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Wednesday January 21, 2009


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Celebrating Australia Day

Our silent achievers J AUSTRALIA Day is a celebration for our nation – and a day when local communities honour the “silent achievers” who are always there getting things done and helping out. J At ceremonies across the region next Monday, awards will be presented to Balaklava’s Es Hoepner and Lucy Radowicz as Wakefield Regional Council “Citizens of the Year”, while District

Council of Mallala will honour Two Wells couple Kay and Mark Boon and Lewiston student Matthew Harmati. J Other important “Achievement Awards” will be presented in Balaklava by community group, Balaklava Area Committee. J Dulcie Williams, a shining star among community helpers, and young achiever Gavin Hahesy are this year’s winners.

She can be spotted helping a friend in need just about any day of the week, or pouring cuppas at local functions. Chances are, if there’s an opportunity to help out, Balaklava’s Dulcie Williams will be there. While never seeking acknowledgement for her ongoing contribution to the local community, Dulcie’s generosity has not gone unrecognised. When Balaklava Area Commit-

tee sent out a call for nominations for its Australia Day achievement awards, three people immediately thought of Dulcie and nominated her for the award. “For as long as I have known Dulcie she has always been the one to put up her hand when there has been work to be done,” said Margaret Gleeson, one of those who nominated Dulcie. • Continued Page 2

Dulcie is always there

Gavin shows the way

For a 22-year-old, Gavin Hahesy certainly has an impressive list of achievements to his name. Despite a strong involvement with the local show and two prestigious awards, Gavin is a quiet achiever, and he has been recognised by Balaklava Area Committee with an Australia Day youth achievement award. After growing up and completing his schooling in Balaklava, Gavin completed a mechanics apprenticeship

with his father, John Hahesy. Having worked with his dad for several years, it was no challenge to Gavin, who was named Second Year Apprentice of the Year through TAFE. Gavin now works for local farmer Brett Roberts as a farm hand and mechanic. When Gavin was just 18, Marty Barker approached him to convene the ute competition at the Balaklava Show. • Continued Page 2

n ABOVE: Gavin Hahesy with his beloved ute at Ralli Park showgrounds. n RIGHT: Taking Mill Court resident Grace Anders to the hairdressers is just one of the many tasks Dulcie Williams (right) performs. Stylists are Nicole Gregory (left) and Chante Parker.

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The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009


Holidays are winding up ... it’s time to talk rubbish!


E’RE baaa-ack! Our last issue of 2008 seems eons ago – but as you can see from this first edition of 2009, there’s still plenty happening on the Adelaide Plains and beyond. The local towns appear still to be on holiday, though bowls and cricket have cranked up again, which means at least some people are about the place to help fill the shops. How was Wallaklava? Or were you up river, at Balatown? Did you join Marc and Fred for a beer on the porch of the unit at West Balaklava caravan park? Or maybe Turtaklava was your scene, packed into that small park by the jetty. Thankfully, the new tavern is close by, so you could escape the neighbours when you tired of enjoying their breakfast conversations. We went to Hobart ... and do you know, I didn’t see one person from our neck of the woods. We joined the yachties from the Sydney-Hobart race, which was wonderful. To be part of the crew, I purchased a polo shirt which made me appear as one of them. It was a steal at $90, with the


Terry Williams

EDITOR “official” Sydney-Hobart race logo – except I still did not really morph into a yachting type. Had I been about 25, with a week’s beard, perpetually “three sheets to the wind” and permanently ensconced in one of Hobart’s dockside pubs, then I might have made the grade. But Hobart during the yachtie convention is wonderful and I urge everyone to go there. We walked everywhere (because there were no cars to hire), the food at the amazing “Taste of Tasmania” was delightful and the people were friendly. I think I even met a Tasmanian. The Taste is something we are all familiar with here in SA

(restaurants and wineries combining in a location) but on the dockside it was even better. Something we could do at Port Adelaide – or could have done – if any of the old woolsheds remain after the alleged “revitalisation” of the Port. Hobart itself is a great city, with a mall which leaves Adelaide’s for dead. It even has a covering, for those rainy days, which do seem to come fairly often in Tassie. I did notice a bit of litter, which was to be expected... but here in SA there’s none of that, with the container deposit scheme. Good on SA for going it alone on such a recycling scheme. It should be introduced nationally, but apparently the “big boys” of soft drink and liquor sales are dead against it. Which brings me back to the Plains and Wakefield Regional Council. And you thought I wasn’t going to mention local councils this year! Well, I did fleetingly consider a New Year’s resolution to not mention council at all in the My View columns of 2009. But as you would understand, resolutions are made to be broken, so I decided to shelve

that one before even getting serious. Sorry councillors. The others, too numerous to mention, went the same way. But this recycling idea has merit. I am talking locally, in the Wakefield Regional Council and District Council of Mallala areas. Did you know WRC is considering a similar scheme to Mallala? We published on December 3 last year a report on a proposal before WRC. It involves WRC moving to a twobin system – one for general kitchen and household rubbish and another for recyclables. That seems a good idea. But did you know the plan is to collect each bin fortnightly. That means your bin full of rotten kitchen scraps and disposable nappies and the like will now only be collected every fortnight, alternatively with the recyclable bin. I reckon that stinks! Why we should take a retrograde step because of recycling is beyond me. Yes, we all want to recycle ... but why is WRC considering foisting a sub-standard waste collection service upon its residents? I have

written a personal plea – similar to that reflected here – to Central Ward councillor, Kelly Bickle, about the scheme, which probably will not come into force until the second half of this year. Admittedly, council is only now considering the concept, so it could change. Which means there is time for residents to voice their concerns (should you have any). Councillor Bickle was forewarned in my letter to her as a ratepayer I might just bring the issue to public notice in this space in The Plains Producer. So I don’t feel as though I am breaking any confidences. It would be interesting to hear from readers just what you think about the idea of a fortnightly rubbish collection service. Are we going backwards at a time when this region is supposed to be moving forward and attempting to attract new residents and businesses to the region? What do you say? Go to our website, Or just call in to our office and tell us what you think. And tell a councillor!

Independent could steal Frome The Liberal party may lose the seat of Frome to an independent as the result of last Saturday’s by-election. The result of the election is not expected to be known until Thursday, and while the Liberals, who have held Frome since 1970, were cautiously optimistic immediately after the election, it was later revealed preferences could see the seat go to independent candidate Geoff Brock, the Mayor of Port Pirie. While Liberal candi-

date Terry Boylan was optimistically calling Saturday’s by-election “an absolute belting for Labor,” Labor party sources were saying the result was “too close to call.” Whatever the result, the by-election is a blow for both major parties, with the result sure to be scrutinised by party powerbrokers, in the lead up to the 2010 state election. The final result is not expected to be known until the end of the week,

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be an excellent result.’’ Independent candidate Mr Brock appears to have almost halved Labor’s vote, with the vote candidate for John Rohde crashing from 41 per cent when he was candidate in 2006, to just 25.1 per cent. The Liberal vote has dropped around 10 per cent, with Mr Brock clearly benefiting, despite polling poorly outside the township of Port Pirie. The distribution of preferences will play a major part in the result, with no candidates preferencing Liberal - a move which clearly upset Liberal Leader Martin Hamilton-Smith who labelled the SA Nationals “disgraceful” saying a

The Plains Producer

Paper a day later

Book your nearest


with a high number (almost 5,000) pre-poll and postal votes set to decide the seat. Whilst the Liberals could have expected to lose some ground considering the high personal vote of outgoing member and former Premier Rob Kerin, they also would have anticipated gaining from disaffected Labor supporters, particularly in light of last year’s country health debacle. A recount conducted by the State Electoral office is expected to see Labor pick up the benefit of a one per cent swing. ALP state secretary Michael Brown said “(the swing) is not enough to win this seat, but we are in government, so it would Servicing South Australia

n DUE to the Australia Day holiday weekend The Plains Producer will be published a day later next week, on Thursday, January 29.

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vote for the SA Nationals is a vote for Labor. Greens candidate, retired librarian Joy O’Brien, refused to direct preferences, while Mr Brock and Nationals candidate and Port Pirie deputy mayor Neville Wilson agreed to swap theirs. Mr Brock could win the seat if he surpasses the Labor candidate, he could gain enough

preferences to unseat the Liberals. The by-election was prompted by the retirement of Mr Kerin. LATEST COUNT: John Rohde (CLP) 3525 - 25.1%. Neville Wilson (Nat) 916 - 6.5%. Terry Boylan (Lib) 5636 - 40.2%. Joy O’Brien (Grn) 607 - 4.3%. Peter Fitzpatrick

(ONP) 99 - 0.7% Geoff Brock (Ind) 3237 - 23.1% Progressive Count After Preferences John Rohde (ALP) 6642 - 47.4% +0.8 Terry Boylan (Lib) 7378 -52.6 -0.8 Informal: 485 - 3.3%. Total votes counted at 6.30pm January 18: 14505, 65.5%. Total electors 24,142.

Dulcie a community ‘gem’ • From Page 1 Whether it’s washing dishes at functions, or contributing as a CWA member, croquet club and senior citizens member, Dulcie is always busy helping. “More important than any of these is the help she gives to the sick or elderly,” Mrs Gleeson said. “Every day you will see her accompanying a resident of Mill Court down the street to do their shopping, or if they are unable to go out, she calls first at Mill Court to get the shopping orders.” And Dulcie is always at the ready to wheel residents to bingo sessions and other Mill Court functions, or events at the town hall. Ira Parker Nursing Home benefits from similar assistance, and the wider community appreciates Dulcie’s cups of tea at RSL ceremonies, where she ensures the urn is ready. Nancy Williams agreed Dulcie had made a phenomenal contribution to the

community. In her nomination, Nancy, who is no relation, said Dulcie was “always there when someone needs a hand.” Dulcie has always been a hard worker, raising children Kelvin and Colleen, working for Eudunda Farmers and then the Terminus Hotel, working and later volunteering for Country Home Advocacy Project (CHAP), and still helps the town’s elderly with their cleaning. When Mill Court has a bus trip for their clients, Dulcie will be there to help. And she is a regular face in the dining room at Balaklava Racing Club. Grace Anders, who Dulcie assists to have her hair done regularly, said she was “one of the gems of our community, a behind the scenes worker and not looking for accolades”. Dulcie will receive her award from the Balaklava Area Committee on Australia Day, where once again, she expects to be manning the urn.

Gavin shows the way for youth • From Page 1 With the help of a couple of mates, Gavin was quick to come on board, and five years later the competition continues to grow and flourish, proving a very popular attraction at the show. And Gavin’s commitment to the show has continued to grow. Last year he held the position of vice president with the show society, and this year takes over as president, replacing outgoing president Nollene Grigg. Gavin was named Young Rural Ambassador at the Balaklava Show in 2006, going on to represent the area in

finals at Burra. He has also been a keen entrant in the men’s cooking section at the show. Nominator and former show society president Nollene Grigg said Gavin was “a quiet achiever with an infectious smile, and the community would benefit greatly with more young people like him volunteering.” For Gavin, his involvement in the show is something he is all too happy to do. “If young people don’t get involved it’s not going to last much longer,” he said.

The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009




End of era for two Balaklava traders Langdon’s Shoe Store, an icon of Balaklava retailing for 75 years, will close on Saturday, January 31. And Balaklava Motors ceased operating as a Holden dealer on January 1, after 79 years as a dealer. The business will continue to sell used cars and service cars. Langdon’s Shoe Store proprietor, Ian Langdon, said the business would be relocating to another regional centre to operate in conjunction with Langdon’s Clare shoe store, which has been successfully operating for the last seven and a half years. “This was a very difficult decision to make,” Ian said. “But a business must return a profit and the sales in our George street store have not shown enough growth over the past few years. “Sales have not diminished greatly, but the size of Balaklava’s population is not enough to support a modern day footwear store. “What has worked against us is the lack of similar fashion retailers in Balaklava. “With no clothing stores, apart from Tads, people tend to do their apparel shopping in

Langdon’s shoe store.

BALAKLAVA Motors as it was about 1930.

further north the situation might be different. “What we are experiencing is a reflection of changing times and tastes.” Two casual sales positions will become redundant at the shoe store. “Trish and I would like to thank all the staff who have worked for us over the years,” Ian said. “We hope our customers – many of whom grew up in Langdon’s shoes – will understand our decision. “We offer our sincere thanks for their sup-

Adelaide or at Munno Para, Gawler, or Elizabeth. “It’s a situation where Balaklava’s close proximity to Adelaide works against a local business. While this is a plus for Balaklava residents for many reasons, the attraction of Adelaide’s big shopping centres does have an impact on local sales.” “Years ago this was not the case, with residents not travelling as often and shopping locally. If we were in a town another 100km

port. Staff at our Clare store and the new shop coming soon will continue to offer the same friendly service and attention to detail found in Balaklava over so many years. “We look forward to seeing all our customers again soon.” Balaklava Motors dealer principal, Scott Underwood, said the decision not to renew Balaklava Motors’franchise had not been made locally, but by senior GM Holden management in Melbourne. Balaklava Motors was established in 1914, selling Fords and Studebakers until it became a GM Holden dealership in 1930. But while no longer authorised to sell new Holdens, Scott assured customers nothing else would change. “We are still the Holden specialists and look forward to looking after the needs of local Holden owners for many years to come,” he said. “It will be business as usual, we will still sell used cars, service cars and stock a large range of genuine Holden parts.” Balaklava Motors still has two demonstrator 2008 Holden Colorado diesels in stock for sale (one with only 14 kms on the clock).

Vandals damage parkland artwork By Lauren Parker The Balaklava community has been disgusted by an attack of vandalism on a public artwork, created by an internationally recognised local artist, with the help of local school students. The mosaic benches, created by artist Marie Jonsson-Harrison with the help of both Balaklava primary and high school students, have been a cheerful and popular addition to the parklands. But over the weekend, heartless vandals chipped off the faces of the characters depicted on the bench, leaving behind a mess of shattered tiles. Eight-year-old Taylor Bull, of Lobethal, has been visiting her Balaklava grandparents Laurie and Raelene Bull. She walked through the parklands every day with her young cousin Chloe Bull, and on her way to the swimming pool. Taylor was so disappointed by the attack she wrote a letter to this newspaper (right). Wakefield Regional Council is also disappointed by the attack against public property. Chief executive officer, Phil Barry, said it was not only abuse of public property, but also an attack against the young people who put hours of effort into the project. “Our community takes a lot of pride and ownership in facilities they manage and maintain and have input into,” he said. Council is discussing

TAYLOR Bull shows the damage to the mosaic benches in Balaklava’s parklands. possible repair work with Ms Jonsson-Harrison. “One of the concerns we naturally have is that if we do reinstate the benches, will they then be vandalised again?” Mr Barry said. “Balaklava is becoming more renowned for its community art and activities along those lines and council was hoping to be able to progress that, but if this is the sort of thing that happens we may have to consider the level of investment in those areas.” Balaklava police have asked anyone with information about the vandalism to contact the station on 8862 1144.

Langdon’s Shoe Store 20 George Street, Balaklava - Phone 8862 1082

Balaklava Store Closing on January 31 Ian & Trish regretfully announce they will be closing the Balaklava store on January 31.

We would like to sincerely thank our loyal customers who have supported us over the years

Taylor’s concern raised in letter n During the last two weeks I have been visiting my grandparents in Balaklava. When I have been walking through the new park on the old basketball courts, I have been

very sad and disappointed in the vandalism that has happened to the mosaic chairs. I really like them because they were very creative and they make the park look brighter and prettier.

I don’t think it is fair that people can do this to something that has taken lots of time and looked really beautiful and special. Taylor Bull, aged 8, Lobethal

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The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009


Fires quickly under control •A small grass fire about 2km north of Windsor burnt about two acres of road verge on the eastern side of Port Wakefield Road on Monday. It was believed to have been caused by a discarded cigarette.

• Quick action by a Two Wells man limited damage caused by a fire in a shed at Torlette Road, Two Wells. Police said it was caused by an electrical fault in an old fridge, but was quickly brought under control by the occupant.


Do you need help to stay at home? Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres Would you like information on: • a wide range of community services? • help for carers to take a break (respite)? For information about community care programs and services in your local region call Freecall* 1800 052 222. For help with emergency respite outside business hours call Freecall* 1800 059 059. Or visit your local Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre shopfront Or visit the website * Calls from mobile phones are charged at applicable rates

Brazen thieves escape Two Wells

THIEVES stole property from a market garden in Virginia, right before the eyes of the farmers last Thursday. Police allege the farmers were working in the garden when three youths entered the property on two motorcycles. Wearing full face helmets, the youths allegedly entered a caravan used as a tea room, stealing a mobile phone and a purse containing the victim’s cards and some cash. Although the farmers ran towards the offenders, they were able to get back on their motorcycles and flee the scene. The market gardener described the bikes as being small dirt bikes, with an engine capacity no greater than 80cc. Two Wells police are keen to hear from anyone with information about the incident. Call the station on 85 20 2309 or BankSA Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. • A Virginia motorcyclist suffered shoulder and chest inquiries after he was allegedly cut off by a fourwheel-drive while riding on Old Port Wakefield Road, Virginia, on Tuesday, January 13. Police said the 43-year-old was allegedly riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle when he was overtaken by the four-wheel-drive, driven by an unknown person. Police enquiries continue in an effort to identify the alleged driver. • A 26-year-old market gardener was issued with an expiation notice after igniting a fire at Gawler River last Thursday. Police allege the Virginia man was burning dead zucchini vine on a high risk fire day. Two Wells CFS quickly extinguished the fire.


• Police were called to search for a white Toyota utility seen around Halbury and Hoyleton, believed to be connected to a series of thefts from farms and farm vehicles. In addition, police received a report of a theft of a toolbox from the rear of a ute parked in a farm paddock. Police believe the Toyota utility was linked with this theft, and ask anyone with information to contact the station on 8862 1977.

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Put the finger on crime, call

CRIME STOPPERS 1800 333 000 • A window was smashed when thieves entered Balaklava Retravision about 2.30am on Tuesday, January 13. While nothing appears to have been stolen, a stand of watches was dropped outside the store as the offenders left. An alarm was activated, and a security officer saw a dark blue car and a silver car leaving the scene, but was not close enough to read the registration.


• Two Tarlee men were reported for cannabis cultivating cannabis and possessing prescribed equipment to cultivate cannabis. A 50-year-old man was reported on December 23, and a 44-year-old man reported on December 29. • On January 6, a Riverton home was searched in relation to cannabis offences. Several bags of cannabis were seized and a 42-year-old Riverton woman was issued with an expiation notice. • A 17-year-old Tarlee youth was removed from a licensed premises on Saturday, January 10, after allegedly possessing and consuming liquor on regulated premises. He was reported for these offences. • Police believe youths may be responsible for two break-ins at the Riverton Primary School prior to Christmas. Graffiti was found around the school. Anyone with information is asked to contact Riverton Police on 8847 2200.

Hamley Bridge

•Alcohol was stolen from Hamley Bridge Recreation Centre during a break-in last week. Police said the theft occurred between Wednesday and Friday, and about $1000 of beer was stolen. In addition, $1500 damage was caused to a grill and window.


• A new officer will begin at Snowtown next week. Senior constable Joe O’Connell replaces relieving officer constable Graham Phillips.


• A Grace Plains man lost his licence instantly for 12 months after he was allegedly caught drink driving in a government registered vehicle. Police allege the 18year-old P plate driver registered a blood alcohol content of 0.180 per cent just before 4pm last Saturday. • A woman who crashed her vehicle while allegedly drink driving was arrested for several offences last Friday. Police allege the 32-year-old Clare woman exited a one way street where she hit a tree before continuing south. She was taken to the police station for a blood alcohol analysis, recording a result of 0.190 per cent. • What began as a vehicle seizure resulted in the discovery of cannabis, ecstasy and methamphetamines last Thursday afternoon. An 18-year-old Clare man was initially reported for misuse of a motor vehicle and had his vehicle seized for seven days after he was reported doing burnouts on Spring Gully Road.Asearch of his home led to the discovery of cannabis, ecstasy and methamphetamines, and the man was issued with several infringement notices.

