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| May 2009

CLEVER! may 2009

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CLEVER AMBUSH! Clever is in search for the style-starved people out there. So, if you're fashionably forgotten, listen up! We're going to ambush makeover someone out there who's in desperate need of a new look. If you are or know of someone who's had the same hairstyle since the 80's and believe them to be perfect for this, send us an email! Tell us why you think the person you are nominating should be selected for a Clever Ambush. Email your name and phone number and the name and phone number of the person you're nominating to

page 6 Scott Dunseath owner of Reno Envy Photograph by Matt Morning

divorced over 20-years ago. Yet she lived in her own house and drove a late model car. And yet she never made much more than $20,000 per year. The reason I know how much she lived on was I helped her with her taxes. Yet her pantry was always full and she wore contemporary clothing. How did she do it? She new how to stretch a dollar around the block and that is something that we can all learn from in this day and time. That’s what we try to do for our readers here in Clever! Magazine. Look for the Clever deals inside and save (Mom would be proud).

Liz and Erika

Publisher’s Letter Price is what you pay; value is what you get. – Warren Buffet Happy Mother’s Day My mother was the queen of value shopper’s. I’m not talking about garage sales or thrift stores either. I’m talking about new merchandise. She would rather be the first person to wear an outfit instead of the second or third. Her favorite sale was Macy’s White Flower Days or some other such event. She would proudly show off her newest acquisition and then tell you it only cost her $5.99 or some such ridiculously low price for a very nice garment that would retail for $50 or more. “Never pay retail,” she would proudly exclaim. I inherited that gene as did my daughter. To understand my mother and probably yours too, you have to know where they came from – both the time and the place. She was born Herta Anna Imgard Zimmermann on July 31, 1937 in the small mountain town Theirbach, Czechoslavakia. Her family was forced to flee the Nazi occupation and she spent her formative years in a refuge camp inside Nazi Germany until the war ended. She grew up with very little and she possessed one doll to call 4

| May 2009

her own. Clothes were not a fashion statement, but something to protect you from the elements and cover your nakedness. And she wore shoes until they could be worn no more. She spoke of spending days on end in a bomb shelter while the allies blasted the “enemy” into submission. When my mother spoke of those things and those times it was meant more as a lesson in being grateful for what we have instead of what we don’t have. She met my father, an American Solider, in all places but a department store where she worked in post-world war II Augsburg, Germany in 1958. They were married in 1959 and I was born shortly thereafter. My mother died suddenly from complications of a stroke she suffered on June 24, 2006 just shy of her 69th birthday. Going through her things after her death – I discovered many things that the years had covered up. I knew she liked watches, but I had no idea how many she had in her jewelry box. Many of watches were Skagen designs, ones she purchased at the famous Skagen friends and family annual sale. She also had a vast collection of shoes and coats and jackets. Many were very stylish and looked like new. My mother and father were

I miss my mother dearly and Mother’s Day is quite a somber occasion for me. My mother’s death was very sudden and she slipped into a coma from which she never woke. That suddenness robbed me of the chance to share with her how much she has meant to me. I did get to whisper those things into her ear as she lay in that hospital bed, but it wasn’t the same as being able to look her in the eye and tell her how much I loved her. Going through her possessions was a very interesting experience. Reading letters that I sent her when I was away in the Army and those of my brother and sisters and my father were a real blessing. Reading passages she highlighted in her Bible or other books were a treasure too. But I want to leave you with a poem she copied in her own hand and I hope it touches you in the same place as it did me. Happy Mother’s Day.

The Time is Now: If you are ever going to love me, love me now, while I can know the sweet and tender feelings from true affection flow. Love me now while I am living. Do not wait until I am gone and then have it chiseled in marble, sweet words on ice-cold stone. If you have tender thoughts of me, please tell me now. If you wait until I am sleeping never to awaken, there will be death between us, and I won’t hear you then. So, if you love me, even a little bit, let me know it while I am living so I can treasure it. (Author Unknown)

