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!"#!$#%!&'!(&)*#+! A mysterious sea surrounded by a desert of rare beauty

The Sea of Cortez The “Vermillion Sea” of Mexico, often called the Gulf of California is formed by the Baja peninsula extending California south another 1000 miles to form the "world's fishtrap", a sea so fertile that migratory whales have given up their annual journey north to loiter yearround in the Gulf between the Mexican mainland and Baja. These pictures mark a time at the end of the century before major change has come to the Gulf. Rocky Point is just now beginning to build up, locals are beginning to sell their land to developers and more than 5000 condo units exist only a short drive from Phoenix. A new road being built, will link this region with California, some say development will extend south along both sides of the Gulf as home buyers arrive. These photographs reflect a time of drought in the 1980-2000’s both in less rain and in fewer nutrients reaching the Gulf from the Rio Colorado. It's a time when fishing is drying up as well, more Mexicans look to tourism and eco-tourism as a way to feed their families. The beauty of their land and sea assure them visitors will visit, but will they leave? Will the palaces of the rich replace families and homesteads? Only time can say if the Baja and the Sea of Cortez will survive the next century but change has come there slowly since the Spanish first arrived. Perhaps this new wave of progress will again get side tracked for yet another 100 years. P.K. Weis / Photographer


A rare and mysterious land surrounded by the Gulf of California bordered by the Mexican Mainland and the BAJA. Ferries cross the midriff be...