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Wednesday August 25, 2010


Council declares $39,000 cost for Evans battle

From a farm at Inkerman, to a new life in the shadow of the pyramids:

Court costs for the land use wrangle between Wakefield Regional Council (WRC) and Balaklava businessman-farmer, Peter Evans have been settled at $39,000. The out-of-court settlement was made public on council’s website last Friday at 5pm, and will be noted and discussed at tonight’s council meeting. WRC chief executive officer, Phil Barry, last week confirmed court costs would be made public.There will be no other costs, with the final figure well under the longrumoured amount of about $100,000. A council report by WRC environmental services manager, Elca McCarthy, also included the Local Government Association’s legal opinion on the potential effect of the Full Court decision on development plans of other SA councils. “It must be remembered the costs awarded against council were for that part of the planning appeal process involving only the Supreme Court level,” the report read. • Cont. Page 7

Renee finds her Egyptian prince RENEE Korreng, raised on the tough farming country at Inkerman, south of Port Wakefield, couldn’t be more of a “local.” From a family who were pioneer farmers in this region, Renee will soon move to Cairo to be with her husband, Amr Haggag – the man she has married three times in a year! Renee, shown with Amr at their Cairo wedding, has embraced the Muslim faith and now wears a hijab – and she can’t wait to get to Egypt. Reporter LAUREN HERMON tells her story, with more pictures, on Page 15.



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PICTURE: Lisa Redpath

THE CUP! IT’S ON NEXT WEDNESDAY 16 page feature NEXT WEEK! Damien Oliver to ride - Page 7

Champion again!

Voters back Labor in Wakefield – AS Greens impact in our ruRal towns: ELECTION REPORTS – Page 2, 3 and 4

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NEWS v 2010 Federal Election

Ramsey’s vote of confidence in Grey A six per cent swing to Rowan Ramsey in Grey has seen him retain the seat with an increased margin to serve another term as the Federal Liberal MHR for Grey. “I am very pleased with the result of Saturday’s election and look forward to serving the people in Grey for another term,” he said. “I trust at least a portion of the swing is recognition of a lot of hard work over the last three years and I am humbled by the broad support.

“This result clearly shows voters in regional areas were fed up with the Labor government’s waste and mismanagement and clearly understand we cannot continue out-of-control borrowing, that taxpayers will have the responsibility to pay back, plus interest,” he said. Mr Ramsey said water was one of the major issues which resonated with voters in Grey. “With no clear direction or progress on the River Murray and a lack of

focus in resolving the vital issue of water, the Coalition’s commitment to national control and announcements to fund local water projects were welcomed. On Monday, Mr Ramsey said: “I am hopeful the Coalition can form government with the support of the Independents. “The Coalition represents far more of regional Australia than the Labor Party and I believe the regionallybased independents will see they have

far more in common with the Coalition. What we need now is stability,” he said. Mr Ramsey now holds Grey with a two-candidate preferred margin of 6.05 per cent – increasing from 4.4 when he was elected in 2007. Grey is the country’s third largest Federal seat, encompassing 92 per cent of South Australia. It has been held by the Liberal party for the past 17 years but came under threat from Labor in the 2007 election. Rowan Ramsey

Edwards, Fawcett ready for Senate CLARE-based Liberal Sean Edwards will head to Canberra as a South Australian senator based on 76 per cent of votes counted. However, Mr Edwards said it was too close to tell how the election would unfold at this stage. As State president of the SA division of the Liberal Party, Mr Edwards was well informed before the election and said the hung parliament situation came as no surprise. “As president, I had the benefit of all the information available, and we always knew it was going to be close,” he said. Mr Edwards was elected State president in August 2007, and reelected unopposed in August 2008 and 2009. He also serves concurrently as a member of the Liberal Party of Australia’s federal executive, representing SA. Mr Edwards remained confident in his party’s ability to forge crucial alliances.

Bronte Hewett reports: “I’m looking forward to the Coalition obtaining an alliance with the three key independents, giving us the majority to get on with restoring Australia’s confidence in a government which governs us effectively, unlike the Rudd/Gillard government which had clearly lost its way,” Mr Edwards said. After growing up in Clare, Mr Edwards lived in Adelaide for 11 years before returning. He is part of the fifth generation of Edwards family born in the area. He has long-served on numerous community based clubs and organisations, including as Chairman of Clare Valley Racing Club. Mr Edwards expanded his family’s long term involvement in the wine industry beyond the Clare Valley and throughout South Australia. He is the founding chairman

Liberal senator, Mary Jo Fisher, re-elected as second on the SA Liberal ticket, with Sean Edwards (left) and David Fawcett. of Kirrihill Wines, the Clare Valley’s second largest wine producer. • FORMER MHR for Wakefield, David Fawcett, says his senate seat may not be certain for a couple of weeks, though he currently holds SA’s sixth spot on current voting trends. Mr Fawcett said the process of electing the senate would take longer than he’d like.

“It’s a long process and results are not expected until the second week of September,” Mr Fawcett said. “I’m hoping it is all resolved quickly and we’ll see a stable government sooner rather than later,” he said. Mr Fawcett, who was the Federal Member for Wakefield from 2004 until 2007, said Australia hadn’t

seen a stable government in the last year. “People were obviously not happy with the way Labor was going,” he said. “I hope in the future there is not so much focus on the leaders.” Mr Fawcett said it was too premature to speculate on the results, but he was optimistic. “If it does work out, I’m looking forward to representing the state.” “But at this stage it’s too early to make assumption,” he said. Currently director and principal consultant of Fawcett Consulting, Mr Fawcett provides professional services to the health, defence and aerospace sectors, as well as advising clients on government relations. Before parliament, he served in the Australian Defence Force for more than 22 years. He was commanding officer of the RAAF’s aircraft research and development unit.







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Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

NEWS v 2010 Federal Election

Lock it in for


Nation is split – but Champion’s historic win tips scales in Wakefield

Sitting member for Wakefield, Nick Champion created history at last Saturday’s Federal election as he became the first Labor MP in the Wakefield electorate to be re-elected. Mr Champion defeated Liberal candidate, David Strauss, in what was a disappointing result for the Liberal party. Local polling booths revealed a drop in votes for the Liberals, following national trends with a big swing to the Greens. While Australia’s leadership remains in political limbo, Gillard and Abbott are seeking support from the Independents as a result of a hung parliament.

Lauren Hermon reports:

However, Mr Champion’s position as Labor representative for Wakefield was set in stone, with a 5.9 per cent swing in his favour. “It’s very nice to be re-elected,” Mr Champion said. “We created a bit of history on Saturday.” He said it was now a “waiting game” to see whether Labor or Liberal would take top spot. Mr Champion, who won the seat from the Liberal Party’s David Fawcett in 2007, said he received a positive response from his tireless campaign-

ing. He said he was keen to start work again and “fight hard for the local community.” “I’m looking forward to getting back to work,” he said. “I’ll be visiting a local school as they are hoping to install solar panels. “I will also be getting on with the Gawler River project and Angle Vale Sports Recreation project.” Mr Champion said Labor’s broadband plans and putting trades back in to schools was still “a very important priority.” David Strauss, a Gawler councillor and flight lieutenant with the RAAF, said his occasional deployment

overseas probably did not help in his campaign. “It’s disappointing,” Mr Strauss said. “But it was a happy campaign and it was honest and had integrity,” he said. Mr Strauss thought of many possible reasons as to why Mr Champion succeeded in the voting polls, including some campaign “misinformation.” “It could have been because he (Nick Champion) was the sitting member, and had a bigger budget.” Mr Strauss said he was thinking about rejoining the RAAF and “might re-contest the seat of Wakefield in the future – but only time would tell.”

Nick Champion

Greens support damages Lib vote Terry Williams reports: Voters in Wakefield’s rural towns followed the national trend and sent a strong protest message to both major party candidates. But in Wakefield, they did it by voting for the Greens policies and local candidate Jane Alcorn more than ever before. First preference votes counted for Wakefield by Sunday afternoon and published on the officialAustralian Electoral Commission tally room website, showed Ms Alcorn grabbed an increase of 6.98 per cent across the entire electorate, easily won by sitting MP, Labor’s Nick Champion. Mr Champion held the seat with a 5.9 per cent boost on two-party preferred votes, against Liberal candidate David Strauss. Ms Alcorn, a Kapunda resident and councillor with Light Regional Council, scored 8,298 votes – 11.11 per cent – of the 100,209 enroled Wakefield voters – with nearly 80 per cent counted. And in local towns within the Plains Producer circulation area, there was a similar trend. It could be said part of the reason for the swing could be the “donkey vote” – Ms Alcorn held top spot on the voting slip – but it is more likely discerning voters in rural towns sent their message, like all Australians, to both major political parties. It was a message which in Wakefield probably would be more worrying to the Liberal Party, which saw big declines in the primary vote across most of our towns. In Balaklava – a traditional Liberal stronghold – Liberal candidate David Strauss managed 733 of the 1329 first preference votes counted. That’s 55.15 per cent which

n LEFT: Election day trading table in Balaklava – Laurie Zerk buys raffle tickets from Shaz Pike, as the vanilla cupcakes get the vote from Laurie’s wife, Margaret. n BELOW: Handing out “how to vote” cards in Two Wells are Bev Applebee, Denis Pellizzari and Tom Summerton.

in many polling booths would be seen as a massive vote for one party. Labor MP Nick Champion could manage only 370 votes (27.84 per cent), though he did increase his vote on the 2007 election result. But of more concern to the Liberal party, on Saturday there was a swing of 11.81 per cent against Liberal candidate, David Strauss, who was not sighted a great deal in the town. The Greens’ Jane Alcorn

(96 votes) and Paul Coombe, of Family First, (125 votes) saw respective swings of 5.37 and 4.52 per cent. Those combined figures (9.89) would suggest it was Liberal voters who deserted the party to vote elsewhere. At the last election in 2007, then encumbent Liberal MP, David Fawcett, received nearly 67 per cent of the vote in Balaklava, Nick Champion nearly 24 per cent – and Greens 1.85 and Family First 4.89 – a total of 6.74. So with this

Balaklava example, the message is there for the Liberal party to consider – don’t take rural towns in Wakefield for granted. Apart from the Greens and Family First vote, the party would be concerned the trend also indicates “voter shift” – where new members of town communities bring different political thought, away from traditional Liberal/Labor support. Strongest support for the Greens came in the small town

of Manoora, with a swing of 10.88 per cent. Other towns to recorded big Green swings were (by per centage): Watervale, 10.23, Owen, 9.87, Roseworthy 8.75,Two Wells, 8.09, Dublin 7.56, Wasleys, 7.53, Virginia 7.34 and Mallala 6.79. IN GREY, Liberal sitting MP, Rowan Ramsey, recorded a big swing of 7.98 per cent on first preferences and just over 6 per cent on two candidate preferred. In Blyth, Greens candi-

‘A pleasant surpise’ - Alcorn In what was the best swing seen by the Greens, Wakefield candidate and Kapunda resident, Jane Alcorn said Saturday’s result was a “pleasant surprise.” “I’m based at Kapunda, so to see such a considerable swing – particularly in Balaklava – was great and a pleasant surprise,” Ms Alcorn said. “I was really hoping for that swing,”

she said. The swing came as the Greens had a “better profile” in the lead-up to the election. “I think a lot of people are really starting to become concerned about the climate and environmental issues,” Ms Alcorn said. “And neither of the main political parties are doing much about it for communities in rural areas.”

Now post-election, Ms Alcorn said she was “coming back to the real world”. Next on her agenda is the November council elections, where she again will run as councillor for Light Regional Council. “If re-elected I think I can really contribute more in this coming term,” she said.“I’ll be much better prepared.”

dateAndrew Melville-Smith, a veterinarian based in Whyalla, received a 1.76 per cent swing, and Family First’s Sylvia Holland, 3.12 per cent. In Brinkworth voters plumped for the Greens, with a 6.63 per cent swing. However, Rowan Ramsey increased his support by 6.17 per cent. Brinkworth voters showed their dislike for the ALP candidate, with a drop in support of almost 10 per cent. At Lochiel, it was a 3.02 per cent swing to the Greens and 6.67 to Mr Ramsey. Strangely, Family First support dropped by 4.44 per cent. Snowtown recorded a 5.43 per cent swing to the Greens, and followed Grey electorate trends by rejecting the ALP candidate and supporting Mr Ramsey. Tauto Sansbury’s Labor vote dropped by 7.55 per cent and Mr Ramsey’s increased by 7.76. n How you voted in selected town polling booths – Page 4

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NEWS v 2010 Federal Election

Voting: selected towns

First preference voting to date, as supplied by the Australian Electoral Commission Virtual Tally Room. Go to





hamley bridge


Port Wakefield


two wells

Grey blyth



Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010


Brinky’s bright new look

Star of the North

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Brinkworth The proud Brinkworth community has taken the appearance of its “longest in South Australia” main street into its own hands, financing and working on some significant infrastructure upgrades. ANNE GREENE reports volunteers have installed a sparkling new, crystal-clear, polycarbonate protective cover around the historic railway quad car, on display near the silos, using materials obtained and paid for by Brinkworth Management Committee. The M19 quad car, built by Fairmont USA in about 1950, was a motor-driven unit used to transport maintenance crews around the local railway network. It was installed in its current position in 1992 to commemorate the foundation of the Brinkworth township 100 years earlier. With its original bright yellow paint it makes an eye-catching focal point for tourists and locals. Also of great interest to visitors and residents are the public toilets situated nearby, across the road from the town’s shop and post office. They are well patronised and after a vigorous campaign by locals they survived a threat of closure by council in return for a commitment from locals to upgrade and maintain them. The renovations are now complete, again thanks to the donation of many hours and considerable quantities of materials by committed residents. The flowerbeds outside the shop and toilets are also getting a makeover and are looking spruce and welcoming. Another eye-catching feature of Brinkworth’s main thoroughfare is the regularly updated display in the front window of the General Store. A dressmaker’s mannequin is currently modelling a variety of promotional “Brinkworth” merchandise available for purchase through the not-for-profit Progress Association.

Studying Brinkworth’s famous quad car, now protected from the weather – Esma Krieg reflects on times gone by.


Take five

Dylan and Angus show their pride in the exhibits.

News Morsels by Bronte Hewett

Send your story to us at The Plains Producer PO Box 63 Balaklava 5461 Email to Bronte@

Two Wells Regional Action team will meet tonight at the Visitor Information Centre from 7.30pm. Anyone interested in community affairs is welcome to attend. Blyth

Playground upgrade

Damian Welke presents a thankyou gift to special guest, Terry Sizer.

honour to be invited to open such a special art exhibition. “You have a beautiful school that offers the best quality education,” she said. “Visual arts and clay is a wonderful way to develop our brains and learning and it improves our children’s fine motor skills.” Students Adam Burford, Angus Hahn and Diane Wilkins described the pinching, coiling and slab techniques they had used and some of the problems they had encountered in creating and firing their pieces. SRC representatives, Dylan Goss and Damian Welke presented porcelain clay “leaf” bowls of lollies to Mrs Sizer and staff who had helped them.

Have your say on local issues. Vote online via The Plains Producer readers’ poll. Go to This week’s poll - vote online now.

4 Who do you tip to win the netball Balaklava 20 % A1 grand final?

Hamley Bridge 15 %

Hummocks 25 % Two Wells 15 %

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

•Two Wells Calisthenics group achieved second place overall in the recent State Championships at the Royalty Theatre in Adelaide. The six-piece group gained first place for the march, second in free exercises, third for rod exercises, second for club swinging and third for the callisthenics spectacular dance, achieving second place overall. Coach Kerry Smolarek said it was a great achievement. “The girls did really well and we are extremely proud of them,” Kerry said. The event was held on Friday, July 30, with Two Wells competing against other clubs including Acacia, Reynella, Payton, Barossa Valley and Elizabeth Eastside. If you are interested in participating contact Jodie Simons on 8524 3990.

TWRAT meeting



District Council of Mallala approved demolition of the old boat ramp at Middle Beach at council’s meeting on Monday night. The old ramp is considered unsafe and no longer gets used after being replaced by a safer ramp in April. It is proposed the sloping section of the ramp will be removed, while the horizontal concrete slab will remain for public use.


Brinkworth Brinkworth Primary School embraced the spirit of SALA this year with its own exhibition of delightful clay objects as well as success in a regional portrait painting competition and exhibition at Hummocks Station, where Mitchell Symons came second in his category. The school art exhibition on August 9, was the culmination of a full term of Monday afternoons under the guidance of staff members Jaquie Kenny, Coral Dutschke, Leonie Schmidt and Jody Klemm. It was opened by Terry Sizer, Yorke and Mid North Director of DECS, who told the assembled children, staff and guests it was an


Old ramp to go

Two Wells

Art and clay makes their school day


MIddle Beach

4 Does the unsightly Port Wakefield property need to be repaired?

Yes- 89.5% No- 10.5%

The RSL playground in Blyth is about to receive new play equipment and local children are waiting to discover the new apparatus which will fill the rather large hole currently in view. The large slippery dip and monkey bars have been removed, and unfortunately the large steam roller also had to go. Balaklava Balaklava Community Arts Christmas Dinner Theatre on Friday and Saturday November 27 and 28 costs $40. The matinee at 2pm on Sunday – no meal – is $18 and concession is $14.

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NEWS v District

Daffodils bring cheer on Friday

AUBURN primary school students Hayley Smith and Noah Stowman were saying it with flowers: “This Friday is Daffodil Day.” Locals are encouraged to take up the call to volunteer to assist in the sale of Daffodil Day merchandise throughout SA – and to purchase it! Daffodil Day began 24 years ago, and now celebrates its 17th year. “This focused day of hope gives all of us the opportunity to support those affected by cancer, while also working toward better outcomes for those who will be treated in years to come – even preventing some from being diagnosed,” said Professor Brenda Wilson, chief executive of Cancer Council SA. This year the day has the same sentiment as other years – with a united front to beat the disease with an aim to raise more than $600,000 toward research, prevention and support initiatives in SA. For more information go to www.daffodilday. or call 1300 65 65 85. FAST FACTS: • Up to half of all cancers can be prevented by decreasing the risks, like avoiding exposure to tobacco smoke, limiting alcohol consumption, and maintaining a healthy diet and increased exercise • Cancer costs the SA community almost $375 million a year • The most common cancers in SA men are lung, prostate and colorectal, in SA women - breast, lung and colorectal • Up to 50 per cent of all cancers can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle • The survival rate for many common cancers has increased by more than 30 per cent in the past two decades.

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Adelaide Plains Vet Surgery 94 Old Pt Wakefield Rd, Two Wells SA 5501 Ph: 8520 3600 desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and health checked. I am only $300. Come and see me at ANIMAL WELFARE LEAGUE, 1-19 Cormack Rd, Wingfield. New adoption opening times: Tuesday to Sunday 10am-3pm. PHONE 8348 1300.

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m 0417 089 199

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Golf club hit by vandals DISTRICT POLICE NEWS

Put the finger on crime, call


• Unknown offenders drove onto Balaklava golf course and ripped up the surface of several fairways and a green in their vehicle overnight on Friday, August 20 and Saturday, August 21. The vehicle is believed to be a small car. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Balaklava Police on 8862 1144. • A 42-year-old Balaklava man was reported for allegedly throwing a rock at a passing vehicle on Tuesday, August 17. The driver of the vehicle and the alleged offender are known to each other. • Police and CFS from Mt. Templeton attended a car burning fiercely

on Snowtown road, Mt Templeton on Saturday, August 21. The fire was extinguished by CFS, but unfortunately not before the car was completely gutted. Enquiries later revealed the car had been stolen from Gawler.


A Lyndoch man, 43, died when the Holden sedan he was driving on Mudla Wirra road, Wasleys, hit a tree on Saturday, August 21. The crash occurred about 4pm.


• A fire which was described by police as “suspicious” and “deliberately lit” has caused up to $40,000 worth of damage at Clare Primary School on Saturday, August 21.

GOLFERS Scott Michael and Peter Lamont inspect damage to a green. Damage to an airconditioning unit was made and the fire spread into the ceiling. Police urge anyone with any information to contact police at 8842 2711. • Two Clare men in their mid-20s were arrested and charged with aggravated serious criminal trespass, assault

and theft after allegedly breaking into a man’s Clare house and assaulting him on Sunday, August 22. The incident came after an alleged unpaid debt. The men were bailed to appear in court at a later date.


• Police arrested a 37-

year-old Port Wakefield man on Friday, August 20 for two counts of property damage, breach of restraint and basic assault in the Wallaroo district between July 3 and August 13. The man was bailed and will appear in Kadina Court in November.

The CFS chain (saw) gang CFS members from around the district met for chainsaw training in Balaklava on Sunday, August 22. “Chainsaw use is another skill CFS members need especially in this area,” Balaklava CFS Brigade captain, Kevin Julyan said. Kevin said knowing how to use a chainsaw was imperative for CFS members in the call of duty. “Chainsaws are sometimes used at road accidents to gain access to a car or accidents that have caused trees or limbs to fall on the vehicles.”

