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Councillors sink boat ramp ‘No’ to $150,000 funding ends 13 years of planning By Lauren Parker

$60,000,000! POLICE uproot hundreds of cannabis plants before destroying them.

PICTURE: Lisa Redpath.

Police seize Virginia cannabis – but who grew it? Police are yet to make any charges in relation to a $60 million cannabis crop located at Virginia last Friday. Police swooped on an O’Loughlin Road property last Friday morning, where they found 4000 cannabis plants growing in five glasshouses, ranging from just 30 centimetres high to nearly two metres. With an estimated street value of $60 million when the plants matured, police are keen to hear from anyone with information. They believe the plants had been grow-

ing for about 10 weeks, and hope to hear from anyone who may have seen people at the property, or who has any reason to suspect the operations may have been occurring for longer than 10 weeks. Those with information are asked to call Bank SA Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Meanwhile, in CLARE, Police and Organised Crime investigators uncovered several cannabis plants, firearms, and more than 18000 rounds of ammunition at a Clare property last Friday.

In addition to the eight firearms, 16 cannabis plants and ammunition, police also located a home-made baton, nunchuks and fireworks. Two Clare men, a 58-year-old man and his 23-year-old son were arrested and charged with cultivating cannabis, possessing insecure firearms and insecure ammunition, possessing loaded firearms while not holding a firearms licence, and resisting arrest. Both were bailed to appear in Clare Magistrates Court.

Boaties have been left high and dry with District Council of Mallala again refusing to support the Middle Beach boat ramp proposal. Onlookers could see no sense in the decision to refuse to fund the $150,000 gap to build an asset worth more than $500,000. The shock and dismay was clear on their faces as they left the gallery. The first stage of the boat ramp upgrade, which includes a new ramp and floating pontoon, has been on council’s agenda several times – the result of 13 years of research and work by a dedicated group of support-

ers. With $375,000 State and Federal government funding secured, all that was left was for council to meet or apply for funding to cover a $150,000 gap. “If we don’t support this project as a council, we may as well just put a couple of signs up on the highway that say ‘closed for business’,” said councillor Steve Kennedy. “This is the best opportunity we’ve had in my 25 years with council. “To not support this is ridiculous. We may as well just go home and forget about coming in here any more.” n Continued Page 3

SUPPORTERS of the Middle Beach boat ramp gather before councillors scuttled their proposal.

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Plains Producer, February 18, 2009

NEWS v District

Owen’s human ‘power pack’ needs some help


he might not be a Mother Teresa, or a Florence Nightingale or even a Benazir Bhutto, the first woman to rule an Islamic state, Pakistan. But her vision is as worthy as any of theirs. She’s a mum, a wife, a hard worker and someone who cares about others. Not just in her own community, but everywhere. She has experienced the highs and lows of life. And worse, tragedy. Yet she remains a human dynamo, a pint-sized power-pack of energy with, one senses, a determination of gargantuan proportions. Until today, Owen’s Joy Woodroofe appeared to be all but alone in her brave and ambitious plan to help the Victorian bushfire victims by “adopting” a town. I was most concerned we really had become so apathetic, so insular, so myopic we, as a community, would not lift a finger to help Joy


Terry Williams

EDITOR achieve her aim. Yet I still have a lingering doubt the wheels might fall off. Will we let that happen? I hope not, Joy, but if we do, then, indeed, it will be a dark day for our local communities. Last week the Plains Producer featured Joy’s proposal on its front page. That page has since been sent to newspapers and other media all over South Australia and

into Victoria. It went to towns and councils and politicians at all levels. Because it seems to me to be a great plan, which in reality, is achievable. All it needs is someone to pick it up and run with it. But how did we get to this point? One day last week Joy and I met after her front page article appeared in the Plains Producer. I asked her if anyone had contacted her as a result of the story. She told me not one person had. That was last Thursday. Disappointingly, that could mean no one is reading this newspaper on the Adelaide Plains. But we know that’s just not true. So Joy was in our office to “steal” some of our contacts – phone and email ID’s for politicians, councillors, business people and so on – to enable her to start ringing around to drum up interest. She did have some success, as you will read in the report on Joy be-

low this column. And, thankfully, a meeting of key community groups was held at Balco this morning (Wednesday) and I am pleased to report people are getting in touch so hopefully, things will now start to develop. There will be opportunities for others to attend a future, bigger meeting, to be announced soon. Joy’s cause hopefully will be taken up by the member newspapers of Country Press SA, so it will be interesting to gauge over the next few weeks whether South Australian communities, while caring, are there only when interest is high ... or if they stick around for the long haul. For that is what Joy’s proposal is all about. Not just holding a benefit to raise a few dollars in one of our towns, because, to be blunt, many people have given already to the Red Cross appeal – and others. Joy envisages our towns com-

ing together over the next several months, maybe even longer, to help our Victorian mates. The optimist in her – no, probably her Christian spirit – also sees a double benefit, where whole town communities bond as one This doesn’t happen very often. In fact, during the footy and netty season, it’s downright war, but maybe Joy’s plan will work. Please give her a moment of your time and attend the coming meeting she is organising. It might just end up to be the only way you can really do something because not all of us can down tools and dash off with hammer and saw in hand. Some of us have to stay home here to work, to keep the wheels of industry rolling, no matter how much pain we feel for the fire victims. But by joining Joy in her cause, you might just feel as if you have achieved your aim.

Joy’s ‘adopt-a-town’ ‘A savage blow to progress in the area’ scheme gathers pace LETTERS to the Editor

Mallala councillors have done it again! Some of them anyway. On Monday night they voted 6–5 not to proceed with the Middle Beach Boating Facilities Upgrade. Little wonder District Council of Mallala is held in such low esteem with actions like this! There has been a concerted publicity campaign in favour of the boat ramp. There has been no removal or damage to signs erected throughout the district. Overwhelming support for the boat ramp has been received by Mallala Foreshore Advisory Committee members. Councillors who had earlier indicated to me that they would “support” the boat ramp if the figures stacked up voted against the motion. Figures could have stacked up if councillors had the will to vote in favour of borrowing $162,000. Interest charged on that amount would have been covered easily by ramp fees charged to boaties and some left over for profit for council. Unfortunately, the usual suspects voted against making any progress for our district. Why are they in council? What do they achieve for the district or for their own ratepayers? They claim many people were not in favour of the project. I have not received one phone call from any dissenter. More than 40 people attended the council meeting to show their support for the project. Not one person spoke against it. Where were all the people who were against it? To those six councillors, you have dealt a savage blow to progress in the area and to boating enthusiasts throughout the Barossa, Lower North and Adelaide Plains. Barb Reid, Parham

Fishing reality check

In response to the locals who were “disgusted” commercial fishing will be allowed within marine parks, I would like them to tell us where they would like us to fish. (Plains Producer, Page 7, February 11) With currently less than one per cent of state waters available to net fishers, that doesn’t give us a lot to work with. There are about 30 commercial net fishermen in the state, and our job as fishermen is to supply South Australians with their share of fresh, locally caught seafood. Denying us access to these areas is taking away the community’s right to a valuable resource.

As commercial fishers we are regulated, licensed agents for seafood consumers of SA. Concerning the three boats fishing in the Thompson Beach area, those fishermen have been working in the area for at least 30 years. It is not a new fishing ground. I’m a third generation fisherman who is proud of what I do. If people are disgusted with commercial fishing then stop eating the local fresh fish. Eat the inferior imported fish instead. To the valued seafood customers who enjoy eating garfish, tommies, snook, yellow fin whiting, mullet and salmon (and not everyone catches their own), it’s crucial you voice your opinions about marine parks, because if certain members of the community get their way, there will be no area left for us to fish. With no area left, local seafood will be a thing of the past. Stewart Butson, Port Wakefield

Clarrie’s family thanks

My father, Clarence Todd (or Clarrie as he was generally known), suddenly passed away from a heart condition in his caravan in Balaklava recently. I wish to express our sincere thanks to Dad’s friends who travelled from Balaklava to attend his funeral at Torrensville on February 10. Likewise, I wish to thank Dad’s friends in Balaklava whose thoughts have also been with Dad these past days but were unable to attend the funeral. The compassion and assistance of Dad’s friends in Balaklava during this traumatic time for us has been a moving experience that has now been etched into our minds and hearts. Dad touched the lives of many people (in his own extraordinary way) in the numerous towns where he resided over the last 25 years, just as he touched the lives of the people of Balaklava. I feel it needs to be said I never considered Dad to be a loner. He may have lived alone but he did not lead a lonely life in the sense he shunned the company of others. Quite the opposite, he would wear a path to seek out the company of others, strike up a conversation with people from all walks of life and make total strangers laugh. Dad, we may be in the company of others today but our thoughts return to yesterday and your company. Mark Todd and family n More letters, Page 10

JOY Woodroofe, the force behind the “Adopt a Town” scheme to aid Victorian bushfire victims, is now planning a series of meetings to gain community support. Joy, of Owen, wants towns, sport and community organisations to come together as one and “adopt” a Victorian town battling to recover from the fire disaster. Her concept was announced on page one of the Plains Producer last week and has been passed on to towns and communities in other regions of South Australia – and into country Victoria. Joy held a preliminary meeting of community leaders from the Wakefield Regional Council (WRC) area today (Wednesday) at Balco’s Balaklava offices. “I wanted to get things started as quickly as possible, so interest did not wane,” Joy said. “This smaller group will organise a larger meeting be held at Balaklava town hall on at a date to be announced soon. “I urge everyone who can help in even the smallest way to come to the meeting, put ideas forward and make suggestions.” As the immense Joy’s “adopt a town” plan and the Plains Pro- devastation and destrucducer report from last tion caused by the Vicweek was forwarded to torian bushfires becomes many media organisa- clearer, Australians of all tions, including newspa- ages and backgrounds are pers of the Country Press pitching in to help in any way they can. Association of SA. Among them are Federal and State MPs – including Fed- Balaklava High School eral MP for Wakefield, students Jess Robertson Nick Champion and State and Mel Zanker, who MP for Goyder, Steven are organising a collecGriffiths – and various tion of goods and money local business leaders donations as part of a and councillors have also major school project. been made aware of the They have appealed to the community to show concept. It also went to some their support. They are seeking donaVictorian newspapers and was taken up by the tions of money, sealed toiFederal MP for the Vic- letries, clothing, blankets torian electorate of Wan- and towels, children’s toys non and former Speaker, and books, pet food and David Hawker. It was non-perishable food. Doplanned to pass the in- nations will be collected formation on to the Rudd at the Balaklava and Port Wakefield CFS stations, government. In an open letter to this Friday and Saturday be sent to community from 10am to 5pm. organisations, Joy said it Benefit concert was “a huge concept.” A Bushfire Variety “It will only come Concert will be held in together as we, as comBalaklava next month to munity groups, unite as raise funds for the Victoone for the benefit and rian Bushfire Appeal. rebuilding of our fellow While it is in the early Australians who are sufstages of planning, the fering,” she said.

JOY Woodroofe will display posters of the planned meeting when the date is set.

Kids, concerts and our volunteers help out

MEL Zanker (left) and Jess Robertson are collecting goods and cash donations. concert will be held at the Balaklava Town Hall on Sunday, March 8 at 2pm. Donations will be requested on admission. For more information contact Joy Woodroofe on 8528 6365. Locals at scene In addition to the efforts within the local community, some of our best known volunteers have travelled to Victoria to offer their help. Ambulance volunteer Jeanette Aldenhoven left last week with a team of St John volunteers, offering her help to those in need. CFS members

Kevin Barber, Kevin Julyan (Balaklava), Paul Kirvan (Port Wakefield) and Eddie Jackson (Hamley Bridge) have also gone to help out on the ground in Victoria. They were part of a team of about 50 South Australian firefighters who left for Victoria last Saturday. “We’re not seeing any live fire, but finding smouldering trees and making sure they’re out,” Kevin said. Wo r k i n g f r o m Churchill, the team is providing relief for Victorian CFA crews. They were expected to return today (Wednesday).

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

NEWS focus v Middle Beach boat ramp


Councillors give their reasons

• From Page 1 Councillor Marcus Strudwicke moved a motion to progress with the boat ramp, and that if Commonwealth funding could not be attained by March 30, council fund the project to a maximum of $150,000 through a loan. “I do expect that when it comes to budget time we’re going to have to look at things we can cut,” Cr Strudwicke said. Some councillors argued the boat ramp project was not part of council’s long term financial plan, but Cr Strudwicke pointed out repairs and improvements would be needed to meet safety requirements regardless, and this was also not included in the plan. However, councillor Rudi Fabrici spoke against the proposal. “In my opinion council has a number of options,” he said. He suggested council instead either improve the existing boat ramp to meet safety standards,

ramp would lead to visitors and locals placing a higher value on the local coastline, and use of the boat ramp would bring economic and social benefits to the community. Two Wells councillor Joe Daniele argued the Foreshore Advisory Committee had initially asked only for in principle support of the project. “I’ve got nothing against a boat ramp,” he said. Cr Daniele said he wouldn’t support it because he believed the silting of the creek was caused primarily by the operations of Cheetham Salt -– a claim the Foreshore Advisory Committee disputes, believing increased mangrove growth is largely the problem. Cr Duncan Kennington - who supported an unbudgeted allowance increase for councillors in recent months - said he could not support the motion as “I believe in fiscal responsibility.” “I don’t believe we should spend $150,000


Against the boat ramp proposal: Tony Flaherty, Two Wells ward 8520 3440 or 0412 773 111; Joe Daniele, Two Wells ward 8520 2233; Rudi Fabrici, Lewiston ward 8520 2881; Duncan Kennington, Lewiston ward 8524 3207 or 0401 526 361; Anne Picard, Lewiston ward 8524 3186; Tom Summerton, Lewiston ward 8524 3385 or seek expressions of interest from other parties who may be prepared to take it on as an investment. Councillor Howard disagreed, saying council promoted itself as an area for quality coastal living, yet failed to provide a safe boat ramp along its coastline. Dublin councillor Steve Jones also stood in support of the project. He believes a boat

when we’re already in the red,” Cr Kennington said. Cr Keen disputed this. “This is about value for money,” she said. “This is $150,000 for a project of more than $500,000. “It’s an asset that this council’s going to have for the next 50 years.” However, in a six-five split, the motion was lost. While councillors Howard, Jones, Keen, Kennedy and Strudwicke volunteered support to progress the project, Mayor Flaherty and councillors Kennington, Summerton, Daniele, Fabrici and Picard refused to support it. When another motion which also would have committed council to progressing the ramp was moved, councillors voted the same way. However, as the meeting was not completed due to time restrictions, debate and an alternative motion could again come before council at its meeting next month.

So much support – but still a ‘no’ Members of the public used Mallala council’s “open forum” to speak in support of the boat ramp project before the vote was taken. The gallery was packed with a crowd of 40, waving signs and fishing rods to give a clear message. Foreshore Advisory Committee chair Barb Reid said there was a groundswell of support for the project, and with 9000 boats in the catchment area, she was confident council would generate plenty of income from boat ramp fees. Even Cheetham Salt



Councillors who voted against boat ramp



had come on board, offering in-kind support such as machinery hire or supply of materials. In addition, a revised figure from Lucas Earthmoving reduced the estimated electricity cost

by $15,000, while John Drexel offered to be project manager for a fee of $10,000, saving an additional $15,000. It was also estimated contingency costs could be reduced by $30,000.

Want it? Convince just one to switch vote The dismay on their faces was evident as they walked from the council chamber, defeated. Thirteen years of research, lobbying, and $375,000 grant funding to no avail. But it just might not be over yet. If just one of the six councillors who voted against the Middle Beach boat ramp proposal can be convinced in the next month to change their mind, it may still be in with a chance. Which leaves it up to members of the public to lobby councillors and tell them whether they support the proposal or not. It is time for the public to step up if this is a project they believe in. I am yet to hear from anyone – boatie or not – who doesn’t believe the project would be good for the area. So call the councillors who have stood up for what you believe in and say thanks. And call those who haven’t and explain your point of view. It’s too easy for a councillor to seek the information they want to hear. Sitting in the gallery Monday evening I was suspicious of how the vote would go. I knew there was almost no chance of five particular councillors changing their minds. And I knew another five were adamant in their support. Which effectively left the decision in one person’s hands. All too often I have seen a six-five split in council’s voting. And every time, it is the same groupings of councillors. To me, this suggests there is a very strong possibility these councillors have already decided exactly how they will vote before they arrive at the meeting, and no amount of persuasion will change



However, infrastructure and engineering services manager, John Tillack, dismissed the $60,000 savings, saying conducting the project in this way may not meet funding guidelines.

Summerton Mallala farmer and former SAFF president John Lush presented a convincing argument in support of the project. Fishing and diving for the last 40 years, Mr Lush said the two closest

new line new line new line new line


kl ala


annual launch fee or a daily launch fee. Two Wells businessman and fisherman, Tony Lange, also voiced support. He said on an average two metre tide, he had a five hour window to fish and still be able to access the current boat ramp. But Mr Lange said it was impossible to launch anything larger than a 19 foot aluminium boat because of the silting in the creek. He said the boat ramp would need to be upgraded at a significant cost anyway in the next 10 years, and he could see no reason not to support the boat ramp.

24-hour boat ramp facilities were at St Kilda and Ardrossan. His fishing friends from Freeling and across the district had all expressed enthusiasm. While Mr Lush acknowledged it was difficult for a council when it came to financing such projects, there was no better time. “I understand there’s never enough money to go around and there’s priorities, but I wonder if you truly realise the potential of the ramp.” Mr Lush said boaties would have no misgivings paying either an



Lauren Parker their mind. Especially considering their arguments made absolutely no sense to onlookers. Having an investor take on the project was one suggestion. Hang on a sec – this tells me the councillor recognises there’s money to be made from the boat ramp. It’s an investment, generating income. So why not support it? Another said it’s not fiscally responsible. Well, neither was increasing councillors’ allowances. This was never in the budget, yet the same six who voted against the boat ramp were quite happy for extra funds to fall into their own pockets. These councillors say they support their wards, and value the coastline. It’s not the impression they’re giving at the moment, given all but one Two Wells councillor and all Lewiston ward councillors refused to allow the project to go ahead. Then there was the councillor who appeared to be refusing to support it simply because he disagreed with the process the Foreshore Advisory Committee had taken, rather than opposing the boat ramp itself. Is this the way a council should operate? Of course each councillor is entitled to their own opinions, but it’s clear the ‘us versus them’ mentality is stopping council from making progress. It’s time for change. So ring the councillors and tell them what you think. Write to this paper and share your views. It’s over to you.

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The Smarty Boys

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NEWS v District

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

Cheating death Police renew warnings after latest accident Police are growing increasingly concerned about young drivers allegedly driving while tired or intoxicated after another driver fell asleep behind the wheel last Thursday morning. Less than one week after a Mallala youth dozed off and collided with several trees, an 18-year-old Hoyleton youth fell asleep at the wheel of his sedan while travelling south along Balaklava Road about eight kilometres north of Mallala. Police allege he lost control of his vehicle at high speed at about 7.15am, colliding with a tree on the western side of the road. Amazingly, the youth escaped with just a minor cut above his eye and bruising to his right foot, making his way home


Put the finger on crime, call

CRIME STOPPERS 1800 333 000 before his vehicle was located an hour later. Police, ambulance and CFS crews were called to the scene of the accident when it was reported by a member of the public an hour after the collision occurred, and the youth returned to the scene and was taken to Lyell McEwin hospital for treatment. He was reported for driving without due care and will face the Elizabeth Magistrates Court at a later time to answer the charge. Mallala officer-incharge, Scott Trenaman, was disappointed drivers

Man climbs silos

Police negotiators were called to Balaklava after a man climbed to the top of the town silos and refused to come down. The incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning. The 28-year-old Balaklava man climbed down just before negotiators arrived and was detained under the Mental Health Act, after being on the silo for three hours.

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didn’t seem to be getting the message. “It is a matter of time before someone dies on these roads if attitudes to driving tired or intoxicated do not change,” he said. Port Wakefield • Several drivers tested positive to alcohol when police conducted 140 driver tests in Port Wakefield last Saturday, but not one driver was over the legal limit. • An 18-year-old woman was treated at Balaklava Hospital after her vehicle rolled about eight kilometres south of Port Wakefield on Saturday afternoon. Police allege the woman clipped the dirt before over-correcting and losing control of the vehicle. She was released after being treated.

• A 37-year-old Arthurton woman was reported for returning to licensed premises within 24 hours of being evicted from a Port Wakefield hotel in the early hours of Saturday morning. • A 20-year-old Port Wakefield man who allegedly stole a beanie from a Nuriootpa Service Station was reported for theft last Friday. • An elderly woman suffered serious injuries after a vehicle collided with the rear of a truck last Wednesday. Th e 8 5 - y ear- o ld Streaky Bay woman was passenger in a vehicle when it collided with a truck exiting the quarry on the Copper Coast Highway at the bottom of the Hummocks. She was airlifted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital, where she remains in a serious, critical condition. The driver of the car was initially treated at Balaklava Hospital before being transferred to the Lyell McEwen Hospital.

Two die at Virginia

Police have pleaded for drivers to drive responsibly following a double fatality at Virginia on Sunday morning. A 39-year-old Para Hills woman and a 21-yearold Brahma Lodge man were killed when a car and a truck collided at the intersection of Penfield and McKay roads. It is alleged the car failed to give way to a delivery truck at 6.30am. Traffic Operations Support Branch Superintendent Mark Fairney said alcohol was found with the driver and passenger of the car, but toxicology reports would be needed to confirm if alcohol played a part in their deaths. The truck driver was taken to Lyell McEwin Hospital with minor injuries.

Fire destroys shack

A shack on the Esplanade at Middle Beach was ANIMAL WELFARE LEAGUE 1 - 19 Cormack Rd, Wingfield completely destroyed by fire on the weekend. Police and CFS were called to the home about SA 5013. ADOPTIONS 10am- midnight Saturday night. 3pm, seven days. PHONE Fire investigators believe the blaze, which caused 8348 1300. $50,000 damage, was not suspicious.


Cheer Up Day!

…to blow the dust away

Saturday March 7 5pm at Robertstown Oval

3 Featuring Australian Artists: Patrick McMahon, Kristal Collins 3 Also appearing: The Beaudies, Slick Arnold & Local Legends Digger & Robin 3 Face painting 3 Jumping castle 3 FREE admission 3 FREE BBQ 3 FREE Advice 3 Licensed Bar

Trenaman to depart

Mallala officer-in-charge Brevet Sergeant Scott Trenaman has been offered a position in Port Augusta. Brev Sgt Trenaman said he hoped the position would offer promotional opportunities. He expected a new officer would be appointed shortly after he begins his new position on March 26. “I wish the Mallala district only the very best for the future,” he said. “It has been an absolute pleasure to work within the township and district of Mallala, and I am leaving with very fond memories of my time here.”

