers, please contact any of the above for information. “The score a player reports on any hole should always be regarded as his opening offer” – Thomas Mulligan.

Hamley Bridge

With 32 players competing in Thursday’s stableford competition, the mid week competition looks promising. Dave Russell showed that he likes playing in a big field, winning the day with a massive 46 points from John Riley 44, Ian Goddard 43, Brian Cooper, Roger Hahn 40, Dennis Hawke 39, Barry Schwartz, Lance Hatcher 38 all being prize winners.

Other scores: Ian Ferguson 37, Anton Noack, Colin Doudle, Bob Ahola, Ross Hienze, Ron Smith 36, Noel Stringer 35, Merv Hamiester 34, Rowland Pawlak, Ron Collins, Wim Van Pelt 33, Doug Cooper, Dennis Nation 32, Ed Manning 31, and the rest scoring under 30. Nearest to pins Ian Ferguson ninth, Graham Schultz 12. Birdies Anton Noack 3rd Lance Hatcher, Ian Ferguson ninth and Roger Hahn 14th. On Saturday September 25, the end of season Ambrose was played, with John Bell, Helen Bell, Ian Ferguson and Bob Hinderwell winning the day with a nett 55 1/8 from Leigh Durdin, Bert Pearce, Tony Jones and Dennis Nation 571/8 Warren Isgar, Barrie Zerna, Len Usher and Steve Howe 573/4, Ross Hienze, BarrySchwartz,Rowland Pawlak, and Anton Noack 581/8, Helen Johnson, Shirley Noble John Mitchell 621/2 Ian Rohde, S Martin Dean Branson 641/8. Nearest to pins: Barry Schwartz fourth, Helen Johnson 12th, Anton Noack 14th, Long Drives Ian Ferguson eighth, Bert Pearce ninth, John Mitchell 10th. Last Saturday’s results will be reported next week.

Two wells

Results from Saturday October 2. Competition: Stableford. Sponsor: Wheatsheaf Hotel, Virginia. Déjà vu, 24 players again – the same as last week – on a course mowed to within an inch of its life but starting to harden up quickly, which the “old fellas” liked, as their scores showed. Simon Grigg, after taking home 13 balls last week, scored another 7 today, winning A Grade, long drive, pro’s approach and two birdies, obviously over his bad back and now down to his lowest handicap ever of 14. Ian Smith and Ian Clark scored heavily in B Grade with the conditions much more to their liking, and Jeff Spackman also with a 48 to win C Grade from Bingo Barns’ 43, scores these boys haven’t seen in some time. It was a big welcome back to Matt Prior, visiting from Queensland, but the work he did on the course on Friday didn’t help his golf, holding up the rear of the field with a 21 to take NAGA. In the big event of the day, Paul Shields won his ninth meat tray, ho ho hum! The season will continue next Saturday usual time because of the good condition of the course, with an ambrose/ BBQ/presentation on Sunday starting at 10am. Players are asked to bring a salad. Results A Grade: 40 Simon Grigg, 39 R Thompson, 38 Stuart Grigg, 33 M Davies, R Hogg, 32 G Giannikos, 21 M Prior. B Grade: 46 I Smith, 44 I Clark, 41 D Hall, 40 R Grigg, 39 P Shields, 36 H Linford, 35 L Zbierski, 30 J Bowden, 25 N Bowden. C Grade: 48 J Spackman, 43 B Barns, 42 A Baker, I Telfer, 22 B Prior. Ladies: 39 E Grigg, 38 J Holland. Long Drives: A – Simon Grigg, B – I Smith, C – I Telfer. Ladies – J Holland. NTP’s: 1 – I Telfer, 2 – R Grigg, 6 – R Grigg, 11 –, 12 –, 15 –. Birdies: 1 –, 8 –, 13 – Simon Grigg , 18 – Simon Grigg. Pro’s Approach: Simon Grigg. NAGA: M Prior. Members draw: Brian Barns. Meat trays: P.Shields, J Holland, D Hall. Next week: Saturday – Stableford . Sunday at 10am – ambrose/sponsors day/BBQ and presentation of trophies. – Russell Grigg, TWGC Handicapper.

Shooting mallala gun club

Results from October 4. 10 Target Double Barrel: AA: A Zupanic, G Gilbert, D Lymn, R Borzillo 10/10. A: L Piscioneri, B Cottell, A Tapscott 10/10. B: B Zanker, G Tapscott, B McGurik, H Whitehead, J Gilbert 9/10. C: J Meaney 10/10. 100 Target Double Barrel. AA: 1st R Borzillo 117/118, 2nd G Gilbert 116/118, 3rd A Zupanic 98/100, O/All and A 1st L Piscioneri 100/100, 2nd A Tapscott 98/100, 3rd M Collumb 116/119, B: 1st L Ciaramelano 98/100, 2nd L Francis 96/100. 3rd S Fenwick 94/100, C: 1st D Hemming 94/100, 2nd J Algar 90/100, 3rd F Kopriva 79/100. Overall AA: R Borzillo 127/128. Next shoot: Sunday October 24.

Croquet singles a Williams affair A croquet singles competition was held between Clare Red and Balaklava Gold on Saturday. Winners were Nancy Williams and Dulcie Williams, both from Balaklava. Other teams in the competition were Snowtown White v Clare Black – played at Snowtown, Balaklava Green v Snowtown Blue – played at Balaklava, while Clare Orange had a bye. Dulcie Williams is pictured getting ready to make her hoop. Clare Croquet Club news Clare Croquet Club began a new season on Saturday, with a new approach to the game. Upper Wakefield Association is no longer active. The club has invited neighbouring clubs to join with Clare in playing a pennant season on Saturdays, instead of the tra-

ditional mid-week game. This will allow clubs in surrounding towns to join with Clare with the aim of setting up an association competition. The club hopes that by moving its Pennant season to the weekends, it will enable people in the workforce to experience the fun and challenge of this fascinating game, giving people a further choice of non-contact sport in the area. Clare Croquet Club will join the Expo Members of Clare Croquet Club will attend The Valleys Lifestyle Centre’s Expo on Sunday, October 10 between 10am and 12pm, to demonstrate croquet skills. They will also hand out pamphlets giving details about the club and the six-week Beginners’ Coaching Course, commencing Tuesday October 26 to November 30.

Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010

Slam dunk! Another exciting season ahead Basketball season is set to bounce off on Friday, October 15. This year the Adelaide Plains Basketball Association has some changes in administration, with Wayne Hill stepping into the role of president. Wayne is no stranger to basketball as he continues to enjoy playing, coaching and umpiring. He has been the Association’s Senior Men’s team coach and is also involved in the DNSP squad. Some call him the ‘master’. Richard Gregory’s wealth of knowledge in basketball will continue as vice-president, and Annette Wilson will continue to be kept busy as secretary with the ever reliable Jenny McArdle as treasurer, and Leigh McArdle as records officer. In the coming year the Adelaide Plains Basketball Association will enter a new era, with clubs finding it difficult to find delegates to attend Association meetings and fill positions as required by the constitution. It has been decided to restructure the Association so a core of dedicated people will run the association as a board. Until such time however, the APBA executives will run the Association in consultations with club delegates. While clubs are still finalising teams, it is believed teams are down slightly compared to other years. This year the season will bounce off on Friday, October 15 and run through until December 17. It will recommence on Friday, January 28, with the grand final being held on March 23, 2011. The SA Country Hoops will commence at 5.30pm, with Kathryn Taylor taking over from Kirsty McPharlin as the SA Country Hoops coordinator, with help from Andrew “Moo” Smith. Michelle Tiller will continue her work as Association coordinator and her involvement with the DNSP Squad. Ray Bennett is looking forward to hearing from anyone wishing to give umpiring a go. At a recent level 0 umpiring course, 35 members completed their level 0 course, with many juniors from the DNSP stepping up as part of training. All clubs rely on volunteers to help with setting up and packing up, scoring and canteen duties. Once again, volunteers are urged to help because many hands make light work. Some people have already put their hands up and started volunteering to help their club make it a successful 2010/11 season, and those people are applauded on behalf of the club.

