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Wednesday June 3, 2009


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Cash for our towns 15 projects get council assistance

Kelli’s police award

By Lauren Parker

Riverton police officer Brevet Sergeant Kelli Hersey has been awarded a Certificate of Merit for her actions when confronted by an armed offender at Tarlee last year. The certificate was awarded in recognition of her “outstanding commitment and professionalism”. The disturbance occurred on August 15 last year, when B/Sergeant Hersey arrived at Tarlee and was confronted by a man armed with several knives, who then made threats against her. She was able to talk to the man and negotiate his surrender. He was arrested and charged with several offences. The certificate was presented to B/Sergeant Hersey last Wednesday at the police academy. Another two officers also received a Certificate of Merit on the day.

More than $80,000 has been allocated for the maintenance of halls and sporting facilities across the Wakefield Regional Council area. The funding has allocated under council’s annual Sport and Recreational Facilities Program and Halls Maintenance Program, and includes funding carried over from last year’s programs. A total of $53,330 has been allocated under the Sport and Recreational Facilities Program to 15 projects in eight towns. This includes $478 to Balaklava Croquet Club to install two lights on existing poles at the courts southern end for a total cost of $678. Balaklava Rifle Club will receive $1600 to build a stop butt behind targets, at a total cost of $2800. Council will also provide $4500 of $10,583 to upgrade kitchen facilities at Balaklava Sports Club. Blyth Tennis Club exterior will be painted at a cost of $5236, including $2836 council funding. Stage two of the Blyth Bowling Club paving project will progress, with council contributing $5000 of the $6300 total. At Brinkworth, two projects will proceed at the recreation ground, including a bore at a cost of $14,150, with $5000 council funds; and providing a pumping source for the proposed bore at a total cost of $12,212, with council contributing $5000. Brinkworth Bowling Club will also receive $2350 towards a $4223 project to replace the grassed and sand sides of the green with concrete. • Continued page 3

Footy fun in the Magpie nest

THEY were footballers trying to look like farmers – or was that the other way around? Mallala’s Ben Work (left) and Tim Cawrse got into the fun of things in “the farmer wants a wife” theme night at Mallala football club last weekend. Local club football takes a break this long weekend as the Adelaide Plains Football League combined side plays in the Landmark Cup carnival in Jamestown.– PICTURE: Lisa Redpath

See Kym Jarman’s Landmark Cup carnival preview in Sport, Page 23.

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198 Main North Rd, CLARE 8842 2177 or Ah 0419 828 802

Adelaide Main North Road WSB Dist.

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Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

NEWS v District

Do we have another premiership contender?


ATCHING State MP for Goyder Steven Griffiths perform recently on a TV news bulletin brought a mixed reaction. I thought to myself, this bloke presents well, but heck, he’s like the boy with the wheelbarrow; he’s got the job in front of him. Moments earlier I had watched State Treasurer Kevin Foley responding to TV journalists on his return to Adelaide, shoulders stooped from carrying our Budget across to America for approval (!) by a mob called Standard and Poors. If ever a name was more appropriate. Foley had been asked by a breathless TV reporter whether he had come in contact with swine flu (or words to that affect). In his inimitable reply, Kevin suggested if he had, he would be more than happy to share it with the bunch of reporters accosting him. Then, glaring, he swept away, leaving the hapless bunch wallowing. Onya Kev. That’s sorting ‘em out in true style; treating them with disdain and as usual, showing complete


Terry Williams

EDITOR arrogance. That’s the difference between the current State Labor government and Liberal Opposition. Apply the same observation federally, if you wish. Encumbent government’s with large majorities take great delight in turning the knife at each opportunity. They also know at some stage the situation will be reversed; that’s why they give that knife a real twist. To return to Goyder MP, Steven Griffiths, who I expect would be viewed by both sides of parliament

New bins rolled out

Wakefield Regional Council ratepayers should keep an eye out for new rubbish bins arriving soon. The new red lidded, 140-litre bins will be deposited on your footpath from June 9. These will be the NEW waste bins, to be collected weekly. Current 240-litre bins with a green lid are to be used for recyclables, collected fortnightly. Anyone who hasn’t received a bin by Friday June 19 should contact council on 8862 0800. The new collection service starts week beginning Tuesday, July 7, using the RED lid bin. The recyclable GREEN lid bin follows on July 14. Women’s Night Guest Speaker:

Jacque Hall Friday June 5 - 7.30pm • Hear Jacque (wife of Evangelist Tim Hall) share what God has laid on her heart for the women of Balaklava. Guest Speaker:

Keith Fiebig Sunday June 7 - 10am • Keith is a State Executive member of the AOG/Australian Christian Churches with a passion for country churches. Hear him share God’s purpose for your life. All Welcome

Balaklava Family Church

Corner Gwy & Short Tce, Balaklava Enquiries 8524 8544 or 0412 307 521

as “a nice bloke.” Even after not quite four years on North terrace. A fair assumption. On every occasion I have encountered Mr Griffiths he has been easy-going, companionable, knowledgeable and a charming table companion at dinner parties both private and public. A bloke with whom you’d have no problems sharing a beer and a barbie. I can tell you he’s so nice he doesn’t even seize the tongs from the host! He was the annointed Liberal candidate to succeed John Meier at the 2006 election and obviously is held in high esteem by his party, holding a raft of shadow portfolios from finance, to economics, small business and trade. Admittedly, there are not too many Libs to cast a shadow, but one suspects Mr Griffiths would have got these gigs anyway, given his background in finance and local government. What Steven Griffiths needs to do as he tackles the Labor Party juggernaut (read Messrs, Rann, Foley and

Conlon) is to add a bit more “argy bargy” into his presentation. Pinch some of Foley’s arrogance and self-assured swagger; Conlon’s confidence and Rann’s ability to spin better than Shane Warne. If he does this, projects himself better, we may just see another Premier coming from this region, joining most recent office holders Rob Kelvin, John Olsen and Steele Hall. Olsen was premier when MP for Kavel, the eastern Adelaide Hills seat – but he was always “our boy” from Kadina. He joined parliament for the first time as MP for Rocky River in 1979 at age 34, about 10 years younger than Mr Griffiths, who was born in 1962. Olsen had a varied career during a tumultuous period of State politics – after also serving as a Federal senator. All of this points to the fact the ascendance of Steven Griffiths is not out of the question ... apart from the necessity to win government, which to me seems rather unlikely for the Liberal Party at the next election,

due in March. Particularly when seats which might have been considered “line ball” are disappearing fast. Near to us, in Light, Labor MP and former Gawler mayor Tony Piccolo will be returned with an increased majority as Liberal candidate Cosie Costa battles for recognition. Doubtless Cosie is a fine person – as are most political candidates – but the Libs should have opted for a more widely-known personality. Labor, both federally and on a State basis, has done plenty to shore up this electorate and that part of Nick Champion’s Wakefield, so the Libs can cut it from their wish list. That will hurt, given its strong Liberal background. Which means Steven Griffiths might have to wait about five years for the top job. That should give him enough time to get his act together ... providing of course he can control any “help” offered by the Liberal Party back room brigade. I think some of those might have been at the Little Big Horn, helping Colonel Custer.

Protest icons recognised For 10 years they have stood as testament to the community’s protest against the Dublin landfill, and now they could be heritage listed. Democrats MLC David Winderlich has proposed the protest statues on land along the highway be heritage listed. “For over 10 years South Australians have been driving past the eccentric collection of statues on Port Wakefield Road,” he said. “They are a world class collection of political protest art and should be preserved for future generations.” Mr Winderlich nominated the tin man, the blowfly, a UFO, Ned Kelly, a rat, a cockroach, environmental observer outpost and a dunny as state heritage items during history week. Their creator Steve Jones said he was surprised by the move, and initially didn’t expect the statues to remain in place for so long. “I’m a bit flattered that our protest has lasted so long and is still as relevant today as it was back then,” Mr Jones said. “I think it will still be relevant in 10 years time. “The latest proposal is just as controversial as the original proposal.” With ongoing changes at the landfill, its opposition face a constant battle to have their concerns heard, but the sculptures stand as testament to their concerns. “It’s a statement to future governments that if they want to muck with our environment people will stand up and

have their say,” Mr Jones said. And they have become known by all who travel the highway as a quirky landmark. “People have often told me it breaks the monotony of travelling,” Mr Jones said. It was the uniqueness of the sculptures that was the key to their resounding success. “The idea was to make something unusual that would make people look at what was there and then read the message after,” he said. “You can put a message on a placard on a fence and no-one’s going to see it. “But there’s a real interest in the objects and then you read the message afterwards.” Mr Jones said it took many months to build each of the structures, with the help of a team of fellow protesters, including Kevin and Christine Lawrence, Terry Keen, Wendy and Wolf Pfeiffer (Wolf has since passed away), Mr Jones’ daughter Alice and mother Kathleen. “It was very much a collaborative effort,” Mr Jones said. “Everyone contributed with ideas of what we could make the next time.” But as they were made of scrap metal, he is concerned emerging rust could eventually lead to the destruction of the sculptures.

STEVE Jones in a 2003 file photo with an environmental protection commendation he was awarded.

Publishing a day later

o DUE to the public holiday on Monday, the Have your say! Vote in our web poll at Plains Producer will be published a day later next week – on THURSDAY, June 11.

Outdoor watering rules have changed for the cooler months, but let’s all keep up our wise use of water.

make sure to stick to your allocated time and continue to save water.

Cut out this guide and stick it on your fridge as a reminder to water within the enhanced level 3 water restrictions.

Watering times remain unchanged for people with a permit who are unable to adhere to restrictions due to age or disability.

Of course, letting nature do the watering for you is always the first priority, but in the event of no rain,

To find out more, visit or phone 1800 130 952.

3 hours per week Even

numbered houses Tuesday & Saturday 7–10am or 4–7pm



numbered houses Wednesday & Sunday 7–10am or 4–7pm

Watering cans


Dripper systems


Hand held hoses fitted with a trigger nozzle

Other watering systems

JAM SAW/0018/P/107

When can I water my garden?


Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009 3

NEWS v District

Roseworthy protest

Merger plan could change tradition of agricultural learning By Lauren Parker


merger of agricultural courses could signal the end of an era for Roseworthy Agricultural College, training South Australian’s in the field of agriculture for more than 125 years. Past students are protesting the proposed merger of the existing University of Adelaide Bachelor of Agriculture degree with the Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Science) degree based predominantly at the Waite Campus. While they aren’t against the merger itself, students are concerned classes could be shifted to North Terrace, acting as a deterrent for future students. This would create transport and accommodation issues, and students are questioning the practicality of basing an agricultural course in the city. While University of Adelaide claims the merger will give students a more scientific approach, past students believe course participants will miss out when it comes to the hands-on learning Roseworthy is renowned for. A Facebook protest site has attracted hundreds of members determined to keep Roseworthy Agricultural College from losing its identity. Comments include “How are we going to learn about crops in Adelaide? Are they going to sow some in the middle of North Terrace?” and “Most students who went to Roseworthy did so because they wanted practical, hands-on experience.” In the proposed reform, veterinary science, animal science and practi-

ROSEWORTHY College past and present students gather to protest on Tuesday. cal agronomy classes would still be taught at Roseworthy, according to the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Professor Bob Hill. “We have no intention of divorcing the agriculture students from Roseworthy but we need to respond to industry needs for a more scientific approach to agriculture,” he said. “In recent years agriculture has failed to attract sufficient students across Australia. “Part of that may be due to the drought, but part of it is because the courses need to be more relevant.” Former student and Manoora farmer Andrew (Tex) Hall is a key

driver behind the protest. He believes agricultural students aren’t opposed to studying at both Waite and Roseworthy (which already occurs), but are against taking some lessons on North Terrace. With students coming from across the state and even Victoria, affordable accommodation becomes an issue, along with transport. And with proposed changes to youth allowance (see story on page 7), the situation is made all the more difficult for the students. Andrew also questioned the practicality of students learning from plots of land with a much higher

rainfall than traditional dryland farming areas. He said the future students would miss out on opportunities presented to the past agricultural students. “If they’re in the city, they’re not going to have the opportunities we had like working in a feed mill, in a dairy, on the farm, and in a piggery,” Andrew said. “It opens your eyes and gives you more understanding of what those industries are about.” He believes these opportunities could be lost under the changes. Having spoken to several students, Andrew said the veterinary

Council cash boosts town projects • From Page 1 At Hamley Bridge Community Centre, council will provide $10,000 towards a $21,000 project to enable the use of recycled water. A cover will be built over the Lochiel grand stand at the oval for a total of $3550, including $1400 from council. Owen Bowling Club will upgrade the edge of the green by replacing plinth and upright curtain on the bank of the green for a total of $6484, including a council contribution of $2966. Port Wakefield Community Management Committee will receive $2500 from council out of a total of $7000 for a watering subsidy for the oval. The committee will also receive $2200 towards a $3790 project to remove the southern

boundary fence poles and chain mesh fencing and relocate it further south of the netball and tennis courts. Snowtown Centenary Park will renew all underground water pipes in the park and dam at a total cost of $9000, including $4900 council funding. Six halls will receive funds under council’s Halls Maintenance Program. Although more than $90,000 was available, only $30,528 was allocated. Blyth Community Hall will repair the upper level window, repair and paint the front entrance doors, and fund salt damp treatment on the underside of the front stair area. Council will contribute $4683 to the total cost of $7866. Lochiel Hall will be extended with the addition of a cultural and community room.

CLIMATE CHANGE AND BUSINESS PROFITS The Yorke Regional Development Board will be hosting a free workshop in Balaklava in the Council Chamber on Wednesday June 10 from 6 - 8pm to help businesses save money, understand the risks and implications of climate change, identify global forces making sustainability mandatory within industry and better understand climate change related legislation. Why this Workshop is important to your Business? > Increasing Energy Costs – Electricity and other energy prices set to rise by 20-60% over next 5 years due to Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. > Increasing Water Costs - rising by 20% in 2009/10 and look set to rise considerably higher in line with cost of producing desalinated water > Increasing Waste Costs – Waste legislation is being currently being reviewed This is likely to increase waste disposal costs for many businesses. > Increasing Demands by Clients and Supply Chains - clients and supply chains are placing increasing importance on reducing the environmental impact of products and services and showing increased interest in the possession of green credentials as a direct result of market demand. If businesses are interested in attending please contact Bridget Sara on 8862 0832 by June 9

students were also disappointed, relying on the aggies as part of their own learning. “They (ag students) are working with the animals day to day. “It goes hand in hand.” With millions of dollars being spent on the new veterinary science course, Andrew believes the money isn’t being spent evenly, and it’s vital to keep agricultural students based at Roseworthy and Waite. He’s concerned the move to Adelaide will reduce student numbers to the point where the course is no longer viable, and it could be lost altogether. This would mean there would be no agricultural courses in SA. Another former student, Jess Rachwal, said she was disappointed with the news of the changes. “Personally as a country kid, I would not have even contemplated undertaking that course if I had to do it in the city,” she said. “The unique setting at Roseworthy was the motivation to actually complete my studies.” Jess, who studied at Roseworthy from 2004 to 2006, said there were rumours of future changes during her time at the college. However, she acknowledges that because of falling numbers it may not be viable to keep it at Roseworthy. Roseworthy Campus is a 1600 hectare property, including a working farm for students to gain practical experience and training. In 2008, its 125th year, 192 students were enrolled. The new animal science courses, which began this year, have significantly boosted numbers. • Have your say! Vote on our web poll at

Bowmans plan

Council will contribute $16,912 of the $32,312 total. The south facing side of the lean-to at Nantawarra Memorial Hall will be enclosed, and an inside wall painted at a total cost of #2376, with council contributing $1686. New lino will complete the kitchen refurbishment at Pinery Community Centre, with council to contribute $1150 of $1700. At Snowtown Memorial Hall, council will contribute $4587 to repair cracks, replace and repair window sills, replace the old wooden step, replaster footings to the kitchen, RSL and ticket office, and fit steel flashings to the front fascias. The total project cost is $6267. The unallocated $62,000 will be carried forward to next year’s Halls Maintenance Program.

A draft plan outlining future directions for the continued development of industrial land at Bowmans has been received by Wakefield Regional Council. The Bowmans Industrial Zone Masterplan identifies opportunities for growth and development at ‘Adelaide’s northern railhead’, taking into account altered potential if water supply is increased, gas lines established or an additional railway siding in place. The plan, compiled by consultants QED in consultation with current industry, Wakefield Regional Council and its Economic Development Board, covers an area of 315 hectares within the Bowmans industrial zone. • More in next week’s Producer


ak Bal

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Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

NEWS v District

Training for young drivers EAST terrace, Balaklava, was closed to regular traffic on Monday when school students underwent a free defensive driving course. The course, organised through Balaklava Lions and Wakefield Regional Road Safety group, involved students in theory and practical driving techniques presented by instructors from the Australian Driving Institute.

Sponsored by...

nMy name is SEIFER, a six year old male German Shepherd cross with a black and tan coat. I am a very handsome dog with loads of personality. I love people and especially people who will throw my tennis ball for me!! I am looking for someone who can give me CONSTANT LEADERSHIP and take me to some positive reinforcement training classes to work on my manners. I would be best suited

Adelaide Plains Vet Surgery 94 Old Pt Wakefield Rd, Two Wells SA 5501 Ph: 8520 3600 to a home without children as I can be quite boisterous! Seifer is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and health checked. Visit him at the Animal Welfare league 1 - 19 Cormack Rd, Wingfield SA 5013. Adoptions: 10am – 3pm, seven days. PHONE 8348 1300.

Bad break came in three Riverton • A Saddleworth man was arrested after allegedly breaking into a Saddleworth residence three times within 10 days. Police charged the 45-year-old with three counts of serious criminal trespass, three counts of theft and three counts of property damage. He will appear in Clare Magistrates Court in July. • A 20-year-old Kapunda man was reported for driving while disqualified when police spotted him driving in Rhynie on Monday last week. A 35-year-old Adelaide man was also detected driving while disqualified in Riverton


Put the finger on crime, call

CRIME STOPPERS 1800 333 000 on Friday afternoon. Hamley Bridge • A Wasleys man was arrested for alleged aggravated assault following a domestic violence incident on Tuesday last week. He was bailed to appear in court. • A Hamley Bridge man was reported for driving while unlicensed last Thursday. On Sunday, his partner was arrested on a warrant for not appearing in court. She was bailed to appear in court at a later date. • Also on Sunday, a Hamley Bridge man was reported for allegedly marking graffiti following an incident at the local

cricket club rooms. • A Wasleys man was reported for drink driving after an accident in January. Recently received results showed the man was driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.166. Port Wakefield • An 18-year-old Port Wakefield man was left without a vehicle for seven days after his vehicle was seized and the man reported for misuse of a motor vehicle last Thursday. He will appear in court. • A 52-year-old Port Wakefield man was arrested on Sunday for driving while disqualified. • Police targeted

speeding and drink driving over the weekend, with 10 drivers reported for speeding. One vehicle was defected, and no-one was detected drink driving. Two Wells • A Dublin man was arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated serious criminal trespass and two counts of theft. The charges against the 25-year-old related to incident which occurred at Wasleys and Nuriootpa overnight on May 25. Wasleys Recreation Centre was broken into, and later, two sheds in a new building estate in Nuriootpa were targeted. Nuriootpa police also charged another Dublin man. Police allege the duo attended the places with the intent to steal, but were disturbed at Nuriootpa and ran from the

State Emergency Service Can you see yourself in orange? State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers have an extremely exciting and challenging role. They’re the people in orange you often see on TV assisting in emergencies. At the SES, it’s a real team effort and we need lots of team players with a variety of skills. Not everyone has to hang off cliffs or cut people out of cars – we also need people to operate radios, observe, search, navigate, operate plant and machinery and lots more. You never know what challenge you’ll be facing next, but one thing’s for sure – it will never be boring! As the saying goes, this ain’t no picnic. After all, we’re not called the State Emergency Service for nothing. And the pay? Well, there isn’t any. However, the rewards are many – learning new skills, meeting new friends, keeping fit, gaining valuable qualifications, earning respect within the community, having fun, being active and working as part of a team. And remember, if you don’t want to participate in operational rescue activities, but still want to be involved, don’t be deterred. There are plenty of other duties within the SES. We’ve got the gear We’ve got the experience We’ll train you We’ll equip you All you need to bring is your energy and your enthusiasm! So if you want to be part of a team that really makes a difference, visit and click on ‘Join the SES’. Alternatively give us a call on 1300 364 587 or visit your local SES unit.

For SES response telephone 132 500 For life threatening emergencies telephone 000 To volunteer visit or telephone 1300 364 587


adopt a-pet

scene, leaving their vehicle, personal belongings and the items stolen from Wasleys. More than $10,000 of tools and other items were found in the Toyota utility, and the police attended the registered owner of the vehicle’s address, which led to the arrest of the two men. Both have been granted bail to appear in court at a later date. • An 18-year-old Lewiston man was reported for aggravated assault after an incident at the Two Wells Tavern on Easter Saturday. Police are still seeking witnesses to the incident, and the man is expected to appear in Elizabeth Magistrates Court. • A Paradise North motorcyclist was injured after colliding with a dog on Temby Road, Two Wells. Balaklava • A wallet was allegedly stolen from a car on George street on Tuesday last week. • A man suffered minor injuries after a three car accident in the Skilly Hills near Auburn last Wednesday. One driver received an expiation notice. • A 16-year-old Hillbank youth lost his licence instantly for six months after being detected speeding at 125km/h. Not only was the Pplater travelling faster than the allowed 100km/ h for provisional licence holders, but was also drink driving. Clare A woman was taken to hospital with minor injuries after her vehicle collided with a parked car in Auburn in the early hours of Friday morning. • A Watervale man lost his licence instantly for six months last Friday night. Police stopped the 46-year-old after detecting him speeding at 115km/h between Sevenhill and Watervale. A breath test revealed he had a blood alcohol content of 0.130. • A window on the Clare library was smashed on Saturday night, but no attempt was made to enter the library.

Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

LIFESTYLE v Your page

Linking climate change to profit

Star of the North

BALAKLAVA • A free workshop on climate Snowtown change and business profits will be Blyth held in Balaklava on June 10. Lochiel Watervale Organised by the Yorke Regional Auburn Development Board the workshop Saddleworth Halbury will help businesses save money, unMarrabel BALAKLAVA Riverton derstand the risks and implications of Port Wakefield climate change, identify global forces Tarlee Owen Pinery making sustainability mandatory Kapunda Hamley Bridge within industry and better understand Wasley Dublin climate change related legislation. Mallala To book your place or for further information contact Bridget Sara on Two Wells GAWLER 88620832 by June 9. Virginia • The 10th Middle School Public we circulate in: Speaking final involving students from Years 6 to 9 will be held at Auburn, Balaklava, Blyth, Brinkworth, ADELAIDE Balaklava Town Hall tonight. Bute, Clare, Dublin, Gawler, Hamley Due to the strong competition Bridge, Kapunda, Lochiel, Lower Light, Mallala, Manoora, Owen, Pt. Wakefield, amongst year 8 students, several Riverton, Rhynie, Roseworthy, speak-offs were held to determine Saddleworth, Snowtown, Stockport, the finalists. Tarlee, Two Wells, Virginia, Wasleys, Good luck to all taking part. Watervale, Windsor. • A trading table and ‘pink’ mornContact us: ing tea supporting the ‘Ovasholdaoldaholda’ fundraising for Relay Phone – 8862 1977. for Life is arranged for tomorrow Facsimile – 8862 1997. (Thursday). Email – The trading table will be held outInternet side Wendy’s Coffee ‘n Cake Shop Deadlines – display and classified advertising closes 5 pm Mondays; in Balaklava. Editorial – 12 noon Mondays. Donations of food or goods would Managing Director–Andrew Manuel. be greatly appreciated and can be left at Butterfield Agencies. Editor – Terry Williams. For further information contact Tania Butterfield on 0417 807 814 or Reporter – Lauren Parker Sharon Hoepner on 0429 645 010. • School grown agriculture proPhotographer – Lisa Redpath duce is available at Balaklava High school, with 500ml of extra virgin Advertising – David Newsome. olive oil for $10 and bags of wheaten chaff for $15 (or 3 for $40). our heritage: DUBLIN The Plains Producer was founded 1903. • An old fashioned good time will Formerly the Central Advocate and be had at Dublin tomorrow night Wooroora Producer, also incorporating (Thursday) as Bingo is played in the the Stanley Herald, Snowtown. Dublin Institute. news and you: All funds raised during the evening, which kicks off at 7.15 for Submitting news and photos to the 7.30pm, will support the Dublin HisPlains Producer is easy and photographs from almost any subject are welcome. tory Group. Send your news in detail, or even an KAPUNDA outline, to au PO Box 63 Balaklava SA 5461 or • Next community market will drop it in to our office at 9 Howes street in be held in Kapunda on June 14 from Balaklava. In today’s times, we do prefer 9am–2pm at the Soldiers Memorial email – but you can submit it in letter or “dot point” format. Hall, Hill street, Kapunda. A range of fresh fruit and vegies, is it advertising? craft, plants, books and home baked some events which you might think goodies are on offer. Brinkworth


Beanies next on the list for fire helpers


are of public interest are in reality an obvious commercial benefit to organisers and in this instance only basic details will be published in editorial form. Organisers should contact us for advertising rates.

