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FEBRUARY 2015 BIBLE STUDY UPDATE Bible Study on Tuesdays (Naval Care Group) has begun a study of Psalms. We are meeting on Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. The Saturday morning Bible study that meets at 10:00 a.m. has several more sessions on the Sermon on the Mount. It is fine to get started in the middle of the study and you are welcome to attend either session. We continue to look for ways to reach those outside the walls of the church. Naturally this is important, but community involvement and activities is NOT the only thing that matters when it comes to having a church that is vital and growing. In fact, experts have identified 5 traits that growing churches tend to have. UMC Bishop Robert Schnase lists them in the following way: 1. Radical hospitality 2. Passionate worship 3. Intentional faith development 4. Risk-taking mission and service 5. Extravagant generosity These Bible studies and care groups are meant to be part of number 3‌.intentional faith development. While we always need to be striving to do better in every area, I do encourage everyone to spend time in a daily devotions or a Bible study or some spiritual discipline that will help us all grow in our faith and discipleship.

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