Two Wells • A woman was fined for failing to give way following a three vehicle accident at the intersection of Port Wakefield Road and McEvoy Road, Virginia, last Friday. Police allege a 27year-old Paralowie woman was travelling south on Port Wakefield Road, and failed to give way to a light truck heading north on the same road when she attempted to turn east onto McEvoy Road. The impact of the collision pushed the woman’s car into another car, which was waiting to turn from McEvoy Road onto Port Wakefield Road. The woman and her young child were conveyed to hospital with minor injuries. She also received a $300 infringement notice. • A 46-year-old Eudunda man was arrested for theft after allegedly stealing a backpack and alcohol from a cabin on Recreation Drive, Middle Beach, last Friday. The property was returned to the owner. • Two youths allegedly damaged a woman’s vehicle on Port Parham Road, Port Parham, on Tuesday last week. Police allege they caused about $2000 damage to the vehicle, and police will be speaking to two Salisbury North juvenile males in the coming week. • A Salisbury North man was reported for driving without due care after the 32-year-old was observed driving without due care on Port Gawler Road and Wharf Road, Port Gawler, on Sunday. Police have warned they will be very active in beach areas in the coming weeks as part of Operation Beach, and will be paying particular attention to driver behaviour at Port Gawler and Middle Beach. As part of the same operation, a 19-year-old North Haven man was reported for driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle on Port Gawler Road, Port Gawler, last Saturday. The community is reminded it is an offence to ride unregistered and uninsured motorbikes on the beach area, or to drive unregistered and uninsured motor vehicles. It is also an offence to ride or drive without holding an appropriate licence. • A man who’s licence had been disqualified for three years was reported on Sunday for driving while disqualified.

Experienced officer Almost a month into his appointment at Snowtown, Brevet Sergeant Joseph O’Connell is enjoying his time in the town. A member of SA Police for the last 25 years, Brev Sgt. O’Connell began his term at Snowtown on January 24, and is enjoying being part of the friendly community. “It’s quiet, but at the same time fairly productive,” he said. Joseph is married to Lee-Anne, and their two children Frances and James attend Snowtown Area School. In his time as a police officer, Brev Sgt O’Connell has been involved in several areas of policing, including transit police, traffic, logistics, anti corruption branch, and being a driver training instructor. He has transferred from Roxby Downs, and previously spent six months in East Timor working with the United Nations Civilian Police. The report came after the 43-year-old Virginia man was allegedly involved in an accident last month at Old Port Wakefield Road, Virginia. • The same day, a 32year-old Two Wells man was reported for driving unlicensed after he was detected driving along Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells. • A woman who had her licence suspended for drink driving was reported for driving while suspended and driving an unregistered motor vehicle in Drew Street, Two Wells, last Wednesday. The 36-year-old Two Wells woman was allegedly reported for the same offences one week earlier. • A Lewiston woman was reported for allegedly driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle on Old Port Wakefield Road, Lewiston, on Monday last week. The 30-yearold will be summonsed to appear in court. Clare •Two Clare men were arrested after police allegedly found stolen property at a Clare premises last Friday. Police found a fridge, microwave, urn and

toaster oven which were allegedly stolen from a local business between January 1 and February 9. The men, aged 18 and 21, were arrested for aggravated serious criminal trespass and two counts of theft. They were bailed to appear in court at a later date. • An Auburn woman lost her licence instantly for 12 months after she was caught driving with a blood alcohol limit of 0.209 per cent last Friday. The 53-year-old was also reported for driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle while unlicensed. • Two brothers, aged 20 and 17, seen fighting on Main North Road were reported for fighting in a public place last Friday. • A 40-year-old P plate driver lost his licence instantly for 12 months last Saturday when police received blood test results taken following a collision on January 1. The results showed the man was driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.152. He was also reported for aggravated due care and breach of P conditions.


o BALAKLAVA’S Port Adelaide Power recruit, Glenn Dawson, showed his prowess at cricket on Tuesday night, when he played for the Power in the Twenty20 “Throwdown” match against the Adelaide Crows. The game was a fundraiser for the Victorian bushfire victims. Glenn, who joined the Power as a forward in last year’s draft, has also excelled as a top junior state cricketer.

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009


• Feb 22: Strawberry Fete, Port Parham Sports and Social Club. • Feb. 27 - March 1: Adelaide Plains Cup Festival. • Feb. 28: Adelaide Plains Basketball Association, All Star match, Ralli Park: postponed. • Feb 28 - Mar 1: Marrabel Bullride. • Mar 1: Clean UpAustralia Day; Junior Tennis Tournament, Balaklava. • Mar 8 - Clare Valley Ladies Day Races • Mar 14: Owen Hall Strawberry Fete. • Mar 21 - Men’s Breakfast Owen Bowling Club • Mar 24: Long Plains Red Cross morning tea, Gavin and Jenny McArdle’s home, Balaklava.

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photographs from almost any subject are welcome. Send your news in detail, or even an outline, to editor@ PO Box 63 Balaklava SA 5461 or drop it in to our office at 9 Howes street in Balaklava. In today’s times, we do prefer email – but you can submit it in letter or “dot point” format. The Plains Producer freely will publish information which is of benefit to the community However, some events are an obvious commercial benefit to organisers and in this instance only basic details will be published in editorial form. Organisers should contact our office for advertising rates.

LIFESTYLE v Your page

It’s strawberry Sunday! PORT PARHAM – DUBLIN • The eighth annual Strawberry Fete will be held at Port Parham Sports and Social Club this Sunday. Jointly hosted by Dublin History Group and the club, the fete runs from 10.30am to 4pm. Organiser Pat Thompson said there were some wonderful things in store for those attending. According to Pat, there will be plenty of new stalls including handcrafted picture frames and handmade teddy bears, along with the everpopular Red Cross cake stall. Those feeling a little hungry after browsing the stalls can enjoy fresh strawberries and cream or ice cream, or for a more substantial meal, fish and chips or lasagne and salad will be served at lunch time. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and bar facilities will be available and there will be plenty of musical entertainment, including performances by a renowned piano accordion player, and Barry Stone with his musical spoons. And for the first time, an auction will be held as part of the Strawberry Fete, when donated items will be sold to raise funds for the Victorian bushfire appeal. The auction will begin at 3pm, Donations are welcome by contacting Port Parham Sports and Social Club on 8529 2324. A $2 entry fee is charged to cover the cost of entertainment. Stall holder enquiries should be directed to Pat Thompson on 8529 2028. OWEN

Stage shows coming Founded 1903. Formerly the Central Advocate and Wooroora Producer, also incorporating the Stanley Herald, Snowtown.

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• Owen Players is holding an information evening for those interested in being involved in this year’s production “Where There’s a Will.” There are many roles to be filled and if performing in front of a crowd is not your thing, don’t worry there


Take five

are plenty of behind the scenes jobs to be done. If you are interested head along to the Owen Hall for the information night on Tuesday, (February 24) at 7.30pm. This year’s performance dates are May 15, 17, 22 and 23. For further information contact Ann Sullivan after hours on 8528 6182. TWO WELLS • Speaking of productions, Two Wells Melodrama Group has started rehearsals for its 2009 production “A Trip to the Outback.” Tickets for dinner performances (May 16, 22, 23, 29 and 30) are $30 each and for the matinee on May 17, $25. Tickets can be booked by phoning Kay Milton on 8520 2778.

News Morsels by Karen Petney

Send your story to us at The Plains Producer PO Box 63 Balaklava 5461 Email to or Fax them to 8862 1997


Pancakes popular

• Fancy delicious pancakes for breakfast? Then head to Balaklava Uniting Church hall on Tuesday morning (February 24) and enjoy a yummy breakfast and support UnitingCare’s Pancake Day. Volunteers from Balaklava’s Uniting Church will be selling pancakes for $2 each (or $5 for 3) from 7.30–10.30am. Co-ordinator Cathy Chapman said businesses who couldn’t make it, didn’t have to miss out, as phone orders could be placed on Monday. Orders: 8528 6165.

Liz a cinema winner BLYTH • Liz Venning of Auburn was the 20,000th person to take a seat at the Blyth cinema. The cinema was established in 2005 by a local community group to bring a city quality cinematic experience to residents and visitors of the region. Run by 27 volunteers using a roster system, the cinema has been recognised with the inaugural Emu Award in 2007 and last year was named the


Day of prayer

• Churches of Mallala will host World Day of Prayer activities on March 6. A program prepared by Christian women of Papua New Guinea, will include a service, with speaker Barbara Bonifant, followed by morning tea. The service will be held at Anglican Church, Aerodrome Road, Mallala from 10am.

School benefits

• Mallala primary school Parent Club will purchase an upright fridge and freezer thanks to a volunteer grant. The items will provide much needed storage for food items and

Westpac Community Idol 2008. Liz has won two nights accommodation at the Adelaide International Motel. To celebrate the milestone, in the three and a half year history of the cinema, patrons during December and January were entered in a draw for a Canon digital camera donated by the Electronic Brain at Blyth. The winner of this prize was Ingrid Finney of Clare.

ice creams. The club have also received funding for a new large microwave. President of the Parent Club, Alan Johnson said the Club was a group of parents and friends who, once a week, sell ice creams in the summer and a hot lunches in winter. “Proceeds from these lunches and other fundraising are directed to projects within the school for the benefit of the wider school community,” he said.

Cakes for a cause

• A Bushfire Appeal cake stall will be held in front of the Mallala IGA this Friday (February 20) from 8am. Donations of cake, produce or cash will be gratefully accepted at the stall.

Max again loses locks as local ‘hair-raising events’ start Mallala’s Max Angus has done it again... he’s shaved his locks... for a price. You can see it was quite a big job! Max’s mother-in-law, wife and daughter, say he looks ‘feral’ but the 58 year old Mallala identity thinks it is a waste to become clean shaven, without someone benefiting. In 2007, Max did his first ‘Shave Off’ raising $1140 for young South Australian children less fortunate than most.

This year funds raised will go to the Childhood Cancer Association. Max says he’s raised $770 so far, and is looking for more support. Donations can be made until the end of February. To find out how you can donate, contact Max on 8527 2085.

Jenny’s colour change

• Balaklava’s Jenny Long has again set her mind to fundraising for a good cause, and with the

help of the team at Freechoice Balaklava, she will colour her hair for the World’s Greatest Shave. Eager to do her part for the Leukaemia Foundation, Jenny has pledged to colour her hair to raise funds for the charity. Nicole Gregory at Cuts n Curls will create a colourful new hairdo for Jenny, who will be collecting donations at Freechoice. Collection boxes will soon be placed around Balaklava.

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4 Should South Australian councils and clubs unite and ‘adopt a town’ in the wake of the Victorian bushfires to fundraise to rebuild their adopted towns? This could include football associations sponsoring a football club etc. VOTERS: 11

Member of Country Press SA

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4 DO you think the proposed upper St Vincent Gulf marine park will eventually lead to a ban on fishing? VOTERS: 71


Providing Internet access across Country South Australia & Australia Wide

Wireless Broadband Now available

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NEWS v District

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

Lions bench honours Geoff and Bonnie Allen

Snowtown Lions have fixed a bench seat in Apex Park in memory of Geoff and Bonnie Allen, who were both dedicated Lions members. The chair and its plaque were unveiled on Australia Day. Sons of Geoff and Bonnie, Kym, Terry, Wayne and Brenton Allen, and daughter Karen Furnell unveiled the chair, which Lions members say “keeps their memory alive”. Geoff was a Lions member for 27 years, Bonnie was a dedicated member for 12 years, and was a Lioness before that. • Pictured sitting on the chair are (from left) Kym, Terry, Karen, Wayne and Brenton, with their children behind them (from left) Sarah Furnell, Rebecca and Kimberley Allen, Kylie Furnell and Nick, Sam and Renae Allen.


OF THE PLAINS RIGHT: Former Balaklava High School students supported D u n c a n Crawford at his exhibition Sunday. From left: Fiona Tiller, Stewart Spillane, Clinton Tiller, Katherine Colla, Michael and E r i n Wa r n e s , and Heather Crawford.

Colina’s 80th – RIVERTON’S Colina Baldwin celebrated her 80th

birthday on Sunday, February 1 in the parish hall of the Holy Trinity Church, Riverton. An afternoon tea was put on by her two daughters Dianne and Merveen. Colina was presented with a newspaper, the Ouyen North West Express, printed on the day she was born in Ouyen, Victoria on February 1, 1929. Her cake was made by Lyn Paine, of Irymple.

It’s All Art – Duncan Crawford

(left) and Kevin Colla officially opened their “It’s All Art” exhibition at Balaklava Courthouse Gallery on Sunday – a collection of photography works by Kevin and paintings by Duncan, who is a Balaklava farmer and former Balakalva High School student. Kevin has a connection to the area through wife, Katherine (nee Warnes).

10 year old smoke alarms put your safety at risk. By the time they are 10 years of age, all smoke alarms (mains powered and battery operated) are too old to be reliable.


Replace them while there’s still time. Contact your electrician or call 1300 737 637 for more information. Better to be safe than sorry.

Sizzle raises fire cash– BALAKLAVA CFS members were at Adelaide Plains basketball on Friday night, serving

snags in bread to help raise money for the Victorian bushfire victims. From left are Cassie Kirvan, Adrian Shepherd and Kevin Julyan. They raised $499 from sale of sausages, with other donations taking the tally to $1013.

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009


NEWS v District

Can you fit into this picture? Volunteer shortage threatens Mallala St John Mallala St John could be forced to close if the service is unable to attract additional volunteers. With only a handful of adult volunteers and some keen cadets, St John policy means the service could no longer exist in Mallala without additional support. A St John spokesperson said the Mallala ambulance centre provided two distinct services: volunteer ambulance officers working for South Australian Ambulance Service using an SAAS vehicle; and volunteer St John officers providing coverage for public duties in the region. There is no St John vehicle. Any decision to close the Mallala St John division will be made by the Commissioner. Officially, minimum membership requirement is 12, but if the division is viewed as a section of a neighbouring division, the member numbers are amalgamated. “In practice, we never

REMAINING members of Mallala St John Ambulance (from left) Erin Mackay, Amy Spolder, Kate Jackson, Jordan Berry, Alannah Williams, Alex Renaglia, Tash Renaglia, Angus Bugeja, Mark Dunnett (acting regional superintendent), Crystal Pike (acting cadet superintendent), Jessica Harvey, Jess Renaglia Absent: Patricia Kakoschke (divisional superintendent). close a division while the local community is committed to supporting St John by maintaining membership numbers of at least six who are training in accordance with our standards and commit to a minimum amount of

community duties,” the spokeswoman said. The Mallala St John service is active in the community, providing first aid at the local race track, and enjoying the excitement of volunteering at events such as

Clipsal 500 and the 24 hour motorbike trial at Kapunda, as well as at the equestrian centre. Providing first aid support (not an ambulance service), St John is a valued service at many events.

Community Passenger Network a winner

Volunteers take part in weekly training, meeting each Thursday night to practice their first aid skills - which no doubt come in handy in everyday life. Training is free, with volunteers gaining im-

portant first aid qualifications. Uniforms are also provided at no cost to the volunteer. Potential volunteers are asked to contact divisional superintendent Pat Kakoschke on 8527 2144.

Police in renewed off-road campaign Police again will crack down on safety issues with riders of trail bikes and other off-road vehicles at Port Gawler beach. They have mounted another safety campaign “Operation Beach 3” which started last Saturday and will continue until March 29. Police will then reassess its effectiveness and warn the campaign could continue. Officers from Two Wells, Mallala and Gawler as well as traffic police will be checking bikes and vehicles for registration and insurance. They will also be watching for unlicensed drivers. Gawler officer in charge, senior sergeant Lou Costello, said the campaign was about education and enforcement. “A number of issues concern us – safety and damage to vegetation and the impact on local residents,” he said. “There have been problems in these beach areas for quite some time and of course incidents seem to spike in summer.” The operation was part of a continuing SAPOL road safety strategy.

‘Getting the Crop in’ 2009 Wednesday, March 4th Clare Golf Club

Proudly sponsored by Rabobank

8:30 am Registrations 9:00 am Welcome - Linden Price, Chairman of the Hart Fieldsite Group Inc. - Peter Neale, Rabobank Rural Manager, Clare

Setting the scene - David Maitland, farmer from Hart

A different perspective - diversified enterprises & marketing - Ken & Judy Stump, farmers from Rowena, in northern NSW

Hart trials review - Peter Hooper, Hart fieldsite research manager

BALAKLAVA’S Shirley Henstridge at the wheel of the community passenger network vehicle, with Josie Allen and co-ordinator, Damien Graham.

Driving the community further Mid North Community Passenger Network provides a vital service for aged, frail or those without transport in country areas. Covering four council areas – Clare and Gilbert Valley, Goyder, Wakefield and Mallala – the Network assists residents like Balaklava’s Josie Allen on a regular basis. Josie has used the service to travel to weekly hospital visits, after having a kidney transplant in November last year. “I really appreciate using the service and have found it to be very convenient and reliable. We are very lucky to have it available,” she said. And it’s not just the transport side of things passengers enjoy.

“It’s also an opportunity to make new friendships and have a bit of a chat to the other passengers who are also travelling to appointments,” she said. The service was established 10 years ago to meet a growing need for transport for the aged, frail or ill passengers needing to travel to appointments. It is sponsored by the local councils, Passenger Transport Division and Home and Community Care grants as well as client donations. Co-ordinator, Damien Graham, said the Network currently had four cars and a nine-seater fully air conditioned bus, fitted with a wheel chair lift. “On Thursdays the bus is used as intertown and intratown

service between Clare, Burra and Riverton,” he said. “Both vehicles can pick you up at your home where possible and return you after your appointment. Bookings are essential and need to be made as soon as possible and at least 24 hours before the trip,” Damien said. During the last quarter of 2008, 449 passengers were transported over 29,000 kilometres for medical or social appointments. The service is made possible by a small group of volunteer drivers. “We are always looking for more drivers. Anyone who has some free time should give me a call,” Damien said. For more information on the service or how to become a driver, call 8842 1677.

Resilience in tough times - Brenton Lynch, consultant from Eyre Peninsula

Local farmer experience - Anthony Pfitzner, Eudunda

New cereal varieties - Rob Wheeler, SARDI, Waite

Chairmans report and general business Adding value to grain Cooperatives, are we re-inventing the wheel? - Ben Ranford, farmer and Nuffield Csholar, Arno Bay

Pulse varieties and agronomy - Larn McMurray, SARDI, Clare

Tarlee trials review - Jeff Braun, Tarlee fieldsite research manager

3:00 pm Close - Grant Roberts, Vice chairman of the Hart Fieldsite Group

Members $20 - Non-Members $30 After Seminar drinks provided by Rabobank RSPV and enquiries to: Monica Trengove Executive Officer, M: 0417 803 386, E:


Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

social scene v Your wedding & engagement o Engaged in Ireland

Former Balaklava resident Angela Vermeeren became engaged to Phil Nothnagel in November last year The pair announced their engagement in Dublin, Ireland.Angela is the daughter of Colleen and Pierre, of Gawler East. Phil’s parents are Elka and Ulrich Nothnagel, of Berlin, Germany.

o New year’s eve wedding

o Whitsunday honeymoon for Kara, Jethro Kara Simpson and Jethro Backman were married on January 17 at Brougham Place Uniting Church, North Adelaide, with a reception at the Lakes Resort hotel. A honeymoon in the Whitsundays followed. Kara is the daughter of Graham Simpson of Leasingham and Dianne Simpson of Port Wakefield. Jethro is the son of Wayne Backman and Michelle Alexander, formerly of Saddleworth.


Weddings to Remember… Personalised wedding ceremonies tailored to individual desires • The Celebrant who wants to be a part of your special day

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Balaklava Town Hall Available for: •Wedding receptions •Engagement party •Birthday party Facilities include fully equipped commercial kitchen

Contact 1300 655 224 Email:

David Ireland and Rachel Coveney, of Hamley Bridge, married on December 31 on the Hamley Bridge oval. The couple said their vows in front of family and close friends before hosting a reception/New Year’s Eve celebration at their home. Luke Packer and Lisa Redpath witnessed their marriage, and daughter Makaede was flower girl, helping out mum and dad on their big day.

o Matt and Dot surprise:

Matthew Tiller married Dot Henschke on Thursday, January 15 before immediate family at the Barn Palais, Mount Gambier. Matthew was attended by brothers Jamie and Shane, and Dot was attended by sister Bec, with daughter Taylor as flower girl.

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‘The Reserve’ - Spacious room appropriate for a large event. ‘Jacob Room’ - Multipurpose room catering for 120 people seated. ‘The Loft’ - Modern, intimate room ideal for Cocktail Parties / pre-dinner drinks or engagements. Whether you require a formal affair or cocktail finger food, there are catering options to suit everyone’s budget. Finger food options start from as little as $5 per head! Take the hassle out of organising your own event and contact our Function coordinators, Sognia Slade or Dara Kiryk on 8522 1856

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Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

NEWS v Balaklava

Wakefield river slowly chokes to death Fish dying as Rocks water quality sours Visitors to the Rocks Reserve east of Balaklava have been shocked to find a stinking pool of dead fish at what was once a popular swimming hole. When farmers Kirsty and Peter McPharlin visited last week, they found the swimming hole had turned to an ugly, discoloured, smelly water hole filled with dead fish. Yet other pools of water, including Dead Mans Hole just metres away, don’t appear to have any problems. Balaklava’s Jeff Sutton, who has been monitoring water quality along the Wakefield River for several years, conducted tests but could find nothing abnormal in the PH, phosphate or nitrate levels. “The other pools look good,” Jeff said. “I’m not an expert, but I’d say it’s probably blue green algae. “It’s definitely a different colour to the other water.” When he visited the swimming hole last week, there were plenty of dead catfish and carp. “It takes a lot to kill carp,” Jeff said.

He even spied a large goldfish regularly coming to the surface, gasping for oxygen. And while locals should avoid coming in contact with the water for health reasons, Jeff believes the problem will clear with rain, or when the springs again begin to flow. For Jeff, the problems with the swimming hole will also impact his record taking. Another of his testing sites at Mengeson’s Crossing has been completely dry since April 2006, and now testing at The Rocks Reserve is also being impacted. However, the drying up of the Undalya site implies there is no spring above that particular site to refresh the river. While some other testing sites have dried up periodically, water has always returned, refreshed by spring activity. Jeff was saddened to see the state of the swimming hole. “I think it’s just a seasonal event, but it’s disappointing to see the river like it is,” he said. “More and more we’re seeing the river dry up.”

JEFF Sutton tests water at The Rocks swimming hole. He found nothing abnormal with the water, but believes algae may be responsible for the poor quality of the pools.

PICTURES: Lisa Redpath

A deeper, clear pool

Murky swimming hole water

Dead carp on the bank of the river. Catfish also were present.

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rs ave ists s c r Speomet t Op



lare in C




Specsavers Clare: (Formerly known as Carpenter & Brown Optometrists) 274 Main North Road 08 8842 2336

Second pair must be from the same price range of frames and lens range or below. Must be same prescription. Extra options not included - see Clear Price leaflet in your local Specsavers store for details.



Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

NEWS v District

LETTERS to the Editor

Balaklava – is it the town that watches? Regarding Phil Barry’s My View: ‘Balaklava – is it a town on the map or a community?’(Plains Producer, Page 2, February 4). I believe Balaklava is becoming a town of people who “watch things happen” – with the exception of a few. Balaklava is becoming a town where its community thinks: “Well, how is this going to affect me? Why should I?” I believe those living here should be thinking: “What am I going to leave for my children.” Unfortunately, I am seeing people who believe if they pay their subs for sport, “that is all I am going to do.” Unfortunately, with many sporting clubs it is getting to the stage subs will go up and up to help cover cost incurred because no one is willing to put their hands up. Little do people know if they are forced to go elsewhere their subs would be triple the amounts paid in Balaklava. An example is Clare swimming pool. Its annual fee for a family is more than $300. In Balaklava it is $160. Basketball subs are $50. In Adelaide, it is $360 plus extra for the entrance fee. Recently, I went to a birthday party in Adelaide. While the kids were having a great time, the mums were coordinating their diaries as to when and who could drop the various children at school and collect them later. They were working as a team. I was amazed and ashamed because years ago, Balaklava people would work together as a team – but not any more. I believe this is what we need to do. But I can’t see it happening Sometimes, I also notice those who do have a say are then subjected to comments like: “Oh, here he/she goes again!” So you get to this stage: Why bother! That’s my say. Annie, via email

Garden club appeal

It is 15 years in March since Balaklava Garden Club was formed. During this time, we have had many interesting guest speakers giving us practical advice, bus trips, visits to and from other garden clubs, and tea meetings when we visit local gardens. We are experiencing very difficult times with water restrictions and in-

tensive heat on our plants, trees and shrubs. We don’t want to have a desolate looking town. We need to adjust to these conditions by being more waterwise, and using low maintenance and drought tolerant plants. As a garden club we invite guest speakers who are able to advise us on these subjects. Our meetings are held on the third Monday monthly in the Anglican Church Hall at 8pm. We always have a trading table. We would like to invite anyone interested to come and join us. For further information call Joy Maxwell on 8862 1774 or Jan Young on 8862 2207. Joy Maxwell, Balaklava Garden Club

Council ‘will dictate’

Wakefield Regional Council’s plan to introduce fortnightly rubbish collection when recycling starts later this year gained the following comment in the Plains Producer website forum: “As usual, council will dictate and will not take any notice of the public. They will do whatever suits them.” Peter Rann, Hope Valley.