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Beris Barr and Joy Woodroofe are “wrapped” in quilts – and are now planning a “beanie day”.


Take five

New stall holders are always welcome, however public liability insurance is required. To book a stall contact Rosie on 8566 2241. • Friends, Past and Present –Twenty Years Retrospective celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Kapunda Community Gallery, with the work of 57 present and former Friends of the Gallery on display until June 28. A number of the artists are already successful in their field, while others are advancing in their knowledge and skill and developing their individual style. To commemorate the anniversary several artists have contributed works which are now on permanent display in the Thomson Building. Anne Levy, Minister for the Arts in 1989, opened the gallery and its inaugural exhibition in 1989, and will open the retrospective exhibition. The gallery holds several exhibitions each year and provides facilities for art classes and workshops, and members are optimistic it can add to these facilities in the future. Art and creativity are an essential

News Morsels by Karen Petney

Send your story to us at The Plains Producer PO Box 63 Balaklava 5461 Email to or Fax them to 8862 1997

part of human expression. The objectives and aims of the Gallery are to make the arts accessible to the local community and promote a wide range of arts and art related activities. LONG PLAINS • “Intempo” entertained members of Long Plains Red Cross with songs and fun competitions, at its recent Melody morning. A successful trading table and raffle were also run at the last fundraier for Red Cross baby entrant, Alice McArdle. The large raffle was organised by Sharon McArdle, mother of Alice, and won by Jane McBride. Second prize, Mary Freebairn, and third prize, Beryl Kemble. The branch thanked everyone who supported and raised money for Red Cross. wasleys • Wasleys Primary school’s 48 students raised $46 participating in Loud Shirt day recently. Money raised will help hearing impaired children at the Cora Barclay Centre.

Dial for help with ‘Mum 2 Mum’ Breastfeeding mums in this district can now access a 24-hour toll-free help line for reassurance and support. Launched by Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA), 1800 mum 2 mum offers the real-life experiences of more than 200 trained, volunteer councillors on everything from issues with a new baby, breast milk supply, expressing and storing milk, returning to work and weaning. Local ABA co-ordinator and mother-of-three,


Narelle Michael, said the help line was an important resource for breastfeeding mothers. “Mothers can call one toll-free number for support and information from trained breastfeeding counsellors,” said Narelle. “You don’t have to be an ABA member to access the hot-line.” Mums in the Balaklava district are also welcome to attend monthly meetings on the first Monday of every month at 10am in Balaklava Uniting Church hall.


Have your say on local issues. Vote online via The Plains Producer readers’ poll. Go to


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4 The future of Balaklava’s grandstand is again back in the limelight. What do you believe should happen? votes: 23 Restore it only if it will be better utilised - 21.7%

Leave it. It’s too expensive - 30.4%

Only restore it if grant funding is Restore it regardless of cost and use. available - 8.7% It’s part of the town’s heritage - 39.1% Send your Hot Topic poll ideas to

Beanies, scarves and gloves have been listed as high priority needs for the residents of Callignee, Koornala, Le Roy and Traralgon South, who are rebuilding their lives following Victoria’s devastating bush fires. Adopt-a-Town committee has organised a “Beanie Day” for Friday, June 19. The community is being encouraged to start making (or purchasing) beanies, scarfs and gloves of all sizes, shapes and colours and place them in the colourful boxes in each town on “Beanie Day”. The boxes will be in the general store or post office of each town in Wakeield Plains Council area. “Adopt-a-Town” is a scheme developed by Owen resident, Joy Woodroofe and supported by a community committee. Joy said there had been a great response to the idea, especially from many ladies who viewed the 40 quilts already made and being sent to Callignee soon. “I have had calls from other groups keen to get involved. You never know, we may end up with a truckload to send,” Joy said. “I have been astounded with the response and I have met some wonderful people, all with hearts of gold,” she said. For further information contact Joy on 8528 6365 or email AVON • Avon Craft Guild will present felting classes in June on Tuesdays between 12 noon and 3pm and Fridays from 6pm to 9pm. Get Money Minded, a basic planning and budgeting workshop will be held on Friday evening, June 12. To book phone 8867 1127. OWEN • Worm juice, which is very good for garden and household plants, is for sale at Owen primary school for $2 a bottle.

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Mayor’s Diary Dev. Board delay

NEWS v District

Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

Town pride again on show ‘Sustainable’ communities to replace Tidy Towns


IME is quickly ticking by for South Australia’s Regional Development Boards, which are due to be integrated into the combined State and Federal organisation, “Regional Development Australia.” It’s not easy for me give more information on this new look amalgamation, because to be blunt, councils are still awaiting clarification of what role any new board will assume. It’s all supposed to be set in place by June 30 – though in South Australia that is unlikely to happen on that date. The Local Government Association has a number of issues to raise with both Federal and State Ministers handling the RDA portfolio – not least of which is financial backing, membership of boards and clarification of boundaries. New president of the SA LGA, Marion Council mayor, Felicity-ann Lewis, has said she would be reluctant to sign off on any “Memorandum of Understanding” until these points and others are settled.

Council’s financial support

o There is good reason for this. Local government is a major financial contributor to regional development structure – more so than the federal government. Wakefield Regional Council has been paying out around $32,000 annually as its share of supporting Yorke Regional Development Board, (YRDB) which incorporates our district and those of neighbouring councils I believe we have received value for money, with YRDB economic development officer Bridget Sara based in council’s office at Balaklava and promoting business and community projects within our region and others.

KESAB winners – Garden award winner for May was Margaret Perry, pictured in her

Werocata road, Balaklava, garden with grandson Kyle Kinloch. The Merit award for business went to the Shearing Shed hairdressing team (from left) Rebecca Allen, Angela Battle, Naomi Purdue and Caitlyn Mackay, who are pampering customer Jo Williams.

Uncertainty must end

o Hopefully, councils will get some indication of what is in store at a meeting of 11 regional councils within the next week or two. This uncertainty must not be allowed to linger, as employees of both the State Dev Boards and Federal Area Consultative Committees, which are to be melded into the one body, need to know their future. It was only last year the State government signed off on its five-year resource agreement with local government after an equally uncertain period for staff. With that finalised, employee contracts were set in place ... only to see the goal posts change as the Federal government showed more interest in our “grass roots” regional development.

Area committees a vital cog

o IT’S good to see Balaklava Area Committee increasing its profile by calling a meeting tonight to discuss refurbishment of Balaklava oval grandstand and other developments in that zone. Town area, or management committees, are vital to the growth of all towns in Wakefield Council Area. Many are in various stages of effectiveness and from a council perspective, they are imperative in assisting local strategic directions. It is empowering a co-ordinated community to strategically work in partnership with its council to achieve clear goals, as successfully occurs in best practice examples in other rural communities across Australia. Council also recognises the effectiveness of dealing with one overall group which represents all sports and community bodies. And a word of advice to those who make representations to council ... be realistic with your requests. “Wish lists” are helpful indicators for future planning – but have clear, achievable targets in place for council’s consideration and overall ratepayer investment.

Honoured by recognition

o I was honoured to be recently named joint winner of the Local Government Association’s John Legoe award for personal and professional development of council members and commitment and service to communities. My thanks to all council elected members and officers who have supported me over the last 25 years. It was also gratifying to be elected one of only two country vice presidents at a meeting of the LGA State executive on May 21. Mayor Jim Pollock, of Whyalla Council, was the other. This column is sponsored by:

Closing date for nominations for 2009 KESAB Sustainable Communities program (formerly Tidy Towns) is rapidly approaching. Local communities are encouraged to nominate for the program which recognises sustainable environmental achievements by local communities. Entries have been streaming in, covering all levels of action by schools, community groups, business, recycling depots and local government. The township of Blyth has been nominated for their collaborative approach to recycling. Led by the Blyth primary school, the recycling system allows all residents to reduce the waste they send to landfill. The system enjoys strong participation from youth right to older generations. The town’s stormwater recycling helps to maintain Blyth’s sporting grounds, while significant native plantings in vulnerable areas such as catchments (creek bed) make it as attractive for the native bird life, as it is for people. Entry forms for 2009, case studies and program summaries are available on KESAB Sustainable Communities (towns) page at www.kesab.asn. au or phone 8234 7255 for further information.

Forum a foundation for achievement R e p r e s e n ta tives from communities within Wakefield Regional Council area participated in a forum last Sunday aimed at building communities within our communities. Guest speaker, Peter Kenyon, relayed examples of what has been achieved in towns all over Australia, sharing the processes followed and lessons learnt. “Great communities don’t just happen. They are created, nurtured and sustained by caring and involved people,” Mr Kenyon said. “People in towns know what will work in their town. “Often we wait for others to work in a town – and often we wait for others to take the lead,” he said. Facilitator, Helen Smith, conducted a workshop encouraging attendees to think about achievements in their town, how the project

Brainstorming, back from left: Nick Ottens, Lochiel, Jon Povey, Hamley Bridge, Graham Duncan, Owen. Front: Chris Bolvig – Brinkworth, Pam Burke and Mary Freebairn of Owen. was achieved and why. Those who attended found the session encouraging and positive. For some, it was

the first time they had participated in such a forum. “I came away inspired by the things other towns

had achieved and thinking about what I could do to improve my town,” one participant said. The group was chal-

lenged to welcome people and their ideas, especially those who have a different way of thinking.

Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

NEWS v District

Aleisa leads coastal action

ority areas in the coastal action plan. She will also co-ordinate with Mallala council and local volunteers to control weeds and rabbits in salt marshes. “Revegetating Little Para Estuary, Buckland Park, Port Gawler/Middle Beach, are also projects to be initiated by Aleisa,” said Mr Flaherty. The new coastal action plan tags a number of key issues such as revegetation, pest plant and animal management, conservation of coastal wildlife and raising community awareness. Mr Flaherty said the board had committed over $102,000 to coastal on-ground works projects to partner with local government and the community. Aleisa’s first priority was to visit key sections of the coast that will come under her scrutiny.

No sign of pool contamination

Wakefield Regional Council has allayed concerns raised by a member of the public about possible contamination of the Port Wakefield water hole during king tides. The Plains Producer was contacted by a person concerned the water levels could reach the caravan park soakage pits during king tides and contaminate the waterhole, which is popular for swimming during summer.

However, council’s environmental services manager, Elca McCarthy, said no instances had been reported to council, although in the past there had been situations where the water level may have reached soakage pits in the shack area of Port Wakefield, but not at the caravan park. “It emphasises the importance of the Community Wastewater Management

Scheme coming in, which will be a sealed system,” Ms McCarthy said. This system will ensure there are no future contamination concerns. Ms McCarthy said to her knowledge, there had never been a case reported to council of anyone becoming ill after coming into contact with the water at the water hole.

‘One stop’ rehab shop to service local offenders LIGHT MP Tony Piccolo says the new office will allow offenders to repay their debt to society ers to comply with their obligations and get their lives back on track,” Mr Piccolo said. “A Gawler Corrections and Rehabilitation Office will also expand the possibilities for local community service work projects and give more opportunity for local offenders to repay their debt to society

in the communities in which they live.” “I understand an olive tree removal project is already up and running with Barossa-Light Council.” “Other similar projects will now be easier to run.” Community corrections officers such as case managers, social workers and psychologists are based at the offices to monitor, and support and rehabilitate offenders. “These staff supervise offenders on bail or home detention bail, parole and probationary bonds and community service orders handed down by a court,” said Mr Piccolo. Community corrections officers also provide advice to the State’s courts and Parole Board on the options for dealing with

offenders, for example the suitability of an offender for home detention. “Community Corrections Offices are doing the important and difficult job of managing and rehabilitating non-custodial offenders so they don’t come into further contact with the justice system,” Mr Piccolo said. An amount of $550,000 will be allocated in the 2009/10 State Budget to fit out a leased building in a business precinct close to public transport. The centre will accommodate up to 10 staff. State and Federal Government agencies such as SA Police and Centrelink, the Town of Gawler and other local stakeholders will be consulted over the location of the new office within Gawler’s commercial zone.

Rural students hit by Budget RURAL students have received a rough deal from the recent federal Budget, which changed qualification measures for Youth Allowance financial support. The proposed changes mean many students probably will have to work at least 30 hours a week for an 18 month period to qualify for the payment. Currently, students must earn more than $18,000 in the 18 months before they begin studying, or prove their parents earn less than $60,000 annually. The proposed changes will see some students lose up to $371.40 a fortnight in

welfare payments. For many, the money earned in the gap year, topped up by youth allowance is the only way they could afford to attend University and live in Adelaide. Costs of a country student living in the city and attending university are estimated to be about $16,000 more than a student who lives at home. Member for Grey, Rowan Ramsey, said the changes meant a gap year would become a two year gap and lead to a lower participation rate for country students, who were already only 60 per cent as likely to attend a tertiary institution as city-based students.

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A new Community Corrections and Rehabilitation Office is to be established at Gawler to improve compliance and rehabilitation by offenders who reside in the general community. Light MP, Tony Piccolo, said additional community corrections and rehabilitation facilities would mean stricter compliance by offenders, swifter operation of the justice system and the assurance of greater safety for the community of SA. The new office in Gawler will serve offenders who reside in areas such as Gawler, the Barossa Valley, Mid North, Yorke Peninsula, Two Wells and Virginia. “The new Gawler office will provide services closer to home and ensure it’s easier for offend-

Winter Sale

Mr Ramsey said all families living outside metropolitan Adelaide should be incensed. “The move will penalise a group in society who are already operating at a significant disadvantage and is unconscionable,” he said. The Liberal-National Coalition and Greens have joined forces to try to block the Youth Allowance changes in the Senate. Greens spokesperson for Education, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young encouraged students and their families to protest against the changes and contact their Federal Member of Parliament.

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Hamley Bridge - 8528 2095 or A/H 8528 2046

LVD 1021

Aleisa Lamanna will be the driving force behind protecting and conserving our precious coast and estuaries. She was recently appointed coast, estuary and marine officer by Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management (NRM) Board and District Council of Mallala to action the soon-to-be released metropolitan and northern coast. Based at District Council of Mallala, Aleisa will co-ordinate a diverse range of projects stretching from metropolitan coasts to Port Wakefield Proof Range. NRM Board manager of coast and marine projects, Tony Flaherty, said Aleisa would facilitate the integrated management of northern saltmarsh and mangrove ecosystems identified as pri-


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The Way

We were 5

YEARS AGO June 2004

Reeves Plains agricultural student Dominic Meaney was winner of the 2004 Advisory Board of Agriculture’s $1,000 Lois Harris scholarship. Mallala identity Hilda Pratt celebrated her 90th birthday with an open house.


YEARS AGO June 1999

Former Balaklava Primary School teacher Pat Uppill completed her comprehensive family history book, “The Jagger Family, Pioneer Settlers of Encounter Bay and Surrounding Districts”.


YEARS AGO June 1989

Alan Large was inducted as president of the Lions Club of Snowtown at their 16th annual hand-over dinner held at the Community Club.


• Jun 3: 10th Middle School Public Speaking Event at Balaklava Town Hall. • Jun 7: Auburn Gourmet Market. • Jun 8: Queen’s birthday public holiday. • Jun 10: Climate Change workshop. • June 13: Clare Showgrounds Monthly Market. • June 14: Kapunda Market. • Jun 19: Adopt A Town Beanie Day. • June 20: Riverton Market. • June 27: Seven Hill Producers Market. • Jun 28: Mallala Uniting Church centenary celebrations. • Jul 31, August 1, 2: Balaklava Eisteddfod. • Aug 7: Blyth paper drive. • Aug 8: Balaklava, Pt Wakefield, Owen, Mallala paper drive. • Aug 15: Balaklava Golf Club Auction night. • Sep 2 - Balak cup. • Sep 26 - Balak Show. • Oct 17 - Clare Show.

Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

LOCAL v Living

Motorcylces satisfied man’s need for speed

The origins of the motor cycle go back to bicycles, and man’s “need to find new thrills, new adventures and new modes of transport”. This led to experimentation as far back as the early 1800s when a “Drasine hobby horse”, made in Germany, was tested in Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. Powered by a steam turbine engine in both front and rear wheels and being somewhat top heavy, it is probably just as well it never made it into production! Various contraptions followed as inventors tried their hand at producing a motor–powered cycle. In the late 1860s, the German–made Michaux–Perraux Steam Velocipede appeared, based on a “boneshaker” bicycle, with a large front wheel and smaller back wheel, similar to a penny farthing. The seat was raised to allow room

Heritage Highlights by Norma Schopp

for a steam engine, with pulleys and drive belts added to power the rear wheel. Austin and Roper were two of the known American inventors of the time, also using steam power, but with controls mounted on the handle–bars, similar to the early Daimler creation. In France, some of these motor cycles were reportedly clocked at 15km/h which was condemned as dangerous driving – the laws of the time stated that vehicles with mo-

tors could not surpass the speed of hand grips, in favour of lever con6km/h on the open road and 3km/h trols on the frame. As more and more inventors got in the city. In addition, the machine had to be driven by at least two peo- involved in motor cycle production, ple, and a third person had to walk so came an array of engines includabout 50 metres in front of it, wav- ing a 5–cylinder rotary and a water ing a red flag to warn other road us- cooled 4–stroke. Names such as Harley–Davidson ers of its presence on the road, and if one went faster than a horse at began appearing around 1900 and trot, one could be arrested! It was are still making motor cycles today. the end of the 1800s before laws like this were eventually repealed in England, Europe and the U.S. The first internal combustion engines appeared on motor cycles about 1885, designed by Gottlieb Daimler – many consider this to be the first true motor cycle, powered by an Otto–cycle engine producing about 1/2 horse power. Daimler also dropped the twist 1885 Daimler.

Friends in the fast lane The Greyhound is one of the most aristocratic of dogs, having been owned by more royalty and nobility than any other breed. It is believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt, and is found in the hieroglyphs of the pyramids. Greyhounds have even been discovered mummified and entombed within a Pharaoh’s burial chamber. It is also the only breed of dog specified in the Bible. Slender and dignified, the Greyhound is considered a sight hound – a hunting dog that relies on its sight to find and pursue game over open country, and has been used for chasing rabbits and hares over thousands of years. A Greyhound weighs between 24 to 36 kilos and is expected to live anywhere between 12 to 14 years. The racing career for the Greyhound begins at about 18 months of age and spans two to three years. They can retire for a variety of reasons, however these loving animals still have lots to give and make wonderful pets many years after racing. Thanks to Greyhound Adoption Programs (GAPs), many Greyhounds find loving homes after retirement from racing. The breed adapts very quickly to different situations, so the transition from racing Greyhound to retired pet usually happens very smoothly. Greyhounds are not highly strung, nor are they aggressive towards humans. They are very calm,

docile and loyal animals, tolerant of children and make terrific pets. While some Greyhounds and cats can live happily together, not all Greyhounds are cat-tolerant. Not surprisingly, with their gentle temperament, they’re not good guard dogs! Despite their image, Greyhounds do not require a lot of exercise. They can reach speeds of nearly 70km per hour, yet a 20-minute walk per day is adequate exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Like a cat, the Greyhound will find the cosiest place in the house and will be content to sleep all day. In fact, these dogs are well suited to apartments and retirement villages where they can live a quiet life. Greyhounds are not well-suited to being outside dogs as they have very little body fat and a short thin coat –which requires very little grooming. They come in black, white, red, blue, fawn, fallow, brindle or any of these colours broken with white. Even after Greyhounds retire from racing, some still maintain a burning desire to chase things. For this reason, Greyhounds should not be allowed off-leash unless they are in a securely fenced area. Although this breed has a family-friendly temperament, Australia is one of two countries in the world where Greyhounds are required to wear a muzzle in public in most states (except GAP accredited Greyhounds in Victoria and South Australia).


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Enjoy your teenager One of the greatest gifts a parent gives a growing youngster – a model of cheerful friendliness. So skip the long lectures. If your child hasn’t heard you during the previous twelve years, it’s too late now! First, your insecure teen needs to see that you are secure. Whether he admits it or not, he looks to his parents for an anchor, and Christian parents have the world’s best anchor because they can say, “The Lord is my rock and my fortress.” Psalm 18.2. Second, many teens argue loudly, close doors loudly and play music loudly. They value volume! They may not know that there is strength in quietness. As God’s Book, the Bible, says, “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30.15. Teenagers

Good News with Ken Packer, L.Th.

may benefit from seeing that your strength lies in your quietness. Third, perhaps one of the greatest gifts a parent can give a growing youngster is a model of cheerful friendliness to everyone. A teen who walls himself in may become bored with his loneliness, feel hostile, and even suicidal. So our friendliness can show the value of being outgoing. The last word: be the kind of person you want your teenager to become.

In brief The secret of success? Seek God in early years. “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth.” Ecclesiastes 12.1.


Balaklava Stitch Joint CROSSWORD

n The Church notices published below are supplied by local churches and will be now be repeated weekly as church service directory for each month. All care is taken in their preparation by The Plains Producer – but as we rely on information supplied, no responsibility for accuracy will be taken. Churches should advise us of any changes immediately – or in the last week of the preceding month. Please advise us of any changes by emailing

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LUTHERAN Auburn...................... 9.00am Balaklava................... 11.00am

UNITING Mallala....................... 8.45am Two Wells................ 10.30am Owen Comm............11.00am Hamley Bridge........... 9.15am Windsor ..................... 9.00am Balaklava................... 10.00am Nantawarra............ with Lochiel Lochiel...................... 10.00am Pt Wakefield.............. 10.00am

UNITING Mallala....................... 8.45am Two Wells................ 10.30am Owen Comm............. 9.30am Hamley Bridge........... 9.15am Windsor .................... 9.00am Balaklava.................... 9.00am Nantawarra..................9.00am Lochiel.......... with Nantawarra Pt Wakefield.............. 11.00am

UNITING Mallala....................... 8.45am Two Wells................ 10.30am Owen Comm............. 9.30am Hamley Bridge........... 9.15am Windsor .................... 9.00am Balaklava.................... 9.00am Nantawarra........... with Lochiel Lochiel......................10.00am Pt Wakefield.............. 11.00am

The Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009


NEWS v District Woman, 76, charged:

RSPCA in court bid for cat care

THE Australian darts team (from left) Steve Sleep, Matt Roessel, Sean Knight, Nigel Warnest, Shane Nicolai, Bill Keogh, Adam Drury, Colin Edwards.

Aussies on target with long distance darts Australia took on the Poms in what is believed to be a “world first� long distance darts game, played via the internet at the Clare Castle Hotel in Kapunda. After a few technical hitches caused by internet drop out, the game got underway against a team from Salfords

Social Club, in the south of London. Australia cleaned up 11-2, losing just one doubles and one singles game. More than 50 local businesses, including the Plains Producer sponsored the event, with Kapunda Hardware drawn as the event’s major sponsors.

Clare Castle publican, Kerrie Price, thanked all the local businesses who got behind the event as well as individuals who assisted on the night. “The night would not have been possible without the technical help of Gary Fryer from Gazztec Maintenance and Darren Davies,� she said.

