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Spear fishing is a sport which is entered into usually from the shallows. Most people learn to comfortably snorkel first in the shallow water before venturing out into the deep. A very well trained free diver can reach depths of 35 meters, but this takes a lot of skill and training. Once you are comfortable with diving in 3 meters of water, you can move to deeper water. Allow your body to get used to diving down and having the extra pressure on it, as this can be an odd sensation. You need to learn to equalize safely and efficiently too, if you dive down over a meter deep. The deeper you dive the more dangerous it can be, so you need to take care. Ensure that you are well rested before diving down, and that you have a good breath hold. More importantly, ensure someone is going to stay on the surface and watch you the whole time that you go down; so if things do turn pear shaped you have a good chance of surviving. Spear fishing in the deep usually requires blue camouflaged wetsuits, and bigger spear guns. In the shallow water you target smaller sized fish, but a good Blue Water Hunter will be able to hit fish well over 2 meters long! The best advice that I can give to anyone wanting to dive deep is to do it slowly. Train your way up, and when you are comfortable at 10 meters then go a bit further, ensuring that you do it safely and correctly. Going to some of the clubs and training sessions will help teach you the right breathing and kicking techniques, and these make all of the difference.

To learn more see a Blue Water Hunter and if you want tips see Spearfishing Tips Happy Spearfishing!

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