We’ll eat imported fish

Regarding the report: ‘They’re not taking the bait’ (Plains Producer, Page 7, February 11) It is recommended by dietitians we eat four to five meals of fish per week. For my family, that equates to about three kilos at around $30 per kilo. With the anticipated commercial fishing restrictions the State government is proposing, my family and yours will be eating fish imported from Asia as there will no longer be a viable fishing industry in South Australia. Nature has always managed, in most cases, to control numbers. Where populations of fish become to large, predators such as sharks proliferate and control the excess. It is obvious any fisherman who ignores fish sizes and catch restrictions is only damaging his own industry. For a hundred years commercial fishing’s self regulation has worked, supplying fresh fish to the market. Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken. Norm Goller, Port Wakefield , via email.

SNOWTOWN caravan park caretaker, Barry Talbot, pictured with grandson, Dre, says there’s room for more sites for vans or cabins.


Tourism boost creates a pleasant problem

It seems somewhat unusual the town of Snowtown would attract enough international and interstate visitors to warrant a large caravan park, but Snowtown Caravan Park is continually growing in popularity, and may be expanded in the future. Caretaker, Barry Talbot, has been lobbying Wakefield Regional Council for additional caravan sites to meet demand. He said at times there were six to seven caravans at the park, but currently there were only four designated caravan sites – only two of these powered. Barry said the caravan park, situated near the bowling green, tennis courts and other sporting facilities, had proved extremely popular as a base for visitors wanting to travel to the Clare and Barossa Valleys. Some set up camp more permanently, for weeks, or even up to two months, while many make return visits, including interstate

By Lauren Parker and international visitors. Barry said he frequently received enquiries from those seeking accommodation in onsite vans or cabins, but there was nothing available. “I’d love to have a couple of cabins,” Barry said. He said the park needed at least two more caravan park sites. “I want a nice lawn patch so people can put their tent out,” Barry said. “We get a lot campers using tents, including backpackers riding around Australia.” Barry said the park appealed to visitors because it was quiet, and they were able to make use of the neighbouring sporting facilities. The park has been in place for about 10 years, and Barry has been volunteering as caretaker

for the last four. “If I had a couple of cabins there I reckon I’d get a lot of enquiries,” Barry said. “Now we’ve got the wind farm blade, we got a lot of tourists through here.” Council’s infrastructure and engineering services manager, Dave Hassett, said he had contacted the Snowtown Community Management Committee to provide details of the park’s occupancy, and where the proposed expansion sat within the town’s priorities to determine if additional caravan sites should be considered as part of next year’s budget. Currently the return from the park is used within the community, with the caravan park proving a handy community fundraiser. Mr Hassett said the main costs associated with creating new caravan sites was power and drainage sites.

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Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009


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Snowtown kicks off our Cup EC scheme continues in many local towns festival with Emu awards The Adelaide Plains Cup Festival is almost “at the barrier” with just over a week to go before kicking off on Friday week. That’s when the 2009 Emu Awards will be announced at a breakfast at Snowtown town hall. The awards are sponsored by the Plains Producer, with a $600 prize from Life Care, operators of Balaklava’s Hayfield Plains retirement village. Nominations flooded in at the last minute for the awards, with three entries in the running for the Community Event. These included: Balaklava Cup, SALA “painting the skies” festival at Snowtown, and the “free as air” festival, also at Snowtown, to

mark the wind farm opening. Eight nominations were put forward in the Community Group section: Two Wells Community Craft shop; Blyth Progress Association;Mallala Economic development Board; Balaklava Cornerstone Cottages; Balaklava Courthouse Gallery; Owen Community Centre Cropping committee; Snowtown’s View community newsletter and Mallala and Districts Historical committee. Individual nominations include: Penny Matthew, of Mallala’s Happy Hearts Fitness; Gwenda and John Griffiths and Snowtown wildlife rescuer, Lorraine Samuels. ABC radio personality Peter Goers again will present the awards, with the breakfast starting at 7.30am.

Hummocks station will keep the action at Snowtown later that day, with “they’re racing at Snowtown” – featuring art, wine and a gourmet dinner on Friday night. The fun continues all weekend. At Two Wells Catholic church a regional art and craft fest runs from 10am–5pm on Friday and Balaklava has an exhibition at its Courthouse gallery from 2pm_4pm on Friday. There’s more top events over the whole weekend, culminating with the Primo Australia Adelaide Plains Cup at Balaklava Racing Club on Sunday, March 1 from 9am to 9pm. n See the advertisement on this page and watch for the Adelaide Plains Cup feature in the Plains Producer NEXT WEEK.


Government initiates Yorke Peninsula community talks:

No water meeting set for the Plains

A State government plan for the future of water supplies in the Yorke Peninsula region does not appear at this stage to include the Adelaide Plains. MP for Goyder, Steven Griffiths, says he is frustrated the area which the plan would consider is not as wide as he would have liked – to take in the communities of the Adelaide Plains and northern Yorke Peninsula regions. “However, I do appreciate that long term planning had to start somewhere,” he said. Mr Griffiths said he had been concerned about water for the region for many years and in his former role as chief executive officer of the District Council of Yorke Pensisula, chaired a committee established by the Central Local Government Region, to investigate water issues. Mr Griffiths said early in 2008 he was advised of the intention to establish a Long Term Plan working party for only the area of the District Council of Yorke Peninsula. Minister for Water Security, Karlene Maywald, is encouraging members of the Yorke Peninsula community to have their say on the future of the region’s drinking water supply. She says long-term planning for the region has started to ensure the SA Water’s potable water supply system has sufficient capacity to enable growth and development over the next 30 years. “SA Water is interested to hear the views of the community, with all comments received from the public to be considered in the development of the plan,” she said. Mr Griffiths said the Yorke Peninsula study was a step forward, but it needed to focus on outcomes and be the driver for results “Clearly, this study also needs to be just the start of the work done across the region to ensure all of our communities are provided with a water supply that will truly meet current and future needs,” he said. Mr Griffiths said he was also frustrated it appeared only full time residents of Yorke Peninsula had been invited by mail to make comment. “Given the District Council of Yorke Peninsula has about 40 per cent of property owners as nonresidents, (but) who are still very much interested in water supplies to the region, these people should have also been contacted,” he said. Many residents of the Adelaide Plains have holiday homes on Yorke Peninsula. Residents have until this Friday to return feedback forms to SA Water. The forms can be downloaded by logging on to

MID North towns, including Balaklava, and others in the Clare and Light council areas, will have Federal Exceptional Circumstances drought assistance extended. The Federal government has accepted independent advice to extend the scheme in dozens of declared areas across Australia. Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Tony Burke, said the National Rural Advisory Council (NRAC) had recently reviewed seasonal conditions in 52 Exceptional Circumstances (EC) declarations due to expire on March 31 and one due to expire on April 30. “The government recognises

the drought continues to place extraordinary pressure on many farming families across Australia,” Mr Burke said. Local areas are: • Mid-North area (including towns of Balaklava, Broughton, Crystal Brook, Gladstone, Jamestown, Port Pirie, Spalding) • Clare, Light and Barossa area (including towns of Auburn, Clare, Freeling Greenock, Kapunda, Mount Pleasant, Riverton, Tanunda and Williamstown). • Yorke Peninsula area (including towns of Ardrossan, Maitland, Minlaton, Port Vincent, Price, Warooka, Weaver, Wool Bay and Yorketown).

2009 Cup Festival

February 27 - March 1 Friday February 27 • Festival Launch & Adelaide Plains Emu Awards, Snowtown Memorial Hall • Regional Art / Craft Festival, Two Wells Catholic Church open all weekend • Balaklava Courthouse Gallery Art Exhibition open all weekend • “They’re

Racing at Snowtown” Wine & Gourmet Dinner - Hummocks Station

saturday February 28 • Two Wells Weekly Market • Balaklava Whole Town Garage Sale • Timeless Treasures from Trinkets to Tractors - Balaklava Museum • Tracks and Trail Poetry Competition - Mallala Hotel Beer Garden • Hummocks Station Art Exhibition, Saturday & Sunday • Balaklava Golf Ambrose @ Balaklava Golf Club • Welcome to Wakefield @ Balaklava Triangle • Adelaide Plains Cup Touch Football Challenge @ Mallala Oval • Mallala Museum - Endeavours of the Early Settlers, Saturday & Sunday • Mallala

Grand Prix Soap Box Derby @ Mallala Oval

sunday march 1 • Balaklava Junior Tennis Tournament • Hamley Bridge Garage Sale & Breakfast • Walking for MAC - Fun Run/Walk @ Mallala Oval • The Right Track Hymn Sing @ Owen Community Church • Primo

Australia Adelaide Plains Cup Race Day @ Balaklava Racing Club

Full program available from


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Cookbook traces those great recipes Country cooks will be in the spotlight next week at Balaklava Community Library. Author Liz Harfull will visit next Thursday, February 26 from 1.30pm to promote her “Blue Ribbon Cookbook.” The book contains recipes, stories and tips from prizewinning country show cooks. Our own Doris Wandel, along with her daughter Christine Burford, are featured in it. This beautifully produced book has photos and memorabilia depicting the history of many country shows and will be a keepsake. Authour Liz Harfull, originally from the South East, has more than 25 years’ experience as a journalist, freelance writer, editor and public relations consultant. She grew up on a farm near Mount Gambier just a few small paddocks away from the Mil Lel Showground and has maintained her love of country shows throughout her life. But there’s more to enjoy than just the book at Balaklava Library next week. You

will also get to taste some of its recipes for afternoon tea, including Doris’s winning mango fruitcake recipe and muffins made by students. The afternoon costs only $2, so take your friends along for this treat. To book, ring 8862 1336. Christine will be at the library as a guest, as well as Wendy Schulz, our local prize-winning cake decorator. Recently, Christine reminisced about her days helping her mother prepare for shows: “From about the age of nine I helped my mother (Doris) with show entries for cooking. This was a year-round activity and in show season we had a show weekly. After that we worked on preserves, chutneys etc,” said Christine. “I would stay home from school Fridays to help with the entries. I cooked for the Junior section and did all the washing up. I learnt by watching and working alongside Mum. “She would rise at 4am on Saturdays to finish and pack her entries. She baked sponges

in a wooden oven with all the wood cut to a specific size to regulate the heat. “She didn’t hesitate to discard any failures and would cook until she reached her standard of perfection. “She entered in 10 shows, over 60 years and won the championship at Balaklava 50 times. In the Adelaide show she entered for some 45 years and then judged for about 10 years. “A Mrs Stiller from Tanunda gave Mum many of her prize winning recipes.” The Blue Ribbon Cookbook, already into its second print run, has also recently been chosen to represent Australia in the 2008 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. The book has been selected from a record number of entries to be named Australian winner for the Best Easy Recipes Book category. It will now compete against finalists from other countries for the Best in the World award, due to be announced at a gala dinner in May 2009.

CHRistine Burford judges cakes at the Balaklava show.

‘Minimal impact’ on marine park fishing

While many locals appear wary of the new marine park outer boundaries, the Department for Environment and Heritage claims feedback has so far been very encouraging. DEH marine parks manager, Chris Thomas, said information sessions had been well attended, with many people indicating they would make a submission about the marine parks network. “People have been very keen to get involved in the consultation process, which is great because it will help us develop marine parks that meet our conservation objectives while having the least possible impact on marine activities,” Mr Thomas said.

Discussions continue with community, industry and council representatives to address any concerns. Mr Thomas said concerns had been raised about the size of the marine parks outer boundaries by people fearing they would be prevented from fishing or working in the parks. “This is simply not the case,” he said. “The government’s commitment is that the majority of each park will be available for a range of recreation and commercial activities, with only a small part of each marine park set aside as sanctuary or restricted access zones.” Mr Thomas said the Encounter Marine Park, which was developed as a test case with draft

zoning released in 2005, with sanctuary and restricted access zones making up 13 per cent of the park’s total area. Some have expressed concerns the size of sanctuary and restricted access zones may be small to begin with, but be increased in the future. “We want to assure people any future amendments to zones would need to go through the formal process set out in the Marine Parks Act 2007, involving mandatory public consultation and review by the Environment, Resources and development Committee of Parliament,” Mr Thomas said. And while many commercial fishermen had expressed concerns the marine parks could

Work starts soon on wastewater

South Australia Works Yorke Region Update


Linking people, skills and jobs in the Adelaide Plains and Yorke Peninsula region

Program loaded with job prospects n Work to Work Project Manager, Angie Tucker, reports the recent Front End Loader training run by Access Work Careers at Skinners Earthmovers’ site at Wallaroo has been very successful. Five participants, ranging from youth to mature aged, were trained and tested by Peter Marshall during the recent heatwave, which was a test for everyone. Two graduates have already reported job offers which is a great outcome for the SA Works-funded project and participants. Employers looking for qualified workers should contact Angie Tucker at Work to Work on 8821 3355.

... and top results from retail course

DRIVE to succeed – (from left) Barry Baker,Colin Tramaine, Peter Marshall (trainer assessor), Jake Materna, Trevor Russell, Peter Stone

More training coming up n Further White card training for those working on construction sites or those wanting to work in the building and construction industry is available. If you are interested in attaining this work safety accreditation, please ring Bridget Sara and register your interest. And If you would like more information on the South Australia Works program, contact Bridget on 88620832.

i Bridget Sara

n SA Works is pleased with results from the Retail Ready training recently run through Tafe SA Kadina campus. Graduates have learnt a variety of relevant skills to suit a range of retail positions, with jobs already offered by SeaSA, GoLo and Foodland to several program graduates. This is a great result for participants and local business operators.

impact business viability, Mr Thomas said this was not the case. “Marine parks will actually have great benefits for industries that are able to carry out their activities in a way that conserves the marine environment, because they will be able to promote the fact their businesses are environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable,” he said. Mr Thomas said recreational fishers would also feel minimal impact, as they would continue to be able to fish in most areas of marine parks. For more information about marine parks or to make a submission visit www.marineparks. or phone 1800 006 120.

Further information, go to www.yorkeregion. or contact Bridget Sara on 8862 0832.

Construction will soon begin on community wastewater management schemes (CWMS) in Mallala, Two Wells, Port Wakefield and Virginia. The Mallala and Two Wells schemes are in advanced design phases, while pre-construction will soon begin at Virginia, and the Port Wakefield scheme is ready for construction. The schemes are among 56 across the state to be constructed with the aid of $20 million from the Commonwealth. The $90 million projects are spread across 29 councils, and according to Local Government Association (LGA) president Joy Baluch, will upgrade existing, outdated schemes to address a number of social and environmental issues. “These schemes will reduce community reliance on the dreadfully ill Murray River system,” Ms Baluch said. “They will also have significant health benefits by upgrading dated systems to ensure septic tanks do not overflow and contaminate water catchments.” Ms Baluch said many of the smaller communities could not have afforded to upgrade the schemes without Commonwealth funding, which was allocated in recognition of the importance of improving regional wastewater management systems in the state.

Rural diabetes study

People in rural South Australia suffering from Type 2 diabetes are invited to take part in a new study which aims to better understand their difficulties of managing diabetes. The study, funded by SA Health, will focus understanding the unique challenges facing country people coping with Type 2 diabetes, the information and care they receive. Study coordinator, University of Adelaide Psychology PhD student, Laura Jones, said Type 2 diabetes is a huge problem in the community. It is one of the top 10 causes of death in Australia, and the incidence of Type 2 diabetes is increasing in all age groups. • To register your interest, phone Laura Jones on 0407 392 824 or (08) 8313 0461, or email laura.

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009



Back to the future for Horizon’s Tiffany LEFT: Horizon Christian School welcomes its new teachers (from left) Tara Johns, Lisa Veitch, Janelle Wheeldon and Tiffany Sklenar.

She was one of the first students to enrol at Horizon Christian School and now Tiffany Sklenar has returned to the same school to teach. The former Avon woman was one of seven students when she began reception. At the time, the school wasn’t yet constructed, and classes were held in a local church. Tiffany (nee Ryan) continued at Horizon until she finished

year seven, before studying at Craigmore Christian School when her family moved to be with her grandparents. At the time Horizon was yet to introduce high school education. The 22-year-old has now begun her first teaching appointment, and said it felt as if little had changed, despite the growth of the school. “The school is so much bigger

now but it hasn’t lost its caring attitude,” Tiffany said. “It’s like I haven’t left.” Tiffany is now working alongside some of her own former teachers. Reception teacher Julie McPharlin taught Tiffany several years ago, and now Tiffany is teaching Julie’s daughter Renae. Other teachers to join staff at Horizon this year are Tara Johns, Lisa Veitch and Janelle Wheeldon.

n NEW teachers to join the staff at Balaklava Primary are (from left) Wendy Richards, Ro Wood, Rachael Fenwick and Alison Jenkins.


Community gym St Columba College with partners Andrews Farm Community Preschool and Playford Council successfully applied for a $2.5 million grant to help construct a new gymnasium. Built on land owned by the college, the gym will benefit the whole of Playford Community. A special Kinder Gym will be incorporated in the design for the use of the Andrews Farm Community Preschool while The City of Playford will utilise facilities to support community health and community social activities. The grant was one of only three to be granted to South Australian Schools under the Federal Government’s Local Schools Working Together pilot program. St Columba College principal, Madeleine Brennan, expressed her deep gratitude for the Federal Government’s

initiative and acknowledged the great work the partnership committee did in putting the grant submission together. “A lot of preliminary work had been done on the project’s planning and I feel confident that the community will reap the benefits of its completion by mid 2010,” she said. Federal member for Wakefield, Nick Champion supported the project saying, “The partnership also extends to third parties such as local councils or businesses where projects may feature broader community benefit.” There is no doubt that the new St Columba Gymnasium will not only enrich the extensive curriculum that the College has in place but will also enhance the social and community well-being of the City of Playford and its surrounds.

Horizon’s new students. Back (from left) Nadia Coveney, Ethan Myrianthopoulos, Hollie-lee Cook. Front: Abbie McArdle and Leonie Snowden. Absent: Zoe Ingram.

Excellence by working together Owen Primary School is a great place to be. Its students are friendly and respectful, and they take responsibility for their learning. They are actively involved in school activities. Every Wednesday the Student Representative Council consisting of executive members Jayden Wedding, Liam Clark and Benjamin Florance and class representatives meet to discuss and plan ways to make the Owen school better for all students. Students also have the opportunity to be involved in the Promotions Group, which tells the community about all the great things that are happening. The Environment and Well Being groups actively look after the grounds and student health / activities. The grounds at Owen are impressive with green ovals and garden beds with many shady trees and lots of native animals. The students have their own vegeta-

OWEN PRIMARY n By Riley Barton, Student Promotion Group ble garden and keep chickens and worms for recycling of food scraps. There are two big shade covered playgrounds with lots of seats in the shade. The classrooms are spacious and colourful with lots of children’s work on display. The staff at Owen Primary School are very friendly and helpful, and the parents are very supportive, helping at working bees, making school lunches, supporting staff and students through the Governing Council, and helping at special events such as swimming carnivals, sports day and excursions. We are all proud to be part of the Owen Primary School community – a community that works together to achieve excellence.

14 n Riverton & District High school’s swimming carnival is featured in Sport.


Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

brinkworth primary CELEBRATIONS for the winners of the Brinkworth Primary school swimming carnival (from left). Rebecca, Jack, Dylan, Sam. Tom, Naomi, Emma, George, Jackson, Josh (not in photo – Adam).

Riverton & District High School Winner of 2007 Le Cordon Bleu National Challenge Viticulture School of the Year 2005 and 2008

horizon christian school HORIZON Christian school head boy, Clinton Baker and head girl, Aishlea Smith, collect money for the casual clothes day held at Horizon last Friday to to raise money for the Victorian bush fire appeal. Students raised more than $1500 for people impacted by the fires in Victoria.

Academic Record The school is proud of its excellent academic record. In recent years more than 95% of students have graduated to employment or further study after completing their secondary studies at Riverton & District High School. A significant number have been successful in gaining scholarships to support their further studies.

Riverton & District High School Students have access to a number of Oxford Terrace vocational pathways including: RIVERTON SA 5412 ★ Automotive ★ Building ★ Construction Phone 8847 2202 ★ Information Technology ★ Viticulture Fax 8847 2016 ★ Hospitality ★ Tourism Email: ★ School Based New Apprenticeships

Exciting Growth @ Horizon With 48 new enrolments for 2009, and a population growing to over 320, Horizon Christian School is gearing up for expansion. Horizon has created two smaller classes at year 7 and at year 8. Principal Mike Clisby commented the extra classes resulted from parent demand

for places. “These are really important years in a child’s education. Our deliberate planning for two classes means we are able to give additional personal support for each child during these years of big changes from primary to high school.”

Part of the facilities expansion includes two new Science Laboratories, the development of the school’s third Computing centre and two new general classrooms. The instrumental music program is also growing. “All students from years 5 to 9 choose

an instrument to study each semester, aiming to specialise in one of these in the senior years of schooling.” Horizon also welcomed new enrolments at year 12 with the first adult re-entry students studying in 2009. They join several students actively choosing to tackle

the demands of year 12 over two years. For enrolment information contact the school in 8862 2100.

Horizon Christian School Gwy Tce Balaklava 5461 - Phone: 8862 2100

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009



‘Meet and greet’ a positive start for parents, students

Enjoying the sausage sizzle at BPS meet and greet are (from left) Olivia Loy, Georgia and Olivia Allen and Emma Lane

Laughing children, chatting parents and the rich aroma of a sausage sizzle created the backdrop for Balaklava Primary School’s Meet and Greet parent information night last Wednesday. Staff were introduced to families by principal Dale Gathercole who also welcomed everyone to the event and invited

BALAKLAVA primary parents to encourage their children to take them on a guided tour of the site Teaching and SSO staff were on hand to provide information about classroom procedures; specialist curriculum areas and the expectations held for students.

BALAKLAVA community children’s centre ALL in the same boat on “transition day” at BCCC. Back from left: Mackenzie Hill, Kelly Leach with Molly McArdle sitting on her lap, Demi Leach; middle: Balaklava Pimary School students Emily Lemon and Brielle White, Lachlan Stone, Declan Mills; front: Eliza Loy, Beau Warner and Jacob Chapman.