Ken Moen

May 2009 |


Scott Dunseath from Reno Envy


by Paul Klein

When starting a clothing line the name is everything. The name must be unique, brandable, and represent the line now and where it would like to go in the future. So, “What’s in a name”, asked Juliet. Enter Reno envy, a prominent clothing line founded by Reno’s Scott Dunseath. Scott created and established a brand that encompasses Reno’s rare style. The brand speaks to the Reno natives that have seen our fair city grow, not only in population but also in image. While outsiders may imagine Reno a different place, we live in this hidden gem and know the truth, and therein lies the beauty of the Reno eNVy brand. Here’s a little more about Scott Dunseath of Reno envy: Describe the idea of the brand, its uniqueness to Reno, and how it came about? The brand is a celebration of our misfit culture; we embrace this community but don't take ourselves too seriously. If you live here you understand what an incredible place Reno and the surrounding area is, if you don't you might tend to believe it’s a lot like Reno 911. So the Reno eNVy brand likes to play off this perception. If you understand the culture, Reno is truly a place to be envious of. It's like our own little secret and we don't want everyone to know how cool this place is. Tell us about your path. I know you used to work for Vans, how did you end up with your own clothing brand? How did your experience and success with Vans help you? I was a sales rep for Vans for eight years and that experience really helped me to understand the cycle of wholesale and retail. I sold


| May 2009

Photo by Matt Morning

skate, surf and snow products to independent retail stores in northern California and Nevada. Working for Vans helped me to understand what makes a product sell and why customers buy certain products or our loyal to certain brands. I also learned a great deal about fashion and trends and how to create relevant products that connect with a complex market place. However, I think the greatest thing I learned during that time is the power of a brand and the importance of marketing your brand. So how did I end up with my own brand? One shirt at a time, I guess. I had no masterplan to do this, just had an idea that stuck. You know what they say about the path that you chose, you don't always know where it is going to lead you but when you look back and connect the dots it seems to make sense. What's your inspiration? I'm a goal-oriented dreamer and I'm not afraid to push myself and follow my dreams. I figure if I fail at least I've learned something that will better prepare myself for the next venture. What's your creative process on coming up with new clothing lines? Wow, hard to nail this one down. I get inspiration from all over the place. The underlying current one would be humor. I was at the West St Wine Bar looking out the window and saw a leafless tree with a bunch of plastic shopping bags caught in it, it was just a funny and sad sight to see and I thought, possible Reno eNVy t-shirt? My two Business partners Jay and Dustin are always providing me with ideas too; again it is usually something that we find funny or at least topical. On the flip side, not all of our ideas are good ones and we keep each other in check. I am not a big buffet fan and I though a shirt titled buffraid (afraid of buffets) would be cool, the boys don't hold any punches and this idea was unanimously shot down. You mentioned your first gig as Reno eNVy was at the River Festival 4 years ago, what was that like? Yes, this year's River Festival will be the 5th one that we have participated in and our 4-year anniversary. For our brand this was the perfect venue to introduce our products. We had one style of shirt; it was a Jack Daniels parody shirt, which we are no longer allowed to produce, (if you have one

of these you are very lucky) and a few ball caps. We sold over 60 units that weekend and it was then that we realized that people liked the idea of Reno eNVy and with the success that we had there we felt comfortable moving forward and building more products. The West Street Market shop has a cool vibe, how did you feel about setting up in there? There is no better place in Reno for our brand. The market is in the heart of downtown Reno and the synergy created with all the other business in there is great. We are really looking forward to the summer when downtown comes alive again. We will be hosting a farmers market every Sunday and are tossing the idea around of a destination Sunday Brunch spot. What is your personal signature style? Casually elegant without the elegance, I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. Did you always know you were going to have a career in clothing trends? Was it something that just came natural to you? Actually, it is the last thing I ever thought I would be doing. If someone told me 5 years ago that I would be pioneering a Reno clothing brand, I would have just laughed. Even at this moment the idea that we have created Reno's signature brand is surreal. What's your favorite Reno eNVy piece that you would recommend to the fashion savvy community out there? I'd have to say anything with one of our trailers on it. The trailer has become the icon of the brand. It was never meant to be, it was just one shirt that we did and our customers fell in love with it. What's it like seeing people around town wearing your brand? It's the coolest thing for two reasons, one it shows how much people love Reno and take pride in this place and two it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment to see the completion of the product cycle, meaning you have an idea, you build a product, you put it on the shelves, someone buys it and then you see them actually wearing it. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction and always puts a smile on my face.