ETHAN Brownlie, who will play in Aussie Hoops this season, gets a boost from 196cm basketballer Jordan Wilson, who will play for Bulldogs in this season’s Men’s competition.

Adelaide Plains Basketball Association inc

SA Country Hoops Basketball for U/10’s

Friday October 15

5.30pm - 6.30pm at Ralli Park Courts, Balaklava For more details and register please contact

Annette Wilson: 0419 161 060

• Printing • Signs • Screen Printing • Promo Products • Agent of colour stamps

Best of luck to all teams in 2010/ 2011!

28 Howe Street, Balaklava

Phone 8862 1696 Super Prices Super Savings

Wishing all Basketball teams success in 2010/2011 season Wallace Street, Balaklava - Ph 8862 1571


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PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 DEADLINE: 5pm Monday


Abrasive Blasting

Peter & Cathy Agnew - Lochiel Rd, Blyth Phone/Fax: 8844 5154 Mobile: 0429 445 154

Working for all insurance companies & providing quality finishes & service

Phone 8862 1274

Phone 8862 2050


Child Care

Balaklava Bed & Breakfast

Balaklava Community Children’s Centre

Open 7.45am-5.45pm Mon-Fri Playgroup Wed mornings 9.30-11.30am 15 Scotland St, Balaklava Ph.8862 1251

For quality care & education

Phone us on 8380 9477

Exhaust & Auto Repair

jenkins dirtworks


• Fencing • Light earthworks • Retaining walls • Landscape construction and more… Grant Jenkins 0433 441 700

For a FREE quote please ring…

Simon Exhaust & Auto Repairs

13 Railway Tce, Balaklava Phone 8862 1795 A/h 8862 1799 - Gary Mobile 0428 391 146

John & Theresa 0457 857 660 Concreting


Beauty Room Balaklava For all your beauty essentials including… • Waxing • Manicures • Pedicures • Acrylic nails • Wedding & special occassion make-up

13 Boronia Circuit, Balaklava

Grey or Coloured

Master Builder Ass.

•Garage Floors •Driveways •Verandahs •Paths

For all your rural & domestic fencing needs

Waratah Earthworx

Kelly Taylor 0458 699 087 - App only

Grant Fisher 8862 1988 or 0407 807 123




34 George Street, Balaklava

Phone 8862 1041

For friendly service and quality guaranteed, call in and see Marc and staff.

Cabinet Maker Kym & Julie McPharlin, Proprietors

Mack’s Cabinets Quality kitchens - built-ins vanities - modulars. Free measure and quotes. Sandgate Street, Balaklava, PO Box 252

REDBANKS CONCRETE Many patterns and Colours to choose from!

• Driveways & Footpaths • Foundations • Shed Floors •‘TEXCRETE’- Pattern Pave Concrete

• Slate impressions • Stencil pattern • Shed floors • Driveway, paths etc • Storm water

Computer Services


Car Cut & Polish I can cut & polish your car to near re-spray quality 3 Colour paint protection 3 Chips & scratches repaired

Excellent in paint repairs

For this mobile service to your home or work contact Don 0447 053 561 or A/H 8528 6188


Fruit & Vegtables

Balaklava Fresh Foods More convenient than ever. Phone, fax or email an order in. We deliver to Balaklava township

Nicholas Mathew 8520 2555 Greg McLean 8844 5044

Business Hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday


[ Domestic & Rural Fencing Peter 0427 619 704 David 0428 621 253

✦ Specialists in Apprenticeships/Traineeships ✦ Labour Hire & Permanent employees ✦ We cover all industries & occupations

30 George Street, Balaklava - Ph: 8862 2409



Statewide Group Training & Mid State Employment

Laptops Desktops Printers Upgrades

Electrician Lic No. A000 1347

2-6 Howe St, Balaklava - Ph 8862 1074


3Manufacturing, Alterations & Repairs 3Agricultural, Commercial & Domestic 3On site welding & repairs 3Steel Supplies

Carpet Supplies

Built to order from top quality brands


Goldney Welding Corner railway tce & Dunns Rd, Balaklava Mob 0419 807 406, Ph/Fax: 8862 2322

‘We Cover the Country’

Mark Gardner Ph: 0428 109 842 - Mallala


For a free quote call Martin 0417 454 395

3 Carpets, vinyls, blinds & awnings. 3 Selection of woven rugs. 3 Free measure & quote.

The Fencing Bloke


Decorative Concrete

• • • •


3Air Liquide 3liquid arc, 3welding equipment 3 welding gases

John Nemet - 0408 896 523

Mid North Computer Services


Phone/Fax: 8864 2220 Mobile: 0429 642 221

Railway Terrace, Balaklava - Ph: 8862 2158 Email:

Phone 8862 1166 Mobile 0429 642 120 A/H 8862 1001

Balaklava Stitch Joint

Fencing Contractor

Cunninghams Balaklava

Will add rustic charm to any property!

Concreting M & A Saliba


3Bobcat 3Tipper 3Excavator 3Excavations 3Trenching 3Civil work 3Rubbish removal 3Site levelling 3Hole boring / cartage 3Slashing

Contact Peter 0414 993 072 A/Hrs 8862 2192

Marc’s Meats



PGK Concrete Lic No BLD198659



• Exhaust • Brakes • Suspension • Radiators • Servicing Cnr Old Pt Wakefield & Gawler Roads, Virginia (opp. Virginia Hotel)


Cleaning Professionals

Phone: 1300 655 224

Multi Exhaust & Brake Virginia

• Bobcat and tipper truck • No job too small • Free quotes Contact Rodney Clark (m) 0428 310 406 (a/h) 8864 5016

Specialising in: k Pre-Open Inspection cleans k Vacate cleans k Builders cleans k Spring cleans k Restaurant & function centre cleaning k Regular home cleans k Office cleaning k Oven cleans k Window cleans

3Weddings 3Parties 3Events 3Meetings

Exhaust & Brakes

Bobcat Service

J & T Domestic & Commercial

Balaklava Town Hall

Saint Street, Balaklava Ph/Fax: 8862 1034 , Mob: 0427 979 607


Cleaning Professionals

Available For Hire

3 Installation 3 Safety switches 3 TV points 3 Telephone points 3 Garden lights 3 Repairs / rewiring 3 Smoke alarms

Earth Moving

•Childcare •Pre-School •Playgroup

Balaklava Town Hall

Mark Loy - A Class Electrician

For: 3 Crash repairs 3 Car detailing 3 Windscreen replacement

Proprietors A.Rosser, B.Wiltshire, M.Rowett

Contact 0408 086 019 (M) 3 Fisher Street, Balaklava SA 5461


Balaklava Crash Repairs

Open: Monday - Friday 9am to 5.30pm, Saturday 9am to 12noon

Centrally located in the heart of The Adelaide Plains, a great place to stay and enjoy the local and regional attractions

9 Howe Street, Balaklava Ph: 8862 1977 Fax: 8862 1997 Email

See Simon & Philip Taylor at

Balaklava Chemplus Pharmacy

and Bobcat Hire Sand blasting & painting mobile blasting unit available for on-site jobs 3Sand & metal supplies 3Bobcat 3Trenching 3Crane truck hire 3Post hole boring

Incl GST

Crash Repairs


Mid North Sand Blasting


‘A’ Class Electrician

❋ Wiring ❋ Installation

Lic No’s: PGE 2045 & ACRS: A001510

Reach 7000 readers every week $ by placing your business on these pages

for just

❋ Repairs & Rewiring ❋ Safety Switches

(P) 8862 2127 (M) 0407 608 445

18 George St, Balaklava Ph/Fax 8862 1830 E:


Sparrow Nest Services For all your garden needs

• From rose pruning to tree felling • Qualified horticulturist - arborist

Phone: 0423 354 735

Plains Producer, Wednesday October 7, 2010

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Handyman Service


Motor Vehicles

Rod’s Handyman Ser vice

Holden Specialists Since 1930

Now serving Balaklava and surround towns

No job too small !

