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t is not rocket science as to why we are so cutting edge and

extraordinary. A good concept, great stories, relevant features,

quality developments and comprehensive listings are all elements

that make Places & Spaces such a sought-after publication.

Publisher’s Note

We have become the home owners’, realtors’ and developers’

guide to outstanding real estate listings available within the entire

10,990 square kilometres of this uniquely beautiful island. There is

no place like Jamaica, therefore it takes an extra special magazine to showcase all that it has to offer, and that magazine of course is Places & Spaces.

As we celebrate our first anniversary with a resounding bang, we

are cognizant that while our development and popularity has been

phenomenal, there is always room for growth. We are committed to

not resting on our laurels but seek to always keep abreast of market trends, industry policy adjustments and home buyers’ preferences. Indeed the real estate landscape is so diverse and interesting that new developments and features are always arising.

We strive to always be ahead of the game and therefore give our

growing legion of faithful readers, not just what they want in a real estate magazine but more importantly, exactly what they need, all

presented in an extraordinary package that is not only palatable, but a bonafide page turner.

This issue as we continue to) enhance our readers’ interest. We will be looking at the history of Date Tree Hall in downtown Kingston

and Bromley in St. Ann; our legal eagle sounds off on what you need to know about joint tenancy versus tenancy in common; things to

consider before starting your own green house; investigating whether your home is making you sick; FosRich Company – 20 years of

business and our cover story examines the unique development of our North Coast.

Indeed these are interesting times in the world of real estate, hence we provide even more listings, new schemes and home options.

Diversity is a good thing which is why Places & Spaces will continue to be as insightful as possible because we are confident that ‘if we list it, you will love it’.

Michele Gabay

Managing Director MAPCO Printers Limited

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North Coast Development




Mother & Daughter Artists

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Little Bay Country Club

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Examining the Rapid Development of the North Coast

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Heather Sutherland Wade & Rachel Moss: Artists united by blood and a shared passion

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Little Bay Country Club: Bringing luxurious living to Negril Fosrich Company Limited: Illuminating Jamaica one home at a time Bromley: That picturesque house on the hill

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Understanding Co-Ownership The Rich History of Date Tree Hall 7 Step Strategy for a more Sustainable Jamaican Residential Architecture

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Things to Consider Before Considering a Greenhouse

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JNBS Offers Hassle-Free Mortgage Applications

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Is Your Home Affecting Your Health? The Children are out of the House: Now What?

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the rapid development of the



he birth parish of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Robert ‘Bob’ Marley, Burning Spear and Shabba Ranks, St. Ann is a

picturesque parish as unique and as diverse as they come.

Now considered the largest parish in Jamaica, St. Ann is situated on the north coast of the island, in the county of Middlesex,

roughly halfway between the eastern and western ends of the island and has been dubbed the ‘Garden Parish’ due to its breathtaking natural topographical beauty.

St. Ann has long been the location for vacationing but in the

past few years the parish has seen different kinds of activities

as homes, hotels, attractions, eateries and entertainment spots have sprung up along the North Coast. Once where there

was just plain old land as far as the eye can see, are housing

developments, complexes and all the modern conveniences that make for a thriving, bustling community. P&S sought to explore why the North Coast has replaced Mandeville as THE place to

eat, be seen, relax and reside. Why has this become the ‘it’ spot

for so many persons looking to indulge, immerse themselves and most importantly, invest?

Bordered on the south by Clarendon and Saint Catherine,

in the east by Saint Mary, and Trelawny in the west, it is rich in limestone formation and claims 59 caves and numerous

sinkholes. The last census put the parish population at around

166,762. Tourism, agriculture, bauxite mining and manufacturing are its main industries with tourism being the most visible and

popular as Ocho Rios is the place to get away to for both tourists and locals alike.

Stretching 468.19 square miles, St. Ann is one of the oldest

populated areas in the island of Jamaica tracing back to 600 -

650 A.D. It is believed to be the earliest Taino/Arawak settlement in Jamaica. Voyager Christopher Columbus first came ashore in the parish at what is now known as Discovery Bay and

interestingly returned on his fourth voyage and was eventually

marooned for one year at St. Ann’s Bay (June 1503 - June 1504),

which he called Santa Gloria. Sevilla la Nueva, now called Seville, was the first Spanish settlement just to the west of St Ann’s Bay. Established by Juan de Esquivel, the first Spanish Governor of

Jamaica, St Ann’s Bay became the third capital established by

Spain in the Americas. The first sugar mills were also established by the Spaniards in Sevilla la Nueva before 1526.

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A parish steeped in history, St. Ann is named after Lady Anne Hyde the first wife of King James II of England. After 1655,

when the English captured Jamaica, St Ann’s Bay gradually developed as a fishing port with many warehouses and

wharves. Ocho Rios, the parish capital, began to take shape

as a modern town and a favourite tourist destination in Jamaica in the late 1960s through the St Ann Development Council

which commenced the systematic development of this town. It commenced when Reynolds Jamaica Mines built a deep-water pier, west of the town to ship bauxite ore from the mines.

Despite what many think, the capital Ocho Rios did not get its

name from ‘Eight Rivers’ which is the literal interpretation. Ocho Rios got its name from the Spanish ‘las chorreras’ meaning

‘waterfalls’. On the old maps located in the Jamaican archives, you will see on the coastline of St Ann, a town called Las Chorreras, because of course the most prominent feature of the town was

Dunns River Falls. Ocho Rios has both Dunns River and Coyaba

River. Nearby there is Roaring River, White River (which separates St Ann and St Mary) Rio Bueno (good river), Martha Brae and Rio Nuevo which is Spanish for ‘new river’.

A major player in the real estate market, especially that of the north coast, is Meldam Realtors which is based in Ocho Rios

itself. One of Meldam’s chief real estate sales associates is Rory Marsh, a man with his ear on the ground and knowledge of

the market in which he operates and thrives. Marsh gave P&S

some insight into why the North Coast is the prized possession that it is and why so many people who previously looked to

settle elsewhere, including the cool hills of Mandeville, are now seeking to buy land or houses in St. Ann and join the legions who are flocking to the ‘garden parish’ in droves.

Meldam Realtors which has been around for over 40 years, was started by Danny Melville and later ran by Joan Marsh who in

2011, bought the company. Though based in Ocho Rios they

have agents all over, including Kingston and Montego Bay and

as Ocho Rios is so centrally located, it is easy for them to show properties all over the island when the need arises. Forty years in business in Jamaica is no laughing matter but what has

sustained them is their level of professionalism and integrity, which is the backbone of Meldam Realtors.

Places & Spaces


So where is this demand coming from and who are the buyers?

As Marsh tells it, what is happening in St Ann is a paradigm shift which has been quietly taking place over the past few years without a lot of people realising the significant trend

towards the development of the North Coast. What was once just idle land that you passed on your way to Falmouth and

Montego Bay is now prime real estate with several flourishing housing developments and accompanying shops, malls and amenities that make life easier and more convenient.

zPlantation Village

Gated Community

“There are some interesting facts about this parish: the

land in St. Ann has a higher value than several surrounding parishes. For example, when you juxtapose a house of

comparative size in Trelawny that goes for $7million, it will

cost you roughly $12million in St. Ann, though the building

When it comes to the construction of houses on a

The key word is location. It is centrally located with all the

year, ground has been broken for over 700 houses for

spots etc. It has Dunns River, the #1 soft adventure, plus

prices ranging from $10M to$20M. Of the numbers

Mystic Mountain chose to invest.”

sold. Throw the service lots of Napa Heights into the

Statistically, Ocho Rios and its immediate environs are not

formerly sleepy little parish.

census has it at less than 20,000. Yet they boast all the major

One of the leading developers in the area, Richmond

and Juici Patties within 200 metres of each other and one

home buyers want in their real estate purchase. Their

Rios really is the town that never sleeps. So when you look at

them international recognition from European based


which recognises entities from all over the world who

Between 2012 to present, there has been the construction of

their hard work, Richmond has received the Global Award

costs are the same. So why is the land more valuable there?

large scale, look no further than St. Ann. In the past

necessary amenities like hospitals, banks, entertainment

Richmond, Hartland and Drax Hall Country Club with

Chukka Adventure and Dolphin Cove. Plus this is where

expected, more than half (over 500) have already been

impressive in terms of size and population. The national

mix and the housing market is definitely booming in this

quick-service restaurants (QSRs) with two Mother’s, KFC

Development Company knows exactly what potential

of the Mothers franchises now offers 24hour service. “Ocho

delivery of luxury, space and eco-friendly living has won

the town compared to the population, it is very unique in its

‘Otherways Management Association Club-Paris’ (OMAC) have distinguished themselves in quality provision. For all

several new supermarkets including Progressive, Champion

for Quality, Perfection and Ideal Performance.

Additionally, the number one gas station has a huge 24-

So where is this demand coming from and who are the

over-the-counter, non-prescription drugs than the nearby

cross section of persons. “Professionals from Kingston

and Shoppers Fair in the area and these are large chains.

hour full service supermarket which at one point sold more

buyers? According to Marsh, the market appeals to a wide

pharmacies did.

buying as investment properties either short or long term;

A major player in the real estate market in the parish is

and of course, returning residents. The key element is that

their revenue comes from St. Ann and the rest from Kingston.

The addition of the highway will also make everywhere

local professionals, senior persons in the hotel industry

Sagicor. In terms of their real estate portfolio, over 50% of

they are all gated as people want that sense of security.

Investing in banking, the hotel industry and real estate has

accessible to either Mobay or Kingston.”

are looking to build a water park attraction in Runaway Bay to

In addition to living space, the area is ripe with

paid off handsomely from the Sagicor Group and now they add to the inventory of attractions in the area.

entertainment, pass time activities and of course a


… the area is ripe with entertainment … and of course a thriving night life.

thriving night life. Sandals golf course sees a lot of people teeing off frequently and on weekends, the

place to be for men who like toys is Plantation Cove

as many are now into remote controlled plane flying. Perhaps the biggest drawing card however, is the relatively new phenomenon of night football. This

sporting activity is attracting thousands to the new 8

Rivers Shopping Centre, which is just off the highway. “Ocho Rios has a thriving publicised as well as informal night life. There is always something

happening in terms of entertainment. Mondays,

Wednesdays and Saturdays there is Margaritaville;

Tuesdays is Ocean Eleven Karaoke that draws a big

crowd; Thursdays is Amnesia Nite Club that is packed with locals and tourists alike and Sunday there is a

beach party at Irie Beach. Added to the excitement

nowadays is Grass Hoppers Bar and Grill on a Friday

at White River, John Crow’s plus the casino, Treasure Hunt that is open 24/7.”