An added feature to this year’s parent information night was the presence of Lower North Health, represented by Trish Cook, health promotions officer and Hollie Nicholson, podiatrist. A display of services offered by Lower North Health informed parents of the vast range of services on offer and how to access support and information as needed. The reception parents were particularly interested to hear about the Happy Feet program which is

about to start at BPS. Hollie Nicholson is trialling a newly released podiatry education program for children 0-8 years with reception/year one teachers Marcia Nowlan and Jenny Russell. Staff will provide Hollie with feedback about the program and sharing resources and ideas to amplify the educational aspects. Parents have been invited to express an interest in any services offered through Lower North Health to Balaklava Primary School, with the intent of offering parent information sessions later in the term.

BCCC – all the details

Balaklava Community Children’s Centre offers education and care programs incorporating childcare, kindergarten, outside school hours care, school holiday programs and playgroup. When is it open? Childcare operates 50 weeks of the year (closed over Christmas / New Year) from 7.45am - 5.45pm each weekday. Kindy sessions are held during school term each weekday except Wednesday. Who uses it? Children aged between six weeks and 12 years can attend childcare. Children aged 3 ½ to five years can attend Kindy sessions How much does it cost? from $1.50 per hour to $4.70 per hour depending on each family’s total income. Kindy costs $1.20 per session.


Balaklava High School

• Fair Treatment • Cooperation •Success • Mutual Respect • Tolerance • Responsibility • Honesty • Dedicated Staff • Responsive Classroom Teaching


Gwy Tce Balaklava Phone: 8862 0600 Fax: 8862 0650 SPECIAL FEATURES: ✔ Diverse learning options ✔ Tradition of academic success ✔ Supportive middle-schooling ✔ Awarded VET Pathways ✔ Excellent transition program ✔ Strong student participation ✔ Extensive Agricultural facilities ✔ Extra-curricular opportunities ✔ Annual Japanese visitors ✔ Caring, dedicated staff

Literacy • Well-Being • Numeracy • Science • Aboriginal Education English • Health • Maths • Indonesian • Music • Physical Education • Society & Environment • Technology • Visual Arts


Ph 8862 1660 • Middle School Public Speaking Event • Festival of Music Choir • National Primary Science • Student Literacy Growth R-7 • School Assemblies • Interactive Whiteboards • Be Active • SAPSASA District • Academic Honour Rolls

RECENT SUCCESSES: ✔ Distinctions in National Competitions ✔ SA Maths Talent Quest Winners ✔ State award - best Engineering Pathway Student ✔ Regional VET Student Of The Year ✔ Balaklava Eisteddfod Winners ✔ National Winner - Lions Public Speaking ✔ State Representative in Athletics & Sport ✔ State Lions Youth Of The Year

VALUES: - learning - respect - responsibility positive relationships - choice & diversity

excel today to challenge the future


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Individual attention for every student Tarlee Primary School caters for reception to year seven students and uses its small numbers to the advantage of every student, with experienced staff dedicated to providing individual attention and a quality education to every child in the school. All subjects in the South Australian Curriculum are taught at Tarlee Primary. There is a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and information communication technology. There is a one-to-one student to computer ratio and interactive whiteboards are installed in each class to support student learning. All students are expected to complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Health and physical activity is a focus, with students participating in

the Premier’s Be Active Challenge and achieving 60 minutes of physical activity per day during fitness, recess, lunch and PE lessons. Healthy eating and lifestyle choices are also encouraged. Tarlee Primary also has an environmental focus with students involved in various recycling, plant propagation and gardening programs. The grounds are very well presented and kept with a good sized oval, a great playground and shade areas for outdoor learning and play. Students have access to a Christian Pastoral Support worker to provide support and encouragement in classes and on a one-to-one basis if needed. For a tour of the school please contact Trudy or Sue on 8528 5301.

Passion for confidence

New to Hamley Bridge Primary are: back, Sam Watson, Andrea Darwin, Tyler Darwin, Karlene Brooks; middle, Josh Watson, Amber Watson, Margaret Streatfield, Connor Darwin, Jo Lilith, Kelly Grywacz; front, Caitlyn Watson and Dylan French.


Transformation is gradual but certainly evident at Mallala Primary, as teachers improve their proficiency in the use of computers and related equipment to improve student engagement and enhance the learning experience. Mallala Primary is unique in many ways, from the historically significant original stone building which once housed the first classrooms in the area some 125 years ago, to the clean, neat and impressive grounds, and the spacious classrooms that house a

Small School - Great Community!

Technology enhances learning

minimum of eight well utilised computers, which teachers use effectively to design learning experiences that are real, relevant and enjoyable. Mallala is the only primary school in South Australia to have introduced a highly effective reading computer program known as ‘Lexia’. All students access this program on a consistent basis throughout the week, some more than others, as students gain valuable practice not only in developing and confidently using the skills of ‘phonics’ to decode effectively

Owen Primary School Fourth St, Owen - Ph 8528 6116

Saddleworth Primary School

Childcare:- Mon – Fri, 7.45am – 5.45pm (50 weeks a year) Preschool:- Mon & Fri 8.45am – 11.30am Tues, Thurs 8.45am – 3.00pm Playgroup:- Wed 9.30am – 11.30am

Balaklava Community Children’s Centre 15 Scotland Street, Balaklava - Phone: 8862 1251 Email:

“Learning for life with respect & trust, a community partnership”

A school committed to all students realising their full potential: - a challenging curriculum - smaller classes - parent and community partnership - up-to-date technology - committed staff

Phone: 8847 4227


Tarlee Primary School Principal: Trudy Ireland

Providing a quality education in a supportive environment with individual attention and 1:1 computer access for each student. Phone 8528 5301 for a tour of the school or to enrol students.

We’re Proud and Positive

Mallala Primary School We build relationships on trust & respect • Low class sizes – large learning areas • Early learning interventions and support • Developing community spirit and responsibility • Promote physical and social wellbeing

Neil Croughan - Principal

Valuing: quality relationships, diversity, achievements, security, enjoyment

as a reader, but to also develop critical visual and spatial skills to support memory development, hand/eye coordination, resiliency and confidence in exploring the world of literacy and mathematically based problems. Another innovative and newly introduced program that can be deceased in the same is ‘Mathletics’. This highly engaging online program is used to enhance teaching of mathematics through a vast array of resources and activities in numeracy that, like Lexia, excites children about their learning in maths.

Making a difference for our children’s future • Childcare • Preschool • Playgroup • Before & After School Care • School holiday care

Achievement - Caring - Excellence

Students, parents and community members welcomed new Hamley Bridge Primary School principal Margaret Streatfield at the school information evening last Tuesday. Those in attendance had the opportunity for an informal chat with Margaret before visiting classrooms and talking with teachers. Margaret is passionate about building students’confidence through their involvement in social skills programs, building academic knowledge and skills, as well as arts and physical activities. Margaret will be working with the school choir which will participate in the Northern Region Festival of Music concert held at Starplex in October. The school will be operating four committees which will encourage students to share their ideas and opinions and practise many skills. These are: fundraising, whole school fitness, community and public speaking.

Values: respect, learning, friendship & healthy well-being

Hamley Bridge Primary School Principal - Margaret Streatfield 13 Florence Street, Hamley Bridge, Phone - 8528 2076

• We place high priority on developing strong partnerships for learning • Effective use of computers – Mathletics & Lexia • All school interactions are based on the “Circle of Courage” which incorporates Belonging; Mastery; Independence and Generosity

Small community – big spirit! 28 Owen Road, Mallala SA 5502 - Ph: 8527 2240 Email: Web:

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The Way

We were 5

YEARS AGO January 2004

Over 150 people travelled from far and wide to pay tribute to living tennis legend, Don Veitch. Don had then played tennis for 51 years (and still plays), and was presented with a plaque in recognition of his remarkable achievement.


YEARS AGO January 1999

Pinery farmer Brentyn Adams appeared as an extra in a Ford television commercial, giving him a taste of an actor’s life. John Nicholls, of Lochiel was also selected as an extra, the two playing typical farmers in a Ford Courier ute commercial. The commercial was filmed in November 1998 at Mallala and Charleston, in the Adelaide Hills.


YEARS AGO January 1989

The Hamley Bridge bowling club made history by winning all four Wooroora Bowling Assocation champion of champion events. This was the first time, since records had been kept, that one club had scooped the pool in the WBA.

RECORD breakers at Balaklava High School’s 1989 swimming carnival, from left: Jason Jenkin, Trent Smith, James Dale and Gib Palmer.


LOCAL v Living


“Qwerty” dates back to early typewriters Many of us have probably used, or played around on, one of these things at some time or other - it’s commonly known as a typewriter. The dictionary describes it as “a machine, usually with a keyboard, for printing as a substitute for handwriting.” The concept of a typewriter dates back to about 1714 when an Englishman, Henry Mill, filed a vaguely-worded patent for “an artificial machine or method for the impressing or transcribing of letters singly or progressively one after another”. However, the first machine proven to have worked is attributed to an Italian, Pellegrino Turri who in 1808 built a typewriter for a friend, Countess Carolina Fantoni da Fivizzono, who was blind. Numerous other inventors followed, in Europe and the U.S.,

Heritage Highlights by Norma Schopp

with an amazing array of typewriters in many shapes and forms, some of which still remain today in museums. Some of the better known early brand-names included Underwood, Remington, Olivetti, Columbia, Royal, Smith and Hermes. The keyboards have changed over the years - some early examples had separate sets of keys for upper and lower case letters, and the paper was so far back that the typist had to stand up to see what had been

SA memories

The first government offices The first government offices in South Australia were a collection of timber and thatch buildings and included the Lands Office, the Survey Office, the Emigration Agent’s office, stables, pig pens, poultry houses, servants quarters and the residences of Colonel Light and the Resident Commissioner. Tents and prefabricated buildings brought out from England were the norm due to a scarcity of lime for mortar and the intensive labour involved in masonry construction. It was Governor Gawler who launched into a program of erecting public buildings out of stone including Government House, the Adelaide gaol, government offices and military and police barracks. Stylistically, most government


From SA Memory: buildings of the 19th and 20th centuries followed trends which occurred in England – the elegance and symmetry of the Georgian Regency period can be seen in the design of Government House and the Treasury Building. The changes in styles and techniques of the Victorian Age did not occur in South Australia until the development of the wool and wheat industries and the economic strength of these boom years from the 1860s to the 1880s. These prosperous times marked a golden age of South Australian colonial development and many of these buildings still stand.


printed on the paper. Those familiar with using typewriters will know that QWERTY is the name given to the keyboard layout we all know. QWERTY dates back to 1874 and was established by Sholes & Glidden, the predecessor to Remington. There are numerous ‘explanations’ for its development - who really knows which one is right, so I won’t venture into that field. On the local scene, several old typewriters have been donated to Balaklava Museum and are currently being featured in a display in Centenary Hall. Brands on display include Royal Barlock c.1900, Underwood c.1910, Remington c.1915 and a later Remington portable, as well as two later typewriters - an Adler and a Swiss Hermes. You are invited to come and have a look at the “visible writ-

Strife in schools (Part 2) A newspaper tells of an increase in suspensions in public schools because of violence and abuse. The best answer to out-of-control children is early home training, using positive discipline. First, children desire boundaries because they offer security. Toddlers feel secure knowing that if they move outside of a set boundary, someone will pull them back. Second, if your child gets by with breaking a rule once, he or she will try it repeatedly. It is better not to make

Royal Bar-Lock typewriter - as seen at Balaklava Museum. ing machines” of a hundred years ago, and appreciate how they have changed and evolved into the computer keyboards of today. If anyone has any more really old typewriters they would like to donate to the Museum, please contact Norma Schopp (ph. 8862 1854).

Good News with Ken Packer, L.Th.

a rule if you can’t consistently enforce it. Third, we have good reason to expect that our positive instruction, input, and discipline in the home will ultimately be reflected by a positive attitude in the school class room. The Bible certainly encourages the expectation that all of our child training will bear fruit outside the home - “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he

will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22.6. (Emphasis added). Fourth, the Bible also reminds us, “do not provoke your children, lest they should become discouraged.” Colossians 3.21. In other words, unacceptable behaviour doesn’t have to be the only thing on our agenda. Let’s look for opportunities to give praise for acceptable behaviour too.

In brief When your child’s conscience says, “Watch your step!” and your child obeys, you know that your home discipline is working.

MONTHLY CHURCH NOTICES n The Church notices published below are supplied by local churches and will be now be repeated weekly as church service directory for each month. All care is taken in their preparation by The Plains Producer – but as we rely on information supplied, no responsibility for accuracy will be taken. Churches should advise us of any changes immediately – or in the last week of the preceding month. Please advise us of any changes by emailing February 22

February 25 – Ash Wednesday

March 4

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava..................... 10.00am

anglican Balaklava........................7.30am

LUTHERAN Balaklava........................ 7.30pm

LUTHERAN Balaklava....................... 7.30pm

March 8

anglican Balaklava............9.00am & 7pm Hamley Bridge............ 10.00am Goyder........................11.00am CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava............. Mass 10.30am

• Exhaust • Brakes • Suspension • Radiators • Servicing

Phone us on 8380 9477

Corner Old Port Wakefield & Gawler Roads, Virginia (opposite Virginia Hotel)

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava..................... 10.00am anglican Balaklava....................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge.............11.00am

CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava..................... 10.00am

CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava............ Liturgy 9.00am

Community church Pinery........................... 9.00am

CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava..................... 10.00am

LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava..................... 10.00am

Community church Pinery........................... 9.00am LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava..................... 10.00am

LUTHERAN Balaklava........................ 9.00am

Multi Exhaust & Brake Virginia

March 1

UNITING Mallala.......................... 8.45am Two Wells................... 10.30am Owen Comm................ 9.30am Hamley Bridge............. 11.00am Windsor ........................ 9.00am Balaklava........................ 9.00am Nantawarra......................9.00am Lochiel.............. with Nantawarra Pt Wakefield..................11.00am

LUTHERAN Auburn......................... 9.00am Balaklava......................11.00am UNITING Mallala.......................... 8.45am Two Wells................... 10.30am Owen Comm...............11.00am Hamley Bridge.............. 9.15am Windsor ........................ 9.00am Balaklava...................... 10.00am Nantawarra............... with Lochiel Lochiel......................... 10.00am Pt Wakefield..................11.00am

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava..................... 10.00am anglican Balaklava....................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge............ 10.00am CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava............. Mass 10.30am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava..................... 10.00am Community church Pinery........................... 7.00pm LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava..................... 10.00am LUTHERAN Balaklava........................ 9.00am UNITING Mallala.......................... 8.45am Two Wells................... 10.30am Owen Comm................ 9.30am Hamley Bridge............... 9.15am Windsor ........................ 9.00am Balaklava........................ 9.00am Nantawarra......................9.00am Lochiel.............. with Nantawarra Pt Wakefield.................. 11.00am









Guide v TV seven dayTV 7 DAY GUIDE

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009 Week commencing February 19


The Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

Plains Producer




11 john Street, Balaklava


In an excellent township position and close to all the amenities that Balaklava has to offer, this well maintained stone villa is as functional as it is attractive. It consists 3 double bedrooms, large air conditioned lounge, separate study, tastefully renovated kitchen, separate bathroom and laundry. Heritage features include the lofty pressed tin ceilings, ornate fire places and of course large rooms. Set on a neat and tidy allotment with a picturesque garden, excellent pergola and entertaining area.


Great location and renovated ready to move in.

This is an opportunity to acquire a gracious older 3 bedroom stone duplex home, just 100 metres from the centre of the main shopping centre of the easy going and safe town of Balaklava and Fisher Street is quiet and family-friendly. The house is in really excellent repair, freshly painted, and the owner has made many improvements. The bedrooms are of a generous size and two feature original cast-iron fire places. The living room is of very generous proportions, and like most of the house has original fine corrugated iron ceilings, around 11 feet tall. The dine-in kitchen is large, with a small formal dining room to the side, that could function as an additional bedroom. To the rear there is a practical sized bathroom/laundry, separate toilet and useful sunroom/entrance lobby. To top it off, a dry cellar with internal access!. Heaps of extras outside, including a carport to side, large concreted shed, pergola structure, and other sheds. All on nearly half an acre, with many well-established, shady trees and productive citrus. The house is oil heated and exceptionally cosy in winter, and with insulation throughout, cool as a cucumber in summer. Stylish living at an affordable price.



Perfect get away at the beach. Commuting distance from the city.

You must inspect this weekender at the beach and see how it will fit into your relaxation program. The home has a large kitchen and living area and 2 bedrooms as well as a bathroom, laundry area and toilet. The home has a reverse cycle split system air conditioner for that all year round comfort. This is all situated on a large allotment and it is ready for you to put your personal touches to it. From this location you are only minutes away from launching your boat and out for a days fishing or crabbing. Properties of this price range are extremely hard to come by so make the most of your chances today as it might not be here tomorrow.

LOT 75 & 76 YORSDALE ST BALAKLAVA $75,000 per block Great location, light industrial blocks with services & ready to go immediately.

22 George Street • Balaklava 5461 phone 8862 2172 • fax 8862 1280

Devin W Baum Property Conveyancer

3 Independent local conveyancing business with 28 years experience in all forms of conveyancing 3 Professional, prompt, personal and private service at competitive rates 3 Whether you are a buyer or seller, you are entitled to nominate your own conveyancer to act for you Contact me at my office…

15 Main North Road, Auburn 8849 2082 or 0418 891 776 to discuss any conveyancing matters (all hours)

RLA 150881

These Light industrial blocks are a very generous 2042m2 each and can be purchased separately if required. They are a great opportunity to acquire land for a business with all services either connected or available. Both blocks have an iron fence on one of their boundaries and the fact that the blocks are nice and flat etc., make it a simple progression to the next stage of your development subject to council consents etc. Contact us for further information.


More Real Estate, on page 20.

Balaklava home set to impress

Balaklava, 5 War Memorial Drive $299,950. This well loved home will impress everyone. The formal home features three double bedrooms all with built-in robes, open plan living, quality fixtures, colonial windows, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning and more. Outside there are many features to catch your eye. Front and rear verandahs offer the ideal spot to sit and have a cuppa or choose one of the many locations throughout the award winning gardens. The property also features a double garage with automatic doors, workshop under main roof, extensive paving and 10,000 gallons of rain water connected to the home. Hard to resist. Phone Jack Redden Real Estate at Clare for more details or an inspection on 8842 1154.

Public Notice Section 7 The vendor's statement relating to matters affecting the advertised properties in this publication may be inspected at the agent's office three business days prior to auction or at the place of auction 30 minutes before sale.


Price $249,000

• Single mum with 1 child requires home in Balaklava area. Prefers 3 bedroom low maintenance . Able to pay up to $170,000. Flexi settlement. • Retired man looking to move to Balaklava. Prefer something close to the shops, minimum 2 bedroom solid or Fibro home up to $190,000. Quick settlement



Well Loved Home Will Impress

• Features 3 dble bdrms with B/I robes • Open Plan Living, ducted R/C Air con • Quality fixtures and fittings • Double garage, workshop under main roof • Rain water connected



4 Bedroom Brick Veneer Home

• Open plan Kitchen /dine and 2 living areas • Master brm has a WIR and bath in ensuite • A pergola and children friendly yard • 40’x20’ shed on the corner allotment • Excellent location to local school and s/pool



Quality 3 Bedroom Home on Corner Allotment

• Well presented double brick home • Lounge room, open plan living kitchen/dine • Large windows, secured by roller shutters/ security screens • Low maintenance yard, fruit trees, • Rainwater on tap & good shedding

> 190 Main North Road, Clare

8842 1154


Mid North Conveyancers

In association with: • Jenkins Anderson Allard, Solicitors • Greg Anderson LL.B, Solicitor • Kim Shaw J.P., Registered Conveyancer

> Property Transfers > Business Settlements > Leases > Plans of Division > Family Farm Transfers > All LTO Applications

8 North Street, Auburn SA 5451 P: 8849 2444 F: 8849 2419 E:

Landmark Balaklava - 8862 1333 Geoff Knappstein - 0407 790 210


Furniture & Sundry Auction

A/c Est. JF Cavanagh Antiques and Collectables

Furniture: Marble top washstand, wall unit, tallboy, kitchen cabinet, sideboard, dressing table & 2 wardrobes, slat door cupboard, large cabinet with mirror backing, large lounge & lounge chairs, small round table, dining room table & 4 chairs, writing desk, wardrobe & dressing table, bridge table, F Rosenar Berlin piano & stool, bedside cupboards, large meat safe, TV & TV table, book shelves, trunk box, kitchen table & 4 chairs, linen cupboard, chest of drawers, trunk, single beds, old storage cupboard & shelving in 2 sections, old Singer sewing machine, new white peerless sewing machine, steel double bed ends, steel single bed, grandfather chair, small rocking chair, washstand & mirror, old wooden chairs. Sundry items & collectables: Old clock, turtle collection, old irons, milk & cream cans, picture frames, old lamps & lanterns, electric fans, bedlamps, stew pans, preserving outfit & bottles, 3 door filing cabinets, old cases, bone china, carnival glass, bone handled cutlery, spoon collections, old crockery, jug sets & bowls, numerous jigsaw puzzles, National Geographic magazines & books, Hanimax projector, Hanimax 2100 slide projector, Hanimax Argus 300 projector & projector screens, fridge magnets, earthen ware pots, printed tins & picture frames, all assorted kitchenware & utensils, sundry garden tools & numerous assorted collectables, linen & quilts and a host of sundries too numerous to advertise. Motor vehicle: 1983 Datsun Sunny, reg. SPE-162, not registered, approx 16, 500 kms, genuine milage. Friday February 27, 10.00am Held at property 14 Railway Tce Balaklava


Clearing Sale

Immediately following 14 Railway Tce auction on the property 11 John St, Balaklava - A/C CT Bown

Commencement time to be announced following first auction

Furniture: 3 large cupboards – early 1900’s, 2 small cupboards – 1 with mirror, tallboy, 2 dressing tables with mirrors, 1 double bed – walnut veneer, china cabinet, phone table, 1 Terrazzo top desk. Sundries: Super 8 camera and projector, Ricoh traditional camera with bag and accessories, golf bag buggy & cut down clubs to suit juniors, numerous paintings & prints, as new garden shredder, 50 x 78” records, Woodroofe soda syphon – pre-decimal currency, large glass bottle “1955”, old lantern, gas lantern with gas cylinder – never used as new “Clean Air” machine suitable for asthmatics, sporting books. Motor vehicle: Suncamper pop-top campervan, reg. TVZ-522, not registered, sleep 4-6 people. Terms: • Cash On Day Of Sale • Number System To Apply • ID Will Be Required For Registration. • Light Luncheon And Drinks Available Landmark Balaklava - 8862 1333 Mel Haynes 0408 086 021

RLA 102485


Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

sport v Tennis

Balaklava 5 Higham Avenue Ideal family home or investment opportunity Bright and spacious family home with 3 dble bdrms. Delightful easy living area inc. kitch, casual dining & family rm. Lovely o/door paved u/cover ent area. Functional kitch w b/bar, wall oven, built-in m/wave & good c/board space. Ducted A/C & c/ fans. Outside new 40’ x 20’ gge w power, shower & WC. Approx. 3,000gall r/water connected to house. Great family home, first home or investment. Friendly township, excellent schools, sporting facilities & shopping. Just over 1hr to Adelaide, under 30 mins to coast.

ABOVE: Sameka Colley plays a forehand during her division two match at Balaklava on Thursday night. R I G H T: R e b e c c a H o u s t o n prepares to serve during her division two match at Balaklava.

Price Guide: $210,000 Geoff Schell 0418 842 421 Julie Gabe 0438 836 508

BELOW: Tennis veteran Don Veitch delivers one of his famous slice backhands.

