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JUNE, 2018

Attitude of Gratitude

Frazer Students Join Math Hall of Fame Story on page 4

Golden Eagle Class of 2018 Highlights and Honors on pages 8-13

Choir Season Features May Show Success

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I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire Plain Local community for your support and encouragement during the 2017-2018 school year. This past school year tested each of us in this community many different ways. We encountered many hurdles, but we united as one family to support our students, staff, and families across this community. I believe this year made us stronger and the future is bright as we dream about opportunities for children and begin preparations for the 2018-2019 school year. The 2018-2019 school year will feature many new partnerships and program expansion. Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health will begin a new partnership at GlenOak High School opening a full-service office available to all residents. In addition, we will enhance an already strong partnership with the Stark County Sheriff ’s Office. We will welcome five additional School Resource Officers across the district. These Sheriff Deputies will work closely with school officials and district families to promote safety and security throughout each school building and within Plain Township. As a parent in the school district, I feel fortunate to have these resources available as we continue to partner with local agencies to strengthen our entire Plain Local community Lastly, the Plain Local School District is officially an International Baccalaureate World School at GlenOak High School. This new program is recognized nationally and internationally as a world-class curriculum for students. There are only 2,500 high schools in the world with this program, and GlenOak High School is one of them. The district completed a rigorous three-year process to be eligible to offer these classes at GlenOak High School. This new program, along with existing opportunities, will give students in Plain Local an advantage over other local students after they graduate from GlenOak High School. Plain Local Schools has become a destination for families! We will continue to update the community over the summer and post beginning school year activities on our website at plainlocal.org. Please check for information and announcements all summer long. You can also email me at mayb@plainlocal.org with additional questions or concerns. Have a great summer. Go Eagles!

Brent May, Superintendent

#PLSLastDay Pics on page 20

Tracksters Sprint To State Competition Congratulations to GlenOak High School’s Track and Field team for sending seven events to the State Championship meet. The State Qualifiers traveled to Columbus at the end of the May to compete in the State Competition. Pictured L-R is Tate Rhoades, Dean Sarris, Michael Contrucci, Andrew White and Nucci Smith warming up before an event. Read more about the Track and Field season on page 19.

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Plain Local Accounting Receives Auditor Award

A recent financial audit of Plain Local Schools by the Auditor of State’s office has returned a clean audit report. Plain Local’s excellent record keeping has earned it the Auditor of State Award. “The results of this audit are due to the hard work of the people in the treasurer’s office and employees throughout the district,” said Kathleen Jordan, Treasurer/CFO. The Auditor of State Award is presented to local governments and school districts upon completion of

a financial audit. Entities that • The entity’s management receive the award meet the letter contains no comments following criteria of a “clean” related to: audit report: o Ethics referrals • The entity must file o Questioned costs less timely financial reports with the Auditor of State’s office in accordance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principals). • The audit report does not contain any findings for recovery, material citations, material weaknesses, significant deficiencies, Single Audit findings or questioned costs.

than $10,000 o Lack of timely report submission o Reconciliation o Failure to obtain a timely

Single Audit o Findings for recovery less than $100 o Public meetings or public records

Substitutes Needed

If you are interested in sub• Non-Instructional Aide bing in the Plain Local School • Instructional Aide District for any of the follow• Secretary/Clerk ing positions, please apply • Bus Drivers online at www.plainlocal.org Please contact the Plain Substitutes are needed for: Local Administration Office • Cafeteria at 330-492-3500 with any • Custodian questions.

Retirees Honored For Service

The 2017-2018 Plain Local Schools Retirees have over 250+ years of experience between them. They were honored at the May 2018 Board of Education meeting.

Expires 8/15/18

Plain Paper

Expires 8/15/18


Plain Paper is published by Plain Local Schools. It is distributed free of charge to community residents, businesses and Plain Local staff. The purpose of Plain Paper is to provide our readers information about life and learning in the Greater Plain Township community. It is not intended to be a public forum. Editor: Mary Beddell, Plain Local Public Relations Director Plain Paper ~ Plain Local Schools 901 44th Street NW, Canton, Ohio 44709 Office: 330-492-3500 • Fax: 330-493-5542 Questions or comments regarding Plain Paper can be emailed to beddellm@plainlocal.org For advertising information please contact Michelle Stahleker 330-323-2993 email: stahlekerm@plainlocal.org Federal Law prohibits Plain Paper from carrying ads containing offers of insurance policies, credit cards and travel promotions. The Plain Local Schools Board of Education reserves the right to reject any press release or advertisement based on content. Plain Paper logo and design are trademarks of Plain Local Schools. All advertising art and editorial content is copyright protected and cannot be used without express written permission. The publisher and its affiliates are not liable for damages arising out of errors in advertisements beyond the amount paid for the ad. NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY The Plain Local School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability or age with respect to employment or educational programs and opportunities to students. Civil Rights Compliance Officer, Brent May 330-492-3500.

From left to right: Brenda Kuhns, Penney Rante, Natalie Matthews, Lori Henderson, and John McCauley. Certified Staff: Lori

Henderson, Natalie Matthews, Penney Rante Classified Staff: Yvonna Niesz, Deborah Compson, Robert Clubbs, Brenda Kuhns, John McCauley

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2018 Plain Local Schools Board Members and Meetings Board Members John W. Halkias President Term: 2018-2021 c: 234-262-0470 h: 330-494-4719

Photo of the rookies (left to right) FRONT ROW: Maria Sargiovanni, Katie Roth, Alainee Calo, Meghan Polen, Chelsea Minnich, Kaitlyn McCallin; ROW 2: Zafirah Ahmed, Allison Wilson, Kaitlyn King, Lena Raynard, Erin Steinmetz, Lindsey Hutchison, Laura Bevington, Adriana Changet, Adrienne Devore; ROW 3: Rebecca Shade, Nathan Smith, Sara Nist, Lindsey Marucci, Natalie Vantilburg, Jon Winkler, Dan Bolen, Matthew Roshak; ROW 4: Nathan Cipar, Tyler Jones, Jordan Provost.

Teacher, Rookie Of The Year Named Congratulations to PE teacher and co-founder of ‘Guys with Ties’ (story on page 15), Kent Ham-

ilton for being named Plain Local’s Teacher of the Year for the 2017-2018 school year. We would also like to congratulate GlenOak High School biology teacher, Erin Steinmetz

for being named Plain Local’s Rookie Teacher of the Year. The pair were recognized at the annual Stark County Educators banquet held at the R.G. Drage Career Center in May.

Kristen Donohue Guardado Vice President Term: 2018-2021 w: 330-489-3395 h: 330-497-2828 Eugene M. Cazantzes Term: 2016-2019 h: 330-456-5787 Monica Rose Gwin Term: 2016-2019 h: 330-493-9561 Dr. Ambrose Perduk, Jr. Term: 2018-2021 h: 330-904-4620

Meeting Dates The Board also adopted the following dates and locations for their 2018 regular meetings. All meetings are to begin at 6:30 p.m. unless otherwise indicated. June 29 (Special Mtg) (7 AM).....Administration Building July 18..............................................Administration Building August 15 (7:00AM).....................Administration Building September 19.............................................Frazer Elementary October 24..................................................... Taft Elementary November 14 ............................................... Barr Elementary December 12..................................Administration Building

Grants Support One Book, One Barr

Thanks to a generous gift from the Barr Elementary PTO and a Star Grant from

the Plain Local Schools Foundation, every student at Barr Elementary read the

Plain Local Alumni Reunions If you are planning your next class reunion for 2018, please consider hosting it the weekend of the Alumni Tailgate Event. This event is being held on September 21, 2018 before and during the Green vs. GlenOak football game. It is a great way to offer another activity for your class to attend and to visit the GlenOak Community Campus. For more information please contact Anna Bodner, Director of the Plain Local Schools Foundation and Alumni Association at foundation@plainlocal.org or 330-491-3870.

GLENOAK CLASS OF 2013 5-Year Reunion • Saturday, June 30 • Location is Walther’s Twin Tavern in North Canton • From 7-10pm • You may contact Sam Lioi (liois@ymail.com) for more information GLENOAK CLASS OF 1998 20 Year Reunion • Saturday, September 1 • Location is at the McKinley Grand Hotel in Canton • Details and registration are available online at https://gohs1998.com/ • For more information, contact Stacy OliverSikorski at stacy.oliver@gmail.com GLENOAK CLASS OF 1988 30 Year Reunion • Saturday July 21, 2018 • Courtyard Marriott 7:00pm-11:00pm • $75 per person • RSVP: Chris Herberghs 330-704-4366

same book at the same time this May. Students read The World According to Humphrey, by Betty G. Birney at school and home with their families. This was a great community event for Barr and we appreciate all the support we received from families throughout the month long special project. Barr Elementary is looking forward to One Book, One Barr during the 2018-2019 school year as well.

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Frazer Pro Division Math Hall Of Fame Inducts 27 If you ask any math teacher, at any level, the importance of learning math facts is critical to success. If the focus of reading is on developing literacy and fluency before you develop

your comprehension, then the focus of math should be on being literate in your facts before you can apply them to solve the problems to come. The problem is how to

focus an entire school on the task of learning your math facts? Frazer third grade math teacher, Lisa Maiorana, had a solution three years ago when her students went to the Pro

Football Hall of Fame for a field trip. “Our students started asking why we couldn’t have something like that for math,” Miss Maiorana recalls. After a little thought the Frazer Elementary Pro Division Hall of Fame was created. The rules are simple; prove your math literacy through one of several online math programs, tell your homeroom teacher, and then do a final check with Miss Maiorana to verify you have mastered your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. After that it is time to be recognized at one of the monthly assemblies and celebrate this crowning math achievement! Inductees receive a math medal and certificate. At the ceremony, they wear flashy gold jackets (just like the Pro Football Hall of Fame jackets) and make short induction speeches to thank those who motivated them. Their picture is taken to forever be immortalized in the Frazer Pro Division Hall of Fame.

In the first school year of 2015-16 there were eight inductees, seven third graders and one first grader. That’s right a first grader mastered their facts! The following year the number inducted nearly doubled to fifteen. This year, we had the most successful year yet, with a total of twenty-seven inductees! Each year we have an assembly in May inducting our final group into the hall of fame. Thanks to one of our Frazer parents, Christy Davis and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, we had a short congratulatory message from Pro Football Hall of Famer Andre Tippett too. It was an amazing high energy assembly recognizing students accomplishing that which is the foundation to mathematical success. At Frazer Elementary learning your math facts goes beyond how you are going to use them in the future. It is a path to being a hall of famer! After three successful school years, the only question is who will be inducted next?

Middlebranch students work together to make a device to protect their egg!

Middlebranch Students Study Egg Dropping Experiments

During the month of May all second grade students at Middlebranch Elementary were asked to create a device that would protect a raw egg when dropped from the top of the building. Students were given a wide variety of materials that included paper towel rolls, shoeboxes, popsicle sticks and tissue paper to help them build their device. The students worked in groups of three or four to plan design and build their devices. Some groups used levers and pulleys to open and shut their doors to get

the egg in and out. Another design included use of a bag of balloons that were used as a parachute to protect the egg. One old-school design, utilized a cup on the end of a plastic bag. Once all devices were completed, head custodian, Travis Helmkamp, dropped them from the roof of Middlebranch. The project is an excellent example of project-based learning, where students had the opportunity to be creative, innovative and learn how to work with peers to solve a problem.