May 2009 |


Vintage Boyfriend Jeans, $215,

Ripped Anit-Fit Jean, $90, Blank, Relaxed Fit Destroyed Jean, $85,

Hollister Co., Venice Boot Destroyed, $59.50,

by Sara Siqueiros Current Elliot Jeans, $216, Fine N’ Funky, Tahoe City, 530-5831400 and Concepts by Fine N’ Funky, Reno, 775-853-1400 or shop online at

ike many other 80s trends currently in recirculation, destroyed denims have made their demandingly modish comeback.


Jean junkies look to go luxe grunge with these designer denims from brands like Current Elliot, Blank and William Rast. Modifications to favorite denim cuts, like the skinny and the boyfriend, are tattered, torn . . . and tailored to be perfectly flawed. And yes, top dollar is being spent on these damaged denim must-haves, for the naturally yet fabricated wornlook that in essence would take years to formulate. But if you don’t want to fret with the cost of these pricier denims, you can find alternatives with a more digestible price tag. So you can be sure that you’re not destroying your pocketbook by buying a pair of these already destroyed jeans. Make your ashcan chic debut in these delicious denims by wearing with a pair of pointy-toe stilettos, a boycut tank and a fringy scarf. Or to dress up and go from ashcan to glam, wear a fitted button-up jacket over a long cami and pair with newsboy cap and sequined clutch. 8

| May 2009

PRPS, Skinny Dart Jean, $360,

Dylan George, Boyfriend Jean, $255, Kalifornia Jean Bar, Reno, 775-329-5326

May 2009 |


"Something Sweet" located at 780 N. McCarran in Sparks specializes in Gluten-Free and Sugar-Free 3-D Cupcakes and Cakes! Darlene Countryman, the fabulous owner and baker, can bake for any allergy (Soy, Nuts, Eggs, name it). Over 3,000 chocolate molds to choose from and flavors to make your mouth go WILD! Each cupcake is frosted, dipped in chocolate and then finished by placing a hand molded, hand painted chocolate on top (Darlene painted each spot on the leopard by hand!). The Zebra head is a "Cupcake Cake" made up of individual cupcakes that are put together to make a large cake...Amazing! 775.223.5398.

As the nights get hotter...the party lasts longer! Light up th night with these Animal Print Lanterns. Set of 3 $12.99

Kerrie Anastassatos Hon (Party Girl) is the manager of Name Droppers, 6890 S. McCarran Blvd., Reno, (775) 826-7101. Calling all "Cougars"...the fountain of youth has arrived in the form of Borba Skin Balance Water! Each bottle delivers a dose of vitamins C and E as well as botanical ingredients like acai berry, pomegranate, lychee fruit and guanabana fruit to make skin beautiful and luminous from the inside out. The best has no preservatives, carbs or calories. Serve it chilled in champagne flutes and watch the loose skin, blemishes and wrinkles disappear. 4 formulas are available, Clarifying, Age Defying, Firming and Replenishing. $2ish per bottle or by the case. Available from Morrey Distributing 775.352.6000 and in select spas...coming to stores soon.

Always on the prowl for fabulous party decor...I found these animal print purse gift bags at The Dollar Tree. Place a vase or plastic cup inside the bag and add your favorite blooms. For less than $10 a centerpiece to Roar about. 10

| May 2009

No Birthday girl is complete without a party hat! Customize with an age or name! Available off the shelf or by special order! Name Droppers 775.826.7101

May 2009 |


Tory Burch, Bikini Top, $95, Bikini Bottom, $95,

t the dawning of boho-chic, fashion frocks inspired with neo-hippie gypsy rocker, were embraced and worn by frenzied fashionites.


This season, the panache of boho-chic makes a distinguishable return depicting traditional Indian influenced design with au courant style . . . and adopting a new suffix. BohoIndian chic.

by Sara Siqueiros

Charlize Teardrop Turquoise Earring, $34,

Tory Burch, Tanya Sandal, $295,

Hunters and gatherers of this trend will find vivid tribal prints in oranges and yellows, elaborate weaving motifs, intricate beading embellishments and a multifarious composition of fine fringe and turquoise. Designers harvesting this new-fangled fad are names like Anna Sui, Milly and Tory Burch. These garment gurus seek days on the prairie with ethnic patterns, and establish a fashion frontier of hippie Indian, igniting the next wave of boho mod. Make peace with your summer wardrobe and offer up some Pocahontas-like garb by pairing moccasin-made peep-toe slingbacks with a tunic mini dress, or titivate with native spirited accessories like beaded bracelets or belts.”