About $3,000 was raised through the event for the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Burns Unit. The money collected in England will also be donated to the hospital, however at this stage, the amount raised in England was not available as donations were still being accepted.

Time runs out for entries So far 35 nominations have been received from the Mid North and Yorke Peninsula area for the 2009 SA Great Regional Awards. There is just over a week left to nominate stand-out regional businesses, individuals, groups or projects. O rg a n i s e r s h o p e nominations will exceed

all previous records, in this, the tenth anniversary of the Awards. SA Great CEO, Nikki Seymour-Smith, said

she hoped the significance of this year’s Awards would urge all South Australians to get involved and nominate high-achievers in our regions. “By nominating a regional business, individual, group or project, you are helping to enrich communities in the Mid North and Yorke Penin-

sula by recognising their dedication and success,� she said. This year the SA Great Hall of Fame category has been launched to acknowledge winners who have received three or more awards in the past 10 years. 2009 Award Categorie are ETSA Utilities Arts Award, Australia

LETTER to the Editor

Balaklava ‘not a nice place to be’ I arrived in Balaklava 18 months ago seeking a peaceful life, as advertised. I bought a house but had no prior expectation of being accepted into this isolated rural community overnight. I supported local business and met some great people who I am proud to call my friends. Unfortunately, I soon met the ugly face of “stranger danger� gone mad. An underbelly of xenophobia, gossip, extreme prejudice and violence. I soon found myself avoiding

the main street to stay “out of sight, out of mind� and avoid being targeted as a stranger. I noticed many other people doing the same. We especially avoid hotels and the main street at night when the underbelly shows its ugly face in the form of gang bashings almost every weekend. The police seem powerless even to take a report. In most cases whether out of fear or loyalty, locals will not bear witness against other locals. The problem is swept under the carpet so well that the results to a recent survey published in the

Plains Producer on April 1, 2009, on community policing needs did not rate violence as an issue. This I find out of touch and quite alarming. I believe crime and violence is causing an exodus from Balaklava resulting in devaluation of real estate, limiting potential of small business and creating an unhealthy environment both physically and mentally. Not a nice place to be. I believe the public needs to be warned of the danger they face in Balaklava particularly if they are strangers. Name supplied. o Advertising Feature

‘Productive’ benefit from course B a l a k l ava farmer Callum March attributes an entrepreneurship course he attended last year as arming him with the skills and confidence to “think outside the square�. Callum found the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Opportunity Assessment course conducted by Rural Directions achievable and productive. “I felt I lacked management skills and the insight to properly manage my farm,� said Callum.

Callum March

“The course has provided me with the skills and ability to confidently assess and make decisions,� Callum said.

“Now I look at new ideas and know I can confidently assess its merit and make the right decision.� Callum found the study sessions flexible and achievable, providing hands-on skills and training in a wide range of business applications from farming to retail and manufacturing businesses. “I highly recommend the course to any small business operator looking to improve their planning, management and resources.�

Topics offered in the course include entrepreneurship and innovation, opportunity assessment, marketing, financial management and business planning and management. The next course starts on Thursday, June 11 at Clare and will comprise five sessions. The course will also start at Freeling on June 15. Locals need to register their interest with Carlyn Mellors at Rural Directions on 8842 1103.

Council will work longer

Post Small Business Award, Australia Post Large Business Award, Westpac Community Group Award, Westpac Community Individual Award, Department of Trade and Economic Development Innovation Award, Sustainability Award, Nippy’s Sport Award, South Australian Tourism Commission Tourism Award and Adelaide Showground Youth Award. Nominations close next Friday, June 12 and can be made online by visiting www.sagreat. or by collecting a nomination form from your local council or Australia post outlet.

Mallala Council meetings will now kick off half an hour earlier to allow councillors and staff more time to plough through business. Acting chief executive officer, Henri Mueller, said meetings, on the third Monday of every month, will now start at 6pm instead of 6.30pm to ensure matters were wrapped up by 10.30pm. A previous outdated 10pm council curfew has also been rescinded to accommodate the extended meetings. Open forum will now start from 7.30pm. Meetings will continue to be conducted in the Redbanks Road chambers.

RSPCA has applied to the court for ownership of more than 40 cats seized from a Two Wells house after spending more than $110,000 on their care and welfare. While several cats had to be humanely euthanised, RSPCA media spokesperson, Aimee McKay, said the remaining cats were on the mend. “Most were underweight and suffering significant eye troubles,� said Ms McKay. “One cat was left totally blind while others are left with loss of eye sight in one eye.� If the society is granted ownership of the animals it is likely the surviving cats will be found new homes. Ms McKay said the society would give its “best shot� at having the surviving cats adopted to loving homes. Acting on a tip-off, RSPCA inspected the property last year and found the cats to be suffering the debilitating effects of cat flu and they were allegedly kept in horrific conditions. Lydia Wolinska, 76, has been charged with 65 counts of ill treatment and a further count of refusing to comply with an inspectors direction. The case will be heard again at Elizabeth Magistrates Court on July 17 for pre-trial conference, with trial set for September 17.

Ideas Innovation &RQÂżGHQFH Growth 6XFFHVV











Guide v TV seven dayTV 7 DAY GUIDE

Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009 Week commencing June 4

Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009


NEWS v District

It’s ‘tee’ for golfers

DISPLAYING the quilt won by Marrilyn Ebbs (second right) are Rae Corsten, Margaret Marshman and Joy Pennifold (Rae's sister visiting from Perth).

Cups run over with $4,000! n Mallala Friendship Quilters stitched up its most successful morning tea ever last Thursday with more than 60 people cramming into Maxine Symes’ home for a cuppa to raise money for cancer. Unbelievably, over $4,000 was raised, a huge jump from $1,500 the first gathering four years ago. This year carried a pink theme with tablecloths, serviettes and even the guest book colour co-ordinated. In true country spirit, Maxine even invited about 10 travellers from Queensland and the South East who had their caravans parked on Mallala oval to call in for a cuppa. One of the highlights was the drawing of a raffle with Marrilyn Ebbs winning first prize, a stunning quilt entitled ‘Amongst the Gum Trees’, lovingly

The ladies enjoying their luncheon at Blyth Golf Club.

DOOR prize winners, from left, Jenny Davies, Leila Arthur, Tracy Starr, Kay Helps, Josie Curnow and Joy Pennifold. stitched by Lorna Donlon. Other fundraisers includers door prizes and even left over homebaked goodies were sold off. Maxine was overwhelmed by the success of the day, paying tribute to the combined efforts of her fellow quilters. “It would not have happened without their friendship and support,” she said.

Posies & Presents 3 Fresh flowers 3 Floral / Gift Baskets 3 Soft toys 3 Chocolates 3 Balloons 3 Delivery available 3 Credit card facilities Ph/Fax 8847 4249 Mob: 0419 123 493

Maxine Symes and Peta East enjoy their “cuppa”.

Durdin Funeral Directors understands the death of a loved one can create many types of grief, and coping with a bereavement can be complex and sometimes misunderstood. Not only do we miss them, there are other losses such as security, future plans, finances and the pain of unfinished business. Initial feelings of grief extend to disbelief, guilt, anger, emptiness and depression. Anger is often a powerful emotion frequently expressed by complaining. Men and women grieve in different ways and this can often lead to misunderstanding and disagreement in families. Masculine patterns range from the need to be the fixer, provider, tower of strength

Offering professional legal advice and representation in most areas of law including Wills, Powers of Attorney & Guardianship Estate and Succession Planning and Estate Administration Criminal & Traffic Law Workers Compensation Medical Negligence

Family & DeFacto Discrimination Law Defamation

For appointments call any of our offices listed below: Clare – 245b Main Road, Clare – Tel: 8842 1132 Whyalla – 5 Forsyth Street, Whyalla Tel: 8644 0300 Port Augusta – 14-16 Gibson Street, Port Augusta Tel: 8642 5122 Roxby Downs – 1A Tutop Centre, 20-22 Tutop Street Tel: 8642 5122 Adelaide office – 17 Sturt Street, Adelaide: Tel: 8231 1110 Email: Website:

followed by delicious trifles and pavlovas, thanks to the Blyth golf club ladies. About $265 was raised for the Biggest Morning Tea.

• Ros Zweck and Denby Wandel watch Kim Eime try her new golfing skills. o Advertising Feature

Coping with the loss of a loved one


Personal Injury Industrial/Employment Law Workplace Harassment

BLYTH golf club held a successful morning tea – or “tee” – when they held a golf clinic, with Clare golfers Marilyn Brandt and Gloria Maynard giving 12 golf novices a few tips about hitting a golf ball. The “soon to be golfers” went through grips, swings, hitting and putting before putting their new-found knowledge to the test on the inviting green fairways of Blyth. The the girls (and Justin and Azza) had smiles on their faces when they returned to the clubrooms after some good hits and a few “worm burners”. A group of 22 enjoyed a lovely lasagna and quiche luncheon

and loving protector, but when death occurs it cannot be fixed and many experience feelings of failure. Men cope by not talking about the event and try to get others to “get on with life”. Women need to process the death and talk about how they feel. They cry and ponder. To help bereaved people: •We need to listen without judgement •Accept their story may need to be told hundreds of times •Accept what they say about their feelings and let them know it’s normal •Let them write their story and feelings. •Let them cry without embarrassment. •Hugs are important.

Durdin Funeral Directors Phone: 8862 2101

Helping people through difficult times We have given active bereavement care and grief management for over 25 years.

Free Bereavement Services We Provide

Death can confuse children. These days, on TV cartoon characters can come back to life so children aged three to four years generally believe death is temporary and will continually ask questions. Youngsters aged from five to eight have “magical thoughts”, believing if they are very good then good things will happen and if they are naughty then bad things will happen. They can believe they caused the death. Parents should be aware a grieving child may exhibit “good” behaviour. Avoid saying, “Grandpa has gone to be a star in heaven.” Durdin Funeral Directors has a range of free brochures available on coping with death. For further details phone 8862 2101.

D.R. COOK Monumental Works

• Quality Marble & Granite Monuments • Additional Inscriptions • Renovations Equal to New • Kitchen & Vanity Benchtops • Factory Direct Prices • Country & Metropolitan

• One to one private grief management sessions • Pamphlets regarding understanding and helping with grief feelings in adults and children • Special Services of Remembrance for families • Lending library of grief books for adults and children • Community presentations which teach people how to help themselves and others through bereavement

Sale enquiries: Kellie-Lee Cook & David Cook Ph: 8862 2047 Fax: 8862 1014 Lot 94 Dunns Road, Balaklava

For more information please give us a call on 8862 2101

Craftsman built memorials

Factory / Sales


Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

NEWS v District

Duel in the

t r e s e D

THE Razorback Racing Team off-road vehicle roars out of the Outback with James Madden (inset) at the wheel.

Lewiston off-road aces in action

Two Lewiston men are gearing up for this weekend’s gruelling Finke Desert Race. Tom Lewis and James Madden are among 500 competitors to take part in the southern hemisphere’s biggest desert race. Despite being under-prepared, Tom Lewis is gearing up to compete on his 2008 BMW G450x motorbike. The young Lewiston man broke a thumb in April during a Condo 750 Safari near Condobolin in NSW, which was a training race for his Finke debut starting in Alice Springs on Sunday. “I haven’t done as much preparation as I would have liked. Because of my thumb, I only started riding again a few weeks ago,’’ Tom said. Nevertheless, he plans to finish the annual 452km dirt motorbike and buggy race, which has over 500 motorbike entrants this year. “I hope to finish, and if I do finish, I would like to be in the top 100,’’ he said. Tom has always been interested in motorbikes having been riding since he could walk. Other than the Condo

TOM Lewis with the bike he will ride.

up to




Satellite Notebook • Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 processor • 4GB Ram • 320GB Hard Disk • DVD burner • 15.4” Widescreen • Webcam •Wireless • Windows Vista Premium


Emachine Notebook • AMD Athlon 64 processor • 160GB Hard Disk • 4GB Ram • DVD burner • 15.4” Widescreen • Webcam •Wireless • Windows Vista Basic

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89 cashback avaiable


10.0 Megapixel Digital Camera

In-Car Navigation



•3x optical zoom • 2.5” LCD screen • Optical Image Stabiliser • Face & Motion Detection • Rechargeable Li-lon battery • Auto red eye reduction


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• 3.5” touchscreen • Text to speech • Latest 2009 Australian Maps • Easy to use interface

750 Safari, this is one of the biggest and most challenging races he will have competed in. “I’ve been following the Finke for a while now, and thought this year I’d stop following it and give it a crack myself.’’ Tom was luckier than his friend and racing partner, Sam Alexander, who broke his elbow during the Condo 750 Safari and will miss out on competing in the desert race this year. Instead, he’ll be part of Tom’s crew. Riders will leave Alice Springs for the 226km trek to Finke River, camp there and return the next day. Another Lewiston competitor, James Madden, hasn’t had an idle moment since returning from the ARB Pinjarra Engineering Hyden 450 at Easter. James and the Razorback Racing Team poured more than 200 hours of labour into the number 81 proclass buggy to return it to as new condition after a roll over in WA, with plenty of TLC

required on the rear half of the chassis. The rear cage was reconstructed in time for a shakedown at the Parilla ‘Richard Bennett Memorial Enduro’ where James eventually took the event win. “It was great to be back on track and we are now focused on building on the Razorback team’s seventh outright performance at Finke last year,” he said. “I enjoy going up to Alice Springs for the Tattersall’s Finke Desert Race as it gives me some time off from the physical work and provides a great opportunity to show off your hard work.” James said racing the Finke was always a challenge. “With only one run at the course in each direction, you don’t have the chance to put in a better lap next time around.” James is confident of a successful weekend ahead. “Alice Springs offroad competitor Matthew Morgan will be jumping in alongside me for Finke (as navigator),” he said. “The extra torque we now have on tap from the 2.5 litre Subaru should really come into its own in the red desert sand,” he said.

Rebate on Computers & Accessories*



By Bronte Hewett

28 George St , Balaklava - Phone 8862 1552 or 8862 2211




Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009


NEWS v District

Tarlee tempts bargain hunters


he streets of Tarlee were abuzz on Saturday morning as bargain hunters braved the cold and sought out treasures at the town’s inaugural garage sale day. Hundreds descended on the town, trailers in tow, to attend the 14 garage sales dotted around town and a furniture auction held in the Institute. Residents were excited by the activity and keenness of bargain hunters. Resident, Lorraine Neil-Woodard, thought the idea was great and would benefit the whole town. “There were people here when it was pitch black, I could have sold so much before the sun came up,” she said. Just down the road, Trevor Spehr, said he had people lined up outside his sale from 6.30am. Garage Sale Day was the idea of resident Cathryn Couzner, who with the assistance of Postmaster, John Robbins, canvassed the town to gauge interest and then took responsibility for organising the day. Given its success there are plans for further town events. Keep an eye on in future editions of the Plains Producer for details. ABOVE: Bev Simes from Clare (right) with garden pots purchased from Lorraine Neil-Woodard. TOP LEFT: Helen Mickan and nephew Jordan Dunn manned a sale which combined items from family homes to offer a good selection to buyers. LEFT: Those living outside the township didn’t miss out, setting up tables under the Institute verandah. Pictured are stall holders Tracey Butter and daughter Alice, and Mel and daughter Chloe McEvoy.

ABOVE: New Tarlee residents, Damien and Danni Kelly, collect their mail from Postmaster, John Robbins. RIGHT: Peter and Sue Dunn sold books donated by Riverton Library to raise funds towards the purchase of electric beds for the Gilbert Valley Senior Citizens Homes. LEFT: Organiser Cathryn Couzner and sons Cody and Jordan made the most of the day to sell household items no longer required.


Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

SUPPORT LOCAL Business Great deals to keep you connected can take care of your home and office networks. Fridges with internet display, or an inbuilt TV can also be hooked into your network. Hart-to-Hart Communications can take care of all your home and office networks, as well as supply and install antennas and points. According to Martin, business is a little slow and he says the only way to survive is to lower the price. “I’m offering readers a special until the end of June,” he said.


Carpet Supplies

Mid North Sand Blasting

Balaklava Stitch Joint

and Bobcat Hire Sand blasting & painting mobile blasting unit available for on-site jobs 3Sand & metal supplies 3Bobcat 3Trenching 3Crane truck hire 3Post hole boring

MARTIN Hart places a TV antenna on the roof of Two Wells football clubrooms. Martin donated the antenna to the club.

“I will supply and install an 18 element HD digital antenna for $253 (including GST).” As an added bonus he will install additional points for $88 each. If you are building or renovating Martin suggests pre-wiring your phone sockets and data cable outlets. Your Telstra requirements can also be taken care of by Martin. Hart-to-Hart Communications, phone 8520 2169 or 0410 404 200 or email

‘We Cover the Country’ 3 Carpets, vinyls, blinds & awnings. 3 Selection of woven rugs. 3 Free measure & quote.



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When you ask Martin Hart from Hart-to-Hart Communications to install a phone socket or to network your broadband, you will benefit from more than 15 years experience in the industry. During that time, and working for himself for the past eight years, Martin has kept up with the many changes in the industry. With reliance on the internet increasing, networking TVs, computers, and other items such as game consoles is becoming more common, Martin

Goldney Welding

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Peter & Cathy Agnew - Lochiel Rd, Blyth Phone/Fax: 8844 5154 Mobile: 0429 445 154

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Contact Peter 0414 993 072 A/Hrs 8862 2192

Corner railway tce & Dunns Rd, Balaklava Mob 0419 807 406, Ph/Fax: 8862 2322


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Centrally located in the heart of The Adelaide Plains, a great place to stay and enjoy the local and regional attractions

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Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009


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Golf Balaklava

Yet another good-sized field fronted for last Saturday’s Mac’s Cabinets Trophy round, a Stroke competition. Some swine failed to write in the book just who won the thing, although I can only assume it was either “Rotten” Ron Butterworth or the dashing Dean Trickett. Both scored 71 and topped their respective Grades. It was probably Ron though, knowing him… So, apart from Rotten Ron (90/75), hard-hitting Murray Smith (90/75) blasted his way to second place with the ever competitive Merv Hameister (91/77) claiming third spot. These local legends were admired, to ever-decreasing degrees, by P Lamont (87/78), J Michael (95/79), W. Nagle (95/79), I Michael (92/79), R Hart (91/80), D Taylor (93/82) and G Ackland (92/82). Dean Trickett (92/71) managed to lord it over Callum Michael (96/71) on a count back which left Greg Sonntag (97/76) to announce his return to the fold in some style. Those with nix to lord or laud over anyone comprised R Veitch (96/77), D Addison (102/78), S Michael (97/78), S Jonas (103/82), G Toms (103/83), G Anderson (105/83), A Henstridge (105/84),T Michael (103/86) and B Michael (104/87). No less than five Juniors also came to play, with Corey Temby leading them back to the nineteenth with his score of 119/81. Behind him trooped Jordan Wilson (138/98), Jake Michael (149/109), one H. Veitch (156/116) and that junior of juniors, Ethan Allen (225/185). Also, it was good to see Chris Allen out yet again, hankering for a handicap and hitting a most respectable 93 off the stick. That Butterworth blighter scored Birdies, on the eighth. and 10th, as did that two-wheeled terror, Gerry Toms, on the third. Nearest the Pins were achieved by young Jake Michael on the third, the Big Muzz, Murray Smith, on both the eighth. and 15th and Mr Everywhere, Rotten Ron, on the 10th. This Saturday I think we’ll be battling it out in a Stableford round, followed on Sunday, it being a long weekend and all, by a laid back, social get-together in the form of our Open Ambrose event. This promises four hours of fearless fun and playful persiflage, so we’re looking for groups of four (that’s four-only folks!) to hit the greensward in time for a noon hit-off. A hearty BBQ will be waiting for all competitors back at the nineteenth as well as, no doubt, a roaring fire in the grate, mate.

Balaklava Ladies

Sixteen players took part in the second stroke, Club Medal, first Captain’s trophy and first International bowl competitions. A grade winner was Patricia Anderson with net 71 from R Jenkin net 74, N Taylor net 77, C Redpath net 79. B grade winner was C Howard net 75, runner-up F Williams net 78 on a count back from T Matz net 78, J Hoskin 79, H Maxwell 87, M Hayes 87, J Wood 89. C grade winner was C Taylor net 79 from J Taylor net 80, G Edwards 85, P Hill 94, T Allen 97. Club medal winner was P Anderson with net 71. Captain’s trophy first round winner: P Anderson. First Int Bowl winner Silver: P Anderson net 71. Bronze division R Jenkins net 74. Plains Producer points: P Anderson 5, R Jenkin 4, C Howard 3, N Taylor 2, F Williams 1. Sponsors were: Baker Springs Wine, Balaklava Newsagency and Wendy’s Cafe n Cakes. This week’s competition is the third stableford and Super Gran trophy. Starters: P Scholz, J Roberts. Thursday June 11 is second Captain’s trophy (stroke); second Inernational Bowl. Fri June 12 MND Foursomes at Barossa Valley.

Balaklava Mid Week 27:

Eleven player participated on May

Gerry Toms 39 (14); Doug Taylor 39 (14); Don Anderson 39 (32); Dean Trickett 37 (17); John Michael 37 (20); Brian Kemp 36 (23); Merv Hameister 35 (14); John Curnow 34 (20); Rick Campbell 33 (36); Dene Newton 33 (18); Bill Berry 30 (16).

Blyth Ladies

Results from May 27: Par sponsor Clare Chemmart Pharmacy. Scores: K Mugge +2, J Zweck -4, R Lamond -5, B Victor -8, P Luke, I Fisher. Skins: K Mugge. Raffle: Y Carling. This week June 3: Secret holes/

Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

SPORT v District hosterss Y Carling. Next week, June 10: Laurel Wreath second round. Friday May 29: Come and try day was held with two people trying out. Gloria and Marilyn assisted with tips. A lucheon afterwards raised money for cancer with 22 people attending. Janet organised this day.

Blyth Men

Results from May 31. New members this season: R Lamond and M Pawley. Stroke/sponsor, Landmark. Scores: K Hayes 96/67; r/up M Williams 89/38 M Pawley 99, R Lamond 103, P Agnew 111/75, M Carling 103/77, G Mugge 114/78, M Grocke 100/89, B Spinks 156. This week Sunday June 7: Stroke/ sponsor Clare Valley Flowers. Next week June 14: Men and mixed ambrose open 11-11.30am tee off. $5 per player. Take a team of four or be included in one on the day. Sausage sizzle starts 10.30am

Hamley Bridge

Despite an excellent cover of grass and a freshly mown lawn, the majority of players found difficulty in obtaining a reasonable score in Saturday’s stroke round. Winners in A, B and C grades were Barrie Zerna, Bob Ahola and Errol Branson, all scoring 68 nett. Outright winner was Barrie Zerna on a count back. A grade: J Bell 69, R Hahn, D Russell 70, L Durdin 73, A Noack, L Usher 77. B grade: R Cameron, K Kluske, R Hinderwell 69, N Durdin 71, G Sawley 72, W Van Pelt, G Dahlitz 73, S Howe, W Isgar 75, T Jones 78 with Roan and Lance bringing up the field. C grade: I Ferguson 69, L Schaefer 71, B Cooper 72, W Jackson 74, R Mortimer 75, R Spriggs, D Cooper 76, B Charman 77, M Grasby 79, C Applebee, D Nation 80. A side putting competition was won by Bob Ahola with 20 putts. NTP: George Dahlitz and Dave Russell and the Jim’s Mowing ball went to Wim VanPelt. Birdies: A Noack, Barrie Zerna and D Russell. Thursday’s results: Winner: Lance Hatcher 40 from J Bell, I Ferguson 38, C Doudle 37, J Riley, R Hahn, D Cooper 36, W VanPelt 35, A Mitchell, A Noack, R Ahola, G Dahlitz 34, B Schwarz 33, W Isgar 32, E Manning 31, B Cooper 30 and 11 other players coming in with scores in the 20s. Players to note the course has been sprayed with weedicide on Monday and should take care when handling balls and refrain from picking mushrooms.


