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| JULY 2018

FEELING AT ONE WITHNature In the first of our new look gardening columns our gardening expert Ellen Mary caught up with Ian Guest, head gardener at Fairhaven Woodland and Water Gardens.


airhaven Gardens in South Walsham

are award winning organic gardens that are open to the public all year round. The gardens are made up of 130 acres of cultivated, wild and natural plantings, which are a real haven for wildlife enthusiasts. There are nearly 4 miles of woodland pathways to explore and encourage the child within and stunning views over the private Broad bound to inspire the budding artist. Sometimes we all need a little break and taking a walk through gardens and woodland is known to reduce stress levels and relax our minds. Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden is just one of those places that invokes an immense feeling of peacefulness and serenity with the canopy of trees, pops of colour and beautiful waterways throughout the garden. Fairhaven is known for the Candelabra Primula’s naturalised in the gardens along

with colourful Rhododendrons and a more recently created Hydrangea walk. The opening of the garden onto the lesser accessed broad at the far end provides a stunning view and the perfect place for a picnic. Ian Guest has been working at the garden for 16 years, having started as an under gardener to George Debbage until his retirement back in 2007. Ian now heads up the team and having gained the experience needed, he maintains it with its natural origins in mind, managing the woodland and waterways only making small changes to positively impact visitors experience when necessary. I met Ian at the garden to find out more about his role and how the vast area is maintained.

Ellen Mary

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