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Thursday April 16, 2009

SCOTT Humphrys in action with Two Wells – and at work with ETSA Utilities.



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Diesel plant is a real chance

Picture by Bronte Hewett.

local fans as last season’s finalists battle it out. Hummocks Watchman Eagles and Mallala clash in the grand final replay at Port Wakefield and Balaklava and United meet at Long Plains.



Scott already a winner before footy kicks off TWO WELLS football club captain Scott Humphrys, is a top performer off the footy field as well as on it. Scott has been named an ETSA Utilities Apprentice of the Year. A diesel mechanic at ETSA Utilities’ Angle Park fleet workshop, Scott won the 2008 third year Apprentice of the Year award. He won the job at ETSA after completing his first year trade school with the Motor Traders Association Group Training Scheme. “I had no idea I was in line for the award,” Scott said, explaining he has always had an interest in mechanics. He received the award for demonstrating “a positive attitude and excellent on-the-job performance” in all areas of his work, which includes conducting major engine rebuilds of cherry pickers and cranes. The judging panel was impressed with Scott’s willingness to go the extra mile to make a difference in his workplace. Scott’s Two Wells football team has a bye this week for the opening round of Adelaide Plains football and netball action. But there will be plenty of interest from


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n Don’t miss all the football and netball news in our special feature, starting page 13. n Football writer Kym Jarman also previews the opening games – Back Page.

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From outgoing CEO Damien Moloney – Page 7

Construction of a premium diesel plant capable of producing 15,800 barrels of fuel per day could begin in five years. Syngas announced its pre-feasibility study (PFS) results last week, outlining the commercial viability of the project, which proposes to convert brown coal (lignite, to be mined at Clinton and Beaufort) to clean premium diesel. Syngas has found enough lignite at Clinton and Beaufort to mine for 33 years, with other minor seams bringing this to in excess of 35 years. The plant also is expected to produce potable water. It is expected the project would create about 380 jobs in the local community. Syngas director and geologist Merrill Gray said while the project was looking very positive, it was still in the early stages.

By Lauren Parker “There’s a lot more work that needs to be done but we’ve moved straight into the feasibility study, which is really the next level of confidence,” she said. The feasibility study will include sources of finance. “We’ve got the big ticks to move to the next stage,” Ms Gray said. According to the company’s PFS, the plant itself is expected to cost US$2.26 billion (about $3.17 billion Australian), with production starting in 2015. However, Ms Gray said one of the key issues the company faced in getting the project off the ground was the current economic climate. • Continued Page 2

Primo and Taylors get funding Page 3

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Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009

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We need more holidays fit for a queen – or king!


HANK heavens we’re not having a holiday for ANZAC Day. I’m not sure I could be bothered charging off to The Bottom End after the Easter mayhem. Here we are in the middle of school holidays and already I am hearing grizzles there is no holiday coming up for ANZAC day. What’s worse, all the schoolies will have to show up on Monday week instead of having just one more sleep-in. Don’t know how they’ll cope. Gracious me, we now will have to wait until June 8, for the Queen’s Birthday, which of course is not even her birthday, which is on April 21 (born in 1926). The June holiday was the idea of King George V, who reigned for 26 years – from May 6, 1910 until January 20, 1936. And we all know what happened after that, don’t we? Beastly business. American divorcees, abdications and a dashed


Terry Williams

EDITOR war to interrupt the cricket. George, born on June 3, 1865, bless him, decided it would be much nicer to hold birthday holidays during the British summer, although previously these holidays were fairly close to each other anyway. It seems the Royals mostly were born in May and June, meaning they must have been frightfully busy in August and September ....

... When many festivals were kicking into gear. My Googling discovered there are eight pagan festivals in the Pagan/Wiccan year which normally begin at sunset and last until sunset the following day. Nudge nudge. Of these, four are Celtic in origin and four are solar festivals. Solar festivals are the Winter Solstice (Yule) which is the shortest day, Summer Solstice (Midsummer) which is the longest day. The Spring Equinox and Autumn Equinox mark the time when hours of light and darkness are equal. But we digress. Besides, we don’t want to ruffle any Windsor family feathers (previously Saxe-CoburgGotha and changed to Windsor by George V during the First World War when there was plenty of anti-German sentiment. Did you know George had one hellish trip to the Western front? He courageously visited several times

and on one occasion in France, he fell from his horse and broke his pelvis. No silly, not the horse! Of all the jolly bad luck. Wasn’t much fun for the chappies in the trenches either. But enough history. Can’t help getting a bit melancholy as ANZAC day (no holiday this year) nears! What will happen when HRH pegs out? Not that we want that to occur. Just planning ahead. Holiday planning ahead. Prince Charles celebrates his birthday on November 14, so we might get an extra longweegen then, to follow on from Labor Day on October 5, which is most welcome after three months of hard slog in winter without any extra time off. The November 14 date would be nice, just easing us in to Chrissie, when all of Australia goes to the beach. Like the Canadians, who still

celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday on May 24 (!) we could celebrate Elizabeth’s and Charlie’s, as the new king, and get another day off in this land of the longweegen. Did you know (no, I know you didn’t) about the only two recent kings or queens NOT to be born in May or June were Edward VII (November 9, 1841) and George VI (Elizabeth’s dad, December 14, 1895). But what if Charles doesn’t become king? What if Wills gets the gig? Guess what? His birthday is on June 21! Wouldn’t you know it. There’s every chance we would be stuck with the same old June longweegen. Just in case that happens, I reckon we should extend daylight saving forever. Go the whole hog and get that extra hour in each day. That’s an extra 365 hours. Just over a fortnight. Bewdy. See you on the golf course. Or at the footy and netty on Sadyarvo! Top stuff.

MUSEUM wants more detail, AS:

History comes free with home A piece of Balaklava history, the quaint “Matchbox Cottage,” will go under the auctioneer’s hammer on Friday. Located on the corner of George Street and Gwy Terrace, the home was built circa 1906, for Balaklava’s first veterinary surgeon, Frank Higham, where he lived until he left the town in 1914. Most recent owner, the late Flora Cavanagh, and together with her mother, lived in the cottage from the mid 1950s. “We really know very

little of the history of the home from 1914 until the mid 1950s,” said Norma Schopp, promotions officer for Balaklava Museum. “We do know it was built for Professor Higham, who originally came to town as part of a travelling pony and dog show. “He was known to have some amazing cures for various animal disorders, that really did work,” she said. According to the book “Balaklava - Change and Challenge,” compiled in 1977 to document the history of the town,

Guest Speaker:

Graham Taylor Sunday April 19 - 10am • Graham has a special understanding of how faith works and God’s purpose for your life • He speaks on God as our Father and sees relationship as the passion of God’s heart and the primary issue of Christianity • Graham is involved in counselling, training and ministering in various churches and denominations worldwide If you would like to learn more we invite you to join us:

Balaklava Family Church

Corner Gwy & Short Tce, Balaklava Enquiries 8524 8544 or 0412 307 521

Jack Miller

SELLING agents, Landmark’s Geoff Knappstein (left) and Mel Haynes say there is strong interest in the house.

during his stay Professor Higham heard of a sick animal, offered his assistance and cured it. “News of the cure spread rapidly and his services requested so

much, that he disposed of the animal act and concentrated solely on veterinary duties,” the book says. Auctioneer Mel Haynes said there had been

strong interest in the State Heritage listed property with more than 60 attending open inspections. “We have also had more than 400 hits on the

property on the website,” he said. If you are able to shed any light on the missing history of the cottage, please contact Norma Schopp on 8862 1854.

Ohio) that are being constructed now. “People are taking a longer term view than the current economic crisis.” As the feasibility study begins, Ms Gray said the first thing to be further investigated would be environmental issues. “We will be working with the regulatory bodies and addressing the needs as they arise,” she said. “There will be regulations we have to meet.” Ms Gray said carbon management was a vital part of the studies.

In the same model plant in the US, geosequestration was used to manage carbon emissions (disposing of carbon below the earth’s surface). Biomass will also be used to feed the plant, helping reduce carbon emissions. Biomass includes vineyard clippings, cereal straw and chicken manure - the use of which could be mutually beneficial by helping both parties manage carbon emissions. If 10 per cent of the plant feed is biomass, carbon emissions will

be reduced by about 15 per cent. At 30 per cent waste biomass feed, emissions could be reduced by 40 per cent. “We’re very enthusiastic about it and are talking seriously with a local group,” Ms Gray said. “We want to be proactive in this area.” How will it look • It is anticipated the plant will be located at the Clinton mine, which will provide 70 per cent of the feedstock to the plant, with Beaufort East providing the remainder via an overland conveyor

• • • • • • •

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8250 3732 11 Edith Terrace, BALAKLAVA

A Korunye dairy farm could almost double in size. Bevan Park has applied for District Council of Mallala approval to increase its milking cow numbers from 500 to 900. Just two years ago, a new dairy was built to replace the existing Simpkin Road dairy. The application is currently before council, and anyone wishing to make a submission in writing is asked to do so by May 1.

Project to pipe diesel to Bowmans • From Page One “Clearly now is not the best time to be in the equity or debt market,” Ms Gray said. “It’s the speed of the recovery that will have an impact on the project.” Ms Gray said the first question on many people’s minds was where would the money come from? “We believe the project will start to stack up very strongly for partnership with someone,” she said. “Around the world, even in the current economic climate there are projects (in China and

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Dairy farm may grow

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BALAKLAVA ELECTRONICS 28 George St - Ph: 8862 1552 or 8862 2211

covering a distance of 13km. • The premium diesel produced would be transported to Bowmans via a pipeline, then to other locations by rail. • Lignite would be mined through strip mining, with pre-stripping at Clinton to begin in 2014 when plant construction and commissioning occurs. • The plant is expected to produce potable water, and off-take agreements are possible for the by-products of sulphur, peaking power, ash and water. • Contract mining is expected to require a full time workforce of 150 employees. A workforce of 230 would be required to operate the plant. • The plant will process 18,000 tonnes of lignite each day, supplemented with 10 per cent waste biomass. • The process of producing premium diesel from coal will create enough gas to provide sufficient power to run the entire complex. • If it progresses, the project is likely to be made a major development to be assessed by State government.

Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009


NEWS v Balaklava

Building boost to Primo, Taylors Two local businesses will benefit from more than $600,000 as part of the latest round of State government’s Regional Development Infrastructure Fund. Luturn Pty Ltd will receive up to $318,891 through State government’s Regional Development Infrastructure Fund for power and water infrastructure to assist with the Primo rebuild. This brings the total assistance to Primo this year through the fund to almost $680,000. The funds will be used to assist with electric-

ity infrastructure during the company’s $27.5 million rebuild. Primo was to receive support from the Regional Development Infrastructure Fund in an earlier round of grants, but was forced to re-apply after the 2007 fire prevented the proposed work proceeding. “Improved power supply will help Primo rebuild a plant that employs hundreds of people in the lower north region surrounding Port Wakefield,” said Minister for Regional Development, Paul Caica.

“The company is now working on a rebuilt facility that will enable Primo to be globally competitive and the indications are that between 100 and 200 new jobs will be created when the factory is complete, to cater for a 66 per cent increase in production.” Taylors Wines at Auburn will also receive up to $300,000 over two years to establish electricity infrastructure to support the company’s expansion. The well-known winery is planning a $20 million expansion to increase its bottling capac-

Plans for more Port Wakefield housing

An application for a new residential development adjoining Port Wakefield Golf Club is expected to be lodged this week. Preliminary advertising of the 375 allotment Sea Breeze Estate has begun, but until the development is approved by Wakefield Regional Council, few details are available. The estate is located at the eastern end of the golf course, bordering the course, Phillips street, Bernos road, and the Port Wakefield-Balaklava road. In the first stage, 120 allotments will be released, while future stages are yet to be determined. Fully serviced allotments begin at $75,000, and range in size from 482m2 to 1400m2 (subject to council approval). For more information visit

JEDD Stojakovic in action at the National Sprint Kart championships over Easter and with his trophy for the 2008 SA Open championship.

Jedd puts the ‘go’ into kart racing A Lewiston resident finished in the top 10 at the 47th National Sprint Kart Championships over Easter. Jedd Stojakovic was one of only three South Australian karters to represent the state, placing eighth in the 125cc Leopard Light category. In the biggest karting event of the year, nearly 300 drivers competed across 10 categories at Townsville, Queensland. Twenty-year-old Jedd is now racing his eighth season, and has high expectations for this year. His best season so far was 2005 when he placed second in the nationals, but since then study commitments have taken precedence. The same year, Jed was rated 39th in Australia by the Australian Kart Magazine, which each year forms a list of its top 50 karters. Now studying mining engineering at Adelaide University, Jedd expects a higher commitment to racing will pay off. “Hopefully this year will be a big one again,” Jedd said. He has several state titles coming up this year, including competitions

in South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, and the five round series in Adelaide. In addition to competitions, Jedd and his father Branko aim to get the kart out every few weeks to practise. While Branko had little interest in racing before Jedd began kart racing, the duo are in it together, riding out the highs and lows of each race season. Initially Jedd had aimed to progress to car racing, but now aims to be the best in karts because of the high costs associated with car racing. He said his sponsor Harrop Engineering had been a huge help in helping him progress his racing. Jedd was happy with his eighth placing at the nationals over Easter. “It obviously wasn’t my ultimate goal going into the weekend, because I wanted to finish in the top five,” Jedd said. “In the earlier races I had some engine trouble. I started 19th in the final race and finished eighth, so I was pretty happy with that.”

Wine down – but not a bad drop Wine grape production across Australia is expected to fall by 13 per cent to 1.6 million tonnes in 2008-09, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Agricultural and resource Economics (ABARE) report. The fall is expected because of the ongoing shortage of water for irrigation, combined with high temperatures early this year. However, 2009 has been a surprisingly good vintage, according to reports from Clare Valley winemakers. Tonnages have been down slightly but the very hot weather earlier this year did not impact as badly as expected. Cabernet has been good and riesling managed to cope with the hot

weather. According to the report ‘Australian wine grape production projections to 2010-11’, shiraz will continue to be the highest volume wine grape variety produced in Australia, followed by chardonnay then cabernet sauvignon, together accounting for about 60 per cent of wine grape production in 2008-09. But over the coming two seasons, assuming water availability for irrigation improves and there are no extreme weather events, ABARE expects total production to increase to 1.8 million tonnes as yields are assumed to return to historical averages. For a copy of the report visit www.

ity from 750,000 to two million cases a year. “Our Regional Development Infrastructure grant recognises the impact the expansion will have on the winery’s ability to increase sales, exports and staff numbers,” Mr Caica said. “Improving the power provisions and supply around Auburn will not only help the winery expand and employ more people, but it will also enable the town itself to grow.” Primo and Taylors Wines were two of four grant recipients for funding totalling $1.56 million.

Law may push new home prices higher The cost of building a house could rise by between $14,000 and $22,600 under new Occupational Health and Safety standards being proposed by the State government for builders. Modelling by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) shows the cost of a single storey house will rise by between $14,240 and $15,940 and the cost a two storey house, between $20,900 and $22,600, where solar hot water and evaporative air conditioning are to be installed. The rises are considered to be a modest estimate as the model-

ling was calculated in 2006. Increases are likely to be even more today. HIA anticipates changes such as requiring additional scaffolding and more than one person for some jobs will increase costs. Member for Davenport, Iain Evans, who ran a family building, plumbing and retail business prior to becoming a Member of Parliament, called on the government to withdraw the proposed standards saying the housing industry does not want the standard to be implemented. “People are finding it hard enough to buy a house now,” he said.

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Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009

NEWS v District

Youth hurt in Mallala motor cycle accident Two Wells

A Parafield Gardens youth remains in a critical condition at the Royal Adelaide Hospital following a motorbike accident at Mallala on Saturday morning. Police said it appeared the 17-year-old male was riding at speed on a private property when he collided with a closed gate.


Put the finger on crime, call

CRIME STOPPERS 1800 333 000 He was air lifted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital where he remains in a critical condition with head injuries. • A 24-year-old Roseworthy man was arrested

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n I’M Sparky, a very sweet miniature male fox terrier cross, who is two years old. I would love to find a loving owner who will enjoy taking me for daily walks as although I am small I am quite active. I would ideally like to find a family with older children (10+) as I can be a bit timid around small people. Please give me a second chance of having a great life with you. I am desexed,

Adelaide Plains Vet Surgery

last week for alleged aggravated assault against an 18-year-old in Two Wells. Police allege the man forced his way into a Clydesdale Estate home on Monday, April 6, when he allegedly assault the victim. Police arrested him the following day, and he was bailed to appear in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court. Police said it was not a random attack, but the result of a dispute.


94 Old Pt Wakefield Rd, Two Wells SA 5501 Ph: 8520 3600 microchipped, vaccinated, health checked and temperament tested. I am only $300. Come and see me at ANIMAL WELFARE LEAGUE , 1 - 19 Cormack Rd, Wingfield SA 5013. Adoptions: 10am –3pm, seven days. Phone 8348 1300.

• Balaklava residents were woken at 4am on Saturday morning when fireworks were let off in the town. Police warned heavy penalties applied to people caught with illegal fireworks. • Police and CFS were called to a small fire at McArdles on Whitwarta road at 6.45am last Thurs-

day. When they arrived, the fire had already been extinguished. • A 16-year-old walking south on Whitwarta Road, Balaklava, was punched three times in the face and once in the stomach on Tuesday evening last week. Police said the assault occurred about 7.15pm, and the attacker was not known to the youth. Anyone with information is asked to contact Balaklava police on 8862 1144.

Hamley Bridge

• A thief attempting to steal tyres and rims from a car at Schahinger Motors had no luck, fleeing when Craig Schahinger arrived on the scene. Police searched for the offender but were unable to locate the person. Mr Schahinger has since recovered the property.

Pt Wakefield

• Despite heavy traffic over the Easter long weekend, 20 drivers were issued with expiation notices for speeding, including one driver who lost their licence instantly

ABC highlights Port Wakefield An ABC radio (639AM) crew broadcast live from Port Wakefield last Thursday between 4pm and 6pm. The Port Pirie-based team set up on the verandah of the Visitor Information Centre to interview locals and council staff, discuss Easter safety and give general traffic updates. •Pictured are Regional Content man-

for six months after being detected travelling at 161km/h in a 110 zone. Three vehicle accidents also occurred on Port Wakefield Road, with no injuries reported. Police said they were pleased with the behaviour of motorists overall, while traffic flowed slowly on occasions.


• A man was reported for drink driving after leaving the Clare Easter Races on Saturday, recording a blood alcohol result of 0.085. Two traffic infringe-

ager and presenter of late afternoons Andrew Male, with producer Ivy Bateman. The crew worked in conjunction with ABC 891 drivetime host, Grant Cameron – who operated from the south end of the freeway – keeping drivers in tune with traffic. The program also aims to highlight regional towns such as Port Wakefield.

ment notices were issued to drivers leaving the race meeting. Following the races, police were called to numerous minor incidents in and around licensed premises, but said there were no significant incidents to report. Police were happy with the general behaviour of patrons both at the racecourse and at licensed premises after the races were finished. • A 16-year-old Clare youth was reported for throwing a missile (beer bottle) last Friday. • A Clare man spotted driving without his head-

lights on last Wednesday was reported for drink driving. Police allege the 31year-old had a blood alcohol content of 0.089. • The same day, a 22year-old Clare man was reported for property damage after allegedly smashing the front window of Sportspower, Clare. •Cash was stolen from Lifeline, Clare, on Monday last week. Police said a person or persons stole about $500 from the office while staff were busy serving customers.


Stimulus plan

Tax bonus payments One-off Are you expecting a tax bonus payment? What if you haven’t got your payment are making 7.4 million payments progressively by 16 May 2009? tax-free ■ We between early April and 16 May 2009. ■ check your eligibility at payments start ■ Be patient – we will pay you automatically if you – from early are eligible. (you will need your 2007–08 notice of assessment) ■ Because of the large number of payments we’re April 2009. making, we ask you not to call us about the progress ■ check that you have lodged your 2007–08 income of individual payments until 16 May 2009. ■ We will transfer the payment into the bank account or mail a cheque to the address nominated in your 2007–08 tax return, unless you or your agent have changed your details.

Be patient. We will make payments progressively What do you need to do? until ■ If you have already lodged your 2007–08 tax return, 16 May 2009. you don’t need to do anything. If you have not lodged your 2007–08 tax return To be eligible you must lodge it by 30 June 2009, unless we have granted you a deferral. You will miss out if you do not lodge on time. ■ You can lodge online using e-tax until 31 May 2009 (e-Tax won’t be available after that date), by mail using TaxPack or through a tax agent. ■ If you have been affected by a natural disaster you can lodge until 30 June 2010 and still receive the payment. ■ If you haven’t lodged yet you will receive your payment after 16 May 2009. The later you lodge the longer it will take to get your payment.

tax return check that you gave the correct bank or address details on your return ■ check if the payment is with your tax agent ■ phone us on 1300 686 636 from 16 May 2009 and we will help you. ■

How much is the payment? $900 if your taxable income is up to $80,000 $600 if your taxable income is between $80,001 and $90,000 ■ $250 if your taxable income is between $90,001 and $100,000. ■ ■

MORE INFORMATION For more information about the tax bonus, eligibility or lodging your tax return: ■ visit ■ phone 1300 686 636 between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday, with your notice of assessment or tax file number ready. Beware: we do not send emails asking for personal information including tax file number, bank or other financial institution account or credit card details.


Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra

Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009

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Diary& More than music to the ‘years 11’ COMMUNITY

• April 18: Cafe Style Goods and Services Auction and Concert, Owen Town Hall. • Apr 19: Pinery market and town garage sale. • April 22: Owen Red Cross fundraising afternoon tea with the Cook and the Chef, Owen Town Hall. • April 24: You can give blood at Balaklava Town Hall from 10am3.30pm. • Apr 26: APMVC concert, Balaklava Town Hall; Winter Woolies Family Open Gymkhana at Owen Oval. • Apr 28: CFS Community Awareness Program, Hamley Bridge Institute. • Apr 29: Drum Muster Collection, Everard and Owen Waste depots.

