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“defining and shaping the peninsula WE want”

The Peninsula 2020 initiative


“a participatory, inclusive and consultative process; driving development from the bottom-up”

You Are Invited: Community Meeting Tuesday July 19, 2011 Community Centre Placencia Village

Time: 6:00p.m. “Model the change you want to see” M. Ghandi

Be a part of history in the making; come out and join a new wave of change; participate with other residents of the Peninsula in voicing your opinions on important issues affecting the community; define and shape the kind of Peninsula you want in the next 10 years! 

What are the most important issues affecting you and your community?

ENT  What are the three most important changes you want M to see happen in your community? RON I V E EN M CRI ION  Are you consulted on key issues in your community or informed after the fact? CAT U D E  Do you have a say in what happens and how it LTH A E H happens? Are you satisfied with the way things are Y M O N going in your community? E ECO C NAN  What is the kind of community I want for my children R E V O and grandchildren? What role can I play? G .. . r e Oth For more information, contact your local village council chairs, or the Peninsula 2020 consultants:

Coordinated by the Peninsula 2020 Project Steering Committee, facilitated by independent consultants

Mark Usher 600-2228

John Flowers 604-4616

Community Meeting - What will be our future?