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Platform 4 3rd - 23rd September 2011 Opening event 6th September 2011 VISIT FOR FREE - NO CHARGE FOR EVENTS Platform 4 is temporary public artwork in Winton Square, Stoke-on-Trent, by sculptor Rich White. The sculpture takes the form of a raised deck, accessible via a pair of staircases, surrounding the bronze statue of Josiah Wedgwood. Platform 4 looks at the place, space and identity of Winton Square. This sculpture offers the visitor the unique opportunity for a very personal audience with Stoke-on-Trent's most famous son, and revives a public space by taking a new perspective on a once beautiful location. Rich created Platform 4 as a result of what he heard and saw when spending time in Winton Square. Josiah Wedgwood's statue was a talking point: for some Wedgwood is a symbol of pride in the city's creative heritage, for others a traitor who sold the city out to industrialisation. By putting people on the same level as the statue they can have a more personal relationship: those that like and respect him can get closer to him, those that do not are no longer looked down on - nor obliged to look up to him. Rich White, in building a deck area behind the statue, has given us a new square - fake-turfed and planted - elevated above the traffic and placing people amongst the trees and the architecture. Take this brief opportunity to visit the space and have your one-to-one with Wedgwood.

Find out more about Platform 4 and Rich White on 20th September with ‘Telling Stories with Scultpture’. Rich White will tell the stories that lead to some of his recent projects and discuss Platform 4 - his new temporary work for Winton Square. For booking visit: or call 0121 212 0440

White's work involves physically altering (or appearing to alter) existing architecture in public and exhibition spaces. These architectural interventions are developed specifically for their location through research and site visits; responding to the architecture, history and current happenings in the area. For those with access requirements please call 0121 212 0440 to arrange a visit. With thanks to North West Synthetic Surfaces Ltd and A&A Scaffolding Plus Eight (2003) Ltd.

Platform 4  

Platform 4 is a sculpture by Rich White in Winton Square in Stoke-on-Trent.