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June, 2018 • Plain Paper • Page 5

Career Tech Program Updates Animation and Graphic Design

GlenOak News, Yearbook Staff Win Scholastic Media Awards Congratulations to the GlenOak news and yearbook staff who won over 50 awards at Ohio Scholastic Media Association’s State Convention in April. The newspaper and yearbook both received a second-class ranking. Copied below are all of the award winners. Overall newspaper - Second Place ranking Overall yearbook - Second place ranking Superior - Online sports story Devin Kyser Superior News package Ryan Meister Jr., Seth Bolyard, William Nagy Superior Opinion Page Layout Sydni Porter, Ryan Haymaker Superior Art (Non-editorial) Jenna Ritchey Superior Editorial - Devin Kyser Excellent - Yearbook sports photo - Rhys Leach Excellent - Yearbook sports photo - Rosie Ringer Excellent - Yearbook news photo - Abby Batchi Excellent - Online Sports Story Cameron Wydra Excellent - Online news Victoria Serena Excellent - Online news Sam Santavicca Excellent - Facing pages Sydni Porter Excellent - Infographic Jonah Nieschwitz Excellent Editorial Page Layout Sydni Porter Excellent Editorial Page Layout Devin Kyser Excellent - Front page/cover Iszy Ucker Excellent - Sports Photo Madison Mears Excellent - Feature Photo Sydni Porter Excellent - Online Opinion Story - Nathan Frame Excellent - Online Opinion Story - Daniel Bridenthal Excellent - Sports Feature Drake Hisrich Excellent - Best Overall Coverage/Yearbook Spread Rosie Ringer Excellent - First person narrative - Caden Riley Excellent - Alternative Copy Victoria Serena

Excellent - Review Adam Bosworth Excellent - Indepth Reporting Team - Savannah Donnelly, Megan Wertz, Talia Zelle, Ben Verble Honorable Mention - Indepth Reporting Team - Maya Demchak, Lela Shepherd, Carly Shaheen, Ellie Schiltz Honorable Mention - News Feature - Maya Demchak Honorable Mention - News Feature - Alex Nicholson Honorable Mention - News Writing - Kaylee Speaker Honorable Mention - News writing 2 reporters Andrew Butterworth, Ben Verble Honorable Mention - General Feature - Jonah Neischwitz Honorable Mention - Personality Profile - Savannah Donnelly Honorable Mention - Personality Profile - William Nagy Honorable Mention Commentary Brett Dobransky Honorable Mention Commentary Ryan Haymaker Honorable Mention - Sports Coverage/News Drake Hisrich Honorable Mention - Sports Coverage/News Carly Shaheen Honorable Mention - Review Sam Santvicca Honorable Mention - Feature Photo - Maya Demchak Honorable Mention - Sports Photo - Rosie Ringer Honorable Mention - Front Page/Cover News Magazine Jenna Ritchey Honorable Mention - Photo Illustration - Alvaya Newman Honorable Mention - Yearbook student life spread Justin Bartos, Jordyn Eller, Skyler Rogers, and Casey Marinics Honorable Mention - Yearbook student life spread Jordyn Eller Honorable Mention - Facing pages - Lauren Bodner Honorable Mention Yearbook news photo - Jordyn Eller Honorable Mention Yearbook feature photo - Lilliana Keen Honorable Mention In-depth Individual Orianna McDavid

Left to right: Fiona Szeles, Taen Prior, Emily McCoy, Award Winners NEOCC Student Print Excellence. The following students from the Animation and Graphic Design program received awards at the Northeast Ohio Craftsman Club 19th Annual Student Gallery of Superb Printing 2018 Awards Banquet on Tuesday, May 15th: Ty Poorman, Noah Cantera, Clayton Hendrix, Fiona Szeles, Taen Prior, Thomas Pedrotty, Meghan McCracken, Talia Longberry, Emily McCoy. Taen Prior was the winning entry in the Fantasy Poster contest for the Massillon Museum of Art’s NEA Big Read celebration. She had lunch with Charles Vess, the artist who created the illustrations for the Wizard of Earthsea 50th Anniversary book. She and Vess are also featured on the NEA website.

High School of Business™

The GlenOak High School of Business senior Business Strategies students competed at the Junior Achievement competition on Friday, April 27 at Stark State College. During the year, the seniors successfully started up and ran 3 companies during the school year through Junior Achievement. They were: RePhone - This company started off by selling cell accessories to students during lunch and then branched out to “business to business” sales with the Canton Charge and Diebold Nixdorf. Total sales = $3,200. These students have created an LLC and will be transitioning from a JA Company. At the competition, GlenOak was met with very stiff competition from 4 other school districts, totaling 12 companies. We are proud to report that our student company RePhone took 3rd place at the competition. They excelled in their commercial, presentation, annual report and tradeshow booth. This group was awarded a $250 company bonus check. The Unique Host - At The Unique Host, students worked to repurpose cabinet doors to create unique one-of-a-kind trays and signs. This company generated $3,100 in sales. Light Up Creations - This company created custom bottles in an array of colors with an array of light kits. They also utilized the expertise from an Animation Graphic Design student to create images per the customer request that are waterproof and adhesive. This group generated $1,300 in sales. Seniors Shaun McCracken, Angela Lewers, and Michael Rekstis were all named JA Company Employee of the Year and received both a certificate and a $25 gift card. Shaun McCracken was also presented with the top Junior Achievement scholarship for $1,300.

Commercial Photography

Junior Jenna Potter had been selected as a Top 10 finalist in the 2018 Congressional Art Show for Ohio’s Seventh District. The winning pieces from the Seventh District will be displayed for one year in the US Capitol. Jenna was recognized on Monday, April 30th at Ashland University’s Coburn Gallery. Junior Nah’Ja Duncan and Senior Jenni Greathouse were recognized at The Riffe Center in Columbus on April 22nd, for inclusion in the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition. Their photographs were two of three hundred pieces chosen from regional shows, all over the state of Ohio. Their work will hang at the James A. Rhodes State Office Tower until May 18th.

Job Training Coordination

JTC students in JK’s closet after the makeover! (From left to right) Kevin Davis, Tylar Cleary, Adam Heckman, Cameron Board. The Job Training Coordination Program has an exciting announcement -a supply closet to help students in need has been assembled and will be used as a senior worksite! JK’s closet was created two years ago in memory of Jennifer Jung-Kilbreath, known to her coworkers and students as “JK”. Ms. JK was a counselor in Plain Local who is remembered for her constant positive energy and willingness to help everyone at anytime. The closet donations were kept neatly in boxes and on tables until the last month when JTC was able to complete a total makeover! The class is excited to announce that the following partners helped finalize the plans allowing the closet to have shelving, hangers, proper sizing and tagging supplies and even a color coded stocking system to help rotate stock! Major contributors to the project are: Little Lamb Church of the Lakes, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Turnaround Community Outreach Center, GlenOak Community Liaison Adena Beach, GlenOak Construction Trades, and many donations from community members of clothing, toiletries and school supplies. The closet has three main parts: school supplies, toiletries, and clothing. Next school year a system will be set into place so students can request access to the closet to get needed supplies! JTC students will take skills used as juniors at the Hartville Thrift Shoppe and generalizing them for use in the closet as a senior work experience.

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Sixth Graders Experience Outdoor Education Camp

During the week of May 21-25, over 330 Glenwood sixth graders had the opportunity to participate in a fantastic camp experience at Elkhorn Valley in Bergholz, Ohio. While at camp, the students participated in 13 different daytime activities and 6 evening activities. Highlights of this trip always include the zipline, climbing the rock wall, stream study, and canoeing on the lake. Other activities include tie long haul. However, fortune The Glenwood Soap Box selves assembled barrel down dye, archery, minute-to-winsmiled as the weather was in- the hill in a race involving on it games, owl pellets, low Derby Club’s annual trek to ropes group challenges, outthe derby downs in Akron, credible. Rain only occurred average over one hundred door cooking, crafts, hiking, as we were packing up and Ohio took place Saturday, teams. The sense of accomand the high ropes course. May 19. Once again, the stu- heading for home. plishment was palpable and For many of our students, As always, the students dents, staff, parents, and Plain well earned. sixth grade camp may be Local community showed up performed fabulously. The The school bus was all and made us proud. Students racers won heats and all smiles on our journey home. their first time to experience the thrill of the great outeliminations were by less than Exhausted yet euphoric, were respectful and excited. 4 hundredths of a second. Staff members volunteered students shared their favorite for a long, hot day in the sun. The pit crew was the pinnacle parts of the day. These memoof efficiency, even helping Parents and the Plain Local ries are something students other teams. Eagle nation community stepped up and will carry with them the rest helped make race day a huge turned up the volume and of their lives. That bus ride success. our cheers were heard from home makes all of the time all over derby downs. The Throughout the precedand effort worth it. Thank culmination of six months ing week, all eyes were on you, Plain Local, for being a of preparation was finally the weather. Thunderstorm community that not just albeing realized. Every year, the lows for, but encourages and chance percentages soared into the 70s. We were all excitement is real as students supports this amazing and see something they themprepared to be in it for the unique program.

doors. Without any technology to distract them, students are outside having fun for the entire time at camp with the exceptions of eating and sleeping. The challenges of stepping off the zipline platform, climbing a telephone pole to walk the high ropes course, or ringing the bell at the top of the rock wall provide a great sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. Playing gaga ball and capture the flag, wading in the creek, and cooking s’mores and hobo pies on the campfire are simple pleasures that leave the students laughing and squealing in excitement. We hope all of our students go home with great memories that will last a lifetime!

This summer, Stark Parks is your place to be a summertime superhero! The Stark Parks Wildlife Conservation Center assists injured animals and helps return them to the wild. On June 24, you and your family are invited to celebrate their work at the Woodland Wildlife Encounters event at Quail Hollow Park. From 1 to 3 p.m., stop by the Nature Center, located at 13480 Congress Lake Ave. in Hartville, to meet live ambassador animals and hear their stories. Play wildlife themed games, participate in hands-on activities, and enjoy cookies and punch. Children are encouraged to bring their favorite stuffed animal so wildlife rehabilitation volunteers can provide the animal with a check-up and a “certificate of good health.” The event is free, but guests are encouraged to bring an item from the wish list. A full list of items can be found at starkparks.com. Calling all junior superheroes! Gear up for

Stark Parks’ Super Summer Adventure Camp! Children ages 8-13 years old will enjoy three days jam-packed with exciting outdoor activities. Kids will make their own super cape, play large group games, go on an exploration hike, and tour the new Wildlife Conservation Center. They’ll put teamwork to the test in a mini adventure race and an outdoor skills competition. Kids can make crafts and get down and dirty with Mega Messy Play. The camp is offered three times throughout the summer: June 26-28, July 10-12, and August 7-9. Each day will be from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Exploration Gateway at Sippo Lake Park*, located at 5712 12th St. NW in Canton. The cost is $25 for Stark County residents and $30 for out of county. Registration is required at starkparks.com. * Please note the location change from Fry Family Park. For a complete list of all summertime programs and events, visit www.StarkParks. com.

Glenwood Soap Box Team Competes

Stark Parks Plan Summer Superhero Activities

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June, 2018 • Plain Paper • Page 7

TomTod Program Celebrates Creative Solutions What better way to spend a warm late spring evening than celebrating the creativity and dedication of middle schoolers to make a positive impact on their community? That’s exactly what an enthusiastic group of 90 community leaders and devoted TomTod supporters did on the evening of May 17 at the

Pro Football Hall of Fame. Attendees gathered at an event called the Feast of Ideas to devour not only delicious food, but also a scrumptious array of student-led projects that TomTod student participants, including Oakwood Middle School students, had worked hard to create and implement

Oakwood Students Awarded Oakwood Middle School honored their 8th grade class with a recognition assembly this past week. The assembly was very well attended by families, teachers, students and community organizations. Oakwood Strings, Creative Musicianship and Choir all performed at the event. Many students were recognized for academic achievements. We are proud of the Class of 2022! Some specific community awards were as follows: Massillon/North Canton Elks Essay: Alexandra Petro   District Winner Brooke Archer Jacob Hauner Peter Cazantzes Science Award: Brody Fravel Stark County Library Poetry Contest: Haley McNichol Madison Donnelly Miranda Ball Archie Griffin Sportsman ship Award: Donovan Votypka

throughout the last year. Guests of the Feast took part in two rounds of an item-less auction, interspersed with stories from students about their motivation behind putting together some astoundingly thoughtful projects that enhanced the common good. Among the storytellers was a group of five eighth graders from Oakwood Middle School (Emma Peterson, Adam Hamdan, Noah Beitzel, Lexi Anderson, and Sydney Coates), explaining the details of a project they called The Hungry

Games which they ran for their school peers this past spring. After hearing about how many people in Stark County suffer from food insecurity, these compassionate students put together a canned food drive like no other. Fellow students were invited to partake in an afternoon of music, movies, and games with canned goods as the price of admission. When all was said and done, the team of five donated several gigantic bins of canned food and $600 to the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank.