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There’s plenty of noise coming from the Balaklava Community Library every Tuesday morning, but the librarians aren’t telling its creators to shush. Two high school students have formed a Baby Bounce group, which meets each Tuesday morning of the school term at 10am. It is during these get-togethers that year 11 community studies students Kayla Smith and Alice Turner share their love for music with some of the youngest members of the local community. The sessions are open to parents or grandparents and their children, aged zero to two. With singing, maracas, xylophones and other musical activities, the half-hour sessions teach youngsters to enjoy music from an early age. Several other students are organising community events as part of their schooling. Year 11 students Dallas Hill, Shane McGuiness and Dale McLean have been holding soccer and basketball coaching clinics with year four and five students at Balaklava Primary School, sharing their skills

MUSIC is magic for (from left) Lyn Hyde and Amee Taylor, Angela and Kasey Battle and students Kayla Smith and Alice Turner. and love of sport with younger students. Jessica Robertson, a year 11 student, is studying the impact of bushfires in Victoria, organised donations, and will be following up with a Victorian school. Gemma Deakin is organising a

show jumping event, while Trent Chadbourne is planning a mock accident next month, together with local emergency services to reiterate the importance of safe driving. Andrew Newton is designing a webpage displaying information

about the equipment used on a CFS appliance. As part of community studies, students make decisions about what they would like to learn through a project, and how they will go about it during the self-directed learning program.

Museum traces industry pioneers

Balaklava Museum will feature “Made in Balaklava” for its History Week event, on Sunday, May 24. Organisers are trying to trace relatives or descendants of early machinery manufacturers Brebner, Keefe, Willis and Ahrns, who operated in Balaklava around 1870 to 1920. If you think you are related or a descendant please contact Norma Schopp, as soon as possible on 8862 1854 or email • Balaklava residents are urged to give blood when the Australian Red Cross blood service returns to the Balaklava Town Hall on Friday, April 24. With 2009 named the year of the blood donor, the blood service aims to increase the number of new blood donors in Australia and encourage donors to give as frequently as they can. Appointments are being made for between 10am and 3.30pm. To make an appointment or to discuss your eligibility to donate, please call 13 14 95, or visit donateblood. to find out more. MALLALA • Mallala Friendship Quilters are busy preparing for their street stall, to be held Friday, May 1. Lots of Mother’s Day gifts will be on offer, including a large selection of locally made handicrafts, home made sauces, pickles, jams, cakes, pastries and sweets.



Take five

Held under the Mallala IGA verandah, the stall opens at 9.30am. All proceeds from the stall go towards the Cancer Council fundraiser, Biggest Morning Tea. PINERY

Fun for kids

• Kids holiday program will be run at the Pinery Community Hall on Tuesday (April 21). Activities for primary school students will include games, crafts, bible stories and food. For further information contact Rachel on 8527 7068 or Colin and Grace on 8527 7001. saddleworth

ANZAC service

• Anzac Day commemorations will be held this Sunday, April 19 at the War Memorial from 11.15am. A service will follow at the RSL Hall. BLYTH • Congratulations to the following

News Morsels by Karen Petney

Send your story to us at The Plains Producer PO Box 63 Balaklava 5461 Email to or Fax them to 8862 1997

Farming concept

• Plans for a community farm at Blyth are progressing with Greg Toholke, laying out plans at a recent community meeting. Volunteer committee members formed sub-committees to tackle ideas, which included, stabling, gardening, wildlife park, innovation centre and men’s shed. The committee comprises of chairman, Greg Toholke, secretary Kate Boumelha, treasurer Julia Agnew and committee members Be

Have your say on local issues. Vote online via The Plains Producer readers’ poll. Go to


This week’s selected on line voting results

4 SHOULD a skate park be built in Balaklava?

4 do you believe daylight saving should be extended?

votes: 15 Yes – 33.3%

votes: 24 Yes – 12.5%

Only if fundraising or grant money No - 87.5% covers the cost – 60% No - 6.7 %

Textile art shines

people who are the Blyth community hall committee for the next year. Narelle Roberts, (re-elected chairperson), Barry Kennett, (vice chairperson), Kerryn Mugge, (re-elected secretary), Helen Wiech, (treasurer), Ros Zweck, (netball), Kerry Smith, (progress), Janet Zweck, (tennis), David Pratt, (cricket/football), Greg Toholke, Val McCormack, and booking officer Helen Wiech.


Send your Hot Topic poll ideas to

Searle, Rachel Brown, Kelly Brown, Liz Sparks, Liz Williams, Tony and Jenny Collins, Craig Lloyd, Marai Toholke, Edwin Evangelista and Heather Vogelsang. If you are interested in joining the group contact Greg Toholke (8844 5015) for more information. KAPUNDA • “Astronomically Explosive Textiles” are on show at Kapunda Community Gallery from April 19 to May 17. Curated by Maxine Donald, the exhibition celebrates the International year of Astronomy. Textile artists from Kapunda, Gawler and nearby regions have created images mainly relating to astronomy, using a wide range of fabrics, and in some instances have incorporated found objects into the design. Since the beginning of civilisation textiles have been fundamental to human life, for use in clothing, domestic purposes and many other practical uses. Creating images in textile art requires a number of skills – sewing, knowledge of fibres and dyes, painting and printing techniques, colour harmony and composition, cutting and the texture of fabrics. Kapunda Community Gallery is open daily from 10am to 4pm. Admission is free.

Providing Internet access across Country South Australia & Australia Wide

Wireless Broadband Now available

throughout the Mid North of SA • NO long term contract • Starting from $20pm for 1GB data

Email: Telephone: 8862 2134

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Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009

PEOPLE v of the Plains


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240 volt stainless steel submersible drainage sump pumps includes automatic float control

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Pumps Constant Pressure Household Water Pressure System for rainwater tanks

Retractable Hose Reel with wall or pedestal mounting and 20metres 15mm Garden Hose included

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Diamond wedding

Barbara and Lyall Thompson celebrated 60 years of marriage – their Diamond wedding anniversary on Monday, April 13, enjoying a lunch at the Royal Hotel to celebrate. Pictured are Barbara, daughter Jenny Nicholls, Lyall, and daughter Ann Kipling.

*Photos for illustration purposes only

Old Pt Wakefield Rd, Virginia - Ph: 8380 9495

n LITTLE Kyeasha Robertson is almost lost against the Channel 7 helicopter after it landed at BP Port Wakefield on Easter Monday afternoon after filming the usual traffic snarl around Port Wakefield as holidaymakers headed back to Adelaide.

Winning garden – A colourful display is the Balaklava KESAB garden

of the month for March. David and Kay Lamond, of Fisher street, recently removed their lawn and erected a built up round stand which Kay hopes to put pot plants on so she can tend them easily. The paved paths cater for a walking frame and wheel chair. The monthly Service Award went to Balaklava Pet and Aquarium Supplies.

Performers urged to book Eisteddfod spot

BALAKLAVA Mon. 4 May at 7.30 pm Ambulance Station, War Memorial Drive MALLALA Wed. 6 May at 7.30 pm Ambulance Station, Adelaide Rd

PORT WAKEFIELD Thurs. 7 May at 7.30 pm Ambulance Station, East St


A light supper will be provided.

Entries are open for the 13th Balaklava Eisteddfod, and the local community is encouraged to be part of the event. This year’s eisteddfod, to be held from July 31 to August 2, is a great opportunity to gain experience and confidence performing publicly. The public speaking section will be held again this year, following the success of last years’ inaugural event, and it offers people of any age an opportunity to become involved. “Recitation and drama, which can include poetry are included in this section. If people enjoy reciting poetry or have a story to tell, they can enter our public speaking section,” said Eisteddfod president, Bronny Cottle. Sections also include piano, instrumental, speech and drama, musical theatre, vocal and bands and instrumental ensemble.

This year’s finale concert on the Sunday will feature the Fishbowl Boys barbershop quartet who won the Australian Schools Championships at the Australian Association of Men’s Barbershop Singers National Convention. The boys, who are just 16 years of age, will perform and also discuss their pieces and how they came to perform together. All participants receive valuable written feedback on their performances by accomplished and independent adjudicators. Certificates, awards and major championship trophies are given. Local performers are encouraged to submit early applications. Application forms are available at the Balaklava Post Office, bakery and community library or request via email at Entries close May 8. Further information can be found at

Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009


NEWS FEATURE v Mallala & Districts


Outgoing Mallala council CEO, Damien Moloney, says the future for the region is promising. Reporter Lauren Parker conducted this in-depth interview as he prepares for his departure:

amien Moloney may be leaving his role as chief executive officer of District Council of Mallala, but not without assuring the community the council is well positioned for the future. But he had a clear message for the community when speaking with the Plains Producer last week – take notice of your councillors’ decisions and question their reasons. Mr Moloney outlined the enormous opportunities ahead for council, along with the need for the community to demand more of councillors. “It’s important the community gets to know who their councillors are, what they stand for, and what are their main thoughts and agendas prior to coming in,” Mr Moloney said. “It’s important for the community to start questioning why councillors make their decisions and what their reasons are. “It’s in everyone’s interest to start becoming aware of the issues within their area and the people who are representing them.” Mr Moloney was positive about council’s future, highlighting several significant projects and developments, along with recent achievements. He believes the council is in a strong position for its future. “The place is not going to fall over and go backwards,” Mr Moloney said. He said council was in a position to go forward regardless of who replaced him as CEO. “The global financial crisis may slow it down a bit, but it will happen,” Mr Moloney said. New development plan amendments for Mallala and Two Wells ensure council is ready for growth. He is pleased the council area, particularly Two Wells and Mallala, have now been recognised as part of the outer urban Adelaide growth region, cementing its potential for population growth and residential development. “We’re seen as a player in this new future which includes everything from potentially a new airport, to a massive increase in intensive horticulture development and large greenhouses like d’VineRipe,” Mr Moloney said. Then there is the possibility of a large water recycling scheme, with potential for a similar scheme to Bolivar, and residential growth around Two Wells. And the district’s potential could further increase, with council pushing for a railway ring route from Murray Bridge to Mallala, allowing freight trains to bypass Adelaide. “There could be transport industry linking rail and road transport, with the potential for air if we end up with a regional airport,” Mr Moloney said. He is confident of residential growth in Two Wells, potentially coming out to Mallala, particularly with the planned TwoWells sewerage system and Mallala Community Wastewater Management System. Mr Moloney said these would make the towns more attractive to developers by enabling smaller allotment sizes on affordable land. Early next month, developers Hickenbotham will make a presentation to council outlining

CEO’s parting advice:

n Know councillors n Be aware of issues possibilities for the Two Wells township. And potential development has been boosted with council preparing a study into potential flooding of the Light River, while a flood plain management study of the Gawler River has been completed. The Light River study is jointly funded with council contributing $90,000, and developers Hickenbotham, State government and Federal government each contributing the same amount. Mr Moloney said this was a good example of the public/private partnerships council had been pursuing. Dublin is expected to further be developed with the proposed abattoir and the thriving livestock exchange. Council has been involved in a push for improved broadband a c c e s s across the region. “ We ’ v e been on the front foot and put a proposal to Senator Conroy and the government suggesting they could roll this out for the whole Central Local Government Region and Wakefield Group at an estimated cost of four to six million dollars,” Mr Moloney said. The coastline is also set for improvement, through State government’s proposed marine park, and the appointment of a coastal officer, located at Mallala, by the Mount Lofty Natural Resource Management Board, which Mr Moloney said would help greatly with management of council’s sensitive marine and foreshore areas. He expects it will address issues such as where trail bike riders can use the coastline and where camping areas could be established, along with what areas should be restricted to the

public or become a reserve. Mr Moloney is also keen to see the proposed Gawler River Open Space Strategy progress, which includes a linear trail along the river to where it meets the sea at Port Gawler. “It fits with the Baker Ford wetland, but also gives recreational and tourism opportunities linking up with coastal reserves.” But for the region to continue to improve, Mr Moloney said major progress was needed in public transport - initially through vehicles such as buses. “To have this growth we’re going to need some form of public transport,” he said. He said if rail traffic was diverted from Murray Bridge to Mallala, bypassing Adelaide, this may leave the railway line open for passenger trains in the future. Mr Moloney said council’s east-west road links were also in need of improvement, particularly roads linking with Carslake road, where the livestock market is located and an abattoirmay be built. T h e need for water is also a high p r i o r i t y, with the Wakefield Group investigating the potential to direct stormwater and flood waters for aquifer recharge and water reuse through the Gawler River, similar to the way water is reused in Salisbury, Playford and Tea Tree Gully councils. The group hopes to obtain funding to investigate the feasibility of such a project, which could lead to increased development. Mr Moloney believes a power station proposed for the area in recent years is also essential to supply industries, and a strong working relationship with State government was essential to

There could be tr ansport industr y link ing rail and road tr ansport, wit h the potential for air if we end up wit h a regional airport

see such proposals progress. “If they’re serious about development of the north, they need to look at expansion of those facilities,” he said. Community expectation of its council will also increase, according to Mr Moloney. “Local government is far more than just roads and rubbish,” he said. Mr Moloney said people would begin looking to council for all types of services, from mental health to youth services, which could be progressed through partnerships with other stakeholders rather than being entirely ratepayer funded. “I would hope for a northern outer region like Mallala to combine and share services with State government,” he said. Mr Moloney expects council will need to grow internally as well, and perhaps introduce an environmental portfolio and social planning to continue to develop the community. He said the council had a “sensational” team of managers and staff. “It’s been a privilege to be CEO of this organisation. I’m going to miss the staff and their professionalism, and the support they have provided in the last couple of years.” He said he had enjoyed his time at Mallala and had met some “fantastic” community and business people. “I’d like to thank the community members and businesses I’ve been associated with and wish them all the best.” Mr Moloney said he looked forward to taking on new challenges at Murray Bridge, which is also an area of major growth. He begins his new role at Murray Bridge on May 22, but because of leave owing, will finish at Mallala council on May 8.



HEARING TESTS for all people over 21 years of age conducted at the clinics below during April:


4 War Memorial Drv


294 Main North Rd Consulting at over 70 clinics across SA To book your appointment phone:



NEWS v Halbury & District

The Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009

A classic reunion

THE “belles of Halbury” recall old times (from left) Alison Rothjen (nee Anderson), Tessa McArdle (nee Williams), Virginia Palmer (nee Robinson) and Jenny Smith (nee Tiller).

$25,000* for your rst home Lucerne

Halbury Hall was bursting at the seams as 130 past Halbury Primary students, parents, relatives and visitors gathered to catch up with friends and reminisce on their school days. The Halbury Primary School celebrated its 125th reunion on Sunday, April 5, after past students Marty Barker and Heather Downie (nee Anderson) formed a committee, which included Janet Smith (nee Catford), Tony Ryan, Carolyn Marriot, Rosemary Bowden (nee Anderson) and Rosemary Wood (nee Catford). On the day, an old classroom was established on the hall stage, and the building decorated in school colours of two blues. Marty welcomed everyone, and 25 past students sent apologies. Following school tradition, Rosemary Bowden read the Oath of Allegiance before Don Anderson and Alby Hyde raised the flag, while Isabelle Anderson played God Save the Queen before the crowd enjoyed a shared lunch. On a more sober note, one minute’s silence was observed in memory of 30 students who attended Halbury Primary between 1930 and 1965 who have since passed away. Harold Wilkins was the oldest past student in attendance, having been a

new gn Elevation for illustration purposes only.$134,370 desiGranada

ABOVE: Tony Ryan beats the school drum.



LEFT: Enjoying the day are (from left) Doug Simon, Louis Steer, Lawrie Videon.

with 2.4 ceilings


186.29m or 20.05 squares living and garage double garage included

on display at Northgate

© Copyright

Pt Wakefield Rd Vic tor ia D r The Bou leva rd




Northga te

e Pd

Seaford Meadows 8327 0588

Warradale 8296 3155



Port Elliot 8554 2835 Fosters Rd

Seaford Road

Grand Boulevard

Sturt Rd

Flag St

Port Elliot Rd

Vine Street

Nuriootpa 8562 1793 She

Clark Tce

Folland Ave

Paraeld Gardens 8182 3720


e Main South Rd Noarlunga Downs 8186 6134

Cinema Court

l Av

Dempster St Greenock Rd


Marion Rd Morphett Rd

Eucla Rd

Smitheld 8254 4084


Cartwright St


Mt Barker 8391 4198 Brighton Rd

Anderson Walk

Strathaird Blvd

Main North Rd

na R

Honeypot Rd

Barton Circ

St Albans Place

Somerset Grove

Main North Road


Davenport Tce

Craigmore 8254 3953 Coventry Rd


Alexandrina Rd

Craigmore Rd

Nuriootpa & Pt Elliot open Sat, Sun, Wed 1.30 - 5pm


Display Villages open Sat, Sun, Mon & Wed 1.30 - 5pm

Northgate 8261 4300

| call 08 8112 3112 | country enquiries freecall 1800 638 076



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student at Halbury in 1922, while Ruth Zweck (nee Plueckhahn) and Ron Plueckhahn, who were both students in 1930, also made the journey to share their memories. Scott Michael was the last enrolment at Halbury in 1970 before the school was closed and students transferred to Balaklava Primary School. Past teachers Ian Simpson (1965) and Jean Cook (1955 - 1960) led the speakers corner. Student body leader in 1940, Ivan Winter, recalled fun times of his school years – along with having to write 300 lines as a form of punishment! The Halbury church was open on the day, and students were welcomed into the school building and grounds, which are now a private residence. The committee was thrilled with the attendance.

| |


OLD gang together again (from left) oldest student Harold Wilkins, Ron Plueckhahn, Ruth Zweck (nee Plueckhahn) and son David Zweck, who spoke on behalf of his mother. Youngest student, Scott Michael, is at rear.

Your own spacious retirement home from under $180,000? You’re laughing.




Just an easy hour’s drive north of Adelaide is the charming town of Balaklava where you’ll find Hayfield Plains Retirement Village. Here, in this small and friendly community, you can start a carefree

(and low-maintenance) life in a brand new, spacious, 2-bedroom home available right now. And that’s no joke. Open for inspection: Wednesdays and Fridays, 10.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.



Hayfield Plains Retirement Village

7 Diekman Terrace, Balaklava. Call Diann on 8849 2118 or 0400 250 004 or visit

Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009

NEWS v Balaklava



HAT brings new residents to Balaklava? The town is becoming a popular destination for retirees. Their reasons for moving to the area vary – for some it’s being near family, for others it’s the country lifestyle and fresh air. They all enjoy the community spirit of village life at Hayfield Plains, which now is nearing capacity. All agree Balaklava is a great place to be. KAREN PETNEY reports:


N holiday in Balaklava about four years ago, Louisa (Ray) Winnall, took a drive around the recently commenced Hayfield Plains development with daughter, Julie Brice. “I said to my daughter, that’ll be a nice place to live when it’s finished. Little did I know I’d be back here,” she laughed. Mrs Winnall and husband Doug, were convinced by Julie they should move closer, and relocated from Hervey Bay in Queensland, where they lived for 30 years, about 14 months ago. Having holidayed in Balaklava on and off the couple were familiar with the facilities in the town and had already made some great friends. “When we told our friends in Queensland we were moving they couldn’t believe it. They didn’t want us to leave and were very upset. We still gett mail telling us how much they miss us – which is really nice,” she said. Since their move Mr Winnall’s health has deteriorated and he has been living at Wheatfields Nursing home in Freeling for about six months. Mrs Winnall has found the support among her friends at Hayfield Plains and in the wider community “just wonderful”. Raymond and Yvonne Pryde enjoy the peace and quiet of their new surroundings. Having lived at Spalding for many years, the couple initially settled in Evanston Park four years ago, however they found the location too noisy and relocated to Balaklava nine weeks ago. The Prydes looked around and found “nothing better” than Hayfield Plains and have wasted no time in settling in to the community. Mr Pryde has volunteered to assist and I enjoy going to the races, so with the restoration of the museum. being in Balaklava is ideal,” Mr The couple’s farming background Hillman said. With sons at Lewiston and Redand the town’s facilities also attracted banks, Balaklava is as close to the them to the area. “We’ve got a 24 hour hospital, city as Maureen Lightfoot wants to chemist, shopping facilities – it’s got live. It took nearly two years of looking to decide where to move. Initially everything we need,” he said. Ronald and Margaret Hillman looking for land, Mrs Lightfoot had had looked at quite a few locations planned to build. “Builders were quoting me at least when they heard a radio advertisement about an open day at Hayfield a year and I thought I could be pushing Plains. They liked what they saw and up daisies by then,” she laughed. In the two and a half years she has signed up. Moving from the small town of lived in Balaklava, Mrs Lightfoot has Mt Bryan, the Hillmans have found found the town quiet and says she most things they need are available feels safe. Being unable to drive for a month after a mild stroke last year, in Balaklava. The Hillmans have always been a Mrs Lightfoot found her neighbours sporting family and have joined the very helpful and caring. “If I needed anything, there was local bowls club. always someone willing to get it for “We are both interested in sports

They say it’s a great place to be:

New Hayfield Plains residents, (from left) Ray Pryde, Ray Winnall, Ron and Margaret Hillman, Maureen Lightfoot, Judith Moffat and Barbara Thompson.

Balaklava: WHY

They call it home

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me. We’re all friends here, but we don’t live in each others pockets,” she said. While Balaklava has most things, Mrs Lightfoot thinks a better bus service to Adelaide is needed. “The bus leaves before seven in the morning and gets back about seven at night. That makes it a very long day,” she said. After living at Streaky Bay for 20 years, her friends “had a fit” when they heard she had chosen to live in Balaklava. They said: “What are you going there for? We will miss you and you will miss us.” “I do miss them but I drive back and see them, or they come over to me,” she said explaining that a friend had just been over to visit. Lyall and Barbara Thompson returned to Balaklava to be near daughters Jenny Nicholls and Ann

Kipling, their six grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Mr Thompson was born in Balaklava and the couple raised their family here before moving to Encounter Bay, where they lived for 31 years. Shortly after moving back to Balaklava 18 months ago, Mr Thompson had a stroke and now lives in Mill Court, which because of its close proximity means Mrs Thompson is able to spend hours with her husband each day. While she finds most things in Balaklava, Mrs Thompson does rely on her daughters to take her to Clare, Gawler or Tea Tree Plaza to buy clothing. “I do miss the shoe shop and there were some lovely frock shops here,” she said. Mrs Thompson was president of Balaklava golf club for many years. She also used to work at the races, but “leaves that to the younger ones now,” she said. These days she helps out with cooking at Mill Court and enjoys the bowls, barbecues and bus trips organised through Mill Court. Bruce and Judith Moffat were among the first few residents to settle at Hayfield Plains, relocating from the

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north-eastern suburb of Newton. The noise and constant worry of hoon drivers as well as a neighbour taking up drums and guitar led the couple to find a quieter location. “The lad wasn’t working and practised his instruments from 4pm to about 4am,” Mr Moffat said. The Moffats enjoy living in Balaklava and the Hayfield Plains get togethers, which can include activities such as bowling and barbecues. When asked about how the area could be improved Mr Moffat said “leave it as it is.” “No petrol stations being open on Saturdays could be a problem for tourists to the town,” he said, “although Port Wakefield isn’t that far away.” The Moffats are involved in the local community, volunteering at the primary school and working in the Swap Shop each week. They also attend the Church of Christ and have joined a night owls bowling team. “Its great in the country. It’s quiet and there is good fresh air, and we live near people our own age,” he said. “I always wanted to be a farmer, I guess this is as close as I’ll get,” Mr Moffat said with a laugh.

