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Wednesday July 15, 2009


Wattle Ridge residents’ concern:

CONCERNED Wattle Ridge residents in Boronia Circuit, the street where proposed low rental homes are being constructed. From left (rear) are Nicole Gregory, Roseann Dale, Chris Brownlie, Trevor and Marie Goodenough, Michael Pringle, Front: Kimberley Brownlie, Belinda Pringle and Harold and Brenda Philp.

Will it be low rent or lower values?

Locals have raised concerns of falling house values and decreased demand for existing rental homes in the wake of the announcement of 40 low cost rental homes to be built in two years. The homes, to be built by developer Colin Steinert and managed by Lutheran Community Housing, will be built in the Wattle Ridge housing estate, and rented to low income earners at a reduced rate.

By Lauren Parker But for those who have built or bought new homes in the development, it has brought concerns of falling house values. Owners of existing rental properties are equally concerned the development could result in high vacancy rates.

Mark and Belinda Pringle built their dream home in Wattle Ridge on Boronia Circuit, and according to Belinda, they have been told by a real estate agent the value has already dropped by 10 to 15 per cent. “We’ve put a lot of time and money into our homes and to have it drop out so quickly is devastating,” she said. Belinda said herself and several others

would not have chosen to build in Wattle Ridge had they known the affordable housing development was in the plans. On the same culde-sac of Boronia Circuit where the Pringles’ home is located are five existing homes and seven proposed rental properties. ■ Continued page 2

■ Developer’s comment – Page 3

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Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009

NEWS v District

A stranger is a friend you have yet to meet EVER felt as though you are between a rock and a hard place? That must be the way some people must be feeling over the increasing outcry relating to low rental housing proposed for Balaklava’s Wattle Ridge estate. You will read elsewhere in the Plains Producer of the concerns of residents who have recently purchased land, built a house and moved into the estate. Now they believe their properties will be devalued and their lifestyles possibly changed by the arrival of people who will rent and – another assumption here – possibly lower “the social structure” of the area. There’s another descriptive term for this group – but I don’t propose to use it in this newspaper. It would be offensive to people who rent a house anywhere and live and work and are part of the community. The whole scenario must have Wakefield Regional Council staff and councillors wringing their hands in despair. The perception of prejudice and elitism is undeniable; something no


Terry Williams

EDITOR society would want, let alone a small country town trying to push ahead. There is no other way of saying this, no matter how it is couched. Now council finds itself between a rock and hard place simply because it shared a vision with a developer to answer a need for modern housing in Balaklava. It’s been a good plan, with some stunning homes being created at Wattle Ridge. But will the wheels fall off since developers and Lutheran Community Housing announced as many as 40 homes will be built, offering

low rentals to those who meet various income requirements? Will new home buyers continue to look at Wattle Ridge as an option? Are the residents correct? Will masses of low income earners turn it into Renter’s Ridge? The general answer is, of course, that we don’t really know. It is very dangerous to make assumptions – but there has to be some validity to the arguments put forward in today’s Plains Producer. Which brings yet more questions: Will the rental properties be maintained in the same manner as owner-occupied homes? Will the new arrivals bring all their baggage with them, park the broken Commodores in the front yard, set up the satellite dish on the roof and place the mandatory busted lounge on the front verandah? Or will these people be just like the rest of us? Hard working families trying to make a go of things in a climate where it is increasingly difficult to have the wherewithall to even dream of buying a house. Any house. I come from a rental family. Mum

and dad rented a house for years before they raked up enough to be able to afford to buy a house. Finally, they bought one. A Trust house. There we lived in a new housing “estate” with hundreds of other families through the Baby Boom years, watching for Sputniks on the front lawn, drinking Woodies lemonade and flicking on the Healing TV to gasp at Rawhide and envy the lifestyle of the Beaver and Ricky Nelson. And do you know, all the mums and dads had a mortgage and were paying off the home, in much the same way as they had done before. “Just like paying the rent,” Mum used to say. Without those Tom Playford Trust homes which eventually surrounded Adelaide to the north and south, how would families ever have escaped the rental cycle. Or indeed, would there have been any to rent? We look at these areas now and despair at some of the inhabitants. Yes, they could be described as (insert F word here) . But what about the wonderful,

salt-of-the-earth types who continue to live there today in well-kept homes? So there is a balance to all this. One would hope the application and selection processes put in place by Lutheran Community Housing will ensure the new inhabitants of Wattle Ridge are “jolly fine types.” But even by contemplating this last paragraph, aren’t we already succumbing to stereotyping people? Remember, a stranger is a friend you have yet to meet. How would you feel if, having succeeded in qualifying as a low income earner, you were looked upon as a second class citizen simply because of your address, when in fact you were a hard-working “normal” member of the community. Not a good starting point. Unfortunately there is no easy answer to all of the above. As the saying goes, “you can choose your friends but not your relations.” To some degree, that’s the way it is when you buy a house. Who knows who will move in next door. It could be me ... and Barry White at three in the morning!

Concern at decreasing property values • From Page 1 Belinda Pringle believes the mix should be more balanced. Amy and Sam May have also built a home on Boronia Circuit, and are concerned of the impact of the rental development on their property values. “We’re not very happy about it,” Amy said. She believes those who bought house and land packages will be hardest hit by decreasing values as they may have paid more by choosing not to build themselves. “We’re not going to lose any money but we’re not going to make as much as we first thought,” Amy said. She has also questioned whether those who most need rental accommodation will be eligible given the strict criteria, including income limits, that must be met by potential residents.

LOCAL Goyder MP and Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Steven Griffiths, made a brief inspection tour of the Wattle Ridge area at the invitation of the Plains Producer last Saturday.

• READ Karen Petney’s report: ‘the rise and rise of Steven Griffiths’ on Page 7 Wakefield Regional Council chief executive officer, Phil Barry, has been approached by some of the Wattle Ridge residents who have raised their concerns with council. “I’ve received some communication from property owners in Wattle Ridge,” he said.

“I’m currently communicating with Lutheran Community Housing towards answering issues raised by residents.” Some locals appear to be under the impression the houses could be leased to welfare recipients rather than low income earners,

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despite the project being aimed at helping low income earners save for their own home by

being able to rent at a reduced rate. However, Lutheran Community Housing received an im-

mediate response from a number of interested people who qualified as low income earners. “We’ve had a fair level of interest and we’re going through a selection process at the moment,” said Lutheran Community Housing general manager, Michael Dummin. Income limits are up to $40,501 per year for singles; couples with families or one child up to $55,991 a year; families with two children up to $69,423 a year; and families with three or more children up to $82,855 a year. “That covers a very broad range of people already in the workforce who may not have been in a position to be able

to rent to buy,” Mr Barry said. Local MP, the Member for Goyder, Steven Griffiths, inspected the area over the weekend during a brief visit to Balaklava. He said he would if possible attend any meetings organised between the various parties. Homes available now include seven, two bedroom units and two, four bedroom, double garage homes. Twenty homes will become available in the first year, and an additional 20 in the second year. Mr Dummin said more homes would become available later this year.

He’s been a member for 60 years and seen many changes:

Ag Bureau honours Es Whitwarta farmer Es Hoepner has seen plenty of developments through his career, from the transition of horses to tractors through to direct drilling and autosteer. And last week, he was honoured to be acknowledged for 60 years of Ag Bureau membership. Es officially joined the Whitwarta Agricultural Bureau in 1948 when he left school, but had attended plenty of meetings with his father before he became a member. While there have been plenty of developments in farming in that time, the role of the ag bureau is still primarily the same, and Es doesn’t see it fading out any time soon. While falling membership led to the merger of Whitwarta and Hal-

ES Hoepner judges barley at a recent Balaklava show. bury ag bureaux about 10 years ago, Es believes this was simply due to fewer numbers of farmers, not reduced interest. He said the most important role of ag bureau was its role in allowing farmers to communicate with each other, compare experiences and learn from each other. “That’s the thing that is most valuable,” Es said. “I would hope the bureau has still got a reasonable future.

“By talking amongst yourselves as farmers you can pick up a lot of helpful information.” While he is officially semi-retired, Es still finds plenty to do to help out his son and grandson on the Hoepner farm at Whitwarta. And as one of only 30 farmers to reach 60 years membership since the ag bureau movement began in 1888, his interest isn’t likely to wane anytime soon. “In 1948, it was the

changeover from horses to tractors,” Es said. “It was very early in the piece and methods of agriculture have kept changing over the period of time.” Es has farmed through the introduction of weed sprays and continued advancements in machinery, chemicals and seed varieties. During his time with the ag bureau, Es was secretary for 12 years. He said one thing had remained constant – the seed wheat competition, although rather than being held between members, entries are now sent to the Royal Adelaide Show. Es was presented with an award at an ag bureau dinner meeting in Balaklava last week.

Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009 3

NEWS v District

Developer: ‘Second stage next year’

More housing planned for Wattle Ridge Work may begin on the second stage of the Wattle Ridge housing development at the beginning of next year. With much of stage one now allocated to an affordable housing project, developer Colin Steinert said the second stage would comprise larger allotments – about 800 square metres each. All will be for sale rather than being part of the affordable housing project. “There won’t be any further affordable housing,” Mr Steinert said. The second stage of the Wattle Ridge development will extend from Honeysuckle Drive. While some Wattle Ridge residents have expressed concerns the affordable housing project will lower the value of their homes, Mr Steinert is confident sales within the estate will not be impacted. “They are new homes,” he said. “We don’t envisage any unsavoury type tenants – all the tenants will be well screened.” Mr Steinert said the affordable homes would be scattered throughout the existing development. He expects the quality homes will attract quality tenants. Mr Steinert explained his decision to have affordable housing within the development.

“We’ve got to keep moving along with the development, and that’s why we’ve gone into this affordable housing,” he said. “It benefits the development as far as having houses on allotments, and it benefits the community by having more people residing in Balaklava.” Mr Steinert said it was good for the community, bringing more people to the town to utilise retail services and other facilities. “People living in the community need suitable places to live,” Mr Steinert said. He believes demand for housing will continue to increase with the expansion of Primo and industries at Clare. “It might only be an extra 10 houses a year, but where are they going to go,” Mr Steinert said. He said in country towns, there may be a few blocks scattered here and there, but people were reluctant to build near older houses, and it was too expensive to buy an existing home, knock it down and rebuild. Mr Steinert said it was difficult for developers in a small country town because the profit was small and didn’t come until the end of the project, which often deterred developers. “We’re sticking our necks out in doing this development,” he said.

Rates up 5 per cent Who will be our Face of the Cup? o At 17, Balaklava’s Sharayah Kowalick (above) is the youngest of the entrants vying to be the Face of the Balaklava Cup, coming up in September. And Primo employee Kylie Kuchel, who lives in Tanunda, is another stunning young woman with a local connection. Entries closed last Friday, and included four local girls. You will meet the others next week! The winner will be announced at the launch of the Balaklava Cup on Friday, July 24 and will feature in promotional material for the race day, as well as being dressed by sponsors for race day itself, assisting with fashions on the field, and meeting and greeting people at the Balaklava Cup on September 2.

Ratepayers in the Wakefield Regional Council area can expect a five per cent rate rise this year. Council adopted its budget and rates at a special meeting last Wednesday. However, the budget comes in at a deficit of more than $600,000. Initially, council had expected a deficit of about $369,000, but this jumped significantly when depreciation of buildings on sports and recreation grounds was taken into consideration. Because of this, the deficit

does not fall in line with that predicted in council’s long term financial plan. The plan is updated every year. At this stage, council is carrying forward $96,000 from the 2008/2009 Budget, but this may change. Total valuation of the district has increased by about 3.1 per cent, with residential values rising by 10 per cent; commercial and industrial by 1.3 per cent; primary production by 0.9 per cent; vacant land by 6.6 per cent; and other land uses by 21 per cent.

Police replacements here soon A new police officer has been selected for the Brinkworth Police station. Senior Sergeant First Class Martin Bazely, Yorke Operations, said the appointment would now be gazetted. Several applications have also been received for a vacancy at Balaklava following the departure of Brevet Sergeant Steve Harwood.

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South Australia Works Yorke Region Update


Linking people, skills and jobs in the Adelaide Plains and Yorke Peninsula region


elcome to the twelfth South Australia Works in the Yorke Region Column. The South Australia Works in the Region program helps to up-skill and re-skill people in preparation for employment opportunities and helps local businesses to help their own shortages of trained staff.

Career planning YORKE ESF network recently received some funds from Careers SA to assist local people gain Cert 1V in Career Planning. The course run over six days by TAFE SA will increase the number of people across the region with the skills required to provide quality career counselling to students and their communities.

Consider working for community Thirteen participants from across the region from Riverton to Snowtown recently completed an intro to Community Services course at Clare TAFE campus which gave them an opportunity to consider a range of career pathways including aged care, childcare, community and disability services. Participants often find this short course helps them decide what interests them and then they often get work and continue to pursue further studies in their chosen fields.

Paving project a pathway to jobs

Regional service providers recently united to provide a group of local job seekers with new industry and work practice skills and the community with an upgraded facility. The project was initiated and delivered through the District Council of the Copper Coast’s Work to Work Project, managed by Angie Tucker. The Work to Work project provided local participants with training in Occupational Health and Safety and teamwork which was delivered by trainer Linda Thatcher. Participants, who started training through TAFE SA Kadina i Bridget Campus, included completing Sara, a paving project for Kadina’s Economic Development Victoria Square playground. The donation of pavers for the Officer project was arranged by Andrea Ford, of Uniting Care Wesley Kadina through their Parks Alive program.

i David Furniss, Regional Co-ordinator

Further information, go to www.yorkeregion. or contact Bridget Sara on 8862 0832.

Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009

NEWS v District

Support is there for abuse victims


S a society, we are aware Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) occurs – but it’s fair to say the average person is not aware of its frequency, effects later in life or how to deal with it. Port Wakefield resident, Sue Felby, was subject to CSA from as early as she can remember and about eight years ago, while in her mid 30s, she attended a series of workshops run by Lower North Health. For Sue, the opportunity to discuss her experience in a safe and confidential environment was the beginning of the healing process. Once she started to deal with it, Sue realised CSA had affected her on many levels including her ability to learn, being bullied and having no friends as a child, feeling like an outcast and led to her running away to join the Hare Krishnas. To cope Sue took prescription drugs, was in and out of hospital and would disassociate herself from situations. “I used to think I was an alien. “Now I realise that

Sue tells her story to encourage others to seek help By Karen Petney was a coping strategy,” she said. When Sue’s own children were born she suffered post natal depression and found it difficult to relate as a mother. “I was on edge and hyper-vigilant and there were major trust issues,” she said. “As soon as I started attending the workshops and speaking with others in my situation, I realised I was not to blame. The abuse was not my fault and I didn’t have to wear the guilt.” The next series of workshops are being held in Clare, beginning on Tuesday, July 21. The program is run in a supportive, sensitive, caring, encouraging, respectful and confidential environment over a 10

PORT Wakefield woman Sue Felby says its is hard to take the first step to get help – but she has no regrets. an incredible 20 per cent of the 710 randomly selected women An article published on the had experienced CSA. internet by The Medical Journal And while the perpetrators of Australia ( were usually known to the child, details results of a 1994 study only 10 per cent of incidents were conducted to ascertain the ever reported to the police, a docprevalence of CSA in the com- tor or a helping agency (such as munity. The study found 144 or assault services).

n How bad is it?

week period. “My life was a series of knotted threads and the workshops helped undo the knots,” she said. Now studying mental health and professional counselling so she can

provide professional help, Sue encourages others who have been subject to CSA to take the step and attend the workshops. “It’s often hard to take the step, but I have no

regrets,” says Sue who will be attending the workshops as a mentor. • For more information on the workshops contact Rose, Hilary or Gil at Lower North Health on 8841 3500.

Thieves cause double trouble Two Wells • Electrical items, jewellery, clothing and money were stolen from two homes on Aunger road, Lewiston, on Tuesday last week. Offenders smashed in doors to gain entry, and police were able to obtain evidence from one of the victim’s homes and hope it will lead them to the offender. • Two days later, offenders attempted to break into a shed on Pederick road, Lewiston. The door lock was damaged and entry gained before an alarm disturbed the offenders, who were unable to steal anything. An older model white


Put the finger on crime, call

CRIME STOPPERS 1800 333 000 Holden Commodore was seen travelling at a fast speed on Greens road, and anyone with information is urged to contact police. •More than 20 racing suits were allegedly stolen from a parked vehicle outside the Two Wells Tavern on the weekend. Police allege vehicles were interfered with outside the hotel between 11pm on Saturday and 2am Sunday. Twenty to 25 racing suits were included

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nMY name is “Duchess”. I am a I am a nine month old female Kelpie cross with a black coat. I am a lovely girl who is looking for a loving home where I will be walked and exercised daily. I will benefit greatly from dog school to help me to understand the house rules. I can be quite boisterous so I will be best suited to a home without children under 10 years. I am desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and

Adelaide Plains Vet Surgery 94 Old Pt Wakefield Rd, Two Wells SA 5501 Ph: 8520 3600 health checked. I am only $310. Contact the Animal Welfare league 1 - 19 Cormack Rd, Wingfield SA 5013. Adoptions: 10am –3pm, seven days. Phone: 8348 1300.

amongst the items stolen. The suits were red and black with white stitching and each suit has several logos, including the ‘V8 Race Experience’ logo. Anyone with information is asked to phone BankSA Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. • A Virginia man had his vehicle impounded after allegedly travelling at a dangerous speed on Gawler Road, Two Wells. The 43-year-old was caught travelling at 131km/h and was one of more than 100 drivers caught speeding on a weekend in June. • A Merriton woman was issued with an expiation notice of more than $800 for driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle on Port Wakefield Road, Lower Light, last Wednesday. Police allege the vehicle’s registration had expired in March 2009. • A Virginia man whose licence had been cancelled for traffic matters was caught driving unlicensed on Gawler road, Virginia, last Wednesday. Police said the 44year-old was fined $359 after failing to go to Services SA to renew his licence.

Balaklava • A sum of money was allegedly stolen from an unlocked safe at a hotel in Port Wakefield on Friday night. Investigations are continuing. • Vandals broke into the Balaklava High School gymnasium between Thursday last week and Sunday, removing a fire extinguisher and squirting it outside. Riverton • A Saddleworth woman was fined for allegedly drink driving in Port Wakefield in May. The 51-year-old was involved in a collision and the fine was issued following the results of a blood test. • A 54-year-old Riverton woman received a fine for towing an unregistered trailer on the Barrier Highway at Riverton. • Three teens were fined for consuming or possessing liquor in a dry zone in Clare on Saturday morning. A19-year-old Hamley Bridge female, an 18year-old Burra male and an 18-year-old Nuriootpa female were fined. The Hamley Bridge woman was also reported for disorderly behaviour and offensive language. The Nuriootpa female was fined twice within 15 minutes for the same offence as she allegedly continued offending, and following complaints from members of the

public about her manner of driving in Burra earlier the same evening, she was reported for driving while disqualified. • A 16-year-old Eudunda male was arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning and charged with breaching his bail conditions. The male was allegedly involved in a disturbance at Eudunda, breaching bail conditions related to prior offending for serious criminal trespass and theft. Clare • Thieves targeted Clare Golf Club, escaping with $8000 of golfing products from the club’s store on Thursday evening. • The following morning, it was discovered a Penwortham winery had also been targeted by thieves, who jemmied a window to gain access. • Several drivers have been cautioned by police about the use of fog lights when it isn’t foggy. New regulations mean fog lights should only be used in foggy conditions. Regional Police across the district are targeting drivers using hand held mobile phones while driving as part of an ongoing road safety campaign. Drivers are reminded telephone calls and SMS messaging should not be made or taken unless a hands free device is used. There is a $248 fine and three demerit points.

Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009

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Chance to join the party planning

Star of the North

BRINKWORTH • A public meeting to discuss this year’s Community Christmas Party CLARE Snowtown will be held in the Memorial Hall Blyth Supper Room on Monday, August Lochiel Watervale 3 at 7pm. Auburn Called by the Brinkworth Progress Saddleworth Association, the meeting is seeking Halbury Marrabel ideas from residents about what BALAKLAVA Riverton Port Wakefield sort of celebration will be held and Tarlee Owen ways in which the community can Pinery Kapunda Hamley get involved. Bridge Wasley For further information contact Dublin Mallala secretary, Anne Green 8846 2260. • “Acacias in our local area” will Two Wells GAWLER be discussed by Martin O’Leary at Virginia the next meeting on the Brinkworth Group of the Australian Plants we circulate in: Society. Auburn, Balaklava, Blyth, Brinkworth, ADELAIDE Further information from Helen Bute, Clare, Dublin, Gawler, Hamley Weckert, 8846 6086 or Andrew Bridge, Kapunda, Lochiel, Lower Light, Clucas, 8846 2167. Mallala, Manoora, Owen, Pt. Wakefield, Riverton, Rhynie, Roseworthy, BALAKLAVA Saddleworth, Snowtown, Stockport, Brinkworth


Take five


Tarlee, Two Wells, Virginia, Wasleys, Watervale, Windsor.

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Charity auction fun

• A goods and services auction is being held at Balaklava Sports Club, this Saturday (July 18), after the Balaklava v Hummocks Watchman Eagles football and netball games. Hosted by the local Relay for Life team “Ovasholdaboldaholdas”,

the auction will raise funds for the Cancer Council. Support this great night out for the whole family and raise much needed funds for the Cancer Council in the process. More information from Tania Butterfield, 0417 807814. TWO WELLS • Two Wells Public Library is offering a Tax Help Program until October, again this year. The service is valued and used by many community members. Bookings for appointments on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings are available. Contact the Library on 8520 2100 for further information, eligibility criteria and to make a booking.

News Morsels by Karen Petney

Send your story to us at The Plains Producer PO Box 63 Balaklava 5461 Email to or Fax them to 8862 1997

SNOWTOWN • Snowtown kindergarten is looking for assistance with the weeding of the new front garden. If you are interested in donating some of your spare time call Christine Townsend on 8865 2195. owen • Owen Hall Committee’s annual general meeting is being held on August 10. Gavin Marshman is keen to hear from anyone who wishes to become involved. If you are interested, why not give him a call on 8528 6220. SNOWTOWN • Snowtown next Community Management Committee meeting is on Monday night (July 20) at

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Pre-arranged Funerals FOODIES graduates (from left) Rear: Jessie Hammat, Shirley Henstridge, Carolyn Cordon, Jill Stewart, Pam Holloway, Debra Reinhardt, Al Johnston. Front: Bevan Dangerfield, Adele

First course success for ‘Foodies’ Clarification Rebecca attends BHS

• In an article in Take 5 last week, the Plains producer identified Rebecca Mahony as a student of Horizon Christian School. This was incorrect. Rebecca attends Balaklava High School. She recently competed in the Speech and Drama section of the Adelaide Eisteddfod, placing first in the 13 years “reading of an original poem” and also in the “13 years public speech.”