First Round Freebairn Putter Stroke Fifteen golfers contested in fine conditions on Saturday. Play of the day went to Peter Freebairn who only needed to sink a two foot putt to par the back 9 unfortunately for Pete he missed it… Meanwhile in B grade, it was a return to form for Les Hean who lost a stroke off his hcp, whilst in C grade Brett Freebairn continued his consistent form. Scores in detail stroke/nett: A Grade P Freebairn 80/71 A Parker 89/72 T Harkness 83/72 W Heaslip 91/73 D Wilson 89/74 B Grade L Hean 85/64 P Sullivan 94/70 R Page 91/71 I Freebairn 98/77. N Harkness 100/79 C Grade B Freebairn 105/67 D Barkla 106/74 L Beaty 105/74 L Coleman 134/98 B Traill 127 played for hcp CCR 66 Nearest the pin 2nd shot L Hean. Nearest the pin No 7 D Wilson. This week’s comp: President v Vice President Hcp Match Play On Duty P Sullivan & N Harkness


Results Sat. May 30: CCR 42. A grade: A Hartwell 47pts; J Pengilly 42, D Hannaford 41. NTP: 3/12 A Leaver; 5/14 D Snook. B grade: J Yard 4 1pts, M Keast 40, R Thomas 40. Handicap matchplay: A Hartwell def. D Murphy 4/3; D Hannaofrd def. J Patterson 5/4; J Pengilly def. J Yard 1up; D Snook def. K Behn 7/6; A Leaver def. F McGrath 7/5. This week is a stroke/monthly medal.


Results from Saturday May 30. The first qualifying round if the

Championships was played in cool conditions on a course in good condition. Results: Greg Bryksy 85 net 67 Bronte Heinrich 83 net 67 Rob Benger 71 net 67 Matt Butler 90 net 68 Mark RossNaylor 90 net 68 Trevor Reichelt 92 net 68 Dave Smart 103 net 69 Craig Davis 103 net 69 Roger Coupar 80 net 69 Steve Puccetti 79 net 69 Rob Crawford 89 net 71 Ken Beatton 91 net 72 Ben Abbley 86 net 72 Jamie Whiteman 90 net 73 Frase Neill 94 net 74 Leigh Victor 86 net 75 Mick Aworth 92 net 76 Ryan Longmire 93 net 77 Richard Davidson 100 net 78 Bill Driver 96 net 79 Steve Hadley 106 net 80 Tim Smith 95 net 80 Eric Busch 110 net 81 Brad Abbott 116 net 95 Jake Heapy 159 net 123 Playing For Handicap Kym Baum 89 B Ryan 99 Next week, June 6: Par third round N Heinrich Trophy. Sunday June 7: Open Mixed Ambrose.

TWo wells

Results from Saturday, May 30. Competition: Stroke/Monthly Medal Sponsor: Commercial Hotel CCR: 63 Conditions: Fine Another fine and cool day with a slight breeze greeted 39 players. Some very good scores once again which is most pleasing to see. As some of you now know Bingo’s smoke mobile has finally died, may it rest in peace, and he has bought a replacement. We were astounded when this QUIET electric buggy rolled to the front of the clubhouse with Bingo sitting proudly at the wheel. When asked about it, he replied it’s only a loaner mine won’t be ready until June sometime. We asked what sort, electric? No he said, petrol, and with all voices in unison we said ohhhhhh , but it’s not two stroke it’s on unleaded he replied. The trees and our lungs will live to fight another day! In the last report I forgot to thank the outgoing Vice President Clive Weller and Committee member John Ball for their service to the club, which I know will still not stop in the future, so from all the members THANKYOU. As some of you know Russell and Elaine Grigg are embarking on a 12 to 13 week trip up north and then down the coast of WA. Have a great time and keep safe. It was also welcome back to Vinnie Hatch after his overseas trip. Rick Wendland is soon off to greener pastures at Mt Isa, good luck and hope to see you back in the future. Today’s Results A grade: 61 Simon Grigg, 62 S Abbott, 63 S Francis, 64 M Launer, 65 V Hatch, 66 I Smith, 67 B Paul, 70 G Giannikos, 76 R Thompson, 77 H Linford. B grade: 60 J Spackman, 61 R Grigg, C Doudle, 62 I Clark, 66 J Ball, 70 R Hogg, 71 D Thompson, F Jurgens, 72 Stuart Grigg, P Shields, I Gameau, 74 T Datson. C grade: 54 A Bail, 57 B Prior, S Kelly, 61 T Clifton, 64 J Boon, 66 A Baker, 69 L Zbierski, 70 R Prior J Weir, 71 J Harrison, 72 C Weller, 78 I Telfor, 80 B Barns. Ladies: 71 T Perry, 75 J Baker, 94 E Grigg. Long Drives: A. S Abbott. B: Stuart Grigg. C. J Boon. Ladies: E Grigg NTP’s 1 C Weller. 2 Simon Grigg. 6 C Weller. 11 C Doudle. 12 T Clifton. 15 A Bail. Birdie Holes: 1 R Grigg S Kelly. 5 ---. 13 ---. 17 Simon Grigg, M Launer, C Doudle, F Jurgens. Monthly Medal: A Bail. Pro’s Approach No18: G Giannikos. Putting Comp: 23 M Launer. Matchplay: Simon Grigg d J Weir 5/3. NAGA: E Grigg Next Week: Par, Captains Trophy. Grade Change: A 1-17 B 18-23 C 24-36. – Trevor Datson, Vice Captain TWGC

Two Wells Ladies

Ladies played the first round of the Jenny Rowe putting competition. Winner was Kathy Stubing with 24. Winner of the first round of the Silver Spoon was Tine Perry with a nett 70. Loing drive winner was Jenny Rowe on 16. Jenny Rowe had a birdie gobler on 11 and Kathy Stubing had one on 6 winning the Birdies’ nest.

Hockey Clare & District

Results of matches played at Clare on May 30: Under 14: Burra 1 def. Wendouree 0. Goal: Jackson Weiss. Best: Burr. Jackson Weiss, Alex Catt, Lachy Haddow. Wen, Josh Nourse, Zenneth Brckstone-Ball, Atticus Possingham. Springstown 4 def. Donnybrook 1. Goals: Spr, tom Forrest 2, Johanna Dutschke, Angus McGregor; Don, Fletcher Thomas. Best: Spr, Angus McGregor, Tom Forrest, Jackson Duncan-Reid; Don, Jake Mill, Lachlan McLean, Oliver Pearson. Under 17: Springstown 5 def. Donnybrook 1. Goals: Spr, Johanna Dutschke 3, Tom Forrest 2, Don, Lachlan McLean, Fletcher Thomas, Sarah McLean. Wendouree 0 drew with Burra 0. Best: Wen. Josh Nourse, Russell Pawelski, Rebecaa Taylor; Bur, Jackson Weiss, Lachy Haddow, John Robinson. Women: Donnybrook 3 def. Balaklava 0. goals: Jan Falconer 2, Hannah Rantanen. Best: Don, Nicki Grbin, Jan Falconer, Annie Willson; Bal, Mary Heslop, Tegan McPharlin, Amber Greenshields. Springstown 2 def. Sevenhill 0. Goals: Chrissie Haydon, Carolyn Dent. Best: Spr, Jayne Price, Chrissie Haydon, Jo Pilgrim; Sev, Liz Sherrah, Chris Schmaal, Johanna Dutschke. Men: Donnybrook 3 def. Springstown 2. Goals: Don, Mark Harvey 2, Sam Megson. Spr, Steve Sanders, Toby Van Loggerenberg. Best: Don, Mark Harvey, Mark Telfer, Justin Waldhuter. Spr, Simon Helbig, Mark Bastian, Trevor Allen. Riverton 2 def. Burra 0. Goals, Daniel Bowden, Jonathon Venning. Best: Riv, Kelvin Tiller, Tristan Chapman, Ben Shepherd. Bur, John Robinson, Toby Murphy, Caleb Desmet. No local hockey on June long weekend as zone championships will be held in Adelaide. Watch for the report next week.

Shooting Adelaide Plains district Rifle

Results May 30 over 400 metres: Cyclists & Torrens Valley: A grade: F Pinyon 98.10; B gr C Luedeke 93.4; Sighters, F Pinyon 19.3. Handicap results: F Pinyon 50.6/48.4 (3) 100; W Muhleder 45.1/46.4 (11) 100; J Pinyon 49.1/41.2 (9) 99; P Gale 46.3/50.2 (3) 99; GAP Thomas 44.2/44 (10) 98; C Wedeke 48.2/45.2 (4) 97. Cyclists & Torrens Valley F Class: F Open C Green 195; F Standard, M Heyward 194; Sighters, G Hutchins 52/60. Handicap results: M Heyward 97/97 (22) 200; R Braund 96/97 (17) 200; C Green 98/97 (11) 200; G Hutchins 96/97 (15) 200; L White 90/96 (26) 200; D Zerbe 85/76 (50) 200; L Bament 87/78(32)197. Light River: A gr B Wrightson 98.11; B gr G Buddle 97.6; Sighters G MIncham 20.2. Handicap: B Wrightson 49.6/49.5(12)120; G Buddle 50.4/47.2(17)120; G Minc h a m 4 8 . 6 / 4 9 . 5 ( 9 ) 11 7 ; G M o roney 46.1/46.2(22)117; G Lewis 4 8 . 4 / 4 8 . 3 ( 1 3 ) 11 6 ; P B o t h w e l l 46.1/48.2(18)115; C Martin 47.3/50.5 97. Phoenix: A gr J Samuel 99.7; B gr D Clarke 98.3; Sighters M Challen. Handicap: J Samuel 50.4/49.3(17) 123; D Logos 48.5/47.1(20)121; D clarke 50.3/48(19)120; G Henderson 46.2/47.2(23)120; M Challen 45.1/48.3(18)115; D Barnard 41.2, 41.2. Phoenix F Class: F Open R Mousley 114; Sighters R Mousley. Handicap: R Mousley 57/57(7)121; C Mousley 49/57(14)120. Postal & Railways: A gr R Cunningham 96.9; B gr M Spendelove 92.2; C gr A McFarlane 87.1; Sighters B Phillips 19.2. Handicap: M Spendelove 45.2/47(12)100; R Cunningham 49.4/47.5 (3) 99; W Phillips 44.4/42.1 (12) 90; V Synusas 45.3/45.2(7)97; M Bethune 42.3/42.3(12)96; A Bushell 39.2/42.3(12)93; A McFarlane 43.4/44(6)93; S Giles 40.2/40.2(8)88.

Tennis Ladies winter

A breezy day greeted the ladies, with some saying it was hot and some saying cold, but it really depended on how much running they were doing – obviously some weren’t doing enough! Shaz Pike’s Sprites have started gaining in confidence, managing to win their first sets of the season, but unfortunately still went down 4-29 to 2-26 to Helen Durdin’s Limes. The first two sets were tiebreakers going one each way, followed by two much more uneven sets! The Limes pair of Helen and super fill-in Joy Ryan, had a comfortable 6-2 win over Shaz and Lorraine Jenner. The other Sprites, being Rae Winen and Sarah Kammerman, went on the rampage winning a dakdropper over Angela Battle and fill-in Kathryn Mahony. As Ang hadn’t been feeling the best, the Sprites thought it best not to enforce the obligatory dakdropping lest they got more than they bargained for! It was down to the last two sets, but the Limes won both with close sets of three and four. Lorraine was sporting a cold and was none too pleased to find out she was playing Joyful all day! Sarah was the star, winning two sets, and improving every week! We awarded gold stars to the Sprites in having their regular team against the Limes with only 50 per cent! Heidi Zerk’s Solos faced Colleen Allen’s Cokes in what was generally a tight contest, albeit for the last two sets for which the Cokes said they were worn out! Colleen used her power of captaincy to promote Denby Wandel who, like Lorraine, was none too happy about facing her tough opponent, being Melissa Moulds. Melissa and Julie Bigg won a long first set tiebreaker over Denby and Belinda May-Woidt, which was a great set. Colleen and Bec Houston lost a tight 6-4 to Heidi and Kellie Harrison which was also an entertaining set, and we must say, with a lot of noise too! Belinda did well to keep her concentration with some messy toddler distractions requiring gloves! It resembled Narelle Michael’s nightmarish day at a cafe some years ago, over which Lorraine, Colleen and Louise are still having flashbacks! Denby and Bec were unlucky to lose yet another 6-4, so Colleen and Belinda thought they’d show them how it’s done by winning their set. Bec and Belinda saved their daks by winning one game, but the old girls in Colleen and Denby were outclassed, outgunned and outrun by the younger Melissa and Heidi, and had to reveal their bloomers! Melissa’s reach was compared with Don Veitch’s, thus she’d been named the Lady Longlegs (and arms!). Final score Solos 5-33 to 1-20. The final match saw Helen Barry’s stacked Lemons defeat Pauline Hill’s Fantas 6-36 to 0-18, with all close sets, bar one - in nearly identical scores as the aforementioned matches! The Fantas lost the first two sets 6-4, with quite a number of interesting topics discussed at end changeovers! That was why fill-in Shelley Lamond and Kim Eime’s win over the Michael girls, Narelle and fill-in Louise, took so long, not that any of those four are talkers! Helen and Kim won a lenghty 6-3 over Pauline and Narelle, whilst Louise and Kerrie Bell were unlucky to lose 6-3 after some marathon rallies to Shelley and Di Meaney. Like Denby and Lorraine, Kerrie was faced with a tough opponent, being Di, who is usually ranked higher, but Kerrie did well and played some excellent net shots! The grudge match saw Helen and Shelley eventually defeat Pauline and Louise in a match that was almost a tiebreaker, but not quite! The pressure was on, locked at 5-4, with Helen going wider and wider with her tramline shots, Pauline all over the net, Louise serving for half an hour and Shelley top spinning her deep shots, all of which made for an exciting last game of the set! However Kim and Di obviously didn’t want a long set, as they literally thrashed the pants off Narelle and Kerrie, with both luckily sporting their good bikinis! Until next week when the ladies might be feeling better and the conversations don’t get the ladies too excited…

photos You can buy our pictures in colour! $20 large - 20x25cm $10 small - 14x20cm Phone 8862 1977 Email:

Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009


sport v Football

What’s The Score? Virgina Nursery has the answer!

Open 7 DAYS

8am to 5pm

• Potted Colour • Water Features • 1,000 pots to clear Gawler Rd, Virginia- Ph: 8380 9560

Mallala Hamley Bridge

APFL results from Saturday – Round 7 Senior Colts A Grade 5.8 0.1

12.10 18.18 25.21 (171) 1.1 3.2 6.4 (40)

Best: Mallala- L.Whitwell, B.Hardie, D.Feeley, C.Rimmer, B.Griffiths, J.Montgomerie; Hamley Bridge- T.Smith, J.Schahinger, S.Gregory, A.Natt, T.Would, L.Pratt  Goals: Mallala- D.Feeley 7, B.Griffiths 6, B.Montgomery 3, J.Montgomerie 2, J.Danis 2, J.Chapman 2, B.Hardie, L.Whitwell, J.Barr; Hamley Bridge- J.Schahinger 2, B.Burgess 2, I.Naulty, A.Lemmon

Two Wells United

3.5 4.4

7.7 8.7

11.11 13.15 11.13 13.14

Virginia Balaklava

2.2 5.1

7.2 6.2

12.8 7.6

(93) (92)

Best: Two Wells- L.Allmond, J.Struck, S.Humphrys, N.Applebee, A.Hardiman, S.Nicholas; United- M.Davey, B.Sobey, W.Banton, M.Pym, B.Jones, M.Warnes  Goals: Two Wells- S.Nicholas 4, L.Allmond 2, N.Seccafien, S.Wise, T.Uern, B.Spiteri, T.Leighton, M.Abdilla, J.Struck; United- B.Sharman 2, M.Davey 2, T.Guerin 2, J.McArdle, M.Warnes, A.Mills, W.Banton, S.Schulz, H.Pym

22.11 (143) 9.12 (66)

Best: Virginia- A.Johnston, M.Cocchiard, A.Mark, A.Seccafien, B.Galic, A.Geradis; Balaklava- H.Walker, P.McLean, J.Rowland, T.McPharlin, J.Brice,  Goals: Virginia- A.Geradis 9, A.Bascombe 3, C.Musolino 2, R.Desmond 2, E.Tsimiklis 2, M.Cocchiard, S.Papanotis, S.Schutt, A.Johnston; Balaklava- J.Brice 3, T.McPharlin 2, M.Pascoe, J.Michael, B.Scott, A.Williams

Mallala Hamley Bridge

1.3 0.0

3.8 0.0

8.13 0.0

12.7 0.0

(79) (0)

United Two Wells

0.3 6.3

0.5 9.7

0.6 12.8

18.8 1.10

(116) (16)

Balaklava Virginia

2.4 1.3

5.4 2.8

7.5 4.11

9.8 5.12

(62) (42)

Best: Mallala- Z.Priest, D.McLean, J.Hallion, J.Drew, B.Martin, L.Helps; Hamley Bridge -  Goals: Mallala- D.McLean 4, Z.Hallion 2, Z.Priest 2, J.Robinson, L.Bruggerman, J.Mollnar;

Best: United- R.Sharer, J.Curnow, L.Bentley, J.Hurrell, Z.Vinton, M.McIntyre; Two Wells- S.Schroeter, J.Shepard, B.Slattery, L.Tassell, A.Clarke, C.Tryfopolous  Goals: United- J.Bugeja; Two Wells- S.Schroeter 7, A.Clarke 3, J.Haggerty 2, B.Slattery 2, L.Tassell, M.Daly, S.Curtin, D.Jones Best: Balaklava- S.Rowland, M.Clifford, B.Koch, T.Lloyd, C.Ruiz, J.McPharlin; Virginia- S.Soloman, M.Lazenkas, R.Young, L.Bannear, J.Booth-Elliot, R.Azzurro  Goals: Balaklava- C.Ruiz 4, J.McBride 3, J.Jenner 2; Virginia- L.Bannear, R.Marando, R.Leo, M.Lazenkas, S.Soloman

Junior Colts

Mallala Hamley Bridge

0.4 0.0

1.5 0.0

4.5 1.0

6.6 2.0

(42) (12)

Best: Mallala- R.Kerr, K.Jameson, G.White, H.Riley, M.Saunders, D.Carpenter;HamleyBridge-L.Rosenzwig,W.Slok,L.Morgante,L.Rowsell, S.Rademacher, B.Nicolai  Goals: Mallala- M.Saunders 5, D.Tiller 4, C.Hummell 2, D.Pontt; Hamley Bridge- J.Lampard, C.Martin, D.Ireland

Two Wells United

1.3 0.0

6.4 0.2

9.9 0.15

9.9 0.15

(63) (15)

Best: Two Wells- S.Goode, D.Hardiman, T.Taylor, A.Humzy, R.Coleman, R.McKean; United- J.Mason, M.Dickie, K.Jarman, L.Michalanney, D.Goodenough, B.Pym  Goals: Two Wells- R.McKean 3, S.Larrett 2, T.Treverton 2, J.Stewert, O.Allmond, T.Taylor, B.Watts; United- D.Carter 2, J.East, D.Goodenough, B.McArdle, T.McArdle

Balaklava Virginia

4.1 0.1

8.3 1.1

10.5 2.2

11.6 3.3

(72) (21)

Mallala Hamley Bridge

Two Wells United

Virginia Balaklava

B Grade 1.6 0.2

3.3 0.1

7.5 1.2

4.7 1.3

5.5 1.1

8.8 4.3

7.8 1.3

10.7 4.3

9.11 7.3

12.9 3.4

11.13 6.5

13.15 7.4

(81) (22)

RSMU Hawks North Clare

(79) (41)

(93) (46)

Best: Balaklava- J.Butterfield, C.McPharlin, T.Michael, J.Spaeisspegger, C.Michael, B.Krieg; Virginia- M.Vigor, A.Drew, B.Martin, T.Penhall, C.Hocking, A.Hansen  Goals: BalaklavaD.Fahey 4, C.Karpany 4, C.Michael, T.Michael, J.Butterfield; Virginia- A.Pogas 2, N.Seccafien

3.4 3.4

7.5 5.7

9.6 6.11

10.10 7.14

(70) (56)

3.1 2.2

6.6 2.3

10.7 5.4

13.8 11.6

(86) (72)

Best: Min/Man- A.Bevis, B.Currie, J.Milburn, S.Pike, B.Kerslake,; South Clare- B.Sanford, M.Thomas, S.Lewis, M.Dare, C.Sommerville,  Goals: Min/Man- B.Kerslake 2, D.Fogden 2, A.Ackland 2, M.Prince 2, A.Bevis, B.Ross, B.Currie, J.Nicholls, J.Hackett; South Clare- M.Thomas 3, W.Hutchinson 2, A.Smith, S.Lewis, J.Lehmann, S.Parish, C.Sommerville, M.Reynolds

Eudunda BSR Tigers

3.2 2.0

5.6 4.2

9.9 6.5

12.15 6.7

(87) (43)

Best: Eudunda- M.Cussadia, S.Biacsi, L.Hambour, A.Turrell, R.Schimidt, K.Bisset; BSR Tigers- T.Weckert, A.Smart, M.Ramm, B.Reschke, P.Jones, C.Weckert  Goals: Eudunda- S.Schutz 3, C.Voigt 2, A.Turrell 2, D.Cluse 2, K.Bisset, M.Cussadia, A.Zerner; BSR Tigers- A.Burgess, K.Burgess, D.Mellow, B.Reschke, C.Weckert, D.Pope

BBH Rams Blyth/Snow

4.5 1.1

9.7 4.2

17.9 6.2

21.11 (137) 7.4 (46)

Best: BBH Rams- A.Spicer, P.Mann, J.Reilly, A.Purchase, J.Schuppan, N.Davis; Blyth/Snow- R.Wandel, S.Clifford, A.Lockwood, G.Hayes, W.Slattery, L.Dohnt  Goals: BBH Rams- D.Reed 5, S.Tohl 4, M.Phin 2, B.Wall 2, J.Schuppan 2, N.Stacey 2, A.Purchase, S.Mann, T.Riggs, N.Schurmann; Blyth/Snow- A.Brackstone 2, J.Agnew, G.Ottens, N.Zweck, L.Dohnt, S.Clifford

North Clare RSMU Hawks

Next Saturday Matches • Hamley Bridge vs HW Eagles • Mallala vs United • Virginia vs Two Wells • Balaklava bye

NEFL results – Round 6 A Grade Senior Colts

Best: RSMU Hawks- T.Willmott, K.Hart, B.Mitchell, S.Noack, T.White, T.Ainslie; North Clare- M.Harrold, S.Jaeschke, T.Pawley, G.Jaeschke, C.Jaeschke, B.Coles  Goals: RSMU Hawks- T.Ainslie 3, C.Mullins 2, T.Willmott 2, J.Vandeleur, D.Williams, S.Noack; North Clare- G.Wilkins 3, C.Jaeschke 2, J.Hollit, T.Siv

Min/Man South Clare

Best: Mallala- Z.Hallion, K.Kirvan, J.Good, A.Coe, R.Svetec, N.Goudie; Hamley Bridge -  Goals: Mallala- D.Kearns 3, J.Good 2, Z.Hallion; Best: Two Wells- R.Catanzariti, M.Wylie, C.Farrerly, D.Bromley, D.Wise, W.Hart; United- J.Bugeja, D.Zanker, C.Lee-Chapman, A.McArdle, C.Sharer, C.McIntyre  Goals: Two Wells- L.Gross 2, M.Wylie 2, D.Wise 2, T.Nixon, S.Slattery, D.Bronley;

Best: Virginia- P.Mylonopoulos, M.Cartlidge, B.Farrugia, D.Alderson, B.Drew, A.Leo; Balaklava- N.Olsen, K.Zerk, J.Tiller, M.Bond, C.Marshall, N.Yates  Goals: Virginia- A.Leo 4, S.Lioulios 3, M.Leo 2, B.Zito, D.Alderson, R.Perre, M.Pogas; Balaklava- D.Tezacker 2, J.Tiller 2, M.Fiegert, M.Brougham, K.Michalanney

B Grade 4.0 2.4

6.4 3.5

11.6 5.6

14.7 7.9

(91) (51)

Best: North Clare- B.Sweetman, L.Zanetti, N.Jones, M.Pawley, B.Channon, P.Downes; RSMU Hawks- R.Duguid, G.Wurst, V.Pike, T.Metra, G.Linke, B.Przibilla  Goals: North Clare- M.Dopson 6, P.Clarke 2, B.Channon 2, N.Jones 2, J.Jenner, B.Sweetman; RSMU Hawks- J.Connelly 2, J.Smith 2, S.Griffiths, D.Vater, L.Wilkey

Min/Man South Clare

3.4 0.1

5.7 0.2

8.8 1.3

11.10 2.6

(76) (18)

BSR Tigers Eudunda

2.2 3.2

3.9 3.3

6.10 5.5

7.12 6.7

(54) (43)

Blyth/Snow BBH Rams

2.0 2.1

2.3 6.4

5.6 6.4

8.7 8.5

(55) (53)

Best: Min/Man- C.Lane, T.Webb, L.Milburn, P.Hogben, T.Nicholls, R.Dixon; South Clare- S.Buridge, B.Otterspoor, B.Vertudaches, J.Haysman, J.Dunstan, T.Behenna  Goals: Min/Man- L.Milburn 5, P.Hogben 2, N.Schoenberg 2, K.Allen, K.Harvey; South ClareM.Bennie 2 Best: BSR Tigers- A.Mueller, M.Lynch, F.Nicholls, A.Culbertson, M.Tilbrook, N.Adams; Eudunda- S.Riley, R.Lieschke, S.Waldhuter, M.Slater, J.Pfitzner, A.Watson  Goals: BSR Tigers- M.Lynch 3, A.Mellow 2, A.Moller, N.Burford; Eudunda- R.Westover, D.Pearson, J.Pearson, R.Lieschke, D.Blumson, D.Schiller Best: Blyth/Snow- R.Pratt, M.Price, R.Baxter, S.Goldsmith, S.Clifford, J.Pritchard; BBH Rams- C.Lynch, D.Booth, G.Newell, A.Taylor, B.Stockman, A.Webster  Goals: Blyth/Snow- M.Price 3, M.Thomas 2, S.Clifford 2, S.Gillings; BBH Rams- L.Riggs 2, M.Van, C.Schuppan, B.Stockman, J.Gebhardt, C.Lynch, W.Nolan

ROOSTER Shannon Uern attempts to lose Tiger Brad McArdle during the reserves game.

