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is more than a retail shop. We design. We make. We wholesale. We work on projects large or small. We agent and distribute for many international brands. We enjoy what we do.




A real place to discuss a piece or a project, to explore a style or a theme. Find the hottest international contemporary design alongside our current classics. A library to come and talk about colour and shape, to discuss details, feel samples, touch materials.

Places and Spaces are the hunter-gatherers of the design world. The design sourcing specialists. With a designlibrarian’s knowledge and expertise to help a client find the perfect product they never even knew existed, or solve their toughest design troubles. Our sourcing is personally crafted to each client’s needs, decoding your space in order to understand what’s important – what brings value to your life through your home.

We enjoy sourcing and supplying some of the most influential designer makers and brands to the wholesale and contract market. droog, Smarin, Kyouei Design, Oficina Kreativa, Spell, Merry Design, Mint Light Living, Mater, Moustache, Fambuena.

Tuesday – Saturday 10.00 am – 5.45 pm Sunday 12.00 am – 4.00 pm Closed Monday Designed by Wonderlab.

30 Old Town, London SW4 0LB. Phone +44 (0)20 7498 0998.

For more information and press requests For wholesale enquiries contact

Dome lamp by Todd Bracher

An iconic representation of 'what is light?'. Essentially a hollowed out globe, allowing light to emanate evenly in a 360 degree pattern. Awarded the 2009 Wallpaper Design Awards Best Table Lamp. Shade light by Signe Bindslev Henriksen & Peter Bundgaard Rützou

The ornamentally punctured spun aluminium shade projects a delicate illuminated effect around the room. Pebble Bowls by Jesper K. Thomsen.

Handmade organic stone shaped candleholders. Three shapes available in black, white and grey. InOut Pitcher by Todd Bracher

The porcelain in-out pitcher, with its removable lid, can be used for cold beverages.

Mater (latin for mother) was founded in 2006 by Henrik Marstrand. This Copenhagen based company has a strong vision to create timeless and beautiful products designed and made with an ethical business strategy. Mater combines their design principles of creating timeless home accessories, furniture and lighting with working methods that support people, local craft traditions and the environment.

High stool/Low stool by Signe Bindslev Henriksen & Peter Bundgaard Rützou

A high stool / low stool for occasional use, handcrafted in dark stained oak, white stained oak or recycled aluminium. Gymnasium range by Søren Rose

The gymnasium collection takes its inspiration from a simpler time in our lives when victories were measured on scoreboards and teamwork wasn't just for meetings. The collection uses the graphic lines and simple silhouettes of the court to pay tribute to the simplicity and spirit of sport. Awarded the 2010 Best Furniture Award by Bo Bedra.

Founded in 2005 in Madrid, Spain, Merry Design Studio communicate their unique and refreshing style within many design genres. This young, fun and versatile team find original ways of communicating their optimistic ethos in everything they do from designing interior and industrial products, set design and strategic branding.

Socks by Alfonso Merry and Paul Heredia

Like the socks we use on a daily basis, bedside tables always come in pairs. This pair are made from Beech, and also feature Leggs made from recycled plastic. Leggs by Alfonso Merry and Paul Heredia

Leggs is a prosthetic element that extends the height of furniture making it more accessible and easy to use. Different Leggs are available depending on the furniture being used.

Kits Rocking Horse by Alfonso Merry and Paul Heredia

Part of the forthcoming Kits collection, the Rocking Horse is what it looks like, a black horse to rock on. The inspiration, a more simple life for children.

Oficina Kreativa is a creative work group within the field of art, architecture, and design. Jacob Fasting and Kirsten Krogh founded the office in 2008. It is located in Mexico City and Copenhagen. Oficina Kreativa is engaged in the design and production of furniture and in theoretical and artistic practice. It is based on an exchange of ideas between Scandinavia and Mexico – a cultural import & export.

Acapulco Chair

The Acapulco chair is a classic Mexican chair. It takes its name from the famous Pacific resort. In the 1950s, when the chair first went into production, Acapulco was the Hollywood hot spot. John Wayne, Elvis, and the Kennedys lounged on sunny terraces overlooking the Acapulco bay.