After completing their CFS chainsaw training are (from left) Adrian Shepherd (Balaklava), Philip Kevern (Port Wakefield), Ben Kemp (Roseworthy, Gavin Page (Balaklava), Adrian Buckby (Woolsheds/Wasleys), Axel Larsen (Saddleworth), John Aunger (Mudla Wirra), Brian Lewis (Paracombe), Gavin Page (Balaklava), Andrew Stewart (Kadina), Neville Attenborough (Auburn) and David Williams (Saddleworth). Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010


Grant cash puts climate change on our agenda

The Central Local Government Region (CLGR) has won grant funding of $124,000 to assess the social, environment and economic vulnerabilities of the region to climate change. While there is a wealth of climate change information and research at a global and national scale, the likely impact of climate change has not been properly defined - until now. CLGR is a group of neighbouring councils within this region. Wakefield regional Council mayor, James Maitland, chairs the group. The project, funded through the Natural Disaster Resilience Program, is a collaborative approach by local government, the Regional Development and Natural Resource Management Boards, Zone Emergency Management and Local Government Association. CLGR executive officer, Anita Crisp, said she was pleased climate change was finally being assessed on a scale relevant to the Yorke and Mid North area. “For the better part of three years, we’ve being trying to get this project started,” Ms Crisp said. “It will be good to tackle the issue of climate change and its impact at a

Damien here for Cup Dual Melbourne Cup winning jockey Damien Oliver is set to ride at Balaklava Cup next Wednesday. Oliver has been booked by trainer Tony McEvoy, in a bid to help McEvoy launch his new training facility from Kildalton Park, part of Lindsay Park stud which is being sold by the Hayes family. Oliver will be joined on September 1 at Balaklava by equine star Apache Cat who will parade on the day, which he partnered to two of his seven Group 1 victories, proving a massive coup for South Australian provincial racing’s biggest day.

Oliver is pictured with the “face of the Cup” Indiana May, who will be trackside next week with local Cup “ambassadors”. “I have booked Damian to ride my horse on Cup day, which is great news,” McEvoy said. “This meeting will be our first. I’m extremely excited,” he said. McEvoy joined forces with leading businessman Wayne Mitchell in July to form Kildalton Park, a 93ha property which was previously part of the Lindsay Park complex. McEvoy said he was looking forward to launching the next phase of his training career

and was hoping to make an immediate impact on Balaklava Cup day. Preparations for the cup are well underway with more than 60 marquees already erected. There is a lot of work required to build the marquee city which is set up to host 16,000 people. There are seven semi trailer loads of marquees and furniture, 100 tons of food and drinks, eight tons of ice by local ice-man, Marc van Kleef. And one caterer has ordered one ton of prawns alone. There will be about 1000 staff and volunteers working on the day and there are 101 tote operators booked.

Council declares $39,000 court cost • From Page 1

“In the overall case commencing at the local Development Assessment Panel level through to the Supreme Court’s Full Court, council only appealed once, having defended appeals by the other party on two separate occasions.” The approval for Mr Evans to build a house on farmland south of Balaklava was handed down by the Full Bench of the Supreme

Court in March. The court found against WRC, dismissing its appeal against a judgement last year by a single justice of the Supreme Court. The report also suggested other councils understand the implications if a similar issue arises in their council area. “It is important to ensure councils which have the Better Development Plan (BDP) provisions do not find themselves in

the same position as WRC,” the report stated. “The LGA has summarised the legal advice concluding the current BDP modules are not that dissimilar to WRC’s BDP (at that time). The report further stated: “Hence if the court were to assess other similar applications against the BDP module, it would more than likely reach the same conclusion.”

Engineers visit Wakefield CWMS Port Wakefield property owners will receive a visit from personnel responsible for the towns Community Wastewater Management Scheme (CWMS) starting Monday, September 6 for a fortnight. Engineers Wallbridge and Gilbert, responsible for the design of the project which has been heavily

criticised by residents as being “illplanned” with connection points placed in impractical locations, will meet with property owners for inspection. Wakefield Regional Council (WRC) issued letters to property owners recently to arrange for the inspections to take place.

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

WRC chief executive officer, Phil Barry, said responses were being received from landowners. “Responses received thus far include ‘no need for visit and inspection’,” Mr Barry said. Responses from property owners need to be returned to council no later than Friday, September 3.

level which is relevant to our area,” she said. The project will start with a desktop review of existing data regarding climate change, particularly work relevant to this region. The second phase of the project will be to clarify the regional ‘Climate Society Relationship’. This involves: • Identifying the economic base and key industries; • Environmental assets and social and community demographic; • Make-up of the region and then overlaying projected climate trends expected to occur with the increase in global temperature (for example: a long-term trend towards less rainfall with longer and more frequent droughts, longer, hotter and more frequent heat waves and more bushfire risk days.

Max badges going

Any last orders for Max badges can be made at the front office at Balaklava Primary School. The fundraiser is dedicated to Year 3 student, Max Heaslip who was diagnosed with cancer.

THANK YOU! Nick Champion MP Phone 8284 2422 Post PO Box 288, Smithfield SA 5114 Email Authorised by Nick Champion MP, Shop 89/600 Main North Road, Smithfield SA 5114

Meet Kelvin and Emma. They are good people to know. At WFI, our people find it easier to understand your business issues because they’re locals. That’s just one reason why WFI is a leading Australian rural and business insurance company. So, for personal service that comes to you, contact Kelvin Bell or Emma Menadue. WFI Gawler | Phoenix Plaza, Cnr Calton Road & High Street Kelvin Bell - Mobile 0438 012 193 (southern Balaklava area) Emma Menadue - Mobile 0427 170 821 (northern Balaklava area)

WFI is a trading name of Wesfarmers General Insurance Limited (WGIL) ABN 24 000 036 279 AFSL 241461. Kelvin Bell is an authorised representative of WGIL (AR 255133).


NEWS v District LETTERS to the Editor

Anger over car accident To the person who was swerving and driving on the wrong side of the Mallala road about 7pm on Sunday, August 15 – you might be interested in what happened to the people in the car that had to go onto the dirt to avoid hitting you. I am sure you remember which one. The skid marks showed you stopped – but then because you are a callous cowardly piece of work you took off and rendered no assistance. The driver and the passenger in the front of the car where married the day before, the three people in the rear seat were the brother of the groom, girlfriend and their friend. All three had travelled from overseas for the wedding. Fortunately, all survived with cuts and bruises. The new bride was taken by ambulance to hospital and released later that night. Thank you from both the Sullivan and Windsor families to the wonderful young man who stopped and assisted them at the accident site and to police and ambulance crews who attended. And to the he, she or it who was driving the other car, I would like to say: May life bring you all you deserve. There can be no reasonable reason why you did not stop, and if you don’t change your ways the next family won’t be as lucky as ours. Ann Sullivan, Owen

Thanks for your support As part of my Year 12 Health Studies at Trinity Senior College, I have to complete a major investigation on a health issue and I have chosen breast cancer. One of the components of the assignment was to participate in a community event to raise awareness of my chosen topic. On Saturday, August 14, I held a fundraising day at the Mallala Oval in aid of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I sold ribbons, wristbands, pens and diamante pins from the NBCF, held a raffle and sold pink hair ribbons to the netball players to wear while they were playing netball. On Saturday night we had an auction which included the pink netballs that were used in the matches for the day. In total, $1688 was raised for this worthy cause. I would like to thank Mallala netball and football clubs and Hamley Bridge netball club for their support and donations towards the

day. Thanks also to supporters of the three clubs for purchasing merchandise, raffle tickets etc and to those who helped on the stall. Anna Konzag

Searching for Wyatts I am compiling a record of all people named Wyatt who lived in Balaklava/Nantawarra and surrounding towns including Bute/Bumbunga and Port Wakefield from the middle 1800s. It would be appreciated if readers could email me with any advice or information. My grandfather was John Martin Wyatt and his father was probably John Crossing Wyatt who emigrated from Wales in 1855 with his parents John and Eliza Wyatt who settled around Little Para. Mr J C Wyatt moved to the district in the late 1800s to farm in the vicinity of Balaklava. Other Wyatts were road contractors and labourers from Port Wakefield. It appears there is an aboriginal component about which little is known and I am keen to establish the connection. Kaye L. Wyatt 6 Moore street, Goolwa SA 5214 Phone/Fax: 08 8555 2888 Mobile: 0408 239 293

... and news on the Saints I’m tracing relatives in Australia and discovered many of them settled in the Balaklava/ Saints station area. Guess what? thair name is Saint! If any of your readers are related to the Saints could they please contact me. I can trace my Saints back as far as 1580 when Roger Saint was born in Misterton, Somerset, England. It would be great to hear from anyone who might be distantly related. Martin Berzins, 24 Broadshard, Crewkerne, Somerset, TA18 7NF, England Phone: +44 1460 76659

No anonymous letters

Editor’s advice: Anonymous letters will not be printed and are consigned to the WPB. If you have the courage of your convictions then sign your name, with a contact address or phone number. Letters from people who identify themselves but want details published as “name and address supplied” are acceptable – but the name of the corresepondent will be provided at the Editor’s discretion should an identification inquiry be made.

colouring-in competition winners with Can the Man (from left) Chelsea Lee Brown, Brittany Pritchard, Brieanna Whiley, Sarah Goldney, Riley Bruce, Tyler Moulds, Hannah Semminutin, Kara Binka, Grace Cook and Debra Binka.

Kids colour ‘Can the Man’ for Callignee Adopt a Town committee mascot ‘Can The Man’ was in Balaklava last Wednesday to congratulate winning students of the colouring-in competition to promote recycling in local towns. Can the Man’s appearance at Horizon Christian School came just in time to kick off Keep Australia Beautiful Week this Monday. Following a $3000 Keep Australia Beautiful community grant, funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation, the Adopt a Town committee has been using the grant to help raise money through recycling to support their adopted town of Callignee in South East Victoria which was devastated by bushfires in February last year. The winning students

from the colouring-in competition were: Horizon Christian School students: • Reception - Grace Cook and Brieanna Whiley • Year 1 - Riley Bruce • Year 3 - Debra Lambert and Kara Binka • Year 4 - Brittany Pritchard and Sarah Goldney • Year 5 - Tyler Moulds and Hannah Seminutin. • Year 6 - Chelsea Lee Brown • Brinkworth Primary Year 1 - Ellie Goss • Owen Primary School Year 6 - Maddison Merry • Year 2 Snowtown Area School students, Jordan Pearson and Kynan Cocks. Another winner was Ben Heaslip, of Balaklava High, who won the poster competition.

“His poster was simple in design, eye catching and informative,” Adopt a Town committee member, Joy Woodroofe said. “The standard of entries was excellent,” she said. Prize money will be presented to the students at school assemblies in the next few weeks. Another win for the committee in its quest to encourage recycling will be at Balaklava Cup race day next Wednesday, when 12 recycling bins will be placed around the track. If you want to catch a glimpse of Can the Man, visit Balaklava Oval on Saturday morning and early afternoon at Lochiel, where he’ll be promoting Recycling for Callignee. Watch for his recycling bins!

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Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

NEWS v District

Advantage SA award entries A record-breaking number of entries have been received for the Mid North region. in the 11th annual Advantage SA awards A total of 76 entries were received from the Mid North and Yorke Peninsula, with 653 entries from the seven South Australian regions. The awards were formerly

the SA Great regional awards. Nominees in the Plains Producer readership area include : BALAKLAVA • Church of Christ S.W.A.P Shop BLYTH • Tanya Bertelsmeiser •Blyth Progress Association

OWEN • Adopt a Town AUBURN • Taylors Wines SNOWTOWN •Portraits Children’s Competition. CLARE • Tumbadrum • Barossa Lower North Futures Inc

• Wild Saffron • Go Scrap Yourself • Main Street Bakehouse • Clare squash Club • Breakaway Festival •Clare Valley Visitor Information Centre • Riesling Trail and Clare Valley Cottages •Clare Youth Advisory Committee

Advantage SA CEO, Nikki Seymour-Smith, said it was fantastic to see the community recognise those who have demonstrated excellence in the region. “South Australians are recognising the passion and commitment of those who put in the time and hard work to develop and promote the Mid

North and Yorke Peninsula,” she said. “With all the entries in, now comes a nervous wait until winners are announced.” The awards ceremony will be held on November 17 at the CoopersAlehouse in Wallaroo. Tickets are $75. Visit www. or call Advantage SA on 8211 8111.

Thief ‘flew the coop’ with birds Police are appealing to the public to help them catch a rare bird thief who has conducted a series of raids on an aviary near Gawler. During three raids in the past three weeks, the thief has stolen 15 to 20 of the rare birds, worth about $4000, from the aviary at Evanston. Among the rare birds stolen were four kakariki birds, which are native to New Zealand, and one plum headed parrot. The kakariki birds are mainly green in colour and have a yellow or red band above the eyebrows and on the crown of the head. The plum headed parrot has a plum coloured head, is the size of a canary and has a grey and green coloured body. Anyone with information regarding these thefts should contact BankSA Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at LEWIS Richter with boxes which will be used to transport items for recycling.

Time to see the light on mercury Fluorescent tubes, HID lamps, CFLs and other lights containing mercury can now be recycled in the Mallala district. All waste containing mercury is now accepted at the waste transfer station at Two Wells and Resource Recovery Centre at Mallala, where it will be transferred to a registered and accredited mercury recycling plant and recycled in accordance with the strictest environmental regulations. This procedure meets with current Australian EPA environmental directives. District Council of Mallala community officer, Lynette Seccafien, said council was making a positive contribution towards a cleaner, healthier environment by making sure waste containing mercury was responsibly recycled. “All over the world, and most importantly in Australia, mercury discharges are continuing to

contaminate our land and water, resulting in severe damage to our ecosystem and to human health,” Mrs Seccafien said. “The good news is there are solutions to recover and recycle the mercury bearing waste products and protect human life and our environment from any further damage.” Council is urging the public to use the mercury-recycling facility to ensure further damage is not done to environments, and more importantly to human health. “We need to work together to use the services available and stop any further contamination. “The best, most cost effective action to prevent mercury pollution is to stop it at the source, by the collection and recycling of all such waste,” Mrs Seccafien said. The service is available during opening hours of the Two Wells Transfer Station and Resource Recovery Centre.

Rural women to be recognised The South Australian government is encouraging the “leading ladies” of Australian agriculture to enter the Rural Industry Research Development Corporation (RIRDC) Rural Women’s Award for 2011. Agriculture Minister Michael O’Brien said the award recognised the vital contribution women make to rural Australia. “It’s open to all women involved in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, natural resource management and related service industries,” Mr O’Brien said.

Do you need help to live independently at home? Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres

To contact your local Centre call Freecall™ 1800 052 222*

are here to help.

To find your nearest shopfront visit

A Centre can: • Provide you with information on local aged & community care services available to suit your needs • Arrange help for carers to take a break from their caring role (respite)

For emergency respite outside business hours call Freecall™ 1800 059 059*

Carer Advisory and Counselling Service For family carer support and counselling you can contact your state or territory Carers Association on 1800 242 636*

* Calls from mobile phones are charged at applicable rates


The successful candidate will receive a bursary of $10,000. In addition, the winner and runner-up will have the opportunity to attend the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ course. Entrants do not need formal qualifications to apply. The 2011 state winner will be announced at a ceremony in Adelaide early next year; and will go on to represent the state in the national awards in Canberra next year. Applications are open until October 15. For more information visit www.

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010


LOCAL v Living

W 5

The Way

e were YEARS AGO August 2005

• Mallala Primary School’s Leeanne Kroepsch was awarded a high commendation for her role as school services officer, at an awards ceremony at Adelaide Festival Theatre.


YEARS AGO August 2000

• Two Wells centre-half forward Ivan Silvy, 23, claimed 2000s Plains Producer medal in the last round of counting.


YEARS AGO August 1990

• Petty officer Rod Walsh, son of Ron and Brian of South Hummocks, received a day’s notice he was to sail on the HMAS Darwin to the Middle East.


Who ruled the colony in the early days?

The federal elections are over, and we probably all need a break from political ear-bashing, but we do live in a democracy. The advent of “responsible government” in South Australia dates back to 1856, so who made the decisions in the first 20 years of the colony? An article in a 2006 history magazine tells us it was the Governor of the day – he “governed, advised by a small, nominated Council. Governors were men with backgrounds in the navy, the military, or colonial service. They were appointed by Britain and, once here, effectively ruled the colony, appointing officials, nominating members of the council and making laws. By 1850, the British government was ready to give the colonies a measure of representative government. This set the stage for six years of official and public debate about the shape of South Australia’s future political and electoral systems. The first step was an experi-

by Norma Schopp

ment in limited democracy with the addition of elected members to the Legislative Council. From 1851 the Legislative Council was made up of eight members nominated by the Governor, and 16 elected by propertied colonists. Elections were held in 1851 and 1855.” In 1855 Sir Richard Graves MacDonnell was appointed Governor and, soon after, wrote of “his fear that too democratic a spirit was being fostered in the colony. He proposed a political system with a single, partly nominated chamber as a safe form of government, and argued South Australia was not yet ready to see the Queen’s representative suddenly stripped of all

influence and power.” Various debates took place regarding the Upper House, the franchise (who was entitled to vote), and the secret ballot. “A supporter of universal manhood suffrage, John Bristow Hughes argued in 1855 every man who has been twelve months in the colony and six months registered should have a vote, and that working men (clerks and labourers) might safely be entrusted with votes,” but opponents argued the dangers of giving a voice to “the stupid foolish mob.” Most colonists wanted both Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament to be elected, with 5000 signatures on a petition to protest against a Legislative Council made up of “life nominees” as proposed by the Lieutenant-Governor. In 1856, all men over

21 who were “natural-born or naturalised British subjects” had been registered for six months, and were not serving a sentence for crime, had the right to vote. “For almost half a century from 1856 William Robinson Boothby supervised all parliamentary elections in South Australia. He refined the provisions of the secret ballot..... which was later adopted across Australia and internationally.” “Only two decades after its foundation, South Australia achieved self-government, gaining control over revenue and local law-making......government was no longer by the Governor, but by the people.” William Robinson Boothby (picture and detail courtesy of History Trust SA).


Supported by Balaklava Veterinary Service. Phone: 8862 2088



• Aug 25: Diroglen greeting cards display, Hayfield Plains Community Centre. • Aug 29: Owen PS market. • Sep 6: Owen Meals on Wheels AGM, hospital hostel lounge – CANCELLED • Sep 12: Adelaide Plains Male Voice Choir, Owen Hall. • Sep 24: Two Wells Football and Netball Sporting Clubs event, ‘Redlow’, Two Wells Community Centre. • Sep 25: Balaklava Show, to be opened by Peter Goers of ABC. • Sep 25-26: Clare Hobbies Alive. • Oct 9: Cancer Council “Shear for Life”, Blyth Football clubrooms; Caeliac Support Group, Gawler Health Service. • Oct 10: Lions Auction, Ralli Park. • Oct 13: Long Plains Red Cross fashion parade. • Oct 16, 17: Celebrating 100 years of scouting in Balaklava. • Nov 5: Blyth paper drive. • Nov 6: Balaklava paper drive; BHS “Little Black Dress” cabaret, BTH.

Heritage Highlights


















































































Difficulty level: 15

o FILL the grid so every row and every 3 x 3 square contains the digits 1 to 9.

Jogging with your dog has many benefits. Dogs need exercise and there is no more basic exercise format than running, for a dog or a human. Running allows the muscles to stretch and the body to experience a freedom to be enjoyed. Dogs NSW Spokesperson Dr Peter Higgins is enthusiastic about dogs going for runs with their owners. “Regular exercise is a great way to manage weight gain, and obesity. Improved cardiovascular health is a significant indicator for longer life. Time spent running or walking together is a fabulous way of bonding, creating a strong

c o l e s g u n s u p p l i e s C R OSS W O R D

Run dog, run! and lasting relationship. Dogs are a pack animal and exercising with your dog establishes you as the pack leader. This is an ideal way to help a dog socialise and fit into society,” says Dr Higgins. The mutual benefits of shared exercise are real motivators for many dog-loving owners. There is much more incentive knowing your four legged friend wants to go with you and enjoy the outdoors. Some people find that the added protection of a canine allows them to venture further afield than they might otherwise. The

presence of a companion when running often results in a better workout and a better result for your own long term heath. “With rights come responsibilities. I actively encourage people to get out with their dog, but owners must always be aware of the sensitivities of others in the community. Dogs in public places should always be fully restrained and under control. It’s

Good News Ken Packer

Two of life’s great influences - fear and love. And the Bible says, “God is love.”

just the right thing to do,” explains Dr Higgins. Big healthy dogs love to run. Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs, Border Collies, and Australian Kelpies are just some examples of great running companions. If you have a smaller breed of dog, such as a Corgi or Chihuahua, you may find a walking pace is more suitable.

Did you know


D Ironically, Mel Blanc, who played the voice of Bugs Bunny, was allergic to carrots. D On average, people move house every seven years. D The tongue of a blue whale is as long as an elephant. •From:


September 5

September 12

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anglican Clare........................ 10.30am

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CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava......... Liturgy 9.00am Pt Wakefield.......Mass 9.00am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am Community church Pinery........................ 9.00am LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am LUTHERAN Balaklava.................... 9.00am Auburn..................... 11.00am

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CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava......... Liturgy 9.00am Pt Wakefield.......Mass 9.00am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am Community church Pinery........................ 9.00am LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am LUTHERAN Balaklava.................... 9.00am Auburn..................... 11.00am UNITING Mallala....................... 9.00am Two Wells.................10.30am Tarlee.............. at Riverton UC (Father’s Day). Teresa Peters Owen Comm............ 11.00am Hamley Bridge.......... 9.15am Windsor ..................... 9.00am Balaklava.................. 10.00am Nantawarra................10.30am Lochiel....................... 9.00am Pt Wakefield............. 10.00am

anglican Balaklava.................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge......... 10.00am CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava......... Liturgy 9.00am Pt Wakefield.......Mass 9.00am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am Community church Pinery........................ 7.00pm LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am LUTHERAN Balaklava.................... 9.00am UNITING Mallala....................... 9.00am Two Wells.................10.30am Owen Comm............ 11.00am Hamley Bridge........... 9.15am Windsor ..................... 9.00am Balaklava.................... 9.30am Nantawarra..................9.00am Lochiel......................10.00am Pt Wakefield............. 10.30am

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

NEWS v District

Avoid risks and make the safe decision

AT the dangerous Old Dublin road level crossing (from left) Mallala Council CEO, Charles Mansueto, farmers Peter Irish (in truck) and Brian Wilson. (File picture)

Trucking group wants radio railway warnings The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) is calling on all trucking operators during this week’s National Rail Safety Week to ensure their drivers are reminded of the importance of safety at level crossings. ATA chief executive, Stuart St Clair, said operators should use National Rail Safety Week – which is running from Monday to Sunday – to talk to drivers about safety around level crossings. Several railway crossings cause concern in the local region, with one priority crossing off the Mallala–Two Wells road the subject of continuing negotiations between District Council of Mallala and the Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure. “On average there are 100 accidents at level crossings each year,

which results in an average of 37 deaths,” Mr St Clair said. “These accidents could easily be avoided if every road user, whether they are truck or car drivers, cyclists or pedestrians, give level crossings the respect they deserve,” he said. “That’s why we are asking trucking operators to use this week to make sure all their drivers are aware of the rules when approaching level crossings.” The ATA had been very proactive in encouraging level crossing safety. “Last year, the House of Representatives’ Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government backed an ATA recommendation for further research into the use of cut-in radio warning

technologies at level crossings,” Mr St Clair said. The technology would alert drivers at level crossings of an approaching train by cutting into the car or truck’s radio. The ATA recommends truck operators: • Remind drivers of the importance of stopping at level crossings. Many accidents at level crossings occur because drivers have driven the route hundreds of times and relaxed their vigilance; • Encourage drivers to ‘stop, look, listen and think’ when approaching level crossings that do not have active controls like flashing lights and boom gates and; • Make sure drivers, when using private and farm crossings (which are often gated), do not park on the lines to open or close the gate.