Call Rod: 0458 742 259 Hairdresser

Balaklava Shearing Shed Upmarket salon with cheap country prices

21 Edith Tce, Balaklava - Ph 8862 1629

PHone: 8862 1030



Cutz ‘N ’ Curlz

◆ Cuts ◆ Perms ◆ Colours ◆ Spray tans ◆ Ear piercing ◆ Waxing ◆ Eye brow & lash tinting

19 Wallace St, Balaklava - Ph:8862 1441

Insurance David Lester Insurance Agencies



Tiver Rd

15 Railway Tce Balaklava SA 5461 Home phone: 8862 1509

Sparrow Nest Services

All your iron, roofing, guttering & downpipe requirements

• Qualified tradesman • Fully insured & registered business BLD Lic: 219551

Phone: 0423 354 735


Make your dream garden a reality

Rain Water TANKS


• Commercial & Housing • Paving • Landscaping • Retaining Walls

Wayne Petney 0413 037 074

Lawns & Gardens

Lawns & Gardens

and Rural Merchandise

BLD Lic. 190584

Prompt Reliable Service


Phone/Fax 8862 2284



Rural Supplies

Timber Supplies

❖ ❖ ❖ ❖

Pergolas - Carports - timber decks

Pool Chemicals Bird Seed Redwing Boots & Clothing Poly Pipe & Fittings

R & M Timber Supplies

Phone: 8522 6504 Fax: 8523 2009


BAL A KL AVA Phone 8862 1866

Balaklava Mallala & Two Wells

3 General Home Maintenance 3 Industrial & domestic 3 Repairs of all types

Phone 8862 1728

84 - 86 Yorsdale St, Balaklava (off Dunn’s Rd)


ABN 58321498535 BLD Lic. 203080

Corner of George & Scotland St

Mark 0434 486 233 Emma 0413 189 472


• Taxation consultant. • Accounting & computer services.

J.C. & A.J. Shepherd

are available from our website

Brenton Hissey (m) 0403 018 911 (p) 8525 2572 A/hrs (e)

Peter Harcourt & Co

Sales - Supply - Install

Photos Appearing in

•Lawn mowing •Gardening •Landscaping •Window Cleaning FREE Quotes • Fertilising •Root boosting lawns FULLY Insured • Mulching •Rain water tanks FULLY Guaranteed •Weeding •Rubbish removal



Rural Supplies

MC Paving

• Water Wise Planting • Water Saving Irrigation • Design• Paving • Retaining Walls • Lattice • Screens

Mobile: 0417 870 624 Phone / Fax 8844 5214

13 Wallace Street Ph. 8862 1571, Fax 8862 2096

Free quotes

Wayne 0417 889 753



Your own local store!



Tiver Road, Evanston South Phone: 8522 5122

Daryle Forbes

Don’t be left with ink on your hands, Leave that to us!!

WH Treverton

• Soils & sands • Firewood • Sleepers • Landscape barks • Rubble & metals • Decorative mulches • Concrete products • Garden rocks • Stones & pebbles

Garden Sup.

Balaklava Agency Ph: 8862 1333 Fax: 8862 1007

Lic No. R27142



Stock Agent


Office & residence - 25 Harris St, Balaklava Email -


•Specialising in solid plastering of all types •Licenced applicator of Dulux / Unitex textured coatings •Cracks professionally repaired 26 Years Phone 0407 399 019 Experience

Serving the rural community After Hours: Kelly Evans - Live stock 0418 859 953 Shayn Faehrmann - Merchandise/Agronomy/Accounting 0419 829 243 Mel Haynes - Livestock/Real Estate/Insurance 0408 086 602 Chris Kannenberg - Merchandise 0417 087 319 Geoff Knappstein - Real Estate 0407 790 210 Michael Wildash - CGU Insurance 0457 552 646 Emma Menadue - WFI Insurance 0427 170 821 Ron Sutcliffe - Rural Finance Manager 0439 449 577

Phone Terry on 0407 077 992 7 Yorsdale St, Balaklava PO Box 20

Gawler ➞ Main North Road

Solid Plastering

30 George Street Ph/Fax 8862 1725 ❋ Newspapers ❋ Books ❋ Large Range of Magazines ❋ Stationery ❋ Office Supplies ❋ Gifts ❋ Cards & Wrappings Professional Laminating Service Home Delivery Service

Phone 8862 1549 any time


Ph: 0439 500 961 28 Victoria Road, Clare

Mick Madigan

• Free Quotes


• Septic Tank Cleaning • Grass & Lawn Cutting

BLD Lic. 46967


• ANZIIF (Snr Assoc), C.I.P • Agent for: CGU Insurance Ltd

Allan Garrard



T.A Redden

For all general insurances


Lic. Nos. R18279, SR18279, 4662. Member of the Master Plumbers Association

Balaklava Newsagency

Hair & beauty


5 Peek Street, Balaklava Phone 8862 1818, Mobile 0409 848 995 • Master plumber •gas fitter •drain cleaning •roof & gutter repairs •all types of plumbing & supplies.

v Used Cars v Service & Repairs v Genuine GM Holden Parts v SuperCharge Batteries v Free Battery Testing v Brakes & Suspension v Standard & Performance Exhausts

Balaklava Motors

• Kiddies haircut corner • Beauty & private waxing room

Garden Supplies

Septic Tank Cleaning

Steve Robertson Plumbing & Gas

Formerly Balaklava Physiotherapy For Appointments


• Let us customise a design for you • Installation service is available • Huge range of timber & hardware at discount prices Lot 9 Kelly Road, Willaston

Salt Damp Solutions

Tree Lopping

Mid North Salt Damp Solutions

A cut above the rest

The Number 1 treatment for curing rising salt damp

•FREE no obligation quote

OUT ON A LIMB 3 Experts in tree lopping with 20 years experience 3 Licensed and insured including large trees 3 Cherry picker, mulcher and stump grinder Will beat any written quote

8862 2200 / 0419 842 228

MICK 0407 3999 019 or DARYLE 0417 870 624

Phone: Brad 0458 253 952


Screen Printing

Tree Lopping

Motor Vehicles

McCracken Ford Ford motor vehicle dealers

•General automotive repairs •RAA service. •New cars, used cars, light commercials, •Parts and service.