BamBam Table

Harking back to a time when bankers were corrupt and American gangsters were the heroes, hiding out in glamorous bungalows along the Mexican coast. We designed the BamBam table to evoke those days of danger and excitement, of Dillinger and Capone.

Condesa Chair

The Condesa chair takes its name from the elegant yet decadent neighborhood in Mexico City called La Condesa. Since the 1940’s it’s been home to movie stars, Beat poets and revolutionary artists of the era.

Acapulco Mini

Oficina Kreativa is introducing the new Acapulco Mini for the kids. Just as elegant and durable as the Acapulco Chair, only smaller.

The Acapulco, Condesa and Acapulco Mini are made of solid steel frame with a black matte powder coating. UV filtered PVC. All are suitable for outdoor use.

Founded and run by Stéphane Arriubergé and Massimiliano Lorio, Moustache’s aim is to bring together a group of likeminded designers to nurture the development of innovative and honest furnishings that will stand the test of time. The aim is to open new domestic horizons working with designers such as François Azambourg, Big-Game, Matali Crasset, Ana Mir & Emili Padros and Inga Sempé.

Instant table & Instant seat chauffeuse by Matali Crasset With the Instant range, Matali Crasset has designed obvious articles starting with a simple tool: the trestle. While retaining it, Matali completes the trestle principle so that only one is needed to support the table-top and associates it with a shell seat to create an armchair.

Vapeur lamps and suspension by Inga Sempé Weightless in our interiors. The Inga Sempé Vapeur collection uses the mechanical and structuring qualities of the pleat to create strange and large lighting volumes.

Tania et Vincent. Les Arts Décoratifs

Box stool by Big-Game

Bold chair by Big-Game

Taking inspiration from and applying the pleating techniques used in the cardboard and aluminium industry, very light and versatile.

Made up of two tubular parts in metal embedded in each other, the Bold chair is an updated version of the tradition of a chair in tubular steel, inflated with a thin polyurethane foam.

Flexlamp for droog by Sam Hecht Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Birdhouse for droog by Marcel Wanders Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Optic glass for droog by Arnout Visser Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Hippo mat for droog by Ed Annink Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Bowls plus for droog by Michelle Huang Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Hang on easy for droog by Ransmeier and Floyd Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Do hit chair for droog by Marijn van der Poll Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Sucker for droog by Leon Ramakers & Jan Hoekstra Photographer: Robaard/Theuwkens (Styling by Marjo Kranenborg, CMK)

Table tap for droog by Arnout Visser Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Hare mat for droog by Ed Annink Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Rag chair for droog by Tejo Remy Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Lucky cat pinball machine for droog by Tadaaki Narita

Heat wave electric radiator for droog by Joris Laarman Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Soft washbowl for droog by Hella Jongerius Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Salad sunrise XL for droog by Arnout Visser Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Clothes hanger lamp for droog by Hector Serrano Photographer: Robaard/Theuwkens (Styling by Marjo Kranenborg, CMK)

Shadylace parasol for droog by Chris Kabel Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Milk bottle lamp for droog by Tejo Remy Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Slow glow lamp for droog by NEXT Architects & Aura Luz Melis Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Swing with the plants for droog by Marcel Wanders Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Do frame for droog by MartĂ­ GuixĂŠ Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Mat walk bathroom mat for droog by Paolo Ulian Photographer: Robaard/Theuwkens (Styling by Marjo Kranenborg, CMK)

Dish mop for droog by Gijs Bakker Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Tableau tablecloth for droog by Maurice Scheltens Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Soft lamp for droog by Arian Brekveld Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Straps for droog by NL Architects Photographer: Robaard/Theuwkens (Styling by Marjo Kranenborg, CMK)

Tree-trunk bench for droog by Jurgen Bey Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Red revisited bowl for droog by Bas Warmoeskerken Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Red revisited plate for droog by Bas Warmoeskerken Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Come a little bit closer bench for droog by Nina Farkache. Photographer: Robaard/Theuwkens (Styling by Marjo Kranenborg, CMK)

Window drops for droog by Arnout Visser & Bas van Tol Photographer: Robaard/Theuwkens (Styling by Marjo Kranenborg, CMK)