STATE Road Safety Minister, Jack Snelling, said three people tragically lost their lives at level crossings in South Australia during the last financial year, while there were 52 incidents or near misses with pedestrians. “Driver inattention, driver distraction, risktaking and disobeying warning signs are the most common contributors to vehicle-train level crossing crashes,” Mr Snelling said. “The potential for death or serious injury from a level crossing crash is even more evident if you look at longer term figures – 22 deaths and 74 people injured in SA from 2001-2009. There were 84 vehicle collisions at level crossings during the same eight year period. “The South Australian campaign – Some Things Are Worth Waiting For – is aimed at addressing the human and economic cost of rail crossing crashes by highlighting what you could miss out on in the future by taking risks at level crossings,” Mr Snelling said. “We’re appealing to the community to make safe decisions at level crossings and obey the road rules. “As part of a $24 million commitment to rail safety, the State government is investing more than $11 million – including $3 million this financial year towards education campaigns to discourage bad behaviour at level crossings and upgrading safety at level crossings by installing

New chief at Country Health SA

Asbestos group at Balaklava Neighbourhood Shed (from left) John Ronan, Kat Burge, Melvin Zerk, Janet Bunting, Graham Lawrie, Terry Miller, Ken Harkness, Helen Pinkatshek, Jutta Lorenz, Dick May, Ruth Arikawe and Robert Bartholomaeus. Front on chair: Brian Noyce.

Balaklava hears asbestos warning An Asbestos Awareness Seminar was held last Monday, August 16, at Balaklava Neighbourhood Shed. About 15 people gathered to hear members of the Asbestos Victims Association speak about

the dangers and risks involved with renovating old houses containing asbestos. President, Terry Miller, and vice president Kat Burge created a powerpoint presentation about asbestos, where you can find it,

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

how to get it removed safely and how to dispose of it. Asbestos was commonly used in building products between the 1940s and 1980s and was present in about two out of three homes.

Belinda Moyes will be the new chief executive officer of Country Health SA as of September 27. She replaces Dr Tony Sherbon, who said Ms Moyes would bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role. Ms Moyes has worked as the chief nurse of Victoria since 2000 and has also chaired the National Nursing and Nursing Education Taskforce for two years from 2004. Responsible for policy department and planning across rural South Australia, Ms Moyes said it was important people all over SA, including those in country areas, had easy access to a range of health services close to where they live.

flashing lights and boom gates. “Under the Level Crossing Black Spot Program, the State government will also continue to work with local government to upgrade 25 level crossings across six council areas this financial year. “Our commitment is being complemented by a further $13.65 million secured through the Federal government’s Boom Gates for Rail Crossings

program, which was spent on upgrading 34 crossings during the financial year just ended,” Mr Snelling said. To support National Rail Safety Week and increase public safety at railway crossings, police will conduct Operation Rail Safe. Operation Rail Safe is a State-wide road safety campaign specifically aimed at pedestrians, cyclists and motorists who use railway crossings.

2010 Council Elections Nominations Open Nominations will be received between Tu e s d a y 7 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 0 u n t i l 12 noon Tuesday 21 September 2010 from any person eligible and wishing to be a candidate for election to any of the positions listed below. Candidates must submit a profile of not more than 150 words with their nomination form and may also provide a photograph, predominantly head and shoulders, taken within the previous 12 months. Council nomination information is set out below:

CLARE & GILBERT VALLEYS COUNCIL Vacancies: 1 Vacancy – Mayor 9 Vacancies – Area Councillor Nomination kits are available from: Council Office 4 Gleeson Street, Clare phone 8842 6400. Council Office 19 Belvidere Road, Saddleworth. Council Office Torrens Road, Riverton. A briefing session for intending candidates will be held at: 7.00pm on Tuesday 7 September 2010 Barbara J Long Function Room, Clare Town Hall, 229 Main North Road, Clare.

DISTRICT COUNCIL OF MALLALA Vacancies: 2 Vacancies – Councillor for Dublin Ward 2 Vacancies – Councillor for Mallala Ward 3 Vacancies – Councillor for Two Wells Ward 4 Vacancies – Councillor for Lewiston Ward Nomination kits are available from: Council Office 2A Wasleys Road, Mallala phone 8527 0200. Two Wells Library 61 Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells. Briefing sessions for intending candidates will be held at: 6.00pm on Wednesday 8 September 2010 Council Chamber, Redbanks Road, Mallala. 3.30pm on Wednesday 15 September 2010 Council Chamber, Redbanks Road, Mallala.

WAKEFIELD REGIONAL COUNCIL Vacancies: 1 Vacancy – Mayor 3 Vacancies – Councillor for Northern Ward 2 Vacancies – Councillor for Western Ward 3 Vacancies – Councillor for Central Ward 2 Vacancies – Councillor for Southern Ward Nomination kits are available from: Civic Centre Scotland Place, Balaklava phone 8862 0800. A briefing session for intending candidates will be held at: 6.30pm on Thursday 9 September 2010 Civic Centre, Scotland Place, Balaklava. K Mousley Returning Officer STARAD001615

Nominations close 12 noon Tuesday 21 September 2010



She saddled up, but hardly ‘moved ’em out’ – as our Lauren tries to “rein” as the ...

Cattle Queen I

did it. I finally rode a horse. For four days actually!You would think that having been at Anna Creek Station since the start of March, I would have attempted it before now. But then again, if you’ve been witness to my extreme lack of balance and co-ordination, you may not be so surprised… So how did I end up spending a week on horseback? It was all part of the Outback Cattle Drive, which is hosted every few years by SA Tourism, this year held at Anna Creek Station. And I was lucky enough to be offered a spot. I was pretty excited about that until it dawned on me that I would be spending four days on a horse. Uh oh! So after cramming in plenty of schoolwork to get ahead in Cassie’s lessons, I packed my bags and headed out to camp – a tent city near the old Anna Creek railway siding, complete with toilets, showers, a bar, and a huge marquee for meals – and a very good caterer. I had the least distance to travel and I was the last one there, arriving just in time for lunch. We soon loaded ourselves onto the bus to head out for our first afternoon of riding. Cassie, my student, and her mother Stephi were there to observe – or purely for the entertainment. As the drovers led the first horses out I thought it didn’t seem too scary. Then out came my horse, Rosie. Yep, they gave me a monster-sized horse! Luckily there were steps or there was no way I was going to make it into that saddle. So, with Steph happily clicking away to capture the rather nervous look on my face, I

Former reporter Lauren Parker saddled up for the Outback Cattle Drive as it passed through Kidman’s Anna Creek station – to discover she’s not exactly cut out for riding horses. A marquee at the Balaklava Cup is more her scene! held on tight and got used to the view while the rest of the tour group mounted up. Despite Cassie’s urging, there was no way I was moving that horse over to the edge for her to pat. No, I was more than happy to stay right where I was for the afternoon and let the rest of the tour group walk the cattle. But knowing I would never live it down if I did, I moved on with the group. It didn’t take long to work out that Rosie was rather reluctant to move any faster than a very slow walk, and needed a lot of fuel – usually a mouthful of grass to every half a dozen steps. I had more chance of hurting myself from having to kick her every few steps than I had of falling off. And as Rosie and the cattle fed, I turned around to see not only an ambulance following us (very reassuring when you’re looking at the ground from so high up!) but also two toilets on a trailer. Just a little more luxury than the drovers had in days gone by. With the clouds threatening to drench us at any moment, and a very cold wind blowing, it wasn’t the sunshine many of the tourists were expecting, but there were few complaints. Luckily, the rain held off to just a light drizzle, stopping just as we got the cattle back to

Do you want to run for Council in November 2010? Are you interested in representing your community?

n ABOVE: Lauren with her student, Cassie and RIGHT, Cassie shows how it’s done!

the yards after a quick walk down to the creek to feed them and the dam for water. Expecting an early start the next morning, we all headed off to bed at a reasonable hour, but the call for breakfast didn’t come until 6.45am. It was our first long day in the saddle, although the lovely team of drovers again had the horses saddled and ready to ride on our arrival. Cassie joined me and we made our way to the trucking yards, crossing rocky ground, sandhills, and the Oodnadatta track. Admittedly, it wasn’t exactly difficult work with so many people. We mostly followed while the drovers moved the mob. And of course, there was a stop for smoko, and a lunch van set up to refuel the drovers and tourists while we rested and tried to keep warm. We woke to a foggy morning on day three, although the fog had cleared by the time we mounted up and drove the cattle through some of the prettiest country we’d viewed n BELOW: yet. There was a rush of merchandise sales before we left, with the clouds again looking So this is threatening, but it turned out to be a beautiful the dry, sunny day. There were plenty of exclamations dusty Outback? of delight from everyone as we rode through

In the lead-up to the November 2010 Local Government Elections, local councils are seeking a strong field of candidates who represent a diverse range of age groups, views and interests, and have a genuine passion for their community. Pre-Election information sessions aim to give people an understanding of what it means to be an effective Elected Member. Candidate Information Packs are available from your Council Office. The free sessions will provide an overview of the legal rights, obligations, roles and responsibilities of a Council including: • Who is Eligible to Nominate/How to Nominate • Role of Council • Role and Responsibilities of Elected Members • Completion of Returns – Register of Interests/Campaign Donations • Elected Member Allowances/Benefits DURATION: 1.5hrs GUEST SPEAKERS: Norman Waterhouse Lawyers Pre-Election Information Sessions will be held across the region on the following dates: The Barossa Council, 43-51 Tanunda Rd, Nuriootpa • Monday September 6, 4 pm • Monday September 13, 7 pm Town of Gawler, 89-91 Murray St, Gawler • Wednesday September 8, 3.30 pm • Wednesday September 15, 6 pm Light Regional Council, 93 Main St, Kapunda • Monday September 6, 7 pm • Monday September 13, 4 pm District Council of Mallala, 2 Redbanks Road Mallala • Wednesday September 8, 6 pm • Wednesday September 15, 3.30 pm If you are unable to attend a Pre-Election Information Session in your Council area you are welcome to attend any of the above sessions. Additional information about the local government elections is available on the Local Government website


creek beds, over sand dunes and on to the next yards. There were plenty of times I reached into my pocket for my camera, only to realise I’d left it in my tent. The outback had turned out the perfect weather not only for us on horseback, but also for the team from Sunrise, who were filming for the remainder of our stay. A mild morning greeted us on our final full day, with plenty of people rising early to sit around the campfire behind the cameras as Grant Denyer gave the weather report from the cattle drive camp. Not being a fan of early mornings or cameras (although I’m quite happy to be behind one) I stayed in bed until the breakfast bell rang, trying to dodge cameras on my way. Our final day was our longest ride, shifting the cattle 16 kilometres to the next yard across sandhills and flats, flood outs and wild flowers. No-one had had a fall, although after the horses rode through the water, several got it into their minds that the next best thing would be a roll in the sand, and a few people had to jump off in a hurry! Fortunately Rosie was happy to keep plodding along behind the cattle. At the end of a long week, there were plenty of people who couldn’t stay awake for the drive back to camp, missing the sight of huge carpets of yellow flowers in the flood outs contrasting with the orange sand hills. Despite living here at the station, I hadn’t seen this part of the station yet, although it was only minutes away from the homestead. So a drovers life for me? I think not. I loved my experience but the reality of early mornings (in the ‘real life’ they begin much earlier!) and no toilets or showers for days at a time just isn’t for me. I think I’ll stick to my schoolroom!

Have your say on local road safety South Australians are being given the opportunity to share their views on road safety at a series of forums to be held around the State. The Road Safety Advisory Council (RSAC) initiative will help shape the future direction in road safety. A forum will be held in Clare on Wednesday, September 22, at Clare Sports Club, Valley Lifestyle Centre, from 7pm

Meetings will be held progressively across the State in metropolitan and regional areas. The RSAC is responsible for recommending road safety solutions to the Minister for Road Safety and the State government. RSAC chairperson, Sir Eric Neal, encouraged everyone to get involved with the initiative. “South Australia has achieved a considerable reduction in fa-

talities since 2005 – an average annual decrease of 4.6 percent – and we want to continue this downward trend,” Sir Eric said. “The council will be listening to views, reviewing road safety research and consulting with experts to develop a new road safety strategy for South Australia. • For more information and to register your attendance visit forums or call 1300 557 316.

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010



Lauren Hermon reports:

Piccolo’s new role to help businesses

From the planes to the plains

he has the wind beneath her wings. She flies across oceans and wears a uniform to distinguish her from the rest. Who is she? A hint? Her job is often related to glamour and living the ‘high life’ - but she’s not related to Superman! From the middle east to exotic Malta, an island just off Italy. From London’s Big Ben to New Zealand’s sheep farming. From India’s the tiny town of Nantawarra in South Australia’s mid north? Strange. But despite travelling to most parts of the world, 25-year-old Nantawarra resident, Beth Germein still calls the tiny town, which is recognisable from a distance for its imposing grain silos, home. But Beth, who grew up in the Adelaide Hills, is not the ordinary traveller. She has been a flight attendant for the past few years, and worked for Dubai’s prestigious airline, Emirates in 2006 for six months. Home to very strict rules and regulations including appropriate attire and public behaviour, Beth described Dubai as a “different world.” “It’s pretty crazy over there,” Beth reveals. It’s a different world with strange rules. “You weren’t allowed to have male visitors in your room,” she said. With etiquette an important aspect of United Arab Emirates culture and tradition, Beth said she was required to change a few old habits! “I was a tomboy growing up,” she BETH at home on the farm with pal Bessie, and in her said.“Working as a flight attendant, I Emirates uniform before boarding a flight in Dubai. had to change into a lady!” Beth said with a laugh. “I was so used to speaking in Aussie “hustle and bustle” of flights, Beth slang, we had to learn how to speak cherishes the time she has to play netball for Hummocks A1. So, what’s it like more appropriately and proper.” After living and working in the coun- floating on thin air most of the time? “I love it,” Beth said. try whose economy was built on the oil “Being on my feet for so long and industry and travelling to exotic counconstantly smiling is sometimes diftries, Beth missed home and decided ficult. You can feel pretty knackered, to return to partner of now five years, but I still love it - even though I still Ryan at his Nantawarra farm. From here she joined a domestic sometimes hold my breath when flying airline where she travelled interstate over water!” But to Beth, there is more to being on a regular basis. a flight attendant than just serving cups “I’ve been to just about everywhere of coffee and tea. in Australia you can think of,” she “The main concern of a flight attendsaid. ant is the safety of the passengers. But it seems even travelling the “We go through ‘great outdoors’ that an intense six weeks is Australia wasn’t of training to learn enough to tempt Beth how to deal with to stay away from the medical emergencomfort of Nantacies, terrorist threats, warra and Ryan. turbulence and evacShe now works uation and emergenfor a regional airline cy procedures.” where her travels Beth said the are closer to home; best thing about her flying to places like job was meeting Port Lincoln twice a diverse range of BETh with partner Ryan Reid. a week. The airline people. is also aspiring to “The other day I spent the afternoon extend their flights to Kangaroo Island chatting to Mike Rann in the air.” in the future. And she even got to meet her all-time And with travelling comes many, many stories and experiences to favourite sport and media celebrity, Sunday September Malcolm Blight. share. And not to worry, Beth’s memories “My favourite question people always ask me...”Do you have a micro- will be with her always as she is 40,000 words into a novel she is writing about wave or fridge on board?’’ Beth said. “The answer is of course always her experiences as a flight attendant. $1 Schooners In Beth’s world, every day is dif‘NO!’” • from 6.30pm And there would be no in-flight en- ferent. • Also Hamburger Night “I love working in such a different tertainment without the typical ‘mid-air environment, and not in an office...I wedding proposal’. “A memorable flight was to Hamil- was never meant to be a nine to five ton Island when a passenger asked his office worker!” Beth encourages anyone interested partner to marry him over the PA on in becoming a flight attendant to conboard.” “She said yes!” tact her on for With every Saturday free from the more information or advice.

STATE MP for Light, Tony Piccolo, has been appointed deputy chair of the South Australian Business Development Council. The Business Development Council is an independent advisory body that makes recommendations to the Minister for Small Business on ways in which the State government and industry can work together to strengthen the capacity of small businesses to respond to local issues and opportunities. The appointment has been made by Small Business Minister, Tom Koutsantonis. Mr Piccolo said he was pleased to accept the appointment as it would give him a better insight into the needs of small business within the electorate. “A significant part of the economy of my electorate is based on small business,” he said. “Whether they are in retail, services, farming or manufacturing I am keen to hear from them,” said Mr Piccolo. Mr Piccolo has been a leading national advocate for the reform of franchising laws to give small business greater protection from predator behaviour by multinational franchisors. Mr Piccolo’s actions for franchise law reform have been backed by key small business associations both in South Australia and nationally. Mr Piccolo said he would be keen to hear from local business owners.

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& Engagement Wedding our

n Kylie Cleland, daughter of Bob and Jan Cleland, of Mallala, and Ben Pym, son of Peter and Alison Pym, of Long Plains, married at Mallala Uniting Church on March 27. They celebrated their reception with friends and family at Mawson Lakes Hotel. From left are: Kylie Cleland, Blake Fuller, Ben Pym, Shakira Fuller, Nicole Fuller, Kylie Cook, Miranda Barkla, Courtney Fuller, Jarrad Seiboth, Lachlan Hart and Stuart Spillane. Courtesy Podium Photos, Ben O’Leary.

n Robert Martin and Charmaine Davies, of Hamley Bridge, were engaged on July 11, with Robert popping the question to Charmaine while at King’s Canyon, Northern Territory. Robert’s parents are Sydney and Sharon Martin of Hamley Bridge, and Charmaine’s parents are Shane Wilson of Roseworthy and Rachel Davies of Willaston.

n ALICIA Nicholls and Brett Sharman were married on the beach at Sims Cove, near Port Hughes on April 1, with a reception at the Sharman holiday home at Port Hughes. They honeymooned in Fiji. Alicia is the daughter of the late Kym Nicholls, of Nantawarra, and Kerryn and Butch Moses, of Port Julia. Brett’s parents are Mike and Lyn Sharman, of Long plains. Pictured in the bridal party are (from left) Melanie Sanders and Brad Hardie, Alicia and Brett, Kate Bubner, and Andrew Sharman, Jayne Nicholls and Kym Jarman.

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n LEFT: Brett Price and Kimberly Partridge were engaged on July 16. Kimberly is the daughter of Glenn and Anne Partridge of Blackwood and Brett the son of Phillip and Jo-Ann Price, of Port Wakefield.

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L]ZcfjVa^i nXdjci h! Barossa Wedding i ]ZgZ^hcdXdbeVg^hdc Expo

n Courtney Martin and Corrine Ammerlaan became engaged on July 11. Courtney proposed at home! Courtney’s parents, Sydney and Sharon Martin, live in Hamley Bridge. Corrine’s father Paul Ammerlaan lives in Cairns, and her mother, Gay Ammerlaan, in Stockport.

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NEWS v District

Once, twice ...

Three times a wife By Lauren Hermon


nce upon a time there was country girl who was destined to meet an Egyptian prince. Famous for its ancient civilisation and some of the world’s most famous monuments, including the Giza pyramids and the Great Sphinx, love blossomed among the pyramids and desert dunes. We’ve all heard the clichés: Love at first sight. Love conquers all. Love knows no boundaries. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. But while there are some non-believers out there, Balaklava-born, now Inkerman resident, Renee Korreng, 30, isn’t one of them. On holiday overseas in January last year, Renee travelled to Jordan, Paris, Singapore and Egypt where she met Amr Haggag, 27, who she married at a secret ceremony in exotic Thailand in July last year. The bond between them could be described as a love connection only depicted on the big screen. Amr was Renee’s tour guide supervisor in Egypt, and Renee recalls how the connection was “instant” when she first saw him at an airport meeting in Cairo. “It sounds strange,” Renee said. “But as soon as I saw him, everything else around me became blurry.” Her last night in Cairo was thought to be the last time Renee and Amr would cross paths as she planned to continue her travels and return home. But they couldn’t stay apart for long. The love struck couple, after about six months of expensive mobile phone bills and chatting online, organised to meet in Thailand for a holiday where they ended up getting married without telling family and friends until after the ceremony.

