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==== ==== Be The First To Read What The Experts Are Saying About energybytesla review For more about this report visit or visit my facebook fun page for more Energy Saving Tips at ==== ==== Free Electricity Nikola Tesla did create several electrical items but his Free Electricity dream was always in his mind. In 1901 he started to work on a global giant towers structure that could transmit information, but they could transmit electricity as well. He did create a 200 foot tower construction that did become his experiment tower, at Shoreham, Long Island. However his trouble was to gain further support from Morgan, but for this support he had to unveil more information. This warned Morgan that Tesla was created for EnergyByTesla, so in 1906 he extracted his funds. For a top banker, this idea was not a profitable business. He also did talk to other bankers, telling them not to invest in this business. This situation was very bad almost impossible, and Tesla had to focus on inventions that could bring more money. After a while, his laboratory was burned to the ground, and with it, all his dreams of free electricity for the population. One hundred years ago it was the dream. In our days this dream it is a reality. So many people are building their personal Magnetic Energy generators. Thanks to this system they have free electrical energy in their homes. Scientist made a lot of electrical wonders however his dream of Free Electricity for everybody was in his mind. At 1901 he started to work on the global system of the giant towers, which can relay news & information, however they can as well relay electricity. He then built 200 foot tower to become test tower, in Shoreham, Long Island. However, his main problem was, to get the further funding from Morgan, and he disclosed more of information than he wished to and this alerted Morgan where Tesla was to head with the free electricity for masses, as well as in 1906 he withdrew all his funding. For top financier, idea of many getting totally free electricity was nightmare. It is thought he spoke to some other financiers, and telling them of the Tesla's idea, as well as advising not to invest either. Tesla found himself in impossible position, as well as need to concentrate on the inventions for that he can be paid. And not much later, and his laboratory was then burnt to ground, and all along with that, his dreams of the free electricity to masses and humans dreams of the free power as well. Free Tesla Energy The idea of devices that could generate electricity from energy resources for free was created by the well known scientist, Nikola Tesla. Tesla did create numerous inventions that are vital even in our days. He also did create a machine that confirmed his theory. Electricity can be offered for free to millions of people from all around the world. So, how come people pay even now giant sums toward electric companies for their energy requirements? Well there is always the problem of human nature that is not positive enough to accept such theories if they are not confirmed by certain big corporation or from an administration society. Actually, even in Tesla's existence EnergyByTesla, people did laugh and they always have considered him a dreamer.

It is always the human nature that will proclaim something as not being efficient, more willingly than to accept that they can be amazed by that product. If only, people were less selfish and more tolerant! Whit all these advantages, we could have free of charge and clean energy all around the world. Energy by Tesla offers this wonderful chance towards people that dont have this system because all these recent users are going to be surrounded by the billions that are already collecting the benefits of free electricity for their home. Have you ever heard about name " Tesla"? And I think in case, you are studying and working in the scientist then it is obviously however in case, you are not, then it is very easily understood you do not know him. As before I write about this, I do not know about him till I am the partnership for newspaper that is just about him. After that who is he and why was he very popular in the scientist? His name is Nikola Tesla and came from Serbia. In case, you are all hook on scientist & technology, and I think that you can hear about him one time. As, he was the most prominent inventors every times however he did not get enjoyment from great career. Also, he was born at 10th, July, 1886 in Smiljan at Croatia as well as both of parents were Siberian. And at age of 17, he started to think very seriously about invention. About the invention, he said when he have done any equipment he had not need specimen and drafts, also he carried on that follow his mind then reformed the weakness to make that perfect. Radiant Energy For Free There are just a few systems that can provide free electricity from energy resources. The most famous system is the transfer of power from radiation to electrical power. Radiant energy was always in our atmosphere. This system contains solar radiation from the sun, also as outer space energy from the stars. This Free energy system connects this energy in order to create electricity for your house. The notion of changing the radiant energy to free electricity belongs to the famous inventor, Nicola Tesla EnergyByTesla. You can set this simple tool in your house and that would perform as proof of theory that electricity can be produced from all the radiation that exist in our atmosphere. As soon as you start to set this system you will need an aluminum plate. The plate has to be well protected and covered with insulating material. If your plate is going to be large then you will get also the best results. A small plate can be used only for a small demonstration. The cable that will be connected to the aluminum plate is going to carry the electric current produced by your machine. A full signal rectifier and a capacitor should be used to fix and to control the output current. This simple test should prove that these principles are really true and this that this energy by Tesla system will bring for you so many benefits. Radiant Energy from the Sky In our past this simple technology was a myth. If it were up to the oil corporations and big trades, it would still be a myth. This radiant energy is not a myth that is why more and more people are embracing this alternative energy technology. It is so simple to assemble and to construct an electricity motor that will fully power your house, depending on the volume unit that you want to create. Solar panels and wind energy are also superior energy alternatives, but frankly you cant compare them. A magnet motor can be easily created by you with the right step by step instruction

plans. If you're prepared to control your future and your money, purchase this wonderful system and get busy creating your personal free energy magnetic motor. It is a continuous motion machine that will never stop, even if you might have to restore them in your generator just once, approximately every 400 years. This machine will work in every home and here comes the best thing; you only need to allocate a small space for this energy motor. All the materials that are required to create a motor are low priced and they are usually available in your local stores. The Best Energy Device The notion of free energy from resources is a recent innovation and a big progress. Believe it or not, a machine that controls free energy was created more than a century ago. The creator was none other than Nicole Tesla, he was and he still is considered by many people as the father of electricity. In 1899, at Shoreham, Long Island, Tesla did create a huge transmitter, a powerful machine that could switch radiant energy from the atmosphere to electrical energy. Then again, his radical creation did not obtain the publicity that he deserved EnergyByTesla, so he did remain in obscurity even today. Instead of being delighted by this invention, the financier feared that it will have a huge impact on electrical companies, so he refused to fund this project. Over the centuries, numerous competent and reliable equipments have been created that did enable the switch of power from free reserves to electrical power. A Free Energy system was created with deep knowledge and precise attention. Such systems can be set up in your house without any problem and with a little knowledge. They will provide for you the energy that you require for several years. After you will set up this system, you can forget about electricity bills! Tesla was been obsessed with an idea to give the world with the free energy as well as went to work by perfecting generation of the electrical power without use of the solar, fuels, and wind. He will pull electrical power from " vacuum". He will as well demonstrate transmission of the electric power without any wires. Making use of "Shoeman Cavity", 60km of high area between earth & bottom of Ionosphere & charged with the megawatts of an electrical power just by lightning the bolts that are generated all over the world, Tesla demonstrated the transmission of the electrical power at many kilometres. And he lit the fluorescent lamps just by holding them with field he had made. Tesla demonstrated transmission of the electrical power by waves of the energy passing through earth lighting lamps 25 kilometres from laboratory. Also, it was at point Tesla was been introduced to infamous banker & financier, and JP Morgan. Tesla then convinced Morgan he can build worldwide broadcasting system, which will make millions. And Morgan invested promptly & Tesla started Wardenclyff Tower project.

==== ==== Be The First To Read What The Experts Are Saying About energybytesla review For more about this report visit or visit my facebook fun page for more Energy Saving Tips at ==== ====

All About energybytesla review  
All About energybytesla review  

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