The first group of 10 “Community Foodies” has graduated, equipped with the knowledge to advise the community about healthy eating choices. Graduates who completed the course in Balaklava included Alan Johnson, Barb Rogers, Carolyn Cordon, Kathryn Mahony, Shirley Henstridge, Jill Stewart, Pam Holloway, Debra Reinhardt, Bevan Dangerfield and Roweena Tiller. The group recently completed a program led by Lower North Health, which guided participants through healthy eating and ways to help the community make better decisions when it came to their food choices. The six week training program covered basic food and nutrition, group work, program planning and evaluation skills. Across the state, Community Foodies are involved in running community nutrition programs in schools, kindergartens, health centres and community centres.


Have your say on local issues. Vote online via The Plains Producer readers’ poll. Go to This week’s selected on line voting results


4 Would you consider being part of a working party to help bushfire victims in Callignee, Victoria?


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Yes – 33.3%

4 Will you head to the Clare Valley to check out the first stage of the 2010 Tour Down Under?

votes: 12

Possibly – 33.3% No – 66.6%

Let The Children Know It’s OK…. to cry and feel awful. We all try to protect children from the pain in the world. However, if we exclude them from being involved when a death occurs… they may feel they have caused the event… and so complicated grief starts. Children understand death differently at different ages so I have written a pamphlet to help adults Help children. If you would like a free pamphlet, please give Gizelle a call on 8862 2101.

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Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009

NEWS v District

Marty always ‘at your service’

Dev Board restructure starts with call for your nomination

Now the big man with the big heart is easing up


By Lauren Parker

or 35 years, retired Balalava farmer Marty Barker has been a regular face at the races – but not as a racegoer. Marty has been part of a busy team of volunteers fundraising for the community through race day catering. And after more than three decades, Marty is finally slowing down and reducing his commitments. His late father introduced him to volunteering at the race track, handing him two buckets to walk around and collect cups and saucers. That only lasted one meeting before Marty was recruited to the drinks shed, selling drinks cooled on ice. “Back then the meetings had about 1000 people each month and we only had 10 or so race meetings a year,” Marty said. Now, there are more race meetings, although many attract smaller crowds, with the exclusion of the annual Balaklava Cup and Adelaide Plains Cup. However, with a wider range of food being served, the workload certainly hasn’t lessened. Each race day, 15 to 20 volunteers from Balaklava Community and Racing Club Catering Services are at the course from 8.30am until 5pm, preparing food, selling food and drinks, and counting the day’s profits. On Balaklava Cup Day, about 70

MARTY Barker gets a special farewell from his volunteer friends (from left): Joan Gregor, Leonie Enman, Dulcie Williams and Dorothy Hoepner. volunteers are needed, and Marty said he would return to help out for the Cup, Adelaide Plains Cup and Veterans Race Day each year. Funds raised by the catering group benefit six different organisations - the Balaklava Museum, Balaklava Show Society, Balaklava Hospital, Mill Court, Scouts, and Halbury Hall. Last year, the group raised a total of $28,000, although the figure usually comes in at between $20,000$22,000. A percentage of this goes to the racing club, and the remaining total is divided equally between the six organisations. For many years, Marty served as treasurer of the catering group, but has now happily relinquished the role to Ken Nelson. He said the community cater-

ing group had a strong reputation within the racing industry, with many commenting on the quality of the home-style food available at the racing club. A highlight of his time with the catering group was the 1977 racing club centenary celebrations. “I won a $10 betting voucher and put it all on one horse and the horse won, so I got over $45 for the win and $10 for the ticket,” Marty said. “I was $55 richer and in those days that was a lot of money!” Now, the catering group has a syndicate on race days, having a punt here and there. Marty said the group was a fantastic group of volunteers to work with. In addition to his involvement with the racing club, Marty has been heavily involved with the show

society for many years, including a stint as president and also as president of the Northern Areas Show Association. Now, he has scaled back his involvement to helping organise the shearing competition. Having eased back his involvement in the community, Marty hopes to eventually travel. He and his brother own a motorhome and plan to hit the road to the Great Australian Bight, Lake Eyre, and other destinations around Australia. The duo farmed at Halbury, but began leasing out the land several years ago. Marty originally lived at Virginia with his family on a small farm, but they bought a larger farm at Halbury and relocated when he was in primary school.

The call has been made for regional South Australians wanting to help shape the future of their region. The new consultative body Regional Development Australia is now seeking community members to be part of the new board, which will replace development boards and area consultative committees later this year. Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Development, Maxine McKew, SA Minister for Regional Development, Paul Caica, and president of the SA Local Government Association, Felicity-ann Lewis, have called for nominations for the RDA network of boards. This follows the signing last month of a Memorandum of Understanding between Commonwealth and State government and the SA Local Government Association. Ms McKew urged suitably qualified members of the community to apply. “If you want to get involved in nation-building for your region, then we want to see your application,” she said. “We believe Regional Development Australia will significantly improve co-operation across all levels of government for the benefit of the regions.” Seven regional RDAs and an RDAAdelaide advisory committee are being created to align with South Australia’s government regions. For more information visit

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NEWS PROFILE v District What drives the man who in just four years has risen to Deputy Leader of the Liberal Opposition? KAREN PETNEY interviews our local MP, the Member for Goyder, on his new role in parliament – and what the future holds

The rise and rise of Steven Griffiths


ocal State Member of Parliament, Steven Griffiths, is excited about taking on the role of Deputy Opposition Leader for the Liberal Party. He says the increase in workload means he has to get as much as he can out of every hour. “I will certainly be much busier as the position requires me to take on a more “state-wide” role,” he said. Mr Griffiths, the MP for Goyder, defeated Member for MacKillop, Mitch Williams, 8 votes to 6 in a party ballot held last week. His appointment followed the election of new Liberal Leader, Isobel Redmond, the first female Leader of the Opposition in South Australia. Although away from his electorate and his Maitland home more often, Mr Griffiths said he would continue to attend local functions and events as possible and talk to as many people as he could. “I know if I do not give the people of Goyder the service they expect and deserve, the 2010 State election will take away my ability to serve them in the Parliament,” he said. Mr Griffiths’ wife Donna and children Tyler and Kelsey are very proud of their husband and father, describing him as a sincere and

genuine person who is passionate about the region. Mr Griffiths, praising Donna for her role, describes his wife as “her own person” and believes it is important for her to maintain her own interests and still have the opportunity to do things important to her. “It has been a steep learning curve for me,” said Mrs Griffiths, who attends many functions with her husband. Mr Griffiths said his children were young adults, 19 and 17 years old, with their own lives and they understood the time demands of being an MP. “I miss not being with them as much, but this was going to happen anyway,” he said. The change of leadership is expected to bring a different dynamic to the Liberal’s parliamentary performance and focus on holding the government to account. Mr Griffiths’ new role will see him take on a higher profile role in parliament asking more questions during Question Time and taking “points of order” with the Speaker to keep the government focussed on the Opposition’s questions. Mr Griffiths described new leader, Isobel Redmond, as an outstanding person who is intelligent, hard working, very honest and says

STEVEN and Donna Griffiths were in Balaklava on Saturday, inspecting the Ralli Park grandstand and Wattle Ridge housing estate. what she believes, adding that he does the same. “We may not be the polished media performers but we are people who speak from our heart and have an empathy for people,” he said. “I believe South Australians will recognise the qualities Isobel brings to the role and like what they see.” Mr Griffiths believes the Liberal party can rebuild in time for the election and says water is a major issue facing voters. “I am pleased the Liberal Party called for the desalination plant first and also have a plan for stormwater capture, storage and use at a greater level than the State Government recently announced. “Our plan calls for a $400 mil-

lion project which will allow for 89 gigalitres of stormwater to be captured, stored in the aquifer and re-used annually.” Many people Mr Griffiths speaks to are also worried about their jobs. “It is important the government and opposition policies focus on opportunities to ensure employers have the greatest possible chance to be successful and keep people employed,” he said. South Australia’s road network, in particular regional roads, the Rann government’s Land Tax policy and changes to WorkCover which had not improved the return to work rate of injured workers, or decreased WorkCover levy costs, would also

be election issues. Acknowledging recent events within the Liberal Party had impacted on voter confidence, Mr Griffiths said Liberal MPs knew the period before the next election was a key time for the party and they must work together and put the needs of South Australians above everything else. “The new team is determined to earn respect and demonstrate Liberal MPs and candidates represent a viable alternative government through hard work and good policies,” he said. “Isobel is keen to ensure the parliamentary team becomes a very public face and voice working hard to hold the government to account,” he said.



The Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009

PEOPLE v Snowtown It was a busy day for the students of Snowtown Area School, as they proved ... n Snowtown Area School students were on hand before starting holidays to assist members of the community in tree planting as part of Snowtown’s various infrastructure projects, which also includes continuing improvements to the windfarm display blade area. Snowtown Lions club put on a sausage sizzle for the kids, who really worked hard and showed they were eager to improve their town.

Town pride keeps growing

n Port Wakefield police officer Richard Patching called in to help Henry Warner and Zachary Cocks.

n Malcolm McPherson assists Tayla Warner (left) and Tahlia Ebsary plant their tree, while the main picture shows the eager band of helpers hard at work.

n RIGHT: Sisters, Cassie and Carly Promnitz

• PICTURES courtesy of Clare Haynes, Wakefield Regional Council.






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NEWS v Balaklava Clean up starts on Balaklava oval grandstand:

Making it ‘grand’ again A smalL group of people started work on refurbishing the grandstand at Ralli Park in Balaklava last Friday. Young Thomas Michael (pictured) – son of Ralli Park Authority president Andrew Michael – set the example for younger members of the community, but he was the only representative from this group. About a dozen attended from 1pm on Friday, with the clean-up of pigeon droppings seen as first priority. Once netting is in place to restrict the birds, a final clean of seats will go ahead, aiming to have at least part of the seating area available for use by the end of August. Tapex, a supplier of plastics material to the agricultural sector, will donate the netting free of charge. Jeremy Lomman, Balaklava-based state manager for Tapex, said the netting would be similar to that used in vineyards. “We will need to give some thought as to how we install it,” he said. Club members from Balaklava Football and Sports clubs, Lions, the Show Society and even a well-known

golf club identity turned up to the working bee. Negotiations are continuing for the construction of new steps, which must be in place for the stand to be ready for football’s second semi final on Saturday, September 5, and Balaklava Show a few weeks later. Work will initially concentrate on the larger, middle area of the seating to ensure at least part of the stand can be used. “The offer from Jeremy and Tapex is fantastic news,” said Ralli Park president, Andrew Michael. “It’s great to see a company which is a big part of agriculture give something back to a local community. “On behalf of everyone, I thank Jeremy and Tapex for helping out.” Another working bee will be organised in the near future and announced through the Plains Producer. It is hoped representatives from other community groups will offer to lend a hand, particularly when the netting is installed.

Goyder MP, Steven Griffiths, inspected the stand during a flying visit to Balaklava at the weekend. Impressed with the building, Mr Griffiths said he would support any applications for grant funding to help restore the stand. “My electorate staff and I will liaise with the project’s organisers to ensure it is maintained in good condition and remains one of the region’s major struc- Thomas Michael had a big shovel for a big job – as did Hank Lamond, (centre) with Alan Kirkland and Maurice Tiller. tures for sport and recreational use.”

Towns present projects Champion tours Owen, Hamley

Member for Wakefield, Nick Champion visited Hamley Bridge and Owen last Wednesday to meet with the community and view progress of community infrastructure projects. He met with the Owen Community Centre Committee at Owen Town Hall, where a new floor had been placed in the kitchen through the Federal government’s community infrastructure grants. “It was really good to get out to Owen and Hamley Bridge to see the progress of the government stimulus money,” Mr Champion said. Wakefield Regional Council community development officer, David Woodroofe, then took a tour with Mr Champion, showing him other projects that were underway before heading to Hamley Bridge. There, Mr Champion met with the Hamley Bridge Community Management Committee and other community members, viewing local projects and enjoying the opportunity to chat with the locals. “It was a great day seeing how the government stimulus • With Mr Champion (centre) at Owen are Joy Woodroofe, Gavin money is starting to affect local Marshman, Brian Parker, Helen Hocking, Chris Rogers, Wakefield Regional Council community development officer, David Woodroofe, communities,” he said. Pam Burke, Phylis Martin and Rodney Reid.


Make a Difference in your Region Expressions of Interest are sought from people who are interested in joining the Regional Development Australia (RDA) network of boards in South Australia. The RDA network will enable improved communication between the people of South Australia and all levels of government. RDA replaces the Australian Government’s Area Consultative Committees and the State’s Regional Development Boards. In addition to delivering programs and services, RDA will have a broader, more strategic role to facilitate effective engagement between government and regional communities, and responsiveness to local needs. RDA boards will represent the broad interests of their region and act as a conduit for local community views to be provided to Local Government, the South Australian Government and the Australian Government. Previous board or committee experience is not essential. If you have the commitment and drive to make a contribution to your region, and are able to participate in board meetings and related activities, this is for you. RDA needs people with leadership, vision and the ability to champion regional interests and to work with all spheres of government. Applications are sought from enthusiastic people who are committed to the future of their regions. Experience in one or more of the following areas is preferred: • economic development; • business or management; • industry; • community services; • local government; or • social inclusion. Applications are encouraged from the community including women, young people, people with disabilities, people of Indigenous descent, and people with diverse cultural backgrounds. Applications from persons with a background and experience in local government will be managed by Local Government, and applicants should contact their local Council CEO. Appointments to RDA will be for periods of two or four years. Information packages, including a nomination form, are available from and If you require any additional information, please contact Stephen Whittaker on phone 02 6274 6883 or email

AT Hamley Bridge, Mr Champion is pictured with (from left) councillor Jo Lilith, Louise Wren, David Woodroofe and Jon Povey.


Expressions of interest close Sunday, 9 August 2009.


The Way

We were 5

YEARS AGO July 2004

Owen’s ‘miracle boy’, Kieren Robinson – who was lucky to be alive after having a rocky start to life, battling lung disease after being born 14 weeks early – celebrated his 10th birthday with family and friends.


YEARS AGO July 1999

Tom Lemon joined the team of doctors at Wakefield Plains Medical Clinic. Tom orginally came to Balaklava to serve a six month placement as part of his general practice training, and has been here ever since.


YEARS AGO July 1989

Port Wakefield’s Proof Range had a rather unusual suprise – Captain Potter and Gnr Mirtschin discovered a turtle in the shallows.


• July 16: Pub church, Central Hotel Riverton. • July 17: Pinery Red Cross fundraiser – speaker Andrew Barr. • Jul 18: Irish Christmas in July, Hamley Bridge; Relay For Life auction, Balaklava Sports Club. • July 20: Snowtown Community Management Committee meeting. • Jul 21: Balaklava Meals on Wheels AGM. • July 22: Australian Plants Society, Brinkworth Group meeting. • Jul 26: Blyth Community Tree Planting Day. • Jul 28: Hamley Bridge Community and Sports Centre AGM. • Jul 31, August 1, 2: Balaklava Eisteddfod. • Aug 1: Karaoke at Blyth Community Hall (fundraiser for Cancer Council). • Aug 2: Old Time Dance, Long Plains. • August 3: Public meeting Brinkworth Christmas Party. • Aug 7: Blyth paper drive. • Aug 8: Balaklava, Pt Wakefield, Owen, Mallala paper drive; Hamley Bridge


Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009

LOCAL v Living

The compulsory certificate – 1905 The book published for the Kybunga Primary School’s centenary celebrations (18811981) gives us a lot of insight into school conditions/requirements in the early days. One such example includes the examination papers for students completing their primary education in December 1905. Here are two of them: English History (Mr Smyth). Time allowed – 1 1/2 hours. Maximum marks – 60. 1. What do you know about Beaconsfield, Blake, Dunstan, Pitt, Simon deMontfort, Stephen Langton, William Wallace? 2. Give an account of the

Heritage Highlights by Norma Schopp

conversion of the English to Christianity. 3. Explain “Feudal System.” Who abolished it? And why? 4. Name the principal events which occurred in the reign of Edward I. 5. What is meant by Benevolences, Monopolies, Ordeal, Shipmoney, South Sea Bubble? 6. Give a brief account of the

American War of Independence. 7. What happened in 871, 1485, 1706, 1832? Assign dates to Siege of Calais, Introduction of Printing, Conquest of Gibraltar, Penny Post. Needlework (Mrs Hills). Time allowed – 2 hours. Maximum marks – 30. 1. Draw to scale the pattern of a nightdress sleeve. 2. Use the paper pattern provided to cut out a nightdress yoke. Let the calico be of two thicknesses, and allow extra stuff for turnings in. 3. Take a piece of calico twice the width of the back of the yoke and a few inches deep. Gather and stroke this and set it into the

The Bloodhound – docile but determined An ancient breed, the Bloodhound appeared in Europe before the Crusades. In the twelfth century, the Church were foremost in developing the breed and most monasteries maintained packs. Readily recognised by his noble and dignified expression of solemnity, wisdom and power and loose, long pendulous folds of skin around the head and neck, the Bloodhound is one of the most docile of pure breeds but his determination in following a scent trail is legendary. Known as the breed whose “nose has eyes”, Police departments world-wide have utilised the skill of the Bloodhound and one dog was credited with over 600 arrests. They have been known to follow

a trail successfully for over 250 kilometres. The Bloodhound’s task ends when he follows the scent trail to its termination and he does not attack the man he is trailing. Extremely affectionate, his nature is somewhat reserved and sensitive to either praise or correction from his owner. Bloodhounds are quick to learn but may prove obstinate in formal obedience training. Prone to drool, the swing of a Bloodhound’s enormous head can spread saliva across a room and his enormous size, food requirements and short lifespan make him a questionable choice for the average owner but for those who admire this large breed, there can be no more devoted companion.


Supported by Balaklava Veterinary Service. Phone: 8862 2088



back of the yoke, like the back of a nightdress. 4. Oversew the front edges of the yoke and make a buttonhole near the front opening. 5. Sew on a button which will fit this buttonhole. 6. Make a very small hole in stocking web and darn it. Materials required: Quarter yard calico, piece of cotton stocking web, piece of squared paper, a paper pattern of a yoke, white sewing cotton, coloured darning cotton, needles, pins, scissors, thimble, one button. These exams were for 14 year old students. How would you fare?

Plains Producer SU DOKU EASY

No 0002

7 3

5 4 1 7 6 1 2 4 9 4 5 6 3 7 1 6 8 9 2 7 9 6 5 4 4 9 5 7 2 6 3 3 7 4

Puzzle by

o FILL the grid so every row and every 3 x 3 square contains the digits 1 to 9. Solution on thius page next week.

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MONTHLY CHURCH NOTICES n The Church notices published below are supplied by local churches and will be now be repeated weekly as church service directory for each month. All care is taken in their preparation by The Plains Producer – but as we rely on information supplied, no responsibility for accuracy will be taken. Churches should advise us of any changes immediately – or in the last week of the preceding month. Please advise us of any changes by emailing

July 19

July 26

August 2

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am

anglican Balaklava.................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge..........11.00am

anglican Balaklava............ 10am & 7pm Hamley Bridge......... 10.00am Goyder.....................11.00am

anglican Balaklava.................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge..........11.00am

CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava......... Liturgy 9.00am Pt Wakefield.......Mass 9.00am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am Community church Pinery........................ 9.00am

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CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava.......... Mass 10.30am Pt Wakefield............... 9.00am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am Community church Pinery........................ 9.00am

CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava......... Liturgy 9.00am Pt Wakefield.......Mass 9.00am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am Community church Pinery........................ 9.00am

LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am

LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am

LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am

LUTHERAN Auburn....................... 9.00am Balaklava....................11.00am

LUTHERAN Balaklava.................... 9.00am Balaklava/Cafe............ 6.00pm

LUTHERAN Auburn...................... 9.00am Balaklava................... 11.00am

UNITING Mallala....................... 8.45am Two Wells................ 10.30am Owen Comm............11.00am Hamley Bridge.......... 9.15am Windsor .................... 9.00am Balaklava..................... 9.00am Nantawarra.............. No service Lochiel...................... 10.00am Pt Wakefield...............11.00am

UNITING Mallala....................... 8.45am Two Wells................ 10.30am Owen Comm............. 9.30am Hamley Bridge......... 11.00am Windsor .................... 9.00am Balaklava.................... 9.00am Nantawarra..................9.00am Lochiel..........With Nantawarra Pt Wakefield.............. 11.00am

UNITING Mallala....................... 8.45am Two Wells................ 10.30am Owen Comm............11.00am Hamley Bridge.......... 9.15am Windsor .................... 9.00am Balaklava...................10.00am Nantawarra...........With Lochiel Lochiel......................10.00am Pt Wakefield..............10.00am

The Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009


NEWS v District

Reward their service Have you received outstanding customer service? Nominations for the 2008-2009 Yorke Peninsula Celebration of Employment Awards are now open. Customers and employees are encouraged to nominate employees who display outstanding qualities and make a positive contribution to the business for which they work. Award winners from the Adelaide Plains in 2007-08 included joint small employer of the year, Carol’s Homestead Café of Snowtown, trainee of the year Lochiel’s Alexander Brackstone (Cheetham Salt) and large employer

of the year, Primo Smallgoods. This year winners will be announced on Saturday, October 10, in Balaklava. The awards are an excellent way for employers to recognise the importance of excellent customer service displayed by their staff and employees to nominate their employers for commitment to training and innovative employee incentives. Each employee category winner will receive a significant cash prize and a certificate in recognition of their achievement Nominations are open to employees and employers who work or live in the Wakefield Regional

Family tree prompts hunt for boarders Information relating to a Balaklava boarding house is being sought by a group of descendants of the Wood family – Richard and Agnes, nee Gasmier. The pair are writing a book on the first three generations born in South Australia. “We believe the house, at 28 Humphrey Street was a boarding house run by the four Misses Wood possibly between 1925 and 1939,” said descendant Julie Hallett, who lives in Adelaide. “We think the boarding house catered for young boys, from outlying farms and properties, who attended the Balaklava schools and we imagine the boys were weekly boarders and returned home on weekends.” It is understood the sisters were Henerica, Emma Jane, Amelia

Agnes Dorothy and Agnes Jane Wood. Only Agnes married and therefore the family have very little information about the other three sisters. “We would be very interested in any photos of the house in the period of 19 years of Wood ownership,” Julie said. “If anyone boarded or knew of any boarders in this period of time, we’d be very interested to hear their stories or if anyone has any information on the four sisters” The group has been in touch with Balaklava Museum, through its publicity officer, Norma Schopp, who was able to provide some assistance. The family plans to hold a reunion and launch the book at Owen Institute on Sunday, September 20. Contact Julie (Hallett), on 8387 5818 or email halletm@

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is warning people to be wary of a fraudulent email being circulated that claims to offer a 30 per cent discount on their taxes. The email uses the ATO logo and the words ‘Cut Off Taxes Program (COTP) has been released – Join Now’ in the subject heading. The email asks people to click on a link which directs them to a bogus Tax Office website and asks them to register for the program by supplying their tax file number. Tax Commissioner Michael D’Ascenzo said anyone who receives the email should delete it im-

mediately. “The Tax Office never sends emails asking people to provide personal information including tax file numbers,” Mr D’Ascenzo said. “People should always be wary of unsolicited emails claiming to be from the ATO. “As an extra precaution we recommend you type internet addresses directly into your internet browser rather than clicking on links embedded in emails.” If people have entered their tax file number or personal information on the website they should contact us immediately on 13 28 61.