Places & Spaces


zSilver Palms

zSilver Palms

The parish boasts four large jerk centres…

Places & Spaces


And when you turn to food, you can find it all in St. Ann. The

parish boasts four large jerk centres, namely Ocho Rios Jerk Centre, Scotchies, Columbus Park and Aquarius (across

from Green Grotto Caves) so the volume of jerk consumed

is tremendous. Another addition to the culinary map is Miss

T’s Kitchen owned and operated by Anakay Tomlinson. Miss T’s Kitchen was recently featured on the Food Network as

having the absolute best oxtail around town, so foodie Guy Fieri came to see what all the hoopla was about. Another

popular feature is the Farmers Market at White River every Friday which has become THE meeting place of the who’s

who plus returning residents who shop at their comfort. This is where you go to see people and be seen as well.

“So there is food, entertainment, hotels, highways and now

zVista Del Mar

the homes are coming. And with everyone anticipating the

highway that will connect Kingston to Ocho Rios in no time, it will be phenomenal. If ever there is a time to invest in St. Ann, it is now. The crime rate here tends to be lower than

the rest of the country, so we have been blessed to have it

at a minimum. The police have been very vigilant, especially being in the tourist belt but it also has to do in part with the

fact that a lot of the developments here are gated so you do feel more secure.”

Returning residents are coming here for that same sense

of security of which he speaks. Couple that with St. Ann’s proximity to airport, beach, the awesome sea views and

affordable living in prime neighbourhoods and you begin to see why the mystery of St. Ann’s attractiveness is not that

mysterious at all. “Especially since the recession overseas, people are looking for decent homes that are spacious but

zSeaview from Shaw Park Estate

Places & Spaces


not a hassle to furnish or keep clean. Before people used to come home to build massive houses. This has stopped as

people are now more conservative so they are scrutinising,

doing their homework and buying affordable homes to retire in and enjoy. So there is a shift in the buying pattern. Right now I’m looking for land to build more houses.”

The highway has also redrawn the map of Ocho Rios, by and large extending its borders and parameters, hence according to Marsh, from Hudderfield to Richmond is basically the prime golden belt that everyone wants a

piece of. Jamaicans with money, he added, are seeking to invest and play in the area so most now have a weekend home along the coast.

Now getting in and out of the town has become

significantly easier as the taxis have been removed to the bus park so the roadway has been cleared for motorists going about their lawful business which means Main

Street is once again free to regular vehicular traffic. It is

also host to the newest entrant in the small hotel market as David Scott’s Reggae Hostel is the place to stay if one is on a tight budget and it has already been ranked high by

Trip Advisor. Smack in the heart of the city, Reggae Hostel offers basic amenities. You rent a bed and get a locker

which allows you to safeguard your valuables while you

go to the beach, sightseeing or visiting an attraction and

basically enjoy where the day takes you. This is a cheaper alternative to a pricey hotel and is ideal for the student, backpackers, someone on a shoe string budget or just

someone who does not want the feel of an all-inclusive but who wants to experience the magic of Ocho Rios.

For John Marcocchio of Implementation Limited, a project

management firm that works mainly with major companies such as Sagicor and Sandals and other developments

entities in the area, the smaller scale of the houses being

constructed now in St. Ann is more in keeping with being

energy efficient and going ‘green’, something that he is very happy about. “My work is primarily project management and taking construction and renovation projects such

as hospitals, houses, hotels and offices from concept to

completion. That is what we do and we do it well. ‘On time and in budget’ is our motto.”

Places & Spaces


Marcocchio who is also a big advocate of renewable energy,

hence his other business Sun Source Technology, is pleased with the growing home building trend taking place in the

parish. “I’m very happy that people are moving away from

these massive concrete edifices that do not reflect Jamaica. People want natural beauty on a scale that will allow them to breathe. Back in the day, Sandals Dunns River was

considered big with 250 rooms. Now the Spanish hotels boast 800 rooms or more. It brings economy to the owners but

guests do not get the feel of Jamaica and lose the sense of

what the country is about. People want the trees, greenery and flowers; not high rises and air conditioning.”

Boutique villas and guest houses like Golden Eye or

Strawberry Hills are what people with real money are going

for, he said. “People want to be in tune with nature and not feel that they are damaging and imposing on nature or that their

carbon foot print is huge. That’s why Naomi Campbell has a

place here and Keith Richard has his place ‘Point of View’ here as well. They want to be unbothered and just allowed to be themselves.”

Though an advocate for development, he does not believe it must come at any cost and the recent ‘developments’ that have sprung up all over the town of Ocho Rios has left him

shaking his head. For John, his big question is how do you

really measure ‘progress’ as a lot of what is happening in the town centre—especially for him—is questionable.

“In 1969 this was a sleepy fishing town with it main appeal

being its beauty, climate and incredible foliage with plant life that grows at an amazing rate. Ocho Rios was just a great

harbour with lots of greenery. Then they began constructing

all these buildings in the name of ‘development’ but what we

need is for business owners to follow the St. Ann Development Order of 2000 that clearly states that all buildings in the area are to be of a low-rise nature. We need architecture based

on an understanding of tropical patterns of living and climate so while we respect an investor’s right to individuality and

character, building must be done in a manner that respects

the topography and everything surrounding it. We must never cut off our noses to spite our faces for then we would have

forgotten to take care of what has been sustaining us in the first place.”

Places & Spaces


Be Personable

Personality Profiles

Heather Sutherland Wade

Rachel Moss

Heather Sutherland Wade & Rachel Moss Artists united by blood and a shared passion

Places & Spaces



ave you ever wondered about the strength of the genes?

Of how amazing genetic traits are in determining not only

our physical features but also our personality, mannerisms

and yes, even our talents?

This biological blueprint is very evident in talent. Whether intuitive or trained, it cannot be ignored as the gifts we are given can

serve us well throughout our lives. The mother and daughter

duo of Heather Sutherland Wade and Rachel Wade is a prime example of extraordinary talent shared. While their areas of

expertise are different, at their core is their love of art. It is the

heart and soul of what they do best, which goes back decades.

Each possess their own style but at the end of the day what they produce is mesmerizing, masterful and in much demand.

P&S caught up with both women to find out the secrets of

their success and why art plays such an invaluable part in their existence.

Heather Sutherland-Wade Landcapes, flowers and landmarks are what Heather breathes

life in. Chances are, you have seen one of her paintings depicting your old high school or favourite local, historic building. Such is

the significance and calibre of her work but Heather SutherlandWade encompasses much more.

Interestingly, to hear Heather tell it, her early life was not filled

with any real form of art at all. “As a family, we were unexposed to any expression of Fine Art in our home. Only photographs of the extended family adorned our walls in their beautiful oval frames. The concept of art on walls never once crossed my mind as a

child. When I think about it now I never had paints and crayons

as toys, maybe I did art at Preparatory school but that does not stand out in my mind.”

She first became conscious of art as a subject when her report card was being viewed by her father at the end of her first term

of high school. “An ‘A’ for art was like a red flag for him. I believe it conjured up images of a drop-out from society and that was

not the dream he had for his daughter. I recall him saying that the

only artist he knew was a hermit. He insisted on science subjects and a total exclusion of all creative subjects like domestic science, sewing, art and craft.”

Her first opportunity to do any form of art came six months

before her high school final exams. “Dad died suddenly from

a brain hemorrhage and I got my mother’s permission to drop chemistry and substituted art as one of my subjects. I started

to paint. I had to. My exam required various submissions of all

Places & Spaces


kinds. From prints using lino-mounted on wood blocks, figure

drawings and paintings of scenes depicting country life to which I had never been exposed.”

Heather’s new subject quickly became a passion and she was successful in getting a distinction for art in her advanced level

GCE exams. She was then offered a four- year art scholarship by the Canadian Government to study Graphic Arts at the Alberta

College of Art, Calgary, Alberta. “On graduating I had the best of

both worlds, a career in graphics and the option to pursue my fine art at will.”

So a young girl who previously had no real exposure to the arts would eventually see and embrace it as her career path. It is a path that she has never regretted choosing.

“What inspires me? I consider myself a landscape impressionist painter. I am definitely inspired by the beauty that surrounds me in nature. I surround myself with beautiful things. My environment is very important to me. I must be at peace with myself and everyone to create. I cannot paint anything that I consider distasteful. My personal world must be in order so I can focus on being creative.”

Heather does not go around attaching labels to what she does,

so she does not give much thought to whether she has developed a style of art that is peculiar to just herself. “I am not too pre-

occupied with whether or not I have a unique style of painting. It is important that I am satisfied with the finished product. The larger the study, the more I enjoy it. I love colour and texture. I seem

to express myself most naturally in blocks of colour. My favorite

paintings are those that that leave much to the imagination, so my viewers can enjoy and give it their own personal interpretation.” She will tell anyone seeking her advice on choosing art as their

bread and butter that is a profession where one has to embrace the uncertainties of it. The question of whether art is lucrative in

today’s society is one she answers by admitting that while it can

be for some, there really are no guarantees. “We are surrounded with change in every field daily and especially in art. Computers cannot replace creativity but it has given us additional tools we

can use. Having the option to be assisted in doing things digitally has opened up a whole new world. There are so many ways to

express one’s creativity it is amazing. Whether it will be lucrative

will depend on many factors. The kind of talent, opportunity and level of hard work and commitment you bring to the table. Plus

being in the right place at the right time. The important thing is to have a reason for what you do.”

