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If you are looking for dating tips for shy guys, you have come to the right place. I am going to keep as much theory and fluff out if this as possible. To try and help you as much as I can, in getting the woman of your dreams. So let's get right down into the dating tips for shy guys. The first tip is to get drunk. I am only joking... Let's get to the real tips. Dating Tips For Shy Guys No:1 Girls are just as nervous as guys. Always remember for the most part, girls are just as scared, shy and worried as guys. In fact girls can be even more paranoid thinking they look fat, saggy or some other made up problem in their heads. Try and use this information to ease your fears. Dating Tips For Shy Guys No:2 Avoid situations that make you nervous. Try and find areas that make you nervous and avoid them as much as possible. Nobody really likes just walking up to a girl and starting a conversation. If you do not like it then do not do it, seriously what is the point? I do not mean to do never try it, at least not in the beginning. Dating Tips For Shy Guys No:3 Start everything slowly This is where we start to pick things up a bit, rather than the usual old advice. So, take baby steps when doing everything. Start trying to smile and say hello to people in the street; Make small conversation with people at checkouts and joke around during normal interactions. The purpose of this is to build confidence and tell yourself that not every interaction has to lead to getting a girls number. After a while you can start treating girls like this and start talking to them. This does not have to mean getting their number, but hey, the chance is there. Of course this takes time to build up to, like I said start very slowly and build up. Dating Tips For Shy Guys No:4 Learn to create attraction

Girls are just as sexual (maybe more so) as guys, this is important to understand. Because if you can learn to create attraction and use good attraction behaviours. Half the battle is won. I am not going to lie and say that women will be throwing themselves at you. But they will certainly make themselves available. Or seriously let you know that they are. Now, how good does that sound? Dating Tips For Shy Guys No:5 Use online dating The world is changing at a face pace these days with the internet age. More people than ever are turning to online dating and why not? You can review hundreds of women in an instant and target what you are after. Rather than talk to a stranger and waste time finding out the general gist of them. You can also avoid that initial approaching women problem that all shy guys have. This is really one of the most powerful dating tips for shy guys.

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==== ==== Read Free Dating tips for shy guys:1. Don't take dating too seriously. ==== ====

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