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Wednesday March 31, 2010





Evans wins land battle

Council loses Supreme Court appeal over house LAUREN HERMON reports: Balaklava farmer and businessman Peter Evans will be able to build a house on farmland south of Balaklava after a decision by the Full Bench of the Supreme Court. The court found against Wakefield Regional Council, dismissing its appeal against a judgement last year by a single justice of the Supreme Court. The decision was handed down on Monday by the Full Bench, with Justice Thomas Gray, Justice John Sulan and Justice Richard White presiding. They returned a 2-1 decision with Justice White finding the appeal upheld. Justices Gray and Sulan dismissed the appeal and granted the application on conditions fixed by the Environment, Resources and Development Court (ERDC). In their conclusion they said: “The matter (is to) be remitted to the ERDC to make such further orders as may be necessary to carry into effect the judgement of this court and to fix such conditions, if any, as the ERDC may think fit.” No decision has yet been made

PETER Evans and the land which has been awaiting development approval on the “Nine Mile” south of Balaklava. on court costs, with the justices awaiting approaches from legal representatives of both parties. Justice White said: “There are strong grounds for approving Mr Evans’ application. It is nonetheless appropriate to adopt the usual practice and to allow the final planning judgment to be made by the Environment Resources and Development Court. “I allow the appeal and remit the matter to the Environment Court for consideration.” The judgement came as no sur-

prise to Mr Evans who said it was obvious (to him) what the outcome would be. “There’s no surprise there. I could have told council the outcome before the judgement was even handed down,” Mr Evans said. Mr Evans said he would not speak more on the issue until council had its own discussions and he had met with council representatives. Council chief executive officer, Phil Barry, discussed the outcome with mayor James Maitland yesterday afternoon. Mr Barry said he would further

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study and analyse the court’s decision and contact councillors. The on-going saga had developed over more than a year after council first rejected planning approval for the house to be built on land zoned as primary production. The Plains Producer reported in September last year if the appeal went against council, there could be implications for WRC’s Development Plan and possibly other SA councils. Costs last year were estimated to be more than $100,000. These are expected to increase with this latest court appearance.

Griffiths out as Liberal deputy Liberal MP for Goyder, Steven Griffiths, decided not to run for the position of deputy leader at yesterday’s Liberal party-room vote. Mr Griffiths told the Plains Producer he was very proud of the eight months he had as deputy opposition leader, but said it was time for a change. “It’s been a difficult couple of days, but it was a time for change and I needed to recognise that,” said Mr Griffiths, who held the Shadow Treasurer’s portfolio. Shadow portfolios had not been allocated when the Plains Producer went to press, however Mr Griffiths was politically damaged before the election over a costings gaffe on Royal Adelaide Hospital’s rebuild. “I will always be interested in the finances of South Australia and will continue to represent Goyder – which is my number one plan at the moment,” he said. Mr Griffiths congratulated the new Deputy, former Opposition Leader Martin HamiltonSmith, who defeated another former leader, Iain Evans, 10 votes to eight, at the party meeting. Mitch Williams was balloted out in the first round. Isobel Redmond was reelected unopposed as Liberal Opposition Leader.

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NEWS v District

Bumps in the road – but life gets back to normal Dear Mike, It’s me again. Been “off the air” – but I thought, what the heck, why not make a return with a bit of advice for my old cobber. Not my cobber? Look, I know it was only a quick chat over a coffee in Balak a few years ago, but it was a special moment for me. You don’t remember? It was that day you were driving back to Adelaide after a visit to Clare and dodged Main North road because it’s so bumpy. You whizzed into Balak with J-Lo and a bunch of minders. Remember? Yes, it was Balaklava. Where they have the race course and Cup day. J-Lo was your Education and Tourism Minister. Remember? Gawd, it doesn’t take long! We need to chat about your election win. Yes, it seems so long ago now and everything’s back to normal. For you. Bad luck about Jane leaving your team. She was nice – but I’m not sure too many teachers would

Look at Geoff Brock, the Independent MP in Frome. Brocky’s been a hard worker too. Well respected – and we do understand why he knocked backed the Speaker’s chair. He’s been fairly active recently in supporting the Snowtown community, faced as they are with that movie. Did you know there was a Terry meeting about it held in Snowtown Williams yesterday? We tried talking to you before the election about that as Arts Minister, but couldn’t get much of a response. Maybe you could find time to pop up to Snowtown for have voted for her. But didn’t Tony a chat. Near the windfarm. That’s Piccolo do well? He deserved to be right, you’ve been there before. Well returned as Light MP. He’s been a done, we’re getting on famously. That’s when I last wrote to you. hard worker, representing the peoMy letter would be in your files. Back ple of the electorate so well. Just goes to prove if a local MP in November, 2008. I mentioned is in touch with his community lots of things that needed fixing but and earns their respect, then the won’t go over old ground. Not much reward of another term in parlia- seems to have changed, Premier. Anyway, you’ll be able to check ment will follow, despite his party being somewhat “on the nose” at on developments when you call through over the Easter weekend. the time.



You’d be going up to the Flinders, or over to Yorke’s (that’s what they call it at Black Point, Premier) to give John Rau a hand as the new Tourism Minister. Coming from the Enfield electorate, heartland for our salt-of-theearth battlers, Mr Rau probably wouldn’t get past Gepps Cross for a holiday too often. But it’s good you gave him the tourism gig, because it means he can make unbiased assessments. Tell him clean toilets mean everything in country towns, Premier. It’s the “Grey Nomads” Premier – they can’t drive 20km without stopping for a pie’n’pee. Our toilets in Balaklava are good, Premier. And the “nomads” file through the town from Auburn to Wakey one after the other. Could you see your way clear for a few bob to add a Visitor Information Centre and off-road parking area to the bric-a-brac shop at the old railway station? As one of the few businesses

open on weekends, there’s no reason why it couldn’t serve a dual role. Should I talk to the local council, Premier. Or maybe the Feds? Kev or Nick? The Commonwealth now seems to be showing quite a bit more interest in Local Government And education. And hospitals. Golly, does this mean Kev’s plotting to dump State governments? If you weren’t around (never know, four years is a long time), who should I contact? My local MP? That would be Steven Griffiths. Lovely bloke, but nice guys don’t always finish first. There’s just one more thing. Noticed from one of your announcements you have confirmed your pre-election pledge to extend the moratorium on GM crops until 2014. Can’t see that will make too many farmers happy. But then, not many seem to live in Labor electorates. That’s it for now. Love to hear from you. Drop us a line.

Work progressing Balaklava facilities THE Plains Producer took to the air to record various landmarks around the Balaklava township. Pictured at left is the new town CWMS (town effluent management) scheme and, right, building work underway at Balaklava High School.




A limited number of allotments adjacent to Australia’s only Greg Norman ‘links’ style championship golf course are currently available. They range from 450m2 to 804m2.

It’s a cliché for any area to claim to be ‘… best kept secret.’ But in the case of ‘The Copper Coast’ in South Australia it could not be truer. Just 2 hours drive from Adelaide, through some of the richest cropping land in Australia, lies a little triangle of country towns that hide their historic riches and quiet charm.

The Links Golf Course is now under construction.

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Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

NEWS v District

Wakefield council defends ‘informal’ meeting policy Wakefield Regional Council was under fire at last Wednesday’s council meeting to explain why the public cannot attend council’s informal discussion time which occurs after each council meeting. During public question time, Port Wakefield resident, Richard Pain, put the question to council and also asked why the informal discussion time between council was not recorded in council minutes. Mr Pain accused council of allegedly not being open and transparent with the community on some issues. “If its an informal discussion, the public should be able to be present. There needs to be more transparency and more for the public,” Mr Pain said. Wakefield Regional Council, chief executive officer, Phil Barry, said informal discussion time was not a formal meeting of council and councillors and officers did not make any type of decision on matters that came up in council meetings. “Often informal discussion meetings are just about informing councillors about up-coming events or functions so they remain aware,” Mr Barry said. “These discussions are rarely on confidential matters. It may also relate to council training needs and purposes.” According to the current Local Government Act 1999 section 90, sub-section 8, “the duty to hold a meeting of a council or council committee at a place open to the public does not in itself make unlawful informal gatherings or discussion provided that a matter which would ordinarily form part of the agenda for a (formal council meeting).” Mayor James Maitland denied council needed to be more transparent, saying despite council’s informal discussion time, the public are well informed of issues and can access these issues via council’s website, agendas and council meetings where the public are invited to listen to council discussions and motions, and have their say through public question time.

Farmers fired up – now it’s ‘just add water’

THE smell of smoke has been wafting through the district as farmers burn stubble on calm autumn days. Farmers Ray Cook, his son Robert and David Burford were burning off on Thursday, with retired Balaklava businessman Edgar Karklins going along to look, having never seen a burnoff before.

• Robert Cook is shown setting the stubble alight and (left) with David Burford, fuelling the “firebug” with petrol. Plains Producer photographer Lisa Redpath caught up with the group, as they were controlling a burn near the San Remo silos. She then joined them as they burnt off another paddock towards Owen. About 238 hectares was burnt.

Snowtown film said to be ‘respectful’ After meeting with the Victorian film makers of the proposed Snowtown ‘Bodies in the Barrels’ film, Snowtown Management Committee chairman, Paul McCormack, is confident the film will be a respectful account of the tragedies which took place. The film’s director, Justin Kurzel and co-producers, Anna McLeish and Sarah Shaw were in Snowtown yesterday to give a broad outline of the film to eight committee members and mayor James Maitland. Mr McCormack said the three representative of Victorian film company, Warp Films, insisted

the film was not a documentary, will make no character reference to Snowtown and assured that Snowtown would not be reflected on poorly. Director Kurzel mentioned at the meeting he grew up in Gawler and often travelled to Hamley Bridge and said he can relate to the region and decided to become involved in the film’s production for that reason. Mr McCormack was told by the Warp Films representatives they would be getting no money out of the movie deal. Despite Mr McCormack’s approval, he said he would remain level-headed.

“I’ve been happy before and then seen or heard things I didn’t like. So I’ll just see what happens, but they seemed genuine,” Mr McCormack said. The discussion, described by Mr McCormack as ‘amicable’ ended on good terms with both parties saying they will keep in touch. Mr Kurzel, Ms McLeish and Ms Shaw also met with the victim’s families this morning in a meeting held by Victims Rights Commissioner, Michael O’Connell. Although no word on when filming will actually begin, Mr McCormack was told the filming would most likely begin towards the end of the year.

Independent MP for Frome, Geoff Brock has declined the Speaker’s role in the House of Assembly, offered by Premier Mike Rann. Mr Brock maintains he wants to concentrate on the electorate of Frome. Mr Brock, who won the seat of Frome in the March 20 state election and was offered the Speaker’s position last week, declined on Sunday when he informed Mr Rann of his decision. Mr Brock said the decision was one of the most difficult he has had to make. “It’s such a prestigious role with great attrac-

tions and remuneration, but at the end of the day and after much deliberation, I am an Independent,” Mr Brock said. “My philosophy is that I am a people’s person, a true independent and I need to focus on the electorate of Frome “I have the trust of more people. I want to return the trust and to work for them tirelessly. “I’ve still got a lot to learn, a lot of people to meet. However, the reasons to take on the Speaker’s role versus my reasons to decline have caused me to wrestle with very personal philosophies. The

philosophies I refer to are those which motivate me to be the ‘people’s politician’ and to put people before politics. “I promised to be ‘your voice’ in Frome and I will remain true to my word,” Mr Brock said. The speakership will now likely go to Chloe Fox, who won her seat of Bright, or to the MP for the northern seat of Giles, Lyn Breuer. Despite Labor MP Molly Bryne’s brief stint as acting speaker in 1972, should Ms Fox or Ms Breuer be awarded the position, this will make for SA parliament’s first female Speaker.

Brock knocks back Speaker’s chair

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Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

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people of the plains v District n KEEN Balaklava fisherman Ken Cunningham can’t get that smile from his face! Ken, pictured with a huge sampson fish weighing about 20kg caught in 80m of water out from Coffin Bay, was on a fishing trip with Balaklava’s Colin Jenner, Tyson Burns and Steve Renshaw, spending three days fishing with Richard Webb, formerly of Balaklava. The fishing trip was a present given to Ken by the Balaklava ambulance crew as a special thanks for many years of service to St John.

Director of Nursing, Lesley Smith, CEO Graham Ackland and Board chairman, Brian Kemp, accept the lifter from Lions members Frank Gorey, Helen Karger, and Frank Reed. Advertisement

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It’s a real lift from Lions

GILBERT Valley Lions club presented a “multi patient lifter” to Gilbert Valley Senior Citizens’ Homes (GVSCH) recently. The cost of $5,410 was met equally by the Lions Club and the Australian Lions Foundation. Accepting the lifter, GVSCH board chairman, Brian Kemp, said the lifter was much improved on their previous one. “It will make work much easier for nursing staff and more comfortable for patients,” Mr Kemp said. Director of Nursing, Lesley Smith, said trials had shown its worth to nursing staff. CEO, Graham Ackland, said the donation was much appreciated because ever-increasing running costs were limiting the ability of all carer groups to purchase aids, such as the lifter. Lion’s president, Frank Gorey, said since the Australian Lions Foundation had subsidised the cost, he was hopeful further assistance could be given in future.

n Stove a cracker! Hamley Bridge Sports Centre put its new stove to the test at the Emu awards breakfast last Friday. The stove was purchased with a grant of $2,540 from ABB. Carolyn Koch (left) and Lisa Martin, who is secretary of the sports centre, couldn’t wait to get cracking with the breakfast eggs.

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Nick helps build work skills

Star of the North

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Balaklava After being in business for only six months, owner of Durdin Building Services, Nick Durdin, has won a Safework System Host Trainer of the Year award at the 2009 HIA-Stratco Awards last Friday night. Under Nick’s skilful eye, Balaklava High School student and second year carpentry apprentice, Bradley Michael also picked up an award for School-based Apprentice of the Year. Durdin Building Services has currently taken on two apprentices and Nick said the business will continue to do so, helping to promote young talent and giving youth an opportunity to expand on their skills. Pinery There will be something for everyone at the Pinery Markets and garage sales on Sunday, April 11, From 9am–2pm, go and browse through the wide range of goods and crafts. Stalls include winter veg seedlings, handmade cards, latest fashion handbags starting from $10, pottery by a local artist, jams and pickles, bric-a-brac, sausage sizzle and much more. Kaye Swain will demonstrate Encaustic Art which is fascinating to watch, painting landscape scenery from coloured bees wax using a travel iron - the same used to iron clothes, no paint brushes involved. This is just one of the things to watch her do and she will let you have a go if you ask. Stall hire is $5. If you have something to sell or just looking for bargains come along, contact Kaye Swain 8527 7074 or Jacki Wedding 8527 7035 for more information. Owen Adelaide Plains Male Voice Choir’s annual concert will have an ANZAC theme running through both the program and the decor on Sunday, April 25 in the Balaklava Town Hall. Peter Rose, who won the choir’s scholarship last year will be the vocalist. The beautiful tones of a xylophone will be supplied by Emma Lush from Mallala, accompanied by her grandmother, Marjorie Lush - the choir’s accompanist. Emma’s jazz group, ‘Zamir’ will also bring music of a totally different dimension. Dublin Do you remember your school days at Dublin, Windsor, Long Plains, Lower Light or Wild Horse Plains? The former schools will all have their plaques on them soon. Dublin school is set to have its plaque unveiled on May 30, at 1.30pm, followed by memory sharing at the Dublin Institute at 2pm.


CARPENTRY apprentice Bradley Michael and Nick Durdin display their awards. The pair are pictured working on one of the new buildings at Horizon Christian School.


Take five

News Morsels by Bronte Hewett

Send your story to us at The Plains Producer PO Box 63 Balaklava 5461 Email to Bronte@

Creative art an Auburn vision

A restless, creative spirit, Tracy Vandepeer has pursued many career paths in her life, before settling in Auburn where she has opened her art studio/gallery “Venturas Vision.” The gallery was officially opened on Saturday, exhibiting artwork by South Australian artist Robert Landt, as well as silver, bronze and glass jewellery and sculptures by Tracy. Venturas Visions Gallery is open to the public on Wednesday - Friday 10am to 5.30pm, Saturday 10am to 4pm and Sunday 10am to 3pm. Every other day staff are happy to open by appointment. Contact Venturas Visions Gallery by calling 8849 2087 or visit 36 Main North road, Auburn.


Have your say on local issues. Vote online via The Plains Producer readers’ poll. Go to


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4 Are you excited about APFL/ APNL season?

4 Will you use Middle Beach boat ramp?

No- 30.8 %

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Don’t follow- 23.1%

Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

Hummocks The third Foxbat Fly-in will be held on June 5 and 6 with aviators and non aviators welcome at Hummocks station. Many guests at Hummocks station are getting up close and personal to the Snowtown Windfarm on scenic flights from the property. Cost share vouchers are available. Brinkworth No time for snoozing at Brinkworth Primary School! Brinkworth primary students boarded a Fidge Bus and went for a Zoo Snooze in Adelaide to experience first hand animals up close and personal. It was a truly eye-opening experience for staff and students, with the favourite part being the night walk. The next day students visited the Pandas, Botanical Gardens and went to the Fringe and saw a fantastic light, space and music display; Amoccoco.

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NEWS v District

Mallala’s 75th anniversary Preparations for week-long celebrations to mark 75 years of the District Council of Mallala have started. Events begin on Sunday, May 23, with ‘Marking the Merge’ at Mallala museum. Seventy five trees will be planted to mark each year, with 25 trees each in Two Wells, Dublin and Mallala on Tuesday, May 25. Bus tours of the district are planned for the Wednesday and a photographic competition will be judged on Thursday, after the opening of Mallala corner at 2a Wasleys road.

The photographic competition is open to everyone, with a plan to have several different categories which capture the culture and lifestyle of the district. A celebratory dinner will be held in Mallala on Friday night for $35 per head, and will include a band/entertainment. Mallala motorsport will also get promoted through a weekend event on May 29 and 30, at the motorsport park. The weekend will include “Shannons nationals” formula 3, V8 touring cars, Commodore cup, sports sedans, superkarts, Porsche GT3 and formula Vee. A community breakfast will take

place on Saturday morning, while the Dublin History Group will host the final event on Sunday. Community groups were contacted earlier in the year to show interest in hosting an event. Details will be released as they become available. DCM was originally proclaimed in 1935 as the District Council of Light. It was a result of the amalgamation of the District Councils of Dublin, Port Gawler and Grace Plains. The District Council of Light was renamed the District Council of Mallala on April 15, 1937.

Petition to re-open Lower Light beach District Council of Mallala is considering its options after receiving a petition with 303 signatures asking for the re-opening of Lower Light beach. The petition read: “This is a petition to the Mallala Council to re-open the Lower Light Beach. This is a very popular fishing and crabbing beach, which many people have been using for a number of years.” Lower Light beach was closed for environmental risk to the delicate sand dunes

and habitat caused by cars and motorbikes straying from designated tracks. Strategic infrastructure and planning committee recommended to council to note the petition was received and action was being taken. The opening of the Lower Light Beach road is currently being considered within the broader Coastal Access Strategy that was presented to the strategic infrastructure and planning committee in March.

Owen silos get a new addition

Further, the opening of the road will require substantial funds to make it fit for purpose and also allow the management of access so as not to damage the sensitive coastal areas. The cost has been included as a new initiative bid for Council’s consideration in the 2010/11 budget. No further action is required with the community and development officer, Lynette opening of Lower Light beach which is Seccafien, gets into the party mood to celebrate 75 years of District Council of Mallala. already being considered by council.


PORT Wakefield police officer Courtney Jaensch at the Highway One-Kadina intersection. It could again prove a traffic stopper at Easter.

Put the finger on crime, call

CRIME STOPPERS 1800 333 000

Drugs, guns at Two Wells house TWO WELLS

Traffic, safety warning for Easter motorists

Workers were busy erecting an Optus mobile tower in Owen’s Viterra grain storage yard last Thursday. Work had begun a few weeks prior, with holes being dug for cables. On Tuesday last week, a crane was brought in to begin erecting the tower, as well as allowing the Viterra signto be painted on the silos. It took just Wednesday and Thursday for work to be fully completed.



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may occur on the return trip. “Yorke Peninsula is a very popular destination at Easter and motorists may encounter delays at the junction of Port Wakefield to Kadina road and Highway One,” DTEI director of road and traffic management, Flett Steele said. Traffic controllers will be on site at key locations and speed restrictions will be in place to manage the high number of vehicles expected to be travelling towards Adelaide on Monday. During Easter, Port Wakefield road/Waterloo Corner traffic will be restricted to one northbound lane over the new Port Wakefield road bridge and two southbound lanes to minimise delays.