Places & Spaces


And what continues to fuel her passion? “I am purpose driven. Peace of mind is very important. A beautiful environment is

essential. I have to have a purpose for what I am doing, someone has to benefit. It is meaningful to me that others like and enjoy having my work around them.”

All of her children share her creative ability. “All four children have

artistic ability and we all express it differently. Rachel, who studied animation, paints mainly people, loves colour and captures their

spirit with humour especially in her book illustrations. Anna has a keen sense of colour and design and expresses it in graphic and interior design. Julie also paints and draws figures and as a stay at home mom I am hoping she will find time to get back into it.

John thinks Art is not a profession. He paints very well but will not accept that he does. They have grown up surrounded by art so I guess there was no escape.”

Because of the joy it has brought not only to her but all the people whose visual experience have been lifted and enlightened by

viewing her work, Heather would definitely encourage someone interested in pursuing art to go for their dream. “I would. As a

woman I appreciated the flexibility my creativity gave me. Being a graphic designer with a family, I could choose to work from a

home studio and determine my schedule and what jobs I wanted to work on. I had the privilege of choice. Work is something you are doing when you want to be doing something else.”

“Being a creative person allowed me to apply this talent to all areas of my life, especially my home. I feel very fulfilled. I am

surrounded by people who appreciate what I do, especially my husband. He has always been the wind beneath my sails.

How blessed is that? I am really very blessed and I hope my art reflects the peace and the attitude of gratitude I feel.”

Rachel Wade With a mother whose talent is beyond question it would seem a given that the apple would not fall far from the tree. Rachel was definitely exposed to art and her mother’s work growing up but

according to her, she just decided to give it a try one day. Like her mother she too did art at A-level. She would go on to study at

Surrey Institute of Art and Design in England. She also has a BA Hons in 2D Animation.

Her work ranges from hand drawn illustrations digitally enhanced, to acrylic on canvas. While her mother is known for impressive

structures and landscapes, Rachel has made a name for herself

Places & Spaces


with people. “I’ve always been fascinated with people and figures,

so for me, I love when my paintings can tell a story. I watch people and get inspired to paint. Just watching people who don’t know

they are being watched, a pose, a setting and especially children.

And I love our Caribbean culture, that to me is inspiring especially “old Jamaica”. Love it.”

Her personal style she feel shows in the illustrated quality of

her paintings. “I’m not trying to capture a picture-like, realistic

scene. For me, that’s just too posed. I want to see movement and personality in my paintings and I want them to tell a story.”

Also a great graphic designer, Rachel has made a name for herself as a children’s book illustrator with several publications to her

credit. “I studied animation because I love to draw. But I think my real passion is illustrating so it just came naturally. I gave out my portfolio and luckily I got a good break and exposure through a series I worked on with the Ministry of Education. I’ve been

illustrating ever since. Among my more memorable projects was a series I did with Pearson. I’ve enjoyed working with them.”

With an extensive collection of work under her belt, which does

Rachel count among her favourite? ‘The Sunday School’ and

‘Schools Out’ series because it’s a happy series and just captures the joy of childhood and our Jamaican culture.”

When asked what in her opinion makes a good artist, Rachel kept it simple and to the point, “Someone whose work makes you feel good, and you love having it in your space.”

Art as a business, she says, all depends on the buyer. “For me if

they fall in love with it, then to them it’s worth the investment. But overall, I’m sure it’s hard times for every industry.”

Her continued drive, she said, comes from her love of illustrating

and painting and drawing things she loves. “I enjoy exploring new ways I can grow and develop my style. If you don’t love what you do, then you won’t have that drive.”

Heather’s work can be viewed online at Rachel’s work can be viewed online at

Places & Spaces




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4 North End Place, Kgn. 10 • Tel: (876) 754-1210, 960-8359 •

Your Investment…

CCTV camera systems • Megapixel & IPCameras • Covert Cameras • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) • Accessories • Monitor your home or office from the Internet, Tablet and Phone

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Little Bay Country Club

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Be Inspired

Bringing luxurious living to Negril


lot of us dream of a home with an incredible view, one that excites us when we get out of bed each morning, thankful for

another day as we sit on our spacious balcony enjoying the sea breeze and watching the waves as they crash against the

rocks below. Indeed it is the dream of many and now the reality of a chosen few as Little Bay Country Club in Negril provides

all of that and much, much more.

Known as the ‘capital of casual’, Negril has long held the fascination of both locals and tourists alike because people long to

languish on powdery white sand, enjoying the sweet, lazy life that Negril is so famous for. Most of us see this resort town as a

sleepy, laidback place to vacation, party and unwind but not necessarily the place to invest in a one-of-a-kind property that has all

Places & Spaces


the amenities you would find in a luxurious home in Kingston, the North Coast or Montego Bay.

Well, the developers of Little Bay Country Club

have brought the finest luxury home to Hanover and

basically have revolutionised the way the area views residential living space. Selective Homes Negril

Limited offers up a beachfront gated community of 175 residential units of varying sizes, boasting the

best location, beach and sunset. What more can you ask for?

Now in the middle of Phase II of its development, Little Bay is a home owner’s as well as an investor’s dream

come true in many respects and no where is this more manifested than in the most coveted spot of all, the

long ‘Peninsula’ overlooking the gorgeous cliff. This

stretch of land boasts seven huge villas that are simply to die for.

P&S caught up with Selective Homes’ Andrew Girod

who gave us the grand tour of this impressive new

development that has tongues not only wagging but salivating at the exquisite quality of its offering.

Just past all the hotels and attractions along Negril’s Norman Manley Boulevard is Little Bay, on an area called ‘North Negril Point’. They broke ground in

2011 and were happy to hand over the first set of

keys to eager home owners in June 2013. Little Bay Country Club is divided into 3 phases with phase

one completed and all those homes are just about

sold. Phase 1 holds 71 units; phase 2, which will see the construction of 60 more units and later, phase 3 will see the final 44. Villas go for approximately

US$950,000; the 3 bedroom townhouse units cost$US455,000 and features 2,050 sq ft; 2 bedrooms

townhouses start at $235,000 and have 1,200 sq ft

while the studios start at US$163,000 with 750 sq ft. The villas are indeed impressive homes of some 3,500 square feet with huge hardwood (cedar) panelled

front doors. Boasting at least 11 foot high ceilings,

in the centre is a staircase made of Jamaican cedar.

Downstairs holds a euro-styled kitchen, study, living

room, dining room and helper’s quarters. The kitchen

boasts tonnes of granite counter tops and solid wood cupboard, a ceramic cooktop, wall oven and built-in island that has two banks of drawers.

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Upstairs are three bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom which features a stand alone bathtub, elaborate shower

enclosure and sink with huge drawer space below. The regular bedrooms are 14X14 feet in dimension, with their own balcony

and walk in closet. It is the master bedroom suite however, that takes your breath away as this room is approximately 30 by 20

with huge French style banks of windows on more than one side

One big bonus at the Little Bay Country Club is that when you drive through the gates and view the homes, your eyesight is

not marred by an abundance of wires running from poles to the houses. That is because they were forward thinking enough

to run all the utility wires underground so everything, including

internet infrastructure is already in place and operating perfectly.

of the room, giving you a panoramic view of the Caribbean sea in

The entire Little Bay complex has its own private beach that is

peninsula offer up spectacular views that are truly extraordinary.

and enough shade to make a picnic or a relaxing day of leisure

gallon water tanks. The homes are also wired to accommodate a

have not lost sight of the fact that greenery is needed hence the

all its turquoise beauty. The sea, coastline and the island near the

postcard perfect with the requisite white sand, inviting water

The homes also each have a solar water heater and two 400

an easy task. Though development has come to the area, they

generator and air conditioning units.

landscape, rocks, cliffs and shrubbery is left as nature intended

Back downstairs, the living room leads out to a huge deck which

it to be.

Girod explains is ideal entertainment space. “Now when I say the

Little Bay Country Club’s development is situated on 23 and

include the 900 sq. feet deck. You can easily accommodate 100

fourteen 3 bedroom townhouses, 36 studios and more than a

money’s worth.”

units such as the villas and 3 bedroom townhouses are made of

house is 3,500 sq feet that is just what is under cover, it doesn’t

a half acres of prime land. The complex houses seven villas,

persons at a party . Therefore you definitely are getting your

hundred and twenty 2 bedroom townhouse units. The larger

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block and steel while the dominant units being the 2 bedroom

townhouses are constructed from building forms. All the homes have paved stone driveways and the homes themselves feature that rich trovel-on-texure finish that gives them a unique design

off the coast is designated fish sanctuary so no motorised

watercrafts (including jet skis) will be allowed. You can swim, snorkel and kayak, but nothing motorised is permitted.”

feature on the outside that is very appealing to home owners.

Premium units on the beach side have steps leading down to

In the centre of Little Bay is a gorgeous Clubhouse which

design of the units are such that to the naked eye no one can

is open to all residents as it is their spacious, common

meeting ground. Beautifully landscaped with trunk slices

used as stepping stones for walking trails at the front of this

the beach but basically all the units have a nice view and the

tell which units are 3, 2 or studios from the outside so there can be no property envy.

magnificent, airy and inviting structure. This leads to the

A tour of the two bedroom townhouse made us fall in love with

the dominant space with tonnes of foliage, open spaces and

Kyte of Kyte International, definitely knew how to work the layout

available for the residents to decide what exactly they will use

The kitchen has tonnes of counter space as well as provision

house will have a full-time project manager to oversee all the

open plan with a small powder room tucked under the staircase.

luxurious infinity pool and beyond that the beach. “This is

the layout as the architects Duncan Sharp & Assoc. and Eric

we may add a few gazebos. It also has two huge rooms

to utilise the space for maximum benefit of the home owner.

it for, whether a gym or a private function room etc. The club

for under counter washer and dryer. The living/dining area is

activities here.”

All the windows and French doors are double glazed to keep

The beach itself has a designated swimming area that is clearly

closets. There are 2 bathrooms and also a linen closet in the hall.

marked and roped for obvious safety reasons. “All the water

out both heat and noise. Upstairs, the bedrooms boast large

Two bedroom unit owners have the option of a carport/balcony.

