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Pr o u dl y pr es e n t e d b y M a ri o S u l t a n a

Place New ma r k e t

Showcasing a prominent local presence in Brisbane’s inner north and a team that illustrates rich and accumulative experience, Place Newmarket offers an unrivalled calibre of personal attention. With hightech media capabilities, private breakout spaces, a vibrant aesthetic and an enviable awards cabinet, the office - which services not only Newmarket but also surrounding suburbs across the inner-north and cityfringe - exemplifies innovation and prowess. Principal Mario Sultana, who has a proven track record of

customer satisfaction, leads the Place Newmarket team and takes pride in the development of every member. With a distinct and unique skill set, the team performs cohesively, working collaboratively towards a mutual goal of delighting every client by delivering expert advice and quality service. Combined with an award-winning property management department, a comprehensive support team, effective business processes and a passion to transcend, Place Newmarket embodies excellence.

The bes t a g enc y w i t h t h e i n d u s t r y ac col a des to p r o v e i t

Place Newmarket continues to be one of the most recognised and prominent real estate brands in Queensland and in recent years, the states leading agency.

We don’ t ma k e t h i s c l a i m l i g h t l y

• • • • • • •

Place Newmarket Principal, Mario Sultana was awarded the prestigious REIQ Residential Sales Person of the year for Residential Sales. Place has been honoured with the REIQ Large Residential Agency of the Year on multiple occasions. Place was awarded the Australian Independent Real Estate Agency of the Year for consecutive years. We were proudly awarded the 2013 REIQ and 2013 REIA Property Management Team of the Year. Place consistently ranks in the top 5 state-wide most-clicked on Queensland real estate agencies on Place generated more than $3 million worth of free PR over the last 12 months. Our consultants continually secure excellent PR both locally and nationally. Our award-winning reputation is preceded by prestigious accolades in the categories of Auctioneer, Novice Auctioneer, Rookie, Corporate Support and Community Service.

Re cently S o ld

With over 15 years of property sales experience, Mario holds record sale prices for many suburbs, streets and development sites. His area knowledge is vast and due to his high level of repeat and referral based business, the properties that Mario represents reach across the Brisbane CBD. The following properties provide a snapshot of just some of the homes that Mario has successfully negotiated and sold recently.



54 Eagle Street, Alderley



18 Ballina Street, Kelvin Grove



179 Butterfield Street, Herston



63 Vardon Street, Wilston



29 Willmington Street, Newmarket



11 Panorama Street, Ashgrove



27 Hetherington Street, Herston



46 Inglis Street, Grange



209 Banks Street, Alderley

Marketing M eth o d s

Our aim is to increase our dominance of the property sales landscape resulting in a higher level profile for your property, leading to excellent sales outcomes. Our unique approach to marketing allows us to leverage our brand to expose our clients’ properties. Place has secured’s Exclusive Agency Showcase in a number of suburbs to highlight our vendor’s properties in the absolute highest light. We have also negotiated extreme discounts with and so that your property will stand out from the crowd as a Premiere

and Highlight Property, respectively. With marketing being the cornerstone of our business, there are a few compulsory standards and an array of additional options that we can implement in accordance to your needs. In terms of the method of Sale for your Property, there are three available options. Each option has aspects that require careful consideration in order for you to determine with your consultant the preferred method of Sale.

1 . Fo r Sa l e

Negotiation advantages include: • • •

A focus on the property, not the price; The vendor’s negotiator may be able to significantly add to the selling price; and The perception of less pressure for the Vendor.

Disadvantages: • • •

The price established may be under or over what the market is prepared to pay; Price may be based on previous stock that has been undermarketed or misrepresented in the marketplace by other agents; and Time on market is often not tested appropriately and can be used by weaker agents to garner a deal within a short time period.

2. Tend er Pr o c e s s

Tender advantages include: • • • • •

Preservation of your privacy; Creation of urgency through deadlines relating to offers; A focus on the property –not the price; Buyers having the opportunity to submit their best offer; and Allowance for negotiation.

The major disadvantage associated with this option is the fact that the agent misses the opportunity to place parties within a competitive environment. This option is not transparent and does not allow disclosure to all parties which potentially means that buyers budgets are not stretched to capacity. Again this option is suitable for agents who are perhaps weaker negotiators.