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Motorists returning from the Yorke Peninsula on Easter Monday are reminded to be patient, drive to conditions and plan ahead. And local police have warned they will be out in force this weekend. Port Wakefield police officer, Courtney Jaensch, said police would focus on the “fatal five” this long weekend. These were: drink driving, speeding, inattentive driving – impatience, tail-gating etc; seat belts and vulnerable road users – pedestrians, motorcyclists etc. The Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI) is taking steps to minimise inconvenience for motorists, but warns delays

Police searched a property in Two Wells and located several illegal firearms and illicit drugs on Saturday, March 26. Two Wells and Elizabeth police were called to the Old Port Wakefield road address, finding rifles and hand guns of varying calibres, including semi and fully automatic fire arms. Some of the barrels were illegally shortened. Chemical and powder substances to produce drugs in a laboratory situation were also found. Police are aware of the man and Elizabeth police tactical unit will follow up with the suspect’s enquiries. •A 36-year-old man was reported for possession of six cannabis plants and 1kg of prepared marijuana on Wednesday, March 24.



n My name is Charli, a 12 month old female domestic short hair cat with a shiny black coat. I am a lovely girl looking for a new owner who will love me. I have been at the AWL more than 55 days! I am desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and health checked. I am only $75. Go to ANIMAL WELFARE

Adelaide Plains Vet Surgery 94 Old Pt Wakefield Rd, Two Wells SA 5501 Ph: 8520 3600 LEAGUE, 1 - 19 Cormack Rd, Wingfield. Adoptions: 10am – 3pm, seven days. Phone: 8348 1300.

Police also seized prescribed equipment to grow hydroponic cannabis from the Dawkins road, Lewiston address. •A 35-year-old Lewiston man was reported by Two Wells police for failing to comply with bail conditions on Wednesday, March 24.


A Balaklava man was reported on Friday, March 26 for driving an unregistered and uninsured car and not providing police with his driving licence. •Stock was stolen from a Balaklava property on Friday night, March 26. A pregnant ewe carrying twins was stolen. Anyone with information should contact Balaklava police. •Hamley Bridge and Balaklava police are still concerned about the number of people being picked up for not wearing seat belts. Another 10 people were reported in the last week, and police warn they will crack down on this issue. Police urge travellers to wear a seat belt at all times, particularly this Easter weekend.

Plains Producer Paper to publish next Thursday

o Due to the Easter weekend, The Plains Producer will publish a day later next week, on Thursday, April 8.

Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

special feature v 2010 Emu Awards

Dublin delight at Emu win Volunteers at Dublin Community Thrift Shop have been sticking their necks out since it opened five years ago, through continuous support for those in need and services beyond those of ordinary thrift shops. And they have now been recognised, with the shop winning the Adelaide Plains Emu Awards overall prize at Hamley Bridge Sports and Community Centre on Friday – as well as the community group category. About 60 people, including nominees and supporters enjoyed a tasty breakfast prepared by a team of hard working volunteers – appropriate given the nature of the awards, which celebrate those who make a positive difference to the region. The awards were presented by ABC 891 radio announcer and patron Peter Goers, who had the breakfast crowd chuckling as they chewed. The Plains Producer is joint sponsor of the Emu awards, with Churches of Christ Life Care, which provided a $600 prize to the winner. District Council of Mallala and Wakefield Regional Council this year also supported the awards. The small Dublin community shop aims to provide readily accessible

assistance and access to clothing, furniture and household items, especially to people in greatest need in the community. Shop volunteersAnneMarie Paech and Pauline Rosewarne manage to keep the shop open at least five days a week from noon to 4pm. In addition, the shop offers free bread at least once a month through generous donations and actively supports Mallala Primary School, Dublin CFS and the Dublin History Group. Other category winners were: Business: Virginia Nursery, for expanding and building a strong business including retail, cafe/restaurant, pet shop and vegetable shop. Event: Blyth cinema for its role in the first Clare Valley Film Festival which generated a lot of support and was a successful event for the region. The event is now planned to be annual with the aim of inspiring and educating young people. Individual: Jenny Long for her continuous support and help towards the Liptrot family, following Shamus’ serious bicycle accident in December 2007. Just days after the news of the accident, Jenny had placed donation tins in 20 local businesses seeking donations to sup-

EMU award winners (from left) Jenny Long, Anne-Marie Paech, representing Dublin Community Thrift Shop and Kymette Schultz, representing Blyth Cinema, with award sponsor, Life Care’s Lyn Polley. RIGHT: Wendy Deinum accepts a nomination certificate from Wakefield Regional Council mayor, James Maitland, on behalf of Port Wakefield Community Management Committee. port his parents Malcolm and Patricia. The Liptrot family was on hand to support Jenny Other nominations for the individual category were Bruce Henstridge for his generosity to the community and David

It’s trip WORTH THE


Heating & Cooling as we have the



ABOVE: David Appleby (right) accepts his Individial nomination from District Council of Mallala mayor, Marcus Strudwicke, while BELOW, Bruce Henstridge is presented with his individual award by Wakefield Regional Council mayor, James Maitland

Appleby for on going support of community groups including Balaklava Community Arts and Town Hall committee. Community group: Dublin Community Thrift Shop. Other nominations included Port Wakefield

Community Management committee for preserving and renovating a unique feature and Brinkworth Progress Association, for pursuing its members vision for a linear park along the disused railway route.

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NEWS v People of the Plains Mallala Probus committee (from left) Margaret Heaslip, treasurer; Josie Curnow secretary; Joan Earl, Meg Jarvis, Alan Helps; president Gloria Wandel; Adrian Wandel, Lois Wasley, Colin MacGregor, Robert Gauthier. Absent, past president Shirley Sanders.

Friendship flows in Mallala, Two Wells Probus Mallala Probus club elected new office bearers at its recent annual general meeting. Elected members are: president Gloria Wandel, vice president Bob Gauthier, secretary Josie Curnow, past president Keith Charleson, treasurer Margaret Heaslip. Other positions elected were auditor Colin McGregor, trip organiser Alan Helps, guest speaker organiser Lois Wasley, morning tea organiser Joan Earl, newsletter writer Gwenda Cheek, silver screen organiser Meg Jarvis, gifts and cards organiser Doris Helps and giving out newsletter and badges Adrian Wandel.

Last financial year, the club had 56 members, with membership fees $15 per person, per year. All club meetings are held at the Mallala football clubrooms, starting at 10am each Wednesday. First Wednesday of the month is 10-pin bowling at Elizabeth followed by lunch. Second Wednesday is a committee meeting, third Wednesday is the club meeting, while the fourth Wednesday is Silver Screening at the Galwer cinema, followed by lunch. Throughout the year day trips are organised by Alan Helps, visiting places of interest throughout South Australia.

VOLUNTEER GRANTS 2010 Invitation to Apply for Funding Eligible non-profit organisations are invited to apply for Volunteer Grants 2010 funding ranging between $1,000 and $5,000 to support the work of their volunteers. This funding will enable organisations to purchase practical and tangible small equipment items and contribute towards the costs of training, background checks and fuel costs associated with their volunteering activities.

Two Wells Probus club celebrated 15 years of service to the district on Monday, March 22. The celebrations marked a significant milestone for the popular club, which formed through the Rotary club. It presently has 43 members. A new committee was elected at the annual general meeting before the party. Thanks were given to Cath Goulter who is a foundation member and has retired from the committee after serving in many roles over the years as president, vice president, secretary, assistant secretary, guest speakers and photographer. Following the AGM, the club celebrated the 15th birthday. Past members and guests who attended were Robin Trevilyan (Two Wells Rotary), Hazel Young, Bet and Les Williams, John and Beryl Freeland, Lynda and Graeme Thomas and Jeanette and Neville Sharpe. The club’s oldest charter member, Mavis Rice, cut the cake and blew out the candles. Paul and David from the “2 Dads Duo” from the SA Police Band entertained TWO Wells Probus club 15 year celebrations- throughout the afternoon on a number of Probus club president Ree Roden with the president instruments. Lunch and afternoon tea were provided of Two Wells Rotary, Robin Trevilyan. amidst much camaraderie

The Volunteer Grants 2010 Application Form, Application Guidelines and further information is available at or by telephoning the Volunteer Grants 2010 toll-free hotline on 1800 183 374. A TTY service is available for persons who have a hearing or speech impairment, on 1800 555 677. Applications close on Friday 16 April 2010 at 2 pm AEST. adcorp22166

Celebration – Kimberly Walker, of

Meet Kelvin and Emma. They are good people to know. At WFI, our people find it easier to understand your business issues because they’re locals. That’s just one reason why WFI is a leading Australian rural and business insurance company. So, for personal service that comes to you, contact Kelvin Bell or Emma Menadue. WFI Gawler | Phoenix Plaza, Cnr Calton Road & High Street Kelvin Bell - Mobile 0438 012 193 (southern Balaklava area) Emma Menadue - Mobile 0427 170 821 (northern Balaklava area)

Wild Horse Plains, celebrated her 21st birthday in Adelaide recently, with 120 guests enjoying drinks and a cocktail supper. Pictured are Tessa Jarman, of Mallala, Christie Jenner, of Balaklava, Kimberly Walker and Courtney Lamont, of Mallala.

New arrival – Simone and David Miller, of Saddleworth, welcomed their first child, Jemma Kate Miller, born at Kapunda Hospital on March 18, weighing 4050grams. Jemma is the first grandchild for Alison and Yarn Michalak and Judy and Michael Miller, both families from Saddleworth.

WFI is a trading name of Wesfarmers General Insurance Limited (WGIL) ABN 24 000 036 279 AFSL 241461. Kelvin Bell is an authorised representative of WGIL (AR 255133).


Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

NEWS v District


REPORT: Lauren Hermon Kids will have to hold off a while longer from riding the ramps at a proposed skate park facility to be located in Balaklava. After a presentation at last Wednesday’s council meeting, Balaklava Area Committee’s skate park sub-committee were told by council to return with a more concrete proposal in order for the project to gain additional funding by council. A presentation was made to council in April 2006 resulting in a budget of $15,000 in 2006-07 going towards the skate park facility. Last Wednesday’s

A concept plan for a skate park. This is just one design being considered. presentation outlined an updated proposal to council to increase council’s budget amount to /LYHUSRRO6NDWHSDUN $30,000 for the 2010-11

budget year. Possible sites for the skate park were discussed and the materials needed for construction, and the risks

which may interfere with the project’s operation. Wakefield Regional Council chief executive officer, Phil Barry, said

council required further ground work into the committee’s progress to lock in a budget. The first request for



Skate park plan still rolling on financial assistance from council for a skate park facility came in July 2005. Community development officer, David Woodroofe, and Skate Park Sub-committee member, Peter Rohrlach said the nine year long proposal needed to be discussed with a decision made and agreed upon. Despite the committee’s efforts in fundraising and investigating materials which would be best to use, council stood by their recommendation for the committee to come back with further ground work. The issues raised were the likelihood of graffiti and vandalism and whether the skate park

should be open during the day or night, or both. “Concrete ramps would be better than metal as it won’t make so much noise,� Mr Woodroofe said. Although no plans are certain without sufficient funding and further research, Mr Woodroofe said he hoped to get exact quotes for the materials needed to create the skate park and public consultation would be the next step to strengthen the proposal to present to council in a later meeting. According to Mr Woodroofe, the life expectancy of the skate park is about 20 years. The goal is to have the project completed by February next year.

‘Caretaker’ policy for council elections

Wakefield Regional Council was advised of and adopted the new mandatory legal requirement placed on all councils to adopt a draft Caretaker Policy before June 21 for preparation for Local Government elections in November. The Caretaker Policy will govern the conduct of the council and its staff during a local government general election. The policy applies during an election period of council to cover: • Designated decisions as defined in the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 made by council • Use of resources including: materials published by council, attendance and participation at functions and events, access to council information, media services issues and responsibilities of council staff. The purpose of the policy is to set parameters council will operate within during a Caretaker mode period and are necessary for the promotion of transparent and accountable government during an election period.

Work starts on Middle Beach boat ramp

THE first spade was inserted into the Middle Beach sand to mark the beginning of the boat ramp building project last Wednesday. The $442,000 project is expected

to be completed within six weeks. Honours were done (from left) by construction manager of Watpac civil engineering, Theo Rapp, District Council of Malalla mayor

Come, Celebrate the Joy of Easter

Marcus Strudwicke and Mallala Foreshore Advisory committee members– Malcolm Frost, Barb Reid, Steve Kennedy and John Drexel.

Lutheran Church corner Short Tce & Harris St Balaklava

Show your best in tourism awards Nominations for Clare Valley Regional Tourism Awards are now open, with tourism operators able to participate in nine categories. Clare Valley Regional Tourism manager, Christine van der Jeugd says the awards are a great way for tourism businesses to review their goals, record their achievements and highlight their high quality tourism experience to consumers. “I encourage all tourism operators to consider nominating their business and showcasing the great visitor experiences available in

the Clare Valley Tourism Region,� Ms van der Jeugd said. This year will see a number of changes. For the first time, the awards nomination and submission process will be completed online, enhancing and streamlining the process. “We will also be re-introducing site inspections for all nominations, which will be conducted by a judge from outside the region,� Christine said. This new online process will also provide each nomination into the Clare Valley Regional Tourism Awards with a compli-

mentary nomination into the State Tourism Awards competition. “We are delighted to be working with the South Australian Tourism Industry Council to bring this regional awards program to our industry,� Christine said. To nominate or for more information, visit awards.html. Nominations close Friday April 16 2010 and submissions are due by 5pm on Friday May 14. The presentation and gala dinner will be held on Friday June 18.

Maundy Thursday Thursday April 1, 7:30 pm “do this in remembrance of Meâ€? Good Friday Friday April 2, 11 am “It is finishedâ€? Easter Sunday Sunday April 4, 7 am “Jesus conquered Deathâ€? • 8 am Easter Breakfast

For more details contact Pastor Jim Bryan ph 8862 1031

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40,123 kms



109,143 kms

Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010



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NEWS v Balaklava & District JAMES MAITLAND

Mayor’s Diary Council ‘showcase’ “Growing Communities” is just one of the topics at the popular Local Government showcase, “Discover” in Adelaide in April. I will be chairing this workshop, where Adelaide City Council will present its concept for safer entertainment precincts and Port Adelaide Enfield council will address racism and discrimination in our communities. The showcase is a great opportunity for councils to come together to show off their innovative projects – and, of course we get the chance to network with other council staff and elected members. I will be at the Convention Centre with Wakefield Regional Council CEO, Phil Barry, on April 22 and 23.

Diverse activities

Whilst “roads, rates and rubbish” will always remain part of any council’s mantra, the showcase proves your local council does much more than that. On the agenda is an amazing array of examples displaying how councils are working for their communities. Yorke Peninsula Council will focus on water initiatives in its region – something which could transfer to all parts of South Australia and Northern Areas Council shows off “On Your Bike” – strategic tourism growth for rural communities. An interesting topic for Wakefield Regional Council is a session on shared CWMS management, brought to the seminar by Wattle Range Council. With our own developments in CWMS (town effluent management) schemes, this will be of real interest. I will report back on council schemes that caught my eye in my next column.

Broadband discussions

The ongoing issue of Broadband coverage in rural and regional areas will be highlighted in Canberra this week, when a deputation from the Central Local Government Region of councils (which includes Wakefield Regional Council) meets with Federal Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy. Clare and Gilbert Valleys council mayor, Allan Aughey and Kelly-Anne Saffin, new CEO for Yorke and Mid North Regional Development Australia, will attend. The recent Tour Down Under through the Clare and Gilbert Valleys was on the receiving end of poor Broadband coverage.

Heritage list

Wakefield Regional Council has been developing a policy for heritage buildings in its district. Many buildings already are heritage listed but council needs to review others from time to time. Be assured we are very aware of the impact of listing a building and the responsibilities this bestows on owners. Call council on 8862 0800 if you have any concerns or questions.

Congratulations ...

To Dublin Community Thrift Shop as 2010 Emu award winner and to all nominees and category winners. The awards are another great example of communities working together. This was displayed at the ceremony last Friday, when Hamley Bridge Sports Centre volunteers served up a delightful breakfast in their clubrooms, overlooking the very green oval – watered by the town’s new CWMS treatment plant! My congratulations also to this newspaper – the Plains Producer – on achieving back-toback Best Newspaper awards. This column is sponsored by:

Emma’s garden delight Balaklava Courthouse Gallery again will host a recital by harpist and vocalist Emma Horwood, who has become well-known to Balaklava audiences over the last four years. Emma (right) will appear at Balaklava Courthouse Gallery on Sunday May 2, from 2pm. It is expected to be an enchanting afternoon of music celebrating the beauty of gardens. “A Harpist’s Garden” will feature French and English music about gar-

dens, including themes of birds, flowers, forests and fields, with classical, romantic and celtic vocal repertoire and harp solos. Works by Frederic Chopin, Marcel Tournier, Benjamin Britten, Christina Sonnemann, Helen Cartrige and Sting – with a new harp and voice arrangement by Adelaide composer Quentin Grant of his stunning “Irish Songs”. Emma featured at the service of lessons and carols at Balaklava’s St Paul’s Lutheran church last December.

Eisteddfod mail out Entry forms for the 14th Balaklava Eisteddfod will be mailed out tomorrow for participants in this year’s eisteddfod weekend from July 30 to August 1. More than 800 entry forms will be distributed around Balaklava, Adelaide and across the mid north region. Entry forms will also be posted to previous participants as far as Broken

Hill, Whyalla and Yorke Peninsula. Balaklava Eisteddfod Social co-publicity officer, Pam Uppill, said the eisteddfod was a very rewarding and positive experience for all. Entry forms also can be found at all Balaklava schools, Balaklava Community Library and post office, regional music stores or via Balaklava Eisteddfod Society website, www.

> easter message >

Glorious company in ‘the perfect death’


really didn’t figure out what difference Easter makes until Alf died. Alf was well over 90. His cancer got so bad that he had to go into hospital. The going was just starting to get rough, so we decided to do “The Commendation of the Dying.” At this time I was very afraid of anything to do with dying. More than 30 people were crowded into his hospital room: his wife, his sons, his grandchildren, and a few greatgrandchildren in arms.

By Pastor Jim Bryan, St Paul’s Lutheran church, Balaklava He told each person how much he loved them and how they were special to him. He encouraged each one of them. There were tears and sniffles all around. Then each one of them came and held his hand and told him what a great husband, father or grandfather he was, and how much they would miss him. Each person ended by saying something like “I can

ANGLICAN Maundy Thursday Balaklava


Good Friday Balaklava


Easter Sunday Balaklava Hamley Bridge

9.00am 11.00am

LUTHERAN Maundy Thursday Balaklava Good Friday Auburn Balaklava Easter Sunday Balaklava 8.00am Easter Auburn

7:30pm 9.00am 11.00am 7.00am Breakfast 9.00am

FAMILY CHURCH Good Friday Balaklava Easter Sunday Balaklava

9.00am 10.00am

CHURCH OF CHRIST Good Friday 9:00am Easter Sunday 10.00am


Sunrise service

see it’s getting hard for you, so if you want to die now, it’s okay.” Alf was sitting up and smiling through his

tears. I said: “Alf, Jesus died for you, but more importantly he came alive again. He promises to take

Easter Worship Services CATHOLIC Holy Thursday Hamley Bridge Good Friday Balaklava Easter Vigil - Saturday Hamley Bridge Easter Sunday Port Wakefield Balaklava

7.00pm 3.00pm 7.00pm 9.00am 10.30am

UNITING CHURCH Maundy Thursday Two Wells 8:00pm Owen Community 7.00pm Good Friday Mallala 9.00am Owen 10.00am Hamley Bridge 8.15am Balaklava 9.00am Combined with COC Port Wakefield 9.00am Easter Sunday Mallala Dawn Service, R Davies Two Wells 10.30am Owen Community 11.00am Hamley Bridge 9.15am Windsor 9.00am Balaklava (oval) 6.00am Port Wakefield 7.30 breakfast at pool

Inserted by the Balaklava Minister's Fraternal 10

you to himself and give you a new, young, healthy forever body. Alf closed his eyes as I placed my right hand on Alf’s head and prayed: “Into your hands, O merciful Saviour, we commend your servant Alf. Acknowledge, we humbly beseech you, a sheep of your own fold, a lamb of your own flock, a sinner of your own redeeming. “Receive him into the arms of your mercy, into the blessed rest of everlasting peace, and into the glorious company of the saints.” Alf didn’t open his eyes when I stepped away. His grandson, who was a nurse, checked Alf’s pulse. He looked at me and said “He’s dead.” I said: “No, he’ll die in a day or two.” He said very gently “Pastor, he’s dead.” I said: “No he’ll die in an hour or two.” He said again, “Pastor, he’s dead.” I was so upset, and confused. Had I killed Alf? His grandson said “Grandad got what he wanted. This was the perfect death. He was surrounded by his family.” I realised, yes, this was the perfect death. This was the first time I realised what a difference Easter makes, how powerful Jesus’ death and resurrection are. I wasn’t afraid of dying any more. That was 30 years ago, but I have seen this happen many times since (and often it does happen a day or two later). Blessed Easter to you and your family.

Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

LOCAL v Living

The Way

We were 5

YEARS AGO March 2005

• Hamley Bridge Primary School had a visit from Channel 10 weather presenter, Jane Reilly – a step back in time for cameraman Matthew Oborn, a former student.


YEARS AGO March 2000

• Former HW Eagles footballer Justin Cicolella made an impressive AFL debut for the Adelaide Crows, starting in the centre square.


YEARS AGO March 1990

Preparations for an epic journey

Diary& • Apr 10: Caeliac Support Group, Gawler Health Service; Balaklava Golf Club 100 Club function. • Apr 11: Second Saturday markets, Belly Junction, Balaklava; Pinery Market and in-town garage sales. • Apr 20: Opening of Neighbourhood Shed. • Apr 21: TW Regional Action Team meeting, TW Visitor Information Centre. • Apr 23: Living Beyond Suicide, Balaklava Church of Christ. • Apr 25: APMVC Annual Concert, Bva Town Hall. • Apr 30: Brinkworth Red Cross Breakfast; Blyth paper drive; Mallala Friendship Quilters Annual Trading Table. • May 1: Balaklava paper drive. • May 4: Balaklava Golf Luncheon. • May 12: Long Plains Red Cross morning tea. • May 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 28, 29: TW Melodrama, Community Hall. • May 22-23: Brinkworth Football Club 100th birthday celebrations. • May 22-29: History Week, Balaklava Museum. • Jul 30, 31: Balaklava Eisteddfod.

by Norma Schopp

2 boxes bouillon cubes; 12 cans evaporated milk; 8 lb ground coffee; 2 cans corn; 1 roll plaster to seal cans.” Packing the outfit on the car is quite important, and it should be standardised at the start, and then everything always should go back in the same place. Much time may be saved if this is carried out, as each member of the party becomes familiar with

the location of each item, and the car will be loaded in an astonishingly short time. Cooking grate - under floor mat in tonneau; large water can - right running board forward; extra tyres not on rims - left running board forward; two tent beds - on end, each side of back of front seat (tie to robe rail); cooking utensils - between beds in tonneau; one tent bed - right running board, strapped on; one tent bed - left running board, strapped on; shovel - left running board behind tyres; one chain saw - tied to rear luggage rail; 15 gallon barrel of best port - right running board; axe - tonneau floor, behind beds; food bag - tonneau floor, passengers can rest feet on

it; patent baker - hanging where it will not be crushed. The cooking utensils all go into a canvas bag which is sold with them, and the outfit is very compact. We, of the modern travellling era, can try to picture the 1920/30 era vehicle loaded up in the above fashion. Those who were driving in the 1920-30s may remember scenes like this if and when they ventured away from home for a holiday; and those who have done any modern-time vintage car touring will also know how much thought must go into the planning, and how much stuff has to be left at home - because it just won’t fit!!


• Balaklava Lions Youth of the Year entrant Kate Spence won the regional judging, progressing to the district final. Kate won the region two award with the topic ‘The use of drugs in sport’. COMMUNITY

Heritage Highlights

Many of us have become seasoned travellers but, no matter how often you undertake a long journey, there are always preparations to be made. According to the Dyke’s (USA) Instructions of 1930, “when you make that epic journey across the country, here is what you will need to take with you: “2 slabs best bacon - lean; 5 lb. whole wheat flour; 5 lb sugar; 1 lb salt; 2 lb best baking powder; 2 small cans maple syrup; 2 small cans pepper; 1 lb tea; 1 can cocoa; 1 lb SR buckwheat flour; 2 cans tomatoes; 5 lb dried fruit; 2 boxes Graham crackers; 4 quarts potatoes; 2 packages Erbwurst; 2 doz eggs in patent carriers; 3 lb rice;

Supported by Balaklava Veterinary Service. Phone: 8862 2088


















































































Difficulty level: 11

o FILL the grid so every row and every 3 x 3 square contains the digits 1 to 9.

Easter time poses some hidden dangers for the family dog. Thoughts of Easter usually involve happy images of chocolate mania. But for our pet pooches, chocolate is a toxin which can cause great distress and lead to death. Smaller dogs, especially, are vulnerable to chocolate poisoning. Rapid consumption of discarded chocolate can lead to excessive urination and hyperactivity in a dog. The increased heart rate, when combined with exercise, can be fatal. “It is a common mistake to think that what is normally safe for humans is also safe for dogs, but there are lots of examples of common household items that

c o l e s g u n s u p p l i e s C R OSS W O R D

Dog dangers at Easter time can make dogs very sick. Chocolate is just one,” warns veterinary surgeon and Dogs NSW spokesperson, Dr Peter Higgins. “Dogs are not mini humans. Carob based treats are a great way to let dogs share in the Easter spirit,” explains Dr Higgins. Easter holidays are also great opportunities for travelling to see friends or places. It is becoming more common to take dogs on trips and holidays. A little thoughtful

planning can mean the difference between a great holiday for you and your pet, or a frustrating trip away from home. “Doggy seat belts have made a big difference to happy backseat travellers. This keeps the driver relaxed and better able to drive safely when on holidays. An unsecured dog is a four-legged missile,” says Dr Higgins. Dogs NSW recommends dog owners check the pet policy

Good News Ken Packer

God “loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to clear away our sins and the damage they’ve done to our relationship with God.” 1 John 4.10 (The Message).

for the holiday destination. “Remember to keep clear of National Parks with your dog. The good news is that many motels and resorts allow pet dogs to stay with their families. Dogs are seen as an important part of relaxation and recreation for the modern family. It is always worth checking ahead to ensure a happy Easter period for all the family,” advises Dr Higgins.

Did you know


D The sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” uses every letter of the alphabet. D Women make up 49% of the world population. D The oldest inhabited city is Damascus, Syria.


Meredith’s Print of the Year

ABOVE: Slide of the Year winner Dean Manderson with Print of the Year winner Meredith Mayr.

Super Special

CZ 22LR 595


was $800+

• Don’t miss this one • Place your orders now!

COLES GUN SUPPLIES Normal purchasing requirements apply. ID & gun licence essential

Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

Kadina 18 Haynes St Ph/Fax: 8821 4390 Mobile: 0428 213 314

Spalding 7 Railway Tce, Phone: 8845 2168

Runner up slide: Odd one out by Gordon Brewer of Clare.

Clare Camera Club’s annual Print and Slide of the Year competition was judged in February, the winners presented with their trophies at the March meeting. Print of the Year was won by Meredith Mayr of Penwortham – Meredith was awarded the Dorothy Sutherland Memorial Trophy. Dean Manderson from Clare was awarded the Lynton Stevenson Memorial Trophy for winning the Slide of the Year. Runners-up were : Prints – Len Scott from Port Wakefield; slides – Gordon Brewer from Clare.

Aggregate point winners were: Prints set subject – Meredith Mayr, runner up Dianne Stevenson. Prints open – Dianne Stevenson, runner up Meredith Mayr. In both Set and Open Slides – Dean Manderson, runner up Gordon Brewer. This is the last year that a slide competition will be run. In place of the slides, the club will haveA4 digital prints in both Set and Open subject in each competition. April’s meeting at the Clare Uniting Church was held a week early – March 26 – due to Easter. Start time is 8pm and visitors are welcome. Enquiries to Dianne Stevenson, 8842 3872.


Week commencing April 1










Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

Plains Producer


More players, more talent mean the APFL footy season is ...

Wide open again!

0 2 E G PA

p u e n i l g i b Wit h a n a c , s e c a f o f n ew e k a t s r e b t he Bom ? n o s a e s s of f t hi

HAMLEY Bridge Bomber James McGuire and Hummocks Watchman Eagle Joe Wilson contest the ball in a clash last season.

Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010


Twenty ten. It’s the year of the Tiger ... in China. The United Tigers would like to think it’s an omen for the club – this year boasting retired AFL Port Power star Peter Burgoyne in a continuing United-Port Power link – and a new coach, Travis Opitz. United has also seen Brownlow medallist Gavin Wanganeen and Che Cockatoo Collins don the black and gold. The other six clubs would have different ideas about the Tiger omen, so how will the season unfold when the Adelaide Plains Football League kicks off in a

REPORT: Bronte Hewett split round after Easter? Your guess is as good as mine. The teams appear about as even as you can get – and judging by some of last year’s contests, it is going to be a hot competition! n Continued Page 21



Football and netball programs – Page 21



s e a s o n 2010 p r e v i e w

Adelaide PlainS Football League

Another big year looms It was an emotional year for Mallala in 2009, celebrating 100 years of the club, followed by the A grade team working their way stylishly to their third premiership game in three years. Then the team faced playing the big match without their coach after an horrific accident the week before the game, giving the side more incentive and more killer instinct. With Keith checking himself out of hospital hours before the game to be on the side lines, the Magpies didn’t disappoint their coach, walking away with a 39-point victory... after a tough, physical battle. As reigning premiers and three year consecutive grand finalists, Mallala is again looking to field a strong A grade team. Grand final experience was the edge they had over Two Wells in last year’s premiership game, and the experience has only become stronger. However, the side’s pre-season training has been relatively low key compared to other years, according to coach Keith Earl – they must be having some well-deserved downtime. Nonetheless, there is still a match winning line up waiting to get back on the footy oval for another big year. While they have lost several key players, including captain Liam Whitwell (for half the season at

HEAVY traffic in the goal square during last year’s grand final. Mallala had too much experience for the young Roosters and (BELOW) coach Keith Earl, arms heavily bandaged after he was burnt in a fire accident.



Jacob Walsh Aaron Laurie Mark McEvoy Philip Evans

✗ OUTS least), they have also gained a few. Jo Davis has left the club to play over at Streaky Bay, while Matt Saunders and Angus Bruggemann have work commitments and won’t be eligible to play. Joel Montgomery will miss the opening to the season due to a knee injury but will be back later in the season. Meanwhile, Jacob Walsh will join the club from Tasmania, being relocated through the air force. He’ll add

to Mallala’s ruck. Walsh didn’t play l a s t y e a r, but played in Tasmania in 2008. Roseworthy student, Aaron Laurie will be playing for the Magpies after the Roseworthy team folded. Originally from Cummins, Laurie is a young key position player. Streaky Bay youngster, Mark McEvoy has also showed interest in

Liam Whitwell (overseas first half) Angus Bruggemann Joe Davis Matt Saunders


playing at the club, as a light weight back and forward flanker. Phillip Evans, brother of Peter, is also joining the club after relocating from Broken Hill. Mallala had a trial match against North Clare on March 27.

Bellie’s Take Away


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Wishing all teams the best for season 2010

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✄ COACHES A: Keith Earl Reserves: Richard Crewdson SC: Chris Hummell JC: Ian Jenkins

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Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

Adelaide PlainS Football League

s e a s o n 2010 p r e v i e w

One aim from the pain of ’09 After having four football teams in the grand finals last year, there is only one thing Two Wells wants to change this year. With finals experience under their belt, the relatively young A grade side now know what finals defeat feels like. And they don’t like it! While last year’s grand final loss to the Magpies by 39 points left the Roosters pretty gutted, they have refluffed their feathers and are ready for action. There are a few changes in the air at Roosterville, with the club losing APFL leading goal kicker, Aaron Hand, handy rover Willy Sansbury and Tyson Knight. Meanwhile, the club has recruited some more height in Paul Christoffis from Port Districts. His handy ball skills in centre half forward could fill the void Aaron Hand has left, who will be dubbed a bit of a ‘wally’ should Two Wells take the flag this year–which they have every chance of doing without him! Tristain Nurton is also joining the side as an on-baller from Port Districts, and naturally talented Ryan McDonald will be returning to his home team after spending some time with West Augusta in the Port Augusta League. Team Brad– including Fitzgerald and Struck, have both returned to show a bit of heart for the club where they played their junior football.

The speed and dynamics of this young side is again noteworthy, with all the usual demons such as Khan and Tallen Leighton, and Adam Humzy, while the strength of Scott Humphrys and Stephen Lange, who is in his finest form, will be a considerable barrier for opposition. Having lacked height in the past, new recruit Illingsworth will be a boost, giving Ben Stubing some backup and confidence in ruck. There are plenty of capable hands to fill the gap Willy Sansbury has left, with several youngsters vying for some more influential roles in the team. Ned Seccafien and Ben Spiteri aren’t afraid of getting the hard ball and will be important in the midfield. CLUB NEWS: Two Wells received a grant for a dishwasher, as well as an industrial vacuum cleaner. Both will be great assets to the Christian Rimmer, Mallala, attempts to stop Rooster, Lee Allmond. club rooms and those who maintain Both Brads are looking fit and back season. Fitzy has managed to bottle them. in the swing of things. up the team work and enthusiasm the After a hugely successful 2009, Mark Illingsworth is another Roosters were showing in their final both on and off the field, the Roostaddition to the team, who brings few games last year, and has taken ers are prospering and planning for height and experience from Wil- another step forward. another big year. laston football club. Having already led Blyth/SnowThe first year of the netball While Stephen Fitzgerald main- town to two premierships, ‘Buggs’, and football amalgamation in tains his role of head coach and has as he’s known, is no stranger to 2009 has proved to work best for gained a lot from season 2009, Mark leadership and victory. both parties, with the club getting ‘Buggs’ Thomson, plus B grade’s The boys have been showing along famously under the one hen new coach Peter McMillan, have more enthusiasm on the field, with house! been of assistance and new ideas a range of new drills and exciting There are also plans to extend the have been tossed around this pre- ideas. club rooms within two years.

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Paul Christoffis Tristain Nurton Brad Fitzgerald, Brad Struck Ryan McDonald Mark Illingsworth

3 Home and Office Networking Cat5, Wireless, Powerline

✗ OUTS William Sansbury Aaron Hand Tyson Knight

✄ COACHES A: Stephen Fitzgerald Assistant: Mark Thomson Reserves: Peter McMillan SC: Neville Seccafien JC: Dave Gameau

Best wishes to Two Wells Football Club for a successful season

Joffrey and staff wish all football and netball teams a successful 2010 Call in for a coldie after the game at…

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s e a s o n 2010 p r e v i e w

Adelaide PlainS Football League

Desire to go the full distance

Virginia’s Emmanuel Tsimiklis swoops on the ball ahead of Bomber Rhys Savage. INSET: Coach Greg Phillips holds centre stage.

Virginia Rams are preparing for another solid season, after finishing second on the ladder at the end of the minor round and looking threatening. The club was disappointed to bow out in their last game against Two Wells in the preliminary final. The club has consequently been working and recruiting to improve their mid field stamina. There has been a great response to training out at V-town, with plenty of good commitment from new and existing players. A great response on numbers has both the A grade and B grade looking strong for the Rams, with a fair few young Rams moving up from colts. There are six recruits, some of which have played before and others new to the club. The Rams will be losing Shamus Schutt, Anton Geradis, Anthony Bascombe, Adrian Marks, Chris Musolino and Mark Cocchiard. But they’ve gained two speedy youngsters from Port Adelaide Reserves – Troy Wilky and Caleb Howell, who are both on-ballers. Troy will be an asset with hard on-ball skills by hand and foot while Caleb is an extremely fit centre man who will help release Matty Young in the middle. Christian Dorrwood has also been

picked up by the Rams, who is a skilful centre half back and an excellent reader of the ball. Centre half back David Johnston also returns to the club after two years away. He joins his brother, Anthony Johnston, who’s another centre on baller. Anthony is another runner, who’ll help with centre rotations, and is capable of playing many positions. Brenton Niklaus will join the club from Gawler Centrals, as a very strong full forward with a good grab and strong hands in the air. Ben Gailic returns to the club as the ruck. Coach Greg Phillips said their recruiting had focussed heavily on finding mid field players, because they didn’t have enough last season to continue rotation. “I’m expecting great things from Troy and Caleb,” Greg said. The Rams are generating more community support by the year, and there is a great spirit at the club. Greg also said the club had benefited greatly from the support and sponsorship of Barry, Rick and Margaret Flitter at BTR excavation and also the team at North East Isuzu, who have all shown a lot of faith in the club. Virginia played Seaton Rams on Saturday, and Greg gave all the young players a chance to show their potential for the coming season.

virginia: LAST YEAR: third

✔ INS Troy Wilky, Port reserves Caleb Howell, Port reserves Christian Dorrwood David Johnston Anthony Johnston Brenton Niklaus



Shamus Schutt Anton Geradis Anthony Bascombe Adrian Marks Chris Musolino Mark Cocchiard


✄ COACHES A: Greg Phillips Reserves: Jamie Bannear SC: Kevin Eaton JC: Peter Consindine

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Steven Griffiths MP Member for Goyder 51 Robert Street, Maitland 5573 Phone: 8832 2455

Wish all APFL teams the best of luck for 2010 Old Port Wakefield Road, Virginia

Phone: 8380 9495

All the best to the Adelaide Plains netball and football teams for an enjoyable and successful 2010 season!

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Anthony Johnston, Virginia, is chased down by Bomber Angus Lemmon.



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Adelaide PlainS Football League

s e a s o n 2010 p r e v i e w

New energy for proud Eagles Hummocks Watchman Eagles are hoping for an enthusiastic and competitive season. As flag holders in 2008, the Eagles want history to repeat itself. Coach Mark Brandt remains the man who has been training the team with the hope of leading them to premiership victory. “It’s time to reassess. The boys have had a long extended break so it’s time to get back into it,” Mark said. “Pre-season training began in early January. Now we’re looking to get some speed into our legs,” Mark said. Finishing fourth on the APFL premiership table last year with an even eight wins and eight losses to their name, HW Eagles club president, Richard Taylor, said new players were joining, giving some new energy and versatility to the team. “A lot of the new players are young country lads,” Richard said. Ruckman Andrew Hunt joins HWE after playing for Roseworthy College as part of Adelaide University. Another former Roseworthy College footballer, Jeff Cook, joins Hummocks as half-back midfielder. Another half-back midfielder to join the Eagles A-grade team is Ashley Lockwood from Blyth, Snowtown. Eudunda player Josh Schultz will play forward and will push ahead, looking for drive coming from

EAGLE Sam Baker hunts a loose ball ahead of United’s Ben Starr and Clinton Jenkin in a 2009 match.


✔ INS Andrew Hunt Jeff Cook Ashley Lockwood Josh Schultz David Barnes


We’re wanting to promote and give young lads a chance to play senior footballh – Eagles coac Mark Brandt

defence and midfield. Last but not least, mid-fielder David Barnes, best and fairest winner for 2008, is back from Henley to help his club fight for the premiership. “David is a good player so he’ll be able to provide leadership and rotation through the midfield,” Mark

said. Outs for this season include Sean and Brett Price, to Blackwood, and Sam and Nick Jericho, to Alice Springs. Moving away from A-grade footy, the senior coach colts are being troubled by a lack of numbers but Richard said numbers were slowly

Taxation Consultants Wishing all APFL Clubs a very successful season

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By the clubs For the clubs

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Buy one at the gate Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

✄ COACHES A: Mark Brandt Reserves: Anthony Platt SC: Rob Lawson JC: Rob Studum Minis: John Guerin, Andrew Deer


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Sean Price Brett Price Nick Jericho

filling. Any youngsters looking for a game should contact the club. The club has seen a number of younger players at training sessions who look to be in good form. “We’re wanting to promote and give young lads a chance to play senior football,” Mark said.