RSMU Hawks North Clare

6.0 0.0

11.2 1.0

16.5 1.0

24.7 2.1

(151) (13)

Best: RSMU Hawks- B.Moreton, J.Molineux, D.Busch, A.Rowett, T.Smith, R.Fuss; North Clare- T.Norton, J.Pritchard, B.Couzner, T.Dunstan, N.Earle, C.Bassett  Goals: RSMU Hawks- D.Busch 10, A.Rowett 3, M.Simmons 2, M.Rohde 2, T.Connell, T.Smith, B.Moreton, J.Molineux, S.Jordan, R.Fuss, B.Plueckhahn; North Clare- A.Norton, B.Couzner

Min/Man South Clare

5.4 1.0

9.6 2.1

12.8 9.2

17.13 (115) 13.2 (80)

BSR Tigers Eudunda

3.2 2.2

4.3 2.6

5.10 4.6

8.11 7.7


Each week The Plains Producer & Osctrot Carriers are giving away a football or netball. If you are pictured (right), contact The Plains Producer on 8862 1977 to claim your prize this week.

This Week’s Winner ‘Supporting junior sport throughout the region’

Best: Min/Man- T.Friebel, N.Pengilly, J.Schmidt, A.Bruce, L.Bruhn, J.Sandow; South Clare- L.Dunstan, L.Day, J.Dunstan, D.Southall, J.Eyers, J.Andrewatha  Goals: Min/Man- A.Bruce 6, T.Friebel 5, B.Schutz 3, J.Sandow, J.Schmidt, N.Reichett; South Clare- L.Dunstan 6, J.Andrewatha, T.Barrett, R.Knight, C.Napper, P.Vonheyamnick Best: BSR Tigers- K.Burgess, M.Shane, J.Hayes, D.Williams, A.Ashby, S.Tilbrook; Eudunda- J.Voigt, P.Voigt, B.Dunn, C.Redemski, C.Voigt,  Goals: BSR Tigers- M.Shane 4, T.Wilsdon 2, M.Weckert, B.Mitchell; Eudunda- C.Voigt 3, B.Schulz, D.Reese, K.Schulz, S.Roocke

Blyth/Snow BBH Rams

4.3 2.1

9.4 4.5

12.9 4.5

16.11 (107) 4.7 (31)

Best: Blyth/Snow- M.Atkinson, C.Lloyd, J.Growden, R.Ottens, D.Krieg, S.Underdown; BBH Rams- T.Whittlesea, J.Lynch, Z.Lynch, S.Connell, J.Alderson, R.Maidment  Goals: Blyth/Snow- J.Growden 8, C.Giles 3, M.Atkinson 2, T.Eime, C.Lloyd, A.Elix; BBH RamsT.Whittlesea 2, M.Wiechs, J.Cousins

Junior Colts

RSMU Hawks North Clare

1.2 1.0

5.5 2.0

9.10 2.0

8862 2066 - Balaklava

(59) (49)

14.16 (100) 2.1 (13)

Best: RSMU Hawks- B.Snook, P.Callery, J.Bowden, Z.Jolly, L.Michalany, H.Ball; North Clare- B.Fisher, H.Calaby, S.Channon, L.Jaeschke, B.Earle, J.King  Goals: RSMU Hawks- J.Connell 5, J.Bowden 3, L.Michalany 3, H.Behn, D.Maynard, B.Snook; North Clare- T.O’Sullivan 2

Eudunda BSR Tigers

4.5 0.0

6.6 0.1

7.15 1.2

10.19 1.2

(79) (8)

Blyth/Snow BBH Rams

1.3 1.1

5.4 2.3

7.5 2.3

11.7 2.3

(73) (15)

Best: Eudunda- C.Blumson, L.Waldhuter, S.Nietschke, A.Murray, K.Milde, I.Blumson; BSR Tigers- J.Hayes, T.Wilsdon, H.Burford, J.Lee, C.Longbottom, T.Slade  Goals: Eudunda- K.Milde 2, J.Bugeja 2, C.Blumson, A.Murray, B.Biscan, S.Nietschke, D.Roocke, L.Waldhuter; BSR Tigers- W.Longmire Best: Blyth/Snow- C.Giles, T.Eime, J.Andriske, A.Giles, Z.Barrett, J.Kennewell; BBH Rams- T.Drew, J.Cousins, S.Mattey, J.Gebhardt, J.Chandler, B.Lee  Goals: Blyth/Snow- C.Giles 6, T.Salter 3, T.Stephenson, J.Andriske; BBH Rams- T.Drew, J.Gebhardt

APFL Footy Face Name: Ashley Nicholas DOB: 11/07/1990 Height: 181cm Team: Virginia Guernsey Number: 22 Position: Forward Favourite AFL & SANFL team: Port Power, South Adelaide Who is the most damaging player (on or off field) in your club? Youngy Who is your club’s hardest worker (on or off field)? P Starr - good effort & commitment Highlight of footy career? Playing finals What’s your number one passion outside of footy? Cricket If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be? Ricky Ponting What is the last movie you saw? Dark Knight

If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money? Buy a house, car, holiday... If you were a car, what kind would you be? Ferrari If you were on the front page of the newspaper, what would the headline say? “Superstar” What is the best, weirdest or grossest item in your fridge? Brussel sprouts

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• North Clare vs Eudunda • Blyth/Snow vs South Clare • Min/Man vs BBH Rams • BSR Tigers vs RSMU Hawks

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Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

SPORT v Football

APFL steals a win in under 15 carnival

The under 15 APFL team, back from left: coach Rob Michael, Brayden Harkness, Michael Clifford, Andrew Power, Tom Lloyd, Mathew Daly, Chad Ruiz, James Zweck, Dylan Kearns, Lewis Helps, Adam Drew, Luke Williams, Bradley Calvet, runner Liam Whitwell, front: Ricky Catanzariti, Ben Martin, Lewis Bannear, Tim Shepherd, Devaughn Bromley, Riley McDonald, Troy Algar, Dylan Wise, Tate Michael. A team representing Adelaide Plains Football League in the Woodville/West Torrens Eagles Under 15 carnival performed creditably, winning one game and losing two. Played last Sunday at Moonta, the carnival gave players experience at a higher level of football and for some, a chance to go even higher. Game 1: This was played against a composite side made up of players from the three participating leagues, who were unfortunate not to be selected in their respective sides. The centre line, Andrew Power, Hamley Bridge along with Mallala duo Troy Algar and Jake Birchmore, gave their side lots of drive and with Luke Williams and Chad Ruiz, both from Balaklava, grabbing their chances up forward with three goals each, were able to run out comfortable winners by six goals.

Mallala’s Ben Martin led a defence which withstood most attacks by their opponents. Final score: APFL 7.3 Eagles comp. 1.4. Game 2: This brought the boys “back to earth” against carnival favourites, Yorke Valley. Best players for the Plains came mainly from defence, who were under continuous pressure. Balaklava’s Michael Clifford, Brayden Harkness and Tim Shepherd, performed well under intense pressure along with teammate Tom Lloyd, who batted hard in ruck. Mallala’s Dylan Kearns saved several goals with some desperate defence on the last line. Final score: YVFL 11.7 APFL 1.0. Game 3: The final game against North Eastern, a side boasting a

couple of brilliant footballers including Clare youngster Luke Dunstan, proved to be similar to the previous game. Brayden Harkness again put in a good game, keeping his opponent goal-less at full back. Two Wells’ Matthew Daly accounted for himself well when moved into ruck. Jake Birchmore continued his good play and Tom Lloyd and Tim Shepherd had serviceable games. Overall, North Eastern’s pace and skills were too much for the Plains boys. Final score: NEFL 13.3 APFL 1.2. Presentations were made after the game with Brayden Harkness winning his team’s best player for the carnival. A training squad of 30 players was

ABOVE: Matthew Daly, Two Wells holds up Ricky Catanzariti so he can hear coach Rob Michael’s speech. BELOW: Lewis Helps, Mallala attempts to punch the ball away from his YPFL opponent.

then announced to represent the Eagles under 15 country team against North Adelaide’s country squad. This is prior to final selection of 22 players to represent WWT Eagles in under 15 intra state championships, to be held in Adelaide mid July. Adelaide Plains players selected for this squad are: Andrew Power (Hamley), Lewis Helps (Mallala), Lewis Bannear (Virginia), Brayden Harkness, Tom Lloyd, Michael Clifford, Chad Ruiz and Luke Williams (Balaklava). Thanks were given to John Goodes from Mallala who assisted as trainer for the fifth year, and the parents who assisted as time keepers and boundary umpires. Thanks were also given to Josh Harkness and Jake Michael for running drinks. – John McDonald, manager.

Woodville/west torrens under 15 carnival results Game 1

Game 4

Game 2

Game 5

YPFL 5-3 33 v NEFL 4-3 27 Best: YPFL – Nick Clift, Daniel Blythe, Daniel Toole, Mitch Morby, John Harrop; NEFL – Cameron Andriske, Karl Milde, Luke Dunstan, Tom Whittlesea, Sam Jordan. Goals: YPFL – Daniel Blythe – 2, William Northeast, Sam Harris, Alex Lister – 1; NEFL – Tom Connell, Karl Milde, Luke Dunstan, Sam Jordan – 1. APFL 7-3 45 v Composite Eagles 1-4 10 Best: APFL – Jake Birchmore, Andrew Power, Luke Williams, Troy Algar, Chad Ruiz; Composite – Sam Roads, Ryan Haylock, Connor Blumson, Thomas Julyan, Jordan Monopoli. Goals: APFL – Luke Williams, Chad Ruiz – 3, Lewis Bannear – 1; Composite – Jordan Monopoli – 1.

Game 3

NEFL 16-7 103 v Composite Eagles 1-1 7 Best: NEFL – Luke Dunstan, Tom Whittlesea, Pat Hill, Cameron Andriske, Caleb Lloyd; Composite – Connor Blumson, Giles Ellis, Thomas Julyan, Sam Roads, Jordan Monopoli. Goals: NEFL – Andrew Bruce, Luke Dunstan – 5, Caleb Lloyd, Riley Knight, Pat Hill, Sam Jordan, Cameron Giles, Toby Pumpa; Composite – Carey Graham – 1.

YPFL 11-7 73 v APFL 1-0 6 Best: YPFL – Daniel Toole, Nick Clift, Daniel Blythe, Mitch Miller, Trent Wanganeen; APFL – Michael Clifford, Brayden Harkness, Tom Lloyd, Tim Shepherd, Dylan Kearns. Goals: YPFL – Nick Clift, Michael Miller – 3, Sam Harris, Malcolm Karpany, Jack Kuhndt, Trent Wanganeen, Tyler Andrews – 1; APFL – Andrew Power – 1.

YPFL 14-6 90 v Composite Eagles 2-4 16 Best: YPFL – Mitch Miller, Daniel Toole, Nick Clift, Daniel Blythe, Trent Wanganeen; Composite – Giles Ellis, Jordan Monopoli, Thomas Julyan, Connor Blumson, Carey Graham. Goals: YPFL – Daniel Blythe – 4, Adam Robertson – 3, John Harrop -2, William Northeast, Trent Wanganeen, Daniel Toole, Alex Lister, Nick Clift; Composite – Carey Graham, Jordan Monopoli – 1.

Game 6

NEFL 13-3 81 v APFL 1-2 8 Best: NEFL – Luke Dunstan, Caleb Lloyd, Cameron Giles, Tom Whittlesea, Sam Connell; APFL – Brayden Harkness, Mathew Daly, Jake Birchmore, Tom Lloyd, Tim Shepherd. Goals: NEFL – Luke Dunstan – 5, Cameron Giles – 3, Riley Knight – 2, Caleb Lloyd, Toby Pumpa, Tom Whittlesea – 1; APFL – Tate Michael – 1.

Carnival Best Players: APFL – Brayden Harkness, NEFL – Luke Dunstan, YPFL – Nick Clift, Composite Eagles – Giles Ellis, YPFL

TROY Algar, Mallala runs away with the ball. chad Ruiz, Balaklava gets a kick away in front of Ram opponent Dylan Long during the senior colts game at Balaklava.

KHAN Leighton, Two Wells tackles Tiger Adrian Mills to the ground during the A grade game at Long Plains.

LEIGH Michalanney scoops up the ball during the reserves game.

Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009


sport v Football

Peckers’ finals chances slim after loss to Rams A grade

SAM Rowland, Balaklava tries to dodge a tackle attempt by Ram Reggie Young during the senior colts game.

RAM Marco Lazenkas on the run during the senior colts game.

by Hen Peckered With their season on the line, Balaklava Peckers, still missing key players, hosted Virginia Rams who were at near full strength. And Virginia’s strength brought them home with a strong win over Balaklava. An early goal to Pecker Matt Pascoe was followed immediately by a goal to “gun” Ram full forward, Anton Geradis also from a good mark. Virginia opened the game well with strong tackling and doing most of the attacking. However, they were repelled by the Peckers’ defence led by Jed Rowland with ruckman Hayden walker helping out. Jonathon Brice gave the Peckers some spark up forward with a clever kick by Ben Catford giving him his first followed by two contested marks and goals to open up a slight ascendancy for the home side. Virginia had some good players this quarter with Anthony Johnston and Anthony Seccafien finding a lot of the ball in the midfield and Emanuel Tsimiklis also threatening at half forward. Bal 5.1 Virginia 2.2. A perfect start for Balaklava with “Roly” McLean clearing the ball out of the centre bounce, his kick finding Benny Lamond, whose perfect kick found Brady Scott, who kicked truly.

Virginia 22-11 (143) d Balaklava 9-12 (66)

However, the Rams bounced straight back with Aaron Geradis goaling for his second. Chris Mussolino, in his second game for the season, followed with two goals from snap shots and when Steven Papanotis kicked truly, Virginia had gained the lead after nine minutes of play. The following 13 minutes were a hard arm wrestle with neither side able to score, both defences standing tall, Hayden Walker in particular marking everything that came his way in defence for the Peckers. A goal just before the siren to Emanuel Tsimiklis gave the Rams a slight edge at half time. Vir 7.2 Balak 6.2. A scrambly start to the third quarter gave Balaklava several points, a goal to Anton Geradis hurting the Peckers with his third. The Rams’ tackling, a highlight of the game so far continued with the pressure forcing their opponents into making mistakes and poor disposals. Anthony Bascombe came into the game with some strong marks and two goals.

And when Anton Geradis kicked his fourth against the close attention of Jed Rowland, the Rams had opened up a handy lead. Against the flow, Justin Michael managed a goal at the 22-minute mark, but the hard working Ram midfield, in particular Anthony Johnston, closed down any recovery by Balaklava. A late goal to Robert Desmond gave his side a five-goal buffer at the last change. Vir 12.8 Balak 7.7. An early surge by the Peckers who still felt confident of victory, gave them a nil return. Their return of points only snuffed out any chances of victory though and when Anthony Bascombe kicked his third goal, the floodgates opened. Ben Galic got on top in ruck and with the two Anthonys, Johnston and Seccafien, dominating in midfielld, the ball was constantly driven forward where Anton Geradis, well held by Jed Rowland to this point, finally broke the shackles. Some accurate goal kicking gave him a quick five goals for a nine-goal haul. The rams added 10 goals

Close game, but Peckers stand firm Senior Colts

By Hen Peckered Balaklava hosted Virginia in what promised to be a very competitive game, the Peckers having several players out injured. Virginia started the game well doing all the attacking but unable to capitalise on the scoreboard. Captain Grant Drew was showing early pace and his team’s attack on the ball was determined. However, the Peckers’ defence stood firm and soon got their game going to hold a slender lead at quarter time. Bal 2.4 Vir 1.3. Sam Rowland was in everything and his side soon had two goals on the board. The Peckers were attacking the ball a lot harder and despite pressure from the rams, were using the ball well. The Rams fought back as the quarter wore on, their height worrying the Peckers led by ruckman Shaun Solomon. Unfortunately though their kicking for goal let them down, missing some “sitters” which could have given them the lead by half time, but instead were three goals down. Bal 5.4 Vir 2.8. The rams threw everything at Balaklava, two fundamental errors giving them two early goals. But with the youngsters, Michael Clifford and Braden Harkness along with Daniel Butterfield, the defence stood firm. Best on ground, Sam Rowland, continued to win many effective possessions and the continual good work of Chad Ruiz up forward gave the Peckers the edge at three quarter time. Bal 7.5 Vir 4.11. In defence, Reginald Young was rebounding well for Virginia in defence and U/14 medalist, Lewis Bannear was showing his class. And Marco Lazenkas on his wing was giving good drive for his side. But as the quarter wore on, the Peckers got on top to finish the game off well. The score indicated the closeness of the game and the Peckers’ accuracy giving them the edge. Final scores: Balaklava 9.9 Virginia 5.13.

junior colts

By Mercy-fool Balaklava started well in the first quarter, with Dylan Fahey and Corey Karpany each kicking two goals, whilst Virginia could only manage a minor score. This was primarily due to Josh Butterfield repelling most of their attacks at centre half back, and Tate Michael providing plenty of run on the ball. Adam Drew had a few good runs for the Rams, but undid some of this good work when frustration crept in, while the Jones boys tried hard for the visitors too. It was more of the same in the second term, with Karpany adding two more majors to take his tally to four by half time, and Callum and Tate Micahel each adding one. The left footer for Virginia in Anton Pogas showed some resistance and booted the Rams first ‘six

Balaklava 9-8 (62) d VIrginia 5-12 (42)

pointer’ for the game, in a good passage of play. Drew was showing plenty of dash again for Virginia, but Tate Michael, Caleb McPharlin and Josh Butterfield were starting to take him on and were doing well for the Peckers. Although the game was nearly over by half time, things did even up a little in the third with the Peckers only kicking two (one to Fahey for his third and one to Josh Butterfield) to the Rams’ one. Unfortunately though, a four quarter game was not to be, as the leading margin was increased

RIGHT: Ram Matthew Nugent gives chase to Pecker Ryan McPharlin during the senior colts game. BELOW: Pecker Daniel Butterfield swoops in to pick up a loose ball.

enough to be over eight goals – 10-5 to 2-2. Pogas was again good for the visitors, kicking their only goal, while Josh Jones and Jake Hocking also played a good game. Josh Butterfield continued his good form throughout the ground, as did Callum and Tate Michael. Despite the last quarter being ‘just for fun’ due to the mercy rule, it was tightly contested, with each team kicking one goal, one behind a piece. To Virginia’s credit, they never gave up with Nick Seccafien kicking their only goal and Pogas finishing off a good game. Drew tried hard, but at times was undisciplined, an example being when Fahey kicked his fourth for the Peckers, as a result of a 50 metre penalty. Meanwhile for Balaklava, Bradey Krieg had a great last quarter rebounding plenty of Virginia’s attacks on the last line of defence, and Tate Michael ran the game out well, as did Josh Butterfield.

Jamie Tiller of Balaklava in the centre was starting to pick up some good possessions to create some run through their half forward lines. However, Maurice Leo from Virginia kicked a goal from a set shot to steady his team going into the half time break. Virginia were still attacking hard at the ball in the third quarter, however Balaklava was playing tighter in defence, allowing their on-ballers to push the ball forward to give on-the-run goals to Matt Fiegert and Kerry Michalanney, giving Balaklava some hope. Towards the end of the quarter, Virginia’s defence were running the ball out with great effect accurate handballing, short passing being a feature of some great possession-type football. Alex Leo at Virginia’s half forward took a great mark and kicked truly to once again have a steadier going into the last quarter. In the final quarter, Balaklava needed a big last effort and started to put pressure on Virginia’s defence – but couldn’t get past their half back line. Time was running out and with George Stillisano still trying hard around the packs across Virginia’s centre and half forward line, they were gaining the upper hand. Michael Pogas and Steven Lioulios kicked great running goals toward the latter half of the quarter to seal Balaklava’s fate. Virginia were first to the ball all day, and with better ball skills had Balaklava – especially in defence – under pressure for most of the game. Nigel Olsen in defence tried hard for Balaklava all day. Virginia had many good players all over the ground, in particular Alex Leo up forward, taking some great overhead marks and Beau Zito with George Stillisano providing plenty of run and hardness at the ball all day to run out deserved winners.

for the quarter to completely dominate the quarter much to the disappointment of Balaklava supporters and coach. This probably put an end to their aspirations of a finals berth this season. For the Rams, with their tackling a highlight and their seven important players all contributing, look certain to not only participate in this year’s finals but to possibly go all the way. Final score: Virginia 22.22 Balaklava 9.12.


By Pecked Out The match started with Virginia kicking north with a handy breeze, the boys making very good use of it. Attacking first with great use of the handball out of the centre, Alex Leo of Virginia kicked a great goal on the run to get his team on the board quickly. Peter Mylonopolous, Virginia was running well in the centre of the ground and finding plenty of the footy, who along with Beau Zito with his pace and good footpassing, were proving a real handfull for Balaklava. Many opportunities were coming to Virginia’s forwards Maurice and Alex Leo, and with goals in quick succession, Balaklava’s defence was starting to look rattled. Virginia’s captain George Stillisano was playing some fantastic in-and-under type of football around the packs, and proved that attacking hard at the ball gives you first use of it. Only a belated goal to Daniel Tezacker saved Balaklava from a scoreless quarter. With Balaklava six goals behind, they had to do more attacking. With good running goals to Michael Brougham and Jamie Tiller up forward, the second quarter started with a lot of promise. Nigel Olsen at fullback for Balaklava was spoiling well, and with Martin Bond across halfback doing some good mopping up around the packs, Balaklava were starting to make a game of it.

APFL Premiership Table Sponsored by....