Country Health SA Mental Health Program

Grant Opportunities Country Health SA Mental Health Program wish to offer grant opportunities that will contribute to Consumer and Carer Participation in projects and programs to be developed and implemented that look to provide support to enable consumer and carer participation in promoting their mental health and wellbeing in the form of: • Increasing consumer and carer participation in mental health service delivery • Advocating for Mental Health • Networking • Consumer and Carer Education. Funds will be allocated for up to $5000 and up to $10,000. Who can apply for funds? • People [or a person] / organisations who live / work in Country South Australia (remote areas are encouraged to apply.) • Community Groups – with a Treasurer and bank account. • Human service organisations – in partnership with community groups. Applications close: Friday 6th February 2009 Application forms and further information from: Bronwyn Ryan Email: Phone: 8648 5702 HEALTH011797

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The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009

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We were The Way


YEARS AGO January 2004

Former Balaklava High School student Emmalene Gotwald had already appeared in court as a lawyer after graduating with a double degree. After more than five years of studying at Flinders University, Emmalene attained a Bachelor of Law, from which she graduated with honours and a Bachelor of Arts.


YEARS AGO January 1999

Balaklava High School’s Kingsley Cottle was top year 12 student in the state for metal engineering, receiving a perfect score of 20 out of 20. He also received a 20 for music ensemble.


YEARS AGO January 1989

Fifteen years of dedicated service to the work of Apex led to Life Membership for Marty Barker of Balaklava. The award, which was a surprise to Marty – who was serving as president in his final year with the club – was presented at the Apex Christmas party


•Jan 25: Auburn gourmet markets • Jan 26: Australia Day. • Jan 27: School starts. • Jan 31: Sevenhill monthly market. • Jan 31 - Feb 1: Auburn SA CWA market. • Feb 6: Blyth paper drive. • Feb 7: Balaklava, Pt Wakefield, Owen, Mallala paper drive. • Feb. 27 - March 1: Adelaide Plains Cup Festival. • Feb. 28: Adelaide Plains Basketball Association, All Star match, Ralli Park. • May 1: Blyth paper drive. • May 2: Balaklava, Pt Wakefield, Owen, Mallala paper drive.

Founded 1903. Formerly the Central Advocate and Wooroora Producer, also incorporating the Stanley Herald, Snowtown.

Print Post Approved PP531442/00003 Circulating in: Auburn, Balaklava, Blyth, Brinkworth, Bute, Clare, Dublin, Gawler, Hamley Bridge, Kapunda, Lochiel, Lower Light, Mallala, Manoora, Owen, Pt. Wakefield, Riverton, Rhynie, Roseworthy, Saddleworth, Snowtown, Stockport, Tarlee, Two Wells, Virginia, Wasleys, Watervale, Windsor. Managing Director – Andrew Manuel. Editor – Terry Williams. Advertising – David Newsome. Phone – 8862 1977. Facsimile – 8862 1997. Email – Internet Deadlines – display and classified advertising closes 5 pm Mondays; Editorial – 12 noon Mondays. Published by Papers and Publications Pty Ltd, 9 Howe Street, Balaklava 5461. ACN 007 718 569. ABN 58 007 718 569. Printed each Tuesday evening by Yorke Peninsula Country Times Pty Ltd, Kadina

• Price - $1.30* Vol. 104


(*Recommended and maximum price only)


Member of Country Press SA Phone: 8373 6533

SALE proceeds from the iconic Verner ponies brought a substantial donation to Mallala hospital. From left are Tim Jenkin, Kelly Jenkin, Mac Crabb, Judith Verner, Kay Milton, of Riding for the Disabled, and David Verner.

Verner ponies ride high for hospital David and Judith Verner have long been known for their generosity to their local community, so when it came time for the couple to sell 40 of their Akeringa stud ponies, it came as no surprise to many when the couple vowed to donate a generous portion of the proceeds to local causes. Last Friday the Verners presented Mallala Hospital Fundraising for the Future Committee with a cheque for $5000, also donating funds to Riding for the Disabled. The funds were presented by David and Judith at Tim and Julie Jenkin’s Mallala property, where RIVERTON • Riverton’s Scholz Park Museum will receive $9,000 to develop the “Scholz Family - Their Stories Unveiled” exhibition from the History Trust of South Australia. The funding was available to help establish new and innovative exhibitions and ensure the preservation of important collections. TWO WELLS • Residents are invited to join the priest, wardens and congregation of the Parish of Two Wells to celebrate the centenary of the first service at Two Wells St Pauls Church on February 8. A Sung Eucharist will be held from 10am, followed by a provided lunch at noon in the Community Centre, Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells. RSVP is essential for catering. Please advise Cath Goulter (8520 2902) or Diane Meaney (8520 2308) of your attendance by January 28.

daughter Kelly was all too happy to show off her new pony. Kay Milton accepted the cheque on behalf of Riding for the Disabled, while the hospital fundraising committee chair Mac Crabb received the funds on behalf of the hospital. He thanked the Verner family for their huge support, particularly over the past four years. David and Judith are fundraising sub committee members, while Richard Verner is board treasurer. “The input of these three people has been enormous,” Mr Crabb said.


Take five

• Child Safe Environment Training is being held at the Two Wells Public Library on Monday, February 9. Formerly known as Mandatory Notification Training, the workshop is suitable for staff and volunteers, contractors and consultants who provide services or work with children (under 18 years of age), their supervisors and managers. Supported by Mallala District Council training will be held from 10am–2pm at $60 per person.

The committee was formed in 2005, with a fundraising target of $150,000. And with the help of the most recent donation and a major event planned for later this year, Mr Crabb said they were confident of reaching the target this year, keeping the hospital self funded. “The members of the Mallala community should be acknowledged for their support,” Mr Crabb said. “Community members are aware of the job the hospital does and they have supported the community fundraising accordingly.”

News Morsels by Karen Petney

Send your story to us at The Plains Producer PO Box 63 Balaklava 5461 Email to or Fax them to 8862 1997

For further information or to book your spot, contact Ann-Marie Arthur, community officer on 8527 2006 before January 30. KAPUNDA • After two successful productions in 2008, the Kapunda Musical Society is set to go one better this year, announcing it will produce three new shows in 2009. The first production ‘Half a Sixpence’ is an English musical, which promises to teach the audience about

love and money. The society will put on a collection of one act plays in the middle of the year and the World War I satire “Oh What A Lovely War” at the end of 2009. Although the society has a number of new members, directors and committee members, more new members are always welcome. For more information email info@ or phone 8566 3068. region Volunteering SA is holding a number of free training workshops for volunteers. Topics such as Marketing and Branding - Raising the profile of our organisation; Volunteers and Paid Staff - Developing and maintaining a harmonious relationships; Providing quality customer service; Engaging with Generation Y - attracting and retaining youth volunteers. For further information phone 8221 71777 or email training@

130 years of schooling at Snowtown The advertising brochures tell us it will soon be “back to school” time. We all know there are many schools in the Adelaide Plains/Lower North region, and recorded history tells us that formal schooling began in Snowtown in 1879, just one year after the township was proclaimed. “Where the population of schoolgoing children was small or uncertain”, the government opened “provisional schools” which then became permanent when attending numbers were assured. Such was the case at Snowtown - Miss Rebecca Lamb was the first teacher, in charge of 14 pupils, and the classroom was a room attached to “Mr. Lamb’s house” (presumably he was Miss Lamb’s father). The government paid the rent. By 1880 the permanence of a school was recognised, so building began in early 1881 on a section of land east of the town and parklands. “The building, of stone construction,

Heritage Highlights by Norma Schopp

contained one classroom and a residence for a married head teacher, all under one roof.” August 7, 1881 was the first day of schooling in the new building - Mr. R G S Payne was the new schoolmaster (Miss Lamb’s services were terminated). By October 1881 there were 56 pupils and numbers continued to grow; by 1892 there were more than 100, and space had become a problem. One class was using the porch and there was still only one trained teacher, although he was assisted by one Monitor from

1886, increasing to two Monitors for a period after 1898. It is also recorded that night classes were being conducted in 1890, but no records remain to tell us whether this was regular schooling or “some form of vocational training.” 1892 saw an extra classroom added, and a second teacher appointed, but conditions were still overcrowded and this situation remained until major renovations took place in 1924. While this work was being done, the children were relocated to the Methodist hall where there was even worse over-crowding, in which “both teaching and discipline suffered”. Agricultural plots were established in the early 1920s, woodwork facilities were provided in 1927, and domestic arts in 1930. By this time a third assistant, trained in domestic arts, was appointed but there were still only two classrooms for the “teaching of ordinary subjects”

– years 6-7 were being taught in the shelter shed. After much pleading, the government provided a portable classroom in 1934. Post-primary education often meant children going to Adelaide, Clare or Kadina although, in 1935, Mrs Morris (the head teacher’s wife) taught book-keeping, shorthand and typing on Saturday mornings. Snowtown became a Higher Primary School in 1941, and became Snowtown Area School in 1961 when all similar schools were officially renamed. A new school was built in the 1970s, with the formal opening on December 4 1975. The original school building was demolished and portable buildings were relocated to other places. This year marks 130 years of formal schooling in Snowtown – is anything being planned to mark the occasion?


The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009


New Enrolments


from Thursday January 22

Tarlee Primary School Principal: Trudy Ireland Craig Street, Tarlee SA 5411 - Ph: 8528 5301

Tarlee Primary School proudly offers... 4 Small class sizes 4 1:1 Computer access 4 Literacy focus 4 Numeracy focus 4 ICT focus 4 Environmental Focus 4 Strong community links

MURAL creator Graeme Bambridge with Owen artist Mary Freebairn.

Mural ‘harvests’ Owen history

We’re Proud & Positive

It’s been the talk of the town since it was mounted just before Christmas, and the Owen mural is likely to prove even more popular when further improvements are made. The mural, painted by artist Graeme Bambridge (left) and mounted on the wall of the Red Cross shop, creates a colourful feature depicting Owen, the Armagh Hills, the railway line and the farming community in the 1900s.

Horticulture and Conservation Courses 2009 Do you enjoy the outdoors and have an interest in the Horticulture or Conservation and Land Management Industry? Dual Certificate III in Horticulture and Conservation & Land Management Fulltime 4 days per week over 12 months. Modules include: • Maintain nursery plants • Operate tractors • Survey pest animals • Geographical positioning systems • Troubleshoot irrigation Certificate III in Horticulture Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management Part Time Modules include: As above Certificate IV and Diploma in Horticulture, and Conservation and Land Management Part Time Modules include: • Monitor biodiversity • Conduct biological surveys • Collect and classify plants

If it’s local news, it’s in your local newspaper

Workshops 2009 Environment, Conservation, Horticulture and Eco Tourism

Tourism: Plant and animal recognition (subject go toward Certificate II in Tourism - Specialising in Eco-Tourism). Vertebrae Pests: Designed for contractors wishing to apply for Vertebrae Pests technician registration with South Australian Department of Health. Weed Movement: To bring awareness to the potential environmental harm caused from the movement of weeds. For further details and to register your interest, please contact Samantha Rimmer at the Roseworthy Campus on 8303 7799.

1800 882 661


1800 882 661

small garden will be planted in front to highlight the mural and to also form a barrier to protect it. Local artist, Mary Freebairn has been liaising with Graeme and said that he started painting it on Tuesday, December 16 and finished it before Christmas. Owen Community Centre Committee now plans to create a garden area, path to the public toilets, and car parks to further enhance the area.

Cash flows to help Wakefield water

Expressions of interest are currently being taken for the following:


For further details please contact Samantha Rimmer at the Roseworthy Campus on 8303 7799.

It was created by Graeme after he examined historical photographs of Owen and its surrounds Travelling to Owen on a number of occasions, Graeme collected photos and ideas and did a lot of research, before grouping his ideas to form a scene which depicts harvest in the early 1900s. The mural was painted on seven special boards which have been attached to the wall of the Owen Red Cross shop. In the new year a

A sustainable water source for the Adelaide Plains is one step closer after Wakefield Group secured funding for a study into various water recycling and recharge options. Focusing on the Gawler River, possible aquifer recharge, stormwater recycling and water catchments, Wakefield Group, a group representing the interests and priorities of councils in the Wakefield electorate, has named the project as one of its top priorities. Chief executive officer, Terry Bell, said Wakefield Group had successfully secured a grant of $30,000 from the Stormwater Management Authority, which it hopes to match from other sources and council contributions. “The idea is to come up with the feasibility study and then depending on that, seek further funding, possibly from Commonwealth government,

for the project itself.” Mr Bell said he expected the project would be of high interest to local industries and businesses, and he hoped Wakefield Group may be able to gain financial support from some of those who would benefit from the project. “We believe there are other parties who are interested enough in extracting water from the Gawler River,” he said. “There’s a major economic gain in the movement of water for the irrigation industry.” District Council of Mallala CEO, Damien Moloney, was pleased the group received confirmation of funding just before Christmas. He said Wakefield Group hoped to get a consultant on board as soon as possible to complete the feasibility study, allowing the group to determine where to go next and seek funding.

The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009

News Government spending to increase:




Orthopaedic health care boost in Clare

PUBLIC transport is just one of Ira Zettler’s concerns to be raised at the Citizens’ Parliament in Canberra.

Ira will take local issues to Canberra Roseworthy resident Ira Zettler is one of 150 citizens from around Australia to participate in Australia’s first Citizens’ Parliament at Old Parliament House from February 6 to 9, 2009. Citizens’ Parliament is an initiative launched by the newDemocracy Foundation in 2007, which will bring together residents to deliberate on Australia’s political system and put forth options for reform. Ira was selected at random from more than 8500 people who were invited to be participants of the program. In the lead up to the Citizens’ Parliament Ira attended an initial regional meeting held by the newDemocracy Foundation to contemplate the question: “How can Australia’s political system be strengthened to serve us better?” Ready to make some noise, Ira shares her heart-felt motivation for representing her community in the Citizens’ Parliament. Ira said: “so many people here are suffering when they don’t need to. Money should be ploughed into areas of severe, chronic need. “Facilities are in such poor condition, the government has the money to improve our situation but it just doesn’t have its priorities in order.

Hotline for home care A new telephone hotline has boosted health services for seniors, the disabled and their carers in the local area. Access2HomeCare,a joint initiative of State and Federal governments, connects people to the community and home care they need. Carers, families and the frail elderly can use the service for the cost of a local call. It is available for residents in the Lower North, and neighbouring areas. Contact the Access2HomeCare hotline on 1300 130 551 from 9am–5pm,weekdays.

“Hospitals are shutting down because of a lack of doctors, health care here is in a shambles, and education is difficult for regional rural students to access – and public transport in this area is on its last legs, people are actually fighting each other to get a seat on the train. “I look forward to bringing up these issues in the regional meeting.” Luca Belgiorno-Nettis, founder of newDemocracy said regional meetings were a great way to get participants really thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of our current political system. “The Citizens’ Parliament will take this step further by engaging these ordinary Australians in a robust discussion to have a say in the process of political reform,” he said. The Citizens’ Parliament will ask participants to consider what they perceive are the limitations of our current system and ask them to put forth options for reform that they believe will improve citizen engagement. “I hope the Citizens’ Parliament pressures the government to become fairer,” Ira said. The Citizens’Parliament is funded by an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant in conjunction with the newDemocracy Foundation.

HEALTH Services in Clare have been boosted, with an extra six major orthopaedic procedures to be conducted. In announcing the extra procedures State Health Minister, John Hill, said the procedures, costed at $67,000, were supported by the Commonwealth’s elective surgery campaign. Mr Hill said the State government’s budget for country health had jumped by 55 per cent over the past six years, with spending growing to $591 million in 2007-08. “We are spending more than ever on delivering the best services to country South Australia. This government is not cutting spending on country health – we are increasing spending every year,” he said. However, Shadow Minister for Health Vickie Chapman said the

MP appeals for HAC delegate Member for Goyder, Steven Griffiths MP is seeking expressions of interest from residents interested in taking on the role of the Member of Parliament’s appointed representative of the Balaklava Riverton Health Advisory Council (BRHAC). Mr Griffiths said the role would involve attending Health Advisory Council meetings within the region and reporting back to him. With the first annual general meeting of the BRHAC to be held on Thursday, March 26, Mr Griffiths is keen to receive registrations of interest by February 20. To register or for more information call the Goyder electorate office on 8832 2455 or email

New LX250PY Trail bike

By Karen Petney Rann government was contributing less money to country health this year than they did last year. “The total budget for Country Health SA might be increasing but that money is being generated by the hospitals and through other revenue sources. The Rann Government’s contribution has actually decreased,” she said. Ms Chapman also said the 55 per cent increase in country health funding had coincided with a 56 per cent increase in Government revenue during the same period. “It’s easy to spend more money when you collect more,” Ms Chapman said. The government’s health commitment to the Clare area has included: • An expansion in early 2008

of medical imaging service to include an updated Ultrasound unit, new x-ray machine and ultrasound services increasing from one to four days per week. • A further 15 major orthopaedic elective surgical cases to be undertaken in the next six months at a cost of $173,000. • Additional operating theatre equipment to the value of $45,000 to be purchased in 2009. • Expansion of Transition Care packages in Snowtown and Clare with 21 additional packages for the Clare Snowtown area in 2008 at a value of $51,000 to allow patients to be treated closer to home. • Eleven Country Home Link packages since July 2008 at a value of $4,000. • Expansions of the Regional Health services program in 2008 for Youth/Men’s/Community development.




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• Fast and easy implement attachment and removal for increased productivity instead of preparing to do the job For more information see you local John Deere dealer or visit

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Simon Exhaust & Auto Repairs Balaklava - Phone 8862 1795

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*Conditions apply. Finance available through John Deere Credit Limited to approved commercial applicants only. Advertised weekly repayment is based on the sum of 60 equal monthly repayments

divided DEAL by the number EXPERIENCE THE REAL AT of weeks during the contract period. Finance offer is subject to a 20% deposit and is fully amortised. Offer valid

until 31st October 2007.

Gawler Farm Machinery 333 Main North Rd, Roseworthy - Ph 8524 8131



The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009

PEOPLE OF THE PLAINS Fun for all ages n LITTLE Thomas Cheer with a card created by Mill Court residents Alice Eckermann (left) and Nellie Ryan.

Advertising Feature

Local farm service

After 16 years in business services farmers across the state, Agvance Rural Services has the knowledge and expertise to help local farmers. Based at Saddleworth, the agricultural contractor offers a range of services, whether its spraying, spreading, windrowing and baling, through to clay spreading, deep ripping and clay spreading. With quality equipment, using Agvance Rural Services as a contractor saves farmers from having

to invest and upgrade their own equipment, providing an economic alternative and allowing farmers to get on with other work. Although offering a statewide service, Agvance is based locally at Saddleworth. Farmers considering clay delving, deep ripping or clay spreading should contact Steve at Agvance now to discuss how Agvance can be of help. Call Agvance Rural Services on 0428 811 399.

n BALAKLAVA Mill Court residents are receiving regular vists from the youngsters at Balaklava Community Children’s Centre. Residents Elvia Plueckhahn, Joan Zacker and Joan Angel are pictured with BCCC children (from left) Madison Litzow, Lachlan Stone, Holly Hawke, Morgan Wilson, Amelia Morris, Tyler Milne, front: Declan Mills, Makayla Litzow and Bradley Brown.

Marty ‘chairs’ birthday celebrations n BALAKLAVA identity Marty “Big Fred” Barker celebrated his 60th birthday with family and friends at Balaklava Bowling Club last Sunday. Former Bowmans farmer Michael Saint, now of Naracoorte, presented Marty with a supersized chair created from timbers restored from a dismantled woolshed.

n Marty’s mother, Marj, (left) enjoys the day with Bryden Ballantyne, of Clare.