Ben wishes Hummocks Watchman Eagles Football & Netball Clubs every success for 2010 Good luck to the Eagles footballers and Hummocks netballers for 2010

The atmosphere’s great at the

Port Wakefield Hotel Phone: 8867 1016

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Adelaide PlainS Football League

s e a s o n 2010 p r e v i e w


✔ INS Peter Burgoyne Michael McLean Matt Lance

AROUND they go at Long Plains... on another lap to boost fitness this season.

new coach, new inspiration at long plains:


United aims high United they stand and united they will not fall – that’s the message from new United A grade coach Travis Opitz. Travis is part of the fabric of United, a talented player since 1994 and the man in the hot seat this season. Team work is the key for United in 2010, and new players including AFL star Peter Burgoyne, plus Michael McLean and Matt Lance will also give the team a breath of fresh air for good, solid footy this season. Former Gepps Cross footballer

McLean joins the team this year taking on a utility role, and likely to be asked to fill a variety of positions. Multi-talented and a skilled ball handler, McLean will give United a much needed boost this season. McLean also played Reserves at North Adelaide and Central Districts. Coming from Amatuer League is forward Matt Lance, another impressive player to join United. Reserves numbers are looking good at Long Plains, with more depth compared to previous years. Without naming names, this

Tom Guerin

NEW Tiger coach Travis Opitz at training last week. means several could take to the field in the A-grade side this season. Out for this season is Tom Guerin, a playmaker for the Tigers last year. With pre-season training beginning in November last year, Travis is excited about the club’s prospects. Finishing fifth on the APFL lad-

der last year with seven wins and nine losses, the club would be looking for a much higher ranking this season. They want a top two finish at the end of the minor round. Pre-season training has focussed heavily on fitness, with running and time trials.

Wish all teams all the best for the 2010 season

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Proud to be the major sponsor of the United Football Club in 2010

Wishing all teams for the United Football Club and Long Plains Netball Club a successful 2010 season Long Plains Phone 8527 2218 18

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Everyone at the South Australian Livestock Exchange wishes all APFL & APNA teams all the best for the coming season

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We wish all teams in the APFL success in the 2010 season Wallace Street, Balaklava Phone 8862 1571

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Adelaide PlainS Football League

s e a s o n 2010 p r e v i e w

‘home grown’ young guns ... blended with experienced recruits:

Formula for success BALAKLAVA: LAST YEAR: SIXTH



Stewart Lamond Aaron Curtis Michael Wheaton Brendan Melville Conrad Job

✗ OUTS Brodie Scott Luke Tezacker Daniel Tezacker BALAKLAVA young guns (from left, rear) Luke Simon, Sam Rowland, Ryan McPharlin, Luke Guy, Oren Hearnden Conrad Job and Kane Ruiz.

The team also welcomes 20 year old midfielder, Conrad Job, who played for Woodville-West Torrens Eagles. Out are Brodie Scott, Luke and Daniel Tezacker and Oren Hearnden, all working in Adelaide. Not willing to give too much away about team tactics, Stewart said the Peckers would be promot-

ing juniors - 16 and 17 years old. “The club wants to introduce young players to A-grade football,” Stewart said. He sees a bright future for the Peckers, teamed with hard training and team work. “I’m excited about this opportunity, it will be a learning process,” Stewart said of his role. “We hope to play in the finals,

just like any other club would. We’re focusing on team work and playing contested footy under pressure.” Balaklava’s senior squad played a trial against Kadina in Balaklava last Friday night, with young players impressing. The club plays Southern Flinders next Thursday . The Peckers have a bye in the first round.

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A: Stewart Lamond Reserves: Gib Palmer SC: Rob Michael JC: Peter Friedrichs Minis: Rick Lamond AusKick: Peter Allen

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Balaklava’S new coach coach, Stewart Lamond, has a blend of rising young stars and experienced recruits to help the team recover from a disappointing season last year. Nothing seemed to go right for the Peckers in 2009 – but Lamond, returning to the club after five years at Broadview and Freeling, has different ideas in 2010. The Peckers finished with six wins and 10 losses last year, finishing sixth, which would not appeal to the off-field team under “the verandah of knowledge.” Lamond is confident his team can step up this season. “Balaklava is a side which is capable of pushing forward – and we will,” he said. New players include Aaron Curtis, Michael Wheaton, Brendan Melville and Konrad Job. Aaron,26, from Padthaway, joins the Peckers after playing in the Kowree Naracoorte Tatiara Football League. He will add strength to the midfield. “Aaron handles the ball well and racks up possessions,” Stewart said. Another new Padthaway recruit is Brendan Melville, who will take on a utility role. “He’s a bit of a hard nut and plays hard footy,” Stewart said. “He’s got good hands.” Young gun, Michael Wheaton from Streaky Bay, will take a wing, giving the Peckers extra pace. Michael played for the West Coast Hawks before coming to Balaklava. “He’s got leg speed to help us out,” Stewart said.


“Get with the power”

Andrew (and the dog) supporting the Balaklava “Peckers” Football Club for a great 2010 season

Phone 8862 1602 Mobile 0417 823 405

“All the best for the 2010 season” Proudly sponsoring Balaklava Football Club Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

Phone 8862 2066 - Prop: Terry Corcoran


Adelaide PlainS Football League NEW Hamley Bridge coach Rian Nelson has been very busy pre-season – and it has certainly paid off with 22 players recruited! The club only loses three players. Having won very few games in the past three seasons, things are looking up for the club, with plenty of former players returning and a lot of club spirit and motivation present. A new coach and 22 new recruits will likely have a positive impact on the club, which has struggled to field a team at some stage over the last few years. The Bombers, who did not win a game last year, will not be looking to work miracles, but they are certainly looking to work as a team to gain back their confidence and try to match the high standard the Adelaide Plains League offers once again this season. A nine goal victory in a trial game against Woodville south generated a lot of excitement amongst supporters and players, who have not experienced victory for a while. Tyler Reichart joins Hamley Bridge from Port Districts and will be extra height to the Bombers. He brings with him experience from under age football with Port Districts. Shane Catterill, also from Port District, will be a valuable centre half forward, after playing reserves last year for the Magpies. Another recruit from Port Districts is Dyllan Lockwood, a handy on-baller who also played in the reserves last year. From the Barossa District premiership side, goal kicker Matthew

s e a s o n 2010 p r e v i e w

Strength in numbers Bombers confident, but miracles do take a little longer NEW Hamley Bridge coach Rian Nelson has an entirely new team to work with. Laurie joins Hamley Bridge as a small forward and brings plenty of experience. Former Hamley Bridge player Tim Durdin returns to the bombers from Gawler Centrals, with country football at heart. Tim Durdin brings back some height to the mid-field, standing at about 6.5 foot. Rhys Savage is a juniors best and fairest player and comes to Hamley after a stint with RSMU hawks in the North Eastern League.

Rhys is a gutsy player, who is not afraid to make the hard tackles and put his body on the line. Brothers, Steve and Shane Ford have also been recruited from Waikerie thanks to the Hamley Bridge netball team! (One of the brothers is dating a netballer). The on-ballers bring experience from the Riverland league. They will also play some visual tricks, with Rian saying they look pretty similar.

Travis Nat will also be joining the team, being recruited through his relative Ash Nat. Travis played reserves with Port Adelaide and also represented Darwin. He’ll add force to the Hamley Bridge back line. Wayne Mattchoss is making a comeback with the Bombers, returning to his home club after a few years away. Danny Weis from PHOS/Camden moved to Two Wells recently and is also playing with the Bombers this season. He’ll add strength to the forward lines and has performed well in trial games. Other players, who played B grade last year are making a bigger effort this season. Scott Raddamacher steps up this season, having not missed a training after a year of playing B grade footy last year. Enthusiasm is at a peak within the last few years, and the club is benefiting from some good team building training sessions and getting to know how each other play. Their first trial match against Gumeracha was a bit scratchy, while the side found their feet playing together. The second was, as mentioned, a victory and boosted the spirits of those who hadn’t won a game for so long. They also played Eudunda/Robertstown on the weekend. The club’s former coach, Ben Burgess will be playing at Angaston, while his brother, Brett has taken on a coaching role at Fitzroy after playing last year for the Bombers. Tyler Miller has also departed the club to play at Port Broughton.


✔ INS12

Tyler Riechart, Port Dist; Shane Catterall, Port Dist; Dyllan Lockwood, Port Dis; Matthew Laurie, Barossa Dist; Tim Durdin, Gawler Cent; Rhys Savage, local; Steve Ford,Waikerie; Shane Ford, Waikerie; Travis Nat, Danny Weis, Wayne Mattchoss and other locals returning.

✗ OUTS Ben Burgess Brett Burgess Tyler Miller


✄ COACHES A: Rian Nelson Reserves: Ian Gregory SC: Harry Franken JC: Paul Sparrow

We’re Back!!

Hamley Bridge

2010 Hamley Bombers

Tracey, Lisa, Raeleen & Tarnia wish all Hamley Bridge Footballers & Netballers every success for the coming season We also stock a good range of make-up & giftware

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s e a s o n 2010 p r e v i e w

Adelaide PlainS Football League

True Supporters answer the call – and United collects a cool five grand!

United Football Club recently was presented with a cheque as part of Telstra’s True Supporters program. CLUB EXECUTIVES 2010 club Telstra rewards a community football with $25 each time a customer nominates them BALAKLAVA as their preferred club, when they purchase a President: Craig Cox - P: 8524 8653 M: 0439 646 181 A.P.N.A. productE:from a Telstra aligned dealership. United supporters certainly helped out in a Secretary: Sam Tiller - P: 8862 2236 E: big way – with the club receiving $5,582 from TelstraBRIDGE at a presentation before training at Long HAMLEY Plains last President: KellyThursday. Buckby - P: 8525 4025 E: Secretary: Pauline details Smith - P/F: For more on8528 the 2059 program, go to your local Telstra dealer or visit www.truesupporters. HUMMOCKS



President: Holly Cowan - M: 0409 000 197 E: • Pictured, from left: Telstra Country Wide Secretary: Jess Taylor - M: 0409 081 513 E: customer service manager Lyndon Stoll, SANFL

Plains development co-ordinator Todd Thorne,

Match Times - 2010

April 10th A1 3.00 A2, A4 1.45 A3, A5 12.30

May 29th A1 1.45 A2, A4 12.30 A3, A5 3.00

July 31st A1 12.30 A2, A4 3.00 A3, A5 1.45

April 17th A1 1.45 A2, A4 12.30 A3, A5 3.00

A1 A2, A4 A3, A5

June 5th 12.30 3.00 1.45

August 7th A1 3.00 A2, A4 1.45 A3, A5 12.30

April 24th A1 12.30 A2, A4 3.00 A3, A5 1.45

June 19th A1 3.00 A2, A4 1.45 A3, A5 12.30

August 14th A1 1.45 A2, A4 12.30 A3, A5 3.00

May 1st

June 26th A1 1.45 A2, A4 12.30 A3, A5 3.00

August 21st A1 12.30 A2, A4 3.00 A3, A5 1.45

May 8th

July 10th A1 12.30 A2, A4 3.00 A3, A5 1.45

August 28th A1 3.00 A2, A4 1.45 A3, A5 12.30

A1 A2, A4 A3, A5

LONG PLAINS United Football Club’s Mike Sharman, Gawler President: Laintoll - M: 0418 829 158 E:United Telstra Emma Dealer Kevin Menzel, Football Secretary: Jessica Wood - M: 0417 823 538 E:

Club’s Peter Pym and president, Kelvin Gameau and APFL secretary, Heather Curnow. MALLALA

3.00 1.45 12.30


PRESIDENT: JOSIE McARDLE PO Box 134, Long Plains SA 5501 Ph: 8527 8266 M: 0412 907 974 E: President: Lisa Curnow - P: 8527 2173 E: VICE PRESIDENT: DAWN BUCKBY Secretary: Tania Heaslip - P: 8427 7087 E: July 17th May 15th RSD 14a Gregor Road, Reeves Plains SA 5502 3.00 A1 12.30 A1 Ph: 8527 4017 M: 0411 248 215 E: TWO WELLS 1.45 A2, A4 3.00 A2, A4 SECRETARY: MARGARET McARDLE President: Jeff Moon - M: 0429 202 33 12.30 A3, A5 1.45 A3, A5 PO Box 322, Dublin SA 5501 Secretary: Alison Goss - M: 0438 785 416 E: Ph: 8529 2242 Fax: 8529 2383 Mob: 0429 620 167 July 24th May 22nd •From Page 13 more than capable 22. This includes his leadership and, not forgetA1 of premiership 3.00 A1 glory. Be-1.45 point loss to North Melbourne in round E: VIRGINIA 12.30 A2, with A4 the Roosters, 1.45 A2, A4 TREASURER: JENNI HOSKING The season opens on April 10 with a grand ing about on par the Tigers “The body’s taken a bit of battering over ting, 2008 was the year the Eagles took the President: Paul Starr - P: 0408 999 230 3.00 A3, A5 12.30 A3, A5 POof Box 334, Balaklava SA 5461 final re-match between Two Wells and Mallala battled out some of the closest games of the the years in the AFL, but I had a couple premiership flag. Meanwhile, Hamley Bridge Secretary: Megan Starr - M: 0438 126 285 E: Phone: 8863 1291 Mob: 0428has 631every 291 E: at Mallala, while Virginia clashes with Hum- season with the Two Wells boys. operations and had a bit of a rest, and I thought, reason to be confident 2009 will be RECORDS OFFICER: JUDI FROST mocks/Watchman Eagles at Virginia. And with former AFL Port theirTwo last year B C1 C2 Dwell why D2 not?” 11 Rowe Court, Wells 5501in ‘struggle town’. CLUB NAME A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 CLUB NAME Balaklava, Hamley Bridge and United Power mid fielder Peter Burgoyne the With a total of 22 recruits, including many 11am 10am 11am 10amUnited’s 9am coach Travis Opitz said Ph/Fax 8520 2185 M:0427 417 905 have the bye and prepare for their debuts on (pictured) set to play, United is presence of an AFL legend gave former locals, plus a new coach, the Bombers CNNAthe DELEGATE: CAROLYN MICHAEL X X Balaklava X Xcountry lads some inspiration. Ph: 8863 1281 X Balaklava to see this X X X X M: 0428 281 a whole new ball game to the April 17. definitely determined could well312 bring CNNA REP: TRACEY ANGEL Mallala once again set the pace last year, year actually becoming the year “We’re only a country league and 2010 season. Virginia has picked up the runners Box 132,they Kybunga, SA 5453 X X Mallala Xhe’s one step out of the AFL. When X TheyXwere experienced X being ‘the team to beat’. of Xthe Tiger. Mallala were missing last year in their recruiting X X Ph/Fax: 8844 3201 M: 0428 443 201 tough, composed, and followed through in the Burgoyne, 32, initially thought he does train the team tendsUMPIRE’S to lift,”SECRETARY: process, and will return this year with just as TAMMY NICHOLLS grand final. and some heXwould neverHamley play football much strength and force. X Hamley BridgeBut not XwithoutXa fight X XOpitz said. Bridge again X 18 Christopher St, Balaklava SA 5461 tough contests during season 2009. after retiring from AFL. “I was hapLast year BalaklavaPh: just8862 needed a few 0438 854There are three new coaches on the scene– 2106 Mobile: 997 E: APFLnow DELEGATE: Association Bearer Bridge, Stuart Lamond And although theX mightyX Magpies pily one of my best mates got Any Rian NelsonOfficer at Hamley X X Hummocks Xyoung legs, X won’t X retired butHummocks X which they have X X AUDITOR: NEIL VEITCH and Travis Opitz at Long Plains, admit to it, Two Wells gave them a little scare is on the board of United, so he apcoming up from the premiership senior at Balaklava

A1 A2, A4 A3, A5

1.45 12.30 3.00

Burgoyne adds class to a wide open season

inLong the lead the Roosters X Plainsup to finals, X when X X were looking unstoppable in their two finals games against Hummocks/Watchman and Virginia. X Two Wells X having X United X their With the Rams and way with the Magpies at least once during the Virginiaand then Two X Wells blowingX Virginia season, away and closing out United, the Roosters were

proached me,”Long Burgoyne said. X X Xcolt team, plus they will be under new Plains X X “Then I thought I’d go over and supervision and will be out to climb the have a bit of fun without the pressures of AFL premiership ladder. X X the Eagles’ 2008 best and fairest X he said.Two Wells X X With footy,” The premiership midfielder had operations player David Barnes returning, the club is Virginia on his shoulder, knee and ankle after his final excited about the possibilities he will bring game with Port Power –a heartbreaking four- back with him.

which will add to the exciting times ahead! •Adelaide Plains Football League vice-president, Rocco Musolino, said this season was shaping up to be a prosperous one. “A lot of clubs have recruited quality players.” “We wish all the teams best of luck.” APFL president, Brad Busch, is overseas.


Mallala v Two Wells Virginia v H/Watchman Eagles Bye - United, Balaklava, Hamley Bridge

Round 2 17 April

Two Wells v Virginia H/Watchman Eagles v United (at Port Wakefield) Balaklava v Hamley Bridge Bye - Mallala

Round 3 24 April

Mallala v Virginia Hamley Bridge v H/Watchman Eagles United v Balaklava Bye - Two Wells

Round 4 1 May

Round 5 8 May

Round 6 15 May

Round 7 22 May

Round 8 29 May

Round 9 5 June

BALAKLAVA CLUB EXECUTIVES 2010 CLUB EXECUTIVES 2010 (at Lochiel) Mallala President: CraigRound Cox 13 - P: 8524H/Watchman 8653 M: Eagles 0439 v646 181 A.P.N.A. 17 July Two Wells v United E: BALAKLAVA Virginia v Balaklava BALAKLAVA Secretary: Sam Tiller - P: 8862 2236 E:Bridge Bye - Hamley President: Craig - P: 8524 M: 0439 646 181 President: Craig Cox Cox - P: 8524 86538653 M: 0439 646 181 Round 14 BRIDGE 24 July

May 29th July 31st April 10th A1 1.45 A1- 2010 A1 3.00 12.30 Match Times 2010 Match Times A2, A4 12.30 A2, A4 3.00 A2, A4 1.45 May 29th July 31st April 10th May3.00 29th A3, A5 July 31st1.45 April 10th A3, A5 A3, A5 12.30 A.P.N.A. A.P.N.A.

