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There are millions of online and offline Halloween costume stores that can provide you with a costume of your dreams in no time. However, if you want a unique Halloween costume at a cheap price or you want to look different and not end up looking like two or worse still three other people in a Halloween party, you can make your own costume. It will be unique and at the same time cheap way of acquiring a Halloween Costume. Following are some basic ideas you can utilize to make your own Halloween Costume. *Costumes made from second-hand store *Costumes for chair users *Costume made from boxes and poster cards COSTUMES MADE FROM SECOND HAND STORE You can make a variety of Halloween costumes from the things available at second hand stores i.e.: *Ghost *Clown *Old Man *Old Woman *Japanese Doll *Soda Pop Can *Miss America GHOST Take a white sheet cut holes for eyes and a small slit for mouth. Put some eye shadow and lashes around the eyes and lipstick around lips, you can also use some color on the cheeks. CLOWN Use larger clothes than your normal size. Decorate clothes with fabric paint or markers. You can also try tie and dye. Use cheap wig, hat and makeup. You can pack extra space in your clothes with tissue paper. OLD MAN Wear Dark colored paints with cuffed jacket and dress shirt and walking stick. Apply some temporary hair color to give gray look to your hairs. Also use a man's flat cap. OLD WOMAN

Wear an old style dress with length just below knees, color your hair grey. Carry a big black purse. JAPANESE DOLL Paint your face white and wear a traditional Japanese Dress with flip-flop slippers and tie your hair in buns. SODA POP CAN Take a barrel light weight container, cut the bottom and make holes for your head and hands and paint it like your favorite soda pop can like Coca Cola, Miranda, Sprite etc. MISS AMERICA Use an old bridal dress with pair of gloves. And also wear some large jewelry with high heals. Take a piece of ribbon and write Miss America with glitter. COSTUMES FOR CHAIR USERS You can change a simple chair into an interesting part of your Halloween make over by a little creativity: *King or Queen on Throne *Gift jack in a box or Robot *Car, Truck or Space ship. KING OR QUEEN ON THRONE Wrap the back arm with gold or silver foil paper and decorate it with plastic gems and old jewelry and Christmas garland this will convert chair into throne. You just need to wear a bright velvet cape and artificial crown that can be bought from any retail store or you can also make your own. GIFT, JACK IN BOX OR ROBOT Take a box that covers the chair easily and it should be comfortable enough to provide you space inside the box. Remove top flaps make a hole for head and 2 holes on sides for hands. To look like a gift wrap box with beautiful gift paper make a big bow and wear it on head as hat. To look like a Jack paint box with very bright color and wear matching hat and do clown makeup. For Robot look wrap box with foil and decorate the box as it shows robot structure. CAR TRUCK OR SPACESHIP Use the box similar as the above and decorate in a way that gives it the look of your favorite vehicle. This will be the real cool Halloween costume. COSTUMES MADE FROM BOXES AND POSTER CARDS POKEMON CARD You can use poster cards to make a very attractive Halloween costume, just by painting and decorating it in a different way. If you want a robot like look paint it with silver color, paint it red and paste some paper plates on sides to give a racer car look. Paint it white and add a handle that will give the look of a refrigerator. Try to paint the backside of front design on the second card. After painting cards sew it on long sweat shirt. Your favorite Pokemon card costume is ready to wear. THE ENGINE

Take a box that perfectly fits around the waist of your child. You can convert this box to look like a trains engine. To do this colors the box with green, blue or red etc. Paste train number on the sides and make black wheels with card and paste on the sides. We can also make three dimensional front face of the train with papers and cards. Now attach belt to each side of the box hang it on shoulders, wearing conductor's hat. DICE Take one or two card board boxes that easily fit around your waist. Draw circles on black paper and cut them out and paste them in specific places to make this box a dice. This will give you a dice look. This is all about Halloween Costumes and Halloween day. Low cost Halloween costumes can be made by creative designing while bringing in use common things to decorate the Halloween Costume. People can prepare attractive and unique costumes at home this way.

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==== ==== Hello from For man halloween costumes great site and great quality reviews check this out ==== ====

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