“Amr and I just clicked even more after staying in contact. “I messaged my parents and told them after the ceremony.” “After both families aired their concerns, my parents and Amr’s parents were happy to see us so in love and happy.” But both families were not entirely left out of the wedding plans. The fairy tale love story continues. Renee and Amr were married three times! Yes, three times. First at the secret ceremony in Thailand, the second at a ring ceremony in Cairo in January this year where Renee met and spent time with Amr’s parents for a few months, and finally in June this year, back in Adelaide with a ceremony at Botanic Park, where Renee’s parents, Inkerman farmers, Des and Chris Korreng were able to meet Amr. Renee was attended by maid of honour, her sister Abby Korreng, with Ty Griffiths as best man. The


RENEE at home on the farm and on her wedding day with Amr in Adelaide – PICTURES: Lisa Redpath and Reminisce wedding photography.


Now Available at:

CAIRO by night pair then honeymooned around Australia. Renee now wears a hijab, the traditional headscarf worn by some Muslim women. With Amr now back home in Cairo, Renee will move to Egypt in October to be with her husband to start a life together. “The plan is to live in Egypt for a few years then come back to Australia,” Renee said. But there are no concrete plans just yet– as Renee said she’s just looking forward to seeing Amr. When asked what she

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

would miss most about Inkerman, of course Renee’s response was family and friends - and self-raising flour! “In Egypt they don’t have self-raising flour! “Try watching me bake a cake without self-raising flour – it’s hard!” Renee joked. Renee said her move to Egypt would be a “massive change”, but she is looking forward to being close to Amr at the end of each day. “It will be worthwhile,” she said with a smile. And so they lived happily ever after ...

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SPORT v Netball

Wells girls now in third spot Two Wells 51 defeated Balaklava 39 Two Wells have claimed third position on the ladder after defeating Balaklava by 12 goals in A1 on Saturday. An impressive second quarter set the Wells girls up for the win, with a nine goal turnaround after a close beginning. Wells’ shooters Nicole Darling and Cassie Lange were on target, especially with outside shots while midcourters Bri Thomson and Neralie Wearne moved the ball quickly and accurately down the court. With Balak throwing a few balls out of court and Two Wells gaining some defensive turnovers, Wells girls were able to captitalise in the goal circle. Balaklava put tight pressure on the centre passes, with Sophie van Kleef and Michelle Williams strong defensively. Fresh legs elevated both teams at half time with changes in Two Wells defence and midcourt and Balak attack. Wells attacker, Darling continued to move well and shoot accurately from a distance, gaining a best on court performance. Balak’s shooter Cassie Powell also gained best on court, moving from GS to GA in the final term and continuing to finish well for Balak.

BIANCA Sellar passes from centre, only to have a Mallala opponent intercept the ball in the B grade match on Saturday.

CAROLYN Michael, Balaklava and Carly Smith, Two Wells both grab aggressively for the ball after a swift intercept by Carolyn.

APNA RESULTS Kate Wilson, Mallala just misses an intercept on a pass to Mary Hosking, Long Plains during the C2 match. INSET: Sally Wilson, Mallala and Tayla Pascoe, Long Plains try to gain control of a rebound in the B grade game.

Results of Adelaide Plains Netball Association matches played on Saturday A1: Hamley Bridge 57 (Ashleigh Koch) d Hummocks 46 (Lisa Britza). Mallala 49 (Louise Faulkner) d Long Plains 37 (Emma Laintoll). Two Wells 51 (Nicole Darling) d Balaklava 39 (Cass Powell). A2: Hummocks 58 (Jade Wilkins) d Hamley Bridge 26 (Naomi Bubner). Two Wells 49 (Stephanie Walker) d Balaklava 42 (Louise Read). Long Plains 54 (Sarah Trussell) d Mallala 27 (Jessica Neilson). A3: Balaklava 47 (Renee McPharlin) d Two Wells 43 (Megan Renshaw). Long Plains 38 (Karly Kayser) d Mallala 21 (Nicole Standley). Hummocks 49 (Sascha Tiller) d Hamley Bridge 22 (Stacey Bell). A4: Hummocks 59 (Rebecca Dixon) d Hamley Bridge 40 (Natasha Manno). Two Wells 45 (n/a) d Balaklava 35 (not supplied). Long Plains 40 (Marni Jones) d Mallala 37 (Rhianna Shepherd). A5: Hamley Bridge 38 (Elisabeth Flores) d Hummocks 31 (Jessica Rapko).Mallala 35 (Amy Agnew) d Long Plains 27 (Renae Baker). Two Wells 30 (Rhianna Morrison) d Balaklava 22 (Shelley Lamond). B: Mallala 26 (Laura Jarmyn) d Long Plains 25 (Stephanie McArdle). Two Wells 46 (Jessica Stringer) d Balaklava 16 (Tanayah Renshaw). Hummocks 43 (Danielle Pringle) d Hamley Bridge 14 (Michelle Long). C1: Balaklava 51 (Ciara Guy) d Two Wells 5 (Chelsea Fabrici). Mallala n/a (Martha Heyne) d Long Plains n/a (Georgia McArdle). Hamley Bridge 22 (Brittany Durdin) d Hummocks 20 (Merridy Nichols). C2: Mallala 28 (Tiffany Graham) d Long Plains 2 (Chloe Brown). Balaklava 19 (Blessing Nyoni) d Two Wells 16 (Mollie Wilson). Hummocks 36 (Michaela Lane-Watson) d Hamley Bridge 11 (Kiraleigh Hewitt).


APNA Premiership Tables Sponsored by...

Mallala Cleaning Service Phone: 8527 2161

Supporting All Netball Teams

A1 GRADE Hamley Bridge....... 26.....55.18 Hummocks............. 21..... 51.84 Two Wells................ 18.....53.68 Balaklava.................. 17.......51.52 Mallala...................... 14.....48.75 Virginia..................... 10..... 46.07 Long Plains.............. 0.......40.49 A2 GRADE Two Wells................ 30.....60.45 Hummocks............. 26......57.18 Balaklava.................. 20.....55.64 Long Plains............. 16.....48.38 Hamley Bridge........ 8.......35.60 Mallala....................... 6.......45.44 A3 GRADE Balaklava.................. 27.....60.89 Hummocks............. 22.....58.25 Virginia..................... 20.....56.44 Two Wells................ 19.....53.59 Long Plains............. 10..... 47.05 Mallala....................... 4.......36.99 Hamley Bridge........ 4....... 34.74 A4 GRADE Hummocks............. 30.....65.02 Two Wells................ 20....150.84 Long Plains............. 18..... 52.15 Balaklava.................. 17...... 55.21 Hamley Bridge....... 17...... 49.37 Mallala....................... 2........37.14 Virginia...................... 2....... 28.07

A5 GRADE Two Wells................ 28..... 61.05 Balaklava.................. 18..... 49.87 Mallala...................... 16.....49.82 Hamley Bridge....... 16..... 47.90 Long Plains............. 16......47.31 Hummocks............. 10.....44.29 B GRADE Long Plains............. 28.....60.39 Mallala...................... 22.....58.27 Two Wells................ 18.....54.79 Hummocks............. 16.....48.87 Balaklava.................. 16.....48.59 Hamley Bridge........ 6....... 24.92 C1 GRADE Balaklava.................. 28.....76.54 Hamley Bridge....... 26.....60.22 Hummocks............. 20.....56.58 Mallala...................... 16.....46.62 Two Wells................. 8....... 21.06 Long Plains.............. 6....... 25.21 C2 GRADE Hummocks............. 30..... 77.30 Hamley Bridge....... 22.....62.66 Balaklava.................. 20.....58.10 Virginia..................... 16.....53.85 Two Wells................ 12......51.54 Mallala....................... 4.......29.64 Long Plains.............. 2........ 9.60

APNA netty star Name: Lauren Michael Nickname: Lozza DOB: 17/03/1994 Height: Below average Team: Peckers A1 Position: WA, C Who is the most damaging player (on or off court) in your club? Mum (she told me to write this!) Who is your club’s hardest worker (on or off court)? Mum (she made me write this or I’m grounded!) Highlight of netball career? Playing A1 What’s your number one passion outside netball? Basketball

What is the book you read/last movie you went to see? Old MacDonald If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not, living or

dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be? Anyara Lawless If you won $20 million in the lotto, what would you do with the money? Give it to Terissa and Anyara If you were a car, what kind would you be? Minor If you were on the front page of the newspaper, what would the headline say? “Lookout, Lozza has her L’s!” If you could take any person on your next netball trip, who would it be? George Clooney What is the weirdest item in your fridge? Mum’s stick-on eyelashes

Supporting local sport throughout the Adelaide Plains Phone: 8862 1266 Fax: 8862 2080 Web:

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

SPORT v District

Claudia tackles women’s footy Blyth teenager Claudia Hunter has been mixing it with the boys for the last eight years on the football field, but now has the opportunity to tackle the sport with other females. With women’s football now gaining momentum in Australia, Claudia is set to represent South Australia in the first National Women’s Football Championships this September. The 15-year-old is one of 24 girls to travel to Melbourne and compete against other girls across Australia in the under 18 age group. The Clare High School student played junior colts for United Tigers in the Adelaide Plains league, but for the past two years has played for Salisbury West Tigers in the growing women’s league. She said she was ‘ecstatic’ to be selected but a little nervous

about the championships. “I’m nervous but excited as well.” “I couldn’t believe I was picked, it’s pretty awesome,” Claudia said. Having previously lived in Birdsville, Claudia said living in the bush had brought her to play the male-dominated sport. “Football is all they know out in the bush,” she said. “I like that it’s rough and not prissy,” she said. And she said the girls gave their male counterparts a run for their money. “I don’t mind playing against boys. Some of the girls play better then the boys anyway,” she said. With training expected to increase to twice a week, Claudia has her work cut out in the lead up to the championships. Coach of the SA team, Tim Stewart, said female football was

the fastest growing women’s sport in Australia. “A lot of women didn’t know they could play. I think the women’s league will

James Hunter.

continue to grow as the profile of the AFL continues to grow,” he said. And Claudia is not the only member of her family blessed with a flair for football. Her younger brother James recently returned from competing at the U12s Australian State Footy Championships in Perth. The SA team won all their games except one agains t Victoria. The talented sportsman plays for Blyth/Snowtown Cats junior colts and sometimes senior colts.

Claudia Hunter will represent South Australia in the first National women’s football championships in September.

SCOTT Humphrys, Two Wells knocks the ball away from the grasps of Pecker Paul McLean in the A grade game on Saturday.

TIGER Stewart Connor gets a kick away before young Magpie Ben Martin gets hold of him in the senior colts match on Saturday.

Minor round over, finals begin in Clare & Districts hockey Hockey The last minor round games were played at Balaklava on Saturday. Some of the results improved teams’ positioning on the premiership table for the semi-finals, which are to be played at Riverton on Saturday, August 28.

Under 14

Donnybrook 3 goals defeated Burra 1 Best: Don – William Pearson, Fletcher Thomas, Lachlan McLean; Bur – Lachlan Haddow, Peter Cornwell, Elisha Desmet. Springstown 1 defeated Balaklava 0 Best: Spr – Tom Forrest, James Forrest, Johanna Dutschke; Bal – Natasha Greenshields, Brock Hamann.

Under 17

Burra 5 defeated Wendouree 1 Best: Bur – Lachlan Haddow, Aaron Desmet, Anthony Cochrane; Wen – Josh Nourse, Lachlan Squires, Adam Busch. Balaklava 2 defeated Springstown 0 Best: Bal – Samuel Tiller, Jordan Hamann, Natasha Greenshields; Spr – Luke Burge, Tom Forrest, Ashleigh Clarke.


Balaklava 3 defeated Springstown 1 Best: Bal – Fiona Tiller, Sarah Tiller, Natasha Greenshields; Spr – Anita Bayliss, Jayne Price, Katrina Sanders.


Burra 7 defeated Riverton 2 Best: Bur – Darren Sweet, Anthony Cochrane, Toby Murphy; Riv – Kelvin Tiller, Andrew Chapman, Ben Shepherd. Balaklava 4 defeated Springstown 2 Best: Bal – Lee Cunningham, Raf Battistessa, Josh March; Spr – Simon Neale, Derek Upton, Steve Sanders.

Premiership tables At the end of the minor rounds

Under 14





Donnybrook Springstown Balaklava Burra

10 6 4 4

1 7 8 8

4 2 3 3

34 20 15 15

22 14 10 5

5 14 15 13

Balaklava Springstown Donnybrook Burra Wendouree

8 8 4 4 1

1 4 5 6 9

3 - 3 2 2

27 24 15 14 5

34 40 28 30 15

16 18 37 27 48

Balaklava Donnybrook Springstown

9 4 1

- 5 7

1 1 2

28 13 5

31 20 10

4 20 33

Donnybrook Balaklava Burra Riverton Springstown

11 8 4 4 2

1 4 7 8 9

- - 1 - 1

33 24 13 12 7

51 28 20 18 19

5 16 32 46 35

Under 17



Semi-finals times

Semi-finals, played at Riverton, August 28: 9.30am: U14 – Donnybrook (1) v Springstown (2), Field 1; Balaklava (3) v Burra (4). 11.10am: U17 – Balaklava (1) v Springstown (2) Field 1; Donnybrook (3) v Burra (4). 1.30pm: Women – Balaklava (1) v Donnybrook (2). Men – Burra (3) v Riverton (4), Field 1. 3.15pm: Men – Donnybrook (1) v Balaklava (2).

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

ABOVE: Belinda Shepherd in action for the Balaklava women’s side during Saturday’s match against Springstown. RIGHT: Young Nathan Shepherd in a tussle during the under 14 game.


SPORT ❖ Football


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Gawler Rd, Virginia, Phone: 8380 9560- OPEN 7 DAYS 8am- 5pm APFL results from Saturday- Round 18 Mallala United


0.1 3.2

3.3 4.3

8.6 7.3

9.9 8.3

(63) (51)

Goals - Mallala: B.Griffiths 2, C.Rimmer 2, D.Feeley 1, B.Montgomery 1, L.Whitwell 1, B.Hardie 1, M.Saunders 1 United: H.Pym 2, J.McArdle 2, B.Sharman 1, J.Rundle 1, A.Mansfield 1, M.Warnes 1 Best - Mallala: J.Montgomerie, L.Whitwell, C.Rimmer, C.Hallion, M.Saunders, J.Wildbore United: H.Pym, W.Banton, A.Mills, B.Sobey, A.Mansfield, M.Warnes

Balaklava Two Wells

2.1 4.2

5.4 6.2

9.6 9.8

16.7 10.12

(103) (72)

Goals - Balaklava: J.Brice 4, M.Wheaton 2, T.McPharlin 2, B.Catford 2, S.Farley 1, J.Michael 1 Two Wells: C.Christofis 2, N.Seccafien 2, B.Fitzgerald 2, B.Hart 1, K.Leighton 1, P.Christofis 1, R.McDonald 1 Best - Balaklava: B.Lamond, J.Walker, B.Michael, K.Ruiz, M.Wheaton, D.Friedrichs Two Wells: K.Leighton, B.Spiteri, R.McDonald, N.Seccafien, T.Leighton, C.Nurton

HW Eagles Hamley

3.4 2.1

7.7 4.3

11.13 4.3

16.18 4.3

(114) (27)

Goals - HW Eagles: J.Hunt 5, D.Barnes 4, S.Schutz 3, R.Reid 2, J.Wilson 1 Hamley: T.Durdin 1, C.Allen 1, T.Natt 1, D.Wiese 1 Best - HW Eagles: J.Wilson, D.Oswald, S.Light, J.Hunt, L.Belperio, S.Braham Hamley: J.Schahinger, S.Rademacher, S.Gregory, M.Koch, J.Eastwood, C.Allen

Mallala United

RESERVES 4.0 2.2

8.2 3.2

9.3 5.3

11.4 7.3

(70) (45)

Goals - Mallala: B.Edwards 2, K.Jameson 2, C.Bilney 2, D.Tiller 2, A.Lawrie 2, R.Kerr 1 United: L.Michalanney 2, J.East 2, D.Carter 1, B.Jones 1, R.Jenkin 1 Best - Mallala: L.Gosling, D.McLean, B.Edwards, B.Tucker, P.Hanton, D.Jennings United: K.Jarman, D.Carter, B.Pym, A.Pratt, A.Sharman, C.Jenkin

Two Wells Balaklava

5.1 0.1

7.4 5.5

15.8 6.6

21.10 8.7

(136) (55)

Goals - Two Wells: J.Becker 6, L.Saunders 4, M.Slater 3, D.Applebee 2, A.Slater 2, S.Wise 2, J.Lanzon 1, O.Allmond 1 Balaklava: K.Michalanney 3, J.McPharlin 1, S.May 1, A.Michael 1, R.Veitch 1, S.Rowland 1 Best - Two Wells: N.Applebee, J.Becker, C.Lamont, A.Slater, K.Lovell, D.Applebee Balaklava: S.Henderson, A.Williams, S.Rowland, M.Brougham, S.May, H.Battle

Hamley HW Eagles

JOSEPH Hooper, Mallala handballs away after being gripped in a tight tackle by Tiger Travis Bedell during the senior colts match on Saturday.


14.10 5.5

15.11 7.10

(101) (52)

Goals - Hamley: M.Gregory 4, C.Bond 2, B.Selth 2, C.Wightman 2, B.Traill 2, A.Baker 2, I.Naulty 1 HW Eagles: M.Mckay 3, S.Gill 3, J.Mahoney 1 Best - Hamley: M.Gregory, B.Selth, I.Naulty, B.Traill, A.Baker, C.Bond HW Eagles: B.Cave, S.Baker, P.Catalono, M.Mckay, B.Manners, D.Braham


RSMU North Clare

4.0 3.4

6.2 7.6

11.4 8.8

16.7 9.11

(103) (65)

Min/Man South Clare

3.4 1.5

7.5 3.7

12.6 8.9

17.8 12.10

(110) (82)

Best: RSMU - B.Plueckhahn, J.Williams, T.Willmott, P.Clark, Z.Hier, D.Schulz; North Clare - M.Ward, D.Ellis, T.Pawley, C.Jaeschke, A.Waters, N.Prokopec Goals: RSMU - J.Williams 6, T.Willmott 3, B.Plueckhahn, M.Norman, B.Mitchell, S.Goodfellow, D.Williams, L.Percy, C.Mullins; North Clare - M.Ward 3, M.Catford 2, N.Prokopec 2, C.Jaeschke, A.Amey

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10.9 3.3

0.0 1.2

1.4 2.4

2.5 3.5

4.10 3.6

(34) (24)

Balaklava Two Wells

6.2 0.0

8.5 1.1

13.8 2.1

17.11 4.4

(113) (28)

HW Eagles Hamley

2.1 1.4

5.2 1.6

7.4 2.9

9.6 5.15

(60) (45)

Goals - Mallala: J.Birchmore 1, J.Hallion 1, D.Kearns 1, J.Page 1 United: M.McIntyre 1, R.Sharer 1, S.Connor 1 Best - Mallala: B.Martin, L.Helps, J.Drew, J.Birchmore, C.Bethune, J.Page United: L.Connor, T.Bedell, R.Rodgers, A.McArdle, D.Fabry, N.Curnow Goals - Balaklava: T.Shepherd 5, L.Guy 3, S.Rowland 2, R.McPharlin 2, B.Michael 2, J.Jenner 1, R.McDonald 1, C.Ruiz 1 Two Wells: J.Paterson 2, T.Hines 1, M.Sincock 1 Best - Balaklava: S.Rowland, C.Ruiz, L.Guy, R.McDonald, T.Lloyd, T.Shepherd Two Wells: T.Hines, J.Morrison, T.Markou, M.Williams/sayner, J.Paterson, B.Harvey Goals - HW Eagles: S.McGuiness 4, P.McMillan 2, J.Roberts 2, Z.Zilm 1 Hamley: B.Case 2, M.Schmidtke 1, J.May 1, R.Darwin 1 Best - HW Eagles: C.Lane-watson, S.McGuiness, P.McMillan, M.Nicholls, J.Zilm, T.Williams Hamley: A.Power, B.Case, R.Darwin, M.Gregory, J.May, S.Collings


Mallala United

4.3 0.0

9.5 0.11

9.5 0.11

9.5 0.11

(59) (11)

Two Wells Balaklava

2.1 0.0

5.1 0.2

8.6 0.2

8.6 0.2

(54) (2)

HW Eagles Hamley

1.4 0.0

4.4 0.0

5.5 0.2

5.8 1.3

(38) (9)

Goals - Mallala: R.Konzag 3, K.Hummell 2, T.Graham 2, B.Wilson 1, L.Oleary 1 United: Best - Mallala: J.Watson, R.Konzag, K.Hummell, J.Good, R.Svetec, T.Graham United: H.Hosking, C.McIntyre, R.Lane, J.Pratt, E.Pepe, R.Curnow Goals - Two Wells: L.Goss 3, T.Nixon 3, N.Seccafien 2 Balaklava: Best - Two Wells: N.Seccafien, J.Henneker, H.Gameau, T.Nixon, W.Hart, A.Hart Balaklava: J.Speissegger, R.Harris, D.Paterson, H.Veitch, J.Butterfield, J.Michael Goals - HW Eagles: B.Taylor 2, W.Angel 1, T.Andrew 1, J.Hoepner 1 Hamley: J.Wedding 1 Best - HW Eagles: T.Andrew, D.Williams, J.Appleby, J.Surmon, B.Taylor, T.Nottle Hamley: J.Wedding, L.Collings, D.Collings, T.Darwin, J.Durdin, C.Buckby This weekend’s matches: Mallala v Virginia Hummocks-Watchman Eagles v Two Wells (at Lochiel) Balaklava v Hamley Bridge Bye – United

NEFL results from Saturday- Round 17

Each week The Plains Producer & Osctrot Carriers are giving away a football or netball. If you are pictured (right), contact The Plains Producer on 8862 1977 to claim your prize this week.