3.00 3.00A1 A1

A1 A1

1.45 1.45A1 A1


A2, A2, A4 7th 3.00 3.00 A2, A4 A2, A4 12.3012.30A2, E: A4 A2, A4 1.45 1.45 June 5thA4 August April 17th Hamley Bridge vE:Two Wells A3, A5 3.00A3, A3, A5 3.00 A3, A5 A1 3.00A1 A5 1.45 1.45 A3, 1.45 A5 12.3012.30A3, A5 Secretary: - P: 8862 E: United v Virginia Secretary: SamSam TillerTiller - P: 8862 22362236 E: 12.30 A1 PRESIDENT: Bradley Busch - 0419 898 642 Balaklava v H/Watchman Eagles P: 8525 4025 E: A2,17th A4 3.00 A2,PRESIDENT: A4 12.30 A2, A4 1.45 VICE Rocco Musolino Ph: 8380 9146, 0415 840 896 June 5th August 7th April June 5th A3, A5 August 7th April 17th Bye - Mallala BRIDGE A3, A5 1.45 12.30 A3, A5 3.00 HAMLEY

HAMLEY President: Kelly Buckby Secretary: Pauline Smith - P/F: 8528BRIDGE 2059 HAMLEY

1.45A1- Ph:A18520 3165 12.3012.30A1 A1 APFL DIRECTORS: A1 A1 Andy1.45 Seccafien 3.00 3.00 President: Kelly Buckby - P: 8525 E: A2, A4 A2, A4 Jock12.30 12.30-A2, A2, A4 President: Kelly Buckby - P: 8525 40254025 E: Mallala v Two Wells 3.00 Brechin Ph: A4 8527 2569, 0417 0863.00 878A2, A4 A2, A4 1.45 1.45 June 19th April 24th August 14th A3, 1871, A5 04181.45 A3, A5 12.3012.30 A3, A5 Colin3.00 3.00 Virginia v H/Watchman Eagles Secretary: Pauline Smith A5 A3, A5 Jenner - A3, Ph: 8862 8111.45 573A3, A5 Secretary: Pauline Smith - P/F:- P/F: 85288528 20592059 HUMMOCKS A1 3.00 A1 1.45 A1 12.30 Hamley Bridge v United Greg Tucker 2094, 0417 843 083A4 President: Holly Cowan - M: 0409 000 197 E: A2,24th A4 - Ph: 8527June 1.45 A2, 12.30 A2, A4 3.00 Bye - Balaklava June August 14th 19th 19th AprilApril 24th 14th SECRETARY/TREASURER: Heather Curnow - Ph: 2567, 0429 202A5 567 August HUMMOCKS HUMMOCKS A3, A5 12.30 A3, A5 1.45 A3, 3.00 3.00 A1 A1 12.30 Secretary: Jess Taylor - M: 0409 081 513 A1 A18520 3.00 A1 1.45 1.45 A1 12.30 United v Mallala Round 16 Balaklava vHolly Mallala President: Holly Cowan M: 0409 000 197 E: A2, A4 A2, A4 12.3012.30 A2, A4 President: Cowan - M: -0409 000 197 E: A4 1.45 1.45A2, A4 A2, A4 3.00 3.00A2, E: 7 August Virginia v Hamley Bridge Two Wells v Balaklava RECORDER:May 1st Seccafien - Ph/Fax: A3, A58520 2165 A3, A5 Andy1.45 1.45 A3, A5 21st3.00 3.00 June 26th August Secretary: Jess Taylor - M: 0409 081 513 A3, A5 12.3012.30A3, A3, A5 A5 Secretary: Jess Taylor - M: 0409 081 513 H/Watchman Eagles v United (at Lochiel) Virginia v Hamley Bridge 5501 A1 A1Box 284, Two Wells, SA 1.45 A1 3.00 PO 12.30 E: E: Bye Two Wells Bye - H/Watchman Eagles June August 21st LONG PLAINS June 26th 21st 1st A2,1st A4 - Ph: 8252 12.30 A2,915A4 August 3.00 A2, A4CO-ORDINATOR: 1.45May May UMPIRES Doug Tallboy 4576, 043126th 280 A1 1.45 A1 3.00 A1 A112.30 Peter A1 12.30 A3,3.00 A5 A1- Ph: 88623.00 A3, A5 1.4512.30 A3,PANEL A5 CO-ORDINATOR: President: Emma Laintoll 0418 829 158Bridge E: JUNIOR Butterfield 1572 1.45 Round 17 - M: Mallala v Hamley Balaklava v Mallala LONG PLAINS LONG PLAINS A2, A4 12.30 A2, A4 3.00 A2, A4 1.45 A2, A4 12.30 A2, A4 3.00 A2, A4 1.45 14 August Two Wells v 538 VirginiaE: Wood - M:President: 0417 823Emma H/Watchman Eagles v Two Wells (at Port Wakefield)Secretary: Jessica A3, A5 A3, A5 28th1.45 1.45 A3, A5 12.3012.30 President: Emma Laintoll - M: 0418 829 158 E: emmalaintoll@hotmail.comMay 8th A3, A5 3.00 3.00A3, A5 A3, A5 Laintoll - M: 0418 829 158 E: United v Balaklava July 10th August Hamley Bridge v United Bye - H/Watchman Eagles Secretary: Jessica - M: 0417 823 538 E: STARTING Secretary: Jessica WoodWood - M: 0417 823 538 E: A18th TIMES 12.30 A1 3.00 A1 1.45 Bye - Virginia July August 28th May July 10th 10th August 28th 8th MALLALA A12.30 GradeMay - 2.45 pm; Reserves pm 3.00 A2, A41.45A1- 1.00 A2, A4 A2, 1.45 A1 12.30A4 A1 A1 Round 18 United v Mallala 12.30 A1 3.00 3.00 A1 1.45 Senior Colts 11.25 am; Junior Colts 10.20 am; Mini Colts 9.30 am A3, A5 1.45 President: Lisa 21 Curnow 8527 2173v Balaklava E: A3, A5 12.30 A3, A5 3.00 Mallala v H/Watchman Eagles MALLALA A2, A4 3.00 A2, A4 12.30 A2, A4 August - P: MALLALA Two Wells 3.00 A2, A4 A2, A4 12.30 A2, A4 1.45 1.45 United v Two Wells Secretary: Tania Heaslip - P:President: 8427 7087 Hamley Bridge vLisa H/Watchman A3, A5 President: Curnow - P: 8527 E: A3, A5 12.3012.30 A3, A5 3.00 A3, A5 1.45 1.45A3, A5 LisaE: Curnow - P: Eagles 8527 21732173 E: A3, A5 3.00 ADMISSION (Minor Rounds Only) Balaklava v Virginia July 17th May 15th Bye - Virginia Secretary: Heaslip - P: 8427 E: Secretary: TaniaTania Heaslip - P: 8427 70877087 E: Adults -12.30 $6, SeniorMay Card Only - $3, Under 17 -3.00 Bye - Hamley Bridge A115th A1 July JulyFree 17th 17th May 15th TWO WELLS Round 19 Mallala v Virginia A2, A4 A2, A4 3.00 A1 12.30A1 A1 1.45 3.00 3.00 A1 12.30 HOME GROUNDS Two Wells v Hamley Bridge 28 August H/Watchman Eagles v Two Wells (at Lochiel) TWO WELLS TWO WELLS President: Jeff Moon - M: 0429 202 33 A3, A5 12.30 A3, A5 1.45 A2, A4 A2, A4 A2, A4 1.45 1.45 A2, A4 3.00 3.00 Balaklava v Hamley Virginia v United All matches to be played on A5 first mentioned grounds unless stated President: JeffE:Bridge Moon - M: 0429 202 33 President: Jeff M: 0429 202 33 A3, A5 otherwise A3, A3, A5 12.3012.30 A3, A5 1.45 1.45 416Moon Bye -785 United H/Watchman Eagles v Balaklava (at Port Wakefield)Secretary: Alison Goss - M: 0438 BALAKLAVA BalaklavaJuly Oval 24th 8862 1990 May 22nd Secretary: Alison - M: 0438 785 416 E: Secretary: Alison GossGoss - M: 0438 785 416 E: Bye - Mallala HAMLEY Hamley 8528 2175 July 24th 22ndBridge Oval July1.45 24th May May 22nd A1 A1 BRIDGE 3.00 FINALS HUMMOCKS-WATCHMAN Lochiel VIRGINIA A1 3.00A1 A1 12.30 1.45 1.45 A1 1.45 3.00 A2, A4Oval A2, A4 4 September 2nd Semi at Mallala Hamley Bridge v Mallala VIRGINIA VIRGINIA EAGLES Port Wakefield Oval A2, A43.00 12.3012.30 A2, A4 A3,1.45 1.45A2, A4 A2,12.30 A4 President: Paul 5Starr - P: 04081st 999 230 A5Oval September Semi at Hamely Bridge A3, A5 Virginia v Two Wells MALLALA 2207 President: Starr - P: 0408 999 230 Starr - P: 0408 999 230 A3, A5 85273.00 3.00 A3, A5 Mallala A3, A5 A3, A5 12.3012.30 11 September Preliminary FinalPaul atE:Virginia Secretary: Megan Starr - M: President: 0438 126 Paul 285 Balaklava v United TWO WELLS Two Wells Oval 8520 2524 18 September Secretary: Grand FinalMegan at Balaklava Secretary: Megan - M: 0438 126 285 E: StarrStarr - M: 0438 126 285 E: Bye - H/Watchman Eagles Mallala v Balaklava Hamley Bridge v Virginia United v H/Watchman Eagles Bye - Two Wells

12 June


Round 10 19 June

Two Wells v Mallala H/Watchman Eagles v Virginia (at Port Wakefield) United v Hamley Bridge Bye - Balaklava

Round 11 26 June

Mallala v United Balaklava v Two Wells H/Watchman Eagles v Hamley Bridge (at Lochiel) Bye - Virginia

3 July


Round 12 10 July

Virginia v Mallala Two Wells v H/Watchman Eagles Hamley Bridge v Balaklava Bye - United


Round 15 31 July


Long Plains Oval

8527 8292

Virginia Oval C1 8380 9579 B B B C1C2 D2D2 C1 C2C2D D D D2 CLUB NAME A1 CLUB A2NAME A3A1A1A4 A5A3 A4A4 A5 CLUB A2A2 A3 CLUB NAME A5 NAME CLUB NAME CLUB NAME11am 11am 10am 11am 10am 9am BALAKLAVA: PETER GEORG - PO Box 13, Balaklava 5461 10am 11am 10am 9am 11am 10am 11am 10am 9am


Ph: 8862 1723 Mob: 0427 990 139 E: Green, Gold Vertical Stripes, Green Shorts with Gold Stripe, Green Socks

X X Balaklava Balaklava



X X Balaklava X X

Balaklava BalaklavaX




X X Mallala Mallala



X X Mallala X X

Mallala Mallala X




Hamley Hamley BridgeX X X XX X Hamley BridgeMALLALA: IANXSTUART XBridge - PO Box 85, Mallala 5502


X X Hamley Hamley Bridge X X Bridge Hamley Bridge X




X X Hummocks Hummocks X X Hummocks X




Plains X Plains X X X XX X X LongLong


X X X X Plains Plains Long Plains LongLong X










Balaklava Mallala

Hummocks Long Plains Two Wells Virginia

HAMLEY BRIDGE: LUKE SLOK - PO Box 95, Hamley Bridge 5401 Mob: 0400 278 387 E: Black with Red Sash, Black Shorts with Red Stripe, Red and Black Socks

HUMMOCKS/WATCHMAN EAGLES: JILL TAYLOR - RMD 23, Port Wakefield, 5550 Ph: 8868 2131 Mob: 0417 889 196 E: Blue, Gold and Red, Blue Shorts, Blue, Gold and Red Socks Ph: 8527 2552 Mob: 0419 146 252 E: Black and White Vertical Stripes, Blacks Shorts and Socks

Hummocks X X Hummocks

TWO WELLS: ALISON GOSS - C/- Post Office, Lower Light 5501 Ph: 8520 2260 Mob: 0438 785 416 E: Red and White Vertical Stripes, Red Shorts and Socks

UNITED: JAMES RUNDLE - 38 Humphrey St, Balaklava 5461 Ph: 8862 1745 Mob: 0418 621 745 E: Black, Gold Sash, Gold Shorts with Black Stripe, Black and Gold Socks


Two Two WellsWells



VIRGINIA: MEGAN STARR - C/- Post Office, Virginia 5120 Ph: 8284 2213 Mob: 0438 126 285 E: Green, Red and White V, Green Shorts with Red & White Stripes, Virginia X X Virginia Green Socks with Red and White Tops




Two Two WellsWells X TwoXWells X




Virginia Virginia

Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010


SPORT v Bowls Grand Final

Hamley division one makes it six in a row Hamley Bridge downed gallant Balaklava by 12 shots in the Division One grand final of the Wooroora Men’s Bowling Association. In Division 2 Red, Riverton White took out the premiership against Hamley Red by 14 shots and in Div 2 White it was Mallala White by eight shots over Riverton Black. The Division One grand final featured Hamley Bridge against Balaklava in a clash that mirrored many of their clashes from previous years. This final was hotly contested with

By John Glistak WWBA secretary little being given away at any time during the match as each side endeavoured to gain that all important edge. The O’Brien (Hamley Bridge) – Taylor (Balaklava) rinks were first to finish with their scores level at 25- all. A very tight battle ensued between Rex (Hamley Bridge) and Thompson (Balaklava) with Rex’s rink gaining a

three shot win at the end of their allotted 25 ends. The last rinks to finish saw Smith (Hamley Bridge) gain a 12-shot win over Clifford (Balaklava). Overall, Hamley Bridge won the 2009-2010 Division One Premiership by 12 shots to secure their sixth premiership in a row, and seven in eight years. Division One: 27 March 2010 – grand final: Hamley Bridge 83 (A. O’Brien 25, P. Rex 28, B. Smith 30) def. Balaklava 71 (B. Taylor 25, P. Thompson 25, T. Clifford 21).

TEAM mates Anthony ‘Digger’ O’Brien and Phillip ‘Darcy’ Rex celebrate after their win over Balaklava.


DIVIsion Two Red premiers, Riverton White, from left: Joan Schroeder, Leo Huckauff, Les Dowry, Alex Drosdow, David Murphy, John Greenslade, Marg Keast, Peter Kelly, Ross Hannaford, John Glistak, Greg Stone and Russell Williams.

Riverton White Two Red premiers Hamley Red and Riverton White contested the Division Two grand final last weekend. First to finish were the Glistak (Riverton White) – Schilling (Hamley Red) rinks which ended up an 18 all tie, a match which saw only one shot scored on 17 of the 25 ends played. After a very tight start, the

Hannaford rink (Riverton White) held as much as a 16-shot lead over Bell’s rink (Hamley Red). In the end this lead had been whittled back to a four shot advantage for Riverton White. The remaining rinks - Kelly (Riverton White) and Tily (Hamley Red) - had a seesaw match with Hamley Red racing

away to an early nine shot lead only to see Riverton White peg it back to take a four shot lead during the middle stages of the match. Kelly’s largest lead was seven shots on the 19th end which was promptly cut back to only two shots after the 20th end. Thereafter, Kelly’s rink won the

remaining five ends for a 10-shot win. Riverton White took out the Division Two Premiership honours by 14 shots. Division Two Red: March 27 – grand final: Riverton White 76 (R. Hannaford 27, J. Glistak 18, P. Kelly 31) def. Hamley Red 62 (J. Bell 23, G. Schilling 18, J. Tily 21).

Leroy Camplin, Riverton Black sends one down in Division Two White.


Mallala White scores Two White premiership In the tightest grand final of the day, Mallala White proved too strong for Riverton Black despite having only one rink up. Schulz (Riverton Black) began proceedings with a narrow one shot win over Curnow (Mallala White) which was followed by Gates (Riverton Black) finishing with a ten shot win over Hill (Mallala White). The final rinks saw Forrest (Mallala White) secure a 19-shot win over Prime (Riverton Black) giving Mallala White the Two White Premiership by eight shots. Division Two White: March 27– grand final: Mallala White 78 (G. Forrest 34, J. Curnow 25, B. Hill 19) def. Riverton Black 70 (B. Prime 15, R. Schulz 26, P. Gates 29).


DIVIsion Two White premiers, Mallala White, from left: Ralph Barber, Graham Forrest, Peter Williams, Michael Barradell, Barry Hill with the shield, Peter Howard, Jake Cordon, Stephen Williams, Brian Smith, Graham Cordon, Yvonne Howard, Jens Soerensen and John Curnow.

Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

SPORT v Bowls Grand Final

Bowls champs, grand final presentations With the conclusion of a very eventful and close grand finals series, the Wooroora Men’s presentation ceremony was conducted. Association president, Dean Willmott, opened the proceedings welcoming bowlers and spectators. He also thanked the Port Wakefield Bowling Club for hosting the grand final. The Association sponsors were acknowledged – Bunyip Print & Copy, McArdle Pty Ltd, Ridley AgriProducts Pty Ltd, Schahinger Motors, and The Plains Producer. The Plains Producer was particularly thanked for donating the individual Association Championship trophies for this season. These trophies and theAssociation Championship Perpetual Trophies were presented to the following winners by editor Terry Williams, on behalf of The Plains Producer. CHAMPIONSHIP FOURS P. Freebairn, R. Uppill, B. Traill, G. Harkness (sk) (Owen) CHAMPIONSHIP TRIPLES S. Wendland, F. Steggles, D. Olive (sk) (Wasleys) CHAMPIONSHIP PAIRS J. Roberts, D. Lamond (sk) (Balaklava) CHAMPIONSHIP SINGLES D.McQuade (Wasleys) Premiership Shields and Badges were then presented by Dean Willmott, Association president, to the respective winners: DIVISION TWO WHITE Mallala White: J. Cordon, J. Soerensen, P. March, G. Forrest (sk); G. Cordon, B. Smith, R. Barber, J. Curnow (sk); M. Barradell, S. Williams, P. Howard, B. Hill (sk). DIVISION TWO RED Riverton White: D. Murphy, L. Huckauff, G. Stone, R. Hannaford (sk); J. Schroeder, J. Greenslade, D. Lowry, J. Glistak (sk); R. Williams, M. Keast, A. Drosdow, P. Kelly (sk). DIVISION ONE Hamley Bridge: R. Frenchen, K. Reynolds, C. Donohue, A. O’Brien (sk); K. Smith, J. Moloney, P. Fritz, P. Rex (sk); J. Bubner, A. Lemmon, M. Durdin, B. Smith (sk). Closing remarks by various parties concluded the proceedings for what was another very successful bowls season. In particular, the support of The Plains Producer was acknowledged in promoting the sport of bowls in the area through its coverage each week in their paper. Congratulations to Hamley Bridge, Riverton White and Mallala White for winning the respective premierships.

ABOVE: Steve Wendland accepts the Triples trophy on behalf of Wasleys, from the Plains Producers’ Terry Williams. LEFT: Singles Champion Doug McQuade.

ABOVE: Judy Wilson, Beth Tugwell, Maureen Roberts and Lydia Berry were busy in the kitchen on Saturday. RIGHT: Former Balaklava bowler Matthew Northcott came to watch the division one match against Hamley Bridge.

BELOW: Pairs Champions John Roberts and David Lamond of Balaklava.

LEFT: Mates Jenz Soerensen, Mallala White and Colin Tiller, Riverton watch play.

FOURS Champions, Owen, from left: Roger Uppill, Geoff Harkness, Peter Freebairn and Beau Traill with Terry Williams.

Ross Schulz, Riverton Black congratulates team mate Dean Thomas on a great bowl in Division Two White.

Region 8 Lower North Champion of Champions

Elaine Cunningham, Regional Women's Singles Champion.

On Sunday March 28, the Women’s Associations Champions and the men who had reached the semi finals of their playoffs met at Balaklava. The rain began falling in the morning, keeping up for the rest of the day. Most of the men played their two matches, the Fours sides played off for the championship and for third place. The Pairs sides and Singles players did not play off for third place. The Men’s Singles Champion of Champions was Pat Coffey of the Yacka Club, who defeated Ray Hudson from Mintaro 25-15. This match was closely contested until Pat managed to draw steadily ahead. The Men’s Pairs Champions of Champions are David Lamond (sk) and Peter Thompson of Balaklava, who defeated Glen Bubner (sk) and David Brown of the Owen. Balaklava got the jump on the Owen players early, but Owen gradually caught up to be one shot behind at the 13th end 17-16. Balaklava was able to score well over the next three ends and the final score was 25-16. The Men’s Fours Champions of Champions are, once again, Blyth – represented by Ron De Luca, Lyndon Mader, Rob Kennett and Paul Farley (sk). Runners-up were Riverton – Neil Rogers, Mark Griffiths, Dean Willmott and Barry Mullins (sk). Scores were close all through the match, and at the

Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

15th end it was 15-15, Blyth scoring two shots on the last end. The Plate winners were Brinkworth – Bruce Weckert, Peter Harris, Barry Goss and Garry Pearse (sk), who defeated Clare 15-6 – represented by Bob Brandt, Trevor Sims, Malcolm Norman and Ron Wurst (sk). The Women’s Associations champions had two games to play in a three-game draw. The first two games were played, but on a concensus by the players, the third games were not played. The winners would be decided by the player with the most shots up and the runners-up by next highest. The Women’s Single Champion of Champions winner is Elaine Cunningham of Wooroora Women’s Association. Elaine played two outstanding games against two very worthy opponents, defeating Bev Schoenberg of Northern Light 21-20 and Diane Clements of Hutt and Hill River 21-16. Elaine won her first club singles title the year Bev was born, 1948. Bev Schoenberg was the runner-up. The Pairs Champions of Champions were Shereen Kimpton (sk) and Jodi Kotz of Northern Light. They were defeated by Pat Hayes (sk) and Carol Hayes of Hutt and Hill River 11-15. These girls were very wet by the time they started their second game, where they defeated Fay Rowlands (sk) and

Joy Milton of Wooroora 19-11. Hutt and Hill River were the runners-up. The Regional Triples Champions of Champions were Sheryll Kempster, Pam Durbridge and Bev McQuire (sk) of Wooroora, who defeated Hutt and Hill River 29-5. The Hutt and Hill River players, Margaret Malycha, Shirley Walker and Kerrie Hayes (sk), were also very wet when they started their second game. Hutt and Hill River defeated the Northern Light triples, Joan Callery, Enid Passehl and Julie Przibilla (sk) 20-12. The Hutt and Hill River girls were the runners-up. The Fours Champions of Champions won by one shot. Both games were very close. In the first, Wooroora – Kathy Harkness, Gwen Duncan, Helen Hocking and Gloria Wandel (sk), defeated Myra Rush, Angie Pearse, Helen Pyrke and Sue Yates of Hutt and Hill River 10-8. In the second game Hutt & Hill River defeated Gwenda Sims, Raylene Landorf, Lenice Pearce and Mary White (sk) of Northern Light 11-10. The Champions were Wooroora by one shot and the runners-up are Hutt and Hill River. Unfortunately it was a wet day, but the players were all worthy representatives of their clubs. The Regional Councillors thank all the players for their sportsmanship, friendliness and humour on the day.