Council area, District Council of the Copper Coast, District Council of the Yorke Peninsula, or District Council of the Barunga West. As in previous years, a gala awards dinner and ceremony will be held to celebrate the achievements of all nominees. The awards ceremony, which rotates around the region, will be held in the Balaklava Town Hall on Saturday October 10. Nominations close 5pm Friday, August 21. Forms are at any council office or by contacting Yorke Regional Development Board economic development officer, Bridget Sara, on 8862 0832 or bsara@

news in brief

PM brings Cabinet to Wakefield

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will bring his team to Fremont- Elizabeth City High School, on Tuesday July 28 for a Community Cabinet meeting. “The South Australian community will have an opportunity to speak directly with the Prime Minister and his Cabinet ministers,” said Wakefield MP, Nick Champion. “This is such a fantastic opportunity for the local residents of Wakefield, “The Rudd government has pledged its commitment

to listening to the views and experiences of local residents, so it can better serve their needs and interests in the community. “People attending can expect an address from Mr Rudd, followed by a question and answer session from members of the audience. Registrations were due yesterday, but Mr Champion’s office can assist with late inquiries on 8284 2422. Or phone 1800 088 323 or go to au/community cabinet.

FarmReady climate funding

SNOWTOWN’S Carol Weepers won an award last year for her service at Carol’s Homestead Cafe.

A further $6.3 million in funding will help farmers adapt to climate change across Australia. FarmReady Industry Grants funding is available to projects supporting the adaptation to climate change. Visit


If you’re looking for work, we’ll help guide you

Tax office warns of ‘discount’ offer

From 1 July, the Australian Government nment is replacing employment services, such as ch. Job Services Australia can offer training and support Job Network, with a new tailored approach. that’s right for you, to help you find work. It’s the job service that’s built around you.

Find out what Job Services Australia can do for you. C a l l 13 17 6 4 o r v i s i t a u s t r a l i a . g o v. a u / j o b s e r v i c e s a u s t r a l i a Authorised by the Australian an Government Go Government, ernment Capital Hill Hill, Canberra Canberra.










Guide v TV seven dayTV 7 DAY GUIDE

Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009 Week commencing July 16

The Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009

The Good Food

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With a pleasantly comfortable dining room, supported by a well equipped kitchen, The Roseworthy is the ideal place for a family night out.

Leitch’s Roseworthy Hotel Main North Rd, Roseworthy - 8524 8014

Whether it’s lunch for one – or a banquet for many ...

Clare Castle Hotel

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3 Made to order *48 hours notice please 3 Whole cakes 3 Cheesecakes 3 Freshly prepared delicious meals

Wendy’s Cafe N Cakes Ph: 8862 2123 - 14 Edith Tce, Balaklava

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at The Port Parham Sports & Social Club

• Lunch & dinner 7 days - 12-2pm and 6-8pm • Daily specials • $6.90 roast daily • Winter special pie floaters $6.90

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Royal Hotel WHO could resist these tempting scones, baked fresh by Wendy Schulz? Yummy• Yummy meals 7 days, lunch & dinner, $7 Lunch Specials meals 7 days • Lunch & dinner Yummy meals 7 days, lunch & dinner, $7 Lunch Specials • $7BREAKFAST lunch specials SUNDAY 9-11am, SUNDAY BREAKFAST 9-11am, night $10 schnitzel, 6pm$13, - 9pm Pasta•&Tuesday Pizza Night every Thursday - adults kids $7 •& Functions, catering • licensed beer$13, garden Pasta Pizza Night every Thursday adults kids $7 Functions, Catering, Licensed Beer Garden, Tab facilities, • TAB facilities • ATM • Pokies - gamble responsibly Functions, Beer Garden, Tab$13, facilities, • Pasta & Catering, pizza nightLicensed ever - adults kids $7 ATM &Thursday Pokies

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Gungellan Hotel

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Bellie’s Takeaway Wasleys Rd, Mallala - Phone: 8527 2179 River Light Bakehouse Open 7 days

• Home made gourmet bread • Large range of pies & cakes • Organic fair trade coffee • Dine in our cafe or take away Open Weekdays 9am - 4.30pm & Weekends 9am - 3.30pm

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Wendy caters for every occasion W

ord is out! Wendy’s Café n Cakes offers fabulous freshly brewed coffee and the yummiest mouthwatering delicacies in town. The country atmosphere makes the Balaklava café the perfect place to have a quiet coffee or to hold a larger gathering. As well as homemade biscuits, cakes, scones and muffins, owner Wendy Schulz offers a good variety of light food such as healthy salads, quiche, platters, sandwiches, baguettes, rolls, doorstops and wraps with a large range of fillings. Baked potatoes and nachos are something a little different and Wendy’s home made soup is sure to please during cooler weather. On Thursdays, Wendy offers a hot meal such as beef casserole and mash, lasagne or pasta bake. Why not give yourself the night off by ordering one of Wendy’s quiches, pastie slice or sausage rolls. All food is made the old fashioned way from fresh, natural ingredients and prepared from scratch - you won’t find a pre-mix on the premises! Visitors to Balaklava will have a chance to

sample Wendy’s wares again this year, when the cafe opens for the Eisteddfod weekend (July 31 to August 2). Quality award winning occasional cakes for weddings, birthdays or dessert for your next barbecue can be ordered. Fresh ingredients are used to create Wendy’s masterpieces and fruit cake, sponge, blackforrest or mud cake are just some of the choices of cakes. Traditional “plastic” icing, frostings, chocolate or whipped cream can be used as icing, and Wendy will decorate cakes made by others. Individual made to order cakes and desserts can be made with just 24-48 hours notice. To create a truly unique special occasion cake Wendy requires a week’s notice for a basic design and longer for a more so-

phisticated order. When planning your next special occasion, call in and discuss your ideas with Wendy as soon as you can. For those wanting to decorate their own cakes, bulk icing and decorating supplies, cupcake containers and platters are also available. As well as providing a top selection of food, Wendy can assist with catering. Savoury and sweet finger food, and a variety of platters (cheese, antipasto, meat, sandwiches or baguettes and wraps) are popular. Whether it’s lunch for one or a banquet for many, why not call in and discuss your requirements with Wendy. • Wendy’s Café n Cakes is at 14 Edith Terrace, Balaklava and is open from 8.30am– 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. Ph: 8862 2123.

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Catering for functions… •Weddings and outside catering available Thursday Night Schnitzel Night $9.90


Sunday Roast $8.50

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Lakeview Hotel Bring the family in on Friday or Saturday nights between 6 & 8 and enjoy delicious meals from our new menu

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OWENARMSHOTEL Phone: 08 85286008

Empire Cafe Come and enjoy our mouthwatering oven pizzas in our friendly family licensed restaurant Open: • Mon - Thur, 4 til late • Fri - Sun, 12 noon til late

108 Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells 9 Howe Street, Balaklava - Ph: 8862 1977

Phone: 8520 2800


Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009


The Eagles host Sam Newman at Port Wakefield ...

Sam Newman with, at left, Rising Sun hotel hosts, Andrew and Suzie Fontaine and, above, with Sean Williams, Emily Noack and Dustin Guthberg. BELOW: Enjoying the night are (from left) Caitlin Mackay, Bonnie Nicholls, Beth Germein.

The game is just part of the fun for our local football and netball clubs: A

bout 130 people gathered at the Rising Sun Hotel on Saturday evening for one of Hummocks Watchman Eagles’ best attended social events for the season. Football media personality Sam Newman attracted a crowd not only of supporters and sponsors, but also from the wider region. The club organised the evening as a thankyou to its sponsors, with a two course meal and entertainment by Sam Newman, who spoke about his work in the media and general life. And those who came to hear him were not disappointed, with Sam speaking for about an hour before sticking around to answer questions.

PICTURES courtesy of Dustin Guthberg.

It was a fashion time warp as a ‘night at the races’


he competition was fierce in a night of 1970s glamour as the Longies guys and girls strutted their stuff on the red carpet for Fashions on the Field at 1979 a Night at the Races on Saturday night. The racegoers were adorned in a mixture of 70s and 80s fashion as syndicates tried their luck in the races - metal horses in a series of sprints which all came down to the roll of a dice. Jacki Behsmann was named ladies fashion winner, closely followed by Erin Warnes, who had raided her mother’s wardrobe for a black velvet mini dress. In the men’s fashion stakes the competition was even tighter, with the appearance of safari suits, jockeys silks, and 70s style suits. The men resorted to break-dancing, posing, and any other means possible to capture the attention of the judges before the competition was whittled down to four finalists - Kelvin Tiller, Tom Guerin, Michael Trussell and Glen Graham, with Kelvin eventually being named winner. LEFT: Taryn Hall, Jana Lange, Brodie Hall and Ruth East went all out to impress the judges.

PICTURES: Lauren Parker

The Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009


NEWS v District

‘wild west’ in Balaklava and 70s fun at Long Plains LEFT: Lee-anne McCracken, Derek Friedrichs, Carly and Sam Gregor

Michelle Williams and Terissa Smart

TOP LEFT: Howdy pardner! Michelle Davey (left) and Gaynor Tink.

! l l e W

ABOVE: Dee Daniel, Leigh Wright and Carolyn Michael. LEFT: Vinny Taylor and Peter Butterfield

All played There were cowboys, indians, and even cowboy Teletubbies when Balaklava Football Club held its major fundraiser on Saturday night as more than 170 people gathered for a Western Rump and Red night. Held at Balaklava Racing Club, the evening raised more than $5000 for the club as supporters enjoyed a three course meal catered for by the social committee and Marc’s Meats. There were plenty of unique cowboys and

indians around the venue, but the Evans brothers stole the show dressed as Teletubbies - complete with a gun holster and pistol to keep in with the western theme. Adelaide band Raise the Roof was popular, while an auction of a three course meal for 10 (catered for by the social committee) was auctioned for nearly $1200.

• PICTURES courtesy of Terissa Smart.

TELETUBBIES “western style” – the Evans brothers, from left, Luke, Andrew and Jonothan.

proved a winner in Tigerland

LEFT: Finalists in the fashion stakes and looking stunning in their 70s and 80s gear are (from left) Melanie Baker, winner Jacki Behsmann and Marni Jones. ABOVE: Not to be outdone by the ladies, (from left) winner Kelvin Tiller, Glen Graham and Tom Guerin


Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009

SPORT v Sport

What’s The Score? TIGER Simon Dalgleish attempts to spoil a mark by Eagle Sam Jericho during the A grade game at Long Plains on Saturday.

Virgina Nursery has the answer!

Gawler Rd, Virginia- Ph: 8380 9560

United HW Eagles

APFL results from Saturday – Round 12 A Grade Senior Colts 3.5 1.2

3.6 5.6

7.10 8.8

12.12 11.11

(84) (77)

Mallala Balaklava

4.1 1.2

6.3 3.6

12.7 3.8

16.10 (106) 4.10 (34)

Virginia Hamley Bridge

6.4 0.2

13.6 18.12 25.19 (169) 2.5 3.7 3.8 (26)

Best: United- M.Pym, H.Pym, J.McArdle, W.Banton, A.Mansfield, B.Shimman; HW Eagles- R.Reid, T.Sharpe, J.Wilson, L.Belperio, D.Thomas, S.Light  Goals: United- J.McArdle 4, T.Guerin 2, B.Sobey 2, B.Sharman, J.East, H.Pym, B.Shimman; HW Eagles- D.Thomas 4, S.Jericho 3, J.Wilson, M.Higgs, S.Light, J.Manners

Best: Virginia- C.Mylonopoulos, P.Mylonopoulos, A.Johnston, A.Bascombe, G.Rigney, M.Young; Hamley Bridge- J.Latimer, J.Schahinger, T.Smith, L.Slok, A.Hill, J.Frenken  Goals: Virginia- A.Geradis 7, E.Tsimiklis 3, S.Schutt 3, A.Johnston 3, C.Mylonopoulos 2, M.Young 2, A.Bascombe, D.Alderson, G.Rigney, C.Darward, C.Campbell; Hamley Bridge- B.Burgess, J.Latimer, L.Pratt

United HW Eagles

B Grade 6.0 0.2

7.5 1.3

10.9 1.4

13.12 4.6

(90) (30)

Best: United- T.Opitz, C.Mason, J.Baker, L.Michalanney, A.Pratt, S.Radecki; HW Eagles- M.Mckay, R.Koch, J.Taylor, J.Anderson, M.Curnow, B.Higgs  Goals: United- A.Pratt 4, M.McArdle 2, T.Opitz, S.Radecki, J.Baker, M.Starr, C.Mason, D.Carter, D.Goodenough; HW Eagles- R.Koch 2, S.McGuiness, B.Higgs

Mallala Balaklava

3.2 0.2

3.2 0.5

7.6 0.5

7.8 1.8

(50) (14)

Best: Mallala- R.Kerr, K.Jameson, B.Tucker, J.Barr, J.Morgan, J.Wildbore; Balaklava- H.Battle, K.Michalanney, L.Simon, L.Wright, M.Bond, S.Henderson  Goals: Mallala- R.Kerr, G.White, S.Angus, M.Linn, J.Morgan, D.Tiller, J.Wildbore; Balaklava- H.Elsworthy

Hamley Bridge Virginia

BBH Rams North Clare

This Week’s Winner ‘Supporting junior sport throughout the region’ 8862 2066 - Balaklava

APFL Footy Face

Name: Christian Rimmer Nickname: Rimmer DOB: 29/08/1984 Team: Mallala Guernsey Number: 5 Position: Full back Favourite AFL team: Freo, West Adelaide Who is the most damaging player (on or off field) in your club? Pete Kirvan Who is your club’s hardest worker (on or off field)? Kozzie (groundsman) Highlight of footy career? Getting picked most weeks What’s your number one passion outside of footy? Reading long novels If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be? Perez Hilton Last movie you saw? 17 Again If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money? Put it all on Black If you were a car, what kind would you be? Camira

4.4 2.0

5.5 4.4

6.9 5.5

9.10 6.6

(64) (42)

Best: Hamley Bridge- A.Slok, L.Rosenzwig, L.Morgante, J.Frenken, S.Wedding, I.Naulty; Virginia- A.Leo, R.Starr, B.Ingram, B.Zito, B.Farrugia, C.Halkias  Goals: Hamley Bridge- P.Pittam 2, C.Martin, S.Butler, L.Morgante, J.Frenken, A.Slok; Virginia- A.Leo 3, I.Yauuz, J.Musolino, R.Starr

Each week The Plains Producer & Osctrot Carriers are giving away a football or netball. If you are pictured (right), contact The Plains Producer on 8862 1977 to claim your prize this week.

South Clare BSR Tigers

4.2 5.3

8.6 9.5

9.7 13.8

16.12 (108) 14.10 (94)

1.3 3.1

5.6 6.1

13.7 7.4

18.10 (118) 10.4 (64)

Best: South Clare- S.Heinrich, M.Reynolds, A.Vandeleur, B.Sanford, C.Sommerville, S.Parish; BSR Tigers- D.Smith, A.Mckenrie, B.Reschke, P.Jones, P.Meyer, T.Weckert  Goals: South Clare- W.Hutchinson 4, J.Wagner 3, S.Heinrich 3, M.Snaddon 2, M.Reynolds 2, S.Lewis 2, S.Buridge, A.Heinrich; BSR TigersD.Smith 4, D.Mellow 2, B.Pilkington 2, C.Weckert, P.Meyer

RSMU Hawks Blyth/Snow

2.3 3.7

6.5 6.10

12.7 9.13

15.9 12.18

(99) (90)

Best: RSMU Hawks- C.Mullins, L.Sandland, D.Williams, B.Harrison, J.Redden, D.Rowett; Blyth/Snow- R.Darling, A.Lockwood, M.Wandel, B.Moffatt, N.Humphrys, S.Clifford  Goals: RSMU Hawks- S.Noack 3, L.Sandland 2, C.Mullins 2, P.Clark 2, J.Williams 2, D.Schulz, B.Koster, T.Willmott, T.Jordon; Blyth/Snow- B.Moffatt 3, M.Wandel 2, A.Lockwood 2, G.Ottens 2, C.Kennett, R.Darling

3.4 1.0

5.7 2.2

9.12 3.4

12.13 4.6

(85) (30)

Best: Min/Man- A.Ackland, M.Young, B.Brysky, A.Bevis, B.Currie,; Eudunda- Z.Hambour, S.Biacsi, L.Hambour, M.Cussadia, E.Mumford, B.Dunn  Goals: Min/Man- S.Baraglia 3, A.Fogden 2, M.Prince 2, B.Kerslake, L.McDermid, A.Bevis, A.Ackland, B.Sandow; Eudunda- A.Bray, A.Zerner, R.Schmidt, D.Cluse

B Grade

North Clare 2.6 BBH Rams (37)

If you could take anyone on your next footy trip, who would it be? Ronny D What is the best, weirdest or grossest item in your fridge? Best – lebanese cucumber

Prodly Sponsored by…

3.6 0.2

6.9 3.2

7.12 4.5

(54) 5.7

Best: North Clare- P.Redden, B.Sweetman, D.Bones, T.Siv, S.Victor, M.Dopson; BBH Rams- D.Miller, J.Little, T.Martin, B.Norris, B.Stockman, D.Booth  Goals: North Clare- N.Jones 3, B.Sweetman 2, D.Bones, D.Smith; BBH Rams- T.Martin 2, M.Cousins, M.Van, J.Gebhardt

BSR Tigers South Clare

9.3 0.0

18.5 24.11 29.14 (188) 0.0 1.0 2.0 (12)

Best: BSR Tigers- N.Adams, D.Jones, S.Nicholls, B.Weckert, F.Nicholls, A.Mellow; South Clare- K.Hudson, T.Lally, H.Carracher, M.Salter, S.Smith, N.Smith  Goals: BSR Tigers- D.Jones 8, B.Weckert 7, A.Mellow 6, N.Adams 2, N.Martin 2, N.Burford 2, M.Ramm, A.Moller; South Clare- M.Jenner, A.Quick

Blyth/Snow RSMU Hawks

2.1 2.2

5.3 4.3

7.6 4.3

8.6 6.4

(54) (40)

Best: Blyth/Snow- B.Pratt, R.Baxter, M.Price, A.Price, A.Dyke, J.Pratt; RSMU Hawks- S.Griffiths, F.McInerney, G.Linke, P.Browne, S.Przibilla, T.Shearer  Goals: Blyth/Snow- M.Price 3, J.Pratt 2, M.Wilkinson, A.Dyke, M.Williams; RSMU Hawks- S.Griffiths 3, J.Schmaal, J.Smith, G.Linke

566 Waterloo Corner Road, Burton - Phone: 8280 6475 Fax: 8280 6772 Mobile: 0408 829 541 Web: Email:

Eudunda Min/Man

HW Eagles United

0.2 2.4

7.4 2.4

8.4 2.4

11.7 2.8

(73) (20)

Balaklava Mallala

3.2 1.2

7.3 1.4

8.8 3.6

12.8 5.7

(80) (37)

Virginia Hamley Bridge

7.2 1.3

9.3 2.3

16.6 2.3

16.7 6.6

(103) (42)

Best: HW Eagles- T.Rowe, N.Jericho, S.McGuiness, J.Anderson, C.Scott, C.Watson-Lane; United- J.Curnow, M.McIntyre, M.Avery, W.Bedell, J.Bugeja, A.McArdle  Goals: HW Eagles- N.Jericho 7, T.Rowe, J.Anderson, B.Taylor, Z.Zilm; United- M.McIntyre 2 Best: Balaklava- B.Koch, L.Michael, R.McPharlin, T.Shepherd, C.Ruiz, J.Jenner; Mallala- Z.Priest, L.Gosling, L.Helps, K.Algar, W.Farelly, D.McLean  Goals: Balaklava- C.Ruiz 4, T.Shepherd 2, R.McPharlin, L.Williams, D.Pfeiffer, B.Harkness, R.McDonald, L.Michael; Mallala- Z.Priest 2, L.Helps, L.Gosling, L.Gardner Best: Virginia- S.Soloman, R.Young, A.Lewis, J.Bradbrook, J.Bogar, N.Seccafien; Hamley Bridge- B.Fritz, M.Gregory, A.Power, B.Case, M.O’Neil, J.Smith  Goals: Virginia- S.Soloman 6, R.Young 2, J.Booth-Elliot 2, R.Marando 2, N.Seccafien 2, J.Bogar, R.Leo; Hamley Bridge- M.Gregory 3, M.O’Neil, A.Power, K.Hewitt

United HW Eagles

Junior Colts 3.2 0.1

3.3 1.1

4.7 1.1

4.7 4.5

(31) (29)

Mallala Balaklava

2.3 0.0

3.3 1.2

6.7 1.2

7.8 1.4

(50) (10)

Hamley Bridge Virginia

1.2 2.3

3.7 2.3

4.7 3.7

7.9 3.8

(51) (26)

Best: United- C.Lee-Chapman, J.Rattray, D.Zanker, J.Bugeja, R.Curnow, A.McArdle; HW Eagles- J.Zilm, T.Andrew, M.Hill, J.Appleby, T.Williams,  Goals: United- C.Lee-Chapman, J.Hunter, J.Bugeja, J.Rattray; HW Eagles- C.Scott 2, D.Ashby, M.Hill Best: Mallala- J.Birchmore, H.Kirvan, J.Hooper, A.Coe, J.Good, N.Goudie; Balaklava- J.Butterfield, J.Spaeisspegger, T.Michael, J.Michael, B.Hamann,  Goals: Mallala- A.Coe 4, J.Birchmore 2, C.Pritchard; Balaklava- B.Hamann Best: Hamley Bridge- C.Maxwell, T.Darwin, S.Collings, B.Sellar, M.Campian, D.Collings; Virginia- N.Seccafien, A.Pogas, A.Drew, B.Martin, J.Hocking, C.Hocking  Goals: Hamley Bridge- N.Pycroft, J.Paues, L.Henneker, T.Darwin, R.Darwin, K.Hewitt, S.Collings; Virginia- H.Farrow 2, B.Farrow Next Saturday Matches

• Balaklava vs HW Eagles • Mallala vs Two Wells • United vs Virginia • Hamley Bridge bye