Tory Burch, Betty Quilted Tote, $375,

SweeTea’s Maxi Dress, $172, Olive & Lolo’s, Sparks, 775-626-1166 Juicy Couture Shorts, $98, Fine N’Funky, Tahoe City and Concepts by Fine N’ Funky, Reno, or shop online at

Juicy Couture, Stretch Charm & Tassel Bracelet, $88,

Kenneth Jay Lane, Bicolor Ball Rings, $100,

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ekat Ikat Dress, $328, Cole Haan, Genevieve Plaid Tote, $575,


| May 2009

Cynthia Vincent, Cree Sandals, $140,

Michael Kors, Jeweled Waist Belt, $695, Jessica Simpson, Geni Heel, $70, Fine N’Funky, Tahoe City, and Concepts by Fine N’ Funky, Reno

May 2009 |


IPHONE POWERSLIDER Double your iPhone battery life with the PowerSlider, made by Incase, is a three-in-one charger, protector and data-sync enabler, offering iPhone users the ability to travel with only one accessory. The lightweight case, which complements iPhone’s sleek, modern look, uses lithium-ion polymer battery technology, which prevents overcharging and short circuiting and provides protection from extreme temperatures. Most supplemental batteries only offer additional power to low-charge phones, but inCase pledges to more than double the battery life of the iPhone. $79,


UV CALCULATOR A sun worshipper—or not—but want to make sure you're not overexposed to harmful ultraviolet rays while sunning at the lake this summer? Good news: you can use this handy monitor to check the most current UV index and temperature, while also calculating your recommended exposure time based on UV, sunscreen and your personal skin type. $34.95,

VERIZON HUB The Verizon Hub is smart home phone that is wire line or wirelessly connected to the internet. It’s touchscreen home phone system can check local traffic and weather in the morning before leaving the house, update your calendar and automatically receive a text as a reminder, get directions, find the phone number to the new pizza place, preview the trailers from an upcoming movie to purchasing tickets. $199 after a $50 rebate with a $35 a month service.

ACER NETBOOK Acer Aspire One netbook This stylish netbook is designed to be an affordable and simple solution for Web browsing, e-mail management, instant messaging, VOIP calls, streaming video, photo viewing and music enjoyment. In short, it strikes just the right balance between mobility and productivity. $299.00, 14

| May 2009

NEGATIVE PICTURE CONVERTER Have boxes of old 35mm slides and negatives sitting around in boxes? Now you can easily convert those photo memories to digital media. The cool new Slide and Negative Picture Converter converts your old 35mm slides and negatives to digital media. Simply plug the USB cord into your PC, insert the slides or negatives into the tray, push one button and sit back and relax as your valuable photo memories are quickly converted into safe digital media for storage or editing. $100,



1760 DEMING WAY, SPARKS 775-358-8240 • FAX: 775-358-0744 NV LIC# 46312


May 2009 |


by Jessica Spina

Summer brings the smell of roses in the air, and wonderful memories with it. Forget about fitting into your bathing suit, summer is a time to feel carefree, tan and gorgeous. These rose petal-infused products can help kick start your summer early!







| May 2009

1 DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, $55, Macy’s.The perfect summer fragrance! Light, floral, soft and sexy; It makes you feel like having a summer romance. 2 Fresh Rose Face Mask, $55, Sephora. A moisturizing and toning mask. The rose petals melt into your skin, targeting the dry areas, leaving your face soft, refreshed and younger! 3 Island Girl Scented Cuticle Oil, $7.99, Kona Girl, 263 E. Plumb Ln, Shoppers Square, 775-322-5779. This is incredibly adorable and smells amazing too! With little floating petals, this is one piece that will look beautiful on your vanity! 4 Anna Sui Rouge Ring $16, adorable black rose ring hides a great little secret…gorgeous rosescented gloss. 5 L’Occitane Crème de Roses Perlee, $34, L’ deluxe body cream smells like a bouquet of rose. It’s light weight, absorbs quickly and leaves you skin healthy and shimmery. It is a little touch of luxury!