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Tiver Rd, Evanston South - Phone: 8522 5122

r le s s aw a G yp B


The Way

We were 5

YEARS AGO March 2004

Holly Nicholls was personally congratulated by Channel Nine weather presenter Xavier Minniecon on being a semi-finalist at the South Australian Young Achievers Award night, held at the Hilton Hotel in Adelaide.


YEARS AGO March 1999

David Woodroofe, formerly of Balaklava and now living in Owen, made a career move from principal at Horizon Christian School to SA/NT area manager for World Vision. David felt it was time to take a break from teaching, after being at the school for more than five years.


YEARS AGO March 1989

Central Districts Football Club coach Neil Kerley was a special guest at The Eagles Football Club’s sportsmans night. About 100 fans gathered at the Institute to hear one of South Australia’s most recognised coaches speak on his earlier playing days, experiences and some of his off-field antics with fellow players. Harold Philp is pictured celebrating his birthday on April 26, in a 1989 edition of the Plains Producer.

Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009

LOCAL v Living

AD525 saw the first wheelchair made Wheelchairs have become a necessity for many otherwise immobile people. The earliest recorded image of a wheelchair seems to date back to the about AD525 in China. King Philip II of Spain is known to have used an elaborate “rolling chair” with movable arm and leg rests and, in 1700, King Louis XIV used a “roulette” for moving about while recovering from an operation; this wheelchair had to be pushed. The first recorded instance of a disabled person with independent mobility was in 1655 when Stephen Farfler, a paraplegic watchmaker, built a robust-looking chair on a three wheel chassis. Attached to either side of the single front wheel were handles

Heritage Highlights by Norma Schopp

that he turned to propel himself forward. In 1783 John Dawson developed a chair specifically for the many invalids who travelled to Bath, in England, to drink and bathe in the spa water. It became known as Dawson’s “Bath” chair, it had a third wheel that the occupant could steer by using an attached rigid handle this was hailed as a great success. The 18th century saw the first wheelchair resembling today’s design - it had two large wooden

SA memories Betty Lawrence – first nurse to enlist for the Korean war The first function for which the authorities recruited women as part of the official services was nursing. Even before the creation of a Commonwealth defence force, women had seen action as members of the colonial forces deployed in the South African War. Little is recorded of those nurses. Betty Irene Lawrence, nee Crocker, was born at Waikerie, South Australia. In 1941, aged 16, Betty began her nurse training in Broken Hill, New South Wales. Following an appointment as Sister in Charge at the Northfield Infectious Diseases Hospital in Adelaide, Betty joined the Royal Australian

From SA Memory: Army Nursing Corps, and in 1951 she was the first South Australian nurse to enlist for the Korean War. In an interview recorded in 2002, Betty speaks of her childhood; her experiences in Japan and Korea as a member of the RAANC contributing to the United Nations operations; community attitudes to the contributions of Australian service personnel to the Korean conflict; and of her life with her husband, Bill, and their contribution to the community of Red Cliffs, Victoria. To listen to this interview, visit

front wheels and one caster at the rear. During the 19th and 20th centuries (following the American Civil War and World War 1) the first wheelchairs were built with wooden frames, wicker seats, adjustable arm rests, footrests, and large spoked wheels. In 1894 a U.S. patent was filed for a wheelchair with a fixed frame, adjustable surfaces, firm wicker seats, and large rear wheels for self-propulsion. The first folding frame came in 1932 when Herbert Everest (an injured mining engineer) and Harold Jennings (a mechanical engineer) joined forces; they went on to form the company that is today known as Everest & Jennings or E&J. In 1937 a patent was filed for

the x-folding frame wheelchair. Balaklava Museum is fortunate to have two early wheelchairs made under the Lewis brand. An early form of wheelchair, c.1595.

Who is Jesus? Even his brief time on earth demonstrated that Jesus was no ordinary man. First, though many in this world are heirs to great fortunes, they don’t ultimately control their assets. Someone else does, and his name is Jesus. The heavenly Father has appointed his Son “heir of all things”! Hebrews 1.2. Second, this same Bible passage goes on to say that it was through Jesus that God made the world. So Jesus is also the creator of all

Good News with Ken Packer, L.Th.

things! This is why we worship him – he shares equality with God. Third, because his equality with God is such an amazing truth, it is immediately emphasised for us in the next verse: “being the brightness of his (God’s) glory and the express image of his person.” This statement is conveniently illustrated for us by the sun in our sky.

You can’t see the sun’s brightness without seeing the sun itself. They are one and the same. Fourth, a further revelation is that Jesus is the sustainer of all things! – “upholding all things by the word of his power.” Hebrews 1.3. Also, fifth (verse 3), he “by himself purged our sins”, and Sixth (verse 3), he now sits at God’s right hand.

In brief Jesus has two dwellings - one in heaven, and the other in the Christian’s heart.



n The Church notices published below are supplied by local churches and will be now be repeated weekly as church service directory for each month. All care is taken in their preparation by The Plains Producer – but as we rely on information supplied, no responsibility for accuracy will be taken. Churches should advise us of any changes immediately – or in the last week of the preceding month. Please advise us of any changes by emailing April 19

April 26

May 3

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am

anglican Balaklava.................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge..........11.00am

anglican Balaklava..............9am & 7pm Hamley Bridge..........11.00am

anglican Balaklava.................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge..........11.00am

CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava......... Liturgy 9.00am

CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava.......... Mass 10.30am

CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava......... Liturgy 9.00am

CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am

CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am

CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am

Community church Pinery........................ 7.00pm LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am

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Community church Pinery........................ 9.00am LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am

Community church Pinery........................ 9.00am LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am

LUTHERAN Auburn....................... 9.00am Balaklava..................... 9.00am

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UNITING Mallala....................... 8.45am Two Wells................ 10.30am Owen Comm............. 9.30am Hamley Bridge......... 11.00am Windsor .................... 9.00am Balaklava.................... 9.00am Nantawarra..................9.00am Lochiel.......... with Nantawarra Pt Wakefield.............. 11.00am

UNITING Mallala....................... 8.45am Two Wells................ 10.30am Owen Comm............11.00am Hamley Bridge........... 9.15am Windsor .................... 9.00am Balaklava...................10.00am Nantawarra........... with Lochiel Lochiel......................10.00am Pt Wakefield..............10.00am

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Win this medallion collection THE Plains Producer is marking the significance of ANZAC Day and helping the RSL in the lead-up to April 25 with a competition to bring out the ANZAC community spirit. Sands of Gallipoli and the RSL are providing a 2009 limited edition commemorative set of medallions valued at $195 for a reader who tells us in 500 words or less – “where have all the medals gone?” This is a chance to celebrate and record your family’s involvement in Australia’s encounters. We want you to hunt out family medals and tell the medal’s story, from

how it was earned, what it means to your family – or even if you simply found it in an old box in the shed. Ideally, stories will be about 500 words. Some selected entries will be published in The Plains Producer. Send entries to “Sands of Gallipoli” competition, preferably via email – editor@ or post to PO Box 63, Balaklava 5461. Fax – 8862 1997. A winner will be announced after ANZAC Day, in the April 29 edition. • You can purchase other “Sands of Gallipoli” items. See advertisement for more details.

Frost family proud of service to nation Malcolm Frost, of Two Wells, relates the family history of the medals of Lighthorseman, James Malcolm Frost.


Now that daylight saving has finished, new watering times are in place. So cut out this guide and stick it on your fridge as a reminder to water within the enhanced level 3 water restrictions. Of course, letting nature do the watering for you is always the first priority, but in the event of no rain, make sure to stick to your allocated time and continue to save water.



SERVICE to a nation – the medals and record of the Frost brothers.

numbered houses Tuesday & Saturday 7–10am or 4–7pm

James Malcolm FROST Born January 2, 1892 (Port Gawler district). Enlisted November 26, 1914 at Wagin, WA to the 10th Light Horse, Regimental No. 405, aged 22 years and 11 months. James had served for two years and eight months previously with the 25th Light Horse of WA. Embarked on the Surada on February 17, 1915, and for Gallipoli, from Alexandria on May 16, 1915. Disembarked from Gallipoli on December 24, 1915 arriving at Alexandria on December 27, 1915. Appointed Lance Corporal January 22 1916. Killed in Action August 5, 1916 aged 24 in the Hamisah engagement at Hod el Fatir. Originally laid to rest at Bir el Nagid. Exhumed and reburied in August 1926 to Plot E Grave 461 at the Kantara War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt. display in his home. Emotions of pride and gratitude rose when I saw the brilliant job my brother had achieved, of preserving and displaying our father’s medals. I immediately resolved to do a similar thing with those medals relating to our uncle who was killed in action during WW1. More medals were traded between siblings and all of the ones relating to our Uncle Jim were subsequently collected and arranged to be restored into a framed ‘conservation’ display. This display (pictured above) is now

mounted prominently in our home as a reminder of our previous generation’s service to our nation. An original studio photograph showing three brothers together in uniform was included in the framed conservation with the following caption: The three FROST brothers pictured: Hubert (standing), James (left) and Frank (right), were ANZAC Light Horsemen. Each served on Gallipoli and in the Desert Campaign with James ‘paying the ultimate sacrifice’ in the Sinai.

3 hours per week



numbered houses Wednesday & Sunday 7–10am or 4–7pm

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Other watering systems

Watering times remain unchanged for people with a permit who are unable to adhere to restrictions due to age or disability. To find out more, visit or phone 1800 130 952.

JAM SAW/0018/P/404

t was quite fair and reasonable at the time of distributing our father’s estate at Two Wells that the war service medals be shared as equally as possible amongst the family beneficiaries. No doubt, these medals were then sequestered away, along with other personally prized possessions of a similar size. Likely they were stowed away in cupboard drawers, mainly forgotten, not to be seen often or reflected upon. Separated and sequestered in drawers far apart; far, far apart in the case of our family, with some being in Canada, some in south east SA, and others remaining at Two Wells. After many years, the youngest sibling made a tentative approach to accumulate all of the medals that related directly to our father. Initially, this suggestion was not well received and no medal relocations occurred. However, a second approach was made, along with an offer of trading other family medals for those of our father. This trade offer was accompanied with a detailed explanation of why he wanted to collect together each of the medals belonging to our father. He planned to preserve them as a framed and mounted conservation group along with a photo of Dad mounted and in uniform along with a short résumé of his war service. He had seen this done elsewhere and being impressed, wished to undertake the same exercise and to have the medals on permanent

When can I water my garden?


Pinery meeting’s drought challenge Sixty people attended the “Break the Drought” meeting held at the Pinery hall earlier this month, with some travelling from as far away as Jamestown and the Eyre Peninsula. The well supported meeting was chaired by Hon Neil Andrew OA, former Federal Member for Wakefield, who still has an interest in the Murray irrigation area. He shared his insight into the plight of the river Murray system and Murray Darling Basin, backed up with graphs of the cycle of the river flows over the last 100 years. The panel of Neil Andrew, Pastor Rob Lawson, from Pinery Community Church, and Pastor Graham Lawrie, (former Balaklava Church of Christ Minister) responded to questions and comments from the floor. Rev Ian Davidson from Sydney concluded, challenging the commitment of the audience to trusting the Lord for His answer.

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Companies fined over landfill injury Two companies have been fined a total of almost $80,000 after a workplace injury at the Dublin landfill. Following a trial last year, partners of Integrated Waste Services, Acquista Investments and Collex, received their penalties last week. The companies were found guilty of failing to ensure an employee was safe from injury, failing to provide and maintain a safe system of work, and failing to provide adequate information, instruction, training and supervision.

SafeWork SA prosecuted after a truck driver was injured during an operation to unload bales of compressed waste from his vehicle in January 2005. The court heard the man was standing inside the trailer to sweep out fallen waste when he was struck by a bale weighing hundreds of kilos, which had fallen from the stacked load still within the trailer. The man sustained serious injuries from being crushed, including fractures to his pelvis, knee and lower back.

Industrial Magistrate Stephen Lieschke said, “The risk of injury created by the unsafe work circumstances was potentially a fatal injury.” The worker has largely recovered from his injuries, but his treatment is ongoing and he has since retired from the workforce. Collex Pty Ltd was fined $40,000 and Acquista Investments Pty Ltd was fined $37,500. Both parties have indicated they will appeal against their convictions and penalties.


Brinkworth Australian Plant Society president, Andrew Clucas, studies buds and gum nuts from a roadside tree near Hart with Dean Nicholle.

Brinkworth plant group gets advice from an expert By Anne Green


Members of Australian Plants Society, Brinkworth branch, were fortunate to share a Sunday afternoon field trip with world Eucalypt expert and author, Dean Nicholle. Mr Nicholle is founder and owner of Currency Creek Arboretum where he has been planting Eucalypts from all over Australia since 1993. The arboretum is a 32.5 hectares specialist eucalypt research centre near Goolwa, where more than 750 eucalypt species are in cultivation. Several seedlings of each species are planted, all grown from seed collected by Mr Nicholle during multiple trans-continental road (and off-road) trips, in the company of his equally enthusiastic father. The ultimate aim is to have every Australian species represented in the arboretum. In the course of this work and by carefully observing and documenting each tree as it grows, he has built up an internationally renowned database of information on this iconic Australian species. The recent tour of minor roads, between Clare, Hart and Brinkworth was organised by Helen Weckert and gave participants an opportunity to hone their identification skills, using Mr Nicholle’s expertise, and to better appreciate the diversity of tree species which they were more used to passing without a second glance. The afternoon concluded with a barbecue tea at the home of Helen and Bruce Weckert.

news in brief

Residential exclusions

The Australian Government’s Education Tax Refund means you could get 50% back on a range of your children’s education expenses. It’s a refund of up to $375 for each primary school child and $750 for each secondary school child. You can claim expenses like textbooks, stationery, educational software and even computers, printers and the internet. If you receive Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A (or a government payment prevents you receiving FTB Part A) for a child at school, you will be eligible. You claim the refund on your tax return. If you don’t need to lodge a tax return you can still claim, so be sure to keep your receipts. To find out more visit or call 13 28 61

Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra.

The new Residential Development Code may only apply to residential zones within Wakefield Regional Council after council applied to State government for an exemption for all other zones. The Code was developed by State government to simplify planning approvals and create greater consistency across the state. In a report to council, environmental services manager, Elca McCarthy, said some areas such as country township settlement and rural zones should be excluded, leaving residential zones at Balaklava and Port Wakefield under the new residential code.

‘Woody’ joins council

Well-known local resident and former Horizon Christian School principal David Woodroofe has been appointed community development officer at Wakefield Regional Council. David, who now lives in Owen with wife Joy, will replace the resigning Jeff McEachen, who is leaving council to travel.

Active Club grants

Applications are now open for the second and final rounds of the State government’s Active Club Program for 2008/09 with more than $1 million in grants up for grabs. Community sport and recreation clubs can apply for funding, which will provide $2.35 million to grassroots clubs over two rounds this financial year. Applications close on May 18. For more information, phone 7424 7708 or go to the website, Funding is available for a range of projects aimed at increasing participation in sports or active recreation such as improvements to playing surfaces or facilities, lighting, irrigation systems and clubroom upgrades,



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Pre view Football writer KYM JARMAN previews the APFL football season, which starts Saturday:

Here we go!

Another season gets up close and personal

I CAN the Eagles lead the way again – as displayed by Shane Brahm, showing a clean pair of heels to United’s Adam Mansfield in last year’s preliminary final. The Eagles upset United on the last kick of the day to then go on to defeat Mallala by seven points in an unexpected grand final victory.

t is almost here! APFL season 2009 is almost here and I can’t wait! Not only has each year since 2006 thrown up some of the most enthralling and nail-biting football for some time here on the plains, each passing year seems to bring all seven sides closer together on a competitive level. In the late 1990s and early-mid 2000s we always seemed to have a couple of sides set to dominate the competition each year. You could almost predict the top two, maybe even the top four and for the most part you could almost pick a winner in each APFL match on any given weekend. Oh, how times have changed! Two seasons ago in 2007 we had United, Mallala and HWE all finishing equal on premiership points at the end of the minor round in positions one to three. The competition was so close rumour has it the HWE players only realised they had finished third and not second or first at 8pm in the clubrooms at their last minor round match. We had Balaklava and Two Wells breathing

down their necks after both being part of finals action the year before. Similarly, last year, although the class of Mallala had them a couple of games better than anyone else at the end of August, HWE, United and Balaklava this time all finished on equal premiership points in ladder positions two, three and four. The unlucky side again was Two Wells – yet they were genuine finals contenders at the half way mark of last year. Both Virginia and Hamley Bridge also took much larger steps in 2008 than the previous year and they also look set to take another in season 2009. What this means overall is the APFL is not only becoming more exciting each season but it is also becoming tighter with all sides nearing the level of being able to beat anyone on their given day. I am predicting this season to be the closest yet! n Continued next page


Dylan, Bek, Iggy & staff of the Mallala Hotel would like to wish all players, coaches & clubs the best of luck for the 2009 Netball and Football season!

$10 Schnitzel Night Every Tuesday We cook till 9pm so call in after training to satisfy your taste buds

Phone: 8527 2249


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Adelaide PlainS Football League

season 09 Preview

It’s ‘open season’ for premiership Most clubs have ability to claim flag • From Previous Page Reigning premier Hummocks Watchman Eagles has a squad of similar proportion to last season and they will head the pack, given their self-confidence, professionalism and experience at the business end of the season. Mallala on paper don’t seem as strong this year as last, although their core group of 10-15 athletic local players will hold them in good stead for another assault at finals action United has lost some big names so this means sides like Two Wells can see the door being slightly ajar – whether they can take the opportunity and take one more step in 2009 will provide a nice side show between now and September. Balaklava will continue to improve and they are on track to once again be in the mix and there is no doubt Virginia, in their second year under South Australian football legend Greg Phillips, are set to take another step in their rise back towards finals action. Hamley Bridge while not expecting miracles in 2009 also have boosted their squad and are looking to be setting themselves to cause some upsets this season.

UNITED’S new coach, John ‘JD’ Ellis has been a club stalwart for more than two decades. This centenary season of the APFL is wide open. If any one side from the Eagles right down to the Bombers click and get into a rich vein of momentum, anything is possible between now and September. Your guess is as good as mine at to who will be at Long Plains on “that one day in September”! The start of footy season this weekend will also mark the start of a new season for the Reserves, Senior and Junior Colts Football and Adelaide Plains Netball Association.

Footy season brings many things. It brings a togetherness of the local community with hundreds if not collectively thousands of people together to catch up with friends, interact with the local community and be a part of a sporting club culture that will hold them and their children in good stead for future aspects of life. On a junior level sport teaches youngsters that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. It teaches youngsters the importance of being a team player, the importance of concentration, listening, and the importance of dealing with emotions. A team and club environment of course gives not just children but all people the chance to meet new friends and spend time with them in the close knit environment that is a football club. In a way for parents of junior players, past-players and supporters the club as a whole is the extension of the team. All people who attend local footy and support their local team can be part of a culture that is local footy. It’s a culture that is unique to the country areas and one that is

HEATH Pym, in action in the BBH trial last week, returns from the Woodville West Torrens Under 19’s to play for the Tigers

envied in the capital cities. For many attending, the local country footy is the epiphany of how to spend a winter’s Saturday – from child right up to grandpa! When you look at it from an entertainment point of view it is a pretty cost-efficient day out for a family looking to spend their Saturday being able to mingle with other people from the district, let the kids run around and have a game, buy lunch from the canteen and interact on a social level and relieve the stress of a working week. In fact for many, Saturday’s footy is just the release they need to forget


everything else and simply enjoy the company of others. Many locals in the Adelaide Plains who volunteer so much to their local footy club each winter are lost in the summer months just waiting for April to roll around once again. Well, for them the wait is almost over! A new season starts this Saturday and for all of us it is the start of another six months likely to bring highs, lows, ups, downs, jubilation, surprise and disappointment – footy season can be responsible for a rollercoaster ride of emotion – and don’t we love it!


1909 – 2009: Centenary of Adelaide Plains football APFL President - Brad Busch Vi c e p r e s i d e n t - R o c c o Musolino Secretary - Heather Curnow Directors - Colin Jenner, Des O’Halloran, Andy Seccafien and Greg Tucker. Recorder - Andy Seccafien Umpires co-ordinator - Doug Tallboy Tribunal secretary Greg Tucker Milestones: Centenary Year for APFL Balaklava President - Andrew Lane Vice president - Mark Heaslip Secretary - Pete Georg Treasurer - Dave Cmrlec Milestones: 1999 premiership reunion. Major sponsors: Balco; Terminus Hotel; Royal Hotel; McCracken Ford. Hamley Bridge President - Newton Lines Vice president - Matthew Koch Secretary - Liam Pratt Treasurer - Denika Schell Committee - Darren Eastwood, Ashley Natt, Richard Gregory, Leroy Rosenzweig and Sue Lines Milestones: Darren Eastwood to play his 400th game Hummocks Watchman Eagles President - Anthony Williams/ Richard Taylor Secretary - Jill Taylor Treasurer - Grant Manners Social Club treasurer - Shirley Wilson.

Head trainer - Susan Caines Milestones: The 25th reunion of the Port Wakefield Eagles 1984 premiership side will be held this Saturday as the Hummocks side meets Mallala at Port Wakefield. HWE A grade players will commemorate the game by wearing the traditional Port Wakefield guernsey on the day, and a tea at the clubrooms will follow. Life membership in 2009: Ned McGregor, John Nicholls and Anthony Williams

FLASHBACK: Hamley Bridge legend Darren Eastwood is carried from the ground after his 300th game on May 9, 2003. Mallala President - Jim Franks Vice president - Neil Tiller Secretary - Ian Stuart Assistant secretary - Stuart Roberts Treasurer - Barry Sowerby Ladies committee - Julie Griffiths Social committee and junior

panel rep - Liam Whitwell Bar manager - John Angus Committee members - Michael Coe, Andrew Barr, Rick Graham, Rick Campbell, Craig Argent, Paul Blacket, Tim Cawrse and Dylan Stodart. Natalie Cheek continues as canteen manager.