SPORT v Basketball

Boys bow down to SYP SA C o u n t r y C h am p i o n s h i p s

Adelaide Plains under 18 boys, from left: Justin Smith, Luke Guy, Nathan Greenshields, Riley McDonald, Ross Sharer, Luke Williams, Dylan Bevan and Ben Moreton, with coach Wayne Hill. The Adelaide Plains basketball under 18 boys competed in the Country Carnival held March 6-8 at Immanuel College, Novar Gardens. The team was represented by Nathan Greenshields, Riley McDonald, Luke Williams, Luke Guy, Justin Smith, Ben

Moreton, Dylan Bevan and Ross Sharer. They were coached by Wayne Hill with help from Michelle Williams. The boys started well and were undefeated for the first round (three games). Brilliant rebounding by Ross Sharer, Nathan Greenshields and Luke Guy made

it easy for the Owen boys to work their magic as usual! Riley and Luke hassled and worked the top of the key well. They won their first final against Great Southern, but were unfortunately eliminated in the next by a skilful SYP team. – Suzy McDonald

Under 14 boys runners-up in junior championships

Under 14 boys, back from left: coach Richard Taylor, Brandon Taylor (Bulldogs), Jarrad Dunstan (Owen), Zac Scholz (Balaklava), Jayden Wedding (Owen), coach Jill Taylor, team manager Michelle Dunstan, front: Josh Watson, Josh Harkness and Jared Pratt (Owen).

TheAdelaide Plains basketball under 14 boys team came home with a couple of wins after the SA Junior Country Basketball Championships, held at Immanuel College at Novar Gardens on March 6 – 8. The team was runner-up at the championships and played very well over the weekend. The competition was split into two sections, with four teams in each section. On Saturday and Sunday, they played three round robin matches: Adelaide Plains defeated Eastern Hills 40 – 21; lost to Mildura 33 – 36; defeated Roxby Downs 50 – 21. They came second in their section after the round robin. On Sunday night they played a quarter final against the team who came third in the other section – Riverland, defeating them 43 -20. Monday they played a semi final against Willunga, defeating them 34 – 32, and the grand final losing to Mildura 47 – 33. There were some very tired boys, coaches, parents (and team manager!) by the end of the weekend, but everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank you to coaches Richard and Jill Taylor from Bulldogs Basketball Club. – Coach Michelle Dunstan

Under 18 girls, back from left: Cassie Powell, Alexandra Wilson, Hannah Clark, front: Shauni Tiller, Ashleigh Fritz, Maddison Veitch and Hannah McArdle.

Three wins for under 18 girls Over the course of the weekend, the under 18 girls played some awesome basketball – considering they had not practiced together as a team. It took some sorting out to get them to gel, as the numbers fluctuated daily and with Brianna Wedding injuring her ankle towards the end of the first game, she was then chasing fill ins for the day. Fortunately, Shauni Tiller was available and Taylor Smith also filled in for one game. Excellent leadership skills were displayed by captain Brianna – who is in the State under 17 squad – leading the team to their first win for the carnival. Her ability to set up play and bring in the lesser experienced players brought about good forward movement, enabling young Shauni Tiller to score eight points. The defensive work load was shared quite evenly between Alex and Cassie, with excellent rebounding and some nice hassling by Maddie and Ash. The second game was a loss to Great Southern by 10, but considering Brianna was out and they struggled with numbers, the girls competed very well against this very experienced opposition. A very strong game by Alex. Games three and four on Sunday were a great success, with the inclusion of a very talented Hannah Clark, and with Hannah McArdle playing the last game, gave the team a much needed boost. With three tall girls, Adelaide Plains were out rebounding the opposition and

were a much more aggressive team, sharing the ball and setting up some excellent play. The girls were improving their game each time they hit the floor. Game three: Adelaide Plains defeated Kangaroo Island 31-22. Game four: Adelaide Plains defeated Naracoorte 35-19. The girls headed into the finals with some confidence to play Naracoorte for a grand final spot. After a shaky start, were able to finish the game strongly with a win 31-24. This set the girls up for the grand final against Great Southern. This turned out to be an excellent game with some outstanding play by both teams. Once again excellent defensive work, rebounding and fast breaks by the girls saw them with a lead of eight points at the three quarter time break. Great Southern had a couple of good three point shooters, who managed to snag a couple with seconds to go creating a draw. The opposition were on a roll going into the last three minutes, sinking all shots that they put up, putting pressure on the Adelaide Plains girls by playing man on man. The end result was: Great Southern defeated Adelaide Plains 51-43. The girls and their coach should be very proud of their efforts as the Great Southern team has been playing and training together for quite some time, which at the end of the day was the difference. – Coach Michelle Tiller

Bulldogs Basketballers wrap up season 2009/10

Under 14 girls, from left: coach Michelle Williams, Tenneal White, Carly Williams, Aleisha Michael, Ciara Guy, Tash Greenshields, Rebecca Fritz, Brooke Wilson and Ashleigh Williams.

Under 14 girls up to the task The under 14 girls played basketball at Immanuel College over the long weekend. The team consisted of eight players who were ready to battle it out and give it their best shot – team members were Ciara Guy, Carly Williams, Aleisha Michael, Tenneal White, Natasha Greenshields, Rebecca Fritz, Brooke Wilson and Ashleigh Williams. The first game Saturday morning was a fast and furious one against Great Southern. The girls battled hard but couldn’t get their shots to drop in. They lost this game by 10 in the end. The next game was against Whyalla and produced a much better result. This game was won quite convincingly by the Adelaide Plains girls, who played well with renewed confidence. Sunday morning’s game was against Mount Gambier. These girls were a very disciplined side


who showed a great display of basketball and won by quite a margin. Not to be deterred, the girls played in a knockout final Sunday afternoon against Mildura and showed they were up to the task. All girls played well to come away with a win by only a few points. This win ensured them of a semi final game on Monday. Much to the girls’ dismay, they had to face up to the Mount Gambier team and their animated coach again. To their credit they all battled hard, but couldn’t combat the skills and shooting ability of the Lakers team. They improved on their score from the previous game’s score, only losing by nine. Unfortunately, there was only one quarter that let them down, the rest of the game was fairly even. Well done girls, you represented the association well. – Coach Michelle Williams

Trophy winners, back from left: Cassie Powell, Ben Shepherd, Craig Price, Stacey Mugge, Nicola Andriske, Martine Aasnaes, middle: Danielle Hosking, Ashleigh Williams, Natalie May, Quinn MacKay, Brandon Taylor, Tegan Nottle, Joshua Appleby, Tait Nottle, front: Tyler Moulds, Mitchell Lawrie, Joshua Studham, Casey Lawrie, Kate Cmrlec, Tayla Williams, Jessica Angel and Caitlyn Moulds. About 95 parents and players attended the Bulldogs Basketball Club wind-up on Sunday March 21 at Apex Park, Balaklava. Bulldogs had three Premierships in the Adelaide Plains Basketball Association this season – the division four boys who went through the season unde-

feated, division two boys and division one men. Bulldogs also had three girls teams in the grand final, unfortunately all losing by the narrowest of margins. Trophies were presented and chicken, chips and salad followed for tea.

Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

SPORT v District

Our softballers bring home silver The Mid North District SAPSASA softball team played in the SAPSASA State Softball carnival last week, coming home with silver medals. The girls won six out of 10 games and drew one, playing other district teams from country and city areas in Adelaide, at Barratt Reserve, West Beach. Much of their success was due to the accurate and consistent pitching of local Balaklava girls Carly Williams and Aleisha Michael. Other stand out players were Bec

Ashmeade from Clare with powerful hitting often resulting in home runs, Grace Jacka from Clare with aggressive base running and fielding, and Brooke Michalanney from Riverton, who caught consistently behind the home plate. After some of the games, the team copied the AFL players with a swim at West Beach and lots of sand sculptures and sand fights! We all had a great week. – Marty Brice, coach/team manager

RIGHT: The Mid North District SAPSASA Softball Team, back from left: Danika Cochrane, Courtney Hooper, Brooke Michalanney, Carly Williams, Bec Ashmeade, coach/team manager Marty Brice, front: Grace Jacka, Hannah Salter, Aleisha Michael, Matilda Leighton, Georgia Gosse and Chelsea Maynard.

Local cricketers bridesmaids in SACA Women’s grand final By Peter Argent As women’s cricket is taking a larger hold on the sporting landscape it is pleasing two Adelaide Plains talents are enjoying the challenge of SACA district A grade cricket. While local talents Tegan McPharlin and Kerrie Blackwell were a part of the Northern Jets grand final loss to a powerful Sturt combination which included a number of Scorpions players, to get to the SACAA grade women’s season decider was an accomplishment in itself. Playing Port Adelaide in the semi final, against a side that included South Australia’s best ever player Karen Rolton, McPharlin was the star of the game. In her team’s competitive total of 8/182, McPharlin made a polished half century, opening the batting and then claimed the outstanding figures of 6/39 with the ball to virtually single handedly take the Jets to the grand final. Her outstanding 2009-2010 season with the Jets included a brilliant 135 against Kensington in round 11. McPharlin finished with 519 runs at an average of 43.25, along with collected 13 wickets at 10.8 per scalp. She was one of only three players, including Rolton and Jets captain-coach Cara Fiebig to make more than 500 runs at A grade level for the summer. Now 21 McPharlin, a right hand medium pace bowler and batsman has played 18 games for the Scorpions in the Women’s National Cricket League along with six Twenty/20 fixtures. Balaklava girl Blackwell is in the embryonic stages of her cricketing career and being involved in the grand final was a great experience. In the 2009-2010 SACA women’s grand final played last Saturday, March 27, Sturt beat Northern Districts by eight wickets at Park 25 number one oval. Playing for the Northern Jets B grade men’s side, Two Wells cricketer Tom Wilson was involved in a flag under the captaincy of Dave Militz. After bowling Southern Districts out for 168 on day one, play couldn’t be started due to consistent rain on day two, with the umpires abandoned the match at 4.15pm. Being top at the end of the minor round, the Jets were deservedly awarded the title. In the game played at Salisbury Oval Wilson was the pick of the Jets bowlers on day one with 3/32.

Tarlee junior bowlers excel in Adelaide

RIGHT: Pairs winners, Jodie Kotz and Sheree Kimpton of Robertstown.

Tarlee junior bowlers Zac Hatch, Jessica Ransom, and Matt Wellington have brought home gold medals from the Bowls SA sponsored SA Secondary Schools Sports Association Triples competition, . The trio were representing Riverton and District High School in the competition, which was held at Holdfast Bay Bowling Club on March 22. Competing against 60 other teams from city and country high schools and colleges, the team won all six games in the knockout event. Their coach, RDHS teacher Joel Tucker said that the team won the three games in their section and then defeated Brighton High School, Woodcroft, and St Michael’s College in the grand final. Well done guys!

BELOW: Triples winners Joan Callery, Julie Przibilla and Enid Passehl.

Northern Light Women champs

Northern Light Women’s Bowling Association held their Pairs andTriples ChampionshipsWednesday and Thursday last week. The Triples was a back to back win for Riverton (Joan Callery, Enid Passehl and Julie Przibilla), runners-up Auburn (Pauline Maloney, Jocelyn Macrow and Shirley Hean). The Pairs was won by Robertstown (Jodie Kotz and Sheree Kimpton), runners-up also from Auburn (Barb Smith and Maureen Parkinson).

Lower Gilbert Cricket Association Season 2009 / 2010 Final Tables Juniors Seniors

Mallala...................... 39 Hamley Bridge........... 33 Long Plains................ 21 Dublin......................... 9

Mallala.................. 77.11 Dublin................... 67.10 Long Plains............ 59.49 Hamley Bridge....... 50.48

Batting J.Curnow................. 199 S.Ireland................. 197 J.Birchmore............. 147 M.McIntyre.............. 138 B.Martin.................. 136

Batting Runs Av R.Montgomer 466 51.77 J.Schahinger 367 28.23 T.Smith 341 31 K.Curnow 336 56

Bowling J.Chanstrom.............. 13 A.McArdle.................... 9 A.Power...................... 9 T.Darwin...................... 9 Fielding D.Fabry....................... 7 H.Hosking................... 5

Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

Bowling J.McArdle D.Cawrse R.Amari L.Slok

Wkts Av 22 13.72 20 11.10 18 12.94 18 20.88

Fielding B.Martin...................... 7 A.McCabe.................... 7 A.Rademacher............. 7 D.West........................ 7

Zac Hatch, leader, Jessica Ransom, second, and skipper Matt Wellington proudly display their gold medals.

Plains Producer Win a signed Crows guernsey and family pass The Plains Producer has teamed with the Adelaide Crows to help promote one of its training “Super Clinics” coming up in April. And YOU can win a signed Crows guernsey AND a family pass to a Crows home game at AAMI Stadium against Richmond on Sunday, May 9, at 4.10pm. Adelaide Football Club offered this great prize as part of an exclusive promotional package for the clinic. All you have to do is name the captain of the Adelaide Crows. First correct entry drawn will win BOTH prizes. Entries close Friday, April 9 and the winner will be notified that day. Please ensure you provide a contact phone number on the entry form below. The winner’s name will appear in the Q: Who is the Crows captain?

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Name:.......................................................................... Phone:...................................... ADDRESS:...............................................................................................AGE:................ Answer.................................................................



SPORT v District

Nancy Williams focusses on her shot during the croquet match at Clare last Wednesday.

Wooroora Women’s Pennant Final winners, Owen, back from left: M Freebairn, G Duncan, D Hean, G Wandel, front: H Hocking, K Harkness, captain B Harkness, S Bubner and J Cunningham.

Croquet mid north

Results from March 24: Balaklava girls travelled to Clare for the last match of the season. The morning started off with a very wet dew on the court making it quite heavy. Rob and Ellie made a very early start making Lynne and Chris do a bit more hard work, but a flush of hoops Clare seemed to come to a stand still and the Balaklava girls crept up with Lynne making two doubles in the last few minutes of the game. Dulcie and Nancy took a while to make a start, Ruth hit her straps making four in one shot. This was from the practise she had by playing in Adelaide on Sunday. Anne found it hard to get through the first hoop and it was just before the break that she made it. The Balaklava girls plodded on and almost caught Ruth with 10 hoops each. The match was enjoyed by all players being the last for this season. Balaklava 36 def Clare 27. L Sutton 8 d R Stevens 8, C Reimers 8 d E Hooper 5, N Williams 10 L R Loader 11, D Williams 10 d A Mader 3.

Golf Balaklava

To not only announce the start of our world-renowned and much copied Winter Season, but also in an ebullient celebration of our collective success in the old extra-uterine integrity stakes, a “4-ball Better Ball” Stableford competition was staged, attracting a suitably eclectic field of nearly 50 players. Following a suitably short speech from President Bill Lokan, first Peter Lamont, Club Captain, teed off, then Cherie Taylor did the deed, representing the Ladies Captain, so that we could all move out on a course that continues to grow evermore lush and green. The concept involved pairings, who recorded the best score per hole between them and the absolutely totally best, superior, magnificent, excellent and superb pairing was that of Digby Addison and Les Masson. Their total of 49 points proved to be too good on the day, although it must be said that they were kept pretty honest by Mike Hahesy and Dennis Goudie (48), who in turn had to put up with Mark Loy and Dave Rodgers(46) snapping at their heels over the entire journey. In fourth place were James Napper and Robert Hart (46), in fifth the father and son pairing of Ian and Tate Michael with 46 points, followed by Josie and Peter Thompson (45), to claim 6th overall. As for the bulk of the field, things went this way; L. Durdin/M. Hameister (45), C. Temby/J. Michael (45), P. Lamont/B. Michael (44), N. Mellow/D. Hudson (44), W. Parkin/W. Lokan (43), J. Michael/B. Michael (42), S. Michael/L. Michel (42), W. Berry/M. Smith (41), A. Manuel/D. Robinson (40), C. Williams/M. Day (40), A. Henstridge/M. Bell (39), C. Hahesy/G. Toms (39), J. Wilson/C. Michael (39), R. Butterworth/W. Nagle (39), Messrs. Hannaford & Peek (37), G. Ackland/G. Ackland (36), R. Veitch/G. Summers (36), G. Tezacker/C. Taylor (34), while Andrew Bastian had a solo hit, scoring a perfectly reasonable 32. In terms of the Longest Drive caper, Andrew Bastian cleaned up from the A Grade, Dean Robinson the B Grade, Martin Bell the C Grade and Josie Thompson accounted for the “Juniors/Ladies 37/45”. Those who managed to land their ball Nearest The Pin were Tate Michael on the 3rd., Dennis Goudie (8th.), Rob Hart (10th.), Michael Day (15th.) and that


pesky Hart character again on the 17th. Our sincere thanks to all who made up such a splendid field. This holiday weekend we’ve decided that, if you haven’t the heart to head into any of the various serious, yet characterbuilding traffic jams that will be on offer, another Stableford round will be available out on the greensward for your personal delectation.

balaklava ladies

In spite of the weather being a tad warmer than we would have liked, 22 intrepid ladies lined up to play a stroke round. Not everyone elected to play 18 holes, but those who did shed excess kilos for their efforts. Winners for the day were A Grade: Joan Anderson Nett 77, B Grade: Moya Hayes Nett 72, Runner up: J Hoskin Nett 77, C Grade: Jill Taylor Nett 76 and birdie on the eighth, Runner up: Chris Hahesy Nett 80. Welcome to the new ladies who are playing for a handicap. See you all again next week for a 9am start, stroke and NTP. Starters M Kemp and F Williams. Our thanks to the hard working volunteers who present us with a course of which we can be proud. “Have you ever noticed what golf spells backwards?” Al Bolska - 20th Century American writer.

Women’s pennant finals wooroora women

A beautiful sunny day greeted bowlers for the Pennant Final last Monday, with fast greens making for a competitive game and a lovely lunch at its completion. Owen had already beaten Mallala White, and in the finals game they came up against Mallala Black. It had been a sad year for Owen with the loss of three husbands,

however this team pulled out their best bowling. Mallala kept in touch for a few ends, then started to fall behind. After the drinks break they started to pick up, but Owen could see what was happening and applied more pressure. Owen came out winners with 53, defeating Mallala Black 44. Owen – Gloria Wandel 21 defeated Yvonne Curnow 13; Beth Harkness 25 defeated Bev Roney 8; Helen

Hocking 7 defeated Josie Curnow 23. Congratulations to Owen. Thanks to the great spectator gallery, which made the day. The shield was presented to Owen captain Beth Harkness by WWBA president Gwenda Cheek. Region 8 councillors Maxine Baldock and Jill Ackland presented each player with their Pennant flag. Thanks to the host club Hamley Bridge for a job well done!

balaklava mid week

Results from March 24. James Napper 44, Bill Berry 41, Dennis Goudie 38, Dean Trickett 37, Merv Hameister 36, Mike Caldwell 32, Don Anderson 30, Dene Newton 30, Rick Campbell 29, Chris Hahesy 27. Birdies: Bill Berry No 7 and 10, Merv Hameister No 7 and 14.

Runners-up, Mallala Black, back from left: P Waters, S Sanders, Y Curnow, B Howell, front: J Mahony, D Helps, J Curnow, B Roney and Y Howard.

Hamley Bridge

Twenty-four players contested Thursday’s stableford competition in conditions perfect for golf. This was evident with the more than average amount of birdies made. The winner was Roger Hahn with 42pts on a count back from Kieth Kluske 42, Roen Cameron, George Dahlitz, Noel Stringer 40, Ron Collins 39, (all ball winners) Ron Smith, Merv Hamiester 38, Doug Cooper 37, Ed Manning 36, Brian Cooper, Dave Russell, John Riley 35, Rex Mortimer 34, Barry Schwartz, Colin Doudle, Max Grasby, Ross Heinze, Lance Hatcher 33, Wally Jackson, Errol Branson 32, Warren Isgar 31, Anton Noack 30, Dennis Nation 28. Birdies Roen Cameron 1st, Doug Cooper 9th, Colin Doudle 7th, Ed Manning 9th, John Riley 17th, Rex Mortimer 3rd, Lance Hatcher 2nd and 17th, Merv Hamiester 18th and Roger Hahn 11th. There were no nearest the pins? Saturday, like Thursday, was a perfect day for golf with even more birdies made and very high scores carded. Bar manager Wally Jackson played very consistent golf to win the day with 45 pts on a count back from Steve Howell who had his best score since returning to golf after having a double hip replacement with 45. Other scores Barry Schwartz (c/b) Errol Branson, Ron Smith 41, Roen Cameron 40, (all ball winners) Terry Coates, John Mitchell, Lance Hatcher, Warren Isgar 39, Wim Van Pelt, Adam Mitchell, Bob Ahola, Dave Russell 38, Doug Cooper, Rex Mortimer Dennis Nation 37, Anton Noack, Bob Charman 35, Rowland Pawlack, Max Grassby 34, Brian Cooper, Noel Stringer 33, Barry Zerna 30, Kieth Kluske 29. Birdies Wim Van Pelt 12th, Barry Schwartz 11th, Adam Mitchell 15th, 16th and 18th, John Mitchell 18th, Noel Stringer 7th, Dave Russell 9th and 14th, Anton Noack 9th and 17th, Dennis Nation 16. Nearest to pins: Wim Van Pelt 4th, Steve Howe 9th, Bob Ahola 14th.