NEFL results – Round 10 A Grade Senior Colts

Best: BBH Rams- A.Purchase, A.Spicer, P.Mann, B.Wall, C.Cooper, J.Schuppan; North Clare- B.Pudney, M.Ward, A.Waters, G.Wilkins, J.Nicholas, D.Ellis  Goals: BBH Rams- B.Wall 5, M.Phin 3, J.Schuppan 2, S.Tohl 2, D.Reed, N.Stacey, N.Schurmann, T.Whittlesea; North Clare- G.Wilkins 5, B.Pudney 3, T.Woodpats, C.Jaeschke, W.Smith, D.Ellis, A.Waters, M.Pawley

Min/Man Eudunda

If you were on the front page of the newspaper, what would the headline say? “Rimmer picked again”

8am to 5pm

• Potted Colour • Water Features • 1,000 pots to clear

Best: Mallala- L.Whitwell, C.Rimmer, R.Montgomerie, B.Hardie, J.Montgomerie, M.Birchmore; Balaklava- N.Yates, L.Evans, J.Tiller, D.Gardner, B.Catford, J.Michael  Goals: Mallala- B.Montgomery 3, D.Feeley 3, M.Birchmore 3, C.Rimmer 2, B.Hardie 2, B.Griffiths, R.Montgomery, B.Start; Balaklava- J.Evans 3, J.Michael


Open 7 DAYS

4.0 1.2

6.0 3.4

6.4 4.5

7.5 5.8

(47) (38)

Best: Eudunda- J.Vandenham, C.Smith, C.Schutz, R.Westover, S.Riley, R.Reese; Min/Man- S.Camilleri, M.Hadley, A.Williams, N.Schoenberg, N.Bentley,  Goals: Eudunda- W.Dodd 3, D.Blumson 2, D.Pearson, R.Lieschke; Min/Man- R.Dixon 2, N.Schoenberg 2, T.Grace

North Clare BBH Rams

2.2 2.0

3.3 3.3

4.7 4.4

8.9 6.4

(57) (40)

BSR Tigers South Clare

11.1 1.0

21.5 29.10 32.19 (211) 1.0 1.1 1.1 (7)

RSMU Hawks Blyth/Snow

3.3 3.2

4.4 3.3

5.9 4.4

5.11 5.6

(41) (36)

Min/Man Eudunda

2.1 1.3

4.2 2.6

6.2 2.8

7.3 3.9

(45) (27)

7.5 5.5

(47) (35)

Best: North Clare- N.Bray, J.Dunstan, M.Makin, M.Edwards, T.Huppatz, J.Pritchard; BBH Rams- J.Lynch, T.Pumpa, S.Ponnsne, M.Weichs, C.Desmet, J.Williams  Goals: North Clare- N.Bray 4, J.Pritchard 2, T.Huppatz, B.Jones; BBH Rams- M.Weichs 4, T.Pumpa 2 Best: BSR Tigers- S.Martin, K.Burgess, T.Stephenson, B.Mitchell, N.Hayes, M.Shane; South Clare- N.Smith, C.Napper, J.Eyers, P.Vonheyamnick, Goals: BSR Tigers- M.Shane 7, K.Burgess 6, S.Martin 5, T.Stephenson 5, B.Mitchell 3, N.Hayes 3, D.Williams 2, A.Fitzgerald; South Clare- P.Vonheyamnick Best: RSMU Hawks- B.Moreton, N.Jordan, J.Molineux, T.Connell, M.Simmons, A.Rowett; Blyth/Snow- R.Ottens, D.Krieg, C.Andriske, J.Growden, S.Underdown, M.Atkinson  Goals: RSMU HawksS.Jordan 2, M.Rohde 2, M.Simmons; Blyth/Snow- J.Growden 4, S.Krieg Best: Min/Man- B.Sandow, J.Sandow, P.Hill, C.McBride, C.McBride, L.Bruhn; Eudunda- C.Redemski, D.Reese, A.Dunstan, K.Milde, P.Voigt,  Goals: Min/Man- T.Friebel 2, J.Sandow, A.Young; EudundaJ.Schulz, S.Roocke, C.Voigt

North Clare BBH Rams

Junior Colts 2.4 1.0

3.4 2.0

5.5 4.1

South Clare BSR Tigers

6.6 0.0

11.9 17.10 20.13 (133) 0.0 0.0 0.0 (0)

RSMU Hawks Blyth/Snow

3.2 0.0

10.3 0.0

Eudunda Min/Man

3.3 0.0

11.7 19.10 26.16 (172) 0.0 0.0 0.0 (0)

Best: North Clare- S.Gerrard, J.Smith, L.Jaeschke, H.Calaby, B.Earle, D.Sidler; BBH Rams- B.Radford, A.Linder, T.Weich, J.Cousins, L.Roth, J.Chandler  Goals: North Clare- B.Earle 2, T.O’Sullivan 2, J.Ward, J.Smith, N.Edwards; BBH Rams- C.Linder 3, J.Cousins, T.Weich Best: South Clare- L.Dunstan, R.Knight, D.Minney, D.Day, K.Ward, P.Vonheyamnick; BSR Tigers- I.Moller, C.Longbottom, J.Hayes, R.Fitzgerald, ,  Goals: South Clare- L.Dunstan 8, R.Knight 2, D.Day 2, J.Pearse 2, P.Vonheyamnick 2, K.Ward, W.Weetra, B.Day, D.Minney;

14.4 0.0

18.10 (118) 0.0 (0)

Best: RSMU Hawks- P.Callery, H.Behn, M.Rohde, S.Ball, L.Michalany, J.Schultz; Blyth/Snow- A.Giles, L.Ashby, D.Toholke, T.Norton, J.Andriske, R.Smart  Goals: RSMU Hawks- J.Connell 5, Z.Jolly 4, L.Michalany 3, M.Rohde 3, S.Ball 2, H.Behn; Best: Eudunda- C.Blumson, S.Nietschke, E.Dunstan, I.Blumson, K.Milde, B.Biscan; Min/Man- A.Grosset, W.Pearson, T.Milburn, B.Smith, E.Long, N.Bruce  Goals: Eudunda- I.Blumson 9, S.Nietschke 5, K.Milde 3, B.Biscan 3, J.Leditschke 2, J.Riley, E.Dunstan, J.Harrison, C.Reese;

Next Week Matches • Min/Man vs North Clare • South Clare vs RSMU Hawks • BBH Rams vs BSR Tigers • Blyth/Snow vs Eudunda

Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009


sport v Football

Reality check for Peckers Mallala snap out of mid season ‘slump’ By Lindsay Nesbit

Mallala 16-10 (106) d Balaklava 4-10 (34)

A grade

Mallala snapped out of their mid-season mini slump with an emphatic 72-point crushing of Balaklava. With Mallala losing two out of their last three, and Balaklava putting together three on the trot, the Peckers would have given themselves a real chance of toppling the ladder leaders. But the Peckers, in their charge towards the finals, were about to receive a reality check. Balaklava were still in the picture at half time but rarely raised a sweat after that, Mallala kicking 10 goals to one from that point on. The ground was soft underfoot following constant drizzle virtually all Friday and overnight. Mallala kicked with a breeze which tended to fluctuate in intensity, but still worth a few goals. A good opening 10 minutes with Balaklava applying plenty of pressure. But with Christian Rimmer, Ryan Montgomerie, Liam Whitwell, and Joel Montgomerie all getting plenty of the ball early, it was only a matter of time before something gave. A strong lead from Brian Montgomery soon had the home side with its first goal. Rimmer followed soon after, then Daniel Feeley, then Brad Griffiths. At four goals to nil Mallala had made good use of the breeze. Nathan Yates in defence for Balaklava kept the damage to the Peckers to a minimum. Yates was kept busy in the first term. Jonothan Evans got one back late in the term for Balaklava. The Evans goal was the first in A or B grade to be scored at the northern end against the breeze. Brenton Lamond also took a couple of marks and while this prodigious kick had no trouble with the distance, the accuracy just wasn’t there. Mallala had kept their bogyman Hayden Walker under constant pressure nullifying his influence. A handy 17 point lead at the first break, but with Balaklava having the

breeze in the second quarter, the game was expected to tighten up. Another Jonothan Evans goal kept Balaklava’s hopes alive. Brenton Lamond continued taking some good marks, but unfortunately for Balaklava could only continue to kick points. Evans again showed Balaklava how to kick goals. He bagged his third and there was only two points in it. Jonothan Brice was having a good game for Balaklava and Hayden Walker was starting to break free and get a few touches. Ryan Montgomerie’s second term was as good as his first. Liam Whitwell as good as ever, and Brad Hardie back to his best. Pecker Ben Catford had been one of their better players, and was sorely missed when he went off for the blood rule. Just when the game was in the balance, the closing minutes of the second quarter were to shape the remainder of the match. Against the breeze, Brian Montgomery got his second, Brad Hardie following. Mallala had again put breathing space between themselves and their opponents. Mallala didn’t let half time break their momentum. The two late second quarter goals were only an appetiser for the third quarter feast. Daniel Feeley put his ‘soccer’ skills to best use when he scored a miracle goal early in the third term. Not to be outdone Brian Montgomery, outside 50m, against the boundary line, it was never going to miss. Brad Hardie, also outside 50m, a kick that just cleared a congested goal square. Three goals to open the quarter with, all inspirational, all brilliant. Mallala were on fire, and not finished yet. Matthew Birchmore was not only getting plenty of the ball, but he decided to join the goal kickers, and soon had two to his name. Such was the dominance of Mallala in this third quarter

that defender Robert Montgomery decided to wander down to the forward lines and join brother Brian among the goal scorers. Robert not only is a key defender, but handy goal kicker as well. It seemed like an eternity since the last Evans major for Balaklava. Things went from bad to worse for Balaklava when the umpires decided to send Hayden Walker on a 10 minute sin-bin ‘holiday’. Ben Catford reappeared for Balaklava sporting a nose bandage. David Yates was trying his hardest in the Pecker backlines against overwhelming odds. The Mallala juggernaut just kept on rolling in the last term with early goals to Matthew Birchmore and Christian Rimmer. The breeze not in the equation the way Mallala were playing. Ten unanswered goals spanning three quarters had completely blown Balaklava away. Belatedly Justin Michael got the fourth and final Balaklava goal, but even here the Peckers were assisted by a 50m penalty. Further goals to Brett Start, a beauty under pressure, and another to Daniel Feeley for his third rounded out a big win to Mallala. Liam Whitwell was in everything for the full four quarters. Christian Rimmer likewise, a full game effort. Ryan Montgomerie was again sensational. Brad Hardie was back to his best. Joel Montgomerie, in his first game back, just picked up where he had left off, and Matthew Birchmore was at his skilful best. Tim Cawrse with the task on Brenton Lamond in the first half, and Hayden Walker in the second half kept both big men quiet, no mean feat. Mallala just too good all over the ground. Balaklava had Nathan Yates busy in defence all day. Luke Evans, Jamie Tiller, and Danny Gardner battled hard all day.

A DESPERATE attempt by Peckers Jonothan Evans and Kane Ruiz to bring down Mallala’s Ryan Montgomerie, as Jonothan Brice (background) looks on during the A grade game.

Mallala runs out easy winners over Peckers reserves

Second placed Mallala versus third placed Balaklava looked a good contest on paper, but it turned out to be a one-sided affair, Mallala home by a comfortable six goals. Mallala kicked with the aid of the breeze in the first quarter and were immediately into attack, the ball spending most of its time in the Mallala’s forward lines. Sam Angus kicked the Pies’ first before Jonno Wildbore produced a sensational effort. Hard up against the boundary line, and kicking across the breeze, Jonno got the Pies’ second. Reece Kerr is having a big year and continues to be central to the success of the Mallala team. Kerr’s skills soon had the third Mallala goal. Sam Angus and Reece Kerr having good opening quarters for Mallala, along with Ben Work in his first game back after a long break. Kerry Michalanney at full back kept busy for Balaklava and was easily the best of the Pecker

Mallala 7-8 (50) d Balaklava 1-8 (14) defenders. Shaun Henderson was winning in ruck, but his influence lessened by the Mallala mid-field which was well on top. With Balaklava having the breeze in the second quarter a comeback was anticipated. It never happened. While Balaklava kept Mallala scoreless the visitors could not exert any influence on the scoreboard adding only three behinds. It was over ten minutes into the term before Balaklava kicked a point. Mallala pressure meaning Balaklava was breaking down across centre half forward. Brett Tucker at centre half back for Mallala was to prove a dominant player all game. The Mallala defence boosted by a B grade mark of the year contender to Darren Carpenter. A huge

mark on the last line of defence. Balaklava couldn’t buy a goal. What looked certain to be their first, straight in front, 25m out, went out of bounds on the full. Kale Jamieson Reece Kerr, and James Barr all had a good second term. Balaklava with plenty of triers. Daniel Tezacker, Hayden Battle, Kerry Michalanney, Martin Bond, and Dylan Sellar were getting the ball, but the Mallala defence stood tall. No goals to half time and with a healthy second term breeze must have had the Balaklava hierarchy concerned. The Mallala victory was virtually assured in the third term with two early goals. Derek Tiller and Graham White giving the home side what looked more and more like a match winning lead. The

only sour note for Mallala was an accidental clash in which Sam Angus came off concussed. But that just spurred Mallala on with Matthew Linn adding a goal almost immediately. Jase Morgan was playing his best game for a while and capped it off with a big goal from about 50m. Balaklava left with no answers and nothing happening. Not even the breeze could win it for Balaklava. Hayden Battle showed his experience getting plenty of the ball, but he couldn’t do it on his own. James Barr and Rhys Argent providing Mallala with lots of drive. Kale Jamieson was another Magpie with a big third term. Balaklava came out peppering the goals in the last term but as had been the case all game, couldn’t kick a goal to save themselves. Mallala desperate to try and keep Balaklava goalless. It wasn’t to be. Persistence eventually paid off when Hayden Elsworthy finally put the Peckers on the board after a free kick and penalty. The Elsworthy goal proved to be the last of the match. A game that produced eight goals in total, and eight individual goal kickers. Reece Kerr was best on ground again for Mallala with plenty of help from the most improved Kale Jamieson, Brett Tucker and Jase Morgan. James Barr and Rhys Argent having huge second halves. Hayden Battle the pick of the Peckers over the four quarters. Kerry Michalanney saw plenty of the ball in defence; Luke Simon and Leigh Wright tried hard. A good win to Mallala which sets up the blockbuster against Two Wells this week.

Senior Colts PECKER Peter Georg and Magpie Graham White tussle to get to the ball during the reserves game at Mallala.

Balaklava showed why they are unbeaten this season when they comfortably accounted for Mallala. Leading

all game, and with the match safely in their keeping at half time, Balaklava cruised to a 43-point victory. In a result that was never much in doubt from the start, a handy two goal lead at the first break meant Mallala were always behind the eight ball. A four goal to nothing second term all but settled the issue. To their credit Mallala came out in the second half and took it right up to Balaklava, but the damage had already been done. The Peckers coming home with a strong final term. Balaklava missing last week’s eight goal hero Luke Guy, but they had plenty of players willing to step in. Chad Ruiz led the way with four goals backed up with two from Tim Shepherd, and another six individual goal scorers. Zane Priest led the way for Mallala with two. Brayden Koch best for Balaklava and he had Lachlan Michael, Ryan McPharlin, Tim Shepherd, Chad Ruiz, and Jack Jenner providing plenty of support around the ground. Zane Priest continues to play well for Mallala, as does Lawrence Gosling, Lewis Helps and Karl Algar. William Farrelly and Dale McLean also had good games to keep Mallala competitive. Balaklava the measuring stick in senior colts this season.

Junior Colts

The game started with a hard fought contest with a strong breeze blowing towards the southern end, the Mallala oval rated as heavy. In the first quarter Adam Coe was the difference reading the ball well in the conditions and kicking two goals. Balaklava was well served by Josh Butterfield who tried hard in defence. In the second quarter Luke Pritchard kicked a clever goal off the ground for Mallala,

while Balaklava’s only goal for the game came from Brock Hamann with a great drop punt from the old scoreboard pocket. Josh Watson played loose in defence to perfection. The third quarter was dominated by Jake Birchmore who kicked two goals four behinds and won many telling possessions. The last quarter was very even with the highlight for Mallala being the ‘Two Pronged Pritchard’ attack

up forward. At the final siren Mallala ran out easy winners, well done to the Coach Chris Hummell and his team as Balaklava have dominated this grade for many years. Best for Mallala were Jake Birchmore and Hugh Kirvan, who fought hard in the packs, and the rest of the side all played well. Balaklava was best served by Tate Michael and Josh Butterfield who battled hard all day for their side.

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after games from July 11 A GRADE Club P W Mallala 10 8 Virginia 10 7 Two Wells 10 7 United 10 5 HW Eagles 10 4 Balaklava 10 4 Hamley Bridge 10 0 RESERVES Club P W Two Wells 10 10 Mallala 10 9 Balaklava 10 5 Hamley Bridge 10 4 United 10 3 Virginia 10 3 HW Eagles 10 1 SENIOR COLTS Club P W Balaklava 10 10 Two Wells 10 8 Virginia 10 5 HW Eagles 10 5 United 10 4 Mallala 10 3 Hamley Bridge 10 0 JUNIOR COLTS Club P W Two Wells 10 10 Mallala 10 8 Balaklava 10 5 United 10 4 Hamley Bridge 10 3 HW Eagles 10 3 Virginia 10 1

L 2 3 3 5 6 6 10

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

For 906 1012 985 917 937 800 493

Agnst 499 647 733 877 856 787 1651

Pts 16 14 14 10 8 8 0

% 64.48 61.00 57.33 51.12 52.26 50.41 22.99

L 0 1 5 6 7 7 9

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

For 1029 713 524 429 527 613 372

Agnst 304 397 529 718 591 740 928

Pts 20 18 10 8 6 6 2

% 77.19 64.23 49.76 37.40 47.14 45.31 28.62

L 0 2 5 5 6 7 10

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

For 989 1055 711 712 385 424 190

Agnst 292 368 518 549 799 653 1287

Pts 20 16 10 10 8 6 0

% 77.21 74.14 57.85 56.46 32.52 39.37 12.86

L 0 1 4 6 7 7 9

D 0 1 1 0 0 0 0

For 609 424 423 280 320 339 247

Agnst 170 242 436 449 389 423 533

Pts 20 17 11 8 6 6 2

% 78.18 63.66 49.24 38.41 45.13 44.49 31.67


Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009

SPORT v Football

Eagles fall in nailbiter Last minute goal ices game for Tigers By Kym Jarman United 12-12 (84) d H W Eagles 11-11 (77)

A Grade

United d HWE at Long Plains 11/7/09. In the match of the round at Long Plains, it was the home side who kicked with the aid of a strong breeze in the first term, and it didn’t take them long to get on the board through Brad Shimmin. When Jamie McArdle goaled again minutes later it was just the start the Tigers needed in the crucial clash of sixth versus fifth. With both sides on equal ladder points as fourth place and separated by percentage only, the match started in typical style with much desperation and eagerness causing seldom easy possessions for either side. It seemed as if the Eagles would kick their first when Daniel Thomas marked inside 50 thanks to his superior ball reading ability in the trying conditions. Fortunately for the Tigers he missed and although the Eagles goaled through Jericho soon after, at quarter time United led by a 16 point margin – although it was unlikely to hold them in good stead considering the strength of the breeze the Eagles would soon have. Quarter time: United 3-5 to HWE 1-1 As expected, the Eagles made their move immediately in the second term with Daniel

Thomas kicking a great snap around his body, after running onto the ball at pace deep in the South Western pocket. This ‘piece of brilliance’saw the ball bounce through the goals – which the crowd loved. Thomas featured again shortly after when his quick hands set up Jarred Manners who goaled on the run from 45 metres out. The Eagles could have hit the front minutes later when Manners this time had a set shot but missed. For the Eagles, skipper Shane Braham was in and under everything as always, and both fellow midfielder and former playing coach Jared Wilson, along with attacking defender Matt Higgs, were both having a say on proceedings. Eagle Ryan Reid also began to find the footy at this stage in the game. For United, Mark Pym worked hard in defence, wingman Adam Mansfield was busy and Will Banton and Adrian Mills were equally doing their bit. However United’s skill errors and indirect kicking into attack meant the Eagles were easily able to pick off their stray kicks and rebound with vigour. When Daniel Thomas added another major late in

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A Grade

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

JERICHO Samuel - HW Eagles..................................43 THOMAS Daniel - HW Eagles....................................39 GERADIS Anton - Virginia........................................... 35 GUERIN Tom - United....................................................32 HAND Aaron - Two Wells............................................ 31 SCHUTT Shamus - Virginia.........................................29 FEELEY Daniel - Mallala...............................................26 MONTGOMERY Brian - Mallala................................ 22 ANTONY Justin - Two Wells...................................... 22 SCOTT Brady - Balaklava............................................. 22

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

TILLER Derek - Mallala.................................................. 31 MCKEAN Rhys - Two Wells........................................20 CARTER Darren - United..............................................19 LARRETT Steven - Two Wells.....................................16 HILL Dallas - HW Eagles..............................................15 LEO Maurice - Virginia..................................................15 SAUNDERS Matt - Mallala...........................................14 ALLMOND Owen - Two Wells...................................14 UERN Shannon - Two Wells.......................................13 PRATT Adam - United...................................................13

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

HILL Dallas - HW Eagles.............................................. 41 SCHROETER Shannon - Two Wells......................... 41 TASSELL Luke - Two Wells..........................................28 RUIZ Chad - Balaklava...................................................24 GUY Luke - Balaklava.....................................................23 MCPHARLIN Ryan - Balaklava....................................21 JERICHO Nicholas - HW Eagles................................18 McGUINESS Shane - HW Eagles............................. 17 RAMSAY Hayden - Two Wells....................................15 SOLOMAN Shaun - Virginia........................................13

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

GOSS Lachlan - Two Wells.........................................19 KARPANY Corey - Balaklava........................................18 BRONLEY Devaughn - Two Wells............................. 17 KEARNS Dylan - Mallala...............................................14 COE Adam - Mallala......................................................14 BIRCHMORE Jake - Mallala........................................14 SCOTT Cody - HW Eagles...........................................12 WISE Dylan - Two Wells............................................... 11 NIXON Travis - Two Wells............................................... 9 FAHEY Dylan - Balaklava................................................ 9


Senior Colts

Junior Colts

the term, it was the Eagles who took a handy 11-point lead into half time after keeping the Tigers goalless for the quarter. Hummocks could have led by more if not for their slightly inaccurate return of four goals and four behinds. Half time: HWE 5-5 United 3-6. The third term gave United another turn with the breeze although it was beginning to die down somewhat. Despite the Eagles kicking the first goal of the term to stretch their lead it was the Tigers who then answered with intent kicking the next four goals – unanswered! The first came from Jamie McArdle which seemed to lift United. Tom Guerin then chimed in and Adrian Mills’ good work was finished off by the accurate kick of Brett Sharman. When Heath Pym goaled on the end of a Tiger passage of play started by his brother in defence United had the lead! However, it was that man Thomas who again goaled at the other end to grab the lead back for the Eagles later in the quarter. When he handed to Jericho for an Eagle goal very late in the term it was the Eagles leading by four points at the last change. They were also due to have the advantage of what breeze was left coming home. Three quarter time: HWE 8-8 United 7-10. This quarter was clearly the most exciting given both teams’ seasons were arguably on the line! Midfield pressure from United’s Mills saw Mark Pym hand to Shimmin to see the ball move forward for a contest in the United goal square.