100 years of the Magpies

MILESTONES: Biggest news of the season is the club’s centenary, which will be celebrated with two major events. A centenary football match and book launch will take place on Saturday, June 13 against United. Club life members will present centenary jumpers to the A grade players at half time during the Reserves match, and teas will be available after the game where the centenary book will be launched and the centenary jumpers auctioned. Don Pitt will be guest speaker. A centenary reunion will be held at Mallala Football Club on Sunday, August 9. Past and present members are invited to attend the three course lunch with guest speakers highlighting the achievements and special moments of the club in their respective eras. Memorabilia will be displayed to give everyone an opportunity to catch up with team mates of yesteryear. Two Wells President - Jeff Moon Vice president - Brenton Applebee

Secretary - Annette Schuitt Treasurer - Peter Cocks MILESTONES: Jeff Moon returns as president of the newly named Two Wells Football and Netball Sporting Club. The club will hold its A grade guernsey and A1 netball auction on May 9. Club sponsors are Two Wells Tavern, Two Wells Commercial Hotel, Old No. 7 Transport, Freightmaster Semi Trailers, Olympic Industries, Bendigo Bank, IGA Two Wells, Brice Metals, TML Transport, Borilold Solicitors. United President - Mike Sharman Vice president - Kelvin Gameau Secretary - James Rundle Treasurer - Peter Pym Off field, M i c h a e l S h a r m a n (pictured) will continue his role as president and he will be assisted by his newly appointed vice president in Kelvin Gameau. James Rundle and Mark Pym will continue to share the secretary role while Peter Pym continues as treasurer for his club record 20th successive season. The remaining committee comprises Mick McArdle, Tom McArdle, Simon Baker, Ben Pym, Todd Daniel, Michael Warnes, Luke Walker, Gary Jones and Cliff Fabry.

Peter Walker and Deb Sharer will continue in their roles as club trainers and the club cannot thank them enough for all the work they do. MILESTONES: United is very excited to be hosting this year’s grand final so you will notice plenty of action happening around the club at the moment with the front verandah getting a much needed face lift including the creation of a disabled entrance to the front door. The club is also in the process of extending the property boundary to help create some more car parking over the coming years. The club has also purchased two new televisions to keep everyone entertained during the winter. The United Football Club’s major sponsor this season will be Sharman Metaland and the club thanked them for their ongoing support. The club also thanked all the volunteers who help out in so many ways to either get the players on the field or to cater for all supporters during the day and into the evening. “The club cannot be more grateful to all people who undertake these duties.” Virginia President - Paul Starr Vice president -Ken Seccafien Secretary/clearance officer Megan Starr Treasurer - Julie Limb MILESTONES: Virginia Football Club is having a major upgrade to its changeroom facilities this year. BTR and the Wheatsheaf Hotel continue as major sponsors.

Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009

season 09 Preview ‘Special’


Adelaide PlainS Football League

Was 2008 the best premiership of them all? Can the Eagles once again soar to glory in September?


OW many times can they do it? Season 2008 was never meant to be the year of the Eagle! Well at least that was the view from most people outside the inner sanctum of the HWE Football Club at the half way mark of last season. Whether it was “wishful thinking” from many at other clubs around the district or not, all indicators this time last year did suggest that the “golden era” which had seen the club appear in five grand finals in seven years for a total of four premierships may have been coming to an end? At the start of the 2008 season people said there wasn’t much more for the group to achieve. People said their list was ageing. They had waved goodbye to state country representative Brad Valentine and full forward Evan Arnold in the off-season. And people said they would struggle to cover the losses of these players? The Eagles had defender and member of their leadership group Dylan Catford on the sidelines with

By Kym Jarman a long-term injury. They had missed the 2007 grand final (for the first time in five years) and lost to Balaklava in last year’s season opener by seven points. If their early season form hadn’t suggested the Eagles no longer had their “all conquering midas touch” then being part of a four way midseason battle for finals spots certainly did. The departure of gun midfielder, central zone captain and state country representative Joel Wilson in July had these “wishful thinkers” convinced the curtains were all but closing on the Eagles’ golden era. How wrong those people were! Despite the Eagles playing out one of their least convincing minor-round seasons in recent years (compared to what we have come to expect) they finished equal with United and Balaklava at the end of the minor round and won their way

HOW it was in season 2008.


through to the grand final of – albeit unconvincingly, via a considerable loss to Mallala in second semi and a narrow win in the preliminary final with the last kick of the day. They came up against red-hot favourite Mallala on their home ground in last year’s grand final – a game no-one really expected them to win. But on that day the Eagles took a stand, made a statement and off the back of a committed game plan and steely resolve, the most successful APFL club of this century refused to “call curtains” on their “golden

era” – they faced adversity and showed a champion team effort would always reign supreme, and the rest is history! The Eagles won their fifth premiership in eight years, and one that will arguably go down as their most “special” flag in their history as a combined club! Now turn the page and read how the mighty Eagles once again will plan for success ... to proudly defend their Premiership of 2008.


25 April

2 May

9 May

16 May

23 May

30 May

H/Watchman Eagles v Mallala (at Pt Wakefield) United v Balaklava Bye - Two Wells, Virginia, Hamley Bridge United v Mallala Balaklava v Two Wells Virginia v Hamley Bridge Bye - H/Watchman Eagles H/Watchman Eagles v United (at Pt Wakefield) Hamley Bridge v Balaklava Two Wells v Virginia Bye - Mallala Two Wells v H/Watchman Eagles Mallala v Virginia United v Hamley Bridge Bye - Balaklava Virginia v H/Watchman Eagles Balaklava v Mallala Hamley Bridge v Two Wells Bye - United H/Watchman Eagles v Balaklava (at Pt Wakefield) Two Wells v Mallala Virginia v United Bye - Hamley Bridge Mallala v Hamley Bridge United v Two Wells Balaklava v Virginia Bye - H/Watchman Eagles

6 June


13 June

Hamley Bridge v H/Watchman Eagles Mallala v United Virginia v Two Wells Bye - Balaklava H/Watchman Eagles v Virginia (at Pt Wakefield) Hamley Bridge v United Two Wells v Balaklava Bye - Mallala Mallala v H/Watchman Eagles Balaklava v United Two Wells v Hamley Bridge Bye - Virginia

20 June

27 June

Running in conjunction with Garden Grove Supplies

4 July

11 July

18 July

25 July

1 August

8 August

H/Watchman Eagles v Two Wells (at Pt Wakefield) Virginia v Mallala Balaklava v Hamley Bridge Bye - United United v H/Watchman Eagles Mallala v Balaklava Hamley Bridge v Virginia Bye - Two Wells Balaklava v H/Watchman Eagles Mallala v Two Wells United v Virginia Bye - Hamley Bridge Hamley Bridge v Mallala Two Wells v United Virginia v Balaklava Bye - H/Watchman Eagles

April 18 A1 3.00 A2, A4 1.45 A3, A5 12.30

July 4 A1 1.45 A2, A4 12.30 A3, A5 3.00

April 25 A1 1.45 A2, A4 12.30 A3, A5 3.00

July 11 A1 12.30 A2, A4 3.00 A3, A5 1.45

May 2 A1 12.30 A2, A4 3.00 A3, A5 1.45

July 18 A1 3.00 A2, A4 1.45 A3, A5 12.30



BALAKLAVA BALAKLAVA President: 8653 President: Craig CraigCox Cox- P: - P:8524 8524May 8653M:16 M:0439 0439646 646181 181 A.P.N.A. A.P.N.A. A1 1.45 A2, A4 12.30 Secretary: Sam Tiller P: 8862 2236 E: Secretary: Sam Tiller - P: 8862 2236 E:

A3, A5 3.00

HAMLEY HAMLEYBRIDGE BRIDGE May 23 President: President: Kelly KellyBuckby Buckby- P: - P:8525 85254025 Secretary: 8528 2059 A1 12.30 A2, A4 3.00 Secretary: Pauline PaulineSmith Smith- P/F: - P/F: 8528

A3, A5 1.45 H/Watchman Eagles v Hamley Bridge (at Lochiel) HUMMOCKS HUMMOCKS President: President: Tracy TracyAngel Angel- P/F: - P/F:8844 88443201 3201 Mallala v United May Secretary: Secretary: Jessica JessicaTaylor Taylor- M: - M:0409 0409081 081513 513 Two Wells v Virginia A1 3.00 A2, A4 1.45 Bye - Balaklava A3, A5 12.30 Virginia v H/Watchman Eagles United v Hamley Bridge Balaklava v Two Wells Bye - Mallala

15 August H/Watchman Eagles v Mallala (at Lochiel) United v Balaklava Hamley Bridge v Two Wells Bye - Virginia 22 August Two Wells v H/Watchman Eagles Mallala v Virginia Hamley Bridge v Balaklava Bye - United 29 August


H/Watchman Eagles v United (at Lochiel) Balaklava v Mallala Virginia v Hamley Bridge Bye - Two Wells

FINALS September 5 September 6 September 12 September 19

2nd Semi at Balaklava 1st Semi at Lochiel Preliminary Final at Two Wells Grand Final at United

LONG LONGPLAINS PLAINS President: 13 President: Trenna TrennaMcIntyre McIntyre- P: - June P:8527 85272662 2662 Secretary: Secretary: Erin ErinWarnes Warnes- P: - P:8528 8528 6420 A16420 1.45 A2, A4 12.30

A3, A5 3.00 MALLALA MALLALA President: President: Lisa LisaCurnow Curnow- P: - P:8527 85272173 June Secretary: Secretary: Tania TaniaHeaslip Heaslip- P: - P:8527 85277087 708720 A1 12.3

A2, A4 3.00

TWO TWOWELLS WELLS A3, 1.45 President: President: Tanya TanyaKent Kent- 8520 - 85202596 Secretary: Secretary: Annette AnnetteSchuit Schuit- P: - P:8520 85202552 2552 June 27

A1 3.00 A2, A4 1.45 VIRGINIA VIRGINIA President: 999 President: Paul PaulStarr Starr- P: - P:0408 0408A3, 999230 230E:E: A5 12.30 Secretary: Secretary: Dayna DaynaWarren Warren- P: - P:0403 0403709 709750 CLUB CLUBNAME NAME A1 A1

A2 A2

A3 A3

A4 A4

A5 A5

A1 1.45 A2, A4 12.30 A3, A5 3.00 Match Times Match Times -- 2009 2009 June April August June13th 13th April18th 18th August1st 1st August 1 A1 1.45 A1 12.30 A1A1 3.00 1.45 A1 12.30 3.00 A1 A2, A2, 3.00 A2, 1.45 A2,A4A4 A2,12.30 12.303.00 A2,A4A4 3.00 A2,A4A4 1.45 A1 12.30 A4 3.00 A3, 12.30 1.45 A3,A5A5 3.00 A3, A3,A5A5 12.30 A3, A3,A5A5 1.45 A3, A5 1.45 June 20th August 8th April 25th

June 20th August 8th April 25th 12.30 A1A1 1.45 3.00 12.30 A1A1 1.45 A1A1 3.00 August 8A4A4 3.00 1.45 A2, 12.30 A2, 3.00 A2, A2,A4A4 1.45 A2,A4A4 12.30 A2, A3, A5 1.45 A3, A5 12.30 A3, A5 3.00 1.451.45 A3, A5 12.30 A3, A5 A13.00 3.00A3, A5 A2, A4 June August May June27th 27th August15th 15th A3, A5 12.30 May2nd 2nd 3.00 1.45 A1A1 12.30 3.00 A1A1 1.45 12.30 A1A1 1.45 A2, 3.00 12.30 A2,A4A4 1.45 A2, A2,A4A4 3.00 A2, A2,A4A4 12.30 August 15 A5A5 12.30 3.00 A3, 1.45 A3, 12.30 A3, A3,A5A5 3.00 A3,A5A5 1.45 A3,

A1 1.45

A2, A4 12.30

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Adelaide PlainS Football League

season 09 Preview

Building on success O

n the eve of the 2009 season much is different at Hummocks Watchman Eagles. As flag holders, the club knows it cannot be written off as some suggested last year. The inclusion of a new coach to freshen things up and the announcement of two gun recruits have this year already led those “wishful thinkers” who doubted them last year to be looking over their shoulders. For the first time in many years the Eagles will be coached by someone from outside the local district. Mark Brandt comes to the club as a non-playing coach via Gawler Central in the Barossa, Light and Gawler Football Association. Along with Brandt, new players to join the playing group include dual premiership centre half back Joe Hunt, from Keith, (KNTFL Premiers 2007/08), gun forward and former SANFL league footballer, Daniel Thomas, from Barossa Districts, and James Knappstien, a competent A grade player from North Clare. Whilst the Eagles have lost 2008 best and fairest on-baller, David Barnes, who also contributed 41 goals last season and the ever-reliable experience and calm-


No doubt key recruit Daniel Thomas is one of the biggest signings we have seen in recent years. He is not necessarily a “big name” like some ex- AFL footballers who have graced our league in recent years. Nevertheless, he is a very good footballer. I personally saw him kick 9.9 in an inter-association match for the BL&G against the Hills in 2007. There are rumours he may miss some games due to his work commitments with the SANFL .



Kym Jarman’s

ing influence of Dylan Cicolella across half back, these new players are expected to fill the void left by these two quality players. Plus we know the Eagles cover player losses better than anyone. Daniel Thomas especially is expected to tear the competition apart. Joel Wilson, who left part-way through last season to head to Victoria is back in SA, although for Eagles fans they won’t be able to get too excited as Joel will be playing for Moonta in the YPFL due to work commitments. Speaking from time out on his honeymoon last week, new Eagles coach Mark Brandt was excited by

Mancic Seafoods Ben wishes Hummocks Watchman Eagles Football & Netball Clubs every success for 2009

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Brandt also mentioned new player Daniel Thomas’ experience and knowledge would be called on throughout the season “I have had a bit to do with Daniel over the years and he has a very good football brain. “He is happy to help out where he can and is also keen to assist the juniors as well which is great for the club.” All in all the Eagles are set to be around the mark again. If they are – then look out. We know their credentials come the business end of the season.

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ield Ca r avan Pa f e rk ak W t Best wishes to all Hummocks Watchman Eagles football & netball teams for 2009

Phone 8867 1151

David Barnes (Henley) Dylan Cicolella (Queensland) Amos Wilson (knee) Jeff Cowan (knee)


✄ COACHES A – Mark Brandt Reserves – Anthony Platt SC – Sam Jericho JC – Richard Taylor Minis – Rob Studham

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Coach Mark Brandt.

Pt Wakefield Motel

PETER HARCOURT and CO. But Especially Hummocks Watchman Eagles !!

what he had seen so far at training and in their three trial games. “I am really impressed with the commitment and attitude of the players,” he said. “When I look around and see how all the lads conduct themselves it’s not hard to see why they have had so much success.” He said former playing coach Jared Wilson was looking good and enjoying the fact he could concentrate on playing only once again. “Jazz is really enjoying it,” Brandt said. “ He is running around like a kid again and just enjoying training and being amongst the lads without the added pressure of coaching.”

Mark Brant (Coach) Gawler Central Joe Hunt (Keith) James Knappstein (North Clare) Daniel Thomas (Barossa District)

Mackie Hay

Best of luck to all football & netball teams for the coming season Contact Mark Heaslip Phone: 8862 1200 Fax: 8862 1199 Main Adelaide Rd, Balaklava

Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009


Adelaide PlainS Football League

or Mallala Football Club, the premiership cup of 2008 will be forever seen as “the one that got away.” After spending all but the entire 2008 season on top of the APFL table, the Magpies were undoubted favourites to secure back-to-back premierships last season. Not only did they drop just three games for the entire season (their third in last year’s grand final), they finished three games clear at the top of the table after the minor round and also emphatically won the second semi against eventual premier HWE by 28 points. Not only were the Mallala faithful already licking their lips midweek of the GF build up, but a home GF also had many in the district believing the flag was all but Mallala’s. We all know what happened on that final day of the season as the HWE defied the odds and trumped the flag favourites, thanks to a relentless pressure display in what was a very low scoring grand final. Did Mallala have a good season in 2008? Definitely! Would they view season 2008 as a failure? Probably! How they bounce back this year will certainly be the talking point of the coming season. A season that marks the club’s centenary. In 2009 they will have the nucleus of the same side that took them to the big dance in the past two seasons, although this year, like the last, they have once again lost some important players in the off-season. The 2008 midfielder John Southern is currently overseas and has put no end date on when he will return.

season 09 Preview Why Mallala must bounce back ✔ INS Kym Jarman’s X FACTOR



Despite the loss of three players which helped them become the “team to beat” last year there is no doubt the Magpies should still be there come September. Nothing comes easy in football and the Magpies learnt this the hard way on Grand Final day last season. Given the disappointment of their finish to last year, the telling sign for Mallala this year will come when it’s time for their big guns to stand up at the business end of the season!

JONNO Wildbore will make an impact this year – once he recovers from broken ribs. Dean Christie, who made a big impact last year, is trying his luck with West Adelaide in the SANFL and may stay there if all goes well. The Magpies have also lost the services of ruckman Ben Moffatt who will play for Blyth Snowtown (although he was spotted in Mallala’s B grade trial against Nuriootpa two weeks ago) and Matthew Head has chosen to concentrate on study for the coming months. Coming in as a replacement in the ruck de-

partment will be the 19-year-old Joe Davis, who comes to Mallala from Barossa District. Other than him, Mallala has picked up the services of two other players, Graham White (Brahma Lodge) and Kale Jamieson (Kapunda) although neither are expected to have an immediate impact due to each of them recovering from knee reconstructions. Jonno Wildbore elevates himself to the A grade squad, although he too will have to wait a few weeks as he recovers from broken ribs sustained in the trial against Berri. Coach Keith Earl has been impressed with his club’s pre-season performance and is also impressed with the positive attitude of the group off the back of last season’s disap-

pointing finish. “It’s all been positive during this pre-season. We started pre-season on the first Tuesday in February and we have had good numbers out to each session. We have had two good trials against Berri and Nuriootpa and the lads are raring to go and excited about round one.” Earl suggests Joel Montgomerie looks especially good this pre-season and looks keen to resurrect the kind of form that saw him as the clear Plains Producer Medal favourite at the end of their 2007 premiership winning season. If the Magpies can cover the loss of Moffatt and win enough ball in the midfield they will be around the mark again.



Good luck to all APFL & APNA teams for 2009

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Ben Moffatt (Blyth/Snowtown) John Southern (Overseas) Dean Christie (West Adelaide) Matthew Head (Study)

✄ COACHES A: Keith Earl Reserves: Richard Crewdson SC: Andrew Barr JC: Chris Hummell

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Joe Davis (Barossa District). Senior Colts coming up: Jonno Wildbore.

Good luck to all football & netball teams for 2009

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season 09 Preview

Adelaide PlainS Football League

he big names are gone, so are the expectations and the club that is known as United will be back to its former self – a working class set up with a squad of 40 plus men working as one – United! That’s the view of new Tiger Coach John “JD” Ellis who takes over the reins at the Long Plains based club he played for and has supported for over two decades. To be honest, United has never been a club of front runners. In fact United has probably failed more times as “favourites” than they have in games or seasons in which they are expected to win. No-one could argue against 2007 and 2008 premiers Mallala and HWE being the best two sides of those respective seasons. However, it can be strongly argued that “on paper” it was United who has had the most “individual talent” over the past two years! Despite being two injuries away from a possible flag in 2007 and just one kick away from a grand final appearance last year, United will see the last two seasons as somewhat of a disappointment. No moment was more heart wrenching for the star-studded Tiger line up than in last year’s preliminary final when a dubious 50m penalty was awarded to HWE in the final 30 seconds of the match, gifting the Eagles a goal which caused the Tigers dreams of grand final re-match with Mallala to fade to dust! The match will of course always be remembered more for the appearance of “a streaker” rather than of the fact United were so close to taking HWE’s place in a GF that proved

Working as one Can United’s ‘local look’ banish past demons?


Kym Jarman’s

Will the loss of 7-8 “big names” from season 2008 hurt the tigers? No doubt they have lost some talent. The big question will be whether or not returning locals Pym and McArdle along with their new recruits and upcoming juniors can cover the loss of those who have departed? ladder leaders Mallala were in fact “beatable”! Whilst there are many big names which have departed the Tigers in the off-season including playing coach Shayne Broad, finals superstar Quinton Graham, goal kicking machine Willy Serle and former AFL star Che Cockatoo-Collins (who has retired) United has bought in some immediate replacements which they will hope can fill the void left by this group. Will Banton comes to the club as a 27-year-old ruckman with Divi-

sion 1 Amateur League and Kowree Naracoorte Tatiara Football League grand final experience. Adrian Mills who last year won Gumeracha’s best and fairest award and is also a CDFC U/19 best and fairest winner. Tom Guerin comes to the club from Kadina where he kicked 40 goals last year. He also kicked six goals in United’s recent trial against YP club Southern Eagles. Joining these recruits, the Tigers will welcome home two ‘favourite sons’ of the club in Sam McArdle (returning from a career which included two SANFL premierships with CDFC in 2000/2001 and who has since spent time in New Zealand) and last year’s Woodville West Torrens U/19 vice captain Heath Pym, who also returns to his home club this season as a 19-year-old. Young guns Dylan Carter (last year’s APFL U/17 captain), Adam Pratt (last year’s U/17 leading goal kicker) and hopefully the super-talented James Abberley, all come up from senior colts as well. The Tigers certainly have real “local” look about their squad in season 2009 and coach John Ellis is excited



✗ OUTS JAMES Rundle has been in top pre-season form. about the looming season and has vowed all at the club will be working as one in a bid to launch a full scale attack at the finals series. “This year’s squad will make last year’s look old and slow,” Ellis said. “We have a mix of youth to complement experience. Some players have had a really great pre-season, none more than James Rundle. “Michael Davey has also been good. The majority of our group are ready to go”.