This story and several others motivated the generous crowd that evening to raise nearly $30,000 in support of the in-school, summer camp, and projectbased mentoring programs that reflect TomTod’s mission: Encouraging middle school students to come up with audacious ideas that may have a lasting, positive impact on the world around them. What an encouraging way to spend a lovely evening. For more information on TomTod Ideas and for ways to contribute yourself, please go to www.tomtodideas.org.

Gabriella Harris Law Day Winners: 2nd Place Essay   Sheridan Hawkins 1st Place Poster Mia Lowry 2nd Place Poster   Lauren Nieporte 3rd Place Poster Alison Kovach Soroptimist Essay 2nd Place Abigail Podis Emma Peterson, Lexi Anderson, Sydney Coates, Adam Hamdan, and Noah Beitzel 3rd Place Madysen represented Oakwood Middle School at the TomTod inspired “Feast of Ideas” event   Hoopingarner on May 17. TomTod Ideas: Adam Hamdan Emma Peterson Lexi Anderson Sydney Coates Noah Beitzel Ohio State University State Science Fair: Superior Rating: Kylee Goddard, Arjun Bhatia, Brody Fravel Excellent Rating: Katherine Barr, Noah Beitzel Power of the Pen: 1st Place Lauren Nieporte 4th Place Rinoa Chech Madysen Hoopingarner   Best of Round 2 Lauren Nieporte   Best of Round 3

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Photograph courtesy of Rick Black Photography

Students Honor Teachers At Achievement Banquet

The GlenOak Adult Booster Club honored the top 25 seniors in the class of 2018 at a dinner and banquet in April. The event is an opportunity for students to recognize the teacher or staff member that had the most influence on their education. Each student is given the opportunity to read a tribute to his or her guest of honor and present them with a plaque.

Top 25 Student Honorees and Teachers Student: Payton Fox Teacher: Tara Cerrezuela

Student: Talia Zelle Teacher: Maria Speakman

Student: Adam Bosworth Teacher: Bobbi Scott

Student: Jenna Ritchey Teacher: Brian Kieffer

Student: Natalie Rogers Teacher: Chris Irwin

Student: Taylor Brightman Teacher: Beth Winkler

Student: Emilee Haines Teacher: Kelsey Giotta

Student: Robert Jamison Teacher: Tom Hayes

Student: Danielle Thoma Teacher: Kristin Wellman

Student: Emily Hendershot Teacher: Julie Filliez-Werren

Student: Andrew White Teacher: Larry Snyder

Student: Kyra Koprowski Teacher: Jill Balderson

Student: Nathan Wellman Teacher: James Wooley

Student: Anna Somerville Teacher: Lori Eckelberry

Student: Abigail Leon Teacher: Pam Dentler

Student: Skyler Rogers Teacher: Megan Bird

Student: Shaun McCracken Teacher: Matt Brown

Student: Drake Hisrich Teacher: Chad Palmer

Student: Elise Brechbuhler Teacher: Leslie Strayer

Student: Orianna McDavid Teacher: Brent Walker

Student: Ryan Benzing Teacher: Michelle Jacobs

Student: Samuel Santavicca Teacher: Vanessa Board

Student: Steven Shalenberger Student: Zachary Schoolcraft Student: Logan Crawfis Teacher: Heather Corey Teacher: Ryan Foltz Teacher: Courtney Breon

Mercy Primary Care Middlebranch Welcomes...

Joseph Puskar, MD Dr. Puskar and Kim Marshall, CNP, are ready to care for you and your family’s health care needs. ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS. Saturday Appointments Available.

Mercy Primary Care Middlebranch - 6310 Middlebranch Ave. NE, Canton, OH | Call for appointments: 330-493-8580 Mercy Health Center of Plain - 1811 Schneider Ave. N.E., Canton, OH | 330-494-6480 (Located on the GlenOak Campus)

STATCARE Immediate Care Center | Sports Medicine (Dr. Mark J. Hudak) | Radiology (Diagnostic) | Laboratory LOW-COST BLOOD SCREENING (2nd Fri. of ea. month) 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. No appointment Just walk in. Glucose (blood sugar) - $2, Lipid profile - $8 (cash only)

For current hours of operation, visit cantonmercy.org/plain or call 330-494-6480 Accepting most major insurance plans including AultCare & AultCare’s PrimeTime Health Plan.

* Includes a total cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL and LDL * 12-hr. fast recommended for most accurate results.


Located on the GlenOak Campus

Plain Paper 5 col (9875) x 6” / 4-C Newspaper Ad


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Graduates Offered Over $2 Million Scholarships This year, GlenOak Erin Dolph graduating seniors were Regents Scholarship offered over $2 million $5,000 in college scholarships. Meghan Dunlap Over 30% of the students Trustee Scholarship planning to continue their $4,000 education, are receiving Matt Elsfelder some type of financial scholarship for their Akron Guarantee college careers. Scholarship- $5,500

Ean Hudspeth Akron SPE Scholarship $1,000 Alexa Jackson Dean’s Academic Scholarship Frankie Janowicz Dean’s Scholarship $3,000 per year Swagelok Justice Johnson Scholarship Offers Scholarship- $1,000 $500 per semester Maria Andrews Akron Honors Justin Kemp Akron Guarantee Scholarship- $500 ECOPA $500 for my $4,500 Brian Evans pilots license Branden Ball Plain Township Sydney Kleptach Walsh University Rotary Trustee Scholarship $50,000 Dominic Fier $18,000 (Renewable) Lauren Barbato Cincinnatus UMU Grant $3,500 Trustee Scholarship Scholarship (Renewable) $3,500 Samantha Foradis Art Scholarship Ryan Benzing New Incoming $5,000 (Renewable) Liberty Scholarship Freshman Award Huntington Bank $14,000 per year $500 Scholarship $3,000 Ryan Bergert (Non-Renewable) Payton Fox Athletic Scholarship Bluegrass Spirit Kyra Koprowski $12,000 Scholarship $10,000 Stamps School Scholarship of Scholarship $12,500 Caitlin Freda Distinction $6,000 per year OHIO Distinction Nathanael Blubaugh Ellen’s Effort Award Scholarship $1,000 Trustee Scholarship $1,000 OHIO Success for $2,000 Scholarship $2,000 Madison Kusluch Jermaine Brack OHIO Pathway Athletic $3,000 Presidential Scholarship $2,000 Chase Lane Scholarship $40,000 Benjamin Geitgey Akron Guarantee Jared Bracken Freshman Scholarship Scholarship The Akron Guarantee $5,000 Underrepresented Scholarship (up to Thompson Working Student Scholarship $26,000 for the four Family Scholarship Emma Laughman year period in good $5,000 Kent State Stark standing). Rachel Gilmore Freshman Premier Elise Brechbuhler Freshman Scholarship Scholarship $1,500 Akron Guarantee of $6,000 (renewable) Brynna Leach Scholarship $4,500 Nicky Gliatta Psychology Research Wesley Burton Akron Guarantee Ashland UniversityMens Soccer $25,592 Nicholas Grishaber $1,000 Elks Massillon/North Gavin Charlikowsky The Flowers Canton Student Trustee Scholarship Foundation Scholarship $1,000 $3,000 Scholarship $1,000 2018 Riddell Julia Clark Emilee Haines Scholarship $250 Trustee Scholarship Dean’s Scholarship Drew LeBoeuf $4,000 from the College of WVU Scholarship Wooster ($30,000 per Megan Cordell $2,000 year) $8,000 Slippery Rock Scholarship of Merit Jessalyn Hall Distinction $3,500 War Veteran Logan Crawfis Angela Lewers Scholarship $40,000 Toledo Excellence Green and White Bgsu Academics Scholarship Scholarship through $4,000 Miranda Derbyshire OHIO University Emily Hendershot Outstanding Choir $1,000 Kent Freshman Member $250 Ian Macdonald Scholarship $3,500 Merit Scholarship Founders Scholars Jeffries Scholarship $3,500 Program $3,000 $750” Allison Devries Trustee Scholarship Margaret Hinnebusch Christ Presbyterian $5,000 $18,000 Academic Scholarship Honors Scholarship Scholarship Shawn Dinger $2,500 Drake Hisrich Choose Ohio First Honors Scholarship $7,500 renewable $5,500 Partial Room/Board Scholarship from $3,000 Clemson University $5,000 renewable Scholarship from Miami University

Casey Marinics Akron’s Financial Aid Jordan Mays University Freshman Academic Scholarship $4,000 Mackenzie McArthur Fasfa $5,800 and bridges program Shaun McCracken Junior Achievement of East Central Ohio Scholarship Jared McMichael Stark State College Credit Plus Scholars Award. Up to $1,000 Nicole Metz Merit Scholarship, $10,000 Walsh Grant/Bowling Scholarship $3,550 Thomas Mikes Jr. $1,000 Scholarship from the Music Program at Akron Peyton Morrison Dean’s scholarship $18,000 Dean’s Scholarship $12,000 Serena Mucci Elks $1,000 Hayleigh Murphy Bluegrass Spirit Scholarship $40,000 $10,000 per year Alvaya Newman $7,000 Malone University Connor Nicholson Tuition remission Gavin Nupp School of Environment and Natural Resources Scholarship, $1,000 Alexander Oaks Meyers Lake $250 Haws Scholarship $500 Olivia Otani Athletics: $50,000 Academic: Raider Scholarship Emily Parkinson University of Akron Guarantee Scholarship up to $17,000 over four years Sydni Porter The Land Grant Scholarship - Full cost of attendance Rachael Rearick Guarantee Scholarship $3,000 Under Representative Scholarship $2,000

Michael Rekstis Academic and Athletic Scholarship $16,000 per year Leaders of Social Justice $2,000 per year Other $3,500 per year Tate Rhoads Akron Guarantee Scholarship $4,500 Grace Richardson President’s Merit Scholarship $17,000/yr Minority Engineering, Scholarship $2,500/yr Forever Flyer Grant $12,680/yr Jenna Ritchey Akron Guarantee Scholarship $4,500 Ransom H. Barr Memorial Scholarship $1,000 Mary-Schiller Myers School of Art $1,000 Williams Honors College $500 Skyler Rogers Provost $2,500 Natalie Rogers Trustees Scholarship $1,500 per year Katelynn Rogers Tuition Exchange/ Full Ride $40,000 Sam Santavicca $5,000 Academic Scholarship Nathan Schmidt Walsh: Vanasse Scholarship $13,000 per year Resident Hall Grant $5,000 Cade Smarr Akron Gaurentee Williams Honors Choose Ohio First Katelynne Smith Kent State Stark Freshman Honors Scholarship: $6,000 Anna Somerville Kent State Founders Scholarship $2,000 Kent State Trustee Scholarship $5,000 Kent State Honors Scholarship $3,500 Kent State Honors Board Scholarship $1,500 Hugh A. Glauser Creative Artist Award $1,000

