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Game Studies North Karelia College has provided game art education since 2005 making us the oldest and most established school in the finnish game industry. The main focus of the studies is on constructing game levels and worlds using 3D and 2D applications. The studies include the design and realization of different game concepts into playable games and applications. Practice makes perfect. That’s why game and animation projects are integral part of the studies. With access to the latest software in game and animation industry the students are able to create products that meet the high standards of the game industry. Collaboration with top finnish game companies ensures that our students get the latest know-how in the field and have high employment rate.

Magnifolded Magician 2012 Unity game Character: Mira Aakkula

Students work 2005-2015 Layout: Timo Kokkonen Cover: Tuomo Ahonen Back Cover: Riina Lehikoinen More information about studies Head of education: Tone Arstila p. +358 50 542 3697 tone.arstila@pkky.fi Pohjois-Karjalan ammattiopisto North Karelia College Outokumpu 2015

Mine. Model: Petteri Nousiainen Pelp05

Student works 2005-2014


Bed & Supper Club 2007 Model: Joonatan Pitk채nen Samuli Pitk채nen Pelp05

BA-64 2014 Model: Jirka Borisov Pelp13

Opel Omega 2006 Model: Heikki Pulkkinen Pelp05

Skate 2008 Model: Juhana Ylitolonen Pelp07

Giantslayers 2008 Models & Animation: Johannes Aikio Samuli Sundstrรถm Pelp07

Taivasmeri Sky sea

Video project Jarkko Patteri Kimo Seitz Karoliina Hankonen Pelp12

Outer City Game Project 2007 Models: Pelp07

Mecha Unity Game 2013 Pelp12

Jedi Battle Video project 2008 Models, video: Pelp 07

Corruption Video Project 2014 Miia Nyk채nen, Riikka Vasko, Gazella Armassalo, Sonja Suortti Pelp13

Abandoned Gas Station 2009 Model: Lauri Salo Pelp08

Aamulehti Graphics for newspaper 2007 Joonatan Pitk채nen Samuli Pitk채nen Pelp05

Hansa Brandenburg Package and 3D-print 2013





Hansa und Brandenburgische Flugzeugwerke (more usually just Hansa-Brandenburg) was a German aircraft manufacturing company that operated during World War I. It was created in May 1914 by the purchase of Brandenburgische Flugzeugwerke by Camillo Castiglioni, who relocated the factory from Liebau to Brandenburg am Havel. Brandenburg’s chief designer, Ernst Heinkel was retained by the new enterprise. By Autumn 1915, it had become the largest aircraft manufacturer in Germany, with a capital of 1,500,000 Marks, 1,000 employees, and two more factories - one in Rummelsburg, Berlin, and one in Wandsbek, Hamburg.




Made in Finland



SKILL 12345







Red Dawn Game Project 2008 Models, textures and consept art: Pelp06

Red Dawn Game Project 2008 Models, textures and consept art: Pelp06

Rubberboys Game Project 2009 Consept art: Amanda Ronn Pelp07

Dreamer 2014 Emilia Pitk채nen, Piiu Leino, Ilona Kauppila, Pelp13

Bunny & Moose Fury Overdrive Game project 2013 Jarkko Patteri Kimmo Seitz Pelp12

Obama Matte/Shadow practise 2009 Models & render: Alessandro Laina Pelp09

Tank Reactor practise 2009 Model & Animation: Touho H채m채l채inen Pelp07

3D animation 2012 Models & Animation: Mira Aakkula Pelp11

Underdog rising 2014 Unity Game DanielDimitroulis, Samuli Jolkio Pelp12

UDK level design 2010 All models and textures: Juha Kinnunen Pelp08

Sampsa Laitinen Pelp13

Art and 3D Riina Lehikoinen Pelp12

The End of a New Beginning Video project 2010 Team: Alessandro Laina, Heikki Tiilikainen, Jarmo Juurikka Pelp09

Knight 2011 Modelling: Lauri H채nninen and Teemu Juvonen Pelp10

Woman Miia Nyk채nen Pelp13

Crab fly to the moon

3D-animation Verneri Saha, Terhi Vuonnala Pelp13

2D-animation Jesse Peltom채ki Pelp14a

2D-animation Mira Kajander Pelp14a

Hallo-whee! 2010 Video project: Anu Malm, Salla Hakko Pelp09

Goblin’s Greed Unity Game Project 2010, Pelp08 Team: Sina Aho, Henry Härkönen, Janne Joensuu, Antti Junttari, Juha Kinnunen, Jani Kärkkäinen, Henna Lappalainen, Henrik Lindström, Toni Repo, Anne Riihelä, Tuukka Rinkinen, Titta Saromäki, Laura Tulima, Marko Vierimaa

Botnet Game Project Jarkko Patteri Pelp12

Bunny and Bear 2011 Salla Hakko Pelp09

Low poly characters Daniel Dimitroulis Pelp12, 2014

Assets Samuli Jolkio Pelp12, 2014

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Game Development – Student works | North Karelia College Outokumpu  

Game Development – Student works | North Karelia College Outokumpu  

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