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Ballistic and mineprotected vehicle by Volvo

Volvo Trucks and Nordic Protection have started a cooperation with regards to developing various kinds of ballistic and mine protected solutions tailored for Volvo´s Vehicle Park and the customer’s requirements. Our main target is to offer the customer as a discrete and flexible solution as possible. Our solution makes it possible for the customer to choose the best possible protection based on the existing threats in the area were the vehicles have to perform. Nordic Protection has developed a solution for Volvo trucks that meets and conforms to STANAG 4569, level 1-3. Most of the modules are mounted inside the cabin to give the vehicle as a discrete look as possible. Various protection levels can be chosen for different areas on the cabin. All our ballistic modules are designed in such way that they can be adjusted in all directions to cope with the tolerances existing in the cabin and can be installed under field conditions on sight.

STANAG 4569 Level


KE (kinetic energy) Threat




Infantry Rifle


Sniper Rifle

Bullet 7.62x51 NATO Ball (Ball M80) Distance 30m Velocity 833m/s Angle azimuth 360 degrees Elevation 0-30 degrees -----------------------------------5.56x45 NATO SS109 & M193 Distance 30m Velocity 900m/s (SS109) - 937m/s (M193) Angle azimuth 360 degrees Elevation 0-30 degrees

Grenade and Mine Blast

Hand grenedes, unexploded artillery fragmenting submunitions, and other small anti personnel explosive devices detonated under the vehicel

7.62x39 API BZ Distance 30m Velocity 695m/s Angle azimuth 360 degrees Elevation 0-30 degrees

6kg (explosive mass) Blast AT Mine: 2a-Mine Explosion pressure activated under any wheel or track location. 2b-Mine Explosion under center

7.62x51 AP (WC core) 7.62x54R B32 API (Dragunov) Distance 30m Velocity 930m/s (7.62x51 AP WC) Velocity 854m/s (7.62x54R B32 API) Angle azimuth 360 degrees Elevation 0-30 degrees

8kg (explosive mass) Blast AT Mine: 3a-Mine Explosion pressure activated under any wheel or track location. 3b-Mine Explosion under center

Due to the curved windscreen we have maintained good visibility for the driver. A-pillars are marginally larger than the original to reduce the possibility of blind spots. Both ventilation and windscreen wipers have been maintained in original condition. The side windows have best possible view down the narrow passages. The interior protection modules are ďŹ tted with sturdy joint protection and have a full cabin coverage including all joints. The roof hatch works as an emergency exit and can be operated from both in- and outside.






The mine locks on the doors are operated by the window crank to place them into required position. The doors are equipped with a pneumatic damper to open and close the doors. The operation is all automatic and operated by the door handles. The damper also serves as a door stop and is strong enough to open the door for the driver if the vehicle is turned over on the side.


The mine protection is comprehensive which means that both the wheels and the engine block is protected.

We have chosen different boltbraces for a quick and easy assembly, which will operate in the ďŹ eld.


3D-drawings of the armor kit for Volvo 440


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Ballistic and mineprotected vehicle by Volvo  

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