3 . A uction

Auction is a proven method of Sale. Looking back at the previous campaigns run by Place Newmarket, it is during our Auction Campaigns that we have achieved the highest volume and level of sales with the highest rate of success. During the sales process, Place does not exclude offers, however an Auction campaign ensures the following points:

Marketing M eth o d s

Price – during an Auction campaign, no price is advertised. This opens up the market, ensuring that all potential buyers see the property and that no potential buyers are excluded. Offers – throughout the campaign, offers prior to Auction are encouraged. If an offer is taken prior to the Auction, it will be on a cash/unconditional basis, with the cooling off period waived. Buyers are informed that offers must be presented in this format for the property to be sold prior to Auction. Motivation – an Auction conveys a sense of urgency to sell the property, and the motivation to sell within a fixed time frame. With the amount of choice currently in the marketplace, this positions the property as one which must be inspected before others, as there is an ‘end date’ to possible negotiations.

Auction Day – obviously, if not sold during the campaign, competition on the day is the best outcome. Even if there is only one interested party, Auctions can still be highly successful and sell under the hammer with private negotiations whilst the Auction is ‘live’. Multiple Interest – if, throughout the campaign, it becomes apparent that there is more than one interested prospect, this gives us the opportunity to maximise price. At Place, we pride ourselves with tailor-made solutions for all sellers. There is not necessarily a right, wrong or set way. Our agents will discuss appropriate ways and the best solution to market your house in the appropriate time frame.

The Ar t o f P r o m o t i n g Yo u r P l a ce

Showcasing a prominent local presence and a team illustrating rich and accumulative experience, we maximise market impact by utilising high-tech digital media that delivers clean, sharp and instant exposure for your property. As a result of our innovative approach to real estate, Place has boasted impressive sales, profitability and customer satisfaction.

T he Per f ect P l a c e t o b e S e e n

Every day, more than 1,500 people pass by our Place showroom featuring electronic window displays, and are reminded of our agency’s high profile positioning in the market. Our office is situated in one of the most popular inner city shopping precincts and our visibility is second to none.

P r emiu m P ho tog r a p h y

Quality photography allows your property to be seen in the best possible light, and is a draw card to entice potential buyers to view online. Our in-house professional photographers will take internal and external photographs, in addition to measurements that allow us to draw up floor plans for marketing.

You r P la ce Wel l P l a c e d

Your home will be showcased on the Place website, Place Newmarket website placenewmarket., as well as the major real estate listing websites, including and, where it will stand out from the crowd. Both industry-leading websites offer weekly e-brochures, designed to directly target the websites’ database of property seekers based on buyers whose search criteria match your property. We have negotiated outstanding rates for Premiere advertising on so your property will appear at the top of the page, irrespective of the search criteria for that suburb.



E xclu s iv e A g en t S h o w c a se

Place Newmarket has exclusive access to prominent positioning on each and every page of across several prominent suburbs. This means that irrespective of the search criteria, your property will scroll through in the most visible dominant position.

Qu al it y S ig na g e

A member of our signage team will install a high-quality vinyl wrap board, featured prominently at the front of your property. The style of the sign will be dependent upon the sign selected within your marketing campaign.


Pr emium B r och u r e s

Receive the option to upgrade to 150 customised brochures that your Place Agent will distribute throughout the campaign during your open homes. Featuring multiple photographs and a detailed property overview that highlights the greatest features of your home to prospective buyers- this marketing tool will help keep your property top of mind long after buyers have left the inspection. With a convenient, professionally drawn floor plan included rest assured our buyers are equipped with all the knowledge they require to make the right decision.

Wh y choo s e M a r i o a n d h i s t e a m to se ll y our ho m e ?

There is a reason Mario Sultana was named the REIQ Salesperson of the year. The sale or purchase of your family home, is perhaps the most significant major financial decision you will make; so choosing the right agent to sell your property is crucial. Mario thrives on the competitive nature of real estate and has an innate ability to maximise the value of a client’s most valuable asset within the most challenging of market conditions. Remaining calm and focused, he maintains a sensitive and confidential approach in all his business dealings. With a successful track record behind him, it’s not surprising he has an impressive list of local, domestic and international clients.

Why C hoo s e M a r i o a n d h i s t e a m to sell y our ho m e ?

Mario’s team is second to none. His personal assistant Padraic Lando boasts almost nine years’ experience within all facets of real estate administration. Cool under pressure, Padraic is responsible for the day to day operation of Mario’s business so that he can focus on negotiation, buyer advocacy and client relationships. To further assist Mario in providing the best in client service, Will Churchill is available on a full time basis to liaise with buyers and sellers to capture and respond to all enquiries. A member of Mario’s team since 2011, Will is motivated by a passion for real estate and posseses unrivalled local knowledge of the inner north corridor.