$25,000* for your rst home

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DEEP RIPPING • 9 Tyne Grizzly Deep Ripper • Ability To Apply Soil • Ameliorates At Depth and Bust Thru Hard Pans




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• Claymate Spreader • Controlled Clay Rate • Clod Size • Proven Results • Increase Production=$$$$

carport or garage optional extra

on display at Pt Elliot similar home on display at Nuriootpa

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Pt Wakefield Rd Vic tor ia D r The Bou leva rd



Paraeld Gardens 8182 3720


West Terrace

Gray St

North Terrace


Port Elliot 8554 2835

Hindley St

Seaford Meadows 8327 0588

Clark Tce Port Elliot Rd

Vine Street

Nuriootpa 8562 1793 She phe rdso

Cinema Court

Seaford Road

Greenock Rd

Warradale 8296 3155

Flag St

Cartwright St

Sturt Rd

Dempster St

celo na R d Cor rima l Av e Main South Rd Noarlunga Downs 8186 6134

Grand Boulevard

Marion Rd Morphett Rd

Eucla Rd

Smitheld 8254 4084

Brighton Rd

Anderson Walk

Strathaird Blvd

Main North Rd

Mt Barker 8391 4198


Honeypot Rd

Davenport Tce

Craigmore 8254 3953 Coventry Rd

Alexandrina Rd

Barton Circ

St Albans Place

Somerset Grove

Main North Road

Head ofce 8112 3112

• free ducted cooling • free items in our Fairdeal Pack • $25,000 rst home owners grant subject to qualication* | call 08 8112 3112 | country enquiries freecall 1800 638 076


Statewide Service

Craigmore Rd

Nuriootpa & Pt Elliot open Sat, Sun, Wed 1.30 - 5pm


Display Villages open Sat, Sun, Mon & Wed 1.30 - 5pm


$120,766 $134,370


| |


The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009



New Arrivals n Rebekah and Luke Walker, of Dublin, welcome into the world their first child, Jai Thomas, born at Calvary Hospital on December 22, 2008. Jai weighed 7lb13ozs.

n Sandy and Will Hodgetts celebrated a very special Christmas – the first with their new daughter, Charlotte, who was born at Calvary Hospital on November 11 last year.


FIRST HOME OWNERS GET A BOOST If you are a first home buyer you may be eligible for additional support from the Australian Government through the First Home Owners Boost.

n Kylie and David Spence, with Amber Madison Spence, born on November 11, 2008, at Ashford Hospital

To be eligible for up to $21,000, you must enter into a contract to purchase or construct a home between 14 October 2008 and 30 June 2009. If you are a first home buyer who purchases an existing home, you may receive an extra $7,000, taking the total payment to $14,000. If you are a first home buyer who constructs or purchases a new home, you may receive an extra $14,000, taking the total payment to $21,000. The Boost is not means tested and can be used to buy a property of any value.

GRADUATION: Travis Olsen graduated

from the University of Adelaide on December 19 with a Degree of Commerce-Accounting. He is working full time and is currently employed with BRI Ferrier in Adelaide. Travis is the son of Gail and Jake Olsen of Balaklava.

Z00 36987 FHSB1/C6

To be eligible for the Boost, you must enter into a contract to purchase or construct a home between 14 October 2008 and 30 June 2009, and: > be at least 18 years of age > be an Australian citizen or permanent resident > not have previously received the First Home Owners Scheme grant, or have a spouse (or de facto) who has previously received the grant > generally not have previously owned and lived in a home, or have a spouse (or de facto) who has previously owned and lived in a home in Australia and > live in the home for a continuous period of at least 6 months, commencing within 12 months after completion or settlement.

Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra

For more information about the First Home Owners Boost, call 1800 222 282 for an information booklet or visit the website. The First Home Owners Boost is part of the Australian Government’s Economic Security Strategy.




Stick your neck out!

Enter the Adelaide Plains 2009 ...

Emu Awards Supported by




There’s plenty of inspirational people living right here on the Adelaide Plains ...

Cash prize to the overall winner, donated by Churches of Christ Life Care

• The Adelaide Plains Emu Awards are open to people who live or work in the regional communities of the Wakefield Regional Council and District Council of Mallala or township of Virginia. • Nominees may be an individual, business, organisation/community group, event or project. • To be eligible, you can be nominated or nominate within ONE category only. The nominee must complete a maximum of 300 words on the appropriate nomination form. • Nominees and nominators should attend the awards ceremony. • The selection panel reserves the right to redirect the nomination to another award category if it is considered more suitable. • The selection panel will have the final decision and no correspondence will be entered into. • All nominations remain the property of Adelaide Plains Marketing Inc. Entries close 5pm Tuesday, February 10 Criteria: All categories are judged based on their excellence and recognisable efforts which have placed them out of the ordinary and must have occurred during the period December 2008 and January 2009. Leadership and inspirational qualities will need to be shown. o Individual: For a person who has made a significant contribution by way of doing something out of the ordinary. This contribution may have been for the person himself or herself or for the community at a local, state or national level. o Community Group: For not-for-profit organisations/volunteer groups and community groups which have worked on a community-based program which has extended their abilities and provided a positive difference to their local or regional area. o Business: Recognises a business which has grown its output and created employment through being innovative and having a different approach, making it stand out and be seen as taking steps to grow. o Event: Recognises an event which was focused on making the region look at itself in a different light by being innovative and creative. o Support material: You may attach some additional material, but no more than three A4 pages. Press clippings, photographs, flyers etc are acceptable but have to be copied onto A4 size paper. Please do not bind or staple information – use paper clips. o Awards Presentation: All entrants and nominators will be invited to the Adelaide Plains Emu Awards presentation breakfast on Friday, February 27 at Snowtown Town Hall. o For more information: Contact Bridget Sara or Clare Haynes 8862 0800 or email admin@wakefieldrc. o Send entries to: Adelaide Plains Emu Awards, c/- The Plains Producer, PO Box 63, Balaklava, 5461

Entries close Tuesday February 10 at 5pm

LOVE YOUR SPORT? SO DO WE! Is your sporting club interested in: > subsidised Responsible Service of Alcohol training > increased membership and attendance > understanding liquor licence requirements


The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009

National sponsors

ABOVE: Penny Mathew receives a certificate of thanks from Colin Smith, of SA Ambulance and, RIGHT, shows her style at rock climbing. MALLALA’S Penny Mathew is one of the first nominations for the 2009 Emu Awards. The awards, sponsored by The Plains Producer and Life Care, form part of the third annual Adelaide Plains Cup Festival, with winners to be announced on Friday, February 27 at Snowtown Town Hall. The Emu Awards are designed to highlight people of the Adelaide Plains who “stick their neck out and have a go.” Penny is the inspiration behind Mallala’s Happy Hearts fitness group, which helps people from across the Adelaide Plains maintain or increase their health and fitness. Help is provided at all levels and a 50s plus class is very well attended, along with circuit and boxing classes and personal training. Penny provides her clients with regular newsletters, keeping them up to date with the latest on health and fitness as well as any ideas they can implement at home.

Penny earns her Emu nomination Events such as bushwalking, fundraising walks – where local organisations such as the CFS and SA Ambulance benefit from donations – are just some of the things Penny organises. If you know an outstanding individual, a progressive community group, friendly small business or have really enjoyed a community event, why not nominate them for this years Adelaide Plains Emu Awards? To be eligible for nomination, people must live or work in the

regional communities of the Wakefield Regional Council and District Council of Mallala or township of Virginia. Nominations close at 5pm on Tuesday, February 10 Entries should be sent to The Plains producer, 9 Howes Street, Balaklava 5461. See the advertisement at left for more details and criteria. For further information contact Clare Haynes at Wakefield Regional Council on 8862 0800 or email

Heritage grants will boost local buildings Six local buildings will be restored with the help of State government funding. Two Wells Institute, the Konzag homestead at Mallala, Glovers Store at Auburn, the former Clare Town Hall, the former Kapunda Congregational Chapel and a stable/converted residence in Mintaro will benefit from a portion of $250,000 funding to 39 heritage projects across the state under the 200809 SA Heritage Fund Grant Program. The program provides support to nongovernment owners of State Heritage Places. Two Wells Institute will receive $5000 to-

wards salt damp treatment, while the Konzag homestead will receive $3850 for stonework conservation. The former Clare Town Hall will be reroofed, with new gutters and downpipes with the help of a $5000 State government contribution, and $5000 will also be used for roof repairs at the former Glover’s

Store, Auburn. Other funds include $5000 towards conservation works at the former Kapunda Congregational Chapel, and $5000 towards a new roof for a former stable/converted residence in Mintaro. Environment and Conservation Minister Jay Weatherill said the grants played an important role in ensuring

significant historical landmarks were appropriately maintained. “These are just a few examples of the fine work preserving South Australia’s heritage that the government is keen to assist with,” he said. “It is important we conserve our heritage well into the future for all South Australians to appreciate.”

They’ll be flat out cooking pancakes Volunteers will cook for a very important cause next month when they take part in UnitingCare’s only national fundraiser, UnitingCare Pancake Day. UnitingCare Pancake Day officially falls on Tuesday, February 24 (Shrove Tuesday), but events can be held any time during the month of February.

Donations and funds raised from UnitingCare Pancake Day events will help UnitingCare provide practical support throughout the year to more than 1.8 million people who are doing it tough. For more details and advice on organising a pancake cook-up, call Alice MacFarlane on 823 4256.

The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009

DISTRICT VIRGINIA’S seasonal opportunity in overseas marketS:

Government reduces its regional area

Pomegranate export test A pomegranate crop is attracting plenty of attention at Virginia, opening up a new marketing opportunity in Australia. Hartley Lewis, of Lewis Enterprises, (right) planted the pomegranate grove two years ago after receiving a $12,500 In-Market Experience Scholarship from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry to research pomegranate industry opportunities in Australia. Two years later, Hartley has harvested one pomegranate crop, and expects to harvest the second from March through to early May. “It’s certainly creating plenty of interest, being an alternative crop which is able to utilise lesser quality water and supply very early returns,” Hartley said.

“They do start producing quite quickly, and we have very good varieties available.” Lewis Enterprises now has 2000 pomegranates at Virginia, and also supplies other growers across Australia. “We’re supplying the fruit as fresh fruit, and also to the juice market here in Australia,” Hartley said. He will soon begin trialling export of the fruit. “We are six months out of sync with the northern hemisphere, which is a large, traditional market for pomegranates,” Hartley said. “So there’s tremendous opportunity in Australia to take advantage of that. “Pomegranates can be sent by sea and stored for four to five months.”

The ability to ship the fruit by sea reduces freight costs significantly. Hartley said there had been interest shown by several growers around the country keen to help develop the emerging industry. When he first planted his pomegranate grove, Hartley said they were well suited to the local climate. “They love hot, dry summers and cool winters, and can be grown in quite saline water,” he said. “A lot of areas on the northern Adelaide Plains and towards Lower Light, the Barossa, and Wakefield have quite a lot of underground saline water, which is unsuitable for a lot of other uses, but pomegranates are able to handle that quite happily.”

LETTERS to the Editor

Appreciating a valuable asset What a wonderful facility we have in our district. I speak of Balaklava Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital, where I had the necessity to spend a few days recently. The staff was wonderfully thoughtful and caring, and the meals varied and excellent. So many of us don’t realise what a valuable asset we have until the need to use it comes up. May the hospital remain a viable, successful part of our district for the foreseeable future, well supported financially by the local community. Joan Farley, Balaklava

Regional infrastructure

The prosperity of regional South Australia is fundamental to the success of our state’s economy. That is why in 1999 the then Liberal Government established the Regional Development Infrastructure Fund (RDIF). It was designed to recognise the importance of regional infrastructure in driving economic growth, employment opportunities and to give country South Australians a greater voice. Despite the success of the RDIF and despite the strong connection between infrastructure investment and regional

economic growth, the Rann Government decreased funding for RDIF to $3 million per annum – $1.5 million lower than 1999. The RDIF was an outcome of the 1999 Regional Development Task Force Report and was initially funded to the tune of $4.5 million per annum for the first three years. This funding was on top of normal budgeted regional infrastructure investments. The RDIF has been instrumental in providing investment in essential power, water, electricity and telecommunications infrastructure. Since 1999, $24.7 million has been allocated to regional infrastructure projects, worth a total of $1.1 billion. It has directly supported the creation of 4900 jobs. The State Liberals know the importance of regional infrastructure because of the benefit to regional communities and also the positive effect it has on the State’s economy. A Martin Hamilton-Smith Liberal government will boost investment for RDIF to $7 million per annum – an increase of $4 million. We need to support our regional communities and invest in the future of our State. Martin Hamilton-Smith, Leader of the Opposition

Spending questioned

The next State election is more than a year away but sadly, the old Liberal trick of distorting the facts has started already. Martin Hamilton-Smith’s recent comments are a classic example. True, the Liberals commenced the Regional Development Infrastructure Fund in 1999 and it was a good initiative. True, they allocated $4.5 million in 1999/00, $5.5 million in 2000/01, and $5.5 million in 2001/02, but what did they actually spend - $2.99 million year one, $2.49 million in year two and $1.55 million in year three! In other words, the Liberals announced a total of $15 million to the fund in the last three years they were in government, and spent just $7 million of it–less than half. They were big on announcements, but not on getting results. It was all about spin. Sadly, we must all prepare ourselves for the deluge of misinformation that will emanate from the Liberals’ desperate spin. We need to judge them by what they did – not what they said they would do. Rory McEwen, Minister for Regional Development.



South Australian public schools and preschools will start the new year with newly -appointed regional directors – with Terry Sizer heading the Yorke and Mid North region. Starting tomorrow, the regional directors will head up the 12 new regions, which replace the current 18 Department of Education and Children’s Services districts. All public schools will be divided into the 12 regions under a realignment of the State government areas. The new regional boundaries are being adopted by all State government departments.


As Minister for State/Local Government Relations I invite members of the public to provide comment about the State Government’s proposals to improve local government accountability and transparency. I would welcome responses on: • the "Local Government Accountability Proposals Paper" which is about improving the accountability, financial auditing and governance frameworks for councils. • the draft Statutes Amendment (Council Allowances) Bill which will require the Remuneration Tribunal to set Elected members allowances; and • the draft Local Government (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill which contains a number of amendments that are technical in nature. Responses are due by the close of business on Monday 16 February, 2009 To obtain further information and to view the proposals paper and draft consultation Bills, please visit the Office for State/Local Government Relations website - or telephone 8204 8700.

HON GAIL GAGO MLC Minister for State/Local Government Relations



The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009

News district Australia Day celebrations in a town near you

Australia Day Celebrations will be held throughout the area on Monday. Wakefield Regional Council’s 2009 Australia Day Awards winners will be presented at celebrations in Balaklava and Snowtown. Mayor James Maitland will present Citizen of the Year, Esmond Hoepner of Whitwarta, and Young


Citizen of the Year, Lucy Radowicz, from Balaklava, with their awards following breakfast in Balaklava. Meanwhile, deputy mayor, Barry Nottle will present the Community Event of the Year Award to the Snowtown Community Management Committee for the Snowtown Wind Farm Opening celebrations.

and youth award will also be presented along with the Roger Manuel Memorial Award. B LY T H : L o c a l s will gather at Padnaindi Park, South Terrace for breakfast commencing at 8am. BRINKWORTH: The Memorial Gardens (opposite Hardy’s Deli) is the venue for celebrations in Brinkworth. Various

Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.” 1 John 5.5 (NIV). Fourth, why does God work only through Jesus? Because he is God’s appointed ruler on earth: “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign forever and ever!” Revelation 11.15. Fifth, is Christ reigning on earth? Not yet. But he will be. That’s why God’s Word speaks as though it has already happened!

The important thing is to recognise that, with Jesus, we are on the winning side.


Our moral dilemma Humanity’s intellectual knowledge is constantly increasing – but our moral knowledge isn’t! Though each generation knows more than the last, human behaviour is getting worse. Yet this need not be. First, no matter what happens in our lives, there is no such thing as irreversible moral damage. We cannot be damaged morally beyond God’s ability to restore us.

Residents are invited to participate in local Australia Day celebrations details as follows: BALAKLAVA: Join in breakfast at The Triangle, George Street, commencing at 8am. Mayor James Maitland will present Citizen of the Year and Young Citizen of the Year Awards. Balaklava Area Committee Achievement Award

Good News with Ken Packer, L.Th.

So, second, in repairing, restoring and renewing us there is no limit to what God can do in and through us – if we will let him. Third, how does his restoration work? I must yield my broken, messed up, unpromising life to Jesus. “Who is it that overcomes the world?

In brief Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16.33 (NIV).

awards will be presented to citizens and organisations.. HAMLEYBRIDGE: Residents of Hamley Bridge can sleep in and head along to the Institute on the corner of Gilbert Street and Dahlmyra Avenue for lunch from 11am. The Community Association and the Pool Committee will be celebrating the day with a free sausage sizzle and free entry to the pool. The barbecue starts around noon, indoor picnic activities for the kids include a disco corner, games, races and events. Adults will be entertained by eating, drinking and talking. Contact Jon Povey on 8528 2332. P O R T WA K E FIELD: Australia Day in Port Wakefield will commence at 7.30am. Breakfast will be held at the Eagles Sports and Community Centre, Drake Crescent. SNOWTOWN:

Deputy Mayor Barry Nottle will present the Community Event of the Year Award at the community breakfast at Snowtown from 8am at Lions Park, Railway Terrace East. MALLALA: Residents from the District Council of Mallala area are invited to gather for breakfast at the Dublin Community Oval, South Terrace Dublin to enjoy a cooked breakfast provided by the Dublin Cricket Club. Sponsored by the District Council of Mallala the breakfast celebrations will commence at 8am, with the presentation of Citizenship Awards, Certificates and Citizenship Ceremony at 9am. CLARE: Maynard Park is the venue for Clare’s Australia Day celebrations, which will begin at 8.30am. However, if the weather is inclement, celebrations will be moved to the Clare Town

Hall. Gold coin donation will be collected. RIVERTON: Community breakfast will be held at the Riverton Recreation Ground from 8.30am in recognition of Australia Day. Gold coin donation collected. SADDLEWORTH: Breakfast celebrations in Saddleworth will be held at the Institute commencing at 8.30am. Gold coin donation collected. VIRGINIA: Residents are invited to join the celebrations sponsored by the City of Playford. A free breakfast will be held from 8am at Fremont Park (corner Main North and Yorketown Roads, Elizabeth), with the annual car cavalcade departing at 10am. The cavalcade will finish at Virgara Winery (Heaslip Road, Angle Vale) where a community event with live bands, children’s activities, barbecue lunch and vintage vehicle display, will be held.


MONTHLY CHURCH NOTICES n The Church notices published below are supplied by local churches and will be now be repeated weekly as church service directory for each month. All care is taken in their preparation by The Plains Producer – but as we rely on information supplied, no responsibility for accuracy will be taken. Churches should advise us of any changes immediately – or in the last week of the preceding month. Please advise us of any changes by emailing

January 25

February 1

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava..................... 10.00am

A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava..................... 10.00am

anglican Balaklava....................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge............ 10.00am Goyder........................11.00am

anglican Balaklava....................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge.............11.00am

anglican Balaklava....................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge............ 10.00am

CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava............ Liturgy 9.00am

CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava............. Mass 10.30am

CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava..................... 10.00am

CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava..................... 10.00am

Community church Pinery........................... 9.00am LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava..................... 10.00am

Community church Pinery........................... 7.00pm

CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava.......... Liturgy 10.30am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava..................... 10.00am Community church Pinery........................... 9.00am LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava..................... 10.00am LUTHERAN Balaklava........................ 9.00am

LUTHERAN Auburn......................... 9.00am Balaklava......................11.00am

UNITING Mallala.......................... 8.45am Two Wells................... 10.30am Owen Comm................ 9.30am Hamley Bridge............. 11.00am Windsor ........................ 9.00am Balaklava........................ 9.00am Nantawarra..................No service Lochiel....................... No service Pt Wakefield..................11.00am

UNITING Mallala.......................... 8.45am Two Wells................... 10.30am Owen Comm...............11.00am Hamley Bridge.............. 9.15am Windsor ........................ 9.00am Balaklava...................... 10.00am Nantawarra............... with Lochiel Lochiel......................... 10.00am Pt Wakefield..................11.00am

February 8 A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava..................... 10.00am

LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava..................... 10.00am LUTHERAN Balaklava........................ 9.00am UNITING Mallala.......................... 8.45am Two Wells................... 10.30am Owen Comm................ 9.30am Hamley Bridge............... 9.15am Windsor ........................ 9.00am Balaklava........................ 9.00am Nantawarra......................9.00am Lochiel.............. with Nantawarra Pt Wakefield.................. 11.00am

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Pressure on council over another boat ramp delay By Lauren Parker

WILDLIFE protector Norm Parish hand feeds his wedge-tailed eagle.