TIGER Braydon Jones whips Eagle opponent Shane Braham away from the ball during the A grade game at Long Plains, as Paul Chivell looks to swoop. Jamie McArdle crumbed it beautifully for a United goal – and the lead. Jericho then grabbed the lead back for the Eagles after a long bullet pass from his partner in crime Thomas. However, their lead was short lived once more as Jamie McArdle’s frontal pressure inside the Tigers 50 led to a ‘holding the ball’ decision and 50-metre penalty for another Tigers goal to see him with two in a row and United to once again lead - by a point. Hummocks then won the centre square and this time it was Jared Wilson who kicked a classy snap for the Eagles to again lead.

It was goal-for-goal stuff! In the centre square chaos that went with all the excitement United’s Ben Sobey was tackled high. Then a second undisciplined Eagle response to an umpire’s decision saw another 50-metre penalty enable United to goal and grab the lead back once more. Ben Sobey again moments later was excellent as he got the ball forward for McArdle to once again mark inside 50. However, this time he missed a chance that could have put the Tigers more than ‘a goal up’. It proved costly as the Eagles rebounded and thanks to a Tiger ‘out on the full’ in defence Sean Light got on the end of

a pass and goaled to see the lead change for the sixth time in the quarter. Hummocks soon added two behinds to see their lead stand at one straight kick with just two minutes to play. United’s kick-in from one of the behinds saw them orchestrate a great passage of football end to end, but their good play agonisingly ended in a behind. When the Eagles’ rebounding play from that behind was halted by United skipper Simon Schulz’ spoil on the wing, Heath Pym mopped it up and found Jamie McArdle who took a great contested mark right next to the goal post after running back

with the flight. Unfortunately upon landing he injured his ankle and was carried from the field leaving Ben Sobey to take the kick. He played on and snapped a goal to see United go seven points up with little time remaining. Back in the centre United’s Banton then palmed to Mills who handed to Heath Pym as he was being tackled. Pym’s kick found Brett Sharman who handballed over to the running Jared East who ran into an open goal and iced the game for the Tigers with just 20 seconds left on the clock. Final Score United 12-12 HWE 11-11.

United one step ahead of Eagles United 13-12 (90) d H W Eagles 4-6 (30)


United defeated HWE at Long Plains. In the reserves match at Long Plains the home side won the toss, kicked with the breeze and led from start to finish, registering a 60-point win. Unlike their last game against Balaklava, United reserves kicked much more accurately at goal early in this match to reward their midfield’s good work. Scott Radecki, Jamie Baker, Travis Opitz and John Mason were all good in the midfield and forwards Darren Carter, Adam Pratt and Matthew McArdle helped the Tigers to a nice 34-point quarter time lead. In the second term the Eagles took the ball forward on many more occasions although United’s defence was resilient as they rebounded into the stiff breeze and ran the ball with great teamwork to see them add a goal into the breeze. Despite a late goal to Hummocks the Tigers led at half time by 38 points. In the third term the home side with the breeze went about building a lead which would be out of the Eagles reach. Despite some lairising early in the quarter they eventually went back to playing direct footy and they found Pratt and McArdle again to add two more goals. Despite the best work of Eagles Mitch McKay, Riley Koch and Josh Taylor, at three quarter time the Tigers, through much more good work from Jamie Baker, Chris Mason, Leigh Michalanney and Travis Opitz, led by 59 points at the last change. In the last term the Eagles started well kicking two quick goals before United consolidated to kick three of their own into the breeze. Although the Eagles added another late one thanks to a ‘never say die’ attitude the Tigers eventually ran out 60-point winners with Adam Pratt leading the goal scorers with four goals.

Matthew McArdle, United, desperately tries to get a tackle on Eagle Josh Taylor before he gets a kick away during the reserves game.

Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009


sport v Football

Rivals Peckers and Eagles battle it out for a piece of finals action Balaklava v HWE

Picking a “match of the round” from this weeks fixtures looms as an extremely hard task. With Hamley Bridge having this weekend’s bye we are looking at all three APFL matches being evenly contested. All three games can go either way and certainly all three pending results will affect the fortunes of each of the six finals contenders as we head into the final seven weeks of the 2009 APFL season. Because this week’s match at Balaklava could severely affect the loser’s chances of making this year’s major round, for that reason the ‘most important’ match of round 13 will be that between the Eagles and the Peckers. Throw in the local rivalry factor and no doubt you have a match worthy of its’ ‘Match of the Round’ status. Both the fifth placed Hummocks Watchman Eagles and sixth placed Balaklava Peckers still have a great chance of competing in this year’s finals series as both are on equal premiership points and both currently just one game off fourth place. If you think this week’s two match points are important but not critical you’d better think again! The winner of this match will remain well in the hunt for finals action and possibly even be able to move into fourth place on Saturday, but on the other hand the loser of this week’s showdown at Balaklava will be left reeling as they will suddenly find themselves sitting at least one game behind both the fourth and fifth placed teams – therefore needing to leap frog not one but two sides between now and August 29 if they are to steal fourth place on the ladder. This task seems immensely difficult from here on when you consider each side only meets each other once more in this year’s minor round! With both HWE and Balaklava both coming off losses last weekend it is hard to pick a clear favourite in this one – especially given the fact that Balaklava last season defeated the Eagles on all three minor round occasions despite the Peckers finishing fourth at seasons end while the Eagles of course won the flag. Last weekend’s results suggest the Eagles deserve to start favourites in this one as

Match of The Round Balaklava v H W Eagles


n By Kym Jarman

Kym Jarman’s

kiss of death HWE by 19 pts Mallala by 27 pt Virginia by 35 pts they only went down by seven points at Long Plains while Balaklava’s 72 point drubbing at the hands of Mallala certainly suggests they are somewhat off the pace. However, with this notion you must remember just three weeks ago the Eagles themselves also lost to the Magpies by 70 points at Mallala - and this suggests this game is a ‘flip of the coin’ scenario. This match will have all the typical characteristics we have come to know of this local somewhat bitter rivalry. It will likely have Pecker captain Hayden Walker in a great ruck duel against Eagle big man Sean Light. It will have the Pecker midfield of Paul McLean, Ben Catford, Justin Michael, Todd McPharlin and co going head to head with Eagle captain Shane Braham and his band of buddies in Jared Wilson, Lee Belperio and Jarred Manners and so on. Up front the Eagle’s dangerous forwards in Daniel Thomas, Shaun Price and Sam Jericho will be evenly matched against Balaklava’s dour defenders in Yates, Gardner, Rowland and Tiller who all feature in the Peckers’ best regularly. At the other end the Eagles defenders in Travis Sharpe and Paul Chivell will have the job of shutting down key Peckers in Benny Lamond and Jonathon Evans. Along with these match-ups there will likely be many other one-on-one contests all over the ground and it’s fair to say the

side that wins the majority of these contests will no doubt win the match! Who wants it more? Last time they met: May 23 at Port Wakefield, HWE 13.7 (85) d Balaklava 9.10 (64).

MALLALa’s Jonno Wildbore attempts to pick up a loose ball as Rooster Travis Uren closes in during the match played on May 23 at Two Wells

Mallala v Two Wells

This week’s clash of first versus third gives Two Wells another chance to test themselves against a side that is widely regarded as the best in the APFL. No doubt Mallala, who are now a game clear in top spot, have set themselves very well to have a fair dinkum tilt at winning their second flag in three years this year, and avenge their grand final disappointment of 2008. Their opponents this week – the Roosters – are enjoying their best season since 1987, the season in which they won their one and only APFL premiership. While there’s still plenty of football to be played in season 2009, the Roosters’ performance this season has been very impressive. Not only have the young side managed to keep themselves ahead of a pack which includes some very experienced sides sitting right on their hammer, when the Roosters have faltered on the few occasions they have this season, Steven Fitzgerald’s side picked itself up and got itself back on the winners’ list the very next week. It is this sort of character the Roosters need to display if they are to give Mallala a run for their money in this week’s match. Mallala have the luxury of knowing their best is very good – so good in fact that they should be confident in knowing if they produce their best on any given day not many sides can get close. The Magpies certainly showed this last week when they made a statement against a Balaklava side that was in good form, putting a hold on the notion that this year’s APFL flag could be heading south of Korunye Crossing this year. Last time these teams met Mallala did enough early to grab a comfortable lead which saw them produce a 28 point win. What the final margin doesn’t tell you is that the Roosters came home with a wet sail on that occasion and certainly showed enough in the last term on May 23 to suggest that their best can match it with the skill and pace of the Magpies this time around. You must favour Mallala at home in this

match although what the Roosters produce will tell us much about how far they have come and whether they will be able to make an impact come September. Last time they met: May 23 at Two Wells, Mallala 12.7 (79) d Two Wells 7.9 (51).

United v Virginia

This week second placed Virginia, who are coming off an easy win against the Bombers, travel to Long Plains to take on a United side who at the weekend regained fourth place with a win over Hummocks Watchman Eagles. Virginia have spent much of season 2009 firmly in the APFL’s top four while United on the other hand have spent much

of this season chasing the competitions top pack in which the Rams have been a big part. Last time these sides met Virginia easily accounted for United despite the Tigers being in touch until half time. On that occasion the Rams pressure, run and carry and ball use showed up United as they powered away in the second half on their way to a handy 68-point win. You’d expect with a chance to shake off the Roosters and gain outright second position with a win over United, the Rams will travel north and get the points in this one. Last time they met: May 23 at Virginia, Virginia 20.10 (130) d United 9.8 (62).

Magpies back on track •From Back Page. At Mallala the Magpies bounced back from last week’s loss to Virginia in emphatic fashion with a big 72-point win over the previously fourth placed Balaklava Peckers. In what many expected to be a much closer match, the home side who welcomed back co-captain Liam Whitwell and playmaker Joel Montgomerie conversely made sure they grabbed use of the breeze and an early lead in the match. This was a shocking result for Balaklava, who would have been hoping to be far more competitive to have any real chance of holding a penant aloft in September. Despite the half time score reflecting what many expected, with the score board showing just a 15 point lead to the Magpies, in the second half once again with the aid of the breeze Mallala completely blew the game apart – and consequently out of Balaklava’s reach. In the end, the Magpies outscored the Peckers again in the last term as the breeze died down with the win seeing Mallala grabbing back their ‘outright standing’ in top spot on the APFL ladder. Mallala co-captain Liam Whitwell who represented Central Zone at the previous weekend’s State Football Championships slid straight back into their line up to gain B.O.G honours. Christian Rimmer played another great game getting to plenty of contests. Ryan Montgomerie was busy as always, Brad Hardie showed some of the form which has him tagged as the competition’s most ‘underrated player’ and Joel Montgomerie who wasn’t expected to line up thanks to injury took the field and was serviceable. For the Peckers, Nathan Yates was busy all day in defence for Balaklava. Luke Evans also made it tough for Mallala at times and defenders Jamie Tiller and Danny Gardner along with midfielders Ben Catford and Justin Michael kept on battling against the odds. Mallala was certainly up for this game and they made sure their 2009 favourites tag remains intact despite them unexpectedly dropping two games to United and Virginia in the month of June.

Rams continue Bomber pain RESERVES: Pecker Leigh Wright fiercely tackles Magpie Brett Tucker.

Virginia made light work of the seventh placed Bombers at Hamley Bridge as they piled on a mammoth 25.19 to grab the two match points from the clash and advance themselves back into second place on the APFL ladder thanks to their neighbours

Two Wells having the bye. Not only did the two match points further advance the Rams in their finals aspirations, thanks to the 143-point margin the Rams gained some healthy percentage which will no doubt come in handy later in the season. Virginia in fact were so stingy on their way to upping their percentage they kept Hamley Bridge goalless in the first and last terms and allowed the Bombers just three goals for the entire match – although the Bombers managed eight behinds which suggests if they kicked straighter the final score line could have looked slightly more respectable. This week the Mylonopoulos brothers Con and Peter were in great form. Con has been playing A grade footy for much of the year while Peter had a breakthrough game in the A grade against the Bombers. The two Anthonys – Johnston and Bascombe were again damaging for the visitors as was defender Graham Rigney and ever reliable captain Matty Young. Anton Geradis kicked seven sausage rolls and fellow forwards Emmanuel Tsmiklis and Shamus Schutt along with Johnston himself each kicked three apiece. For the Bombers Joel Latimer turned in another great game as did regular solid performers Justin Schahinger and Tom Smith. Luke Slok, Adam Hill and the recently promoted James Frencken also made it hard for the Rams at times as the Bombers slugged away despite the game being out of reach from early on. Hamley Bridge would no doubt be finding this season tough mentally. They certainly will be experiencing a feeling of ‘not knowing where a win is going to come from’ as the remaining six sides in the competition are all fighting it out for finals places which are still yet to be decided. Despite being the sole side unable to compete in this season’s major round the Bombers must take positives out of the fact many younger players at the club are developing with every game of A grade football they play. Certainly by ‘doing it the tough way’ will hold these players in good stead in coming years and will certainly increase their hunger for success should the wheel turn post 2009/10. Virginia on the other hand will be cheering in every win between now and the end of August as they edge closer to securing a 2009 APFL finals berth. The Rams have beaten all sides at least once this season so they know they are good enough if they are a participant in September. Now sitting in second place with a healthy percentage the Rams finals spot is now starting to look pretty safe!


Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009

sport v Netball

Longies no match for Hummocks’ strength Hummocks v Long Plains

Hummocks had a 22 goal win against Long Plains, 44 – 22. Hummocks worked well as a team, communicating well throughout the game. Hummocks took the chance this week to mix up some of the girls’ positions, finding more strengths. Beth Germein, usually at centre, moved to GD, while Sarah Young moved to centre from WA. Hummocks was missing a key player this week in Alexa Jones who was unable to play, though Neralie Rowan came up from A2. “She is a great player, she always gives 110 per cent. “It wouldn’t matter which position you put her in, she would still give you the same result,” said Hummocks coach Cheryl Applebee. Hummocks goalies Bonnie Nicholls and Tammy Nicholls worked extremely well. “Not only were they working against the opposition they were also working against the wind,” Cheryl said. Long Plains coach Leanne McArdle said her team was simply “outclassed.” “We got a lot of possessions but didn’t use those possessions well,” she said. “Hummocks just took it right back and made us work for it.” The Longies girls had it tough and found it hard to get around Hummocks’ defence, struggling to lead in front and create space. For the home team, Nicolle Sobey drove well in GD for the first half of the game, shifting to WD in the third quarter and the beginning of the final quarter before an injury saw her relocated to

A1 netball reports

n By Stephanie Reimers

GK in the final minutes of the game. For her determination she was awarded best player, with Beth Germein taking the honour for Hummocks.

Hamley Br v Virginia

Hamley had a strong win over Virginia, 65 - 19. Hamley proved to be too fast, strong and accurate for Virginia though Virginia still maintained tight defence against their opposition. Virginia began well with GS Rachel Phillips and GA Sophie Larcombe seeing a lot of the ball. Cheyenne Krejzlik in centre handled the ball well to make it reach Virginia’s goal circle. Hamley’s Brianna Wedding dominated in her first A1 game, showing some great skills in GS. Several important intercepts were made by Hamley’s Pam Mattschoss, which Hamley used to their advantage. The end of the first quarter ended with a 19 – 4 goal score, Hamley’s way. The second quarter saw Virginia’s GK, Julia Starr shutting down Hamley’s goalies efficiently, intercepting many of their passes. Cheyenne Krejzlik again drove well in this quarter and was a key player for Virginia through centre court. For Hamley, WA Tanya Harvey drove hard

HUMMOCKS netballer Sarah Young attempts to intercept a pass to Sheree Tezacker, Long Plains during the A1 match.

and successfully directed play. It wasn’t until the last minute of the quarter Virginia scored a goal leaving the second quarter with Hamley 30 goals in front. Position changes were made at half time with Emma Riley coming off a break being replaced by Tanya Rademacher in WD. With Emma Riley taken off the court Hamley lost a strong defender but Tanya Rademacher began the quarter with some great intercepts. While Virginia brought on Skye Young at GS who combined well with GA Sophie Larcombe. Hamley’s Ashleigh Koch ran hard and defended well, making many turnovers and Hamley left the third quarter still on top, 52 – 13. Hamley started well in the last quarter. Brianna Wedding dominated in the goal circle as GS, shooting well and holding her opposition. The defensive combination of Alison Schahinger in GK and Pam Mattschoss in GD made it hard for the Virginia girls, as their defence was tight and many spontaneous intercepts were made. Virginia’s WA, Natalie Carypidis made through breaks and fed her goal circle well, giving her team some opportunity. Ashleigh Koch took best player for Hamley for her effort in centre and Sophie Larcombe was awarded best player for Virginia.

Balaklava v Mallala

Balaklava defeated Mallala on their home ground, 57 – 30. Balaklava started strongly applying a constant pressure on Mallala. Mallala kept with Balaklava in the first quarter. Jayne Brown GK, Midge May GD, Clare Bruggemann C, and Penny Mathew WD applied excellent pressure. Clare Bruggemann played strongly through the mid

court, but Balaklava made it hard for Mallala to reach their goal circle, not giving them much of a chance. Balaklava’s Carly Gregor was moved from WA into WD in a move that worked well for Balaklava. Gaynor Tink was taken from C and replaced Carly at WA. Balaklava goalies Jenna Koch and Eliza Cottle combined well to shoot some great

shots, together scoring 10 in a row in the second quarter. In the second half of the game Mallala’s Tessa Jarmyn and Carla Jarmyn took to the goal circle as goalies worked well together to put down some great goals. However Balaklava proved too strong. Balaklava’s Jenna Koch took best player and for Mallala, Midge May won best.

Hamley breaks away from Virginia in first quarter A1

Hamley Bridge was too strong for Virginia, defeating them at home 65 to 19. Virginia began the game strongly with GA and GS Natalie Carypidis seeing a lot of the ball and playing well. They did however struggle to convert. Hamley GS Brianna Wedding dominated in her first A1 game. Pamela Mattschoss (WD) took several important intercepts which Hamley converted. Sophie Larcombe had a good quarter. HB 19, Vir 4. Virginia GK Julia Starr did a good job shutting down Hamley’s goalies taking several important intercepts. Hamley WA Tanya Harvey was a dominant figure driving hard and successfully directing play. Virginia C Cheyenne Krejzlik also played a big part in moving the ball forward through the centre court. Virginia didn’t score until the last minute of the quarter. HB 35, Vir 5. Hamley lost a strong defence when Emma Riley went off. Her replacement Tayna Rademacher began the quarter with a couple of great intercepts. Virginia brought

Sky Young into GS and she and GA Sophie Larcome shot well when the ball got to them. Hamley C Ashleigh Koch ran hard and defended well. HB 52, Vir 13. Hamley Bridge GS Brianna Wedding continued to dominate shooting well and holding her opposition players. Virginia WA fed well into her goalies. Hamley’s defensive combination of Alison at GK and Pamela Mattschoss at GD shut down play with great tight defence and many intercepts through the whole half. Final scores, Hamley Bridge 65, Virginia 19.


After a slow start by both teams, Virginia was the first to start firing finishing 19 goal victors accounting for Hamley Bridge, 35 - 16. Hamley started slowly but showed great defensive pressure especially from WA Keegan Henneker. Hamley showed great passages of play but were unable to reward it with goals. Virginia used the ball sensibly and worked it into their goalies. HB 4, Vir 6. Hamley started to show improvement for the first five minutes evening the game

out. Parker started to find form and was scoring for Hamley. Virginia goalies in Mel Barons and Young were rewarding every turnover. There were good and bad passages of play by both sides, but Virginia were too strong for the quarter. Skye Young and Tahnee Edwards both played well. HM 8, Vir 17. Hamley made a few turnovers and rewarded it with a goal. Changes to both teams saw different passages of play. Virginia’s goalie changes allowed Skye Young to create excellent movement down the court and reward her team. Buckby in to WA allowed the game to slow down with her experience and skill. HB 10, Vir 24. Parker found her rhythm and created some fantastic shots at goal. Virginia increased their lead with average passages of play to their goalies. Hamley’s defence in Power and Edwards were continually kept on their feet. Buckby and Henneker allowed plenty of sensible passages of play.


In a great spectator game, Hamley Bridge held on

A3: Natasha Perrett, Virginia stands ready to defend as Holly Parker, Hamley Bridge turns around from catching a pass.

against a last quarter comeback by Virginia to win by three goals. The first quarter was pretty even. Very windy conditions made it hard to shoot goals. Sandrah Hodgskin worked hard in defence and made the missed goals count. HB 5, Vir 7. Hamley came out fighting in the second quarter making great use of turn-over balls. They wanted the lead. Answering back every time with great speed, the Rams showed their horns and struggled to keep the lead. Zoe Gregory came up out of B grade for the day and showed great potential. With further development she will be A-grade quality.

Great shooting for the Rams wasn’t able to keep them in the lead with Hamley up by two at half time. HB 16, Vir 14. Starting the quarter with a missed goal, both teams showed they are determined to win. Evenly matched, high tension arose from not only players, but coaches and supporters. Time called with eight minutes of play left to strap Penny Barnet’s finger who has proven herself as a great defender. The two B graders work beautifully down to centre court showing teamwork that stood out from the rest of all the players. Virginia’s defenders worked reasonably hard to keep the Bomberettes out

of the ring. Hamley increased their lead by six, but the end result was a tough one to predict. HB 24, Vir 18. Virginia stole the first shot of the quarter. There was no doubt that the Bomber girls would quickly answer, which is what happened. Lack of talking with the Rams didn’t pay off as centre passes were missed and turned as a result. On the other hand, the Hamley girls were continu-

ously heard throughout the entire match helping the Bombers move the ball swiftly down court. The aggression and pressure of both teams grew immensely towards the end showing they really wanted the win. The voices of the Ram supporters were certainly making a difference giving them the drive. It was a nail-biting finish with Hamley holding on to win by three goals. HB 29, Vir 26.


APNA Premiership Tables Sponsored by...