1 Edith Terrace, Balaklava Phone 8862 1477 Plains Producer, Wednesday October 7, 2010

Peter Thompson Plumbing Contractor • All general plumbing • Water filters • Competitive Rates • Pensioner Discounts Ph: 8862 1285 Mob: 0418 896 808

Lic. No. PCL 5676

For all your gardening needs… u Pruning u Weeding u Mowing u Gutter cleaning u Rubbish removal u General upkeep u Other odd jobs

PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997

Embroidery & Screen Printing Specialist

Fox Tree Lopping & Tower Hire • Trees & Mistletoe Removed *Conditions •24 Hour Emergency Service Apply •Full public liability insurance • Branches Mulched •Free Quote We’ll beat any other written quote* Ph: 8842 2716 or 0417 460 174


Week commencing October 7










Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010

Weekly guide to weather v agriculture

Family owned business offering quality Mobil Fuels and Lubricants

Australia’s leading hay exporter

Advice for lentil growers PASKEVILLE farmer Kyle Holman has warned lentil growers to expect long delays at silos this year as testers will be vigilant in looking for green kernel in samples. Mr Holman was a speaker at the Hart Field Day on September 21 and told growers it was vital to keep on top of disease and insects, and spend time on paddock selection and preparation to produce a clean lentil crop. “Lentils go almost from the header to the table, they are bought on appearance so exporters expect a very clean product from growers which means paddock selection and preparation and also weed control are absolutely vital,” he said. “Last year there were problems with green kernel in lentils and so growers should be prepared for delays at the silos this year – maybe

$1000 an acre compared to wheat at $600-$700/ac. “Harvest timing is critical.If your lentils are

year – and Mr Holman said many farmers were hoping for a successful “cash crop”. “They’ve struggled for so many years and I’d say many are taking a bet and trying lentils as a cash crop this year,” he said. Mr Holman has been growing lentils on his Paskeville farm for nine years and said harvest timing was vital in maximising lentil crops. “I have the header sitting in the paddock ready to go the day before the lentils are ready to reap,” he said. “Anywhere from three millimetres of rain on a ripe lentil crop can cause weather damage straight away because the seed coat can wrinkle and be downgraded. You can lose up to 20 per cent of your crop very quickly. “We’re talking about a crop, which this year, has the potential of $900-

Kyle Holman

up to 20 minutes at the testing station – because they’ll be absolutely vigilant looking for green kernels.” Green kernel is thought to be caused by a disruption to the maturation process through events such as extreme heat or poor timing of ‘crop topping’ and desiccation practices. Up to 75,000 hectares of lentils are expected to be harvested this season in South Australia – a 40 per cent increase on last

Servicing the Mid North & Adelaide Plains

Contact your local reps : Barry 0419 472 168 Greg 0428 817 724 Crystal Brook




and near the coasts. Early morning fog patches are likely over the agricultural area each day. On Sunday the high moves to a position over the Tasman Sea. A low pressure trough develops in the far northeast of the state and isolated showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop with the trough. In the south conditions will be fine apart from early fog over the South East. Conditions will become warmer with moderate northeast winds. Cumulative rainfall totals until midnight Sunday are expected to be 1 to 2 mm over the southern agricultural area and west coast, reaching 2 to 5 mm about the Lower South East. Over the pastoral and Flinders districts, 2 to 10 mm is expected, with local falls of 15 to 25 mm associated with thunderstorms.







1032 1024


1016 1016 1008 1000



0606 1824 0000 1304 0013 1323 0030 1340


Thursday, Oct 7 2.2m 1140 2.2m 2340 Friday, Oct 8 2.4m 1201 2.1m 2345 Saturday, Oct 9 2.5m 1221 2.0m 2351 Sunday, Oct 10 2.6m 1243 1.9m Monday, Oct 11 0.5m 0627 0.4m 1839 Tuesday, Oct 12 0.4m 0651 0.5m 1857 Wednesday, Oct 13 0.4m 0715 0.6m 1915

0.3m 0.4m

0545 1809

0.3m 0.5m

0000 1242

0.3m 0.5m

0002 1314


0000 1345 2354

2.6m 1.8m

0652 1900

2.6m 1.8m

0717 1904

2.5m 1.7m

0011 1537

1016 1008

0.5m 1.4m 1.1m 1.6m 1.0m 1.7m 0.8m 0.5m 0.5m 0.6m 1.7m 0.7m

3 Best Quality 3 Best Range 3 Best Price Phone: 8862 1866 Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010




WALLAROO TIDE TIMES Thursday, Oct 7 1.3m 1210 1.2m Friday, Oct 8 0.7m 0555 0.4m 1835 Saturday, Oct 9 0.7m 0611 0.4m 1853 Sunday, Oct 10 0.7m 0630 0.4m 1900 0.6m Monday, Oct 11 1.7m 1417 0.8m 2357 Tuesday, Oct 12 1.7m 1451 0.7m Wednesday, Oct 13 0.5m 0747 0.6m 1919





1024 1016





0552 1812




0542 1800

The frontrunner in fertiliser Ph: 8415 1900

Sponsored by





0531 1745

Rob and Paula Saint

Mobile: 0418 859 596 Email:





• Big Roll Baling Hay/Silage (NH 750A with chopper option) • Big Roll Silage Wrapping • Grain Harvesting

Contact: 8848 4381


WARNINGS Information at or 1300 659 215 (Local call cost) STATE On Thursday isolated showers and thunderstorms northeast of Moomba will continue to contract northeast to clear late evening. Further south isolated light showers are expected south of about Adelaide on Thursday and Friday ahead of a new high ridging into the Bight. Isolated light showers will contract to Kangaroo Island and the Lower South East on Saturday then clear early afternoon as the high moves to a position over eastern Victoria. Cool to mild, increasing to mild to warm in the north on Saturday, with light to moderate southwest to southeast winds, fresh at times in the far north


Adelaide Plains, Clare & Gilbert Valleys:



RA & JM Hall

day forecast – Balaklava Friday


8636 2274




PERRY’S OILS....................................................... 205 Litre Multi Fleet Engine Oil CI4/SL 15w40............$670 inc GST All Tractor Trans Oil....................................... $695 inc GST Hydraulic Oil 68............................................ .$495 inc GST • Free delivery in our market area • We pickup your waste oil



downgraded we’re talking losing up to $500/t – and there’s no second grade.”

The outlook for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is for isolated showers and thunderstorms in the far north to gradually extend southwards as warm northerly winds develop ahead of a trough of low pressure moving over western and central parts of the State. CENTRAL DISTRICT FORECAST Thursday: Isolated morning fog. Isolated light showers south of Adelaide. Cool with moderate to fresh south to south west winds. Friday: Isolated morning fog. Isolated light showers south of Adelaide. Cool with light to moderate southerly winds. Saturday: Isolated morning fog. Isolated light morning showers about Kangaroo Island and southern Fleurieu Peninsula. Mild with light to moderate southeast to northeast winds. GULF WATERS FORECAST Thursday: Wind: SW to SE 10 to 15 knots, reaching 15 to 20 knots in the afternoon. Sea: 1 to 1.5 m. Swell: SW 2 to 3 m on southern Spencer Gulf, decreasing to 1.5 to 2 m in the evening. W to SW 0.5 to 1 m on southern Gulf St Vincent. Friday: Wind: SW to SE 5 to 15 knots, reaching 10 to 20 knots in the afternoon.


To 9am October 6, 2010


0 0

53.8 35.0 39.5 48.8 39.5 42.7 37.4 48.4 41.1 30.1 48.3 35.4 45.5 31.9 35.2

483.9 304.3 356.4 448.0 380.2 392.0 286.6 426.8 370.6 362.4 438.2 307.8 386.4 341.4 362.0


509.4 na 326.3 432.6 317.8 388.0 na 453.0 321.5 267.4 463.2 237.0 416.7 319.0 330.0

• Contract Mower Conditioning • Super Conditioning • Swathing and Spraying • V- Rake Hire • Baling Proud Member Of • Hay Freight • Hay Sampling • Loader Hire > Rob 0438 621 326 > Peter 0429 853 203 > After Hours 8862 1326

Dalkey Hill Baling


Week Month Monthly This year Last year to date average to date to date

Auburn Balaclava Blyth Clare Hamley Bridge Hoyleton Mallala Marrabel Owen Port Wakefield Riverton Roseworthy Saddleworth Snowtown Two Wells

Book Your Hectares In Now For 2010

Clare UV ALERT 9:40am - 4:20pm Max UV Index 9 (very high)

State: Country:

1900 655 365* 1900 926 189*

*77 cents per minute. Higher from public and mobile phones.