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Two studios are constructed in blocks of 4 or 8 units. Each entrance way provides access to a pair of

studios, one upstairs and another downstairs. While they both boast all the same amenities, there is one

noticeable difference: the upstairs units have a loft look and feel with vaulted ceilings so the owner gets the

real view (for a little extra of course). Studios also boast a full kitchen, spacious bathroom, balcony at front and back and all units are strategically spaced so they are not on top of each other so your privacy is assured.

A tour of the two bedroom home made us fall in love with the layout as the architects Duncan Sharp &

Assoc. and Eric Kyte of Kyte International, definitely knew how to work the layout to utilise the space for maximum benefit of the home owner. The kitchen

has tonnes of counter space as well as underspace for the washer/dryer. All the windows are double

glazed to keep out both heat and noise. Upstairs,

the bedrooms also boast cedar walk in closets and

there is even a linen closet in the hall. Two bedroom unit owners have the option of a carport/balcony.

Two studios are housed in each unit, one upstairs and another downstairs. While they boast all the

same amenities, there is one noticeable difference: the upstairs units have a loft look and feel with

vaulted ceilings so the owner gets the real view

(for a little extra of course). Studios also boast a

full kitchen, spacious bathroom, balcony at front

and back and all units are strategically spaced so

they are not on top of each other so your privacy is guaranteed.

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FosRich Company Limited

z Molynes Road headquarters


any dream of starting their own

businesses but for most it remains just

that – dream unrealised. Not so for Cecil

Foster who nurtured his dream and put in the

necessary hard work to see it to fruition. Today his business is a household name among Jamaican

consumers as providers of the fine quality lighting fixtures and accent pieces.

FosRich Company Limited began as a one man

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operation from humble beginnings some two

decades ago and now on the eve of their 20th

anniversary Managing Director, Cecil Foster not only looks back with pride at what they have

accomplished in such a relatively short period of time but also looks forward to the next 20 years

and more. The company has some amazing things in the pipeline that will take FosRich to a whole

other level as it does its part to boost the economy of this nation while making better men and women out of the people they employ and come in contact with.

As Foster shared with P&S, their beginning

was humble but he knew what he wanted to

accomplish so he stayed focused. “We started

out as a little warehouse at the back of Princeville Plaza. A simple 12 X 12 space where I stored

goods and then delivered all over the island. We

focused on the hardware and electrical stores as

zoutside shot of the new Mobay building

it had a quicker turn over. I did everything. I was

a one man band with my little black van. People

outside of Kingston requested that we find these

Illuminating Jamaica one home at a time

goods for them no matter what the price which at

the time kept escalating. We trusted in the market place so our main business was importation and distribution all over Jamaica.”

In the early days, FosRich was mainly for

wholesale clients as there was no retail store. “My apartment was the office where I made

the business calls. The actual name ‘FosRich’

came from ‘Foster’ and ‘Richards’ which is an amalgamation of mine and my wife’s name. In

marketing they say use a name that resonates so

that’s what I did. The business began with me, my

zMr Foster demonstrating

a Solar phone charger

sister who had left her job, plus one other person.

It was hard, but it was something I enjoyed. I didn’t see things as difficult or hard. It was a matter of getting the job done.”

The provision of superior electrical and lighting

equipment they realised was the way forward as back then people were flying to the US to make

purchases. “We figured that we could save them

Places & Spaces


zFosRich’s Managing Director Cecil Foster

zGovernor General Sir Patrick Allen

Morris at the opening of the Mobay store

Mobay building

(right) chats with loyal customer Winston

does the official ribbon cutting for the

that airfare money and present them with quality goods in a great

setting as they were also complaining that when the goods arrived they, at times, were damaged.”

From Princeville they moved to Molynes Road and later on acquired premises on Molynes Road, which over the past 5 years they have been transforming in order to offer the most exquisite lighting and

cooling equipment as well as consultation if you need sound advice before making any large purchases or installation.

Two years ago, they established their energy division. The ever-

escalating cost of residential energy bills made them seek solutions for consumers affected with high consumption cost. “So I did my research as to what it takes to offer solar and LED options.”

FosRich now fosters great partnerships with qualified service

personnel who provide home installations as they do not do it

themselves. Aside from that, they are a ‘one stop shop’ for your

home or office. “We have a staff complement of 80 with renewable energy engineers who work closely with customers. We also do

complementary energy audits throughout the island and provide warranties as well as monitor what we sell. We provide some of

the best LED bulbs. We also offer Philips bulbs plus some of the

most exquisite lighting solutions available, including kenetic and the energy saving timers. ”

Business has grown and prospered over the years and today

FosRich boasts three locations: Molynes Road in Kingston and two locations in Montego Bay - 3 Cottage Road behind Jarrett Park,

which is their electrical hub, as well as Fairview for all lighting and

electrical needs. Their Fairview outlet is completely solar powered

and has been dubbed the ‘Live Your Dream’ store because the rich

variety of their offering is ideal to outfit any dream home. Soon, their Molynes Road headquarters will also be solar powered.

zl-r: Harold Brady, Sir Patrick Allen and

Cecil Foster

Jamaica. They also did the entire RJR complex and the BOJ building and all of these entities have already seen return on their investment. “It is our mission to find the product anywhere in the world as

Jamaicans have the most refined taste ever. They are also aware

of the need to conserve on energy so we try to show them the best

solutions for their individual needs. That said, FosRich in conjunction with the Development Bank of Jamaica and First Global Bank,

assists serious homeowners with financing of up to $10M - collateral free - to ‘solarise’ their homes. They also partner with Jamaica

National and the National Housing Trust, where customers get an extra 5% when they sign up with the company, as they provide solutions for everyday people leading busy lives.

Among the simple tips FosRich shares with Jamaican homeowners concerned about their energy consumption are:

* Use sensor lights which are ideal in your children’s

bathrooms or heavily utilised spaces or rooms.

* Use timers for your refrigerator to conserve energy in

the night when you are asleep and it is not in use.

* Use dimmer switches to reduce the energy used. * Use solar garden and area flood lights for your backyard. FosRich’s longevity, Foster shared, stems from their ability to

understand the needs of their customers. “It has to be their desire

and then we morph our plans to suit them. So that is the strategy we incorporate as we have no business without them being satisfied, so our prices are very competitive plus we have a stringent but

liberal return policy. It is all about showing them the utmost care and respect.”

“One of my guiding philosophies is that we have to always build

The quality of their work is in such demand that they have partnered

relationships while getting the job done and done right. Build a team

project is the retrofitting of five LIME offices in countries across

seek solutions. When you leave FosRich you must be a better man or

with several large corporations in the past. Among their most notable

that understands your passion and vision and who will help you to

the region: Grenada, Barbados, St. Kitts, Cayman and of course

woman and better able to serve your country.”

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picturesque house on the hill


nyone travelling the main cross-island road between Ocho Rios and Kingston cannot help but notice

the large, shingle-roofed green and white house

commanding the hills above the village of Walkerswood.

Many a local visitor who has ventured up the Poinciana-lined

driveway has admitted that Bromley has intrigued them since

they were children driving to and from the coast. One of over

thirty properties owned by Sir John Pringle, a Scottish doctor

much larger ‘cattle pen’ with land stretching to the coast, from which prize bulls were reared and shipped to South America. Despite being the most modest of his possessions, Bromley is said to have been his favorite. His wooden rocking chair,

in which he sat on the verandah overlooking the property and enjoying the cool breezes, is still there as is his wooden bath. Red Poll cattle are still bred on the property.

who came to Jamaica in the 1870’s and built a small fortune

The core structure of the house dates from the mid 18th

the last of his homes remaining in family hands. It was once a

sports a series of distinctive, steeply pitched shingle roofs,

based on bananas, along with cattle and hotels, Bromley is

century and was added on to extensively by Sir John. It now

Places & Spaces


wraparound verandahs, and extensive porte cocheres on both the North and South sides of the house. The interior features

the high, wooden ceilings of its era and the unusual hexagonal balconies on each of its four corners (two of which have been

turned into generous bathroom suites) were a trademark of Sir

John’s homes, inspired by the Scottish Baronial style of his era.

side, views of rolling hills towards the coast. The garden, with

its many trees, shrubs and flowers is a haven for a multitude of tropical birds including a flock of white egrets who make their regular early morning and evening passage over the house to their roost further inland.

The stone foundations are fortified, complete with existing gun

Recently, Bromley has been turned into a thriving retreat centre,

bedroom suites with their own balconies and a further double

all over the world find the delightfully cool air, the views, and

of the house while a gallery-like living room, its walls studded

their hectic lives. A large yoga platform has been built on the

north side. Two additional double bedrooms suites have been

‘schoolroom’ where Sir John’s granddaughter was tutored,

of colonial furniture including a larger-than-king-sized mahogany

‘B & B’ guests. Another separate and very private, two bedroom,

son. A modern kitchen was added in the 60’s and has been

barbeques and the old kitchen and estate offices, separated

slits or loopholes. The main floor of the house features two large

hosting yoga, writing, and painting workshops. Guests from

guest room suite. A large formal dining room forms the heart

the tranquility of Bromley an inspiring and nurturing break from

with tall multi-paned sash windows, extends along the entire

former grass tennis court and former staff quarters and the

added downstairs. The house has some outstanding examples

turned into charming cottages used for retreat participants and

four poster bed made for Sir John and passed on to his eldest

two bathroom cottage has been built over former pimento

recently remodeled.

from the house by a walkway, converted into a two-bedroom,

The south side of the house offers sweeping, virtually

area. Both of these cottages have tenants.and ‘B & B’ guests.

unobstructed views of the Diablo Mountains and on the north

two bathroom apartment with a large high ceilinged living/dining Another separate and very private, two bedroom, two bathroom

Places & Spaces


Places & Spaces


cottage has been built over former pimento barbeques and the old kitchen and estate

offices, separated from the house by a walkway, converted into a two-bedroom, two bathroom

apartment with a large high ceilinged living/dining area. Both of these cottages have tenants.