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Supporting All Netball Teams

A1 GRADE Hummocks............. 18.....63.86 Balaklava.................. 15.....59.10 Two Wells................ 15.....56.86 Mallala....................... 8....... 47.48 Long Plains.............. 8....... 47.09 Hamley Bridge........ 6....... 47.60 Virginia...................... 0.......29.59 A2 GRADE Hummocks............. 20.....64.42 Two Wells................ 14......51.28 Balaklava.................. 12.....52.36 Long Plains............. 12.....50.63 Hamley Bridge........ 6.......42.49 Mallala....................... 6....... 40.13 A3 GRADE Long Plains............. 20.....64.27 Balaklava.................. 14..... 57.34 Two Wells................ 14.....55.62 Hummocks.............. 8....... 52.32 Mallala....................... 8....... 45.74 Hamley Bridge........ 2.......36.40 Virginia...................... 2.......29.92 A4 GRADE Hummocks............. 20.....60.30 Balaklava.................. 16.....58.06 Two Wells................ 12......51.32 Long Plains............. 12.....48.10 Hamley Bridge........ 6........41.25 Mallala....................... 4.......38.73

A5 GRADE Long Plains............. 16.....63.06 Mallala...................... 15..... 56.31 Two Wells................ 14.....58.84 Balaklava.................. 13.....53.48 Hummocks.............. 4........41.74 Virginia...................... 4.......30.93 Hamley Bridge........ 2.......33.77 B GRADE Long Plains............. 20.....76.36 Two Wells................ 16..... 61.69 Balaklava...................11...... 55.81 Hummocks..............11......50.30 Mallala....................... 8.......35.70 Hamley Bridge........ 4........17.14 C1 GRADE Hummocks............. 18.....66.77 Balaklava.................. 16.....66.03 Mallala...................... 16.....59.95 Hamley Bridge....... 10.....39.30 Long Plains.............. 4.......33.97 Two Wells................. 4....... 29.47 C2 GRADE Hummocks............. 20.....84.78 Hamley Bridge....... 12..... 54.91 Balaklava.................. 12.....45.79 Two Wells................ 12.....33.33 Mallala....................... 8.......34.69 Long Plains.............. 4.......28.77

Results of Adelaide Plains Netball Association matches played on Saturday A1: Hummocks 44 (Beth Germein) d Long Plains 22 (Nicolle Sobey). Hamley Bridge 65 (Ashleigh Koch) Virginia 19 (Sophie Larcombe). Balaklava 57 (Jenna Koch) d Mallala 30 (Nerida May). A2: Hummocks 40 (Holly Nicholls) d Long Plains 23 (Leah Tynan). Balaklava 64 (Jane Harding) d Mallala 44 (Stacey Wilson). A3: Long Plains 36 (Paula Daniel) d Hummocks 32 (Jessica Angel). Virginia 35 (Skye Young) d Hamley Bridge 16 (Naomi Bubner). Balaklava 47 (Clare Haynes) d Mallala 25 (Jessica Knight). A4: Balaklava 47 (Sameka Colley) d Mallala 24 (Dawn Buckby). Hummocks 45 (Rebecca Dixon) d Long Plains 25 (Rebekah Walker). A5: Long Plains 29 (Helzah Sommerville) d Hummocks 21 (Kelly Harrison). Mallala 44 (Ashlee Angus) d Balaklava 24 (Samantha Florence). Hamley Bridge 29 (Sandrah Hodgskin) d Virginia 26 (Angela Todoroff). B: Long Plains 30 (Jazz Carter) d Hummocks 18 (Tegan Nottle). Mallala 23 (Ellen Fry) d Balaklava 17 (Alex Simon). C1: Hummocks 24 (Caitlyn Moulds) d Long Plains 4 (Taylor Fabry). Mallala 28 (Laura Jarman) d Balaklava 20 (Taylar Durdin). C2: Hummocks 20 (Merridy Nicholls) d Long Plains 2 (Maddison Merry). Balaklava 9 (Alicia Davey) d Mallala 8 (Bianca Johnson).

Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009


SPORT v Football/Netball

APFL/APNA action Football and netball action from games played on Saturday at Hamley Bridge, Long Plains and Mallala.

Todd MacKareth Hamley Bridge gets hold of Emmanuel Tsimiklis, Virginia in the A grade game in the hopes of a tackle. Peckers Daniel Butterfield, Luke Guy and Jason McBride attempt to stop a kick by Mallala’s Alec Burt during the senior colts game ABOVE: Virginia centre Nicola Bryan catches a pass mid air in front of Hamley opponent Naomi Bubner during the A1 game. TOP RIGHT: Beth Germein, Hummocks attempts to intercept a pass to Jane McBride, Longies. RIGHT: Balaklava’s Michelle Williams opts for a bounce pass around Mallala opponent Carla Jarmyn.

TIGER Mark Sammons takes Eagle Jarred Manners down in a determined tackle during the A grade game at Long Plains.

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Eagle Zack Zilm closes in on his Tiger opponent during the senior colts game.

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Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009

SPORT v District

Netball action

Danni McGannon, Mallala aims up while Balaklava’s Michelle Williams defends and Mallala team mate Tessa Jarmyn awaits the rebound. LEFT: Mel Barons, Virginia takes possession in front of Hamley opponent Naomi Power during the A3 game.

A1 netballer Ashley Nutt passes towards Balaklava’s goal.

North Eastern Netball Association reports and results:

Blyth/Snowtown girls outscore RSMU saw RSMU run away with a nine goal win. C1: RSMU 66 def BL/SN 12. RSMU played well in the first quarter to lead 18 to 2 with Chanelle Rowett and Danielle Johns shooting well in goals. Temika Hier and Shannon Noll made it very difficult for Georgie Farrelly and Rahni Stephens to shoot. Charmaine Angel worked hard all day for BL/SN but Chloe Schunke, Kristen Vater and Catherine Callery for RSMU were too strong in centre court. A consolidating win for RSMU 66 to 12. C2: RSMU 30 def BS 17. A game of messy netball by both teams. B/S managed the conditions a lot better than RSMU and RSMU was lucky to get away with a win, due to very good defensive work but due to poor throwing was unable to capitalise. B/S had numerous injuries and defended very well all the way down the court for 3 quarters. J3: RSMU 11 lost to BS 13. RSMU kept the cats scoreless in the first quarter, but the


A1: RMSU 30 lost to Blyth Snowtown 65. B/S started well scoring the first seven goals. RSMU finally scored at the seven minute mark. Maggie Nicholson was shooting well even with state country player Hannah Clark defending well. First quarter saw B/S with a strong lead 16-4. RSMU were very competitive in the second quarter, however B/S won this quarter by eight. B/S proved much too strong throughout the whole game but RSMU fought hard with the final score being 65-30. A2: RSMU 54 def Blyth Snowtown 45. Great defensive pressure and terrific shooting from RSMU saw them up by six goals at quarter time. Good even second quarter by both teams with many turn overs, the score difference remaining unchanged. Good fight from BS defences had them peg the goal difference back to five. Excellent last quarter in defence by Tammi Klaebe and Lori Wheeldon. Accurate shooting by Zoe and Paige

NEFL Premiership Table Proudly sponsored by…

lent game by all players. The game was played in good spirit by both sides. B2: RSMU 50 def B/S 35. RSMU was without two key players and ready for a challenge. For the first three quarters, the lead was shared, and both sides fought hard for every ball. Tracey Andriske had terrific accuracy in the goal ring for Blyth Snowtown, but the RSMU defence efforts of Georgia Callery and Grace Redden kept her out of the ring and the game. Well fought by RSMU, with a win that secures them top position. U15: RSMU 15 def BL SN 30. BL/SN started well, with both teams struggling with the windy conditions. RSMU made several positional changes at the first and second break, and settled to play a strong second half. Strong work by RSMU saw second half scores even, however BL SN had done enough to take the match. J1: RSMU 25 def BS 8. RSMU started strong and played well as a team. With

strong defence work and great passages of play down the court RSMU had a good first half. BLSN came out fighting in the last half applying pressure in the goal circle and playing more consistently. RSMU continued the strong play throughout the middle taking many turnovers and finishing off a better game than the previous week. J2: RSMU 17 def B/S 10. The wind and rain made it difficult for goalies and made for many turnovers. RSMU managed to give their goalies more opportunities and enjoyed a hard earned win. Well done to players from both clubs and the vocal and of supporters. J5: RSMU 16 def BS5. Great effort by all girls. RSMU worked well as a team really well. Good competitive effort by Blyth/Snowtown.All RSMU girls are improving. Keep up the good work!

Nth Clare V BBH

A1: NC 40 lost to BBH 51. The game started goal

APNA netty star

Roger Barp Trading As...

Now at Blyth - Phone 8844 5144

after games played on Saturday A Grade Team P W BBH Rams 10 9 Min/Man 10 9 North Clare 10 6 Blyth/Snow 10 5 RSMU Hawks 10 5 South Clare 10 4 Eudunda 10 1 BSR Tigers 10 1 B Grade Team P W North Clare 10 10 Min/Man 10 8 BSR Tigers 10 6 Blyth/Snow 10 6 Eudunda 10 4 RSMU Hawks 10 3 BBH Rams 10 2 South Clare 10 1 Senior Colts Team P W RSMU Hawks 10 10 BSR Tigers 10 8 Eudunda 10 6 Blyth/Snow 10 6 Min/Man 10 5 North Clare 10 2 BBH Rams 10 2 South Clare 10 1 Junior Colts Team P W South Clare 10 9 Eudunda 10 9 RSMU Hawks 10 8 BSR Tigers 10 6 Blyth/Snow 10 4 North Clare 10 2 Min/Man 10 1 BBH Rams 10 1

cats returned the favour in the second. The game opened up in the third with the hawks scoring six goals with the wind, with Zoe Nokes and Maddie McInerney combining well in goals. With a two goal lead going into the last quarter, the Hawks looked strong, but it was the cats who came home too strong. Tayla Clark and Tara Walkley were sharp and decisive in attack to give their side victory by two goals. J4: RSMU 13 def BS 1. Great effort by both teams in very wet and windy conditions. Sophie Lloyd andAmber Warner played very well for Blyth/Snowtown. Well done to Isabella andAshleigh (RSMU) who both shot well B1: RSMU 49 def B/S 23. Strong game right from the start from RSMU. Good lead in the first part of the first quarter was eaten into by a determined B/S to have an RSMU advantage of four goals going into the second quarter. RSMU rallied and continued to increase their lead in every quarter.An excel-

L 1 1 4 5 5 6 9 9

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

For 1090 908 883 857 729 737 525 507

Agnst 543 477 816 747 725 839 946 1143

Pts 18 18 12 10 10 8 2 2

% 66.75 65.56 51.97 53.43 50.14 46.76 35.69 30.73

L 0 2 4 4 6 7 8 9

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

For 681 599 724 570 555 460 403 429

Agnst 441 395 488 548 572 583 541 853

Pts 20 16 12 12 8 6 4 2

% 60.70 60.26 59.74 50.98 49.25 44.10 42.69 33.46

L 0 2 4 4 5 8 8 9

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

For 991 997 1012 754 581 336 323 383

Agnst 295 338 385 515 601 1012 1007 1224

Pts 20 16 12 12 10 4 4 2

% 77.06 74.68 72.44 59.42 49.15 24.93 24.29 23.83

L 1 1 2 4 6 8 9 9

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

For 1192 1174 762 556 304 219 132 126

Agnst 146 144 227 422 655 959 977 935

Pts 18 18 16 12 8 4 2 2

% 89.09 89.07 77.05 56.85 31.70 18.59 11.90 11.88

Name: Tahnee Edwards Nickname: I wish it was T-Rex DOB: 02/05/1985 Height: 178-ish cm Team: Hamley Bridge A3 Position: GD/GK Who is the most damaging player (on or off court) in your club? Emma Riley, she’s like a female Dustin Fletcher Who is your clubs hardest worker (on or off court), and why? Tanya Harvey goes pretty hard What’s your number one passion outside netball? Playing Cowbell If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be? Lily Allen What is the last movie you saw? Harry Potter, Bruno If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money? Move to NY If you were a car, what kind would you be? Combi van If you were on the front page of

for goal until a terrific intercept by Emma Coles allowed NC to pull away. Some accurate long distance shooting by Molly Affolter steadied BBH and they caught up to be down by two at quarter time. BBH lifted their intensity with Emma Shatock making it hard for the NC goalies. Good driving out of defence by Kate Phin, and lovely feeding by Megan Brookes and Alice Phin had BH take the lead half way through the quarter. NC capitalised on some turnovers and were down by one at half time. Missed goals and silly mistakes by NC in the third quarter were costly. BBH up by eight at three quarter time. NC made a lot of changes at ¾ time and started better. BBH lifted after a great intercept by Kate Phin and ran away with the game winning by 11 goals. Great game BBH! A2: NC 48 def BBH 33. A tough first quarter with Rene and Bridget shooting well for north. Kalli and Megan were equally accurate for BBH. Christy, Carmen and Ash caused some turnovers for north to breakaway for a five goal lead. BH played a better second quarter but in the end north steadied with Carla feeding the goalies well. Ari caused headaches for north’s attackers.

Min/Man v Eud

A1: Min- Man 52 VS Eudunda 48. A very even game. Rival sisters Jessica Geister and Kimberley Mitchell shot well for their respective teams providing great entertainment for the

loyal crowd. Kate Faulkner at WD for the home team was a strong contributor to the final result, with her intercepts and drive proving invaluable. Hannah Marshall teamed well with Jess for Eudunda also backing up her performance in the A2. Min Man stepping up in the last quarter to gain the two points. A2: Min-Man 58 def Eudunda 27. The game started slow with min-man gradually picking up in the second quarter. A great team play by min-man with strong pressure all the way down the court, Excellent shooting by MinMan goalies saw them finish with a comfortable win, great effort by Eudunda.

BSR VS Sth Clare

A1: SC 83 def BSR 19. South Clare started the game strong in every position and this reflected on the score board. BSR kept working and trying different things but couldn’t convert it. South Clare kept cutting down BSR’s play and intercepting well. BSR had good passages of play, but were outclassed on the day. Great shooting and moving from Jessie Lee in her debut A1 game. A2: SC 55 def BSR 28 Astrong physical start from South Clare rattled BSR in the first half and it took them a while to settle into their game. They came out stronger in the second half settling with better passes and passages of play, but it didn’t change the score with South Clare coming out with a good win.

NENA RESULTS Results of North Eastern Netball Association matches played on Saturday

the newspaper, what would the headline say? “Girl changes her name to T-Rex” If you could take any person on your next netball trip, who would it be? Dumbledore! What is the best, weirdest or grossest item in your fridge? Milk is the best!

Supporting local sport throughout the Adelaide Plains Phone: 8862 1266 Fax: 8862 2080 Web:

Blyth/Snowtown vs RSMU A1 Blyth/Snow 65 def RMSU 30 A2 RSMU 54 def Blyth/Snow 45 B1 RSMU 49 def Blyth/Snow 23 B2 RSMU 50 def Blyth/Snow 35 C1 RSMU 66 def Blyth/Snow 12 C2 RSMU 30 def Blyth/Snow 17 U15 Blyth/Snow 30 def RSMU 15 J1 RSMU 25 def Blyth/Snow 8 J2 RSMU 17 def Blyth/Snow 10 J3 Blyth/Snow 13 def RSMU 11 J4 RSMU 13 def Blyth/Snow 1 J5 RSMU 16 def Blyth/Snow 5 North Clare vs BBH A1 BBH 51 def N/Clare 40 A2 N/Clare 48 def BBH 33 B1 N/Clare 50 def BBH 34 B2 N/Clare 56 def BBH 30 C1 N/Clare 49 def BBH 22 C2 N/Clare 64 def BBH 9 U15 N/Clare 45 def BBH 21 J1 N/Clare 33 def BBH 11 J2 N/Clare 24 def BBH 14 J3 N/Clare 21 def BBH 7 J4 N/Clare 17 def BBH 1 Mst N/Clare 20 def BBH 15

Min/Man vs Eudunda A1 Min/Man 52 def Eudunda 48 A2 Min/Man 58 def Eudunda 27 C1 Min/Man 70 def Eudunda 15 C2 Min/Man 72 def Eudunda 17 J1 Eudunda 11 def Min/Man 11 J3 Min/Man 5 def Eudunda 3 J4 Min/Man 22 def Eudunda 2 B1 Min/Man 64 def Eudunda 38 B2 Min/Man 55 def Eudunda 32 U15 Min/Man 38 def Eudunda 22 Mst Min/Man 56 def Eudunda 9 South Clare vs BSR A1 S/Clare 83 Def BSR 19 A2 S/Clare 55 Def BSR 28 B1 S/Clare 65 Def BSR 48 B2 S/Clare 53 Def BSR 25 C1 S/Clare 36 D BSR 18 C2 BSR 30 Def S/Clare 24 J1 S/Clare 53 Def BSR 5 J2 BSR 18 Def S/Clare 5 Mst BSR 48 D S/Clare 22

Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009


sport v District

Football action

ABOVE: Pecker Michael Brougham looks on as team mate Dylan Parker gets a kick away ahead of Magpie Matthew Linn. BELOW: Anton Gerardis, Virginia and Bomber Dale Norman tussle to get to the ball. LEFT: Nick Jericho takes a mark for the Eagles, Tiger Ben Pym not far behind.

SHAUN Price, H W Eagles and United’s Peter Cook chase the ball during the A grade game.

Golf Balaklava Ladies

Fourteen players enjoyed the weather we had for golf last week and the course was in excellent condition. A grade winner was R Jenkin with 35 stableord points, followed by N Taylor with 27 points on count back from M Kemp 27, C Redpath 26. B grade winner was T Matz with 32 points followed by F Williams 29, H Maxwell 26, J Hoskin 24, M Hayes 20. C grade winner was C Hahesy with 29 points, J Taylor 28, G Edwards 26, C Taylor 26, S Toovey 8. NTP B: F Williams, C: Cherie Taylor. Drieves on fairway – A: R Jenkin 12. B: F Williams 11. C: G Edwards 11. M Kemp chip out and birdie on 3, M Hayes chip out 9, T Matz chip out on 9 and 12, F Williams chip out 5, T Koskin 14. Laurel Wreath round was played. J Hoskin def C Taylor on the 23rd hole. Well done to both girls – that’s what you call a match. Thursday July 16 competition is the fourth stroke and third International Bowl. Starters: N Taylor and F Williams. Good luck to the girls who are going away for the WGSA Country Meetings at Streaky Bay, Port Broughton, Kadina and Clare. Producer points: R Jenkin 5, T Matz 4, C Hahesy 3, F Williams 2, J Taylor 1.

Balaklava men

Thirty four hopefuls, including one visitor, Mr. Sam Goode, arrived at the car park last Saturday pre-occupied by either the first round of the Winter Shield or the Mac’s Cabinets Trophy, although one player just had new golf balls on his mind. Among the A Grade field were four pairings involved with the Winter Cup. Peter Lamont defeated Robert Hart 2/1, Merv. Hameister saw off Mark Loy 1 up, “Rotten Ron” Butterworth ruined Ian Michael’s day winning 3/2 while Bill Parkin, faced by Murray Smith’s inability to attend the stoush, played a relaxed round, smiling the smile of a winner. The B Grade mob pitched Tate Michael against Dave Rodgers, with Tate winning 1 up, as did John Michael over his respectful son Scott, 1 up. According to THE BOOK big, beaming Barry Michael forfeited to Dean Trickett, although I distinctly remember seeing both contenders at the 19th., laughing and generally carrying on like pork chops. We also had a C Grade category, in which Lachlan Hart got the better of Mick Hahesy 1 up, Andrew Manuel straightened his trajectories to trounce Digby Addison 1 up and although ignored by THE BOOK, a certainAustin Henstridge cruelly hammered the gallant young Jordan Taylor by, no doubt, a certain margin. According to THE BOOK, there were no results resulting from our Stableford competition, so no winner of the Mac’s Cabinets Trophy, no Nearest The Pins, nor any Birdies. This is quite untrue, folks, but if it ain’t in THE BOOK, it don’t go to print and you can take that to the bank. We’ll maybe slip ‘em in next week if they get written up in THE BOOK some time soon. What was recored in THE BOOK however, was the fact that Mark Loy finally proved that wearing cargo daks, with their hundreds of otherwise superfluous pockets, does make sense on occasion. Having belted a beautiful drive on the sixth, ending up about 130m from the pin, this near-hairless man-mountain calmly addressed his ball with a nine-iron, then sent it unerringly onto the green and into the hole. For you

who don’t know, that means the swine not only scored a very rare feat, an Eagle, but also got to fill his pants pockets with golf balls back at the 19th. Mark won six for that magnificent effort and several more for a range of others, but as the reasons for those weren’t recorded in THE BOOK, we must simply let our imaginations run riot. This Saturday we’ll tackle round two of the Winter Shield and also battle it out for the prestigious Free Choice Trophy in a Par competition. Our Starters are, hopefully, Barry “Toe Nails” Thompson and Dean “Dodgy Knees” Trickett.

Balaklava Mid Week

Dene Newtown won Wednesday’s stableford competition on a count back from Dean Trickett with 41 points followed by Don Anderson 39, Brian Kemp 37, Bazz Taylor 36, Gerry Toms 34, Barrie Thompson 34, Merv Hameister 33, Doug Taylor 28, Bill Berry 20, Jordan Taylor 17. Birdies: G Toms 10, 13. B Thompson 8.

Blyth ladies

July 8 – Par Competition/ SponsorClare Hotel. Winner K Mugge +5, R/Up J Zweck +4, V Bamford -2, J Wandel -5, B Victor -6, R Lamond -9. Skins No 8- J Zweck Raffle- B Victor This week July 15 – Club Medal/ least putts/ Sponsor- Clare Auto Pro. HostessV Bamford. Next Week July 22nd- Laurel Wreath Final/ longest drive/ Sponsor- Blyth Cinema. Hostess- I Fisher


Sunday July 12 – Stableford/ Legacy Day. Winner M Pawley 49, R/Up PAgnew 46, R Lamond 45, G Mugge 40, K Hayes 36, M Carling 35, D Paynter 34, M Grocke 33, B Spinks, visitors- G Hayes 42, W Klaebe. This week- Sunday July 19th- Quarter Final Championship/ Sponsor- Pages Deli. Matches as following; R Lamond C I Zweck, M Grocke C E Harrison, M Pawley C J Hogan, G Mugge v M Williams. Tee Master- G Mugge, Bar Roster- M Carling assist B Spinks. Next week- Sunday July 26th- Par Competition/ Sponsor- Clare Hotel. Tee Master- K Hayes, Bar Roster- M Finn assist M Pawley.

