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==== ==== Read Free Dating tips for shy guys:1. Don't take dating too seriously. ==== ====

You have seen your guy friends striking a hot date with the woman they want but it just seems to be so tough for you. Well, I am not expecting you to pick up a hot date the next minute after you finished reading this article but at least, you will know what you should do next to increase your confidence in approaching a woman. Here are some great dating tips for shy guys. - Start off with a smile You can start off with a smile at a shopping mall. Just smile to any woman at the mall. Practice this a few times and you will get a hang of it. - Start saying Hi to strangers After you have got used to smiling at ladies, you can even start saying "Hi" to them. - Start a small conversation Once you have got used to the above two mentioned methods, you may even strike a small conversation with them. You do not need to start by getting her phone number yet. Just go slowly until you feel very comfortable with it. On the other hand, shy guys should also look your best. The better you look, the more confident you are when it comes to approaching a woman. Make sure you dress well and be clean shaven. Beside this, I think it would be a lot easier for a shy guy to date a woman at a quiet place instead of a noisy one. Noisy places like pubs or night clubs can be much more difficult to attract a woman's attention because that place is packed with many other single men as well. In fact, many women don't really want to meet a potential boyfriend at this kind of place and it is more likely you see more party girls instead. Don't ever imitate or pretend to be someone that you are not. Just relax and be yourself. Be as natural as possible. Most women can tell if you are just faking it and they can feel it. Here is another great dating tips for shy guys and that is LISTEN. When you are in conversation with a woman, listen carefully to what she is saying. If you do not know what to say, just ask her questions related to the topic that she is talking about. Shy guys can also meet up with great women. There are many shy guys who have great success in dating their dream girl. Click Here to discover the best ways on how to attract your dream girl.

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==== ==== Read Free Dating tips for shy guys:1. Don't take dating too seriously. ==== ====

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