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If you have a charming little trick-or-treater around your house, then you need to check out these bestselling toddler boy Halloween costumes. Not only are they completely adorable but they are also really high quality and totally affordable. And the best part is - they can be used all year round so your little munchkin can dress up and take part in lots of imaginative play. So here is a round up of some of the cutest and most popular get-your-camera-ready costumes for toddler boys this Halloween. 1. Superheroes Okay so these are not that original, but they are super popular among toddler boys. Little boys absolutely love the thought of dressing up like their favorite superhero for Halloween. In fact the number one bestselling costume last year for toddlers was Superman. The best Superman costumes come with built in muscles on the chest and arms as well. Your little guy will look just like the real Superman! Of course, next in popularity, right behind the man in the blue tights, is everyone's favorite caped crusader - Batman. If choosing a Batman costume, be sure to pick one that is an officially licensed costume so it will look more authentic. These top notch costumes usually come with a full jumpsuit (complete with muscled chest), headpiece, utility belt and of course a cape. 2. Movie & TV Characters If you have a toddler boy around, I'm sure you have seen your fair share of cartoons and animated movies. I know I have. In fact, I usually find myself reciting kids movie lines in my sleep! Some of the most popular T.V. and movie character toddler boy Halloween costumes are Buzz Lightyear and Woody from a Toy Story, Scooby Doo and Power Rangers. You can't go wrong with one of these costume ideas for toddlers. They are easy to put on, easily recognizable and easy for little ones to wear for a fun night of trick-or-treating. 3. Video Game Characters Toddlers don't spend a lot of time playing video games but when they do, they are very intrigued with a pair of mushroom hopping brothers. Can you guess who they are? Yes... Mario and Luigi - the famous Mario Brothers from the popular Nintendo series of video games. Some little boys prefer to be the more popular brother Mario but others prefer the blue and green costume so they choose Luigi. Either way, any toddler would love to be one of these coin

collecting video superstars. 4. Occupational Costumes When you ask your little guy what he wants to be when he grows up what does he say? This is great inspiration for Halloween costume ideas. Some of the top selling job-related costumes for toddlers are boxer costumes, military costumes, train conductor, fire chief, pilot and astronaut. Let them aspire to be whatever they want to be - and let them dress like it for Halloween with these adorable costume ideas for toddlers. 5. Animals There are always plenty of animal costumes available for little ones. Everything from monkeys to lions to elephants. These costumes are perfect for younger toddlers who still have adorable chubby cheeks that would be perfectly framed by a curly felt lions mane or big floppy elephant ears. These soft comfortable costumes are a snap to put on and don't have a mask or any other element that would make trick-or-treating a hassle for a younger toddler. No matter which of these toddler boy Halloween costumes you choose, your little man is sure to make everyone say awweee.... and reach for their cameras this Halloween!

Check out these awesome Toddler Boy Halloween Costumes and other best selling Halloween costumes to see how easy ( and cheap ) it is to look amazing this Halloween.

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==== ==== Hello from For man halloween costumes great site and great quality reviews check this out ==== ====

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