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JANUARY 2015 It may be hard to believe, but another new year is beginning. As we enter 2015, we can expect more healthy food to be sold at the grocery stores and the fitness centers to be full -- for a few weeks. Many of us make a New Year’s resolution and the most popular resolutions have to do with healthy eating and exercise. At any rate, the beginning of the year is often a time for people to take stock of their lives and make a note of any changes they would like to make. This is a good idea for the church as well. The oft-quoted verse, Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” In other words, we need a clear idea of where we are trying to go as a church or we simply will not get anywhere. We will be spending time in January and February talking about the Biblical model of the church, what a healthy church looks like, how a church can be revitalized, and how a church like ours can Ignite the Light of God. Naturally these messages will cover a number of thoughts and examples and teaching from the Bible, but much of will boil down to vision- where are we focused? What do we consider important as a church? Generally, churches that focus on “keeping things going like we did in the past” or “trying to make sure everyone who attends is happy” tend to decline while those who focus on “what can we (through the power of God) accomplish in the future” or “who can we minister to outside of the church” tend to make gains. In fact, here are 10 common barriers to growth in a church: 1. Not bringing friends to church 2. A fear that growth will damage existing relationships and systems 3. Clinging rigidly to tradition 4. Trying to appeal to everyone at every service and event 5. Being program-oriented, rather than process-oriented 6. Emphasizing meetings, rather than ministry 7. Teaching without application 8. Not trusting leaders

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