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"Handy for hardware"

after games played on May 30 A GRADE Club P Mallala 6 Virginia 6 Two Wells 6 HW Eagles 5 United 6 Balaklava 6 Hamley Bridge 5 RESERVES Club P Two Wells 6 Mallala 6 Balaklava 6 Virginia 6 United 6 Hamley Bridge 5 HW Eagles 5 SENIOR COLTS Club P Balaklava 6 Two Wells 6 United 6 Virginia 6 Mallala 6 HW Eagles 5 Hamley Bridge 5 JUNIOR COLTS Club P Two Wells 6 Mallala 6 Balaklava 6 United 6 HW Eagles 5 Hamley Bridge 5 Virginia 6

W 6 5 4 2 2 1 0

L 0 1 2 3 4 5 5

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

For 579 662 485 445 484 374 264

Agnst 275 415 417 409 556 481 740

Pts 12 10 8 4 4 2 0

% 67.8 61.47 53.77 52.11 46.54 43.74 26.3

W 6 5 3 2 2 2 0

L 0 1 3 4 4 3 5

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

For 635 388 300 375 294 206 136

Agnst 154 248 310 427 342 326 527

Pts 12 10 6 4 4 4 0

% 80.48 61.01 49.18 46.76 46.23 38.72 20.51

W 6 4 4 3 2 1 0

L 0 2 2 3 4 4 5

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

For 572 553 329 472 213 254 96

Agnst 165 310 393 298 411 366 546

Pts 12 8 8 6 4 2 0

% 77.61 64.08 45.57 61.3 34.14 40.97 14.95

W 6 4 3 3 2 1 0

L 0 1 2 3 3 4 6

D 0 1 1 0 0 0 0

For 344 229 295 178 174 168 112

Agnst 91 151 250 261 224 189 334

Pts 12 9 7 6 4 2 0

% 79.08 60.26 54.13 40.55 43.72 47.06 25.11


NEFL Premiership Table Proudly sponsored by…

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Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

SPORT ❖ Football

Maggies remain top team Hamley left to rebuild, Mallala bound for finals

Now at Blyth - Phone 8844 5144

after games played on Saturday A Grade Team BBH Rams Min/Man North Clare Blyth/Snow RSMU Hawks South Clare Eudunda BSR Tigers B Grade Team North Clare Min/Man Blyth/Snow BSR Tigers RSMU Hawks BBH Rams Eudunda South Clare Senior Colts Team BSR Tigers RSMU Hawks Blyth/Snow Eudunda Min/Man BBH Rams South Clare North Clare Junior Colts Team South Clare Eudunda RSMU Hawks BSR Tigers Blyth/Snow North Clare BBH Rams Min/Man

P W 6 6 6 5 6 4 6 3 6 3 6 1 6 1 6 1

L 0 1 2 3 3 5 5 5

D For Agnst Pts % 0 721 298 12 70.76 0 560 344 10 61.95 0 524 455 8 53.52 0 484 431 6 52.9 0 432 426 6 50.35 0 355 526 2 40.3 0 301 542 2 35.71 0 309 664 2 31.76

P W 6 6 6 5 6 4 6 3 6 2 6 2 6 1 6 1

L 0 1 2 3 4 4 5 5

D For Agnst Pts % 0 420 243 12 63.35 0 386 231 10 62.56 0 332 317 8 51.16 0 326 332 6 49.54 0 303 348 4 46.54 0 279 327 4 46.04 0 327 419 2 43.83 0 275 431 2 38.95

P W 6 6 6 6 6 4 6 3 6 2 6 2 6 1 6 0

L 0 0 2 3 4 4 5 6

D For Agnst Pts % 0 606 135 12 81.78 0 647 154 12 80.77 0 464 317 8 59.41 0 448 316 6 58.64 0 365 424 4 46.26 0 228 545 4 29.5 0 293 628 2 31.81 0 143 675 0 17.48

P W 6 6 6 5 6 4 6 4 6 3 6 1 6 1 6 0

L 0 1 2 2 3 5 5 6

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

For Agnst Pts % 682 97 12 87.55 598 116 10 83.75 465 182 8 71.87 358 237 8 60.17 244 319 6 43.34 170 459 2 27.03 60 640 2 8.57 51 578 0 8.11


Computer Services Kick a goal with their quality service!

30 George St, Balaklava - Ph: 8862 2409


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

GERADIS Anton - Virginia ...........................................26 JERICHO Samuel - HW Eagles .................................21 GUERIN Tom - United ...................................................20 THOMAS Daniel - HW Eagles ...................................20 SCHUTT Shamus - Virginia ........................................18 FEELEY Daniel - Mallala............................................... 17 GRIFFITHS Brad - Mallala ............................................ 17 BURGESS Brett - Hamley Bridge .............................15 ANTONY Justin - Two Wells ...................................... 11 SCOTT Brady - Balaklava .............................................10

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

TILLER Derek - Mallala ................................................. 17 LEO Maurice - Virginia .................................................15 LARRETT Steven - Two Wells....................................13 ABDILLA Michael - Two Wells ..................................12 STEWERT Jason - Two Wells ....................................12 CARTER Darren - United .............................................12 SAUNDERS Matt - Mallala.......................................... 11 ALLMOND Owen - Two Wells .................................. 11 ANGEL Matt - Balaklava ..............................................10 UERN Shannon - Two Wells ........................................ 8


SENIOR COLTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

SCHROETER Shannon - Two Wells ........................27 27 RUIZ Chad - Balaklava..................................................20 20 TASSELL Luke - Two Wells .........................................15 15 MCPHARLIN Ryan - Balaklava...................................12 12 HILL Dallas - HW Eagles .............................................12 12 RAMSAY Hayden - Two Wells ...................................10 10 DREW Grant - Virginia ..................................................10 10 LAZENKAS Marko - Virginia ......................................10 10 BANNEAR Lewis - Virginia .........................................10 10 GUY Luke - Balaklava ...................................................... 8

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

KARPANY Corey - Balaklava .......................................14 14 BRONLEY Devaughn - Two Wells............................ 11 KEARNS Dylan - Mallala..............................................10 10 FAHEY Dylan - Balaklava ............................................... 9 GOSS Lachlan - Two Wells........................................... 8 COE Adam - Mallala........................................................ 6 SCOTT Cody - HW Eagles ............................................ 6 HUNTER James - United ............................................... 6 NIXON Travis - Two Wells.............................................. 6 LEE-CHAPMAN Corey - United................................... 6



Four even quarters of quality football saw unbeaten top placed Mallala easily account for bottom placed Hamley Bridge to the tune of 131 points. Virtually from the commencement of the game there was never much doubt as to the likely outcome. The four quarters from Mallala produced five, seven, six, and seven goals respectively while Hamley at least managed some respectability with a last term return of three goals. When Brad Griffiths goaled at the start of play, it was an ominous sign for the Bombers. Things got no better for the visitors when Brian Montgomery spotted an unmarked Griffiths on his own. Brad Griffiths obliged with his second, and the two opening goals of the match. The key forward in devastating early form. Joel Montgomerie for his first. Griffiths into the action again with a terrific sliding mark. Immediately getting to his feet, he ran around and put through his third for the quarter. It was all one way traffic with Mallala winning all positions and playing with plenty of speed and skill. Twelve scoring shots for the opening term. Hamley let off the hook to a certain extent by the modest accuracy of the home side. Mathew Koch one of the few effective Bombers in the first term. Matthew Green in ruck was another Bomber to acquit himself well against Andrew Vlassco and Joe Danis. Mallala with winners aplenty but best served by Griffiths with his three goals, Brad Hardie on his wing, far to skilful and quick, Liam Whitwell and Jason Earl, the co-captains leading by example, and Daniel Feeley. One goal from Feeley in the first quarter but he was getting a ton of the ball and ran the Bomber defence ragged. When play resumed after the first break it was business as usual. Jack Chapman with a great snap, and the first of his two goals for the match. Joel Montgomerie marked right on the line and made no mistake. James Barr with his first A grade goal. Here was another young bloke seeing plenty of the ball. But it wasn’t just the forwards and midfield that were doing all the work. The few times Hamley went forward they were met by Tim Cawrse, David Cawrse, Liam Heeley, Robert Montgomery and co. After Feeley had his second and Griffiths his fourth, Hamley eventually got on the board through a free kick and goal to Ian Naulty. When Feeley got his third the scoreboard read 11.11 to 1.1, or 77 points to seven points. The Mallala midfield rotation, arguably the league’s best, continued to wreak havoc on Hamley. Bomber Coach Ben Burgess was busy ringing the changes but to little or no effect. Jason Earl, Robert Montgomery, Brad Hardie, and Daniel Jennings all had a good term for Mallala with Justin Schahinger, Tom Smith, and Stuart Gregory useful for Hamley. The third quarter got under way with a fine goal from centre half forward by Justin Schahinger. Again the Bomber joy was short lived. A Christian Rimmer pass found Joe Danis. The reply was immediate. Danis followed up again with his second. A great

Mallala 25-21 (171) d Hamley Bridge 6-4 (40)

BRETT Burgess, Hamley Bridge moments before snapping the ball through for a much needed goal during the A grade game at Mallala.

goal around the body on a tight angle. So comprehensive was the Mallala domination that the players frequently backed themselves to beat more than one opponent. Rimmer performed a juggling act to take a fine mark having three or four bites at the cherry. The Bombers produced one of the goals of the day but it had no impact on the match. Christian Rimmer and Joel Montgomerie were now really starting to exert their influence, and Brian Montgomery got two late third term goals to add to the Hamley misery. Interest in the game from fairly early on was solely in the final margin. The three quarter time lead stood at just over 100 points. That soon increased when Brad Griffiths got his sixth, and Daniel Feeley his fifth. All the talk about the last quarter soon centred on the Liam Whitwell ‘speccy’. It was a mark that would have made Roy Cazaly envious. As one of the shortest players in the competition climbed high on the shoulders of his opponent. It was inspirational stuff, and ‘Whitty’ capped it off with a goal. The mark and goal just part of the complete package in a best on ground performance. The effort apparently didn’t impress the Bombers who came back with goals to Schahinger (from a free), and Brett Burgess, the first time in the entire

RIGHT: Bomber James Peters kicks away before being tackled by Magpie Liam Heeley. BELOW: Jason Earl, Mallala avoids Bomber Luke Wedding’s tackle.

match that Hamley had put together two goals in a row. Brian Montgomery then got his third and Daniel Feeley bagged two more to take his match tally to seven. Mallala had kicked 14 goals and five behinds to the northern end, but let Hamley off a bigger defeat with a return of 11 goals 16 behinds at the southern end. Hamley were left with a lot of rebuilding to do while Mallala go into the association game break undefeated and seemingly bound for finals action.


In what loomed as one of the closer games on the days programme, Mallala ran away with the contest after half time to record an impressive 59 point victory. Early inaccuracy helping to keep the Bombers in touch before an eight goal to two second half blew the game apart. Skill errors and fumbling were commonplace early in the game before a just inside 50 gem from David Pontt broke the goal drought. That really got Mallala going, the ball almost constantly in their forward lines, but goals were proving hard to come by. Half of the Mallala first quarter behinds being rushed through. Aside from the only major to quarter time, Pontt was proving a real headache

for Hamley with his general field play. Brad Thomas and Haydn Riley other Pies in good early touch. Early majors to Matt Saunders and Derek Tiller started to open the game up in Mallala’s favour. Graham White was getting plenty of the ball and taking some good marks. Karl Bomford for the Bombers in ruck was having an influence and was another to start taking some good grabs. Bomford was giving Hamley first use of the ball on most occasions but the Bombers were unable to capitalise on his good work. Darren Eastwood and Lucas Morgante were feeding off Bomford but had difficulty clearing the ball from the midfield. The TV show is called ‘The Farmer wants a Wife’, but the farmer in question, Andrew ‘Tex’ Hall, nearly needed a nurse after he went off with an eye injury. Kyle Jamieson continues his good form at this level getting heaps of the ball. Matt Saunders was proving too tall and talented for the Bombers. Derek Tiller made it look easy with a goal from an acute angle, and although Courtney Martin pulled one back for Hamley, the game was slipping away from them as half time approached. The third term proved pivotal in setting up a Mallala victory. The Pies were playing in front and marking everything. David Pontt beat two opponents to take a fine mark. Kale Jamieson another with sure hands. Darren Carpenter in his first game back taking an excellent mark on the last line of defence. Mallala were winning most positions, and when Derek Tiller booted two for the term, then Chris Hummell chipped in with his first the game was as good as over even with one quarter to go. Justin Lampard for Hamley was getting a bit of the ball but usually under pressure. When Lampard was eventually able to break free he made no mistake to post the Bombers second but any hope of a miraculous comeback were quickly snuffed out. Again it was Saunders and Tiller that responded for Mallala. A goal to David Ireland was too little too late for Hamley as Mallala finished strongly with more majors to Saunders and another to Hummell. Matt Saunders and Derek Tiller combining to kick nine of the 12 Mallala goals. Reece Kerr had been busy all day but became near unbeatable in the final term. Jamieson, White and Riley all had good days with Carpenter rock solid in defence. Leroy Rosenzweig, Wade Slok, and Lucas Morgante best for the Bombers. A solid win by Mallala which sees them entrenched in second place.


Mallala ran out comfortable 89 point winners in a game played between the bottom two teams. After a low scoring first quarter, and an inaccurate Mallala in the second quarter, the home side got going after half time peppering the goals while keeping Hamley scoreless. Best for Mallala was Zane Priest who also got among the goal kickers. Captain Dale McLean continued his excellent form this year and was the leading goal kicker on the day with four. Jonno Hallion Jake Drew, Ben Martin and Lewis Helps were other good contributors in a total team effort. Benjamin Case was best on ground for Hamley. It is the third time this season the exciting youngster has been awarded best on ground honours. In the other games he has been judged second best. Also among the Hamley better players were Benjamin Heinze, Andrew Power, Mitchell Gregory, Rhys Darwin, and Benjamin Fritz.


The game was played in fairly good conditions. Both teams played well and the contest was a lot closer than the final score indicated. Zac Hallion had numerous possessions and used the ball well. Rhys Darwin played well and provided Hamley Bridge with forward movement from the backlines on many occasions. Other players that played well for Mallala were Jamie Good for his hard in and under attack of the ball, Jake Birchmore for his many possessions, and Reece Svetec for his solid effort at centre half back. Best for Hamley Bridge included Sam Hill for his run off the wing, Sam Collings, Josh Rosenzweig, and Liam Henneker. Final score Mallala 6.6 defeated Hamley Bridge 2.0.

Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009


SPORT v Football

Taylor has sights set on Landmark Cup

ALEX Rademacher, Hamley Bridge kicks toward Hamley’s goal during the A grade game against Mallala.

Roosters dominate Tigers senior Colts

Two Wells had most of the play during the first quarter but were only able to convert one goal through Shannon Slattery. James Bugeja and Corey Lee-Chapman fought well for United. Mark Wylie converted early in the second quarter for Two Wells. A great run down the wing by James Hunter of United failed to hit the target of Harry Hosking and Two Wells goaled at the other end through Devaugh Bromley. Dylan Wise goaled again and United looked depleted. A couple of quick snaps from United’s Jared Pratt and Corey Lee-Chapman resulted only in points but seemed to inspire the team. Two Wells replied with a goal on the half time siren to lead 6 – 4 to United 0 – 2. United tightened up and Two Wells legs tired. A snap by Lachlan Goss resulted in a goal that woke Two Wells. Dylan Wise kicked a great goal from the pocket for the Roosters. Three quarter time scores TW 9 – 8, United 0 – 2. Two Wells rested their bigger players which allowed United to get more of the ball. Dylan Bigg marked, kicked to Adam McArdle who put it through for United’s first goal even though the mercy rule was in place and it didn’t count. Two Wells were a much more co-ordinated team in a game that was played in good spirits. United never gave up and James Bugeja, Corey Lee-Chapman, James Hunter, Kevin McArdle and Nick Curnow fought hard all match.

United 18-8 (116) d Two Wells 1-10 (16)

One man who has his sights set on seeing the Landmark Cup come the APFL’s way on Saturday afternoon, is 2009 APFL A grade representative side coach Richard Taylor, who resumes his role at A grade level for the second year running. The man affectionately known to APFL faithful as “Harry”, is keen to get the first game underway on Saturday morning and believes this year’s APFL side will be able to get the job done in what will be shortened versions of normal “Aussie Rules” games. “I am keen for us to have another crack at it this year” Taylor said. “Last year I felt we gave a good account of ourselves and we weren’t far off going further. Last year it was a little disappointing as we only went down narrowly in the first game but that obviously meant our chances of playing in the final were snuffed” “Hopefully this year we can start well, come out of the blocks and set ourselves up to have a shot at the title!” The task of selecting a squad of 25 players to represent the APFL on Saturday is not going to be easy for Taylor and the other APFL selectors – especially with a squad of 35 players all available except for Mallala’s Ryan Montgomerie who is suffering from a hamstring strain. Not only do the selectors have a task in separating many of the APFL’s top footballers they are also mindful that simply picking the “best 21” is not solely the answer, as they will need to select players capable of playing in their usual roles. They must also balance their forward line and defence and also ensure they have backs ups in key positions. Taylor also admitted in the heat of what will be a match comprising of two 18 minute halves it is important to have players who will be strong at the contest and be able to hold the ball in the area – especially up forward. “In a shortened format of the game we just can’t afford to give up possession. Two or three turnovers can cause two or three goals for the opposition – and in this shortened game that can be costly as there is limited time to catch up” With a midfield likely to consist of guns

Landmark Cup Carnival


n By Kym Jarman

including Joel Montgomerie(Mallala), Matthew Young (Virginia) and Liam WhiTwo Wellsell(Mallala) all teaming up with the APFL’s premier ruckman Hayden Walker(Balaklava), coach Taylor is confident of his side gaining first use of the ball in game one on Saturday. From there on, likely wingmen/half forwards Lee Allmond (Two Wells), Anthony Johnson (Virginia), Heath Pym (United) and Tallan Leighton (Two Wells) should be able to help the APFL side find targets inside forward fifty – one of which will likely be Daniel Thomas (HWE). Defenders Adrian Mark (Virginia), Andrew Hardiman (Two Wells, Jason Earl (Mallala), and Joe Hunt (HWE) will be the cornerstone of the APFL defence. All can nullify opponents and rebound and carry the ball back towards the APFL goal. Up forward the jury is still out as to who will represent the APFL, although you’d expect Sam McArdle (United) and Shane Braham (HWE) along with the resting rovers to be amongst those flanking golden boot Thomas. The squad’s final training session will be tomorrow night (Thursday June 4th) at Mallala when the final team to pull on the Red, White and Black at Jamestown will be announced! With some quality football sure to be on display and a chance to see our boys in action against the best players from our neighbouring leagues on Saturday it will be well worth the trip up north if you are a country football supporter.

Selection will be interesting There are a number of other APFL players all worthy of pulling on the Red,

Black and White Guernsey this Saturday, although in realism there will be a number of quality footballers left outside the squad. The selectors will also have the task of weighing up between known performers in past years and those who have been lighting up the APFL stage in the first seven weeks of 2009. Carnival rules state each league must select five players under the age of 21 within the 25 man squad. Choosing a skipper won’t be an easy task either with up to five current club Captains all likely to play for the APFL on Saturday. Coach Richard “Harry” Taylor is confident no matter what names are selected in the side this year’s APFL team can play with passion and represent theAPFL jumper with pride on Saturday. Here’s my stab at a possible APFL Line Up! FF – Shane Braham(HWE), Daniel Thomas (HWE), Ben Catford (Bal). HF – Heath Pym (United) U21, Sam McArdle (United), Tallan Leighton (Two Wells) U21. C – Lee Allmond (Two Wells), Liam Whitwell (Mallala), Anthony Johnston (Virginia). HB – Christian Rimmer (Mallala), Joe Hunt (HWE), Andrew Hardiman (Two Wells) U21. FB – Mark Cocchiaro (Virginia) U21, Adrian Mark (Virginia), Jason Earl,(Mallala). Rucks – Hayden Walker (Balaklava), Matthew Young (Virginia), Joel Montgomerie (Mallala). Second Ruck: Sean Light (HWE), Christian Rimmer (Mal), Ben Catford (Bal). Interchange from: Shaun Light (HWE – second Ruck), Todd McPharlin (Bal) U21, Brad Griffiths (Mal), Benny Lamond (Bal), Shaun Price (HWE), Tim Cawrse (Mal), Matt Higgs (HWE), Sam Jericho (HWE), Tom Guerin (United) Brett Burgess (HB), Brady Scott (Bal), Ned Seccafein (TW) U21, Tom Smith (HB), Brad Shimmin (United), Justin Michael (Bal), Mark Nykamp (Virg) U17, Kahn Leighton (TW) U21.

APFL under 17 squad Carnival format BRAD Shimmin, United runs toward Tiger goals during the A grade game against Two Wells.

United: John Crosbie, Jakob Curnow, Lachlan Bentley, Jake Hurrell, Ross Sharer, Allen Starr and Travis Bedell. Two Wells: Aaron Clarke, James Fidock, Shannon Schroeter, Ryan Devlin, Luke Tassell, Ben Slattery, Dylan

Jones, Tim Hines and Ryan Hooper. Mallala: William Farrelly, Dale McLean, Zane Priest, Lawrence Gosling, Jake Drew and Karl Algar. Balaklava: Brayden Koch, Luke Guy, Jack Jenner, Ryan McPharlin,

Jason Henderson, Sam Rowland and Jason McPharlin. HWE: Nick Jericho, Dallas Hill, Nathan Greenshields, and Shane McGuiness. Hamley Bridge: Not provided. Virginia: Not provided.

Jamestown Oval, Saturday June 6

Game 1

Game 5

9:50am U/17’s – Ad1:30pm U/17’s – loser elaide Plains v Northern Ar- game 1 v loser game 2 eas

Game 2

Game 6

2:15pm U/17’s – winner 10:40am U/17’s – North game 1 v winner game 2 (U/17 Eastern v Yorke Peninsula Landmark Cup Match)

Game 3

Game 7

11:30am A grade – Ad3:00pm A grade – loser elaide Plains v Northern game 3 v loser game 4 Areas

Game 4

Game 8

4:00pm A grade – win12:30pm A grade – North ner game 3 v winner game 4 Eastern v Yorke Peninsula (Landmark Cup Match)

Roosters just kept on coming • From Back Page However, fourth spot is still wide open and a fight with HWE and Balaklava may ensue. To both the Roosters and Tigers credit the last 10 minutes of this match was compulsive viewing with many at the ground getting their full moneys worth. Most would have expected United to hold on with just minutes to go but to Two Wells credit (and an interesting umpiring view point at one moment) the Roosters kept coming and in the end their hard running paid off winning this week’s ‘match of the round’ by the smallest of margins. Rooster Lee Allmond was simply sensational once more this week, his part in the Roosters last quarter scoring opportunities was invaluable. Jimmy Struck was busy all day, and skipper Scott Humphrys did a great job down back with support from NathanApplebee and Andrew Hardiman. Rooster Sean Nicholas led the match scoring kicking four goals. For United Michael Davey was a standout along with Ben Sobey and ruckman Will Banton. Mark Pym was exceptional in defence and speedsters Brayden Jones and Michael Warnes were also good. The worst feeling for United would have been that they had done enough to win the game and had played with much spirit that had arguably been missing in its last outing against the Rams. Following this weekend’s association weekend break United’s character will now be tested in the coming two months. For the Rooster it was a character building win for their young side as wins at Long Plains have never come easy. Two Wells young players are all performing well

and it certainly is an exciting time for the Roosters who will look to return after the long weekend and cement themselves a spot in the top four through the months of June and July.

