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Onderscheidend in uw succes speeding wholesale and retail sales in cycling

COLORING MARCHISIO SPACERS FOR MARCHISIO 10/11 SPEED Nothing is as unattractive as cassettes for road bike (cycling). The only sexy thing seems to be low weight and using materials like titanium and special treated aluminum.

To divide sprockets and so achieve room for fitting a working chain spacers are needed between those sprockets. Technology wise there is not very much difference between spacers. Only the with, used materials, system fitting (Campagnolo or Shimano/Sram and traditional dark or metal coloring often make the difference (fig.1)


We (PK Marketing & Sales i.o) have thought of a way to make those spacers more sexy, showing their true (Italian) origin and make the product more interesting for customers. This idea can beused with different colour schemes Idea date 11 10 2013. Verbally presented to Jos Griffioen (Grifotrade Srl.) during car ride to the 2e day of the BikeMotion 2013 (12-10-2013). Other person in the car Twan Liersen (Liersen Wielersport Eemnes).

MARCHISIO SPACERSET(S) (MTK) Every type Marchisio cassette have got their own (ALU) spacer set. Every spacer has got it’s own naming. We focus on the spacers (MTK) named below. But other spacers used with the Marchisio Junior cassettes can also be used with a special COLOUR design. These spacers are different In type and used material from the spacers stated below Marchisio MTK 10 sp Campagnolo Marchisio MTK 11 sp Campagnolo Marchisio MTK 10 sp Shimano/Sram Marchisio MTK 11 sp Shimano/Sram

= spacerDL2.65C (7 spacers per set) = spacerDL2.3C (8 spacers per set) = spacerDL2.45S (7 spacers per set) = spacerDLX.XXS (8 spacers per set)

These spacers are wide enough to be seen. And are not being covered by an anti-flex spacer.

COLOUR SCHEME DESIGN The base for the colour scheme is the Italian flag (Tricolore). To get the Tricolore plain in sight but still subtle we designed the following 2-3-2 COLOUR scheme.

To make the design identical for 10 and 11 speed cassettes we only use 7 spacers (not using the 8th available spacer in the 11 speed spacer set). Other benefit from not using the 8 spacer within the design is that the colour design stays intact when using a cassette starting with a 11 teeth sprocket (1e position). In this situation the 8th spacers is not being used. Only when the 10 speed cassette is being used with a 11 teeth sprocket the colour scheme is being adjusted to a 2-2-2 design.

PROTOTYPE During the Bikemotion 2013 (19 10 20130 this idea was being executed by order of Karsten Posthuma of PK Marketing & Sales in painting a protype by “Van Gemert Designs”. The spacerset that has been used to COLOUR was supplied by Grifotrade.Srl. The 8th spacer in this prototype was painted in the three Italian COLOURs, but is not part of the suggested design. We granted “Van Gemert Designs” to use pictures of this design to show their abilities in painting special products in return. We also provides van Gemert Designs with a document PDF for promotional activities.



MTK Special edition


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Spacer colour design  
Spacer colour design  

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