Sir John’s daughter, the redoubtable Minnie

Simson, inherited the house and took an active role in the community, donating land to the

estate workers and playing an instrumental part in establishing the Caribbean’s first

farming cooperative in the 1940’s, which is still operational today. Over the years, the house

has entertained many dignitaries from overseas

including more recently the Vice Premier of China, Keng Piao and President Chiluba of Zambia,

as well as Prince Charles and of course some of Jamaica’s Prime Ministers and Governors General. Mrs. Simson’s two grandsons

began the well-known jerk seasoning brand

Walkerswood Caribbean Foods, as an initiative

to offer employment to the local community and

now, its former factory space is used for various

cottage industry products and storage. Bromley

Places & Spaces


is now in the hands of one of those grandsons, Johnathan

Edwards, who along with his wife, manages the yoga and arts retreats.

On the north side of the house there is a small swimming pool and in a corner of the garden an antique claw-foot outdoor

tub is an irresistible spot for a hot soak under a star-filled sky. Bromley is only a fifteen minute drive from the resort town of Ocho Rios and its many beaches and attractions and when

the new Kingston–North Coast highway is opened, will be a mere hour’s drive from the capital.

There is a pending subdivision intended to divide the property into four sections - already approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and NEPA. Bromley is available for sale from: CENTURY 21 Heave-Ho Properties. Contact George Cumming at 876 382-5322 for details.

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The beauty of this island can never be questioned,

Realtors & Developers

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neither the diversity of the homes available across the length and breadth of Jamaica. From small humble adobes to luxurious mansions and everything in between, there is something for every taste, preference and pocket and Places & Spaces is your key to finding exactly the home that appeals to your discerning taste. Additionally, have you ever gazed in amazement at how idle land can be transformed into beautiful and stylish habitats with the right amount of ingenuity and foresight? Each new home constructed represents a bright future, new dreams and unshakeable confidence in the development of this nation. Once again we give our readers development options available across the hills and valleys of Jamaica land we love.

Places & Spaces


Places & Spaces


Places & Spaces


Places & Spaces


Branch Office:

Fairview Towne Centre Block 10 Suite #15, Alice Eldemire Drive P.O. Box 284, Montego Bay, St. James Jamaica W.I. Tele Fax: (876) 979-8427, (876) 953-6562, (876)  684-9542 Mobile: (876) 391-9079 email: website:

Head Office:

New Kingston Business Centre Suite #42A, 30 Dominica Drive Kingston 5. Jamaica W. I. Phone: (876) 906-0856/0857/0858/0859/0860 Fax: (876) 906-9762 Office Mobile: (876) 841-8193

Your Property is Safe With Us. Gleneagles Crescent Kgn 8 MLS# 7619

If you entertain a lot then this is the home for you. Bask around your indoor solar water heated pool surrounded by a barbeque area and wide entertainment deck. Then after, take a break and retire to your large master bedroom with beautiful hardwood floors, walk in closets and upgraded bathrooms. If this house has caught your attention then wait till you hear about the surroundings. Located in walking distance from the Golf Club , shopping areas, schools and restaurants makes this very safe neighborhood the ideal place to raise your family. Make that call!

Dalintober, Black River, St Elizabeth Development land, residential MLS# 7390

This property lies on the west section of the Brompton mountain range this is an elevated area and enjoys a relatively cool temperature all year. The roadways are in pristine condition and has all essential services including water and electricity available. Dalintober is approximately 5 kilometres from Whitehouse, Westmoreland and 6 miles from Black River. Which both have government offices shopping, churches, schools and other social activities. The best beach on the south coast Font Hill is a few minutes away. This is an excellent opportunity for a developer.

1-34A Lady Musgrave Road Kingston 5, St. Andrew Townhouse MLS# 7151

There is no finer address in town as this Semi-furnished 2 bedroom townhome located in the Golden Triangle is suited for a Statesman. Retreat in comfort in this spacious home, outfitted with granite counter tops and French windows. You’ll love the high quality finishes throughout, the complex also boasts a pool and manicured lawns. The Golden Triangle is a minute away from the business hub of New Kingston for all commercial and recreational needs. This property can also be rented fully furnished at US$1,500.

The Palmyra Drive, Half Moon, St. James Resort Apartment/Villa MLS# 7053

This well-appointed 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom residence is located within the luxury, direct beach front condominium development ‘The Palmyra’. Completed in 2010, this first floor apartment has a stunning 12 feet high ceiling, is sold fully furnished inclusive all appliances and has private staircases from the side terrace leading directly to the pool and beach area. The terrace is great for entertaining. The property features a private beach, a gazebo, an infinity edge pool, lobby concierge, 24 hour security and private basement parking. It is close to three world class golf courses and only 15 minutes from the international airport and all necessary shopping and restaurant conveniences.

Suite 55 – 15 Hope Road, Kingston 10 MLS# 6791

This 530 Sq ft business office is located on the first floor of the Winchester Business Centre. The Centre is a commercial strata complex which benefits from both electronic and static security services, janitorial services for the common areas, standby power, backup water storage, two elevator units among other amenities. The Centre is well maintained and is professionally managed by a property management company.

Branch Office:

Fairview Towne Centre Block 10 Suite #15, Alice Eldemire Drive P.O. Box 284, Montego Bay, St. James Jamaica W.I. Tele Fax: (876) 979-8427, (876) 953-6562, (876)  684-9542 Mobile: (876) 391-9079 email: website:

Head Office:

New Kingston Business Centre Suite #42A, 30 Dominica Drive Kingston 5. Jamaica W. I. Phone: (876) 906-0856/0857/0858/0859/0860 Fax: (876) 906-9762 Office Mobile: (876) 841-8193

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Places & Spaces


Lorna Nunes, Real Estate Broker 7 Lady Musgrave Road, Unit 7, Kingston 5 (876) 620-4011/978-3012 (fax) 813-2396 (c)


USD $10.5M

Portland’s luxury ‘green’ playground. Over- looking the caribbean sea are 75 large air conditioned rooms, 7 villas. The property boasts 4 restaurants, four kitchens, 3 large conference rooms, 2 reception areas, offices, salon, boutique, tennis court, pool, generator, ample parking. Set on over 20 acres of beautiful gardens and lush vegetation, this hotel accommodate large conferences, weddings. Located across from the famous and pristine Winnifred Beach. The Main Tower was constructed just 12 years ago, this property has modern floor design and endless possibilities for expansion.


MLS# 5668 USD $1.2M High Visibility! Situated on almost 1/2 acre, is a well constructed office building of over 6000 sq ft. Already divided into six tenanted offices. This can be a feasible turn key investment. Make an appointed to view today!!!!


MLS# 6286

USD $277,394 Newly constructed house of 4600 sq ft in Seacrest, Discovery Bay for sale. Kitchen outfitted with granite countertops, mahogany cabinets. Separate living and dining. Four bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Large master bedroom with walk in closet. Come enjoy the breathtaking sea view ! Make this place home!!!!


MLS# 5418 USD $1,850,000.00 A rare find!!! Approximately 3/4 acre of prime land in New Kingston. Property ideal for commercial, with an existing well constructed building of 4000 SF with ample parking.

Lorna Nunes, Real Estate Broker 7 Lady Musgrave Road, Unit 7, Kingston 5 (876) 620-4011/978-3012 (fax) 813-2396 (c)

Places & Spaces


Places & Spaces


for rent


The ground and first floors of 15A Old Hope Road, Kingston 5 on the corner of Old Hope Road and Eureka Road and opposite the Collector of Taxes (Cross Roads).

The accommodation comprises: Ground Floor: Open plan hall, vault and ancillary facilities First Floor: Offices, lunch room and washrooms The space is 4,486 square feet and the facilities include stand-by generator, water tank and split package system air conditioning units on each floor. Storm shutters are on all windows. Two assigned parking spaces with security guard presence are across the road within the gated parking complex. The combined rent and maintenance is J$370,000.00. Contact: Arnold Breakenridge - 297 8456 or Norma Breakenridge – 317 2070.

Breakenridge & Associates Licence No. 2013-DL/230 15A Old Hope Road, Kingston 5 Tel: 906-9839 & 968-7757 E-mail:

Places & Spaces


Places & Spaces


Suite 60, Winchester Business Centre, 15 Hope Road, Kingston 10 Tel: 876-908-3877 Fax: 876-908-3873 E-mail:

Places & Spaces


Places & Spaces


Places & Spaces


Places & Spaces


Places & Spaces


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Conference Centre


trategically located in the major business district of New

Kingston, the New Kingston Business Centre (NKBC) at 30 Dominica Drive has established an enviable reputation for

convenience, safety and a unique ambiance. The centre enjoys the convenience of covered parking, wheelchair accessibility,

security and access to a central atrium with amphitheatre. A blend of businesses encapsulated in a semi-enclosed and intimate

building gives NKBC an unmatched location for both business owners and customers.

A dedicated meeting space identified by La Maison Property Services Limited (LMPS) has been integral to completing the

NKBC business model. Frequent requests from both businesses and individuals cemented the belief that a facility offering

conferencing services in NKBC was a good fit, resulting in

the birth of the New Kingston Conference Centre (NKCC). The concept envisaged the refurbishment of existing space to

provide a modern, multipurpose space suitable for the holding of a wide variety of meetings and functions. Amenities include WiFi and internet, public address and audiovisual services.

Places & Spaces


NKCC is a purpose designed, multifaceted facility

encompassing just over 5,000 sq ft. The centre offers four

spacious suites to satisfy varying size requirements and can accommodate up to 350 persons. An experienced manager has been appointed, who along with a dedicated team will work with potential clients to deliver the highest quality service at competitive rates. We offer: • Flexible packages including room and equipment rental, a variety of meal or self-catering options,

• Competitive rates including a minimum rate for two hours, • Discounted rates for Service Clubs, high volume users and NGOs, and

• Free WIFI. Whether it is a seminar, luncheon, trade show, wedding or

any other special occasion let the New Kingston Conference Centre be your venue of choice.

