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PKF News The Official Alumni Newsletter of the Alpha Omega Chapter University of Oregon

Dec 9, 2012

Volume:1 Issue: 1

1456 East 19th Avenue Eugene, OR 97403

Letter from the Archon zachCURTIS Dear Parents, Alumni, and Families, Just 108 years ago today, a few students at the College of Charleston came together to found a group whose impact would become magnified across the nation, reaching more young men than they could ever imagine. These men, Andrew Alexander Kroeg, Jr., Simon Fogarty, Jr., and Lawrence Harry Mixson sought an opportunity to positively impact their university by creating their own fraternity, named Pi Kappa Phi. Now, the leadership of these men has lasted over a century; reaching even the always lush, rainy town of Eugene, Oregon. It is because of our founders that we have the opportunity to re-found the Alpha Omega Chapter and establish a lasting legacy on the campus of the University of Oregon. It has

been over a year since our installment as an associate chapter, and we are excited to announce that we are inching ever so close to receiving our charter this winter quarter. The last year has been one of many necessary stumbling blocks, but even more encouraging growth. As our chapter continues to grow in numbers, its vision for the university and the Greek Community has become more apparent. In the most recent quarters, we were given recognition for “Chapter Excellence and Effective Leadership” by the Fraternity and Sorority Excellence Awards. This fall, paired with the women of Kappa Alpha Theta and the men of Alpha Epsilon Pi, we took the campus by storm as we brought home the trophy as Greek Week Champions. This is only to name a few of our successes. I cannot understate how much this chapter has grown as brothers, students, and leaders at the University of Oregon. Now, our brotherhood sets its eyes on not just chartering, but success beyond. As the newly installed President of the chapter, I have great hopes for each and every one of our brothers. We will continue to better each other as successful students by establishing high academic standards and by providing plenty of support to reach

such goals. We all will embrace our responsibility as citizens by spreading awareness for those with disabilities, raising money for Push America, and interacting with the community through service. We will not give up efforts to redefine the image of what it is to be a “fraternity man”. My vision for this fraternity is one which makes each man who experiences the brotherhood one who aspires for excellence both in and beyond his time at the University of Oregon. I hope all of you can support us knowing that, with this vision of leadership, we can further the impact that the Founders of Pi Kappa Phi created in 1904. In the coming months, we will provide you all with more information on our official date for our chartering ceremony, upcoming alumni and parent events, and fundraisers or service opportunities with Push America. On behalf of the entire brotherhood, I wish you all a Happy Founder’s Day and a Holiday Season filled with safe travels and joy. Fraternally Yours, Zach Curtis Archon Alpha Omega Chapter Pi Kappa Phi

The Brothers of Alpha Omega chapter cordially invite you to...

The UO Pi Kappa Phi- Alpha Omega Chapter Chartering Banquet


Dec 8, 2012

UO Pi Kapps win Greek Week


n front of a packed Morse Event Center, the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi won their first Greek Week championship. Grouped with the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, the Pi Kapp brothers worked throughout the week, competing in various competitions such as Float building, Twitter trivia competition, and dance competition. The theme of this years Greek Week was “We Run This Town”, and each fraternity/ sorority grouping was given a city. Pi Kappa Phi’s group was given Miami. With it being their first year competing in the Greek Week competition, the win was definitely a statement. “Greek week was a great experience for our chapter. It allowed us to get involved in the Greek community as well as make friends within two other fantastic houses. We also were able to show the Greek community how

our chapter is committed to excellence,” senior Kevin Wade said. After an entire week of hard work and “Miami” pride, it all came down to the dance competition. In a dead heat for first place, the Miami group’s second place finish in the dance competition was enough to give them the Greek Week championship. The entire “Miami” group stormed the court in excitement, ready to take the trophy. “Participating in Greek Week was a lot of fun. It taught us how much you can accomplish when you work together as a team, and winning the whole thing was pretty awesome,” sophomore Tyler Johnson said. The Pi Kappa Phi brothers embraced eachother in congratulations, realizing that their win was a statement to the rest of the greek community.

-Chris Jones

Brother, and former Archon, Dan Smith poses with the Greek Week trophy after Pi Kappa Phi claimed first place.

From the Historian: Alumni support needed

adityaNATHAN My name is Aditya Nathan and I am the newly instated Historian of the Alpha Omega chapter. As you may or may not know, the Alpha Omega chapter is back on the University of Oregon campus and we are preparing to regain our charter and once again become a full-fledged fraternity. I understand that as the third iteration of the Alpha Omega chapter and I fear that many of you may feel distant from this chapter and no longer wish to associate yourselves with Pi Kappa Phi. I hope this is not the case for I have some high hopes for this chapter and it all begins with re-establishing the sense of brotherhood that exists between this chapter and yourselves. I strongly urge you all to hear me out before

you dismiss ever associating yourself with this chapter once again. The word fraternity bears numerous connotations. Fraternity is salvation from the monotony of a normal life and once established, follows us all until the grave and beyond. Fraternity draws the line between being a child and being a man, witnessing the difference and participating in the difference, and chasing our dreams and achieving our dreams. Fraternity is what every man searches for, whether he cares to admit it or not. For who could turn away the boon of brotherhood and the sense of belonging and purpose that accompany it. The purpose of this letter is to remind you all what fraternity means and to ask for assistance. A brotherhood cannot hope to stand strong if its foundation and pillars continually vanish. It is evident that support from alumni is an integral component to the success of any fraternity. Support manifests itself in numerous ways and is in no way limited to financial. We ask for support in any form you have to offer it. The mere acknowledgment of the re-establishment of the Alpha Omega chapter is an excellent start. If

you find the time and will to do so, nothing would make us happier than to see you attend our hopeful initiation and subsequent chartering banquet. The active members of this chapter are eagerly awaiting your attendance and the prospect of bolstering this brotherhood. This brotherhood and the Alpha Omega designation does not just belong to one iteration of this chapter but to each and every man who was fit and proud enough to bear the letters of Pi Kappa Phi at the University of Oregon since 1947. I urge all of you to reignite the flames of brotherhood in your heart and to those that have not forgotten to keep the fire going. The Alpha Omega chapter lives and dies on the power of our brotherhood. Treat these words as food for thought. Thank you for your time and consideration. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Fraternally Yours, Aditya Nathan Historian Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Omega Chapter

Dec 8, 2012


UO Pi Kapps in Photos

After winning the Greek Week championship, the brothers of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity ,Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, and the sisters of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority pose with the Greek Week trophy. This was the first year that Pi Kappa Phi competed in Greek Week

Brothers Shaun Resseguie (Left) and Zach Curtis (Right) pose in front of the Pi Kapp flag

At Supreme chapter in Washington D.C, brothers Zach Curtis (second to left) and AJ Bell (second to right) pose with some of the Pi Kappa Phi brothers from Mississippi State. (Left to Right) Brothers Grant Simington, Austin Kennedy, Eric Dawson, and Blake Verhaleen take in the Cvil War game at Reser Stadium in Corvallis. The Ducks beat the beavers 48-24.

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