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Promised Land Strict Amish Order honors God farming Missouri soil

The Promised Land is found in the heartland of the United States in Mid-Missouri just southeast of Moberly...

In the 1950's fertile land east of Moberly attracted a group of Pennsylvania Dutch to begin farms there. Since then the Amish have expanded their holdings by slowly buying up land east of Renick and Clark, Missouri. Today the strict religious onclave has 150 families with one in ten being a new family just starting out. Ironically just fifty years later, the group is again landlocked by a lack of land causing factions to splinter off from the main colony often to find new farms and some will distance themselves from the colony's strict teaching when they go. One group near Macon allows their men to wear stocking caps in real cold weather, others allow snow guards on their buggy's to protect against the severe cold of Missouri winters. Most Amish farmers starting out to farm will try to scratch up a hundred acres. That's the bare minimum they say if they hope to feed their families. Amish with less land, look for sidelines like blacksmithing, horse-shoeing, dairy milk and cheese or making candy and others find work-in-town as a carpenter. Most do anything they can to support their lifestyle and still keep their faith in the lord. These photographs have been made over thirty years whenever I have come home I taken a drive through Amish country. For a while I worried that I might be exploiting these people's unique lifeways, so I dropped off copies of the book which then went from one home to another. I am told folk regarded the book as a visual history of their group which facinated them since "they have no recond of their past". Now when I make pictures I often find people who have seen the book and enjoyed it.... P. K. Weis/Photographer


Since the 1770 the Amish farmer has been moving slowly west around 1950 they arrived in Mid-Missouri and their settlements are growing and p...

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