Pecker hopes crash Meanwhile at Balaklava the Peckers held high hopes of sending the second placed Virginia Rams back down the Nine Mile with nothing to smile about. Like United, Balaklava desperately needed the two match points this week however in the end it was the Virginia Rams who were doing all the smiling post 5pm as they passed another early season test by defeating the Peckers at Balaklava in what was their first decent road trip of the season. Although Balaklava started the match well with their defence led by Jed Rowland (with Hayden Walker helping them to rebound) they outscored the busy Rams in the first term. A quick goal to start the second term would have had the Peckers excited but the Rams then started a second quarter run on which helped them back into the game with just a goal separating the two sides at half time. After the break Virginia ‘upped the ante’ with the same style of tackling and pressure bringing the Peckers ball carriers undone. Just as the Rams had done to United in the second half of their game a week prior they shut down the Peckers ball movement and forced errors which they turned

into goals for themselves. They led by five goals at three quarter time. From then on it was the Ram show as Virginia kicked a massive ten last quarter goals to eventually win the match by 77 points. Anton Geradis kicking five of those ten to finish with nine goals for the day. Midfielder Anthony Johnson was again superb for the Rams as was Mark Cocchiaro. Adrian Mark in defence again set them up and wingman Anthony Seccafien and Ruckman Ben Galic had a lot to do with the Rams handy buffer they had built through the third term. Anton Geradis’ nine goals gave him the biggest individual return of the APFL season thus far. For the Peckers Captain Hayden Walker was great in the ruck and in helping out the defence taking many marks, the experienced Paul McLean and youngsters Jed Rowland, Todd McPharlin and Jonathon Brice (who kicked three goals in the first half) were all credible. The loss sees the Peckers slowly losing touch with the top four although they still sit just one game behind HWE and United. For the Rams this win takes them just one game shy of their season tally from last year.

Demolition job Meanwhile in the match at Mallala the home side completely demolished Hamley Bridge to the

tune of 131 points. In a match that was only expected to go one way the Magpies pretty much did as they pleased and took control of the game early, taking the wind out of the Bombers sail’s and then charging ahead to produce a final margin which symbolised a top versus bottom clash. Mallala Co-Captain Liam Whitwell judged best afield, wingman Brad Hardie and on-ballers Christian Rimmer and Joel Montgomerie were their usual selves. Up front with plenty of supply available Daniel Feeley kicked seven goals while Brad Griffiths kicked six, three of which were in the first term. For the Bombers rover Tom Smith was again a credible performer and ruckman Justin Schahinger, the energetic Stuart Gregory, skipper Ashley Natt and onballer Tom Would each found plenty of the ball although also needed to do much chasing as it was the Magpies who controlled most of the possession throughout. It was another dominant performance for the top of the table side although their scoreboard blemishes would be a alight concern although against the bottom side alot of their forward players could be forgiven for trying some things they may not normally try if the match was in the balance. Hamley Bridge will now use the long weekend break to regroup while Mallala who are likely to have up to five players represent the APFL will look towards the month of June as a chance to sure up a top two place for the third year running.


SPORT v Netball

Balaklava girls looking good for finals chance It was the seventh week of the APNA season and netball skills are still improving, stunning the crowds. However the competition gets harder each week as each team strives for the winning place. Who will make it to the grand final that is just 11 weeks away? Anticipation is heightening and looking at the ladder it is hard to determine who it could possibly be. Balaklava: Balaklava has been untouchable this season and has kept a strong hold on the top position. They were brought down to third position by Hummocks girls. However, they made their way back to first, winning their game against Virginia this week, Balaklava has 57.68 per cent. With nine points for the season their chances of being in the finals are looking good. Two Wells: Sitting just behind Balaklava with a percentage of 57.34, Two Wells also stand by Balak’s side with the same amount of ladder points. They are a strong side that keep bringing surprises to each game and continue to make their way up the ladder. Sitting in second place it could be another winning year for the red and white girls.

A1 reports by Stephanie Reimers Hummocks: The Hummocks girls have proven to be a great side this season. Their game play is handled with precision and great tactics. Third on the table, they seem to go up and down a bit but with a high percentage of 61.91 will they have the ability to keep their place in the top three to make it to the finals against the other outstanding teams. Mallala: Mallala have taken six ladder points for the season and are keeping up with their top three rivals - Balaklava, Two Wells and Hummocks. Holding on with 50.34 per cent, their strong team has a good chance making it into the finals. Hamley Bridge: Four points for Hamley, who are just in front of the Longies girls with 50.47 per cent. Hamley have won against a few tough teams and show some great potential. In these next few weeks it will show how far that potential can be stretched.

Long Plains: Drawing wins with Hamley, Long Plains also sits on four points, with 47.53 per cent. They still have a strong chance to up their statistics which could throw out the entire table. Virginia: Unfortunately for Virginia they have not yet claimed a win in the season sitting on 28.25 per cent. But they may yet have some surprises to take some wins. With 11 weeks to go it’s still possible for anything to happen. Good luck to all the players and teams. Mallala v Hamley Bridge: Unfortunately there was no score received for Hamley, however Mallala scored 46 goals. Mallala’s Nerida May received best player as did Hamley Bridge’s Emma Riley. Long Plains v Two Wells: Two Wells came through, defeating Longies on a close call, 59/53. Two Wells’ Stacey Gameau was rewarded with best player for her efforts and Rebecca Pym for Long Plains snagged best player for the day against sister Stacey. Balaklava v Virginia: Balaklava took another win, this week over Virginia, 61/37. Ashley Nutt took the best player for Balak and Virginia’s Rachel Phillips also claimed best player.

Wells girls too strong A1: Spectators were thinking their money was well spent to get in the gate…because this game was shaping up to be a corker! And it didn’t disappoint. The Pym sisters lined up at centre and were providing plenty of drive for Long Plains although Two Wells took the lead to be in front 18/11 at the first change. Jess Wood provided turnovers and tight defence but Two Wells players put pressure on their opponents causing them to make mistakes. TW 33 LP 24. No changes to either team in the third as Bec Pym tore around the court giving her all. With an eight-goal margin to try to reach, LP pulled out all stops and managed to turnover the ball and net three goals in a row. They were playing some great netball but TW were waiting for the opportunity to pounce. Long Plains were the better side in the final quarter but they left their run too late. Two Wells were too strong making it impossible for LP to make a comeback. Two Wells 59 Long Plains 53.

A2: In a close game with both teams eager to take home the crown, Two Wells pulled away in the last quarter to win by four goals. Beautiful ring work and passing in from mid court for Two Wells helped give them an early lead. Long Plains defences were grabbing for everything but misses from goalies at both ends made it hard work. TW started strongly in the second but Longies were never far behind. Long Plains attack was excellent and few goals were missed. Two Wells’ defenders were consistent and quick, missing few rebounds. The centre court effort from both teams was also excellent. Half time: LP 16 TW 23. Long Plains made up some goals in the third as Leah Tynan provided the motivation for their centre court effort. Shae Walker also did a great job for Longies to help provide a come-back. LP 29 TW 30. The final quarter was fast and furious as both teams were determined to take home the points. Every ball was chased down with some great teamwork. Leah Tynan at centre for Long Plains

took some great intercepts but Two Wells hung on for a win 42/38. A3: In a team effort, Long Plains girls never gave up throughout the entire game to defeat Two Wells 48/25. Longies scored the first two goals quickly then silly mistakes created opportunities for both teams to create turnovers but Longies took a strong lead to be in front 12/4 at the first change. Two Wells fought back in the second, picking up loose balls but LP goalies continued with their accurate shooting to maintain their lead 25/16. Pressure from Longies made it hard for TW girls although they never gave up and continued to put pressure on their opposition. Sarah Trussell created drive for Long Plains. Both teams went goal for the goal in the final quarter as TW showed no sign of giving up. But Long Plains were too strong and won easily 48/25. A5: Both teams began well, with good even play, the quarter time score being 7-7. Two Wells scored a couple of quick goals at the

APNA netty star

Name: Holly Nicholls Nickname: Hols DOB: 26/09/1985 Height: 176cm Team: Hummocks Position: Defensive end Who is the most damaging player (on or off court) in your club? Lucy – damaging to herself! Who is your club’s hardest worker (on or off court) and why? Cheza – works hard at working us harder! Highlight of netball career: Playing in a nearly complete Nicholls line-up including mum and sissy What’s your number one passion outside netball? Champagne and good company, watching Sex and the City If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not, living

or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be? Carrie Bradshaw What is the last movie you saw? Australia If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money? Buy my way to fame – Paris Hilton style! If you were a car, what kind would you be? Toyota Hilux – indestructable, hint of country If you were on the front page of the newspaper, what would the headlines say? “Holly – unsure if she’s indecisive” If you could take any person on your next netball trip, who would it be? A babysitter for Lucy! What is the best, weirdest or grossest item in your fridge? Jeff has very immature taste buds, so nothing of significance!

Supporting local sport throughout the Adelaide Plains Phone: 8862 1266 Fax: 8862 2080 Web:

Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

NENA RESULTS Results of North Eastern Netball Association matches played on Saturday BBH vs Blyth/Snow A1 Blyth/Snow 58 def BBH 24 A2 Blyth/Snow 53 def BBH 40 B1 Blyth/Snow 48 def BBH 42 B2 Blyth/Snow 43 def BBH 16 C1 BBH 33 def Blyth/Snow 27 C2 Blyth/Snow 35 def BBH 4 U15 Blyth/Snow27 def BBH 3 J1 BBH 23 def Blyth/Snow 12 J2 Blyth/Snow 15 def BBH 10 J3 Blyth/Snow 6 def BBH 5 Min/Man vs S/Clare B1 S/Clare 56 def Min/Man 44 B2 Min/Man39 def S/Clare 32 C1 Min/Man 48 def S/Clare 31 C2 Min/Man 54 def S/Clare 26 U15 Min/Man 72 def S/Clare 16 J1 S/Clare 29 def Min/Man 5 J2 Min/Man 14 def S/Clare 19 J3 S/Clare 11 def Min/Man 4 J4 S/Clare 13 def Min/Man 2 J5 S/Clare 10 def Min/Man 4 Mst Min/Man 35 def S/Clare 33

N/Clare vs RSMU A1 N/Clare 41 V RSMU 39 A2 RSMU 54 def N/Clare 40 B1 RSMU 44 def N/Clare 27 B2 N/Clare 31 drew RSMU 31 C1 RSMU 41 def N/Clare 29 C2 N/Clare 41 def RSMU 35 U15 N/Clare 36 def RSMU 26 J1 RSMU 27 def N/Clare 19 J2 N/Clare 21 def RSMU 9 J3 N/Clare 9 def RSMU 8 J4 RSMU 12 def N/Clare 3 J5 RSMU 14 def N/Clare 2 Mst RSMU 21 def N/Clare 16 Eudunda vs BSR A1 Eud 58 def BSR 25 A2 Eud 34 def BSR 32 B2 Eud def BSR 26 B1 BSR 46 def Eud 34 C1 BSR 38 def Eud 26 C2 Eud 30 drew BSR 30 Mst BSR 49 def Eud 12 J1 Eud 32 def BSR 12 J4 BSR 32 def Eud 1

APNA Premiership Tables Sponsored by...

Mallala Cleaning Service Phone: 8527 2161

Alicia Nicholls, Long Plains looks for someone to pass to during the A2 match against Two Wells. beginning of the second quarter. Long Plains made some changes in goal and defence, Long Plains centre making some great interceptions. Two Wells were up 17-10 at the half time break. Two Wells were unable to finish in the goal ring. Good defence by Longies resulted in their first goal. Two Wells were determined to stay in front. Longies WA displayed good direct passing into the goal circle. Two Wells were getting the ball down their end, but were unable to get it into the goal circle. Longies caught up to tie with Two Wells at three quarter time, 22 all. It was a very even last quarter, Two Wells getting the first goal. Both teams were bunching, with Two Wells tight defence making it hard for the Longies girls. Good play from both teams, Longies just pushing through winners by two points, 32-30. C1: Long Plains won this match be the smallest of margins leading by one goal at the final whistle. Two Wells led at half time 8/5 but Long Plains picked up the pace in the third quarter and with three straight goals levelled the scores at three quarter time. Both teams scored in the first minute as the game got even more exciting. But Longies were stronger in this quarter to win by just one goal 16/15. Great play by both teams. C2: Two Wells stabi-

lised first and led by three goals at the end of the first quarter. They continued to play as a team and won possession of the ball to win the quarter. Best players in the first half included Gemma Wishart for TW; Cecily Gameau for LP and Brooke Mullins-Stringer for TW. In the third quarter, Long Plains started to get their game together shooting four straight goals but Two Wells kept them scoreless in the final quarter to take the win. Other stand-out players included Maddison Merry, LP; Kimberly Smyth, TW; Chloe Marshall, LP and Miriam Slattery, TW. D: It was a slow start with some good defending by LP Teagan Bigg but Molly Dowsett shot two goals for Two Wells to give them the lead 3/0 at the first break. Two Wells continued their good shooting although LP defences didn’t give up. Two Wells led 13/0 at half time. Tegan Sheridan defended well for LP and Kristie Crafter shot some great goals for TW who led 20/0. Great defending by LP girls got the ball into the goal circle three times but they were unable to get the ball in the ring. Two Wells ran out easy winners 26/0. Teagan Bigg played a fantastic game in defence for Long Plains and Two Wells showed some great shooting.

A1 GRADE Balaklava................... 9....... 57.68 Two Wells................. 9....... 57.34 Hummocks.............. 8........61.19 Mallala....................... 6.......50.34 Hamley Bridge........ 4.......50.47 Long Plains.............. 4....... 47.53 Virginia...................... 0.......28.85 A2 GRADE Hummocks............. 10..... 61.70 Balaklava................... 8.......55.28 Two Wells................. 8........51.61 Long Plains.............. 6........51.64 Hamley Bridge........ 4.......46.09 Mallala....................... 4........41.47 A3 GRADE Long Plains............. 12.....65.38 Balaklava................... 8.......56.75 Two Wells................. 8....... 55.07 Mallala....................... 6........51.43 Hummocks.............. 2.......46.82 Hamley Bridge........ 2....... 41.84 Virginia...................... 0....... 25.13 A4 GRADE Balaklava.................. 10.....60.34 Hummocks............. 10.....58.78 Two Wells................. 8....... 52.23 Long Plains.............. 6.......46.73 Hamley Bridge........ 4.......43.68 Mallala....................... 2....... 43.14

Supporting All Netball Teams A5 GRADE Long Plains............. 12......67.87 Mallala....................... 9.......59.66 Two Wells................. 8....... 58.41 Balaklava................... 7.......50.32 Virginia...................... 4....... 31.65 Hummocks.............. 0.......34.64 Hamley Bridge........ 0.......32.40 B GRADE Long Plains............. 12..... 79.70 Balaklava................... 9.......62.78 Two Wells................. 8....... 57.77 Hummocks.............. 5.......45.89 Mallala....................... 4....... 37.02 Hamley Bridge........ 2.......16.96 C1 GRADE Balaklava.................. 10.....68.09 Hummocks............. 10..... 64.71 Mallala....................... 8....... 58.11 Long Plains.............. 4.......44.33 Hamley Bridge........ 4.......40.50 Two Wells................. 2.......29.34 C2 GRADE Hummocks............. 10..... 87.96 Hamley Bridge........ 8.......65.22 Two Wells................. 8........41.57 Balaklava................... 6....... 46.61 Long Plains.............. 4........41.91 Mallala....................... 4.......33.77


Results of Adelaide Plains Netball Association matches played on Saturday A1: Balaklava 61 (Ashley Nutt) d Virginia 37 (Rachel Philips). Mallala 46 (Nerida May) d Hamley Bridge 40 (Emma Riley). Two Wells 59 (Stacey Gameau) d Long Plains 53 (Rebecca Pym). A2: Hamley Bridge 58 (Brooke Cochrane) d Mallala 44 (Michelle Dunstan). Two Wells 42 (Michelle Dimasi) d Long Plains 38 (Leah Tynan). A3: Balaklava 59 (Michelle Veitch) d Virginia 37 (Stacey Brouwers). Mallala 42 (Jessica Nielsen) d Hamley Bridge 37 (Naomi Bubner). Long Plains 48 (Sarah Trussell) d Two Wells 25 (Rachel Lang). A4: Hamley Bridge 41 (Kelly Buckby) d Mallala 27 (Liana Wilson). Two Wells 46 (Cristie Castle) d Long Plains 34 (Jo Jenkin). A5: Balaklava 29 (Rebecca Anderson) d Virginia 25 (Jess Barons). Mallala 46 (Ashley Angus) d Hamley Bridge 20 (Penny Barnett). Long Plains 32 (Helzah Somerville) d Two Wells 36 (Liana Juvan). B: Mallala 32 (Katelin Richter) d Hamley Bridge 14 (Taylor Smith). Long Plains 38 (Jaz Carter) d Two Wells 20 (Megan Hatch). C1: Mallala 37 (Amanda Charleson) d Hamley Bridge 9 (Sophie Martin). Long Plains 16 (Demi Saint) d Two Wells 15 (Zoe Grant). C2: Hamley Bridge 12 (Brooke Wilson) d Mallala 11 (Isabella Spencer).Two Wells 16 (Georgie Dart) d Long Plains 6 (Jessica Tregeagle).

Real Estate

Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

Plains Producer

Your property could be the next one sold by Butterfield Agencies!


PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 DEADLINE: 5pm Monday

54 EDITH TCE BALAKLAVA $134,950 Affordable cottage on a large block


Blyth 2 John Street Look on - Outstanding value here




A shower or two. Partly cloudy. Light winds.

7 - 9 

, 9




7i`˜iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜ĂŠĂŽ ĂŠ äx\äÇ>“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°ÂŁÂ°Ă¤ĂˆĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\{Ǎ“°°°°°°°°°° £°™Ç ĂŠ än\Ó䍓 °°°°°°°°°°£°££ /Â…Ă•Ă€Ăƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜ĂŠ{ ĂŠ ä£\Ă“{>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°{ĂˆĂŠ äÇ\ä{>“°°°°°°°°°° £°äx ĂŠ äÓ\ä{“ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°Ó£Ê ä™\£™“°°°°°°°°°° ä°n{ Ă€Âˆ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜ĂŠx ĂŠ äÓ\xÇ>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°xÇÊ än\ÂŁ{>“°°°°°°°°°° 䰙n ĂŠ äÓ\xx“ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°{Ă“ĂŠ ä™\x™“°°°°°°°°°° Ă¤Â°Ăˆ{ ->ĂŒĂ•Ă€`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜ĂŠĂˆ ĂŠ äÎ\{Ăˆ>“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°ÂŁÂ°ĂˆÂ™ĂŠ ä™\ää>“°°°°°°°°°° 䰙£ ĂŠ äÎ\Î΍“ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°xĂˆĂŠ £ä\Î䍓°°°°°°°°°° ä°xÂŁ -Ă•Â˜`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜ĂŠĂ‡ ĂŠ ä{\Ă“ÂŁ>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°ÇÇÊ ä™\ĂŽĂˆ>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°n{ ĂŠ ä{\äǍ“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Ă“Â°ĂˆĂ‡ĂŠ ÂŁÂŁ\ä䍓°°°°°°°°°° ä°{{ œ˜`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜ĂŠn ĂŠ ä{\xä>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°nĂ“ĂŠ £ä\än>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°Çn ĂŠ ä{\ɍ“ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°ÇÎÊ ÂŁÂŁ\Ă“n“°°°°°°°°°° ä°{ÂŁ /Ă•iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜ĂŠÂ™ ĂŠ äx\ÂŁn>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°nĂˆĂŠ £ä\{ä>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÇÎ ĂŠ äx\£ä“ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°ÇxĂŠ ÂŁÂŁ\xĂˆÂŤÂ“Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â° ä°{ÂŁ


"1/ ,ĂŠ, ",ĂŠ/ ĂŠ/ -

Scattered showers. A risk of thunderstorms. Gusty WSW’ly winds.





7,""ĂŠ/ ĂŠ/ 7i`˜iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜ĂŠĂŽ ĂŠ äÎ\{Ăˆ>“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Ă¤Â°Ă‡ĂˆĂŠ äÓ\ÎǍ“°°°°°°°°°° £°{Ç /Â…Ă•Ă€Ăƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜ĂŠ{ ĂŠ ä£\äÓ>“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Ă¤Â°ĂˆĂ‡ĂŠ äÓ\x{“°°°°°°°°°° ÂŁÂ°ĂˆĂ¤ Ă€Âˆ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜ĂŠx ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\{ä>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°xnĂŠ äÎ\ÂŁn“°°°°°°°°°° £°Ç£ ->ĂŒĂ•Ă€`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜ĂŠĂˆ ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\ĂŽĂ“>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°xÂŁĂŠ äÎ\{n“°°°°°°°°°° £°nä -Ă•Â˜`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜ĂŠĂ‡ ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\Ι>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°{nĂŠ ä{\ÓӍ“°°°°°°°°°° £°nĂˆ œ˜`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜ĂŠn ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\x{>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°{nĂŠ ä{\xĂˆÂŤÂ“Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â° £°nn /Ă•iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠĂ•Â˜ĂŠÂ™ ĂŠ ä£\ÂŁx>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°{™Ê äÇ\äx>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°nä ĂŠ ä™\ÂŁx>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°Ç™Ê äx\Î䍓°°°°°°°°°° £°nn

3 Best Quality 3 Best Range 3 Best Price Phone: 8862 1866

A shower or two. SW’ly winds easing.




Modern 4 bedroom home in an excellent street.

This quality spacious home set amongst a easy care garden has four bedrooms, lounge, dining, kitchen, family room, laundry, fully tiled bathroom and a separate toilet. Features of the home include a bay window in the master bedroom, reverse cycle air conditioner giving you all year round comfort. The floor coverings consist of tiles throughout the high traffic area’s with carpets in the bedrooms. The pergola area is tremendous for entertaining with retractable plastic blinds for the cooler nights and has views of the large back yard. There is a steel framed shed with a concrete floor as the added bonus. This is a great opportunity to purchase a modern home at a very reasonable price and you may be able to also get the first home owners grant and save yourself even more money. Don’t think too long on this one as it will go soon.



A great location only a short walk to the main street shopping facility & a tremendously comfortable home. It consists of 3 large bedrooms, lounge room, a modern kitchen with plenty of bench space & cupboard storage, tiled bathroom with a separate shower alcove & a laundry with ample room. The home has been very well maintained & you will see that when inspecting it. There is a pergola entertaining area at the rear of the home that overlooks the large back yard. A large steel & timber framed shed has plenty of room & the power is connected for the handy man of the family. Other outbuildings include a shade house & a small storage shed. Come & look for yourself as this property could be utilized as a family home or an investment rental property as its one of the best value for money homes available.

This is a great opportunity to acquire a well designed family or investment Property set amongst a native easy care garden. The prefab. home has three bedrooms (master with en-suite), lounge, kitchen / dining, laundry, fully tiled bathroom and a separate toilet. Features of the home include a split system reverse cycle air conditioner plus 2 wall units which will give you all year round comfort throughout, walk in pantry and ample linen cupboard space. Two concrete tanks provide abundant rain water storage which can be utilized through the home. The huge pergola area is tremendous for entertaining and leads to the large back yard and shed with a concrete floor as the added bonus. This is a great opportunity to purchase an affordable home directly over the road from the local primary school. Come and have a look at the value in this property.

22 George Street • Balaklava 5461 phone 8862 2172 • fax 8862 1280


/ * ,/1, ĂŠEĂŠ, ĂŠ -ĂŒ>ĂŒÂˆÂœÂ˜ Ă•LĂ•Ă€Â˜ >Â?>ÂŽÂ?>Ă›> Â?ĂžĂŒÂ…

Â?>Ă€i >“Â?iÞÊ Ă€Âˆ`}i ÂœĂžÂ?iĂŒÂœÂ˜ >Â?Â?>Â?> "Ăœi˜ *ÂœĂ€ĂŒĂŠ7>ÂŽiwiÂ?` ,ÂˆĂ›iĂ€ĂŒÂœÂ˜ ,ÂœĂƒiĂœÂœĂ€ĂŒÂ…Ăž ->``Â?iĂœÂœĂ€ĂŒÂ… -Â˜ÂœĂœĂŒÂœĂœÂ˜ /ĂœÂœĂŠ7iÂ?Â?Ăƒ

30 ROBERTS AVE. BALAKLAVA red $269,000


7 / ,ĂŠ", -/



Overcast. Rain periods, possible local thunderstorms

/1,- 9



Mostly fine, after morning fogs.