Name: Edward Parsons Nickname: Red DOB: 24/03/1997 Team: Mallala juniors Guernsey No: 26 Position: Back pocket Favourite AFL team: Crows Who is the most damaging player (on or off field) in your club? Ryan Konzag Who is your club’s hardest worker (on or off field)? Most of the team, or we wouldn’t win!

6.5 2.0


Mallala United

Best: Min/Man - B.Taylor, R.Piggot, A.Bevis, J.Milburn, B.Kerslake,; South Clare - M.Reynolds, M.Aloisi, G.Schutz, M.Leibelt, B.Murphy, A.Vandeleur Goals: Min/Man - N.Forrest 5, B.Kerslake 2, D.Fogdan 2, B.Currie 2, A.Bevis, R.Piggot, D.Norman, R.Mcdermid, B.Taylor, L.Sandow; South Clare - M.Leibelt 5, B.Seymon 3, B.Murphy 2, A.Heinrich, A.Vandeleur

BSR Tigers Eud/Rtown

4.2 0.2

7.4 3.5

8.7 5.10

9.9 6.13

(63) (49)

Best: BSR Tigers - L.Fuller, S.Morris, B.Pilkington, C.Weckert, J.Carson, A.Smart; Eud/Rtown - M.Zerner, J.Mosey, R.Schmidt, G.Laucke, P.Neal , Goals: BSR Tigers - D.Mellow 4, C.Weckert 3, T.Weckert, J.Carson; Eud/Rtown - J.Pfitzner 2, E.Mumford, J.Trewren, M.Zerner, R.Schmidt

Blyth/Snow BBH

4.2 1.4

5.4 6.5

11.8 9.7

14.11 12.9

(95) (81)

Best: Blyth/Snow - R.Darling, N.Humphrys, R.Wandel, S.Clifford, J.Taylor, J.Agnew; BBH - C.Cooper, N.Jackman, T.Riggs, D.Reed, M.Phin, A.Spicer Goals: Blyth/Snow - S.Clifford 4, J.Taylor 3, J.Gillings 2, A.Conradi, B.Moffatt, M.Collins, R.Darling, A.Hentschke; BBH - D.Reed 5, B.Wall 3, M.Cousins, A.Spicer, N.Jackman, M.Hall

RSMU North Clare

B GRADE 2.3 2.6

6.4 6.10

7.6 7.12

8.11 7.12

(59) (54)

Best: RSMU - F.McInerney, D.Schulz, T.Hart, J.Molineux, S.Griffiths, D.Griffiths; North Clare - B.McGuire, C.Price, R.Tregilgas, B.Couzner, L.Milne, S.Grace Goals: RSMU - S.Griffiths 2, G.Linke 2, T.Jordan, J.Branson, S.Willmott, T.Hart; North Clare - N.Jones 2, T.Siv 2, M.Dopson, M.Zanette, S.Grace

Min/Man South Clare

2.3 0.3

7.4 2.4

12.5 3.4

15.12 4.6

(102) (30)

Best: Min/Man - P.Hogben, S.Camilleri, J.Curtis, J.Nicholls, C.Lane, R.Dixon; South Clare - M.Smith, D.Wallent, N.Smith, R.Degenhardt, R.Knight, P.Chapman Goals: Min/Man - C.Lane 4, R.Dixon 4, J.Nicholls 2, N.Bentley, S.Camilleri, M.Hadley, N.Pengilly, M.Nayda; South Clare - S.Przibilla 2, S.Buridge, R.O’neal

RSMU North Clare


10.8 3.0

15.10 3.2

19.15 3.2

(129) (20)

South Clare Min/Man

2.4 3.0

5.6 6.3

10.9 8.4

17.9 10.5

(111) (65)

Eud/Rtown BSR Tigers

6.4 1.0

12.11 18.14 1.0 2.1

27.17 2.1

(179) (13)

Blyth/Snow BBH

7.3 0.0

13.9 7.4

(87) (46)

Best: RSMU - D.Bevan, J.Smith, T.Smith, Z.Hatch, A.Rowett, T.Connell; North Clare - M.Bannon, L.Dichiera, M.Dawson, T.Hills, M.Makin, M.Smith Goals: RSMU - T.Redden 4, P.Allchurch 3, A.Rowett 2, M.Busch 2, J.Smith 2, D.Bevan 2, M.Rohde, S.Jordan, T.Smith, P.Callery; North Clare - L.Dichiera, H.Calaby, A.Norton Best: South Clare - R.Knight, T.Pitcher, J.Eyers, T.Barrett, P.Cutting, L.Day; Min/Man - D.Haynes, J.Ey, J.Schmidt, S.Taylor, H.Clark, O.Harding Goals: South Clare - T.Barrett 7, R.Knight 6, J.Eyers 2, T.Pitcher, W.Weetra; Min/Man - A.Bruce 6, D.Haynes 2, S.Taylor, J.McGregor Best: Eud/Rtown - A.Dunstan, D.Reese, L.Kimpton, D.Pfitzner, T.Mosey, K.Schulz; BSR Tigers - A.Fitzgerald, M.Shane, L.Bunfield, N.Bunfield, D.Bruce, B.Kitschke Goals: Eud/Rtown - D.Pfitzner 10, K.Schulz 7, A.Dunstan 5, K.Milde 2, L.Kimpton, D.Reese, T.Walker; BSR Tigers - B.Kitschke, M.Shane

8.4 5.2

10.8 6.2

Best: Blyth/Snow - R.Ottens, C.Giles, C.Andriske, C.Lloyd, H.Norton, D.Underdown; BBH - B.Radford, M.Weichs, S.Connell, L.Roth, M.Kellock, P.Hill Goals: Blyth/Snow - D.Salter 4, C.Lloyd 3, C.Giles 3, J.Ciardiello, C.Andriske, A.Elix; BBH - M.Weichs 6, J.Weltman

RSMU North Clare


4.4 3.1

6.7 5.2

11.7 5.4

(73) (34)

Eud/Rtown BSR Tigers

1.0 1.3

4.2 1.5

4.4 4.6

6.5 5.6

(41) (36)

Blyth/Snow BBH

1.1 1.4

1.3 4.6

4.6 4.6

6.11 4.6

(47) (30)

Best: RSMU - J.Michalak, X.Redden, L.Michalany, J.Bowden, J.Connell, B.Sutton; North Clare - S.Gerrard, H.Calaby, L.Jaeschke, D.Brown, J.King, S.Channon Goals: RSMU - J.Michalak 4, X.Redden 2, J.Connell 2, L.Michalany 2, J.Vater; North Clare - D.Garrard, J.Brown, D.Brown, T.O’sullivan, B.Fisher Best: Eud/Rtown - I.Blumson, E.Dunstan, B.Coe, D.Prior, B.Prior, J.Bugeja; BSR Tigers - L.Hayes, T.Slade, J.Weckert, J.Slade, J.Hayes, T.Wilsdon Goals: Eud/Rtown - I.Blumson 3, J.Harrison 2, B.Biscan; BSR Tigers - A.Morgan 2, T.Slade, T.Wilsdon, L.Hayes

BSR Tigers Eud/Rtown

1.0 1.5

8.0 2.7

10.2 3.7

14.4 3.8

(88) (26)

Best: Blyth/Snow - T.Norton, T.Strawbridge, T.Carling, D.Toholke, J.Hunter, T.Eime; BBH - L.Roth, T.Weich, C.Gove, T.Drew, A.Klinger, B.Klinger Goals: Blyth/Snow - J.Hunter 4, J.Andriske 2; BBH - A.Klinger 4

Blyth/Snow BBH

3.5 1.0

5.6 3.0

12.7 4.0

13.8 8.3

(86) (51)

This weekend’s matches: North Clare v Eudunda/Robertstown Blyth/Snowtown v South Clare (Snowtown) Mintaro/Manoora v BBH (Manoora) BSR v RSMU (Spalding)

Best: BSR Tigers - B.Jones, W.Lawry, N.Adams, F.Nicholls, D.Hentschke,; Eud/Rtown - T.Mosey, K.Voigt, D.Van, J.Mosey, T.Ross , Goals: BSR Tigers - B.Jones 5, K.Stringer 2, H.Smart, S.Nicholls, W.Lawry, D.Hentschke, N.Burford, B.Weckert, J.Burgess; Eud/Rtown - K.Voigt 2, D.Drescher Best: Blyth/Snow - S.Gillings, R.Baxter, S.Clifford, A.Dyke, D.Stringer, L.Dohnt; BBH - M.McAuley, T.O’connor, D.Booth, B.Norris, G.Kellock, C.Lynch Goals: Blyth/Snow - B.Pratt 5, S.Clifford 4, D.Stringer, A.Dyke, S.Gillings, M.Pawley; BBH T.O’connor 2, M.Weichs 2, J.Williams 2, M.McAuley, B.Bailey

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

SPORT v Football

Peckers topple Roosters Two Wells loses momentum in final term Balaklava 16-7 (103) defeated Two Wells 10-12 (72) It was a hard fought victory for Balaklava, but the Peckers overcame the Roosters in a final term blitz to win by 31 points. The Roosters were able to give the game a real crack and held the lead until three quarter time, in what was a physical battle at every contest. Several Roosters stepped up for the occasion including senior colts and first time A graders Luke Godfrey and Dylan Wise (possibly the youngest Two Wells A grader at 15-years-old) . Balaklava showed strength at every stoppage, with Hayden Walker’s experience in ruck hard to compete with. Both teams put pressure on every ball and strong tackles were laid across the ground. Many of the Peckers played themselves into peak form against spirited opposition. The Roosters threatened the visitors all game, with Khan Leighton, Ned Seccafien and Tallan Leighton in top form. At three quarter time the Roosters held the lead by one point, setting up an intense final term. Peckers Justin Walker, Brad Michael and Kane Ruiz were amongst the action all game and created fast ball movement with good accountability for their team mates. Balaklava’s big man Brenton Lamond was influential with a height advantage, and the Roosters moved full forward Paul Christofis into defence to fill the void. The Roosters missed tough goal opportunities early in the final term, which upset their momentum and set the pace for Balaklava to unleash six goals and go home with the win. Mallala 9-9 (63) defeated United 8-3 (51) Despite their ladder position differences, United Tigers gave Mallala a hard time in securing a 12 point triumph in Tigerland. United held the lead at quarter time with a three goal lead. Once again United showed they seem to

Round 18 in review n Bronte Hewett reviews round 18 football matches

lift a gear against Mallala. At half time, things were still going United’s way with the side holding the lead, albeit by one goal. Will Banton was excellent in ruck for the Tigers, with the team kicking two in a row to start the third term and gaining all the momentum. If not for a couple of undisciplined incidents (resulting in 50m penalties and goals to Mallala) that followed, United could have been in front by enough to win the game. Joel Montgomerie was good all game, while Christian Rimmer was also an important player. Liam Whitwell progressed back to good form for the Magpies, while United’s midfield was controlled by Heath Pym, with two goals, Adrian Mills and Ben Sobey. The Magpies are in countdown mode for an assault on a potential third flag in four years. Hummocks-Watchman 16-18 (114) defeated Hamley Bridge 4-3 (27) Hummocks-Watchman accounted for Hamley Bridge easily with an 87-point win. HWE looked fierce from the start, with the Bombers putting in a hard effort in the first quarter. Eagles lifted with experience of Jared Wilson, Shaun Light and Joe Hunt benefiting the side. Hunt, with five goals and David Barnes, with four were solid targets in the forward lines and put pressure on the Bombers all game. For the Bombers, club stalwarts Justin Schahinger, Scott Radamacher and Stuart Gregory played another hard game and put in a solid effort despite the margins.

At half time, the Eagles had a five goal advantage and only looked threatening to increase it. A big third term allowed the Eagles some leeway, with the Bombers unable to score. It was a midfield tussle as Bombers Matthew Koch and Jed Eastwood worked to prevent forward line action for the Eagles. Tim Durdin, Craig Allen, Travis Natt and Danny Weise all collected singles for the Bombers before a scoreless second half. With a final four resting on percentage, the Eagles steadily built the margin and took the win as an important percentage booster.

NATHAN Yates in action for the Peckers.

Eagles and Peckers chase second spot •From Back Page When Mallala’s Montgomerie(s), Rimmer, Wildbore, Whitwell and Co do battle with Johnson, Wilkey, Howell and Young, your gate money is certainly well spent. It will be interesting to see if Mallala cocaptain Jason Earl returns this week or if Brad Hardie, who has been in the wars lately, has a week off before the finals. Mallala’s miserly defence is one unit with the capabilities of holding a potent Virginia combination, so things should remain tight throughout the four quarters. At the other end, Mallala’s competent forward line will likely be without full forward Brian Montgomery, who suffered a leg injury and was stretchered off last weekend against the Tigers. Mallala is far from the highest scoring team in the league, but if the Magpies supply is up they can kick enough goals to win – considering at the other end of the ground their defence is such a formidable unit. The Rams narrowly got the Magpies last time they met. I think considering Mallala have the minor premiership already sewn up, the Rams may again get them at the post in this one. If they meet in the major round this could be a different story though...

HWE v Two Wells

Basically with a good win over Two Wells this week, Hummocks-Watchman Eagles can sew up second spot on the ladder. A spot in the top two is certainly a position they are familiar with. Should they be able to achieve this, a second semi-final clash with Mallala awaits – along with that coveted chance of direct advancement to the biggest game of them all. First things first though, they must defeat Two Wells in their last home fixture of 2010.

My Call n Kym Jarman previews round 19 football matches One would imagine a win over the Roosters will not be easy, especially as Two Wells look to let off some steam after a disappointing fortnight of results. All of Two Wells’ best midfielders must be at the top of their games if they are to match it with the Eagles’ class and experience. If there is no Lee Allmond, it simply highlights the need for Tallan and Kahn Leighton, Christian Nurton, Ben Spiteri, Bryce Hart and Ryan McDonald to continue their good form against a formidable Eagles midfield combination, which includes stalwart Jared Wilson, vice captain Shane Braham, David Barnes, Jarred Manners and run-with player Lee Belperio. Each member of this group will be eyeing another team-gelling performance as they head towards September. We will have to wait and see whether returning playmaker Joel Wilson will be playing this week for the Eagles. Lochiel Oval holds no fears for the Roosters, after all they defeated the home side at the same venue in last year’s first semi final. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if the Roosters lifted a gear this week and upset the Eagles. However, given recent form you would have to say that the Eagles are odds on for a win and are also looming as a genuine smokey for the 2010 title.

Balaklava v Hamley Bridge

Season 2010 started horribly for the Hamley Bridge Bombers. Three serious season

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

ending injuries to would-be key players in their three pre-season trial games suggested the season was only going to get longer for a side already holding wooden spoons from the last few seasons. Although the results haven’t come, the mood at the bridge is much more upbeat than one could otherwise expect. New coach Rian Nelson has been clear about the Bombers’ plight being more long term than short term, and although they head into their final match having only registered one win for season 2010 thus far, many of the Bombers’ charges have seen and shown improvement this season. Their opponent, Balaklava, has been around the mark, holding a top four position throughout the majority of the season despite “flying under the radar” in many respects – with no real “eye-opening” results coming their way. Football talk suggests that many in the APFL rate the Peckers as 2010s “dark horse”, given the fact they boast an unmatched array of big men who are capable of coming to the fore and making a real impact once the finals arrive. With second spot a real possibility, I am sure Stuart Lamond will have them primed and ready to go. They should have too much firepower this week for Hamley Bridge. Certainly their final term last week against Two Wells, where they kicked seven goals to one, suggests they are hungry. Funny things can happen in the last minor round matches. If there was an upset this weekend, it would be the first time a finalsbound side has taken their foot off the gas while a side with an upcoming six-months off finds something extra. Two Wells and Hamley Bridge can hang onto this notion, although it would be a very long shot for the Bombers!

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after round 18 games A GRADE Team P W L D Mallala 15 13 2 0 HW Eagles 15 10 5 0 Balaklava 15 10 5 0 Virginia 15 9 6 0 Two Wells 15 7 8 0 United 16 3 13 0 Hamley 15 1 14 0 RESERVES Team P W L D Virginia 15 14 1 0 Two Wells 15 11 4 0 Balaklava 15 7 8 0 Mallala 15 7 8 0 United 16 7 9 0 HW Eagles 15 4 11 0 Hamley 15 3 12 0 SENIOR COLTS Team P W L D Balaklava 15 15 0 0 Two Wells 15 10 5 0 Mallala 15 9 5 1 HW Eagles 15 7 8 0 United 16 5 10 1 Virginia 15 4 11 0 Hamley 15 2 13 0 JUNIOR COLTS Team P W L D Two Wells 15 12 0 0 HW Eagles 15 8 4 0 Mallala 15 9 4 0 Balaklava 15 6 7 0 Hamley 15 2 10 0 United 16 1 13 0 Virginia 15 0 15 0

B 2 3 3 3 3 2 3

FF F A % Pts 0 1216 833 59.35 26 0 1286 972 56.95 20 0 1212 1047 53.65 20 0 1462 1118 56.67 18 0 1249 1156 51.93 14 0 897 1329 40.30 6 0 914 1781 33.91 2

B 3 3 3 3 2 3 3

FF F A % Pts 0 1223 498 71.06 28 0 1210 635 65.58 22 0 786 850 48.04 14 0 796 872 47.72 14 0 825 945 46.61 14 0 634 1302 32.75 8 0 780 1152 40.37 6

B 3 3 3 3 2 3 3

FF F A % Pts 0 1831 344 84.18 30 0 1357 609 69.02 20 0 806 728 52.54 19 0 823 1259 39.53 14 0 754 992 43.18 11 0 616 1465 29.60 8 0 490 1280 27.68 4

B 3 3 3 3 3 2 3

FF F 3 872 3 609 2 640 2 566 3 461 2 315 0 0

A 170 325 359 458 614 817 720

% Pts 83.69 30 65.20 22 64.06 22 55.27 16 42.88 10 27.83 6 0.00 0

Leading Goal Kickers mid north

Computer Services Kick a goal with their quality service! 30 George St, Balaklava Ph: 8862 2409 A GRADE Pos Name 1 Brendon NIKLAUS - Virginia 2 Paul CHRISTOFIS - Two Wells 3 Joseph HUNT - HW Eagles 4 Peter BURGOYNE - United 5 Jonathon BRICE - Balaklava 6 Daniel FEELEY - Mallala 7 Brian MONTGOMERY - Mallala 8 Stuart Lamond - Balaklava 9 Caleb HOWELL - Virginia 10 Brad GRIFFITHS - Mallala RESERVES Pos Name 1 Jason BECKER - Two Wells 2 Alex LEO - Virginia 3 Derek TILLER - Mallala 4 Kerry MICHALANNEY - Balaklava 5 James RUNDLE - United 6 Steven LIOULIOS - Virginia 7 Chris CHRISTOFIS - Two Wells 8 Matthew GREGORY - Hamley 9 Mitch McKAY - HW Eagles 10 Adam BAKER - Hamley SENIOR COLTS Pos Name 1 Shane McGUINESS - HW Eagles 2 Luke TASSEL - Two Wells 3 Ross SHARER - United 4 Luke GUY - Balaklava 5 Luke WILLIAMS - Balaklava 6 Joshua PATERSON - Two Wells 7 Ryan McPHARLIN - Balaklava 8 Timothy SHEPHERD - Balaklava 9 Chad RUIZ - Balaklava 10 Dylan KEARNS - Mallala JUNIOR COLTS Pos Name 1 Brandon TAYLOR - HW Eagles 2 Lachlan GOSS - Two Wells 3 Kyle HUMMELL - Mallala 4 Travis NIXON - Two Wells 5 Jack HENNEKER - Two Wells 6 Dylan McCREDIE - Balaklava 7 Angus CLOTHIER - Mallala 8 Jarrad DUNSTAN - Mallala 9 James SPEISSEGGER - Balaklava 10 Adam COE - Mallala

Plains Producer

Sat 0 1 5 0 4 1 1 0 0 2

Year 82 46 46 43 40 38 37 37 26 24

Sat 6 0 2 3 0 0 0 4 3 2

Year 48 37 26 23 22 22 20 17 16 16

Sat 4 0 1 3 0 2 2 5 1 1

Year 64 43 35 35 28 27 25 24 24 22

Sat 2 3 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 0

Year 26 20 19 19 13 11 11 11 11 10


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Try bowls this summer

Fit ne ss for a cause

Balaklava Primary School students participated in a move-a-thon last Tuesday in an effort to encourage healthy lifestyles. The popular fundraiser saw students on foot, bikes, green machines and rip-sticks just to name a few. After their fitness, students enjoyed a healthy wrap lunch. Johnny O'Mahoney is pictured above on his bike.

Fo o t y a c t i o n Kozie Knezevic, Kayla Von Zieden and Rachel Frost stop for a quick rest.

MALLALA senior colts co-captain Jake Drew runs with the ball ahead of Tiger opponent Ross Sharer. Jake performed well for his side on Saturday at Long Plains, making it into this week’s best player list.

Hamley Bridge Bowling Club is seeking more players, both men and women, boys and girls. The club would particularly like some more female players, needing both younger and older generation members to keep the club viable. The club will hold a Come and Try welcome day so prospective players can decided whether bowls is their sport. Details will be posted at a later date. Men play pennants matches on Saturday afternoons and women play on Thursday mornings. These are inter-town games arranged by Bowls SA within various regions. However, there is no need for a complete commitment to bowls – you can become a social member for a very small sub, which entitles you to play in social games and tournaments. If numbers allow, the club will start a series of night bowls, which will run once a week in the evenings (there’s more fun had during these games of bowls than the tournament session! It is ideal for beginners or youngsters to learn the game of bowls). Teams can get together and play off against one another, or you can turn up on the night and have a go – there is usually someone unable to make it and replacement players are needed. It is always a fun night and a good way to socialise and meet new people. This is the time and place for beginners to appreciate bowls and have fun. Parents – why not have a family day out and visit Hamley Bridge Bowling Club’s Come and Try day. Bowls is an ideal summer sport once the netball and football season is over. For more information, call Natalie on 8528 2082, Marilyn on 8528 2558 or Dick on 8528 2343.