8x4x4 & 8x4x3 Baling of hay & straw - Rake Available -

© Commonwealth of Australia 2010

w w w. b o m . g o v. a u

Issued 12 pm October 6, 2010

Contact Shayn 8862 1222

Contact Kelvin Phone: 0418 854 159


Classifieds Plains Producer v


PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 DEADLINE: 5pm Monday

coming events Long Plains Red Cross

Balaklava Football Club

Fashion Parade


12 noon at Long Plains Hall

Monday November 1

• Admission $10 • Raffle • Trading table

8.00pm at Balaklava Sports Club

Contact: Jenny 8862 7018

Wednesday October 13

FIELD DAY TUESDAY OCTOBER 12 - 9am Navan (Between Riverton and Tarlee)

Water, Carbon and Nitrogen Efficiency, Sheep Challenge • Wheat canopy management and new varieties • Oaten hay agronomy – where do the new varieties fit? • New barley varieties • Barley agronomy – malting and feed barley • Barley time of seeding • Demonstration of crop topping wheat • Growth regulators on wheat • Time of sowing of wheat and canola • New pea, wheat and canola varieties • Sardi faba bean research site & lots more subjects $30 Entry includes Lunch

Balaklava Eisteddfod Society


Tuesday October 26 - 7.30pm at Balaklava Community Library

For rent

We would like to invite you to a night of

Relationship Encouragement

We recommend for anyone in a relationship Choice of 2 Sessions

Sunday October 17 or Wednesday October 20

• Bookings are essential • Limited numbers

7.30pm at The Lighthouse 4 George St, Balaklava Fireproof is a movie that will really challenge us in relationships about what it takes to WIN and keep things in balance. The movie has impacted many lives & been the catalyst for improving realtionships To book or more info phone Andrew Smith 0419 648 473


(Regional Revival is an initiative of Balaklava Church of Christ, urging all Christians to share their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.)

Sunday October 17 6.30pm at Community Recreation Centre (footy oval)

• Speaker: Colin Heslop • Music: Mark Greenshields & Band • Pooled Supper ALL WELCOME

Terminus Hotel Sunday Pizza Night

Agenda will comprise presentation of financial statements, reports and election of board members. Other as permitted by the Chairman. Notice is given that the term of office for the following Board Directors will expire on 27/10/10. Mr P Barnfield, Mrs E Henrys, Mr A Barr, Mr K Cunningham & Mrs J Aldenhoven. All retiring members are eligible for re-election Nominations for the above positions will be received by the undersigned until noon on Monday 27th October 2010. Nomination forms can be obtained from administration staff at Mill Court, telephone 88621576. Should more candidates be nominated than are required to fill the five vacancies, an election shall be held at the AGM at which community consumers will be entitled to vote.



Parham Beach shack for short term rent. Minimum stay 2 nights. 3 bedrooms sleeps 8. Table tennis table. Crabbing gear supplied. $130/night plus $40 cleaning fee. BYO linen (pillows and dunas supplied). Call 0459 373 002 see website at www. parhamholidayrentals. Unit for rent. Unit 2, 11 Walsh Street. $155 per week, 2 bedroom. Phone 08 8862 2211, business hours, Jeff.

For Sale

12’ Liberty on-road camper trailer. Full annex wall and door. Lots of storage. $3100 neg. Ph. 8525 2572 or 0403 018 911. Aluminium punt 12’, casting deck, 1 sliding seat, and oars $500 o.n.o. Phone 8862 2272 or 0412 809 336. Ceiling fan with light $30. Phone 0430 720 207.

Entertainment unit $200, kitchen dresser $50. Ph. 0427 901 043. Free range pullets, 3 colours. Day old to point of lay, $3.80 to $15.90 each. Phone: 8523 0950 Hillier.

• Now open 6pm - 7.30pm • Limited menu also available

Opening Special Any large pizza & large chips



Don’t forget Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nights $12 specials includes all you can eat, soup, salad and vegetables

Phone: 8862 1006

Hyundai Excel, 1995. Reg WKX192. 2 door 5 speed man, a/c, p/steer, cd, mags, body kit, custom interior. Very sporty, great car. $3,600 ono. Phone 0438 041 491. Mercedes ML270 diesel 4WD, white, 141,000 kms, 2004, $27,000 o.n.o. Dean 0427 829 297.

Spaceline caravan, 18ft, 1995. Tandem axle, incl. susp front, kitchen, centre lounge, L shaped dining, rear island bed. Air conditioning. New rollout awning and full annex. Excellent condition. Always shedded. $26,900, Balaklava 0428 391 146.


Tuesday October 28, 2010 at 7.30 PM.

For Sale

Retravision - computers, cameras, ipods, appliances, Telstra dealer, air conditioning, wiring and repairs. Ph 8862 1552.


BALAKLAVA MILL COURT HOMES INC Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Balaklava Mill Court Homes Inc. will be held at the Senior Citizens Hall

Balaklava two bedroom, unit. Self contained, $145 per week, air conditioning, F2F Real Estate. Phone Julio 0409 100 062, Balaklava.


Royal Hotel Social Club Pairs Ambrose Golf Tournament Sunday October 17 at Balaklava Golf Club

3 18 hole competition $20 per person - 10am start 3 9 hole competition $15 per person - 1.30pm start • Prices include lunch • BBQ lunch 12.30pm • Good prizes • All welcome

Details phone: 8862 1607

Recently a lady’s whitegold ring was found in the middle of the road near the Balaklava Post Office. Sadly the ring the been runover and it is damaged. The ring has a date engraved on the inside 28.5._. As this ring may be very special to someone please phone 0411 753 256 and quote the year that is engraved inside to have it returned.

Wanted to Buy

HORSES unwanted, top prices, cash, any types, Ph 8524 3640 or 0414 546 217. WANTED Motorcycles. We will buy or sell your motorcycle on consignment. Gawler Motorcycle Centre, Lot 1 Main North Rd Evanston Ph 8522 7700.

VALIANTS wanted AP5 to CL sedans, wagon, utes, parts, anything considered. Ph Joe 0439 339 634.

25th Wedding

Garage Sale

Garage Sale 1 Walsh St Balaklava Saturday October 9, 8am to 4pm. Kids toys, furniture and Bric-abrac, and lots more

Port Wakefield Kindergarten/playgroup. Car boot sale. Parents and friends fundraiser, Sunday October 17, 8pm to 1pm at Port Wakefield Golf Club. Come and join us. Lots of new and used goods. Come and grab a bargain! If you are interested in having a stall. Contact Susan Pain 8867 1529 or mobile 0429 912 442.

Public Notice

CASH for cans and bottles, Owen Recycling - 18 Railway Terrace, Owen. Wednesday 10-5; Saturday 10-1 or by appointment. Ph 0417 885 107. Did you know? Shareholders are entitled to collect any company unclaimed profits. For further details. Call 8862 1442. Father’s Day Raffle results drawn September 3 at Mill Court. Winners. 1st Prize Peter Auerbach. 2nd Prize Reese Svetec. 3rd Prize Trish Halls. 4th Prize Leah Ferrari.

Mamogram bus - taking bookings now at hospital. Phone 8862 1400. Bus fee. SHaremarket - buy wholesale and rent shares out. Never ending income. Ring 8862 1442.