Norm’s emu tragedy After caring for wildlife and birds over five decades, Balaklava identity Norm Parish was heartbroken when two of his emus allegedly were mauled to death by a dog recently. Norm had reared four generations of the emu family over 40 years, feeding them by hand. But on Tuesday, January 6, a dog, believed to be a medium-sized crossbreed, savaged two emus, killing the pets that were not only loved by Norm, but also hundreds of school children who have

visited over the years. One emu, in a separate yard, was unharmed. “I used to feed these birds out of my hand,” Norm said. “They were pets to me.” The ex-serviceman has a strong attachment to his menagerie of wildlife at his Balaklava sanctuary, which has enthralled almost every local student over the past 50 years. The self-funded operation has cost Norm an estimated $60,000 over the past 10 years, all from his veterans pension. Yet it is simply

something Norm loves to do, and loves to share with the local community and school students. “It’s all been for the children,” Norm said. The collection of birds, native animals, and birds of prey has fascinated thousands of visitors, and Norm’s way with animals is such that he is even able to hand-feed his wedge tailed eagle, a feat many find hard to believe. “I call it and tell it to hop up then I feed it meat with my fingers,” Norm said. Wakefield Regional Coun-

cil dog inspector Gary Tezacker was called to Norm’s property, along with police and a veterinarian. Gary said when he arrived at Norm’s sanctuary the offending dog had already been destroyed by its owners. It had been involved in an attack before when the owners lived in a different township. Balaklava veterinarian, Brenton Clark, who has known Norm since Brenton was young, was called to the scene of the attack, but the emus were long dead.

Returning for 2009 holidays... tr us


Hot s t o Sh

So ut



Last year’s winner

a li a n S um



odu r P s n i a e Pl


1GB Apple Ipod Shuffle

Photographic Competition Libby Greenshields won last year for this shot of Marni cooling off with the ducks.

Now you can submit your digital images to The Plains Producer through:

Vauled at



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extended by one year, Mr Tillack said if the project was approved by council, work could begin immediately on the hard stand car park, which would meet the DAFF funding criteria. Mr Tillack said he wasn’t sure what the cost of the project to council would be, but it could possibly be covered under the current budget as another project had to be deferred. “This council could end up with an asset worth half a million dollars for somewhere between $25,000 and $40,000,” Mr Tillack said. Councillor Steve Kennedy moved a motion to authorise council staff to submit funding applications to support the project, which was seconded by councillor Steve Jones. However, councillor Rudi Fabrici argued against the motion. “I think it’s premature council consider this recommendation unless we have the figures,” he said. Councillor Kennedy spoke in support of the boat ramp before Cr Fabrici moved the motion lay on the table, seconded by councillor Tom Summerton. Councillors Duncan Kennington, Anne Picard, Rudi Fabrici, Joe Daniele, and Tom Summerton agreed, while councillors Steve Kennedy, Steve Jones, Yvonne Howard and mayor Tony Flaherty disagreed. Addressing the clearly disgruntled gallery members, Mayor Flaherty said the decision would lay on the table until the next meeting which unfortunately may jeopardise funding. However, he said if council staff could work on the quote, a special meeting may be called to consider the project before the February 9 deadline, as the next meeting is not scheduled until February 16. Councillor Anne Picard then moved the existing boat ramp be closed because of the alleged safety issues, seconded by councillor Duncan Kennington. However, staff advised against this until the safety report was received. “We don’t listen to the public when they want something, yet we listen to them when they say something might be dangerous,” councillor Yvonne Howard said. “If we want to listen to the public saying something is dangerous, why aren’t we listening to them to support a boat ramp?” she said. Her comments were met with applause from the gallery, and not one councillor supported the motion.


The Middle Beach boat ramp proposal has hit yet another snag, with further delays jeopardising funding. The late receival of quotes meant District Council of Mallala could not confirm the cost to council of the project, and a decision was deferred until the next meeting. However, with time fast running out for the spending of a $100,000 Department of Fisheries and Forestries (DAFF) grant, the $500,000 project may lose its funding. In the first stage of the project, the Foreshore Advisory Committee intends to build a new, safer boat ramp and create a hardstand parking area. A second stage would include dredging the channel to provide near 24 hour access, and a third stage would include improved amenities. In an impassioned plea to District Council of Mallala, a crowd of 14 gathered in the gallery to show their support for the project. Foreshore Advisory Committee chair, Barb Reid, reminded councillors the project had been worked on by the community for the past 13 years. “We’ve got $412,500 funding already,” she said. “The quote I got was $396,000 just for the boat ramp itself, and that doesn’t include council’s cost to build the hard stand.” Barb said the committee had enormous support from the boating community, and it seemed the ramp was likely to be even more utilised than first predicted, allowing for more funds to be recovered through a ticketing system. John Drexel, a delegate of the South Australian Recreational Boating Council, said after 13 years on the project, it was time to make a decision or simply walk away. He said he knew of two boats overturned because of the unsafe nature of the existing boat ramp, and one broken limb. Two Wells identity Malcolm Frost also voiced his support. “When you have all this money coming in from the outside that’s not costing our community, it’s a no brainer,” he said. Council’s infrastructure and engineering services manager, John Tillack, said the project could be very beneficial to the council if the economic quotes stacked up. He said a safety inspection of the existing ramp had been completed, but the results were yet to be received. Although council has applied for an extension to the DAFF funding, already


Send your photos to:

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The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009


Our Christmas celebrations

ABOVE: Father Christmas with Maddy Zweck, and Jace Andriske. RIGHT: Muffin winners Neve and Isobel Pratt with judge George O’Callaghan.


Fancy dress winner, William Bernhardt, as a jackaroo.

ABOVE: Quandong dessert judges Terry and Denise Boylan with winner, Ruth Loader RIGHT: Cody Jamieson, winner of the “fancy bike” contest. LEFT: Caiden Blanchard ready to get wet in the water balloon battle, w a t c h e d b y Ta r a Walkley.

Blyth drums up another community winner


he Blyth community gathered in Main street for the annual Christmas street carnival on Friday, December 19, in ideal conditions. The community’s sporting clubs manned the stalls and were ready to serve the delicious steak and onion sandwiches or a snag or two, complemented with stunning quandong desserts. The children were in readiness for the fancy dress and decorated bike competitions. With bright colourful outfits to choose from the judges finally settled on jackaroo William Bernhardt complete with stock whip and runner-up went to Mother Christmas, Carmel Pyrke. Bikes and scooters were appropriately decorated in the Christmas theme and Cody Jamieson and Cartia Jaeschke took home the prizes donated by Clare Financial Services. All contestants were thrilled to receive a gift donated by Statewide Group Training. Well known Blyth cook, George O’Callaghan, took on the enviable task of the selecting the best children’s muffin cook with Neve and Isabel Pratt winning cookware donated by Rippa Dippa, with Tara Walkley as runner-up.

By Janet Zweck The night brought record entries to the water balloon throwing championships sponsored by Mid North Sandblasting. Jace Andriske and Tom Norton won the primary school section, Cale Sparks and Tom Stewarts won the high school section and Mick Pawley and Mick Agnew won the open section from some hefty competition. This year the Blyth locals were treated to the sounds of Africa with the Tumbadrum African drumming group from Clare entertaining the crowd during the night. Locals in the crowd were given the opportunity to beat with the best and all appreciated the group spending time down on the plains. Donations from the night went to a child the group is sponsoring from Zimbabwe. The children were not disappointed when Father Christmas arrived on the back of a Diamond T Truck chauffeured by Merv Smitham and accompanied by elves Maddie Zweck and

Jace Andriske. A long line soon formed with the children eager to tell Father Christmas what they would like from him on Christmas day as well as receiving a treat donated by Statewide Group Training. Quandong season in 2008 was one of the best for a number of years and the record entries of 10 desserts was outstanding. Desserts included pies, cheesecakes, crumbles and meringue and judges Terry and Denise Boylan timely viewed the desserts for presentation followed by the taste test. After enjoying the delicate taste of quandongs, Ruth Loader was finally awarded the quandong dessert championship donated by Medika Gallery for her quandong meringue pie. The crowd instantly headed to the dessert stand to try the unique tastes of quandong. The giant Christmas stocking was won by Cheryl Wandel. Ian and Dianne Haysman were announced winners for Christmas light display in the front and on their home and were ecstatic to receive $100 cash from Northern Windscreens. The Children’s Choice was a joint affair with Richard

and Julia Agnew and Tamara Pyrke winning their prizes donated by Millingtons, Greenleaf Ag and Eime Silage. Special mention went to Jeff and Mel Biggs for a display in the Main street. They received a goody basket donated by Vision Builders. The encouragement prize donated by Mitre 10 Clare, went to Josh and Serene King. In the “home brew” beer competition, with a prize donated and judged by Trevor Eime, MC Peter Paterson was brought in to help with the judging as Trevor found it difficult to choose between a couple of brews. After a lengthy drinking session by the judges, Craig Walkley was announced the winner along with Adrian Clark’s stout . During the night the crowd enjoyed the jumping castle, face painting spinning wheel, tasting delights from the trading table and eating that sticky fairy floss. Thanks were extended to all who donate their time and goods to make it a great community and financial success. Money from the night will be divided amongst the clubs and organisations who supplied volunteers to work during the night.

The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009



have become magical memories, but ... BALAKLAVA: LEFT: Trish Langdon and her little angels from Balaklava Community Children’s Centre Tori Lane, Kasey Cunningham and Zoe Ingram. RIGHT: Brittany Koch and Emily Foal-Jacka.


BALAKLAVA: ABOVE: Pat Scholz tosses sweets to

the kids in the crowd as Margaret Greenshields and Coralie Taylor look on. LEFT: Guess who this is on his decorated bike. RIGHT: Fiona Tiller makes a colourful clown.

MALLALA ABOVE: At the animal nursery on Mallala oval were (from left) Gabby Jonganeel, Chloe Mosman and Tahlia Aspden. LEFT: Mitchell and Harrison Taylor with Santa. RIGHT: Were they having a good time? You be the judge! From left are Kiara and Nathan Hocking and Samuel Bushell.

PICTURES: Lisa Redpath, Lauren Parker, Terry Williams, Janet Zweck.



The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009

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7 DAYtv TV GUIDE 7 day guide

The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009 Week commencing January 22

The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009

district Croquet


Results from Saturday January 17. Last Saturday’s Stroke competition was played on a beautifully prepared course (and dominated) by Bill Parkin, whose 71/70 score placed him first among the A Grade field, followed by Bill Lokan (86/70) and the old ‘Velvet Rottweiler’ himself, big, beaming Barry Michael who belted 90/70. W. Nagle (88/73) led the stragglers back to the yards, followed in turn by J. Michael (89/74), R. Butterworth (87/75), M. Hameister (88/76), M. Loy (98/76), R. Hart (87/76), L. Durdin (90/79), G. Spence (96/80), P. Lamont (90/81). W. Berry (101/85) and R. Hahn (101/88). It was a memorable day out for young aspirant, Dennis Goudie, who hit a purple patch and just 95 off the stick, to score a B Grade winning 73 nett. He was chased home by the sartorial Rob Veitch (97/75) and the elegant Greg Anderson (100/79). Even the tail wagged quite happily, comprising G. Toms (100/82), D. Trickett (102/83), A. Henstridge (113/84), D. Rodgers (108/86) and one Digby Addison (105/87). We all knew that the Summer Cup would be a feature on the day but no-one, absolutely no-one could have foreseen the outcome of the Parkin/Henstridge stoush. You could have heard a pin drop (in Norway) when it was confirmed that somehow, miraculously and totally against all odds, Parkin prevailed to win 3-2! Barry Michael, who really is about as scary as a Hyundai Excel with a boot spoiler, successfully stared down a gallant Dave Rodgers to win 7-5. Bill Lokan obviously listened to another Bill earlier in the week and used his new, improved techniques to vanquish a calm, unruffled Greg Anderson 4-2, while Ron Butterworth managed to account for Gerry Toms 4+3. Bill Parkin cleaned up the Birdie balls with his lone triumph on the third, also claiming Nearest The Pin. The other NTP’s went to Mark Loy (8th), Leigh Durdin (13th) and Dave Rodgers (15th). Results from Saturday January 10. A par competition brought more than 20 wannabees out to the course, most sporting significant christmas puds but able to swing a club nonetheless. Rampaging Ron Butterworth swept back into contention as the world’s greatest A-Grade golfer by dint of his +2 result, followed hot foot by Peter Lamont (+1) and Mark Loy (+1). Trailing these stars were W. Lokan (-1), W. Nagle (-1), G. McKenzie (-2), M. Hameister (-3), C. Williams (-4), B. Berry (-6), J. Michael (-6), R. Hart (-6) and M. Day (-7). From the playing proletariat (B Grade) field, it took a visitor from Two Wells, the mighty Rabbit (Mr. Christou to you) to show us locals how, storming back to the 19th. with an impeccable score of +3. Dean Trickett (+1) came second and a very determined Dave Rodgers (-1) third.


Lower Gilbert Cricket

Upper Wakefield

Results from January 7. Clare 36 d Blyth 30: E Semple 13, E Hooper 8, J Victor 7, G Todd 8, R Loader 9, I Fisher 11, C Bolvig 5, J Hilzinger 5. Snowtown 39 d Balaklava 17: G Schupelius 13, R Freebairn 13, P Schupelius 7, J Hoskin 6, L Sutton 3, C Reimers 1, N Williams 7, D Williams 6. Clare and Blyth battled it out, with the first colours Euan and Ellie only coming out the winners by one hoop. Nice to see Jean back having a game, filling in for Rae who, with Georgie, held Chris and Jenny down by five hoops. At Balaklava, Snowtown walked all over the Balaklava girls, Lynne and Chris just couldn’t get going. Every time they neared their hoop, Gilbert came and took them away whether it was his play or not. Very disappointing for the girls who tried so hard just to get on the score card. Fourth round premiership points   Snowtown 55 points, 381 hoops; Clare 45, 331; Balaklava 30, 274; Blyth 15, 316. Balaklava 28 drew with Clare 28: N Williams 9, C Reimers 3, L Sutton 7, D Williams 9, E Semple 7, E Hooper 8, R Gierke 6, G Todd. The weather was kind after the very hot day on Tuesday, and the game at Balaklava was a very enjoyable battle. Chris found it hard to get into the game but improved as the play went on. Nancy and Euan had a cat and mouse game going from one side of the court to the other until after the break, then the ladies seemed to take over the gent. Lynne and Dulcie played well more so after the break, holding Rae and Georgie who went ahead in leaps and bounds to begin with. Dulcie steadied and just went ahead making nine. At Blyth, Iris and Ruth battled against Gilbert and Rhonda – it is difficult playing against a state player! Jenny and Graham were only one down from Pam and Joylene, so they had a much more enjoyable game.



Long Plains Phone 8527 8264 Results of A Grade Lower Gilbert senior cricket played January 10

Mallala vs Dublin

ABOVE: Mallala’s Brian Montgomery makes a run for his side. LEFT: Jason Earl, Long Plains chases the ball to the boundary. These worthy artisans were joined by G. Toms (-1), A. Henstridge )-3), L. Masson (-4), visitor J. Weir (-8), G. Sonntag (-8), B. Michael (-8), G. Anderson (-9) and P. Mellow (-11). Gerry Toms scored the only Birdie, on the 3rd., while Nearest The Pins were also pretty scarce, achieved by Greg Anderson (3rd), Mark Loy (15th) and that wascally Wabbit (13th). Now, how many of you were aware of the hot, throbbing undercurrent presently affecting the Club? You must notice these things, so to help out, we confirm that the Summer Cup is being played out with monstrous ferocity. This week, Dave Rodgers buried Bill Berry ( 1 up), Dean Trickett stuck a loser’s label on Wayne Nagle (2 up) and Bill Parkin ruined Michael’s Day (4 up).

Hamley Bridge

Saturday’s stroke/flag competition was Bob Ahola, finishing on the 19th scrape. Scores in the stroke competition were C Skelland 63, D Cooper, R Ahola 66, K Kluske, J Mitchell 67, R Smith, R Pawlak, W Isgar 68, W Van Pelt, D Russell 70, L Usher, R Mortimer 71, R Cameron 73, A Mitchell, R Charman, B Schwartz 74, C Applebee, A Noack 75, G Dahlitz 79, M Grosby 81, L Hatcher 73. NTP: D Russell and birdies to R Smith, R Pawlak, D Russell, R Mortimer. Thursday’s results. Winner Ron Smith 47 from J Lily 45, K Kluske 42, D Cooper, E Manning 39, R Ahola 38 (Ball Winners) and B Cooper 37, W Van Pelt, G Dahlitz 36, R Cameron, M Grasby 35, T Jones 34, D Nation 33, R Mortimer, C Applebee 32, R Hahn, L Usher 31, L Hatcher 29, T Bateman 28, R Collins 27. Results from Saturday Jan 3. In the first competition round of 2009, 24 players competed in Saturday’s stableford round. Winner was Barry Schwartz 46 with other ball winners T Jones 41, L Hatcher, N Stringer, J Dahlitz 39 with other scores: D Cooper, K Kluske 39, B Cooper, S Howe, A Mitchell 38,ANoack, R Collins, C Doudle 36, R Pawlak, D Russell, R Ahola 36, R Smith, W Van Pelt 35, C Sketland 33, R Charman 32, D Russell 31, R Mortimer, R McGregor 30, R Cameron 38. NTP: R Cameron and K Kluske. Birdies to B Schwartz, A Noack, W Van Pelt, J Mitchell, A Mitchell and T Jones. Results from Saturday Jan 10. Saturday’s par competition was won by George Dahlitz on a countback from Max Grasby –both with +6. Other ball winners: B Charman +5, B Cooper +5, D Russell +4 and A Noack +4, followed by R Ahola +3, R Cameron +3, K Kluske +2, D Cooper +2, C Applebee +2, N Srtinger +1, L Hatcher, I Darwin, N Durdin, W Van Pelt, R Smith, L Usher all square, R Collins -1, S Howe -1, J Mitchell -2, T Jones -3, B Schwartz -6. NTP: J Mitchell and birdies to A Noack, D Russell, S Howe, R Cameron, J Mitchell, G Dahlitz. Thursday’s results: Winner Brian Cooper 42 from A Noack 39, G Toms, T Jones 38, R Ahola 37, B Zerna, R Smith, D Russell 36, R Cameron, C Doudle, R McGregor, B Charman, C Applebee 35, N Stringer 34, T Bateman, R Spriggs, K Kluske 33, M Grasby, D Cooper 31, L Hatcher, J Riley, L Usher 30 and five players scoring less than 30 points. NTP A Noack. Birdies: A Noack 9, 18, C Doudle 15, B Cooper 4, G Toms 1, R Ahola 12, R Smith 16, K Kluske 1, and Brad Zerna 6.