The benefit to Mario’s team is that they have the time, the energy and the expertise to focus on their role without being spread thin across all areas of the business. Place Newmarket’s in-house administration is there to support Mario with the detailed back bone of our division. Office Manager, Susie Beattie has worked with Place Newmarket for over ten years and with that comes longevity, experience and an unparalleled understanding of all administration practices. Preparing all legal documentation, marketing campaigns and information packs with a fine eye on compliance, Susie and her team will ensure you are always protected.

Marketing Ter ms a n d P a ym e n t Op t i o n s

Payment is to be made prior to advertising commencing. Payment may be accepted by way of cheque, money order, direct transfer and credit card. A 1.5% merchant fee is payable for credit card payments. The Auctioneer is booked at the commencement of a listing. This fee is non-refundable unless cancellation is made within 48hrs of the booking. If the property sells prior to auction, or the listing is withdrawn, the fee still applies as the booking of the auctioneer prohibits the auctioneer from further bookings. This applies for both onsite and inroom auctions. Note: Cancellation of photo shoot booking within 24hrs may incur a fee of $25.

Payment O pti o n s

You can pay your advertising account using the following methods: • •

Personal Cheque / Bank Cheque / Australian Money Order. Please write the address of your property on the back of the cheque / money order (for receipting and identification purposes) and place it in an envelope marked ‘Attention: Administration’.

Cred it C a r d

• • •

Only Mastercard and Visa are accepted. Amex and Diners card are NOT accepted. A merchant fee of 1.5% of the amount payable is charged for credit card payments (eg. $750.00 + merchant fee 1.5% = $761.25). Please complete a Credit Card Payment form to pay using this method.

Newsp ay

Newspay is a revolutionary financing solution for all property marketing, including newspapers, magazines and more. You will receive six months interest free financing, making the marketing of your property more affordable. It helps to achieve the best sale result and attract more buyers. PLACE


Direct De po s i t

You may deposit your payment directly into our advertising account. Please make a reference on the transaction to the address of your property using the first four letters of the street name followed by the street number (i.e. the reference for 10 Smith Street would be SMIT10). Our advertising account details are as follows: Place Market Sales Trust Commonwealth Bank of Australia BSB (branch) Number: 064 121 Account Number: 1019 8901 PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH Should you have any queries in relation to your account, please contact Padraic on 3354 8029.

Bu il ding long - t e r m r e l a t i o n sh i p s

We know this is just the beginning of a long-standing relationship where we can help you achieve all of your real estate goals. Whether you want to earn additional income, make a capital gain or provide a nest egg for your retirement, Place can help maximise your financial return. At Place the relationship does not end when the ink has become dry on the contract.

Ch a nging to o u r P l a c e i s e a s y

If you already have an agent and you are nearing the end of your authority, it might be time to make a change and experience the Place difference – all we require is written authority to notify your existing agent. To make switching to us as simple as possible, we will organise everything from getting your authority to notifying your current agent, collecting documents and if required informing tenants.

P r i vac y S ta teme n t

Our Agency uses personal information collected from you to act as your Agent and to perform your instruction under this agreement. Our Agency may also use this information collected to promote the services of Our Agency and/or seek potential clients. Our Agency may disclose information such as (photography, pricing and other where appropriate) to other parties including on the internet, media organisations, potential customers, or to clients of Our Agency both existing and potential, as well as Tradespeople, Strata, Government and statutory bodies and to third parties as required by law. Our Agency will only disclose information in this way to other parties as required to perform duties under this agreement, to achieve the purposes specified above or as otherwise allowed under the Privacy Act 1988. If you would like to access this information, you can do so by contacting Our Agency on 3354 8000. You can also correct this information if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. Real Estate and Tax Law requires some of this information to be collected. If the information is not provided, our Agency may not be able to act effectively on your behalf or at all. Questions Regarding this Privacy Statement If you have questions about this Privacy Statement or would like to access the information about you please email

We i nv i te y o u t o p u t u s t o wo rk .

We pr o m i s e a f re s h a p p ro a c h t o t h e s a l e o f y o u r p ro p e rt y.

Mario Sultana 0428 282 223

Listing Kit 2018 Mario  
Listing Kit 2018 Mario