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Chris & Min wish all APFL & APNA clubs a successful season

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Willy Serle (Kadina) Mikey Brown (Kadina) Shayne Broad South Gawler) Paul Vandenbergh (South Gawler) Che Cockatoo-Collins (Retired) Quinton Graham (Gumeracha) Michael Taylor (Wallaroo)

✄ COACHES A – John Ellis Reserves – Michael Trussell SC – Peter McIntyre JC – Jamie McArdle Minis – Kelvin Gameau, Mark Lane

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John Ellis (Coach) Will Banton (Gaza) Tom Guerin (Kadina) Adrian Mills (Gumeracha) Sam McArdle (Returning from NZ) Heath Pym (Returning from WWT U/19’s)

Dublin General Store & Post Office Jason & Renae wish United footballers & Longies netballers all the best for 2009

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Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009

Adelaide PlainS Football League

season 09 Preview


Balaklava draws on young guns


Kym Jarman’s

How the junior talent at Peckerland progresses will have much to say about where Balaklava finishes at the end of the season. Not to put pressure on the youngsters, but it was the performance of some first and second year A grader’s last year that had the Peckers leap -frogging Two Wells into the 2008 finals series. If these players take another step and the “next batch of youth” performs equally as well in their turn at the “big time” – Balaklava with a mix of youth and experience could be a smokey to be there at seasons end? fully fit Ben Catford and Jonathon Evans ready to have big seasons. With the re-inclusions of twin towers Benny Lamond (returning from Freeling) and Justin Walker (returning from long term injury) it means the extra height this year should allow the option of playing 2008 best and fairest Hayden Walker up forward if need be. Todd McPharlin’s return from the junior ranks at Woodville/West Torrens will also give the Peckers another roving and crumbing option. Coach Michael was taking it one step at a time however. “At this stage the plan is just to make the final four, if we can achieve that then as you know anything can happen from there.” “As we showed in defeating HWE last year, we know our best is good enough – so hopefully we can be in the top four at the halfway mark of the season and push on from there.” But for now he is happy to keep progressing, blooding the youth and seeing where it takes them. My guess is upwards!

PECKER rising stars gather at training. Rear, (from left) Justin Michael, Brad Michael, Matthew Fiegert, Aaron Williams, and Matthew Pascoe. Front: Dillon Parker, Jared Cmrlec, Todd McPharlin and Kane Ruiz. miss a number of games due to work commitments. Gib Palmer heads up the reserves as coach in what promises to be an exciting era for the next generation with plenty of youth now filtering through senior ranks. Michael has clearly stated this season will be another “development” season for the club and that he is happy to keep “blooding the youth.”

“I am keen to give young blokes an opportunity again this year, especially if they are prepared to put in the work,” Michael said. “There are already some positive signs, with lads like Jonathon Brice who went alright up forward in our first trial game against Southern Flinders.” The outlook is bright all round for Balaklava in season 2009 with a


9 Edith Tce, Balaklava - Phone 8862 1607

The Friedrichs family wish all Balaklava football & netball teams every success for the 2009 season Drop in for a coldie after the footy


“Get with the power”

Andrew (and the dog) supporting the Balaklava “Peckers” Football Club for a great 2009 season

Phone 8862 1602 Mobile 0417 823 405

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Todd McPharlin (from WWT U/19’s); Brenton Lamond (Freeling) Shane Farley (Freeling); Justin Michael (Border Downs/Tintinara); Dylan Parker (Mintaro/Manoora); Justin Walker (from long term Injury) Senior Colts coming up: Aaron Williams (2008 APFL U/17 Medallist), Kane Ruiz, Brad Michael, Matthew Pascoe, Jared Cmrlec, Shaun Henderson, Luke Simon, Matt Fiegert


✗ OUTS Jake Levy (Para Hills) Dylan Ruiz (Para Hills) Ian McMillan (Freeling) Brad Higgs (HWE)


✄ COACHES A – Andy Michael Reserves – Gib Palmer SC – Rob Michael JC – Peter Friedrichs

Terminus Hotel Allan, Sally & staff wish all Balaklava Football & Netball teams every success for the coming season

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Best of luck to all APFL & APNA football & netball teams

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t last year’sAPFL association medal count Balaklava A grade coach, Andy Michael, didn’t think he deserved the 2008 “coach of the year” award! This was despite blooding many of Balaklava’s juniors into A grade footy last season, developing a fine mix between youth and experience, creating a very competitive environment at the club, and all in all having a pretty good season (finishing equal second at the end of the minor round). But in the wake of losing last year’s first semi final, Michael’s words on that night suggested he clearly saw 2008 as a failed year! Not that he was harsh on the playing group. I think he more so had set a higher standard for himself as a coach – just as he did as a player. However, over the summer months – and in speaking to him last week – I got the feeling he knows the club is on the right track. Despite last season’s semi final disappointment he knows if the Peckers keep heading in the same direction with their young local players they could well set themselves up for many successful years to come. Things look good at Balaklava with the fitness level of the senior group being ahead of what it was at the same stage last year. Former premiership player Shane Farley has returned to the club, although he may

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Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2008

season 09 Preview

Adelaide PlainS Football League

Reason to be excited


very season at Two Wells brings new excitement – because it is the Roosters who year after year promise to be the youngest and most exciting list to grace the fields of the Adelaide Plains Football League. This year is no exception! Two Wells is preparing for another season as the youngest side in the Adelaide Plains Football league. Coach Stephen Fitzgerald said the team’s average age was 19 in the last three games of 2008. With five quality U17 players in the A-grade side this season, Fitzgerald is expecting the average age to drop even lower. Khan Leighton (2007 APFL U/17 Medallist), Peter Seccafein, Lachlan Franklin, Stephen Devine and Luke Saunders from U17s are all long term A-grade prospects for Two Wells - although we may have to wait a while to see ruck prospect Saunders make his A grade mark as he recently suffered a broken foot. The team arguably has the youngest captain in the league as well. Scott Humphrys, 21, will captain the A-grade side again this year, after moving from Blyth/Snowtown in 2004. “Such a young side shows a lot of enthusiasm, fitness and speed, and most of the players benefit from having last year in senior footy,” Fitzgerald said. “We tried to recruit players to fill positions our


Kym Jarman’s


With a young group it will be so important for Two Wells’ new players to boost the existing group. Two Wells has for three seasons had an abundance of local running-type players. If these new acquisitions, who are expected to hold down key defence and attacking positions, fire and the rising senior colts can also contribute, the Roosters can give the competition a real shake. It’s been a similar story for the last two seasons. Can they really step up this year?

ABOVE: Two Wells captain, Scott Humphrys ...”need to be more consistent.” RIGHT: Khan Leighton.

own U17 program didn’t meet.” On-baller Willy Sansbury is a key recruit, along with small forward Ben Spiteri, key defender Matt Floyd, key forward Tyson Knight and tall forward Milton Graham. U17 medallist, Jimmy Struck, is also returning to the club this season. Humphrys said the new recruits were key position players, which would free up some of the other handy players to move around the field more. Travis Uren will be returning after injury cut his 2008 season short. Justin Antony is also

expected to have a good season playing as a regular A grader this time around – expected to fill the void up forward left by last year’s leading goal kicker Daniel Grugovic (42 goals). Both the coach and captain’s debuts in 2008 saw the team miss a spot in finals, after a series of close losses. Humphrys said last year the side hit a wall mid-season, and as a result didn’t achieve their goals of making finals. This year they both believe finals are not out of reach. “We aim to make finals this

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Willie Sansbury (Callington); Milton Graham (Callington); Ben Spiteri (Gawler Central); Tyson Knight (MorganCadell); Matt Floyd (Murray Bridge); Jimmy Struck (returning). Senior Colts coming up: Kahn Leighton, Peter Seccafien, Lachlan Franklin, Stephen Devine, Luke Saunders.


✗ OUTS season, but we need to work on being more consistent throughout the whole year.” Humphrys said. “There are some players who’ve been up in A-grade for a few years now, and they’re expected to play more mature roles,” he said. Humphrys said good signs came out of their first trial match against Freeling in March. They will play Blyth/Snowtown (tomorrow) Friday. oCompiled with additional information from Bronte Hewett.

Come in and celebrate after the footy at

Two Wells Tavern

Daniel Grugovic (Brahma Lodge) Sean Buss (Fitzroy) Scott Fraser (Broadview) Chris Oliver (Interstate)


✄ COACHES A – Stephen Fitzgerald Reserves – Troy Treverton SC – Neville Seccafien JC – David Gameau


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Adelaide PlainS Football League

season 09 Preview


Gaining strength

Virginia’s recruits to force a new respect

I RYAN Starr in action last season.


Kym Jarman’s

X-Factors Anton Gerardis and Anthony Johnson are just that! In football circles it is known these two can play. In fact, it could be argued this pair, along with Daniel Thomas (HWE), make up the biggest three APFL signings of 2009. How they gel with the group and perform in the APFL, coupled with an obvious need for commitment levels to rise amongst local players will have a bearing on whether the Rams can make the finals or not. The Rams are desperate to do so in their 101st year as a club.

n what will be the 101st year of the Virginia Football Club, the Rams are setting themselves to advance further back up the ladder and towards this year’s APFL finals series. Although the Rams have been a shadow of their former self in recent seasons, last year under the guidance of former Port Adelaide, Collingwood and South Australian centre half back Greg Phillips, they began to take some steps towards once again becoming an ultra competitive combination. In 2008 the Rams were much more consistent than they had been in 2007. Their running game became more influential and overall their teamwork began to show up the opposition on many occasions – although it didn’t always result in a win at the end of four quarters. While there is still a lot of work to do before Virginia is back to the force they were in the late 90s, things at Ram Park are looking good and a more committed effort from the group on the training track in the pre-season should have the Rams excited about the season ahead. The Rams have bolstered their playing stocks with the inclusion of some very good footballers who will certainly have an impact in the APFL this year. Anton Gerardis comes to the Rams as a goal kicking forward via the South Gawler club. He has also played for Gaza in Division One amateur league – he will take some stopping. Anthony Johnson, who also comes across from South Gawler is a pacey wingman type with silky smooth skills and pace to burn. Stephen Papanotis, a favourite son of the club, returns from a long term injury and with other recruits who all come via clubs high up in the SA amateur league ranks, the Rams squad looks solid. Virginia has the highest import allocation of all the APFL clubs – something they can use to their advantage to assist their climb out of the bottom



✔ INS Anton Geradis (South Gawler) Anthony Johnston (South Gawler} Stephen Papanotis (returning from injury) Mark Cocchiro (Flinders Park) Ben Coyne (Gepps Cross) Ben Galic (Salisbury North) Adrian Mark (Salisbury North


✗ OUTS Shaun Johnston David Johnston, both to Paralowie. Andrew Lindsay, to Salisbury North.



NATHAN Warren looks for a team mate. two. It will be an interesting year at the APFL’s most southern club. If coach Greg Phillips receives the commitment he has desired from his playing squad then the Rams have plenty to look forward to this year.

A – Greg Phillips Reserves – Rob King SC – Morris Leo

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All the best to the Adelaide Plains netball and football teams for an enjoyable and successful 2009 season!


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Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2008

season 09 Preview

Adelaide PlainS Football League


Target is confidence A

t lasT year’s Plains Producer Medal count awards, Hamley Bridge full forward Brett Burgess, upon collecting his APFL leading goal kicker award, vowed the Bombers were only one to two years away from becoming a “force to be reckoned with!” Whether speaking from a sense of pure emotion or not, he mentioned the Bombers had come along way in season 2008 under the tutelage of his brother Ben and despite finishing with their third wooden spoon in as many years last year, he assured all in attendance things at the Bridge were “looking up”. He believed the club was heading in the right direction and with the acquisition of some more recruits to bolster the local players the club has predicted the Bombers will climb out of the APFL cellar and push for a spot much higher up the ladder – possibly as early as this year. Whether 09 is a big movement year or not, the acquisition of some new players who are on the younger side of their “20s”and all have A grade country football experience which will certainly help the Bombers cause. Speaking to Ben Burgess last week he clearly stated that 2009 would certainly be another “development year” for the Bombers. “We are


This year Ben Burgess is keen for Hamley Bridge to take another step in its development. By the end of 2009 Burgess wants the Bombers to have the respect of the competition and belief from within the playing group that “they can defeat any opponent on any given day” Burgess’ goal no doubt is long term rather than short term. The Hamley Bridge Football Club journey which takes another step forward in 2009 will be one worth watching!


Kym Jarman’s

✔ INS Matt Green (Ardrossan) Todd Mackareth (Willaston) Paul Pittam (Salisbury FC) Joel Latimer (Gawler Central) Shane Trigg (Gawler Central) James McGuire (Willaston) Justin Schahinger (Returning from WWT U/19’s/Reserves

n BEN BURGESS and Wayne Mattschoss in action last year. not looking at finals as such. Our aim is to win five games which will lift the confidence of the group and the club as a whole,” Ben said. “I feel the players we have gained will add to our group and certainly help us move in the right direction. “We haven’t gone out and recruited big name players as such. “What we have done is recruited some blokes who are relatively young, have good heads on their shoulders and can add something not only on the field but fit in but with the other boys at the club.” “Matt Green is an honest ruckman/forward type who has A grade experience across two country foot-

Rosslyn & Clive wish the Hamley Bridge Football and Netball teams every success for the 2009 season Hamley Bridge General Store and Licenced Post Office Phone: 8528 2073

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Marissa wishes all teams in the APFL & APNA successful 2009


ball leagues. Todd Mackareth will hold his own in a key defensive role. Joel Latimer is a left footer with good skills that can take a mark and Shane Trigg is tall, skilful, and has pace to burn. James McGuire is a relentless half back type and Paul Pittam is also relatively sharp and has good skills.” These players should relieve some pressure from a hard-working Hamley midfield that will welcome the extra assistance. “We will take time to gel and to discover the best positions for our new players to slot in, but once this happens I think we will take each week as it comes and then we will slowly improve,” Burgess said.

Integral members of Hamley Bridge’s 2008 reserves premiership side Justin Lampard, Ian Nautly and Adam Slok are all expected to play A grade this season. With the quality of youth also coming through the reserves in 2008, it should mean competition for A-grade spots will make a healthy change this year at the Bridge. Let’s not forget in 2008 the Bombers led their opponents during the first half of 10 of their 16 minor round games. If they can convert half of these promising starts into wins for 2009 they will be well on the way towards winning their target of five games.

Ph: 8528 6008

Michael Kropenyeri (Tailem Bend) Peter Kleeman (Interstate)


✄ COACHES A – Ben Burgess Reserves – Ian “Space” Gregory SC – Richard “Harry” Frenken JC – Brett Burgess Minis – Adrian Buckby

Tracey, Lisa & Tarnia wish all Hamley Bridge Footballers & Netballers every success for the coming season - We also stock a good range of make-up & giftware -

14 Light Street - Phone 8528 2388


Best of luck to all teams in 2009!

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Woodville West Torrens Football Club The Eagles would like to wish the APFL and its teams all the best for the 2009 season

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Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009


season 09 Preview New look teams promise big year Adelaide PlainS NETBALL ASSOCIATION

TWO WELLS Two Wells will have several new faces this year, along with its regular players. The biggest change is in the club’s operations, with the football and netball clubs amalgamating to be governed by one committee, which will be chaired by president Jeff Moon. This year, Penny Nicholas will coach A1, while Wendy Salter and Penny will lead the A2 side. Karen Penhall takes on A3 while Tanya Kent will coach A4, Dianne Marron B, and Christine Musolino D grade. Coaches for A5, C1 and C2 are yet to be finalised.

BALAKLAVA Balaklava is expecting to field a strengthened A1 team this year, while A2, A3 and A4s will be full of young, energetic and promising up-and-coming players, mixed with plenty of experience. The grand final A1 team is back, with the exception of Terissa Smart, while A2 will be very different this year, with the loss of five including Sam Gregor with injury and Kerrie Bell, who is taking a year off from netball. Again, the club has plenty of junior players, and president Craig Cox said Balaklava was proud to maintain its tradition of filling all teams in all grades. New recruits include Ashley Nutt from Orroroo, who the club expects will impress, along with Alana Pollard and Vicki Pingelly from Clare. Samantha and Pauline Florence and Melissa Calloway also join the club, while Sameka Colley will don a bodysuit after four years off netball. The McCracken sisters will also make a long-waited return. Craig said the club had a new and impressive line up of talented and experienced coaches. A1 will be coached by Craig, Terissa Smart A2, Julie McPharlin A3, Ro Georg A4, Tam Auricht B, Carolyn Michael C1, Michelle Williams C2, Kirsti McPharlin D1 and Debbie Goldney D2, while Sherralyn Bond will coach the Net-Set-Go girls. An A5 coach has not yet been appointed. Craig Cox continues as president, Terissa Smart as vice president, and secretary Sam Tiller. Heidi Zerk and Ro Georg share the role of treasurer, while Marie Heaslip is the club’s association delegate, and Clare Haynes recorder. Junior coordinator is Carolyn Michael, umpires coordinator Terissa Smart, and general committee members Bec Allen, Angela Battle, and Julie McPharlin. Craig said the club continued to focus on its coaching and umpiring development programs, and through this and its involvement with the regional academy, focused on the development of the club’s talented players while ensuring all members enjoyed netball through participation and achievement.

LONG PLAINS It will be a different look this year for Long Plains with the loss of two A1 best and fairest players.

TWO Wells celebrates its second straight netball title at Mallala last year, defeating Balaklava 47– 31. LEFT: Kate Smith, Hamley Bridge, and Louise Read, Balaklava, battle it out on the wing.

Kate Baker is busy feathering her nest for the third time, while Jo Warnes has left for the pull of the surf in Victoria. The club wished them all the best. The committee this year is president Trenna McIntyre, vice president Josie McArdle, secretary Erin Warnes, treasurer Jess Rachwal, coaches’ coordinator Leigh McArdle, umpires’ coordinator Heather Curnow, country champs representative Karen Tynan, and Ali Jacka, Kate Baker and Jess Wood. Coaches are still being finalised, with Leigh McArdle to take on A1, Emma Laintoll A2, Kate Baker A3 and Josie McArdle A4. An A5 coach is yet to be appointed. Shae Walker will coach B grade, Jacki Baker C2, and D grade Natalie Lane, while a coach is still being sought for C2. The club thanked Mallala Netball Club for allowing them to use their courts for the past two weeks while the Long Plains courts were being resurfaced. And the works mean the club will be busy fundraising, hosting an old-fashioned cake stall at the first game against Balaklava, a Mother’s Day raffle and mock netball on May 23 against Virginia. Trenna said the club was expecting special guests for the big event. Junior players will also be selling chocolates.

HAMLEY BRIDGE Hamley Bridge is feeling the loss of 12 senior players from last year.

But with plenty of new junior players, four girls still eligible for B grade will this year play at a senior level. The club has filled all but C1 grades, with Tanya Harvey to coach A1, Emma Riley (nee Greenhalgh) A2, Allison Pritchard A5, Sally Fritz B, Kate McCabe C2 and Colleen Lowe D grade. Coaches for A3 and A4 are yet to be announced.

MALLALA Mallala is expecting a successful 2009 season, fielding five senior and five junior teams. Training to date has been well attended, and the girls are enthusiastic to start playing. The club has welcomed several new and returning players this season. New players include Tamara Allcroft, Krystal Williams, Courtney Jarman, Claire Earl, and Sonya Pearson, while returning Magpies are Karen Jamieson, Karin Tiller, Nicolle Fuller and Danielle Jones. Several girls are also making the jump to senior grades this year. They are Hannah Jordan, Jessica Neilson, Ashlee Angus, Liana Wilson and Aimee Crewdson. Players who have left the club include Amy Tucker, Sam Ross and Cindy Parker. Lisa Curnow is president of the club, Erin Foster vice president, Tania Heaslip secretary, Michelle Verner secretary and umpires’ secretary is Kylie Taylor.

Leeanne Work has taken the responsibility of A1 coach, while A2 will be led by Jayne Brown. A3 will be coached by Lisa Curnow, Amy Jordan A4, Dawn Buckby A5, B Nicolle Graham, C1 Haylee Markham, C2 Tania Heaslip and Michelle Verner, and D grade Jane Farrelly and Claire Bruggeman. Michelle Verner is again head of the fundraising committee, working tirelessly to raise funds.

HUMMOCKS Princess Anne once said: “I didn’t like netball ... I used to get wolf whistles because of my short skirts.” Like that princess, the Hummocks girls will be no exception this year. A warm up run of about 4.5km at each training has ensured the girls are in tip top condition. A healthy injection of new players will also be worth a look, with many bringing top grade skills and fitness to the already strong sides. All junior and senior teams have been filled which has helped chirp the club up and make it even harder for coaches taking girls under their wings. Cheryl Appleby and Sarah Young have the tough responsibility of separating the many high level players in to A1 and A2 teams, Tracy Angel will coach A3, Jill Taylor A4, Cheryl Appleby B, Sharon Moulds C1, Emily Noack C2 and Lisa Studham D grade. Some new hatchlings to the Eagles nest include Claire Daniel and Beth Germain. It took a diamond ring to entice Claire to the club and her impressive women’s win in the Make-A-Wish Fun Run is an early indicator she will provide a good level of fitness and speed through the middle court and defensive end. Beth’s fitness and strong background in competitive netball will also prove to be tough competition. It took a surname change for Bridget Guthberg (nee Koch) to migrate out of the black and red and in to the red, gold and blue– but she will slot well in to the starving goal lines of Hummocks. Chantelle Leaney has also followed her heart to the nest, and will give the mid court a boost of energy

and speed. Other new players include Nikki Beal, Rebecca Bird, Kellie Harrison, Katrina Holland, Loawrina Osbourne and Deborah Davey. All girls have settled in to the club really well, and the club welcomes them to the Eagles Nest. May your flight be plain sailing and let’s all help show the other clubs who the big birds of prey are! Rustle some feathers girls! Others that fell out of the nest, but have stuck their beaks back in include Sophie Reid, Sarah Young, Alexa Jones, Bec Dixon and Neralie Rowan. These girls have proved in the past to be important links to successful teams, so their presence on court will be a present to the club! In other good news, some of the younger chicks have progressed up the tree and stuck their claws in to senior teams despite still being eligible for juniors. It’s a real credit to have such skilled and determined younguns that really help secure our future as a club. Good luck girls. Let’s hope your experience in junior premierships will help bring home the silverware at the end your senior year. And of course where would the club be without the returning regulars? It’s always nice to have a boost of numbers, but it’s the girls who play year in and year out that really hold the club together. Some of the returning wiser Eagles include Kathy Nicholls, Jill Taylor and Sharon Moulds. They are back and ready again to prove that age is no barrier to donning a bodysuit, or a best and fairest trophy! The club thanked the committee members who help the club run so smoothly for their behind the scene work. Tracy Angel is once again president and joined by Jess Taylor as secretary. Emily Noack has showed much efficiency already in her appropriate role of club treasurer and will no doubt help keep the club afloat through this financial crisis. Tammy Nicholls has taken on the most uncontested job of umpires’ secretary. The job was handed down a generation by long standing member Jenny Nicholls. Jenny continues to support the club in many ways and is a huge help with umpiring at trainings. Good luck girls as we continue on this flight path to an injury free premiership season. Remember, you don’t always get what you wish for; you get what you work for!