Sticky lamp for droog by Chris Kabel Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Bottoms up doorbell for droog by Peter van der Jagt Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Soft vase for droog by Hella Jongerius Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Peepshow wallpaper for droog by Gijs Bakker Photographer: Gerard van Hees

85 Lamps for droog by Rody Graumans Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Cow chair for droog by Niels van Eijk Photographer: Gerard van Hees

Simply Droog 10+3

arris are a young dynamic London based furniture company. The first arris range has been designed and produced in collaboration with and exclusively for Places and Spaces. The arris range will initially consist of a series of storage cabinets and mirrors, the range will expand as new designs and prototypes are tested at the arris studio. Our pieces will be available in a variety of configurations and finishes, bespoke options will also be available. The arris mission in collaboration with Places and Spaces is to produce thoughtfully designed and considered functional and beautiful furniture. The arris collection will feature the use of high quality and unusual materials, fittings and finishes not normally seen on retail pieces. We aim to show that it is viable to design, manufacture and distribute all our pieces direct from our London studio. arris are represented exclusively by Places and Spaces.

Cooke Drawers are available in a diverse series of colours for both the frame and the drawer fronts which allow the customer an extensive colour choice, thereby giving this storage chest the versatility to seamlessly fit into any setting. Signatures that define this collection include the application of OSB which is sanded and then matched to show continuity in craftsmanship.

exclusively for Places and Spaces

...was launched in 2004 by the designer Stéphanie Marin. Each year a new collection is created that follows the fundamental design principles of the brand with modular pieces that can be used in versatile configurations that enable the user to select the final composition. The design theme follows that of organic structures found in natural settings that can make a space come alive.

Mobile Shadows – can be used as blinds or decorative mobiles. Living Stones – available in milled wool for indoor or neoprene for outdoor use. Living Islands – layered ply can be used to create one table or split to create two separate pieces. Indoor or outdoor versions. Mangier – tree like structures display fruits and objects. Nenuphares – lounge pieces that offer creative versatility for the end user. Available in many colours.

frame napkin Create your own stain art after a special meal.

composition chair hard aluminum 3.0mm An armchair created by bending aluminium wire and crossing it one by one, using a jig and a pair of pliers. No bolts and no welding is used in this chair.

glass tank heat-resistant glass A blown glass drinking vessel. As the amount of liquid decreases in the glass a constant amount is poured from the tank. The liquid in the glass will never overflow.

Kouichi Okamoto and Ayako Nakanishi make up Kyouei Design from Japan. They enjoy challenging the boundaries of design where

reconstruction lamp Illuminating clip lamp. Attach to an object of choice with this updated version of a classic industrial clamp.

music, sculpture, graphics and product design merge to form a collection of products that range from small gifts to handmade furniture.

liquid lamp table Molten metal pools on the table to form the table base. Electrics not included liquid bookmark silicon Every liquid bookmark is hand made by the designer and therefore each piece is a one-off.

Every piece is a unique design and production techniques often include a hand crafted element so as to embrace chandelier bulb Pyrex (heat-resistant glass). crystal glass. Attach items of interest to the hooks and create your own decorative design.

regular irregularities.

balloon lamp rubber. polypropylene. Fix either the balloon provided or use your own again and again to create a soft luminescence. It is possible to use the lamp continuously over 100 hours by using the 2 lithium-coin batteries.

liquid lamp wall The lamp appears to be melting down the wall. Add an extra spot of molten metal where you wish with the detachable paint spot. Electrics not included

cube letter set Writing paper that can be blown up to form a cube that references a traditional Japanese paper balloon. endless rain record This phonograph record plays the sound of rain endlessly.

photography: yuichi yamaguchi

Hide 2.0 by Judith Seng

Starlette by Judith Seng and Alex Valder

Hide 2.0 transfers the colours and aesthetics of fabrics into an element of interior design. Depending on season or one’s personal clothing preferences, the cabinet changes its appearance - therefore no one closet is like the other. Material - painted beech.

Each of these hand-engraved glass balls is uniquely decorated. The concept is based on the formation of uncontrollable bubbles, a frequent mistake arising in the glass production process. Thus the decor never repeats itself. Each time it is newly defined by the craftsman using our ‘program’ of established design parameters. According to the bubbles found in the balls, the craftsman can choose between three programs: ‘One Star’, ‘Two Stars’ and ‘Olives’.