Darius Stokes Judge Ira Turpin Memorial Scholarship $500 Kappa Tau Omega Psi Phi Scholarship $1,000 Judge Harold K. Stubbs Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 Haws Leadership Scholarship - $500 Kempthorn Motors Academic Excellence Scholarshipb- $250 Lauren Tarver Kent State University at Stark Freshman Premier Scholarship $3,500 717 Kent State University - Regional Campus Merit Scholarship - $1,500 Danielle Thoma Capital University Presidential Scholarship $24,000 Jenna Turner Vanasse Scholarship $13,000 Ellen Walton David Scholar (maybe) Key Club (maybe) Kailey Weisel $12,000 for Academics from West Virginia University Andrew Wharmby Akron Guaranteed $5,500 Matthew Whitmer Honors Programme $1,000 Sadie Woodruff Trustee with Distinction Scholarship $20,000 a year Scholarship Day $6,000 a year Cameron Wydra $17,000 Merit Scholarship Talia Zelle College Club of Canton Scholarship Loan $1,500/year for 4 years GW Presidential Scholarship $25,000/year for up to 5 years of study Michael Zoyhofski CCAD Scio Moto Scholarship $56,000, CIA Portfolio Scholarship $34,000

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GlenOak Golden Eagle Class Of 2018

GlenOak High School’s Class of 2018 graduated Tuesday, May 29 at the Canton Civic Center. Presented here is the entire class. Leading the way were 25 students with a GPA of 4.0 and above (pictured in alphabetical order). The following symbols denote exceptional student accomplishments. 1 Diploma with Honors – Students receiving a Diploma with Honors have met the required criteria set forth by the State Board of Education. 2 National Honor Society – NHS members are wearing gold cords and officers are wearing blue and gold cords. Students met the community service, attendance and academic standards set forth by GlenOak High School for four years. 3 Four Year Recipient of Academic Letter – Recognized students are wearing a green and gold cord. Students who have earned the Academic Letter have met the community service requirement of 120 hours over four years, attendance and academic standards set forth by the GlenOak High School Administration committee. BOLD 4.0+ Student GPA Italic Fine Arts Specialization

Antonio Cruz Ady Alan Maldonado Aguirre Alex Christopher Albert Blaze Alan Alfman Fares Altawil 1 Zachary Scott Amburgey Keysean Lance Anderson Maria Louise Andrews 12 Christian Alexander Andrews Monte Andrew Arreguin Devontae’ Markese Arrington Alivia Renee Au 12 Madelynne Christine Carnell Ayers 12 Sydney Mckenna Bacon2 Kate Campbell Bailey Ty’Ree La Mont Bailey Travon Collin Baker Branden Jarred Ball Lauren Kay Barbato 1 A’Lexus Chante’L Barbosa-Boykin Michaela Grace Barr 1 Justin Michael Bartos 1 Abigail Burnise Batchi 1 Tori Marie Bebout Anthony Russell Becker De’Jore Marez Zyaire Bell Victoria Lane Bennage Emmellee Rennay Benner Antonio Gino Bennett Ayden Xavier Bennett Morgan Andrew Benson

Ryan James Benzing 12B Kyle Andrew Beresh Herttna Ryan Michael Bergert Le’Onna Grace Bianchi Nathan Charles Biedenbach 1 Tysen Anthony Binius Lawrence Eugene Blackman Brice Dejuan Blackshear Nathanael James Blubaugh Cody Wayne Boggs Cory Michael Boggs Olivia Margaret Bohon Chadwick Henry Boles Branen Michael Bonk Austin David Booth

Adam Michael Bosworth 12 Jermaine David Brack Jared Andrew Bracken 12 Lakeyea Renee Bradley Luke Donovan Brand 12 Ashley Rose Bray 12

Elise Marie Brechbuhler 12 Keona Antoinette Bridges

Taylor Ann Brightman 12 Melody Marie Brown 1 Drew Michael Brown Isabelle Grace Bruder 12 Isaiah Yolon Bryant Gavin Michael Buckley Cassandra Jean Burns Wesley Bradley Burton Emily Rhiann Butler Andrew Mark Butterworth Brian Edward Byers John Paul Cabrera Grace Catherine Cahill Hailey Nicole Callahan Ronald Jacob Callahan Anthony Quin Campbell Michael Alexander Campbell Annyssa Lynn Carmona Hannah Marie Carnes Keenan John Carosielli Corvay Alize’ Chapman Gavin Jeffery Charlikowsky Brennon Ninis Church Andrew Hug Cice Julia Antoinette Clark 12 Daryn Marcus Claw

Anthony Nicholas Coates Mikail Antoine Compton Tavon Tre’Lamar Conner Michael David Contrucci Lauryn Carol Cook Paige Alexandria Cook Alexandra Grace Cooke Christopher William Cooper Megan Isabelle Cordell 2 Cheyenne Nicole Cordia Carissa Kay Cottrell Dylan Michael Covert Kyle Lee Covert Evelyn Jeanene Cramer 2B

Logan Michael Crawfis 2B Zachary Perry Curiale 2 Sierra Rose Dale Carlea Marie Daugherty Brandon Daniel Davidson Mackenzie Rose Davis 2 Keyera Ozryel Davis Katie Rose Dean 1 Aaron Jacob Dearth Tessa Nikkole Dekowski Marisa Michele Demchak Maya Elizabeth Demchak Katie Reneé Denham 1 Miranda Lauren Derbyshire 12 Anthony James Derlich Lindsey Marie DeVaul Nathaniel Scott Devis Allison Marie deVries Olivia Diane DiMichele Chase Michael Dine Shawn Michael Dinger 2 Erin Michelle Dolph 12B T’Ziah Maliq Domineck Isaac Alexander Duffie Meghan Elizabeth Dunlap 12 Kelsey JaRae Dusick Azia Easton Scott Michael Eberling Theodore Paul Elfaye Jordyn Sierra Eller 12 Matthew Charles Elsfelder 12B Madison Rose Erickson 1

Brandon Lee Ervan Millenia Destiny Eshelman Josiah Jonathan Eutsey Brian Robert Evans 2 Elijah Maurice Evans Heidi Mari Fawver Matthew Timothy Feiock 1 Arron Mitchell Feiock Savannah Louise Feller 1 John Anthony Feola Dominic Raymond Fier 1 Dillon Ray Fisher Tyler Robert Fisher Devin Alexander Fleming 12 Valerie Marie Fletcher 12 Samantha Lynn Foradis 1 Nya Da’ Janae’ Forrester Jalen Christopher Foster Sydnee Frances Fountain

Payton Mackenzie Fox 12 Nathan Graham Frame Caitlin Rebecca Freda Jeremiah Isaiah Freeman Ian Francis Gallucci Carson Hannah Garabrandt Hozzie Darnell Garner Evan Christopher Gasper Benjamin Scott Geitgey 1 Emma Nicole George Brandon Charles Gibson Mickey Gillilan Rachel Taylor Gilmore 12 Meranda Louise Gingerich Nicholas Anthony Gliatta 1 DeRaya Latrice Glover Micos Marcel Green Nicholas Charles Grishaber 1

Emilee Renee Haines 12 Sophia Anne Halkias Jessalyn Irene Hall 2 Desiree Marie Hamilton Cedric Joseph Harfouche 12 Charlie Ann Harless Charles Wesley Harris 1 Brianna Nichole Hastings Daron Christopher Hatchett Olivia Nicole Haueter Sierra Lynn Anne Hawkins Reese Emerson Hawthorne 1 Ryan Patrick Haymaker2 Nathan Gregory Heid 12

Emily Nicole Hendershot 12 Mary Ellen Henderson Mikaela Louise Henderson Zebadiah Gabriel Henderson Sierra Nicole Hess Kianna Rae Hill 1 Nathan Thomas Hill Skylar Lynn Hill Teagan Ann Hill Margaret Anne Hinnebusch 12 Cole Matthew Hinton Brandon Kenneth Hiser

Drake Harrison Hisrich 12 Alexander Michael Howard Ean Marcus Hudspeth 2 Adrian Lynn Hummel Jaime McKenna Hunter Spenzer P’llar Hunter Julia Marie Hurst Angelina Gail Hyden Nicole Elizabeth Ihinger Alexa I Jackson Marquis Markez Anthony Jackson Sherlene Shaniya Jackson Tejona Laurice Jackson

Robert Sabo Jamison 12 Francis Thomas Janowicz 2 Ka’ Nya Marie Jenkins Jacob Dylan Johns Joshua M. Johnson Justice Vaughn Johnson Dillon C. Jones 1 Isabel Gabriela Juarez Skylar Reece Keirn Justin Thomas Kemp Zachary Herman Kerr Madison Jeanne Kieffer Justin Malin King Madeline Frances Kingsbury 12 Emma Claire Kirkbride Sydney Alise Kleptach 12 Sydnee Ranã Kolbs

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8 Graduates Earn Wings Of Excellence Kyra Dawn Koprowski 12 Tyler Michael Kosht Hannah Marie Kozma 12 Emily Paige Krynicky Madison Elizabeth Kusluch Devin Lee Kyser 1 Andrew Steven Laliberte Chase Edward Lane Emma Elizabeth Laughman 12 Brynna Lela Leach Drew Anne LeBoeuf 2 Nickolas Scott LeMaster

Abigail Everett Leon 12B Angela Lynn Lewers 12 Jake Allen Lewis Nicholas Michael Lexington Celina Rae Lindsay Amani Marcelle Lipkins Erykah Shanice Lofton 12 Kaleb Michael Ludwig 12 Gabriella Anna Luna Corneliu Victor Lup Ian Bran Macdonald 12 Elana Rae Maley Ashley Marie Mangon 12 Micah Deandre Mann Collin Thomas Manzell Anthony Paul Marcum Casey Lynn Marinics Sam Joseph Marstrell Calub Thomas Matyas Jenna Lynn May Malia Elizabeth May Jordan Michael Mays 1 Taylor Marie Mcangus Mackenzie Danielle McArthur Jonathan Scott McCahan Austin Edward McCarthy Caitlin Grace McCartney Meredith Mae McCartney Da’Vonn Ja’miere McClellan 2 Luke Clayton McCollum

Shaun Thomas McCracken 12 Meghan Marie McCracken 2

Orianna Noel McDavid 12 Jared Richard McMichael Jacob Avery Mead Shelby Diane Mercer Nicole Elaine Metz Moses Joseph Michael 1 Thomas Allan Mikes, Jr. Dylan Westley Milhoan Kyle James Miller 12 Sara Elizabeth Miller Danielle Michelle Mingle Anthony Thomas Miraglia Emily Danielle Monnot Doreen Kelly Montano Travis Lemar Montgomery, Jr. Kaellie Nicole Moon Peyton Terese Morrison 12 Dennisha Marie Morrow Serena Morgan Mucci Habbibah Muhammad Nicholas Maxamillian Muller Hayleigh Ranee Murphy 12 Ella Arlene Myers Cassandra Nicole Mylo Daniel Aaron Nelson Alvaya DaRae Newman Cheyenne Dakota-Tana Newman Connor Mcintyre Nicholson Keara Denea Nign Gavin Eubank Nupp 12 Alexander Christian Oaks 2 Olivia Kiyoko Otani 12 Emily Rayna Parkinson James Tiberius Parrish Le’ Anna Paige Parson Harshkumar Ulkesh Patel Pamela Belkis Perdomo Elizabeth June Exar Phillips Nicholas Joseph Pileggi Chanceler Allen Piotrowski Grace Marie Savanah Plues Reagan Elaine Pollard Dominique Octavia Poore Ty Vincent Poorman Nicholas James Popa 2 Sydni Lyn Porter 12 Tyler Richard Postlewait Anthony Chanler Postlewaite Morgan Leigh Radalia Brock R. Ramser Rachael Marin Rearick 12