Tableaux® provides the look and feel of wrought iron beautifully interpreted in Tuscan swirls, Moorish stars, Fleur de Lis, and geometric patterns. At affordable prices and a fraction of the weight, Tableaux® faux iron artwork can easily be installed in spaces where heavy and much more costly wrought iron would not only break the budget, but would be structurally






9 10





13 11 1 Rustic Collection Wine Armoire, $4,145, Juniper Hill Furniture 2 Almeera Wine Cabinet, $1,195, The Find 3 Glass and Wood Panels, 16” X 72”, $465, Juniper Hill Furniture 4 Rectangle Wall Art, $219, Reno Gallery of Furniture 5 Faux iron artwork, 6 Brocaded Chaise Lounge, $649, Reno Gallery of Furniture 7 Rustic Cross, $27.98, Pottery World, 4419 Granite Drive, Rocklin, CA, 916-624-8080 8 Italia Pitcher Vase, $74.95, 9 Hand-painted pillow with Swarovski crystals, $369.98, Pottery World, 4419 Granite Drive, Rocklin, CA, 916-624-8080 10 Royal Lounge Chair, $,498.98, Pottery World, 4419 Granite Drive, Rocklin, CA, 916-624-8080 11 Fleur de France Frame, 3” x 3”, $18, Juniper Hill Furniture 12 Standing Venice Frame, 4” X 8”, $24, The Find 13 Someday My Price Will Come Plaque, $37.98, Pottery World, 4419 Granite Drive, Rocklin, CA, 916-624-8080

May 2009 |


One Language

by Fanny O’Connor

One language, a new line of totes from two sisters in NYC. The collection is made from 100 percent natural canvas with pockets, snaps, and big zippers. Each is inscribed with simple black ink drawings and text (reminding you of simple luxuries) and comes with a separate laptop sleeve. Lightweight and expandable, it doubles as a carry-on. (I know because I dragged mine to Los Angeles and a few other flights this past month). You can fill yours with groceries, flea market finds, or the spring collection form Chloe Belle.

Wondering where to find a certain something? Ask FannyO. Email me:

Isabelle Abramson Pottery

Nicholas King Design When you were a pimply faced teenager with a few extra pounds to shed, and a dodgy sense of style, your mother tried repeatedly to reassure you real beauty was on the inside. It’s a shame that Nicholas King wasn’t around to demonstrate the point with his gorgeous resin jewelry. For Kings first solo debut (he worked previously for Galliano, Donna Karen, and Alexis Bittar), he has produced funky cuffs, chunky necklaces, and earrings made with found objects, gold colored rope, wicker, or diamante clusters-all inlaid in resin. Truly a work of art! .


Isabelle Abramson makes beautiful pottery. Made from milky porcelain used for doll faces, the dainty cups, vases, and bowls surround her Jamaican studio. Abramson hand finishes each piece with a paintbrush or hole drilling bit. She keeps most of the surprisingly sturdy forms to the original crisp alabaster but inks a few hand drawn peacock feathers or textural patterns. They’re as functional as they are lovely, so you can display the coral like bowl on a shelf or use the pitcher as a surprising vase.

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, your lashes are the equivalent of a nine dollar a day vinyl roller blind from Walmart. Bland, unremarkable, and totally flair free. Time to gussy up those babies with Latisse. Latisse is a prescription treatment used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, and darker. Used once nightly most people see results in 8 weeks! Available at Renovation Medical Spa, 960 Caughlin Xing, Reno, 775-348-9798.

Gold Saturn Headbands Gold Saturn’s new line of headbands will bring joy and light to your previously unimaginative hair. Designer and Art Institute of Miami alum David Jon Acosta whipped up the floral headbands to adorn the models during a photo shoot for his tee-shirt line. Once the pics hit the web, he was flooded with inquiries and began selling the fanciful headpieces. You will be drawn to the colorful flowers weaved onto a braided band with an elastic back and dangling ribbons. Wear it conventionally or across the forehead-hippie style. 18

| May 2009

To serve any or all of these indulgences in bed, I found a great set up at The Niche! Fill the pitcher with coffee, orange juice, or Bloody Marys! The Mom stone was just too perfect for words! 299 E. Plumb Lane, Reno.

With May and June comes Mother’s and Father’s Day. I have decided to lump them together as I have gathered a sampling of my parents’ indulgences that they would only allow themselves on a day set aside just for them. I must begin with a bit of sentiment. A few treats here and there could never thank my parents enough for the awe in which they keep me. I have found no support, comfort, encouragement, or love like I have from my Mom and Dad. Together, they know me far better than I know myself, and I must say THANK YOU; it is always noticed if not always appreciated!

