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==== ==== Read Free Dating tips for shy guys:1. Don't take dating too seriously. ==== ====

We all want to be noticed at some time or other but if you are a shy guy who is chasing the woman of your dreams then getting noticed is an absolute must. The problem is that your shyness just gets in the way. You know that if you could just get her to notice you then you could really charm her off her feet. But how do you cross that great divide and get noticed by your intended love? Well, the easiest was is just to go up to her and be direct, but being the shy type that's not really you is it? Well, you don't have to be direct or flamboyant to succeed just follow these 3 tips and you will soon be in dating heaven. 1. Don't Over Analyze. Analysis paralysis will bring you to a total standstill. Whats worse it will build up your nervousness so that if you do make an approach it will probably be doomed to failure. 2. Be spontaneous. Girls love guys who act on impulse but the problem is most guys, especially shy guys are creatures of habit. Learn to live outside your comfort zone just once in a while. You don't need to jump up on the bar and tear your clothes off - hey you never know that might work but just don't stick with the same old routine that hasn't gotten you noticed up till now. 3. Take Action. Thats right, actually get up and do something. Stop dreaming about the beautiful girl and what you can do together and just go and do it. I know this sounds silly but its the number one problem I come across when talking to shy guys. There you have it then, 3 simple but very effective dating tips for shy guys. Just follow these and you will soon be dating the girl of your dreams.

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==== ==== Read Free Dating tips for shy guys:1. Don't take dating too seriously. ==== ====

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