Sarah Elizabeth Reed Zachary Taylor Rehrman Jaret Jennings Reich Ryan Nathaniel Reisinger Madison Paige Rekstis 12 Michael Charles Rekstis 2 Jack Tyler Remenaric Tate Daniel Rhoads 1 Micah Elisabeth Rhodes Grace Elizabeth Richardson 2 John Anthony Rinaldi Rosemary Diane Ringer 12

Jenna Leigh Ritchey 2 BI Julia Lynn Ritchey Katelynn Mercedes Rogers 1

Natalie Anne Rogers 12

Skyler Alicia Rogers 12 Shane Anthony Rossio Kaylee Nichole Rothacher Jaelyn Elisabeth Rudd Brian Patrick Ruthem Santina Marie Sacco 2 Garrett William Saffell Kayla D. Saffell Spencer Cole Salle

Katherine Rose Schroeder2B Carly Nance Shaheen

Steven Charles Shalenberger 12 Adrian Rose Sherer 1 Julian Elizabeth Sherer Raychel Mary Sheridan Julie Lynn Shriner Ilias Nikolaos Skondras Dominic Christian Slater Cade Paul Smarr 1 Ethan Tyler Smith Hanna Joy Smith Katelynne Natalee Smith 1 Crystal Louise Snell Garret Scott Snyder Haley Marie Sogorka

Anna Louise Somerville 12 Abigail Lynne Spies Marcus Roth Starnes Pierston Anne Stewart Darius J’Quan Stokes Ashley Nicole Storesina Nautica Aaryn Marie Stover Brandon James Sullivan Eliahs Jaden Sumpter 2 Joseph Ryan Swanson Gregory Lynell Swift, Jr. Blake Sabatino Swisher Christopher John Szerokman Nicholas Takacs Lauren Alyssa Tarver 12 Vaeda Nicole Taylor Bethannie Laine Tennant Cortez Fred Terrell Quintico Lamont Thigpen

Madelyn Rose Votypka 12 Amir Au’Viere Walker Ellen Jeanne Walton 12 Kaylea Lynn Ward Ashton Bailey Reagan Warner David John Watson 1 Dylan Robert James Wayt Kailey Nichole Weisel 1 Brenden Yung Weisend Sydney Renee Weiss 2

Nathan Thomas Wellman 12 Logan Tanner Wells Austin Paul Westbrook Andrew David Wharmby 1 La Kayla Sky Wheeler

Andrew Paul White 12 Matthew Scott Whitmer Love Sommore Wilder Jackquelin Ann Williams Kaitlyn Renee Williams Kenneth Anthony Williams Samantha Lynn Wolford Sadie Caroline Woodruff 2 Briana Nicole Woods Amya Elise Worley Olivia Jean Wright Austin Jacob Wydra 1 Cameron James Wydra 1 Robert Michael Young

Talia Jean Zelle 12 Michael Andrew Zoyhofski Samuel Carter Santavicca 12 Kylie Mae Scheetz Nathan Joseph Schmidt

Zachary Alexander Schoolcraft 12

Danielle Elizabeth Thoma 12 Jacob Anthony Thomas Char’Niece Tianna Turner Jenna Eve Turner 12 Kaiya Ann Tyler 12 Isabella Rose Ucker 2 Benjamin Paul Verble Cameron Joseph Vicencio Isabella Estelle Victory Avery Michael Villard

Certificate of Attendance Foreign Exchange Daniel Calzada Cuello Helena Calvo Plans Gian Marco Romagnoli Mathilde Caroline Olivia Ruivinho Max Johannes Peter Stange

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2018 Senior Class Academic Achievement Awards Over 150 students were recognized during the academic awards ceremony for their outstanding work in the classroom, community and for their arts and athletic accomplishments. During the evening students received plaques for their superior work in academic content areas and career and technical programs. Students receiving diploma with honors were required to meet 8 out of 9 sets of criteria by the Ohio Department of Education including a minimum of 3.5 cumulative GPA and/or a 27 on the ACT. Many local businesses, organizations and community members attended providing generous scholarships to deserving students. The awards night offers the opportunity for students to meet the people behind the scholarship, and personally thank them for their support as they work toward a college degree.

Noteworthy Awards

Visual Art Sydney Kleptach Kyra Koprowski Jenna Ritchey Erykah Lofton Isabella Ucker Vocal Music Anna Somerville

Content Awards Dance Sydney Weiss Drama Anna Somerville English Sydni Porter French Drew Leboeuf Spanish Abigail Leon Chinese Bryce Haldeman Instrumental Music Emilee Haines String Ensemble Anna Somerville Mathematics Zachary Schoolcraft Science Gavin Nupp Social Studies Talia Zelle Speech Jermaine Brack Visual Art Jenna Ritchey Vocal Music Elijah Evans

Career & Technical Awards Outstanding Seniors Madison Rekstis Andrew White Commencement Speakers Best in Class:   Payton Fox Class Choice:   Andrew White

Advancement to Nursing Travon Baker Animation/Graphic Design Olivia Wright Commercial Photography Alvaya Newman Cosmetology Emily Krynicky

Repository Teens of the Month Payton Fox (May) Michael Rekstis (April)

Engineering Cade Smarr

Repository Teen Board Maria Andrews

Health Technologies Michaela Barr

Character Award Counselor Resiliency Award Skylar Hill

Entertainment Technology Brian Byers

High School of Business Angela Lewers Horticulture Gavin Nupp

Fine Arts Specialization Teacher Pathways Dance Megan Cordell Meighan Hinnebusch Angela Lewers Sydney Weiss String Ensemble Anna Somerville

Alexandra Cooke

Video Production Katelynn Rogers

United States Marine Corps Awards Scholastic Excellence Awards Payton Fox Distinguished Athlete Awards Olivia Otani Andrew White Semper Fidelis Awards for Musical Excellence Nathan Wellman

Ohio Athletic Association Awards Archie Griffin Awards Michael Rekstis Madison Rekstis Couragous Student Award Brandon Hiser OHSAA Scholar Athlete Awards Nathan Wellman Payton Fox Sportmanship, Ethics, and Integrity Awards Devin Fleming Micah Rhodes

GlenOak High School Scholar Athlete Awards Boys Cross Country Samuel Santavicca Girls Cross County Taylor Brightman Football Andrew White Boys Golf Steven Shalenberger Boys Soccer Robert Jamison Nathan Wellman Girls Soccer Orianna McDavid Volleyball Grace Richardson Cheerleading Payton Fox Boys Basketball Corvay Chapman Girls Basketball Micah Rhodes Boys Swimming Gian Marco Romagnoli Girls Swimming Natalie Rogers Baseball Kyle Miller Girls Lacrosse Helena Plans Santina Sacco Boys Lacrosse Reese Hawthorne

Softball Olivia Otani Boys Track Gian Marco Romagnoli Andrew White Girls Track Taylor Brightman Boys Tennis Gian Marco Romagnoli Nathan Wellman Federal League All Academic Team Ryan Bergert Nathan Biedenbach Adam Bosworth Luke Brand Taylor Brightman Gavin Buckley Corvay Chapman Alexandra Cooke Evelyn Cramer Logan Crawfis Zach Curiale Katie Dean Allison deVries Erin Dolph Jordyn Eller Matthew Elsfelder Devin Fleming Valerie Fletcher Caitlin Freda Payton Fox Benjamin Geitgey Nicholas Gliatta Cedric Harfouche Reese Hawthorne Ryan Haymaker Nathan Heid Drake Hisrich Robert Jamison Sydney Kleptach Emma Laughman Jonathan McCahan Da’vonn McClellan Shaun McCracken Orianna McDavid Kyle Miller Peyton Morrison Alexander Oaks Olivia Otani Helena Plans Sydni Porter Madison Rekstis Michael Rekstis Tate Rhoads Micah Rhodes Grace Richardson Rosemary Ringer Natalie Rogers Gian Marco Romagnoli Santina Sacco Samuel Santavicca Steven Shalenberger Ashley Storesina Jenna Turner Kaiya Tyler Nathan Wellman Andrew White Austin Wydra Cameron Wydra

Local Scholarships Kick-Off Club Scholarships Tysen Binius Michael Contrucci Zach Curiale Devin Fleming Alexander Oaks Michael Rekstis Darius Stokes Andrew White Warstler Brothers Scholarship Michael Rekstis Chuck Steiner Memorial Scholarship Andrew White Fox Brothers Scholarship Darius Stokes Walthers Cafe’ Scholarship Alex Oaks DiBlasi Award Andrew White Belden Village Kiwanis Scholarship in Honor of Rev. Monsignor Joseph A. Krispinsky Steven Shalenberger Sydney Weiss “Service Above Self” Plain Township Rotary Scholarship Isabelle Bruder Brian Evans Steven Shalenberger Nathan Wellman Ransom H. Barr Memorial Scholarship - Rotary Megan Cordell Jenna Ritchey Joseph A. & Rhea M. Jeffries Memorial Scholarship Emily Hendershot AultCare Team Spirit Award Darius Stokes Plain Local Teachers’ Association Aspiring Educator Scholarship Anna Somerville Vocal Patron’s Association Sydney Weiss GlenOak Soccer Booster Scholarship Nathan Wellman Canton Chapter of Quota International Maria Andrews Junior Achievement Shaun McCracken

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Plain Local Schools Foundation Awards Scholarships Bosworth



This year, The Plain Local Schools Foundation & Alumni Association presented 17 scholarships totaling $11,500 at the Senior Awards Ceremony in May. The Plain Local Schools Foundation was created in 1989 to help ensure quality educational experiences by serving as a receptacle for special private gifts and funds on behalf of Plain Local Schools. Below are the individual scholarship funds of the Plain Local Schools Foundation & Alumni Association and the 2018 award recipients: Bill Mease Memorial Scholarship Dedicated to a former Plain Local educator and superintendent, the Bill Mease Memorial Scholarship honors the man who strived to improve the educational opportunities of thousands of children in the Plain Local community. Bill was the inspiration and driving force behind the concept of a community high school campus among other educational programs that laid the framework making Plain Local an excellent place to learn. This scholarship is awarded to graduating seniors who demonstrate excellence in academics and at least three of the following four areas: athletics, leadership, the fine arts and community service. Receiving the $1,000 award is the 2018 recipient, Sydney Kleptach, who plans to attend the University of Mount Union to study Physical Therapy or Dentistry. Kleptach was the President of the National Honor Society, 2-year Team Captain of the Girls Soccer Team, member of the French Club, Women’s Chorus, 2014-2015 Battle of the Brush Champion, and member of the Spirit Club. Brian D. Beck Memorial Scholarship Honoring 2008 GlenOak graduate, Brian Beck, and his passion for the Plain Local Health Tech program, this award is given to a GlenOak student who will be pursuing a degree in the medical field. Funding for this scholarship is received through the annual “Father’s Day 5k” race, which was created by Brian’s family. Receiving $1,000 towards his studies in Exercise Physiology/ Pre Physical Therapy at Ohio University is the 2018 recipient, Brian Evans. Evans participated in the Sports Medicine program, was a member of the GlenOak Marching Band Drumline, and a 2-year letter winner of Track and Cross Country.