Sticky Buns are an obsession of my Dad’s, and rarely are any “sticky” enough for him. I have finally developed a topping that passes! For ease and speed of the recipe for those who are uncomfortable making a from scratch dough, just buy canned cinnamon rolls; throw out the included icing right away…it’s sticky time! 1 stick softened butter 1 cup light corn syrup

1 ½ cups brown sugar 1 ½ cups pecan or walnut pieces

In a bowl or mixer fitted with the paddle attachment combine butter, sugar, and corn syrup until evenly incorporated. Add pecan or walnut pieces. Take a 9” round cake pan and spread mixture evenly on the bottom of the pan. Place canned cinnamon rolls (spaced as evenly as possible) around the cake pan on top of mixture. Bake at 400 degrees for approximately 20 minutes. When done, remove from oven, let cool for 10-15 minutes and flip out onto a plate. This must be done while the mixture is still fairly hot, otherwise there’s no getting these buns out of the pan!

To pay a little homage to my parents’ forty-one years of wedded bliss, I came up with a new twist on pancakes. Mom loves pancakes almost as much as Dad loves bacon. Prepare you favorite pancake batter and your preferred bacon. Right after pouring the batter on the griddle place a piece of bacon on top, flip the pancake, and finish cooking. I thought it was clever…and definitely a pig in a blanket I could get behind!

My mother loves a good doughnut…she constantly reminiscences about the old Reno Spudnut Shop that closed sometime in the 60’s (she thinks). Well, Reno has just welcomed DoughBoys Donuts! They are the light, airy rounds that a doughnut should be…and the shop is super swanky in comparison to your typical doughnut shop! 57 Damonte Ranch Pkwy,

F F O 0 5 $ any puppy

or r vice e s g n i m groo


| May 2009

beautyadvisor New in the Medical Aesthetic World

Are you like most people and a bit overwhelmed by all the new products and services in the Aesthetic world? It seems like there is always some new product or technique to enhance your beauty. From longer lashes to smoother, more radiant skin, or less breakouts in the acne-prone patient, there is someone promising you eternal beauty. With the myriad of spas and services it is sometimes difficult to tell where to go and what services will actually make a difference. The intention of this article is to help you, the consumer, understand the available treatments so you can make an informed decision that best meets your needs. The most important product in which a consumer can invest to reduce the signs of aging in the future is good sunscreen. Sunscreens work by absorbing, reflecting, and or scattering the sun’s rays on the skin. When choosing a sunscreen, look for at least an SPF of 15 or higher. Look also for the following ingredients: Octocrylene to help protect against the UVB rays, and Parsonl 1789 (avobenzone) to protect against long UVA rays. Mexoryl SX, an ingredient in the medical grade sunscreen Anthelios SX by LaRoche-Posay, protects against the short UVA rays, the long UVA rays, and the UVB rays. It has a high photo stability, which means it will remain stable up to 5 hours. Most sunscreens break down in the sun in just 2 hours! The newly expanded Medical Spa at Hall and Wrye Plastic

Surgeons is pleased to announce the addition of Colorescience, a completely natural mineral makeup product and sunscreen line that is actually good for your skin. It allows your skin to breathe, while at the same time giving you great coverage with a beautiful finish and a lighter feel. It does not have talc, cornstarch, dyes, perfumes, harsh preservatives, alcohol, or mineral oil. It is endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation, and is being requested by many celebrities in order to keep their skin healthy despite the makeup requirements of film. Another new product that has received rave reviews is Latisse, by Allergan. It is a simple drop of liquid on top of each eyelid every night to have lush, longer eyelashes within a matter of 12 to 16 weeks. There has been quite a bit of media attention given to Laser treatments in Medical Aesthetics. Laser technology has evolved over the years to include solutions for fine lines and wrinkles, acne and acne scars, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and general skin rejuvenation. The Sciton Profile Laser at Hall and Wrye Plastic Surgeon’s Medical Spa safely provides treatment options from light resurfacing with the MicroLaserPeel; deep resurfacing; and fractional resurfacing with the ProFractional XC, and acne, age spot, small facial veins and rosacea with the Broad Band Light application. There are many other treatments available at Hall and Wrye Plastic Surgeons and Medical Spa to improve the health of your skin. They have the only Environ DF machine in the Reno/Tahoe area. The Ionozyme DF machine uses intensified iontophresis