Free of charge for recycling. We take old televisions, computers, microwaves, videos, stereos and stoves etc. off your hands. Please ph 0407 605 779 or 8862 2263.

To Cheree and James Neill. Wishing you a happy 25th wedding anniversary on October 12, 2010. Lots of love from Mum and Dad, Mathew, Amanda, Clint and grandson Tyler.

App Marriage

Shepherd - Davey. Belinda and Matthew are getting married on Saturday October 9, 2010 at Balaklava Church of Christ.

in Memoriam

Williams - Ina Rosina Pearl. 23/09/1922 to 05/10/2009. Loved Mother, Nanna and great Nanna of John, Beth, Alicia, Vaughan and all their families. This day is remembered but quietly kept, of one we loved and will never forget.

Return Thanks

Hocking (Darryl John). Irene, Terry and family sincerely thank everyone who showed their love and support with cards, phone calls and flowers on the loss of our beloved son and brother. Your kindness is much appreciated.

Wedding ann

LAMBERT - MARDON. Married at Port Wakefield Methodist Church 08/10/1960. Congratulations Mum and Dad on 50 wonderful years together. Love Alicia & Robin, Yvette & Chris, Stephen & Daniel, Ashleigh & Georgia.

Balaklava Lions Club


This Sunday October 10 Starting at 10am at Balaklava Showgrounds

• Deliveries from Saturday 10am • Donated & commission items • Commissioned lots under $10 will become a donation • No mattresses accepted •Identification required • 15% commission on items up to $700 • 10% commission on items above $701 • Proceeds shared between local health charities

6 foot wall unit, fold up directors chair, 6ft 3 door wardrobe, single bed, fold up bed, antique 3 door wardrobe, Sharp microwave, 2 door bedroom cupboard, room bar heater, double bed, 2 single beds, lazy boy chair, beautiful antique 2 metre dining table - extendable with 6 chairs, 6ft recliner lounger and two chairs, kitchen stool, antique set of 7 drawers, child’s white wardrobe, electric wall drier, exercise bike, 3 church pews, gas webber BBQ, 6 wooden chairs, 3 aluminium windows, new bar fridge, barbecue, electric organ, computer cupboard Contact Kossie 8862 2067 or Kevin 8862 1858

Plains Producer,Thursday October 7, 2010



PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997

Public NoticeS

Council Service Centre to Open in Two Wells


The District Council of Mallala has been working, in collaboration with the Two Wells Regional Action Team, to enhance accessibility to Council services.


The State’s 30 year Greater Adelaide Plan and associated growth in the Two Wells area have influenced the decision of Council to relocate some of its resources to the current Two Wells Visitor Information Centre (TWVIC).

Nominations are invited for the Australia Day Awards to be presented during Australia Day Celebrations in 2011.

Council has been working closely with members of the Two Wells Regional Action Team (TWRAT) to ensure the changeover from Visitor Information Centre to a Council Office runs smoothly and meets the needs of the community.

The aim of the Awards, sponsored by the Australia Day Council, is to recognise outstanding contributions to the community over the past year or years.

The TWVIC will close its doors under its current capacity on Friday, 8 October 2010. Council CEO, Charles Mansueto, commented: ”Staff and volunteers involved in the Centre over the past 8 years should be proud of their achievements, the TWRAT has provided a valuable resource and significant services to the Two Wells District. The dedication and commitment of its members and volunteers has provided Council with a great base to move forward. We anticipate the introduction of further Council resources to the area will give greater access to a range of Council services to the wider community. Regional Councils are constantly faced with locating core services and resources where they can maximize community benefit. We believe the re-location of some of our resources to Two Wells will go a long way to achieving this.”

The Young Citizen Award is for persons aged up to 25 years as at 26 January, 2011 and the Citizen Award is for persons over 25 years as at that date. Nomination forms are available at the Council Office (2a Wasleys Road, Mallala), the Two Wells Public Library (Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells) and online (www.mallala.

Office hours will be 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, providing the community with planning and customer service functions. Other Council functions will continue to operate from the main office at Mallala. TWVIC Manager Davina Smythe stated “We are delighted with the opportunity to move into a familiar community space, giving Council staff the chance to better meet the community’s needs. TWRAT members are pleased current visitor information services, including the sale of souvenirs and postcards will be conducted within the new Council Office. “There will be enormous benefits to the community and visitors with Council providing visitor information services five days a week” said TWVIC Manager, Davina Smythe.

Photocopying services will be available at the Two Wells Craft Shop six days a week. Whilst, computer classes will transfer to a new location in November with volunteer trainer Anita Taylor.

Due to essential work, power will be interrupted in Lochiel, Snowtown, Bumbunga, Nantawarra and surrounding areas, including the area covered by transfomers starting with KA/07 and KA/24, on Thursday 14 October.

The Two Wells Public Library provides public internet and computing services, as do the Two Wells Internet Service.

6 Edith Terrace, Balaklava Enquiries: Jo May 8862 2342 or 8862 1173 Now Open and Currently Exhibiting … An exhibition showcasing selected works by sixteen Mid North artists opens at the Balaklava Courthouse Gallery this week. The exhibition, entitled “A Gathering: Collective Works of Local and Associated Artists”, has been curated by Balaklava artist Jen Searle, and runs for five weeks, from Thursday October 7 until Sunday November 7. This engaging mixed media exhibition, including paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolour, sketches and 3-dimensional works - with all items for sale - reveal the artists' personal perspectives and styles, and many capture the essence of our region. With both retrospective and fresh new works included, these talented regional artists combine for what promises to be a stimulating exhibition with a local flavour.

The interruption will occur from 8.30am until 3.00pm.


This work is part of a program aimed at managing reliability. Affected areas are indicated by the shaded area on the adjacent map.

For credit card donations go to or call 13 SALVOS.

For further information please contact ETSA Utilities on 13 12 61. This work may not proceed if weather conditions are unsuitable. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. U23710

RestoRe sight foR just $25

Please come in and enjoy what is on offer at your community gallery – you are very welcome! Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010

Do call in to the Gallery over the next few weeks to see the world through our talented local artists’ eyes! Gallery Gift Shop And remember that the Gallery Gift Shop is open during Gallery hours – Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays between 2 and 4pm – and has new and interesting hand crafted items arriving continuously. It’s the perfect spot to buy that unique individual gift or memento.


Interruption to power supply

Services provided by TWVIC, other than Council services, will remain within the township and will be available at a variety of locations, with the added benefit of additional hours.

where heritage and art combine.

Test and evaluation activities involving static firings and/or firings of naval and artillery weapons are conducted at the Proof and Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield throughout the year. The Proof and Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield is a vital Defence test and evaluation capability that has supported Defence since 1929. These firings may require specific tidal or weather conditions, and are critical for the safety of current and new Defence capabilities. Members of the public may notice noise, vibration, flashes and/or smoke during the testing. There is no risk to the public outside of the gazetted Defence Practice Areas. For reasons of public safety, there is a permanent exclusion zone covering land, sea and air around the Port Wakefield Establishment. Specific details on the Port Wakefield Prohibited Area can be obtained from Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No GN 26, 4 July 1990, and is shown on the diagram below. Trespassing in this Area is strictly prohibited and very dangerous due to the presence of unexploded bombs. Any person found within the Prohibited Area or on Defence land will be subject to prosecution. Specific test and evaluation activities may also require restricting public access to the Port Wakefield Defence Practice Areas over specific periods with these areas articulated in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No. GN 40, 7 October 2007, and also identified on the diagram below. This may affect access to the Gulf of St Vincent at Port Wakefield and Port Parham. If any member of the public has inquiries in relation to these activities please contact Proof & Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield – Range Control, on (08) 8867 0270 between 8.00am and 4.30pm weekdays or the Proof & Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield – Security Office, on (08) 8867 0299 outside these hours.