Plain Local Alumni Association / Drenta Family Scholarship The PLSAA/Drenta Family Scholarship was established to award graduating seniors of any high school who are the children or grandchildren of any member of the Plain Local Schools Alumni Association. The scholarship also honors Vic and Darlene Drenta, whom are both alumni and career educators of the Plain Local School District. The 2018 recipients, of $500 each, for the PLSAA/Drenta Family Scholarship are Angela Lewers, Serena Mucci, and Brian Evans. Angela will attend Ohio University, the Scripps College of Communications to study Music Production and the Recording Industry. Her father, Michael, was a 1991 GlenOak graduate. Serena will study Exercise Science at Kent State University. Her father, Dan, was a 1987 GlenOak graduate. Brian will attend Ohio University and study Exercise Physiology. His mother, Denise, was a 1982 graduate of GlenOak High School. Florence Elizabeth Barr Memorial Scholarship In memory of Florence Barr, an outstanding female athlete and revered educator in the Plain Local School District, this scholarship is awarded each year to a young woman who is an exceptional student athlete. The 2018 Florence Barr Memorial Scholarship recipient, Taylor Brightman will be receiving $1,000 towards her studies at the University of Pittsburgh, where she plans to study Biomedical Engineering. Brightman is a 4-year letter winner in Cross Country, and a 3-year letter winner in Track. Peter N. Cazantzes Memorial Scholarship An educator in Plain Local for over 30 years, Peter Cazantzes dedicated his life to improving the lives of those around him. He demanded the most from his students and gave selflessly to his community. The Cazantzes family and friends have established this memorial scholarship to recognize a Plain Local graduating senior who has shown a dedication to his or her community and exemplifies strong moral character. The 2018 recipient of this $1,000 scholarship is Jordyn Eller, who plans to study Psychology at Point Park University. Eller was involved with Yearbook as an Editor, and was a 3-year Captain of the Girls Soccer Team.




Haws Leadership Scholarship This scholarship was established by Plain Township Trustee, Scott Haws, upon his election to office on his promise to give back to the community. The scholarship is awarded to graduating seniors who best exemplify an excellence in the academics and the areas of community service, leadership and athletics. The 2018 recipients of the $500 award are Alex Oaks and Darius Stokes. Oaks will attend the Malone University and study Sports Management and Finance in the fall. He is a 3-year letter winner in basketball and football, and a 1-year letter winner in track. He has volunteered with Exceptional Olympics and the Humane Society. Stokes will attend Baldwin Wallace University and study Exercise Physiology. He is a 2-year letter winner in football and basketball. He has volunteered with First Friends Church and at Samaritan’s Table Soup Kitchen. The Glenwood Class of 1962 Scholarship This scholarship is established by the graduates of Glenwood High School Class of 1962, who feel strongly about giving back to current Plain Local students in their pursuit of higher education. Receiving the 2018 awards of $750 each are Sydney Kleptach, Jordyn Eller, and Adam Bosworth. Kleptach plans on studying Physical Therapy or Dentistry at the University of Mount Union. She was a Student Ambassador, President of the National Honor Society, Captain of the Girls Soccer Team, and involved in the Honors Art Program. Her grandmother graduated from Glenwood and her father graduated from GlenOak. Eller will study Psychology while attending Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. Eller was a Captain of the the Girls Soccer Team, Yearbook Editor, and Student Council Member. Her mother graduated from GlenOak and her grandmother graduated from Glenwood. Bosworth will study Business while attending The Ohio State University in the fall. He was a Captain of the Boys Soccer Team, a member of Student Council and Teen Court. His mother is a graduate of GlenOak High School.

Sommerville Stokes

Thomas Filicky Memorial Scholarship Thomas Filicky was an exemplary teacher, mentor, leader and friend throughout his 44 year tenure in the Plain Local School District. Mr. Filicky was honored with various awards throughout his career, and was passionate about mentoring young people. This annual $500 scholarship is awarded to a GlenOak High School graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in academics, arts, leadership, and community service. Darius Stokes will be receiving the 2018 award, which he will use towards his studies at Baldwin Wallace University where he will study Exercise Physiology. Stokes was the recipient of the Stark County Interesting Person of the Year Award in 2013, and was awarded Mr. Dance Jr. in 2010. He has also participated in “Touchdowns and Tutus” with the Canton Ballet and was a member of the the GlenOak Football Team. Abbey E. Foltz Memorial Scholarship Abbey Foltz, a 1999 GlenOak graduate, lost her courageous battle to cancer in August 2000. Throughout her illness, Abbey continued to persevere, and was a high achiever in arts and academics. Abbey’s parents and family, all of whom were also Plain Local graduates, have established this scholarship for GlenOak students in order to commemorate Abbey’s love for music and to honor her memory. Receiving the $500 award this year is Sydney Weiss, who will be studying Early Childhood Education and Dance Performance at Kent State University. Weiss was a member of the GlenOak Colorguard and Dance Team, Choir, Key Club, and Thespian Society. Matthew W. Fox Memorial Music Scholarship After his passing in a tragic automobile accident, Matthew Fox’s family and friends established this scholarship to capture his spirit by recognizing a graduating GlenOak senior who shared his passion for music and plans to pursue it at the collegiate level. The 2018 recipient of this $250 scholarship is Anna Somerville, who plans to study Music Education at Kent State University’s Glauser School of Music in the fall. Somerville was involved in the Women’s Chorus, Symphonic Strings, Shrek the Musical, Spamalot, Hairspray, and Les Miserables where she played the character Madame Thenardier.



Tydin Miller Memorial Scholarship Tydin Miller, a 2005 graduate of GlenOak High School, began with her life as an orphan in Vietnam. Tydin developed a positive attitude toward everything she encountered and, with the help of her family, friends, teachers, and coaches, Tydin became a persevering kid full of hope and happiness. Tydin’s family and friends have established this scholarship to celebrate the life of a young woman who helped others, worked diligently and never gave up. The 2018 recipient of the Tydin Miller Memorial Scholarship, receiving $500, is Isabelle Bruder. In the fall, Bruder will study Biology at Grinnell College in Iowa. She has participated in Save the World Club, International Club, Speech and Debate, Marching Band, Symphonic Winds, Jazz and Pep band. She has volunteered her time at the Humane Society, and Beechcreek Botanical Gardens. Plain Local Teachers Association Harry Timpe Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to graduating seniors who will be entering the education field and who demonstrate the characteristics of an outstanding educator. Harry Timpe was a dedicated and passionate careereducator in the Plain Local School District. The effects that Timpe had on his students were everlasting and changed the face of education in Plain Local. The 2018 Harry Timpe Scholarship recipient is Sydney Weiss. Attending Kent State University in the fall, she plans on studying Early Childhood Education and Dance Performance. Her concentration will be ages 3 - Grade 3. She was a student dance teacher with the Saturday Enrichment Program, and was apart of school musicals such as Les Miserables, Hairspray, Spamalot, and Shrek. She was also involved in school ballets such as Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Annie, Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins, Cinderella, Snow White, and the Wizard of Oz Gifts to the Plain Local Schools Foundation provide the opportunity for every Eagle to achieve his or her highest goals. To establish an endowed fund, give a gift to benefit the students of Plain Local Schools, or for more information, contact Anna Bodner, Director at foundation@ plainlocal.org, or call 330-4913870.

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Student Artwork On Display At Kent State Stark Plain Local students wowed the crowds at Kent State Stark with their artwork as part of the East Central Ohio Art Education Association K-12 Student Art Exhibit. Art on display included 40 works from students at Avondale, Barr, Frazer, Glenwood, Middlebranch, Oakwood, Taft, and Warstler. Participating students were: Caitlyn Sproul, LaJuan Simpson, Olivia

Loudon, Karina Williams, Audrey McMahan, Andrea Hooks, Jackson Reed, Lucy Mitchell, Lexie Haas, Olivia Roberts, Brooke Archer, Hope Walker, Lanie Crowl, Keira Sweeney, Tony Jeffries, Grace Michael, Christian Zuchegno, Angelina Pyle, Natalia Melegari, Kate Oliver, Nehemiah Stokes, Kaitlyn Hauner, Lorelai Swihart, Seraiha Solomon- Harvey, Ella

Harris, Jocelyn Hastings, Zoey Zimmerman, Maksim Courtney, Jackson Kendrick, Emeline Perich, Landon Lydick, Cadence Barborak, Zoey Green, Liam Palmer, Liliana Facenbaker, Lucy Shaw, Anastasia McCray, Mia Snider, Arya Sterling, Emma Bortowski, Hannah Burchfield, Alayna Linquist, Jane Rice. Opening night, May 24 was a big success as guests

from around the area enjoyed display in Kent State Stark’s Main Gallery from May 21 to a feast of great artwork and tasty snacks. The show was on June 14, 2018.

PLIMPA Plans Fundraisers

Save these dates! Christmas In July Craft Show supporting the GlenOak High School Band Saturday, July 21, 2018 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM GlenOak High School Commons (Door 17) Admission is free

PLIMPA Quarter Auction Sunday, September 9, 2018 Doors open at 12:00 PM with Auction promptly starting 1:00 PM GlenOak High School Commons (Door 17) Tickets $5.00 and include one paddle sold at the door.

Summer Sports Camps Save the date for these athletic camp opportunities!

Call the Athletic Department at 330-491-3850 to register. Tennis GlenOak Girls Summer Tennis is held every Monday and Wednesday afternoon from 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. throughout June and July on the courts at the high school. Summer Tennis is open to all girls interested in playing for the team during the coming Fall season. For more info contact Mark Jelichek at jelichek@neo. rr.com or 330-904-7311. SOCCER Boys and Girls Soccer Camp June 26-28 Students entering grades: 3-8 Time: 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. GlenOak High School Cost: $50 Includes 6 hours of instruction and a t-shirt. VOLLEYBALL GlenOak Volleyball Camp June 18-20 Grades 7-8: 8:30 a.m.- 10:30 a.m. Grades 1-6: 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Cost: $45.00 (includes a GlenOak Volleyball Shirt) LACROSSE GlenOak Lacrosse Camp July 16-20 Session 1 Intro to Lacrosse: For those with little to no experience. Instruction: Learn proper fundamentals of catching, throwing, cradling, & scooping. Times: 3:00-4:00 PM Who: Girls and Boys (grades 3-12) Equipment: Stick only (bring one or can borrow from the club) Cost: $50 Session 2 Lacrosse Fundamentals: For those with some experience, looking to improve lacrosse stick skills. Instruction: Learn proper fundamentals of catching, throwing, cradling and scooping. We will also cover shooting and dodging. In addition, we will have some Goalie and face-off instruction. Times: 4:30-5:30 PM Who: Girls and Boys (grades 3-6) Equipment: Full equipment, including mouthpiece. Cost: $50 Session 3 Lacrosse Foundation: For those who have played lacrosse wanting to expand skills & lacrosse IQ. Instruction: Learn proper fundamentals of catching, throwing, cradling, scooping, shooting, picking and dodging. We will also cover one-on-one defense, proper defensive position, body and stick checking. In addition, we will have Goalie and face-off instruction. Times: 6:00-7:30 PM Who: Girls and Boys (grades 7-8) Equipment: Full equipment, including mouthpiece. Cost: $75

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June, 2018 • Plain Paper • Page 15

Guys With Ties Effort Expanding In Plain Local We are excited to announce that the Guys with Ties program will be expanding to all six Plain Local elementary buildings next school year! Guys with Ties is a leadership group for third grade boys that was created last year at Middlebranch Elementary under the direction of Physical Education Teacher, Kent Hamilton and Community Liaison, Michi Thomas. Students in the program participate in monthly luncheons where they dress for success in matching shirt and ties.

During the luncheon, lessons are delivered on Dining Etiquette, Showing Respect, Community Service, Importance of Saying Thank You, Introducing Yourself, Goal Setting, and more! Guest speakers from the community have also joined the luncheons to share their personal experiences with the students. The group’s motto is “Look good, feel good, DO good,” and the boys strive to make an impact in their school and community. Due to the program’s success, Taft Elementary and

Production Supervisor Tony Hanf talking to Entertainment Technology and Drama IV students in the lobby of the Conner Palace Theater about his duties at Playhouse Square.