LEFT: Balaklava Golf Club President Bill Lokan presents the Summer Cup trophy to Ron Butterworth.

SAturday marked the opening of the winter golf season at Balaklava Golf Club. Cherie Taylor is pictured teeing off, officially opening the ladies’ winter season.

Mid North swimmers come home with medals The Mid North SAPSASA Swimming Team consisted of 43 students who competed in Adelaide on March 19. There were fantastic results, with students putting in their best effort. Some outstanding efforts included: Grace Jacka (St Josephs) 12 years old: first in 50m freestyle; first in 50m butterfly; 2nd in 50m breastroke; second in 4x50m medley relay. Tilly Leighton (Clare HS) 11 years old: second in 50m breastroke; third in 50m butterfly; second in 4x50m medley relay. Chloe Gogoll (Clare Primary) 12 years old: second in 50m backstroke; second in 4x50m medley relay. Chelsea Maynard (St Josephs) 13 years old: second in 4x50m medley relay. Cooper Dunn (Riverton Primary) 11 years old: third in 50m breastroke.

Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

InFARMation v Weekly guide to weather, agriculture

Australia’s leading hay exporter

Record SA price for merino ewes A new South Australian record price of $261/head for commercial Merino ewes was achieved last Friday at Snowtown when Richard and Barbara Turner, ‘Rayville’ dispersed their Leahcim bloodline flock at their clearing sale. This not only beat the previous record of $180/head set last October at Warrawee Park, but shattered it by a staggering $81. This may also be a national record, but is as yet unverified. This price was paid by Mark Kerin, Yoeval, NSW for 130 of the Turners’ 2008 drop ewes that were pregnancy tested ‘in lamb’. He travelled from

NSW to purchase these ewes, buying through Dubbo based agents Christie & Hood. He then proceeded to purchase the top 138 2007 drop ewes for $241/head, plus 110 2006 drop ewes for $250/head. Other successful buyers of the second pens of these age groups, or older drop ewes were Soil Management Systems, Orroroo, who paid to $120/head for 3 pens and DP & VL Stott, buying through Landmark Loxton who purchased 2 pens to $149/head. There was exceptional interest in these ewes with enquiries from Qld, NSW and Vic as well as South Australia. BIDDING was stong for these Rayville ewes.

Finger on the pulse!

GROWERS planning to sow pulse crops this season can now access an array of new and updated publications to assist with their 2010 cropping programs. The publications are available to growers on the Pulse Australia website, Supported by growers and the Australian Government through the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), Pulse Australia’s website is a central source of information relating to all areas of pulse production, marketing and end use. The new publications available to growers include the Pulse Update Annual, Pulse Tech Notes, Wide Row Pulses and Stubble Systems, Use Care with Pulses in Harvest Grain Bags, Lentil Growers Checklist and Chickpea Checklist for Southern Growers (revised).

Flock to shearing challenge to help charity With the shearing boards humming, the sheep bleating and the shearers sweating it out, the “Just Shearing� challenge title will be up for grabs near Eudunda on Saturday, April 10. The Just Shearing tools ‘n’ togs Shearing Challenge Fundraiser will see a number of shearers, young and old, compete while raising funds for the Heart Foundation at the same time. Starting at 8.30am, till 5pm, the shearing

challenge is for shearers from the novice to the open to the masters. There will also be a wide variety of things to see and do for the whole family, including alpaca shearing demonstration, face painting, story telling, colouring in competitions, pony rides, guessing games and a morning tea competition for all those cooks. Sit back and listen to local bands ‘Rustics’ and ‘Nearly Flat’, while enjoying the country cuisine.




Follow the signs off the Morgan-Eudunda road or Truro Eudunda road. Entry is a gold coin donation and all entry fees, morning tea, shearing fees, activity donations and raffles go directly to the Heart Foundation. For further information contact Darlene or Kevin on 85811951 / 0429 811 541 / 0427 337 843 or visit If you are unable to go, and would like to make a donation, go to www.everydayhero. The frontrunner in fertiliser Ph: 8415 1900

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7i`˜iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠ>ÀÊΣ ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\xn>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°{ÇÊ Ă¤Ăˆ\ĂŽ{>“°°°°°°°°°° £°ä™ ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\Ó΍“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°xĂˆĂŠ Ă¤Ăˆ\{£“°°°°°°°°°° £°xÇ /Â…Ă•Ă€Ăƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠÀÊ£ ĂŠ ä£\ә>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°{xĂŠ Ă¤Ăˆ\{n>“°°°°°°°°°° Ă¤Â°Â™Ăˆ ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\ÓӍ“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°xĂ“ĂŠ äÇ\ä䍓°°°°°°°°°° ÂŁÂ°Ăˆn Ă€Âˆ`>Ăž]ĂŠÀÊÓ ĂŠ äÓ\ää>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°{nĂŠ Ă¤Ăˆ\x{>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°nx ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\Ó䍓 °°°°°°°°°°ä°{ĂˆĂŠ äÇ\Ó£“°°°°°°°°°° £°Ç{ ->ĂŒĂ•Ă€`>Ăž]ĂŠÀÊÎ ĂŠ äÓ\ĂŽĂŽ>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°xxĂŠ Ă¤Ăˆ\x™>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°Çn ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\ÓǍ“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°{ÂŁĂŠ äÇ\{Ǎ“°°°°°°°°°° £°Çx -Ă•Â˜`>Ăž]ĂŠÀÊ{ ĂŠ äÎ\ÂŁ{>“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Ă¤Â°ĂˆĂ“ĂŠ Ă¤Ăˆ\ä™>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÇÎ ĂŠ ÂŁÂŁ\{ÂŁ>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°{äÊ äÇ\ÂŁn“°°°°°°°°°° £°ÇÓ œ˜`>Ăž]ĂŠÀÊx ĂŠ ä{\äÇ>“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Ă¤Â°ĂˆĂ‡ĂŠ Ă¤Ăˆ\Ă“x>“°°°°°°°°°° Ă¤Â°Ăˆn ĂŠ ÂŁÂŁ\x{>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°{{ĂŠ äÇ\xӍ“°°°°°°°°°° ÂŁÂ°Ăˆ{ /Ă•iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠÂŤĂ€ĂŠĂˆ ĂŠ ÂŁÂŁ\{™>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°xĂ“ĂŠ än\Ă“n“°°°°°°°°°° £°xĂŽ

3 Best Quality 3 Best Range 3 Best Price Phone: 8862 1866 Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

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ĂˆĂ¤Â°{ £™°n x롂 {ä°Ó ĂŽĂˆÂ°n ĂˆĂ¤Â°n {ΰ{ ә°Î Ă‡ÂŁÂ°Ăˆ Îä°ä ÎÓ°ä xĂˆÂ°Ă“ Ăˆx°Ó Îä°ä




Contact Shayn 8862 1222

weekly comment

A look at oats and field pea markets Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at the outlook for various commodity markets. This week we take a look at the markets for oats and field peas. Oats Canada had a lower production year last year, with only 2.8 million tonnes compared to the 4.2 million tonnes and 4.7 million tonnes in the previous two years. One reason is that Oats are one of the worst performing crops on a margin per hectare basis in Canada. Current oat values in Canada remain lower than growers’ expectations and, as a result, they have been reluctant to sell. The USA, which is the major consumer of Canadian oats, still has stock on hand, although US buyers are expected to come back into the market in the middle of the year. Canadian ending stocks are currently forecast at 946,000 tonnes compared to 1.5 million tonnes last year and are near the 5-year average of 976,000 tonnes. The next major price move is likely to come from planting intentions in Canada, with anything less than a 10% increase having ramifications on ending stock levels. Another major factor is the timing around the entry of USA millers back into the market to cover their requirements for the remainder of the year. Field Peas The market is relatively quiet, with India — the major importer —having sufficient stock on hand presently. In India, the Rabi (winter crop) is being harvested now and while there has been some adverse weather, this is not expected to impact on crop quality unless the rainfall continues. Canada had a good crop last year with total production of approximately 3.3-3.5 million tonnes; however, export pace from Canadian terminals has been slower than the previous year. The market direction for the coming months will be dictated by the size and quality of the Indian crop and also planting intentions of the Canadian crop. DISCLAIMER: This Weekly Comment is written by Grain Pool Pty Ltd ABN 39 089 394 883 (AFS No. 269743) and may contain general advice which was prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should, before acting on the advice, consider the appropriateness of the advice having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs.

Contact CBH Grain Regional Manager Henry Carracher, call the Grower Service Centre on 1800 107 759 or visit DISCLAIMER: This Weekly Comment is written by Grain Pool Pty Ltd ABN 39089 394 883 (AFS No. 269743) and may contain general advice which was prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should, before acting on the advice, consider the appropriateness of the advice having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs.

•Editorial supplied by CBH Grain


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Join us this Easter For soup, fresh garden platter, home made cakes and great coffee with Janet • Lunch 12noon to 3pm • Coffee & Cake 10am - 3pm • Bookings for lunches appreciated • Great time for planting, brimming full of new stock and giftware Happy Easter to all from the crew at…

MORELLA NURSERY Watervale - Ph: 8843 0111 Fax: 8843 0119

JC’s Jazz Band Saturday April 3

• Dinner 6pm • Band 8pm • Bookings essential - limited seating Phone: 8529 2211 - please leave name, number of bookings and phone

Phone: 8529 2211

The REal

Chopper Reid

Wednesday April 21 8 pm to 11pm

• Tickets $20

Rising Sun Hotel

30 Edwards Street, Port Wakefield Phone 8867 1023


Contact Lenice: 8862 1173

When someone you know is bereaved by suicide, do you think I don’t know what to say! I don’t know what to do! then you are invited to one of our…

Suicide BEreavement Workshops When: Friday April 23, 12.00 - 3pm or 6pm - 9pm Where: Church of Christ • Light meal providied Participants will learn to: 1. Understand the unique issues & experiences associated with bereavement following suicide 2. Sensitively respond to ‘survivors’ (loved ones left behind after a suicide) 3 Access relevant resources and networks For further details, please phone Mary Aloise on 8301 4222, Proudly supported by Balaklava Church of Christ & Balaklava SWAP shop

Living Beyond Suicide has been supporting families bereaved by suicide in South Australia since 2006

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It’s Back!! the Balaklava Community Children’s Centre presents

Girls Night in 2010 Friday April 30, 2010 7pm at Balaklava Town Hall • $10 entry fee includes free glass of Champers on arrival and delicious supper and lucky door prize ticket • There will be plenty to cater for all your Shop-A-Holic needs! • Bar will be open till late • Scrapbooking • Eden designs • Fifi Blue lingerie • Beads • Babyshop • Tupperware •More than 15 stalls

Phone for bookings on 8862 1251 Come and support this fundraiser for the children’s centre

Large Garage Sale April 3 Easter Saturday

• Saddleworth IGA • Simmonds Garage • Snowtown General Store • Tarlee Post Office • The Plains Producer • Two Wells BP • Two Wells IGA • Two Wells Snack Bar BanGeneral BkaSnAk SAStore • Wasleys • Wallaroo Newsagency • Watervale General Store • Virgara Fruit & Veg • Virginia Classic Cafe • Virginia Nursery un


Port Parham Sports & Social Club

• $20 Adult/$15 Concession • Refreshments • Tickets available at Tads Embroidery


•9am - 10.30am • Face painting •Craft Beeding • Games & races • All FREE activities • Bar open from midday

2pm in the Gallery

B est

Sunday April 4

Living Beyond Suicide is coming to Balaklava

• All players and members encouraged to attend

Sunday May 2, 2010

B est

Easter Hunt

• Canteen & bar facilities available •

7.30pm at Balaklava Sports Club

•10 storeholders • On lawn at Pt Wakefield Caravan Park • From 8.30am onwards • Please leave car outside caravan park

Pray for 2010 In April last year we held “breaking the drought” meeting in the Pinery Hall to pray about the succession of dry years and the water crisis in the Murray Darling Basin. 2009 proved to be an excellent season and there is lots of water f lowing down the darling. Join us this year to pray for God’s provision of rain for 2010

Sunday April 11

7pm at Pinery Church •Supper provided

Enquiries Colin 8527 7001


3 Full Dolby digital surround sound 3 Candy bar 3 Air Conditioned

at Mallala Equestrian Centre

Emma Horwood

AGM April 20


Tickets: •Adults $10 •Con/Stu $7.50 •Child $5 •Family tickets $25 (2 +2) extra child $2.50

April 2, 3 & 4

Harp & Voice Concert

Balaklava Tennis Club


• The Brother’s Bloom (MA15+) ★ ★ ★ Mark Ruffalo,Rachel Weiz - Sat April 3, 8pm - Fri April 9, 8pm • Shorts (PG) ★ ★ ★ ★ Family Fantasy/Comedy, tickets $5 - Thurs April 8, 10.30am - Sat April 10 6.15pm •Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (G) ★ ★ ★ ★ Fun, Fun, Fun!!-Animated, tickets $5 - Sat April 10, 8pm - Wed April 14, 2pm - Fri April 16, 8pm • Where The Wild Things Are (PG) ★ ★ ★ ★ Based on Book – Fantasy Tickets $5 - Mon April 12, 2pm - Sat April 17, 6pm


Balaklava Courthouse Gallery


15 Moore Street, Blyth SA (opp. Medika Gallery)

Quarter horse Association of SA

u tr y ntr y s p a p s p a p N e wN e w


★ Cinema



2010 Charity Shearing Challenge Join the fun at our biannual Just Shearing Charity Challenge proudly supporting the Heart Foundation. A fun family day including: Q Shearing competition Q Morning Tea competition Q Alpaca Shearing Demonstration Q Spinning demonstration Q Face painter Q Games & Activities for all the family Q Great food and country hospitality

Saturday April 10 8.30am - 5pm Entry Gold coin donation per person

Follow the signs off Morgan / Eudunda Rd (9km from Eudunda) or Truro / Eudunda Rd (8km from Eudunda) Thanks to our Sponsors : B & M livestock, NAB, Musgrove Shearing Supplies, Skids Tyres, Rossi Boots, Maggie Beer, Eudunda Roadhouse, Sutherlands Hotel, Leader products, Eudunda Post Office, Leditschke Transport, B & M Hines, J & K Hayes, Top Gun Shearing Supplies Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010



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“ I was so pleased. I advertised my pop-top caravan in the Producer and sold it the very next day. I still got phone calls after it was sold” Melissa Hawke - Balaklava

for only

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Place your ‘for sale’ item in front of around 7000 readers every week with the Plains Producer’s great new classified deal. That’s 7000 potential buyers each week.

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Balaklava - 25 Philip Street, $230 per week. Spacious 3 bedroom home offering formal lounge and dine with built in bar. Functional kitchen adjacent family / second meals area, a/c, carport and garage /workshop. No pets. 12 months lease. Call Adam to view on 8281 1911.

Firewood - good quality, sawn, will deliver. Balaklava Museum. Phone 8862 1741.

Round dining table peake, $75. Phone Blyth 8844 5231.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jeff Ingram on receiving the award for outstanding achievement 3rd year electrical (day realease) apprentice. We are so proud of you! Love always Kirsty, Sarah, Zoe, Angus.

Parke, Sandra (nee Sharman).


All our love and thoughts are with Geoff, Ellen, Jayme, Robert and Gemma, Jasmine, Kym and Imogen.

•Bio Solids • Chicken Manure •All straw based manures

Special thanks to the nursing staff who cared for Sandra.

MOBile: 0418 854 159

Balaklava two bedroom unit, air conditioning, car ports, $140 per week. Sorry no pets, phone 8867 1328 or 0409 286 177.

For Sale 1998 Honda VTR1000 motorbike, low kms, excellent condition, $5000. TIU-549. Phone 0488 950 759. Boat Nereus 20’ runabout n near new condition on new trailer. Mercruiser inboard engine, 140 litre alloy fuel tank, boarding platform. Must see to be appreciate. Urgent sale. All offers over $35,000 considered. Phone 88671023. Bull bar with two posts. Suitable for VN to VT with spot lights. Good condition, $500 o.n.o. Ph 8862 1905. Burke and Wills dryzabone jacket 8XXL, full length, $125 o.n.o. Phone: 0438 036 650. caravan 14 foot 6 berth air conditioner $4700 neg. Phone 8566 3330. Caravan - Poptop 1983 Jayco Songbird 17’6”, 6 berth, bunk beds and queen bed, annex and awning, gas stove, 3 way fridge not working, TWH520. $8,800 ono phone 0407 715 593. C aravan - R E G E N T CRUISER SERIES 3. Custom built with parklane features. 18ft tandem axle, Heron 3 A/C fitted in the side, island queen bed, mounted swivel TV stand. Roll out awning, full set anti-flap stabiliser bars, annex with Imax shade view cloth. Fully insulated, towing stabiliser rods. Immaculate condition, always stored under cover. $35,500. 28 Ralli Street, Balaklava 5461. Phone 0418 832 083. Caravan - Viscount 15” pop top 26, many extras. Phone 0417 899 120. Commodore ute, December 2000, olympic edition, V6, auto, 167,000km, tub liner, tonneau cover, tow bar, alloys etc, excellent condition, $10,000 o.n.o. Phone 0428 621 891. Commodore sedan VX auto, dual fuel, mechanically excellent, new tyres, cruise control, full service history, $5,600, WSY-914. Phone 0438 804 245. COOPers one stand electric shearing machine including hand piece. Also double grinder, perfect condition. Inspect or p.o.a. - 27 William Street, Two Wells 8520 2385.

Four black metal kitchen stools with padded seats $20 each. Cane phone table with seat $50. White two door melamine wardrobe with bottom shelf $50. Queen size pine bedhead $40. All in good condition. Phone 8862 2142.

Thomas wooden train set, curved, straight, bumpy track, bridges, tunnel, fire station plus 5 fire trucks. Motorised James with 20 train/cars/vehicles. Cranky the crane, more, $225 set. Phone 8529 2155.

Heavy duty steel framed laminated top workbench, 1800W x 750D x 900H, fitted with isolation switch, 18 power outlets and small steel cabinet. Ex TAFE safety inspected 07/09, $350. Ph 8862 1769 or 0409 693 626.

Three bedroom house in Two Wells township. Large back yard for kids, pets or vegie patch. Car port under main roof. To view call Neil Bowden 0407 396 840.

Lawnmowers, choice of two. Scott Bonnar 14” cut reel petrol mower in working condition $350; Scott Bonnar 16” cut reel petrol mower in working condition $350, phone 0407 715 593. Matthews Fish, 5 South Tce, Port Wakefield. Open 7 days. New season oysters, all sorted varieties of fish, prawns and smoked fish (meal sized packs). Easter orders welcome. Phone: 8862 1183. Mitsubishi Ute, 1983, aluminium tray, 5 speed, registered XBK-499, mechanically good, $1,800 ono. Phone 8847 2239. Native tubes ready now for autumn planting, limited stock some varieties.Citrus also available. Lifetime Nursery, Judd Rd, Lewiston. Phone: 8524 3172. One table plus four kitchen chairs in good condition $50 o.n.o. 2 key boards $35 each o.n.o. Phone 8862 1347. 14 Charles Street, Balaklava. Piano, $400 ono, Phone 0428 631 242. Pig Trailer - new 15x8 cheque plate tray with stock crate. Mass 1940 kg, GVM 6,520 kg, reg till 29/07/2010, reg no. TUX 130, $3,000. Ring 8862 1668 evenings. Pine posts CCA 4” - 5”, 8’ $7. 6’ - 8” strainers 8’ $15. Irrigation dripper line, 300 m $25. Vineyard 8’ spaces & star droppers. Cheaper by the bundle. Phone Andrew 8528 6165. Port Wakefield - 900 small bales. First cut lucerne hay, $5.50 each including gst. Contact Ray 0438 851 669 or work 8867 1088.

Viscount poptop 16ft x 8ft caravan. Air conditioner, inland double bed, television, large fridge, microwave, full annexe, electric brakes, full stove, awning, $8,500. Phone 8862 1845 or 0403 244 576.

Garage Sale Garage boot sale. Two Wells scout carpark. First Saturday of every month. $10 per stall. Tea, coffee and sausage sizzle from 8 - 12 noon. Phone 8520 3324

Public Notice CASH for cans and bottles, Owen Recycling - 18 Railway Tce, Owen. Wed 10-5; Sat 10-1 or by appointment. Ph 8528 6307. SAILPLANE flights. The Balaklava Gliding Club has $60 gift vouchers available for passenger flights any weekend from their airfield 10km north west of Balaklava on main Snowtown road. Bookings 8864 5062.