Balaklava Mid week

December 24. B Berry 52, D Goudie 45, D Taylor 43, D Newton 43, D Trickett 42, D Anderson 40, B Olsen 39, J Curnow 37, M Hameister 35, G Toms 35, D Cottle 35. December 31. Bill Berry 47, Dennis Goudie 45, Merv Hameister 44, Don Cottle 43, John Michael 42, Callum Michael 42, Dene Newton 42, Dean Trickett 41, Gerry Toms 38, Barry Olsen 37, Greg Sontag 37. January 7. D Anderson 44, D Newton 43cb, D Trickett 43, D Taylor 43, J Curnow 39, G Toms 37, W Nagle 36, A Henstridge 36, M Hameister 30, B Berry 25. January 14. Gerry Goms 45, Dene Newton 43, Dean Trickett 38, John Curnow

37, Doug Taylor 36, Merv Hameister 34, Bill Berry 34.

Shooting Adelaide Plains rifle

Cyclists & Torrens Valley. A Grade: P Bradshaw 97.10. B Grade: J Pinyon 92.7. Sighters: H Bradshaw 20.7. Handicap results: P Fry 48.2, 47.3 (6) 100. W Muhleder 46.2, 44.2 (12) 100. J Pinyon 46.4, 46.3 (7) 100. L Bament 45, 46.4 (10) 100. P Bradshaw 47.4, 50.6 (3) 100. G Apthomas 46, 45.2 (9) 100. D Bradey 49.4, 47.2 (4) 100. H Bradshaw 41.5, 47.3 (6) 100. P Gale 46.3, 49.5 (4) 99. C Luedeke 44.4, 45.1 (7) 98. Cyclists & Torrens Valley F Class. F Standard: C Green 187. Sighters: B Clifton 52. Handicap results: C Green 91, 96 (26) 200. B Clifton 83, 77 (34) 196. Light River. A Grade: G Mincham 98.10, B Grade: G Buddle 93.1. Sighters: R Roberston 19.1. Handicap B Hall 48.4, 50.6 (16) 120. G Mincham 49.4, 49.6 (9) 117. G Lewis 48.2, 49.5 (12) 116. R Robertson 46.3, 46.3 (18) 116. G Morony 45.1, 44.2 (23) 115. T Bickley 48.1, 45.3 (16) 113. B Wrightson 46.2, 49.2 (12) 112. G Buddle 4.1, 45 (18) 112. Phoenix. A Grade: C George 97.7. B Grade: M Bialkowski 96.4. F Class: R Mousley 115. Sighters: G Henderson 19.2. Handicap Results: C George 48.2, 49.5 (13) 122. R Mousley 57, 58 (7) 122. G Henderson 45.1, 47.3 (25) 121. D Logos 47, 48.5 (20 0120. L Scroop 50, 49 (21) 120. J Samuel 47.4, 49.1 (17) 118. C Williams 47.3, 49.2 (17) 117. M Bialkowski 49.4, 47 916) 116. D Clarke 47.2, 45.3 (19) 116. C Mousley 51, 50 (14) 116. S Cowie 45, 45, (24) 114. Postal & Railways. R Cunningham 97.10. B Grade: B Phillips 89.3. C Grade: M Bethune 87.3.Sighters: R Cunningham 19.2. Handicap results: R Cunningham 48.3, 49.7, 97. I Mackintosh 48.4, 43.2, 91. B Phillips 44.1, 45.2, 89. S Powell 45.2, 43, 88. D Barr 45.2, 43.1, 88. S Giles 42.4, 45.4, 87. M Bethune 45.2, 42.1, 80. M Spendelove 36.1, 47.2, 83. A McFarlane 39.1, 40.2.

Mallala Gun Club

Results from Sunday January 4. 20 target double barrel compulsory divide: A: D Johns, R Fleming P Hall, R Smith, M Stokes, C Bentley 20/20, B: G Read, G Hopgood 20/20, C: A Newbold 20/20. 25 target point score:A: C Bentley 75/75, second A Vilcins 101/102, B: G Read 74/78, second G Hopgood 73/78, C: G Ogilvie 69/75, second G Tapscott 68/75. 50 target continental club championship: A: C Bentley 50/50, second G Gilbert 50/51, B: B Duncan Jr 48/50, second M Pontifex 46/50, C: G Tapscott 45/50, second K Kessegian 44/51.


Balaklava 18/136 def. Saddleworth 6/71. Mixed doubles: Derek Friedrichs/Helen Barry -/6 lost to Greg Schmaal/Heidi Schmall 1/7; Ashley Winders/Stacey Hodge -/- lost to Rick Lamond/Pauline Hill 1/6; Jared Schmaal/Chris Dixon -/2 lost to Phil Barry/Tammy Barr 1/6; Luke Boehm/ Sheree Schmaal -/3 lost to Scott McDonald/ Don Veitch 1/6; Chris Hallion/Chris Schmaal -/4 lost to Jeremy Lomman/Sharalyn Pike 1/6; Tom Feist/Juliana Puccetti -/1 lost to Nathan Yates/Hayden Battle 1/6. Ladies singles: Heidi Schmaal -/2 lost to Helen Barry 1/6; Stacey Hodge -/4 lost to Pauline Hill 1/6; Tammy Barr -/3 lost to Chris Dixon; Sheree Schmaal -/2 lost to Don Veitch 1/6; Chris Schmaal -/3 lost to Sharalyn Pike 1/6; Juilana Puccetti -/1 lost to Hayden Battle. Mens Singles: Greg Schmaal -/- lost to Derek Friedrichs 1/6; Ashley Winders /2 lost to Rick Lamond 1/6; Jared Schmaal -/- lost to Phil Barry 1/6; Scott McDonald -/6 lost to Luke Boehm 1/7; Jeremy Lomman -/4 lost to Chris Hallion 1/6; Tom

Match won by Mallala Dublin Batting M.Sammons ct Cawrse b B.Montgomery 7 J.Crosbie b B.Montgomery...................... 17 D.West ct M.Birchmore b R.Montgomery 14 C.Mason b R.Montgomery........................ 6 B.Starr ct M.Birchmore b A.Fischer......... 40 J.Chapman ct M.Birchmore b T.Cawrse.... 4 W.Heslop b J.Birchmore.......................... 38 B.Marshall ct J.Birchmore b A.Fischer...... 1 J.Mason b B.Montgomery......................... 3 H.Walker ct M.Birchmore b B.Montgomery 0 L.Walker Not Out....................................... 1 Extras 4 Total 10/135 Mallala Bowling Bowler O M W R B.Montgomery 8.4 1 4 29 T.Cawrse 10 4 1 18 R.Montgomery 8 1 2 34 J.Birchmore 2 0 1 17

Mallala Batting M.Birchmore ct D.West b B.Starr.......... 15 A.Buckley ct B.Starr b L.Walker............ 26 K.Curnow ct D.West b L.Walker............ 36 B.Montgomery b B.Starr.......................... 4 R.Montgomery Not Out......................... 46 D.Cawrse lbw W.Heslop.......................... 9 J.Birchmore Not Out................................ 1 A.Fischer............................................DNB R.Underwood.....................................DNB Z.Hallion.............................................DNB Extras 5 Total 6/141 Dublin Bowling Bowler O M W R W.Heslop 10 0 1 36 B.Starr 10 4 3 17 J.Mason 9 0 0 41 L.Walker 10 1 2 37 H.Walker 1 0 0 4

stanley Cricket Lower North vs Clare Match won by - Clare Lower North Batting A.Brackstone lbw b C.Klinger.................. 0 T.McPharlin ct P.Leditschke b S.Victor...11 J.Mahoney ct A.Vandeluer b S.Henrich 24 T.Moulds b C.Kinger................................ 2 P.Chivell b J.McLean............................... 8 S.Williams Not Out................................ 57 N.Robinson ct W.Hutchson b J.McLean 10 A.Smith ct J.McLean b S.Heinrich........... 6 Ryan McPharlin st S.Shedall b R.Calaby 4 I.Gul ct D.Pink b R.Calaby..................... 21 J.Napper bb A.Vandeleur......................... 1 Extras 27 Total 10/171 Clare Bowling Bowler O M W R C.Klinger 9 2 2 15 S.Victor 5 0 1 28 S.Heinrich 9 0 2 29 J.McLean 7 0 2 30 C.Calaby 7 0 2 36 A.Vandeluer 5.2 0 1 27

Clare Batting R.Calaby b A.Smith............................... 27 P.Leditschke ct P.Chivell b J.Napper..... 26 S.Stedall ct P.Chivell b A.Brackstone.... 35 W.Hutchinson ct&b A.Brackstone.......... 19 A.Vandeleur Not Out.............................. 29 D.Pink Not Out........................................ 9 L.Zanetti.............................................DNB S.Victor...............................................DNB C.Klinger.............................................DNB S.Heinrich...........................................DNB J.McLean............................................DNB Extras 27 Total 4/174 Lower North Bowling Bowler O M W R A.Smith 9 2 1 33 A.Brackstone 9 1 2 38 I.Gul 6.4 0 0 33 J.Napper 9 0 1 28 T.McPharlin 7 0 0 32

Lower North vs Brinkworth/KoOl Match won by - Brink/Kool Brinkworth/Kool Batting P.Meyer Not Out.................................. 171 A.Moller ct I.Gul b A.Brackstone............ 13 A.McKenzie b A.Smith............................. 1 B.Stringer ct A.Brackstone b I.Gul......... 27 S.Weckert ct&b S.Williams.................... 19 S.Krieg lbw T.McPharlin........................... 7 D.Lawry lbw A.Smith............................. 15 n/a Not Out.............................................. 9 Extras 15 Total 6/282 Lower North Bowling Bowler O M W R A.Brackstone 6 0 1 27 M.Smith 9 2 2 46 I.Gul 4 0 1 43 S.McGuinnes 9 0 0 56 T.McPharlin 9 0 1 54 S.Williams 8 0 1 46

Lower North Batting A.Brackstone ct P.Meyer B M.Wiech..... 25 T.McPharlin b B.Pilkington..................... 45 J.Mahoney ct P.Meyer b S.Goss........... 24 T.Moulds b B.Pilkington........................... 9 S.Williams ct S.Krieg b C.Hanley.......... 13 J.McPharlin Not Out.............................. 25 N.Robinson ct C.Hanley b B.Pilkington... 2 S.McGuiness Run Out Meyer.................. 9 I.Gul ct S.Krieg b P.Meyer....................... 6 A.Smith Run Out..................................... 6 T.Williams lbw P.Meyer............................ 0 Extras 16 Total 10/180 Brinkworth/Kool Bowling Bowler O M W R M.Weich 9 0 1 41 A.Moller 4 0 0 24 S.Goss 5 1 1 14 B.Pilkington 9 1 3 43 C.Hanley 4 0 1 23 P.Meyer 5.2 0 2 22 B.Stringer 1 0 0 1

Lower North vs Sevenhill Match won by - Sevenhill Lower North Batting A.Brackstone b M.Inglis......................... 52 T.McPharlin ct P.Clark b R.Cole............. 15 J.Mahoney ct&b D.Smith....................... 15 J.McPharlin b P.Clark............................ 43 N.Robinson ct M.Catford b K.Rimmer... 26 A.Smith Not Out.................................... 25 B.Michael lbw P.Clark.............................. 0 L.Michael Not Out.................................. 18 Extras 28 Total 6/222 Sevenhill Bowling Bowler O M W R M.Catford 8 1 0 42 R.Cole 9 1 1 52 M.Inglis 5 0 1 24 D.Smith 4 0 1 17 K.Rimmer 9 1 1 31 K.Steele 5 0 0 34 P.Clark 5 2 2 14

Sevenhill Batting K.Steele ct A.Smith b C.Heslop........... 102 A.Unger lbw A.Smith............................... 9 K.Rimmer ctBrackstone b T.McPharlin.. 18 M.Catford ct C.Heslop b B.Michael....... 17 M.Harvey b A.Smith............................... 22 D.Smith Not Out.................................... 26 M.Inglis ct B.Michael b C.Heslop............. 8 M.Smith Not Out...................................... 9 Extras 18 Total 6/230 Lower North Bowling Bowler O M W R A.Smith 9 1 2 34 A.Brackstone 6 0 0 35 C.Heslop 9 0 2 45 T.McPharlin 8 0 1 47 B.Michael 9 2 1 39 L.Michael 2 0 0 26

Feist -/1 lost to Nathan Yates 1/6. Ladies Doubles: Heidi Schmaal/Stacy Hodge -/5 lost to Helen Barry/Pauline Hill 1/7; Chris Dixon/Sheree Schmaal -/3 lost to Tammy Barr/Don Veitch 1/6; Sharalyn Pike/Hayden Battle -/4 lost to Chris Schmaal/Juilana Puccetti 1/6. Mens Doubles: Greg Schmaal/Jared Schmaal -/- lost to Derek Friedrich/Rick Lamond 1/6; Ashley Winders/Luke Boehm -/- lost to Phil Barry/Scott McDonald 1/6; Jeremy Lomman/Nathan Yates -/4 lost to Chris Hallion/Tom Feist 1/6.

Doubles: Bonnie Nicholls and Joel Nottle -/5 lost to Travis Green/Mel Ireland 2/12; Brendan Wallis/Ryan Greenshields -/6 lost to Lyn Bettess and Caitlin Drew 2/12; Nick Nicholls and Nikki Beall -/6 lost to Brendon Bettess and Karlie Bettess 2/12; Roger Heins/Peter Cook won on forfeit. Singles: Bonnie Nicholls -/1 lost to Travis Green 1/6; Joel Nottle -/4 lost to Mel Ireland 1/6; Brendan Wallis -/2 lost to Lyn Bettess 1/6; Ryan Greenshields -/- lost to Brendan Bettess 1/6; Caitlin Drew -/4; lost to Nick Nicholls 1/6; Nikki Beall -/4 lost to Karlie Bettess 1/6; Roger Heins won on forfeit; Peter Cook won on forfeit.


Division two: Bute 11/70 def. Lochiel 5/58.



The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009


Upsets keep the pressure on top sides Bowls resumed on January 10 with interesting results continuing to come to the fore in both Divisions. In Division One, Wasleys came close to inflicting an upset win over Balaklava just failing by one shot. Elsewhere, Hamley Bridge, Riverton and Owen all had sound wins over their respective opponents. Last weekend’s round of Division One matches produced more than its fair share of upsets. Owen had a sound win over the more fancied Hamley Bridge while Tarlee upset Wasleys by five shots. Leaders Riverton also had a tight tussle against Mallala securing the win by only three shots. Balaklava had a comfortable victory over fourth placed Port Wakefield in the remaining match. Division One standings show Riverton still leading with Balaklava replacing Hamley Bridge in second and Owen now in fourth spot ahead of Port Wakefield. The remaining positions have remained unchanged.

This week’s round

Three of this weekend’s Division One matches

By John Glistak, Secretary WMBA will be eagerly watched as the battle for fourth spot intensifies. Riverton hosts Owen in a clash where consistent form will favour the home side. A win for Owen, though, will help their chances of holding onto fourth spot. Port Wakefield travel to Wasleys in another key match likely to go down to the last few ends. Wasleys had a narrow loss last time, but this match is on its home green. Balaklava and Mallala play in the other key contest with Mallala keen to return to winning ways again. On this occasion, however, Balaklava should prove too strong for their opponents. Hamley Bridge should return to the winning circle after their unexpected loss last weekend, much to Tarlee’s disappointment. Division One – 10 January 2009: Balaklava 67(10) (A. Chivell 31, P. Thompson 23, B. Taylor 23) def. Wasleys 66(2) (G. Rendell 13, R. Bowman 15, L. Ryan 38); Hamley Bridge 76(12) (D. Rex 27, M. Durdin 25, B. Smith 24) def. Mallala 64(0) (P. Furst 23, K. Roberts 23, I. Stuart 18); Riverton

86(12) (N. Rogers 28, M. Griffiths 33, B. Mullins 25) def. Port Wakefield 59(0) (A. Fontaine 20, R. McQuire 17, G. McPharlin 22); Owen 75(10) (G. Harkness 23, K. Warnes 31, N. Harkness 21) def. Tarlee 58(2) (F. Gorey 19, D. Quodling 14, D. Branson 25) Division One – 17 January 2009: Balaklava 84(12) (T. Clifford 24, P. Thompson 29, B. Taylor 31) def. Port Wakefield 61(0) (G. McPharlin 21, R. Murphy 20, R. McQuire 20); Tarlee 67(11) (F. Gorey 21, D. Branson 21, M. Butler 25) def. Wasleys 62(1) (G. Rendell 21, R. Bowman 20, L. Ryan 21); Owen 79(10) (T. Harkness 18, N. Harkness 23, K. Warnes 38) def. Hamley Bridge 62(2) (B. Smith 30, M. Durdin 16, D. Rex 16); Riverton 69(10) (N. Rogers 18, M. Griffiths 23, B. Mullins 28) def. Mallala 66(2) (P. Furst 32, K. Roberts 15, I. Stuart 19) Standings: Riverton 126 +198, Balaklava 113 +206, Hamley Bridge 104 +125, Owen 72 -83, Port Wakefield 70 -15, Mallala 53 -33, Wasleys 52 -84, Tarlee 34 -314 Division One – 24 January 2009: Hamley Bridge vs Tarlee, Riverton vs Owen, Wasleys vs Port Wakefield, Balaklava vs Mallala

TERRY Cluse, Port Wakefield lines up during the game at home on Saturday.