Entertainment Tech Class Visits Playhouse Square GlenOak’s Entertainment Technology Career Tech Program traveled to Cleveland Wednesday, May 10th to tour the Playhouse Square theater complex. Students were able to meet with Production Supervisor Tony Hanf, who showed them a lighting hang in progress in the Ohio The-

ater, and explained how he facilitates all of the technical needs of the traveling Broadway productions and concerts. Mr. Hanf spent an hour with the students and provided a wonderful learning opportunity for them to learn about working professionally in a large entertainment venue.

First Row, L to R: Robert Young, De’Jore Bell, Millenia Eshelman, Aaron Dearth; Second Row, L to R: Jared Marcum, Riley Conn, Latrell Blackman, Cordell Floyd; Third Row, L to R: Brian Byers, Bridget Ault, Mekenzie Keogh; Fourth Row, L to R: Nick LeMaster, John Oliver, Jayah Randle, Caleb Grant, Ken French; Last Row, L to R: Damian Milburn, Kiefer Smith, Conner Chapman, Andrew Dearth, Damien Gupton, and Nick Gasper.

Barr Elementary will join already existing programs at Middlebrach, Avondale, Warstler, and Frazer Elementary. The Elementary Physical Education team of Kent Hamilton, Nate Rininger and Andrew Meredith will lead the groups at each school in Plain Local. Meredith states “I can really see a difference in the boys who joined our

program and how they conduct themselves in a more respectful manner, especially on meeting days.” Rininger added “Seeing the progress in our current members makes me excited to give the whole district this awesome opportunity.” On Tuesday, May 22, all students involved with the program in the Plain Local School district and

Marlington Local Schools met for an end of the year event at Middlebranch. Professional skateboarder Doug Brown spoke to the boys with a theme of hope and optimism. The boys participated in a mini lesson on being leaders in their school and they finished by designing “Kindness Rocks” to spread positivity throughout the community!

Page 16 • Plain Paper • June, 2018

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Plain Towsnhip Hosts Purple Heart Recognition Day On January 9, 2018 at the first Township meeting of the new year, Plain Township was officially recognized by The Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter #699 as a Purple Heart Township. Plain Township is one of the first Townships in the State of Ohio to have the honor bestowed upon it. Chapter

#699 President Larry Emery presided over the recognition ceremony and your Plain Township Board of Trustees by way of proclamation, designated August 7, 2018 as Plain Township Purple Heart Day in congruence with it also being National Purple Heart Day. The Order of the Purple

Splash Pad Now Open At Park The new splash pad at Veterans park has opened for families to enjoy and beat the summer heat. The activity is open daily through Labor Day from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The feature was made possible by the Plain Township Board of Trustees and John Foraker of My Splash Pad, based in Louisville, Ohio. The amenity is free to all.

The 3rd season of the Plain Township Farmers’ Market is off to a fun filled

start with over 40 local vendors and a wide range of products available each

Heart of Military Merit, established by General George Washington during the American Revolution, is the oldest military decoration for military merit in the world. The Purple Heart Medal is presented in the name of the President of the United States of America to members of the military wounded in combat with an instrument of war by enemy forces, and subsequently to the next of kin of members of the military killed in combat. The Military Order of the Purple Heart was formed in 1932 and chartered

Farmers Market Season In Full Swing week! The market has more than doubled in size and continues to grow by the week, as produce season hits full swing in Ohio. As a result, a new parking lot has been created off of the access road to the right when entering the park and a walking path has been installed to connect to the parking lot at High Mill Church of the Resurrection. Join on Wednesdays through September from 4:00-7:00pm at Veteran’s park to SHOP, DINE & UNWIND, locally and seasonally at the Plain Township Farmers’ Market! Closed Holidays and during Inclement Weather. Learn more about the vendors, products, amenities and special events on Facebook @PlainTownshipFarmersMarket. Subscribe to the market’s monthly eNewsletter and obtain applications on our website. https://plaintownship.com/farmersmarket.aspx

Fly free from fees. Did you know that consumers now pay an average of $158.88 a year in checking account maintenance fees?* We offer no minimum balance fees, free billpay and surcharge-free access to over 5,000 ATMs nationwide. Make the switch and save today!

Think big. Bank small.

330.493.8325 • starkcu.org Federally insured by NCUA

* According to 2018 MoneyRates Bank Fee Survey

by Congress in 1958, is composed of military men and women who received the Purple Heart Medal, and is the only congressionally commissioned organization comprised strictly of United States Combat Veterans. In recognition of the 1.8 million

veterans who have been bestowed this prestigious medal given in the service of valor, Plain Township has taken the necessary steps to join the many other cities and villages in the nation to become a Purple Heart Township.

The Plain Township Parks Department will be holding a 6 class session of introductory tennis skills to get kids interested and excited in the sport on Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 10- July 26, 2018 at Alpine Community Park located at 3059 Alpine Street NE, Canton,

44721. Ages 5-8 years will have class from 6:00-7:00PM, and ages 9-12 years will have class from 7:00-8:00PM. Rain outs will be made up on Fridays of that week. The cost is $66.00 per child and you can register at https://apm. activecopmmunities.com/ plaintownship/Home

Quickstart Tennis Classes Set

Historical Society News

Did you know that 2018 is the 60th Anniversary of the first graduating class of Glenwood High School? In celebration of this, the Plain Township Historical Society (PTHS) is developing a publication about the history of Glenwood High School, as well as, giving a program on the topic at our monthly membership meeting in August. We will kick off our event season at the Plain Local Family Fit and Fun Day and Plain Township Rotary Pancake breakfast featuring items from Glenwood High School. Whether you were a student, teacher, administrator, staff, Board member, community member or family member of one of these, you can help. We are looking to capture what school life was like at Glenwood High School. Do you know someone who graduated from Glenwood that is interested in sharing their memories? How about remembering an event that happened (teacher strike, building of the high school, split schedules, sports, dances, class jokes, clubs, etc)? Do you know someone who is related to or was a past teacher, administrator or staff person? Put them in contact with us. We are also looking for photos, newspaper articles, commencement programs, sports programs or most any other paper or memorabilia type item. If you still want to hold on to those memories, we can make copies for our research and archive purposes. If you are not sure if we are interested, contact us and we can let you know. Help us preserve the history of Glenwood High School. We are “Educating Plain Township” about “Plain History”. Contact us at preservingplaintwp@gmail.com or 330-224-2660. Also summer is a time for class reunions and family reunions. The Plain Township Historical Society is always interested in preserving stories from these events. 2018 meeting schedule: July 16, 2018 – Covered Dish Picnic at Veteran’s Park Aug 20, 2018 – Glenwood High School Sep 17, 2018 – Tombstone Tales Oct 15, 2018 – Henry Holl Nov 19, 2018 – Articles of Confederation Dec 2018 – No Meeting All meetings start at 7:00PM and are held at the Plain Township Offices 2600 Easton St. NE unless otherwise noted. Come join us!!! It’s “Plain” History. Yearbook Want List: Middlebranch High School – Any yearbook before 1937, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957 Glenwood High School – 1959, 1960, 1964, 1967, Oakwood High School – 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975 GlenOak High School – 1982, 1984, 1990, 1992, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005 to present We are also looking for yearbooks from the middle schools and grade schools. We are also interested in class pictures from grade school through high school.

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June, 2018 • Plain Paper • Page 17

Library Branch Offers Something For All Ages Petros Lake Park What’s Under Your Google Drive? Thursday Aug 2, 6–7:30 p.m. July 6, 9–11 a.m. Learn about the free software Meet in the large parking lot options in a Google account. on Perry Dr. by the Stark Parks Options include Google Docs, kiosk at Petros Lake Park 3519 Spreadsheets, Slides & more. Perry Dr. NW, Canton). We will hike the Petros Lake Loop Trail, Windows 10 Basics for Seniors Bluebird Trail, and Meadow Thursday Aug 9, 1–2:30 p.m. Trail. Whether you purchased a new Middle Branch Trail computer or updated to WinAugust 3, 9–11 a.m. dows 10, discover new features Meet at Veterans Commuof Windows 10 or revisit some of books, music, culture, and Adults nity Park 1714 Schneider St., of your old favorites. play to young children and their Knitting Club Needlechat Canton) in the parking lot near Google Slides families. Registration is required Wednesdays, 10–11:30 a.m. the Stark Parks kiosk. We will Thursday Aug 9, 6–7:30 p.m. for all. Join fellow knitters and crochethike the Schneider Loop and the Learn to use Google’s presenBaby / Toddler ers to work on current projects GlenOak Loop. tation creator Google Slides Wednesday Jun 20, 27, at all skill levels while sharing Meet Author Andrea Legg including adding slides, editing Jul 11, 18, 25, Aug 1, 8, 15 tips and tricks. Learn basic American Sign Lanplace markers, adding images, 10:30–11 a.m. Book Club Mystery Book Club guage with author Andrea Legg’s and presenting a slide show. Preschool 4–5 p.m. book, Flap Your Wings, Little Tuesday Jun 19, 26, Thurs Jun 21: Murder as a Fine Robin. Enjoy story time, a craft Internet Searching Basics for Jul 10, 17, 24, 31, Aug 7, 14 Art by David Morrell and book signing. Books will be Seniors 10:30–11:15 a.m. Thursday Aug 16, 10–11:30 a.m. Thurs Jul 19: Dark Places by Gilavailable for purchase. Pajama Explore the Internet bascis like lian Flynn Monday Jun 18, 25, TECHNOLOGY navigating, web addresses and Thurs Aug 16: Girl on the Train Jul 9, 16, 23, 30, Aug 6, 13 the address bar; different search Word I Basics for Seniors by Paula Hawkins 7–7:30 p.m. engines, hyperlinks and more. Thursday Aug 2, 1–2:30 p.m. ALL AGES Wear your pajamas and get Word is one of the building ready for a cuddly story that’s Fit Friday Hikes blocks for developing and perfect for bedtime. In Partnership with Stark Parks expanding your Office skills. Escape everyday pressures, techElementary Begin with the basics of creating nology & to-do lists on beautiful a document. LEGO® Club trails along the lake and through Sat Jul 21, Aug 18 the woods during this monthly 10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. hiking series. So lace up your Imagine, create, and build with shoes for 2.6 miles at a moderate LEGO® and/or DUPLO® bricks pace at these locations: provided). Join us at the Plain CommuTeens (6th - 12th Grade) nity Branch of the Stark County TeensCREATE District Library to enjoy great proWed Jun 20, Jul 18, grams for all ages. Some programs Aug 1, 15, 22, 29 request registration; please call, 2–4 p.m. stop in, or visit StarkLibrary.org Hang out with your friends and and choose the Calendar tab for make new ones at the Library. more information. Enjoy activities including music, Early Learners art, STEM, snap circuits, and more. Each day will bring someStory Time & More thing new to do and explore. Story times open up the world

Manage Your Files and Folders with Windows for Seniors Thursday Aug 16, 1–2:30 p.m. Learn shortcuts for a file, folder; how to organize your files; empty and recover files and folders from the Recycle Bin; and adjust sound. Email Basics for Seniors Thursday Aug 23, 1–2:30 p.m. Create an email account using Gmail, and learn how to send, reply, and forward emails. PowerPoint I Job Skills Thursday Aug 23, 6–7:30 p.m. Learn Excel basics; storyboard; text boxes and preview. Build skills and learn images, graphics, tables and charts; navigation; hyperlinks; and Animation. Email Working with Attachments Thursday Aug 30, 1–2:30 p.m. Learn how to save attachments where you want them.


MAJOR SPONSORS : BAM! Healthy Cuisine Big Kahuna Life Gregory Industries

Walk or run with your friends and family!