Waverley Homestead Fyfe Road, Hamley Bridge Stately Farm Homestead on 1.8 ha Victorian Villa style homestead with quality workmanship & character features, needs renovation. Imposing entrance hall, 14 ft pressed tin ceilings, polished pine floor boards. 3 large bdrms, formal lounge & grand dining rm. Eat-in farm kitchen + pantry. Mature trees & shrubs in peaceful garden setting w superb views across rolling farmland. Only 15 minutes to Gawler, 20 minutes Barossa Valley. To be sold subject to a boundary re-alignment. Auction 2pm Friday February 27, 2009 at Vine Inn Hotel Nuriootpa. Geoff Schell 0418 842 421

DIVISION TWO tennis player Roanne Georg bounces the ball as she prepares to serve.

Tennis night

Yelmah Piggery & Land Fyfe Road, Hamley Bridge • 252.09 hectares - 622.91 Acres • Highly regarded Piggery Superb Breeding Stock • Plus blue ribbon farming land in 5 Lots Lot 1 — Yelmah Piggery — 32.4 Hectares To be sold as a going concern — stock included. Yelmah GGP nucleus herd of Large White, Landrace and Duroc. 450 Sow farrow to finish piggery Lot 2 “Waverley” homestead - 1.8 hectares Lot 3 West Long - 23.47 hectares Lot 4 East Long - 44.33 hectares Lot 5 Richies Quarry - 64.74 hectares Lot 6 Richies East & West - 53.01 hectares Lot 7 Clover Hill - 32.37 hectares Rare opportunity to purchase a fully operational piggery with quality breeding stock included set up for instant cash-flow. Also blue ribbon farming land in a tightly held area , to be sold in addition to Yelmah piggery . Offered in lots allowing farm build up in one of the most reliable farming areas of SA. Auction 2pm Friday February 27, 2009 at Vine Inn Hotel, Nuriootpa. Geoff Schell 0418 842 421

RLA205501 Clare Valley

Firstly, Div Twos please note that you all play in the grand final - an extra team will be made up! Keep this date free to stay after play! Pete Georg took the advice given to him recently and donned the tennis attire so as not to let his team down as it edges to the top spot! Wife Roanne was pleased to see him out there, and along with Goblins team-mates David Northcott and Caitlyn McKay, didn’t drop a set in their win over the absent Lauren Parker’s Fairies 6-35 to 0-14. Cherie and Bec Houston were very unlucky to lose a tiebreaker to the male Goblins, Pete and David. Samika Colley again filled in for Lauren and showed great improvement in her second match! The newies Caitlyn and opponent Dee Bennett battled evenly in some close sets.Two other sets were 5-3s so the Fairies weren’t disgraced, the Goblins were just on a mission! The other Div 2 match was a thriller with Suzy McDonald’s Wizards scraping through to defeat Fran Henderson’s Elves 4-27 to 2-22. A tiebreaker and three 5-3s were played in this tight contest. The sister pair of Suzy and Charmaine Brown won their set together, whilst the sneaky Kevyna Gardner and Imran Kahn Gul won their set. Scores were locked at two sets all with the Elves just up on games. Suzy’s opponent Chris Brownlie, who was not wearing his smart outfit from last week, tried every trick in the book but Suzy wouldn’t falter. In his last set, Chris and partner Kevyna nearly had Suzy and Shaun Northcott but lost in a great tiebreaker. Young Shaun was feeling the pressure as his older opponents tried to pschye him out, but he hung on. Captain Fran was hoping Imran had some run left in his legs, but their previous sets had taken their toll as Charmaine and Peter Rohrlach had a comfortable win. A very close match with all playing good tennis. The Div 1s saw a variety of scores with Chris Curnow’s Zombies being anything but, as they defeated Paul McBride’s Ogres 5-32 to 1-17. Once again, and for the last time, the Zombies were assisted by the extremely capable sporting genius Derek Freidrichs! His opponent Marty Brice, who was also not wearing his outfit from last week, was seen nearly having a breakdown trying to chase down Derek’s vast collection of amazing unplayable shots. Marty and Pauline Hill did however, have a great set against Derek and Lisa Redpath, eventually going down in a tiebreaker. Paul and Pauline won the Ogres only set over Paul’s previous team-mate Chris, and Lisa. Ogres Joyful Ryan was having a bad night out against Terissa Smart, and other than a close 5-3 with Pauline, was trying to hide her other scores! At least they didn’t resemble an egg shape!

Tania Allen’s Unicorns continued on their upsetting merry way, this time defeating Marie Heaslip’s Ghosts 4-25 to 2-24. Like the Zombies, the Unicorns have been ably assisted by a young gun, in Adam Pratt and Andrew Lane is still laughing! His opponent Geoff Gardner wasn’t though! However Gards did very well against a much younger man (in Andrew) and had close sets even though Andrew showed no mercy! Ghosts Tanya Greenshields played great tennis against Adam, and with the determined Marie, knocked off Adam and Leonie Selleck which was a fantastic win. When Marie and Tania were playing each other, we couldn’t tell who was making the most noise from the other end of the courts! Unicorns Tania Allen was pitted against her mum Julia all night, with no love lost as they tried to outslice’n dice each other. Tania wasn’t quite as sweaty and wet’n’wild as last week, but Julia still made her work for it. Tanya G and Julia were unlucky to lose a tiebreaker to Adam and Tania A, thus the mother/daughter battle saw the honours go to Tania 2-1! Maybe next week Ghosts! And watch out whoever has to play the Unicorns! The giant killers, Gary Wilson’s Vampires, did just that, defeating Tammy Barr’s Giants 4-28 to 2-21 in a very high quality match. Four sets were 5-3s and another one was a tiebreaker indicating how close this was. Workmates Kathryn Taylor and Kerry Williams were pitted against each other all night, with both secretly trying to take the other one out at net! Kathryn had hurt her back in some sort of dawn exercise but played through the pain barrier. She needed more treatment when she got home apparently! Giants Tammy and Kathryn won a long tiebreaker over Angela Battle and Kerry in the all girl match. However the nearly unbeatable tall timbers and head Vamps, Gary and Don Veitch defeated the younger but shorter Darren Scholz and Nick Durdin. Nick and Kathryn won the other Giants set in a tight 5-3, but the Vamps won the much needed fourth set to give them a narrow victory, probably much closer than they wanted. By the laughs going on, we think Don and Gary are having a ball finally getting (being allowed) to play together! The final Div 1 match saw Helen Barry’s Centaurs defeat Cherie Cmrlec’s Warlocks 5-35 to 1-13. Well done to Bert Cocks and Cherie on winning their team’s only set, a 5-3 over Scott McDonald and Louise Michael. At one stage the players thought an injury time would be needed as it looked like Bert had a hernia, only to find the tennis balls had swung around in his pocket. Then after missing a net volley and chasing it backwards, Louise got in the road of Scott’s shot and wore it! Luckily it wasn’t a hard one! Helen was on fire and made her opponent, Helen Durdin run around, in readiness for her holiday! Scott did play some excellent shots, which were seen by Marie upcourt who was heard squealing with delight! Centaurs waterboy, Ray Bennett, was

last seen fetching an errant ball over the fence, when he vanished for some time! At least now, we know where he gets his ‘waterboy’ name from! Anyway, Ray’s opponent, Chris Allen, didn’t know what was going on and was hoping Ray had gone home, but he came back making Chris run after some very tightly angled shots. Not to be outdone, Cherie then played some identical shots but it was a bit late! Lots of fun was had though and dakdroppers were avoided for Chris and Cherie! Next week Melissa Moulds will take her place as Warlocks ‘Helen D’ which could scare their opponents! Until next week when Kathryn’s back is better after having a chat with Marie and the starfish, Terissa…

saturday senior

After yet another week off, this time due to the heat, the Balaklava senior side travelled afar to face Hilltown at their famous black courts! A quarter of the team was made up of fill-ins with some others still trying to qualify! Narelle Michael had to dust cobwebs off the racquet as the ladies were short, and thought if she was going to drive that far with husband Andrew, she might as well play too! Thanks Naz! Her sister, Tania Allen also played and the pair of them could be heard cackling in their doubles together! Scores were very tight after the mixed, locked at three sets all. Top pair Helen Barry and Derek Friedrichs won a marathon 7-5 as did Andrew Michael and Tania. Each of the other four sets were tight 6-3s. Phil Barry and Terissa Smart were the other pair to have a good mixed win. Even after winning three mixed, the only players to continue on their winning way in the singles were Helen and Andrew M, with Nathan Yates being the only other singles winner. That turned the scores upside down with Hilltown then only needing one more set to win and well ahead on games. We won’t mention Tania and Narelle’s dak-droppers though! But what a turnaround for the ladies, winning all three of their doubles. Helen and Pauline Hill made short work of their opponents, whilst Terissa and Shaz Pike fought hard to win a very long 75. Special mention must be made of Tania and Narelle’s doubles, who, after their singles shellacking, won a great 6-4 set. Well done! Obviously they are doubles specialists! The mens doubles saw Derek and Jonathon Brice slog it out against Michael Nugent and Gerald Mullighan, but they came a valiant second to the Hilltown duo. Phil and Andrew Lane registered the same winning 6-3 score as Andrew M and Nathan but alas too late! Laney was seen cavorting with the opposition and was apparently having a sleepover at the Nugent household! Final score Hilltown 13-111 defeated Balaklava 11-97. Until next week when the weather looks good for tennis…

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009


sport v Balaklava

ABOVE: Todd Scholz, Balaklava shows promising form as he connects and follows through with this forehand shot.

ABOVE: Matthew Lange, Two Wells division three has his eye on the ball, ready to hit a forehand. LEFT: Jamie Humphrys, also a Two Wells division three player focuses as he gets ready to serve.

ABOVE: Balaklava’s Sarah Tiller bounces the ball as she prepares to serve during her division three match on Saturday.

FAR LEFT: Two Wells division four player, Natisha Eastman, stretches high to reach this shot.

RIGHT: Kellie Scott, division four tennis player, tosses the ball up to serve.

$25,000* for your rst home Lucerne

new gn Elevation for illustration purposes only.$134,370 desiGranada



with 2.4 ceilings


186.29m or 20.05 squares living and garage

DIVISION two tennis players, Sam van Kleef and Cody Scott, both from Balaklava, shake hands at the end of their match on Saturday.

double garage included

on display at Northgate

© Copyright

Folland Ave


Pt Wakefield Rd Vic tor ia D r The Bou leva rd

Northga te

Fosters Rd

Paraeld Gardens 8182 3720

Port Elliot 8554 2835

e Pd

Seaford Meadows 8327 0588


Clark Tce Port Elliot Rd

Vine Street

Nuriootpa 8562 1793 She phe rdso nR

Cinema Court

Seaford Road

Greenock Rd

Warradale 8296 3155

Flag St

Cartwright St

Sturt Rd

Dempster St

celo na R d Cor rima l Av e Main South Rd Noarlunga Downs 8186 6134

Grand Boulevard

Marion Rd Morphett Rd

Northgate 8261 4300

• free ducted cooling • free items in our Fairdeal Pack • $25,000 rst home owners grant subject to qualication* | call 08 8112 3112 | country enquiries freecall 1800 638 076


JESSICA Sellars, Hamley Bridge runs to get a drop shot during her division three match against Balaklava’s Sarah Tiller.

Eucla Rd

Smitheld 8254 4084

Brighton Rd

Anderson Walk

Strathaird Blvd

Main North Rd

Mt Barker 8391 4198


Honeypot Rd

Barton Circ

St Albans Place

Somerset Grove

Main North Road

Davenport Tce

Craigmore 8254 3953 Coventry Rd

Alexandrina Rd

Craigmore Rd

Nuriootpa & Pt Elliot open Sat, Sun, Wed 1.30 - 5pm


Display Villages open Sat, Sun, Mon & Wed 1.30 - 5pm

| |



sport v Bowls

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

Finals flight stays wide open Finally, some bowls and interesting results to boot! After a two week lay-off due to heat, bowlers welcomed the opportunity to get back on the green once again. In fact, intriguing results were noted across both Divisions. In Division One, competition leaders Riverton survived an extremely tight contest against Wasleys with no more than two shots separating any of the rinks. Riverton finally won by one shot with two rinks up. Second-placed Balaklava won against Hamley Bridge with all rinks up to establish more breathing space between themselves and third-placed Hamley Bridge. Mallala overcame indifferent season form to soundly account for Owen while in the final match Tarlee upset the more fancied Port Wakefield despite having only one rink up. These results have caused some change in Division One standings with Port Wakefield moving back into fourth spot by one point and Mallala edging ahead of Wasleys, also by one point. Twelve points now separates fourth from seventh and so the battle to see which of these sides will secure a finals berth will continue for at least one more week. Division One: 14 February – Mallala 92(12) (I. Stuart 33, P. Furst 26, K. Roberts 33) def. Owen 63(0) (K. Warnes 19, N. Harkness 23, T. Harkness 21); Tarlee 73(8) (M. Ransom 27, D. Branson 22, F. Gorey 24) def. Port Wakefield 71(4) (G. McPharlin 16, L. Robertson 27, R. Murphy

By John Glistak, Secretary WMBA 28); Riverton 68(10) (B. Mullins 23, M. Griffiths 22, N. Rogers 23) def. Wasleys 67(2) (G. Rendell 21, L. Ryan 24, D. Olive 22); Balaklava 72(12) (P. Thompson 27, T. Clifford 22, B. Taylor 23) def. Hamley Bridge 57(0) (M. Durdin 21, B. Smith 20, D. Rex 16). Standings: Riverton 145 +208, Balaklava 137 +238, Hamley Bridge 114 +114, Port Wakefield 76 -36, Owen 75 -121, Mallala 65 -21, Wasleys 64 -66, Tarlee 44 -316.

Wooroora Championship 2009

Search for our champions Division One has a break from pennant competition this weekend as it contests the Wooroora Championships, proudly sponsored by The Plains Producer. Championships in Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours will be held with Port Wakefield hosting Singles and Pairs, Tarlee Triples, and Owen Fours. Play in each Championship commences at 9.30 a.m. and will consist of sectional play with the two sectional winners playing off in a final for the respective Championship.

BARRY Smith, Hamley Bridge division one, watches as a team mate’s bowl comes down.

Division two produces surprising results, Hamley loses position

IAN Ferguson, Hamley Bridge, bowls during the division one game against Balaklava.

Balaklava night owls

A Bowler’s Bias

Name: Kate Taylor Age: 15 Played bowls for: not quite a year Bowl for: Freechoice Live: Balaklava Profession: Takeaway slave at Freechoice! Hobbies other than bowls: Shop till I drop, chillin with friends Bowls could be improved by: Cranking out the beats Toughest opponent: Jules Krieg – she has no boundaries Other than myself, the association’s best bowler is: Jenny Long (also Night Owls)

Singles Championship Sectional play of 3 games – 21 up, followed by final – 25 up Section 1 – Wasleys, Owen, Hamley Bridge, Riverton Section 2 – Tarlee, Port Wakefield, Balaklava, Mallala Pairs Championship Sectional play of 3 games of 10 ends (2x2x2x2 bowls), followed by final also of 10 ends Section 1 – Tarlee, Riverton, Port Wakefield, Balaklava Section 2 – Owen, Hamley Bridge, Mallala, Wasleys Triples Championship Sectional play of 3 games of 10 ends (3x3x3 bowls), followed by final also of 10 ends Section 1 – Wasleys, Mallala, Owen, Balaklava Section 2 – Riverton, Hamley Bridge, Port Wakefield, Tarlee Fours Championship Sectional play of 3 games of 10 ends, followed by final also of 10 ends Section 1 – Mallala, Balaklava, Tarlee, Port Wakefield Section 2 – Owen, Wasleys, Hamley Bridge, Riverton Presentation of Association Perpetual Trophies and The Plains Producer individual trophies to the respective winners to be conducted on grand final day – April 4.

Should there be a minimum age limit for bowlers? No Should there be a maximum? No What was the last film you saw? Eurotrip What is your favourite TV show? Underbelly What would you like to see changed in the world? Shoot all the men! When you have to cook a meal for yourself, what is it? Two minute noodles If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be? “Drama, drama, drama!”

Mack’s Cabinets

3Quality kitchens 3 Built-ins 3 Vanities 3 Modulars Ph: 8862 1166 Mob: 0429 642 120 A/hrs: 8862 1001

Hamley White lost their position atop Division Two Red following their defeat at the hands of Balaklava Red. Mallala Black has taken over top spot courtesy of a large win over fellow contender Balaklava Blue. Hamley Red is only one point behind after and all rinks win over Balaklava White. The closest match of the round, though, saw Mallala White emerge victors over Owen by only four shots and with only one rink up. A normal round of pennant matches is scheduled for Division Two this weekend and certainly most of the matches will be interesting affairs. The local derby between the two Hamley sides will be eagerly watched as both sides strive to improve their standing in the competition. In their last meeting Hamley White narrowly won suggesting that another close result is again likely. Leaders Mallala Black travel to Balaklava Red in anticipation of recording their second win against their opponents. Mallala White hosts Balaklava White knowing that another win over their opponents will bring them closer to the Hamley sides depending on the result of that local derby. The final match sees Balaklava Blue facing Owen in an important match for both sides. Balaklava Blue will be keen to atone for their loss last weekend while Owen will strive to narrow the gap between itself and the four.

Division Two Red: 14 February – Mallala Black 105(12) (C. Crossman 27, J. Evans 36, B. Smith 42) def. Balaklava Blue 50(0) (P. McPharlin 25, R. Barr 12, C. Milton 13); Balaklava Red 83(10) (C. Cowan 23, S. Hawke 29, B. Hogben 31) def. Hamley White 70(2) (I. Parr 28, L. Stott 16, B. Morris 26); Hamley Red 80 (12) (G. Schilling 26, J. Bell 33, D. French 21) def. Balaklava White 59(0) (J. Olsen 25, R. Hillman 15, K. Harkness 19); Mallala White 73(8) (G. Forrest 30, P. March 21, K. McDonald 22) def. Owen 69(4) (K. Gould 17, P. Sullivan 25, L. Beaty 27) Standings: Mallala Black 131 +264.75, Hamley Red 130 +237, Hamley White 124 +168, Mallala White 116 +103, Balaklava Blue 110 +61, Balaklava Red 106 +53, Owen 91 +45.25, Balaklava White 87 -25. Division Two Red – 21 February 2009: Balaklava Blue vs Owen, Hamley Red vs Hamley White, Balaklava Red vs Mallala Black, Mallala White vs Balaklava White.


Balaklava Red v Mallala Black at Balaklava. L Whittaker, N Sampson, K Ackland, C Cowan (sk). C Stewart, A Barr, D Whittaker, B Hogben (sk). K Cottle, K Catford, C Welke, S Hawke (sk). Bar: S Cowan, C Cowan, C Milton.

No matches this week due to Country Round Robin.

Sides for saturday

Division 1 Wooroora championships starting at 9.30am. Pairs and singles: Port Wakefield. Triples: Tarlee. Fours: Owen. BALAKLAVA: Division 2. Balaklava White v Mallala White at Mallala. R May, J Lee, L Zerk, R Hillman (sk). Z Guy, N Olsen, M Olsen, J Olsen (sk). B Moffatt, S Guy, H Philp, K harkness (sk). Balaklava Blue v Owen at Balaklava. L Day, A Greenshields, R McPharlin, P McPharlin (sk). H Hebisch, G Palmer, D Cottle, R Barr (sk). L Braddock, D Anderson, D Beare, C Milton (sk).

Wakey has that midas touch In Division Two White, leaders Port Wakefield Gold proved too strong for second-placed Riverton White to win by 24 shots. Riverton Black has taken over second spot following their comprehensive defeat

north east mid week

Pennant results from Wednesday February 11. Balaklava 43 (8) def Burra 36 (2). R Hillman 27 def C Boston 15. H Philp 16 lost to A Bence 21. Spalding 42 (10) def Clare Red 35 (0) P Goodridge 19 def T Morris 16. K Jackson 23 def J Knappstein 19. Blyth 41 (10) def Clare White 31 (0). R Kennett 23 def J Bradbury 14. L Mader 18 d R Wurst 17.

of Tarlee. The final match saw a tight tussle between Port Wakefield Blue and Wasleys with the Port Wakefield side taking the honours despite having only one rink up. This weekend’s round will see an interesting encounter with Riverton Black hosting leaders Port Wakefield Gold. In their last meeting, the Riverton Black side took maximum points but on this occasion, the result is likely to be much closer. Riverton White hosts Port Wakefield Blue keen to record another win at the expense of their opponents. The last match will see Tarlee travel to Wasleys with the latter side likely to record their third win for the season. Division Two White: 14 February – Port Wakefield Blue 84(8) (H. Brown 21, T. Franke 41, T. Cluse 22) def. Wasleys 68(4) (D. Geier 24, J. McDonnell 20, J. Williamson 24); Riverton Black 97(12) (B. Prime 26, M. Prime 39, W. Pike 32) def. Tarlee 42(0) (R. Clarke 20, B. ButlerSinclair 12, D. Rohde 10); Port Wakefield Gold 77(10) (A. Carslake 33, A. Williams 16, R. McGregor 28) def. Riverton White 53(2) (R. Hannaford 15, J. Glistak 22, P. Gates 16). Standings: Port Wakefield Gold 98 +184, Riverton Black 83 +43, Riverton White 74 -28, Port Wakefield Blue 57 -129, Wasleys 39 -468, Tarlee 14 -509. Division Two White – 21 February 2009: Wasleys vs Tarlee, Riverton White vs Port Wakefield Blue, Riverton Black vs Port Wakefield Gold. Snowtown 54 (10) def Brinkworth 22 (0). R Atkinson 38 d F Grom 7. R Brand 16 def J Goss 15. Premiership Table Snowtown 114 Burra 113 Clare Red 99 Blyth 74 Spalding 68 Balaklava 63 Brinkworth 46 Clare White 23

59.49 56.86 52.35 50.64 49.32 44.66 43.57 42.27

Next week: Brinkworth v Spalding. Clare Red v Snowtown. Balaklava v Clare White. Blyth v Burra.

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009


SPORT v Basketball

COACH Brianna Wedding gives her under 14 Owen girls some guidance at half time. ABOVE: Rebecca Fritz, Owen dribbles around her Longies opponent during the under 14 girls game. RIGHT: Balaklava’s Tom Lane attempts to steal possession from Tyler Moulds, Bulldogs during the under 12 boys game.

