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==== ==== Read Free Dating tips for shy guys:1. Don't take dating too seriously. ==== ====

I find that quiet guys are the easiest "type" to turn into good seducers, as all it takes are a few dating tips for shy guys. In my experience they usually dress well, have an interesting personality once they start talking, and are generally quite confident underneath it all. This article provides you with tips to break out of your shell and start scoring with the girls. Tip #1 - Fear Of Rejection Is Normal Don't be scared to fail! Many extremely sexy women fail when they try to attract a guy, and many confident guys fail when they try with women. It's totally normal. I'm a self-confessed shy guy, and I have an immense fear of failure in regards to many things. I just make a simple mental plan, close my eyes, and go for it! Once you've done this 2 or 3 times, it's easy. Tip #2 - Plan It Out Many guys are shy because they don't know what to say in conversation. I used to have this problem, but not any more. Plan it out if you need to. Anyway, do you run out of things to say when you're chatting with your mates? No way! Why is it different with a girl? Don't be scared of gaps in the conversation, and allow her to talk too. Tip #3 - Speak Slowly and Confidently Concentrate on chatting in a relaxed and casual manner. It will buy you time, and allow you to use body language more. Look into her eyes for periods of 3 to 5 seconds at a time. Smile and use hand gestures. Women are attracted to grounded, energetic men, who give off the impression of confidence. Tip #4 - Ask Her To Sit Down Once you've gotten through what can be described as "the hard part" of the initial stages of getting the girl, as her to move somewhere close by to sit. Don't take her away from the group, or from her friends. The idea is just to close the situation in on just you too. Call it "isolating the target" if you like. From here on on things will get MUCH easier!

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==== ==== Read Free Dating tips for shy guys:1. Don't take dating too seriously. ==== ====

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