Division Two to split into Red and White The curse of leading Division Two was still alive in the round played on January 10. Leader Mallala White had their colours lowered by Balaklava Red going down all rinks. Hamley White won the local derby against Hamley Red despite having only one rink up. Interest in the elusive eighth spot continued following Port Wakefield Gold’s narrow win over Owen by six shots putting Port Wakefield Gold into that desired spot ahead of Owen. Mallala Black, Balaklava White, Port Wakefield Blue and Balaklava Blue all won their respective matches to conclude the round. Last weekend’s round concluded the round robin phase of the Division Two competition and what an intriguing round it was. A win for Port Wakefield Gold was all that was needed for that side to take part in the Red Section of the competition. However, their home form continued to desert them as they lost to Mallala Black by 16 shots. Elsewhere, Owen, who started the day one point behind Port Wakefield Gold, had an all rinks up win over the more fancied Balaklava White combination. These results placed Owen in the eight and consigned Port Wakefield Gold to the White Section of the competition. Comfortable victories were recorded in all of the remaining matches of the round. Division Two – 10 January 2009: Mallala Black 97(11)

North Eastern mid week

Results from Wednesday January 7. Clare Red 36 (10) T Morris 17, R Howes 19 d Clare White 29 (0) T Sims 11, J Bradbury 18. Balaklava 52 (8) K Harkness 34, H Philp 18 d Spalding 30 (2) K Jackson 6, P Goodridge 24. Brinkworth 39 (10) J Goss 20, P Meyer 19 d Blyth 27 (0) L Mader 9, R Kennett 18. Burra 40 (10) C Boston 20, D Schultz 20 d Snowtown 35 (0) R Atkinson 18, R Brand 17. Premiership table: Pts For Agst % Snowtown 93 526 356 59.64 Burra 9 514 379 57.56 Clare Red 83 368 329 52.80 Blyth 54 446 442 50.23 Balaklava 51 348 462 42.96 Spalding 48 387 410 48.56 Brinkworth 36 338 427 44.91



Match Results from Thursday January

Round Eleven Burra Gold 33 (D Broderick 13, K Maidment 20) lst Auburn Black 42 (S Hean 23, H Williams 19). Burra Green 35 (H Stockman 22, A Webster 13) lst Riverton Blue 55 (M Keast 28, J Schroeder 27). Burra Red 23 (D Mengerson 8, D Day 15) lst Riverton Black 61 (M Prime 34, A Harrip 27). Hallett 25 (R Jaquet 13, D Kealy 12) lst Auburn Red 52 (M Mount 27, M Parkinson 25). Riverton Green 40 (E Passehl 23, J Przibilla 17) lst Watervale 46 (S Martin 19, P Walshaw 27). Saddleworth Blue 30 (B Schoenberg 22, R Richardson 8) lst Robertstown Gold 59 (C Ruediger 21, L Mosey 38). Saddleworth Gold 23 (C Haydon 11, C Reed 12) lst Robertstown Green

By John Glistak, Secretary WMBA (G. Donlon 19, J. Evans 33, B. Smith 34) def. Wasleys 56(1) (J. McDonnell 19, R. Modra 19, T. Prior 17); Port Wakefield Gold 71(10) (P. Baum 15, A. Carslake 24, R. MacGregor 32) def. Owen 65(2) (P. Sullivan 24, L. Beaty 21, A. Tiller 20); Balaklava White 80(12) (K. Harkness 24, R. Hillman 28, J. Olsen 28) def. Riverton Black 66(0) (R. Schulz 22, M. Prime 26, B. Prime 18); Hamley White 70(8) (I. Parr 33, L. Stott 18, B. Morris 19) def. Hamley Red 58(4) (J. Tily 12, G. Schilling 21, D. French 25); Balaklava Red 98(12) (K. Cottle 47, B. Hogben 29, C. Cowan 23) def. Mallala White 45(0) (G. Forrest 9, K. McDonald 17, P. March 19); Port Wakefield Blue 98(12) (T. Jones 48, H. Brown 21, A. Brown 29) def. Tarlee 38(0) (J. Tayler 3, J. Rees 16, R. Clarke 19); Balaklava Blue 82(10) (P. McPharlin 32, R. Barr 32, C. Milton 18) def. Riverton White 67(2) (G. Stone 20, J. Glistak 15, R. Hannaford 32) Division Two – 17 January 2009: Mallala White 87(12) (P. March 27, K. McDonald 29, G. Forrest 31) def. Port Wakefield Blue 59(0) (A. Brown 21, H. Brown 13, T. Jones 25); Balaklava Blue 74(10) (R. Barr 39, C. Milton 22, P. McPharlin 13) def. Tarlee 63(2) (P. Henderson 14, B. Butler-Sinclair 19, D. Rohde 30); Hamley Red 80(12) (J. Bell 30, D. French 24, G. Schilling 26) def. Riverton White 60(0) (G. Stone 19, J. Glistak 23, R. Hannaford 18); Hamley White 86(12) (L. Stott 27,

59 (J Kotz 33, D Kotz 26). Spalding 42 (M Fleming 27, G Cruse 15) def Mintaro 24 (B Kellock 10, L Gooda 14). Tarlee 22 (J Rhode 11, S Molineux 11) lst Booborowie 39 (M Baldock 13, M White 26). Premiership Table Round Eleven Side Points Shots +/() Booborowie 65 62 Auburn Black 64 136 Auburn Red 60 62 Riverton Blue 59 42 Robtstwn Green 57 104 Watervale 55 57 Riverton Black 54 85 Robtstwn Gold 50 120 Mintaro 50 (24) Spalding 49 (53) Burra Green 48 (20) Saddlewth Blue 46 25 Riverton Green 40 25 Burra Gold 35 (23) Burra Red 24 (116) Saddlewth Gold 21 (119) Tarlee 8 (162) Hallett 7 (201) Results from Thursday January 15. Round Twelve Auburn Black 55 (H Williams 23, S Hean 32) def Burra Red 22 (D Maschgan 13, D Mengerson 9). Auburn Red 40 (M Parkinson 23, M Mount 17) def Burra Green 30 (L Sutton 13, H Stockman 17). Booborowie 51 (M White 22, M Baldock 29) def Robertstown Gold 40 (L Mosey 21, D Wilksch 19). Mintaro 62 (S Ettridge 37, L Gooda 25) def Saddleworth Gold 29 (C Haydon 15, C Reed 14). Riverton Black 47 (A Harrip 21, M Prime 26) def Robertstown Green 33 (D Kotz 18, M Colby 15). Riverton Blue 34 (M Keast 15, J Schroeder 19) lst Burra Gold 38 (D Broderick 22, K Maidment 16). Riverton Green 31 (E Passehl 16, J

I. Parr 31, B. Morris 28) def. Riverton Black 58(0) (R. Schulz 17, M. Prime 26, B. Prime 15); Owen 77(12) (I. Freebairn 23, L. Beaty 26, P. Sullivan 28) def. Balaklava White 66(0) (R. Hillman 20, J. Olsen 23, K. Harkness 23); Balaklava Red 77(12) (C. Cowan 26, B. Hogben 22, K. Cottle 29) def. Wasleys 52(0) (J. McDonnell 14, J. Williamson 16, T. Prior 22); Mallala Black 80(10) (G. Donlon 23, J. Curnow 30, B. Smith 27) def. Port Wakefield Gold 64(2) (R. McGregor 24, A. Carslake 19, A. Williams 21) Standings: Hamley White 112 +174, Mallala Black 108 +172.75, Hamley Red 106 +177, Mallala White 104 +110, Balaklava Blue 102 +105, Balaklava Red 96 +79, Balaklava White 86 +33, Owen 85 +56.25, Port Wakefield Gold 76 +92, Riverton Black 69 -2, Riverton White 62 -16, Port Wakefield Blue 37 -183, Wasleys 35 -384, Tarlee 14 -416

Now it’s Red and White

Division Two now splits into Division Two Red (consisting of the first eight sides) and Division Two White (consisting of the remaining six sides). Each Section will continue with separate match programs, concluding with finals later in the season. For the benefit of all bowlers, the following side numbers apply in the respective Division Two Sections [refer to p. 13 (Division Two Red) and p. 15 (Division Two White) in the program book]: Division Two Red – 1 Hamley White, 2 Mallala

Przibilla 15) lst Hallett 54 (R Jaquet 23, D Kealy 31). Tarlee 45 (S Molineux 26, J Rhode 19) def Saddleworth Blue 26 (R Richardson 16, B Schoenberg 10). Watervale 33 (S Martin 15, P Walshaw 18) lst Spalding 35 (G Cruse 16, M Fleming 19). Premiership Table Round Twelve Side Points Shots Booborowie 73 73 Auburn Black 72 169 Auburn Red 67 72 Riverton Black 62 99 Riverton Blue 61 38 Mintaro 58 9 Robertstown Green 57 90 Spalding 57 (51) Watervale 55 55 Robertstown Gold 50 109 Burra Green 49 (30) Saddleworth Blue 46 6 Burra Gold 41 (19) Riverton Green 40 2 Burra Red 24 (149) Saddleworth Gold 21 (152) Tarlee 16 (143) Hallett 15 (178)

Region 8

The Region 8 selectors have announced the side to represent our region at the 2009 country Round Robin to be held at the following venues. Play will commence at 9.30am each day. Tuesday Feb 9 – Marion Wednesday Feb 10 – Payneham Thursday Feb 11 – Kensington / Marryatville Friday Feb 12 – Ascot Park B Parker (Owen), D Willmott (Riverton), R Hudson (Minlaton), S Catt (Booborowie), I Dinham (Clare), D Lamond (Balaklava), G Kotz (Robertstown), P Thompson (Balaklava), B Mullins (Riverton), L Ryan, skipper (Wasleys), D Rex, skipper (Hamley Bridge), N Rodgers (Riverton), J Bubner (Hamley Bridge), J Spackman (Mundoora), M Greenslade (Riverton), N Weckett (Koolunga), M

Black, 3 Balaklava Blue, 4 Balaklava Red, 5 Hamley Red, 6 Mallala White, 7 Balaklava White, 8 Owen Division Two White – 1 Tarlee, 2 Port Wakefield Gold, 3 Riverton White, 4 Riverton Black, 5 Wasleys, 6 Port Wakefield Blue To this point of the season, the Division Two competition has been a very tight contest and with only twenty seven points separating first and eight in the Red Section, a keenly fought series of matches will feature in each of the remaining nine weeks of competition. This weekend’s round of matches in Division Two Red are likely to provide an upset or two with Balaklava Blue being the most consistent side having won its last six matches – a feat not achieved by other leading contenders. A finals type atmosphere and competitiveness will prevail in each of the Red Section matches as all sides strive to secure a top four berth in two months time. Division Two Red – January 24 : Hamley White vs Owen, Balaklava Blue vs Mallala White, Mallala Black vs Balaklava White, Balaklava Red vs Hamley Red The key match in Division Two White features the local derby between Riverton White and Riverton Black. A close result is expected in this tussle. Elsewhere, wins are likely for the two Port Wakefield sides over their respective opponents. Division Two White – January 24 : Tarlee vs Port Wakefield Blue, Port Wakefield Gold vs Wasleys, Riverton White vs Riverton Black.

Norman (Clare), M Perrin (Redhill), B Brown (Clare), N Aitchison (Mundoora). Managers Jim Quinn (Hallett) and Owen Chapman (Balaklava). Reserves: K Kerley (Mundoora) and B Stringer (Redhill). Selectors: N Rodgers, D Rex, B Stringer, J Spackman, B Brown and G Kellock.

Women’s Round Robin teams

Played in Adelaide from February 10 - 13. Lyn Moloney (sk), Carol King (third), Natalie Fyfe (second), Bev Roney (lead). Wendy Aitchison (sk), Kerrie Hayes (third), Sue Yates (second), Diane Clements (lead). Scarlett Schumacher (sk), Lyn Wildash (third), Enid Passehl (second), Cathy Greenslade (lead). Ann Harrip (sk), Margaret Maylin (third), Helen Stringer (second), Shirley Richards (lead). Reserves to be selected from: Helen Williams, Venita Rowan and Rosie Richardson.

sides for saturday

BALAKLAVA: Division 1. Balaklava v Mallala at Balaklava. S Hawke, S Schumacher, C Bown, M Northcott (sk). B Olsen, J Roberts, A Chivell, T Clifford. A Northcott, O Chapman, D Lamond, B Taylor (sk). Division 2. Balaklava White v Mallala Black at Mallala. Cars: Thirds. J Cleary, J Lee, L Zerk, R Hillman (sk). R McDonald, N Olsen, L Harkness, J Olsen (sk). B Moffatt, H Philp, B Philp, K Harkness (sk). Balaklava Blue v Mallala White at Balaklava. L Day, R Greenshield, G Palmer, P mcPharlin. J Cowan, L Barr, D Cottle, R Barr (sk). L Braddock, D Anderson, D Beare, C Milton (sk). Balaklava Red v Hamley Red at Balaklava. J Milton, N Sampson, K Ackland, C Cowan (sk). C Stewart, A Barr, D Whittaker, B Hogben (sk). D Hawke, R May, C Welke, K Cottle (sk).

Bar: S Hawke, D Lamond. Chicken Wheel: L Day. OWEN: Division 1. Owen v Riverton at Riverton. B Duncan, J Marshman, B Parker, N Harkness (sk). B Diehl, W Hocking, G Bubner, K Warnes (sk). G Marshman, R Uppill, G Harkness, T Harkness (sk). Cars: B Diehl, R Uppill, B Duncan departing at 12.40. Division 2. Owen v Hamley Bridge White at Hamley Bridge. J Robinson, C Hocking, W Hodgetts, I Freebairn (sk). P McIntyre, R Hill, L Hean, L Beaty (sk). A Wandel, D Lauricella, K Gould, P Sullivan (sk). Cars W Hodgetts, L Hean, D Lauricella departing at 12.45. Reserves from G Wandel, G Duncan.

Wooroora Women

Results from January 15. Mallala Black d Mallala White 41-36 (B Roney 19 d F Dunstan 17, C King 22 d M Marshman 19). Mallala Red d Two Wells White 51-25 (R Jenkin 23 d M Maylin 13, Y Curnow 28 d S Underwood 12). Owen d Port Wakefield 33-32 (B Harkness 16 d B McQuire 14, S Kemster 18 d G Wandel 17). Balaklava Gold d Balaklava Red 38-30 (C Goldney 23 d L Harkness 11, L Barr 19 d K Catford 15). Hamley Bridge d Two Wells Red 48-29 (N Fyfe 18 d B Molloy 14, L Moloney 30 d M Gameau 15). Premiership results: Owen 97 +101 Balak Gold 91 +50 Hamley Br 77 +33 Pt Wakefield 65 -9 Mallala Red 62 -19 Balak Green 61 +24 Balak Red 60 +6 Mallala White 60 -7 Mallala Black 59 +3 TW White 36 -58 TW Red 29 -117

The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009




BOB Bradley of Mintaro, Mid North and Rob Grope of Nuriootpa, (Barossa) study the positioning of the bowls. RIGHT: Liam Buckley of Angaston, (Barossa) prepares to send one down.

TOP: The winning Mid North Association team. ABOVE: David Lamond, Region 8 presents the KS Trengrove shield to Mid North Association representative Jim Quinn of Hallett.

RIGHT: Mathew Northcott of Balaklava, (Wooroora) draws back ready to bowl.

Adelaide Plains Basketball Association

Goin’ Court side

LEFT: Malcolm Durdin of Hamley Bridge, (Wooroora) and Ian Graetz, Tanunda, Barossa decide which lines to give their team mates.

Mid North wins Inter-Association Bowls

First win for 22 years An Inter-Association Round Robin was held between the Barossa & Light, Broughton, Mid North and Wooroora Bowling Associations at Balaklava Bowling Club on Sunday January 11 under ideal bowling conditions. The first round featured matches between Wooroora and Barossa & Light, and Mid North against Broughton. Barossa & Light recorded a tight win over Wooroora by seven shots while Mid North had a comfortable nineteen shot victory over Broughton. Round One: Barossa & Light 82 (R. Schneider 9, B. Warner 17, S. Forbes 16, G. Ayres 11, I. Otterspoor 13, K. Sanford 16) def. Wooroora 75 (D. Rex 20, P. Thompson 6, B. Mullins 12, L. Ryan 12, B. Smith 16, N. Rogers 9); Mid North 89 (I. Dinham 11, G. Williams 15, R. Kennett 17, G. Kotz 15, D. Maidment 14, B. Brown 17) def. Broughton 70 (K. Kerley 8, M. Perrin 17, K. Lawry 11, P. Meyer 12, J. Spackman 13, N. Aitchison 9). In the second round Mid North accounted for Barossa & Light by six shots while Wooroora recorded a sound win over Broughton by forty one shots. Round Two: Wooroora 95 (B. Smith 14, N. Rogers 18, D. Rex 12, L. Ryan 21, P. Thompson 17, B. Mullins 15) def. Broughton 54 (K. Lawry 13, M. Perrin 6, K. Kerley 11, N. Aitchison 4, P. Meyer 7, J. Spackman 13); Mid North 84 (G. Williams 14, R. Kennett 21, D. Maidment 8, I. Dinham 17, G. Kotz 15, B. Brown 9) def. Barossa & Light 78 (S. Forbes 14, R. Schneider 7, B. Warner 10, K. Sandford 15, I. Otterspoor 18, G. Ayres 14). In the final round Mid North inflicted a 29-shot defeat of Wooroora while Broughton recorded their first win at the expense of Barossa & Light by eight shots. Round Three: Mid North 96 (I. Dinham 14, G. Williams 15, G. Kotz 15, R. Kennett 23, B. Brown 13, D. Maidment 16) def. Wooroora 67 (B. Mullins 12, B. Smith 14, P. Thompson 10, L. Ryan 9, D. Rex 17, N. Rogers 5); Broughton 82 (J.

Spackman 21, N. Aitchison 12, K. Kerley 7, K. Lawry 14, M. Perrin 14, P. Meyer 14) def. Barossa & Light 74 (B. Warner 8, R. Schneider 11, S. Forbes 20, G. Ayres 9, I. Otterspoor 13, K. Sandford 13). Leading skippers for the day were: - R. Kennett (Mid North) 3 wins +34, D. Rex (Wooroora) 3 wins +12, I. Dinham (Mid North) 3 wins +7 and S. Forbes (Barossa & Light) 2½ wins +17.

At the conclusion of a very successful day, Mid North emerged victors having won all three matches and were presented with the K.S. Trengove Inter-Associations Round Robin Shield. It was Mid North’s first win for 22 years. Final Standings: Mid North 6 pts +54 shots, Wooroora 2 pts +5 shots, Barossa & Light 2 pts -7 shots, Broughton 2 pts -52 shots.

Wooroora Association

A Bowler’s Bias

Name: Maurice Manners Age: 46 Played bowls for: Two years Bowl for: Port Wakefield Live: Port Wakefield Profession: Fisherman Hobbies other than bowls: Golf, darts Do you prefer to play on lawn or synthetic greens? Lawn Bowls could be improved by: Practice! Toughest opponent (or club): Owen Eglinton, Hamley

Other than myself, the association’s best bowler is: Ray Murphy I do play bowls with my wife because: It is good for a laugh! Should there be a minimum age limit for bowlers? No Should there be a maximum? No What is your favourite movie, TV show, song? Pulp Fiction When you have to cook a meal for yourself, what is it? BBQ

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3Quality kitchens 3 Built-ins 3 Vanities 3 Modulars Ph: 8862 1166 Mob: 0429 642 120 A/hrs: 8862 1001

When was the last time you fouled off? This season How would you lift the profile of basketball in Australia? Broadcast APBA games on TV Hobbies other than basketball? Horse riding, netball, keepin’ it real If you won $20 million in Lotto, what would you do? Go to the pub, pay back Mum and Dad If you were going to a deserted island, name three things you would take with you: Chapstick, chickens and Chelsea Favourite movie/TV show: The Sweetest Thing/Dexter

Name: Louise Read Nickname: Lou Age: 17 Height: 178cm Shoe size: 10 Team: The mighty HB Bombers Grade: Women’s division Lives: Balaklava Occupation: Student/Foodlander Favourite basketballer? Boca Favourite team? The mighty HB Bombers! Toughest opponent? Jane Harding, Balaklava

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from the pitch Name: Hayden Battle Nickname: Batts Team: Lower North Cricketing Status: Allrounder Who would you least like to face up to? Wilms. He turns the ball like Warney and has a similar receding hairline Who is your favourite Waugh? Steve Who is your favourite Australian Cricket Captain? Tubby Taylor Funniest thing you have seen on a cricket oval? Daniel Angel trying to bowl. We went from being in an unbeatable position to losing all in the space of one over! Best effort with bat or

ball? 118 not out (in the backyard at Alby’s) Your most memorable moment in cricket: Hitting winning runs in grand final – would like to say it was a cracking cover drive, however it was a thick edge between keeper and 1st slip. Strangest place you’ve turned up in your cricket whites: Clare Country Club for Tubby’s wedding Worst dressed player in your team: Moose – too much ‘bling’ Who would you least want to room with on tour? Why? Dicko – he loves a beer and has massive hands...” He scares me”

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The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009



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• 6 speed auto • 3.5 litre V6 • 200kw of power • 9.9 litre / 100km of economy • Only 4,000kms







• Auto • Sports handling • Alloy wheels • Brilliant silver duco • Only 8,500kms

• Manual • Tow bar • Turbo diesel • Double rear doors • Room for a party • Only 1,000kms



A/H: 8842 1440




AURION PRODIGY • 6 speed auto • Step above the rest • Must be driven • Only 100kms





HOTLINE 8842 2566

Vehicles in stock at the time of printing. Photos for illustration pruproses only. Prices do not include statutory charges or registration unless stated

LMVD 203659





The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009


weekly guide to weather and agricultural services

Owen gets a helping hand from ABB fund Owen Community Centre has received a new laptop and projector funded by the ABB Grain Community Fund. The community centre committee learned of the funding last year, and the new computer and projector, supplied by Mid North Computers, was presented to the committee last Friday. While the committee applied for a portion of the cost and were prepared to meet the remaining cost, they were surprised and happy to learn ABB Grain would grant funds to cover the full purchase price of the equipment.