We can be contacted at (876)906-0856-60 (office) or (876)399-6733 (mobile);


Places & Spaces


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Joint Tenancy vs.Tenancy in Common


with the property as they please. Hence, the importance of

having some basic understanding of the distinctions between joint tenancy and tenancy in common.

JOINT TENANCY Where persons hold property as joint tenants, each person owns the whole of the property jointly with the other joint

ndividuals who venture on the journey of purchasing

tenants. Therefore, no person has a specific share in the

question: whether they should own the property as joint

as his. Simply put, the joint tenants share equal ownership

a property together are always faced with the ultimate

property and as such, cannot claim any part of the property

tenants or tenants in common. Most persons make this

of the property and have the equal, undivided right to keep

repercussions. The legal implications of what is chosen most

of the property will have to be made together.

the parties decide to dispose of the property. An uninformed

Survivorship. The effect of this principle is that if one of the

where the parties discover that they might not be able to deal

the surviving joint tenant. In effect, the joint tenant does not

decision on the spot and without being fully informed of the

or dispose of the property. Any decision as to the disposal

often arises after the death of one of the co-owners or when

Joint tenancy creates what is known as a Right of

decision can cause contention among individuals, especially

co-owner dies, his interest is automatically transferred to

Places & Spaces


have an interest in the land that he can dispose of or leave in a Will unless he is the sole surviving joint tenant.

TENANCY IN COMMON Where there is a tenancy in common, each tenant holds

a distinct share in the property. While each tenant has a distinct share, the property is treated as a single title. If

the property is sold, each tenant would be entitled to the

proportion of the purchase money consistent with his share of the property.

A tenant-in-common may deal with his share of the property as he sees fit - he can sell his share at any time or even

use it as security. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature between joint tenancy and tenancy in common is that a

tenant in common does not possess a right of survivorship. On the death of a tenant in common, his share passes in

accordance with the provisions of his Will or, if no Will has been made, his interest is distributed under our intestacy law – the Intestate Estates and Property Charges Act.

that the right of survivorship takes precedence over any

testamentary disposition made by a joint tenant; however, a joint tenant during his lifetime has full power of disposition.

A joint tenancy can therefore be severed during the lifetime of the joint tenants. This can be done in three (3) ways:

(i) disposition by one of the joint tenants of his share in

the property - if any or all of the joint tenants convey

party, then the joint tenancy is severed;

or dispose of their interests in the property to another

(ii) by mutual agreement between the joint tenants; and (iii) by a course of dealing that indicates that the interests

of all are mutually treated as constituting a tenancy in


Choosing between the two types of co-ownership requires

careful thought, but with an understanding of the differences; this decision should be a bit easier.

RELIEF FOR JOINT TENANTS Being a joint tenant and having read up to this point, you

Franchesca Francis is a Graduate of the Norman Manley Law

the horrors of right of survivorship. What must be noted is


might be wondering if there is a possible way to escape

School and currently employed to Hylton & Hylton,

Places & Spaces


The rich history of

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Date Tree Hall


stablished in 1879, the Institute of Jamaica (IOJ) was

the first organisation of its kind in the Caribbean. Date Tree Hall, the first home of the Institute of Jamaica,

was originally a boarding house. It was built in the latter part of the 18th century, with a great dining room, upper sitting room, a wide, enclosed verandah, many bedrooms and a spacious attic.

Date Tree Hall derived its name from the Date Palm, which

once flourished in front of the building. It was a large, solidly constructed two–storey building, with a sloping shingled

roof, its façade lined by sash windows and jalousie blinds. It

stood on a rise – upward slope above East Street (downtown

Kingston), protected by a brick wall surmounted by a wooden fence set between alternate brick pillars and topped by a series of decorative wooden urns painted white.

A hall, twenty five feet wide by fifteen high, ran through both storeys, opening upon verandahs in the front and rear, and on each side of these halls were sleeping rooms of ample

dimensions. The doors and the casings of the doors and

windows, the window blinds, the entire staircases, indeed

most of the woodwork, were made of solid mahogany – the most beautiful kind.

The building was first taken over by the Royal Society of

Arts and Agriculture from 1862 – 1879. When the society was disbanded, Date Tree Hall and its contents were

turned over to the Institute of Jamaica, newly established during the governorship of Sir Anthony Musgrave ‘for the

encouragement of Literature, Science and Art in Jamaica.’

This newly founded institution continued operations at Date Tree Hall – housing a library, a small art gallery, and on the

ground floor, a natural history collection – until the building was destroyed by the earthquake in 1907.

The present edifice was reconstructed at the same site as its predecessor in 1911 and later expanded with the

construction of the museum building at the corner of East and Tower Streets.

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z Chandelier in Tower Street foyer

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Today, the IOJ has responsibility for seven divisions/

The chandelier, which is now hanging in the Tower Street

(established in 1891); National Gallery of Jamaica

Old King’s House in Spanish Town. It is an 18th century

Institute of Jamaica / Jamaica Memory Bank (established

purchased for the hall of King’s House in 1774. After the fire

History and Ethnography); Jamaica Music Museum; Liberty

Old King’s House and put in the official government stores. In

on East Street and in Portmore, established in 1941 and

which constituted two of the three original chandeliers. The

the IOJ work to promote the collection, documentation, and

departments: the Natural History Museum of Jamaica

foyer of the Institute of Jamaica, originally hung in the

(established as a portrait gallery in 1892); African Caribbean

chandelier, and is thought to be one of three which were

in 1972); National Museum Jamaica (formerly Museums of

in 1925, it appears that certain items were salvaged from the

Hall: the Legacy of Marcus Garvey and two Junior Centres

1938, the Institute of Jamaica took the keeping of the pieces

1996, respectively. Collectively, the divisions/departments of

complete one was hung in the foyer of the Natural History

preservation of Jamaica’s rich cultural heritage.

Museum of Jamaica (formerly the Science Museum).

Over the years, the Institute of Jamaica has developed a

reputation for being the most cultural, scientific and artistic organisation in Jamaica. Being the foremost authority on Jamaica’s rich cultural heritage, the IOJ is a modern air-

conditioned structure, which has been designed to protect as much as possible its valuable and unique collection from fire and hurricane.

z Institute of Jamaica – Present Building

z (above) Date Tree Hall after the 1907 earthquake, Source: Daily Gleaner

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7 Step Strategy Be Informed

for a more Sustainable Jamaican Residential Architecture


his article is part of research on how sustainability has been addressed in Jamaica, developed from a lecture presented in 2010 in Puerto Rico at the

Architectural Biennial. Much of the information will serve

as the basis of research in the measured lifecycle energy usage and costs on traditional residential design and construction in Jamaica. INTRODUCTION

Sustainable architecture will be defined, generally as

“construction designed to have a minimal negative impact on the environment and one which promotes a healthy

natural environment�. In simple terms, the architecture that seeks to maintain and enrich the natural environment.

To our detriment in Jamaica much of the newer residential developments have forgotten how to co-exist with the

environment. It must be said that our homes and places of residence must not simply try to control the environment for its users, but be a holistic solution that protects and provides for both the user and the environment.

The following are my localised solutions and strategies to promote an increase in how we develop sustainable

architectural design and construction in Jamaica; primarily through housing. These solutions are based on research

first presented in 2010 in Puerto Rico at the Architectural Biennial and serve as the basis of exploration in the

measured lifecycle energy usage and costs on traditional residential design and construction in Jamaica to be conducted with Architect Damian Edmond of FORM architects.

Much of the immediate environmental concerns for

housing are focused on the conservation of energy and water. In 2004(,) the National Environment Protection

Agency of Jamaica began a campaign to promote the use of sustainable building principles and practices aimed at

reducing energy and water consumption. For example, it

has been shown (based on a rate of approximately $40.00 per kWh ) that the water heating energy demands of a

four-person household can be reduced by 22% when solar heaters are introduced and the installation of solar street

lighting in Kingston alone is a savings of $150m per annum. There exists a great disparity in the energy use in Jamaica, as many residences fall above the 3,500 kWh capita global

average as well as our national average of 2,290 kWh or just

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under 6.5 kWh per day. Much of this excess use is

habitual and perhaps beyond the remit and attention of this article, however, significant reductions can be achieved through design, appropriate specification and the use of more efficient systems.

The benefits of sustainable residential design can be further increased by reducing the ecological

footprint and integrating energy generation through rainwater harvesting, sustainable sewage/water

treatment and oxygen production into the structures themselves – thereby simulating nature and reducing waste.

The following outline is a 7 Step Strategy for a more

Sustainable residential building practice in Jamaica. These steps can be implemented through the

utilization of low-tech methodologies born out of the conditions evidenced on the island. 1. CATCH THE SUN

Housing developments offer us opportunities to

rethink how electricity is generated and supplied. An ideal solution would be to harness the sun’s

energy through photovoltaic, solar domestic water

heaters and biomass where applicable. By placing a network of solar arrays on residential roofs, houses and their occupants become both providers and

consumers of electricity to the entire community.

Roof spaces that are often left barren can become the site of solar collectors both for electricity and domestic water heating.


The use of light shelves, overhangs, recesses,

louvres, spectrally selective glazing and proper

orientation of our buildings can control heat gain.

In addition, this simple technology can be used to prevent glare whilst maximizing day lighting. The

specification of low emission windows, employment of cross ventilation and external skins will work in

tandem with the use of insulation - primarily at roof

level and will assist in further reducing internal heat gain and the demand for cooling by mechanical means.

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The use of flow valves and the specification of low

consumption (“low flush”) toilets are an easy way to

reduce water consumption. A low consumption toilet uses approximately 60% less water than traditional systems.

Similarly the tanks can be fitted to use recycled grey water treated on site through sand filters or with ponds for larger residential developments in lieu of potable water. 4. HARVEST THE RAIN

Jamaica averages 74 inches (1895 mm) of rain annually with

our urban areas only receiving 50 to 60% of this rainfall. Most of the rainfall in urban areas lands on hard surfaces and is

transported by our gullies out to sea instead of replenishing

our aquifers; which make up the majority of our water supply stores. In 1998 it was determined that Jamaica loses 90%

of surface run off and little improvements have been made

nationally to curtail the problem as only 15% of the population employs rainwater harvesting means.