Hamley Bridge

With the annual open day on Sunday, most golfers preferred to play on Sunday. Only 16 ventured out for Saturday’s stableford round. Winner was Adam Mitchell 45 points from John bell 44, K Kluske 36, J mitchell 36, Ron Smith 38, N Durdin 35, D Cooper 34, A Noack 33, D Nation 32, B Pearce 31, B Cooper 31, and the rest coming in with less than 30 points. Highlight for John Bell was his hole in one on the par three fourth. This is the second time John has achieved this on the same hole. Birdies to Adam and John Mitchell. Thursday’s results: winner W Van Pelt 41 followed by J Bell, A Noack 39, R Mortimer 38, R Ahola, D Cooper 34, M Grasby 33, V Stringer, D Russell, C Doudle, R Hahn 32, B cooper 31 and the rest of the field scoring in the 20s. This Saturday will be the kegway stableford round.

Hamley Bridge Open

In cold blustery conditions 52 players hit off in the annual open day competition. Ex-Hamley player John Nairn won the day with a score of 107 for 27 holes. A grade 27 hole championship winner John Nairn 107, runner up Adam Mitchell

113. B grade winner Ian Fergusson 133, runner up Anton Noack 133. C grade winner Ray Battle 140, runner up J Bowden 143. Agrade 27 handicap winner Bert Pearce 99, runner up Merv Hameister 100. 18 hole winner Mick Nicholls 69, runner up S Paul 72. 9 hole winner Peter Lamont 32.5, runner up Vince Zito 34. B grade 27 hole handicap winner P Sullivan 103.5, runner up M Taylor 105.5. 18 hole winner T Datson 80 70, runner up Ian Goddaru 72. 9 hole winner Ron Smith 35.5, runner up J Weir 38.5. C grade 27 hole handicap winner D Barkla 105, runner up C Temby 110. 18 hole handicap winner Max Grasby 75, runner up B Waite 76. 9 hole winner Doug Cooper 36, runner up Wally Jackson 38. Veterans 18 hold handicap winner Ian Ferguson 60, runner up Ray Battle 64.5. Nearest the pin, 7: R Steele, 12: Wim Van Pelt. A grade long drive: Adam Mitchell, B Grade Neville Durdin, C grade: J Bowden. Teams 18 hole handicap with a score of 209: Steve Howe, Ian Goddard and Ian Ferguson.

Two Wells

Saturday July 11 – Competition: 4BBB Stableford. Sponsor: Two Wells IGA. Players: 35. Today was a day of testing conditions for all players who braved the elements. Many a ball was lost by quite a few players, some a lot more than others. I would say that everyone who played the game would have had an enjoyable day playing something different than the normal rounds that we have. For the first of two rounds, I am certainly looking forward to the next time we play this comp again. Having only 11 points from first to NAGA brings the field back so as anyone can still be up there if you have a good game next round. A very big welcome to Riley Boon, our second junior to join us this season, we do hope he will be with us for a long time to come, and nice to see Jack Kelly out with his dad as well. Good to see the Baker lot back after a few weeks away. Well done to Simon Grigg, eagle on No 7, NTP on 16, winning the day with Steve Sando, what more could you ask for (plenty I suppose). What a booming drive from Jake Bowden on 13, that made a few people look

twice, me as well, and I bet Bluey’s going to hear about it too. Very trying for the last two groups coming home in the dark, oh for daylight savings on day’s like today. At the presentation Bobby Hogg was pleased to receive so many balls after losing sooooo many on the course with the statement of… My short game was good for the NTP’s and my long game was good for the long drive, but I’m curious, what happened in between? Thursday Paul Shields and Ian Smith made the journey out to play their matchplay, both men got just a little damp around the earlobes, not the nicest of days to pick, but a very good game I have been told with Paul winning 2/1. Today’s Results: MEN: 50 Simon Grigg/S Sando, 47 S Abbott/Stuart Grigg, H Linford/J Bowden L Zbierski/I Clark, 46 F Jurgens/P Shields, 45 B Prior/T Datson, 44 C Weller/J Ball, R Thompson/R Hogg, 42 C Girling/D Hall, 41 I Smith/ J Spackman, 40 S Francis/B Readett J Kelly/S Kelly A Gameau/T Clifton, 39 R Prior/D Thompson. MIXED: 46 J Frost/M Frost, 40 T Perry/D Perry, 37 J Baker/A Baker NTP’s: 1. B Hogg 2. –. 6. Simon Grigg. 11. B Hogg. 12. M Frost. 15. B Hogg. Long Drives: A. J Ball. B. B Hogg. C. J Bowden. Ladies: Dead heat, J Frost/J Baker Birdie Holes: 1. B Readett. 8. –. 11. –. 14. –. Pro’s Approach No18: T Datson NAGA: 39 R Prior/D Thompson Meat Tray’s: M Dimasi, D Hall. Lenard’s Voucher: H Linford Members Draw: D Hall Next Week: Stableford, Presidents Trophy. – Trevor Datson Vice Captain TWGC

Two Wells Ladies

The first round of the championships were played last week, winner was Tine Perry with 98. R/up Judi Frost with 99. Second round of the International Bowl was also played – winner was Tine Perry with 29. Long drive winner was Helen Johnson on 10. T Perry was nearest the pin on 6.

Shooting Adelaide Plains Rifle

Cyclists and Torrens Valley. A Grade: F Pinyon 99.6. B Grade: J Pinyon 97.4. Sighters: P Bradshaw: 19.2. Handicap results: J Pinyon 48.1, 49.2 (6) 100. F Pinyon 50.5, 49.1 (1) 100. D Bradey 49.5, 49.6 (2) 100. P gale 47.4, 50.6 (1) 98. P Bradshaw 47.2, 48.1 (1) 96. G Apthomas 39, 46.3 (8) 93. Cyc lists and Torrens Valley F Class. F Open: R Braund 181. F Standard: H Bradshaw 167. Sighters: R Braund 32. Handicap results: D Zerbe 86, 83 (30) 199. R Braund 91, 90 (11) 192. H Bradshaw 74, 93 (24) 191. Light River. A Grade: G Mincham 98.6. B Grade: P Bothwell 92.5. Sighters: B Wrightson 20.1. Handicap results: T Bickley 48.3, 48.4 (16) 119. P Bothwell 46.1, 46.4 (19) 116. C Mincham 50.5, 48.1 (10) 114. B Wrightson 48.4, 45.2 (14) 113. R Spillman 49.4, 47.2 (13) 113. Semmler 47.4, 49.2 (10) 112. Phoenix. A Grade: J Samuel 98.9. B Grade: D Clarke 91.1. Sighters: C Williams 18.2. Handicap results: J Samuel 49.6, 49.3 (18) 125. C WIlliams 47.2, 49.6 (16) 120. M bialkowski 43.2, 45.3 (22) 115. D Logos 45.2, 47.2 (20) 115. M Challen 42.2, 42.2 (22) 114. D Clarke 43, 48.1 (21) 113. Phoeniz F Class. F Standard 111. Sighters: R Mousley 21. Handicap Results: S Cowie 52, 50 (17) 119. R Mousley 54, 57 (5) 116. Postal and Railways. A Grade: R Cuningham 95.3. B Grade: B Phillips 88.1. C Grade: M Bethune 79.3. Sighters: B Philips 18.1. Handicap results: R Cunningham 46.4, 49.4, 95. I Mackintosh 45.2, 47.1, 92. B Phillips 41.1, 47, 88. D Barr 43, 45, 88. V Synusas 44.1, 41.4, 85. M Bethune 36, 43.2, 79. A Bushell 40.2, 39, 79.


Results from Saturday July 11. Attendance: 28. 25 target double barrel twilight shoot. A: G Read 24/25. B: T O’Connor, A Goodridge, A Zupanic 24/25. C Grade: J Wheatley 19/25. 25 target double barrel night shoot. A: B Dempster 30/30, 2nd G Gilbert 29/30. B: A Zupanic 24/25, 2nd G Gilbert 29/30. B: A Zupanic 24/25, 2nd T O’Connor 22/25. C: J Wheatley 24/25, 2nd J Gilbert 21/26. Next shoot July 19.


Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009

InFARMation v Weekly guide to weather, agriculture Australia’s leading hay exporter

GM link to salt tolerant crops AN international team of scientists has developed salt-tolerant plants using a new type of genetic modification (GM), bringing salt-tolerant cereal crops a step closer to reality. The research team – based at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus – has used a new GM technique to contain salt in parts of the plant where it does less damage. Salinity affects agriculture worldwide, which means the results of this research could impact on world food production and security. The work has been led by researchers from the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics and the

Waite and UK research could have impact on barley, wheat and rice •Professor Mark Tester says salt is kept from the leaves of plants. University of Adelaide’s School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, in collaboration with scientists from the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge, UK. The results of their work were published last week in the top international plant science journal, ‘The Plant Cell’. “Salinity affects the growth of plants worldwide, particularly in irrigated land where one third of the world’s food is produced, said the team’s leader, Professor Mark Tester, from the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at the University of Adelaide and the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics (ACPFG).

• A comparison of GM plants and non-GM plants grown in saline conditions: Non-GM plants (left) struggling to grow in saline conditions and (right) GM plants thriving in the same conditions. Photo courtesy of the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics (ACPFG)/ University of Adelaide.



Adelaide Plains, Clare & Gilbert Valleys region

day forecast – Balaklava Thursday



A few showers. Light to moderate SSW wind.





, 9

/1,- 9







"1/ ,ĂŠ, ",ĂŠ/ ĂŠ/ -





Fine day. Moderate N’ly Possible shower. Moderate Possible shower. Moderate 7 / ,Ê", -/ wind developing. to fresh W to NW wind. N to NW wind.

A shower or two. Light winds.

7 - 9



The frontrunner in fertiliser Ph: 8415 1900

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“It is a problem that is only going to get worse, as pressure to use less water increases and quality of water decreases,� he said. “Helping plants to withstand this salty onslaught will have a significant impact on world food production.� The team used the technique to keep salt – as sodium ions (Na+) – out of the leaves of a model plant species. They modified genes specifically around the plant’s water conducting pipes (xylem) so salt is removed from the transpiration stream before it gets to the shoot. “This reduces the amount of toxic Na+ building up in the shoot and so increases the plant’s tolerance to salinity,� Professor Tester said. “In doing this, we’ve enhanced a process used naturally by plants to minimise the movement of Na+ to the shoot. We’ve used genetic modification to amplify the process, helping plants to do what they already do – but to do it much better.� The team is now in the process of transferring this technology to crops such as rice, wheat and barley, with rice already looking promising.



7,""ĂŠ/ ĂŠ/ -

7i`˜iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?ĂŠÂŁx ĂŠ äÓ\ÂŁĂ“>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°{™Ê än\Ι>“°°°°°°°°°° Ó°Óx ĂŠ äÓ\{{“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°nĂˆĂŠ än\Ă“n“°°°°°°°°°° Ó°äÓ /Â…Ă•Ă€Ăƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?ĂŠÂŁĂˆ ĂŠ äÓ\{ä>“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Ă¤Â°ĂˆĂ“ĂŠ ä™\Ă“ÂŁ>“°°°°°°°°°° Ó°Ó{ ĂŠ äÎ\{΍“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°™™Ê ä™\£ä“°°°°°°°°°° £°ÇÎ Ă€Âˆ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?棂 ĂŠ äÎ\ä™>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°nÂŁĂŠ £ä\£Ç>“°°°°°°°°°° Ă“Â°ÂŁĂˆ ĂŠ äx\Î䍓 °°°°°°°°°°£°£{ĂŠ £ä\ÂŁĂˆÂŤÂ“Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â° £°ÎÇ ->ĂŒĂ•Ă€`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?ĂŠÂŁn ĂŠ äÎ\ĂŽĂŽ>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°äÇÊ ÂŁÂŁ\xÇ>“°°°°°°°°°° Ó°äÇ ĂŠ ä™\Ó䍓 °°°°°°°°°°ä°™x -Ă•Â˜`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?Ê£™ ĂŠ äÓ\ĂŽ{“ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°£nĂŠ £ä\Ă“ĂˆÂŤÂ“Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â° Ă¤Â°ĂˆĂ“

7i`˜iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?ĂŠÂŁx ĂŠ äÓ\{™>“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Ă¤Â°ĂˆxĂŠ £ä\xÂŁ>“°°°°°°°°°° £°ÎÎ

œ˜`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?ÊÓä ĂŠ äx\£ä>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°xĂˆĂŠ ä™\ÂŁĂ“>“°°°°°°°°°° ÂŁÂ°Ă“Ăˆ ĂŠ äÎ\{Ǎ“ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°{ÂŁĂŠ ÂŁÂŁ\Ă¤ĂˆÂŤÂ“Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â° ä°Î™ /Ă•iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?ĂŠĂ“ÂŁ ĂŠ äx\ĂŽÂŁ>“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°ÂŁÂ°ĂˆnĂŠ £ä\än>“°°°°°°°°°° £°ä™ ĂŠ ä{\Î΍“ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°xnĂŠ ÂŁÂŁ\ĂŽn“°°°°°°°°°° ä°Ó™

œ˜`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?ÊÓä ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\Ă“Ă“>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°Ó™Ê äÎ\ÓӍ“°°°°°°°°°° £°nĂŽ

/Â…Ă•Ă€Ăƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?ĂŠÂŁĂˆ ĂŠ äÓ\ĂŽn>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°ÇäÊ ÂŁÂŁ\ĂŽx>“°°°°°°°°°° £°{{ Ă€Âˆ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?棂 ĂŠ ä£\ĂŽÂŁ>“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Ă¤Â°ĂˆnĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\£Ç“°°°°°°°°°° £°xx ĂŠ ÂŁÂŁ\x™“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°xx ->ĂŒĂ•Ă€`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?ĂŠÂŁn ĂŠ ä£\äǍ“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°ÂŁÂ°Ăˆx -Ă•Â˜`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?Ê£™ ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\äÓ>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°{äÊ äÓ\䙍“°°°°°°°°°° £°Ç{

/Ă•iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?ĂŠĂ“ÂŁ ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\{x>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°ÓÎÊ ä{\Ă“x“°°°°°°°°°° £°™ä

3 Best Quality 3 Best Range 3 Best Price Phone: 8862 1866






/ * ,/1, ĂŠEĂŠ, ĂŠ -ĂŒ>ĂŒÂˆÂœÂ˜ Ă•LĂ•Ă€Â˜ >Â?>ÂŽÂ?>Ă›> Â?ĂžĂŒÂ…

Â?>Ă€i >“Â?iÞÊ Ă€Âˆ`}i ÂœĂžÂ?iĂŒÂœÂ˜ >Â?Â?>Â?> "Ăœi˜ *ÂœĂ€ĂŒĂŠ7>ÂŽiwiÂ?` ,ÂˆĂ›iĂ€ĂŒÂœÂ˜ ,ÂœĂƒiĂœÂœĂ€ĂŒÂ…Ăž ->``Â?iĂœÂœĂ€ĂŒÂ… -Â˜ÂœĂœĂŒÂœĂœÂ˜ /ĂœÂœĂŠ7iÂ?Â?Ăƒ

Ă›iĂ€>}iĂŠ/i“ >Ă? ˆ˜

7iiÂŽĂŠi˜`ˆ˜}ĂŠ/Ă•iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â?ÞÊ£{]ÊÓää™ Ă?ĂŒĂ€i“iĂŠ/i“ >Ă? ˆ˜













7iiÂŽ £™°ä n°Ó n°{ ÂŁĂŽÂ°Ăˆ ÂŁĂˆÂ°Ăˆ £Ó°n Óä°{ ÂŁx°n ÂŁ{Â°Ăˆ £Ç°{ £™°ä £Ó°{ £Ó°Ó Ă“{°{

,>ˆ˜v>Â?Â? Ă•Â?Êä™ Ă•Â?Êän xÓ°n ££ä°ä ÂŁn°Ó Ι°Ó Ă“x°ä ĂˆĂ“Â°ĂŽ ÎÓ°{ £än°Ó Ă“n°{ ĂˆĂ‡Â°n Ă“n°{ Ă‡Â™Â°Ăˆ ÎÓ°n ĂŽn°Î Ă“n°n ĂˆĂŽÂ°Â™ Óä°{ {ÂŁÂ°Ăˆ ĂŽĂ‡Â°Ăˆ £äΰä ĂŽĂˆÂ°n {Â™Â°Ăˆ ĂŽ{°ä nΰn Ă“x°Ó xĂˆÂ°{ {x°Ó xxÂ°Ăˆ


Ă“ĂˆĂŽÂ°n ÂŁx롣 £Çΰ£ Ă“xä°{ £Ç£°ä £™n°{ ÂŁĂˆĂ‡Â°x ÂŁÂ™Ă“Â°Ăˆ ÂŁxÇ°ä Ă“xΰn £Çä°Ó ÓÎä°ä £Çn°{ ÂŁnÇ°n




Contact Shayn 8862 1222

SAFF Grains to watch ABB fees The South Australian Farmers Federation Grains Industry Committee (SAFF Grains) says it welcomes the acknowledgement by ABB takeover proponent, Viterra, that storage and handling charges are “very complex.� “The intention to remove the volume variation charge is recognition this was an inequitable impost on growers � said Mr Michael Schaefer, chair of SAFF Grains. “Unfortunately, as yet there is no indication of any repayment that is supposed to happen. How do they propose to make the agreed refund, due in better years? “It is now proposed to have a new grain volume insurance program which growers will fund under re-bundled charges. And will this program be included at all ABA sites as well?� SAFF Grains will continue to monitor revised fee structure. “We need to aim for not only a simplified list of charges, but overall lower total charges that are transparent to the whole industry,� Mr Schaefer said.

Agribusiness award Entries have opened for the prestigious NAB Agribusiness Awards for Excellence. Companies and individuals working in the agribusiness, food, fibre and beverage sector are encouraged to enter. There are 10 categories recognising excellence, innovation and leadership across all areas of agribusiness. Entries must be received by Friday, August 14. New this year is the Innovation in New and Emerging Industries award, acknowledging advances in science or agronomy, product development or marketing. The Awards are run by Monash University, Australia’s largest university, in association with NAB Agribusiness, with a vision to help the sector realise its potential. Khan Horne, NAB’s general manager of Agribusiness, said the organisation was proud to continue its involvement with the awards. For more information, or to download an application form, go to For selection criteria and details of previous winners, visit www.

2008-2009 Yorke Peninsula Celebration of Employment Do you have an employee who displays outstanding qualities and their performance provides a positive contribution to your business? Nominations are sought in the following categories: Apprentice of the Year Trainee of the Year Australian School Based Apprentice of the Year Employee of the Year Award recipients will receive a significant cash prize and celebrate their achievement at a special awards ceremony and dinner on Saturday 10th October, 2009. Are you an employee, with an outstanding EMPLOYER who has consistent commitment to training or practises innovative employee initiatives? Nominations are sought for: Employer of the Year (less than 5 Full time Equivalent employees) Employer of the Year (greater than 5 FTE employees) Nominations are open to employees and employers that work or live in the District Council of the Copper Coast, District Council of Yorke Peninsula, District Council of Barunga West or Wakefield Regional Council. For further information or a nomination form contact: Bridget Sara Yorke Regional Development Board Ph: (08) 8862 0832 Email:


NOMINATIONS CLOSE 21st August, 2009

Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009

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• 3 dble bdrms, 1 opens to encl outdoor area • Formal lounge, open plan kitchen, dining, living • 2 way bathroom, second toilet • Plenty storage space • Single garage with workshop • Double garage and garden shed

BALAKLAVA / WHITWARTA $249,950 The Quiet Country Life

• 3 bdrm home, less than 4 years old • Minutes from Balaklava • Features 2 way bathroom, formal lounge • WI pantry, open plan kitchen/family room • Enviro cycle to keep garden watered



Save on Your Power Bill

• Sell power back to the grid. • Solid family home with 4/5 bdrms • Large country kitchen • Recently installed solar power • Solar hot water and new fences. • Close to shops, school, public pool • Carport, fruit trees on the 1012m2 block

190 Main North Road, Clare

8842 1154

RLA2162 RLA62833


CALOMBA - PINERY 518.94 HA CROPPING LAND 1282 AC To be offered in 5 lots

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4, 2009 1.30pm at Long Plains sports complex

CALOMBA Lot 1. 63.52 Ha, 158 Ac mainly flat brown loam, one paddock, mains water connected fronting Mallala to Long Plains road. Well managed and maintained. PINERY Lot 2. 107.59 Ha, 266 Ac approx undulating brown loam to sandy rises, old hay shed & sheep yards, bore unequipped, 3 titles. Lot 3. 129.5 Ha, 320 Ac undulating brown to rising country, derelict house. Lot 4. 71.33 Ha, 176 Ac undulating brown loam flats with sandy rises, old derelict house, shearing shed and yards. Lot 5. 147 Ha, 363 Ac slightly undulating brown loam with rising sandy loam, 3 paddocks, 4 titles, old hay shed. REMARKS: Mains water to each Lot, power to Lots 3 & 4, and at Lot 5. The properties have been well maintained and managed, all close to silos, Adelaide Plains Livestock Exchange. A great opportunity for farm build up as they are being offered on a non contingent bases.

Halbury Farmlet 2.39 Ha $255,000

3 br Move straight in

Specialising in the eradication of ...

Phone: 8842 2001 A/h: 8844 5041 Toll Free: 1300 856 263 Mobile 0418 859 195

15 Main North Road, Auburn 8849 2082 or 0418 891 776

3 br Great Value


Health Comm. Lic. No. 12

Property Conveyancer

3 Independent local conveyancing business with 28 years experience in all forms of conveyancing 3 Professional, prompt, personal and private service at competitive rates 3 Whether you are a buyer or seller, you are entitled to nominate your own conveyancer to act for you

Terms. 5% deposit on fall of hammer, balance January 8, 2010 For further details and Inspections…

Elders Real Estate Roseworthy Ph: 8521 0302 Graeme Hann 0417 814 659


NO HOT WATER? …Phone Your Hot Water Specialist!

•Leaking Taps/Toilets •Water filter •Blocked Drains/Septic Connections •Replacement Units/Elements/Valves No Call Out Fee/ Pensioner Discounts


Peter Thompson Plumbing Contractor

Looking for work? We’ll help guide you

Home 8862 1285 - Mobile 0418 896 808

Business 2 Day Books 3 Qualified mobile bookkeeping 3 BAS, month end accounts, reports 3 MYOB and other systems 3 At site consultation

Phone Wendy 0448 967 159

Visit or call 13 17 64 It’s the new approach to employment services from the Australian Government. Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra.


Balaklava and surrounding areas


•Bobcat •Tipper •Excavator •Excavations •Trenching • Civil work • Site levelling •Cartage • Slashing / mowing • Hole boring •Rubbish removal • Driveways • General earthworks

Devin W Baum

RLA 150881

Waratah Earthworx




Plains Producer

Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009



PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 DEADLINE: 5pm Monday

Coming Events

Coming Events

For Sale


Mallala Neighbourhood Rural Watch

Thompson Beach Progress Association


Adventures in the Developing World with CIMMYT


Porterhouse Steak $

Tuesday August 18

7.30pm at Pinery Hall

7pm at Port Wakefield Doctors Rooms

• Admission $8 • Supper • Raffle • Trading Table

Port Wakefield District Hospital Board inc.