Payment options for pooled grain

ABB Grain corporate affairs manager, Marc Cooney, said the Community Fund was part of ABB’s commitment to rural Australia. “The support or rural

and regional communities is of great importance to ABB,� he said. “This fund represents ABB’s commitment to giving something back to those communities.�

Local issues in climate forums A series of workshops will be held across the State to provide farmers with the latest information to assist them in managing climate risks. The workshops aim to provide information, tools and ideas to help land managers better deal with climate variability, which is predicted to increase in importance and impact under projected climate change. The emphasis will be on local information, looking at district climate records, local production systems and potential implications of climate change on local resources and soils. Seasonal climate outlook models are constantly improving, but for the foreseeable future, rainfall across a growing season remains difficult to predict with certainty. Understanding the risks and trade-offs of different strategies and utilising available seasonal indicators and tools will

Australia’s leading hay exporter

provide farmers with the best information to base decisions upon. Topics covered will include an in-depth look at local climate records, climate drivers and seasonal outlook tools, climate change science and projections at a local level Presenters include Melissa Rebbeck, senior research officer, SARDI Climate Applications Unit; Darren Ray, senior meteorologist, SA Climate Section, Bureau of Meteorology; Barry Mudge, Farming Systems Consultant, Rural Solutions SA; Ian McFarland, senior livestock consultant, Rural Solutions SA Workshops will be held across the state, including Mallala, February 16; Crystal Brook, March 11; Bute, March 12 and Eudunda, April 3. Farmers interested in attending the workshops should contact Penny Stevens at Rural Solutions SA on (08) 8821 1555.

ABB Grain has opened its national No.2 malting barley pool. ABB’s pooled grain business unit manager, Anthony Fitzgerald, said this second pool offered another grain marketing alternative for growers. The estimated return for the premium varieties Baudin, Gairdner and Buloke will be $210-$220/tonne FOB with Flagship at $215-$225/t. The traditional varieties of Schooner, Sloop, Fitzroy, and Grimmett, have an estimated return of $200-210/t FOB. Segregations such as malt 2, malt 3, and no retention will be available. For full details of grade spreads, visit ABB’s website ABB offers three pool payment alternatives for its barley (malt and feed), wheat and canola pools. The traditional harvest payment, for barley, is 60 per cent of the FOB estimate less 100 per cent of estimated costs. The other alternatives are quarterly distributions, which will have deducted 100 per cent of costs incurred to the time of each distribution, and a single payment alternative paid at pool finalisation (less costs incurred during the life of the pool). ABB closed its No.1 malting pool on December 31 last year. For more information contact an ABB Grain accumulation manager in their particular region or ABB’s service centre on 1800 018 205.

Computers; Owen Community Centre Committee chair, Graham Duncan, and ABB Grain operations coordinator northern area, Andrew Rodda.

In the latest round, 31 grants were awarded from more than 200 applications. • Pictured at the presentation are supplier Sue Holman, Mid North





Fine. Light SW to SE winds.



7 - 9




Mostly fine. Morning S to SW change, shifting SE’ly during the day.








( ,

"1/ ,ĂŠ, ",ĂŠ/ ĂŠ/ -



Fine. NW to SW’ly winds.

7 / ,ĂŠ", -/


Fine. Cloud increasing later. Light to moderate W to SW’ly winds.

/1,- 9



Mostly fine. Moderate W to NW winds, ahead of a late afternoon SW change.


Adelaide Plains, Clare & Gilbert Valleys region

day forecast – Balaklava


The frontrunner in fertiliser Ph: 8440 2450

Sponsored by








7,""ĂŠ/ ĂŠ/ -

7i`˜iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠĂ“ÂŁ ĂŠ äx\ĂŽx>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°£äÊ ä™\Ă“Ă“>“°°°°°°°°°° £°ÓÎ ĂŠ äÎ\Ó΍“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°nĂ“ /Â…Ă•Ă€Ăƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠĂ“Ă“ ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\ÂŁĂ“>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°näÊ ÂŁÂŁ\{x>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°nÇ

7i`˜iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠĂ“ÂŁ ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\x{>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°{™Ê ä£\Ă“x“°°°°°°°°°° ä°Îx

Ă€Âˆ`>Ăž]ĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠĂ“ĂŽ ĂŠ äÎ\x{>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°nnĂŠ ÂŁÂŁ\{ä>“°°°°°°°°°° ä°xn ĂŠ Ă¤Ăˆ\ÂŁx“ °°°°°°°°°°£°{™Ê £ä\{{“°°°°°°°°°° £°££ ->ĂŒĂ•Ă€`>Ăž]ĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠĂ“{ ĂŠ ä{\xÇ>“ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°£ÓÊ ÂŁĂ“\äӍ“°°°°°°°°°° Ă¤Â°ĂŽĂˆ ĂŠ Ă¤Ăˆ\£™“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°ÂŁÂ°ĂˆnĂŠ ÂŁÂŁ\Ă“{“°°°°°°°°°° ä°n™ -Ă•Â˜`>Ăž]ĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠĂ“x ĂŠ äx\ĂŽ{>“ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°ÎäÊ ÂŁĂ“\Ă“x“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÓÎ ĂŠ Ă¤Ăˆ\Î΍“ °°°°°°°°°°£°Ç™Ê ÂŁÂŁ\x䍓°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÇÎ œ˜`>Ăž]ĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠĂ“Ăˆ ĂŠ Ă¤Ăˆ\ä£>“ °°°°°°°°°°Ó°{ÂŁĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\{΍“°°°°°°°°°° ä°£n ĂŠ Ă¤Ăˆ\{Ǎ“ °°°°°°°°°°£°nĂˆ /Ă•iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠĂ“Ă‡ ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\ÂŁÂŁ>“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Ă¤Â°ĂˆĂ¤ĂŠ Ă¤Ăˆ\Ă“{>“°°°°°°°°°° Ó°{Ç ĂŠ ÂŁĂ“\x™“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°£xĂŠ äÇ\ä䍓°°°°°°°°°° £°™Ó

Ă€Âˆ`>Ăž]ĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠĂ“ĂŽ ĂŠ äÓ\xn>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°xÂŁĂŠ ä£\££“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÓÇ

/Â…Ă•Ă€Ăƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠĂ“Ă“ ĂŠ ä£\xÂŁ>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°xäÊ ä£\äǍ“°°°°°°°°°° ä°Îä

->ĂŒĂ•Ă€`>Ăž]ĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠĂ“{ ĂŠ ä{\ÂŁ{>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°xĂŽĂŠ ä£\Ó䍓°°°°°°°°°° Ă¤Â°Ă“Ăˆ -Ă•Â˜`>Ăž]ĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠĂ“x ĂŠ äx\ÂŁĂ“>“ °°°°°°°°°°£°xnĂŠ ä£\ә“°°°°°°°°°° ä°ÓÇ œ˜`>Ăž]ĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠĂ“Ăˆ ĂŠ äx\xĂŽ>“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°ÂŁÂ°ĂˆĂŽĂŠ ä£\ĂŽn“°°°°°°°°°° ä°Ón ĂŠ äÇ\{{“ °°°°°°°°°°ä°nĂˆĂŠ ÂŁÂŁ\{n“°°°°°°°°°° ä°Çx /Ă•iĂƒ`>Ăž]ĂŠ>Â˜ĂŠĂ“Ă‡ ĂŠ Ă¤Ăˆ\Ă“Ăˆ>“ Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°Â°ÂŁÂ°ĂˆxĂŠ ä£\x䍓°°°°°°°°°° ä°Ón

3 Best Quality 3 Best Range 3 Best Price Phone: 8862 1866





/ * ,/1, ĂŠEĂŠ, ĂŠ -ĂŒ>ĂŒÂˆÂœÂ˜ Ă•LĂ•Ă€Â˜ >Â?>ÂŽÂ?>Ă›> Â?ĂžĂŒÂ…

Â?>Ă€i >“Â?iÞÊ Ă€Âˆ`}i ÂœĂžÂ?iĂŒÂœÂ˜ >Â?Â?>Â?> "Ăœi˜ *ÂœĂ€ĂŒĂŠ7>ÂŽiwiÂ?` ,ÂˆĂ›iĂ€ĂŒÂœÂ˜ ,ÂœĂƒiĂœÂœĂ€ĂŒÂ…Ăž ->``Â?iĂœÂœĂ€ĂŒÂ… -Â˜ÂœĂœĂŒÂœĂœÂ˜ /ĂœÂœĂŠ7iÂ?Â?Ăƒ


Ă›iĂ€>}iĂŠ/i“ >Ă? ˆ˜

Ă?ĂŒĂ€i“iĂŠ/i“ >Ă? ˆ˜













7iiŽ ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä

,>ˆ˜v>Â?Â? >Â˜ĂŠĂ¤Â™ >Â˜ĂŠĂ¤n ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä £°n ä°ä Ă¤Â°Ăˆ ä°ä {°ä ä°ä Ó°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä Ó°n ä°ä {°{ ä°ä {°{ ä°ä ä°{ ä°ä Ó°ä ä°ä ÂŁÂ°Ăˆ ä°ä ĂˆÂ°{


ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä ä°ä




Contact Shayn 8862 1222

Classifieds Phone 8862 1977 Fax 8862 1997

Trades & Services Directory



Monumental Works

Darren Davey & Rodney Burgess ALSO VISITING

• Quality Marble & Granite Monuments • Additional Inscriptions • Renovations Equal to New • Kitchen & Vanity Benchtops • Factory Direct Prices • Country & Metropolitan

Pt Wakefield, Mallala & Two Wells

Physio Appointments & enq.

8862 2200 or 0448 862 222 Introducing

Kylie Button Massage Therapist

Factory / Sales

0428 359 394

Sale enquiries: Kellie-Lee Cook & David Cook Ph: 8862 2047 Fax: 8862 1014 Lot 94 Dunns Road, Balaklava Craftsman built memorials

‘Complete crash repair centre”

Dr Daryl R Brown Consulting Fridays 9am to 1pm at Balaklava Ambulance Station

Specialist Auto Repairers ★ Digital imaging for speedy insurance claims ★ Windscreen replacement & repairs ★ Plastic welding ★ Tilt towing 24 hours

414 Main Nth Rd, Clare Phone: 8842 2810 Fax: 8842 3851 Email:

For appointments phone

8853 2088

Temporary Road Closure




A man wakes up after sleeping under an ADVERTISED blanket

For further details contact: David Hassett Infrastructure Services Manager, Wakefield Regional Council on 8862 0800.

+GST of $180




on an ADVERTISED mattress and pulls off ADVERTISED pyjamas

+GST of $390

For more info: 0409 951 441

Lower Light

Septic Suckers 7 Days Service!

Phone Roger: 0428 419 133

bathes in an ADVERTISED shower

Community Grants

shaves with an ADVERTISED razor brushes his teeth with ADVERTISED toothpaste


washes with ADVERTISED soap

A grants scheme has been established to provide funding for community projects that will contribute to better natural resources management in the Northern and Yorke region.

puts on ADVERTISED clothes

The scheme is funded by the Northern and Yorke NRM Board and includes the following categories:

drinks a cup of ADVERTISED coffee

• Local Government - up to $50,000

Quality Approved Member

✔ Andy’s Sheds & Roofing

Waratah Earthworx

• Custom made gable verandahs • Rural

•Bobcat •Tipper •Excavator •Excavations •Trenching • Civil work • Site levelling •Cartage • Slashing / mowing • Hole boring •Rubbish removal • Driveways • General earthworks

• Industrial • Commercial • Domestic

Adelaide Plains

Mob: 0419 038 948

• Community Groups - up to $10,000 • Schools, kindergartens and other educational bodies - up to $10,000

drives in an ADVERTISED car

• Natural Resource based organisations - up to $10,000


The closing date for submissions is 5pm on 10 February 2009. For information and submission forms please visit or phone the Northern and Yorke NRM Board on 8636 2361.



Butch Bennett Crash Repairs Pty Ltd



Public Notice

Dahlmyra Street, Hamley Bridge between the Hamley Bridge Institute and the swimming pool, will be closed to vehicular traffic between 9am and 4pm on Monday January 26, 2009 for the Hamley Bridge Australia Day 2009 – Community Celebration. Participants of this event are exempt from observing Australian Road Rules 230 and 238.

Trades & Services Directory


Notice Under Section 33 Road Traffic Act 1961

Public Notice



The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009

Balaklava and surrounding areas Contact Grant Fisher 8862 1988 or 0407 807 123


Teaching vehicle on-road tests (VORT) Late model car SUE MURCOTT •• Air conditioned DRIVING SCHOOL • Dual controls

2009 SCHOOL CARD SCHEME The 2009 School Card Scheme provides financial assistance towards the cost of educational expenses for school students of low-income families. It is administered by the Department of Education and Children’s Services. Who can apply for School Card?

Sue Drive School 110804


earn to drive with a

School Card assistance is available for: • Dependent students from 4 years of age receiving full-time schooling at a government or non-government school. • Independent full-time students undertaking at least 6 subjects in years 10 or 11, or at least 5 subjects in year 12 at a government or non-government school, or

Phone: 8528 5336 Mobile: 0409 525 452

• Adult re-entry students attending a government or non-government secondary school.

Don’t just stop termites …eliminate them! •Millipedes •Spiders •Rodents •Bees •Weed Control •Flies

Eligibility for School Card assistance is dependent upon family gross income for the 2007/2008 financial year being within the following School Card income limits.


Servicing Country SA


Outback Pest Control

Specialising in the eradication of ...

• Performance exhausts • Standard replacement • Mild & stainless steel • Custom made systems • Extractors • Bikes 16a Paxton Street, Willaston

8522 2614

✓ Flies, Fleas, misc. pests ✓ Rats & Mice ✓ White Ants ✓ Cockroaches ✓ Spiders ✓ Weed spraying

Health Comm. Lic. No. 12

John Giles Ph/Fax 8842 3566 Mobile: 0418 813 272

Termite Interception & Baiting System


Main North Road, Clare Phone: 8842 2001 A/h: 8844 5041 Toll Free: 1300 856 263 Mobile 0418 859 195

Number of Dependent Children

Gross Annual School Card Income Limit

Gross Weekly School Card Income Limit
















$ 862


Each additional dependent child How to apply for School Card

• Visit your local school and request the appropriate 2009 School Card Application Form and associated Fact Sheet. • Follow the instructions on the Fact Sheet and submit the form as directed by the Fact Sheet. • All forms must be completed in full, and where required supporting documentation must be attached. For more information please contact you local school or the School Card Section on phone: Free call 1800 672 758 or website: EDTREM011520




Coming Events

Blyth Cinema

15 Moore Street, Blyth SA (opp. Medika Gallery)

• Wall-E (G) ★ ★ ★ ★ Animated/Family, all tickets $5 - Fri Jan 23, 8pm • Wild Child (PG) ★ ★ ★ Teen movie - Thurs Jan 22, 2pm - Sat Jan 24, 8pm • Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging (PG) ★ ★ ★ Discounts if attending both movies on Sat, Teen Movie - Sat Jan 24, 6.30pm - Fri Jan 30, 8pm •Stop-Loss (MA15+) ★ ★ ★ ★ Action/Drama, staring Ryan Phillippe, Channing Tatum, Abbie Cornish - Sat Jan 31, 8pm - Fri Feb 6, 8pm Tickets: •Adults $10 •Con/Stu $7.50 •Child $5 •Family tickets $25 (2 +2) extra child $2.50 3 Full Dolby digital surround sound 3 Candy bar 3 Air Conditioned BOOKINGS 8844 5175 - (between 2pm - 5pm)

Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council January Council Meeting Change of date Notice is hereby given that the January 2009 meeting of Council will be held on Wednesday January 28, 2008 in the Council Chambers 4 Gleeson Street, Clare commencing at 7pm Roy D Blight Chief Executive Officer

For Rent

FOUR bedroom house near Port Wakefield. A/C newly renovated, references required. Available now. $185pw. Ph: 8528 6094. Balaklava - 15 John St. 3 bedrooms $150 per week. Apply at Balaklava Electronics or phone 8862 2211. Balaklava. Spacious 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, features polished floors, big games room, triple carport, great location, walk to everything. $250pw. Ph 8841 3900. Hoyleton. 10 minutes from Balaklava, 10 minutes from Auburn. 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, neat and tidy home on ½ acre. $140pw. Ph 8841 3900.

For Sale

12ft Aluminium dinghy; Honda 15hp four stroke, new galvanised trailer (registered YHJ 846). Safety gear - used once only $5,500. Ph 0428 890 107. 1982 Volvo 244GL sedan, good condition, clean reliable vehicle, good tyres and rego VMW-092. $700 ono. Phone 8864-5035.

For Sale

1997 Ford Festiva GLI, 1 owner, less than 14,000 km, auto, air conditioning, power steering, $5,500. Phone: 8862 1269 or 0403 860 746. 2003 Yamaha TTR90ES, excellent condition, well maintained, no further use, $1,800. Phone 8844 3201 or 0429 937 152. 2005 VZ SV6, 6 speed manual, tinted windows, power windows / mirrors, 91,000 kms, good tyres, 1 owner, 4 months rego, service history, 9.8 Ltr / 100 kms, $20,500 neg. Phone 8528 2480. 22FT caravan/annex on-site W.I.W.O Port Wakefield Caravan Park, $17,500 o.n.o. Newly Renovated. Phone 08 8668 4208 or 0429 002 158. 4wd camper trailer, Cameron canvas, pull out kitchen, lots of storage, excellent condition, $8,500, reg no. TNK 762. Ph8844 3230 or 0428 152 267. SIX person massage master sports spa, 45 jets, emerald green with lockable hard cover, only 2 1/2 years old, hardly used, $6,000 o.n.o. Phone 0433 354 783.

Coming Events

Balaklava Football Club Senior Training Commences Tuesday January 27 - 6pm & Thursday January 29 - 6.30pm •All intending & interested players welcome

Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council

Contact Andy Michael 0429 633 060 or Gib Palmer 0419 760 151

Australia Day Breakfast An invitation is extended to all residents to attend an Australia Day Breakfast and Awards presentation at the following locations listed, on Monday January 26, 2009. Clare: 8.30am Maynard Park (If weather is inclement) Clare Town Hall Riverton: 8.30am Riverton Recreation Ground Saddleworth: 8.30am Saddleworth Institute

Roy D Blight Chief Executive Officer

Wasleys Road, Mallala Road Closure Pursuant to Section 33 of the Road Traffic Act 1961 and Clause F1 of the Minister for Transport Notice of Delegations dated 17 June 2006 the District Council of Mallala authorises the closure of Wasleys Road, Mallala, from Chivell Street to Marshman Road between the hours of 2pm and 8pm on Saturday February 28, 2009. Damien Moloney Chief Executive Officer

A Fun weekend at Port Parham

Karaoke Saturday January 24

• 8pm til late • Meals from 6pm - 8pm • Full menu

Bathing Beauties Competition Sunday January 25

• From 11am • Babies to grandparents • BBQ lunch • Bar facilities avaiable

Come and join in the fun!