Interschool nine-a-side footy at Ralli Park

Students from across the district participated in the McDonalds Woodville-West Torrens interschool nine a side football carnival at Ralli Park last Wednesday. Year 8 and 9 students from Kapunda, Riverton, Balaklava, Horizon, Clare, Burra, and Eudunda High Schools were involved in the carnival, with Kapunda winning the year 8 and girls competition and Riverton taking out the year 9 competition. Kapunda High School was declared the overall winner of the day. Balaklava hosts the carnival every year, and physical education teacher Liam Whitwell said it was again successful this year. “It was a good day in the end. The weather turned out really good for the day,” Mr Whitwell said.


Brittany Modra, Hayley Higgins and Tayla Higgins of Kapunda High School.

Olivia Izzo and Kahlia Schiller of Riverton and Districts High School. Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

SPORT v Football

Nick McCormack picks up the ball, shepherded by Cats team mate Aaryn Lloyd, while Cats’ Adam Comrade leads for a possible delivery.

Cats come from behind for 14-point victory In the match of the round, Blyth-Snowtown recovered from a small half time deficit to beat the reigning premiers – BBH – by 14 points, in a tense and absorbing game at Burra Oval. Seven points down at the main break, the Cats, in an expansive third quarter kicked six goals-to-three to set up the victory. Both sides kicked three goals in the final quarter, with the Cats showing some good resistance against the breeze. “It was a hard slog and BBH had a crack all day,” Blyth-Snowtown coach Brett Ireland said. “It took us until the final term to eventually break the game open. “But I was pretty happy with the way we ran the game out. “I asked for a lift at half time and we tripled our tackles and turnovers from this point. “We finished with more run into the breeze, kicking towards the netball courts end. “Ryan Darling played an important captain’s game including an impressive goal in the final quarter and produced good work deep in defence.” Other strong performers for the visitors included Nick Humphrys and Robert Wandel in defence. Shay Clifford was impressive with four goals across half forward, while James Taylor, after a poor game against Mintaro-Manoora rebounded strongly, helping himself to three goals. Jason Agnew has also been a solid acquisition in the last month. “Our whole back line was superb,” Ireland said. “While we lost Gareth Ottens with a hamstring strain, along with Nick Humphrys and Robert Wandel who received mentions in the best players list, Adam Comrade, AJ Wood, Kiel Kennett and Tyron Clark all did sterling jobs. BBH captain Casey Cooper was superb across half back for the hosts, with Nick Jackman and Tom Riggs having a significant impact around the ball. David Reed was impressive, kicking five goals from his wing. Centre half back Mark Phin beat the high-leaping Jarrod Gillings all day, and while Aaron Spicer only broke even ruck, he had a big impact around the ground, especially after half time. Boh Wall kicked three goals for the home side. The Rams will be hurt by the loss of former captain Stephen Tohl, who tore a hamstring and is expected to miss between two to three weeks. Hawks return to form The Hawks have returned to form at the right time of the year, beating North Clare in the penultimate round to the 2010

Round 17 in review By Peter Argent regular season by 38 points. After an even first half, RSMU broke the game over in the third term, kicking five goals-to-one. For the victors, teenager talent Ben Plueckhahn was superb around the ball. Marking forward Jamie Williams and the versatile Tyson Willmott kicked nine goals between them. Williams, the leading goal kicker in the NEFL over the last two years finished with six goals, while Willmott finished with three. Patrick Clark again played with maturity beyond his years, while Zack Hier and Dale Schulz continued their excellent seasons in defence. Leader Matt Ward was the Roosters’ best, in an effort that included three goals, followed by Damien Ellis and Tyson Pawley. Around the ball, Craig Jaeschke and Andrew Waters won their share of possessions, while big Nick Prokopec competed manfully. Young Matt Catford and Prokopec kicked two goals each for the vanquished. Eagles hold firm at the top Mintaro-Manoora kept its position at the top of the ladder, with a solid 28-point victory over South Clare. Played at Manoora Oval, the Eagles always looked in control from the outset, although they didn’t really break the game open at any point. Matt Vandeleur’s Demons were within striking distance for the majority of the contest, but couldn’t bridge the gap. After the modest effort the previous week, Brad Taylor returned to his stellar form in this clash, dishing out lightning handballs and being creative. Rick Piggot was again industrious, driving the ball forward consistently, while Aaron Bevis continues to display his exquisite skills. Jamie Milburn was a strong performer in defence, and Ben Kerslake was an imposing target in attack. Nathan Forrest was the match’s leading goal kicker with five majors. Brad Currie, Kerslake and Daniel Fogden helped with two goals each. Teenager Mitchell Reynolds continued his strong season in defence for South Clare, while Michael Aloisi and Gary Schutz both were important contributors.

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

Michael Liebelt was a strong target in attack with five goals. He now has 79 goals for the season and leads this award by 11 with a round to go. The athletic “Dee” Brodie Murphy and Andrew Vandeleur were significant in the contest as well. Tigers keep Saints winless In the battle of the cellar-dwellers, Eudunda-Robertstown remains winless after going down to the BSR Tigers by 14 points. Again, a poor start proved to be the undoing of the Southern Saints. In the first term, the home team at Eudunda Oval remained goal-less while the Tigers slotted through four. Interestingly, the Saints outscored BSR 47 points to 37 points from the first break, and having 17 effective shots on goal to 12 from this point. This is little consolation in the amalgamated clubs’ debut season as they are still without a victory. Tigers on-ball trio Leigh Fuller, Scott Morris and Ben Pilkington were the winners’ best, followed by key forward Craig Weckert and James Carson. Young big man Alex Smart gave the visitors aerial supremacy. SANFL veteran Damien Mellow kicked four goals, while Weckert finished with three. Defender Michael Zerner was EudundaRobertstown’s leading performer in the win, followed by on ballers and co-captains Jared Mosey and Richard Schmidt. Young member of the Saints leadership group Gabe Laucke and Patrick Neal never stopped trying. Jake Pfitzner was the home team’s only multiple goal kicker. Cats need win to stay in second spot Round 18 has no bearing on what teams will make up the structure for the major round. George Coles North Clare’s Roosters and the winless Eudunda-Robertstown side face off at Clare Oval. This game is all about pride for both outfits. Second placed Blyth-Snowtown has a good preparation for the major round clash with the talented South Clare side at Snowtown Oval. The ladder leading Mintaro-Manoora Eagles, currently on an 11-game winning streak, take on an improving BBH Rams side in a second successive game at Manoora Oval. Fresh from a third win last week (all over the Southern Saints), BSR Tigers host the RSMU Hawks at Spalding Oval. The Cats need to win to keep second position and the double chance ahead of RSMU.

GARETH Ottens performed well for the Cats on Saturday against BBH, unfortunately finishing the day with a hamstring strain. Photo: Peter Argent

NEFL Premiership Table Over 20 years experience

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Ph: 8842 2716 or 0417 460 174 after games played on Saturday A Grade Team P W L D For Agn Pts % M/R Min/Man 17 14 3 0 1639 1031 28 61.39 82.35 Blyth/Snow 17 13 4 0 1923 996 26 65.88 76.47 RSMU Hawks 17 13 4 0 1469 1041 26 58.53 76.47 BBH Rams 17 10 7 0 1474 1330 20 52.57 58.82 North Clare 17 8 9 0 1327 1409 16 48.5 47.06 South Clare 17 7 10 0 1474 1295 14 53.23 41.18 BSR Tigers 17 3 14 0 863 1830 6 32.05 17.65 Eud/Rtown 17 0 17 0 861 2098 0 29.1 0 B Grade Team P W L D For Agn Pts % M/R RSMU Hawks 17 15 2 0 1368 670 30 67.13 88.24 Min/Man 17 14 3 0 1191 697 28 63.08 82.35 BSR Tigers 17 12 5 0 1281 807 24 61.35 70.59 Blyth/Snow 17 9 8 0 967 962 18 50.13 52.94 North Clare 17 7 10 0 1027 999 14 50.69 41.18 South Clare 17 7 10 0 845 1093 14 43.6 41.18 Eud/Rtown 17 2 15 0 565 1256 4 31.03 11.77 BBH Rams 17 2 15 0 589 1349 4 30.39 11.77 Senior Colts Team P W L D For Agn Pts % M/R Eud/Rtown 17 16 1 0 2146 257 32 89.31 94.12 RSMU Hawks 17 15 2 0 1903 562 30 77.2 88.24 Blyth/Snow 17 11 6 0 1299 1021 22 55.99 64.71 BSR Tigers 17 10 7 0 1047 1152 20 47.61 58.82 South Clare 17 8 9 0 943 1328 16 41.52 47.06 BBH Rams 17 4 13 0 677 1331 8 33.72 23.53 North Clare 17 3 14 0 681 1416 6 32.48 17.65 Min/Man 17 1 16 0 514 2143 2 19.35 5.88 Junior Colts Team P W L D For Agn Pts % M/R RSMU 17 1 3 4 0 1199 4 01 26 7 4.94 76.47 BSR Tigers 17 13 4 0 999 378 26 72.55 76.47 Eud/Rtown 17 13 4 0 1086 472 26 69.71 76.47 South Clare 17 10 7 0 1108 528 20 67.73 58.82 Blyth/Snow 17 10 7 0 693 609 20 53.23 58.82 North Clare 17 7 10 0 640 758 14 45.78 41.18 BBH Rams 17 2 15 0 327 1461 4 18.29 11.77 Min/Man 17 0 17 0 24 1469 0 1.61 0


SPORT v District


Hat trick for Mid North in split sixes

Perfect weather conditions and a tidy course thanks to those who attended the working bee – were enjoyed by 15 ladies last Thursday for the second round of the Club Championships and Dixon Cup. Cathy Redpath took the honours in A grade, for the fifth consecutive week with a nett 74 followed by Joan Anderson 78, Norma Taylor 80 and Patricia Anderson 90. In B grade, Tania Matz nett 73 again collected the prize ahead of Moya Hayes 75, Julia Hoskin 79, Joy Veitch 86 and Faye Williams 91. C grade winner was Sue Friedrichs nett 71, followed by Cherie Taylor 72, Louise Michael 73, Jill Taylor 76, Genni Edwards 80 and Denby Wandel 95. The final of the Club Championships will be played on Saturday, August 28. Starting time for this will be announced on today. Producer Points: Sue Frederichs 5, Cherie Taylor 4, Tania Matz 3, Cathy Redpath 2, Moya Hayes 1. Next week is a Stableford and monthly medal. Match commitee as starters. “Golf is a good walk spoiled”. – Mark Twain, writer.

Balaklava men

No less than 34 players arrived last Saturday for the second of three stroke rounds, which will determine our all grades’ Club Champions. As it now stands, in the A grade we have Bill Parkin (158 strokes), Ian Michael (170) and Peter Lamont (171) lined up for this weekend’s clincher. The B grade brigade will be led by big Barrie Michael (188), along with Dean Robinson (190) and Bill Berry (193). Our C grade chargers, indeed charges, will be Digby Addison (197),Austin Henstridge (203) and Ben Michael (208). These three threes will each play as a group in this, the final round. Back to basics now, and the A grade results were totally dominated by a resurgent Wayne “Chin Strap” Nagle with his total of 83 strokes for a net 70. He led home Ian “Merino-Man” Michael (83/71) and the mighty Murray Smith (86/72). This left us with R Butterworth (87/73), D Taylor (86/74), S Michael (90/74), M Loy (86/74), W Parkin (79/75), P Lamont (86/78), G Ackland (93/79), T Michael (91/79), M Hameister (99/85) and W Lokan (100/89). The boisterous biffo in the B grade resulted in Dean Robinson scoring a knock-out blow with 89 off the stick for a net 69. This consigned visitor David Grist (99/72) to second place and Dean Trickett (97/77) third. Bandages were applied liberally to the battered remains of C Michael (94/77), D Rodgers (97/77), C Temby (99/78), D Addison (101/78), G Sonntag (100/81), A Bastian (98/81), B Michael (99/81), W Berry (100/81), visitor Chris Garrett (106/83) and S Jonas (113/93). Andrew Manuel came out with all good intentions but, owing to an idiotic act of lamentable lunacy by a local “roads scholar”, had to duck home for his camera and recorded a DNF. This left the dogged C grade ranks to be counted and first among them was Austin Henstridge (95/68), chased home by Ben Michael (103/74) and Martin Bell (108/74). Behind these trooped B Olsen (110/74), J Wilson (109/78), J Taylor (105/78) and M Smith (115/79). Birdies came thick and fast on the day, with Ian Michael claiming his on the eighth, while at the tenth, Mark Loy, Merv Hameister and Barrie Michael all got in on the act. As for Nearest The Pins, the day belonged to Graham “Emu” Ackland at the third, Ian Michael (eighth), Mark Loy (10th), Wayne Nagle (15th) and Ian Michael yet again, claiming the 17th. That evening we held the annual Auction Night, the welcoming fire for which was lit, kindly, by Wayne Nagle late in the afternoon. Well attended, the event proved yet again to be a huge success on all fronts and our thanks do indeed go out in great measure to everyone involved. For the high intensity, all-important final round this Saturday, we will be controlled firmly but fairly by starters Digby Addison and Simon Purdue. Murray Smith is down to man the bar and calm the many likely emotive scenes plus, of course, everyone’s favourite chookwheel spinner Tate Michael will be there hamming it up for his legions of fans. Importantly, this will also be the time, starting at between 6-6.30, that Peter Lamont will host the club’s presentation night, a sincere but low-key affair that will go much more smoothly if you could turn up with the odd salads, five kilogram cans of caviar, that sort of thing – there is quite a number of presentations to be made and Peter is mindful of the need for speed, so expect a slick, professional and highly accurate accounting of our collective feats over this season, as we clear the decks for the next one.

balaklava mid week

Results from August 18. Merv Hameister 41, Dene Newton 36, Bill Berry 36, Dean Trickett 34, Jerry Toms 29, Rick Campbell 27, Austin Henstridge 23. Birdies: Dean Trickett No 10.


Results from August 22. Championship finals results: division one men – D Jakeway def R Lamond 3/2; division two men – T Eime def R Smart 10/9 (held August 15); Ladies – J Zweck def K Mugge 7/5. An Ambrose was held for all other players, sponsored by Blyth Hotel: G Mugge, C Lloyd, L Mugge, A Lloyd 56 3/4, B Behenna, J Hogan, I Zweck, M Videon 58 1/8, D McSkimming, V Bamford, P Agnew, D Paynter 61, T Eime, D Underdown, C Walkley 61 1/2, B Spinks, D Ekman, M Eime 66 1/2, B Victor, R Lamond, M Finn, S Helbig 68 1/4. Nearest The Pins: No 6 – V Bamford, No 17 – M Finn. This week, Sunday August 29: both men and ladies Stableford competition, sponsored by LJ Hooker, Clare. Tee off from 12 midday, sausage sizzle 5.30ish. Ladies, September 1: TriDay at Yacka.

Hamley Bridge

Thirty-one players rolled up on Saturday to play for the Captain’s trophy in what you would describe as


Mid North District team (not in order): Heather Grace, Meegan Button, Helen O’Connell, Gloria Maynard, Janet Zweck, Jenny Giles, Andrea Rowe, Maria Brysky, Eileen Hollis, Reva Cullen, Judy Frost, Di Day, Helen Johnson, Chris Pfitzner, Helen Smith, Lucy Bashford, Helen Ackland, Kath Barr, Marianne Daniels, Eve Spence, Sandy Jackson, Raelene Lamond, Gloria Wandell, Tina Perry and Marg Browne. On Monday August 16, 75 lady golfers played on the pristine Crystal Brook in the Regions Split Sixes. The Mid North Ladies Golfers, on 951 points won for the third consecutive time, with Yorke Peninsua – 877 points runner-up, and Northern with 872 points coming in third. Mid North District vice president Reva Cullen accepted the trophy and thanked all who prepared the course, food and to the players who took part. Individual trophies for highest points were awarded to Mid North’s Marianne Daniels – 51 points, Yorke Peninsua Sheila Rowe – 51 points and Northern Sue Perryman – 47 points.

Daniel, Janet Blyth Golf Champions Blyth Club Championships were held on Sunday, August 22 in ideal conditions. Daniel Jakeway won the Blyth Men’s Champions three up with two to go against Raymond Lamond; Janet Blyth Club Champions, from left: runner-up Raymond Zweck won the Blyth Ladies Lamond, Mens champion Daniel Jakeway, Ladies champion Championship seven up with Janet Zweck and runner-up Kerryn Mugge. five to go.

unpredictable weather, with showers coming without warning and plenty of magpie swoops – especially for president Anton Noack and secretary Roen Cameron (the magpies having no respect for administration). We are not sure why the magpies targeted Roen, but it was suggested Antons nose may have looked like a perch to them?! Roen, in his wisdom, placed his sunglasses on his head backwards giving the impression he was watching the magpies…but that didn’t work. After suffering a period of poor form, John Bell got up to win the Captain’s Trophy with 42 points, but only just, from Keith Kluske on a count back with 42. The rest of the “Dream Team” hope that John Hasnt “peaked” too early as the tour championship is played in the riverland next weekend. A GRADE: John Bell 42, John Mitchell 39, Bradley Zerna, Neville Durdin 38, Adam Mitchell, Bert Pearce 37, Leigh Durdin 29, Len Usher 28. B GRADE: Barry Schwartz 41, Roger Hahn 39, Barrie Zerna 35, Ian Ferguson 34, Wim Van Pelt 32, George Dahlitz, Ron Smith 30, Steve Howe 28. C GRADE: Kieth Kluske 42, Anton Noack, Bob Ahola 39, Warren Isgar, Dennis Nation 35, Max Grasby 34, Ross Hienze, Wally Jackson 33, Errol Branson 32, Roen Cameron 31, Rex Mortimer 29, Noel Stringer 28, Tony Jones 24, Ian Rohde 20, athough the wind wasn’t as bad as it was in the last few matches no one qualified for any of the three nearest to the pins. Birdies: Bert Pearce three and 17, Steve Howe 18, Adam Mitchell 10 and 14. Numbers were down in Thursday’s stableford competition with only 21 players competing, Ian Ferguson winning the day with 38 points on a count back from Rex Mortimer also on 38 points. Other scores: Kieth Kluske, Wally Jackson 37, Warren Isgar 36, Barry Schwartz, Ed Manning 34, Ron Smith,Anton Noack 33, Roen Cameron, Len Usher 32, Merv Hamiester 30, and a number of players in the 20s. Nearest to the pin on number four was won by Rex Mortimer, with the only birdie made for the day. Next week most of the players will travel to the Riverland for the tour championship, but there will be a competition at the club for players who have chosen not to go.


Results from August 21. A grade: T Walsh 76/66, G Davis 84/67, M Day 76/67. B grade: G Stone 84/63, J Yard 82/65, T Peek 89/67. C grade: S Saunders 90/65, B Murray 94/67, D Murphy 97/71. NTP on three and 12: T Peek. NTP on 5 & 14: R Thomas. Handicap match play: G Stone d G Davis 5 and 13, J Yard d R Thomas 1 up. Next weeks competition: Stableford.

Two wells

Results from Saturday August 21. Competition: Stroke. Sponsor: T & V Cox. Players: 39. Stroke, Eclectic, Putting and Monthly Medal were up for grabs today, on a course with very little run and lots of soursobs, and long rough waiting to gobble up stray balls. Stuart Grigg broke a season of not making the placegetters any week to fire a fine 64 to win A grade, nearly taking out the monthly medal until Jim Weir came in the second last group with a 63 to be the Monthly Medal winner, as well as winning B grade.

Darrell Thompson was another player a long time out of the winner’s circle, but a 64 saw him take out C grade as well as long drive. Hans Linford, Paul Shields and Ian Clark dominated the other major event, all winning meat trays, again, all being multiple, multiple winners of these much sought after prizes. Rob Thompson continued his fine form with A grade long drive, second in A grade, pro’s approach, NTP on 15 and his maiden meat tray win. TWGC results can be accessed at - http://users. Results A grade: 64 Stuart Grigg, 65 R.Thompson, 66 S.Abbott, Y.Frencken, 67 J.Ball, 69 L.Grafton, 72 I Smith, 73 R.Grigg, 74 V.Hatch, 80 Simon Grigg. B grade: J.Weir, 64 P.Shields, 65 I.Clark, A.Bail, N.Bowden, 66 H.Linford, 68 T.Clifton, G.Payne, 69 J.Bowden, 70 S.Kelly, 71 Rabbitt, 73 B.Goss. C grade: 64 D.Thompson, 65 L.Zbierski, 66 K.Alexander, 67 J.Boon, C.Weller, 71 S.Sando, J.Spackman, 72 M.Frost, 74 B.Barns, 75 I.Telfer, 76 A.Baker, R.Prior, P.Williams, 84 J.Harrison. Ladies: 71 E.Grigg, 76 J.Holland. Long Drives: A – R Thompson; B – S Kelly; C – D Thompson. NTP’s: 1 – J Ball, 2 –, 6 – I Telfer, 11 – P Shields, 12 – T Clifton, 15 – R Thompson. Birdies: 8 –, 9 – Y Frencken, 16 –, 17 – I Clark, S Abbott, T Clifton, R Grigg, Stuart Grigg, Simon Grigg. Pro’s Approach: R Thompson. NAGA: R Prior/A Baker. Members draw: John Boon. Meat trays: P Shields, W Prior, R Thompson, H Linford, I Clark. Next week: Saturday – Stableford, Presidents Trophy 4. – Russell Grigg, Handicapper TWGC.

two wells ladies

Results from August 17. We played the second round of the Putting Aileen Oliver competition. The winner was Kathy Stubing with 27 putts, also winning the Silver Spoon with nett 64. Runner-up was Judi Frost on a countback from Tine Perry with nett 69. Long drive winner was Tine Perry on 4. Gobbler for J Frost on 5.