Pinery Red Cross

Andrew Barr Friday July 17



Tuesday August 4 7.30pm at Mallala Museum School Room

Invitation to Women You are invited to attend this free 10-week group, beginning on…

Tuesday July 21 2009 from 11am to 3pm In the LNH Community Room, Webb St, Clare, behind the Clare hospital.

Let us take you for a ride Sunday July 19 Trains running from 12.30 to 4.30pm at Roseworth Campus Mudla Wirra Rd (Wasleys Rd) • Drinks • Ice Cream Covered • Cooked BBQ • Football oval footwear must be • Playground • Tennis courts worn on train Birthday party bookings welcome, contact Bob 8264 0449 anytime Balaklava Community Arts Inc presents h 13t

To register & if you would like more information, please ring Rose or Hilary at Lower North Health, 8841 3500

July 31, August 1 & 2

Come and build some sandcastles at…

Vocal Ensemble- Choral Workshop Instrumental Ensembles- Piano- Instrumental Musical Theatre- Speech & DramaContemporary Vocal- Vocal- Bands- Public Speaking

Beach Party July 18

7.30pm till 2am at Mallala Football Clubrooms

• Glass of champagne or beer on entry • $10 entry • Prize for the best dressed For more information see a member of the social committee

Friday July 31 •Admission: $3one ticket covers all venues

Saturday August 1 •Admission: Adults $5, Student $3, Primary School Students- FREE one ticket covers all venues

Sunday August 2 •Finale Concert & Vocal Scholarship •2.30pm •Admission: Adults $6, Concession $4

For more information please purchase a program- for $2 at Balaklava Post Office, Balaklava Bakery or Balaklava Community Library

Further info

Understanding the Timber Framing Code Complete HIA’s Understanding the Timber Framing Code to assist you in applying for your licence. Participants successfully completing the course will; be equipped to interpret and use the Timber Framing Code AS 1684-2006, accurately extract timber size requirements from relevant tables, and produce construction detail applicable to a timber framed domestic building. DATES: Thus July 23, Fri July 24, Fri July 31, 8:30am - 4:30pm VENUE: Wakefield Plains Council - Scotland Place, Balaklava SA COST: $450** (CITB eligible) $870** (NOT CITB eligible) *Please note it is essential that each participant supply their own Scientific Calculator and AS 1684 Timber Framing Code. To purchase a copy of the Timber Framing Code contact HIA Training on 08 8346 5091. *Costs shown for this training course are only applicable to CITB eligible participants. To apply for a CITB ID number, register on-line via CITB’s website or phone CITB on (08) 8172 9500. To obtain a enrolment form please contact HIA Training Services on 08 8346 5091

George St, Balaklava

For Rent 1/14 First St, Snowtown. 1 bedroom, kitchen/meals/ lounge, heat, c/port, small group of 4. Elders Real Estate Salisbury 8281 3334. Balaklava - 3 bedroom home, reverse cycle air conditioner. Phone: 0408 842 100. Balaklava 1 Boronia Circuit. New 2br Units available from $146w. NRAS conditions apply. Ring 8332 4522 or email for applications. Balaklava: Neat 3 bedroom home just renovated with 4 sqm shed, double carport, low maintenance garden & chook house. Waiting to be occupied, $190 p/week. Phone: 8864 5096 or 0408 838 339. Port Wakefield - One bedroom house to rent. Phone 8862 1888 after 6pm.

• Lunch will be provided

Mallala Football & Netball Club


•Afternoon tea Enq. John Walker 8529 2004

JULY 18 - 7.30 pm

Lower North Health will be running a support group for women who experienced sexual abuse while in their childhood years.

Per Kg At this price stocks won’t last. Don’t delay… get here fast

2pm at Dublin Community Hall

Roseworthy Railway Club inc

at Balaklava Sports Club • Following the BVA VS. HWE match • A great night out for the whole family • Support the Ovasholdaboldaholdas, Relay For Life Team raise funds for the Cancer Council.


Sunday August 9

For Sale 1950 style kitchen cupboards. Good solid built cupboards, ready for pick up. Inspection welcome. Make an offer. Ph: 0409 670 630. 30 metres gold net curtain material, new, $100 o.n.o. Aluminium Classic pergolo, 3.5 Metres square, brand new, never put up, new $800, selling price $500 o.n.o. Masport Hercules, 4 stroke O.H.U. lawn mower, only used 4 times, $200 o.n.o. Weslo momentum 410 exerciser, new $499, sell $200 o.n.o. Phone 8862 2142. Beef calves, 10, 2-4 months, 150 - $250 each. 3 Angus heifers, 2-3 months $220. 3 mg Heifers 2-3 months $220. 2 Angus steers 1-2 months $150. Hay meadow clover best quality for horses $9. Gumeracha ph 8389 1169.


A new approach to Australian Government employment services Visit jobservicesaustralia or call 13 17 7 64 Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra.


Coming Events

For Sale

For Sale

Firewood - 7x4 trailer loads, $120, 9x7 $240, delivered. Phone 0448 659 269.

XR8 ute, 2001 AU, Tickford motor, roll bar, power windows, air conditioning, t-bar auto, Tickford rims and good tyres, 6 months rego XPN-014. $9,800. Phone 8529 2230. Port Parham.

Ford 2001 KQ Laser LXI. Sports body kit, manual, air conditioning, good condition, well maintained. One lady owner. Reg until Dec 09. Reg WPG 253. $7500 ono. Ph: 0408 848 605. Ford Falcon XG ute, 1995, dual fuel, lowered, mags, registered, tinted windows, good condition, $3,500 o.n.o. Registration VTC 414. Ph 0427 898 206.

Garage Sale Garage Sale - high chair, table tennis table, kids clothes, toys, desk plus heaps more. Saturday July 18, 9am to 4pm. 10 Roberts Ave, Balaklava.


Forklift, Toyota 4fg15, registered. HPS-545, 1.5t, 2 speed man, 3 mt Mast. Excellent condition. $5,500 ono Balaklava ph 0408 722 495.

ladies black wallet outside Balaklava Foodland, Monday July 13 between 12.30 and 1pm. Phone 8867 1169.

Furniture, hand crafted natural timber, polished to your taste, made to order. Or select from our pre-made coffee tables, blanket boxes, bedside cabinets. Locally made, phone 8862 1612.

Gill - Jack. Congratulations and best wishes for July 16, 2009. Love from Joan, Mostyn, Roger, Helen and Christine and families.

Husqvarna Chainsaw 440e 41cc, excellent condition, only 8 hours use, spare new chain, file, 1 Ltr 2 stroke oil, books, $550 o.n.o. Phone 8862 1261.

Plueckhahn Elvia Agnes (nee Koch). Passed away peacefully July 6, 2009 at Mill Court, Balaklava.

Kia Mentor, 1997, 5 speed manual, hatch, runs very well, clean and tidy, lady owner, 3 months rego, XAH 089, $2,500 o.n.o. Phone 0419 855 226. Mazda Bravo Ute 2003 white, one owner, petrol/gas, 5 speed manual, tow bar, 3 months reg. 127,000km $9500 o.n.o. Reg WZO 147. Ph: 0423 395 443. MC Cormick B250, needs attention, $1,430 inc. Phone 8864 5096 / 0408 838 339 meat saw $250 each. Electrical firewood bench saw $400. Septic pump $100. Phone 8864 5006. Oaten hay with vetch, 5x4 rolls, $60 inc./bale. Phone 8864 5096 / 0408 838 339. Oven and cook top, electric, never used, $500 o.n.o. Boat parts: 1” stainless steel shaft, brand new to suit in-board motor, various parts $100 - the lot. Phone 8862 1575 or 0439 188 410. Port Wakefield, private sale. 5 Gibbon Street, renovate or demolish, $125,000 ono. Contact 0416-168-753. RX7 Series 2, 13b, 5 speed, project car, recent respray, low kms, import motor and gearbox, brass button clutch, light weight flywheel, K&N filter, twin 48 down draft webbers, 2 1/2 inch exhaust and more. Over $3,500 spent, receipts. Selling due to moving. Regretful sale. Balaklava. Phone 0488 645 930 $2,200 neg. Swivelrite 3 wheel stroller In excellent, near new condition. With toddler seat, wind and rain cover, newborn supports etc. Photos available. $200. Phone 0438 862 759.

Photo 0723

Two door steel cabinet, hinged doors or sliding doors, 1 metre high to 2.3 metre high, mouse proof, also shelving. Lockers, filing cabinets, gun cabinets. Phone 8862 1769 or 0409 693 626.

90th Birthday


Aged 84 years. Dearly loved wife of Ron for 54 years. Dearly loved mother of Jenny & Ray, Colleen & Markus, Bronwyn & Nevin. Treasured Grandma of Kate & Peter, Ebony, Ryan, Joel, William & Abbey. Precious memories are ours to keep. For me to live is Christ. To die is gain. Elvia’s funeral service was conducted in St. Pauls Lutheran Church, Balaklava on Monday July 13, 2009. Pastor Jim Bryan kindly officiated. The family wish to sincerely thank the staff at Mill Court and Dr. Nyoni for their wonderful care shown to Elvia.

In Memoriam Franks - Barbara. In loving memory of our dear Mum and Nana who passed away on the 16 August, 2007. Always loved and remembered by Joy and John, Christine and John, Jim and Ros, and their families. McIntyre - Darrell. Two years have sadly passed. Time has not got any easier. We miss your cheeky smile, your yarns and our talks. Not a day goes by that we don’t think or talk about you, wishing you were here. Until we meet again we will always love you. Marg, Sissy, Johnny, Paul, Jo, Kylie, John & great grandchildren xox.

Engagement Congratulations to Jodie Lennon and Rodney Burke on your engagement… finally! Love from everyone at Foodland Balaklava.

Thank you Smith, Mary (Nanna). Lyn and families sincerely thank everyone for comforting cards, flowers and visits on the sad loss of their beloved Mum. Appreciated.

Wanted to buy Cash paid for furniture, books, bric-a-brac in good clean condition. Ph 0488549487 or call in to Stuff n Nonsense, 2 Masters Street Riverton.

Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Wanted to buy Always buying in area, enamel signs, petrol pumps, oil bottles, tins, rabbit & dingo traps, old toys, books, comics, old china / glass and silverware, badges, medals, old lamps, radios, vintage musical instruments, old tools, plough seats, anything old, any condition. House, shed, farm & estates. Single items & collections. Good cash paid. Rob 8846 4079.


PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997

Work Wanted

Public Notice

Public Notice

Public Notice

Asbestos Remover back in your area. Specialists in Asbestos Registers and Annual Inspections. Reasonable rates. Clean, Safe, Licence 90314. 0428 840 451 or wattsasbestos.

CASH for cans and bottles, Owen Recycling - 18 Railway Tce, Owen. Wed 10-5; Sat 10-1 or by appointment. Ph 8528 6307.

The Balaklava Lutheran Church has started up Café Church. This is like a social dinner combined with a contemporary worship service. We are inviting anyone interested to join in at the next service on July 26 to be held at the Primary School open space unit in ‘The Well’. We will begin with a BBQ Tea at 6pm. Bring your friends and see you there! For more information contact Pastor Jim Bryan- 0421 344 662 or 8862 1031.

SAILPLANE flights. The Balaklava Gliding Club has $60 gift vouchers available for passenger flights any weekend from their airfield 10km north west of Balaklava on main Snowtown road. Phone 8864 5062 for bookings.

CONTRACT slaughtering is our speciality at our quality assured. Snowtown Abattoirs for butcher shop farmers and every day people. Serving all areas. Phone 8865 2162

Situations Vacant

Yorke Peninsula Field Days Inc

COFFEE Morning Lutheran church hall, Short Tce, Balaklava July 21 at 10am. All welcome morning tea and fellowship & sing-a-long. Notice of AGM of Two Wells CFS to be held at Two Wells Fire Station on Monday July 20, 2009 at 2000 hrs. All enquiries contact Alison 0438 750 033.

Advertising Deadline 5pm

Public Notice

Tenders Invited (recalled Tender)

Toilet Cleaning All interested applicants MUST contact YP Field Days Administrator, Elaine Bussenschutt to obtain a written copy of the Toilet Cleaning requirements before submitting a Tender. Telephone: YP Field Days 8827 2040 or via email All Tenders must be submitted in writing and posted to: YP Field Days Administrator, Elaine Bussenschutt, PO Box 162, Kadina SA 5554 Neither the lowest nor indeed any tender may necessarily be accepted. Tenders will close, and must be received no later 5pm, Friday July 24, 2009.

Yorke Peninsula Field Days Inc September 29, 30 & October 1 Tenders Invited

RUBBISH COLLECTION/RECYCLING Tenders are called and invited for Rubbish Collection / Recycling for the YP Field Days 2009 event at Paskeville for the periods: • Friday September 25 and Monday September 28 to Friday October 2 2009 • Times 8am to 6pm each day All interested applicants MUST contact YP Field Days Administrator, Elaine Bussenschutt to obtain a written copy of the Rubbish Collection / Recycling criteria before submitting a Tender Telephone: YP Field Days 8827 2040 or via email All Tenders must be submitted in writing and posted to: YP Field Days Administrator, Elaine Bussenschutt, PO Box 162, Kadina SA 5554 Neither the lowest nor indeed any tender may necessarily be accepted. Tenders will close, and must be received no later 5pm, Friday July 24, 2009

Junior Clerical Traineeship Applications are invited from interested persons to commence a Clerical Traineeship in Office Administration. We are seeking to appoint a self motivated person who attained a good standard of secondary education and has demonstrated skills in word processing, spreadsheet packages, and who is willing to be trained in accounting software. The successful applicant will be an enthusiastic, and energetic person with good presentation and cheerful telephone manner. Full training will be provided over a 12 month period. All enquiries and applications by writing or email to Office Manager, Michelle Williams by 4pm Friday July 24, 2009.

Warehouse Matrix

27 Gwy Terrace PO Box 24 Balaklava SA 5461 Phone: 8862 2078 Email:

Public Notice Development ACT 1993

Rural Living

Development Plan Amendment by Wakefield Regional Council Draft for Public Consultation

September 29, 30 & October 1

Tenders are called and invited for Toilet Cleaning for the YP Field Days event at Paskeville.


Adoption of Valuation NOTICE is hereby given that the council at its meeting held on 6-July-2009, resolved in accordance with section 167(2) (a) of the Local Government Act 1999, adopts for rating purposes the most recent valuations of the Valuer-General available to the Council of the Capital Value of land within the Council’s area, totalling $1,279,599,500.00. Declaration of Rates Notice is hereby given that the Council at its meeting held on July-6-2009, resolved pursuant to Section 153 of the Local Government Act 1999 and in respect of the financial year ending the 30 June, 2010, in order to raise the amount of $5,221,815.00 from rate income: Differential general rates pursuant to Section 156 (1) (b) of the Act be declared on all rateable land as follows: (1) 0.529 cents in the dollar in the Centre Zones in Mallala and Two Wells, and the Industrial Zone in Two Wells. (2) 0.430 cents in the dollar in the Residential and Recreational Zones in Mallala and Two Wells and Country Town Zone; and (3) 0.409 cents in the dollar in the Rural Living (1), the Rural Living (2) and the Rural Living (Animal Husbandry) Zones; (4) 0.459 cents in the dollar in the Coastal Township and Settlements Zones; (5) 0.425 cents in the dollar in the Horticulture Zone. (6) 0.364 cents in the dollar in the Future Urban Mallala & Two Wells, Commercial (Bulk Handling), Special Use (Mallala Racecourse), Industry (Mallala Racecourse), Regional Open Space System (Conservation), Regional Open Space System (Watercourse), Coastal, General Farming Zones. A minimum amount payable by way of the general rates of $600.00 be fixed in respect of all rateable land within the Council’s area in accordance with Section 158(1)(a) of the Local Government Act 1999. Annual Service Charge Pursuant to section 155 of the Local Government Act 1999, the Council having regard to the level of usage of the service imposes the following service charges payable in respect to rateable and non-rateable land where a septic tank effluent disposal connection point is provided as follows: Middle Beach Large tank Small Tank Vacant Land

$ 325.00 350.00 300.00

and an additional service charge component payable by those ratepayers who have chosen to fund their STED Scheme installation costs from loan funds raised by Council to finance the establishment of the Middle Beach STED scheme of $575.08. Separate Rate Dublin Water Supply Pursuant to the provisions of section 154(1) of the Local Government Act, 1999 Council has declared a fixed charge of $541.46 in order to recover the amount paid for the installation of the Dublin Water Supply on rateable properties along Harris Road. Natural Resources Management Levy Pursuant to the provisions of section 95 of the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 and section 154 of the Local Government Act 1999, District Council of Mallala declares a separate rate of 0.009398 cents in the dollar on rateable land within its area for the financial year ending 30 June 2010, for the purpose of raising the amount of $118,598 payable to the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board in accordance with the requirements of the Natural Resources Management Act 2004. John Tillack, Acting Chief Executive Officer

NOTICE is hereby given that the Wakefield Regional Council has, pursuant to section 25 of the Development Act 1993, prepared a draft Rural Living DPA to amend the Wakefield Regional Council Development Plan. The draft DPA proposes to amend the Wakefield Regional Council Development Plan to provide for rural living zones at: • Balaklava, as an extension to the existing Horse Keeping Policy area to the west of the racecourse; • To the south of Halbury; • To the south & south west of Owen; and • To the north of Blyth. These are in addition to the existing rural living zone at Port Wakefield. In addition to the above, the DPA provides for township expansion to the north and east of Blyth, and introduces a Concept Plan to provide for the logical extension and linking of roads and infrastructure at Blyth. A minor zone anomaly at Blyth is also corrected with rail land being removed from the Township zone and added to the Light Industry zone. Land division policies are introduced for each of the above areas to ensure that development reflects the intended use of the land for rural living purposes. The draft DPA will be on public consultation from Thursday, 16 July 2009 to Friday, 11 September 2009. Copies (both hard copy and electronic) of the draft DPA are available during normal office hours at the offices of the Wakefield Regional Council, Scotland Place, Balaklava, or can be viewed on the internet at www. Written submissions regarding the draft DPA should be submitted not later than 5pm on Friday, 11 September 2009. All submissions should be addressed to: The Chief Executive Officer Wakefield Regional Council PO Box 167 Balaklava SA 5461 marked to the attention of Ms. Elca McCar thy, Environmental Ser vices Manager, and should clearly indicate whether you wish t o be heard in support of your submission at the public meeting. Submissions may be lodged electronically to The public meeting will be held, if required at 3.30pm on Wednesday, 23 September at the Council office, Scotland Place, Balaklava

Phil Barry Chief Executive Officer


Plains Producer, Wednesday July 15, 2009


United 12.12 (84) d HW Eagles 11.11 (77) Mallala 16.10 (106) d Balaklava 4.10 (34) Virginia 25.19 (169) d Hamley Bridge 3.8 (26)

other reports: p16 – 24

Gutsy stuff! Tigers claw back into finals hunt with last-gasp win over Eagles

That’s attitude!

n A FORTNIGHT can be a long time in football. Two weeks ago on this page a picture appeared showing United players left in the wake of a Balaklava player as the Tigers went down by 46 points. On Saturday, it was a different story, as (above) Matt East collects the ball, without an Eagle in sight. He is circled by Brad Shimmin, Tom Guerin and Michael Warnes. Both East and Shimmin featured in our picture a fortnight ago. Just goes to show how things can change! n LEFT: Eagle Shane Braham battles to escape the clutches of Simon Schulz, watched by Jared East. PICTURES: Lauren Parker.


My Call


n Kym Jarman

nited came from behind to defeat Hummocks Watchman Eagles by seven points in a “match of the round” thriller at Long Plains. Despite being down at half time and six points down with less than two minutes to play the United Tigers dug deep when it counted in the dying minutes of the match – kicking a behind and two quick goals to grab a crucial win which moves them back into the competition’s top four. With the lead chang-

ing seven times in an exciting final term, it is fair to say the game could have gone either way. Nevertheless, United was sensational in showing much spirit when it counted to answer their coach John Ellis’ three quarter time requests – never giving in – as they desperately made sure another home game was not going to end in a narrow defeat. Mark Pym was great all day for United, halting many of the Eagles attacking plays. His younger brother Heath was great also – particu-


devil is

larly in the last quarter as his involvement in many of the Tigers fourth quarter passages of play which set up their match winning comeback. Forward Jamie McArdle was good over the course of four quarters and

in the

ruckman Will Banton had an influence in the match – and a good battle against Eagle giant Sean Light. For the Eagles, Daniel Thomas was the most influential player, kicking four goals and

the details. Need GPS Save 50 % with investment allowance

having much to do with most of the Eagles six pointers in one way or another. Ryan Reid was back to his damaging best, making a nuisance of himself coming out of the Eagles defence. D e f e n d e r Tr a v i s Sharpe was good all day in a good battle with many United forwards and Jared Wilson was clever, as always, in the midfield. Matt Higgs also gathered many important possessions throughout the course of the match, though he

was not named in the Eagles’ best. The Tigers will certainly be happy with clawing their way back into contention after their loss to Balaklava a fortnight ago threatened to derail their season. What was most pleasing was the Tigers won this do-or-die clash against the reigning premier despite having key forwards Sam McArdle and Michael Davey both unavailable. Joe Hunt was a noticeable absentee for the

Eagles but in the end it was the spirited last quarter performance that led United to victory. With each team in the APFL due to play each other once each between now and the end of the minor round, United will be pleased as they now take a slight advantage over HWE and Balaklava (who are now both one game behind the fourth- placed Tigers) as the season hits its home stretch. n Continued Page 19

Now thatThe you’ve theDidfinancial benefits of Precision Farming devil isdecided in the thethat details? you The only choice left is how soon you far outweighs the initial investment, you’ll need miss the second ‘the’? wantsome to startadvice. enjoying the cost and efbenefits. To do that, Helping you choose the best guidance systemficiency for your operation is you a need Everyone does.speciality. to select the best model for you. New Holland dealer They’ve got range in stock, everything from entry-level to full function, We aallfull make mistakes. That’s why a You New Holland dealer stocks a and they GPS can Guidance help with after sales support too. system can make such complete range of GPS guidance opa huge difference to a to farming operations. So now that you’re ready benefit from guidance, make sure you own the tion. Ifright you’vefor made the decision to system that’s you. use GPS guidance on your farm then you’ve made an excellent choice.

New Holland Guidance. Precisely Right.

Visit your New Holland dealer today and start enjoying the benefits of mak Own a bright future ing precisely the right choice. Own a bright future

Contact Greg or Brian at… Ph 8847 4020 SADDLEWORTH SA

n BOMBER Adam Hill is shepherded by Virginia’s Paul Russo as Anthony Johnston breaks clear at Hamley Bridge. Kym Jarman has the details on Virginia’s big win in that game, on page 19.

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