VIRGINIA Virginia Ramettes have this year gained the services of former Two Wells coach Denis Krejzlik. Netball and football club’s combined committee secretary Megan Starr said his knowledge and experience of the game would be invaluable to the club. The club hopes to fill A1, A3 and A5 teams again this year. Virginia netball and football clubs are run by one committee, with Paul Starr as president, Megan Starr secretary, and treasurer Julie Limb, while Dayna Warren and Denis Krejzlik look after netball’s day to day needs.









Guide v TV seven dayTV 7 DAY GUIDE

Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009 Week commencing April 16

Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009


SPORT v District

Silver for Mid North softball team Two weeks ago, the Mid North SAPSASA softball team played in Adelaide in the SAPSASA State Softball Carnival, and came equal second in their division. The girls, from Balaklava, Clare and Manoora, played 10 games against metropolitan and country teams, winning five games to come equal second with the Western team from the city and the Southern Yorke Peninsula team. Tenneal White from Balaklava Primary School was the main pitcher for the

week, and her consistent, accurate pitching ensured a high standard of play. As the week progressed, the team’s hitting steadily improved with the girls hitting five home runs in the two games on Friday. Most of the team stayed at the West Beach Caravan Park, across the road from the softball diamonds. As the weather became warmer, the team finished the day’s play with a swim at the beach. A great week of softball – well done girls! – Coach Marty Brice

n LEFT: SAPSASA state softball team, (back from left) coach Marty Brice, Tenneal White (Balaklava Primary School), Jessica Eldridge (St Josephs, Clare), Laura Willmott (Manoora Primary), Larissa Barefield (Riverton Primary), Annabelle Keane (St Josephs). Front: Grace Jacka (St Josephs), Holly Salter (St Josephs), Brianna Hill (Riverton), Georgia Gosse (St Josephs), Lucy Pratt (St Josephs) and Hannah Salter (St Josephs).

Success and sunshine at Veterans Race Day

Young Olivia sets the pace

n ABOVE: Racing action. n RIGHT: Ray Williams and Harold Lane watch their races intently.

n Olivia Thompson will represent the South Australia Country team in the under 18 national championships this month.

She may be just 16, but Olivia Thompson is setting the pace in women’s basketball, representing South Australia Country team in the under 18 national championships this month. For Olivia, it’s not the first time she will play on a national stage, having represented the state in Perth last year. But this year’s national championships will be played at Starplex in Gawler, giving her family and friends the opportunity to see her in action. The first match is played at 5pm this Saturday in a competition between 14 women’s teams and 14 men’s teams. Olivia, an Annesley College student,

devotes seven days a week to basketball games and training, and hopes to make the Australian Gem squad. At 184cm tall, she is considered mid-sized on the basketball court, but her athleticism sets her apart. And despite being one of the youngest team members, Olivia is expected to play a key role in her team. Her talent has been recognised, with Olivia selected to represent South Australia at the Australian Institute of Sport last school holidays. Olivia attended Balaklava primary and high schools through to the end of year nine, but transferred to Annesley when she was awarded a full SASI (South Austral-

ian Sports Institute) scholarship. She initially played basketball as part of the Adelaide Plains association, representing the area at association level before being selected to further progress. Olivia’s first game during the 2009 Australian U18 Championships will be held on April 18 at 5pm against Tasmania. Matches will also be held on April 20 at 9am against WA metro and 7pm against Queensland; April 21, 5pm against NSW country; April 22, 1.30pm against Victoria metro; and April 23, 9am against Northern Territory. Finals will take place on April 24 and 25.

Balaklava Racing Club’s annual Veterans Race Day was again a success, with more than 800 enjoying a day of sunshine and racing at the track. Held on Wednesday April 8, about 15 buses transported punters to the track from areas from Port Pirie to Marion. Aimed at honouring the state’s veterans around ANZAC Day, the day includes a raffle of a $9000 trip to Gallipoli, or $7000 cash. This year’s raffle was won by Robert Buchan, who bought his ticket at Magill RSL and opted for the cash. The racing club estimates about $9000 was spent over the bar, and an Easter raffle was also popular.

n Bonnie Parker and Rebekah Nyland of Balaklava Racing Club were in the Easter spirit.

n Peter Petherick of Copper Coast Vietnam Veterans Association, TPI Association president Greg Blyth, Balaklava Racing Club committee member and veteran Trevor Sampson holding the Harry Marshall TPI Trophy, and Peter England of Marion RSL.


Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009

SPORT v District

Young champs in football, netball carnival Years five to seven primary school students travelled from Port Wakefield to Kadina to compete in the Northern Yorke Peninsula SAPSASA district Lightning Carnival. Port Wakefield combined with Bute and Wallaroo Mines schools to form a team, other schools involved were Kadina, Moonta, Wallaroo/Kalori, and Port Broughton. Students displayed excellent teamwork and respect for others, with the girls displaying excellent teamwork both on and off the court. Jayme Large and Jo Anderson assisted with umpiring and parents participated by supplying transport. Port Wakefield students participating were Dylan Ashby, Zeke Bitter, Johnathon Coverdale, Quinn Mackay, Jacob Olsen and Scott Parker. RIGHT: The Port Wakefield/ Bute/Wallaroo Mines SAPSASA football team.

Mallala Night Owls wrap up season Mallala Bowling Club’s Night Owl competition was wrapped up on April 8, after a very successful season. Fourteen teams of four took part in the weekly competition, the teams being split into two divisions at the beginning of this year based on their performance during 2008.

New talent on show at Longies

Black Division winners, from left: Peter McLean, Graham Schultz, Eddie Newborn and David Algar.

White Division winners, from left: Richard Crewson, Nathan Cocks, Jessie Crewdson and Nail Kakoschke.

•From Back Page In the recruitment stakes, United look to have gained three players set to make an impact in 2009. Ruckman Will Bantom, rover Adrian Mills and forward Tom Guerin will all get their first taste of APFL footy this weekend. If these players can cover the asbsence of Vandenbergh, Broad and Serle then United could be in line for favouritism on the eve of this match. However, with the Tiger new players expected to take some time to “gel” with the rest of the group I am liking Balaklava in this one, especially with Jonathon Evans and Ben Catford being super fit. The inclusion of extra height also means the Peckers will have the ability to move some players around if things aren’t working. Lamond and Justin Walker will allow captain and 2008 best and fairest, Hayden Walker, to rest up forward. He will need manning up

APFL Round One


By Kym Jarman

and although Justin Walker may take time to get back up to speed from his ankle injury, the pure sight of the Balaklava big men will already have the Tigers concerned. If Ben Catford can recapture his 2006 form and Todd McPharlin can get amongst it early, Balaklava have all options covered – tall and small. United will cause some headaches, especially with Sam McArdle and Heath Pym there to provide avenues to goal as well as support for their new players. If United can win its fair share of ball from the centre square without Shimmin, they may just surprise this little black duck. Either way the match will be a beauty with United not likely to give in at home and the Peckers ready to make their mark on a new season.

A mighty effort from Owen basketball

Sports stars visit schools Top South Australian sports personalities have hit the road to visit schools across the state in their roles as ambassadors for the Premier’s ‘be active’ Challenge. Balaklava Primary students last week received a visit from Jan Stirling, former Australian women’s basketball coach. Jan (centre) is pictured with junior primary students.

I would like to thank the many people who helped throughout the 2008/09 basketball season with coaching, umpiring, scoring, timing, playing, being part of the committee and supporting all of our players. Owen entered 10 teams into the competition at Balaklava, ranging from the under 12s to A men. The club started off with only three under 12 boys, but found more after the first game. I received comments from many people in Balaklava, who loved watching this team, as they just wanted to play basketball and weren’t phased whether they won or lost. I take my hat off to them for their enthusiasm. They got into the finals, but weren’t quite good enough. Keep at it boys! The under 12 girls were plentiful. There were 11 girls, which meant one team on, one team off and a spare. These girls reached the grand final, only to lose to the Bulldogs. However, they put up a good fight. The under 14 boys showed their might and won many games. They too got to the grand final, unfortunately losing to the Bulldogs, who were just too good. The under 14 girls weren’t so successful. They didn’t win a game, but they came out each week and had a good crack at it. The under 16 boys tried their best, but – as boys are at this age – their minds

weren’t completely on the job. The under 16 girls did very well. They reached the preliminary final, only to lose to Balaklava. These girls really matured throughout the year, and improved with each game. Pity we couldn’t have played a couple more games. We entered two teams in the women’s division, Owen Opals and Owen Eagles. We only got to play against each other once, but that was enough for us old girls. In the second half of the year the women’s division was divided into B women and C women. The Opals won most of their games, so they were put into the B women division and us oldies, the Eagles, were put into C women. The Opals reached the grand final, only to lose against their arch rivals Hamley Bridge. The Eagles didn’t win a game, but I tell you what, if we could call it quits at half time, we would have won many games. The C men, the Meercats, won a few games and made it into the finals. They reached the prelim final, losing against Long Plains who were the better team on the night. Pity the Riverton boys had already played their grand final only hours before. Our A men also made it to the preliminary final, only to lose to Balaklava. These guys have springs in their feet, fishing line connected to their hands and amazing balance. Great to watch! We held our wind-up at the Owen Swimming Pool on March 22. Thank you to all those who came along, even though

it was a bit chilly. Our trophy winners were as follows: U12 Girls B & F – Brooke Wilson, U12G R/U – Kelsey Wedding. U12 Boys B & F – Jake Tiller, U12B R/U – Thomas Munzer. U14G B & F – Taylor Smith, U14G R/U – Kirra Surace. U14B B & F – Jayden Wedding, U14B R/U – Jared Pratt. U16G B & F – Brianna Wedding, U16G R/U – Kimberley Graham and Brodie Kirvan. U16B B & F Brandon Merry, U16B R/U – Brayden Harkness. Owen Eagles B & F – Kelly Harrison, Owen Eagles R/U – Brooke Wood. Owen Meercats B & F – Justin Smith, Owen Meercats R/U – Luke Shepley. Owen Opals B & F – Stacey Wilson, Owen Opals R/U – Brianna Wedding. A Men B & F – Andrew Keilcyznski, A Men R/U – Kane Ruiz. Congratulations also go to the Association trophy winners: U12 Girls Runner up- Brooke Wilson. U14 Boys Best and Fairest-Jayden Wedding. U16 Girls Runner up-Brianna Wedding. U16 Boys Best and Fairest - Brandon Merry. We had a very successful season this year and would like to see everyone out again next season. If you are interested in coaching next season, please get in touch with Jacki Wedding 8527 7035 or Sally Fritz 8528 2567. We will hold our AGM in the middle of the year, so feel free to come along. Keep an eye on the “Owen Matters” for more information. – Sally Fritz

Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009


sport v District

Golf Balaklava ladies

I thought we must have had flash flooding on the course when I followed a car towing a boat into the course. I had a quick thought that maybe we were going to ski around, but it was not to be. Thirteen players teed off for the first stroke round and nearest the pin competition. A grade winner sponsored by Wendy’s Cafe ‘n Cakes was PAnderson 89/72, N Taylor 92/76, R Jenkin 101/77, M Kemp 96/79. B grade winner sponsored by Baker Springs Wine M Hayes 103/75 on a count back from T Matz 104/75. C grade winner sponsored by Zank’s Balaklava was C Taylor 122/84, J Roberts 131/86, P Hill 128/90, TAllen 136/91, J Taylor put in her third card for handicap. S Toovey put in her first card for handicap. Well done girls. Nearest the pin: AGrade R Jenkin, B Grade, sorry to say nobody made it. C Grade: C Taylor. We had two chip outs: Tania Matz on 10 and Cherrie Taylor on 18, R Jenkin had a birdie on 8. Producer Points: P Anderson 5, M Hayes 4, T Matz 3, N Taylor , R Jenkin 1. Next week: Wednesday April 16 owing to the Vets coming on Thursday. Club foursome pinehurst drawn partners 9.30am. Starters are Julia Hoskin and Tania Allen. - Captain Maurine

Balaklava Men

It being the Easter weekend, we decided to be pretty radical and stage the cunningly disguised “Easter Thropy” (sic) competition, just to keep it clear for all you traditionalists out there. This Par event, feared by all but the most stout hearted, attracted a healthy field of 26, thereby creating an occasion of great pith and moment. Not for the first time it proved to be Michael Day’s day, as the pertinacious putting powerhouse pounded plus three after 18 holes and won a couple of luvverly tubes of the good oil as a result. Another young turk, the calculating yet cautious Callum Williams, closed in close behind with a square score, head-butting a well-meaning Wayne Nagle into third place on a count back. From there on it was a sea of tears, right up to bed time, to which the following litany of disasters will testify to wit: B. Berry (-1), I. Michael (-2), R. Lawson (-2), W. Parkin (-3), R. Butterworth (-4), M. Hameister (-5), R. Hart (-7) and (children, avert your innocent eyes) P. Lamont (-9). From the B grade gaggle emerged proof that Bill Parkin can, by refusing to be beaten, sharpen slightly even the dullest blade in the drawer. Thanks to Bill’s persistence in offering a constant stream of coaching tips, Austin Henstridge managed to fluke a couple of golf balls with his score of +2. Bustling Ben Michael slid effortlessly into second place with +1 on a count back from the ever improving, devilishly determined and magnificently moustachioed Digby Addison (+1).

According to a very shoddily presented “official record”, it seems that the rest of the field comprised, in order of excellence, N. Mellow (+1), C. Michael (+1), G. Toms (square), L. Michael (-1), D. Trickett (-2), T. Michael (-2), (big) B. Michael (-3), M. McCallum (-5), B. Thompson (-7), C. Temby (-11) and J. Wilson (-15). Birdies were struck by a belligerent Barry Thompson on the third, the iconoclastic Ian Michael on the eighth and that world-weary weaponry wunderkind, Wayne Nagle, on the fifteenth. Our captain (Ian Michael) continued to stamp his name into the history books by belting a Nearest The Pin on the third, as did Gerry Toms (8th), Bill Berry ( 10th), Wayne Nagle (15th) and our “Thropy’ thoroughbred, the all-conquering Michael Day (17th).

balaklava mid week

Ten players competed in the mid week ambrose at Balaklava on Wednesday which was won by Les Masson with 42 points from Dean Trickett 41, Bill Berry 36, Don Cottle 36, Don Anderson 36, Barrie Thompson 34, Merv Hameister 32, Doug Taylor 30, Gerry Toms 28, Dene Newton 28. Birdies to Dean Trickett 4, 7, 14, and Doug Taylor 9.

Hamley bridge

Winner of Saturday’s stableford round was Brody Schaeffer with 44 points. Other results were: A Grade: Bradley Zerna 42, J Mitchell, A Mitchell 39, T Smith 38, D Russell 36, R Hahn, J Bell, G Smith 34, R Smith 33, B Schwartz 32, Barrie Zerna 28, L Usher 23. B Grade: Keith Kluske 40, C Doudle 38, G Dahlitz, R Cameron 37, S Howe 31, T Jones 30. C Grade: Brody Schaeffer 44, R Spriggs 40, C Skelland 37, R Battle 36, I Ferguson 35, D Cooper 34, B Cooper, M Grasby, I Rohde, L Schaeffer 33, E Branson 30, D Branson 29. Argweld birdies to D Russell and T Smith. Caddieshack NTP to A Mitchell, K Kluse and G Smith. Willaston Hotel NTP: Barrie Zerna. Club D Russell. Eleven birdies were scored by J Mitchell, Bradley Zerna, C Doudle, A Mitchell, D Russell, T Smith, C Skelland, K Kluske and G Smith. Thursday’s results: W Jackson 41, C Applebee 40, D Russell, R Cameron, I Rohde 38, R Smith 36, B Cooper, C Doudle 35, G Dahlitz, J Riley 34, R Spriggs 32, M Grasby, T Jones 30, R Hahn 29. Birdies: R Cameron, R Hahn, W Jackson.

Two Wells

Results from Saturday April 11 – Stableford competition. Sponsor: Wheatsheaf Hotel. Players: 21 men, two ladies with two members playing for handicap. CCR: 43. Conditions: Fine, quite warm. Round two on Easter Saturday saw a reasonable field of 25 players hit off in warm, dry conditions. A grade saw Smiffy hit a fine 43 points to hold off Scott Francis on 42. Daylight was third with Chris Girling coming next with 37 points. However Chris kept up his ball supply with an NTP, Pro’s approach and birdie hole. B grade was won by Russell Grigg with a fine 44, starting out with 25 on first nine and then

stumbling in with 19. Again daylight came second then John Ball and Ian Clark with 38s. C grade had a number of good scores with Jim Weir shooting 46 ahead of Rabbitt on 44, Steve Kelly and Leon Zbierski on 41. A highlight of the day was an eagle on 17 by Ben Readett. NAGA was won on a countback by Robert Hogg from Malcolm Frost, both recording 23s, but Robert scored nine on the back nine to Malcolm’s 10 points. Kudos to Trevor Datson who could not play today, but donated a pot of Brylcream from his speedway days and oiled up the first scrape. It came up a treat – thank you Trevor. That’s probably how he popped his calf – slipped on the oil on Thursday. Today’s results: A grade: 43 Ian Smith, 42 Scott Francis, 37 Chris Girling, Dave Perry, 36 Darryl Hall, Shorty Paul, 30 Hans Linford. B grade: 44 Russell Grigg, 38 John Ball, Ian Clark, 23 Robert Hogg. C grade: 46 Jim Weir, 44 Rabbitt, 41 Steve Kelly, Leon Zbierski, 40 Ben Readett, 39 Brian Prior, 35 Brett Hansford, 29 Clive Weller, 26 Bingo Barns, 23 Malcolm Frost. Handicap Cards: Rob. Thompson 80, Ian Telfer 119. Ladies: 35 Judi Frost, 30 Tine Perry. Long Drives: A – Darryl Hall; B – Ian Clark; C – Clive Weller. Ladies: NTPs – 1 C.Girling, 2) -, 6) Ian Telfer, 11) Shorty Paul, 12) Ian Clark, 15) Ian Smith. Birdies: 3) R.Grigg, C. Girling, D.Perry, S.Kelly 5) Shorty Paul. Birdies Nest: (2) -. Pro’s Approach: C.Girling. Eagles: Ben Readett – 17th. NAGA: R.Hogg Meat Trays: Rabbitt, Shorty. Poultry Voucher: R.Hogg. Next week: Par. – Russell Grigg Captain TWGC

BBC Ladies’ Singles Champion runner-up Dorothy Eckermann and winner Val McCormack.

Blyth Bowling Club Men’s Singles Champion runner-up Bruce Farley and winner Paul Farley.

Blyth Bowling Club champs Val McCormack won the Blyth Bowling Club ladies singles championship, defeating Dorothy Eckermann. Club Ladies pairs were won by Raelene Lamond and Elva Zweck. The BBC Ladies Tournament was held on February 27 with 10 teams competing from Auburn, Balaklava, Clare, Snowtown, Brinkworth, Owen and Pt Pirie. The winner of the day were the Owen ladies and runners-up were Auburn. On Tuesday March 17 Jacqui Pettifer, Val McCormack, Cheryl Wandel and Raelene Lamond finished runner-up Association Championship ladies fours. Blyth Bowling Club Men’s singles championship was won by Paul Farley who defeated his brother, Bruce Farley.

On Sunday March 22, Region 8 Champion of Champions was held at Balaklava withBlyth Fours winning the day. Players consisted of Paul Farley, Robert Kennett, Arnold Frick and Ron Delluca. The annual Farmers’ Day sponsored by Landmark was play on March 20 in ideal conditions with 50 players participating. The format was three games of eight ends, followed by high tea. Winning rink was Bob Linke, Paul Farley, Raelene Lammond. Runners-up were R Wallis, Mark and Sam Carter, A Frick. Winner of the raffle was Grant Bernhardt. Winter bowls begins on June 7, following fortnightly until September 13.

Two Wells ladies

Ladies had their first stoke round. The winner was Judi Frost with 65. Runner up was Kathy Stubing with 66 on a countback from E Griggs and J Rowe. Long drive winner was H Johnson on 14. Birdies for K Stubing on 7, H Johnson on 17 and J Rowe on 17. NTP for H Johnson on 1, 12 and 15 and K Stubing on 15.

Shooting mallalA gun club

Results from Monday April 13 where 34 competed in warm breezy conditions. 25 target double barrel compulsory divide. A: B Evans, B Cottell and A Norman 25/25. B: A Zupanic 25/52. C: J Gilbert 23/25. 25 target point score. A: B Evans 100/102, 2nd: T Evans 97/102. B: and overall B Zanker 75/75, 2nd L Ciaramellano 78/81. C: N Dempster 66/75, 2nd K Polst 62/75. 20 pair state deauville doubles titles. 1st: Z McGuirk, B McGuirk 25/26. 2nd: B Evans, T Evans 24/26. 3rd: B Greenshields and R Smith 18/20. Next shoot Saturday April 25.

Action from the annual Landmark Farmers’ Day at the Blyth Bowling Greens.

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Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009

InFARMation v Weekly guide to weather, agriculture Australia’s leading hay exporter

Review shapes future grain trials C o mme r cia l scale variety trials vital to the future of the grains industry will be improved following an extensive consultative review by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC). National Variety Trials (NVT) is managed by the Australian Crop Accreditation System Limited (ACAS) under a service agreement with GRDC and involves more than 580 trials sown at more than 250 locations each year. Crops tested include wheat, barley, triticale, oats, canola, lupins, lentils, field peas, faba beans and chickpeas. Dr Juan Juttner, GRDC project manager pre-breeding, says the review, planned at the establishment of (NVT)

GRDC Southern Panel chair, David Shannon, inspecting an NVT trial site at Hart. in 2005, incorporated more than 360 group and individual submissions. The review involved targeted surveys and interviews with NVT management and extension providers, key industry groups including grower representative bodies, rural advisory committees, plant breeding organisations, agronomists and

trial service providers. It also included a process for open submissions and a range of individual growers, research and extension officers, marketers and bulk handlers made representations. This was particularly well supported in the northern region. “Consultation with NVT stakeholders from

across the industry has been highly beneficial to the future of the trials. “Every group or individual who provided a submission or was involved in the review received a summary of the review’s outcomes. The summary is also available for download from the GRDC website,” Dr Juttner said.






A possible shower or two. Cooler, fresh to strong W to SW winds.

Possible light shower or two. Moderate W to SW winds.

7 - 9


Fine. Mostly sunny. S to SE winds.