Written nominations for all categories of the Awards should be addressed to:Chief Executive Officer District Council of Mallala PO Box 18 MALLALA SA 5502 and received no later that 5pm on November 20, 2010. Charles Mansueto Chief Executive Officer

Council staff are scheduled to re-open the site at 9am on Monday, 6 December 2010, as the Council’s Two Wells Service Centre.



Donate now

1800 352 352



PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997

Situations Vacant

Satellite Pay TV Subcontractors Needed

Required for busy store in Clare Valley. Must have experience in all aspects of tyre fitting and must have current drivers licence.

If you’ve answered yes to these questions then read on! At Access Television Services (ATS) we coordinate the work of over 600 subcontractors nationally who install Satellite Pay-TV for our client, AUSTAR.

0427 422 172

Previous experience in either free-to-air installations, electrical, electronics, telephony and video tuning or cabling will be an advantage, but not essential. Please email or fax your resume to:, or fax to (07) 5582 5283, quoting REF:SAA048, by October 14, 2010.

Poultry Farm Worker

Tyre Fitter & Wheel Aligner

• Do you want to be a Subcontractor – Installing Satellite Pay TV in the Port Wakefield area? • Have you always wanted to work for yourself but worry about how you will find the work? • Do you place high emphasis on providing quality customer service and take pride in your work? • Would you like to receive free AUSTAR?

You will need the following: • Computer with email and internet access • Clean & Safe work vehicle and tools • Attend a one week training course • National Police Check • If working in NSW, you will need a valid OH&S Construction Card

public notice

Contact Brenton on 0419821609 or forward details to


Murray Pest Control

Clare Balaklava Football CLub Termites & all pests managed


Applications close October 29, 2010

Kapunda, Tarlee, Owen Mallala, Two Wells, Dublin & Right Across the Lower North Simon & Jess Davies



Major Duties Include; - Develop professional relationships with a targeted portfolio of existing and new clients. - Target new clients through the provision of superior sales and agronomic input together with maximizing opportunities for the promotion of other Agfert products and services. - Assist in the successful running and co-ordination of field days and farmer meetings and conduct field demonstrations and trial work for product development in conjunction with key suppliers. - Provide agronomic and technical information to clients together with product sales in line with company sales and earnings objectives. The position requires; - Degree/diploma in agricultural science or related field - An understanding of the products, seasonal timing and general requirements of rural producers within the area. - A proven track record of sales achievement in an agronomy role. - Sound administrative and organizational skills including competence in using computers including Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. - Excellent written and oral communication skills - Current drivers licence - Current Agsafe accreditation To be successful in this role you must have a commitment to achieving team goals, highly developed interpersonal skills and dedication to customer service. This position offers an exciting career opportunity with a leading agricultural services company in a key business location a competitive remuneration package will be negotiated with the successful applicant. Please send applications to Derryn Stringer, PO BOX 260, BALAKLAVA, SA 5461 or Applications close: 15.10.2010




As one of Australia’s largest hay exporters, Balco Australia Pty Ltd is a significant national and international marketing organization exporting Australian hay to numerous countries throughout the world. We are seeking seasonal casuals to join our team at Bowmans for the following positions: • Loader Drivers (Loader LL license required); • Moisture Testers; and • Hay Processors (Forklift LF license required).

✓ Flies, Fleas, Misc. Pests ✓ Rats & Mice ✓ White Ants ✓ Cockroaches ✓ Spiders ✓ Weed Spraying

Health Comm. Lic. No. 12

An excellent opportunity exists for a Sales Agronomist, responsible for providing agronomic services to clients and achieving allocated sales and earnings objectives.

Consulting Fridays 9am to 1pm at Balaklava Ambulance Station

8853 2088

“No job Too bigg or Too small” BLD 219066

8562 1999

Specialising in the eradication of ...

Sales Agronomist Full Time – Permanent, Balaklava, SA

Dr Daryl R Brown

For appointments phone

Applications are required for

Applications addressed to: Secretary PO Box 13 Balaklava S.A. 5461

Have a look in your shed and ring Mike on 0419 441 727

trades & services directory


for season 2011

Cupboards, benches, dressers, tables, chairs, etc. Includes any repairable condition.

Poultry Farm Worker. Beaufort area. Casual position 4-5 hours per day. Staff must be fit and reliable.

Phone Pete for a confidential appointment.

• B Grade• Senior • Junior Colts



House Re-Stumping

• Qualified carpenter • 10 years in house releveling • House lifting

Call Scott 0438 654 827

Lower Light

Septic Suckers 7 Days Service!

Main North Road, Clare Phone: 8842 2001 A/h: 8844 5041 Toll Free: 1300 856 263 Mobile 0418 859 195

Phone Roger: 0428 419 133



Public Notice

To be successful in these roles you must: • Possess a positive attitude; • Have a solid work ethic; • Be reliable and punctual; and • Have a sound understanding of and commitment to workplace safety. You will be required to work flexible hours on a casual basis in order to meet with our seasonal and operational demands. For additional information please call Anthony Yandell on 0407 611 082. To apply please visit our website

McArdle Pty Ltd, Balaklava SA Positions Vacant

Truck Driver required, MC Licence essential. Maintenance Mechanic required for heavy machinery and other various vehicles also a MC or HC licence would be an advantage. Farm/livestock hand We have recently expanded our Balaklava, SA property and now require a full time ‘farm hand/ livestock workman’. Experience preferred but not essential. To apply for any of the above positions please contact; Eddie on 08 8862 1866 or send applications to, PO Box 260, BALAKLAVA, SA 5461

Let Bronte tell your story! Bronte Hewett is our correspondent in Two Wells and keen to talk to anyone from her area who has a story to tell. It may be an anniversary, an achievement, a family story or just something newsworthy you want to share.

Call Bronte on 8862 1977 or email:

Be part of your newspaper Plains Producer,Thursday October 7, 2010


PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997

Public Notice Section SEVEN The vendor’s statement relating to matters affecting the advertised properties in this publication may be inspected at the agent’s office three business days prior to auction or at the place of auction 30 minutes before sale.


Real Estate

Red $229,000


RED $279,500

• Character stone 3 bedroom with sleepout villa • Separate kitchen, dine and lounge room • Original features, dome high ceilings • Large block for sub-division or family home


• No build time, no hassle • Never lived in, 4 bedroom family home • Floor tiles throughout the open plan living • Main bedroom features WIR and ensuite • Double garage with auto door UMR • Room for outdoor living and shed

BALAKLAVA $440,000

Auction Balaklava RED


• Well presented 3 bdrm home with ceiling fans • Open plan lounge/kitchen/dine • Renovated bathroom & toilet • Established front & rear garden with good shedding

Balaklava $180,000

• This delightful stone cottage is in the centre of Balaklava • Side entrance hallway, 3 big bedrooms, pressed tin ceilings and a spacious country kitchen. • The main bedroom has an ornate mantel and French doors • There is minimal upkeep required • This cottage is cosy, but deceptively spacious.

Walsh Street Balaklava Quality home / great location Located in a quiet Balaklava street, walking distance to schools and the town centre, this solid basket range stone home is priced to sell. One of the first features you will notice when you step into this home, is beautifully polished floorboards throughout the open living areas. The three b/r’s are newly carpeted, the main b/r boasts BIR. Heating and cooling includes r/c air and oil heater in the lounge room, as well as a split system in the master bedroom. Outside blinds also keep the three front rooms cooler in summer. Built on a big 1062m2 block, there’s plenty of space outdoors, and loads of landscaping and gardening opportunities. Out buildings include a carport, verandah for entertaining and a single car garage.