Through rainwater harvesting via the roofs, water that would otherwise be wasted can be captured for domestic use.

Stored water can be used directly for irrigation or filtered and purified for consumption. Another solution, which can be

implemented, is the use of porous driveways to allow water to feed back into the aquifers. This use, coupled with rainwater harvesting system and the reduction of hard surfaces by

way of porous membranes for driveways etc, can easily save upward of 50% of surface run off. 6. USE LOCAL MATERIALS

The construction of typical residential developments

contributes to the negative impact on the environment by facilitating resource consumption, pollution and waste

production. This can be significantly reduced by the increased use of local or regionally available materials. The shorter

distances our materials have to travel to development sites


There are many ecological opportunities afforded through the careful consideration of landscaping in the design of housing developments. The use of landscaping, particularly the

inclusion of trees, assists in the improvement of air quality by

intercepting airborne particles and absorbing such pollutants as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide through respiration. The root system of trees prevents soil

erosion, conserves rainwater, and reduces water run-off and sediment deposit after storms

Actively designed landscaping, through wetlands(,) can

be used in place of traditional septic systems in order to

minimize the scale and composition of waste that is sent to

the ecosystem, as well as provide beauty through the growth of flora.


The benefits of a more sustainable approach to design and

construction results in an architecture that boasts efficiency in energy performance, environmental protection and long-

term liveability. Passive design techniques such as utilising the sun’s energy through solar/photovoltaic panels, maximizing wind use through cross ventilation, reducing water use,

rainwater harvesting and using local materials and active

landscaping can lower the oil and energy demands as well as the amount of natural resources we affect.

Jamaica has no local or regional building rating system for

sustainability or building performance to speak of, as such

our architects and engineers are compelled to develop and

promote sustainable approaches to design or construction. The response that exists locally is generally due to a body of professionals trained to develop and encourage these

sustainable initiatives to provide suitable accommodations for citizens which are also harmonious with the environment.

reduces the fuel used, and proportionally the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

Locally sourced materials can also be produced with the longterm goal of satisfying local construction needs, theoretically reducing the amount of on-site waste produced. An ideal further achieved through the use of locally reclaimed and

David Cuthbert is a Registered Architect, lecturer at the

marble and granite surfaces.

Architects Registration Board of Jamaica

sustainably harvested materials such as timber flooring,

Caribbean School of Architecture and the Registrar of the

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REGISTERED ARCHITECTS LICENSED TO PRACTICE FOR 2013 The following represents those persons legally authorized to practice Architecture in Jamaica for the year 2013 by authority of the Architects Registration Act, 1987, which states; 1. Subject to Section 16, with effect from such date as the Minister may, by order, specify, no person unless he is a registered architect shall, in Jamaica a. carry on the practice of architecture; b. take or use, in relation to himself, the designation "architect" either alone or in conjunction with any other words or initials in such manner as to imply that he is qualified to carry on the practice of architecture in Jamaica; c. take or use, in relation to himself, any designation, title, name, initials or description indicating or implying that he is entitled to carry on the practice of architecture in Jamaica. 2. A person shall be deemed to carry on the practice of architecture if he practices any branch of the profession of architecture or if, by verbal claim, sign, advertisement, letterhead, card or in any other way, represents himself to be an architect or, through the use of some other title, implies that he is an architect or that he is registered under this Act or holds himself out as being able to perform or does perform any architectural service or work. NAME

ADAMSON, Charles ADAMS-RICKARDS, Suzette A. ALBERGA, Errol C. ALBERGA, Kiva L. ALBERGA, Tracy A. ANDERSON, Guenet S. ASHER, Stephen M. BAILEY, Rohan O. BERNAL, Brian J. BERNAL, Guila M. BRANDON, Richard A. BREWSTER-TAYLOR, Susan J. BROOKS, Errol V. BROOMFIELD, Clive O. B. BROWN, Rolbert S. CHANG, Paul F. X. CHEN, Carl C. CHEONG, Irma Suyin R. CONSTANTINE, Byron A. CUTHBERT, David L. St. G. DEANE, Lincoln J. M. DENNISON, Stacey-Ann S. DIXON, Julian A. DIXON, Lascelles A. DIXON, Orville B. DOUGLAS, David P. DOWDING, Vidal S.J. DUNBAR, Hugh M. EDMOND, Damian D. FERGUSON, Howard O. FERRON, Laurie S. FOWLER, Robert H. FRANCIS, Peter J.

REG. #

018 176 003 130 147 056 024 136 162 141 055 125 096 122 099 061 088 160 022 192 050 190 186 062 080 171 172 180 163 158 166 030 072

NAME FULLER, Robert A. GARDNER, Rivington A. R. GOODMAN, Marvin D. GRANT, Shari L. GREEN, Patricia E. GUTHRIE, Dane S. GYLES, Michael J. HAY, Karin P. HAYLE, Desmond S. HEHOLT, Joseph M. HODGES, Sarah A. HURST, Louis J. JACKSON, Conrad A. JARRETT, Margaret I. KAMBUI, Kamau KAY, David G. LAKE, Michael R. LAWTON, Jacquiann T. LAZARUS, Danielle R. LOEWE, Ruth Y. LOPEZ, Bruce F. LORDE, Michael A. LUE, Christopher D. LYN, Martin E. LYN, Michael X. MADDEN, Heather L. MADDEN, Isiaa N. MAFFESSANTI, Nancy D. MARR, Gary O. MASSUCCI-NEWMAN, Elizabeth McGRAHAM, Donald A. McINTYRE, Raymond A. McLEOD, Louise

REG. # 140 013 004 177 051 183 021 146 011 142 118 164 178 027 032 034 042 119 184 066 181 120 026 102 038 139 144 182 025 153 085 029 045

NAME MILLINGEN, Jerermy E. V. MORRIS, Bryan P. MORRISON, Harold E. M. MORRISON, Ruth A. O'CONNOR, David P. POUCHET, Cheryl A. REPOLE, Franz-Joseph D. RHODD, Barbara RICHARDS, Neil O. RICHARDS, Rudolph A. SAUNDERS, William C. SEIVRIGHT, Lisa M. SHAW, A. Christopher SMITH, Adrian O. SONRON, Patience B. SPENCE, Franklin C. SPIRO, Eran STANBURY, Camiel S. STIEBEL, Douglas O. STULTZ, Karlene A. TATE, Gavern D. TAYLOR, Mark A. B. THOMPSON, Janet A. THORBOURNE, Paul A. WHYMS-STONE, Christopher L. WHYTE, Leighton A. WILLIAMS, Evan M. WILLIAMS, Everton C. WOOD, Garfield O. WOODSTOCK, Robert V. WRIGHT, Douglas A. YAP, Clifton M. YOUNG, Edward B.

REG. # 100 101 015 168 189 048 161 057 049 012 135 173 067 185 154 094 078 174 060 165 179 137 017 023 152 193 069 116 188 016 068 073 020

Any PERSOn WHO cOntRAvEnES tHE PROviSiOnS Of tHE ARcHitEctS REgiStRAtiOn Act 1987, SHAll bE liAblE tO SummARy cOnvictiOn, finES And POSSiblE imPRiSOnmEnt. by Order: the Architects Registration board of Jamaica (ARb) 5 Oxford Park Avenue, Kingston 5, tel: 926-8060 david cuthbert, REgiStRAR

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Be Creative


Things to consider before considering a

a greenhouse


e all love to see them as they

brighten our days, lift our spirits and generally make us feel good and

cheerful. Plants, flowers and even vegetables

have a way of energising us. Indeed many people confess to singing or talking to their

plants and it has been said that some plants even respond to music.

We love plants but not everyone was born with a ‘green thumb’ or can even care for a cactus.

With the right guidance, however, you can turn a section of your backyard into a mini greenhouse and grow the plants of your dreams that maybe one day can be entered into a horticultural show or you can show to your friends as proof that living things can actually flourish in your care.

Now the construction of a greenhouse can be

rather dicey but it does not have to be a big undertaking as there is power in simplicity. P&S

offers some guidance if you decide to cross over to the ‘green’ side.

Nowadays you do not need a complicated building plan and the availability of prefabricated

kits makes the whole process not only easier

but more affordable. An 8 by 6 feet structure is a standard size that does not require a poured

foundation, but you can always go bigger depending on what you want to house. A home

greenhouse can be attached to a house or garage, or it can be a freestanding structure. Regardless of the size you desire, it is the actual

placement of the house that is key because you need enough light in order for it to be effective.

In the planning phase ask yourself what exactly

do I intend to grow in the green house? The varieties of plants or vegetables will determine

how warm and how large it should be. The weather in your neighbourhood will also affect how well your green house will be heated

generally. Make sure you have time to put in the work to keep up its proper maintenance as your

greenhouse will be like a baby so be prepared to be on call a lot.

Maximum sunlight is essential. Your best bet is a location in the south or southeast of your

property. Ideally, you would prefer sunlight all

day but at least morning sunlight is enough for some tropical plants. Morning sunlight is most desirable because it allows the plant’s food production process to begin early; thus growth is maximized.

The frames for greenhouses are usually made

of wood, galvanized steel or aluminium as these can bear a good amount of weight.

The supporting coverings can be mesh tarps, glass or fibreglass. All have advantages and

disadvantages so each material should be considered carefully before making your choice.

Having a steady water supply is imperative.

You can hand water your plants or crop, but do you always have the time for that?

Automatic systems are available to do the task in a jiffy but it can cost you. Time clocks or mechanical evaporation sensors can be used to control automatic watering

systems. Mist sprays can be used to create humidity or to moisten seedlings. Watering kits can be obtained to water plants in flats, benches, or pots.

112 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8 E-mail: Furnitureland full page

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JNBS offers

Be Knowledgeable

hassle free

Mortgage Applications


etting a mortgage has become an easier process

nowadays thanks to Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) who has made applying virtually hassle-free.

According to Tiffany Gordon, Executive, Mortgage Sales at JNBS, a personal Mobile Mortgage/Loan Officer will be assigned to you within 24 hours of contact with JNBS.