Adelaide Plains Basketball Association

Goin’ Court side


Focus now on a red hot finals series At last basketball could be played and most people seemed excited. Someone told Dribbler it seemed like we were starting a new season. Another player thought we needed to play through the Christmas holidays so the heat wouldn’t rob us of so many games. It will be a talking point when planning for our next season. Now we need to focus on the coming finals. The divisions have been changed and we have grades so the finals will be more competitive. A men is one grade that has been competitive all season. It was again this week although Dribbler thinks Owen has lost their passion. The Young Guns won comfortably but it was Lachlan Parker’s first game for a while and he was hot. Young Matty Pascoe was also on the mark. Dribbler felt like his basketball life was over seeing all these young ones play so well. The other A men’s game was a close one with Hamley again stealing the win. Both were great games to watch. Next week will tell us who is likely to be the team to back. Dribbler thinks it may just be Hamley. I watched a couple of exciting junior games. The one that really got me going and I reckon got a few others excited was the U16 girls game between the two Balaklava teams. It was exciting as each team did some eye catching things. Renee McPharlin’s

Friday Night Lights Adelaide Plains Basketball Report By Three Points

ability to read the play and her dribbling skills helped Blaze immensely, however the height and basket dominance of Alexandra Wilson probably made the difference to help Bullets across the line. Their next encounter is likely to be just as exciting and worthy of watching. The C men’s game between Longies and Pacers was the other game that got me going. At half time Longies looked lost and the game won by Pacers. Skilful coaching and leading by example from ‘PK’ Kowalik gave them the edge. And then Corey Olsen did what Corey often does, he went for it. He didn’t attack the opposition; he just played basketball with all he could muster. He passed the ball, dribbled the ball and shot the ball and changed the game around. There were many good games and some very outstanding play. One game that always impresses both Dribbler and me is the under 12 boys when Owen plays. They are a team of beginners and triers. Most teams outsize them and outplay

them but they turn up and play and just enjoy playing. The teams they play have also shown regard for them and the game between them and Rockets was no exception. Thanks guys and well done. Umpiring hasn’t been mentioned much this season and that is a good thing. It is not meant to be more important than the game. Some umpires are fussy and find lots of fouls while others like to let the game go and things sort themselves out. I noticed one referee instruct a player to leave the game until he got a shirt with correct numbering. You would think that the clubs would have all uniform matters sorted out by now. I reckon most referees expect this and it is a surprise when a player is not wearing the correct uniform or number. Hopefully it won’t happen again this season as I am told referees hate having to enforce it. Only two more weeks of basketball and then it’s the finals. Dribbler wishes the season could go on longer. I suspect a few teams are keen to practice and get their skills up ready to play finals. This week’s games should show who the keen ones are. Wasn’t it great to have the CFS and the Lions providing us with food and raising money for the fire victims? Thanks guys, you did a great job and provide a great service. See you at the basketball.

the profile of basketball in Australia? More basketball on TV Hobbies other than basketball? Fishing, backyard cricket at Alby’s If you won $20 million in Lotto, what would you do? Buy an island If you were going to a desert island, name three things you would take with you? Beer (XXXX Gold), fishing rod, food Favourite movie/TV show: Underbelly

Name: Kym Simon Nickname: Gonzo Age: 25 Height: Short Shoe size: Small Team: Balaklava Jazz Grade: C men Lives: Balaklava Occuptaion: Mechanic Favourite basketballer? Gib Palmer Favourite team? 36’ers When was the last time you fouled off? Last year How would you lift

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28 Howe Street, Balaklava - Ph: 8862 1696

Adelaide Plains

Basketball Results Brought to you by… - Supporting Local Sport Results of matches played on Friday February 13, 2008

a men

B Women

Hamley Bridge 38 (P.Clark 10, S.Rademacher 10, J.Gregory 7) def Bulldogs 37 (S.Jericho 12, J.Brice 11, M.Olsen 8). Young Guns 62 (L.Parker 21, M.Pascoe 14, J.Walker 10) def Owen 53 (J.Sullivan 14, K.Ruiz 12, A.Pratt 12).

Hamley Bridge 44 (L.Read 18, G.Callery 12, B.Allchurch 4) def Lightning 17 (H.Simmonds 8, A.Smith 6, T.Wiseman 2). Owen Opals 51 (S.Wilson 14, E.Fry 14, B.Wedding 10) def Thunder 14 (S.Kowalick 6, C.Michael 3, L.Michael 2).

B Men Lakers 31 (N.Olsen 10, J.Napper 8, L.Guy 6) def Hawks 26 (S.Noack 9, N.Forest 6, K.Allen 5). Swaggies 49 (R.Sharer 19, H.Pym 12, A.McDonnell 12) def Bulldogs 21 (D.Hill 6, N.Greenshields 4, J.Kelly 4). Nuggets 40 (L.Wright 22, G.Page 9, J.Henderson 5) def Redlegs 17 (C.Price 13, T.Stowers 2, D.Smith 2).

C Men Longies 59 (C.Olsen 35, J.Matthews 8, B.Barnes 8) def Pacers 41 (L.Williams 13, P.Kowalick 13, B.Lloyd 11). Owen Meercats 37 (B.Moreton 12, L.Shepley 10, D.Bevan 5) def Jazz 26 (D.Harding 8, R.McPharlin 6, G.Palmer 4).

u16 boys Bulldogs 26 (C.Ruiz 8, J.Zilm 8, L.Boon 4) def Owen 18 (B.Merry 4, H.Kirvan 4, L.Hobbs 4). Celtics 76 (T.Lloyd 31, T.Halls 18, C.McPharlin 12) def Long Plains 19 (J.Wilson 8, A.McArdle 8, C.Sharer 2). Magics 50 (L.Williams 26, T.Michael 12, S.Van Kleef 10) def Lakers 23 (R.McDonald 14, T.Shepherd 5, C.Mellier 4).

u14 boys Redlegs 40 (J.Appleby 22, B.Taylor 16, C.O’Neill 2) def Owen 24 (J.Harkness 12, J.Wedding 4, J.Pratt 4). Celtics 56 (B.Heaslip 20, S.Wildman 12, D.Mumford 10) def Nuggets 25 (N.Veitch 10, D.Bigg 10, B.Krieg 4).

u12 boys ABOVE: Braydon Foale-Jacka, Balaklava attempts to stop Bulldog Oliver Karsten shooting for goal. RIGHT: Longies under 14 basketballer Amy Daniel stops to pass during the game against Owen.

Young Guns 20 (J.Michael 10, D.Page 8, B.Foale-Jacka 2) def Bulldogs 10 (J.Hoepner 6, T.Moulds 2, J.Studham 2). Rockets 32 (Tom Goldney 12, J.Butterfield 10, T.Scholz 8) def Owen 6 (J.Tiller 6).

C Women Cats 20 (Won on forfeit) def Owen Eagles 0 (Team forfeit). Storm 34 (J.Robertson 12, K.McArdle 8, J.Krieg 6) def Redlegs 10 (S.Anderson 6, F.Tiller 2, B.Blackwell 2). Hamley Bridge 71 (G.Calley 22, L.Read 18, H.Clark 13) def Owen Eagles 6 (K.Graham 2, S.Fritz 2, L.Faulkner 2).

u16 girls Owen 47 (B.Wedding 38, K.Graham 6, E.Fry 2) def Long Plains 27 (H.McArdle 17, S.Peters 4, C.Daniel 4). Bullets 31 (A.Wilson 9, S.Tiller 8, R.Mallon 6) def Blaze 30 (R.McPharlin 13, L.Michael 9, A.Simon 4).

u14 girls Long Plains 20 (G.McArdle 6, S.McArdle 5, A.Daniel 5) def Owen 15 (R.Fritz 12, S.Kirvan 3). Magics 30 (S.Tiller 8, C.Guy 8, A.Michael 4) def Midgets (T.White 4, B.Koch 3, T.Renshaw 2).

u12 girls Bulldogs 20 (N .Greenshields 8, S.Maxwell 6, C.Lawrie 2) def Wildcats 7 (H.Sellar 6, A.Langdon 1). Owen 26 (B.Wilson 14, K.Wedding 8, R.Dunstan 4) def Lakers 14 (L.Tiller 8, H.Mellier 2, S.Heaslip 2).

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sport v Results

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

Riverton High’s closest carnival in years On Wednesday February 11 competitors from Riverton and District High School battled it out for the annual House Swimming Shield. Although the sun was out, swimmers felt the cold from the wind as they got out of the pool. In recent years the team from Jeffery has dominated and won convincingly but this year it was literally decided by the last event of the day. Each team decorated their house area with lots of colour and members showed great support for their team throughout the day. The day was a huge success due to thorough planning and organising by Joel Tucker along with the support of staff, parents and relatives who helped out with the various jobs. Thank you was given to parents and relatives who attended the day to lend their time and support. Overall results: Jeffery – 332 points; Glynn Webb – 328 points; Castine – 310 points. Records: U/21 4x25 Medley Relay – Glynn Webb 1:21:63. Individual Medal Winners: U/14 Female – Grace Redden (GW), runner-up: Emma Jordan (C). U/14 Male – Sam Ball (GW), runnerup: Patrick Callery (J). U/15 Female – Karlie Reu (GW), runner-up: Louise Thomas (C). U/15 Male – Tom Connell (C), runnerup: Sam Ireland (J). U/16 Female – Hannah Clark (J), runner-up: Jade Klaebe (GW). U/16 Male – Dylan Bevan (GW), runner-up: Justin Smith (J). U/21 Female – Alison Schahinger (J), runner-up: Hannah Connell (GW). U/21 Male – Patrick Clark (J), runnerup: Luke Callery (J).

Croquet Upper wakefield

Snowtown 30, G Schupelius 12, R Freebairn 5, P Schupelius 8, J Hoskin 5 def Clare 24, E Semple 6, E Hooper 6, R Gierke 7, H Coles 5. Blyth 31, R Loader 11, I Fisher 9, C Bolvig 8, J Hilzinger 3, def Balaklava 25, L Sutton 11, C Reimers 3, N Williams 6, D Williams 5. At Snowtown, Pam and Joylene had a battle with Rae and Helen coming out the winners by one hoop. Nice to see Helen having a game and doing quite well making five. Blyth girls Ruth and Iris were too good for Lynn and Chris. Iris could not do a thing wrong in the first half after which Ruth took over making a game of it with Lynn. Stick to it Chris – your game will fall into place. Chris B and Jenny gave Nancy and Dulcie a very hard fort game. Jenny could not miss a ball until the break. Then Chris took over and it was nice for the Balaklava girls to have just a draw with those too. The game was enjoyed by all the four players even if the wind played havoc most of the game.

Golf Balaklava Men

Obviously, word got out that new bar manager, Mark Loy, has taken to the task with unbridled enthusiasm, even to the extent of presenting the goodies with rare flare, because a 25-strong field rolled out last Saturday for the Stableford competition in, it must be said, far more salubrious circumstances. Mark also attacked his Summer Cup challenge with chilli charged relish, sending the mighty Merv Hameister back to the 17th century, 5/3. As well, the normally civilised Bill Lokan gave the sartorial Rob Veitch the bum’s rush (5&4) while the calculating Connor Williams saw off a determined Leigh Durdin 5&3. “Rotten” Ron Butterworth did it again to the A Graders, that is, waltzed in from the car park with that Cheshire cat smirk, then went on to blitz the suitably stunned field with 38 points. On a count back, the industrious Ian Michael bested that evergreen scouse git, Bill Berry, both smacking totals of 34. B. Lokan (33), C. Williams (33), M. Loy (29), M. Hameister (29), W. Parkin (27) and R. Lawson (20) rounded out the upper level assault. An early start did the deed for the dogged Dave Rodgers who blitzed the massed BGrade bludgeoneers with his unassailable 43 points. Digby Addison took it right up to the young turk with his needling 42 while

Medal winners, back from left: Justin Smith, Alison Schahinger, Luke Callery, Patrick Clark, Sam Ireland, Louise Thomas. Middle: Patrick Callery, Dylan Bevan, Emma Jordan, Grace Redden, Karlie Reu. Front: Tom Connell, Jade Klaebe, Hannah Connell, Hannah Clark, Sam Ball. INSET: Jeffery Captains, Hannah and Patrick Clark accept the shield. the ever patient, quietly dangerous Tate Michael gnurdled a comfortable 41. No-one else was in the hunt, they being G. Toms (33), R. Vietch (32), S. Purdue (30), N. Mellow (28), B. Michael (28), J. Neale (27), D. Goudie (27), C. Michael (26), A. Henstridge (25), B. Stewart (22) and T. Shepherd (18). Birdies were claimed by a fast-improving Digby Addison on the 15th and a still improved Bill Parkin on the tenth. Nearest The Pin glory befell A. Henstridge (3rd), W. Parkin (8th), W. Berry (13th) and R. Veitch (15th). Now, for all you out there desperate for a happy ending, hope springs in the form of our Plains Festival Ambrose Day, Saturday Feb 28, when groups of four will be welcomed to hack the day away. This is the beaut, laid back style of golf which is all too rarely available so don’t pass up the opportunity to have some fun at your mates’ expense and get into some BBQ tucker while you’re about it. Phone the Golf Club on 8862 1594 for full details and to register your team. For those who can free up in late March, we are planning another assault on the Renmark golf course this year. Last year we came away with a cap! This year our sights are set higher, so if you relish battles on a grander scale, call us for details now!

balaklava mid week

Doug Taylor won Wednesday’s stableford competition with 42 points on a countback from Dean Trickett. Other scores were Merv Hameister 37, Dennis Goudie 36, Don Anderson 33, Gerry Toms 32 and Bill Berry 30. Birdies: M Hameister 13, G Toms 17, D Taylor 7.

hamley bridge

Saturday’s stableford best aggregate score down pairs competition was won by David Russell and Doug Cooper with a total of 74 points from John and Adam Mitchell 72. Individual scores were J Mitchell, R Pawlak 39, D Cooper, C Skelland 38, W Van Pelt, R Spriggs, R Cameron 37, D Russel, W Isgar 36, C Doudle 35, B Schwartz, K Kluske, R Battle 34, G Dahlitz, T Jones, A Mitchell, R Ahola, C Applebee 33, S Howe 32, W Jackson, L Hatcher 31, R Smith 30, A Noack, R Collins 28. Birdies: A Noack, D Doudle (2), W Van Pelt, T Jones, A Mitchell and J Mitchell (2). Neartest the pin: A Noack. Thursday, 26 players competed in the mid week stableford round. Winner was Tony Jones 39 points from E Manning 37, J Mitchell, W Van Pelt 36, A Noack, R Cameron, R Mortimer 35, R Ahola, R Hahn 34, D Nation, W Isgar 33, C Doudle, R Smith, B Cooper 32, D Russell 31, D Cooper, R Collins 30 and the other nine players scoring in the 20s.

Birdies: D Russell, R Mortimer, J Mitchell (2). Nearest the pin: J Mitchell. Reminder: All competitions hit off at 8am until the winter season which commences Saturday April 4.

Shooting mallala gun club

Results from Sunday February 15 where 15 competed in over cast and warm conditions. 25 target single barrell. AA: D Olivero 25/25. A: G Gilbert 24/25. B: B Zanker 23/25. C: A Goodridge 24/25. 30 target double barrell. AA: J Byrnes 61/61, 2nd: M Stokes 60/61. A: G Gliberts 51/51, 2nd B Dempster 50/51. B: A Zupanic 30/30, 2nd S byrnes 29/30. C: A Goodridge 30/30, 2nd: G Ogilvie 29/30. 25 target point score. AA: M Stokes 105/105, 2nd C Bentley 104/105. A: B Dempsters 135/138, 2nd: P Hall 134/138. B: T Oconnor 140/144, 2nd A Zupanic 139/144. C: G Olgilvie 68/75, 2nd J Gilbert 60/75. Next shoot: Sunday March 1 and AGM Practice and coaching Saturday Feb 21.

Tennis lower north

Dalkey 19-137 def Nantawarra 5-83. Stacey Bell lost to Jessica Taylor 6-3. Carolyn Koch def Symonn Hutton 6-1. Yvonne Bell def Alison Baum 6-4. Penny Barnett lost to Sascha Tiller 6-4. Joanne Humphrys def Jo Scott 6-0. Cassandra Bell def Tina Reid 6-2. George Gregory def Travis Nicholls 6-4. Richard Gregory def Ryan Reid 6-4. Luke Wedding def Matthew Hoepner 6-1. Lou Surace def Darren Woodroofe 6-1. Joseph Gregory lost to Jake Taylor 7-6. Brian Koch def Cody Scott 6-4.

lower north juniors

DIVISION 1: Long Plains 6 – 36 def. Hamley Bridge 0 – 15. Leah Tynan def Joanne Humphrys 6 – 4. Karl Algar def Cassandra Bell 6 – 2. Ross Sharer def Jakyb Sharman 6 – 4. Michael Clifford def Jim Redden 6 – 0 Owen 5 - 31 def. Balaklava 1 – 18. Robert Lloyd lost to Scott McDonald 1 – 6. Kieren Robinson def Riley McDonald 6 – 3. Daniel Brewster def Matthew Hoepner 6 – 2. Charles Fry def Ben Michael 6 – 2. DIVISION 2: Balaklava Green 3 – 32. def. Mallala White 3 – 23. Ben Heaslip def Josh Watson 6 – 2. Callum Michael lost to Hannah Jenkin 5 – 6. Hedley Greenshields lost to Trent Graham 4 – 6 Ashley Krieg def Angus Clothier 6 – 1. Balaklava Gold 3 – 32 def. Balaklava White 3 – 26. Ben Michael lost to Tate

Michael 5 – 6. Luke Williams def Tinashe Nyoni 6 – 3. Dylan Fahey lost to Casey Michael 5 – 6 Sam VanKleef def Cody Scott 6 – 3. Mallala Black 3 – 24 def. Two Wells Red 3 – 20. Douglas Howard def Kate Lange 6 – 0. Clare Howard def Jamee Seccafien 6 – 1. Brooke Wilson lost to Tegan Breen 3 – 6 Laura Jarmyn lost to Brooke Schuitt 0 – 6. DIVISION 3: Balaklava Green 4 – 26 def. Two Wells White 2 – 24. Marni Greenshields def Matthew Lange 6 – 0. Henry Lane def Maddy Seccafien 6 – 2. Dillon Michael def Jamie Humphrys 6 – 5. Gemma Freebairn lost to Renee Seccafien 1 – 6. Balaklava White 4 – 27 def. Hamley Bridge 2 – 23. Emily Taylor def Claire Humphrys 6 – 3. Hannah Hoepner lost to Tristan Bell 2 – 6. Sarah Tiller lost to Jessica Sellars 1 – 6. Daniel Mumford def Kirra Surace 6 – 1. Balaklava Gold 3 – 29 def. Long Plains 3 – 25. Jake Michael lost to Riley Curnow 2 – 6. Samanga Nyoni def Taylor Fabry 6 – 2. Zac Scholz lost to Amy Barr 4 – 6. Tayla Durdin def Hannah McArdle 6 – 1. DIVISION 4: Mallala White 4 – 30 def. Hamley Bridge 2 – 28. Mark Jenkin def Amy Humphrys 6 – 3. Rachel Dunstan lost to Leon Raether 4 – 6. Jackson Furst

def Cameron Weiss 6 – 5. Jake Tiller lost to Amy McCabe 2 – 6. Balaklava 5 – 30 def. Two Wells 1 – 13. Kristy Selleck def Tarsha Briscoe 6 – 1. Todd Scholz def Natisha Eastman 6 – 2. Tenneal White def Jessica Weir 6 – 2 Kellie Scott lost to Macey Briscoe 0 - 6. Mallala Black 4 – 32 Owen 2 – 20. Liam Matthew def Sophie Parker 6 – 4. Lilliana Matthew lost to Jessica Heaslip 4 – 6. Edward Parsons def Jake Harkness 6 – 0. Lachlan Strudwicke lost to Max Heaslip 4 – 6. Premiership Table 14/02/09 Division 1 Points % Owen 16 82.61 Balaklava 10 47.83 Long Plains 9 62.00 Hamley Bridge 1 10.00 Division 2 Points % Balaklava Green 17 70.00 Balaklava Gold 11 71.05 Mallala White 10 50.00 Mallala Black 7 38.64 Balaklava White 5 56.82 Long Plains 5 42.11 Two Wells Red 0 22.92 Division 3 Points % Balaklava Green 17 72.00 Two Wells White 11 64.00 Balaklava Gold 11 50.00

stanley cricket association

from the pitch

Name: Leigh Wright Nickname: Too many to list! Team: Lower North Cricketing Status: Do my best work in the bar after cricket Who would you least like to face up to? Most bowlers - can’t bat to save myself Who is your favourite Waugh? Mark Who is your favourite Australian Cricket Captain? Steve Waugh Funniest thing you have seen on a cricket oval? Hayden Battle – enough said

Best effort with bat or ball: Not worth mentioning Your most memorable moment in cricket: A1 premiership last year with Lower North Strangest place you’ve turned up in your whites: Couple of 40th birthdays Worst dressed player in your team: Todd McPharlin – pulls uniform from the bottom of his cricket bag each week Who would you least want to room with on tour? Why? Sean Williams – greatest snorer known to man

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Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

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For Sale 1982 Volvo 244GL sedan, good condition, clean reliable vehicle, good tyres and rego VMW-092. $700 ono. Phone 8864-5035. 20 Beef calves, heifer/steers, 2-7 months old $195 - $350. Gumeracha 8389 1169 2001 Holden Astra 3dr manual, silver, Just over 97,000kms, WPU682 rego until April 09, 100,000km service done. $9,000 neg. Phone 0407 997 270. 2002 Toytota Workmate, 4x2 traytop, white duco, full length racks, tonneau cover, 172,000kms, WSX198. Ph Tony 0417 047 957. Port Wakefield $10,500 ono. 2003 Yamaha TTR90ES, excellent condition, well maintained, no further use, $1,800. Phone 8844 3201 or 0429 937 152. 22FT caravan/annex on-site W.I.W.O Port Wakefield Caravan Park, $17,500 o.n.o. Newly Renovated. Phone 08 8668 4208 or 0429 002 158. 4wd camper trailer, Cameron canvas, pull out kitchen, lots of storage, excellent condition, $8,500, reg no. TNK 762. Ph 8844 3230 or 0428 152 267. Balaklava house block, 840 m2, close to shops and schools. Quiet street. Phone 0433 354 783. BALAKLAVA High School has Triticale hay & wheaten chaff for sale, hay $55 including GST roll and chaff $18 including GST bag. Phone 0417 768 303. Black angus cattle, prime condition, well bred. 4x 2 year old steers, $800 each. 3 year old bull, proven, $1,500. Ph 0439 700 977. Bentwood chairs (14) in need of restoration, 1000 litre poly tank ideal for fire fighting trailer, qty veranda brackets. Ring 0427 304 415 Custom hand made knives - stainless steel, carbon steels, knife sharpening & repairs, knife restoration. Hansen Custom Knives. Ph 8862 2360 or 0407 577 054. Elfinvale black & tan kelpie pups, 10 weeks old, 1 male, 2 female, $30 each o.n.o. Good as working dogs or pets. Ph: 0430 365 511. GOPHER - Invacare deluxe, 4 wheels, shop basket, excellent condition, can deliver, $1,000 o.n.o, phone 0427 847 873. Hay - new season, small square oaten hay, $6 per bale. Balaklava Museum. Phone: 8862 1741. HOLDEN ASTRA CD 2000 - Green 4 door hatchback manual, 83,000km, CD, aircon, cruise, central locking. One lady owner, reg WMC319. REDUCED: $9,450. Phone 0422 006 647. Holden Rodeo 1997 4wd traytop turbo diesel a/c towbar 5 speed manual excellent condition. $9250 o.n.o. Reg WAR 766. Leyland Boxer Beavertail tray 5 x 2 speed diesel. Fair condition $5500 o.n.o. Phone: 8864 2220 or 0429 642 221.