BALAKLAVA $232,000

• Impressive from start to finish this home contains 4 double bedrooms, high ceilings, polished timber floors • The kitchen is only a recent addition with stainless steel under bench oven, an island bench which overlooks the dining area • Great views through the bay window into the backyard • A full length paved outdoor entertaining area is a real feature of the property, along with the fully landscaped, park like gardens which surround the home

Auction date: Friday October 22, 11am RLA 223600

Kelly Leach 0417 146 451 Balaklava



• 3 bedroom family stone home on approx. 6 ½ acres. • Country style kitchen/dine with Meter 2 wood stove. • Formal dining room with ornate ceilings and rose. • Central lounge with combustion heater. Three spacious bedrooms, two with built-in robe and one with ensuite. • Main bathroom with corner spa bath, separate shower and large vanity. • Rear pergola ideal for entertaining your guests. • Numerous shedding and bird aviaries. Four separate paddocks for livestock, mains water, bore water & rainwater • Rumpus room and bedroom with a toilet.

PORT WAKEFIELD/BEAUFORT $252,500 20 acre Farmlet • 4 brm brick home 1 hour from Adelaide • Open plan kitchen/dine and separate lounge • 20 acres ideal for the hobby farmer • Ample shedding, good location to YP & EP


I need more properties I have genuine people looking for a variety of homes from $170,000 to $250,000……can you help?

Call Damien 0427 792 128

190 Main North Road, Clare

Phone: 8842 1154

list and sell with us your local agent Hoyleton Auction Lot 2 Heards Hill Rd

Balaklava $295,000 17 Roberts Avenue

• Centrally position 3 way brm • Main Bm with WIR & ensuite access • 3 carpeted bedrooms

Their dream is over and your’s is just beginning.

This huge 5 bedroom home with a return veranda on approximately 1.848 ha. will be reluctantly sold due to health issues. This classic villa is just waiting for that special touch to finish the renovations to restore it to it’s former grandeur and the massive living area will certainly impress you. All of the rooms are very spacious and most of the rooms have been renovated however there are still a few rooms to go so you can still stamp your style into the home. Features include ornate ceilings, leadlight windows and timber floors through some rooms. The outbuildings include a large workshop, two large rural sheds and there wil be a Massey Ferguson TEA 20 tractor, 3PL slasher, 3PL plough and 3PL carryall will be included. This property does still require some work but do it right and at the end of the day you will have show piece of the district.

Auction: Saturday October 9, 2010, 10.30am on the property, Lot 2 Heards Hill Road, Hoyleton

Balaklava’s Number 1 name in Real Estate Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010

•Outdoor entertainment area • Spacious tiled hallway • Open plan kitchen, dining

Balaklava $189,000 Unit 2/ 7 Fisher Street

Move straight in

• 2 Bedrooms • Modern unit • Great location • Easy care

Balaklava $230,000 2A Walsh Street

Balaklava 20 Kelly Street


Ideal investment or 1st home • 2 or 3 bedroom • Ideal location • Low maintenance • Security shutters

• Split system air conditioning • Dishwasher

Balaklava $165,000 2 Werocata Road

• Three bedroom house • 717m2 {approx.} block • Main bedroom has full length built in robe

Available For Rent • Unit 3/1 Charles Street, Balaklava $180 p/w • 3 br Owen Rural setting $175 p/w

• Split system air conditioning • Remote roller door

• Ideal investment home with reno. • 1080 m2 corner block

• 3 or 4 bedroom • Large lounge • Split system air conditioner

Tania & Peter Butterfield Mobile: 0417 884 877 Office: 08 8862 2172 Fax: 08 8862 1280


Sport Hamley again pacesetters Plains Producer

other reports: P16 – 19

Can challengers stop a seventh straight title? By John Glistak, association secretary


t seems like only yesterday that Hamley Bridge (Division One), Riverton White (Division Two Red) and Mallala White (Division Two White) respectively hoisted their premiership shields after their grand final wins at Port Wakefield. Another season is now upon us this weekend in what should be, once again, a very interesting competition in both Divisions. All clubs have had personnel changes with bowlers either retiring or transferring to other clubs, new bowlers starting, and a number of bowlers joining clubs from elsewhere. While most Division One sides should basically have similar combinations to last season, the major changes are likely to be among the Division Two sides. Interestingly, the latest South Australian Bowler, we are advised three former Division One bowlers – Ben Bowman (Wasleys), Greg McPharlin (Port Wake-

field) and Kate Smith (Hamley Bridge) – will be playing Metropolitan Saturday Division One Red Pennants for Gawler, Adelaide and West Lakes, respectively, this season. We wish them every success in their new endeavour. Now turning to Wooroora Division One for this season, Hamley Bridge will be the side to beat once again. Both Balaklava and Riverton will be around the mark with consistent form over the whole season. The remaining sides – Mallala, Owen, Port Wakefield and Wasleys – will likely fight it out for the remaining top four spot. However, should results go their way; any one of the more established sides could find themselves knocked out of finals’ consideration. Only time will tell. The opening Division One round will see the premiers Hamley Bridge with the bye. Owen and Mallala are

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Balaklava Pizza & Pasta

Buy 2 pizzas and get your second one for

1/2 price



n Club honours – Balaklava bowling club awarded life membership to three club stalwarts at the club’s

opening last Sunday. From left are Region 8 Bowls SA councillor and Balaklava Division one player David Lamond, who presented life memberships to Don Anderson, Keith Cottle and Harold Philp. More pictures from the opening day, page 17. likely to have a close match as new playing combinations are put onto the green. In the remaining matches, both Riverton and Balaklava, with more settled combinations, are expected to be too strong for their respective opponents, Port Wakefield and Wasleys. Division One first round – Owen v Mallala, Riverton v Port Wakefield, Balaklava v Wasleys, Hamley Bridge Bye As mentioned earlier, Division Two sides usually have a large turnover of bowlers for a variety of reasons. It normally takes several weeks for playing combinations to sort themselves out and for sides to display their full po-

tential. Therefore, early predictions on which sides should do well are not as easy to determine as for Division One. However, within two to three weeks, trends will start to appear. This season, Tarlee has entered two sides in Division Two. We wish them every success in their new direction. Division Two – Wasleys v Port Wakefield Gold, Mallala Black v Balaklava Red, Hamley White v Riverton Black, Balaklava Blue v Tarlee White, Riverton White v Hamley Red, Balaklava White v Mallala White, Port Wakefield Blue v Owen, Tarlee Red Bye. Best of luck for the new season.

n Blyth-Snowtown Cats football and netball presentations: Page 18


PHONE: 8862 2223

Top golfers at Balaklava n BALAKLAVA golf club held its Open championship last weekend. Club president Bill Lokan (centre) presents the B grade trophy to Merv Hameister (right) with Scott Michael runner-up. More pictures and results, Page 19

Free Hearing Tests Free digital hearing aids supplied to Pensioners and Veterans.* Private and workers compensation clients are our speciality. Private Health fund rebates apply. We provide FREE hearing services and hearing aids to eligible clients of theAustralian Government Hearing Services Program.* Clare

Mid North Hearing Clinic 294 Main North Rd


Balaklava Hospital 4 War Memorial Drv

1300 557 745




*Conditions Apply

Ope Mon- n 9am-5 Fri pm

Yorke Peninsula Hearing Clinic Shop 3, 3 Forster St

Consulting at over 70 clinics Plains Producer, Thursday October 7, 2010

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