treatments with active (positive and negative currents) low-frequency sound waves called sonophresis. The products used with this machine are specific in their ingredients, concentration, and PH to allow them to be ionized and driven 400x deeper into the skin. Conditions such as deep lines, wrinkles, and acne are successfully treated with this antiaging system. In conclusion, no matter what part of your body is troubling you, there is likely a solution. The first question to ask is, "Is the treatment being performed by a qualified technician?" The second is, “Is this treatment or product good for me?” The Aesthetic Team at Hall and Wrye has been specially chosen and extensively trained to provide you with the highest quality services in the safest environment. For more information about treatments available for both surgical and nonsurgical concerns, please visit our website, or call us for a complimentary consultation 775-284-8296. May 2009 |


may 2009

HOROSCOPE TAURUS (april 20 - may 20)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAURUS Try to avoid signing any important papers this month…look at what will bring you the closeness you desire…be realistic with your estimate of any thing or anyone you currently value…quick and easy solutions will finally brighten the end of this month, so stay very motivated.

GEMINI (may 21 - june 21) reconsider your current life direction…you vacillate between being very chatty and social, and wanting your alone time…May 23rd begins a period when you seek more enlightenment, and a vision for your future…plans may change suddenly …your career path is still in the midst of wonderful change, so be flexible.

CANCER (june 22 - july 22) your ability to attract people is intense…old friends from the past suddenly appear…significant gains in your career sector…double check all your sources until the 30th…trust your feelings and intuition this month as it will lead you to accepting your natural sixth sense…you inspire others with sparkling enthusiasm.

LEO (july 23 - aug. 22) try not to view relationships through rose colored glasses…act from inner strength rather than insecurity…your openness can change a tough situation into a jewel which alters your life view dramatically…love and romance with someone quite different from yourself, possibly foreign born.

VIRGO (aug. 23 - sept. 22) better health and more happiness are first on your May agenda… remain calm when details escape you…reassess familiar ideas and push yourself out of your comfort zone…feeling vulnerable does not mean feeling insecure…a burden 22

| May2009

should be lifted around the 16th, so expect good fortune to shine on you.

LIBRA (sept. 23 - oct. 22) you are pushing into new territory, professionally and romantically… time to find out exactly what will reinvigorate your life…all the positive thinking books you have read will become invaluable, as you begin to have a clear idea of what you really wish your life to become…artistic creativity and children are featured.

SCORPIO (oct 23 - nov. 21) all relationships will need to be reevaluated this month…careless words can create tension around the 12th…a deeper look into esoteric subjects…try to get all your ducks in a row before May 7th… give yourself plenty of time to think about situations before you react… new people spice up your life.

SAGITTARIUS (nov. 22 - dec. 21) your most important work is done behind the scenes this month…new and unusual people come into your life to motivate and inspire…a little excess will be fun this month, but don’t break the bank…you finally come to realize that anything is possible with your new found faith in yourself.

CAPRICORN (dec. 22 - jan. 19) what stands between you and your dreams? …your money can increase this month, but so can your desire

to spend…focus on your successes, not your perceived failures…time to revamp your exercise and health routines…an array of possibilities in your work life cause you to think about a home based business.

AQUARIUS (jan. 20 - feb. 18) your inner child comes out to play all month…May 12th may present a perceived crisis , which turns out to be nothing…miscommunication is possible all month, so be crystal clear when writing or speaking…a deeper look into the passion in your life…is it there in your work and your relationships?

PISCES (feb. 19 - march 20) rework your ideas so they can be put into action next month…the 9th ushers in a period of excitement, quick change of plans, and benefits in all relationships…take the time to gather enough information to make critical decisions… look for signs to direct you in your new fantastic journey.

ARIES (march21 - april 19) you are intense and your physical energy is tremendous…are you thinking about a move?… your love life is taking on a new look, opening the possibility of someone unusual and unexpected…pay attention to your dreams…a more solid base for your future career plans should be created this month…fantastic potential may be realized by the end of the year.

Donna DuCharme is a psychic in Reno. She offers in-office, phone and email consultations, as well as mini readings for conventions, parties and groups. She can be reached at

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