The Port Parham Sports & Social Club Phone: 8529 2211 or 8529 2324

Long Term Financial Plan Council has recently updated its Long Term Financial Plan to include the most recent financial results for 2007-08 and the first quarterly review for 2008-09. Accordingly, Council welcomes feedback from our community relative to the long term projections contained within the draft Plan. A copy of the plan is available at the Mallala office and library at Two Wells. Written submissions are invited to: Chief Executive Officer PO Box 18 MALLALA SA 5502 Closing Date: 5 pm Wednesday February 11, 2009

For Sale

Balaklava house block, 840 m2, close to shops and schools. Quiet street. Phone 0433 354 783. BALAKLAVA High School has Triticale hay & wheaten chaff for sale, hay $77 including GST roll and chaff $18 including GST bag. Phone 0417 768 303. Black angus cattle, prime condition, well bred. 4x 2 year old steers, $800 each. 3 year old bull, proven, $1,500. Ph 0439 700 977. BOAT 4.8m Savage Tasman 70 hp Johnson 1/2 cab, canopy, side clears, full stern covers, Brooker tilt trailer, marine radio, fish finder, compass, am/fm radio, SS bow rail, new fuel tanks, new anchor. Boat & trailer registered till 2009. $6,500 ono. Phone: a/hrs 8528 2442 mob. 0412 819 731. COMMODORE VS sedan. Nothing to spend, very reliable, reg no. VSC 893, $3,000. Ph: 0428 662 232. Custom hand made knives - stainless steel, carbon steels, knife sharpening & repairs, knife restoration. Hansen Custom Knives. Phone 8862 2360 or 0407 577 054. Dining table and chairs, 1940s, oak oval table 1820 x 1200, 4 chairs and 2 carvers, good condition, $400 o.n.o. Avon - Phone 8862 7041 or 0402 883 960. Elfinvale black & tan kelpie pups, 10 weeks old, 1 male, 2 female, $30 each o.n.o. Good as working dogs or pets. Ph: 0430 365 511. Hay - new season, small square oaten hay, $6 per bale. Balaklava Museum. Phone: 8862 1741. HOLDEN ASTRA CD 2000 - Green 4 door hatchback manual, 83,000km, CD, aircon, cruise, central locking. One lady owner, reg WMC-319. $10,450. Phone 0422 006 647. Holden Rodeo 1997 4wd traytop turbo diesel a/c towbar 5 speed manual excellent condition. $9250 o.n.o. Reg WAR 766. Leyland Boxer Beavertail tray 5 x 2 speed diesel. Fair condition $5500 o.n.o. Phone: 8864 2220 or 0429 642 221. INTER AL160 tipper, grain sides, suit farm use RNA175, $1,500. Wisconsin V4 petrol motor, electric start, $1,500. Ph: 0448 659 269. Island Star caravan, 2002, 19’ 6”, queen size bed, 3 way fridge, air conditioner, cooktop/oven, microwave, 12v or 240 v system, roll out awnings. Phone: 8862 1695 or 0427 829 297, $34,000. New all purpose car trailer, 4m x 2m, $4,300. Phone: 0428 988 799. XF Ford Fairmont sedan. Runs well, new reconditioned motor, LPG, 6 cylinder, registered XFS 284, wrecking. Parts from $5 or $600 lot. Phone 8862 1905 XF sedan, 6 cylinder, fuel injected, auto, $350 ono. Reg UJP 125 Ph 8862 1867. XR6 Falcon ute 2002. Silver, 85,800km, hard lid, tinted windows, CD player, tow pack. $15,800. Ph Marc 0419 803 881.

Garage Sale

Balaklava Whole Town Garage Sale, Saturday February 28. Register your sale for free. Thousands of visitors. Phone 8862 1063 to be included in advertising.

The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009

The Plains Producer Phone 8862 1977 Fax 8862 1997 Deadline: 5pm Monday

Garage Sale

GARAGE SALE - 1 Phillips Street, Saturday January 24, Sunday January 25, 8.30am to 4pm. Massive moving sale, household, workshop and gardening goods, antiques and vintage. Follow signs at Whitwarta, Saturday January 31, 8am.

Work Wanted

Asbestos Remover now operating in your area. We specialise in Asbestos Registers and Annual Inspections. Reasonable rates, clean, safe, license 90314. Phone 0428 840 451 or wattsasbestos. CONTRACT slaughtering is our speciality at our quality assured. Snowtown Abattoirs for butcher shop farmers and every day people. Serving all areas. Phone 8865 2162.

16th Birthday

Northcott, Susanne Lee. On January 14. Happy Birthday, love Mum, Dad and Shaun.

80th Birthday

Tucker Ron. Congratulations on your 80th birthday. Wishing you best wishes, good health and a special day. With love from Maureen, Jill and Bill, Bron and Peter, Greg and Judy and your eight grandchildren.


Walker (nee Borg). Luke and Rebekah are proud to announce the arrival of their first child, a little boy, Jai Thomas on December 22, 2008, weighing 7lb 13oz. Many thanks to Dr J.Grant and midwives Helen and Tracey at The Calvary Hospital. Walker - Thank you Rebekah and Luke on the arrival of our first grandchild, a little boy Jai Thomas. A nephew for Uncle Heath, Aunty Kate and Uncle Marc. All our love and the very best of wishes from Dianne and Pop (Nan and Pop.) Walker - Jai Thomas. Rosalie Good is proud to welcome her third grandson. A nephew for Aunty Renee, Uncle Jason and Aunty Michelle. A cousin for Martine and Alexander. Love and best wishes from us all.


Hall - Iala Evelyn passed away peacefully on January 11, 2009. Wife of the late Murray. Loved Mum of Mona, Janet, Sandra, Doug and Rob and their families. At peace.


Curnow-Sellar Suzie and Dylan are proud to announce their engagement with love and best wishes from both families. LaBond-Heyes Christine and Scott are thrilled to announce their engagement in Paris on September 10, 2008. Love and best wishes from their parents Arlyce, Curt, Sandra, Steve and Christine’s stepmum Karen. McCracken-Healey. Scott, son of Ray and Bev of Balaklava and Nicole, daughter of Neil and Chris of Adelaide are delighted to announce their engagement on December 21, 2008.


OLsen-Jones. Gail and Jake of Balaklava together with Robyn and Alan of Aberfoyle Park are delighted to announce the engagement of Kimberley and Ben on New Year’s Eve. Wishing you both love and a lifetime of happiness together.

In memoriam

Stewart- Reginald John Dad and Papa. Two years have gone past with a flash of an eye, just seems like yesterday since we had to say goodbye, even though goodbye was so hard to say we treasure the memories we have each and every day. RIP Dad. Lots of Love Trent, Renae and Ty. Stewart - Reg. As time goes by without you, days turn into years we hold a million memories and a thousand silent tears. To us you were so special, we wish with all our hearts that you were here today. Love Melissa and Geoff. Stewart - Reg. We often think of the things you’d do, the things you’d like and the things you’d say, with these memories you are never far away. Love Andrew, Deborah, Madeline and Brianna. Stewart - Reg. Passed away January 15, 2007. Lovingly remembered and so sadly missed. Jill and family. Watts - Rob. Passed away January 7, 2008. Cherished memories of a great friend and adventures shared. Ridin’ free forever. Wendy.

Return Thanks

Drennan - John Scott. Elspeth and Wallace, Catherine and Jeff (Redpath) Dianne and Geoff (Rayson) and families sincerely thank family and friends for cards, phone calls, flowers and expressions of sympathy on the sad and sudden loss of our much loved son, brother and uncle, Scott. Please accept this as our personal thanks. He will be in our hearts forever. Williams - Max. Trenna Dean, Heather and family sincerely thank relatives and friends for the many cards, phone calls and visits at the time of Max’s passing. Please accept this as our personal thanks.

Thank you

I would like to thank the Balaklava Women’s Bowling Club ladies for the luncheon they supplied for my 60th Birthday celebrations. An excellent job. Thanks also to Brenda and Harold Philp for their support and the bar committee. Marty Barker


Tiller-Henschke. Matt and Dot are pleased to announce their marriage on January 15, 2009 at Mt Gambier. Lots of love and best wishes from both families.

Wedding Ann.

Clark-Hunt. Jack and Daphne. Congratulations on the 60th anniversary of your wedding at the Berri Church of Christ on January 8, 1949. Our love and best wishes on this special occasion from Brenton, Lesley and Philip, Sarah Louise and Adam, Andrew and Eleanor, Johanna and Heath and Sam; Jesse, Eden, Caleb, Calum, Jaiden and Isaac.

The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009


Phone 8862 1977 fax 8862 1997 email

Jenkin (Roberts) Keith and Rosemary are “Happy as Larry” to celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss. January 23, 1959 at Mallala. With love and admiration from the family.

Public Notice

CASH for cans and bottles, Owen Recycling - 18 Railway Tce, Owen. Wed 10-5; Sat 10-1 or by appointment. Ph 8528 6307. Encyclopedia of South Australian Country Football Clubs. The author, Peter Lines will be visiting the Balaklava Football Club on Tuesday January 20 between 12pm and 1.30pm to sell and promote his book. SAILPLANE flights. The Balaklava Gliding Club has $60 gift vouchers available for passenger flights any weekend from their airfield 10km north west of Balaklava on main Snowtown road. Phone 8864 5062 for bookings.


Turtle approx 6” diameter. Last seen 22 Edith Tce. Well loved school pet. Phone 0400 254 180.


ROOmmate located in Seaton, share with two males, large bedroom close to beach, Westlakes and public transport to city. Enquiries Call 0413 401 898.

Wanted to buy

HORSES unwanted, top prices, cash, any types, Ph 8524 3640 or 0414 546 217. OLD petrol bowser or parts, old signs, tins, oil bottles, books, brochures, plough seats, seed drill ends, cow bells, military items, old comics, badges, medals, anything old in any condition, cash paid. Phone Rob 8846 4079.

Paper Day Later Next Week

Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant

United Football Club

Situations Vacant

Employment Vacancy

Ph 08 8527 8292, Fax 08 8527 8299


Positions available

Affiliated in the Adelaide Plains Football League

Responsible, flexible and honest persons of any age (mature age persons welcomed to apply) to work in a roadhouse.

Require coaches for the 2009 APFL season

Senior Colts (U/17) Junior Colts (U/14) Minis (U/11) Mini-Minis

Job description includes: • Serving of customers • Cleaning • Console operations • Cooking (after training) • Stock control No experience necessary as the successful applicant will undergo a training program. The hours of employment will vary and will include weekends, however the roster may cater for an alternate weekend off. For full details of the job description – to be discussed at interview. Please ring Eddy on 0400 424 125 / 8867 1104 between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Assistants for above grades also required Please submit written application Including experience and remuneration To – Secretary UFC C/o Post Office Long Plains 5501 Closing date January 30 For further details contact: James Rundle 0418 621 745

Regional Telephone Books will be delivered in your area during February 2009. Expressions of Interest are invited from groups which have delivered previously or from new groups or individuals who would like to be involved. For information on areas, timelines, payment rates and other details, please contact Brett on 0411 716 036 or email:

Crop Production Overseer

State of our Health



The Yorke & Mid North Region operates a centralised scheme for the administration and allocation of Temporary Relieving Teachers (TRT’s) and Early Childhood Workers (ECW’s) from Port Broughton, Snowtown, Port Wakefield down to Warooka, Yorketown & Edithburgh.

I am seeking an interested person to take on the role as the Member of Parliament’s appointed representative of the Balaklava Riverton Health Advisory Council. The role would involve attending HAC meetings within the region and reporting back to me.

If you wish to register for temporary relief positions in schools and pre-schools you should forward the following relevant information:

The first AGM is scheduled for: Balaklava Riverton HAC: Thursday March 26, 2009

• Both sides of your ‘Authority to Undertake Relief Work’ • A copy of your Teacher registration form verified by a site leader.

Key responsibilities include implementing the cropping program for 1,300ha using no till farming principles and precision application of inputs. The right applicant will have the opportunity to become an integral part of the business’ success in the future. They are seeking a person who: • • • •

Has a background in agronomy or crop production Has sound computer skills and is receptive to new and evolving technologies

Has excellent communication skills Can work unsupervised to deliver efficient outcomes

A competitive and negotiable package will be offered to the successful applicant. To discuss this opportunity and obtain a position description, please contact Carlyn Mellors at Rural Directions Pty Ltd on 08 8842 1103. Applications close on Wed 4 February 2009.

Please contact me to register your interest or for further information on 8832 2455 or goyder@

Completed booking office registration form (located on the Wakefield District Web page under PRT/TRT/ECW Booking Scheme or phone/fax Booking Officers 08 8821 4769 for a copy). Please send this information to: The Booking Officers C/- Kadina Primary School, 5 Doswell Tce, KADINA, SA 5554 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Rural Directions Pty Ltd has a client based at Marrabel who is seeking an enthusiastic, self motivated and reliable person to join their team as Crop Production Overseer.

Nominations are to be submitted by 20 February 20, 2009. “valuing our health services and our community” KADPRS000001

Wedding Ann.

Fischer-Webster. Dawn and Colin married at All Saints COE Pinnaroo on January 26, 1949.


Insurance Sales Support Officer Clare, SA


ECO245453 01/09

Elders Insurance, operating for over one hundred years, is one of Australia’s largest regional and rural insurance services and operates an agency network distributing general insurance products to regional and rural clients. Gawler, Barossa and Clare Valley Insurance Services is the Elders Insurance agency in Clare where we have a vacancy for an Insurance Sales Support Officer. As an employee of Gawler, Barossa and Clare Valley Insurance Services, your major duties will include: • Processing insurance quotations, new business, renewals etc • Office administration, telephone enquiries and credit control. To be successful in this role you must be able to display the following skills: • A knowledge of general insurance (preferred but not required) • Computer literacy • Well developed communication skills. Ideally you will also have, or be happy to undertake training in Australian Financial Services Reform Act 2001 (FSRA) Insurance Tier 1 or Tier 2 accreditation. Additionally you will be able to obtain satisfactory police and ASIC clearances. You will also have the following qualities: • Customer service • Teamwork and co-operation • Concern for quality • Flexibility. This position offers you a career opportunity with a leading Elders Insurance franchise and a competitive remuneration package will be negotiated with the successful applicant. To apply, please visit, go to the Career Opportunities tab and apply via this position’s listing. Applications close Friday, 23 January 2009.

VINTAGE LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Taylors Wines Pty Ltd is a progressive family owned company producing premium wines for the domestic and export market. Taylors Wines is seeking applicants for a Vintage Laboratory Technician position to assist in providing laboratory support to the cellar and bottling departments. Laboratory experience is desirable. The Vintage Laboratory Technician role will include: • Sample collection and analysis ( both vintage and non vintage analysis) • Preparation of pre bottling release forms • Ensure accuracy of analysis We are seeking a self-motivated, reliable person who has attention to detail and the willingness to work in a team environment. Applications should be forwarded to: Human Resources Manager Taylors Wines P.O. Box 90 Auburn S.A. 5451 Applications Close January 28, 2009

Taylors Wines Pty Ltd is a progressive family owned company situated in the picturesque Clare Valley, producing premium wines for the domestic & export market. Reporting to the Manufacturing Manager, the key objective of this full time position will be to efficiently and effectively lead the team in the operation of bottling equipment. The successful candidate should have at least a basic knowledge of the Wine/Beverage Industry and must possess a high degree of mechanical aptitude. We are looking for an active team leader who can support and encourage team members. He/she must have a high level of self-motivation, good personal presentation, a commitment to high standards in wine quality and be knowledgeable in OHS Policies and procedures in the workplace. It is expected that he/she is certified or will undertake appropriate qualifications such as but not limited to AQF4 Frontline Management. He/she must also be a qualified and licensed Forklift Operator.

Andreas Reisinger

Taylors Wines Pty Ltd PO Box 90 AUBURN SA 5451

Closing date: January 30, 2009




The Plains Producer, Wednesday January 21, 2009

The Plains Producer

Real Estate

Grand classic in top location


Lease by Tender


Waverley Homestead Fyfe Road, Hamley Bridge • Stately Farm Homestead on 1.8ha Open today 5-6pm, Saturday 10-11am Victorian Villa style homestead with quality workmanship & character features, needs renovation. Imposing entrance hall, 14 ft pressed tin ceilings, polished pine floor boards. 3 large bdrms, formal lounge & grand dining rm. Eat-in farm kitchen + pantry. Mature trees & shrubs in peaceful garden setting w superb views across rolling farmland. Only 15 minutes to Gawler, 20 minutes Barossa Valley. To be sold subject to a boundary re-alignment. Auction 2pm Friday February 27, 2009 at Vine Inn Hotel Nuriootpa. Geoff Schell 0418 842 421 or David Cook 0419 837 361

Yelmah Piggery & Land Fyfe Road, Hamley Bridge • 252.09 hectares - 622.91 Acres • Highly regarded Piggery Superb Breeding Stock • Plus blue ribbon farming land in 5 Lots Lot 1 — Yelmah Piggery — 32.4 Hectares To be sold as a going concern — stock included. Yelmah GGP nucleus herd of Large White, Landrace and Duroc. 450 Sow farrow to finish piggery Lot 2 “Waverley” homestead - 1.8 hectares Lot 3 West Long - 23.47 hectares Lot 4 East Long - 44.33 hectares Lot 5 Richies Quarry - 64.74 hectares Lot 6 Richies East & West - 53.01 hectares Lot 7 Clover Hill - 32.37 hectares Rare opportunity to purchase a fully operational piggery with quality breeding stock included set up for instant cash-flow. Also blue ribbon farming land in a tightly held area, to be sold in addition to Yelmah piggery. Offered in lots allowing farm build up in one of the most reliable farming areas of SA. Auction 2pm Friday February 27, 2009 at Vine Inn Hotel, Nuriootpa. David Cook 0419 837 361 or Geoff Schell 0418 842 421



74.86 HA Prime Cropping Land

This substantial Marchant sandstone home has return bullnose verandahs, lattice work and a very real “wow” factor. Features include 14ft pressed tin ceilings, polished Baltic pine flooring and leadlight windows and a fully renovated kitchen with cellar. A grand lounge room and separate dining room with open fire places are perfect for dinner parties and entertaining. There are four spacious bedrooms, study and two bathrooms. The home is situated at Number 1, Whitwarta road, Balaklava, on one acre of land. It is offered at $438,000. There’s a stone garage, 20’ x 60’ shedding, dog yard, bird aviary, rainwater tanks and more. Established grounds add to the attractiveness of the property. It’s a great property in a great location.

n Contact:

Graeme Nield, of Jack Redden Real Estate, Clare, on 8842 1154 or 0428 848 915.

Public Notice Section 7 The vendor's statement relating to matters affecting the advertised properties in this publication may be inspected at the agent's office three business days prior to auction or at the place of auction 30 minutes before sale.

> Mid North Conveyancers (Incorporating Devin Baum Conveyancing) In association with: • Jenkins Anderson Allard, Solicitors • Greg Anderson LL.B, Solicitor • Kim Shaw J.P., Registered Conveyancer

> Property Transfers > Business Settlements > Leases > Plans of Division > Family Farm Transfers > All LTO Applications

8 North Street, Auburn SA 5451 P: 8849 2444 F: 8849 2419 E:



Mallala Cropping Land

Friday February 6 11am at Mallala Football Club Rooms 123.64 Ha Two Titles 305 Ac To be offered in two lots: Lot 1 41.09 Ha One paddock, mainly all arable, mains water. Lot 2 82.55 Ha One paddock, mainly all arable, mains water. Approx 3 kms South West of Mallala, close to silos & livestock exchange. Excellent farm build up or invest in the rural industry. TERMS. Lot 1 10% on fall of hammer Balance March 6. Lot 2 5% deposit fall of hammer Balance July 2, 2009

Elders Roseworthy - 8521 0302 Graeme Hann 0417 814 659

Slightly undulating easy working arable cropping land with mains water, North West of town. Tenders close January 30, 2009 at Elders Roseworthy at 4 pm in Sealed envelope marked Tarlee. Neither highest nor any Tender necessarily accepted Elders Roseworthy - 8521 0302 Graeme Hann 0417 814 659 Riverton - Chris Klaebe 0409 972 882


The level allotment is approximately 850m2, has water connected and is within walking distance to shops and school.


Picture Book Home

We are here


• 3 dble brms, open lounge/dine • Good size kitchen • Enclosed BBQ area • Low maintenance garden • Double garage & small workshop.


Value Buying


• This is an excellent buy for any style of purchaser. • The brick veneer home is much larger than it looks • 3 Bedrooms (2 have built in robes) • Dine/Lounge has built in bar, • Plenty of storage space, galley style kitchen. • 2nd living room opens out to the paved semi enclosed outdoor entertaining area. • Secure back yard, carport, garage and much more.



Lifestyle Opportunity

• Gracious stone home with return verandah • 3 double bedrooms, formal lounge/dine, • Country kitchen with W-in pantry • Pressed tin ceilings & slate floors • Solar hot water • Huge semi enclosed entertainment area with bar • Low maintenance garden & 20x40 shed

190 Main North Road, Clare

8842 1154

Ferrisng Enterprises i Buy • Steel • Copper • Stainless Steel • Aluminium • Brass • Lead • Car Bodies 60 ton weighbridge on site


This residential Allotment is one of the cheapest in Balaklava.

Pty Ltd



8280 9944 Corner Heaslip & Waterloo Corner Roads Burton SA 5110

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