2 Mile, 5 Mile and Kids’ Firecracker Dash Register www.ohiochallengeseries.enmotive.com

NORTH CANTON YMCA 200 South Main Street 330.499.2587 www.ymcastark.org

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Choir Caps Successful Season With May Show

Sydney Weiss shines during May Show at GlenOak High School

Golden Eagles Golden Flashes Golden Opportunities


A P P LY T O D AY Get started on one of 20 bachelor’s degrees this fall at www.kent.edu/stark S TA TE






Dates and times are subject to change. Please check the district calendar at www.plainlocal.org for the most up-to-date schedules.

Derbyshire, Elijah Evans, Rachel Gilmore, Jaime Hunter, Elijah Johnson, Colin O’Conner and Hannah Walther. After their performances, the students had the honor of working with world class jazz artists in a clinic setting. For these students, working with these remarkable musicians and leaders in their field was a mountain top musical experience they will not soon forget. The director of the WMU jazz program said in a personal letter to the directors, “The Drifters and Notables consistently demonstrate what is actually possible at the high school level.” He added that, “they seem to have it all - stage presence, musicianship, killer soloists ... and they’re nice people too!” Just a few weeks later, the advanced select Chorale and the Drifters traveled to Orlando, Florida to compete in Festival Disney. After two remarkable performances at Disney’s beautiful Saratoga Springs performance hall, the Chorale and Drifters



The select vocal jazz ensembles, the Drifters and Notables, traveled to Western Michigan University for the annual Gold Company Vocal Jazz Invitational. Both groups received “Outstanding Performance” awards and performed beautifully singing extremely sophisticated jazz literature. Students receiving “Outstanding Soloist” awards include: Evelyn Cramer, Miranda

for the show featuring 365 students. Meese said, “This experience really stretches the students. It is always a joy to see them blossom on stage and as confident individuals and performers.” Along with great singing and dancing, the hysterical videos featuring the cast were well received with laughter and applause. May Show has been a tradition of the choral department for over 28 years and is revered by the school and community alike. Chorale student president elect Madeline Whytsell commented, “May Show is the performance that unites our choirs and shows the community the family that we are.”


The students of the GlenOak Choral Music Department enjoyed a successful spring with many exciting opportunities and achievements. Directors Brian Kieffer and Mary Meese could not be more proud. “We are so blessed to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful students and to be able to partner with them to create so many wonderful and memorable musical moments.”

received superior ratings and were awarded 1st place in their categories; concert and specialty choir, respectively. The Chorale received the best choir overall as they earned the highest score for all schools competing. One of the judges commented on the Drifter rating sheet, “You ARE the best high school vocal jazz group I’ve heard, and I’ve heard thousands. You can quote me on that.” The two choirs also performed at the welcoming First Congregational Church in Winter Park, Florida, where they - because of their excellence - have an open invitation to sing anytime they are in Florida. Other activities included enjoying time in the Disney parks and fun in the sun at Clearwater Beach. On May 24, 25 and 26, the GlenOak Choral Department proudly presented May Show 2018: “Starlight”. This amazing and colorful musical spectacle featuring all of the eight GlenOak choirs was performed for three sell-out crowds. This year’s show, with original script and musical arrangements by director, Brian Kieffer was based on a reality singing talent show much like “American Idol” or “The Voice”. The students sang and danced their way through the storyline with medleys of music from the Big 80’s, the swing Era, Disco and Michael Jackson songbook to mention a few. Director Ms. Mary Meese creates and teaches all of the choreography



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Coaches Recap Spring Sports Accomplishments Boys & Girls Track & Field

Coach: Scott Ferrell Federal League Record: Boys - 5-1; Girls 5-1 Team Accomplishments: • Federal League 2nd Place Boys and Girls • District Runner-up Boys & Girls Individual Player Accomplishments: All-Federal League: 1st Team Kinsey Knoch 4x800 Taylor Brightman 4x800 Shay Rosegreen 4x800 Megan Wertz 4x800 Michael Contrucci 100m Andrew White 4x100 Michael Contrucci 4x100 Nucci Smith 4x100 Tate Rhoads 4x100 Michael Contrucci 200m Andrew White Discus 2nd Team Ryan Meister Jr 4x800 Cameron Wydra 4x800 Tyler Gray 4x800 Justin Knoch 4x800 Madison Rekstis 100m H Tate Rhoads 100m Nucci Smith 4x200 Anthony Contrucci 4x200 Tate Rhoads 4x200 Michael Contrucci 4x200 Delaney Ferrell 4x100 Aniyah Hall 4x100 Madison Rekstis 4x100 Keyanna Rozier 4x100 Peyton Howell High Jump Delaney Ferrell Pole Vault Shay Rosegreen Long Jump Devin Fleming Long Jump Renee Walton Discus Vanessa Parker Shot Put Tysen Binius Shot Put Honorable Mention Keyanna Rozier 100m Hannah Hartman 4x200 Sierra Kieffer 4x200 Aniyah Hall 4x200 Shay Rosegreen 4x200 Megan Wertz 1600m Cameron Wydra 800m Makayla Spoon 3200m Hannah Hartman 4x400 Sierra Kieffer 4x400 Kinsey Knoch 4x400 Megan Wertz 4x400 Kenny French Pole Vault State Meet Results: • Andrew White - State Champion Discus (back-toback) • Boys 4x100 - 4th place Andrew White, Michael Contrucci, Nucci Smith, Tate Rhoads • Boys 4x200 - 5th place Nucci Smith, Dean Sarris Tate Rhoads, Michael Contrucci • Brandon Hiser - 8th place 400m Seated

• Brandon Hiser - 9th place 800m Seated • Renee’ Walton - 11th place Discus • Michael Contrucci - 12th place - 200m School records were set : • Andrew White - NEW SCHOOL RECORD (4th this season) Discus - 204’ 9” Also Stark County Record • Michael Contrucci - NEW SCHOOL RECORD 200 meters - 21.76 • Boys 4x200 - NEW SCHOOL RECORD 1:28.23 Nucci Smith, Dean Sarris, Tate Rhoads, Michael Contrucci Coaches Remarks: This was a very successful season for the Golden Eagles. Despite the very cold start to the season, the track team got hot when it needed to and sent seven events to the State Championship meet.

Boys Lacrosse

Coach: Shane Hawthorne Record: 2-16 Team Accomplishments: In the 2017-2018 season we added more Division I region 2 teams which gave us a tougher schedule, but this challenged us to play the game at a much higher level. This young team just finished up its 2nd year as a Varsity sport. Individual Player Accomplishments: Performance Awards • Attack: Austin McCarthy (43 points, 75 GB’s) • Midfield: Rhys Leach (17 points, 65 GB’s, 34 % face-off wins) • Defense: Ron Callahan (55 GB’s) • Goalie: John Grunder (save percentage of 48.7 %) Character Awards • Iron-Man Award: Michael Zerby and Bryce Conn • Servant Leader Award Reese Hawthorne • Most Improved Award Xavier Menefee • Sportsmanship Award Andrew Skolmutch • MVP Award Devontae Arrington Coaches Remarks: The Lacrosse Booster’s have been a key role in the promotion and growth of the lacrosse program in Plain Local Schools. With the creation of the “Lacrosse Club” which supports and manages the youth and middle school teams, the Lacrosse Booster’s can now focus on supporting

the High School teams with many tasks outside of the sport, like team apparel, team pictures, fundraising, feeding the team on away games, managing and running home games, just to name a few of them. Also, with the increase in player participation on the Middle School team and the addition of youth (4-6th grad) boys and girls teams, the HS team will flourish with well skilled and talented players in the near future. With this firm and consistent Lacrosse Booster’s volunteers, the lacrosse program at Plain Local shas a great foundation to grow into a great part of a great school district. I thank the High School Athletic Department for all their support and the Lacrosse Booster’s for all of their hard work and dedication to make all of this possible. I am looking forward to being part of the continued growth of this great sport in Plain Local Schools in the years to come.

Girl’s Lacrosse

Head Coach: Nathan Bodenschatz Assistant Coach: Tara Schaffter Federal League Record: 2-11 Team Accomplishments: Two Varsity wins Team grew by nearly 100% from last year to this year Individual Player Accomplishments: Hannah Unkefer was the leading scorer with 20 goals Coaches Remarks: We had a good season with a young team. We will continue to grow in the off-season and come back stronger next year. This is a young program with great potential for growth!


Coach: Ray Frisbee Federal League Record: 7-5 Team Accomplishments: Varsity finished the year 14-13 and 7-5 in the federal league. We tied for second place. First team all federal league were senior Nathan Biedenbach and Ryan Bergert. Second team was junior Aaron Miller and honorable mention was junior Kyle Boron. Individual Player Accomplishments: Nathan Biedenbach, Ryan Bergert, Jacob Thomas, and Dylan Wayt all played in the Hank Miller All Star game for Stark

county. Ryan Bergert was Coach’s remarks: We had a named the MVP relatively inexperienced team Coaches Remarks: We had this year having lost four a solid year and played six starters from the previous season. Every young man ranked teams in the state. who stepped into the starting In those games we were 3-3. Ryan Bergert will be line up made great strides from day one in March to the attending West Virginia last match in mid May and University on a baseball gained valuable experience scholarship next year and for next Spring. We’re gonna Nathan Biedenbach our other captain lead the team in miss Nate Wellman next year. He’s gonna be tough batting average for the third to replace. Fortunately we consecutive year. Both of have another Wellman in those two have been integral the pipeline. David had a part of our program, and we solid first season. I always tell will miss them. anyone who will listen that Boys Tennis the guys I get on these teams Coach: Mark Jelichek are like the nicest guys in the Record: 0-6 world and this year’s team Individual Player was certainly no exception! Accomplishments: Number one singles player, senior Softball team captain Nate Wellman, Coach: Sarah Rante a four year letterman, led Federal League Record: 7-5 Individual Player the team in match wins with 9. Junior Michael Accomplishments: Stamaton, a two year • 2nd Team All Federal League: letterman, was second on Olivia Otani, Riley Grimm, the team with 7 match wins Amya Worley at third singles. Making • Honorable Mention All his return to the starting Federal League:Peyton lineup was junior Caimen Morrison, Makayla Domer, who anchored Marraccini the first doubles team and • All NE Ohio Honorable winning varsity matches for Mention: Riley Grimm, the first time were senior Olivia Otani Steven Shalenberger, juniors Coaches Remarks: I am Andrew Brinkman and Matt very grateful and blessed Popa, and freshman David to have had coached such Wellman. Nate Wellman was wonderful young ladies. named to the All Federal Their determination and League second team and All hard work has made a County second team as well lasting impact on the softball as the team’s MVP for the program at GlenOak. While I season. Also honored at the am sad to see the seniors go, team’s banquet was Popa who I am excited to see what the future has planned for them. received the Most Improved Award and Shalenberger In addition, I am optimistic who took home the coveted about our returning players “Good Guy” Award. and the future of our team.

Support Eagle Cheerleaders

Tickets are on sale now for Doors open at 1:00 p.m the third annual cheerleading Auction begins at 2:00 p.m. quarter auction, $5.00. See your favorite GlenOak Bring your coins Sunday, or Oakwood Cheerleader August 26th to GlenOak for tickets or visit High School. GoEaglesCheer.weebly.com

Golf Outing Benefits Team Save the date! The GlenOak Boys Golf Team will host an outing on Sunday, July 22, 2018 at the Sanctuary Golf Course. The four-person scramble features a shotgun start at 1:30 p.m. This event supports the GlenOak Boys Golf program for the purchase of golf shirts, hats, paying for tournament entry fees and golf balls.

So, put together a foursome and come have some fun. The day includes golf, prizes, giveaways and dinner. Sponsorship opportunities are also available and appreciated. For more information or a flyer for the event, please contact Scott McCahan at 330-283-7629 or email scott. mccahan@fedex.com.

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Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for #PLSLastDay! We hope our staff, students and the Plain Local community have a safe and happy summer!