Sit Vacant Casual workers required for grain and sheep on Tiller’s Queensland property. Shooting available. Phone 0412 600 390.

Wanted Free of charge for recycling. We take old televisions, computers, microwaves, videos, stereos and stoves etc. off your hands. Please phone 0407 605 779 or 8862 2263.

Wanted to Buy HORSES unwanted, top prices, cash, any types, Ph 8524 3640 or 0414 546 217.

App Marriage

PORT WAKEFIELD. A magnificent return verandah stone villa on a fully fenced large allotment. Ideal for those seeking a property with loads of character and potential to do further renovations. Close to new marina development. Price by negotiation. Ph 0439 870 498.

Jenkin - Jones. Chris and Margaret together with Brenton and Janice are pleased to announce the marriage of Alison and Brad at Sunnybrae Farm (Adelaide) on April 3 at 1.30pm. Best wishes from both families.

Retravision - computers, cameras, ipods, appliances, Telstra dealer, air conditioning, wiring and repairs. Phone 8862 1552.

Stevens - Phil 80th. Open house, afternoon tea. April 10 at 2pm - 5pm at Hummocks Station. No gifts please.

Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010


Parke - Sandra Lee. Passed away peacefully at Balaklava Hospital on March 23, 2010 after a long battle with illness. Aged 49 years.

A special lady now at peace. It broke our hearts to lose you and miss you so much already. We will cherish your little girls for you.

Much loved sister of Judy, sister-in-law to Andrew, and Aunty to Sasha, Carly and Nathan, Wade, Casey, Ella and Charli.

Sandra, my beautiful Bride, friend and lover of 30 years. You fought to the end, never being one to give up. You are a caring loving mother of Elley, Mini, Boof and Nanny for a short time of Gemmie and Immie.

Sisters share a special bond, an understanding beyond words, a world of memories, and the knowledge that sticking together works for anything life can throw at them. That’s why a sister is a friend like no other and you wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.

My love, your positive, caring approach to people and life will live in the hearts and memories of family, friends and colleagues who were lucky enough to be part of your short life.

RobertS - William Lindsay (Bill). Passed away peacefully at the Balaklava Hospital, March 24, 2010. Aged 77 years.

You have our broken hearts in your hand, but we know you’ll take care of them until time heals them.

Beloved husband of Enid (deceased). Much loved father and father-in-law of Colleen and Philip, Grant and Donna, Kerry and Scott, Mark and Bev, Greg and Rachel.

Special loving mother of Elley, Mini, Boof and nanny of Gemmie and Immie.

Mudda, till we meet again. Love Geoff.

Caring Pa of 16 grandchildren. A Funeral Service for the late Bill Roberts was conducted in the Balaklava Cemetery on Monday March 29.

PARKE, Sandra Lee (nee Sharman). One thing in this world so precious and rare is the love mothers and daughters share. You fought so long and hard. Now finally at rest. The pain has gone. Loved in our hearts and thoughts forever. The world’s best friend and mother. Love Elley, Mini, Kym, Boof and Robert. Parke - Sandra Lee. Passed away peacefully March 23, 2010. Aged 49 years. Much loved youngest daughter and sister of Molly, Max, Terry, Ian Sharman. At peace after a long and brave battle. Deepest sympathy to the entire Parke Family. Will be remembered by all her family with love and great affection.

Durdin Funeral Directors Member AFDA Balaklava - 8862 2101

Engagement C O O P E R - H ahes y . Sione and Clinton wish to announce their engagement on March 25, with love and best wishes from both their families.

In Memoriam Williams - S y d . 13/03/1927 to 02/04/2006. Close in our hearts you will always stay. Loved and remembered everyday. Dulcie, Trixie, Kelvyn, Maureen, Colleen, John and families.

Return Thanks Gaertner - Mary Elaine. Roly, Michelle, Kelly, Pierre and families would sincerely wish to thank everyone for their kind expressions of sympathy, cards, flowers, love and support on the recent passing of their wife, mum and nanna. Please accept this as our personal thanks

Thank you PARKE, Sandra. To a very special Nanny. We will always love and cherish all the wonderful memories we had. Love Gemma and Imogen.

The Port Wakefield Ladies facility wishes to thank the out of town ladies who helped in the kitchen for the men’s final at Port Wakefield on March 27.

Contract Spreading K.B. & K.M. Gameau

April Red Hot

Tyre Specials

• 205/65xR15......from $79 • 235/45xR17....from $125 All 2 1/2 ” & 3” sport exhaust at red hot price’s

Simon Balaklava Exhaust & Auto Repairs - Phone 8862 1795

Invitation to attend the April 2010 meeting of the Lower North NRM Group Members of the community are invited to attend the next meeting of the Lower North Group of the Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management (NRM) Board on: Wednesday April 7, 2010 10.00am Meeting commences 12.30 noon Lunch The Saddleworth Bowling Club Bridle Street, Saddleworth SA 5413 The Lower North Group comprises community representatives who provide advice and operational support to the Northern and Yorke NRM Board about natural resources management issues. Members have skills and expertise in a range of natural resources management issues. The Lower North Group region stretches from Balaklava to Jamestown and Burra to Port Pirie. For more information, please contact the Board on 8636 2361 or email

2 million

australians are currently at risk of alcohol related brain damage.


Balaklava one bedroom, free standing granny flat. Self contained, $115 per week F2F Real estate. Phone Julio 0409 100 062, 28a Humphrey Street, Balaklava.

Firewood for sale, cut and delivered, kindling available. Phone/mobile: 0407 896 159 or after hours 8865 2127.

Silvan Turbomiser 2000 It overhead sprayer, $2,000. Environmist weed sprayer 2m wide tow behind $600. Phone 0418 852 167 for more details.

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how much is too much?

are you at risk? download a free checklist at: M0874-1_arbias-PressAD-BW-s2-3.i1 1


17/10/07 4:49:21 PM


PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997

Situations Vacant

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BM Livestock Pty Ltd - Eudunda


Clearing Sale Saturday April 17 2010

Registered Nurse

Environmental Services Clerical Officer

Permanent Part Time Position available Hours negotiable up to 56 hours per fortnight Duties: The Registered Nurse under the supervision of the Clinical Nurse Manger is responsible for ensuring the delivery of comprehensive quality nursing and personal care support to residents within the residential aged care setting and for supervision and support of Enrolled Nurses and PCWs.

We need to perform 12,000 operations each month Donate now to help us continue Fred’s work. DONATE NOW 1800 352 352


Suitable persons are invited to apply for the above position with principal objectives to provide clerical assistance and customer service in the Environmental Services area. The position is classified at level 1 to 2, General Officers Stream of the SA Municipal Salaried Officers Award.

Qualifications: Enrolled or eligible for enrolments a Registered Nurse with Nurses Board of Australia and who holds or is eligible to hold a current practicing certificate.

An information kit comprising a job description statement, key responsibilities, etc, and a conditions of employment document is available upon request, either by telephone on 8862 0800 or by email at au. These documents may also be viewed on Council’s website at under Job Vacancies. Further information may be obtained by contacting Council’s Environmental Services Manager, Elca McCarthy.

Special Conditions: This is permanent Part Time position required to work over a five day roster (Mon - Fri). Occasional weekend work may be required. Enquiries: Mrs Angela Mackay, Clinical Nurse Manager. Phone 8862 1576. Position description available. Applications to: Mr Graham Ackland Cheif Executive Officer, Balaklava Mill Court Homes PO Box 242, Balaklava SA 5461

Applications, in writing, should be addressed to PO Box 167, Balaklava 5461 and will be received until 5pm on Tuesday April 6, 2010. Phil Barry CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Applications close Friday April 23, 2010

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Septic Suckers 7 Days Service!



Need a hand?

…Phone Your Hot Water Specialist!

• Leaky Taps • Gyprock crack and hole repairs • Stone wall crack repairs • Painting • Gutter Cleaning • Garden Tidy Ups • Pre Sale Painting & Tidy Up Free quotes & pensioner discounts

•Leaking Taps/Toilets •Water filter •Blocked Drains/Septic Connections •Replacement Units/Elements/Valves No Call Out Fee/ Pensioner Discounts

Phone Roger: 0428 419 133

GM Handyman Services


Peter Thompson Plumbing Contractor

For prompt service phone Glenn: 0430 620 661


Home 8862 1285 - Mobile 0418 896 808



Darren Davey & Rodney Burgess

Specialising in the eradication of ...

Mallala & Two Wells Physio appointments and enquiries

8862 2200 or 0419 842 228

• Performance exhausts • Standard replacement • Mild & stainless steel • Custom made systems • Extractors • Bikes 16a Paxton St, Willaston

8522 2614


“Quality plumbing is no pipe dream” •Gas fitting •Blocked drain •Rainwater tank sales & installation •Bathroom renovations •Drain installations & repairs •Septic tank installations •HWS repairs, replacements and installations Lic No. PGE203573

Keanan 0438 641 032

Chiropractor Dr Daryl R Brown Consulting Fridays 9am to 1pm at Balaklava Ambulance Station For appointments phone

8853 2088

Health Comm. Lic. No. 12

✓ Flies, Fleas, misc. pests ✓ Rats & Mice ✓ White Ants ✓ Cockroaches ✓ Spiders ✓ Weed spraying

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A/C Albynview (property leased) Farming Plant & Equipment: 94” John Deere 7800 tractor FWA, 8800 hrs, near new rear tyres, 20 speed power quad 40k gear box, reg OSV 263, excellent condition; Hardi 18m, 3,000 litre boom spray with Harid monitor; Shearer 170 scarifier - 29 tyne; John Deer 27”6” wide with Murray adjustable finger harrows; IH 511 28 row combine and small seed box; New Holland roller bar hay rake; Jetstream 42’6” hydraulic harrows; 3 section 2 row finger harrows; old fire harrows; Acco 1810A 345 V8 petrol tip truck with bulk grain sides, reg SBV 698, needs attention; Fergo tip truck, not going; Treg trailer 14’ x 7”6” air hydraulic brakes, near bew tyres, reg TAV 525; Grossar 100 bag bulk bin for Treg trailer; 31’ Vennings reversible auger, 13hp Honda motor; 25’ Jetstream auger no motor; 40 bag Maitland Engineering bulk seed loader, Honda type engine; 240 bag Ahrens auger field bins; 2 x 125 bag Denyer seed silos; diesel fuel trailer with 12v transfer pump/filter and auto shut off trigger; 250g ground fuel tank; 500g overhead fuel tank, overhead tank fuel meter; water tanks; 240v welder; Farmscan 2300 spray monitor as new; 18 Heaslip closed front crop lifters; Cyclone/Waratah heavy steel strainer post driver; vertical post drill; air operated grease gun; 1/2 ton endless chain, block & tackle; Riceter “E” grain moisture meter; 5 Phillips FM 620 UHF radios; assorted farm gates, some old; 9ft x 5 1/2 ft 2 wheel farm trailer (not reg), needs repair; 3pl offset small hay bale turner; FEL spike hay fork; steel sheep hurdles 16’x7”6”; John Deer hydraulic ram; MF 3342 PTO header (parts or scrap); Ford alloy wheels; scrap plus sundry items Hay: 25 rolls 2008 barley hay Antique: Miner’s couch; glass cupboard; pink cane chair; cultivator Household goods: side by side fridge/freezer; Westinghouse silhouette floor model electric stove; Kelvinator washing machine; floral lounge suite & 2 chairs; striped sofa bed; 6 dining room teak chairs; dining room teak extendable table; teak dining room sideboard; Hartman table & 6 chairs outdoor setting; wooden outdoor setting; Panasonic coloured TV; shoe cupboard; laminated table; 1x queen & 2x single bedhead & Mattress; Exercise walker; bread maker; upright fan; lampshade; various pot plants stands and lot more. A/C various: New Holland 845 round abler; inter 574 FEL tractor, rear/font hay forks; 500 g fuel tank; stockman ride on mower

Terms: •cash/cheque on day of sale (no card facilities) • Number system applies • Driver licence ID required • Luncheon available

Budgia Schiller- Phone: 0437 795 190 or Fax: 8581 1029 or vendor 0438 603 184 We keep your sale moving

RLA 102485

Hoyleton Auction “DASPA” 100Ha / 247 Ac


Main North Road, Clare Phone: 8842 2001 A/h: 8844 5041 Toll Free: 1300 856 263 Mobile 0418 859 195

Specialist in Acupuncture

•I.V.F. • Arthritis • Bad Backs • Depression • Chronic Fatigue • Sinusitis • Most health funds Ph: (08) 8849 2060 - Mob: 0417 492 065 Top of Henry Street, Auburn, South Australia 5451

Don’t just stop termites …eliminate them! •Millipedes •Spiders •Rodents •Bees •Weed Control •Flies

John Giles Ph/Fax 8842 3566

builda toilet can

with a telephone

Call 1800 811 700 to donate today, and you can provide villages in the Asia Pacific region with clean water and sanitation.

Servicing Country SA

Outback Pest Control


Termite Interception & Baiting System

3km south east of Hoyleton. 3 paddocks. Gently undulating rich deep red brown loam soil. 400 - 450 mm average rainfall. Ideal for cropping cereal, hay & legume production. 2 stand shearing shed & steel yards. Brick 3 bedroom home, 2 implement sheds and workshop. A rare opportunity to purchase quality arable land in a reliable rainfall area. Auction Friday April 16 at 10.30 am on the property if not sold beforehand

• Terms 10 % Deposit balance at settlement 14/05/2010 • Immediately following the property Auction, a clearing sale to commence • Full details later edition.

You can also donate during March at:

Landmark Balaklava - Phone: 8862 1000



start 9am at Mallala (Signs on Gawler to Mallala Rd at Cheek Rd, Redbanks)

Port Wakefield Road, Balaklava Geoff Knappstein 0407 790 210

Plains Producer,Wednesday March 31, 2010



PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997

Real Estate RLA62833

Public Notice

Bowmans Street WHITWARTA - BALAKLAVA Superb Country Stone Villa on Acreage! What a beauty; experience the ultimate lifestyle centrally located only 8km north of Balaklava and 30km to St Vincent Gulf. Park-like setting surround a well presented homestead featuring 3 spacious bedrooms with 12” pressed tin ceilings, ornate fire surrounds, baltic pine natural doors, leadlight front entrance to central passageway, carpeted lounge with French doors leading to formal dining room. A 2 1/2 year old kitchen complete with Bosch dishwasher, original wood stove, halogen hot plates, range hood & wall oven complimented with stylish cork floors. A private family room with pot belly stove & a tastefully tiled bathroom. Mains plus rainwater connected. Stunning gums give privacy to a home that demands inspection. Price: $330,000 Web Id: TBA Details: Rob Stephens 0407 715 862

Friday April 16, 2010 at 11am Situated on Property – Approx 6km from Dublin on the Dublin to Avon Road (signs erected)

Section 7

A/C JL & HM Jenkin Plant and Equipment: John Deere 88-20 with 30 foot comb, New Holland 15-50 with 22 foot comb, All farm 30 foot air seeder with 7 inch spacing’s and press wheels, Ford tw25 front wheel assist tractor approx. 150hp, 2 x Ford 8401 tractors, All farm air seeder 32 foot, Prickle chain 30 foot, Chamberlin 28 row combine, Homemade booms spray approx. 40 foot, New Holland 275 small square bailer, New Holland 841 round bailer, New Holland 654 round bailer, Mower conditioner (fair condition), 100 bag truck bin, Bedford truck + 1 seed/super unit on truck, 2 wheel 80 bag trailer with auger, Clover harvester, Single axle trailer with bin, 12 foot slasher, Extended hay rake, Nelson 1 tonne silo on wheels, Double deck stock crate, small square bale loader, V hay rake, 14 foot disk harrows, 30 tyned cultivator, 30 foot 9 inch auger with 22hp motor, set of shearer harrows hydraulic, Old semi with dolly for hay carting in paddock, 2 x 300 bag open top field bins, electric shearing plant sunbeam, electric shearing plant lister, electric twin box wool press, rectangular wool table, various other sundries including old machinery for scrap. A/C: Various 6 x hay rings.

The vendor's statement relating to matters affecting the advertised properties in this publication may be inspected at the agent's office three business days prior to auction or at the place of auction 30 minutes before sale.

Press adver tising wor ks

“We love our new house

Your local newspaper is an integral part of the community it serves. It is where local people look for local news, events, sports, TV and much more. It informs, entertains and satisfies the readers needs for information about issues that impact on them and their community. This loyal audience also read the advertisements as a source of information about the best deals on a whole range of goods from autos to property, from furniture to groceries. In no other medium is there the opportunity for advertisements to build a relationship with the customer at local level Free advice on reaching this valuable audience to promote your business is a simple phone call away.

Your Property should be advertised like this NEW listing Snowtown 38 Fourth Street


• Outside entries invited • Number System (ID required) • Payment Cash/Cheque (No EFTPOS) on the day of sale • Light lunch available

Farmworks Livestock: Ned Zanker – Mb: 0448 667 903, Hm: 85278 268 Vendor: Jack Jenkin – Hm: 85292 016

Phone: 08 8862 1977 Fax: 08 8862 1997 Email: Web:

OWEN Reduced $285,000 5 Second Street

Balaklava $165,000 20 Whitwarta Road


No Charge

Halbury $385,000 Sect. 496 hundred of hall

Balaklava $175,000 60 Railway Terrace

Neat, tidy & affordable, move straight in

Truly immaculate home

Neat And Tidy Double Brick Home.

Magnificent Renovated Bungalow

Neat and tidy 3 bedroom home

• Fully renovated throughout • 3/4 Bedrooms • Ducted R/C aircond. • Huge games room

• Affordable 1st home or investment • Renovated kitchen • 30”X20”x8” garage

• Fully Renovated, 3 Bedroom Plus Office • Stylish New Bathroom • Huge Pergola & Deck Area • 20,000gallon Rw Tank

Balaklava $168,000 24 Railway Terrace

Balaklava 36 Harris Street

Affordable 3 Bedroom Home On A 880m2 Block

Modern brick veneer home

• 3 bedroom • rent return $145 per week • floating floor boards

• 3 Bedrooms • Large Block • Central Location • Renovated Kitchen

• full length verandah • r/c air conditioner • insulation

• French Doors To Courtyard • Ducted A/C, Gas Heating

• Modern Brick Veneer • 3 Bedrooms, 2 Have BIR • 2 Living Areas • Low Maint. Garden

Balaklava’s Number 1 name in Real Estate Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

• Inground swimming pool • Manicured gardens • Charming timber kitchen & polished boards


• Split System A/C & Ceiling Fans • Full Length Verandah & Carport On The Side

• R/C aircond. • Ready to rent or move in.

NEW listing Snowtown $220,000 23 First Street

It’s a new subdivision & 4 x 3 bedroom homes are available

• New 3 br home • R/C air conditioner • tiled floors • easy care garden

• dishwasher • affordable price

• Ample Shedding, • Approx. 4.96 Ac. With Sep. Paddock. • Numerous Other Features

• 3 Bedrooms With BIR • Renovated Kitchen & Bathroom • Solar Hws

• 40”x24”x8” Shed • 3 Phase Power • 1012m2 Approx.

Owen red $234,950 40 Second Street

Balaklava From $79,500 Residential Allotments

As new 4 bedroom home

• Allots 10, 11, 12, Phillips St 833m2 Approx. Ea. • 8 Saint St 1045m2 Approx.

• 4 Bedrooms • As new home • Spacious Lounge/ Living area

• Ensuite & wir to main bedroom • 3 Way bathroom • R/C split system A/C

Tania & Peter Butterfield Mobile: 0417 884 877 Office: 08 8862 2172 Fax: 08 8862 1280


Sport Plains Producer

other reports: p22 – 26

premiers 2009-2010 DIVISION one

Wooroora Men’s Bowling Association

e g d i r B y e l m a H

Six and shout! n Riverton White and Mallala White win Division Two titles. John Glistak reports, Page 22

THIS was something to shout about! Hamley Bridge won its sixth straight Wooroora Men’s Bowling Association Division One premiership at Port Wakefield last Saturday, defeating Balaklava by 12 shots – 83-71. Pictured celebrating are (from left) rear: Andy Lemmon, Ricky Frencken, Kym Reynolds, John Bubner, Mal Durdin, John Moloney, Phillip Rex, Barry Smith, front: Anthony O’Brien, Paul Fritz, Cris Donohue and Kate Smith.







Plains Producer, Wednesday March 31, 2010

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