, 9


Vœ˜Ìˆ˜ÕiÊ >VÀœÃÃÊ Ì…iÊ ÃœÕ̅iÀ˜Ê Vœ>ÃÌ>Ê `ˆÃÌÀˆVÌÃÊ ˆ˜Ê ̅iÊ VœœÊ ÌœÊ “ˆ`Ê >˜`Ê “œ`iÀ>̈˜}Ê ÜiÃÌÊ ÌœÊ ÃœÕ̅ÜiÃÌÊ >ˆÀÃÌÀi>“°Ê -…œÜiÀÃÊ ÜˆÊ «œÃÈLÞÊ ˆ˜VÀi>ÃiÊ ÌœÊ ÃV>ÌÌiÀi`Ê >LœÕÌÊ Ì…iÊ œÜiÀÊ -œÕÌ…Ê >ÃÌÊVœ>ÃÌÊ>ÌÊ̈“iðÊʓˆ``iʏiÛiÊ`ˆÃÌÕÀL>˜ViÊ œÛiÀÊ̅iʘœÀ̅Ê܈ÊVœ˜Ìˆ˜ÕiÊ̜ʫÀœ`ÕViÊVœÕ`Ê>˜`Ê Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ œÛiÀÊ Ì…iÊ œÀ̅ÜiÃÌÊ *>Ã̜À>Ê ˆÃÌÀˆVÌÊ ˜œÀ̅Ê>˜`ÊÜiÃÌʜvÊ œœLiÀÊ*i`Þ°Ê ÞÊ->ÌÕÀ`>Þ]Ê̅iÊ ˆÃœ>Ìi`ÊŜÜiÀÃʜÛiÀÊ̅iÊÜÕ̅iÀ˜Ê>}ÀˆVՏÌÕÀ>Ê >Ài>Ê܈Ê…>ÛiÊVi>Ài`Ê>ÃÊ>ʘiÜʅˆ}…Ê“œÛiÃʜÛiÀÊ Ì…iÊ ˆ}…Ì]ÊLÕÌÊ̅iÊŜÜiÀÃʈ˜Ê̅iʘœÀ̅ÜiÃÌÊ܈Ê Vœ˜Ìˆ˜Õi°ÊÀi>ÃʜvÊvœ}Ê>ÀiʏˆŽiÞÊ>VÀœÃÃÊÜÕ̅iÀ˜Ê «>ÀÌÃʜvÊ̅iÊ-Ì>Ìiʜ˜ÊÀˆ`>ÞÊ>˜`Ê->ÌÕÀ`>Þ°Ê

ՓՏ>̈ÛiÊÀ>ˆ˜v>Ê̜Ì>ÃÊ՘̈Ê“ˆ`˜ˆ}…ÌÊ->ÌÕÀ`>ÞÊ >ÀiÊiÝ«iVÌi`Ê̜ÊLiÊx‡£xʓ“ʈ˜ÊLœÌ…Ê̅iʘœÀ̅ÜiÃÌÊ >˜`ÊÜÕ̅i>ÃÌÊVœÀ˜iÀÃʜvÊ̅iÊ-Ì>Ìi°Ê>ÃʜvÊӇxÊ ““Ê>ÀiÊiÝ«iVÌi`ÊiÃi܅iÀi]ÊLÕÌʏiÃÃÊ̅>˜ÊÓʓ“Ê


Possible early shower then fine. Early fog. W to SW winds becoming light and variable.

/1,- 9




"1/ ,Ê, ",Ê/ Ê/ 7i`˜iÃ`>Þ]Ê«ÀÊ£x Ê £Ó\x{>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°{xÊ äÈ\Îx>“°°°°°°°°°° £°nÓ Ê £Ó\än«“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°{ÇÊ äÈ\{Ç«“°°°°°°°°°° Ó°xÈ /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ]Ê«ÀÊ£È Ê ä£\£È>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°x{Ê äÈ\xÈ>“°°°°°°°°°° £°ÇÇ Ê £Ó\ә«“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°xxÊ äÇ\䙫“°°°°°°°°°° Ó°{{ Àˆ`>Þ]Ê«ÀÊ£Ç Ê ä£\{ä>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°ÈÈÊ äÇ\£È>“°°°°°°°°°° £°Èn Ê £Ó\x䫓 °°°°°°°°°°ä°È™Ê äÇ\ÎÓ«“°°°°°°°°°° Ó°ÓÈ ->ÌÕÀ`>Þ]Ê«ÀÊ£n Ê äÓ\£ä>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°nÎÊ äÇ\Ι>“°°°°°°°°°° £°xÓ Ê ä£\äx«“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°™äÊ äÇ\xÈ«“°°°°°°°°°° £°™n -՘`>Þ]Ê«ÀÊ£™ Ê äÎ\ä£>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°änÊ äÇ\xÓ>“°°°°°°°°°° £°Ón Ê £Ó\£Î«“ °°°°°°°°°°£°£ÈÊ äÇ\xÓ«“°°°°°°°°°° £°ÈÎ œ˜`>Þ]Ê«ÀÊÓä Ê än\x™>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°ä£Ê ä{\ä䫓°°°°°°°°°° £°ÈÎ Ê ä™\£n«“ °°°°°°°°°°£°ÓÎ /ÕiÃ`>Þ]Ê«ÀÊÓ£ Ê äÓ\xä>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°ÇÎÊ ä™\£È>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÇÈ Ê äÎ\{x«“ °°°°°°°°°°£°™ÎÊ ä™\{䫓°°°°°°°°°° ä°nn



Fine. Mostly sunny. S to SE winds.

7 / ,Ê", -/

-// Ê", -/ ÊvÀœ˜ÌÊ܈Ê“œÛiʈ˜ÌœÊ6ˆV̜Àˆ>Ê`ÕÀˆ˜}Ê7i`˜iÃ`>ÞÊ >˜`Ê܈ÊLÀˆ˜}ÊVœœiÀ]ÊvÀiÅÊ̜ÊÃÌÀœ˜}ÊÜÕ̅ÜiÃÌÊ Üˆ˜`Ã]ÊÀi>V…ˆ˜}Ê}>iÊvœÀViÊ>LœÕÌÊÜÕ̅iÀ˜ÊVœ>ÃÌÃÊ i>ÀÞʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}°Ê7ˆ˜`ÃÊ܈Ê̅i˜Ê“œ`iÀ>ÌiÊÀ>«ˆ`ÞÊ `ÕÀˆ˜}Ê Ì…iÊ `>Þ°Ê ܏>Ìi`Ê Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ ÜˆÊ iÝÌi˜`Ê œÛiÀÊ̅iÊ>}ÀˆVՏÌÕÀ>Ê>Ài>ÊÜÕ̅ʜvÊ*œÀÌʈ˜Vœ˜Ê ÌœÊ œÝ̜˜Ê >˜`Ê Ìi˜`Ê ÃV>ÌÌiÀi`Ê ÜˆÌ…Ê «œÃÈLiÊ Ã“>Ê…>ˆÊ>LœÕÌÊ̅iÊœÜiÀÊ-œÕÌ…Ê >ÃÌÊVœ>ÃÌ°Ê˜Ê `ۈViÊ̜Ê-…ii«ÊÀ>âˆiÀÃʅ>ÃÊLii˜ÊˆÃÃÕi`ÊvœÀÊ̅iÊ œÜiÀÊ-œÕÌ…Ê >ÃÌÊvœÀÊi>ÀÞÊ7i`˜iÃ`>ÞʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}°Ê /…iÊŜÜiÀÃÊ܈ÊLiVœ“iʈ܏>Ìi`Ê>˜`ÊVœ˜ÌÀ>VÌÊ ÌœÊ̅iÊœÜiÀÊ-œÕÌ…Ê >ÃÌÊVœ>ÃÌʈ˜Ê̅iÊ>vÌiÀ˜œœ˜°Ê ܏>Ìi`Ê Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ vÀœ“Ê “ˆ``iÊ iÛiÊ VœÕ`Ê >ÀiÊ iÝ«iVÌi`Ê ÌœÊ Vœ˜Ìˆ˜ÕiÊ œÛiÀÊ Ì…iÊ œÀ̅ÜiÃÌÊ *>Ã̜À>Ê ˆÃÌÀˆVÌÊÜiÃÌʜvÊ œœLiÀÊ*i`Þ°Ê "˜Ê /…ÕÀÃ`>ÞÊ >˜`Ê Àˆ`>Þ]Ê ˆÃœ>Ìi`Ê Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ ÜˆÊ

Adelaide Plains, Clare & Gilbert Valleys region

day forecast – Balaklava

7,""Ê/ Ê/ 7i`˜iÃ`>Þ]Ê«ÀÊ£x Ê äÓ\Îä>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°È£Ê äÈ\{x>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°Ç{ Ê ££\{{>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°xÎÊ äÇ\Óx«“°°°°°°°°°° £°È™ /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ]Ê«ÀÊ£È Ê ä{\ә>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°ÈÎÊ äÇ\£{>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÈÇ Ê ££\În>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°x™Ê äÇ\xÈ«“°°°°°°°°°° £°È£ Àˆ`>Þ]Ê«ÀÊ£Ç Ê äÈ\£Ó>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°È£Ê äÇ\Îx>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°È£ Ê ä™\Óx>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°È£Ê än\Ó{«“°°°°°°°°°° £°x£ ->ÌÕÀ`>Þ]Ê«ÀÊ£n Ê än\{ä>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°xÇÊ än\Ι«“°°°°°°°°°° £°Î™ -՘`>Þ]Ê«ÀÊ£™ Ê ä™\än>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°xÈÊ än\£{«“°°°°°°°°°° £°ÓÇ œ˜`>Þ]Ê«ÀÊÓä Ê ä™\ÎÓ>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°xnÊ äÈ\Îx«“°°°°°°°°°° £°£™ Ê £ä\Î䫓 °°°°°°°°°°£°£ä /ÕiÃ`>Þ]Ê«ÀÊÓ£ Ê ä£\xÎ>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°£ÓÊ ä™\{™>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÈÓ Ê äx\£n«“ °°°°°°°°°°£°£™Ê £ä\Σ«“°°°°°°°°°° 䰙Î

3 Best Quality 3 Best Range 3 Best Price Phone: 8862 1866

ˆÃÊiÝ«iVÌi`ʜÛiÀÊ̅iʘœÀ̅iÀ˜Ê>}ÀˆVՏÌÕÀ>Ê>Ài>°Ê /…iÊ œÕ̏œœŽÊ vœÀÊ -՘`>Þ]Ê œ˜`>ÞÊ >˜`Ê /ÕiÃ`>ÞÊ ˆÃÊ vœÀÊ w˜iÊ Vœ˜`ˆÌˆœ˜ÃÊ ˆ˜Ê ̅iÊ ÃœÕÌ…Ê >ÃÊ Ì…iÊ …ˆ}…Ê `œ“ˆ˜>ÌiÃ]Ê>˜`Ê̅iÊŜÜiÀÊ>V̈ۈÌÞÊ̜ʫiÀÈÃÌʈ˜Ê ̅iÊv>ÀʘœÀ̅ÜiÃÌ°Ê

/,Ê -/, /Ê", -/ 7i`˜iÃ`>Þ\Ê ܏>Ìi`Ê “œÀ˜ˆ˜}Ê Ã…œÜiÀÃ°Ê œœÊ ÜˆÌ…Ê vÀiÃ…Ê ÌœÊ ÃÌÀœ˜}Ê ÃœÕ̅ÜiÃÌÊ Üˆ˜`Ã]Ê i>Ș}Ê >ÌiÀʈ˜Ê̅iʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}° /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ\Ê܏>Ìi`ÊŜÜiÀðʈ`Ê܈̅ʓœ`iÀ>ÌiÊ ÌœÊ vÀiÃ…Ê ÜiÃÌÊ ÌœÊ ˜œÀ̅ÜiÃÌÊ Üˆ˜`ÃÊ ÌÕÀ˜ˆ˜}Ê ÃœÕ̅ÜiÃÌʈ˜Ê̅iÊiÛi˜ˆ˜}Ê>˜`Êi>Ș}° Àˆ`>Þ\Ê ܏>Ìi`Ê ˆ}…ÌÊ “œÀ˜ˆ˜}Ê Ã…œÜiÀÃ°Ê ˆ`Ê ÜˆÌ…Êˆ}…ÌÊ̜ʓœ`iÀ>ÌiÊÜiÃÌÊ̜ÊÜÕ̅ÜiÃÌÊ܈˜`ÃÊ LiVœ“ˆ˜}ʏˆ}…ÌÊ>˜`ÊÛ>Àˆ>Li° 1Ê7/ ,-Ê", -/ 7i`˜iÃ`>Þ\Ê 7ˆ˜`\Ê >ÀÞÊ -7Ê V…>˜}iÊ ÓxÉÎÎÊ Ž˜œÌÃÊ ÃœÕÌ…Ê œvÊ œÜiÊ ÌœÊ -ÌÊ ˆ`>]Ê ÓäÉÓxÊ Ž˜œÌÃÊ vÕÀ̅iÀʘœÀ̅]Êi>Ș}Ê̜ʣxÉÓäʎ˜œÌÃʏ>ÌiʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}Ê >˜`Ê-É-7Ê£äÉ£xʎ˜œÌÃʈ˜Ê̅iÊ>vÌiÀ˜œœ˜°Ê-i>\ÊÓÊÌœÊ ÎʓÊ>L>̈˜}Ê̜ʣÊ̜ʣ°xʓ°Ê-Üi\Ê-7ÊÓÊ̜ÊÎʓʜ˜Ê ÜÕ̅iÀ˜Ê-«i˜ViÀÊՏvÊ>˜`Ê7É-7Ê£Ê̜ʣ°xʓʜ˜Ê ÜÕ̅iÀ˜ÊՏvÊ-ÌÊ6ˆ˜Vi˜Ì° /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ\Ê 7ˆ˜`\Ê 7É 7Ê £äÉÓäÊ Ž˜œÌÃ]Ê ÌÕÀ˜ˆ˜}Ê -7Ê£äÉÓäʎ˜œÌÃÊ`ÕÀˆ˜}Ê̅iÊiÛi˜ˆ˜}°

/ * ,/1, ÊEÊ, Ê -Ì>̈œ˜ ÕLÕÀ˜ >>Ž>Û> Þ̅

>Ài >“iÞÊ Àˆ`}i œÞi̜˜ >>> "Üi˜ *œÀÌÊ7>Žiwi` ,ˆÛiÀ̜˜ ,œÃiܜÀÌ…Þ ->``iܜÀ̅ -˜œÜ̜ܘ /ܜÊ7iÃ


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Ón°ä £ä°ä £Î°n Îä°È £Ó°n £n°{ ä°ä £™°ä £™°ä ә°{ £ä°È Σ°ä n°n £Î°Ó

/…iÃiÊ̈`>Ê«Ài`ˆV̈œ˜ÃÊ>ÀiÊVœ“«ˆi`ÊLÞÊ̅iÊ >̈œ˜>Ê/ˆ`>Ê i˜ÌÀi]Ê ÕÀi>ÕʜvÊiÌiœÀœœ}Þ]ÊÕÃÌÀ>ˆ>°Ê



The Advisory Board of Agriculture (ABA) has been awarded $40,000 in liquidated funds to continue the work of the former Rural Youth Movement of South Australia. The ABA, which is the governing body of the Agricultural Bureau of SA, was awarded the funds following a successful application process. ABA chair, Mark Dennis, said the funds would be used to continue the work of the Rural Youth Movement in providing development opportunities for the State’s rural youth. “An annual $5,000 bursary will be offered for eight years to assist young people pursue study, or undertake a special project that will benefit the rural community,” he said. “Four young people will also be supported each year to participate in the SA Rural Leadership Program conducted by PIRSA Rural Communities.” Liquidator, Hugh McPharlin from Edwards Marshall Pty Ltd, said the ABA was chosen as the successful candidate because of its detailed approach in providing personal development opportunities for youth in all rural areas. Inactive for nearly five years, the Rural Youth Movement was the leading organisation in promoting leadership and community service opportunities for young people. At its peak it had almost 5000 members, but by 1997 there were fewer than 100 members.

The frontrunner in fertiliser Ph: 8415 1900

Sponsored by



“Many comments indicated a need for a formalised mechanism for stakeholder involvement in NVT operations. “An advisory committee system across Australia will now be established to provide input into the trials to ensure the NVT system continues to improve its delivery of key data to stakeholders.” Dr Juttner said the second, five-year round of NVT, to be launched in 2010, would see a continued improvement in communication of results to growers and advisers. All the issues raised and recommendations are in a summary of the NVT Review Report from the GRDC website at

Rural youth cash will flow through ABA

Contact Shayn 8862 1222

weekly comment

Pulses feeling some pressure


orld pulse markets, with the exception of chickpeas, are currently under some pressure due to the amount of proteins available at the moment. India, the world’s largest consumer of peas, is currently sitting on excessive stocks of peas which they purchased at values higher than the current market. Therefore, purchasing in recent months has eased. India has two crops per year typically. Their yellow pea harvest is currently under way and expected to produce around 1 million tonnes. This figure is lower than first predicted due to less yields coming off, however, many reports of stock are still in the order of around 725,000 tonnes. With this in mind, it is going to be some time before they actively re-enter the market to purchase significant quantities. The reason for the current high stock levels is due to the fluctuations in the local currency as well as the current economic environment which is severely restricting consumption of pulses which are vital in their diets. Although production was down in Australia, Canada still had a bumper harvest, with approximately 3.5 million tonnes produced for the season. Looking at lupins, prices on offer for the coming season will hinge strongly on the acreage planted in Western Australia - the largest producer of lupins in Australia. We’ve already received conflicting reports in regards to plantings with many people suggesting that lupins may be replaced with canola, but we will need to wait and see what sort of break we get in the season before we can draw any conclusions as to the acreage planted. Domestically, Eastern state end users have been relatively self sufficient with their lupin use, as most have been able to source other forms of protein over the last few tough years. Despite the large volumes of proteins available on the market, we have seen an increase in prices in Chicago for November soy beans, which is very positive, as our protein crops can be used as a substitute to soy meal. This follows the release of the recent USDA report which outlines that acreage planted in the US is well below expectations. In addition, we’ve also seen a reduction of the crop size in Argentina as harvested yields are currently running at around 30 per cent below last year’s crop. Contact CBH Grain Regional Manager Henry Carracher, call the Grower Service Centre on 1800 107 759 or visit DISCLAIMER: This Weekly Comment is written by Grain Pool Pty Ltd ABN 39089 394 883 (AFS No. 269743) and may contain general advice which was prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should, before acting on the advice, consider the appropriateness of the advice having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs.

•Editorial supplied by CBH Grain

Real Estate

Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009

Plains Producer




PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 DEADLINE: 5pm Monday

Details of the a p p l i c a t i o n a re a s follows:DEVELOPMENT NO: 312 / 68 / 2009 APPLICANT’S NAME: Bevan Park Nature Of The Development: Variation to development authorisation 312/326/2006 - increase in milking cow numbers from 500 to 900 SUBJECT LAND: Section 543 Simpkin Road, Korunye, Hundred of Por t Gawler, CT: 5212/36 ZONE: General Farming The application may be examined at the Offices of the Council located at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala during normal business hours and any person or body affected may make relevant rep re s e n t a t i o n s i n writing concerning this application to reach the District Planner at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala not later than May 1, 2009. Each person making a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Council in support of that submission. Please note that, pursuant to Section 38 (8) of the Development Act, a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response. Signed: Brendon Schulz Development Assessment Officer Date: April 16, 2009 THIS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE.

“We cover the plains”

Ph: 8862 1977 or 8862 1710


In association with: • Jenkins Anderson Allard, Solicitors • Greg Anderson LL.B, Solicitor • Kim Shaw J.P., Registered Conveyancer

> Property Transfers > Business Settlements > Leases > Plans of Division > Family Farm Transfers > All LTO Applications

8 North Street, Auburn SA 5451 P: 8849 2444 F: 8849 2419 E:

Devin W Baum Property Conveyancer

3 Independent local conveyancing business with 28 years experience in all forms of conveyancing 3 Professional, prompt, personal and private service at competitive rates 3 Whether you are a buyer or seller, you are entitled to nominate your own conveyancer to act for you Contact me at my office…

15 Main North Road, Auburn 8849 2082 or 0418 891 776 to discuss any conveyancing matters (all hours)


6 Edith Terrace, Balaklava Enquiries: 8862 1568 or 8862 2141 Currently Showing … “So many hats and only one head!” For centuries, tradition linked hats with female status. Married women and mothers were required to cover their heads as a sign of respectability, while unmarried women went bareheaded. Headwear is also a sign of power, from crowns worn by royalty to feathered tribal headdresses. Hats can be flirtatious, fun, practical, pretty, sophisticated or whimsical – in fact, there is hat for any occasion and every attitude. It has been said that “Whatever is worn on the head is a sign of the mind beneath it.” Alison Lurie, The Language of Clothes “Adorned”, an exhibition of all sorts of hats, has opened at the Balaklava Courthouse Gallery and runs until Sunday May 10. Wedding hats, warm hats, pink and pretty hats, useful hats, ethnic hats, hats for men and even some beautiful antique hatpins, form a unique and nostalgic exhibition. A special feature is the beautiful collection of wall pocket hats, kindly loaned for this exhibition by Janet Smith. Wall pockets, or wall vases, became popular in the US in the 1920’s and come in many shapes. Janet found an Australian-made wall hat in a Goodwood Road antique shop 20 years ago, and she has enjoyed the hunt for more ever since. Call into the Gallery - admission is free - and enjoy “Adorned”, a very special exhibition! Keep this date free for our Mother’s Day Special Event Wear your favourite hat and bring your mum and your friends to the Gallery on Friday May 8 between 10am and 2pm. Admission to the exhibition and Gift Shop is free, with a plate of sweet and savoury treats and a hot drink available for $5.00 per person. You may also be lucky enough to take home one of a number of special door prizes! Take the opportunity too to browse for a unique Mother’s Day gift from the Gallery Gift Shop. An outing to the Gallery is an enjoyable way to spoil your mum while enjoying the wonderful array of hats on show. And remember that children are very welcome! There’s always something happening at the Balaklava Courthouse Gallery, your community gallery. Come in and enjoy what is on offer! Open every Thursday, Friday and Sunday between 2 and 4pm, and by appointment.

11 john Street, Balaklava

Fantastic Farmlet 8.48 ha


21 acres

• Only 90 km north of Adelaide & 60 km East of Y.P. pristine beaches • Stone bungalow, heaps of potential, featuring 3 bedrooms, jarrah floors, separate dining room, formal lounge & 2 bathrooms & period tin fluted ceilings. • Close to national Freight Centre, Bowman’s is ideally located • Substantial shedding (dairy, 2 pig sheds, double carport, lined stone shed, implement shed), mains water. Price: $255,000


DISTRICT COUNCIL OF MALLALA NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993 Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a C AT E G O RY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for development assessment.