For Sale Honda XR 250, 2003, good condition, runs well, service history available, registration YYM 835, $4,500 neg. Phone 0430 200 400 or 8527 2054 INTER AL160 tipper, grain sides, suit farm use RNA175, $1,500. Wisconsin V4 petrol motor, electric start, $1,500. Phone: 0448 659 269. Island Star caravan, 2002, 19’ 6”, queen size bed, 3 way fridge, air conditioner, cooktop/ oven, microwave, 12v or 240 v system, roll out awnings. Phone: 8862 1695 or 0427 829 297, $34,000. Lahsa Apso pups for sale. One female, two male. Wormed, vaccinated and vet checked. Nine weeks old. $400. Ph: 0414 411 942 or 8520 2928 after 5pm on weekdays. Mitsubishi Starwagon GLX 2003, 2.3 L, Automatic, 107,000kms, Dual A/C, Power Brakes, steering, and windows, Bluetooth installed, 8 Seater, New tyres, asking $14,500 ONO reg no. XJC 165. Contact No. 0412 038 506. New all purpose car trailer, 4m x 2m, $4,300. Phone: 0428 988 799. Order your fruit trees and native tubestock for Autumn and Winter now. Some varieties of eucalypts, acacias, sheoaks etc available now. Lifetime Nursery, corner Dawkins and Judd Road, Lewiston. Phone 8524 3172 Remember our “Advertise it until it sells deal’. For just $19.80 you can have your for sale advert in for 9 weeks*. Phone us today on 8862 1997 or email producer@rbe. or fax 8862 1977 to take advantage of this great deal.* Conditions apply. SIX person massage master sports spa, 45 jets, emerald green with lockable hard cover, only 2 1/2 years old, hardly used, $6,000 o.n.o. Phone 0433 354 783. XF Ford Fairmont sedan. Runs well, new reconditioned motor, LPG, 6 cylinder, registered XFS 284, wrecking. Parts from $5 or $600 lot. Phone 8862 1905 Yardman ride-on mower, bought Nov 07, under warranty 16HP Kohler motor, Briggs & Stratton, parts, 5 gears, key start, 42 inch cut. Used for approx 3 hours, purchased $3,000, selling $2,700 ono. Phone 8566 2993.

For Rent Two bedroom stone cottage, Edith Terrace, Balaklava, $150 pw. Phone 0419 821 609.

Garage Sale

31 Edward Street, Port Wakefield, 9am Saturday February 21, deceased estate.

80th Birthday

Work Wanted

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CASH for cans and bottles, Owen Recycling - 18 Railway Tce, Owen. Wed 10-5; Sat 10-1 or by appointment. Ph 8528 6307.

SAILPLANE flights. The Balaklava Gliding Club has $60 gift vouchers available for passenger flights any weekend from their airfield 10km north west of Balaklava on main Snowtown road. Ph 8864 5062 for bookings. SHaremarket - sell shares you don’t own cheaper and make money. Join the club now phone 8862 1442.

Work Wanted

Asbestos Remover now operating in your area. We specialise in Asbestos Registers and Annual Inspections. Reasonable rates, clean, safe, license 90314. Ph0428 840 451 or

APP. Marriage

CONTRACT slaughtering is our speciality at our quality assured. Snowtown Abattoirs for butcher shop farmers and every day people. Serving all areas. Phone 8865 2162

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PRIDHAM-Parker. Graham and the late Helen and Rob and Jo with much joy announce the approaching marriage of Nicole and Nathan at the Moonta Uniting Church at 3pm on Saturday February 21. May God’s richest blessings be upon you both.

ALAN HELPS 21/02/09. Happy Birthday to our much loved Husband, Father and Pa. Best wishes from Doris, Julie and Kevin, Wade, Russell and Keralie; Dianne and Paul, Ben and Tegan; Bevan and Michelle, Russell, Lewis and Eliza.

HORSES unwanted, top prices, cash, any types, Ph 8524 3640 or 0414 546 217. OLD petrol bowser or parts, old signs, tins, oil bottles, books, brochures, plough seats, seed drill ends, cow bells, military items, old comics, badges, medals, anything old in any condition, cash paid. Phone Rob 8846 4079.

Birthday memoriam Barker - Max. You would’ve been one year old February 21. Son of Jason and Sharon, brother of Xander in Brisbane. Always in our hearts. Love Granny, Gramps, Darrin, Kerry, Jason, Jesse and Kaylah.

APP. Marriage

Corpus-gowland. Lyn and Eriberto (dec) with Charmaine and Peter (dec) announce with great pleasure the marriage of Carmina and William at Balaklava Church of Christ on February 21, 2009 at 11am. All our love to you both and a lifetime of happiness. Welcome to our families.


MARCH-AHWAN - Callum, Lauren and Ryan welcome with love their beautiful boy, Liam Jackson. Born on February 12, 2009 at Calvary Hospital.

Return Thanks

Curtis - Hilda. Gwenda Cheek wishes to thank, Wooroora Club members, CWA, Red Cross, church members and the many friends of Hilda’s who sent cards and phone calls with their condolences and their presence to say goodbye to a good friend. My thanks to all of you.

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BAOHM - Denise Joy (nee Atkinson). Passed away peacefully February 13, 2009 aged 59 years. Dearly loved wife of Rob. Devoted Mother and Mother-inlaw of Andrew, Chantelle, Corinna, Susan and Cameron. Adored Grandma of Laura, Aleisha, Blake and Georgia. Lovingly remembered. Forever in our hearts.

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The frontrunner in fertiliser Ph: 8440 2450

Adelaide Plains, Clare & day forecast – Balaklava 7 / ,Ê", -/ Gilbert Valleys region

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/,Ê -/, /Ê", -/ -œÕÌ…Ê >ÃÌÊVœ>ÃÌ°ÊÌÊ܈ÊLiʅœÌÊvÕÀ̅iÀʈ˜>˜`Ê ʅˆ}…ÊœÛiÀÊ̅iÊ/>Ó>˜Ê-i>ʈÃÊ«Àœ`ÕVˆ˜}Êw˜iÊ «œÃÈLiÊ Ì…Õ˜`iÀÞÊ Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ ˜i>ÀÊ Ì…iÊ 7i`˜iÃ`>Þ\ʈ˜iÊ܈̅ʅˆ}…ÊVœÕ`ʈ˜VÀi>Ș}°Ê Vœ˜`ˆÌˆœ˜ÃÊ >˜`Ê ˆ}…ÌÊ ÌœÊ “œ`iÀ>ÌiÊ ˜œÀ̅i>ÃÌÊ ÜˆÌ…Ê

/,Ê -/, /Ê", -/ ÜˆÌ…Ê «œÃÈLiÊ Ì…Õ˜`iÀÞÊ Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ ˜i>ÀÊ Ì…iÊ Vœ˜`ˆÌˆœ˜ÃÊ >˜`Ê ˆ}…ÌÊ ÌœÊ “œ`iÀ>ÌiÊ ˜œÀ̅i>ÃÌÊ Üˆ˜`ðÊÀi>ÃʜvÊӜŽiʅ>âiʜÛiÀÊ̅iÊi>ÃÌiÀ˜Ê i>ÃÌiÀ˜Ê LœÀ`iÀ]Ê Vi>Àˆ˜}Ê LivœÀiÊ Ã՘ÀˆÃi°Ê ÌÊ œÌÊ 7i`˜iÃ`>Þ\ʈ˜iÊ܈̅ʅˆ}…ÊVœÕ`ʈ˜VÀi>Ș}°Ê ÜˆÌ…Ê ˆ}…ÌÊ ÌœÊ “œ`iÀ>ÌiÊ ˜œÀ̅i>ÃÌÊ Üˆ˜`ÃÊ i>ÃÌiÀ˜Ê LœÀ`iÀ]Ê Vi>Àˆ˜}Ê Ã՘ÀˆÃi°Ê ܈˜`ðÊÀi>ÃʜvÊӜŽiʅ>âiʜÛiÀÊ̅iÊi>ÃÌiÀ˜Ê܈Ê LiÊ w˜iÊ iÃi܅iÀiÊ >ÃÊ >ÊLivœÀiÊ …ˆ}…Ê LՈ`ÃÊ œÛiÀÊÌÊ>˜`ʏˆ}…ÌÊ>vÌiÀ˜œœ˜ÊVœ>ÃÌ>ÊÃi>ÊLÀiiâiÃÊ>…i>`Ê `ˆÃÌÀˆVÌÃʈÃÊ`ÕiÊ̜Ê̅iÊ6ˆV̜Àˆ>˜ÊLÕÅwÀiÃ°Ê œÌÊ ÜˆÌ…Ê ˆ}…ÌÊ ÌœÊ “œ`iÀ>ÌiÊ ˜œÀ̅i>ÃÌÊ Üˆ˜`ÃÊ ÜˆÊ LiÊ w˜iÊ iÃi܅iÀiÊ >ÃÊ >Ê …ˆ}…Ê LՈ`ÃÊ œÛiÀÊ `ˆÃÌÀˆVÌÃʈÃÊ`ÕiÊ̜Ê̅iÊ6ˆV̜Àˆ>˜ÊLÕÅwÀiÃ°Ê ÌÊ ÜˆÊ Ài“>ˆ˜Ê w˜iÊ >˜`Ê }i˜iÀ>ÞÊ …œÌÊ œ˜Ê ̅iÊ ˆ}…Ì°Ê >˜`ʏˆ}…ÌÊ>vÌiÀ˜œœ˜ÊVœ>ÃÌ>ÊÃi>ÊLÀiiâiÃÊ>…i>`Ê œvÊ >Ê “œ`iÀ>ÌiÊ ÌœÊ vÀiÃ…Ê ÃœÕ̅ÜiÃÌÊ V…>˜}iÊ Ì…iÊ ˆ}…Ì°Ê ÌÊ ÜˆÊ Ài“>ˆ˜Ê >˜`Ê …œÌÊ œ˜Ê"˜Ê ->ÌÕÀ`>ÞÊ Ì…iÊ …ˆ}…Ê ܈Ê `ÀˆvÌÊ ÃœÜÞÊ i>ÃÌ]Ê Ài>V…ˆ˜}Ê>˜}>ÀœœÊÏ>˜`ʏ>ÌiÊiÛi˜ˆ˜}° 7i`˜iÃ`>ÞÊ ÜˆÌ…Êw˜iÊ Ãœ“iÊ …ˆ}…Ê}i˜iÀ>ÞÊ VœÕ`Ê iÝÌi˜`ˆ˜}Ê œvÊ >Ê “œ`iÀ>ÌiÊ ÌœÊ vÀiÃ…Ê ÃœÕ̅ÜiÃÌÊ V…>˜}iÊ "˜Ê ->ÌÕÀ`>ÞÊ Ì…iÊ …ˆ}…Ê ܈Ê `ÀˆvÌÊ ÃœÜÞÊ i>ÃÌ]Ê 7i`˜iÃ`>ÞÊ ÜˆÌ…Ê Ãœ“iÊ …ˆ}…Ê VœÕ`Ê iÝÌi˜`ˆ˜}Ê ÜˆÌ…Ê ÃœÕ̅iÀÞÊ Üˆ˜`ÃÊ >˜`Ê ˆÃœ>Ìi`Ê Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ\Ê܏>Ìi`ÊŜÜiÀÃÊ`iÛiœ«ˆ˜}Ê`ÕÀˆ˜}Ê vÀœ“Ê ̅iÊ ÜiÃÌ°Ê Ê “ˆ`iÀÊ ˆÃÊ iÝ«iVÌi`Ê Ài>V…ˆ˜}Ê>˜}>ÀœœÊÏ>˜`ʏ>ÌiÊiÛi˜ˆ˜}° Chance of a light shower/ Sunny. Dry. V…>˜}iÊ Partly cloudy, but dry. ŜÜiÀÃÊ Dry. Partly cloudy. SSE’ly Sunny. Dry. ÜˆÌ…Ê ÃœÕ̅iÀÞÊ Üˆ˜`ÃÊ >˜`ÊVœ˜Ìˆ˜Õˆ˜}°Ê ˆÃœ>Ìi`Ê vÀœ“Ê ̅iÊ ÜiÃÌ°Ê Ê “ˆ`iÀÊ V…>˜}iÊ ˆÃÊ iÝ«iVÌi`Ê >LœÕÌÊ Ì…iÊ ÃœÕ̅iÀ˜Ê Vœ>ÃÌÃÊ ÌÊ ÜˆÊ ̅iʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}Ê>˜`ÊVi>Àˆ˜}ÊLÞÊÃ՘ÃiÌ°Ê*œÃÈLiÊ ÌœÊÀi>V…ÊÜiÃÌiÀ˜ÊVœ>ÃÌÃʏ>ÌiÀʜ˜Ê7i`˜iÃ`>ÞÊ /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ\Ê܏>Ìi`ÊŜÜiÀÃÊ`iÛiœ«ˆ˜}Ê`ÕÀˆ˜}Ê isolated thunderstorms. ENE’ly winds. SSE’ly winds winds. NNW’ly winds >LœÕÌÊ Ì…iÊ ÃœÕ̅iÀ˜Ê Vœ>ÃÌÃÊ Vœ˜Ìˆ˜Õˆ˜}°Ê ÌÊ ÜˆÊ ̜ÊÀi>V…ÊÜiÃÌiÀ˜ÊVœ>ÃÌÃʏ>ÌiÀʜ˜Ê7i`˜iÃ`>ÞÊ Ì…i˜Ê “œÛiÊ >VÀœÃÃÊ Vi˜ÌÀ>Ê >˜`Ê i>ÃÌiÀ˜Ê «>ÀÌÃÊ w˜iÊiÃi܅iÀiÊ>}>ˆ˜Ê܈̅ʓˆ`ÊVœ˜`ˆÌˆœ˜Ãʜ˜Ê ̅՘`iÀ°Ê ̅iʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}Ê>˜`ÊVi>Àˆ˜}ÊLÞÊÃ՘ÃiÌ°Ê*œÃÈLiÊ Ü>À“Ê ÜˆÌ…Ê “œ`iÀ>ÌiÊ ÌœÊ w˜iÊiÃi܅iÀiÊ>}>ˆ˜Ê܈̅ʓˆ`ÊVœ˜`ˆÌˆœ˜Ãʜ˜Ê ̅՘`iÀ°Êi˜iÀ>ÞÊ Ì…i˜Ê “œÛiÊ >VÀœÃÃÊ Vi˜ÌÀ>Ê >˜`Ê i>ÃÌiÀ˜Ê «>ÀÌÃÊ̅iÊVœ>ÃÌ]Ê}À>`ˆ˜}Ê̜ʅœÌʈ˜>˜`°Ê `ÕÀˆ˜}Ê/…ÕÀÃ`>Þ°ÊÀi>ÃʜvÊVœÕ`Ê>˜`ʈ܏>Ìi`Ê i˜iÀ>ÞÊ Ü>À“Ê ÜˆÌ…Ê “œ`iÀ>ÌiÊ ÌœÊ Ì…iÊVœ>ÃÌ]Ê}À>`ˆ˜}Ê̜ʅœÌʈ˜>˜`°Ê `ÕÀˆ˜}Ê/…ÕÀÃ`>Þ°ÊÀi>ÃʜvÊVœÕ`Ê>˜`ʈ܏>Ìi`Ê CENTRAL DISTRICT FORECAST of a moderate to fresh southwest change vÀiÅÊÜÕ̅ÜiÃÌÊ̜ÊÜÕ̅iÀÞÊ܈˜`ÃÊiÝÌi˜`ˆ˜}Ê Possible thunder. Generally warm with modÀ>ˆ˜v>Ê ̜Ì>ÃÊ Õ˜ÌˆÊ “ˆ`˜ˆ}…ÌÊ ˆ}…ÌÊ Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ >ÀiÊ iÝ«iVÌi`Ê ÜˆÌ…Ê Ì…iÊ V…>˜}iÊ Õ“Õ>̈ÛiÊ vÀiÅÊÜÕ̅ÜiÃÌÊ̜ÊÜÕ̅iÀÞÊ܈˜`ÃÊiÝÌi˜`ˆ˜}Ê Ì…ÀœÕ}…œÕÌÊ`ÕÀˆ˜}Ê̅iʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}

ՓՏ>̈ÛiÊ À>ˆ˜v>Ê ̜Ì>ÃÊ Õ˜ÌˆÊ “ˆ`˜ˆ}…ÌÊ ˆ}…ÌÊ Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ >ÀiÊ iÝ«iVÌi`Ê ÜˆÌ…Êincreasing. ̅iÊ V…>˜}iÊ->ÌÕÀ`>ÞÊ>ÀiÊiÝ«iVÌi`Ê̜ʜ˜ÞÊLiÊÕ«Ê̜ʣʓ“°Ê Wednesday: Fine with high cloud reaching Kangaroo Island late evening. erate to fresh southwest to southerly winds œ˜Ê/…ÕÀÃ`>Þ°Ê܏>Ìi`Ê̅՘`iÀʈÃÊ>ÃœÊ«œÃÈLiÊ Ì…ÀœÕ}…œÕÌÊ`ÕÀˆ˜}Ê̅iʓœÀ˜ˆ˜} Àˆ`>Þ\Ê œÕ`ÞÊ܈̅ʈ܏>Ìi`ʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}Ê`Àˆââi]Ê ->ÌÕÀ`>ÞÊ>ÀiÊiÝ«iVÌi`Ê̜ʜ˜ÞÊLiÊÕ«Ê̜ʣʓ“°Ê œ˜Ê/…ÕÀÃ`>Þ°Ê܏>Ìi`Ê̅՘`iÀʈÃÊ>ÃœÊ«œÃÈLiÊ Hot with light to moderate northeast winds /…iʜÕ̏œœŽÊvœÀÊ-՘`>Þ]Êœ˜`>ÞÊ>˜`Ê/ÕiÃ`>ÞÊ Thursday: Isolated showers developing dur- Àˆ`>Þ\Ê œÕ`ÞÊ܈̅ʈ܏>Ìi`ʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}Ê`Àˆââi]Ê extending throughout during the morning ÜÕ̅ʜvÊ>LœÕÌÊ7œœ“iÀ>°Ê Vi>Àˆ˜}Ê ÌœÊ >Ê w˜i]Ê “ˆ`Ê >vÌiÀ˜œœ˜Ê ÜˆÌ…Ê VœÕ`Ê /…iʜÕ̏œœŽÊvœÀÊ-՘`>Þ]Êœ˜`>ÞÊ>˜`Ê/ÕiÃ`>ÞÊ ÃœÕ̅ʜvÊ>LœÕÌÊ7œœ“iÀ>°Ê and light܈Ê afternoon coastal sea breezes ahead ing the morning and clearing by sunset. `iVÀi>Ș}Ê Friday: Cloudy with isolated morning Àˆ`>ÞÊ ÃiiÊ “ˆ`Ê Vœ˜`ˆÌˆœ˜ÃÊ >LœÕÌÊ Ì…iÊ ˆÃÊvœÀÊw˜iÊ>˜`ÊÜ>À“Ê̜ʅœÌÊVœ˜`ˆÌˆœ˜ÃÊ>…i>`Ê Vi>Àˆ˜}Ê ÌœÊˆ˜Ê >Ê Ì…iÊ w˜i]Ê “ˆ`Ê >vÌiÀ˜œœ˜Ê ÜˆÌ…Ê VœÕ`Ê ˜œÀ̅°Ê œ`iÀ>ÌiÊ ÌœÊ drizzle, vÀiÃ…Ê ˆÃÊvœÀÊw˜iÊ>˜`ÊÜ>À“Ê̜ʅœÌÊVœ˜`ˆÌˆœ˜ÃÊ>…i>`Ê Àˆ`>ÞÊ ÜˆÊ ÃiiÊ “ˆ`Ê Vœ˜`ˆÌˆœ˜ÃÊ >LœÕÌÊ Ì…iʜvÊ >Ê Üi>ŽÊ V…>˜}iÊ ÜˆÌ…Ê ˆÃœ>Ìi`Ê Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ ÃœÕ̅ÜiÃÌÊ̜ÊÜÕ̅iÀÞÊ܈˜`ð Vœ>ÃÌÃʈ˜Ê>ÊÜÕ̅iÀÞÊ>ˆÀÃÌÀi>“Ê܈̅ʈ܏>Ìi`Ê clearing to ˆ˜Ê a fine, mild afternoon with `iVÀi>Ș}Ê Ì…iÊ ˜œÀ̅°Ê œ`iÀ>ÌiÊ ÌœÊ cloud vÀiÃ…Ê Vœ>ÃÌÃʈ˜Ê>ÊÜÕ̅iÀÞÊ>ˆÀÃÌÀi>“Ê܈̅ʈ܏>Ìi`Ê œvÊ >Ê Üi>ŽÊ V…>˜}iÊ ÜˆÌ…Ê ˆÃœ>Ìi`Ê Ã…œÜiÀÃÊ ÃœÕ̅ÜiÃÌÊ̜ÊÜÕ̅iÀÞÊ܈˜`ð decreasing in the north. Moderate to fresh 7 - 9 , 9 /1,- 9 1Ê7/ ,-Ê", -/  southwest to southerly winds. 7 - 9 , 9 /1,- 9 1Ê7/ ,-Ê", -/  7i`˜iÃ`>Þ\Ê7ˆ˜`\Ê É 7Ê£äÉ£xʎ˜œÌÃÊ>…i>`Ê  GULF WATERS FORECAST    7i`˜iÃ`>Þ\Ê7ˆ˜`\Ê É 7Ê£äÉ£xʎ˜œÌÃÊ>…i>`Ê  œvÊ >Ê -É-7Ê V…>˜}iÊ £xÉÓäÊ ˆ˜Ê ̅iÊ10/15 ÜiÃÌÊ >ÌiÀ°Ê   Wednesday: Wind: NE/NW knots    œvÊ >Ê -É-7Ê V…>˜}iÊ £xÉÓäÊ ˆ˜ÊŽ˜œÌÃ°Ê Ì…iÊ ÜiÃÌÊ >ÌiÀ°Ê  vÌiÀ˜œœ˜Ê Ãi>Ê LÀiiâiÃÊ nÉ£ÎÊ15/20 -i>\Ê £Ê   ahead of a S/SW change in the west vÌiÀ˜œœ˜Ê Ãi>Ê LÀiiâiÃÊ nÉ£ÎÊ Ž˜œÌÃ°Ê -i>\Ê £Ê ̜ÊÓʓ°Ê-Üi\Ê-É-7Ê£Ê̜ʣ°xʓʜ˜ÊÜÕ̅iÀ˜Ê  later. Afternoon sea breezes 8/13 knots. Sea:    ̜ÊÓʓ°Ê-Üi\Ê-É-7Ê£Ê̜ʣ°xʓʜ˜ÊÜÕ̅iÀ˜Ê -«i˜ViÀÊՏv°       1 to 2 m. Swell: S/SW 1 to 1.5 m on southern   -«i˜ViÀÊՏv°    7ˆ˜`\Ê É Ê xÉ£xÊ Ž˜œÌÃÊ >…i>`Ê   /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ\Ê  Spencer Gulf. Thursday: Wind: N/NE>…i>`Ê 5/15   /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ\Ê 7ˆ˜`\Ê É Ê xÉ£xÊ >Ê -É-7Ê V…>˜}iÊ £äÉÓäÊ Ž˜œÌÃʎ˜œÌÃÊ iÝÌi˜`ˆ˜}Ê  œvÊ   knots ahead of a S/SW change 10/20 knots œvÊ >Ê -É-7Ê V…>˜}iÊ £äÉÓäÊ Ž˜œÌÃÊ iÝÌi˜`ˆ˜}Ê   ̅ÀœÕ}…œÕÌÊ`ÕÀˆ˜}Ê̅iʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}° extending throughout during the morning. ̅ÀœÕ}…œÕÌÊ`ÕÀˆ˜}Ê̅iʓœÀ˜ˆ˜}° / * ,/1, ÊEÊ, Ê 7iiŽÊi˜`ˆ˜}Ê/ÕiÃ`>Þ]ÊiLÀÕ>ÀÞÊ£Ç]ÊÓää™ "1/ ,Ê, ",Ê/ Ê/ 7,""Ê/ Ê/ / * ,/1, ÊEÊ ,  ÝÌÀi“iÊ/i“« Ê 7iiŽÊi˜`ˆ˜}Ê/ÕiÃ`>Þ]ÊiLÀÕ>ÀÞÊ£Ç]ÊÓää™ "1/ ,Ê7i`˜iÃ`>Þ]ÊiLÊ£n , ",Ê/ Ê/ 7,""Ê / Ê/ 7i`˜iÃ`>Þ]ÊiLÊ£n ÛiÀ>}iÊ/i“« ,>ˆ˜v>





