Shooting Adelaide plains rifle

Results from August 21. Cyclists & Torrens Valley. A grade: P Gale 199.10, B grade: J Pinyon 190.6, Sighters: P Bradshaw 40. Handicap results: F Pinyon 99.8, 99.3 (4) 200, K Sellick 100.4, 99.4 (2) 200, R Hatton 99.3, 96 (6) 200, W Muhleder 96.3, 93.2 (11) 200, P Gale 100.6, 99.4 (0) 199, P Bradshaw 100.5, 99.4 (0) 199, G Apthomas 91.1, 96 (11) 198, J Pinyon 95.4, 95.2 (8) 198. Phoenix. A grade: J Samuel 199.9, B grade: D Clarke 198.8, Sighters: D Logos 40.1. Handicap results: C Williams 98.5, 100.6, 205, D Logos 100.5, 99.4, 205, D Clarke 98.5, 100.3, 201, J Samuel 99.4, 100.5, 203, G Henderson 91.4, 98.3, 203, M Bialkowski 97.2, 98.6, 2020, M Challen 97.2, 97.3, 202, C George 97.4, 100.6, 201, T Gilder 95, 95.2, 197. Cyclists & Torrens Valley F Class. F Open: M Heyward 200.8, F Standard: M Williams 195.6.

Handicap results: M Heyward 100.4, 100.5 (3) 200, G Hutchins 97.4, 100.5 (6) 200, M Williams 97.3, 93.3 (7) 200, D Zerbe 96.2, 94.3 (11) 200, B Moulds 98.4, 99.3 (3) 199, T Manning 96.6, 90.1 (13) 198, H Bradshaw 86.1, 96.4 (7) 189. Phoenix F Class. F Standard: S Cowie 194.7, Sighters: J Close 37. Handicap results: J Close 93.1, 99.2, 207, S Cowie 98.4, 96.3, 194, E Kanik 96, 96.2, 206, M Roberts 92.2, 99.2, 205, K Neale 95.2, 96.3, 204, R Mousley 98.2, 96, 194, L Scroop 83.2, 94.1, 198, C Mousley 89, 94.1, 197. Postal & Railways. A grade: V Synusas 194.2, B grade: P Besset 193.3, C grade: W Phillips 182.2, Sighters: B Clark 38.1. Handicap results: V Synusas 97.1, 97.1 (6) 200, P Besset 95.2, 98.1 (6) 199, B Clark 94.3, 98.4 (6) 198, W Phillips 94.1, 88.1 (13) 195, M Bethune 90.1, 92.2 (12) 194, S Giles 87.1, 98.4 (6) 191, B Taylor 87.1, 90.1 (13) 190, D Barr 90.1, 91.2 (8) 189, M Spendelove 92.1, 81 (11) 184, I Mackintosh 83, 91.1 (5) 179.

Tennis Winter ladies

Results from August 19. The weather forecast had everyone fooled. Tennis was sure to be cancelled, but all were surprised by the long awaited sun. However, the wind made for some fun and laughter with many an interesting shots played (and missed!) Top side, Pauline Hill’s Pandas had a confident boosting win against the unlucky Di Taylor’s Grizzlys 5-33 to 1-21. As a result, the Grizzlys slipped to bottom of the ladder. Kellie Harrison and Ruth Marin started well, having a great win against shell-shocked Pauline and Glenda Shepherd, but unfortunately this was to be the only win for the Grizzlys. Heidi Zerk and Rae Winen wanted to catch-up time after waiting for Narelle Michael, who literally flew in running a tad late, showing no mercy to Narelle and Di T. The Grizzlys battled hard trying to win another set to no avail, losing two tie-breaks. Heidi’s ballerina moves were yet again on display and even worked this time, but alas, “don’t let the ball bounce” Narelle still needs to have her eyes checked. It was a very close affair between the absent Lorraine “anniversary girl” Jenner’s Teddies and Melissa Moulds’ Koalas, with the stacked Teddies narrowly winning on the day 4-32 to 2-29. Fill-in Helen Barry and Kerrie Bell at 0-5 down were checking their knickers, but Melissa and Kevyna Gardner felt sorry (or didn’t want to look), thus letting them off the hook. Valerie Carling and Colleen Allan had a nice chat at net while Mary Connell and Helen Durdin battled out the rallies. Despite the wind, this match had all the shots with great tennis played by all. With three ties, one 6-4 and two 6-3 sets, everyone certainly got their monies worth as well as a sweat up. Premiership ladder: Pandas 16, Polars 14, Koalas 10, Teddies 6 (41.7%), Grizzlys 6 (38.6%). ‘Till next week when the Pandas and Polars do battle for the premiership, Koalas play the “mystery” team, and Teddies and Grizzlys fight for the illustrious “wooden spoon”. Don’t forget lunch and the prestigious presentation afterwards.

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

Week commencing August 26









Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010


Classifieds Plains Producer



PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 DEADLINE: 5pm Monday

public notice

Coming Events

Mallala Tennis Club Inc

Balaklava Show - Sept 25

Sheep Shearing Competition

Intending players for…

PRize Money: $1,900 plus Sashes

• Saturday Junior Competition • Saturday Senior Competition

•All Shearers Welcome • 3 sheeps per contestant •3 Events - Novice, Intermediate & Open • Competition run according to the Australian National Shearing Association

Please contact by September 14 Sam Dunstan 8527 2436 or Yvonne Howard 8527 2020

Contact Marty Barker 0439 848 491 Adult Learners Week

Owen Primary School Market

Healthy Cooking Day Recipe Demonstrations, Tastings, Information, Label Reading

9am to 2pm at Owen Primary School

• Q & A Time with Health Workers • Lucky Prize & Raffle • Presented by Avon Art & Craft Guild & Community Foodies • Lunch $8 per person •Show & Tell, Lots of Give Aways

• Lots of fun for the whole family • BBQ •Donuts • Glitter tattoos • face paintings • handmade craft • baked goods • second hand goods • furniture • kid’s games • Jewellery and so much more

Bookings essential August 30 Information 8527 2360 or 8867 1127

So come and grab a bargain








coasts and ranges. Cool with moderate to fresh SW winds, easing during the day. On Saturday isolated showers over agricultural and west coast districts with morning fog patches south of about Leigh Creek. Remaining cool with mainly light and variable winds. Cumulative rainfall totals until midnight Friday are expected to be 20-40 mm over the southern agricultural area and northern Flinders. Higher falls of 50-80 mm are expected over the Flinders and Mount Lofty Ranges south of Quorn and about the Lower South East coast. 5-15 mm over the remainder of the northern agricultural area with 2-5 mm over most remaining areas. The outlook for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday is for isolated showers to contract to southern coasts and clear as a high pressure system









1024 1016







0529 1728 0545 1746 0604 1806 0013 1233 0029 1258 0043 1322



1000 992 984

0515 1711

H 1028



Wednesday, Aug 25 2.1m 1100 2.5m 2329 Thursday, Aug 26 2.2m 1120 2.5m 2341 Friday, Aug 27 2.3m 1142 2.4m 2356 Saturday, Aug 28 2.3m 1207 2.3m Sunday, Aug 29 0.4m 0626 0.5m 1826 Monday, Aug 30 0.4m 0646 0.5m 1845 Tuesday, Aug 31 0.4m 0707 0.6m 1903


1000 1016



0.5m 0.3m

0003 1117

0.5m 0.3m

0014 1146

0.4m 0.3m

0026 1215


0039 1244

2.4m 2.2m

0050 1315

2.4m 2.1m

0059 1351

2.4m 2.0m

0104 1442

1000 992


WALLAROO TIDE TIMES Wednesday, Aug 25 0.5m 0543 0.7m 1729 Thursday, Aug 26 0.5m 0553 0.6m 1751 Friday, Aug 27 0.5m 0611 0.6m 1811 Saturday, Aug 28 0.5m 0631 0.6m 1830 Sunday, Aug 29 0.5m 0654 0.6m 1848 Monday, Aug 30 0.6m 0720 0.7m 1905 Tuesday, Aug 31 0.6m 0749 0.8m 1917

1.1m 1.6m 1.2m 1.6m 1.3m 1.5m 1.4m 1.4m 1.4m 1.2m 1.5m 1.1m 1.5m 0.9m

3 Best Quality 3 Best Range 3 Best Price Phone: 8862 1866 24







Wendy’s Cafe N Cakes Phone: 8862 2123 - 14 Edith Tce, Balaklava

public notices


moves over the State, bringing isolated early frosts and fogs. Winds will then turn, milder northerly and freshen in the west ahead of another front, possibly producing isolated showers in the west and south on Tuesday. CENTRAL DISTRICT FORECAST Wednesday: Scattered showers, more frequent about the ranges. Isolated storms and possible small hail over Kangaroo Island and southern Fleurieu Peninsula. Cool to cold with fresh to strong northwest to southwest winds. Thursday: Scattered showers, more frequent about the ranges. Cool to cold with fresh west to southwest winds, strong at times near southern coasts. Friday: Scattered showers, becoming isolated by evening. Cool with moderate to fresh southwest winds. GULF WATERS FORECAST Wednesday: Wind: NW to SW 20 to 25 knots, reaching 20 to 30 knots south of Cowell to Port Wakefield and 25 to 33 knots over southern Spencer Gulf. Sea: 2 to 3 m. Swell: S to SW 3 to 4 m on southern Spencer Gulf and W to SW 2 to 3 m on southern Gulf St Vincent. Thursday: Wind: W to SW 15 to 25 knots, reaching 20 to 30 knots south of Cowell to Sellicks Beach until evening.


To 9am August 24, 2010


Week Month Monthly This year Last year to date average to date to date

Auburn Balaclava Blyth Clare Hamley Bridge Hoyleton Mallala Marrabel Owen Port Wakefield Riverton Roseworthy Saddleworth Snowtown Two Wells

8 6 9 14 12 8 14 11 7 18 4 9 8 20

55.6 44.4 35.1 54.6 49.6 42.8 27.2 58.2 56.6 42.4 65.2 30.6 52.6 40.4 50.6

Marshman Street, Mallala Road Closure Pursuant to Section 33 of the Road Traffic Act 1961, the District Council of Mallala authorises the closure of Marshman Street, Mallala, situated between Wasleys Road and Redbanks Road from 8am to 4pm on Saturday September 4, 2010 for the Adelaide Plains Football/Netball Association Second Semi Final Day.

74.6 42.4 49.0 64.2 50.4 55.5 45.6 68.4 48.2 35.4 66.9 44.4 62.0 41.4 46.4

336.1 209.6 254.8 313.4 251.6 291.6 197.2 295.4 257.6 246.6 291.0 210.6 264.2 267.0 261.6


John Tillack Manager – Infrastructure and Engineering Services



WARNINGS Information at or 1300 659 215 (Local call cost) STATE Isolated showers should extend as far north as about Coober Pedy today and tomorrow with scattered showers over the southern agricultural area, extending over the Flinders. Showers will be more frequent about the ranges south of Quorn and about the Lower SE coast. Isolated thunder and small hail are possible south of about Adelaide Patchy rain near the northern border should clear this evening. Winds will be fresh NW/SW, strong about the coasts and ranges. On Friday showers will gradually ease, with isolated showers contracting to the south of the pastoral districts and scattered showers to

• Coffee & cake • Devonshire Morning Tea • Home made pastries

Participants exempt all road rules relating to pedestrian behaviour. For details contact District Council of Mallala (08) 8527 0200.

Adelaide Plains, Clare & Gilbert Valleys:


H 1037

The frontrunner in fertiliser Ph: 8415 1900

Sponsored by

day forecast – Balaklava Thursday

Early model V8 Ford Club will be arriving at approximately 11am for morning tea

Sunday August 29

11am to 3pm at Avon Hall, Avon


August 28, 8.30 - 12 noon

Parents & Friends Fundraiser

Tuesday September 7


Open this Saturday

341.4 na 211.6 314.0 221.0 253.0 na 322.6 227.1 176.8 316.8 211.4 290.8 214.8 241.4

Clare UV ALERT 10:10am-2:20pm Max UV Index 5 (moderate)

State: Country:

1900 655 365* 1900 926 189*

*77 cents per minute. Higher from public and mobile phones.

© Commonwealth of Australia 2010

w w w. b o m . g o v. a u

Issued 12 pm August 24, 2010

Contact Shayn 8862 1222

Two Wells Open Air Market

Expressions of Interest Council is seeking written submissions from interested parties to operate the Two Wells Open Air Market between 7am and 2pm Saturdays, from the Old Port Wakefield Road parking area adjacent to the Two Wells Oval. The successful submission will be restricted to food related products, with preference given to proposals that incorporate local produce/ suppliers and service groups. Evidence of Public Liability Insurance, good waste disposal practices, appropriate signage and traffic control are to be provided. The period of agreement will be from acceptance of offer until June 30, 2013 subject to all conditions. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Infrastructure and Engineering Services Office on (08) 8527 2196 or by visiting the Council website . Specific enquiries should be directed to John Tillack, Manager, Infrastructure and Engineering Services. All submissions are to be titled ‘Two Wells Open Air Market – Expressions of Interest’ and be address to: District Council of Mallala Attention: John Tillack PO Box 18 MALLALA SA 5502 or email to facsimile (08) 8527 2242 Submissions are to be received by close of business Friday September 10, 2010. John Tillack Manager, Infrastructure and Engineering Services Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010


Balaklava two bedroom, unit. Self contained, $145 per week, air conditioning, F2F Real Estate. Phone Julio 0409 100 062, Balaklava.

Port Wakefield - 2 main Street, $240 per week, open Thursday August 26, 2010 at 9.45am. Large 4 bedroom, large separate lounge, open kitchen / dining. Phone: 08 8340 9555.

Two Bedroom unit, 11 Walsh Street, Balaklava, $155 per week. Three bedroom cottage, 39 Wallace Street, $160 per week. Contact Jeff 8862 2211 business hours.

For Sale

2003 Ford Fairlane BA, semi automatic, 92,000 kms, 6 cylinder, 4.0 litre, well maintained, no children, reg no. WZO 000, $18,000. Phone 8862 2067 or 0428 845 847. 2006 Mazda ute, alloy tray, ladder racks, white, manual, 2.5 litre turbo diesel, 160,000 km, $13,000 o.n.o. reg XJC 607. Phone 0429 492 128. Chest freezer, 215 Litre, Fisher & Paykel, 9 months old, new condition, $300. Phone 8862 1901 or mobile 0437 064 150.

Entertainment unit $200, pram $30, kitchen dresser $50. Ph. 0427 901 043.

Firewood for sale, cut and delivered, kindling available. Phone/mobile: 0407 896 159 or a/hours 8865 2127.

Firewood - top quality split red gum, $250 per tonne. 1/2 tonne loads available. All loads weighed. Free delivery to Owen & surrounding areas. Phone 0412 887 040 anytime.

GENERATOR 3 Phase 25Kva Aussie Brand Super Silent only 60db 1500RPM Diesel $6300 Ph 0423 286 661.

For Sale

Prattline low-tow 18’ caravan, one of the best available, extras include R/C air cond, new Fiamma awning, new pump, towing aids, TV ant, TV, DVD, levelers, storage cover, Maco mule wheel and much more. $12,000 (firm). Phone Jeff: 8862 1353 or mobile: 0408 621 353.

Retravision - computers, cameras, ipods, appliances, Telstra dealer, air conditioning, wiring and repairs. Ph 8862 1552. Rover Chip ‘N Shred mulcher. Large 240 volt, Australian made, good condition, new, $1,050, sell $500. Ph 8862 2272 or 0412 809 336. Steel tray 2.1 x 2.75 suit F-Series Ford or similar, includes custom side tool box, mud flaps, lights, c/p floor, as new condition, $600 o.n.o. Alloy tray 2.3 x 2.6 drop sides suit F-Series Ford or similar, very good condition $600 o.n.o. Ph 8529 2320 Dublin.

Garage Sale

Highway One, 8km south of Port Wakefield. Look for signs. Household goods, bric-a-brac furniture, shed, sundries, 1972 Hilux ute. Saturday August 28. Gates open 9am.

Public Notice

SHaremarket - buy wholesale and rent shares out. Never ending income. Ring 8862 1442.


Free of charge for recycling. We take old televisions, computers, microwaves, videos, stereos and stoves etc. off your hands. Please ph 0407 605 779 or 8862 2263.

Wanted to Buy

HORSES unwanted, top prices, cash, any types, Ph 8524 3640 or 0414 546 217.

Gopher - merits explorer, $1,500. Ph 0419 868 127.

Holden Commodore VY, 2004, silver, auto, air conditioning, power steering, tinted windows, tow bar, mag wheels, very good condition, 117,000 km, reg no. XBO 763, $9,990 o.n.o. Phone 0418 840 706 - Mallala area.

Hyundai Excel, 1995. Reg WKX192. 2 door 5 speed man, a/c, p/steer, cd, mags, body kit, custom interior. Very sporty, great car. $4,500 ono. Phone 0438 041 491.

Island star, 12’6 pop top caravan, island bed, excellent condition, new, full annex, $13,500. Phone 8862 1094.

Kingswood station wagon. Running, registered UZS 775. $650. Phone 0407-715-593.

MARE.Paint/QH. Rising 3. Registered with PHAA. Microchipped. Solid red dun. Mature 14.3 - 15 hh. Green Broke. Nice nature. Up to date with care. Make good allrounder. Phone/Email for more information. Full history known. $3800. Phone; 0403 28 77 42. E/ Mail;


Wanted to Buy

Tradesmen tool trailer. Good condition. Phone 0417 826 848.

VALIANTS wanted AP5 to CL sedans, wagon, utes, parts, anything considered. Ph Joe 0439 339 634.

App. Marriage

Chapman - Cash. David and Karen of Hoyleton along with Dennis and Mary of Streaky Bay are delighted to announce the approaching marriage of Alicia and Dominic on October 30, 3pm, St Dominic Chapel, Cabra College on Cross Road. Love and God’s blessing from both families.

Zerk - McCracken, Travis and Lee-anne are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter Tahlia Jade born August 23 weighing 9lb 7oz. Thanks to the staff at Lyell McEwin Hospital.


Noack - Wandel. Stan and Felicity together with Des and Pat are delighted to announce the engagement of Emily and Jamie. Love and best wishes from both families. STUTLEY - FOWLE. Kathy and Dave are pleased to announce they became engaged on August 15 in Singapore

in memoriam

Nicholls - Phillip (Nick) 2/3/51 to 28/8/01. Precious memories of you we hold within our hearts. Just wish you were here to share in our lives. Dearly loved and always remembered by Jenny, Kirsty,Ashleigh, Tayla & Dylan, Sascha, Nicola & Lily, Tammy and Sam.

Test and evaluation activities involving static firings and/or firings of naval and artillery weapons are conducted at the Proof and Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield throughout the year. The Proof and Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield is a vital Defence test and evaluation capability that has supported Defence since 1929. These firings may require specific tidal or weather conditions, and are critical for the safety of current and new Defence capabilities. Members of the public may notice noise, vibration, flashes and/or smoke during the testing. There is no risk to the public outside of the gazetted Defence Practice Areas. For reasons of public safety, there is a permanent exclusion zone covering land, sea and air around the Port Wakefield Establishment. Specific details on the Port Wakefield Prohibited Area can be obtained from Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No GN 26, 4 July 1990, and is shown on the diagram below. Trespassing in this Area is strictly prohibited and very dangerous due to the presence of unexploded bombs. Any person found within the Prohibited Area or on Defence land will be subject to prosecution. Specific test and evaluation activities may also require restricting public access to the Port Wakefield Defence Practice Areas over specific periods with these areas articulated in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No. GN 40, 7 October 2007, and also identified on the diagram below. This may affect access to the Gulf of St Vincent at Port Wakefield and Port Parham. If any member of the public has inquiries in relation to these activities please contact Proof & Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield – Range Control, on (08) 8867 0270 between 8.00am and 4.30pm weekdays or the Proof & Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield – Security Office, on (08) 8867 0299 outside these hours.

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

Return Thanks

TILLER : Gwendoline Isabella (Gwen) of Mallala (formally of Pinery). Gwen’s family wish to thank everyone for their heartfelt condolences on the passing of our Mum, Grandma and Great grandma on the 4th August aged 94 years. Your many messages of comfort and kindness are deeply appreciated Allan, Helen, John, Anne, and their families.

Thank you

Halford - Les. His wife Betty and family, brother Terry and his family sincerely thank everyone who showed their love and support on the loss of Les. Special thank you to Doctor Steve Salagoras, staff of Two Wells Medical Centre and staff of Mallala Hospital for your care of Les. Please accept this as our personal thanks. Forever in our hearts.

Situations Vacant


FORDHAM - SANDERS. Congratulations to Alison and John on the birth of Joanna Pearl. Born August 4, 2010 at Wallaroo Hospital. A dear little sister for Callum and grand-daughter for Wendy Deinum.


Piano - Make Schiedmayer & Soehne, very good condition, belongs to Grace Anders, complete with classic seat, $650 o.n.o. Lots of music books. Rare old classic and popular lesson and training books, Hymns and other music. Best offer. Contact J.W. Henning, 32 Humphrey Street. Ph 08 8862 1904 or mobile 0448 026 486.

PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997

The District Council of Mallala is seeking a confident, professional, reliable and flexible person to fill the full-time position of

Hay Processor Bowmans - Casual We are seeking Casual Hay Processors to join our team at our Bowmans Hay Processing Plant. Reporting to the Plant Manager the successful applicant will be responsible for processing hay for overseas export. To be successful in this role you will have a good work ethic with a demonstrated capacity of being reliable and punctual. You will be required to work flexible hours on a casual basis in order to meet with the seasonal and operational demands of our business. This is an excellent opportunity to join a long established and successful Australian company that truly values its employees and supports the communities and businesses of the regions it operates in. To apply please visit our website

Customer Service Officer The position offers support to Council’s offices in Mallala and Two Wells. Duties will include, but not limited to, reception and customer service, receipting of money, banking and assist with various office duties when required, including data entry, records management and preparation of agendas and minutes. The successful applicant must be committed to providing outstanding customer service, both externally and internally, with exceptional attention to detail. Excellent time management skills, capability to multi-task and prioritize workload is essential, as is the ability to work independently and undertake repetitive tasks. Experience in Microsoft Office products including Word and Excel is required whilst experience with TRIM and Authority would be desirable. Some out-of-hours work may be required. The successful applicant will be appointed in accordance with the provisions of the South Australian Municipal Salaried Officer’s Award and current Enterprise Agreement. Job & Person Specifications are available on Council’s website at or may be obtained by contacting Derek Lawson on 8527 0200 or via email: Derek.lawson@ Applications should be forwarded to: “Confidential” Derek Lawson District Council of Mallala PO Box 18, Mallala, SA 5502, No later than 5 pm, Wednesday Sept 8, 2010.

Inventory Coordinator Bowmans – Full Time Balco is Australia’s leading processor and exporter of high grade oaten hay, with a national network of loyal growers and an expanding international market. Due to an internal promotion we now seek to recruit an enthusiastic Inventory Coordinator for our South Australian hay processing facility located at Bowmans. Reporting to the Plant Manager you will be responsible for the key result areas of raw materials, finished goods, domestic sales invoicing and occupational health and safety. Your communication skills and your ability to lead a small team and operate in a highly organised manner will be pivotal to your success, as will your ability to use a PC based reporting and record keeping system. This is an excellent opportunity to join a long established and successful Australian company that truly values its employees and supports the communities and businesses of the regions it operates in.


Situations Vacant

To apply please visit our website

Position Vacant

Grain Storage & Handling Officer Australian Grower’s Direct (AGD) is an innovative grain trading business with an exciting vision for its growth and expansion. AGD has high ethics and values in all its dealings. They value their customers and suppliers alike, and aim to ensure a win win situation for all parties with whom they deal. AGD highly values their staff and has programs and strategies in place to ensure that their employees are vibrant, enthusiastic, and can achieve their personal work / life goals while assisting the company to meet its vision. AGD is seeking a motivated and experienced Grain Storage & handling Officer to join its competent staff, take control of grain bagging and the warehouse, and to help increase the bottom line at its Balaklava head office. Duties: • Organise & execute the loading of grain • Collect running samples • Quality test grain • Service equipment • Maintain job sheet and GMO’s (Grain Movement Orders) • Manage stock take and inventory • Drive tractors & machinery • Supervise casual / contract staff when required • Meet OH&S standards • Ensure the site is clean and safe • Meet targets & monitor expenses • Promote AGD grain bagging service & storage facilities Skills: • Ability to communicate effectively, essential • Knowledge of grain types and grades, desirable • Ability to understand and empathise with grower needs • Ability to work unsupervised, essential • Ability to promote AGD grain bagging services & storage facilities • Ability to service equipment • Ability to work flexible and sometimes long hours unsupervised and able to identify problems and solutions • Ability to supervise casual staff pro-actively • Good commercial acumen in protecting the financial interests of AGD • Current South Australian Driver’s License If you would like to be part of this progressive and growing company, if you have the experience and skills listed above and are excited by this role, we would like to hear from you. Please submit your resume in confidence to Tim Ruddenklau, Telephone: 0427 976 584,, PO Box 82, Balaklava SA 5461




PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997

public notices

for sale

Clare & Gilbert Valley Council BOAT - 4.75m Sportscraft fibreglass, 60HP mariner, fisher finder, marine radio, serviced in March, dual fuel tanks and batteries. Boat and trailer registered till December 2010. Ideal fishing boat. $4900 o.n.o. Ph Andrew 0415 324 704.

Candidates are advised that a briefing session will be held at 7pm, September 7, 2010 at Barbara J Long Function Room, Clare Town Hall, 229 Main North Road, Clare.

Subject matter will include: • Role and responsibility of a councillor • Time commitment • Allowances and expenses • Council meetings • The availability of a printed copy of the voters roll on request • Chief Executive Officer responsibilities • Signage regulations • Campaign donation return requirements

SAILPLANE flights. The Balaklava Gliding Club has $60 gift vouchers available for passenger flights any weekend from their airfield 10km north west of Balaklava on main Snowtown road. Bookings 8864 5062.


20 Richardson St



43 Wallace St

Trades & Service Directory

NO HOT WATER? …Phone Your Hot Water Specialist!

Keanan 0438 641 032

•Leaking Taps/Toilets •Water filter •Blocked Drains/Septic Connections •Replacement Units/Elements/Valves No Call Out Fee/ Pensioner Discounts

How Sweet it is Featuring 2 generous size bedrooms, the master offering panoramic views from the balcony, large formal lounge, well equipped kitchen including dish washer, plenty of bench & cupboard space, ample air conditioning and combustion heater. Outside there is a large entertaining area, double garage, the property is fully fenced and is perfectly located in a quiet street for a peaceful & relaxed lifestyle. Open: By Appointment Price: $240,000 - 260,000 Agent: Ian Sullivan 0425 660 550 A True Country Hacienda Features 4-5 generous bedrooms, attractive kitchen & formal dining, air conditioning, ceiling fans, space heating, carport, 2 wc’s, large garden shed and wait for it……Electricity Solar Panels! Large family home with loads on offer. Open: By Appointment Price: $265,000 - 275,000 Agent: Ian Sullivan 0425 660 550

Great Price For The First Home Buyer Situated on 1740m2 allotment & would suit a variety of uses with loads of potential. Comfortable 2 bdm home including formal lunge/kitchen with air con & combustion heating. Outside features a rear verandah and a galvanised iron garage. Great price for the first home buyer in this historic township within close proximity to the gastronomic wonders of the Clare Valley District. Open: By Appointment Price: $165,000 - 185,000 Agent: Ian Sullivan 0425 660 550

Roy D Blight Chief Executive Officer

Lic No. PGE203573

Country living at its best Beautifully presented family home feat 3 ample bedrooms with built in robes, garage under main roof, eat in kitchen, polished floorboards, air conditioning, 2 showers, rear covered outside entertainment area, glasshouse plus a huge 30 x 30 workshop. What a bargain! Open: Wednesday September 1, 11am - 1pm Price: $220,000 - 240,000 Agent: Ian Sullivan 0425 660 550

Lot 1 Main North Rd

For further information contact Leanne Kunoth on 8842 6400.

“Quality plumbing is no pipe dream” •Gas fitting •Blocked drain •Rainwater tank sales & installation •Bathroom renovations •Drain installations & repairs •Septic tank installations •HWS repairs, replacements and installations

7 Days Service!


A briefing session will be conducted to inform intending candidates of the election process and the responsibilities of an elected member and the level of commitment required to meet community expectation of the role.

CASH for cans and bottles, Owen Recycling - 18 Railway Terrace, Owen. Wednesday 10-5; Saturday 10-1 or by appointment. Phone 0417 885 107.

Septic Suckers

12 Harris St

November 2010 Council Elections Briefing Session for Intending Candidates

Public Notice

Lower Light


More Properties Wanted. Free No Obligation Market Appraisals. Call Ian Sullivan 0425 660 550 RLA205501


Peter Thompson Plumbing Contractor

Clare Valley


Well located mixed farming property

Mimimoora 621.3 ha -1535 acres

Chiropractor Dr Daryl R Brown Consulting Fridays 9am to 1pm at Balaklava Ambulance Station For appointments phone

8853 2088

“No job Too bigg or Too small”


Specialising in the eradication of ... ✓ Flies, Fleas, Misc. Pests ✓ Rats & Mice ✓ White Ants ✓ Cockroaches ✓ Spiders ✓ Weed Spraying FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTES

Baldina 1256.69 Ha - 3105 acres Auction



• Qualified carpenter • 10 years in house releveling • House lifting

List your property with Elders and receive expert advise from the largest, most experienced rural estate company in Australia. Contact Graeme Hann, your local rural sales specialist in the Lower North at Elders on 8521 0302, 0417 814 659, fax 8524 8311 or email


Substantial sized farming property with varied enterprise options • 8 main paddocks, advanced farming practices for many years, no-till cropping system. • Well fenced & mains water. Ave. rainfall 350mm. • Location has freight advantages for major grain terminals + APLE Dublin • 3 bdrm homestead with garage/workshop • 2 stand shearing shed, steel sheep & cattle yards • Ex. machinery shedding plus bulk super shed “Baldina’ is a well managed property with enterprise diversity for cropping plus livestock. Auction Friday Sept 24, 2010 at 3pm (unless sold prior) at Balaklava Town Hall Geoff Schell 0418 842 421 Danielle Parsons 0407 720 126


32 Fisher Street


Call Scott 0438 654 827


South Hummocks

Phone: 8842 2001 A/h: 8844 5041 Toll Free: 1300 856 263 Mobile 0418 859 195

Rural Real Estate Expertise

Lot 1 - “Mimimoora Homestead” 7.71 ha Lot 2 - “Mimimoora” 207ha Lot 3 - “Woodhouse” 282.4 ha Lot 4 - “Woodhouse West” 124.2 ha. • 20 years advanced farming practices & management. • Suited variety of cropping & livestock enterprises • Freight advantages to major grain terminals & APLE Dublin. • Great location just off Highway 1. The property has been held in the Greenshields family for many years and is available for sale due to family restructure. Auction 2pm Friday September 17 (unless sold prior) at Balaklava Town Hall Geoff Schell 0418 842 421

Main North Road, Clare

BLD 219066

House Re-Stumping



Health Comm. Lic. No. 12

Phone Roger: 0428 419 133


Home 8862 1285 - Mobile 0418 896 808


13 Kadina Road Auction

Develop or just have lots of space around you! This large home on a huge 2470m2 allotment includes 4 spacious bedrooms & large eat-in kitchen & large lounge room with reverse cycle split system air-conditioner, with adjoining office. Bathroom, toilet & laundry have all been recently renovated in neutral tones. Ducted evaporative air conditioning, fans & good quality carpets throughout. Outside there is plenty of shedding and a large covered entertaining area. Fantastic family home with development potential. Auction Thursday August 26, 2010, 11am on site Annette Lloyd 0417 089 199

Seaside living - an unfinished project

Centrally positioned in the lovely seaside town of Port Broughton. This timber framed home features 2 bedrooms,main with ensuite, the open plan kitchen/dining and living area needs a new kitchen and floor coverings, but includes ducted evaporative air conditioning and a split system. The main bathroom will also need completing. Outside there are 2 large sheds, so there’s enough room for the boat and caravan. Open Saturday 12 - 12.45pm Auction: 4pm Thursday September 2 on site Annette Lloyd 0417 089 199

Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010


PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997


RLA 102485


Clearing Sale A/C Est L.J. Klingner

Clearing Sale - Friday September 17, at 11am on the property - 6kms South of Balaklava via Racecourse Road, Balaklava

1 Cooper Road, Halbury $295,000 - $320,000

Plant:- Ford 5000 Tractor with Gason cab, 3 Pt Linkage Reg No ISP-239; 60ft Hardi boom spray with 2600ltr tank; 26 tyne spring release Cultivator, International 726 PTO Header; 28 row International 511 Combine with H/duty axle and trash floats; International 1-618 Single disc Plough good condition; Vicon 6 wheel finger hay rake, with Hydraulic controls; 20 ft Maxi cut Slasher ; 80 bag truck bin with roll over tarp, old PTO International 710 Header; old Boom Spray on Trailer; 275ltr Poly Tank; 16 hp Briggs & Stratton Motor; Vennings 20ft 6” Auger with 8 hp B & S motor & hopper; 3 Pt Linkage Forks; 3 Pt Linkage McKay Grader Blade ( 1 piece blade); Set 13 Harrow Shearer Hydraulic Harrows.

THE LOCATION: Halbury is a quiet town located between Balaklava and Auburn. Uniquely positioned because of its proximity to the famous Clare Valley as well as enjoying the benefits of only being 1 hours drive away from Adelaide THE HOME: Built by Sarah Homes, the home contains 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, as well as a separate lounge area and a dining room incorporated in and adjacent to the modern kitchen. The bathroom contains a bath, shower and vanity. Of particular note is the verandahs on all sides and the feature decking which ads to the rural theme. Other notables include ducted evaporative air conditioning, gas heating, carpet throughout, ceiling fans and ample cupboard space. 2 tanks have capacity for 75,000 litres of rainwater though the property is also serviced by mains water should the need arise.

Grain Storage:- 2 x 300 Bag Ahrens Field Bins; 7 x 8 tonne Cap Cunningham Side Delivery Seed Silo’s, 1 x 600 bag Ahrens Silo; Small Feed Mixing Silo. Machete & barunga wheat graded & pickled, grain screenings. Farming Sundries:- 200 Amp Lincoln Jet Welder; Diesel Drum with 12v Electric pump, Quart Stroke Fuel pump & Drum, Fuel Drums; Electric Motor, Pumps & Hoses, Petrol Fuel Tank, 2 Diesel Fuel tanks; Mobil oil& pumps Fuel tanks; International Header Sieves; Mathais Bag loader; Battery Charger, Crop Lifters, 3 Pt Linkage Jib; Wooden Fence Spaces & Spacer Ties, Cyclone, Barbed Wire; Pine Posts; Star Droppers, Wire Netting, Sundry Steel Wheels; Steel Stand Vice; Double Ended Grinder on Stand; Tubing, Drag Chains, Belts; 300 new Jute Cornsacks, Sack Truck, Fairbanks Platform Scales, Farming Tools Plus collectable Sundry Items Too numerous to mention. Household Effects:- 2 Wooden Cots; 2 old Washing machines, Louvre Glass; Kelvinator Deep Freeze, Adelect Electric Copper, Side board; Linen Cupboard, Phone table & seat; Lounge suite; Recliner chair, 2 Door Shelved Linen Cupboard, 3 Single beds, Kitchen unit, Lead Light Door Kitchen Cabinet, Office Desk & Shelving, Laminex Kitchen Table & chairs, Earth ware Pot & lid and Sundry Household effects. Main items can be view on our website

• More entries invited! • Signs to be erected • Cash on day of sale • Numbers system applies • ID required • Luncheon & refreshments available Landmark Balaklava - Phone: 8862 1333

Port Wakefield Road, Balaklava Mel Haynes - mob: 0408 086 021 or Ivan Zanker 8634 4050

Public Notice - Section 7

The vendor's statement relating to matters affecting the advertised properties in this publication may be inspected at the agent's office three business days prior to auction or at the place of auction 30 minutes before sale.

GWY Tce, Balaklava $265,000 Convenience and class Designed and built locally, this two year old home is conveniently located close to facilities and features loads of classy extras. Two of the three bedrooms are complete with BIR - the master with WIR. The two bathrooms are connected to gas-boost solar hot water. The home’s open plan living area is perfect for entertaining, with a large island bench featured in the centre, between the kitchen’s modern feature wall and glass sliding doors overlooking the outdoor entertainment area. Other added extras include a second lounge room, ducted r/c a/c, inside access to double garage, separate single car garage and rain water connected to the house. If you’re after an easy-to-maintain property, bursting with modern luxuries, this home is well worth inspecting!

THE SHEDS: One of the most desirable traits of this lovely property is the amount of shedding available. These include a 20’ x 20’ c/bond garage with cement floor and power, a 60’ x 20’ x 16’ implement/hay shed, a 30’ x 20’ x 12’ iron garage, a 12’ x 12’ storage shed, a 30’ x 20’ fully lined, carpeted and insulated Granny Flat with R/C air conditioner, as well as a separate 10’ x 10’ bathroom with separate hot water system, toilet and washing machine outlets. THE LAND: Comprised of approx 5.8 hectares, this picturesque property enscapulates the very best of rural living. Currently divided into 4 paddocks the property would ideally suit those looking to engage in rural pursuits such as horse riding, motobike riding or the keeping of small numbers of stock. The fencing is all of very high quality and the soil is fertile which allows for significant levels of hay production. For those of you looking to escape to a few acres without comprising on the luxuries, look no further than this picture perfect rural retreat. Stop dreaming, start living, call Kelly Leach on 0417 146 451 to arrange an inspection of your new lifestyle today!

Brock Harcourts Rural Balaklava Kelly Leach - 0417 146 451

RLA 223600

Email: Website:

list and sell with us your local agent Owen $229,900 40 Second Street

Lochiel $135,000 53 Cameron Street

It’s affordable • 2 bedroom home with • Large garage both rooms a good size. or workshop. • Open plan design semi- • Set on a very modern kitchen large block • Ducted air conditioning

Balaklava $189,000 Unit 6 - 1 Charles Street

Balaklava $295,000 17 Roberts Avenue

• Centrally position 3 way brm • Main Bm with WIR & ensuite access • 3 carpeted bedrooms

• Outdoor entertainment area • Spacious tiled hallway • Open plan kitchen, dining

SNowtown Red $89,000 31 East Terrace

Balaklava’s Number 1 name in Real Estate Plains Producer, Wednesday August 25, 2010

Move straight in • 2 Bedrooms • Modern unit • Great location • Easy care

• Split system air conditioning • Remote roller door

Great new vacant allotments…

• Phillips St, Balaklava $83,500 each - Lot 10: 21.28m x 39.19m - Lot 11: 21.27m x 39.18m - Lot 12: 21.27m x 39.17m

As new 4 bedroom home

Great opportunity to acquire this 12 month old home and it’s all done for you so just move in. A large lounge living area complements the kitchen and dining area and the modern convenience of an en-suite and walk in robe are a huge feature of this home. Also making this an exceptional plan is the 3 way family bathroom and fully tiled laundry. The reverse cycle split system air conditioner supplies all year round comfort to the home. The all new floor coverings & the front and rear decking is also a big bonus. A large carport with roller doors provides a secure parking spot for your vehicles. The gardens consist of an easy care type with the rear gardens watered by the bio cycle system. Excellent value and should be inspected today.

Balaklava $189,000 Unit 2/ 7 Fisher Street

Unit with heaps of extra’s and prime location • 2 bedroom home • Large lounge adjoining •Great little workshop the eating area • Modern kitchen with power

Affordable Home • Rare low price bracket • Low maintenance • 3 bedroom so be quick • Currently rented $130 per week

• Lot 8 Saint St, Balaklava 1045m2 approx $79,500 • Lot 76 Boronia Ct, Balaklava, 602m2 $77,000

Tania & Peter Butterfield Mobile: 0417 884 877 Office: 08 8862 2172 Fax: 08 8862 1280


other reports: P16 – 22

Final countdown! Peckers, Eagles fighting for double chance And so we are at the last weekend of minor round action for 2010. With Balaklava’s defeat of Two Wells last weekend, the APFL top four is finalised in readiness for this season’s big weekend of semifinal blockbusters in two weeks – the second semi at Mallala on Saturday, September 4 and the first semi at Hamley Bridge on Sunday, September 5. Last weekend’s action of course spelt curtains for the Roosters’ 2010 campaign – a disappointing followup to a break-out season in 2009 which saw their young squad play in the grand final against premiers, Mallala. The Roosters will finish their season against HWE at Lochiel this weekend and consequently finish the 2010 season in fifth place. They could upset HWE’s push for second spot with a win, as the Eagles hold second with a large percentage gap over Balaklava – and both are on 10 wins. If, as expected Balaklava defeats Hamley Bridge at Ralli Park on Saturday and the Eagles lose, then the Peckers might steal the double chance. And with percentage a factor, big scores at both grounds could be the order of the day, making for exciting footy! Wooden spooners Hamley Bridge will also wind up another disappointing year at Balaklava this weekend, with the clash against the finalsbound Peckers their last chance to collect an overdue and distant two match points. The Bombers’ tally of four wins in four seasons, 2007-2010, means there is certainly only one way for Rian Nelson’s side to go in 2011. United, (given it has the bye this weekend) has already finished its season and washed the shorts and socks for the last time after a narrow

My Call n Kym Jarman previews APFL

@ Two Wells

+ 31 over

@ Long Plains

KYM’s KIss of Death: Virginia 2 HWE 17 Balaklava 58

+ 12 over

n BALAKLAVA’s Brad Michael manages to handball clear as Rooster Khan Leighton applies a strong tackle at Two Wells on Saturday.

@ Hamley Br.

12 point loss to league leaders Mallala last weekend. Their effort again shows the competition is surprisingly even. On the last two occasions these two met, the sixth-placed Tigers finished within two goals of the league leaders. For the four APFL finalists there is now no holding back! This weekend’s match of the round will be at Mallala Oval where this year’s minor premier, Mallala, hosts the inform Virginia Rams. The Rams are coming off a bye and should be fresh for this one following two commanding victories against Hamley Bridge (157 points) and then demolishing finals aspirant Two Wells (61 points) a fortnight ago. Mallala will finish the minor-round at least two games clear on top to register their third consecutive APFL minor premiership. Should they defeat the Rams it will be another “three games clear” performance in 2010, once again showing they are again the league benchmark –aiming for a third APFL flag in four seasons. The Mallala and Virginia midfield battle will be enthralling to watch. n Continued Page 19

+ 87 over

@ A1 netball

n NETBALL’S competitive spirit starts early, as these young players show! Abbie Ferris, of Mallala and Melody Bennett, Long Plains, battle for the ball in C2 grade at Long Plains on Saturday. – PICTURE: Lisa Redpath

Two Wells 51 (Nicole Darling) d Balaklava 39 (Cass Powell); Mallala 49 (Louise Faulkner) d Long Plains 37 (Emma Laintoll); Hamley Bridge 57 (Ashleigh Koch) d Hummocks 46 (Lisa Britza).

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