Boekkle and Hoekkerle by Alex Valder A stool, a bench and a barstool, each using the same legs but different coloured seats. They are constructed from oiled Maple, black MDF and Abet Laminates.

Trift by Judith Seng Colline by Judith Seng These objects explores the ideal of perfect surfaces by and Alex Valder A glass bowl especially formed to enable engravings from two sides thus creating an interesting play with shadows. This piece was developed during an ongoing research about traditional glass decoration techniques at the glass research centre CIAV in Meisenthal, France. Material - Mouth-blown, hand engraved glass.

creating and destructing them within the same object. Material - solid wood logs, brushed and high-gloss lacquered in various colours.

Salad Spinner by Alex Valder A textile salad spinner which doesn’t need much space. The inner net is covered by a waterproof textile to avoid water spilling in the kitchen.

Based in Riga (Latvia), Rauzas Company design and produce an extensive range of timber products that include office and hotel interior furniture and systems. In 2010 Rauzas Co launched the branded collection of solid timber furniture - MINT. With a knowledge in producing timber furniture that spans back three family generations of makers the quality of production is hard to surpass. The distinctive angular style, use of solid timbers such as locally sourced native Ash and the sense of lightness and space within each piece results in an honest and crafted look that can be easily recognised. Colour choice of laminate to finish your selected item gives an insight into the colours you find within Riga itself - the mustard yellow references the lichens on the trees, the violet, green and pastel blue refer to the colours used for interior and exterior decorations you find in the architecture.

Compact Desk (in association with Places and Spaces) Concise proportions allow for a home desk that can fit into the smallest of spaces whilst also giving discreet storage, cable management, and a timeless style. Screwbench For a working desk height or a bar height this stool allows the user to choose their ideal seat positioning with this fine winding mechanism. Air Chair Light and airy this piece can withstand contract end use or occasional domestic use. Mix up the colours around your table or stick to one colour palette? Tapis Mat Redundant cut-offs from production are assimilated into a flexible flooring system or simply as a shower mat. A patented design for fixing the sections allows the customer a versatile flooring system with the choice not only in the size of the mat but also in colours as each piece is reversible. Mint Kitchen This system is versatile in colour choices, components and application. Choose from a series of storage boxes for the under counter functionality, sink or no sink options... full kitchen systems are also an option. Regal Shelving Three sizes available for this modular system. Basket Why not have a timber basket for any use? Deer Bench A seat for one or two to share. Mint Table With the choice between application of walnut or ash and the colours, this piece can match almost any setting. Minimal legs for maximum seating capacity.

Bizarre by Vicente Garcia Jimenez

Bizarre Bizarre by Vicen by V

Paso Doble by Sabine Leuthold

PasoPaso Doble Doble by S

Tali by Yonoh

Tali Tali by Yonoh by Yono

Back Light by Vicente Garcia Jimenez

Backlight Backlight by Vic by

Les Racines by Vicente Garcia Jimenez

Les Racines Les Racines by V

Plume (and Ruler) by Yonoh

Plume Plume (and(and Rule

Dress by Jehs + Laub

Dress Dress by Jehs by Jeh +

Versátil by Ricardo Armiñana

Versatil Versatil by Ricar by R

Cocò by Antonio Minervini

CocoCoco by Antonio by Ant

Filamento (Rafia) by Fambuena Lab

Filamento Filamento (Rafia (

Porcelain by Hugo Tejada

Porcelain Porcelain by Hu by

Spider by Carlo Contin

Spider Spider by Carlo by Ca

new from

Twin stopper for droog by Sam Hecht, Industrial Facility Photographer: Stefanie Grätz (Styling by Marjo Kranenborg, CMK)

new to

Soft knob medium by Ed Annink

What you see is not for droog by Fernando Brízio Photographer: Stefanie Grätz (Styling by Marjo Kranenborg, CMK)

Places and Spaces Issue no. 3  
Places and Spaces Issue no. 3  

Our new catalogue features a new lighting brand at Places and Spaces: Fambuena.