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By: Placide Lumbala



Placide lumbala: Born, 1995, Lusaka, Zambia. Full time student at Medicine Hat College studying Visual Communications. Also a resident of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Dreaming of one day being able travel back to Paris, France, but instead of just going there for vacation, living there permanently and pursue a career as an architec or industrial designer.


Pinhole assignment

Title:Dinner for 2. A romantic dinner with my love. Restaurant all to ourselves.

Assignment: Embark on a time altering, space changing kind of imagination project. Work on details of your everyday life, transported to another time, dimension or even another country. Title: My plane in Paris Boarding my flight to Paris, France. Meeting a special women while visiting the Eiffel Tower. I’m fluent in french so communicating was not hard at all.

Title: Eiffel Tower Romance

Colour Tetrad Pallet




Title: Holy Matrimony Marrying the love of my life in the marvelous place of Paris, France.


Visual Contact: or Videos:

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Projects Portfolio  
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