She pointed out. “Our Loan Officers pro¬vide ‘hands-on’

personalized management of the application process; and our

fully electronic loan origination system provides for quicker credit decisions.”

It is this easy access to a Mortgage Officer that distinguishes

JNBS from its competi¬tors. “We can meet our customers at their convenience. We are always accessible and that is what makes the experience pleasurable for the customer. Our Mobile Loan Officers will take applicants through a pre-interview process,

which is helpful in determin¬ing their needs and outlines the JNBS Mortgage Financing Options,” Gordon explained.

Complemented by the JNBS pre-approval service, applicants will

be provided with a conditional pre-approval letter to be used while house hunting, and so be in a better position to negotiate with a

realtor or vendor. The pre-approval letter is valid for 90 days and is renewable.

JNBS has four Regional Mortgage Centres where the Mobile

Officers are based. These are located at the JNBS Branch on

Grenada Crescent in New Kingston; at the JN Branches on Gra-

ham Street in Ocho Rios; Mandeville Plaza in Mandeville; as well as

at the new JN Financial Services, at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay. “We recognize that financing the purchase of property can be

overwhelming at times, and therefore for convenience, we created Mortgage Centres that now provide exclusive mortgage loan

services in a comfort¬able and relaxed environment that allows for a memorable customer experience,” said Ms. Gordon.

In respect of the loan rates, Ms. Gordon said that JNBS recently

lowered its rates for new mortgagors. “Our new 9.29 percent per

annum rate is among the lowest in the market. We now lend up to

90 percent financing on the lower of the purchase price and value of a residential property with a dwelling.”

New mortgagors who take up this offer will also benefit from

no processing fees up to January 31, 2014; plus a 10 per cent discount on peril insurance for the first year from JN General

Insurance Company Limited OR a one year free membership with the Jamaica Automobile Association, both subsidiaries of the JN Group. To refurbish existing residential property, loans are being offered at 9.80 percent, with financing dependent on the size of the loan.

Ms. Gordon assured that JNBS has been in the business of providing mortgages to Jamaicans for more than a century

and has the knowledge and expertise that continues to satisfy customers at the highest level.

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Be Wise


Is your W home affecting your health?

e all love a clean and tidy home that we can come

home to at the end of a gruelling work day. We want to relax and put our feet up and just bask in the creature

comforts we have spent good money on. But what if the home you love is not loving you back? What if your home is affecting your well being?

Jamaica, unlike the United States, is primarily a concrete building

nation. Yes, in parts of the island there are gorgeous homes made of wood, but generally the permanent structure of choice today is

concrete. Now concrete itself does not pose any real harm (unless someone drops a six inch block on you!) but the supporting

material that goes into transforming a shell into a home can. There is wood, plywood and particle board (otherwise known as

bagasse board) used to make closets, closet shelves and kitchen

cupboards and shelves. These have glues, sealers and adhesives used to hold them together and unbeknown to most home

owners, their chemical composition can hang around in the air and carpet for a very long time.

Studies have found that the air in our homes can be even more

polluted than that found outside, depending on your fixtures,

furniture and even the cleaning agents you use weekly to do your chores. This pollution may actually be even more than we think

as in our efforts to save on our energy bill, we usually seal up our windows and doors pretty tight so the exchange of air is kept at a minimum to when we are entering or leaving the house. This

means that your home can be a breeding ground for contaminants such as pollen, bacteria, viruses, pollen and mould.

Mould especially loves to hang around in wet bathrooms, wet

plyboard and bagasse board. In a country that has a six-monthlong hurricane season with steady and frequent rain fall, it is a good thing that concrete is our primary source of building material else we probably would be sick often.

lead because in older construction lead pipes could have been

used which can lead to damaged kidneys, nervous system and even your red blood cells. Also ensure that your water is not

contaminated by chemicals or gasoline that you may have lying

about in your yard or garage. That said, do not keep pesticides in

There are hidden dangers in so many things we take for granted.

your kitchen under the sink and do not dispose of the excess near

If you or your children have asthma, you should probably get

One aspect that is usually overlooked is noxious fumes and

It is no secret that carpets are not for every home and everyone. rid of your carpet - no matter how much you love it as dust can contribute to this chronic condition. You should also check to

ensure before you buy the next tin of paint for Christmas that it

is lead free and eco-friendly. Avoid smoking inside, even when

alone as after you put out the cigarette, it lingers in your curtain, fabric and drapes and third hand smoking has proven to be almost as terrible as smoking itself.

any place where water settles.

smells. While it is true that the things we do not see can be

harmful, so are the ones that are blatant such as the awful fumes that emit from Riverton on occasion. Even on a ‘good’ day it

is bad, so when the dump is burning it is horrid. Do you know

that nearby Wray & Nephew has to shut down production when the dump is burning as they cannot produce any quality work

because of both the putrid fumes and the dense smoke? These

If your home is an older one, you should think of calling in home

fumes have been known to cause vomiting, nausea, dizziness,

it. It may be costly to attend to but worth it in the long run.

In order to live a healthier life, we have to start reading the

experts to check to ensure that your roof has no asbestos in

Construction materials that include polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can

aggravate an asthmatic condition while formaldehyde can lead to sore throats, nose and throat irritation, coughing, skin rash and even cancer.

And what about your water? Are you confident of what you

get from the tap? Check to make sure that your water was no

light-headedness and asthma attacks.

labels of everything we take home and that includes paints,

paint thinners and strippers, varnishes, sealants, air fresheners, insecticides, hair care products and heaters. Leave nothing to

chance. We only have one life so let us make it as fresh and clean as possible.

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Be Wise


The children are out of the house… Now what? F

or years you screamed

and yelled at them; told

them when to go to bed;

how good vegetables are for them and to chew with their

mouths closed. You sent them

off to school, helped them with homework, fussed over them

when they were sick, watched

them go through the puppy love phase and gave them advice on possible career paths.

All your hard work, time, money and dedication

paid off and they are now young adults, earning

their own money and living on their own. Your home has

never been this neat; your kitchen sink never this clean and your

refrigerator never this well stocked for more than a day. It has also never been this quiet.

For many parents that first year after your only child or the last child leaves the home can be very difficult, for while you have

finally got that ‘me time’, you do not think you need that much of it. The house that you previously thought was too small all of a

sudden seems gigantic and silent, at times almost like a museum. And if you are a single parent, this feeling can be magnified as

there is no one happy to see you when you come through the door. Yes, it is that dreaded ‘empty-nest’ syndrome that most parents, particularly women, go through. It is normal and expected but before you start spending hours in your child’s old bedroom

dusting or straightening their sheets; before you break out the

photo album with all their baby pictures and start crying, take a moment to own it, claim it and then set about conquering it.

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The ‘empty-nest syndrome’ refers to a psychological

condition that parents go through when their children

leave home or “fly the nest”. It brings with it feelings of loss and sadness which is heightened when children

move out on their own as well as when they get married,

as matrimony also signifies the end of one phase and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Parents may

no longer feel as needed since they have time on their hands and no one to spend it on.

Fear not. Your life has not ended because your children

are now grown. In fact, this can be the perfect opportunity to tackle some of the things you have been putting off for years. P&S offers up the following tips for parents who

wish to shake off the empty nest blues and learn how to do some soaring of their own.

Get a pet. A four legged friend can sometimes be just

the kind of therapy we all need. Having a loyal, obedient and hopefully house-broken pet - can bring untold joy to your day.

Go on vacation. Take a trip to an exotic location you have

always wanted to visit but never had the chance. If you are tight on cash, then drive to a parish that you know little

about and immerse yourself in the laidback life for a week or a weekend, depending on your schedule. It is a great way to forget your cares and get some perspective on your life going forward.

Get a make-over. It does not have to be anything big or

drastic but it should make you feel a whole lot better and

put you in a good mood. Colour your hair or play around

with the scissor and go for a bold cut if you feel like it. It is time to do something just for you.

Take on a home improvement project. Be reasonable

with what you can do with your budget. You do not have to remodel your kitchen if the finances cannot go that

far, but you can always do small touches like repainting an accent wall to get a pop of colour or adding some

decorative shelves to give you better function and flow. It is all about living in your moment and having some fun in your own space.

Volunteer. There is always someone in need. Whether it is at a children’s home or an old age home or the Salvation

Army, give of your time. It will remind you how blessed you truly are. Read to a toddler or comb the hair of a senior citizen. Do it all with a smile.

Learn a new language. It is the perfect time to start

rolling your ‘rr’s and becoming friends with Rosetta Stone. It is fun and a great pastime to immerse yourself in, at your own pace of course.

Learn to play an instrument. Remember as a teen you always wanted to be the guitarist in a rock band? Well

you may be too old for a mullet and hot pink tights on a stage but you can still rock out at home. Piano, drums,

guitar, saxophone or maybe the recorder, whatever your instrument of choice, give it your all.

Find a new job. Sound drastic? Not really. Poorly-paid

jobs need to be a thing of the past. Further education or

training may be needed but at this stage of your life, your

time is yours so what better time to go for your dream job without the pressure of young ones to take care of? Plan a course of action, set realistic goals and give yourself a time frame with which to work. Ensure you have enough

funds to cover your bills for at least a year or two. Take a deep breath and go for it.

Update your wardrobe. Why not jazz up your look with a few new pieces. Tops, skirts and a new little black dress. While you are at it, buy some costume jewellery and

shoes. New shoes always puts a smile on your face. Sign up at a gym. It is time to be the best you that you

can be. If you are overweight you can drop some pounds and if you are not, you can simply stay fit and active and learn to love and appreciate yourself once again.

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Thank You I

t has been an exciting year for us and we thank everyone

who assisted in our development, both those who have been

with us since the beginning and others who have since come

onboard. We are pleased with the overwhelming show of

support you our dedicated stakeholders have given us, which

has contributed significantly to our growth and expansion. Let us continue in 2014 to make Places & Spaces the premium real estate magazine in Jamaica.


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Places & Spaces January 2014  

This issue as we continue to enhance our readers’ interest. We will be looking at the history of Date Tree Hall in downtown Kingston and Bro...