Ê äÎ\Ó{>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°Ç£Ê än\{{>“°°°°°°°°°° £°È{ 7i`˜iÃ`>Þ]ÊiLÊ£n ÊÊ äÓ\ÎÇ«“ ä™\Σ«“°°°°°°°°°° äÎ\Ó{>“°°°°°°°°°°ä°{ÎÊ °°°°°°°°°°ä°Ç£Ê än\{{>“°°°°°°°°°°Ó°£È £°È{ /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ]ÊiLÊ£™ Ê äÓ\ÎÇ«“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°{ÎÊ ä™\Σ«“°°°°°°°°°° Ó°£È Ê äÎ\xn>“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°™ÇÊ än\Ι>“°°°°°°°°°° £°{£ /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ]ÊiLÊ£™ ÊÊ äÓ\ÎÓ«“ ä™\x䫓°°°°°°°°°° äÎ\xn>“°°°°°°°°°°ä°ÈÇÊ °°°°°°°°°°ä°™ÇÊ än\Ι>“°°°°°°°°°°£°nx £°{£ Àˆ`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓä Ê äÓ\ÎÓ«“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°ÈÇÊ ä™\x䫓°°°°°°°°°° £°nx Ê ä£\äÈ«“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°n£Ê än\Ó䫓°°°°°°°°°° £°x{ Àˆ`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓä ÊÊ ££\xΫ“ ä£\äÈ«“°°°°°°°°°°£°{Ç °°°°°°°°°°ä°n£Ê än\Ó䫓°°°°°°°°°° £°x{ ->ÌÕÀ`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓ£ Ê ££\xΫ“ °°°°°°°°°°£°{Ç Ê ä{\Σ>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°ÈÇÊ ££\xÇ>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÈÓ ->ÌÕÀ`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓ£ ÊÊ äÈ\ÎΫ“ ££\£™«“°°°°°°°°°° ä{\Σ>“°°°°°°°°°°£°ÈäÊ °°°°°°°°°°£°ÈÇÊ ££\xÇ>“°°°°°°°°°°£°£Î ä°ÈÓ -՘`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓÓ Ê äÈ\ÎΫ“ °°°°°°°°°°£°ÈäÊ ££\£™«“°°°°°°°°°° £°£Î Ê äx\£ä>“ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°ääÊ £Ó\ä䫓°°°°°°°°°° ä°În -՘`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓÓ ÊÊ äÈ\£™«“ ££\ÎÇ«“°°°°°°°°°° äx\£ä>“°°°°°°°°°°£°Ç™Ê °°°°°°°°°°Ó°ääÊ £Ó\ä䫓°°°°°°°°°°ä°nx ä°În œ˜`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓÎ Ê äÈ\£™«“ °°°°°°°°°°£°Ç™Ê ££\ÎÇ«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°nx Ê äx\ÎÇ>“ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°ÓÎÊ £Ó\£Î«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°Ó{ œ˜`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓÎ ÊÊ äÈ\Óx«“ ££\xx«“°°°°°°°°°° äx\ÎÇ>“°°°°°°°°°°£°™ÓÊ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°ÓÎÊ £Ó\£Î«“°°°°°°°°°°ä°Èx ä°Ó{ /ÕiÃ`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓ{ Ê äÈ\Óx«“ °°°°°°°°°°£°™ÓÊ ££\xx«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°Èx Ê äx\x™>“ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°ÎxÊ £Ó\ÓÈ«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°£n /ÕiÃ`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓ{

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Ê ä£\{{«“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°Î™Ê ££\ÓÓ«“°°°°°°°°°° £°{Ç 7i`˜iÃ`>Þ]ÊiLÊ£n Ê ä£\{{«“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°Î™Ê ££\ÓÓ«“°°°°°°°°°° £°{Ç /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ]ÊiLÊ£™ Ê ä£\䣫“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°ÎÇ /…ÕÀÃ`>Þ]ÊiLÊ£™ Ê ä£\䣫“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°ÎÇ Àˆ`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓä Ê £Ó\{Ó>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°{ÓÊ £Ó\{Ϋ“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÎÎ Àˆ`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓä Ê £Ó\{Ó>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°{ÓÊ £Ó\{Ϋ“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÎÎ ->ÌÕÀ`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓ£ Ê äÓ\££>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°ÎnÊ £Ó\{n«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°Î£ ->ÌÕÀ`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓ£ Ê äÓ\££>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°ÎnÊ £Ó\{n«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°Î£ -՘`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓÓ Ê ä{\£Ó>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°{äÊ £Ó\x{«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÎÓ -՘`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓÓ Ê ä{\£Ó>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°{äÊ £Ó\x{«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÎÓ œ˜`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓÎ Ê äx\ä™>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°{xÊ £Ó\xÇ«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÎÎ œ˜`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓÎ Ê ÊäÇ\xÈ«“ äx\ä™>“°°°°°°°°°°ä°™ÎÊ °°°°°°°°°°£°{xÊ ££\ÎÈ«“°°°°°°°°°° £Ó\xÇ«“°°°°°°°°°°ä°nÎ ä°ÎÎ /ÕiÃ`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓ{ Ê äÇ\xÈ«“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°™ÎÊ ££\ÎÈ«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°nÎ Ê äx\{x>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°x£Ê ä£\äÓ«“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÎÓ /ÕiÃ`>Þ]ÊiLÊÓ{

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3 Best Quality 3 Best Range 3 Best Price Phone: 8862 1866

-Ì>̈œ˜ >Ý ˆ˜ >Ý ˆ˜ 7iiŽ iLÊä™,>ˆ˜v> iLÊän 9/

ÛiÀ>}iÊ/i“« ÝÌÀi“iÊ/i“« ÕLÕÀ˜ ä°ä -Ì>̈œ˜ >Ý ˆ˜ >Ý ˆ˜ ä°ä 7iiŽ ä°ä iLÊä™ Î°ä iLÊän 9/

>>Ž>Û> ä°ää°ä ä°ää°ä ä°äΰä ä°ää°ä ÕLÕÀ˜ Þ̅ ä°ää°ä ä°ää°ä ä°ää°ä ä°ää°ä >>Ž>Û>

>Ài ÓÈ°Ó £Î°{ Îä°{ n°Ó ä°ää°ä ä°ää°ä £°ää°ä ä°ää°ä Þ̅ >“iÞÊ Àˆ`}i ä°ää°ä ä°ää°ä £°{£°ä ä°ää°ä

>Ài ÓÈ°Ó £Î°{ Îä°{ n°Ó œÞi̜˜ ä°ää°ä ä°ää°ä £°{£°{ ä°ää°ä >“iÞÊ Àˆ`}i >>> ä°ää°ä ä°ää°ä ä°ä£°{ ä°ää°ä œÞi̜˜ "Üi˜ ä°ää°ä ä°ää°ä ä°ää°ä È°{ä°ä >>> *œÀÌÊ7>Žiwi` ä°ää°ä ä°ää°ä £°Óä°ä È°ÈÈ°{ "Üi˜ ,ˆÛiÀ̜˜ ä°ää°ä x°Óä°ä £°{£°Ó È°{È°È *œÀÌÊ7>Žiwi` ,œÃiܜÀÌ…Þ Ó™°£ £Ó°ä Îΰ{ È°x ä°ää°ä ä°äx°Ó ä°ä£°{ ä°ÈÈ°{ ,ˆÛiÀ̜˜ ->``iܜÀ̅ ä°ää°ä x°Óä°ä £°Óä°ä x°Óä°È ,œÃiܜÀÌ…Þ Ó™°£ £Ó°ä Îΰ{ È°x -˜œÜ̜ܘ ә°£ ££°n Î{°ä Ç°™ ä°ää°ä ä°äx°Ó ΰӣ°Ó ä°äx°Ó ->``iܜÀ̅ /ܜÊ7iÃ ä°ää°ä ä°ää°ä £°ÈÎ°Ó £°Óä°ä -˜œÜ̜ܘ ә°£ ££°n Î{°ä Ç°™ /ܜÊ7iÃ ä°ä ä°ä £°È £°Ó /…iÃiÊ̈`>Ê«Ài`ˆV̈œ˜ÃÊ>ÀiÊVœ“«ˆi`ÊLÞÊ̅iÊ >̈œ˜>Ê/ˆ`>Ê i˜ÌÀi]Ê ÕÀi>ÕʜvÊiÌiœÀœœ}Þ]ÊÕÃÌÀ>ˆ>°Ê

œ«ÞÀˆ}…ÌÊÀiÃiÀÛi`° /…iÃiÊ̈`>Ê«Ài`ˆV̈œ˜ÃÊ>ÀiÊVœ“«ˆi`ÊLÞÊ̅iÊ >̈œ˜>Ê/ˆ`>Ê i˜ÌÀi]Ê ÕÀi>ÕʜvÊiÌiœÀœœ}Þ]ÊÕÃÌÀ>ˆ>°Ê



Contact Shayn 8862 1222

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING v PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 Coming Events

15 Moore Street, Blyth SA (opp. Medika Gallery)

• Unfinished Sky (M) ★ ★ ★ William McInnes - Fri Feb 20, 8pm • Son of Rambow (PG) ★ ★ ★ ★ Family/Teens - Critics choice for best children's movie for 2008 - Sat Feb 21, 8pm - Fri Feb 27, 8pm • Body of Lies (MA15+) ★ ★ ★ ★ Thriller/Drama , Russell Crow, Leonardo DiCaprio - Sat Feb 28, 8pm - Fri Mar 6, 8pm Tickets: •Adults $10 •Con/Stu $7.50 •Child $5 •Family tickets $25 (2 +2) extra child $2.50

Lower Light

Owen Players

Septic Suckers

Information Evening

7 Days Service!

For their production of…

Tuesday February 24, 09 7:30pm at Owen Hall

Phone Roger: 0428 419 133

For those interested in being involved in this production, either on stage or backstage

For affordable quality plumbing in Balaklava & surrounding districts

• Show dates: May 15, 17, 22 and 23 For further information contact Ann Sullivan 8528 6182 A/H

BOOKINGS 8844 5175 - (between 2pm - 5pm)

Little Black Dress


From The Barossa Valley


from every schooner will be donated to Victoria Bushfire Appeal

Hope to see you here!

Bushfire Variety Concert Sunday March 8 - 2pm

General Meeting


Don’t just stop termites …eliminate them! •Millipedes •Spiders •Rodents •Bees •Weed Control •Flies Servicing Country SA

Outback Pest Control John Giles Ph/Fax 8842 3566 Mobile: 0418 813 272

Termite Interception & Baiting System

Thursday February 26, ‘09 at 7.30pm at the Eagles Sports & Community Centre, Pt Wakefield • Intending players and coaches names to be submitted prior to this date to: Tracy Angel (President) 8844 3201 or 0428 443 201 Jess Taylor (Secretary) 0409 081 513 Cheryl Appleby (Coach) 0438 011 973 All players and supporters are encouraged to attend


Consulting Fridays 9am to 1pm at Balaklava Ambulance Station For appointments phone

BALAKLAVA PHYSIOTHERAPY Darren Davey & Rodney Burgess

Pt Wakefield, Mallala & Two Wells

• 6pm to 9pm • Avon complex, Avon • Making & exploring handmade wet felt

Don’t Miss This!

Physio Appointments & enq.

8862 2200

Supported by SA Gov DFEEST, ACE & Community Partnerships

or 0448 862 222 Introducing

Kylie Button

Bookings Phone 8867 1127 or 8527 2360

Bookings phone 8862 1336

‘Complete crash repair centre”

Specialist Auto Repairers ★ Digital imaging for speedy insurance claims ★ Windscreen replacement & repairs ★ Plastic welding ★ Tilt towing 24 hours

414 Main Nth Rd, Clare Phone: 8842 2810 Fax: 8842 3851 Email:

Quality Approved Member


PEST & WEED CONTROL Specialising in the eradication of ...



1:30 – 3pm at Balaklava Community Library

Butch Bennett Crash Repairs Pty Ltd

8853 2088

Felting Classes

Thursday February 26

8522 2614

Dr Daryl R Brown

Vacancies in…

“The Blue Ribbon Cookbook”

16a Paxton Street, Willaston


Stall holder enquiries to Pat Thompson 8529 2028

Author of

• Performance exhausts • Standard replacement • Mild & stainless steel • Custom made systems • Extractors • Bikes

• 2, 3, 4 & 6 Cubic Metre Skips Available • Concrete cutting service available

★ Entry $2 ★ Musical entertainment ★ Stalls: wood craft, cakes & handmade teddies ★ Scones or strawberries & cream ★ Fish & chips or lasagne lunch ★ Auction ★ Tea, coffee, soft drinks & bar facilities available

Liz Harfull

Time for a Clean Up

Mobile: 0433 010 934 – EFTPOS –

from 10am

Ph Joy Woodroofe 8528 6365

• Liz Harfull will be speaking about the stories and characters featured in her book • Cost $2.00 includes afternoon tea from recipes in the book

Call Keanan Phone: 0438 641 032

Sunday February 22, 09

Admission: donation

Contact Grant Fisher 8862 1988 or 0407 807 123


at the air conditioned Port Parham Sports and Social Club Inc in conjunction with Dublin History Group

Balaklava Town Hall

Balaklava and surrounding areas

• Gas fitting • All general plumbing

Hummocks Netball Club

Joffre & staff welcome you all back to the…

Friday Night, February 20 - 8pm

•Bobcat •Tipper •Excavator •Excavations •Trenching • Civil work • Site levelling •Cartage • Slashing / mowing • Hole boring •Rubbish removal • Driveways • General earthworks

“Where there’s a Will”

3 Full Dolby digital surround sound 3 Candy bar 3 Air Conditioned

Lower Light Hotel

Waratah Earthworx

Massage Therapist

0428 359 394

✓ Flies, Fleas, misc. pests ✓ Rats & Mice ✓ White Ants ✓ Cockroaches ✓ Spiders ✓ Weed spraying

Health Comm. Lic. No. 12

Blyth Cinema

Trades & Services Directory




Main North Road, Clare Phone: 8842 2001 A/h: 8844 5041 Toll Free: 1300 856 263 Mobile 0418 859 195

You Belong, You Fit & You Count!

Certificate 3 in Agriculture


THURSDAY February 19

New Intake Certificate 3 in Agriculture commencing soon.......

An unwanted raffle prize a size large 2008 signed Port Power football guernsey with a signed Sherrin football, by football players (the football guernsey is not framed.) • Valued at $3,100 asking price $1,500. • 25% of money will go to Victorian Fire Appeal

Ring: 8863 1221, 0402 819 671, 0429 386 109

Information sessions for this course will be held at: TAFE SA Roseworthy Campus Friday 27th February 1.00-3.00 pm

• 5.30 pm - 7 pm • Fortnightly • Youth United is a Christian youth meeting for all young people in our community

Employers are welcome to attend. Government incentives and subsidies may apply. Contact: Chris White at the TAFE SA Clare Campus on 8842 6600 for further information or to register your attendance.

1800 882 661



at Lighthouse Christian Centre

Please contact Melanie Evans 0427 796 970 Lee Cunningham 0429 621 143 Youth United is a venture of the Balaklava Christian Churches

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING v PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 Public Notice

Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council

Community Asset Grants - 2009 Community Groups from within the Council area are encouraged to apply for small grants to assist in local asset development. Application forms and Guidelines are available from Council Offices in Clare, Riverton and Saddleworth or Council’s website www. Applications are due by 5pm Friday 6 March 6, 2008 Enquires to: Leanne Kunoth, Phone 8842 6400

Roy D Blight Chief Executive Officer

Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council

International Power Community Grants - 2009 International Power (Australia), operator of the 90 MW Mintaro Peaking Unit have made a donation of $5,000 to Council for distribution to community groups. Community Groups from within the Council area are encouraged to make application for support from this program towards local project development. Application forms and Guidelines are available from Council Offices in Clare, Riverton and Saddleworth or Council’s website www. Applications close on Friday March 6, 2009 Enquires to: Leanne Kunoth Phone 8842 6400


Situations Vacant ABN 35 111 350 531

BALAKLAVA TYRES PTY LTD Requires a tyre fitter and store person for a full time position in its Balaklava outlet. Applicants will be required to demonstrate initiative and the ability to work unsupervised. Remuneration is negotiable depending on qualifications and/or experience. Enquiries and written applications may be directed to: Janine McDonald at janine@agfert. Alternatively you may post applications to: PO Box 59 Balaklava SA 5461 Applications will be kept strictly confidential. Closing date for applications is Friday February 27, 2009.

Changing the way we treat people With billions committed to transforming health into the sustainable system we all know it needs to be, we’re changing the way we do many things. This is a big, revolutionary step for us, and a meaningful but necessary one for the people we treat. All we need now is you to help make it happen. COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH NURSE Lower North Health Service - Clare Indicative Total Remuneration: $71,486 - $87,420 – Perm F/T (76hrs/fn) – RN2 Providing comprehensive nursing care and individual case management to mental health consumers, you’ll work from a recovery framework in a rural setting. With significant post registration experience, you’ll have knowledge of contemporary mental health nursing and health care issues. Working in a multidisciplinary team, you’ll offer supervision and guidance to less experienced nurses. Job Ref: 879. For more information visit: or phone 1300 882 992

Salesperson Selling Agricultural Machinery

To succeed in this role you will need a focus on customer service, and the ability to work as a team. Please address your written application to : Roger Vater AW Vater & Co., Marrabel Road SA 5413 Email: Phone: (08) 8847 4020 Fax: (08) 8847 4068

ANGLE VALE - Angle Vale Newsagency - Virgara Fruit & Veg Auburn - Auburn Welcome Mart - Auburn Roadhouse and Deli


Balaklava - Balaklava Newsagency - Free Choice Store Balaklava - The Plains Producer Blyth - Page's Deli Brinkworth - Hardy's Deli & Takeaway

areas of responsibility may include: • Feeding and pig husbandry • Mating, AI and farrowing tasks • Weaner and grower operations • Record keeping • Assisting with general maintenance

Clare - Clare Newsagency

The final position will be negotiated depending on the skills of the applicant. We are seeking a person whom: • Values animal welfare and enjoys working with livestock • Is able to work independently in a team based environment • Has a positive attitude and willingness to learn • Has good communication skills

Adrossan - Adrossan Newsagency Adelaide - Rundle Mall Plaza Newsagency

Yelmah Holdings is a family owned business between Hamley Bridge and Freeling, whose primary business activities are pork production and porcine genetics. We are seeking a self-motivated and reliable person to join our team. Key

Is available Wednesday at the following 39 great locations…

Previous experience is not essential as full training is available for the right applicant. A competitive and negotiable salary package will be offered to the successful applicant. To discuss this opportunity and obtain a position description please contact Natalie Laverick between 10am and 4pm on 08 8528 2414. Applications close: February 25, 2009

DUblin - Dublin General Store - Dublin Fuel Station Gawler - Gawler Newsagency - Adelaide Road Newsagency Hamley Bridge - Hamley Bridge Newsagency Kadina - Kadina Newsagency Kapunda - Kapunda Newsagency Lochiel - Simmonds Garage Owen - Owen Store Mallala - Mallala IGA - Bellies Takeaway

Roy D Blight Chief Executive Officer

Manoora - Manoora Takeaway ABN 58 085 092 146

Port Clinton - Port Clinton Store Port Wakefield - Pt Wakefield Newsagency


Situations Vacant

We are seeking a:

Mechanic based in Saddleworth

Please address your written application to : Roger Vater AW Vater & Co., Marrabel Road SA 5413 Email: Phone: (08) 8847 4020 Fax: (08) 8847 4068

Duties: This position is based at the Clare Regional Office, 157 Main North Road, Clare. The trainee will be working as part of the Administration team, answering the phone, processing mail, word processing, filing, photocopying and other general administration duties. The Regional Office provides support to schools, preschools and other programs provided by the Department of Education and Children’s Services. Special Conditions: This position will be filled by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander as per section 56(2) of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984. To apply for this position you need to be between the ages of 17-28 (inclusive). You can only do one state government traineeship and you must not have taken a package from the state government within the last three years. You must be a South Australian resident, and cannot be a permanent State Government Employee. Employment is subject to the following special requirements: Police Check. Enquiries and Applications to: Mrs Ann-Marie Ward, Regional Office Manager, 157 Main North Road, Clare SA 5453. Closing Date for Applications: 27 February 2009 EDTREM011545

2 POSITIONS Agfert Fertilizers Pty. Ltd is seeking two enthusiastic, people to join our team at Balaklava in full time positions. Applicants will be required to demonstrate initiative and the ability to work unsupervised. Remuneration is negotiable depending on qualifications and/or experience • Chemical Sales Background in agriculture is essential. Enquiries and written applications may be directed to Derryn Stringer at • Clerical/Administration Officer Enquiries and written applications may be directed to Janine McDonald at janine@agfert. Alternatively you may post applications to: PO Box 260 Balaklava SA 5461 Applications will be kept strictly confidential. Closing date for applications is Friday February 27, 2009.

Price - Price General Store Roseworthy - Roseworthy Roadhouse Riverton - Riverton Newsagency Saddleworth - Saddleworth IGA SNowtown - Snowtown General Store Tarlee - Tarlee Post Office Two Wells - Two Wells BP - Two Wells IGA - Two Wells Snack Bar Virginia - Virginia Classic Cafe - Liberty Service Station Watervale - Watervale General Store Wasleys - Wasleys General Store

"We cover the plains"



e l y t S Life

Plains Producer, Wednesday February 18, 2009

^ Have

The Plains Producer delivered to your home Balaklava Newsagency

Send your photos to:

% 8862 1725

KESAB Tidy Town winners Top garden

KESAB’s garden of the month merit award for February was awarded to Shane and Sharalyn Pike, of Railway terrace Balaklava. Shane and Sharalyn are pictured (right) with their award in their garden with children, Jorjah and Hamish. ABOVE: Brinkworth primary school swim carnival kept Ebony and Rebecca busy making milkshakes.

Top service

Balaklava Community Library was nominated for February’s best service award. High School student Jazz Carter is on the receiving end of that great service from Helen Barr. The library has a big day coming up next Thursday. See page 12 for more details.

RIGHT: Hamley Bridge Vacswim – Samantha. Merritt and Hannah. Langtry make some adjustments to Samantha’s underwater eyewear.

Gawler Colour World for D Curtains D Blinds D Awnings D Upholstery DDDD


From the 27/01/09 the SA Government has introduced safety regulations for blinds and curtain hardware. These regulations apply to items sold on after this date. Gawler Colour World is FULLY equipped to comply with these regulations. We are also offering a FREE INSPECTION SERVICE to determine if your existing window treatments can be retro fitted with these safety devices

28a Adelaide Road, Gawler South Ph: 08 8523 1966 Fax: 08 8522 1130

Protect yourself from intruders

Roller Shutters

Rhynie roll-up – Members of the Rhynie Hotel Social Club ventured to Tarlee bowls club

for their monthly outing. After a barbecue lunch, teams were formed and many tried their hand at lawn bowls. The group are pictured outside the Tarlee Bowling Club.

Buy Direct From the manufacturer

Versatile design

Shower Screens


Protects against wind/storms, heat/cold, noise/light •Manual, electric or solar powered •Repairs & servicing to all roller shutters

aster M

g uard

16 Bernard Crt Industrial Park Gawler Belt Ph: 8523 1737

• Easy to clean •Custom built to any height, width & angle • Pivot door • Fitted to shower tray or floor

The Plains Producer  

Newspaper covering the Adelaide Plains and Lower North of South Australia, including the towns Balaklava, Port Wakefield, Clare, Mallala, Tw...

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