Adelaide Plains, Clare & Gilbert Valleys region

day forecast – Balaklava Thursday

The frontrunner in fertiliser Ph: 8415 1900

Sponsored by



Get Away From It All • Set on the wharf at Pt Wakefield • Features 2 bedrooms • Open plan living area & front veranda • Launch the boat, fish off the wharf • Enclosed rear yard, single garage, access from rear lane • Secure storage for a car or a boat

190 Main North Road, Clare - 8842 1154 Clare Valley



A Delightful Presentation of 3 Bedroom Home • Features include, kitchen, dining room, polished timber floors • Lounge with quality carpets • Renovated bathroom with modern spa & separate shower • Ducted air conditioning. • Rear verandah, carport, 20 x 20 shed • Poly tank rainwater supply • Low maint gardens, some on dripper feed.

Price guide: $225,000 - $235,000 Geoff Schell 0418 842 421


Sarah Home on Elevated Site, Rural Views • Open plan living area • Two bedrooms & spac bathroom • Large front & rear verandah • Carport, pergola, rain water tanks. • Set up for the handyman three 6m x 9m sheds

BALAKLAVA $175,000

Quality built dble brick home on corner block w lovely easy care garden. 4 bdrms or 3 + study. Master bdrm w ensuite & WIR. Well planned kitch w WI pantry & casual dining/family room. Spacious formal lounge w c/heating. Ducted A/C for all year round comfort. R/water to the home. Gge under main roof + S/F garage w power.



RLA 150881


Quality Home • 3 Brm, main with Ens and BIR • Kitchen with D/W, brekkie bar, pantry • Formal lounge with bi fold doors • Paved outdoor living area • 20’x30 garage & workshop

Homes in this price range are hard to find so don’t miss out on this three bedroom cottage situated close to all services. Entry is via a central passage with two good sized bedrooms either side leading into the living room and third bedroom or office. At the rear of the home is the bathroom and kitchen both of which require renovations. As a bonus the home is about to be painted as well as new carpets laid in the bedrooms and lounge which will give it a fresh new look. The home is set on a huge block of approximately 1062m2 leaving plenty of room for a large shed as well as space for the family. All the basics are there you just need to give it some TLC to make this into a lovely home, So get in quick or this will be an opportunity missed.


Ă›iĂ€>}iĂŠ/i“ >Ă? ˆ˜

Ă?ĂŒĂ€i“iĂŠ/i“ >Ă? ˆ˜













7iiÂŽ £°Ó £°Ó ä°ä ä°{ ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä £°ä Ó°ä ÂŁÂ°Ăˆ £°{ ä°Ó £°{

,>ˆ˜v>Â?Â? Ă•Â˜ĂŠĂ¤Â™ Ă•Â˜ĂŠĂ¤n £°Ó ĂŽx°Ó £°Ó £™°Î ä°ä Ó£°Ç ä°ä 룡n ä°ä ÂŁn°Ó ä°ä Óΰ{ ä°ä £Ç°Ó ä°ä Óä°ä ä°ä ÂŁn°{ Ó°ä Óΰ{ £°{ £Ç°n £°{ Ă“ĂˆÂ°Ă“ ä°ä Îΰ{ ä°n Îä°n


ÂŁĂ“ĂˆÂ°Ăˆ Ǚ°n Ă‡ĂˆÂ°x ÂŁĂ“{°n Ă‡Â™Â°Ăˆ ™Î°ä Ăˆx°Î ™Ó°n Ăˆx°Ó £ÎÓ°ä n{°{ ÂŁĂ“{°Ó n£°{ n™°ä




Contact Shayn 8862 1222

Fantastic Farmlet 8.48 ha


21 acres

• Only 90 km north of Adelaide & 60 km East of Y.P. pristine beaches • Stone bungalow, heaps of potential, featuring 3 bedrooms, jarrah floors, separate dining room, formal lounge & 2 bathrooms & period tin fluted ceilings. • Close to national Freight Centre, Bowman’s is ideally located • Substantial shedding (dairy, 2 pig sheds, double carport, lined stone shed, implement shed), mains water. Price: $255,000

Annette Lloyd 0417 089 199 or Rob Stephens 0407 715 862






Plains Producer

Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 DEADLINE: 5pm Monday



FOR RENT 3/14 First St, Snowtown. 1 bedroom, kitchen/meals/ lounge, heat, c/port, small group of 4. Elders Real Estate Salisbury 8281 3334 www.elderssalisbury.

Avon Craft Hall

Wakefield Regional Road Safety Committee

GET MONEY MINDED - FRIDAY EVENING JUNE 12 Basic Planning & Budgeting Workshop

Annual General Meeting MONDAY JUNE 15

1pm at Balaklava Council Chambers RSVP to Tracy Neldner on 8226 8254

All Welcome


Bookings Phone 8867 1127



Supported by SA Government DFEEST ACE & Community Partnerships



BABY GOODS – whole range for sale. All in excellent condition, clean and tidy. Swivelrite stroller with toddler seat, GoSafe car-seat, highchair, walker, sling, Kapoochi bag, baby rocker etc. Phone 0438 862 759. CARAVAN - 15’ Quest, double bunk front, rear double bed, good clean condition, full annex, registered, $3,200. Phone 0409-287-109.

FRIDAY JUNE 5 9pm till late

Band: Ill Starred Captain on their Four Feet Away tour



• $60 per team • Includes BBQ tea • Tee off 11am - 12.30pm • Everybody welcome

PH: 8527 2240

You Belong, You Fit & You Count!

PHONE: 8862 1612 Port Parham Sports & Social Club


SATURDAY JUNE 6 ★ Band - Urban Sound ★ Meals 6pm - 8pm ★ Soup & main course $15 p/person

3 pl, 6ft slasher, 3 rotors with 2 depth wheels, $900, including GST. Phone: 0439 848 491.

Come and enjoy the night!

Bookings 8529 2211 or 8529 2324


BLYTH WINTER BOWLS COSMOPOLITAN TRIPLES • Two games of 10 ends • Starting time 12.30pm sharp • Cost $6 per person Ph Cheryl Wandel 8864 3063 or Bruce Farley 8842 3041


Preliminary Notice

Annual General Meeting

Brinkworth 39th annual



At 7.30pm in Dublin Station All Welcome

• Live Music: “Free Spirit” • Tickets $80 double, $50 single includes wine

Balaklava Pony Club

Tickets: Benny Mills 0438 462 056 or 8846 2056 A/hrs


7pm in Two Wells Community Centre

Information will be provided in relation to planning, building, waste water control

Notice of Meetings

For more information contact 8862 1173

FURNITURE, hand crafted natural timber, polished to your taste, made to order. Or select from our pre-made coffee tables, blanket boxes, bedside cabinets. Locally made, phone 8862 1612. GREEN Shopping bags, 2 for $1, 10 for $4.50, 20 for $8 Owen Recycling, Railway Terrace Owen. Open Wednesday 10-5, Saturday 10-1. Phone 8528 6307. NATIVE tubes and shrubs, citrus trees, fruit trees, apricots peaches etc. Lifetime Nursery, cnr Dawkins and Judd rd, Lewiston. 85243172. Closed Wednesday REMEMBER our “Advertise it until it sells deal’. For just $19.80 you can have your for sale advert in for 9 weeks*. Phone us today on 8862 1977 or email or fax 8862 1997 to take advantage of this great deal.* Conditions apply. ROUND extension dining table and 6 chairs in excellent condition $350 ono. 3 piece wrought iron sun room setting with cushions $150. 2 door steel cabinets, mouse proof, 1/2 and full height from $90. Some shelving and gas lift chairs left. Phone 8862 1769 or 0409 693 626.

The public are welcome to attend meetings as observers.

Quality tenant wants to rent home on land allowing pets in Halbury / Balalava surrounding area. PHONE 8863 1276 OR GARY 0417 620 869

2 Day Senior First Aid Weekday July 15 - 16 9am – 4.30pm 7.5 hr Emergency First Aid Wednesday July 15 9am – 4.30pm 3.5 hr CPR Course Wednesday July 15

9am – 12.30pm


1 Day Senior First Aid Sunday Aug 23 9am – 5pm 2hr CPR Refresher Sunday Aug 23

9am – 11am

Bookings / Information


TIBETAN spaniels show or pet, $800 each. Phone: 8863 1276 or 0488 130 419. TRAMPOLINE, 6’x10’, in good condition, $100 ono, Phone 8862 1849.

GARAGE SALE LONG Weekend - Saturday & Sunday, Monday 8.30am to 3pm. Assorted household items. 3 Walter Street, Port Wakefield.

PUBLIC NOTICE CASH for cans and bottles, Owen Recycling - 18 Railway Tce, Owen. Wed 10-5; Sat 10-1 or by appointment. Phone 8528 6307. SAILPLANE flights. The Balaklava Gliding Club has $60 gift vouchers available for passenger flights any weekend from their airfield 10km north west of Balaklava on main Snowtown road. Phone 8864 5062 for bookings.

WORK WANTED HOUSE cleaning, ironing. Done at reasonable rates. Phone 0418 344 098.

40TH WEDDING STANDLEY-LAWRENCE. Des and Charmaine. June 7, 1969. Congratulations Mum and Dad. Love from your children and grandchildren.




The agenda will be available from Wednesday 10th June 2009 and can be obtained by phoning the Board on 8273 9100.

REHEARSALS: Commence Sunday July 26 Suitable for males & females aged 14 years and over with a desire to be on stage

FRIDGE / Freezer - Westinghouse side by side, frost free, 510 Ltr, good condition, $1450 o.n.o. Avon. Phone 0402 883 960.

St John First Aid Courses


AUDITIONS: Sunday June 28 2pm at Horizon Christian School Music Suite

FORD Falcon XG ute, 1995, dual fuel, lowered, mags, registered, tinted windows, good condition, $3,500 o.n.o. Registration VTC 414. Phone 0427 898 206.

SPINAL comfort, Therapedic king size, I/S mattress, 82” L x 73” W. Very good condition, $150. Phone 8862 1131.

EVERY flower is beautiful, but not as much as you. Happy 80th Birthday Mum, 01/06. Love Stephen.


• Café Nova Meeting Room, 19 Murray Street, Gawler

INFORMATION SESSION: Sunday June 14 3pm at Horizon Christian School Music Suite

FORD Falcon EL Futura, 1998, 153,000 kms, reg no. WIU 769, $2,850. Phone 8862 1460 or 0427 621 461.

All Welcome

• Monday 15th June 2009 from 10.30am

5 performances scheduled for mid October

FIREWOOD - good quality, sawn, will deliver. Balaklava Museum - Phone 8862 1741.

7.30pm at Balaklava Sports Club

The next meeting of the Northern NRM Group of the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board will be held on:

at Balaklava Town Hall

FOR SALE RX7 Series 2, 13b, 5 speed, project car, recent respray, low kms, import motor and gearbox, brass button clutch, light weight flywheel, K&N filter, twin 48 down draft webbers, 2 1/2 inch exhaust and more. Over $3,500 spent, receipts. Selling due to moving. Regretful sale. Balaklava. Phone 0488 645 930 $2,200 neg.


• Tea & coffee • Light supper

Balaklava Community Arts Inc presents the musical

Youth United is a venture of the Balaklava Christian Churches

Melanie Evans 0427 796 970 Lee Cunningham 0429 621 143


Everyone Welcome

• 5.30 pm - 7 pm

Sunday June 7 & 21; July 5 & 19; August 2, 16 & 30; September 13

Saturday July 25 - 7pm

Development Assessment Information Night


FOR SALE CHAINSAW - McCulloch, Promac 610, good working order, $320 ono. Phone 8862 1665 or 0427 859 716.

Phone: 08 8842 1064

GILGEN-HEWETT Sami and Jason are proud to announce the arrival of a beautiful daughter Kiara Renee May 31 at Womens and Childrens Hospital weighing in at 1030 grams. All well. Third grandchild for Jim and Ellie.

DEATH RODGERS - Raymond Lawrence. Passed away suddenly on May 28, 2009. Dearly loved husband of Barb. Much loved father and father-in-law of Rebecca, David and Peter. Loved poppy of Alyssa, Cooper and Caitlyn (deceased). Will be sadly missed. Forever in our hearts At peace.

Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Death SMITH Pauline.On May 25, 2009 at Ozcare Nursing Home, Noosa Heads, QLD. Pauline passed away peacefully. Formerly of Dublin Hotel and Millswood, SA. Loved mother of Allan and Brenda. Grandmother of Kellie, Shona and Alana. Also the Daniel family.

Return Thanks I would like to say thank you to all families and friends who offered support and sympathy on the passing of my beloved sister Heather and brother-inlaw Jim Chenoweth. Also my brother-in-law Tony Howard. Your thoughts were much appreciated. Val Daniel.

Thank you 60 Wedding Anniversary thank you - Joe and Daphne Butler wish to sincerely thank those who sent cards, gave flowers, gifts and cards as they attended their special afternoon. Thanks Josy, Dulcie and all who helped to make it such a happy and memorable occasion.


Complete HIA’s Understanding the Timber Framing Code to assist you in applying for your licence. Participants successfully completing the course will; be equipped to interpret and use the Timber Framing Code AS 1684-2006, accurately extract timber size requirements from relevant tables, and produce construction detail applicable to a timber framed domestic building. DATES: Thus July 23, Fri July 24, Fri July 31, 8:30am - 4:30pm VENUE: Wakefield Regional Council - Scotland Place, Balaklava SA COST: $450** (CITB eligible) $870** (NOT CITB eligible) *Please note it is essential that each participant supply their own Scientific Calculator and AS 1684 Timber Framing Code. To purchase a copy of the Timber Framing Code contact HIA Training on 08 8346 5091. *Costs shown for this training course are only applicable to CITB eligible participants. To apply for a CITB ID number, register on-line via CITB’s website or phone CITB on (08) 8172 9500. To obtain a enrolment form please contact HIA Training Services on 08 8346 5091

Trades & Services Directory

Business 2 Day Books 3 Qualified mobile bookkeeping 3 BAS, moth end accounts, reports 3 MYOB and other systems 3 At site consultation

Consulting Fridays 9am to 1pm at Balaklava Ambulance Station For appointments phone

8853 2088

Gordon Marshall Dip RM 8522 6500 Ah Treatments 0409 697 857

Lower Light

Septic Suckers 7 Days Service!

Phone Roger: 0428 419 133


PEST & WEED CONTROL Specialising in the eradication of ... ✓ Flies, Fleas, misc. pests ✓ Rats & Mice ✓ White Ants ✓ Cockroaches ✓ Spiders ✓ Weed spraying

Health Comm. Lic. No. 12

Health Rebates May Apply Remedial Massage Therapist Coles Shopping Complex, Gawler

BALAKLAVA PHYSIOTHERAPY Darren Davey & Rodney Burgess


Dr Daryl R Brown

DEEP Massage treatments to help relieve your nagging aches & pains

Phone Wendy 0448 967 159


PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997

Public Notices

Public Notice

Understanding the Timber Framing Code


Pt Wakefield, Mallala & Two Wells

Physio Appointments & enq.

8862 2200 or 0448 862 222 Introducing

Kylie Button Massage Therapist

0428 359 394


Main North Road, Clare Phone: 8842 2001 A/h: 8844 5041 Toll Free: 1300 856 263 Mobile 0418 859 195

DEVELOPMENT ACT 1993 DISTRICT COUNCIL OF MALLALA NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993 Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a C AT E G O RY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for development assessment. Details of the a p p l i c a t i o n a re a s follows:DEVELOPMENT NO: 312 / 20 / 2009 APPLICANT’S NAME: M R Dudley N at u r e O f T h e Development: Truck Parking (Prime mover under 9 tonne & associated trailer under 9 tonne). SUBJECT LAND: LOT: 9, 224 Hayman Road, Lewiston, Hundred of Port Gawler, CT: 5489/761 Z O N E : R u ra l L i v i n g (Animal Husbandry) The application may be examined at the Offices of the Council located at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala during normal business hours and any person or body affected may make relevant rep re s e n t a t i o n s i n writing concerning this application to reach the District Planner at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala not later than June 18, 2009. Each person making a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Council in support of that submission. Please note that, pursuant to Section 38 (8) of the Development Act, a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response. Signed: R Semrau Authorised Officer

DEVELOPMENT ACT 1993 DISTRICT COUNCIL OF MALLALA NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993 Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a C AT E G O RY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for development assessment. Details of the a p p l i c a t i o n a re a s follows:DEVELOPMENT NO: 312 / 244 / 2009 APPLICANT’S NAME: M R Dudley N at u r e O f T h e Development: Truck Parking (Prime mover under 9 tonne & associated trailer under 9 tonne). SUBJECT LAND: LOT: 45, Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells, Hundred o f P o r t G a w l e r CT: 5754/173 ZONE: Rural Living (2) The application may be examined at the Offices of the Council located at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala during normal business hours and any person or body affected may make relevant rep re s e n t a t i o n s i n writing concerning this application to reach the District Planner at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala not later than June 18, 2009. Each person making a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Council in support of that submission. Please note that, pursuant to Section 38 (8) of the Development Act, a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response. Signed: R Semrau Authorised Officer



situations vacant

Experienced Bar Person Approx 30 hours per week. For country hotel. The position will include stock control and bottle shop duties.

The successful applicant will be responsible for the closing & everyday running of the hotel

Phone: 0429 814 014


Piggery Attendant Required for intensive piggery located at Dublin. Applicant must have Grade 3/4 Agricultural Certificate. experience In A.I and farrowing house procedures. For Further Information Contact Andrew 0409 840 913 (m)

Urban Kerbside 140 litre Waste MGB Rollout / Delivery Rollout / Delivery of Red Lid 140 litre Waste Mobile Garbage Bins (MGB) for the Urban Kerbside Collection. Council advises that the deliveries of the 140 litre, red lid waste bin will occur from Tuesday June 9, 2009 to urban residential/commercial properties serviced by the existing waste collection contractor under the Council waste collection service fee provision. The new bins will be delivered to the footpath adjoining each property boundary together with a convenient information brochure to keep on your fridge detailing the use of the two bin waste/ recycling program and new collection cycle. As from the last collection, week ending and including Friday July 3 the existing green lid 240 litre MGB will revert to a fortnightly recycling collection MGB. If the bin is not delivered by Friday June 19, contact Council on 8862 0800. Phil Barry Chief Executive Officer

new Urban Waste & Recycling Kerside Collection Service for Avon, Balaklava, Blyth, Bowmans, Brinkworth, Halbury, Hamley Bridge, Hoyleton, Lochiel, Owen, Pinery, Port Wakefield and Snowtown Clare Valley Waste is Councils new contractor for the waste/recycling 140/240 litre MGB collection service and will commence on Tuesday July 7, 2009 and the new service schedule is as follows: Red Lid Waste only; 140 litre MGB Tuesday July 7; • Halbury, Hamley Bridge, Hoyleton, Owen and Pinery. Wednesday July 8; • Balaklava, Thursday July 9; • Avon, Blyth, Bowmans, Brinkworth, Lochiel, Port Wakefield & Snowtown. Both Red Lid Waste 140 litre and Green Lid Recycling 240 litre MGB (current bin): Tuesday July 14; • Halbury, Hamley Bridge, Hoyleton, Owen and Pinery. Wednesday July 15; • Balaklava, Thursday 16 July; • Avon, Blyth, Bowmans, Brinkworth, Lochiel, Port Wakefield & Snowtown. A fortnightly rotation will continue to follow from this cycle and is detailed on the brochure delivered with the Red Lid 140 litre MGB. Please Note: That for Blyth, Brinkworth, Lochiel, Port Wakefield and Snowtown that the collection day has changed from Friday to Thursday and, the existing “waste only” collection service will remain in place until the last collection, week ending and including Friday July 3, 2009 and then the existing green lid (240 litre) MGB will revert to the recycling bin from this date. Phil Barry Chief Executive Officer


Plains Producer, Wednesday June 3, 2009


Two Wells 13.15 (93) d United 13.14 (92) Virginia 22.11 (143) d Balaklava 9.12 (66) Mallala 25.21 (171) d Hamley Bridge 6.4 (40)

Ladder gets a new look

Each of the top three clubs, it was the Roostsides continued on their ers who prevailed after winning way in an Ad- a gruelling and nail-bitelaide Plains football sea- ing encounter at Long son which is now experi- Plains. encing a “changing of the Two Wells and United guard”. were in a log jam for most As expected top of of the day, trading goals the table Mallala, easily in turn and providing a accounted for the bottom very good spectacle for placed Hamley Bridge local footy supporters. Bombers – and results in Although in the end the the other two games went match could have easily the way of second and gone either way, and nearthird-placed Virginia and ly did, it was Two Wells Two Wells respectively who snatched two match – despite points their opnside APFL FOOTBALL ithe ponents last IN REVIEW Balaklava minute and Unitof play ed each to keep Kym Jarman t h e i r desperately needing top four a win to stay in touch with status and early season the top three. confidence well and truly Although Balaklava intact. For United the would be disappointed heartbreaking defeat has with their match result in certainly put a cloud over going down to the Rams by its finals hopes – although a large 77-point margin, it it is still early days and was United who were left they certainly have time the more heartbroken on to make up for their four Saturday – being beaten at early season defeats. home by just one solitary Losing this close game point thanks to an excitable at home has now put a gap Two Wells outfit. between the Tigers and the In a game that was to top three APFL sides. have a large bearing on the rest of season for both n Continued Page 23

My Call

Balaklava’s Clare Haynes and Hayden Elsworthy purchased this commemorative Bulldogs guerney, presented by Doug Hawkins.

Dougie delights Peckers

Larrikin AFL legend, Doug Hawkins was a highly entertaining special guest of Balaklava Football and Netball clubs last Tuesday with about 75 people turning out to meet the star. Dougie had the crowd in stitches as he recounted his glory days with Footscray and spoke of once considering playing for Adelaide Crows. He gave an insight into his current role

with the media and regular appearances on the popular Footy Show. An auction of several of Dougie’s football memorabilia attracted spirited bidding with a signed commemorative Western Bulldogs guernsey going under the hammer for $600 and three signed photographs of the footballer with Ted Whitten when he smashed Ted’s games record. These sold for $350 each.

other reports: p18 – 24

Matthew Young and David Barnes in action last year at Balaklava.

Carnival action at Jamestown

The Annual Landmark Cup – now in its third year – will be contested at Jamestown Oval this Saturday with Football sides from the Adelaide Plains, Yorke Peninsula, North Eastern (Clare) and Northern Areas (Orroroo/Jamestown) Football Leagues all competing Each area’s best 22 players will battle it out in a carnival format for the honour of being crowned the Mid North’s number one league. Whilst the standard of football on the day is set to be very high, our attention will certainly be on our Adelaide Plains side made up from the best players of many local clubs This year’s side is likely to include Balaklava’s Hayden Walker, Mallala’s Joel Montgomerie, the Eagles Daniel Thomas, Lee Allmond from Two Wells, United’s Heath Pym and 2008 Plains Producer Medallist and Virginia captain Matthew Young all lining up together in a side sure to make an impact. • Kym Jarman picks his team and previews our chances – See Page 23

Yellow armbands in ‘call to arms’ Adelaide Plains Football League will dedicate its June 23 matches to help fight one of life’s toughest opponents – cancer. Local footy games are just some of the sporting events to throw their support behind

“Call to Arms” matches to raise funds and awareness of cancer in men. Players will wear yellow armbands as a tribute to men who have survived cancer as well as some who lost the battle. Collection boxes will be at home matches and all money

raised will be used by Cancer Council SA for research, education and support programs. Sporting clubs interested in participating in the program can register at www.calltoarms. or phone 1300 65 65 85.


For all your Sales, Parts & Service needs, call


JCB AG 1/06/09

JCB & A.W. Vater & CO. an unbeatable team !

Plains Producer 090603  

Newspaper covering the Adelaide Plains and Lower North of South Australia, including the towns Balaklava, Port Wakefield, Clare, Mallala, Tw...

Plains Producer 090603  

Newspaper covering the Adelaide Plains and Lower North of South Australia, including the towns Balaklava, Port Wakefield, Clare, Mallala, Tw...