Annette Lloyd 0417 089 199 or Rob Stephens 0407 715 862

Your property could be the next one sold by Butterfield Agencies!

In an excellent township position and close to all the amenities that Balaklava has to offer, this well maintained stone villa is as functional as it is attractive. It consists 3 double bedrooms, large air conditioned lounge, separate study, tastefully renovated kitchen, separate bathroom and laundry. Heritage features include the lofty pressed tin ceilings, ornate fire places and of course large rooms. Set on a neat and tidy allotment with a picturesque garden, excellent pergola and entertaining area.

• Kallora Rd, Avon - Sold 34 FISHER ST. BALAKLAVA


A great location only a short walk to the main street shopping facility & a tremendously comfortable home. It consists of 3 large bedrooms, lounge room, a modern kitchen with plenty of bench space & cupboard storage, tiled bathroom with a separate shower alcove & a laundry with ample room. The home has been very well maintained & you will see that when inspecting it. There is a pergola entertaining area at the rear of the home that overlooks the large back yard. A large steel & timber framed shed has plenty of room & the power is connected for the handy man of the family. Other outbuildings include a shade house & a small storage shed. Come & look for yourself as this property could be utilized as a family home or an investment rental property as its one of the best value for money homes available.

Price $239,000 Landmark Balaklava - 8862 1333 Geoff Knappstein - 0407 790 210


27 Short Tce, Balaklava

109 TEA TREE TCE BALAKLAVA $309,950 New 4 bedroom home

This is a quality home set amongst other new properties and is now available in this new land division in Wattle Ridge. The brick home has four bedrooms with the master having an ensuite and walk in robe with the other bedrooms having built in robes, lounge, kitchen /dining, with a double garage and remote roller door. Features of the home include ducted reverse cycle air conditioning giving you all year round comfort, rain water storage connected to the home, paved paths and driveway. This is a great opportunity to acquire a new home at a very reasonable price. You may be able to also get the first home owners grant and save yourself $25,000.

30 ROBERTS AVE. BALAKLAVA $275,000 Modern 4 bedroom home in an excellent street.

This quality spacious home set amongst a easy care garden has four bedrooms, lounge, dining, kitchen, family room, laundry, fully tiled bathroom and a separate toilet. Features of the home include a bay window in the master bedroom, reverse cycle air conditioner giving you all year round comfort. The floor coverings consist of tiles throughout the high traffic area’s with carpets in the bedrooms. The pergola area is tremendous for entertaining with retractable plastic blinds for the cooler nights and has views of the large back yard. There is a steel framed shed with a concrete floor as the added bonus. This is a great opportunity to purchase a modern home at a very reasonable price and you may be able to also get the first home owners grant and save yourself even more money. Don’t think too long on this one as it will go soon.

This well presented brick home is set on a huge allotment close to all the amenities of Balaklava. The home itself comprises 3 double bedrooms, main bedroom having a walk in robe. Then there is the large lounge, dining room, kitchen with breakfast bar, walk in pantry and family room. A magnificent decked entertaining area that can be accessed from either the dining room or the family room. Externally, there is the carport, garage with workshop area, concrete floor and power connected. All set on a neat and tidy native garden. Price $245,000 Landmark Balaklava - 8862 1333 Geoff Knappstein - 0407 790 210

22 George Street • Balaklava 5461 phone 8862 2172 • fax 8862 1280

RLA 150881


Mid North Conveyancers

Advertising Deadline Monday 5pm

RLA 102485

Public Notice - Section 7 The vendor's statement relating to matters affecting the advertised properties in this publication may be inspected at the agent's office three business days prior to auction or at the place of auction 30 minutes before sale.



Plains Producer

Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009



PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 DEADLINE: 5pm Monday


“I took the ‘Until It Sells Deal’ to sell my gopher and got several calls after 3 weeks. Without the deal, not only would I have to ring up every week to renew my ad, but it would have cost me a lot more” Geoff McKenzie - Hamley Bridge

Place your ‘for sale’ item in front of around 7000 readers every week with the Plains Producer’s great new classified deal. That’s 7000 potential buyers each week.

Advertise until it sells for only




*Or for a maximum of 9 weeks. For the first 32 words. Excludes items sold by businesses from shop or home. The Plains Producer reserves the right to refuse this offer to any adverts it deems not to meet this criteria.

Coming Events

Blyth Cinema

15 Moore Street, Blyth SA (opp. Medika Gallery)

• High School Musical 3 (PG) ★★★ - Friday April 17, 7.30pm - Tickets $5 - Sun April 18, 2.00pm • Madagascar 2 (PG) ★ ★ ★ Animated, Family, All sessions $5/ticket - Saturday April 18, 6.30pm - Thursday April 23, 2pm - Friday April 24, 7.30pm • City of Ember (PG) ★ ★ ★ Family, Fantasy, Tickets both sessions $5 - Saturday April 18, 8pm - Saturday April 25, 6.15pm • Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants 2 (PG) ★ ★ ★ Teen movie - Saturday April 25, 8pm - Friday May 1, 8pm Tickets: •Adults $10 •Con/Stu $7.50 •Child $5 •Family tickets $25 (2 +2) extra child $2.50 3 Full Dolby digital surround sound 3 Candy bar 3 Air Conditioned

Coming Events

Adelaide Plains Male Voice Choir

Annual Concert Balaklava Town Hall Sunday April 26 - 2pm •Admission Adults $10, Pensioner/Student $6, Family $25 Phone 8528 6121 for bookings & enquiries

Hummocks Watchman Eagles Football Club


announces the…



Port Wakefield Football Club 1984 premiership team

Saturday April 18 - 12.30 at Port Wakefield Oval

• Roast tea available after the game All past and present players / supporters welcome

BOOKINGS 8844 5175 - (between 2pm - 5pm)


Clare Castle Hotel Live Music @ Kapunda - The Smokin’ Crocs -

Saturday April 18 • 8pm til late • Free entry • Discount drinks

105 Main St, Kapunda - Ph: 8566 2103

MORELLA NURSERY Main North Rd, Watervale - Ph: 8843 0111 Rose, Donna & Deb from Morella Cottage Nursery invite you to

“Tricks of the trade” This SUnday April 19 10.30am to 11.30am

• When growing native plants - in particular Banksias, Hakeas, Grevilleas, Corteas & Eremophilas • Have a chat with Ian - he is happy to answer any of your questions • Coffee & cake with Janet available after Ian’s talk & until 3pm

Roseworthy Railway Club inc

Let us take you for a ride Sunday April 19 Trains running from 12.30 to 4.30pm at Roseworth Campus Mudla Wirra Rd (Wasleys Rd) • Drinks • Ice Cream Covered • Cooked BBQ • Football oval footwear must be • Playground • Tennis courts worn on train Birthday party bookings welcome, contact Bob 8264 0449 anytime

ANZAC DAY SERVICES AUBURN Dawn Service at 6.15am at the Memorial Gates Followed by a sausage sizzle at the RSL Hall CLARE Dawn Service at 6.30am at the War Memorial Gates by Oval Followed by morning tea at the RSL Hall in Burton Street MINTARO Dawn Services at 6.30am at War Memorial outside the Mintaro Institute Followed by breakfast (gold coin donation) at the Institute RIVERTON March at 6.15am starting at Cnr of Torrens Rd & Moorhouse Tce to the Memorial at RSL House for the service at 6.30am. Followed by breakfast (gold coin donation) at the Community Hall Supper Room SADDLEWORTH SUNDAY APRIL 19 Commencing at 11.15am at the War Memorial Followed by a Service at the RSL Hall TARLEE Morning Service at 9.30am at the War Memorial Followed by morning tea WATERVALE Afternoon Service at 5.00pm at the War Memorial With Rev. Roy Todd

All Welcome

For Rent Balaklava 3 bedroom in cul-de-sac main has walk in robe. Freshly painted, new carpets, r/c split system a/c, renovated kitchen and bathroom, formal and casual dining, patio fernery area, 2 bay garage plus workshop, separate carport, easy care front yard. References essential. Available immediately. $200 per week. ph. 0438 188 620.

For Sale 20 Beef calves, heifer/ steers, 2-7 months old $195 - $350. Gumeracha 8389 1169. 1984 Toyota Corolla sedan manual. Good body and paint, recon motor, mags, 23,400kms, reg. UMX 360. $1,250. 1993 wide body Toyota Camry executive. Good body & motor, 2.2ltr engine, auto, A/C, electric overdrive, CD/radio, power mirrors, 247,000kms reg VKR 802, $6,000, phone: 8868 3102.

For Sale

For Sale

2002 Toyota Workmate, 4x2 traytop, white duco, full length racks, tonneau cover, 172,000kms, WSX198. Ph Tony 0417 047 957. Port Wakefield $10,500 ono.

Chest of drawers $45. Bottom half of trundle $30. Glass TV stand $25. TV stand $15. Phone 8862 1184 - Balaklava.

Call Direct emergency monitoring system. Programmed but unused. $200. Phone 8862 1632 during daylight only. Caravan - 15’ Quest, double bunk front, rear double bed, good clean condition, full annex, registered, $3,200. Phone 0409 287 109. Day’s fishing trip; pea straw; sawn wood; electrical tools; home made goodies; meat packs; hay; feed wheat; one week in self contained unit at Semaphore; plus lots more - 84 lots in total at the Auction in the Owen Town Hall, Saturday April 18 at 7.30pm. BYO supper. Proceeds go to Adelaide Plains UCA Parish. More details phone John 8528 6041.

The Balaklava Church of Christ Community Care Inc. invites the community of Balaklava to the

Opening of Cornerstone Cottage at 2 Gwy Terrace, Balaklava

Tuesday April 21 - 10am Opening to be performed by Hon. Jennifer Rankine MP, Minister for Housing Owen Players and the Owen Hall Committee Proudly Present

Where there’s a will

Written and Directed by Ann Sullivan

Friday May 15 8pm BYO Supper show • Tickets $15 • Licensed Bar

Firewood - good quality, sawn, will deliver. Balaklava Museum - Phone 8862 1741. FIREWOOD FOR SALE. Cut and delivered, kindling available. Phone / mobile: 0407 896 159 or after hours 8865 2127. For Sale - 3 pl, 6ft slasher, 3 rotors with 2 depth wheels, $900, including GST. Phone: 0439 848 491. Honda XR 250, 2003, good condition, runs well, service history available, registration YYM 835, $4,500 neg. Phone 0430 200 490 or 8527 2054.

Holden Rodeo 1997 4wd traytop turbo diesel a/c towbar 5 speed manual excellent condition. $9250 o.n.o. Reg WAR 766. Leyland Boxer Beavertail tray 5 x 2 speed diesel. Fair condition $5500 o.n.o. Phone: 8864 2220 or 0429 642 221. Johnson 6HP outboard motor, $550 ono; battery charger 12/24 volt 50 amp $95; 2 wood combustion heaters fan forced $325 each. Phone 0417 592 708. Balaklava. Mazda Astina Hatchback 1994. Metallic blue. 1800cc manual. Air con. CD/radio. Mags & low profile tyres. Good condition. 196,000km. $5,200. WTF 836. Phone 8867 1485. Oaten Hay - Small squares from $6 per bale. Delivery negotiable. Phone Nick on 0428 831 896. Pony with saddle and stock, friendly, well behaved, $400. Ph 8862 1179 or 0409 337 985. VB SLE Commodore, wrecking only, defected for noise, reg no. SPB 333. 253 V8 motor - good, auto transmission, recon diff with discs - good, $750. Ph 0408 804 238.

Wednesday May 20

Garage Sale

Friday May 22

Garage Sale - several households, Saturday and Sunday April 18 & 19. Florence Street, Pinery, 9am. Furniture, household, kitchenware and bric-abrac, books, plants, shed and garden items. Trailer, wood lathe, horse gear and much more. Bring a trailer and grab a bargain.

6.30pm • Kiosk open at intermission • Tickets $12 adults - $6 children

8pm BYO Supper show • Tickets $15 • Licensed Bar

Saturday May 23 8pm Supper Show •Licensed Bar • Tickets $25 • Ticket Price includes supper

Special offer –if you book 10 tickets to any individual performance and pay for them prior to April 30th you will only have to pay for 8 the other 2 tickets will be complimentary

- Please note No BYO Alcohol permitted - All proceeds to Owen Hall TICKETS AVAILABE AT OWEN POST OFFICE 8528 6020 OR BY PHONING ANN SULLIVAN 8528 6182 A/H

Public Notice CASH for cans and bottles, Owen Recycling - 18 Railway Tce, Owen. Wed 10-5; Sat 10-1 or by appointment. Phone 8528 6307.

CONTRACT slaughtering is our speciality at our quality assured. Snowtown Abattoirs for butcher shop farmers and every day people. Serving all areas. Phone 8865 2162.

Plains Producer, Thursday April 16, 2009

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING v PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 Ruby Wedding

Public Notice

WandEL - REID. Meredith and John married April 19, 1969. Congratulations Mum and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa on 40 years of marriage. May God bless you with many more. Love from all your family. Timothy, Cherie, Rebecca, Ryan and Emily, Sandra, Ricky, Rachel and Courtney, Jason and Tammy, Amanda, Trevor, Amelia and Charlotte.

Situations Vacant

Pinery Markets, April 19 9am to 2pm. Fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade produce, bric-abrac. All welcome. Enquiries ph. Kaye 8527 7074 or Jacki 8527 7035.

Poultry Farm Staff

Wanted to buy Farmhouse, shearing shed, workshop, old pine or hardwood cupboards, tables, doors, benches, ladders and floorboards. Will consider “rough or ready”. Go and have a look and ring Mike on 0419 441 727.

18th Birthday Happy 18th Birthday Tegan. Hope you have a great day on April 19. May your life ahead be filled with everything you wish for and more. You’re a very special daughter and we love you heaps. Wishing you a healthy, happy future. Love today and always Mum, Dad, Shannon, Makayla and Blake.

21st Birthday Parker, Nathan. Congratulations on turning 21 on 14/04/09. Best wishes and God’s blessings for the future. Lots of love your wife Nicole, Dad, Mum, James and Tae.

Public Notice

Yorke Peninsula Field Days Inc Sept 29, 30 & Oct 1, 2009

Expressions of Interest Expressions of interest are called for the consideration of YP Field Days Governing Body for the appointment of: 1. OFFICIAL CHARITY - 2009 event (The selling of Raffle Tickets and charity collections are not permitted at the YP Field Days event with the exception of the “Official Charity” approved by the YP Field Days Governing Body.) 2. GATE KEEPERS - 2009 event (Expressions of interest welcome from individuals and groups) For details & further information please contact: The Administrator Elaine Bussenschutt Telephone YP Field Days 8827 2040 All expressions of interest must be submitted in writing and posted to: YP Field Days Administrator, Elaine Bussenschutt, PO Box 162, Kadina SA 5554 Or via email No expressions of interest / application may necessarily be accepted. All applications will close, and must be received no late than 10am, on Monday April 27

Death Chenoweth, Heather. Passed away April 11 at Clare Hospital. Much loved sister of Val and Ray (dec), Pam (dec) and Ian, Skip and Glenda (dec) and their families. Will be sadly missed by all. Sleep well dear sister. Love Val. Chenoweth Heather Olive. Passed away peacefully April 11. Dearly loved mother of Vaughan, Mother in-law of Sheryl. Much loved Grandma of Kelly, Abbie, Carl, Jamie. Great Grandma of Demi. Rylan,Jack & Macy. Treasured memories will forever live in our hearts. So privileged to have you as part of my life for 30 years. Memories will be treasured and your words of wisdom never forgotten. We’ll play scrabble for you and pass on your big Grandma cuddles. Kelly, Carl, Demi and Rylan xx. You put meaning in the word “Grandmother”. Your big hugs, big heart and jelly slice will be greatly missed. We’ll do our best to keep Grandpa out of trouble. Love always Abbie, Jamie, Jack and Macy. Howard, Tony. On April 10 at Cabooltura Hospital, Queensland. Loved husband of Win, father of Lynette, Dianne, Terry, and Ray, Mary and Trevor. Grandpa of six grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Brother-in-law of Val and Ray (dec). Will be sadly missed by all.

Advertising Deadline Monday 5pm

Yorke Peninsula Field Days Inc Sept 29, 30 & Oct 1, 2009


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Located at Owen. Approximately 30 hours per week

16a Paxton Street, Willaston

8522 2614

Phone: 0433 497 115


The Sevenhill Hotel requires a…

Wanted to buy HORSES unwanted, top prices, cash, any types, Ph 8524 3640 or 0414 546 217.

Trades & Services Directory


Tenders are called and invited for Crane & Forklift provision and licensed operation prior to, and immediately after, the YP Field Days 2009 event for the periods: • Friday September 25 to Monday September 28 • Thursday October 1 (only after 5.30 p.m.) • Friday October 2 For details & further information please contact: The Administrator Elaine Bussenschutt Telephone YP Field Days 8827 2040 All Tenders must be submitted in writing and posted to: YP Field Days Administrator, Elaine Bussenschutt, PO Box 162, Kadina SA 5554 Or via email Neither the lowest nor indeed any tender may necessarily be accepted. Tenders will close, and must be received no later than 10 am, Monday April 27, 2009 Tenders are called and invited for provision of the following services for the YP Field Days three-day event at Paskeville on September 29, 30 & October 1, 2009 • BUS SERVICES • PARCEL PICK-UP (on-site) • SAFETY WATCH • TOILET CLEANING CATERING: (a) Official Lunch (Wednesday Sept. 30th) (b) YP Field Days-Exhibitors Social Function (Wednesday Sept. 30th) For details & further information please contact: The Administrator Elaine Bussenschutt Telephone YP Field Days 8827 2040 All Tenders must be submitted in writing and posted to: YP Field Days Administrator, Elaine Bussenschutt, PO Box 162, Kadina SA 5554 Or via email Neither the lowest nor indeed any tender may necessarily be accepted. Tenders will close, and must be received no later than 10 am, Monday April 27, 2009


30 - 40 hours per week. Applicants please send resumes to: Attention Roger PO Box 9 Sevenhill SA 5453

local services Lower Light

Septic Suckers 7 Days Service!

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Health Comm. Lic. No. 12

Public Notice COFFEE Morning Lutheran church hall, Short Tce, Balaklava March 17 at 10am. All welcome morning tea and fellowship & sing-a-long.

SAILPLANE flights. The Balaklava Gliding Club has $60 gift vouchers available for passenger flights any weekend from their airfield 10km north west of Balaklava on main Snowtown road. Phone 8864 5062 for bookings.


Public Notic On behalf of the Owen Basketball Club I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for this year, who helped us out ever so generously. They are: GJ Lockyer, Owen Recycling, Mid North Computer Service, KB & KM Gameau, JR & PB Gauthier, SA & KR Pratt Nom, Newtech Farming Systems, Bob Jane TMart, Megafert, Landmark, Sports Power Gawler, Owen General Store, Nick Champion, OCCC, T & T Woollatt. Without their support our club wouldn’t have been able to achieve what it did.



Main North Road, Clare Phone: 8842 2001 A/h: 8844 5041 Toll Free: 1300 856 263 Mobile 0418 859 195


The Plains Producer, Thursday, April 16, 2009

KYM JARMAN’S KISS of DEATH: Eagles by 27 points Peckers by 10 points

other reports: p25 – 27

Light the fuse! Eagles, Peckers favoured in explosive first round


he 2009 APFL Football season kicks off on Saturday with the four finalists from last season facing off in what are expected to two cracking matches. At Port Wakefield it will be a grand final rematch between the Eagles and the Magpies and at Long Plains we will see the Peckers out to seek revenge over a United side that knocked them out of last year’s finals series. Two Wells, Virginia and Hamley Bridge all sit out of the first weekend’s action due to the five week “split round” set-up. In the match at Port Wakefield, last year’s premiers Hummocks Watchman Eagles will take on last year’s flag favourites Mallala in what promises to be one of the most eagerly-anticipated grand final re-matches. Although the tide of last season was turned on its ear grand final day last season with the Eagles upsetting Mallala, in regards to this fixture the Eagles will probably start favourites given their off-season recruitment of big guns Joe Hunt from the South East and Daniel Thomas from the Barossa. The Eagles also have a new coach in Mark Brandt, who has come from Gawler Central. His appointment is set to take some pressure off Jared Wilson who now can just concentrate on playing rather than combining his

APFL Round One


Will it be heads ... or tails?

By Kym Jarman

n Your club’s chances 11-page football & netball feature starts Page 13

whiteboard duties with his ball-getting ability. Mallala on the other hand have lost more than they have gained in the off-season, with midfielder John Southern and centre half forward/onballer Dean Christie both missing from the side that played in last season’s grand final. Along with the loss of ruckman Ben Moffatt the Magpies look a touch behind the Eagles for this round one clash – on paper anyway! It will be a clash of the two most “prepared” sides in the competition as both clubs have come off long pre-seasons and are fit and ready to go. Both are full of quality and despite the small confines of the sea-side oval

restricting the running game of both teams, their skills will certainly be on display, as always. The match will be won in the midfield as this is the strength area of both teams. The Eagles’ Braham, Reid and Wilson will have their work cut out against the likes of Joel Montgomerie, Jason Earl and Liam Whitwell. The Eagle backline should be able to contain the Mallala forwards provided supply is not constant. At the other end, Mallala’s consistent defenders will have their work cut out if Thomas lines up in the goal square as many are predicting. If Mallala does get up it won’t be a complete surprise but given the Eagles’ credentials you simply cannot go past them this week – especially at Port Wakefield.

n United’s Simon Schulz brought new meaning to being at the bottom of the pack and obviously feeling the squeeze in this snap at Long Plains when the Tigers met Burra-Booborowie-Hallett in a recent trial game. United’s Adam Mansfield appears to be tossing up over any rescue attempt.

New talent on show at Long Plains UNITED hosts Balaklava at Long Plains without many of the big names synonomous with Tiger successes in the past two seasons. Broad, Vandenbergh and Serle have all gone and the Tigers this week will also be without classy midfielder Brad Shimmin, who

will serve week one of a three match suspension for giving the umpire a few “pointers” in the dying minutes of last year’s preliminary final loss. The Tigers do regain locals Sam McArdle the youthful Heath Pym, who both return to their home club in time for this week’s season

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opener against a Pecker side looking much fitter than last year and re-gaining the services of locals Benny Lamond, Justin Michael and young gun Todd McPharlin, who all return to their home club. Justin Walker also returns from a long-term injury. n Continued Page 26.

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